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Fall 2009


Sharp Suits
Eric Musgrave
From the lounge to the leisure and everywhere in between,
a history of the evolution of the men’s suit.

“Full of the photos of the chicest ones ever. Make this fun
walk through fashion history a keeper.” —Glamour on
Fabulous Frocks
The suit is still the uniform du jour for millions of men that can
be seen everywhere from boardrooms to bawdy bars. It ranges from
the anonymous and dignified dress of politicians and business-
men to the expression of dandified tendencies for the young or
fashionable. This lushly illustrated review examines the fascinat-
ing history of the evolution of the modern suit from the days of
the 19th-century tailor-made to the mass industrialization of the
early part of the 20th century. The path whereby the dress of the
ruling classes became the utilitarian outfit of the worker is also
traced, along with a study of the progression of suit style over sub-
sequent decades, including the fabrics and cuts used. Eric Mus-
grave has has been writing about fashion for more than 25 years.
He served as the launch editor of the first men’s magazine FHM,
and has held senior positions at numerous fashion magazines, in-
cluding Drapers, Men’s Wear, International Textiles, Fashion
Weekly, and Sportswear International.
Fashion & Appearance/Photography • 200 pp • 9 x 11.5
50 Color Photos • 50 B/W Photos
9781862058521 • January • $40.00 (Can $45.00) Cloth

Also available:

Fabulous Frocks
$45.00 (Can $50.00)

The Rolling Stones
On Camera, Off Guard 1963–69
Mark Hayward
Raw and uncut, an unadulterated look at Mick,
Brian, Keith, and the rest of the band in their early
days, featuring a slew of rare photographs and a DVD
of band footage.
For more than 40 years, the Rolling Stones have proved
themselves as one of history’s greatest rock bands. This
nostalgic anthology takes a pictorial journey back to the
roots of the group’s rock stardom and captures a long-
lost age of music industry innocence. Featuring an ex-
tensive selection of extremely rare photographs—most
never previously published—this is a fascinating, behind-
the-scenes look at the band during the 1960s. Selections
including the very first studio photos taken for Mirabelle
magazine and pictures of Mick jumping on a piano at
the Isle of Man anniversary show in 1965, are accom-
panied by interviews with many of the photographers.
A DVD featuring found footage of the band completes
this intimate look at the Stones in action. Mark Hayward
is the author of The Beatles.
Music/Photography • 208 pp • 10 x 11.5
200 Color & B/W Photos • Includes DVD
9781862058682 • November
$40.00 (Can $45.00) Cloth • Pavilion

The Beatles
On Camera, Off Guard 1963–69
Mark Hayward
Extraordinary, behind-the-scenes photographs of the
legendary John, Paul, George, and Ringo, accom-
panied by a DVD packed with rare footage.
Featuring more than 200 rare and never-before-seen im-
ages, this is a fascinating insight into the private lives
of the world’s biggest band. Painstakingly collected and
organized, the photos include shots of the Quarrymen,
where John first met Paul; shots from the filming of A
Hard Day’s Night and the set of Help in the Bahamas;
John and Yoko at home; and Paul on holiday in Frank
Sinatra’s Learjet. Interviews with many of the pho-
tographers provide an extraordinary insight into the
background of each shot, while extended captions give
further information. A DVD filled with 8mm footage
of the band at various locations and concerts completes
this fantastically intimate compendium that encapsu-
lates the culture, music, and spirit of the 1960s. Mark
Hayward is the author of The Rolling Stones.
Music/Photography • 208 pp • 10 x 11.5
225 Color & B/W Photos• Includes DVD
9781862058675 • November
$40.00 Cloth (Can $45.00) • Pavilion

Living Landscapes
Creative Visions of the Wild
Andy Rouse
A stunning collection of images from acclaimed nature photographer Andy
Rouse illustrating the interdependence of wildlife and an increasingly
threatened environment.
Featuring a bevy of captivating images, this unique volume explores both
the art of photography and the beauty of the natural landscape. Themed sec-
tions explore the concepts of wilderness, camera placement, and dark light
and are accompanied by galleries that showcase stunning photographs of
animals such as snow geese and wildebeest as they interact with their envi-
ronments. Essays at the start of each chapter that discuss both inspiration
in photography and shed light on the environment complete this thought-
provoking volume. Andy Rouse has published a dozen books on photogra-
phy and natural history, including Animal Portraits, Concepts of Nature,
Lonely Planet Wildlife Photography, and Penguin Life. He writes regularly
for the photographic press and has made and appeared in television pro-
grams for the BBC and NBC.
Photography/Nature • 160 pp • 9.5 x 11 • 180 Color Photos
9781902538563 • October • $39.95 Cloth • Argentum

Graffiti Planet 2
More of the Best Graffiti from Around the World
Compiled by KET
A brand new sampling of the best street art from around the world, fea-
turing an introduction by graffiti legend KET.
No longer just vandalism, graffiti has become a recognized urban art form
and a unique mode of artistic expression. This jaw-dropping new collec-
tion includes examples of incredible street art from a bevy of artists, in-
cluding Rosy, Os Gêmeos, Banksy, Atome, Blek le Rat, and Mode 2.
Gorgeously produced with more than 100 images, this is an up-close look
at today’s most spectacular artists and their work. KET is a world-renowned
graffiti artist as well as a lecturer, graffiti historian, and producer. He is
the founder of Stress magazine and the author of Graffiti Planet. He lives
in New York City. Also available:
Art • 128 pp • 7.5 x 5 • 100 Color Photos
9781843173465 • September • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth
Michael O’Mara

Graffiti Planet
$15.95 (Can $19.95)


Collins Need to Know? Cartooning

John Byrne
Covering every step from drawing the first line to illustrating as a professional,
this is a complete guidebook to drawing cartoons.
Ideal for the novice cartoonist, this practical guide provides an introduction to the
exciting and fun world of cartooning, covering a wide range of cartoons, caricatures,
comic strips, and manga. The fundamental skills and techniques needed to draw suc-
cessful cartoons of every variety are included along with step-by-step illustrations.
Tips on the basic materials needed for cartooning as well as information on the his-
tory of cartoons and how to submit drawings to publication complete this practi-
cal, user-friendly, introductory reference. John Byrne has illustrated numerous comic
books and graphic novels, and is the author of Cartooning, Drawing Cartoons, and
Drawing Cartoons That Sell!
Art • 192 pp • 6 x 8.5 • 250 Color Photos • 100 B/W Photos
9780007263929 • September • $15.95 Paper • Collins UK

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Collins Need to Know? Collins Need to Know? Collins Need to Know?

Bass Guitar How to Read a Building Triathalons
9780007261147 • $19.95 9780007247462 • $19.95 9780007262595 • $17.95

The Worlds of John Ruskin

Kevin Jackson
The life and work of one of history’s most noted artists and critics, including
the social, economic, and aesthetic impact of his work.
John Ruskin (1819–1900) is best known as perhaps the most influential art critic
ever to have lived. His interests ranged far wider than just art—he wrote on edu-
cation, nature, architecture, history, aesthetics, economics, and the creation of true
wealth. His impassioned critiques have become even more relevant today, as eco-
nomic and environmental crises make the creation of a just society increasingly
important and difficult. This comprehensive biography explores both the life and
thought of Ruskin, situating him in the social, economic, and aesthetic world that
he transformed. Illustrated with Ruskin’s own paintings and photographs, this is
an intriguing look at a man whose mind and thoughts continue to influence even
today. Kevin Jackson is a former lecturer at Oklahoma State University and Van-
derbilt University and the author of A Ruskin Alphabet and Invisible Forms.
Biography/Art • 128 pp • 8.5 x 10 • 16 B/W Illustrations & Photos
9781843680444 • November • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper
Pallas Athene

Art of Vintage
An Aesthetic Odyssey Through 20 Vintage
Perrier-Jouët Champagnes
Serena Sutcliffe, Jean-Pierre Devroye, and Federico Simonti
Photographs by Makiko Takehara
A luxurious book about wine that will easily find a place in
the library of art and epicurian lovers everywhere.
Includes 40 pages on tracing paper and 20 gatefolds
Written by world-famous experts, this unique guide offers fas-
cinating, original, and creative insights into art and history through
the legendary vintages of Perrier-Jouët champagne—one of the
most famous champagne houses in the world. From the oldest
vintage champagne of 1825 to the first vintage of the new mil-
lennium in 2002, the book details the striking, delicate, and pleas-
urable relationship between art and vintage. Each legendary
vintage is presented in association with the main artistic trends
of the period, a summary of women’s lifestyles of the day, a his-
tory of the house of Perrier-Jouët during the year, and notes on
the wine and harvests of the season. Each chapter includes a rich
variety of illustrations, as well as exclusive artistic photographs
of each vintage. Serena Sutcliffe, Master of Wine, is the head of
Sotheby’s international wine department and a prominent wine
writer. She has received numerous awards, including the Lifetime
Achievement Award from the Society of Bacchus America. She
was awarded the highest decoration in France, the title of
“Chevalier dans l’ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur,” by
the French Government for her seminal work in promoting and
selling French wines. Jean-Pierre Devroey is the dean of philos-
phy and literature at Bruxelles University. He is considered one
of the main specialists of champagne and its history and is the author of Perrier-Jouët: The Champagne
Spirit. Federico Simonti is a historian in architectural, modern, and contemporary art. Makiko Takehara
is a world-reknowned Japanese photographer whose photographs have been seen in the Los Angeles Times,
Bloom, Berliner, and aRude.
Cooking • 400 pp • 9.5 x 12 • Four-color Interior
Color & B/W Photos Throughout
9781906417345 • December • $75.00 Cloth • Jacqui Small

Vodka Classified
A Vodka Lover’s Companion
Stuart Walton
An A-to-Z guide featuring more than 80 of the world’s most famous vodka brands as well
as dozens of delectable drink recipes.
Made from grains, molasses, potatoes, and even grapes, vodka is the traditional beverage in
eastern Europe and Scandinavia, but has recently become ultra-fashionable elsewhere in the world.
This extensive guide highlights vodkas both from the traditional producing countries—Russia,
Poland, Finland, Sweden, and the Baltic States—as well as newer distilleries worldwide, from
Kazakstan to New Zealand. Tasting notes on the different styles and flavors are included along
with information on the origins, history, and regions of vodka production. Dozens of classic
and refreshing new recipes round out this comprehensive guide to one of the world’s most pop-
ular liquors. Stuart Walton is the author of numerous wine and spirit books, including The New
Encyclopedia of Wine, The New Guide to Spirits and Liqueurs, and Whisky Cocktails.
Cooking • 240 pp • 5.5 x 9 • 100 Color Photos
9781862058033 • November • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Pavilion

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Whisky Classified
$24.95 (Can $27.95)


Collins Gem Whiskies

From Confused to Connoisseur
Dominic Roskrow
From finding the right bottle to enjoying it the right way, a hand-held resource to
one of the world’s most popular spirits.
From grain to glass, this is a complete look at one of the world’s most popular bev-
erages in all its forms. This handy guide addresses every aspect of the so-called “water
of life,” so that even novice consumers can gain knowledge of the basics surround-
ing its production and consumption. Topics addressed include whisky’s history and
myths as well as tips on buying and appreciating. A guide to the various malts and
distilleries around the globe round out this
pocket-sized gem. Dominic Roskrow is con-
sultant editor of Whisky Magazine and the
author of Collins Need to Know? Whiskies. Also available:
Cooking • 192 pp • 3.5 x 4.5
9780007293117 (Replaces 9780007144112) Collins Need to
October • $7.95 Paper • Collins UK Know? Whiskies

Cocktails and Rock Tales
200 Drinks to Shake, Rattle & Roll With
Jane Rocca
Are you a pop goddess? Then sip on a Material Girl. A punk rocker? Try a Zom-
bie Ghost Train. Mix your favorite music with your favorite libations with this
delicious recipe book.
The Southern Belle and the Karma Sip Tra. The Alabama Slammer and the Autumn
Thunder. The Couture Fizz and the Vanilla Kiss. These are not just drinks, but state-
ments of intent, says hard-sipping rock journalist Jane Rocca. Collected here are
original recipes from bartenders at leading bars around the world that link together
a spirit for every soundtrack. Learn about the warm companionship of vodka, the
old-school primness of gin, and the tropical abandon of rum. Drink in the geisha
chic of sake, and discover why whisky and its white trash cousin bourbon are no
longer just a guy’s best friend. With 80 illustrated cocktails you’ll be throwing the
best cocktail-rocking parties in town. From indie to rock, soul, country, and even
the cheesy strains of karaoke, this fun and fashionable compendium distills the per-
sonality of each music genre into the perfect accompanying cocktails. Jane Rocca
is a music journalist whose work has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone,
Time Out, and Women’s Wear Daily NYC. She is the author of The Cocktail.
Cooking • 208 pp • 5.5 x 7 • 150 Color Photos
9781740666497 • November • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth • Hardie Grant Books


How to Mix Drinks or The Bon Vivant’s Companion

The Original Cocktail Guide
Jerry Thomas
Calling all swells, sophisticates, and men about town—learn the French method of serv-
ing absinthe as well as the proper way to make Spread Eagle Punch in this classic re-
production of the first official, published cocktail guide in the U.S., written by the father
of bartending.
First published in 1862, this seminal work in bartending marks the first time many of today’s
classics were recorded in print. Collected here by Jerry Thomas—America’s most famous
bartender—are dozens of cocktail recipes, from old standards to mixes invented by Thomas
himself, including his trademark drink, The Blue Blazer. Guides for mixing drinks of all
categories—including sours, fizzes, and highballs—are included along with instructions on
using various bartending tools, from jiggers to ponies and beyond. With a glossary to help
all bon vivants remember their demijohns from their drachms, this is a nostalgic and deli-
cious homage to a drinking era that is gone but not forgotten. Jerry Thomas (1830–1885)
is considered “the father of American mixology” because of his pioneering work in popu-
larizing cocktails and in establishing showmanship and creativity as part of bartending.
Cooking • 176 pp • 5 x 8 • 10 B/W Illustrations • Hesperus Press
New in Paper: 9781843911982 • December • $14.95 (Can $16.95)
Cloth: 9781843911876 • $19.95 (Can $21.95) • Available

A Beer a Day
366 Beers to Help You Through the Year
Jeff Evans
A beer book with a difference, this guide offers 366 beers
from all over the world—one for every day of the year.
Winner of the Coors Brewers National Journal-
ism Award
No ordinary collection of must-taste beers, A Beer a Day looks
to unearth the links between beer and the world we live in—
our history, traditions, customs, and culture. Readers are
guided through the maze of labels, selecting beers that don’t
just taste great but also have a story to tell. The simple page-
a-day diary format includes an easy reference for the beer, its
country of origin, the day’s date, and its linked event. For each
day, a beer is recommended that draws attention to events
that have taken place or that still take place on that day. From
seasonal beers produced to celebrate such occasions as
Valentine’s Day and Halloween, to those honoring the good
and the great from history, A Beer a Day has a beer for every
story and a story for every beer. Jeff Evans is an internationally
renowned beer writer. He is the author of The Book of Beer
Knowledge and The Good Bottled Beer Guide, a resident beer
taster for both All About Beer and Beers of the World mag-
azines, and was judged “Beer Writer of the Year” by the British
Guild of Beer Writers.
Cooking • 384 pp • 7.5 x 9 • 250 Color Photos
9781852492359 • November
$24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper • CAMRA Books

Also available:

300 Beers to Try The Book of

Before You Die! Beer Knowledge
9781852492137 9781852491987
$24.95 (Can $27.95) $19.95 (Can $21.95)

Good Bottled Beer Guide
Seventh edition
Jeff Evans
Completely revised, updated, and redesigned to showcase the very best bottled British real
ales now being produced, this guide lists beers by style with information about each beer
style and recommendations for the best food matches for each.
Everything discerning drinkers need to know about bottled beers is collected in this pocket-
sized guide: tasting notes, ingredients, brewery details, and a glossary to help the reader un-
derstand more about them. This bottled beer bible, acclaimed by brewers, bottle collectors, and
everyday drinkers, covers all the bottle-conditioned real ales currently brewed in the UK, with
a special section at the front highlighting the best 500. Features on how real ale is brewed and
bottled, how beer matures in a bottle, and CAMRA’s real ale in a bottle scheme, are provided
along with full listings of all bottle-conditioned beers brewed in the UK, organized by brewery.
Useful appendices list the very best shops and online retailers from which to source bottle-con-
ditioned real ales. The guide also highlights non-UK bottled real ales, the best bottled exam-
ples of traditional beers from abroad, and notes on foreign beer styles. Jeff Evans is an
internationally-renowned beer writer. He is the author of The Book of Beer Knowledge and A
Beer a Day, is a beer taster for both All About Beer and
Beers of the World magazines, and was judged “Beer Writer
of the Year” by the British Guild of Beer Writers.
Cooking • 320 pp • 4.5 x 7.5
9781852492625 (Replaces 9781852492267)
November • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper

Good Beer Guide Belgium

Sixth edition
Tim Webb
Recommended reading in the Rough Guide to Belgium, this guide to breweries, beers, and
bars is acknowledged as the standard work for Belgian beer lovers, even in Belgium itself.
Building on 20 years of research, this is not just a beer guide, but a side door into the cul-
ture of a nation. Information for tourists traveling to one of the great beer nations includes
comprehensive advice on getting there, being there, what to eat, where to stay, and how to
bring beers back home. Tourists are guided to more than 600 quirky beer cafés of every style
and genre, and also given background history and an insight into all of Belgium’s eccentric-
ities. Full-color throughout with both province-by-province and city maps, this guide is suit-
able for leisure and business travelers, as well as for armchair drinkers looking to enjoy a
selection of Belgian brews from their local beer store. Tim Webb formerly ran CAMRA’s Great
British Beer Festival and has been writing about beer for more than 20 years.
Cooking/Travel • 352 pp • 5.5 x 8.5 • Four-color Interior • Color Photos Throughout
9781852492618 (Replaces 9781852492106) • October • $23.95 (Can $26.95) Paper

James Halliday’s Wine Atlas of Australia
James Halliday
From one of the world’s foremost industry experts, an unrivaled look at the best
and brightest of Australia’s wineries and their wines.
From deep, supple Shiraz to golden Riesling and crisp, sun-kissed Chardonnay, the va-
riety of the Australian landscape allows its wineries to produce some of the best wines
in the world. In this definitive guide, wine expert James Halliday analyzes every wine
region in Australia, detailing the types of grapes grown, the soil, climate, and its wine-
growing history. Each sumptuously illustrated section features highlights of the region’s
best wineries and winemakers as well as a map highlighting geographic landmarks and
the location of the wineries themselves. Lavish and insightful, this is the ultimate guide
to the finest spirits the country has to offer. James Halliday is a wine critic who regu-
larly contributes to Gourmet and Epicurean magazines. He is the founder of Coldstream
Hills and Brokenwood wineries and is the author of several books, including the James
Halliday Australian Wine Companion series.
Cooking/Travel • 320 pp • 9.5 x 12 • 320 Color Photos • 75 Maps
9781740666855 (Replaces 9780520250314) • September
$50.00 (Can $55.00) Cloth • Hardie Grant Books

Fine Wines and Foods from Italy’s Northeast
Carla Capalbo
Packed with the sights, tastes, and smells of traditional Italian food and wine, a compre-
hensive guide to one of Italy’s most underappreciated culinary enclaves.
The Collio is a small, crescent-shaped strip of land 80 miles northeast of Venice that bor-
ders on Slovenia. Thanks to its unique soil structure and microclimate, the Collio produces
some of Italy’s top wine-making grapes and a slew of award-winning wines, including Tocai
Friulano, Malvasia Istriana, and its speciality, Pinot Grigio. Filled with hundreds of lush pho-
tos, this is an indispensable culinary guide to this little-known but fantastically rich region.
More than 60 wineries are profiled as are more than 70 restaurants, specialty food shops,
markets, and bed-and-breakfasts. Packed with insight, this guide is a perfect resource for wine-
lovers, foodies, and travelers alike. Carla Capalbo is the author of several cookbooks, in-
cluding The Food and Wine Guide to Naples and Campania, The Food and Wine Lover’s
Companion to Tuscany, and Perfect Pasta and Pizza.
Travel/Cooking • 256 pp • 6 x 9 • 200 Color Photos • 7 Maps
9781843680543 • November • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper • Pallas Athene

Gordon Ramsay
On Top of the World
Neil Simpson
A fascinating picture of Hell’s Kitchen’s fiery-tempered perfectionist.

“It may just turn out to be the brightest spot during the dark days of winter. I highly
recommend it.” —Missoulian
Gordon Ramsay owns more than 20 international restaurants, including
Gordon Ramsay at The London in New York City; Maze by Gordon Ramsay at
The London in New York City; Cielo by Angela Hartnett in Boca Raton, Florida;
and Gordon Ramsay at The London in West Hollywood, California
Best known as the host of Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay is
one of the most driven, successful, and irate chefs around. He has thrown Hollywood actresses
out of his restaurants and is notorious for his anger, but his food has been served to numer-
ous heads of state, and he is one of only three chefs in England whose restau-
rant is rated at three Michelin stars. In this illuminating work, Ramsay
discusses the violent, alcoholic, absent father who died just days after the
pair had been reconciled as adults; the best friend and protégé whose bizarre
suicide came hours after the two had shared a final meal; the decade-long
battle to save his younger brother from heroin addiction and crime; and the
real reason why he has not attended the birth of any of his four children.
Sometimes hilarious and frequently heartbreaking, this is Gordon Ramsay’s
full life, from tenements and poverty to top-notch restaurants and fame.
Biography/Cooking • 308 pp • 5 x 8 • 26 Color Photos
9781844547036 (Replaces 9781844543816) • September
$14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • John Blake

Cuisine du Moi
The Heart of My Passion
Gavin Canardeaux
A hilarious satire of the cult of celebrity chefs in the style of Anthony Bourdain, featuring
the Australian-born, English-educated, French-trained, and Thai-massaged Gavin Canardeaux.

“Canardeaux’s voice is so authentic—a cross between Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay,
liberally doused with the F-word (not food)—that we almost forget that Canaider is the
one skillfully concocting this amuse-bouché. I would perhaps just caution readers to add
a grain of salt, or two.” —M Review
Honorary Governor of the Stationary Food Movement, Consultant Chef de Chef to the United
Nations, patron of the Canardeaux Foundation for Children Without Seafood, and commit-
ted Awareness Band Wearer, Gavin Canardeaux is the crème de la crème of the cooking world.
Dividing his precious time between London, Sydney, and New York, his wife and girlfriends
and horses, his classic car collection, and his children, Gavin also manages to run his restau-
rant, Cuisine du Moi, largely via videoconference. More than a cookbook, this is Gavin’s
philosophy and way of life, and is packed with his insights, thoughts, and half-crazed theo-
ries. Bitingly hilarious and darkly delicious, this is a dead-on lampoon of today’s most infa-
mous celebrity chefs. Gavin Canardeaux is the alter ego of Ben Canaider, a wine writer and
the coauthor of Cooking Under the Infleunce and Drink Drank Drunk.
Humor/Cooking • 296 pp • 6 x 9 • 6 Color Photos • 4 B/W Photos
9781741756074 • November • $18.95 (Can $20.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Taste Ye Back
Great Scots and the Food that Made Them
Sue Lawrence
Presented with nostalgic recipes from Ewan McGregor’s bread-and-butter pudding to
Ian Rankin’s vegetable soup, Sue Lawrence has interviewed 70 prominent Scots and un-
locked their beloved memories of food and what it was like for them growing up.

“A wonderful collection of childhood memories, a truly nostalgic food trip down

memory lane.” —Nigella Lawson
Celebrities as diverse as Ewan McGregor, Gordon Brown, writer A. L. Kennedy, tennis player
Andy Murray, Sharleen Spiteri of the band Texas, and Gordon Ramsay take a nostalgic
look at the recipes of their childhoods. Sue Lawrence talks to them about their families,
their home, and their relationship with food. They reminisce about their mom’s cullen skink,
their dad’s roast, and their granny’s shortbread which Sue tests out and brings right up to
date as only Sue can. With a mellow nostalgic tone running though the interviews and recipes,
readers can’t help but be inspired to make it
how it used to be made. This insight into tra-
ditonal Scottish food includes recipes for Also available:
politician Menzies Campbell’s smoked had-
dock pie, chef Nick Nairn’s meatloaf, rugby
player Gavin Hastings’ kedgeree, and jour-
nalist Andrew Marr’s gingerbread. Sue A Cook’s Tour Sue Lawrence’s
Lawrence is the author of A Cook’s Tour of of Scotland Book of Baking
Scotland, Scots Cooking, Sue Lawrence’s 9780755314188 9780755312122
Book of Baking, and Sue Lawrence’s Scot- $19.95 $24.95
tish Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay cites her as one
of his top three cooks, alongside Delia Smith
and Jamie Oliver.
Cooking/Biography • 192 pp • 7.5 x 9.5
9780755318636 • January • $34.95 Cloth • Hachette Books Scotland

Music, Food and Love

A Memoir with Recipes
Guo Yue and Clare Farrow
The vivid experiences of a boy with a passion for music and cooking who grew up in Beijing
before and during the Chinese Cultural Revolution are conveyed in this delightful memoir
with recipes.

“I have never read such a vivid account of what it was like to grow up during the Cultural
Revolution in China, especially for a young artist.” —Peter Gabriel, musician
“A hymn to the Chinese way of thinking and feeling about food, while the story of Guo’s
development as a musician, his family relations and the history of China are woven artfully
into the narrative.” —Daily Telegraph
The youngest of six children, Guo Yue recalls his childhood at the heart of a close-knit family of
musicians living beside a Beijing alley. He draws the reader into a world where music is every-
where—even in the rhythmic chopping sounds of the kitchen. We follow Yue as he explores Bei-
jing, watching others and learning through imitation, until he finally leaves for the West. This
beautifully written and evocative memoir highlights how, despite poverty and repressed times,
cooking family dishes was a life-affirming experience, symbolizing freedom of expression. His
book gives the reader a taste of family life in China and real Chinese home cooking, and he shares with readers a few de-
licious traditional recipes which have been passed on in his family and among friends. These are based on a few simple
ingredients; a natural approach to taste, color, and texture; and an innate love of good food. Guo Yue is a renowned vir-
tuoso of the Chinese bamboo flute and Chinese free reed pipe. He has worked with such artists as Peter Gabriel, Sinéad
O’Connor, and Hothouse Flowers and can be heard on such film soundtracks as The Killing Fields and The Last Emperor.
He and his wife Clare Farrow also cowrote the children’s book Little Leap Forward: A Boy in Beijing.
Autobiography/Cooking • 272 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9780749929343 • December • $16.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

Eat Cuban
Recipes from Floridita
Andy Rose and Judy Bastyra
A wonderful introduction to an exciting new global cuisine
tells the story of Cuban food, traveling from the opulent days
of the 1950s to the austerity of the revolution and on to the
present day.
This collection of wonderful recipes celebrates the sizzling, se-
ductive vibe that is Cuba. Fresh flavors are brought together to
create a tapestry of dishes that reflect the island’s unique cul-
ture. Among the panoply of dishes presented are Duck Breast
with Piquant Guava Glaze, Aubergine and Okra Gratin, and Lan-
gosta Salad with Mango and Papaya Salsa. Featuring traditional
ingredients and methods with contemporary twists, this is a col-
lection of dishes that maintain the essence of true Cuban cook-
ing. Andy Rose is the executive chef of the Floridita restaurant
chain, a growing bar and restaurant chain inspired by the fa-
mous El Floridita in Havana. Judy Bastyra is a food writer and
the author of several books, including Thai Cooking and
Hanukkah Fun.
Cooking • 160 pp • 8 x 10 • Color Photos Throughout
9781847372901 • October • $26.95 Cloth
Simon & Schuster UK

Also available:

Eat Caribbean
9780743259491 • $25.00

Tracey Lister and Andreas Pohl
An inspiring collection of fresh, easy to prepare, and healthy recipes collected from
throughout Vietnam.

“The simplicity of some of the dishes mean they can be taken into daily cooking
by virtue of the taste they deliver for the small amount of time they take to cook.”
—Independent Weekly
All royalties will benefit the Koto organization, which trains disadvan-
taged and homeless children in Vietnam to be cooks
Arranged by region, this engaging cookbook weaves personal stories and national his-
tory with a culinary appreciation of the markets, traditions, and food of daily life in
Vietnam. More than 80 delicious and authentic recipes are included, ranging from
Coconut Prawns to Chicken and Lotus Seed Broth. Featuring stunning food photogra-
phy as well as images of the Vietnamese countryside and people, this is a gorgeous ref-
erence perfect for the home cook and armchair
traveler alike. Tracey Lister is a professional chef
who splits her time between Hanoi and Melbourne
with her husband, Andreas Pohl.
Cooking • 260 pp • 8.5 x 10 • 125 Color Photos
9781740666633 • November
$29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper
Hardie Grant Books

Grill Your Way ‘Round the World
Ben O’Donoghue
A selection of delicious dishes for cooking on the grill from across the globe, fea-
turing stunning photographs and decadent side dishes.
Ben O’Donoghue is about to be launched as the marketing face of
Barbecues Galore, an international chain with stores in select U.S. cities
No longer must barbecues be restricted to hamburgers and hot dogs. From Uruguayan
Chicken to Mexican Suckling Pig, Japanese Robatayaki Vegetables to Singapore Chili
Crab, this is an international tour de force of the best of barbecuing from around
the world. Each delicious recipe can be cooked over any type of grill—whether a sim-
ple wire rack over an open fire, a charcoal grill, or a gas-powered cooker. Accompa-
nying the main dishes are scrumptious drinks and dessert ideas as well as all the recipes
for rubs and marinades, breads, salads, and vegetables needed to make any barbecue
a true feast. Ben O’Donoghue is a former chef at the famous River Café with Jamie
Oliver and a regular contributor to Delicious
and Olive magazines. He is the coauthor of Surf-
ing the Menu.
Cooking • 244 pp • 8.5 x 10.5 • 70 Color Photos
9781740665599 • March • $34.95 (Can $38.95)
Cloth • Hardie Grant Books

Margaret Fulton’s Christmas
Margaret Fulton
Featuring more than 200 unique recipes, here is a complete guide to shopping, prepar-
ing, and enjoying the perfect Christmas meal.
Every aspect of preparing the perfect Christmas feast is addressed in this comprehensive
cookbook from the acclaimed chef Margaret Fulton. From choosing what to serve,
what to prepare ahead, arranging a full menu, and even what to do with leftovers,
this extensive reference will make any family Christmas one to remember. Recipes in-
clude such traditional dishes as Roast Turkey with Two Stuffings and Glazed Goose
with Apples and Prunes, as well as more modern, relaxed ideas for outdoor celebra-
tions that include seafood platters and festive salads. Additional chapters cover every
side dish, desserts, and foods that can given as presents. Fully illustrated and filled
with holiday flavor, this is the perfect yuletide collection. Margaret Fulton is a renowned
chef and the author of several cookbooks, including The Margaret Fulton Cookbook,
Margaret Fulton’s Encyclopedia of Food and Cookery, and Margaret Fulton’s Kitchen.
Cooking • 320 pp • 8.5 x 10.5 • 75 Color Photos
9781740666558 • October • $44.95 (Can $49.95) Cloth • Hardie Grant Books

Also available:

The Margaret Encyclopedia
Fulton of Food Margaret
Cookbook and Cookery Fulton’s Kitchen
9781740664523 9781740662703 9781740664837
$29.95 (Can $37.95) $39.95 (Can $49.95) $45.00 (Can $49.95)

Gennaro’s Italian Year

Gennaro Contaldo
A celebration of Italian lifestyle and culture as much as Italian food, this sumptuous
cookbook by Jamie Oliver’s mentor includes recipes for every month of the year, from
summer favorites to Christmas essentials.

“His talent for cooking and storytelling changed my life and food forever.”
—Jamie Oliver
“This book oozes with the Italian chef’s passion and knowledge for the country’s fes-
tivals, celebrations, and traditions—as well as a cracking set of recipes.” —Olive
As much a celebration of Italy as its food, Gennaro’s Italian Year brings this beautiful coun-
try vibrantly to life. From feast days to festivals, Christmas delicacies to summertime de-
lights, chef Gennaro Contaldo expertly guides us through the Italian culinary year. Combining
120 seasonal recipes with stories from his childhood, he reveals which Italian fare is best
and when. Told with irresistible passion and charm, Gennaro shows how each season brings
a tantalizing array of deliciously different dishes, such as Chestnut Gnocchi with Sausage
and Rosemary, Parsnip and Apple Soup, Fresh Fava Bean and Pecorino Cheese Salad, and
Mixed Berry Sorbet. Sumptuously illustrated with 100 color photographs, this is a clas-
sic Italian lifestyle cookbook. Gennaro Contaldo is the executive chef and co-owner of London’s Passione
and is involved with Jamie Oliver in setting up “Jamie’s Italian,” a collection of nationwide restaurants. His
previous title include Gennaro’s Italian Home Cooking and Passione.
Cooking • 264 pp • 7.5 x 10 • 100 Color Photos • Headline
New in Paper: 9780755315475 • September • $24.95
Cloth • 9780755315468 • Available • $37.50

Good Old-Fashioned Roasts
Laura Mason
The best traditional recipes for roasted dishes, from a Sunday roast to a rack of
lamb, along with tasty ideas of how to utilize all those delicious leftovers.
From a Sunday beef roast with Yorkshire pudding and rack of lamb with herb crust
to stuffed roast goose, pheasant, and veal, here are the best traditional British recipes
for roasted dishes. Leading chef Laura Mason explains all the best techniques for sourc-
ing, preparing, and roasting all kinds of meat—beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, duck,
goose, and various game, including partridge, grouse, and woodcock. To make the ab-
solute most of this most prized food, she explains the various cuts of meat, what cuts
work best with various recipes, and roasting times for a rare or well-done piece of
meat. She also covers the use of marinating, barding, larding, bast-
ing, and dredging. The recipes would not be complete without
a range of potato and vegetable dishes—ideal accompaniments, Also available:
from the best roast potatoes and mash to gratins. But the best
part of any roast is often the leftover meat that can be used for
leftover meals—in Shepherd pies, rostis, soups, stews, and much
more. Laura Mason is a food historian and the author of several
books, including Farmhouse Cookery, Food Culture in Great Good Old-
Britain, and Sugar-Plums and Sherbet. Fashioned
Cooking • 124 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • Conversion chart 9781905400508
9781905400720 • January • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth $24.95 (Can $27.95)
National Trust

Kitchen Memories
Food and Kitchen Life 1837–1939
Elizabeth Drury and Philippa Lewis
A glimpse into the kitchens of the Victorian past covers everything from
the patent marmalade machine to the early anti-bacterial preparations.
A charming evocation of Victorian life, this delightful volume details the
fresh and packaged ingredients, the menus, equipment, and the kitchen reg-
ulars—from cook to passing tradesmen—of the 19th-century kitchen. With
wonderful illustrations of Victorian food packaging and advertising, this
is a great nostalgic look at life below stairs in the age of Victoria. Eliza-
beth Drury is an expert on the Victorian period and a contributor to the
Encyclopedia of Victoriana. Philippa Lewis is the author of Details: A Guide
to House Design in Britain and coauthor with Elizabeth Drury of The Vic-
torian Garden Album.
Cooking/History • 136 pp • 7.5 x 6.5 • 200 Color Illustrations
9781905400829 • October • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
National Trust

Arts & Crafts Needlepoint
25 Patterns & Projects
Beth Russell
This glorious guide presents 25 classic needlepoint proj-
ects based on the designs of William Morris and his con-
temporaries in the Arts & Crafts movement.
Inspired by patterns created by the Arts & Crafts movement
of the late 19th century, collected here are 25 simple but ele-
gant needlepoint projects. Each of the designs is accompanied
by clear stitch-by-stitch charts, suggestions for the best nee-
dle size and canvas mesh, details of precise yarn requirements,
stitch types, and order of work. A practical reference section
provides complete information on framing up and basic tech-
niques. Featuring photographs from William Morris’ former
home Red House, this is an inspirational workbook that is per-
fect for artists of any level. Beth Russell is the author of Beth
Russell’s Traditional Needlepoint, Beth Russell’s William
Morris Needlepoint, and Victorian Needlepoint.
Crafts & Hobbies • 128 pp • 8.5 x 11 • National Trust
100 Color Photos
New in Paper: 9781905400805 • October • $19.95 (Can $21.95)
Cloth: 9781905400430 • Available • $29.95 (Can $32.95)

Designing and Making Rocking Horses
Margaret Spencer
Everything necessary to turn a workshop into a stable!

“A great book. Combining woodworking, carving, and leather craft, this will ap-
peal to most woodworkers. Recommended for all public libraries.”
—Library Journal
Rocking horses conjure up a world of fields and dreams, and have enchanted children
for generations. Now in paperback, this guide introduces the reader to the fascinating
tradition of crafting these beautiful toys. Anyone with woodworking skills can follow
the step-by-step instructions and clear plans, diagrams, and patterns to make a won-
derful children’s gift that is sure to become a family heirloom. Topics include instruc-
tions for eight horses ranging from traditional medium standard to the push-me, pull-me
rocking horse; carving and design—making plinths and unicoms; wood and tools re-
quired; and tips from the author to give your horse a professional finish and delight
the younger generation with the most precious and rewarding of gifts. Margaret Spencer
established her own company making and restoring rocking horses in 1967.
Crafts & Hobbies • 160 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 200 Color Photos
9781847971081 (Replaces 9781861263612) • September • $35.00 New in Paper
Crowood Press

The Joy of Gardening

An Inspirational Anthology
Edited by Eileen Campbell
A selection of quotes to convey the joy of gardening through the seasons, and inspire
reflection on how gardening can affect physical health and emotional, psychological,
and spiritual well-being.
Whether you’re an active, hands-on gardener, or someone who simply enjoys looking at
gardens, this is a book to savor at any time of year, on a glorious summer’s day with a
cool drink, or sitting fireside in a cozy armchair. With its rich selection of inspirational
quotations from gardeners past and present, as well as from poets, painters, novelists,
diarists, and spiritual teachers, this is a book for reflection designed to capture the joy
of being alive that gardening evokes. Gardens can make us happy, heal us when sad or
depressed, and help us understand profound truths about the relationship between our-
selves and nature. As we journey through the seasons, the pattern of birth, bloom, and
decay sheds light on the mystery of being human. Eileen Campbell is the author of Cre-
ative Medieval Designs for Applique, A Dancing Star, and Ideas for Applique.
Gardening/Reference • 224 pp • 4.5 x 6
9780340943687 • March • $9.95 Paper • Hodder & Stoughton

A Modern Guide to Sustainable Living
Tom Petherick
Growing organic food, conserving water, and recycling are
among the ideas explored in this guide—now in paper—to
consuming less in the name of the environment.

“Packed with advice on growing and raising your own

food and animals, along with heartfelt yet non-hectoring
advice as to why a low-energy lifestyle has to be more
than a passing trend.” —Elspeth Thompson, author, New
Country Garden
“If you wish to give one book with the possibility of
changing someone’s life I couldn’t recommend more highly
Tom Petherick’s Sufficient.” —Guardian
A global shift has begun that is slanted towards slowing down
and consuming less, embracing artisan foods, and championing
human-scale organic growing methods that are safe, compas-
sionate, and pleasurable. This comprehensive reference is de-
signed to inspire, educate, and encourage a process of change
towards a simple, gentle, and sustainable way of living. It fea-
tures a passionate approach to understanding why changes need
to be made and how they can be achieved in a fun and life-en-
hancing way, and highlights in particular ways to grow organic
vegetables and fruits or raise animals in almost any setting. Its
central aim is to encourage the practice of sustainability in every
aspect of life. Tom Petherick runs a horticultural consultancy.
His work appears regularly in publications such as Country
Smallholder, Gardens Illustrated, Hortus, and Saga Magazine,
and his books include Heligan and Trees that Shape the World.
Nature/Reference • 288 pp • 7.5 x 9.5
75 Color Photos • 10 Color Illustrations
9781862058514 (Replaces 9781862057739) • September
$19.95 (Can $21.95) New in Paper • Pavilion

Learning to Love Them
Lynne Kelly
An authoritative account of the history and evolution of spiders, as well as a personal story
of how any arachnophobe can come to love our eight-legged friends.

“This is a book with a clear message. Spiders are simply fascinating.” —Weekly Times
“Kelly's treatment is clever, entertaining and complete, making this a fine read and a
great example of species history done right.” —Publishers Weekly on Crocodile
“Superbly readable and exceptionally well-researched.” —Choice on Crocodile
When hordes of giant spiders invaded Lynne Kelly’s dreams, she decided it was time to over-
come her arachnophobia by getting to know the creature intimately. This extensive introduction
answers every basic question about spiders, including articles on web-building, the most ven-
omous and dangerous species, and, of course, arachnid romance. An illustrated guide to iden-
tifying webs, a list of useful spider-watching equipment, observations sheets, and dozens of
photographs of common species are also provided. Along the way,
Lynne explains how she overcame her own arachnophobia, and
provides tips and hints on how any arachnophobe can do the same.
Lynne Kelly is a former science teacher and the author of Croco-
dile and The Skeptic’s Guide to the Paranormal. Also available:
Nature/Psychology • 272 pp • 5.5 x 8.5 • 32 Color Photos
9781741751796 • October • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper
Allen & Unwin

$24.95 (Can $31.95)

Savage Tales from Australia’s Wild Frontier
Robert Reid
These tales of tragic fatalities and amazing escapes from the jaws of these primeval ani-
mals are the stuff of headlines. They are riveting stories of humans versus beasts in an un-
forgiving environment.
Believed to be more than 200 million years old, crocodiles are one of the oldest species on
earth, but they are also occasionally one of the most dangerous. This thrilling account high-
lights the lives and experiences of those who have encountered crocs in the wild, in all their
strength and ferocity. The men and women featured have survived crocodile attacks, witnessed
their awesome strength firsthand, and have hunted—and been hunted by—one of nature’s
most incredible animals. Robert Reid is a journalist and researcher.
Nature/Animals • 304 pp
5.5 x 8 • 32 B/W Photos
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
Allen & Unwin

The Joy of Cats
Edited by Celia Haddon
From Herodotus, Darwin, and Twain to T. S. Eliot and Edward Lear, an anthology of
cat lovers’ wisdom throughout the ages, best read with a cat on the lap.
Cats have padded silently into our hearts, bringing with them their grace, their independence,
and their essential mystery. Anyone who lives with a cat knows the strange and myste-
rious bond that grows between human and animal, as they make houses into homes, heal
stress, and provide endless entertainment. In this exquisitely produced anthology, drawn
from the writing of cat lovers through the ages, Celia Haddon offers a testimony and a
tribute to that unique and rewarding relationship between humans and their feline com-
panions in which cats, in their utmost complexity, remain among us but not of us. Above
all, she reminds us of the truth of why cats matter. Celia Haddon is a bestselling anthologist
whose books have sold well over one million copies worldwide. Her other books include
100 Secret Thoughts Cats Have About Humans, 100 Ways for a Cat to Train Its Human,
and Chats with Cats.
Pets/Reference • 320 pp • 4.5 x 6 • Hodder & Stoughton
New in Paper: 9780340954645 • November • $10.95
Cloth: 9780340954591 • Available • $16.95

The Complete Cat

Vicky Halls
From taking in strays to the special needs of elderly cats, all areas of kittydom are covered.

“The Mary Poppins of the feline world.” —Mail on Sunday

“Vicky Halls has the Moggy Midas Touch. If you have any wish to try and understand the
devious, mercurial, prissy, eternally lovable thing that is feline nature, you need to read
her.” —Tom Cox, author, Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man
“Worth having on your cat-reference bookshelf.” —I Love Cats on Cat Counsellor
An absolute must-have for cat owners, this essential reference book covers every aspect of cat
ownership. From what to look for in a good cat breeder to effective flea control, every facet
of feline ownership is covered in detail. Vicky Halls discusses such topics as proper diet and
nutrition, how to give your cat a pill, which household items are poisonous to your pet, and
much more. The author of Cat Confidential, Cat Counsellor,
and How to Be a Cat Detective, Vicky Halls is a cat behav-
ior specialist.
Pets • 384 pp • 5 x 8
9780553819762 • January • $15.95 Paper
Also available: Bantam Press

Cat Counsellor

Dogs in Vogue
A Century of Canine Chic
Judith Watt
“The next best thing to having the world at your feet is to
have a dog at your heels.” —Vogue, December 1930

“Extensive and beautifully designed . . . a fascinating cata-

logue of a celebrity, wealth and success.” —Publishers
Weekly on People in Vogue
Dogs have always played an integral part in Vogue magazine,
either as companions to some of the world’s most stylish women
or as icons in their own right. Testifying to this enduring rela-
tionship in its lavishly illustrated pages, this collection features
photos by Horst, Beaton, Steichen, Parkinson, Bailey, Weber,
Testino, and many others. The famous and fabulous appear in
portraits with their equally fabulous pets—the Mitford Sisters,
Lady Diana Cooper, Elizabeth Arden, Andy Warhol, Britt
Ekland, Cindy Crawford, Jodie Kidd, Yves Saint Laurent, and
Tom Ford are all devotees of canine culture. In all shapes and
sizes, dogs are most definitely at the heart of the 20th-century’s
style bible. With wonderful photos, illustrations, and extracts
spanning the history of Vogue, this is a must for dog and fash-
ion lovers everywhere. Judith Watt is the author of Men and
Dogs, Ossie Clark 1965–1974, and Women and Dogs. She is a
contributor to the Guardian and Vogue.
Photography/Pets • 272 pp • 9.5 x 13
125 Color Photos • 125 B/W Photos
9780316027137 • February • $50.00 Cloth • Little, Brown

Also available:

People in Vogue Unseen Vogue Vogue Covers

9780316731140 9780316727662 9780316027854
$27.50 Paper $29.95 $75.00
$65.00 Cloth


Collins Need to Know? Dog Breeds

Robert Killick
From Afghan and Airedale to Westie and Wolfhound, whether you’re choosing a new
pet or just want to know more about a variety of breeds, this is the one-stop guide
to dogs of all shapes and sizes.
Choosing the right dog is an important decision for the happiness of pet and owner
alike. This extensive guide covers every major dog breed and provides detailed analy-
ses of each dog’s character and temperament, appearance, health, hereditary problems,
and ease of training. Packed with essential information, this handy reference is ideal
for current or prospective owners. Robert Killick is the author of Jack Russell Terrier
and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
Animals • 192 pp • 6 x 8.5
9780007268542 • September • $15.95 Paper • Collins UK

Line Training for Dogs

How It’s Done
Monika Gutmann
Step-by-step guidance to a method offering dogs freedom to roam and owners assur-
ance of their pet’s secure return.
Unless they’re on a lead, many dogs refuse to come back to their owners, and simply do
as they please. Dogs like these commonly spend their lives on leads that are much too short,
and are unable to enjoy the privilege of running free in meadows and fields because they
haven’t learned to take notice of their owners and come back on call or whistle. The ad-
vice that’s often given to anyone who owns a dog like this is to give line training a try, but
not many people know how it’s done. This guide provides the step-by-step instructions for
successful line training. Monika Gutmann runs a dog training school focusing on training
puppies and young dogs, clicker training, recall, and discouraging hunting behavior.
Animals • 96 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • Color Photos Throughout
9783861279617 • September • $23.95 (Can $26.95) Paper • Cadmos Books

Whose Sofa Is It Anyway?
A Light-Hearted Look at Training Pitfalls and How
to Avoid Them
Nicole Röder
A wry look at training errors from both the human and
the canine points of view. See through your dog’s view-
point to learn why tyranny is fun and explore antiquated
training methods and the people who support them!
How did that sweet eight-week-old puppy you trained from
the very beginning suddenly turn into the terror it now
is—a dog you would rather not be seen with? This guide
explains the most common communication mistakes with
a healthy dose of humor, suggesting solutions that are easy
to implement. Dog owners are given hints on etiquette,
and may recognize themselves in the investigation into the
most common remarks made by dog owners and what lies
behind them. Nicole Röder is a qualified educator and lives
with her three dogs. She trained all of her dogs in vari-
ous categories of dog sports and has been training own-
ers and dogs successfully for a number of years in clubs
and from her small mobile dog school.
Animals • 112 pp • 8.5 x 9.5 • Color Photos Throughout
9783861279624 • November
$23.95 (Can $26.95) Paper • Cadmos Books

Clicker Training for Clever Cats
Learning Can Be Fun!
Martina Braun
Resolve your cat’s problems, eliminate bad behavior, and even teach small tricks with
clicker training using rewards.
There is a method of learning to which no mammal is impervi-
ous—not even cats. It is called “classical conditioning,” and is used
in a very specific way as part of clicker training. Every click re-
sults in something positive for the cat: a treat, a cuddle, a favorite
game. Because cats are intelligent, they quickly understand what
kind of behavior gets them a click and a reward, and they will
experiment in order to find out what else might work. This man-
ual explains what classical conditioning involves, why it works
with every cat, how to avoid mistakes, and how to use rewards
properly and develop chains and sequences of behavior, as well
as small tricks. Martina Braun is an animal psychologist special-
izing in behavioral therapy for cats and dogs.
Pets • 80 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • Color Photos Throughout
9783861279679 • October
$19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Cadmos Books

Chat to Your Cat

Lessons in Cat Conversation
Martina Braun
Find out what your little tiger is really saying with its many different sounds, facial
expressions, gestures, posture, and behavioral quirks.
Cat language is both complex and multifaceted—cats do much more than just meow, hiss,
and purr. The whole range of cat sounds are covered, from purring to wailing, and how
they relate to the ways that cats live and socialize. The territory of outdoor and indoor
cats, conflict behavior under stress, and play behavior and hunting for prey is also cov-
ered. Once you understand your cat better, you can get to grips with some of the typical
problems of living together, and develop an even closer bond with your pet. Martina Braun
is an animal psychologist specializing in behavioral therapy for cats and dogs.
Pets • 80 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • Color Photos Throughout
9783861279662 • September • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Cadmos Books

Long Reining to Break Horses to Harness
Training the Safe Way
Heinrich Freiherr von Senden
A structured training program, developed by a successful driver and horse trainer.
Working with long reins is an ideal and, above all, safe way to break horses to harness,
and to train the driving horse correctly. This book is an essential training book for all driv-
ers and horse trainers. Beginning with work on the single lunge, moving on to long reins,
and then on to the initial hitching, he gives tips and advice from his accumulated wealth
of experience, explaining how potential problems can be successfully resolved. Heinrich
Freiherr von Senden trains horses for driving and teaches future driving competitors and
professional drivers.
Horses • 144 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • Color Photos Throughout
9783861279631 • November • $32.95 (Can $35.95) Cloth • Cadmos Books

Schooling Exercises In-Hand

Working Towards Suppleness and Confidence
Oliver Hilberger
A step-by-step explanation, with clear illustrations, of the straightforward way to cor-
rectly train horses, working from the ground.
For anyone training a horse in dressage, classically based in-hand work is a valuable but
unfortunately often undervalued part of its education. It is a rarely used tool, but one which
offers variation to the everyday routine and schools both the horse and trainer. Particular
emphasis is given to the description of lateral movements, as well as for the preparation
towards the more advanced movements. Oliver Hilberger works with horses following the
principles of classical riding. He places great value on making meaningful supplying ex-
ercises accessible to anyone wishing to try them.
Horses • 160 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • Color Photos Throughout
9783861279648 • November • $32.95 (Can $36.95) Paper • Cadmos Books

Caring for the Older Horse
How to Keep Your Veteran Fit and Healthy
Claudia Jung
How to keep senior horses fit and happy, from necessary diet changes to fun exercises.
Intended for the horse owner who wishes to keep his or her horse fit and healthy for as
long as possible, this book offers an abundance of invaluable advice and recommendations—
including a feeding program, massages for the well-being of the horse, and age-related ex-
ercises for on the ground and under the saddle. Starting with the signs of aging, the guide
discusses at what stage in its life the horse becomes old. Next, the higher standard of feed-
ing required by the senior horse is detailed, as well as how old horses like to be kept, a
wellness program for the oldie, and fun gymnastics for senior horses. The book also cov-
ers a subject which no owner likes to think about but which needs to be included—prepa-
ration for the final farewell. Claudia Jung is an animal physiotherapist.
Horses • 128 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • Color Photos Throughout
9783861279655 • September • $26.95 (Can $29.95) Paper • Cadmos Books

Budget Horse & Pony Care

Cost Effective Horse Management
Tamsin Pickeral
Timely advice on how horse owners can save money, be more ecologically friendly,
and bling up their gear with minimal expenditure.
Horse products can be expensive, and the lure of a new kit is sometimes hard to resist,
especially with increasingly elaborate designs—horse bling is in! However there is a wide
range of items that can be made for a fraction of the cost, ranging from equine beauty
products, first-aid liniments, and rugs and blankets, to show jumps and horse treats with
everything in between. This indispensable volume provides easy instructions on mak-
ing all manner of equestrian items and explains how to alter existing horse-and-rider
gear with minimal expenditure. There is also a comprehensive section offering advice
on how to be more ecologically friendly and save money by assessing stable manage-
ment practices. Hard-earned money can go a little further with this collection of essential,
practical, and simple ways to save pennies and make the most of your horse money.
Tamsin Pickeral is the author of The Horse: 30,000 Years of the Horse in Art and The
Horse Lover’s Bible.
Horses • 192 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • Color Photos & Diagrams Throughout
9781905693290 • November • $24.95 Paper • Kenilworth Press

The Complete Guide to the World of Horse Racing
Elwyn Hartley Edwards
Written by one of the world’s bestselling equestrian
authors, this is the ultimate guide to the multibillion-
dollar world of horse racing—from the horses to the
courses to the classic races.
The extraordinary history of racing is brought to life with
stories and images of the world’s greatest racehorses and
covers everything from the three foundation sires that led
to the development of the British Thoroughbred to the phe-
nomenal Eclipse and such modern horse heroes as Nijin-
sky, Red Rum, and Desert Orchid. The contributions of
the great jockeys are also explored, including living leg-
end and nine-time derby winner Lestor Piggot and the in-
comparable racing superstar Frankie Dettori. This study
also celebrates the world’s most spectacular racecourses
and the classic races that make them household names
around the world, including the English Derby at Epsom
and the Dubai World Cup at Nad Al Sheba. Flat racing,
steeplechasing, and harness racing are all covered in this
fascinating and comprehensive guide. Elwyn Hartley Ed-
wards is the author of The Encyclopedia of the Horse, Fun-
d a m e n t a l s o f R i d i n g , T h e N e w R i d e r ’s H o r s e
Encyclopedia, and The Smithsonian Hand-book: Horses.
Horses/Sports • 192 pp • 10.5 x 12.5
250 Color Photos • 50 B/W Photos
9780749558680 • March • $34.95 Cloth
AA Publishing

Roger Federer
Spirit of a Champion
Chris Bowers
The skyrocketing career and dramatic personal life of tennis’s hottest star.
Roger Federer’s astoundin,g all-round ability on grass and clay has made him one of the great-
est players the game has ever seen. With 13 Grand Slam wins and an Olympic gold medal
under his belt, the Swiss star has already achieved legendary status. This authoritative and
affectionate biography traces Federer’s rise from his first tentative strokes with a racket through
his early years in an elite French academy and his struggles with the sudden death of his first
real coach and mentor. It also examines how he bounced back from one of the most chal-
lenging periods of his career when a serious illness and a dip in form caused him to break
his run of successive Wimbledon championship wins and lose his number-one spot to rival
Rafael Nadal. Roger’s professionalism and charm, as well as the time he devotes to his char-
itable foundation, have won him huge amounts of respect from his fellow sportsmen and ten-
nis professionals alike. This is a candid look at one of the most winning and dynamic figures
in modern sport. Chris Bowers is the author of Fantastic Federder and The
Book of Tennis and writes regularly for the Independent, the Observer, and
the Times.
Also available:
Biography/Sports • 288 pp • 5 x 8 • 32 Color Photos
9781844547487 (Replaces 9781844544073) • September
$14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • John Blake

Rafael Nadal
$24.95 (Can $27.95)

Feet of the Chameleon

The Story of Football in Africa
Ian Hawkey
From a soccer insider, a captivating look at the history, development, and current role of
the beautiful game in Africa.
In June 2010, Africa will host the World Cup, the most significant global sporting spectacle
ever to take place on the continent. South Africa’s successful bid was in many ways unsur-
prising: soccer thrives in every country in Africa, and is a vitally important aspect of com-
munities. This fascinating history traces the development of soccer in Africa and investigates
what makes African football unique. Drawing on a wide range of sources, it also examines
how the game fits into the social and political life of the continent. Ian Hawkey is a soccer
journalist for the Sunday Times.
Sports • 304 pp • 5 x 8.5
9781906032715 • November • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • Portico

Manchester United: The Biography
The Complete Story of the World’s Greatest Football Club
Jim White
A look at the ever popular Man U soccer team with new material to interest die-hard fans
and casual supporters alike.
Following the club’s extraordinary journey from its birth in the railway works of Newton
Heath to its current status as the biggest club in world soccer, this is a fascinating history of
a remarkable team. The key stages in Manchester United’s history are covered: the Munich
Air Crash of 1958, which saw the best part of an entire team (the Busby Babes) being killed;
becoming the first English team to win the European Cup in 1968 (with Bobby Charlton and
George Best); the dominance of the club in the Premiership; the controversial sale to Amer-
ican tycoon Malcolm Glazer; and much more. By drawing on the recollections of everyone
from players and managers to fans and backroom staff, enough new material as been un-
earthed to interest fans and casual supporters. Jim White is an award-winning sports jour-
nalist and columnist formerly for the Guardian and currently for the Daily Telegraph. He is
the author of You’ll Win Nothing with Kids.
Biography/Sports • 448 pp • 6 x 9.5
9781847441126 (Replaces 9781847440884) • October • $19.95 New in Paper • Sphere

My Autobiography
Jamie Carragher
Foreword by Kenny Dalglish
In his typical down-to-earth style, Carra reveals what made him discard his blue Evertonian
roots to become a fully-fledged Red, how he mended his wild ways to become a true pro-
fessional and a multiple trophy winner, and the truth about a succession of managers—Evans,
Houllier, Benítez—in the hottest seat in soccer.

“One of the best player autobiographies . . . a product of honesty and dedication.”

—Sunday Times
For the Anfield faithful, Jamie Carragher represents everything that is great about Liverpool
Football Club, prompting fans to sing “we all dream of a team of Carraghers.” The club’s vice-
captain, longest-serving player, and one of a select band of players to have made more than 500
appearances for the Reds, Carra never gives less than 100 percent. Here, the Liverpool defender
takes us deep into the heart of Anfield, into the club’s past glories and its uncertain future. Carra
shares his views on the England team and tells why he rejected calls from both Steve McClaren
and Fabio Capello to return to the international
fold. Full of sensational stories and controversial
opinions, of glory and heartbreak on and off the
pitch, this is a soccer book unlike any other. Jamie
Carragher won 34 international games for Eng-
land before retiring from international soccer.
Kenny Dalglish is a former Scottish international
soccer player.
Autobiography/Sports • 384 pp • 5 x 8
Color Photos Throughout • Corgi
9780552157421 (Replaces 9780593061039)
November • $15.95 Paper

Pelé: The Illustrated Autobiography
Photographs and Memorabilia
from Soccer’s Greatest Player
Featuring rare and candid images, this is an en-
thralling compendium of images from throughout the
astounding career of the soccer player many consider
the greatest of all time.
The best of a generation of Brazilians universally ac-
knowledged as the most astounding group ever to play
the game, Pelé is a true legend in the world of soccer.
He won the World Cup three times and is Brazil’s all-
time record goal scorer with 97 goals. This exciting col-
lection gathers together some of the greatest images from
Pelé’s long and storied career, from his first days play-
ing at the club level to his astounding performances on
the international level. Accompanied by commentary
from Pelé himself, this is a beautiful compendium of the
greatest player in the history of the beautiful game.
Autobiography/Sports • 96 pp • 11 x 11.5
40 Color Photos • 40 B/W Photos
9781847372697 • October • $39.95 Cloth
Simon & Schuster UK

The Autobiography
The legendary international sporting ambassador and cultural icon reveals all, from his
hard-knock roots through his record-breaking career.
From the poverty-stricken streets of São Paulo to the top of the soccer world, Pelé’s life story
is as extraordinary as it is enrapturing. With his trademark wit and deference, the legend pres-
ents the fantastic events of his life with insight and humor in this tell-all autobiography.
He discusses his meteoric rise to become one of the greatest soccer players of all time, in-
cluding his three World Cup championships and numerous league victories. On top of his
athletic achievements, Pelé also discusses his role as a staunch campaigner for human rights
and the plight of street children in his home country, as well as his recent role as a UN
Ambassador. By turns addictive, moving, and enlightening, this is the ultimate story of the
ultimate sports star.
Autobiography/Sports • 368 pp • 5 x 8 • 45 Color Photos
9781416511212 • Available • $13.95 Paper • Pocket Books UK

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Mark Occhilupo
Mark Occhilupo and Tim Baker
Covering his early success through his collapse into drugs and subsequent renewed ascent
to stardom, the life of one of the world’s greatest and most controversial surfers.

“Occy was always a missile going hyperspeed, about to blow up at any moment—it’s
true of so many highly intelligent or gifted people . . . All of his passion was put into his
surfing.” —Kelly Slater, nine-time World Surfing Champion
“By going down so hard, by fully falling apart, he was able to give himself longevity. It’s
like the Buddhist teachings about birth and death—something has to die for new birth
to happen, and that happens inside us too. Occy was the ultimate example of that.”
—Tom Carroll, two-time World Surfing Champion
Child star at 16, ranked third in the world at 17, Mark Occhilupo looked set to sweep all be-
fore him with a radical, spontaneous, irresistible brand of surfing. Yet a spiraling descent into
drug abuse and depression snuffed his flame out prematurely when he quit the pro tour at
just 22. Faltered comebacks, spectacular bursts of free-surfing, and manic breakdowns fol-
lowed as the surfing world watched a freakish talent self-combust. After years spent immo-
bile and overweight on the couch, Occy eventually emerged from his cocoon, reborn and ready
to tackle a whole new generation of surf stars. His celebrated comeback to win the world
title in 1999 is a sporting fairy tale without equal. In this no-holds-barred account, Occy tells
the complete, remarkable story of his spectacular rise, terrifying fall, and miraculous rebirth.
Tim Baker has contributed to GQ, Playboy, and Rolling Stone and is the author of Go Surf
and the coauthor of Bustin’ Down the Door.
Autobiography/Sports • 320 pp • 5 x 8 • 50 Color Photos • 14 B/W Photos
9781741666762 (Replaces 9781741666434) • January • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
Ebury Australia

Lewis Hamilton: Champion of the World
The Biography
Frank Worrall
Detailed and fully updated, this biography explains how Hamilton has risen above his crit-
ics, brushed aside racial abuse, kept his dignity, and fought with a quiet determination to
become the greatest driver in the world.
In the nail-biting Brazilian Grand Prix in November 2008, Lewis Hamilton clinched his po-
sition as the youngest-ever winner of the Formula One World Championship. A truly remarkable
sporting figure who has revolutionized the world of motor racing, his rise through the ranks—
from karting to the hotly contested F3 Superprix and onto the F1 podium—has not been straight-
forward. His career began when he was just six years old when his father—holding down
three jobs to support his son’s blossoming sport—bought him his first go-
cart. The breakthrough came when 10-year-old Lewis met McLaren boss Ron
Dennis at an awards ceremony. Two years later, Lewis was signed to McLaren’s
development program. This book offers behind-the-scenes insight into the
intense rivalry between Hamilton and teammate Fernando Alonso that threat-
ened to derail Hamilton’s dreams, as well as the low-down on the spy-gate
scandal. It also discusses Hamilton’s ability to handle the intensity of media
coverage and keep his dignity to emerge as the world’s top driver. Frank Wor-
rall is the author of numerous sports books, including The Magnificent Sev-
ens, Rooney, and Roy Keane.
Biography/Sports • 338 pp • 5 x 8 • 41 Color Photos • 2 B/W Photos
9781844545810 (Replaces 9781844545438) • October
$14.95 (Can $16.95) New in Paper • John Blake

St Andrews Golf Links

The Complete History
Tom Jarrett
Foreword by Tom Watson
Revised and updated, the definitive story of the Home of Golf, witness to more than
600 years of golfing history.

“If a golfer is to be remembered, he must win the title at St. Andrews.” —Jack Nicklaus
That the game evolved and developed into its final form at St. Andrews has never been
in question—St. Andrews is the home of the game’s most influential ruling body, the Royal
and Ancient Golf Club, and it was there in 1764 that today’s standard 18-hole round was
established when the 22-hole Old Course was reduced. One golf course has now become
seven and many of golf’s most dramatic moments, affecting the world’s most famous play-
ers, have occurred here. It has played host to the game’s greats, as well as those enthusi-
astic amateurs for whom the chance to play St. Andrews’ hallowed turf is a dream come
true. This celebratory volume of the official history of golf’s most important location was
written by Tom Jarrett, a caddie, journalist, golfer, and author, and updated by Peter Mason,
who was involved in managing the links throughout its most intensive—and controver-
sial—phase of development. Tom Jarrett
was a historian and a journalist who lived
all of his life in St. Andrews. Tom Watson
is regarded as one of the greatest links play-
ers of all time and is the winner of five
Open Championship victories. He lives in
Stilwell, Kansas.
Sports • 240 pp • 7.5 x 10.5
Color Photos Throughout
9781845965013 • October
$35.00 Cloth • Mainstream Publishing

The Madness and Magnificence of the World’s Most Dangerous Sports
Tony Davis
From the inane to the ludicrously perilous, a funny, quirky, and thor-
ough review of sports from around the world that no mother would
ever allow.
The cast of nontraditional sports available to the more daring participant
range from the seemingly benign—the central Asian game of buzkashi, or
goat-nabbing—to such apparently suicidal activities as the human trebuchet.
Full of astounding facts and amazing-but-true incidents, this comprehen-
sive guide to some of the world’s most dangerous sports explains what
it’s like to be gored by a bull, base jump into a cavern, or dare the “death
zone” at Mt. Everest. The history of each activity is provided along with
its potential dangers and rewards, making this a complete guide to some
of the world’s most bewildering sports. Tony Davis is a former editor of
Drive magazine and the author of the bestselling Lemon! and You Must
Be Skidding.
Humor/Sports • 240 pp • 7.5 x 8
58 B/W Photos
9781741750300 • November
$16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Over the Top

The First Lone Yachtsman to Sail Vertically Around the World
Adrian Flanagan
Adrian Flanagan overcame pirates, hurricanes, and being thrown overboard in 40-foot
seas in an epic quest to sail the globe alone via the two polar regions.

“One of the best-written and most gripping tales of recent years.”

—Yachting World
In 1975, when Adrian Flanagan was 15, he read Sir Francis Chichester’s account of his record-
breaking circumnavigation, and a dream began to form. Thirty years later, on October 28,
2005, Adrian set sail from the south coast of England on his quest to voyage vertically around
the earth by the most difficult route imaginable, via Cape Horn and the icebound waters of
the Russian Arctic. He mortgaged his house and bought a unique stainless steel boat with
the unlikely name of Barrabas. With limited funds and no means of paying a professional
support team, he persuaded his ex-wife to manage the expedition. Adrian faced death when
a rogue wave swept him from the deck. He was chased by pirates off Brazil, dislocated both
wrists, and, at Cape Horn, Barrabas capsized in a hurricane. He also swam in water 10 miles
deep, sailed in the company of whales, hunted with a spear gun, and came to appreciate the
fragile balance of the natural world from a perspective that few have ever seen. After 30,825
miles, Adrian arrived home on May 21, 2008, with a Royal Navy escort. Here is his inspi-
rational, epic story. Adrian Flanagan is a former sports journalist for such publications as
Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, and the Times; and the author of Cobra. He
is currently planning a microlite flight around the coast of Australia.
Autobiography/Sports • 288 pp • 5 x 8 • 4 Color Photos • 16 B/W Photos
9780753826102 • November • $15.95 Paper • Phoenix

The Times

Each: Reference • Color Mapping Throughout • Cloth • Times Books UK

The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World

“Easily the best atlas there is.” —Bill Bryson
“[This book] has been an essential part of my travelling for many years. It is the
whole world in a single volume.” —Paul Theroux, author, Dark Star Safari
Presented in an elegant gold cover and slipcase, and printed on Forest Stewardship Coun-
cil paper, this is the ultimate coffee table book and the world’s most prestigious atlas—
the perfect blend of tradition, authority, and style. The atlas begins with contributions from
geographical experts, providing detailed information on the key issues facing the world
today—climate change, environmental threats, global communications, biodiversity, and
energy resources—with supporting maps, images, photographs, and graphics. The unique
scope and breadth of the index—with more than 200,000 entries—also includes a com-
prehensive set of alternative spellings for place names and former names. This authorita-
tive reference was reprinted with updates in 2008.
544 pp • 12.5 x 17.5 • Slipcase
9780007236701 • Available • $250.00

The Times Concise Atlas of the World

The impressiveness of the comprehensive atlas in a sleeker volume.
This 11th edition features 24 pages of satellite images, 20 pages of
historical mapping, a new mapping page of Alaska, historical outlines
of large lakes and sea ice extent for the North and South Poles, and
abandoned settlements
Whether planning a vacation, keeping in touch with world news, solving crosswords,
or just exploring the world, this completely updated atlas has all the necessary infor-
mation. An amazingly detailed view of the world is provided by 260 pages of mapping,
and the illustrated thematic content covers the most important geographical issues of
the day. The reference mapping has been completely revised with thousands of changes
reflecting recent geopolitical and geographical changes around the world. A unique sec-
tion shows how the world looked over the last 150 years through maps from the Times
atlases. Updated plans of 32 of the world’s great cities are included on the reference maps
of the country in which they are located for easy reference. The index contains more
than 130,000 place names, fully cross-referenced with alternative and former names.
448 pp • 10.5 x 14.5 • Slipcase
9780007311996 • November • $145.00
10th edition available now: 9780007229062 • $125.00

Each: Reference • Color Mapping Throughout • Cloth • Times Books UK

The Times Reference Atlas of the World

Provides a detailed and attractive picture of today’s world in an ideal format.
This latest edition has been fully revised to bring all the maps and geographical informa-
tion completely up to date. The 104 pages of reference maps have been updated to pro-
vide accurate, accessible, and attractive coverage of the whole world. The 46 city plans
of the world’s major cities, showing major places of interest, have also been revised. The
introductory section gives a detailed profile of today’s world and covers major geographical
and global issues through maps, images, statistics and
graphics. This comprehensive guide to the world’s states
and territories includes flags, profiles, and key facts,
stunning continental satellite images, and an index to
more than 45,000 place names.
216 pp • 9.5 x 13
9780007254989 (Replaces 9780007157280)
Available • $50.00

The Times Compact Atlas of the World

A completely revised edition of this convenient, portable format atlas in the world’s
most prestigious and authoritive world atlas range.
This is a complete world reference atlas in a convenient and easy-to-use format that re-
tains the authority, style, and detail of the larger atlases offered in this range. The major
updates include in this fifth edition include: the new independent country of Kosovo; the
latest magnetic pole positions; revised Aral Sea and Lake Chad outlines; new high speed
rail lines in Europe; abandoned settlements—a feature unique to Times world atlases, a
large number of new road and railways, many of which are in China; and more than 400
place name changes. The comprehensive index contains more than 25,000 place names.
240 pp • 6 x 8.5
9780007318179 • March • $18.95
Fourth edition available now: 9780007233748 • $17.95

The Times Mini Atlas of the World

Complete map coverage of the world is provided with the accuracy and authority for
which Times atlases are renowned, in a pocket-sized format.
Offering great authority, outstanding quality, and attention to detail, this fourth edition
of the Times Mini Atlas of the World has been fully revised to bring all the maps and ge-
ographical information completely up to date. The introductory section covers major world
geographical themes—from climate and environment to population and urbanization—
giving a global snapshot of our contemporary world. A comprehensive guide to the world’s
states and territories including flags, capital cities, and key facts, make this the ideal ref-
erence atlas for home, school, or office. Authoritative up-to-date mapping of the whole
world reflects such recent changes as the newly independent country of Kosovo and an
extensive index has more than 20,000 place names.
256 pp • 4 x 6
9780007276387 (Replaces 9780007233748) • February • $11.95

The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics
Vancouver 2010 Edition
David Wallechinsky and Jaime Loucky
Updated to include all results and material from Turin 2006, and with a complete
statistical record for all events through the history of the Games, this is the author-
itative book on the Winter Olympics.

“An indispensable addition to the shelves of both sportswriters and serious fans . . .
an extremely meticulous—one may even say Olympian—piece of scholarship.”
—New York Times on The Complete Book of the Summer Olympics
From speed skating to snowboarding, bobsleigh to ice hockey, this encyclopedia book
gives the medals tables, timings, distances, and scores of every event, and provides vital
information on rules and scoring systems. But much more than a statistical compendium,
the book also offers a wealth of Winter Olympic history, anecdote, and lore, bringing
alive the most dramatic moments from the Games and celebrating the many extraordi-
nary individuals who have competed. It covers each event, Games by Games, from the
four skating events which first featured in the 1908 London Olympics to freestyle ski-
ing and curling—including discontinued events. With the top eight placings for every
event at every Winter Olympics, plus descriptions of rules and scoring for all 2010 events,
and hundreds of anecdotes, from the astonishing to the bizarre, this is an indispensa-
ble guide for all fans. David Wallechsinky has worked as a commentator for NBC Olympic
coverage. His work has appeared in such publications as the New York Times Maga-
zine and Parade, and he has appeared on Late Night with David Letterman, NewsHour
with Jim Lehrer, and Nightline. His other titles include The Complete Book of the
Olympics with Jaime Loucky, The Complete Book of the Summer Olympics, and The
New Book of Lists.
Sports/Reference • 352 pp • 7 x 9
9781845134914 • October • $24.95 Paper • Aurum Press

Tomaž Humar
Bernadette McDonald
Told with his cooperation, here is the heartbreaking, triumphant, and inspirational story of
Tomaž Humar, who fled Civil War in Yugoslavia and became one of the world’s greatest—
and most controversial—mountaineers.

“Cleverly constructed, using the tale of the extraordinary and prolonged rescue effort on
the Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat as a coat hanger for Tomaž’s life and extraordinary
climbs . . . well-written and perceptive.” —Chris Bonington, author, Everest: The Un-
climbed Ridge
In August, 2005, Tomaž Humar was trapped on a narrow ledge at 19,000 feet on the formi-
dable Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat. He had been attempting a new route, directly up the mid-
dle of the highest mountain face in the world—solo. After six days he was out of food, almost
out of fuel, and frequently buried by avalanches. Three helicopters were poised for a brief break
in the weather to pluck him off the mountain. Because of the audacity of the climb, the fame
of the climber, the high risk associated with the rescue, and the hourly reports posted on his
base-camp website, the world was watching. Would this be the most spectacular rescue in climb-
ing history? Or a tragic—and very public—death in the mountains? Years before, as commu-
nism was collapsing and the Balkans slid into chaos, Humar was unceremoniously conscripted
into a dirty war that he despised, where he observed brutal and inhumane atrocities that disgusted him. Finally he did
the unthinkable: he left and eventually arrived home in what had become a new country—Slovenia. He returned to climb-
ing, and within very few years, he was among the best in the world. Reinhold Messner, among others, called him the
most remarkable mountain climber of his generation. Bernadette McDonald is a former vice president of mountain cul-
ture at the Banff Center in Calgary, Alberta, and director of the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festivals. She is also the
author of I’ll Call You in Kathmandu and the coeditor of Voices from the Summit and Whose Water Is It?
Biography/Sports • 272 pp • 5 x 8 • 29 Color Photos • 6 B/W Photos
9780099505099 • September • $16.95 Paper • Arrow

Northern Wilderness
Ray Mears
In a stunning celebration of one of earth’s great wildernesses, Ray Mears journeys on
foot, by canoe, and by snowshoe through mountains, forests, tundra, and ice in this
inhospitable but awesome landscape where roads are still scarce.

“Ray Mears is a bushman first and foremost and really can survive in any extreme
environment. I can’t think of a better companion in a crisis.” —GQ
“Give the man a couple of twigs, a flint and a curved knife and he is transformed
into a poet.” —Times on Ray Mears Vanishing World
Ray Mears travels through and examines extreme environments in this fascinating look
at the frozen north. Ray explores the vast Boreal Forest and its rich animal life from
beavers to bears. He travels across the Hudson Bay by canoe, and tells the story of the
fur trade and trappers who traded with the hat manufacturers of England. Ray also
follows the paths of the great early northern explorers, Samuel Hearn and David Thomp-
son, who survived through their knowledge of what we now call
bushcraft, as they trekked across the tundra and the Rocky Moun-
tains. He learns the ways of the Inuit, who teach him how to com-
bat snow blindness and build shelter. This book is rich in bushcraft,
as Ray explains the unique survival techniques of the Native Cana-
Also available:
dians and the Inuit, as well as how the prospectors in the gold rush
used bushcraft skills to survive. Ray Mears founded Woodlore, a
Ray Mears school of wilderness bushcraft and survival. He is the author of
Vanishing World Bushcraft, The Outdoor Survival Guide, Ray Mears Goes Walkabout,
9780340961483 • $34.95 and Ray Mears Vanishing World.
Nature • 256 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 16 Color Photos
9780340980828 • January • $29.95 Cloth • Hodder & Stoughton

Mawson’s Antarctic Diaries

Edited by Fred Jacka and Eleanor Jacka
An uncensored record of Douglas Mawson’s four separate trips to the Antarctic,
accompanied by never-before-seen photographs.
Sir Douglas Mawson, Australia’s greatest Antarctic explorer, made four trips to the Antarc-
tic during his long and storied career. He traveled south in 1907 with Shackleton’s British
Antarctic Expedition; in 1911 as leader of the Australasian Antarctic expedition; and
twice between 1929 and 1931 as leader of the British, Australian, and New Zealand Antarc-
tic Research Expedition. Gathered here are Mawson’s diaries from each of these four
trips, volumes which provide an intimate perspective on the stress and conflicts inher-
ent to each journey, their achievements and failures, joys and tragedies. Gripping and
unrestrained, this is a revealing look at one of history’s most daring adventurers. Fred
Jacka was director of the Mawson Institute for Antarctic Research and an expeditionary
physicist. Eleanor Jacka is a specialist in Russian literature.
Autobiography/History • 524 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 20 Color Photos • 84 B/W Photos
9781741756098 (Replaces 9781863730228) • November
$26.95 (Can $29.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Subantarctic Wilderness
Macquarie Island
Aleks Terauds and Fiona Stewart
Covering its history, flora, and fauna, a fully-illustrated celebration of the
rugged beauty of remote Macquarie Island.
A tiny speck of land caught between Australia and Antarctica, Macquarie Is-
land is as remote and rugged as it is beautiful. Despite its small size, for huge
numbers of seals, penguins, and albatrosses this raw, elemental landscape is a
sanctuary, while for humans it has long been a base for the exploitation of
wildlife and for intrepid adventurers. Lavishly illustrated with exemplary pho-
tography and specially commissioned artwork, this stunning volume explores
all aspects of Macquarie Island, including its rich history and life on the is-
land today, its geology and plant life, and the stunning variety of wildlife that
call the isle home. Aleks Terauds is a marine biologist. Fiona Stewart is a pro-
fessional painter and graphic designer.
History/Nature • 176 pp • 10 x 10.5 • 144 Color Photos • 33 B/W Photos
9781741753028 • November • $39.95 (Can $43.95) Cloth • Allen & Unwin

The Longest Winter

Scott’s Other Heroes
Meredith Hooper
Scott’s Northern Party played an integral role in his iconic last expedition, but how did they
survive? Through the eyes of the men involved, Meredith Hooper recounts one of the great-
est tales of adventure and endurance, which has often been overshadowed by the tragedy
which befell Scott.
Their tents were torn, their food was nearly finished, and the ship had failed to pick them up
as planned. Gale-force winds blew, bitter with the cold of approaching winter. Stranded and
desperate, the six men of the Northern Party faced disaster. Searching out a snow drift, they
burrowed inside. Lieutenant Victor Campbell drew a line across the floor in the gloom to es-
tablish naval order: three officers on one side, the three seamen on the other. A birthday was
celebrated with a carefully hoarded biscuit and they sang hymns every Sunday, so what kept
these men going? Circumstances forced them closer together, their roles blurred and a shared
sense of reality emerged. This mutual suffering made them indivisible and somehow they made
it through the longest winter. To the south, the men waiting at headquarters knew that the
Polar Party must be dead and hoped that another six men would not be added to the death
toll. Working from expedition diaries, journals, and letters written by expedition members,
Meredith Hooper tells the intensely human story of Scott’s other expedition. Meredith Hooper
is an award-winning writer of many books of nonfiction for children. During the last 15 years
she has specialized in writing about the history, geology, and wildlife of Antarctica. In 2000
Congress awarded her the Antarctic Service Medal.
Biography/History • 320 pp • 6 x 9
9781848543065 • January • $26.95 Paper • John Murray

Conan’s Brethren
The Complete Collection
Robert E. Howard
Afterword by Stephen Jones
Following on the success of The Complete Chronicles of Conan, this com-
panion volume contains all the Howard stories featuring Conan’s heroic
brothers-in-arms, collected together in chronological order, as fresh and at-
mospheric today as when they were first published in the pulp magazines
of more than 80 years ago.

“Howard’s writing seems so highly charged with energy that it nearly

gives off sparks.” —Stephen King
“A hero of mythic proportion, fashioned by a storyteller who helped
define what a modern fantasy should be.” —Raymond E. Feist, author,
The Riftwar Cycle
“I adore these books. Howard had a gritty, vibrant style-broadsword
writing that cut its way to the heart, with heroes who are truly larger
than life. I heartily recommend them to anyone who loves fantasy.”
—David Gemmell, author, Legend
Robert Rodriguez is producing a Red Sonja feature due out in
2010, set to star Rose McGowan, directed by Douglas
Aarniokoski. Rodriguez revealed promotional images at San
Diego Comic Con, also revealing that he’s in early talks to
produce the upcoming Conan.
A master of all genres of pulp, from historical adventure and detective stories
to Western and boxing fiction, Robert E. Howard invented the genre now known
as Sword-and-Sorcery, and it is for these larger than life tales of heroic fan-
tasy and horror that he is best remembered. Plucked from the pages of Weird
Tales and other pulp magazines, his mighty heroes are brought together in one
collection—the vengeful Puritan swashbuckler Solomon Kane; Howard’s first
barbarian hero King Kull; Bran Mak Morn, the last of the Picts; Red Sonja,
She-Devil with a Sword; and many others. World Fantasy Award–nominee Les
Edwards contributes a black-and-white frontispiece, along with a gold embossed
work on the leather-style cover, while Hugo Award– and Bram Stoker Award–
winning editor and author Stephen Jones compiled the selections and provides
an insightful afterword. Robert E. Howard’s (1906–1936) tales of heroic and
supernatural fantasy won him a huge audience across the world and influenced
a whole generation of writers, from Robert Jordan to Raymond E. Feist.
Fantasy • 750 pp • 6 x 9.5 • November • Gollancz
9780575089884 • $24.95 Paper
9780575089877 • $37.95 Cloth

Also available:

The Complete Chronicles Necronomicon

of Conan 9780575081574 • $27.95 Paper
9780575077805 • $29.95 Paper 9780575081567 • $37.95 Cloth
9780575077669 • $37.95 Cloth

Janny Wurts
“Fantasy writing of a high level . . . Wurts is an accomplished builder of worlds, scenes and characters
through well-chosen detail, with an ear for dialogue and an eye for realism.” —Publishers Weekly

“The author’s attention to detail and her skill for creating memorable heroes and villains lend a sense of
immediacy to a tale of epic battles and great betrayals. For most fantasy collections.” —Library Journal

Janny Wurts is the author of the Cycle of Fire series and coauthor of the
worldwide-bestselling Empire series with Raymond E. Feist.
Each: Fantasy • 4.5 x 7 • Paper • Voyager

Fugitive Prince
Alliance of Light: Volume One
Where there is light, there must always be shadow! The third cycle in the series
begins with Fugitive Prince, book one of the Alliance of the Light triptych.
The schism began with two half brothers empowered to subdue a Mistwraith. In re-
venge it cursed them to a life of perpetual conflict: each believes absolutely in his
cause, and loathes the other for opposing it. Lysaer, Prince of the Light—a charis-
matic leader sworn to set humanity free from sorcerous oppression—claims divine
power to safeguard his people from an enemy he is convinced will destroy them.
Arithon, Master of Shadow—and a trained mage—wishes for nothing but to defuse
war, and search out the vanished old races who hold the key to restore the world’s
shattered peace. When Koriani enchantresses join forces with Lysaer, new intrigues
upset Arithon’s hard-won autonomy. Faction is set against faction, heart against heart,
and the scene is set for an explosive recurrence of war. The curse of the Mistwraith
echoes eternal.
576 pp • 9780006482994 • September • $8.99

Grand Conspiracy
Alliance of Light: Volume Two
In the thrilling second installment in the Alliance of Light trilogy, the stage is set
for the ultimate betrayal.
A lifelong curse of enmity between two half-brothers that has so far woven three bit-
ter conflicts and uncounted deadly intrigues. It is a time of political upheavel, fanaticism,
and rampaging armies. Distrust of sorcery has set off a purge of the talented mage-
born—none reviled more than Arithon, Master of Shadow. Through clever manipu-
lation of events at the hands of his half brother Lysaer, Lord of Light, Arithon’s very
name has become anathema. Now the volatile hatreds that spearheaded the campaign
against Shadow have overtaken all reason. Those that still stand in Arithon’s des-
perate defense are downtrodden, in retreat and close to annihilation.
656 pp • 9780007102228 • November • $8.99

Each: Fantasy • 4.5 x 7 • Paper • Voyager

Peril’s Gate
Alliance of Light: Volume Three
The curse that hangs over the Master of Shadow, Arithon, and Lord of Light, Lysaer,
is drawing the two half brothers ever closer towards direct conflict, in the third
part of the Alliance of Light arc.

“Sustaining the considerable momentum of previous volumes . . . Wurts is in

fine form here, providing endless twists and turns of plot and an artful com-
plexity that is marvelous to behold.” —Booklist
For the Natural Balance to be maintained, the half brothers must never fight. If they
do, one is sure to perish, and the Mistwraith will regain its evil power over their world.
Even now, Lysaer—convinced of his own godhead and aided by the treacherous Ko-
riani Sisterhood—is tracking Arithon the Masterbard through the snows of the win-
ter-locked mountains and the Barrens of Daon Ramon. Arithon is tortured by the
knowledge that for the sake of future generations he must not be killed, no matter
the cost of others’ lives. Fighting valiantly to prevent unnecessary suffering, he strikes
out on his own; but he is injured and failing fast. Meanwhile, the ancient Paravians
are stirring, summoned by trespassers on their sacred domain; and the Fellowship
of Seven are battling on many other fronts, as the Mistwraith’s wards begin to break,
and khadrim and free wraiths roam the land.
784 pp • 9780007101085 • January • $9.99

Other titles in The Wars of Light and Shadow series:

The Curse of the Mistwraith The Ships of Merior Warhost of Vastmark

9780586210697 • $8.95 9780586210703 • $8.95 9780006482079 • $8.95

Also available by Janny Wurts:

To Ride Hell’s Chasm


The Legend of Sigurd & Gudrún
Unabridged edition
J. R. R. Tolkien
Introduction by Christopher Tolkien
Read by Brian Cox
The unabridged audio publication of a previously unknown work by
J. R. R. Tolkien, which tells the epic story of the Norse hero, Sigurd, the
dragon-slayer, the revenge of his wife, Gudrún, and the Fall of the Nibelungs.

“Many years ago, J. R. R. Tolkien composed his own version, now published for the
first time, of the great legend of Northern antiquity, in two closely related poems to
which he gave the titles ‘The New Lay of the Völsungs’ and ‘The New Lay of Gu-
drún.’ In the ‘Lay of the Völsungs’ is told the ancestry of the great hero Sigurd, the
slayer of Fáfnir most celebrated of dragons, whose treasure he took for his own; of
his awakening of the Valkyrie Brynhild who slept surrounded by a wall of fire, and
of their betrothal; and of his coming to the court of the great princes who were
named the Niflungs (or Nibelungs), with whom he entered into blood-brotherhood.
In scenes of dramatic intensity . . . the tragedy of Sigurd and Brynhild, of Gunnar
the Niflung, and of Gudrún his sister, mounts to its end in the murder of Sigurd at
the hands of his blood-brothers, the suicide of Brynhild, and the despair of Gu-
drún. In the ‘Lay of Gudrún’ her fate after the death of Sigurd is told, her marriage
against her will to the mighty Atli, ruler of the Huns (the Attila of history), his mur-
der of her brothers the Niflung lords, and her hideous revenge. Deriving his version primarily from his close study of the
ancient poetry of Norway and Iceland known as the Poetic Edda (and where no old poetry exists, from the later prose
work the Völsunga Saga), J. R. R. Tolkien employed a verse-form of short stanzas whose lines embody in English the ex-
acting alliterative rhythms and the concentrated energy of the poems of the Edda.” —Christopher Tolkien
J. R. R. Tolkien (1892–1973) is best known as the author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. His books have sold
more than 150 million copies in more than 40 languages worldwide. Christopher Tolkien, who edited his father’s book for pub-
lication, will read his own insightful introduction to the work. Appointed by J. R. R. Tolkien to be his literary executor, he has
devoted himself to the publication of his father’s unpublished writings, notably The Silmarillion and The History of Middle-
earth. Brian Cox is a BAFTA– and Emmy Award–winning and Golden Globe–nominated actor who has appeared in The Bourne
Supremacy, Braveheart, Deadwood, L.I.E., and Rob Roy.
Fantasy • 5.5 x 5 Also available:
9780007318827 • September • $29.95 • 5 Audio CDs • HarperCollins UK Audio
The Children of Húrin
9780007263455 • $49.95 Audio CD

The Third God

Ricardo Pinto
Six years in the writing, the concluding volume of Ricardo Pinto’s acclaimed The Stone
Dance of the Chameleon fantasy trilogy.

“A remarkable feast which I avidly consumed.” —Dennis L. McKiernan, author,

The Eye of the Hunter
The first two books in this series, The Chosen (9780312872083) and The
Standing Dead (9780312872090), were released by Tor Books
Amidst the massacre he helped bring about, Carnelian is now desperate to find a way to avoid
more carnage. His spurned lover Osidian—seeking revenge and determined to win back his
stolen throne—has deliberately stoked the wrath of the Masters who rule the world from its
center, Osrakum. Osidian’s actions threaten to overturn the repressive order of the Com-
monwealth, and Carnelian soon learns that he and those he loves are inextricably enmeshed
in the terrible power game of the Masters. If he is to survive, he has no choice but to stand
with Osidian in defiance of the invincible power of the Masters. In his struggle, Carnelian
will unleash apocalyptic forces that will bring his world to a reckoning none could have forseen,
though it has been simmering for 4,000 years.
Fantasy • 719 pp • 6 x 9.5
9780593050514 • October • $29.95 Cloth • Bantam Press

Looking for Mr Piggy-Wig
Andy Secombe
Wickedly funny, this fantasy with echoes of Jasper Fforde and Terry Pratchett boasts an in-
fectious voice all of its own.

“Excellent . . . funny and, yes, fantastical.” —Sunday Telegraph

“I enjoyed it immensely . . . a comic fantasy that actually delivers on its premise. Douglas
would have enjoyed it. He might even have been a bit jealous.” —Simon Jones, actor, The
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, on Endgame
It is 20 years after the “New” Battle of Britain, and rationing is still in force. Because of ram-
pant global warming, a massive tax has been imposed on carbon-based fuels. Now, with avia-
tion fuel costing more than vintage champagne, commercial jets can no longer afford to ply the
world’s airways, and their place has been taken by giant, eco-friendly di-
rigibles. Our hero, Jack Lindsay, is a private investigator of the old school—
hard-nosed, hard-boiled, and hard-drinking. If he has a weakness, apart Also available:
from a fondness for garibaldi biscuits, it is for a woman with a sob story—
and one has just walked into his office, and into his life. Marian is pur-
portedly looking for her husband, Michaelmas, though Jack suspects she’s
not telling him the whole story. By digging a little deeper, he finds him-
self becoming embroiled in a worldwide criminal conspiracy involving Engame
gun-smuggling, political assassination, and a chain of burger outlets. Soon 9780330439985 • $12.95
Jack’s got a lot more to worry about than just the local shortage of
garibaldis. Andy Secombe is a former actor who played Watto in the last
three Star Wars films, and the author of Endgame, The Last House in
the Galaxy, Limbo, and Limbo II.
Fantasy • 304 pp • 6 x 9
9781405053594 • November • $12.95 Paper • Macmillan UK

Eagle Rising
David Devereux
Jack’s back in this sequel to Hunter’s Moon, and this time he must face a terrifying
supernatural threat in this rip-roaring fantasy.

“Bad-to-the-bone radical separatist witches are out to kill England’s prime minister
in Devereux’s satirical, scary and weirdly funny debut . . . Self-proclaimed former ex-
orcist Devereux doesn’t flinch when it comes to odd magic rituals, gory violence,
kinky sex or hilarious spy escapades, and Jack’s brash narration is disarmingly
addictive.” —Publishers Weekly on Hunter’s Moon
“A great fun read, with a lot of sex and violence to keep you turning the pages.”
—Shivers on Hunter's Moon
Someone has been mad enough to revive the most horrifying evil of
the last 60 years. A neo-Nazi magical sect is intent on bringing back
Also available: the terror from the darkest days of the 1940s, and only one man—
a modern magician trained in the magical arts and exorcism—has
the tools needed to stop them. Jack must infiltrate the closed corri-
dors of a big-business conspiracy among some of the most high-pow-
ered executives in the country. He eventually finds a cabal of
businessmen with occult interests and an insane hunger for the re-
turn of an old and dark order. Described as a mix of Dennis Wheat-
ley and Ian Fleming, Devereux lives up to the billing with his new
novel. David Devereux is a professional exorcist and the author of
Memoirs of an Exorcist and Hunter’s Moon.

Hunter’s Moon Science Fiction • 272 pp • 4.5 x 7

9780575082243 • $7.95 9780575084032 (Replaces 9780575079885) • March
$8.99 Paper • Gollancz

Marianne de Pierres
“The colorful characters and sense of scale suggest that the series could
develop into something special.” —Times Literary Supplement

“An exciting adventure with plenty going on to keep you turning the pages . . .
Marianne has a knack for creating compelling characters in complex realities.” —Aurealis

“A rich and vigorous adventure.” —Australian

Marianne de Pierres is the author of the Parrish Plessis series—Code Noir, Crash
Deluxe, and Nylon Angel—which has been adapted into a role-playing game.
Each: Science Fiction • 432 pp • 4.5 x 7 • $9.99 Paper • Orbit UK

Dark Space
The Sentients of Orion Book 1
The award-winning first installment in a space-opera series involves a mining planet
invaded by giant water bears, the alleged discovery of God, and a huge conspiracy.
Won the Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 2007 and was
nominated for the British Science Fiction Award for Best Novel 2007
While drifting in space, lost, due to navigational failure, a mineral scout discovers God.
When word gets out, academics from the studiums across Orion scramble to gain the En-
tity’s favor. However, not all the sentients of Orion hold this “god” in awe—some, like
the philosophers of Scolar and the Transhumans of Extropy are deeply suspicious. Onto
the grand stage of interplanetary academic politics, intellectual conceit, and dubious the-
ology walks Baronessa Mira Fedor. Her planet has been torn apart by the invasion of a
race of giant tardigrades. Only the Orion League of Sentient Species can lend aid, but OLOSS
is preoccupied with communicating with God. Mira, together with the rowdy, misogynist
Jo-Jo Rasterovich, is left to her own resources to find help. In doing so she unmasks a
galaxy-sized intrigue. But will she live long enough to tell anyone?
9781841494289 • October

Chaos Space
The Sentients of Orion Book 2
The more Mira uncovers, the more mysteries she finds in the follow-up to Dark Space.
Having fled the invasion on Araldis, Mira Fedor travels to the nearest Orion League planet
seeking aid for her devastated world, but the authorities seem more interested in stealing
her bio-ship, Insignia, than in rendering help. While Mira flees from world to world, Araldis
burns. Why is the initiate Tekton taking such extreme measures just to acquire a mineral
alloy? Why do so many of the protagonists in this galaxy-wide drama have links to the
Stain Wars? And what part does the Sole Entity—literally, God—have to play?
9781841494296 • February

Adam Roberts
Not only a sequel to Gulliver’s Travels, Adam Roberts has also written a rip-roaring 19th-
century adventure, a love story, and a thought-provoking pre-atomic science
fiction novel about our place in the universe.

"A brilliant burlesque conceit, and Roberts exploits it in bravura fashion."

—Locus Magazine
“An endlessly inventive writer . . . one of our most intelligent and versatile authors.”
“A worthy science fictional successor to Swift’s indispensable masterwork . . . equal parts
adventure story and social commentary. Its philosophy is Swift’s, but its success is all
Roberts’s own.” —Strange Horizons
It is 1848 and the British Empire has grown rich exploiting Lilliputian slaves—the finesse of
their working allowing unheard of feats of miniature engineering; even Babbage’s computing
device has been made to work. But now the French have formed a regiment of previously peace-
ful Brobdingnagian giants and invasion looms. In a world where humanity is both smaller and
larger than it once was, love and hate loom large. Mankind discovers itself at the center of
scale. Lilliputians are 12 times smaller than us but there are those 12 times smaller than them,
and 12 times smaller again and so on. And the scale of being goes up from Swift’s giants, as
well. This Wellesian sequel to Gulliver’s Travels is a unique piece of sci-fi literature. Adam Roberts
is a novelist whose titles include Salt and Gradisil.His work has been nominated for the Arthur
C. Clarke Award and the Philip K. Dick Award. He also writes parodies, including Doctor Whom:
E.T. Shoots and Leaves, The Sellamillion, and The Va Dinci Cod.
Science Fiction • 368 pp • 5 x 8
9780575082342 (Replaces 9780575082328) • January • $14.95 Paper • Gollancz

Yellow Blue Tibia

Adam Roberts
From the acclaimed Adam Roberts, a group of Soviet authors are shocked to watch the sci-
ence fiction story they wrote 40 years ago slowly come to life.

“Gripping, captivating, wonderfully funny and magnificently written, completely mess-

with-your-head weird. Fantastically evocative of what life was like in Soviet Russia,
packed with telling details. Robert's style is beautifully crafted, his dialogue is superb,
his characterization perfect. This is a book you've got to read.” —SFX
“From the opening act in the dacha and the banter between the five SF writers, to the
scenes in Moscow and the action and aftermath in Kiev and Chernobly, Yellow Blue
Tibia is at times unbelievably funny, and is just a romp and very accessible. Superb and I
can't recommend it enough.” —Fantasy Book Critic
Russia, 1946. With the Nazis recently defeated, Stalin gathers half a dozen of the top Soviet
science fiction authors in a dacha in the countryside. Convinced that the defeat of America is
only a few years away—and equally convinced that the Soviet Union needs a massive exter-
nal threat to hold it together—Stalin orders the writers to compose a massively detailed and
highly believable story about an alien race poised to invade the earth. The little group of writ-
ers gets down to the task and spends months working until new orders come from Moscow
to immediately halt the project. The scientists obey and live their lives until, in the aftermath
of Chernobyl, the survivors gather again, because something strange has happened: the story
they invented in 1946 is starting to come true. Adam Roberts is a novelist whose titles include
Salt, Swiftly, and Gradisil.
Science Fiction • 336 pp • 6 x 9
9780575083578 • September • $16.95 Paper • Gollancz

Principles of Angels
Jaine Fenn
A fast and furious debut from a new SF talent—in a story of self-delusion, secrets, and
betrayal that takes place in a floating city, a street-hustler wants only to avenge the mur-
der of the Angel who raised him, but he’s going to find it hard enough to survive without
her protection.

“What initially plays as a slow-burning blend of murder mystery and hard sci-fi (with
an added dash of China Mieville’s gritty sense of urban energy) is soon expanding in
scale and taking on some highly intriguing concepts . . . adds another name to the list
of SF and fantasy authors worth watching.” —SFX
First in the the Hidden Empire series
Khesh City floats above the surface of the uninhabitable planet of Vellern. Topside, it’s ex-
travagant, opulent, luxurious; the Undertow is dark, twisted and dangerous. A place where
nothing is forbidden, Khesh City is also a democracy, of sorts, policed by the Angels—elite,
state-sponsored killers who answer only to their enigmatic master, the Minister. Taro lived a
privileged life with his Angel aunt until a strange man, who bought his body for the night,
followed him home and murdered her. Taro wants to find the killer who ruined his future,
but he’s struggling just to survive in the brutal Undertow—then an encounter with the Min-
ister sets him on a new course. Elarn Reen is a famous musician sent to Khesh City as the un-
willing agent of mankind’s oldest enemy, the Sidhe. To save her own life, she must find and
kill a renegade Sidhe. As Taro and Elarn’s paths converge, it becomes clear that the lives of
everyone in Khesh City are at risk—and a common prostitute and an uncommon singer are
the city’s only chance. Jaine Fenn has had short stories published in magazines as Alfred Hitch-
cock’s Mystery Magazine and On Spec.
Science Fiction • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9780575083295 • September • $14.95 Paper • Gollancz

The Broken World

Tim Etchells
A guide to an imaginary computer game crossed with a slacker love story, this comical and
unsettling story interweaves the everyday and the fantastical, the actual and the virtual to
create a unique portrait of our lives—both in the “real world” and in alternate contexts via
the computer screen.

“Steers a dizzying path between science fiction and the existential thriller, with writing
that is kinetic, street-smart and supremely fertile . . . Contemporary fiction should watch
out: it’s about to be ambushed.” —Rupert Thomson, author, The Book of Revelations
“Phenomenal. Quite scary in its originality, ingenuity, and significance. Bound to become
a cult book, and in serious danger of being a world-wide bestseller.” —Victoria
Glendinning, author, Leonard Woolf
Writing an online “walk-through” to a computer game of Borgesian complexity can take up
a lot of time. So much so, it can be difficult to see things turning sour in the real world. As
our narrator grapples with his players’ guide, life starts to intrude in troublesome ways. Things
aren’t going so well with the live-in girlfriend and the job preparing “cooked circular food”
is getting increasingly hard to stomach. To top it all, the best friend is clearly depressed and
acting weirder by the day. But despite all this, his attention is focused on the Broken World—
an engrossing, possibly addictive, adventure that takes him from town to town in a struggle
with zombies, agents, puzzles, and mysteries. It’s not clear which of these worlds—the real or
the online—is the more challenging, or where survival tips are more urgently needed. What is
clear is that he must work out solutions to problems involving life, love, and happiness, not
just in the Broken World, but in the real one too. Tim Etchells is a writer and an artist whose
work reaches across boundaries from fiction through cutting edge theater to video and visual
art. He lives part of the time in New York.
Fiction/Science Fiction • 528 pp • 5 x 8
9780099519454 • February • $15.95 Paper • Random House UK

Gerry Anderson’s UFO:
Technical Manual
Edited by Chris Bentley
Illustrations by Nick Foreman
Beautifully illustrated by Nick Foreman, this long-awaited
portrayal of the UFO vehicles and installations features spe-
cially created, computer-generated images of sea, land, air,
and space craft from the classic television series.
Meticulous research and painstaking attention to detail have
gone into these multiangle views and cutaways. Skydiver, the
futuristic gull-wing cars, the SHADO interceptors, the Space In-
truder Detector, and installations such as SHADO’s Moonbase
complex have never looked so exciting or so realistic. Nick Fore-
man’s CGI illustrations—the first time this technique has been
used in an official Gerry Anderson book—are accompanied by
detailed notes on design, specification, and performance. Fol-
lowing in the footsteps of The Complete Book of Gerry An-
derson’s UFO, this book will be a must-have purchase for all
true Anderson fans. Chris Bentley was the Chair of Fanderson,
the Official Gerry Anderson Fan Club, for more than 10 years.
He is the author of The Complete Book of Gerry Anderson’s
UFO and The Complete Gerry Anderson. Nick Foreman is
a leading CGI illustration artist, specializing in science fiction
subjects. He is the CG illustrator for The Official Star Wars
Fact File.
Science Fiction • 48 pp • 11 x 14
Illustrations & Photos Throughout
9781905287352 • October • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth
Reynolds & Hearn

Also available:

The Complete Gerry Anderson

9781905287741 • $29.95 (Can $32.95)

Michael Jecks
More than 300,000 copies of Michael Jecks' Knights Templar mysteries have been sold in the U.S.

Michael Jecks is the bestselling author of the Knights Templar Mystery series and is a member of The Medieval Murderers.

No Law in the Land

Baldwin and Simon must deal with chaos close to home in the riveting new novel from
the medieval crime master.
King Edward II is furious when he learns that his wife Queen Isabella has defied him and
remains in France with their son. As the unfortunate messengers of this unhappy news, Sir
Baldwin de Furnshill, Keeper of the King’s Peace, and his friend, bailiff Simon Puttock, are
instantly dismissed from court. Returning to their homes in Devon, the pair are shocked
to find that outlaws now hold sway in the land. As the chaos escalates, the bodies of two
clerics are found among a party of travelers, all of them—men, women, and children—
savagely murdered. Baldwin and Simon are called to investigate, but when they discover
the culprit is a friend of the king, they become wary about accusations of treason. Until,
that is, Simon’s own daughter suddenly disappears.
Mystery • 384 pp • 6 x 9
9780755344185 • September • $24.95 Cloth • Headline

The King of Thieves

In their most dangerous mission yet, Baldwin and Simon must uncover a deadly assas-
sination plot that will change the course of English history.
It’s 1325, and Sir Baldwin de Furnshill, Keeper of the King’s Peace and his friend Bailiff
Simon Puttock are in France to join Prince Edward and Bishop Walter’s entourage as they
make their journey to the palace of the French king, Charles IV. The Prince must make a
demeaning submission in order for the English to keep hold of their French territories. Mean-
while, Queen Isabella has been causing a scandal in the French courts with English trai-
tor Roger Mortimer. The Prince’s entourage are delivered into the Queen’s custody, but it
becomes clear that they have enemies within the palace walls. Simon and Baldwin soon
discover a murderous plot that threatens England’s future.
Mystery • 480 pp • 4.5 x 7 • Headline
New in Paper: 9780755344178 • January • $8.99
Cloth: 9780755344161 • Available • $24.95

Also available:

The Malice of Dispensation The Templar, the The Prophecy of Death

Unnatural Death of Death Queen and Her Lover 9780755344147 • $24.95 Cloth
9780755332786 • $9.99 9780755332816 • $9.99 9780755332847 • $9.99 9780755344154 • $8.99 Paper

“Memorable characters, steadily absorbing period background . . . a commendable achievement.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Lively and intelligent . . . set vividly in turbulent medieval England.” —Publishers Weekly
“Monks, mists, madness, taverns: the evocation of a strange but familiar Other Britain
shrouded in time . . . A must for historical crime buffs.” —Tangled Web

The Medieval Murderers are Michael Jecks, Susanna Gregory, Bernard Knight, Ian Morson,
Philip Gooden, Simon Beaufort, and C. I. Sansom. They are the authors of The Tainted
Relic, Sword of Shame, The Lost Prophecies, and House of Shadows.

King Arthur’s Bones

The bones of the legendary king are secreted throughout the centuries in this newest
volume from the acclaimed Medieval Murderers.
During excavation work at Glastonbury Abbey in the year 1191, an ancient leaden cross
is discovered buried several feet below the ground. Inscribed on it are the words Hic iacet
sepultus inclitus rex arturius: Here lies buried the renowned King Arthur. Beneath the cross
are two skeletons. Could these really be the remains of the legendary King Arthur and
his queen, Guinevere? As the monks debate the implications of this extraordinary dis-
covery, the bones are spirited away by the mysterious Guardians, a group determined to
keep King Arthur’s remains safe until the legend is fulfilled and he returns to protect his
country in the hour of its greatest need. As the secret of the bones’ hiding place is passed
from generation to generation, those entrusted to safeguard the king’s remains must with-
stand treachery, theft, blackmail, and murder in order to keep the legend intact.
Mystery • 400 pp • 6 x 9
9781847373465 • September • $14.95 Paper • Simon & Schuster UK

The Lost Prophecies

The inexplicable Book of Bran has repercussions for centuries on end in this thrilling me-
dieval mystery.

“Absorbing fourth serial historical.” —Publishers Weekly

575 AD: A baby is washed up on the Irish coast and is taken to the nearest abbey. He grows
up to become a scholar and a monk, but, in early adulthood, he appears to have become
possessed, scribbling endless strange verses in Latin. When the Abbott tries to have him
drowned, he disappears. Later, his scribblings turn up as the Book of Bran, his writings trans-
lated as portents of the future. Violence and untimely death befall all who come into the
orbit of this mysterious book.
Mystery • 432 pp • 4.5 x 7 • Pocket Books UK
Mass Market Paper Reissue: 9781847391216 • March • $8.99
Paper: 9781847370938 • Available • $16.95

Also available:

The Tainted The Sword House of

Relic of Shame Shadows
9781416502135 9781416521907 9781416526803
$9.99 $9.95 $9.95

Andrew Pepper
“Drips with all the atmospheric detail of a pre-Victorian murder mystery—‘pea-soupers,’
dingy lanterns, and laudanum.” —Times on The Revenge of Captain Paine
“Pyke is violent, vengeful and conflicted in the best tradition of detectives. His story takes in grisly murder
and torture, and uses 1800s London in the same way that hard-boiled fiction uses Los Angeles
as a mirror of a corrupt society.” —Time Out on The Last Days of Newgate
Andrew Pepper is the author of The Last Days at Newgate and The Revenge of Captain Paine.

Kill-Devil and Water

Pyke returns in a gripping third tale set in the back streets of
Victorian London and the cane fields of Jamaica.

“In its urgency and rawness . . . goes further than simply clever
and diverting literary appropriation.”
—Times Literary Supplement
In London of 1840, the economy is sliding into recession; gangs of
unemployed workers roam the streets; and a murderer prowls the cap-
ital's poor neighborhoods. Pyke, still grieving over the death of his
wife and struggling to shoulder his responsibilities as a father, is in
debtors' prison, having lost his home and reached the edge of bank-
ruptcy. Fitzroy Tilling, now head of the new Metropolitan Police Force
gives Pyke his freedom, but in return he must agree to investigate the
brutal death of a young biracial woman, who was apparently work-
ing as a prostitute. It is not long before another woman turns up dead,
and Pyke begins to suspect that he has stumbled on something more
sinister, and more far-reaching than the murder of a couple of pros-
titutes. Pyke's investigation takes him from the London docks to the
sugar plantations of Jamaica, from a fading colonial mansion to the
back streets of the East End in a struggle against ambitious and ruth-
less enemies, as well as demons of his own.
Mystery • 384 pp • 5 x 8
9780753825976 • January • $15.95 Paper • Phoenix

Also available:

The Last Days The Revenge

of Newgate of Captain Paine
9780753821688 • $15.95 9780753824009 • $16.95

Quintin Jardine
“A tour de force.” —New York Times on Skinner’s Rules
“This gritty, fast-paced mystery will pin even the most squeamish
reader to the page.” —Publishers Weekly on Thursday Legends
“Jardine excels at coordinating the multiple crimes crucial to a police procedural
and setting his coppers against the clock.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Jo Bannister, Peter Turnbill, and Ian Rankin can be considered read-a-likes, but when it comes to the depiction
of a multilevel police force in action, Jardine . . . stands alone.” —Library Journal on Death's Door

Fatal Last Words

It’s no ordinary summer for DCC Bob Skinner as murder mystery leaps from the
page into reality in the 19th volume of Quintin Jardine’s outstanding cop series.
August in Edinburgh: As Skinner stands on the edge of a career-defining moment
and his fiancée—Scotland's First Minister Aileen de Marco—faces a political cri-
sis, a famous figure from another field is found dead. As the mystery deepens, Skin-
ner finds himself crossing swords with an old enemy from the past, while his
investigating detectives are faced with the unwelcome complication of a duke’s
junkie daughter. Meanwhile a second Scottish celebrity dies violently in Australia.
It seems impossible, but could the two be connected? As DCS Mario McGuire heads
to Melbourne to investigate, back in Scotland his boss’s big moment is compro-
mised in the most dramatic and unexpected manner, as a famous friendship is
shattered forever.
Mystery • 384 pp • 6 x 9
9780755329151 • September • $24.95 Cloth • Headline

Also available:

$8.99 Each

Skinner’s Round Autographs in the Rain Lethal Intent

9780747250418 9780747263876 9780755331987

Murmuring the Judges Head Shot Death’s Door

9780747259626 9780747263883 9780755329113

Gallery Whispers Fallen Gods Aftershock

9780747256670 9780747263890 9780755329120
$24.95 Cloth
Thursday Legends Stay of Execution 9780755329144
9780747256687 9780747263906 $8.99 Paper

Kate Ellis
“Ellis skillfully interweaves ancient and contemporary crimes in an impeccably composed tale . . .
an absorbing plot smoothly blends archaeology with current forensic procedures.” —Publishers Weekly
“Cleverly plotted and competently written, providing an engaging glimpse of what life
is like for the average small-town British cop . . . pleasantly entertaining and
engaging procedural. For fans of the village cozy.” —Booklist
“A lively, unfancy prose style, an absorbing story, and believable
characters make for a praiseworthy debut.” —Kirkus Reviews
“An exciting blend of historical and present-day police procedural . . . Peterson's skill and intuition
make this is an involving, adventurous, nicely detailed work for all collections.” —Library Journal
Each story in this series combines an intriguing contemporary murder mystery with a parallel
historical case and features archaeology graduate Detective Sergeant Wesley Peterson who
fights crime in the mean streets—or mean lanes—of South Devon.
Kate Ellis is the author of the Wesley Peterson Murder Mysteries and the new Joe Plantagenet Murder
Mysteries and has twice been nominated for the Crime Writers’ Association Short Story Dagger Award.
Each: Mystery • 4.5 x 7 • $8.99 Paper • Piatkus Books

The Funeral Boat

Peterson and his boss have their hands full in the fourth entry in this wonderfully
addictive series of West Country-set crime novels.
When a skeleton is discovered on a small farm, DS Wesley Peterson—a keen amateur ar-
chaeologist—is intrigued by the possibility that it is a Viking corpse, buried in keeping
with ancient traditions. He also has a more urgent crime to solve, namely the recent dis-
appearance of a Danish tourist. His boss Gerry Heffernan believes that the attractive Dane’s
disappearance is linked to a spate of brutal robberies, but is her disappearance linked to
far older events?
240 pp • 9780749937010 • September

The Bone Garden

What is it about Earlsacre Hall that leads people to murder?
The ancient gardens of Earlsacre Hall are being excavated by a local team of historians
in preparation for plans to recreate the gardens in their former glory. But the dig is called
to a halt when two bodies are discovered under a stone plinth. More than 300 years old
and buried on top of one another, there is every indication that one of the corpses had
been buried alive. Despite the intriguing circumstances, DS Wesley Peterson has little time
to indulge in his hobby for archaeology: a man has been found brutally stabbed to death
in a trailer at a popular vacation site. There are no clues to the dead man’s identity ex-
cept for a newspaper cutting about the restoration of Earlsacre. Soon after, the body of
local solicitor Brian Willerby is found during a game of village cricket. The post-mortem
reveals that his death was caused by being struck by a hard ball several times with some
force. Now Wesley must decipher the connection between Earlsacre and the murders be-
fore any more victims arise.
240 pp • 9780749937058 • January

Each: Mystery • 4.5 x 7 • $8.99 Paper • Piatkus Books

A Painted Doom
It seems that the village is not only full of resident celebrities seeking the rural getaway,
but also secrets, both ancient and modern.
Teenager Lewis Hoxworthy discovers a disturbing painting in a medieval barn that ex-
cites archaeologist Neil Watson, who is excavating an ancient manor house nearby. When
former rock star Jonny Shellmer is found shot through the head in Lewis’s father’s field
and Lewis himself goes missing after contacting a man on the internet, Detective Sergeant
Wesley Peterson suddenly faces one of his most intriguing cases yet. Is Jonny’s death linked
to Lewis’s disappearance? And does Jonny’s best known song, “Angel,” contain a clue? It
soon becomes clear to Neil that the painting—a portrayal of hell and judgment more than
half a millennium old—holds the key to the mystery. As events reach a terrifying climax,
Wesley has to act swiftly in order to save a young life.
336 pp • 9780749937560 • March

Also available:
$9.95 Each

The Merchant’s The Armada An Unhallowed

House Boy Grave
9780749936990 9780749936983 9780749937003


Seeking the Dead

Kate Ellis
From the author of the Wesley Peterson Murder Mysteries comes a thrilling new se-
ries of hard-nosed mysteries featuring Detective Inspector Joe Plantagenet.
A killer who binds and asphyxiates his victims before leaving their naked bodies in iso-
lated country churchyards is on the prowl. The press is calling him the Resurrection Man.
DI Joe Plantagenet, a newcomer to the force, faces the unenviable task of identifying the
killer before he claims another victim. The victims appear to have nothing in common
save the manner of their deaths, but as Joe’s investigations lead him deeper into the case,
he is forced to consider the possibility of occult connections. Then Carmel Hennessy, her-
self new to the town, becomes aware of a malevolent presence in her new apartment and
when she starts to receive mysterious threats, it is Joe she turns to first. Joe is forced to
get into the mind of a cunning—and scarily ruthless—killer before harm comes to Carmel
and events spiral out of control.
Mystery • 336 pp • 4.5 x 7
9780749909352 • October • $9.99 Paper • Piatkus Books

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
“Inspector Bill Slider confirms his place among those intelligent fictional British
coppers whose presence guarantees a satisfying read.” —Publishers Weekly
“A refreshingly grown-up series.” —New York Times Book Review
“A neatly solved puzzle . . . and some of the best cop talk
on either side of the Atlantic.” —Kirkus Reviews

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles is the bestselling author of the Bill Slider series as well as the Morland Dynasty novels.

The Fourth Bill Slider Omnibus

Gone Tomorrow and Dear Departed
Books 9 and 10 of the critically acclaimed police procedurals.

“The antics of this fascinating supporting cast add humor and

spice to another winner in a consistently superb series.”
—Booklist on Gone Tomorrow
Inspector Bill Slider is called upon to cope with a disfigured corpse
grotesquely left in a children’s playground in Gone Tomorrow. His in-
vestigation plunges him into the shadow world behind the fashionable
facade of Shepherd’s Bush, among the victims of the welfare state and
the crime barons who prey on them; a world where no one is who he
says he is, and lying to the police is second nature. Slider’s thankless
task is to convince the witnesses, against all available evidence, that hon-
esty really is the best policy. And with his lover Joanna away, fate seems
suddenly determined to strew his private life with temptations. In Dear
Departed, it looks as though Slider has a serial killer in his territory.
The Park Killer, as the media so innovatively labels him, attacks his vic-
tims in London’s public parks, and when Chattie Cornfield is murdered
while out jogging, the pattern fits. But as Slider and Atherton investi-
gate, it is Chattie’s life, rather than the killers, that poses questions. What
was she involved with? Where did she spend the last day of her life?
And was it love or hate that drove the hooded figure to kill her?
Mystery • 576 pp • 5 x 8
9780751539981 • November • $16.95 Paper • Sphere

Also available:

Bill Slider The Second The Third

Omnibus Bill Slider Omnibus Bill Slider Omnibus
9780751526769 • $17.95 9780751537215 • $15.00 9780751539486 • $16.95

Stephen Leather
“The story builds to a boil . . . It’s a grand finale that’ll have readers on edge.
Nicely, and seemingly effortlessly, done.” —Kirkus Reviews on Cold Kill
“Leather has a gift for making pages fly by as bodies pile up, tension builds, and clues drop; effective, economical
characterizations . . . captivate readers without hampering the rapid-fire narrative.” —Publishers Weekly
“Spider Shepherd is my new hero.” —Meg Gardiner, author, The Dirty Secrets Club

Live Fire
Spider must infiltrate a team of criminals in order to foil a larger
terrorist threat in this taut new Dan Shepherd thriller.
Mickey and Mark Moore are ordinary decent criminals—hard men who
live by their own code and leaders of a gang that has made millions at
the point of a gun. But when Dan “Spider” Shepherd is sent to infil-
trate the tightly knit team of bank robbers, he discovers that he has
more in common with them then he first thought. And that perhaps
being a career criminal isn’t the worst thing in the world. As Shepherd
and his Serious Organized Crime Agency colleagues plot the downfall
of the Moore brothers, a more sinister threat stalks the streets of Lon-
don: a group of home-grown Islamic fundamentalist fanatics embark
on a campaign of terror the likes of which Britain has never seen. Car
bombs and beheadings are only the prelude of what they have
planned—and Shepherd is the only man who can stop them. Stephen
Leather was a journalist for more than 10 years for such publications
as the Daily Mail, the Times, and the South China Morning Post
in Hong Kong. His bestsellers have been translated into more than
10 languages.
Mystery • 448 pp • 4.5 x 7
9780340921753 (Replaces 9780340921746) • March • $8.99 Paper
Hodder & Stoughton

Also available:
$9.99 Each

Hard Landing Soft Target Cold Kill Hot Blood Dead Men
9780340734117 9780340834091 9780340834121 9780340921692 9780340921722

Last Light
Alex Scarrow
A knuckle-whitening look at what our future in an oil-poor world could hold, this apoc-
alyptic new thriller depicts in a harrowingly convincing way just how fragile our society
really is.

“Scarrow keeps his foot on the accelerator in this apocalyptic thriller, which is reminis-
cent of Frederick Forsyth and John Wyndham.” —Birmingham Post
“Scarrow has a real talent for pacing, and he keeps the tension escalating.”
—Publishers Weekly on A Thousand Suns
It begins on a very normal Monday morning. But in the space of only a few days, the world’s
oil supplies have been severed and at a horrifying pace things begin to unravel everywhere.
This is no natural disaster—someone is behind this. Oil engineer Andy Sutherland is stranded
in Iraq with a company of British soldiers, desperate to find a way home, trapped as the very
infrastructure of daily life begins to collapse around him. Back in Britain, his wife Jenny is
stuck in Manchester, fighting desperately against the rising chaos to get back to their
children in London as events begin to spiral out of control—riots, raging fires, looting, rape,
and murder. In the space of a week, London is transformed into an anarchic vision of hell.
Meanwhile, a mysterious man is tracking Andy’s family. He’ll silence anyone who can reveal
the identities of those behind this global disaster. The people with a stranglehold on
the future of civilization have flexed their muscles at other significant tipping points in
history, and they are prepared to do anything to keep their secret—and their power—safe.
Alex Scarrow is the author of A Thousand Suns. He is the brother of historical novelist
Simon Scarrow.
Mystery • 496 pp • 4.5 x 7
9780752893273 • September • $9.99 Paper • Orion Publishing


John Connor
A gripping novel in the stunning crime series featuring Detective Karen Sharpe.

“Compelling.” —Guardian
“A first-rate thriller with a terrific climax.” —Sunday Telegraph
“Connor introduces a tough Yorkshire female cop in his engrossing debut . . . Sharpe
will remind many of a young Jane Tennison—stubborn, angrily vulnerable, and with
some of the best instincts on the force.” —Publishers Weekly on Phoenix
On the day Karen Sharpe is promoted to detective sergeant, she loses control and attacks
a prisoner she is interrogating. Duly suspended, Karen is investigated and seemingly cleared,
but more than a year later the incident still casts a long shadow. When the battered body
of a young girl is discovered, it kicks off an inquiry that pushes Karen and a trainee, DC
Marcus Roth, too close for comfort, both on and off-duty. The investigation leads to Mary
Bradley, currently the carer for a helpless six-year-old boy, Andrew Farrar. As the truth of
Mary Bradley’s violent past emerges, the inquiry becomes a race against time before An-
drew becomes just another one of her child victims. Meanwhile, with the case holding more
and more personal resonance for Karen, Marcus discovers that when threatened she has
a tendency to ignore the rule book and act on instinct. Before the scores are finally set-
tled Marcus will be wondering whether Karen’s legitimate world and Mary Bradley’s il-
legitimate one are really any different. John Connor is a former attorney who prosecuted
numerous homicide cases and advised the police in numerous drug and organized crime
operations, many involving covert activity. He is the author of four previous books in the
Karen Sharpe series: Phoenix, The Playroom, A Child’s Game, and Falling.
Mystery • 368 pp • 6 x 9
9780752885247 • November • $14.95 Paper • Orion Publishing

Blood Sunset
Jarad Henry
Brilliantly plotted, an accomplished and gripping crime novel featuring a hard-nosed
detective and a death that was anything but accidental.

“Jarad Henry has redefined ‘dangerous,’ and it lurks on the brooding Melbourne
streets—full of gangsters, drug dealers, and alley crawlers.” —Crime Down Under
When a young runaway is found dead one morning, a syringe hanging out of his arm, no
one is terribly shocked. A known junkie, even local detective Rubens McCauley is quick to
conclude that Dallas Boyd died of an accidental overdose. But anomalies in the boy’s death—
and the haunting memory of a childhood friend—continue to nag at McCauley. Unable to
shake his unease, he soon digs deeper into the case and finds himself enmeshed in a secret
network of pedophiles, child abusers, and underage prostitutes. Forced to look evil in the
eye, McCauley must conquer his own demons as he battles to find justice for a young boy
he never even met. Jarad Henry is the author of Head Shot.
Mystery • 336 pp • 5 x 8.5
9781741754209 • November • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Bravo Jubilee
Charlie Owen
The riotous third novel in Charlie Owen’s acclaimed 1970s police series.

“Charlie Owen is a talent . . . the first book since Layer Cake to have an authentic
voice that humorously exposes the dark and eccentric world of English street crime.”
—Guy Ritchie, director, Snatch
“After just three books, the policemen in this wonderful series seem like old friends.
Raw, crude, ugly and brazenly real . . . shocking and funny, a great read.” —Guardian
Summer 1977: It’s no holiday in the sun in Handstead New Town, a north Manchester over-
spill. Known to the local cops as Horse’s Arse, it’s preparing to celebrate the Queen’s Silver
Jubilee. But lob-in soccer violence, rampant police hooliganism, and
an expanding LSD market—there’ll be a riot going on. Local gang-
ster Sercan Ozdemir has underestimated DCI Harrison, head of the Also available:
CID; blood on the floor in an interview room is all in a day’s work
for him. And Ozdemir knows that if his crime family discovers he’s
been doing his own thing, they’ll pull his face off. Meanwhile the
uniform cops, Psycho, Pizza, the Brothers, Ally, and the others hurl
the rule book out of the window and continue to hold the tide of
Foxtrot Oscar
criminal scum at bay for as long as they can in a town they despise. 9780755336876 • $9.95
Charlie Owen enjoyed a 30-year career as a policeman. He is the
author of Horse’s Arse and Foxtrot Oscar.
Mystery • 448 pp • 5 x 8
9780755345687 • January • $9.95 Paper • Headline

Leah Giarratano
Leah Giarratano is a former clinical psychologist who specialized in trauma, sex offenses, and psychopathology.
She has assessed and treated survivors of just about every imaginable psychological trauma, including hostages;
war veterans; rape, assault, and accident victims; and has worked with police, fire, and ambulance officers.

Each: Mystery • 4.5 x 7 • $8.99 (Can $9.99) Paper • Bantam Australia

Vodka Doesn’t Freeze

Sergeant Jill Jackson must decide which is the greater threat: a serial killer or an elu-
sive ring of sex offenders.

“Particularly nasty crime fiction that threatens to keep you awake at night can al-
ways be dismissed with . . . ‘It’s only make-believe.’ No such comfort with a debut
book by Leah Giarratano.” —Sunday Telegraph
When a middle-aged man is brutally murdered in the hills overlooking a children’s pool,
it is immediately clear to Sergeant Jill Jackson that someone has stopped a dangerous pe-
dophile in his tracks. Jill is at first ambivalent about pursuing the killer, but when more
men die—all of them known to police as child sex offenders—she is forced to admit that
a serial killer is on the loose. As the investigation deepens, Jill unearths a long-established
pedophile ring, a club of wealthy men who have thought until now that that they were
untouchable. As she faces predators and their victims, a psychotherapist losing her mind,
and her own nightmares come to life, Jill is forced to decide whether or not she really wants
to catch this killer.
336 pp • 9781741668902 • November

Voodoo Doll
The thrilling follow-up to Vodka Doesn’t Freeze introduces a machete-wielding
psychopath on the loose. Can Sergeant Jill Jackson find the criminal in time?

“Compelling from the opening word . . . an excellent second novel, another strong
psychological thriller that reveals its strength in the exploration of the damaged
mind. Whether it be abuse from childhood or trauma stemming from the horrors of
war or loss of a loved one, Voodoo Doll covers them all, resulting in a power-packed
story.” —Crime Down Under
“Vodka Doesn't Freeze was an exceptional first novel, but Voodoo Doll surpasses
it.” —Murder and Mayhem
A year after the death of the man who abducted her, Sergeant Jill Jackson has been pro-
moted and is stronger than she’s been in years. With the promotion comes a transfer to a
task force targeting gang-related home invasions, a new partner, and some of the grisliest
cases Jill has ever encountered. The gang is believed to be responsible for at least five bru-
tal home invasions over the past two months, the most recent culminating in a vicious ma-
chete attack that left one of the victims crippled. When the violence escalates to murder,
Jill suddenly finds herself hunting a psychopath in a race against time.
320 pp • 9781863255899 • March

The Equivoque Principle
Darren Craske
Toying playfully with all the clichés of Victorian adventure stories, this fantastic romp
in the spirit of The Vesuvius Club and Glass Books of the Dream Eaters never takes
itself too seriously.

“Boisterous comedy and hairpin plot twists.” —Times

The title refers to a conjuring move in which a magician forces the
unsuspecting audience member to choose a particular card, a trick
the author repeats with the plot of the novel itself
Dr. Marvello’s Travelling Circus brings a touch of magic and wonder each time it comes
to town, but when a series of gruesome murders coincides with their arrival the perform-
ers find themselves caught up in some rather sinister goings on. It falls to ringmaster and
master conjuror Cornelius Quaint, ably assisted by his Eskimo valet Butter, to investigate
the killings and to clear the name of the circus strongman who is being held on suspicion
of murder. But Quaint soon finds that these seemingly random killings are inextricably
linked and, what is more, that they all point back to a dark secret in his own past. This is
Darren Craske’s first novel and the start of the Cornelius Quaint chronicles.
Mystery • 352 pp • 5 x 8
9781905548941 • November • $12.95 Paper • The Friday Project

The Editor
Mari Hannah
Detective Inspector Grace Daniels has just been assigned the biggest case of her career,
but it quickly begins to ravel out of control, with potentially deadly results.
The author is currently collaborating with the BBC on a series of scripts
based on characters in The Editor
Grace Daniels is a career cop, a dedicated, single-minded DI in the murder squad. Unim-
peded by any personal relationships, she commands the respect and loyalty of her team
and seems destined to break through the glass ceiling of the force. Yet her life is shadowed
by the recent death of her mother, her estrangement from her father, and her failure to
solve what appears to be a ritual double murder in the parish church of the sleepy village
where she grew up. Meanwhile, a prominent businessman is found with his brains spat-
tered over the furnishings of his luxury apartment, and Grace is assigned to the high-
profile case as Senior Investigating Officer. But there’s a catch: she knows the victim
personally, and though she ought to disclose the connection to her boss, she remains silent.
As the investigation is underway, it is soon revealed that there is a mole in Grace’s team,
someone working to undermine and discredit her at every opportunity. As the truth emerges
it becomes clear that Grace is far more vulnerable than she appears and is mired in the
kind of trouble that could deprive her of much more than just her job. Mari Hannah is a
former psychotherapeutic counselor for prisoners.
Mystery • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781905802326 • October • $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper • Myrmidon Books

Sherlock Holmes in Russia
Translated by Alex Auswaks
Introduction by George Piliev
Whether it be the ingenious Railroad Thieves or the grim story of The Strangler, these
gripping tales will delight every fan of Sherlock Holmes.
Thanks to the Sherlockian historian George Piliev and translator Alex Auswaks, this remarkable
collection of seven Russian Sherlock Holmes stories is now available in English for the first
time. Piliev tells the fascinating story of how these tales came to be written, in the context
of the Sherlockian phenomenon in Russia. He explains how Holmes reached an even greater
audience when Russian writers decided to transport him and Watson from Baker Street to
Russia, on the premise that they traveled widely in the country and became fluent in the lan-
guage. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson traveled the length of Russia solving the most dif-
ficult and unimaginable cases and pursued all the while by an implacable Russian Moriarty.
Instead of mainly dealing with murders, these stories are more diverse, covering kidnapping,
a strange problem in a shop, theft, and corruption. Alex Auswaks’ novel A Trick of Diamonds
was short-listed for a British Crime Writers Association Award.
Mystery • 224 pp • 6 x 9.5
9780709080077 • October • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Robert Hale

Also available:

The Chronicles The Lost Files

of Sherlock Holmes of Sherlock Holmes
9780709086871 • $24.95 (Can $27.95) 9780709082491 • $24.95 (Can $27.95)

Sherlock Holmes
A Reader’s Companion
Dan Smith
A one-stop guide to all things Sherlock Holmes, including story reviews, character pro-
files, and little-known facts.
Two major Hollywood films are scheduled for release in 2010,
with Sacha Baron Cohen and Robert Downey Jr. in the role
of the great detective
2009 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Despite being more than 120 years old, Sherlock Holmes remains unchallenged as the world’s
preeminent fictional detective, with fans new and old continually delving into his files of
baffling mysteries. This expansive volume gathers together an astounding range of
Holmesian information that can be read cover to cover or dipped into at random. There
are synopses of the four novels and 56 stories; profiles of such beloved characters as Mrs.
Hudson—the great detective’s long-suffering landlady—and Lestrade, the perennially baf-
fled Scotland Yard detective; essays discussing themes such as Holmes’s attitude to women
and his use of contemporary forensic science; and highlights of the various renditions of
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories on screen, including interviews with actors who have played
the roles of Holmes and Watson. These articles are accompanied by such visual aids as the
classic work of Sidney Paget—who illustrated the original stories in the Strand Magazine—
stills from film and television adaptations, cover artwork for the various editions published
over the years, and contemporary photographs of the settings of various stories. Dan Smith
is a former book editor.
Literary Criticism • 224 pp • 7.5 x 10.5 • 75 Color Photos • 105 B/W Photos
9781845134587 • January • $27.95 Cloth • Aurum Press
Each: Erotica • 4.5 x 7 • $8.99 Paper • HarperPerennial
“These pocket-sized erotic classics would work well as a Valentine’s gift for the man in your life.” —Harper’s Bazaar

My Secret Life
Would you undress with the curtains open?
Welcome to the secret world of Walter, a diary of one man’s obsession with the opposite sex. A
champagne-drinking Victorian traveler, Walter is lascivious, obnoxious, and possessed of an insa-
tiable sexual appetite. Through a bawdy catalog of indecent scenarios with maids, widows, and
wenches, he solicits an indulgent exploration of the flesh. His obsessions, fantasies, and voyeuris-
tic tendencies are explored and revealed within this diary—one of the most famous
examples of Victorian erotic literature from the decadent era. Only six copies were initially printed
in 1888. Attempts to republish the book resulted in the novel being repeatedly banned. This is a
dark work of Victorian erotica, and an explicit memoir of unspoken desires in the English class
system—encapsulating the joy of hidden sins in an age of moral fervor. Claiming to have slept with
1,200 women from 27 countries (including every one in Europe), Walter is often
referred to as the “English Casanova”—although the author’s true identity still remains a mystery.
286 pp • 9780007300471 • September

Venus in Furs
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch
What woman could resist a trembling man handing her the whip?
Severin is a young Galician nobleman with a secret; he can only love a woman with a ruthless
heart, who will rain her whip upon him in a shower of bloody kisses. When he meets Wanda,
the wealthy and beautiful widow living in the apartment upstairs, he wonders if she might be
the one to help him realize his darkest desires. But Wanda is better than she ever dreamed
possible at domination—and soon Severin realizes he is powerless to escape what he has begun.
Here, fantasy and reality writhe together in a ceaseless, fraught embrace. First published in 1870,
the author defined—and unwittingly gave his own name to—that sexual proclivity we know as
masochism in this understated, charged erotic classic. Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch was an
Austrian writer of fiction and short stories whose masterpiece inspired a famous song of the
same name by the Velvet Underground, and continues to be referred to as a defining work within
the realm of erotic literature.
160 pp • 9780007300464 • September

How far is too far? This classic of S & M is much beloved for its convincing depiction of
both sides of the equation.
Cecil Prendergast has a problem. He has been selected by Muriel Harcourt and her maid as the
third dimension in their relationship. The “problem” is that Muriel likes to beat Cecil’s back-
side with a bamboo cane. Before long, a new master emerges—and Cecil finally asserts his dom-
inance. Through disciplinary scenes, he wages a war of retribution via stinging pleasure and
mutual consent—and punishes Muriel, her maid, and Muriel’s two nieces in turn. Here is a shock-
ing, explicit, classic tale of sadomasochism at the heart of English high society. Set in London
and the Dorset coast, in an era of English history where corporal punishment was freely
dispensed, the characters represent the core principles of disobedience, chastisement, and
compliance. Sadopaideia was originally published in 1907, in Paris, within two volumes. The
author remains anonymous.
256 pp • 9780007300372 • October

Each: Erotica • 4.5 x 7 • $8.99 Paper • HarperPerennial

The Autobiography of a Flea

Stanislas de Rhodes
Can men of the cloth ever escape temptation?
A young maiden, Bella, and her boyfriend Charlie consummate their passion under the moon-
light, shrouded in petticoats. Little do they know that someone has been watching them—a
priest who blackmails Bella over the sight he has witnessed, enslaving her into a world of sex-
ual subservience. This story is narrated by the smallest voyeur of them all, who uses his size
to avenge Bella’s misfortune, revealing the sordid details of a priest’s inner sanctum. Initially
published in 1887, this book inspired a film directed by one of the first female pornographic
directors from the 1970s. Starring the inimitable John Holmes, it is recognized as a classic
example of the X-rated genre. The Autobiography of a Flea was first published anonymously—
but was later revealed to be by the London lawyer, Stanislas de Rhodes.
186 pp • 9780007300457 • October

Fanny Hill
John Cleland
What’s a penniless country girl to do in the big city?
Fanny Hill is a blushing country maiden until tragic circumstances force her to seek a new life
in London. She is taken in by the motherly Mrs. Brown, but on her first night she receives a
rather unorthodox welcome from one of the young ladies in the house—and swiftly gains a
much more explicit idea of what is expected in her new role. Fanny takes to carnal pleasures
with gusto, and she vividly recalls each lusty encounter and every thrusting conquest, in her
saucy, voyeuristic, and thoroughly irresistible memoirs. Scandalizing thousands of Victorians
with its vivid descriptions of sexual pleasure, this book landed its author in court a year after
publication on charges of “corrupting the King’s subjects.” This only heightened its allure—
and today it is still hugely appreciated as a work of true erotic and literary merit. John
Cleland wrote Fanny Hill, also known as Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, in two installments
while serving time in prison for debt. In 1749, he was arrested for obscenity, yet denied
responsibility for the novel. The book was not officially published again for 100 years.
288 pp • 9780007300419 • November

Venus in India
Charles Devereaux
To cheat? Or not to cheat?
Captain Devereux is posted to India, far away from his beautiful young wife and child, and
at first is devastated at the parting. But when he comes across Lizzie Wilson, the wife of one
of his fellow officers, her ample bosom and open thighs prove more than enough consolation.
And when her husband objects to their dalliances, no matter—for the regiment Colonel’s three
young daughters, Fanny, Amy, and Mabel, are more than eager to be initiated into the ways
of adult love! Set in colonial Hindustan, each sinuous line in this tale provides proof that trop-
ical heat and erotic lust are perfect bedfellows. Also known as Love Adventures in Hindustan,
this story was originally published in Amsterdam in 1889. Captain Charles Devereux is a pseu-
donym, and is thought most likely to be that of Major Crommelin Henry Ricketts.
304 pp • 9780007300426 • November

Each: Erotica • 4.5 x 7 • $8.99 Paper • HarperPerennial

The Way of a Man with a Maid

Do the best things come to the woman that waits?
Jack has built a special place called the Snuggery in a padded room of an old lunatic asylum.
Filled with ropes, cushions, straps, and feathers, he chooses Alice to complete the decoration.
Imprisoned against her will, she is teased into submission. And in moments of passion, when
Jack names her his “wife,” Alice finally surrenders her maidenhead, submitting to the power
of his unbridled lust. This is a foray into pleasure, pain, lesbianism, and etiquette—told from
the viewpoint of a quintessential Edwardian gent. Having first appeared in Parisian journals
around the turn of the century, it is widely acknowledged to be a defining example of the erotic
genre, and reveals the dark underbelly of human sexuality.
250 pp • 9780007300396 • December

Marquis de Sade
Who suffers in the pursuit of desire?
In a Parisian tavern the Countess de Lorsange reveals her history to a young woman named
Therese—a story in which a young girl and her sister fight a battle of morality. Set in a period
before the French Revolution, Justine shows the battle of virtue versus vice, where earning your
keep takes on fresh connotations, and a titled lady holds a lifetime of illicit secrets. De Sade’s
first novella, this book was written in 1787 while he was imprisoned for two weeks in the
Bastille. Although published anonymously, de Sade was eventually indicted for blasphemy and
obscenity (without trial) for its authorship at the behest of Napoleon Bonaparte. The
Marquis de Sade was a French aristocrat, revolutionary, and writer of violent pornography.
Incarcerated for 32 years of his life in both prisons and asylums, he is famed for his graphic
depiction of cruelty within classic titles such as Crimes of Love and One Hundred Days of Sodom.
218 pp • 9780007300440 • January

The Pearl
Are there really two sides to every story?
Follow the story of Beatrice in Volume One, Lady Pokingham, where sordid adventures in the
sexual underworld are commonplace, and virginal fantasies, flagellation, and Catholic guilt man-
ifest themselves as streams of erotic poetry. In Volume Two, La Rose d’Amour, a young man is
influenced by his lusty young cousins, who invite him to join an illicit club of debauchery and
brandy-saturated orgies, where pearl necklaces and see-through negligees are the only dress codes
required. These stories are taken from The Pearl (A Magazine of Facetiae and Voluptuous Read-
ing), which was published between 1879 and 1880, and which across its 18-issue lifetime
reveled unashamedly in its reputation for salubrious gossip from the upper echelons of society.
304 pp • 9780007300389 • February

Agent Provocateur: I
The Secret Life of I: An Erotic Novella
Agent Provocateur
No stone goes unturned in one woman’s riotous romp of sexual exploration.
No one would know from her outward appearance that beneath the surface of this beauti-
ful, assured woman called I boils a cauldron of the senses. After growing bored with her
repetitious life, she decides to explore every aspect of sensual possibility. She tastes the thrill
of sex with a stranger, the rewards to be gained from making love to another woman, and
the curious arousal which may accompany pain or conflict. The story of I is an intense jour-
ney through the erotic zones of the body and the mind. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, she
visits places few have dared to experience but many have longed to encounter. Agent Provo-
cateur (AP) is a globally renowned brand. At the heart of the AP philosophy is a profound
belief in the intimacy of the experience that they offer—their high-quality designer lingerie
is designed to stimulate, enchant, and arouse both wearers and their partners. The company
has become a phenomenal success, with fragrance and beauty lines, a shoe line, an award-
winning website, an expanding collection of books, and more than 40 boutiques worldwide.
Erotica • 136 pp • 4.5 x 7
9781862057463 • September • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Pavilion

Agent Provocateur: 69
Soixante Neuf
Agent Provocateur
Full of short stories and titillating illustrations, this sensuous quarter-bound volume of brand-
new Agent Provocateur erotic literature is dual-sided to represent the darker and lighter sides
of the fantasies within—truly an object of desire.
Agent Provocateur store locations include Boston, Chicago, Costa Mesa,
Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, and Vancouver
It’s showtime! Toss aside your latest read and get to grips with the real thing—Agent Provo-
cateur is back with a beautifully bound collection of their most erotic tales yet. Ever ready to
please and amuse, these tales of lust and adventure will take you out of your daily life and
into the sensuous world of Agent Provocateur. 69 is a flip-sided volume: open the first “pink”
half and titillating tales of the boudoir will delight and amuse; turn the book over and delve
into the “black” side and tales of a darker nature ensue. Written for the modern woman, these
stories allow the reader to live vicariously through the scantily clad and ever-changing erotic
world of Agent Provocateur. Positively bursting with erotic short stories to tantalize and
enthrall, it will broaden your sexual fantasies, and may even inspire the next adventure. Agent
Provocateur (AP) is a globally renowned brand. At the heart of the AP philosophy is a pro-
found belief in the intimacy of the experience that they offer—their high-quality designer
lingerie is designed to stimulate, enchant, and arouse both wearers and their partners. The com-
pany has become a phenomenal success, with fragrance and beauty lines, a shoe line, an award-
winning website, an expanding collection of books, and with more than 40 boutiques worldwide.
Erotica • 288 pp • 6 x 9
9781862058385 • December • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Pavilion

Also available:

Agent Provocateur Exhibitionist The 4 Dreams of Miss X

9781862057142 • $29.95 (Can $32.95) 9781862057661 • $40.00 (Can $44.00)

The Tempest
William Shakespeare
Illustrations by Oscar Grillo
A bold and visually stunning version of Shakespeare’s tale of the revenge
of a banished sorcerer.

“Oscar Grillo cannot draw a line without it spitting and spiraling into
a storm of expressive features and skittering bodies. He IS a tempest,
and this adaptation captures the energy and fury of a Globe first-night
performance back in the day.” —Dave McKean, filmmaker and artist
Featuring spectacular and quirky illustrations, this astounding take on Shake-
speare’s famous work reimagines but in no way detracts from the feel of the
original. The full text of the play is worked into this thrilling and visually
stunning graphic novel. Oscar Grillo is a professional animation director and
illustrator. He was awarded the Golden Palm for his work on the film
Seaside Women and contributed to the movie Monsters, Inc.
Graphic Novels • 144 pp • 7 x 9.5 • Four-color Interior
9781904104056 • September • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
Can of Worms Press

62 Great Books from the Iliad to Midnight’s Children
Jane Gleeson-White
From J. K. Rowling’s love of Jane Austen to J. M. Coetzee, whose “top 10” includes
Cervantes and Samuel Beckett, this irresistible companion for all passionate readers
explores why “the canon” is for everyone.

“What makes a classic? For me, it’s a book I can’t imagine having lived without;
a truthful, wholly imagined world, in astonishing language, by a writer unafraid
to probe those things that scare us and scar us and make us human.”
—Charlotte Wood, author, The Submerged Cathedral
Mark Twain defined a literary classic as “something that everybody wants to have read
and nobody wants to read.” But what was true in the 19th century doesn’t hold true today.
In our uncertain modern times, not only do books considered classics still fill the shelves
of many bookshops, but these books continue to exert a powerful influence on contem-
porary culture—some in obvious ways, such as the film and television adaptations of the
works of Homer, Jane Austen, George Eliot, Charles Dickens, and Henry James; other in
less obvious ways, through their enduring impact on fellow writers, artists, and musicians.
Offering many great contemporary authors’ lists of their favorite classics, this
accessible, impassioned, and inspiring guide to the great books of the past and why they
still matter will be eagerly embraced and discussed by passionate and grateful readers. Jane
Gleeson-White is a freelance book editor, writer, and reviewer.
Literary Criticism • 416 pp • 5 x 8
9781741664737 • November • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Vintage Australia

The Yellow Wallpaper and Selected Writings

Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Introduction by Maggie O’Farrell
As powerful today as it was upon publication in 1892, this important, widely antholo-
gized story of a descent into psychosis is presented with several other incisive and often
inspiring short works from America’s leading early 20th-century feminist intellectual as
well a new introduction from Maggie O’Farrell.

“A great work of literature, the product of a questing, burning intellect.”

—Maggie O’Farrell, author, The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox
A film version of The Yellow Wallpaper is in development for 2009 release,
starring Aric Cushing, Juliet Landau (Buffy the Vampire Slayer),
and Dale Dickey (My Name Is Earl and Sordid Lives)
“It is stripped off—the paper—in great patches . . . The colour is repellent . . . In the places
where it isn’t faded and where the sun is just so—I can see a strange, provoking, formless
sort of figure, that seems to skulk about . . .”
Based on the author’s own experiences, The Yellow Wallpaper is the chilling tale of a woman
driven to the brink of insanity by the “rest cure” prescribed after the birth of her child. Iso-
lated in a crumbling colonial mansion, in a room with bars on the windows, the tortuous
pattern of the yellow wallpaper winds its way into the recesses of her mind. In addition to
this masterpiece, this new edition includes a selection of her best short fiction and extracts
from her autobiography. Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860–1935) was a writer of nonfiction
and poetry, an editor, and a feminist theorist. Maggie O’Farrell is the author of After You’d
Gone, My Lover’s Lover, and The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox.
Fiction/Classics • 384 pp • 5 x 8
9781844085583 • October • $12.95 Paper • Virago UK


The Tenant The Adventures The Complete

of Wildfell Hall and Memoirs Sherlock Holmes
Anne Brontë of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle
One of the first feminist novels, this Arthur Conan Doyle Introduction by P. D. James
challenge to the prevailing morals of Introduction by David Peace Celebrating Arthur Conan Doyle’s
the Victorian era was denounced by a A dozen stories each make up The 1 5 0 t h a n n ive r s a r y, t h i s l u x u r y
critic of the time as “utterly unfit to Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and edition collects all the investigations
be put into the hands of girls.” The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, and adventures of the world’s most
collected here in volume. popular detective.
“The title of ‘the first feminist
novel’ has been awarded to other Sherlock Holmes’s most memorable and in- “Sherlock Holmes is the very foun-
books, perhaps with less justice . . . triguing cases are collected here, including dation stone of the edifice that is
a cracking page-turner.” adventures with mysterious masked crime fiction.” —Times
—Guardian strangers, ingenious heists, murderous From “The Adventure of the Gloria
“Frighteningly up-to-date tale plots, and hidden jewels, which take the fa- Scott” to “His Last Bow” we follow the
of single motherhood and wife- mous detective and his faithful sidekick Dr. illustrious career of this quintessential
battering.” —Independent Watson from the streets of London and the British hero from his university days to
English countryside to a chilling encounter his final case. Sherlock Holmes’s efforts
When the mysterious and beautiful young
at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland. Sir to uncover the truth take him all over the
widow Helen Graham becomes the new
Arthur Conan Doyle (1859–1930) pro- world and into conflict with all manner
tenant at Wildfell Hall, rumors immedi-
duced more than 30 books, 150 short sto- of devious criminals and dangerous
ately begin to swirl around her. As her
ries, poems, plays and essays across a wide villains, but thankfully his legendary
neighbor Gilbert Markham comes to
range of genres. His most famous creation powers of deduction and his faithful
discover, Helen has painful secrets buried
is the detective Sherlock Holmes. David companion Dr. Watson are more than up
in her past that even his love for her can-
Peace is the author of Tokyo Year Zero. to the challenge. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
not easily overcome. Anne Brontë (1820–
1849) was the youngest of the Brontë Mystery • 512 pp • 5 x 8 (1859–1930) produced more than 30
children. She worked as a governess and, 9780099529675 • September books, 150 short stories, poems, plays and
along with Charlotte and Emily, published $14.95 Paper essays across a wide range of genres.
Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. She P. D. James is an award-winning author
is also the author of Agnes Grey. whose titles include Death in Holy
Orders, The Lighthouse, and The Mur-
Fiction • 272 pp • 5 x 8 der Room.
9780099529668 • September
Mystery • 1,136 pp • 6 x 9.5
$12.95 Paper
9780099529934 • September
$45.00 Cloth

Hard Times The Mystery The Pickwick Papers

Charles Dickens of Edwin Drood Charles Dickens
Illustrations by Frederick Wakj Charles Dickens Illustrations by Robert Seymour
Dickens resolved to “strike the heav- Introduction by Matthew Pearl and Phiz
iest blow in my power” for those who Dickens’ unfinished last novel has af- First serialized under the title The
labored in horrific conditions, and the forded literary critics and mystery Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick
result, this state-of-the-nation novel, lovers the opportunity to solve the puz- Club when its author was only in
was praised by George Orwell for its zle for themselves—and the transcript his mid-20s, this early comic work
“generous anger.” of a very special trial is included. is lighter and more episodic than
The children at Mr. Gradgrind’s school are many of Dickens’ later novels.
The story of the fate of Edwin Drood is
sternly ordered to stifle their imaginations a mystery within a mystery. When young “Dickens writes as though he were
and pay attention only to cold, hard real- Edwin disappears after dinner on Christ- talking to us after dinner, in turns
ity. They live in a smoky, troubled indus- mas Eve and his watch and chain are later funny, bitter, eloquent, and sad.”
trial town where entertainment is hard to found in the nearby river, everyone —John Mortimer, author,
come by and resentments run deep. The suspects foul play. Could one of Edwin’s Rumpole of the Bailey
effects of Gradgrind’s teaching on his acquaintances have murdered him—and,
own children, Tom and Louisa, are par- Dickens’ first novel was a huge success
if so, what could their motive be? And when it was first published. It tells the tale
ticularly profound and leave them ill- how does this shocking event in a quiet
equipped to deal with the unpredictable of the irrepressible Mr. Pickwick and his
cathedral town connect to the opium dens fellow Pickwick Club members who
desires of the human heart. Luckily for of London? Tragically, the mystery is des-
them they have a friend in Sissy Jupe, the travel around the English countryside get-
tined never to be truly solved, as Dickens ting into all kinds of scrapes and adven-
child of a circus clown, who retains her died before he could finish this novel—
warm-hearted, compassionate nature tures. Funny, warm-hearted, and full of
all that is left are the clues that can be memorable and engaging characters, this
despite the pressures around her. This found in the completed chapters. Charles
classic includes illustrations by Frederick is an enchanting novel that continues to
Dickens (1812–1870) is considered one delight readers today. Charles Dickens
Walker. Charles Dickens (1812–1870) is of the English language’s greatest writers.
considered one of the English language’s (1812–1870) is considered one of the Eng-
Matthew Pearl is the author of The lish language’s greatest writers.
greatest writers. Dante Club, The Last Dickens, and The
Fiction • 284 pp • 5 x 8 Poe Shadow. Fiction • 804 pp • 5 x 8
4 B/W Illustrations 35 B/W Illustrations
Mystery • 354 pp • 5 x 8
9780099518921 • September 9780099518884 • October
13 B/W Illustrations
$11.95 Paper $12.95 Paper
9780099518891 • September
$14.95 Paper


Sonnets The Red House Mystery Three Men in a Boat

William Shakespeare A. A. Milne Jerome K. Jerome
“Dante and Shakespeare divide the Beautifully reissued for a whole new Illustrations by Vic Reeves
modern world between them, there is audience of Milne fans and crime Produced to celebrate Jerome K.
no third.” —T. S. Eliot lovers alike, a classic crime story from Jerome’s 150th birthday, this edition
the world-famous author of Winnie- features 30 original illustrations by co-
“The great master who knew every- the-Pooh. median and artist Vic Reeves.
thing . . . an unspeakable source of
delight.” —Charles Dickens Far from the gentle slopes of the Hundred “I fell out of bed laughing at Three
Shakespeare’s sonnets are lyrical, haunt- Acre Wood lies the Red House, the Men in a Boat.” —Guardian
ing, beautiful, and often breathtaking, setting for A. A. Milne’s only detective What could be more relaxing than a
representing one of the finest bodies of story, where secret passages, uninvited refreshing holiday on the river with your
poetry ever penned. They demonstrate the guests, a sinister valet, and a puzzling two best friends and faithful canine
writer’s skill in capturing the full range murder lay the foundations for a classic companion, Montmorency? However, as
of human emotions within a carefully pre- crime caper. When the local police prove J. discovers, there is more to life on the
scribed form and creating something baffled, it is up to a guest at a local inn waves than meets the eye—including
unique in every one. Some are familiar— to appoint himself “Sherlock Holmes” navigational challenges, culinary disas-
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s and, together with his friend and loyal ters, and heroic battles with swans,
day?—others unexpected, but together “Watson,” delve deeper into the myster- kettles, and tins of pineapple. Jerome K.
they form an extraordinary meditation on ies of the dead man. This classic exam- Jerome’s delightful novel has kept read-
the nature of love, lust, beauty, and time. ple of Golden Age crime writing is a lost ers smiling for years and his prose has
William Shakespeare (1564–1616) was an gem from a time before Tigger and a found a perfect partner in Vic Reeves’s
English poet and playwright, widely perfectly crafted whodunit with witty glorious and witty illustrations. Jerome
regarded as the greatest writer in the dialogue, deft plotting, and a most curi- K. Jerome (1859–1927) is the author of
English language and the world’s pre- ous cast of characters. A. A. Milne (1882– Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow and the
eminent dramatist. 1952) is best known for When We Were sequel to Three Men in a Boat, Three Men
Very Young and Winnie-the-Pooh. on the Bummel. Vic Reeves is an English
Poetry • 176 pp • 5 x 8
Mystery • 224 pp • 5 x 8 comedian, best known for his double act
9780099518860 • October
9780099521273 • November with Bob Mortimer.
$10.95 Paper
$12.95 Paper
Fiction • 240 pp • 5 x 8
9780099511694 • November
$19.95 Cloth


Vanity Fair The Count Kidnapped

William Makepeace Thackeray of Monte Cristo Robert Louis Stevenson
“Deserves its spot in the top 10 if only Alexandre Dumas A stirring adventure and classic
for the wonderful Becky Sharp.” “A piece of perfect storytelling.” coming-of-age story set around 18th-
—Sarah Waters, in “Sarah Waters’s —Robert Louis Stevenson century Scottish events.
top 10 Victorian novels,” Guardian
“The Napoleon of story-tellers.” “It stands as one of Robert Louis
“Sharp, brilliant, touching, clever, —Washington Post Stevenson’s most compelling works
and cruel, with an unforgettable . . . a novel you want to press on
heroine.” —Joanna Trollope, “The greatest of escape stories.” people, knowing they’ll love it.”
author, Marrying the Mistress —Guardian —Ian Rankin, author,
“I think I could be a good woman if I had Imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, Resurrection Men
five thousand a year.” Edmond Dantès spends 14 bitter years in When young David Balfour is orphaned
a dungeon. When his daring escape plan he discovers some surprising truths about
Becky Sharp is a poor orphan when she works he uses all he has learned during
first makes friends with the lovely Amelia his family. His meeting with his uncle
his incarceration to mastermind an elab- Ebenezer turns out to have disastrous
Sedley at Miss Pinkerton’s Academy for orate plan of revenge that will bring
Young Ladies. She may not have the consequences leading to kidnap and
punishment to those he holds responsi- imprisonment on board a ship bound for
natural advantages of her companion but ble for his fate. No longer the naïve sailor
she more than makes up for it with her the Carolinas. However, the voyage is full
who disappeared into the dark fortress all of incident and after violent conflict and
wit, charm, deviousness, and determina- those years ago, he reinvents himself as
tion to make a success of herself what- a shipwreck, David finds himself in a
the charming, mysterious, and powerful daredevil chase across the Scottish High-
ever the cost. The story of Becky’s Count of Monte Cristo. Alexandre Dumas
spectacular rise and fall sees her gamble, lands in the company of the irrepressible
(1802–1870) wrote plays, travel books, warrior Alan Breck Stewart. Robert Louis
manipulate, and seduce her way through children’s stories, memoirs, and novels, in-
high society and the Napoleonic wars. Stevenson (1850–1894) was a novelist,
cluding The Three Musketeers. poet, and travel writer whose other titles
William Makepeace Thackeray (1811–
1863) was a satirist who wrote such Fiction • 1488 pp • 5 x 8 include The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and
works as Catherine, The FitzBoodle Pa- 9780099518945 • January Mr. Hyde and Treasure Island.
pers, The Luck of Barry Lyndon, and The $15.95 Paper Fiction • 336 pp • 5 x 8
Snobs of England before he published his 9780099518969 • January
masterpiece, Vanity Fair, in 1847. $12.95 Paper
Fiction • 768 pp • 5 x 8
9780099518938 • November
$12.95 Paper

Also available:

The Cranford Inferno

Chronicles 9780099511977 • $12.95
9780099518457 • $9.95


A Study in Scarlet
Arthur Conan Doyle
Introduction by Mark Billingham
The first Holmes novel is presented Jane Eyre North and South
with “A Scandal in Bohemia,” Doyle’s 9780099511120 • $9.95 9780099511489 • $9.95
first Holmes short story.

“A wonderful Sherlock Holmes

story from its sparkling first pages.”
When Dr. Watson ends up renting rooms
in Baker Street with the eccentric
Sherlock Holmes, he finds that he has let
himself in for a great deal more than he
imagined. He is called upon to help the
budding detective solve a perplexing
mystery, involving a dead body found in
a locked room. Although the body shows
Poems Pride and Prejudice
no signs of having been attacked Holmes 9780099511632 • $9.95 9780099511151 • $10.95
is convinced that a murder has been
committed. As Watson looks on, he uses
his exceptional powers of deduction to
unravel a case that involves both
kidnapping and thwarted love. Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle (1859–1930) produced
more than 30 books, 150 short stories,
poems, plays, and essays across a wide
range of genres. His most famous creation
is the detective Sherlock Holmes, who he
introduced in his first novel A Study in
Scarlet. Mark Billingham is the author of
Lazybones and Sleepyhead. The Rape of the Lock The Scarlet Letter
9780099511526 • $9.95 9780099511267 • $9.95
Mystery • 160 pp • 5 x 8
9780099530534 • February
$8.95 Paper

A Dark Stranger
Julien Gracq
Translated by Christopher Moncreiff
A new translation of a modern classic from the author whom Nicholas Sarkozy, called
one of the greatest French writers of the 20th century.

“Gracq’s position in modern French literature rests on his remarkable prose.

He was one of the great stylists of his century, a writer with a carnal relation to
words, capable of extraordinary and hallucinatory evocative power.” —Times
“They are singular achievements: disturbing, delicate and written in a classical style
that is endlessly sensuous and inviting.” —Los Angeles Times on Gracq’s novels
Two lovers arrive at a seaside hotel in 1920s Brittany. The other guests soon become
obsessed with the man, the equivocal unsettling Allan. One by one they realize who he
is—that death has come to spend the summer with them. Amid the ceaseless thunder of
the waves, the wild and often surreal Breton landscape, the group that gravitates around
Allan—an uncannily contemporary figure—gradually disintegrates. His death seems to
symbolize the end of a generation, the approach of war. That Gracq wrote this oblique,
prescient novel in a remote German prisoner-of-war camp makes its carefree jazz age
setting particularly poignant. Staunchly avoiding the French literary scene—he refused
the Prix Goncourt in 1951—Julien Gracq (1910–2007) is one of the few authors to be
published in the Pléiade during his lifetime.
Fiction • 270 pp • 5 x 8
9781901285826 • October • $17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper • Pushkin Press

Pietro Grossi
Translated by Howard Curtis
In the first English translation of an important new generation Italian author, three short
stories of everyday life present characters bound together by fate and struggling to find a
meaning in human existence.
Three stories present three portraits of young men learning the realities of adult life. Boxing
takes us into the world of gyms, a world of bodies and nerves stretched to the limit, of sac-
rifice and challenge. Two young men confront each other in the fight of their lives: one of
them is well-to-do, a model student whose his skills have never been put to the test; the other,
although poor and deaf, is stubborn, determined, and wins fights easily. Now they face the
ultimate test—the encounter on which not only their present but also their future depends.
Horses presents into the wide open spaces of the countryside. Here, two brothers, both given
horses by their father, confront each other sensing that two different destinies are opening up
for them. The Monkey is about the fragility of identity, the desire to escape it and disappear.
When Nico discovers that his boyhood friend Piero has made the sudden, shocking decision
to become a monkey, he is led to question the basis on which he has lived his own life. Fists
is Pietro Grossi’s second book for which he won the Premio Cocito Monta d’Alba prize. Howard
Curtis is a recipient of the John Florio Italian Translation Prize of the Translators’ Associa-
tion of Great Britain and has been short-listed for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.
Fiction • 190 pp • 5 x 8
9781906548070 • November • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • Pushkin Press

Wondrak and Other Stories
Stefan Zweig
These three stories all concern Zweig’s strong antiwar feelings following World War I.

“One hardly knows where to begin in praising Zweig’s work. One gets the im-
pression that he actively preferred to write about women, and about the great
moral crises that send shivers down the spines of polite society.” —Guardian
“In the 1920s and 1930s, Stefan Zweig was one of the most famous writers in
the world. Thanks to the enterprising Pushkin Press, it is now possible to read
the novellas on which his reputation must finally depend.”
—Times Literary Supplement
The artist Ferdinand, central figure of Compulsion, partly reflects Zweig’s own expe-
rience. In the Snow tells of the plight of a group of Jews who freeze to death while
trying to escape a medieval pogrom. In Wondrak, a woman, disfigured since birth,
attempts to save her only child from being drafted into the military. In this newly avail-
able English translation, the reader discovers Zweig’s essential humanist preoccupa-
tions—his compassion toward human suffering, his horror of war and his faith in
idealism, generosity, and love—values that can, in an instant, illuminate an entire ex-
istence. Stefan Zweig (1881–1942) was the author of Amok & Other Stories,
Casanova, Confusion, Fantastic Night & Other Stories, and Twilight.
Fiction • 120 pp • 5 x 8
9781901285864 • November • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • Pushkin Press

Letters to Isabella Stewart Gardner

Henry James
A collection of letters Henry James exchanged with a close friend and influential
patron of the arts.
Surrounded by artists, writers, and musicians who constituted her court in Boston as
in Venice, Isabella Stewart Gardner, a passionate art collector with enormous funds,
was as revered and sought after as royalty. Henry James had a real affection for her,
and was inspired by the rich and powerful Mrs. Gardner and her magnificent pearls,
as well as by the Palazzo Barbaro in Venice, for his novel The Wings of the Dove. Mrs.
Gardner was to recreate a larger-than-life version of Palazzo Barbaro in Boston, which
is now the Isabella Gardner Museum. These letters also add another dimension to what
we know of Henry James’s long relationship with Venice and the Palazzo Barbaro. Henry
James (1843–1916) was a voluminous writer best known for such novels as The Bosto-
nians, The Portrait of a Lady, The Turn of the Screw, and Washington Square.
Literary Collections • 215 pp • 5 x 8
9781901285833 • November • $17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper • Pushkin Press

Also available:

Letters from the

Palazzo Barbaro
9781901285079 • $19.95 (Can $21.95)

Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • Paper • Capuchin Classics

Gulliver’s Travels
Jonathan Swift
Foreword by Jeremy Paxman
Both a parody of traveler’s tales and a satire of human nature, this classic is a brilliant
combination of adventure, hilarity, and philosophy.
Shipwrecked and cast adrift, Lemuel Gulliver wakes to find himself on Lilliput, an island in-
habited by little people, whose height makes their quarrels over fashion and fame seem ridicu-
lous. His subsequent encounters—with the crude giants of Brobdingnag, the philosophical
Houyhnhnms and brutish Yahoos—give Gulliver new insights into human behavior. Swift’s
savage satire views mankind in a distorted hall of mirrors as a diminished, magnified, and
bestial species, presenting us with an uncompromising reflection of ourselves. Jonathan Swift
(1667–1745) was one of the most influential political writers of his time. He is best remem-
bered for Gulliver’s Travels and the political satire A Modest Proposal.
416 pp • 9780955915628 • September • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

My Name Is Aram
William Saroyan
A classic portrayal of the immigrant experience, this short story collection is a landmark
reprint from a master writer of the 20th century.
First published to international acclaim in 1940, this is a collection of semiautobiographi-
cal stories about a boy of Armenian descent called Aram Garoghlanian and is set in Fresno,
California. The book is like a novel in that the stories all involve the same character and
are placed in a roughly chronological order; the first story takes place when Aram is nine
years old, the last when he is a young man leaving his hometown for the first time. From
bickering grandparents presiding over a family meeting to the time the circus came to town,
each episode vibrates with warmth and humor, building a rich portrait of Aram’s large fam-
ily and of the immigrant experience in general. This utter delight of a book is as easy to read
today as it was when it was published almost 70 years ago. William Saroyan (1908–1981)
was born in California and was of Armenian-American descent. Saroyan’s mixed ancestry
shaped his career as a writer. My Name Is Aram is widely considered his masterwork.
160 pp • 9780955915635 • September • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

Silas Marner
George Eliot
Foreword by Jane Feaver
First published in 1861, this classic combines humor and rich symbolism with a histori-
cally precise setting to create an extraordinary tale of love and hope.
Falsely accused and cut off from his past, Silas the weaver is reduced to a spider-like exis-
tence, endlessly weaving his web and hoarding his gold. Meanwhile, Godfrey Cass, son of
the squire, contracts a secret marriage. While the village celebrates Christmas and New Year,
two apparently inexplicable events occur. Silas loses his gold and finds a child on his hearth.
The imaginative control George Eliot displays as her narrative gradually reveals causes and
connections has rarely been surpassed. George Eliot (1819–1880) is one of the greatest
English novelists. Her works include Adam Bede, Middlemarch, and The Mill on the Floss.
Jane Feaver is the author of the novel According to Ruth.
272 pp • 9780955915680 • October • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • Paper • Capuchin Classics

Craig Nova
Foreword by William Boyd
Filled with black humor, a gripping story of a bad decision from an acclaimed novelist.

“[Nova’s fiction] is so powerful, so alive, it is a wonder that turning its pages doesn’t
somehow burn one’s hands.” —New York Times
Stargell had it all: a prestigious job at a think tank; a beautiful Greek wife; and money enough
to indulge his expensive tastes. But when he loses his job for using the think tank’s computer
to play the horses, his life starts taking a very definite turn for the worse. Suddenly he’s broke,
his wife is going crazy, and a very determined Lower East Side loan shark has his number. In
the midst of all this danger and chaos, however, the resilient and darkly comic Stargell pushes
his limits while playing it by ear. Stargell is sustained by those rare moments of redeeming grace
when every experience feels vital and valuable, when even in the darkest moments. Craig Nova
is the award-winning author of 11 novels, including Cruisers, The Good Son, and Trombone,
and his writing has appeared in Esquire, Men’s Journal, the New York Times Magazine, and
Paris Review. He lives in Putney, Vermont.
264 pp • 9780955960239 • November • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

Shirley’s Guild
David Pryce-Jones
Foreword by Julie Myerson
A young girl’s apparent supernatural powers cause a chain of unimaginable events.
In an otherwise quiet village, a little girl with red hair and freckles named Shirley inspires a
chain of events that cannot be explained by reason or scientific enquiry. Parents, friends, and
neighbors are convinced by Shirley—often in spite of themselves—until everyone is swept away
into a belief in the child’s miraculous power. The founding of Shirley’s Guild, designed to sup-
port the young girl, prompts a crusade as well as a national scandal, and Shirley’s godmother—
the girl’s chief interpreter and witness—becomes responsible for scenes unimaginable since the
Dark Ages. This striking novel offers an insight into the human need for beliefs and causes,
however irrational. David Pryce-Jones is the author of nine novels, including Safe Houses and
You Can’t Be too Careful, as well as several works of nonfiction, among them Betrayal and The
Closed Circle.
156 pp • 9780955960246 • January • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

We, The Accused

Ernest Raymond
Foreword by Clive Stafford Smith
A painfully up-close novel of a man’s calculated murder of his wife, and the gripping results.

“I read this novel when it was first published and can remember clearly what an impres-
sion it left on me.” —P. D. James
“The man-hunt, the trial, the last terrible moments are unforgettable.” —Daily Mirror
Paul Presset cannot resist an open opportunity to rid himself of his overbearing wife. This pow-
erful and haunting novel traces the dawn of motive in his mind through the murder and
resulting manhunt, arrest, trial, and a final, terrible culminating scene. Ernest Raymond (1888–
1974) was a writer and novelist, best known for his 1922 novel Tell England.
512 pp • 9780955960253 • February • $15.95 (Can $17.95)

Each: Classics • 5 x 8 • Paper • Oneworld Classics

Canterbury Tales
Geoffrey Chaucer
Translated by Christopher Lauer
A selection of the most beloved of Chaucer’s famous tales, featuring a lively and acces-
sible new translation.
Unfinished at the time of Chaucer’s death, this inimitable collection of fables, romances, and
sermons has ingrained itself in the English imagination. As a motley crowd of pilgrims—
from nun to knight, miller to monk, clerk to cook—journey from London to Canterbury to
visit the shrine of St. Thomas Becket, they pass the time by telling each other stories. Nar-
rated with a vast variety of tones and featuring themes ranging from the Knight’s traditional
tale of courtly romance to the bawdy wit of the Wife of Bath, the tales form a varied patch-
work of English life with echoes of classical and medieval literature. This thoroughly edited
and extensively annotated edition contains a selection of the most popular tales. Geoffrey
Chaucer (1343–c1400) is known as the father of English literature for his use of the
English vernacular in literature.
660 pp • 9781847490209 • September • $16.95 (Can $18.95)

Immensee and Other Stories

Theodor Storm
Translated by B. Q. Morgan and F. M. Voigt
A collection of entrancing tales from one of German Romanticism’s finest storytellers.
In Immensee, an old man reminisces fondly upon his youth and unfulfilled love, his mono-
logue evoking a reality that is veiled and haunted by dreams and illusion. This engaging
volume also contains Viola Tricolor, the delightful story of a woman coming to terms with
her stepdaughter, and Curator Carsten, a somber account of a young man falling into a life
of debauchery. Theodor Storm (1817–1888) was a German poet and writer whose works
include The Rider on the White Horse and Carsten the Trustee.
150 pp • 9781847491077 • November • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

The Woman in the Case

Anton Chekhov
Translated by April Fitzlyon and Kyril Zinovieff
A collection of lesser-known short stories from the great Russian author and playwright.
Ranging from absurd, humorous sketches to psychological pieces and tragic stories, this eclec-
tic selection of works demonstrates Anton Chekhov’s mastery of genre writing. Although
varying in tone and purpose, these tales share a profound and subtle understanding of the
human condition in all of its farcical and melancholy aspects. Anton Chekhov (1860–1904)
was a short story writer, but is perhaps best known for his plays, among them The Cherry
Orchard, The Seagull, Three Sisters, and Uncle Vanya. April Fitzlyon has translated the world
of Emile Zola and is the author of biographies of Lorenzo Da Ponte and Pauline Viardot.
Kyril Zinovieff has previously translated Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.
200 pp • 9781847490810 • December • $15.95 (Can $17.95)

Each: Classics • 5 x 8 • Paper • Oneworld Classics

Jane Austen
Austen’s last complete novel of love revisited, set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars.
When Anne Elliot chances upon Captain Wentworth, a suitor she was persuaded to reject seven
years earlier, she begins to reflect upon her past decisions and contemplate her marital future.
Vividly depicting the society holiday towns of Lyme Regis and Bath and infused with its
author’s trademark wit, this is an entertaining and enduring account of the dilemmas facing
young women. Thoroughly annotated, this edition also includes a review of Jane Austen’s life
and works, complete with anecdotes and critical perspectives. Jane Austen (1775–1817) was a
renowned novelists whose best-known works include Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense
and Sensibility.
272 pp • 16 B/W Illustrations • 9781847490797 • November • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

Love and Friendship

Jane Austen
Written in Austen’s early teens, a compilation of pieces containing all the wry humor, shrewd
observation, and satirical insight of Emma or Pride and Prejudice.
These inventive and entertaining pieces display the genesis of the wit and imagination of Jane
Austen’s mature fiction, and are by turns amusing, acerbic, and occasionally downright silly. The
stories Love and Friendship and Lesley Castle provide parodies of the gentry and the fashionable
idea of sensibility of the time, while A History of England is a lively chronicle of English monar-
chic history. Also included in this collection are The Three Sisters, Catharine, and the series of
vignettes known as A Collection of Letters. Jane Austen (1775–1817) was a renowned novelists
whose best-known works include Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility.
200 pp • 8 B/W Photos • 9781847490926 • January • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

Diaries of Adam and Eve

Mark Twain
Mark Twain’s brilliant characterization of the world’s first humans, featuring additional
materials from the author.

“The father of American literature.” —William Faulkner

This gloriously funny dialogue between the first man and woman is presented along with a num-
ber of other Twain pieces on Adam and Eve—including excerpts from his letters and diaries—
as well as extracts from Eve’s autobiography. By giving a voice to Adam and Eve and hitting
all the notes on the literary scale—from the intimate to the comical, from the journalistic to
the idyllic—this classic volume displays the brilliance and wit for which Mark Twain is rightly
considered one of the greatest satirists of all time. Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835–1910),
better known by the pen name Mark Twain, was an American humorist, satirist, social critic,
lecturer, and writer. Twain is most noted for his novels The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
192 pp • 9781847490902 • October • $11.95 (Can $13.95)

Each: 5 x 8 • Paper • Oneworld Classics

Elective Affinities
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Translated by H. M. Waidson
An upright couple must resolve their mutual desire for adultery in this novel noted for
its revolutionary content and structure.

“The boldest and deepest novel of adultery produced by the moral culture
of the West.” —Thomas Mann
Baron Eduard and his second wife Charlotte enjoy a quiet, humdrum existence in their
opulent castle. When he invites his friend the captain and she invites her niece Ottilie to stay
with them, both hosts’ lives turn inside out when they begin to feel attracted to their guests.
Juxtaposing social interactions with scientific principles, this unique novel illustrates the typ-
ically Romantic concern of the individual coming to terms with society. Johann
Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832) is widely considered the founder of modern German
literature. His best-known literary works include Faust and The Sorrows of Young Werther.
H. M. Waidson has previously translated Goethe as well as other German and Swiss authors.
Classics • 220 pp • 9781847490988 • November • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

A Slight Misunderstanding
Prosper Mérimée
Translated by Douglas Parmée
A masterpiece of psychological insight and a minutely observed social satire from the
author of Carmen.
Trapped in an unhappy marriage with a boorish, inattentive, and socially ambitious
husband, Julie de Chaverny enjoys a flirtatious dalliance with the elegant Major de Château-
fort. However, the sudden reappearance of an old admirer who has returned from Turkey—
along with a tale of breathtaking derring-do and chivalry to add to his charms—reawakens
in Julie a forgotten passion. She pursues a rash and dangerous course of action, one that
will have tragic consequences. Prosper Mérimée (1803–1870) was a French author and play-
wright. He is best known for his novella Carmen, which became the basis of George Bizet’s
opera of the same name. Douglas Parmée is the author of Chamfort and has translated the
work of Gustave Flaubert, Jules Valles, and several other French authors.
Fiction • 150 pp • 9781847490766 • November • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

Memoirs of a Good-for-Nothing
Joseph von Eichendorff
Translated by Ronald Taylor
Featuring a poetic investigation into nature and existence, this is an acclaimed blend of
bildungsroman and love story.

“Eichendorff breathes the purity of the fairy tale and the folk song . . . a blithe and
happy symbol, touching in his modesty, of a true humanity, a cultured, Romantic
humanity.” —Thomas Mann
Following a row with his father, a young man leaves home, and—following a series of pic-
turesque wanderings—eventually finds love with the girl of his dreams. Deeply imbued with
the style of German Romanticism, this classic story is at once an exhilarating romp and an
exemplary distillation of 19th-century thought. Joseph von Eichendorff (1788–1857) is best
known for his Romantic poetry and prose tales. Ronald Taylor is a scholar and author who
specializes in German intellectual history.
Fiction • 128 pp • 9781847490827 • December • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

Each: Classics • 5 x 8 • Paper • Oneworld Classics

Gulliver’s Travels
Jonathan Swift
Jonathan Swift’s famous and biting faux travelogue featuring a hapless sailor and his varied hosts.
Shipwrecked on an unknown island, Lemuel Gulliver wakes to find himself surrounded by its
six-inch natives, the Lilliputians. But this is only the first in a long line of wonderful lands
Gulliver visits. His adventures take him to Brobdingnag, populated by a race of giants; Lug-
gnagg, home to the eternally ageing Struldbrugs; and the country of the Houyhnhnms, inhab-
ited by benevolent talking horses. Parodying the immensely popular travel novels of its time,
Gulliver’s Travels is not only a tour de force in imaginative and comical writing, but also a mas-
terly, merciless satire on western society and human nature. Jonathan Swift (1667–1745) was
a noted author, poet, political activist, and an ordained priest of the Church of Ireland. He is
best known for his works of satire, including A Modest Proposal.
256 pp • 9781847490889 • November • $11.95 (Can $13.95)

Heart of Darkness
Joseph Conrad
Conrad’s revolutionary novel of race, imperialism, and madness, accompanied by his Congo
Diary and Up-River Book, written during his own African travels.
On a boat near the estuary of the Thames, Marlow tells his traveling companions of his
reconnaissance expedition for a Belgian trading company to its most remote outpost in central
Africa. He had been sent to find the elusive Kurtz, a brilliant idealist gone rogue. Marlow’s
account relates not only the perils he encounters on his quest, but also the deterioration of his
state of mind as he is confronted with a world that is hostile and alien. Renowned for its
stylistic boldness and dramatic descriptions, this is a stark yet subtle examination of the pow-
ers of the subconscious and the workings of Western imperialism. This volume also contains
Conrad’s Congo Diary and Up-River Book, the journal he kept and notes he took while trav-
eling in Africa. Joseph Conrad (1857–1924) was a Polish-born English writer and one of the
leading figures of the Modernist movement.
192 pp • 9781847490896 • September • $11.95 (Can $13.95)

Travels in the South of France

Translated by Elisabeth Abbott
Featuring engravings from its first edition, a captivating travelogue from one of France’s
greatest authors.
First published posthumously, Stendhal’s travel notes on his 1838 journey to southern France
contain descriptions of cities such as Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Marseilles that are peppered by
numerous personal digressions, anecdotes, and cultural musings. A captivating and pioneering
work of the travel-writing genre, it provides an illuminating perspective on the south of France
in the 19th century and the phenomenon of tourism in general. Stendhal (1783–1842), the pen
name of Marie-Henri Beyle, is most famous for his two realist masterpieces, The Charterhouse
of Parma and The Red and the Black. Elisabeth Abbott has previously translated the work of
numerous French and Italian authors.
228 pp • 8 B/W Illustrations • 9781847491121 • January • $15.95 (Can $17.95)

Each: Classics • 5 x 8 • Paper • Oneworld Classics

Paul Morel
D. H. Lawrence
Available for the first time, an early draft of Sons and Lovers, one of the 20th century’s
most poignant novels, accompanied by supporting materials and notes.
Full of powerful, spontaneous, dramatic writing, this early version of D. H. Lawrence’s
popular autobiographical novel Sons and Lovers contains more humor, charm, raw violence,
and nervous energy than its finalized counterpart. It contains many discarded episodes, some
of them stories from Lawrence’s childhood that are not recorded anywhere else. This vol-
ume also includes documents written by Lawrence’s girlfriend Jessie Chambers—the model
for Miriam—in which she gives Lawrence hostile criticisms and writes out her own versions
of some episodes. A fragment of a novel about Lawrence’s mother’s childhood, facsimiles
of manuscript pages, maps, and scholarly notes are also provided. D. H. Lawrence (1885–
1930) was as a pioneer of English Modernism and is best known for his novels Lady Chat-
terley’s Lover, The Rainbow, and Women in Love.
228 pp • 9781847491190 • January • $15.95 (Can $17.95)

The Fox
D. H. Lawrence
A man and an animal besiege the owners of a small farm in this dramatic and taut tale.
Nellie March and Jill Banford manage an ailing Berkshire farm, a task which is made all
the more complicated by the frequent rampages of a local fox through their chicken coop.
When a young soldier turns up and begins to wrest control of the farm by asserting his own
ideas for its management, the two women must find ways to react to this new fox in their
midst. This is a potent study of the question of power and authority, and a realistic por-
trayal of England around the beginning of the Great War. D. H. Lawrence (1885–1930) was
as a pioneer of English modernism and is best known for his novels Lady Chatterley’s Lover,
The Rainbow, and Women in Love.
150 pp • 9781847490964 • November • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

The Black Spider

Jeremias Gotthelf
Translated by H. M. Waidson
Moral corruption in a small town leads to horrendous consequences in this masterly tale
of terror and suspense.
After one of their own members repeatedly fails to live up to a pact with the Devil, a petty
and morally bankrupt village community is terrorized by a succession of deadly black
spiders. First published in 1842, this haunting cautionary novella shrewdly dissects the
iniquitous social dynamics of rural life through the use of dark satire and realism. Jeremias
Gotthelf (1797–1854), the pen name for Albert Bitzius, was a Swiss novelist and short story
writer. H. M. Waidson has previously translated the work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
as well as other German and Swiss authors.
128 pp • 9781847491084 • October • $13.95 (Can $15.95)

Each: Classics • 5 x 8 • Paper • Oneworld Classics

The Devil’s Elixirs

E. T. A. Hoffmann
Translated by Ronald Taylor
From a master of the gothic, a haunting story of the uncanny and intrigue at the highest levels.

“E. T. A. Hoffman belongs to that eternal guild of poets and visionaries who take revenge
on the life that is tormenting them by showing it examples of forms more colorful and
diverse than reality can manage to convey.” —Stefan Zweig, author, Chess
The son of a heinous sinner, Medardus is brought up in a monastery to atone for his father’s
wicked ways. After succumbing to temptation, however, Medardus himself is lured into a life
of sin, and he embarks upon a fantastical journey in which he meets his doppelganger, involves
himself in a game of double impersonation, and becomes embroiled in murderous intrigues at
the Vatican. First published in 1815, this is a macabre masterpiece of German literature.
E. T. A. Hoffmann (1776–1822) was a German composer, caricaturist, critic, and author. His
works include The Golden Pot and Other Tales and The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr.
Ronald Taylor is a scholar and author who specializes in German intellectual history.
256 pp • 9781847490841 • October • $16.95 (Can $18.95)

The King’s Bride

E. T. A. Hoffmann
Translated by Paul Turner
Featuring elements of magical realism and surreal comedy, a classic German folk tale of love
lost and found.
Happily engaged to the poet Amandus, Fräulein Anna is horrified to discover that a beautiful
ring, mysteriously deposited upon her finger whilst tending her kitchen garden, forces her into
marriage with the gnome Corduanspitz. Can Anna find any way of removing the ring? Will her
poet lover shake off his passive demeanor and come to her aid? And has Corduanspitz truly re-
linquished all ties to his gnome heritage, as he so proudly claims? E. T. A. Hoffmann (1776–
1822) was a German composer, caricaturist, critic, and author. His works include The Golden
Pot and Other Tales and The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr. Paul Turner has previ-
ously translated the work of Longus and Thomas More.
120 pp • 9781847490995 • January • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

The Haunted House

Charles Dickens
A chilling series of tales, featuring etched plates that appeared with the original publication.
Having moved into an abandoned haunted house, the narrator—undaunted by the warnings of
the locals—sets before a group of friends the task of driving the ghosts out of the house’s
various rooms before reconvening on Twelfth Night. The resulting ghost stories form the basis
of a thrilling narrative. Initially commissioned for his periodical All the Year Round, Dickens
enlisted some of the period’s most famous writers—including Elizabeth Gaskell and Wilkie
Collins—to collaborate with him on this Victorian supernatural classic. Charles Dickens (1812–
1870) is considered one of the English language’s greatest writers. His works include Bleak House,
A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, Great Expectations, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas
Nickleby, and A Tale of Two Cities.
150 pp • 6 B/W Illustrations • 9781847491015 • September • $13.95 (Can $15.95)

Each: 5 x 8 • Paper • Oneworld Classics

The Last Day of a Condemned Man

Victor Hugo
Translated by Christopher Moncrieff
A fervent plea for justice and compassion packaged in one of literature’s most powerful works.

“The message could be delivered by any present-day liberal, about any extreme pun-
ishment.” —Amnesty International
A man vilified by society and condemned to death for his crime wakes every morning know-
ing that this day might be his last. Graphically detailed, this first-person chronicle describes
both the prisoner’s wretched environment and his thoughts, reminiscences, and despair at
his impending doom. This edition also includes the companion pieces “A Comedy about a
Tragedy” and “Claude Gueux,” a real-life account of an executed criminal in France. Vic-
tor Hugo (1802–1885) is best known for his novels Les Miserables and The Hunchback of
Notre-Dame. Christopher Moncrieff has previously translated the work of Jean-Euphele Milce.
Classics • 150 pp • 9781847491176 • November • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

A Village Romeo and Juliet

Gottfried Keller
Translated by Ronald Taylor
A bittersweet tragedy, set in rural Sweden, of two young lovers kept apart by a family feud.

“One of the greatest German-language prose writers.” —Ludwig Wittgenstein

Inspired by the suicides of two real-life sweethearts, this impassioned novel evokes the over-
whelming beauty of young love and nature but is ultimately pessimistic about the possibil-
ity of such beauty surviving in the real world. Although it attracted controversy when it was
first published in 1856, this timeless story is a fine example of 19th-century poetic realism.
Gottfried Keller (1819–1890) is best known for his semiautobiographical novel Green Henry.
Ronald Taylor is a scholar and author who specializes in German intellectual history.
Fiction • 128 pp • 9781847490865 • December • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

Georg Büchner
Translated by Michael Hamburger
A haunting depiction of a troubled mind’s descent into madness.

“A harbinger of European modernism.” —New Yorker

Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Vosges Mountains, this chilling novella tells the
tale of the real-life writer J. M. R. Lenz’s 19-day stay in Waldersbach in 1778. It describes
his wanderings around the mountainous surroundings and his worsening fits of madness
that eventually culminate in his removal, under guard, to Strasbourg. Valued both as a chill-
ing exploration of paranoid schizophrenia and an influential forerunner of literary mod-
ernism, this existential drama boasts a prose style startlingly ahead of its time. Georg Büchner
(1813–1837) is best known for his plays, among them Danton’s Death and Woyzeck. Michael
Hamburger has translated several German authors, including Friedrich Holderlin and Hans
Magnus Enzensberger, and is the author of The Truth of Poetry.
Fiction • 128 pp • 9781847490858 • January • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • Paper • Oneworld Classics
Peter Schlemihl
Adelbert Von Chamisso
Translated by Leopold von Loewenstein-Wertheim
A deal with the devil goes fantastically awry with a bevy of unforeseen consequences.

“A profoundly felt portrayal of the sufferings of a marked and excluded man.”

—Thomas Mann
Unsuccessful in his ambitions, the young and naive Peter Schlemihl seals a pact with the Devil in
which he exchanges his shadow for the purse of Fortunatus, thereby gaining everlasting riches.
But when he is ridiculed, persecuted, and hated for being different from other men, he realizes
that poverty is easier to bear than the loss of his peace of mind. Originally written as a
cautionary tale for the children of Chamisso’s patron, this amusing and poignant tale was hailed
by contemporaries as a masterpiece with a wide adult appeal. Adelbert von Chamisso (1781–1838)
was a writer whose family was driven from France to Germany after the French Revolution.
120 pp • 9781847490803 • October • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

The Jew’s Beech

Annette von Druste-Hülshoff
Translated by Lionel Thomas and Doris Thomas
Two mysterious murders impact a local shepherd in the only work of prose fiction from
an acclaimed German Romantic poet.

“A highly original fusion of thriller-writing, social analysis, and meditation on the nature
of truth.” —Spectator
Based on a true story, this haunting tale centers on two brutal murders—the first of a local forester
and the second of a Jewish moneylender near a beech tree—and the impact these events have
on the life of Friedrich Mergel, a herdsman with a turbulent family history. A prototype of the
murder mystery and a thoughtful examination of village society, this intriguing novella
contains hints of the Gothic and the uncanny, including ominous thunderstorms, mysterious
disappearances, eerie doppelgangers and grizzly discoveries, as well as a famously ambiguous
climax. Annette von Droste-Hülshoff (1797–1848) was a German poet and author.
112 pp • 9781847490742 • September • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

The Village
Ivan Bunin
Translated by Hugh Aplin
A new translation of Nobel Prize–winner Ivan Bunin’s first novel.

“An astonishing writer whose work cries out for rediscovery.” —New York Sun
Set during the 1905 Revolution in southwest Russia, this is a bleak and uncompromising
portrayal of the lives of two peasant brothers, “characters sunk so far below the average of in-
telligence as to be scarcely human.” With brutal honesty it reveals the pettiness, violence, and
ignorance of rural farm life. At once nostalgic for a bygone, more innocent age and foreshad-
owing the turbulences of the 20th century, this wrenching novel is a triumph of bitter realism.
Ivan Bunin (1870–1953) was the first Russian writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature and
is best known for his short stories and novellas. Hugh Aplin previously translated Bunin’s Dark
Avenues as well as works by Mikhail Bulgakov, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Mikhail Kuzmin.
200 pp • 9781847491046 • February • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • Paper • Oneworld Classics
Mozart’s Journey to Prague
Eduard Mörike
Translated by Leopold von Loewenstein-Wertheim
A fictional account of a day in the life of one of history’s most famed composers.

“A masterpiece in European literature, a novella to set beside Thomas Mann’s Death

in Venice or Tolstoy’s Kreutzer Sonata.” —Observer
While on a journey to Praguewith his wife for the opening night of Don Giovanni, Mozart
is caught picking an orange on the grounds of a stately home. But when the resident
family finds out who they are dealing with, they are delighted to be in the presence of the
celebrated composer and invite him to their daughter’s wedding. This vivid and imaginative
depiction captures both the humorous and the more pensive side of the genius composer.
Eduard Mörike (1804–1875) is best known for his poetry and novellas, among them The
Painter Nolten.
128 pp • 9781847490759 • December • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

The Three-Cornered Hat

Pedro Antonio de Alarcón
Translated by H. F. Turneri
The hilarious story of accused cuckoldry that inspired the ballet of the same name.

“Alarcón’s style was original and charming. He is in the first rank of literary men
in Spain.” —New York Times
Based on a famous Spanish folk tale, this romping novella recounts the tribulations of a
lecherous local magistrate as he attempts to have his way with the miller’s beautiful but
devoted wife, with unforeseen and hilarious consequences. A unique blend of slapstick and
comedy of manners, this sharp satire on the corruption of rural officials and the politics of
lust and seduction provides timeless entertainment. Pedro Antonio de Alarcón (1833–1891)
is chiefly remembered for his subtly ironic plots and quintessentially Spanish settings and
120 pp • 9781847490834 • December • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

A Hero of Our Time

Mikhail Lermontov
Translated by Martin Parker and Neil Cornwell
A seminal study of the darkest side of Romanticism; also includes the novel fragment
Princess Ligovskaya.

“Galloping new translation.” —Independent

Traveling through the wilds of the Caucasian Mountains, a young man makes the acquain-
tance of Maxim Maximych, an experienced soldier and veritable raconteur. As they take refuge
from the harsh wintry conditions, Maximych begins to tell the scandalous history of his one-
time companion Pechorin, a self-confessed rake. Talented and highly intelligent, Pechorin is
nevertheless weary of the world and all it has to offer. Cynical in the extreme, he can muster
no other motivation than the avoidance of boredom. To this end, he embarks upon a series
of Byronic exploits. Whether kidnapping the daughter of a local chieftain, organizing a
smuggling ring, fighting duels, toying with fate, or capturing the hearts of beautiful society
women, he remains entirely immune from any depth of emotion. This inspired study of a
man and a society in crisis reveals the archetypal antihero not only of the Russian novel but
of world literature. Mikhail Lermontov (1814–1841) was a Russian writer and poet whose
works include The Demon.
300 pp • 9781847491213 • January • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

Each: 4.5 x 6 • Cloth • Oneworld Classics

Napoleon Bonaparte
A riveting collection of Napoleon’s most famous axioms and sayings, as collected by
Honoré de Balzac.

“The arrangement reveals a four-stage progression: from young zealot to military

commander to confused exile to grand old man.” —Times Literary Supplement
Spurred by a lifelong fascination with the Great Emperor, Honoré de Balzac set himself the
painstaking task of collecting Napoleon’s most notable maxims from his public speeches and
contemporary gazettes. Divided into four parts—covering social life, the military arts, the
exercise of power, and the teachings of experience and misfortune—Napoleon’s pithy pills of
wisdom range from Machiavellian to cynical, dry, and even cruel. Together they offer a unique
insight into the mind of a man who prided himself on preferring action over thought and the
sword over the pen, and conjure up one of the most eminent and influential historical figures
of all time.
Reference • 150 pp • 9781847490322 • November • $15.95 (Can $17.95)

The Decay of Lying

Oscar Wilde
From the inimitable mind of Oscar Wilde, a captivating dialog on the nature of art.
In the library of a country house, Vivian writes an article about the importance of lying until
he is interrupted by Cyril, who tries to tempt him away. Instead the two men are plunged into
a discussion about art, nature, literature, and imagination. Set in the form of a witty dialogue
between two speakers, this is an in-depth exploration of the relationship between life and art,
as well as an examination of the work of such writers as Shakespeare and Balzac. Oscar Wilde
(1854–1900) was an Irish novelist, poet, and playwright. His best-known works include The
Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest.
Classics • 150 pp • 9781847490674 • November • $15.95 (Can $17.95)

Lars Porsena
On the Future of Swearing
Robert Graves
A lively defense of colorful language, old and new.
Equal parts history and absurdity, this tongue-in-cheek treatise laments the decline of swear-
ing and foul language in England and looks back with nostalgia at the glory days of oaths and
blasphemies. Written when censorship in England was still in full sway, this was an impassionate
defense of the foul-mouthed in literature and a resounding attack of hypocrisy and Puritanism.
Robert Graves (1895–1985) was an English poet, translator, and novelist. He is best known for
his World War I memoir Goodbye to All That, as well as his numerous historical novels,
including I, Claudius.
Literary Collections • 150 pp • 9781847490681 • September • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

Each: 5 x 8 • Paper • Oneworld Classics

The Prince
Niccolò Machiavelli
Translated by J. G. Nichols
From administrating underlings to addressing enemies, an extensive and infamous trea-
tise on governance.
Having spent his entire life in conflict-driven Florence, Niccolò Machiavelli composed this
classic study of power and politics in response to the governmental troubles of his day. Con-
troversial but nonetheless highly influential, this tract has impacted such major figures as
Napoleon, Frederick the Great, and Mussolini. This edition is accompanied by G. W. F. Hegel’s
commentary on Machiavelli in his Constitution of Germany. Niccolò Machiavelli (1469–
1527) was an important figure in the Italian Renaissance best known for his realist politi-
cal philosophy. J. G. Nichols has translated the work of Dante Alighieri, Giacomo Leopardi,
and numerous other Italian authors.
Political Science/Philosophy • 186 pp • 9781847491114 • January • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

Life of Dante
Giovanni Boccaccio
Translated by Philip Wicksteed
A collection of the earliest accounts of Dante’s life and times, featuring the work of Bruni
and Boccaccio.
Leonardo Bruni’s Life of Dante, extracts from Giovanni Villani’s Florentine Chronicles
and Filippo Villani’s Life of Dante, as well as documents preserved in a manuscript of Boc-
caccio are combined in this impressive volume, and together they provide a wealth of insight
and information into Dante’s unique character and life. They address the author’s suscepti-
bility to the torments of passionate love, his involvement in politics, his scholastic enthusi-
asms, military experience, and the stories behind the greatest heights of his poetic
achievements. Not only are these accounts invaluable for their subject matter, they are also
seminal examples of early biographical writing. Also included in this expansive collection is
a biography of Boccaccio himself. Giovanni Boccaccio (1313–1375) is best known for the
Decameron and for championing the use of the Italian vernacular in literature. Philip Wick-
steed (1844–1927) was a literary critic and medievalist.
Biography/Literary Collections • 128 pp • 9781847490919 • October • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

Hashish, Wine, Opium

Charles Baudelaire and Théophile Gautier
Translated by Maurice Stang
Enthralling and vivid first hand accounts of the effects of hallucinogens from two of
literature’s most renowned authors.
Among the earliest accounts of hallucinogenic experience in European literature, the four
essays in this volume document Théophile Gautier and Charles Baudelaire’s involvement in
the Hashish Club, which met under the auspices of investigating the psychological and mind-
enhancing effects of various substances. As well as providing an absorbing account of 19th-
century drug use, this volume captures the spirit of French Romanticism in its struggle to
free the mind from the shackles of the humdrum and the conventional. Charles Baudelaire
(1821–1867) was a French writer and translator best known for his poetry collection Flow-
ers of Evil. Théophile Gautier (1811–1872) was an influential French writer whose works
include My Fantoms and The Jinx.
Literary Collections • 200 pp • 9781847490933 • October • $12.95 (Can $14.95)

Each: 5 x 8 • Paper • Oneworld Classics

The Art of Sinking in Poetry

Alexander Pope
Featuring Pope’s scathing, unparalleled wit, a sardonic look at the worst aspects of bad
poetry—and how to avoid them.
Written in 1727, this satirical volume was one of Alexander Pope’s contributions to the
literary output of the legendary Scriblerus club, a circle of writers dedicated to mocking what
they perceived as a culture of mediocrity and false learning prevalent in the arts and sciences.
Taking the form of an ironic guide to writing bad verse, Pope’s tongue-in-cheek essay is wickedly
funny in its lampooning of various pompous poetasters, and is essential reading for any bud-
ding writer wishing to avoid sinking to the unintentionally ridiculous and to instead to reach
for the sublime. Several lesser-known pieces by other members of the Scriblerus club are also
included. Alexander Pope (1688–1744) was an English poet, widely regarded as the greatest of
the 18th century, best known for his satirical verse. His other works include The Dunciad, An
Essay on Man, and The Rape of the Lock.
Literary Criticism/Poetry • 128 pp • 9781847491053 • September • $13.95 (Can $15.95)

Man at Leisure
Alexander Trocchi
Introduction by William S. Burroughs

“The most brilliant man I’ve ever met.” —Allen Ginsberg

“The Scottish George Best of the literary world.” —Irvine Welsh
First published in 1972, this verse collection ranges over multiple years and includes the lyri-
cism of early love poetry along with reflections on drug culture and penetrating comments
on contemporary figures and events. The poems’ language is strong, rich, and frankly obscene,
while the arguments range from the witty to the profound. Alexander Trocchi (1925–1984)
was a controversial Scottish novelist of the Beat generation, best known for his autobiographical
Cain’s Book. William S. Burroughs (1914–1997) was a Beat novelist and essayist, best known
for his novel Naked Lunch.
Poetry • 90 pp • 8 B/W Photos • 9781847491008 • November • $16.95 (Can $18.95)

Ugo Foscolo
Translated by J. G. Nichols
An anthology of the most renowned poems from one of Italy’s most famous and beloved authors.
The most significant and adored works from the popular Italian poet Ugo Foscolo are collected
in this lucid verse translation. Expressing the author’s political, civic, and sentimental concerns,
these poems captivate with their immediacy and intimacy. Each work reveals the inner recesses
of a passionate, restless, and surprisingly modern mind. Ugo Foscolo (1778–1827) is best known
for his long poem On Sepulchres and his unfinished work The Graces. J. G. Nichols has trans-
lated the work of Dante Alighieri, Giacomo Leopardi, and numerous other Italian authors.
Poetry • 120 pp • 9781847490971 • January • $13.95 (Can $15.95)


Dream Days Love and Gymnastics The Complete Round

Kenneth Grahame Edmondo De Amicis of Stories by the
Foreword by Sandi Toksvig Translated by David Chapman Christmas Fire
Originally published in periodical Foreword by Italo Calvino
Charles Dickens
form, these eight enchanting semi- T h e m e s o f r o m a n t i c l ov e a n d Foreword by Kathryn Hughes
autobiographical stories by the author competitive sportsmanship are in- and D. J. Taylor
of The Wind in the Willows are pre- triguingly linked in this rare novella by
Essential for any yuletide hearth, this
sented as recollections of childhood. one of Italy’s best-loved literary talents.
boxed set collects two of Dickens’
“The Reluctant Dragon” was Mr. Celzani finds himself consumingly in classic Christmas numbers originally
adapted into a 1941 Disney film love with an Amazonian gymnast with published in holiday editions of his
First published in 1898, this sequel to The whom he shares an apartment block. The own magazine.
Golden Age is an informative snapshot of machinations of their fellow inhabitants
notwithstanding, he finds his romantic
Boxed set includes A Round
the late Victorian era that captures the of Stories by the Christmas Fire
world of imagination inhabited by efforts repeatedly thwarted by his (9781843911647) and Another
children. These stories are written with beloved’s single-minded focus on her Round of Stories by the Christ-
humor and wit as Grahame depicts a rigorous physical discipline. Through the mas Fire (9781843911869)
private, separate universe of five intertwining of his dual themes, De Among Dickens’ earliest collections of
siblings whose concerns rarely overlap Amicis proposes a timeless meditation on short stories for the holiday season, this
with the world of adults, whom they refer the necessity of both balance and princi- collection offers tales of romance, theft,
to as Olympians. The collection’s most ple. Poet, novelist, short-story, and travel hard-won justice, and heartwarming fam-
famous story, “The Reluctant Dragon,” writer Edmondo de Amicis (1846–1908) ily reunions. Appealing to the Victorian
sees the narrator and his neighbor Char- is best remembered for his children’s taste for ghost stories at Christmas, the
lotte following dragon footprints in the story Cuore. Italo Calvino’s (1923–1985) pieces in this collection range in tone from
snow one winter’s evening. Meeting with acclaimed works include The Baron in the the inspirational to the downright chill-
a Circus Man, they are regaled with Trees, Cosmicomics, If on a Winter’s ing. Building on the success of this fes-
tales of a dragon, which, modest and Night a Traveler, and Invisible Cities. tive favorite, Another Round of Stories
retiring, was reluctant to fight St. George Fiction • 152 pp • 5 x 8 by the Christmas Fire similarly assembles
purely for the sake of convention. The 9781843911937 • October a varied cast of storytellers. An impres-
author captures perfectly the tone of a $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper sive contributor list includes Elizabeth
childhood enriched by legend and Gaskell and George A. Sala, whose
romance, and unsullied by the concerns poignant tales rival Dickens’ own. Charles
of adulthood. Dickens (1812–1870) is considered one
of the English language’s greatest writers.
Fiction • 136 pp • 5 x 8
9781843911951 • October Fiction/Seasonal • 224 pp • 5 x 8
$14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper 9781843911975 • October
90 $17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper

Germinie Lacerteux Tales of the Islanders The Misadventures

Edmond and Jules de Goncourt Charlotte Brontë of John Nicholson
Translated by Anthony Cummins High-spirited and hugely enjoyable, Robert Louis Stevenson
Foreword by Ken Loach this collection of juvenilia showcases A semi-autobiographical work of pros-
Based on the true case of the authors’ Brontë’s creative powers, suffused perity and loss, this classic Gothic tale
own maidservant, this seminal text in with a youthful zeal and exuberance. moves between Edinburgh’s darkest
the history of Naturalism was a strong drinking establishments and the
influence on Zola, and, it has been
Also available: The Foundling
(9781843910985), The Green beguiling Californian sunshine.
claimed, inaugurated the literary Dwarf (9781843910480),
portrayal of the French lower classes. The Secret (9781843911258), Bearing all the hallmarks of Stevenson’s
and The Spell (9781843911173) most gripping works, this story offers a
Orphaned at the age of four, Germinie host of colorful characters to rival those
When Charlotte’s brother Branwell was
Lacerteux is forced to enter service in Paris found among the pages of Treasure Island.
given a set of 12 toy soldiers, an entire
in order to pay her way, in a story that Exasperated that his stern and overbear-
new imaginary world opened before
paints a vision of 19th-century Paris ing father refuses to tolerate his penchant
them. The Twelves, or Young Men,
haunted by poverty, death, and despair. In for alcohol, John Nicholson decides to
became a constant source of inspiration
the service of Mlle de Varandeuil, leave his life in Edinburgh in search of all
for the Brontë children, spawning tales of
Germinie realizes that if she wishes to the fame and fortune that America has to
swashbuckling adventure, darkest
remain employed, she faces an unmarried offer. Initially delighted with his new life,
intrigue, doomed romance, and malevo-
life. In the face of such drudgery, the he soon learns to his cost that the excesses
lent spirits. The four volumes of tales
Goncourt brothers reveal the value of such his father so decried would ultimately
collected here make delightful reading,
simple pleasures as a walk in the coun- become his downfall—on both sides of the
while offering a unique insight into
tryside; and through the story of Germinie ocean. Best known as the author of
Brontë family life and Charlotte’s devel-
Lacerteux’s life, they examine questions of Kidnapped, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll
opment as a writer. Charlotte Brontë
the individual’s power—or powerless- and Mr. Hyde, and Treasure Island,
(1816–1855), the eldest of the three
ness—to control his or her own fate. The Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894) was
famous Brontë sisters, is best known for
Goncourt brothers, Edmond de Goncourt a leading proponent of Neo-Romanticism.
her novel Jane Eyre.
(1822–1896) and Jules de Goncourt
(1830–1870), were French naturalist writ- Fiction • 112 pp • 5 x 8 Fiction • 112 pp • 5 x 8
ers who inspired authors including Émile 9781843912019 • February 9781843912002 • February
Zola and established France’s most pres- $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
tigious literary prize, the Prix Goncourt.
Fiction • 200 pp • 5 x 8
9781843911944 • January
$14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper


Under the Deodars Mine-Haha The Brickfield

Rudyard Kipling Or On the Bodily Education L. P. Hartley
Foreword by Alex von Tunzelmann of Young Girls
A subtle tale of young love and lost
In eight short stories, touching on Frank Wedekind innocence recounted from the per-
adultery, madness, alcoholism, and Translated by Philip Ward spective of old age, L. P. Hartley’s tour
death, Kipling paints deeply unset- From the author of the controversial de force of intrigue and insinuation
tling portraits of the inhabitants of Spring Awakening, the only available blurs the line between autobiography
colonial Simla. translation of this magical and sinis- and fiction, giving a tantalizing insight
ter exploration of childhood is pre- into the author’s own preoccupations.
Also available: Captains Coura- sented with other short fictional pieces.
geous (9781843914426) and Elderly and infirm novelist Richard
Something of Myself At once a dystopian fantasy and a critique Mardick dramatically dictates his mem-
of sexual norms, Mine-Haha describes a oirs to his young protégé Denys Aspin, so
Of particular interest in this collection is unique boarding institution for girls— that his life story may be preserved for
Kipling’s tone of mordant satire, coupled part idyllic refuge, part prison—where posterity. Faced with a mysterious and un-
with his typically adept characteriza- pupils are trained only in the physical arts defined illness, the young Richard, was
tion. “In the Matter of a Private” shows of movement, dance, and music, before sent to recuperate and work on his uncle’s
Kipling depicting the mutiny of a British issuing them into an adult world for farm, causing him to give up all hope of
soldier who, driven crazy by monotony which they have (unwittingly) been pre- an intellectual career. Coddled and stifled
and alcohol, shoots and kills a fellow pared. The narrator is an old woman by family life, the adolescent Richard
soldier. “At the Pit’s Mouth” describes an recalling her strange childhood and the finds solace in a childhood love affair. The
adulterous woman’s affair, cut short story is focused through the eyes of her mysterious secret that Richard seeks to
when her lover and his mare unceremo- earlier self. Praised by Leon Trotsky in exorcise from his past is hinted at and fi-
niously fall off a cliff. This perennially 1908 for its progressive outlook, this sym- nally uncovered as his narrative ends in
popular author displays a dark commit- bolist novella is here presented alongside tragedy. L. P. Hartley (1895–1972) was
ment to realism and an unforgiving, two rare, complementary short-fiction an English novelist and short story writer.
almost brutal, portrayal of human nature. pieces: The Burning of Egliswyl and The His best-known works are The Go-
Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936) is Sacrificial Lamb. Franklin Wedekind Between, which was adapted into a
perhaps best remembered for his chil- (1864–1918) was a German author and screenplay by Harold Pinter in 1969, and
dren’s books The Jungle Book and Just dramatist. He is best known for his play Eustace and Hilda, for which he won the
So Stories, and for his novel Kim. Alex Spring Awakening and for his Lulu plays, James Tait Black Memorial Prize.
von Tunzelmann is an historian and the the basis for acclaimed Louise Brooks film
author of Indian Summer: The Secret Classics • 216 pp • 5 x 8
Pandora’s Box.
History of the End of an Empire. 9781843914570 • February
Fiction • 112 pp • 5 x 8 $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
Fiction • 144 pp • 5 x 8 9781843914556 • January
9781843914549 • October $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
92 $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper


Since the launch of its inaugural A Riot of Goldfish The Forest Woman
titles in 2002, Hesperus Press has
Kanoko Okamoto Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
published some 300 works by the
Translates by Keith Vincent Translated by Radha Chakravarty
most insightful and important
Foreword by David Mitchell Foreword by Amit Chaudhuri
authors in literary history, including
D a n t e , D i c k e n s , D o s t o e v s ky, Obsession and desire swirl through A captivating tale of Tantric ritual and
Flaubert, Kafka, Tolstoy, and Woolf. these two novellas by Kanoko Okam- court intrigue, set in eastern India
Building on the diversity for which ato, as she describes Japanese society during the 17th century, this novella
it has come to be recognized, poised in a moment of peace before the shows Calcutta’s most famous novel-
Hesperus Press is delighted to world was torn apart by war. ist at his incisive and alluring best.
announce the launch of a new series: In early 20th-century Japan, the son of Abandoned by his fellow travelers on a
Hesperus Worldwide. With inaugu- lower-class goldfish sellers falls in love tiger-ridden shore in eastern Bengal, the
ral titles from Argentina, Bengal, and with the beautiful daughter of his rich narrator stumbles across a strange, beau-
Japan, spanning three centuries and patron. After he is sent away to study the tiful woman, Kapalkundala. But she has
by luminaries ranging from Nobel science of goldfish breeding, with strict been enslaved by a priest who plans to sac-
laureate Rabindranath Tagore to orders to return and make his patron’s rifice them both in an esoteric rite. The
star of contemporary Latin Ameri- fortune, he vows to devote his life to only way for Kapalkundala and the
can fiction Eduardo Belgrano Raw- producing one ideal, perfect goldfish narrator to escape is by marrying each
son, the series marks an exciting new specimen to reflect his loved-one’s beauty. other and traveling on to town in disguise.
departure for Hesperus. Through This poignant and deft tale is presented As soon as they reach the road, however,
Hesperus Worldwide, the Press will en- along with the story of a pauper from they encounter a second woman laden
able great works of literature to bridge Kyoto who teaches himself to be an with jewels and as beguiling, to the
gaps to reach their deserved audiences. accomplished chef. Kanoko Okamoto narrator, as the first. Apparently a
(1889–1939) was a Japanese poet, nov- Muslim aristocrat from the court of
elist, and scholar of Buddhism whose Emperor Akbar, she appears to know
prose works examine the relationships be- more about the narrator than she should.
tween the classes and sexes in her con- Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (1838–1894)
temporary Japan. The twice-Booker was a prolific and important Bengali
short-listed author of Black Swan Green, writer who pioneered novel-writing in
Cloud Atlas, Ghostwritten, and Num- Bengal. Amit Chaudhuri is the award-
ber9Dream, in 2007 David Mitchell was winning author of Freedom Song and A
listed among Time magazine’s 100 Most New World and the editor of The Vintage
Influential People in the World. Book of Modern Indian Literature.
Fiction • 112 pp • 5 x 8 Fiction • 112 pp • 5 x 8
9781843918523 • November 9781843918516 • December
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
Boyhood Days Washing Dishes An Awkward Age
Rabindranath Tagore in Hotel Paradise Anna Starobinets
Translated by Radha Chakravarty Eduardo Belgrano Rawson Translated byr Hugh Aplin
Foreword by Amartya Sen Translated by Rosie Marteau A gripping collection of fantastical
A fresh and idiomatic translation A charming and disarming snapshot stories that blur the imaginary and the
of the Nobel Laureate’s enchanting of lives in contemporary Argentina. real; nominated for the prestigious
memoir of his childhood in Calcutta. National Bestseller prize in Russia
A sailor makes his way along the even before it was published.
Best known internationally for his revo- Uruguayan coast of the Río de la Plata.
lutionary poetry, Rabindranath Tagore is Reaching the radio station Pacheco, a “Anna Starobinets stands apart
also well known for the school and stopping point for all mariners wishing to from other genre writers thanks
university he founded in the Bengal coun- contact the mainland, he places a call to his to her ability to write in a good,
tryside. Seen through the amused eyes of wife. When a male voice answers, and the unpolluted and idiomatic Russian.”
a precocious young boy growing up in line falls dead immediately afterwards, —Moscow Times
turn-of-the-century Calcutta, this the seaman begins to wonder whether it is The title story of this enthralling compila-
memoir describes the joint family he the technology or his wife’s fidelity that he tion spins the tale of a boy growing into
grew up in, the city he played in, and the must doubt. Fusing wit, tenderness, disil- adolescence whose body appears to have
school he was sent to against his will. It lusionment, and passion, the vignettes in been taken over by a colony of ants. His
is an exquisite portrait of both Tagore’s this volume are united by Belgrano’s idio- diary—initially expressed in the barely
childhood and his country, India, at a syncratic and award-winning narrative literate tones of a young child—becomes
turning point in its history. Rabindranath style. Engaging with Argentinian popular more accomplished and assured as the
Tagore (1861–1941) was a poet and culture and history, the author presents a protagonist matures and eventually begins
novelist, and the first Asian to win the cast of characters variously engaged in re- to give way to the voice of the ruler of the
Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913. His habilitation, subterfuge, affairs of the heart, anthill. Featuring a direct, commendably un-
best-known works include Gitanjali and and even, unwittingly, cinematography. pretentious, and convincing style, the tales
The Home and the World. Eduardo Belgrano Rawson is among the use recognizably modern Russian settings
Autobiography • 112 pp • 5 x 8 leading lights of contemporary Latin Amer- to explore the contemporary condition of
9781843918509 • November ican fiction. Born in Argentina, he worked man both in Russia and further afield. Anna
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper as a journalist and writer of screenplays be- Starobinets is a Russian journalist.
fore embarking on a career as a novelist.
His work has been compared to that of Fiction • 160 pp • 5 x 8
Ernest Hemingway and Michael Ondaatje. 9781843917144 • November
$22.95 (Can $25.95) Cloth
Fiction • 112 pp • 5 x 8
9781843918530 • January
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper

Charlotte Brontë Geoffrey Chaucer Robert Louis Stevenson

Jessica Cox Gail Ashton Gavin Griffiths
A fascinating new interpretation of A deft and tantalizing study of one of From his sickly childhood to his trop-
Brontë’s celebrated works and of her the fathers of English literature, his ical travels, the fascinating life of the
personal life, notably her often intense works, and his legacy. man behind Jekyll and Hyde.
relationships with those around her.
Also available: The Book of the Also available: The Story
A film based on the life of Duchess (9781843911579), The of a Lie (9781843911814)
Charlotte Brontë is due to Miller’s Tale (9781843911715),
and The Parliament of Birds Scottish-born novelist, poet, travel writer,
release in 2010, starring Michelle
Williams, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, (9781843911012) and essayist Robert Louis Stevenson was
and Imelda Staunton a prolific author whose best-known
One of England’s best-loved authors,
works—Treasure Island, Dr. Jekyll and
Charlotte Brontë is one of the world’s Geoffrey Chaucer was a poet, bureaucrat,
Mr. Hyde, and Kidnapped, among them—
best-loved writers. Her extraordinary and diplomat. His richly imaginative
have been read and loved by generations
literary talent manifested itself at an and witty works, written in vernacular
around the world. In this striking new
early age when she penned a series of English rather than courtly French or
biography, Gavin Griffiths offers an
imaginative and entertaining tales. Before Latin, established his mother tongue as
excellent glimpse into Stevenson’s life
her untimely death at the age of 38 she a literary language in its own right.
and world. From his early ill health and
produced the masterpieces Jane Eyre, Although his writing is well known, the
rejection of the Presbyterian lifestyle, to
Shirley, and Vilette. Superb and meticu- biographical details of Chaucer’s life in
his burgeoning literary talents and friend-
lously researched, Jessica Cox’s biogra- 14th-century England remain scarce.
ship with Henry James, and his subse-
phy provides a beautifully drawn portrait In this new biography, Gail Ashton
quent success as a writer and travels to
of the creator of some of the world’s most examines the competing versions of
the South Seas, Griffiths brilliantly
remarkable novels. Jessica Cox has writ- “Chaucer” that have sprung up in the
captures the man and his work to create
ten and published widely on the Brontës centuries since his death, and speculates
a thoroughly rewarding and entertaining
and is the editor of a critical edition of about the extent to which his poetic
biography. Gavin Griffiths is the author
Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley. legacy has been made to fit a range of
of Brief Lives: Joseph Conrad.
agendas, especially those surrounding
Biography • 112 pp • 5 x 8
England and Englishness. Gail Ashton is Biography • 112 pp • 5 x 8
9781843919209 • January
an academic and a writer. 9781843919193 • February
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
Biography • 112 pp • 5 x 8
9781843919186 • January
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper


On Deception On Genius and On London

Harry Houdini the Common Man Charles Dickens
Foreword by Derren Brown John Ruskin A unique selection of little-known
The highlights of Houdini’s writings Cited as an inspiration by, among excerpts, essays, and letters, which col-
on magic are presented, revealing him others, Tolstoy, Proust, Gandhi, and, lectively showcase Victorian London
to have been a remarkably prescient of course, Oscar Wilde, Ruskin was an in all its seedy, opulent, oppressive,
champion of rationalism and an ardent icon of the Victorian era and a man liberating, and tumultuous glory.
opponent of the duping of susceptible knowing not a little about genius
Also available: On Travel
himself—here his fascinating thoughts (9781843916123)
Hugh Jackman is pegged on the topic are collected. Dickens’ London is a thing of legend. The
to star in a Broadway play In addition to founding the discipline of sense of place was of the utmost impor-
as Houdini in 2010
modern art criticism and rescuing from tance for Dickens, and nowhere is more
Throughout his life, the world’s most obscurity such cornerstones of art history synonymous with his name than London.
famous escapologist strove to expose as J. M. W. Turner, John Ruskin wrote The most splendid of all his characters,
the methods and tricks of illusionists and prolifically, publishing more than 250 the city was the subject of scrupulous
sham spiritualists. Studying entertainers works. Among his many famed theories research: Dickens spent several hours a
and criminals alike, Houdini investigates was a notion that each generation boasts day exploring its streets and inhabi-
the tricks of the mind and sleights of hand just a few men of genius, who differ from tants. The pieces collected here reveal
that have deceived people throughout his- their contemporaries both in social rela- London to be the primary inspiration for
tory. The magician’s writings caused a tions and in their attitudes to study and one of the geniuses of English literature.
public sensation; legend has it that his the products of men. Collated here are the Charles Dickens (1812–1870) is one of
book The Right Way to Do Wrong was gems of this theory, for the benefit both England’s most important literary figures.
bought in bulk by burglars in an attempt of those fascinated by genius and those His works enjoyed enormous success in
to guard the tricks of their trade. This who might aspire to this status. John his day and are still regarded as among
collection also includes Houdini’s reve- Ruskin (1819–1900) is best known for his the most popular and widely read clas-
lations about the methods behind some work as an art critic, sage writer, and sics of all time.
of his own most famous tricks, and social critic, but is remembered as an
articles he wrote to expose his imitators. Essays • 112 pp • 5 x 8
author, poet, and artist as well. Ruskin’s 9781843916154 • January
Harry Houdini (1874–1926) was a ma- essays on art and architecture were
gician, escapologist, and stunt performer, $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
extremely influential in the Victorian
as well as a skeptic and investigator of and Edwardian eras.
spiritualists. He was also a film producer,
actor, and author. Essays • 112 pp • 5 x 8
9781843916147 • October
Essays • 112 pp • 5 x 8 $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
9781843916130 • October
96 $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper

On Reading On Paris Merchant’s Tale

Marcel Proust Ernest Hemingway Geoffrey Chaucer
Translated by Damion Searls An aggressive critique on 1920s Translated by Lyn Richmond
Collected here are rare Proustian Parisian culture, penned by one of his- A dual-language edition of Chaucer’s
reflections on this most cherished of tory’s most revered authors. timeless tale of adultery and deception
activities, together with the work he is presented in a brand-new, modern-
Written for the Toronto Star between
arguably held dearest and which was English translation.
1920 and 1924, this selection of energetic
to influence his own philosophy pro-
pieces from Hemingway sees the author Other dual language Chaucer
foundly: Ruskin’s Of Kings’ Treasuries. editions: The Book of the
focus his gaze on Paris. Writing with char-
“To understand a profound thought is to acteristic verve, the author tackles cultural Duchess (9781843911579), The
Miller’s Tale (9781843911715),
have, at the moment one understands it, topics in chapters such as Living on and The Parliament of Birds
a profound thought oneself; and this $1,000 a Year in Paris, American (9781843911012)
demands some effort, a genuine descent Bohemians in Paris, and Parisian Boor- In the face of vociferous protestations
to the heart of oneself.” ishness. “The scum of Greenwich Village, from his friends, age-withered January
Reading was, for Marcel Proust, more than New York, has been skimmed off and selects a radiant young wife. His
the pursuit of knowledge: a truly spiritual deposited in large ladles on that section beloved—innocence embodied, to the
activity, it was a means of transforming of Paris adjacent to the Café Rotonde. untrained eye—wastes little time
and transcending the self. By reading New scum, of course, has risen to take the acquainting herself with his servants.
great authors, he contends, we not only place of the old, but the oldest scum, the Taking advantage of her husband’s blind-
learn of great ideas, but are enriched by thickest scum and the scummiest scum,” ness, she explores her carnal appetite with
the fruits of the world’s most inspirational Hemingway wryly observes, “has come his footman, with little regard for dignity.
minds. Novelist Marcel Proust (1871– across the ocean, somehow, and with its Chaucer’s genius is to elevate her trans-
1922) was a prominent figure in the afternoon and evening levees has made gression to the level of gender politics; as
French salons of the late 19th century, and the Rotonde the leading Latin Quarter deities intervene to decide the plight of
is best remembered for his huge four-vol- showplace for tourists in search of at future man and woman, the full import
ume masterpiece In Search of Lost Time. mosphere.” Ernest Hemingway (1899– of January and May’s relationship is
Damion Searls has won an NEA grant and 1961) was a novelist, short story writer, revealed. Geoffrey Chaucer (1343–1400)
a PEN Translation Fund award for his and journalist. He was awarded the was an author, poet, philosopher,
translations. Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. bureaucrat, courtier, and diplomat. He is
Literary Criticism • 112 pp • 5 x 8 Essays/Travel • 112 pp • 5 x 8 best known for his celebrated work The
9781843916161 • January 9781843916048 • November Canterbury Tales.
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper
Poetry • 72 pp • 5 x 8
9781843911999 • January
$11.95 (Can $12.95) Paper

You Remind Me of Marilyn Monroe
Steven Berkoff
A revealing and personal collection of poems from actor and playwright Steven Berkoff.
From sensuous, stream-of-consciousness declarations of love to brooding meditations on the
wreckage of a relationship, this collection of verse from Steven Berkoff provides an intimate
glimpse into the thoughts, pains, and passions of the acclaimed playwright and actor. Never
before published together, these poems make use of the sexual, violent, and visceral language
that is so characteristic of his plays in order to explore extremely personal themes. The result
is a passionate and captivating collection. Steven Berkoff has appeared in such films as Octo-
pussy and A Clockwork Orange, and is the author of numerous plays, including Sturm und
Drang and The Secret Love Life of Ophelia. He is also the author of the memoirs Tough Acts
and Shopping in the Santa Monica Mall and of the short story collection Graft.
Poetry • 66 pp • 5 x 8
9781846880797 • September • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • Herla

The Telling
Jo Baker
“Baker’s deft pacing pays spooky dividends.” —Time Out

“The great strength of the novel is that you are equally concerned with both sets of char-
acters, and their stories. Baker’s spare, visual prose is a treat to read.” —Daily Mail
“Movingly explores loss, love and motherhood with the chilling suggestion of a haunting.”
—Books Quarterly
Her mother recently deceased, Rachel sets off alone for her family’s isolated country house in
order to pack up and sell off the remnants of her estate. She tells herself the process will only
take a few weeks, but from the moment she steps through the front door, Rachel feels that the
house contains more than she had expected. Along with the memories of her mother, there is
something else in the house, a presence trying to make itself felt. As Rachel struggles to put her
mother’s affairs in order, she grows ever more convinced that the house holds a message for her.
Can the ghosts of the past be nudging their way into the present, or is Rachel really beginning
to lose her mind? Jo Baker is the author of The Mermaid’s Child and Offcomer.
Fiction • 368 pp • 5 x 8
9781846271403 • January • $14.95 Paper • Portobello Books

The Sonnets
A Novel
Warwick Collins
Shakespeare in Love for the sonnets: a fictional tale of how Shakespeare wrote his most
famous poems.

“No one can come away from this novella without a clear understanding of the
dangerous, dark currents beneath the surface of Elizabeth’s England . . . Savor it
slowly and you will be rewarded.” —Sally Zigmond, author, Hope Against Hope
“A potent mix of sensuality and suspense.” —Publishers Weekly on The Rationalist
“Collins . . . shows himself once again to be a daring, unconventional, accomplished
writer . . . covers considerable social ground in a brief span—and is eminently successful.”
—Kirkus Reviews on Gents
No one knows for sure precisely when and where Shakespeare wrote his sonnets or, more
intriguingly, who he wrote them for. This wonderfully entertaining novel imagines the
circumstances that inspired 30 of the Bard’s most popular sonnets. The young Will Shakespeare is
living under the patronage of Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton. The controversial earl is
under pressure from his family and those close to the royal court to settle down but he is far too
busy drinking, carousing, and cavorting with his motley band of acquaintances to pay attention.
Not then the obvious setting for poetic genius but within the politics (both state and sexual) of
this lofty household Will finds lots to inspire his pen, and a few attractive distractions too. With
30 sonnets interwoven into the text in seamless fashion, this clever tale crafted from fragments of
history wears its scholarship lightly and its love of Shakespeare and poetry proudly. Warwick Collins
is the author of Computer One, Gents, and Booker Prize–contender The Rationalist.
Fiction • 272 pp • 5 x 8
9780007306190 • October • $12.95 Paper • The Friday Project
Harry Bowling
Harry Bowling, known as “the King of Cockney sagas,” wrote 18 novels of London life,
including Down Milldyke Way, The Girl from Cotton Lane, and That Summer in Eagle Street.
Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • $12.95 Paper • Headline

Gaslight in Page Street

The first installment in a trilogy of tales about the members of a close-knit
community and their support of one another through hardships.

“What makes Harry’s novels work is their warmth and authenticity. Their spirit
comes from the author himself and his abiding memories of family life as it was
once lived in the slums of southeast London.” —Today
Page Street, a shabby, cobbled, and gaslight Bermondsey backstreet, is home to a diverse and
devoted community fighting an ongoing battle against poverty, hunger, and the devastating
effects of the Great War. George Galloway owns a cartage business; his right-hand man is
William Tanner. William’s loyalty has worn thin over the years but he cannot break the ties
with Galloway because times are hard and the house in which he lives belongs to him.
Carrie Tanner grows up in the heart of a poor yet loving family, but as she becomes a young
woman she becomes involved in the Suffragette movement, symbolic of a quickly changing
world. Will this close-knit community be able to pull together or will it be torn apart?
640 pp • 9780755340385 (Replaces 9780747236900) • October

The Girl from Cotton Lane

The series’ second installment is a remarkable portrayal of a docklands community
as it undergoes rapid and turbulent change, and of a way of life that will be lost
for ever.

“Poignant, nostalgic—but not romanticized—stories of good-hearted ordinary

people in extraordinary circumstances.” —Independent
Cotton Lane in dockland Bermondsey is one of the many small cobbled streets which serve
the wharves. On the corner is Bradley’s Dining Rooms, the favorite eating place of the river-
men, trade union officials, and horse and motor drivers. Since her marriage to Fred Bradley,
Carrie has been running the dining rooms, and trade has picked up since the end of the Great
War. But all is not well between Carrie and Fred. For although they have a little daughter
they adore, neither of them is happy. Will they ever know true happiness?
352 pp • 9780755340378 (Replaces 9780747238690) • January

The Antigallican
Tom Bowling
Exploring naval war at the end of the 18th century, this is the first in a series of novels
set at sea in Britain, the Channel Islands, and Revolutionary France.
Fishing captain Jean Cotterell is rescued by a French frigate—The Hortense—off the Grand
Banks of Nova Scotia in May 1794. His fishing vessel has foundered and he is the sole
survivor. The Hortense is part of Republican Admiral Jan Van Stabel’s great fleet of more
than 100 ships bringing corn to France. Life on The Hortense is like France under the
Terror: chaotic, ungovernable, and obsessed with savage, radical political theories. Separated
from the French fleet in the Western Approaches, she is intercepted by two British frigates,
and Cotterell finds himself embroiled in the heat of battle. Tom Bowling is the author of
Pirates and Privateers.
Fiction • 288 pp • 5 x 8
9781842433218 (Replaces 9781842432761) • January • $14.95 Paper • Oldcastle Books

The White Raven

Robert Low
Epic and action-packed, the sequel to The Wolf Sea is vivid, full-blooded historical
writing at its best, charting the adventures of Orm and his band of Viking brothers,
the Oathsworn.

“A company of warriors, desperate battles, an enthralling read.”

—Bernard Cornwell on The Whale Road
“A fantastic book, one of the best I have read for years . . . There’s a sturdy, lyrical
and epic quality about the writing which makes it feel like the kind of saga a Viking
would recount in his old age.” —Simon Scarrow on The Whale Road
“A rousing, sprawling saga of Viking warriors and the quest for hidden treasure . . .
Low mixes history, archeology, mythology and nonstop, often-sanguinary action
into a fast-moving adventure tale.” —Publishers Weekly on The Whale Rider
The first two books in the Oathsworn series, The Whale Road
(9780312361945) and The Wolf Sea (9780312361952), were
published by St. Martin’s Press
The Oathsworn have itchy feet. Battle-hungry and tired of keeping the homestead fires burn-
ing, they are restless for action. And, being the Oathsworn, action is what they get. When
their homestead is attacked by Klerkon and his men, the Oathsworn promise bloody
revenge. But they didn’t count on having to undertake the most dangerous journey of their
lives in order to save two of their number. Packed with epic adventure and bloody action,
the third book in the Oathsworn series is Robert Low at his enthralling best. Robert Low
is a former war correspondent and the author of The Whale Road and The Wolf Sea.
Fiction • 384 pp • 5 x 8 • HarperCollins UK
New in Paper: 9780007287987 • October • $12.95
Cloth: 9780007262564 • Available • $24.95

The Devil & Maria D’Avalos
Victoria Hammond
Steeped in the overripe beauty, violence, and exoticism of 16th-century Naples, this is the rivet-
ing story behind one of the most famous and terrible murders in the history of the Renaissance.
In 1590, the great and tormented composer Carlo Gesualdo murdered his beautiful wife Maria
d’Avalos and her aristocratic lover. Gesualdo was a character of Shakespearian proportions:
nobleman, musical genius, and—for the last 16 years of his life—an alleged madman. With the
chilling calculation of a hunter, he staged the violent and bloody murder of the lovers like an
opera. Yet far from ending his torment, the murder caused Gesualdo’s subsequent years to
increasingly be filled by demons and dementia. Inspired by these haunting events, this lush and
sensual novel vividly imagines the life of the mysterious and seductive Maria, her tormented
marriage to Carlo, and her affair with Fabrizio Carafa, the most handsom and accomplished
nobleman in Naples. Victoria Hammond is the author of Letters from St Petersburg and
Visions of Heaven.
Fiction • 344 pp • 6 x 9
9781741146851 • November • $17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

A Country Cotillion
Sandra Heath
As the widow of an irresistible and infamous libertine, Elizabeth became accustomed both
to cruelty and to passion—two things she suddenly recognizes in a would-be suitor.

“Heath has a fine writing style that captures the atmosphere perfectly . . . a very enjoy-
able read.” —Regency Reviews on A Commercial Enterprise
Beautiful Elizabeth French had learned both the pleasure and pain of love as the bride of James
French. But now that irresistible and infamous libertine was dead—and Elizabeth chose to wed
a handsome lord as different from James as day from night. Sir Alexander Norrington was dark
where James had been so fiercely exciting. Surely it was better thus, Elizabeth told herself—
until she met Marcus Sheridan, the Duke of Arlington, who was so much like James as to set
Elizabeth’s pulse racing, even as she desperately tried not to fall prey again to a man who would
win her heart only to break it. Sandra Heath is the award-winning author of more than 60
novels, including Breaking the Rules, Easy Conquest, Playing with Fire, and Second Thoughts.
She is a past winner of the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Awards for Best Regency
Author and Best Regency Romance.
Romance • 224 pp • 6 x 9.5
9780709086598 • November • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Robert Hale

A Dedicated Scoundrel
Anne Barbour
He called himself John Smith, but to Catherine his name was temptation.

“One of my favorite authors.” —Mary Balogh, author, Slightly Wicked

“You can always count on Anne Barbour for gloriously innovative romance.”
—Romantic Times on Miss Prestwick’s Crusade
Catherine Meade swiftly sensed that she could not trust the stranger who rudely thrust him-
self into her life. He was roughly dressed, but spoke in the accents of an aristocrat. He knew
all there was to know of a woman’s weaknesses, yet claimed to know nothing of his own past.
If Catherine did not think well of the mysterious Mr. Smith from the outset, her opinion only
grew worse. It becomes clear that his secrets are scandalous and his nightly trips to London
questionable indeed. But even as she exposes one infamy after another about this man who lies
as smoothly as he kisses, she comes to find that it is not only his tongue she cannot not trust,
but her heart as well. Anne Barbour is the Romantic Times Best Regency of the Year Award–
winning author of numerous romances, including Buried Secrets, A Man of Affairs, and Miss
Prestwick’s Crusade. She lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Romance • 224 pp • 6 x 9.5
9780709083481 • October • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Robert Hale

A Rake’s Reform
Anne Barbour
An unlikely romance ignites between a spirited young woman and a notoriously libertine lord.

“With her typical wit and humor, Barbour . . . has penned a delightful, well-written
Regency featuring a pair of engaging protagonists (who both reform), a well-drawn group
of secondary characters, and an interesting element of Regency feminism.“ —Library Journal
When Charles Trent, the Earl of Bythorne and Britain’s premier rake, plummeted into Hester
Blayne’s life, he proved to be as wicked and arrogant, not to say breath-stoppingly handsome
as expected. The man actually expected her to take his earnest ward under her wing and
persuade the damsel to marry the man of his choice. For his part, Trent found England’s
premier feminist firebrand absolutely infuriating. She was plain, dedicated to her philosophy,
and completely unimpressed by his charm. It was not long, however, before Hester realized
that beneath Trent’s handsome exterior lay a man of sensitivity and warmth. For his part, Trent
soon abandoned his prejudice against plain, dedicated firebrands and found himself drawn to
Hester’s wit, charm, and intelligence. And come to think of it, she really wasn’t all that plain,
was she? The battle of the sexes was about to claim two more victims, but who would be the
first to concede defeat? Anne Barbour is the Romantic Times Best Regency of the Year Award–
winning author of numerous romances, including Buried Secrets, A Man of Affairs, and Miss
Prestwick’s Crusade. She lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Romance • 224 pp • 6 x 9.5
9780709084693 • November • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Robert Hale

The Dashing Miss Fairchild

Emily Hendrickson
The arrival of Miss Clare Fairchild set tongues wagging with curious questions and scan-
dalous suppositions—why was Miss Fairchild, though both rich and beautiful, still unwed
at the advanced age of 23?

“Hendrickson’s latest satisfyingly sweet Regency includes a pinch of mystery and some
delightful secondary characters.” —Booklist on Tabitha’s Tangle
Rich and beautiful Claire Fairchild seeks diversion in Bath, desiring a change from her sister’s
children. En route someone abandons an infant in her carriage prior to her departure from a
Marlborough inn. The mystery deepens when no parents or nanny can be discovered. What to
do? Once in Bath, Richard Talbot, an old friend, offers his help to solve the mystery. But after
they confront the suspected villain, they find their lives in danger. Following several assassin
attempts, Claire discovers Richard’s strength most comforting! Richard finds Claire even more
enchanting than when they first met, and longs to make her his. Between the gossips of Bath
and the danger of their quest, will they survive to make this possible? Emily Hendrickson’s
other romances include The Ivory Dragon, Lord Huntingdon’s Legacy, The Rake’s Revenge,
and Tabitha’s Tangle. She is the recipient of the Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excel-
lence for The Debonair Duke. She lives in Reno, Nevada.
Romance • 224 pp • 6 x 9.5
9780709082835 • December • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Robert Hale

The Roguish Miss Penn

Emily Hendrickson
Lord Ramsey was willing to help Miss Penn make her stage dreams come true—but make-
believe love had a surprising way of turning to reality.
Lovely Katherine Penn longs for a near impossibility: to have her play performed. Unfortunately,
playwrights are considered rogues, but she is considered quite proper. Her talented group of
actors welcomes the patronage of Philip, Lord Ramsey, yet unaccustomed feelings stir within
Katherine when she is near this handsome gentleman. He confuses her and makes her yearn for
the unknown. Meanwhile Viscount Ramsey offers his own theater for the group’s practice, a
means of having the enchanting Katherine nearby. When danger suddenly rears its head and
Katherine finds her life is in jeopardy, Philip does all he can to protect her, but can he save her
for himself? Emily Hendrickson is the author of numerous romance novels, including The Gal-
lant Lord Ives, Lady Sara’s Scheme, and Queen of the May.
Romance • 224 pp • 6 x 9.5
9780709082613 • November • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Robert Hale
Red Dress Walking
S. A. Jones
A playful, engrossing novel about the power of books, love, relationships, breakdowns,
and break-ups.

“A clever novel.” —Books for Bookworm

This is the story of an intimate circle of friends and one couple, Will and Emily, who are
very much in love with each other. Will is an engineer who succeeds through hard work
and determination rather than innate ability. Emily is quiet and withdrawn, working for
a publisher and asserting herself only when she explores her passions of literature and
cooking. Unknown to Will or her friends, Emily keeps a secret journal of stories she
believes are shared with her by marginal characters from her favorite novels. These char-
acters suddenly become increasingly real to her, and as the lines between reality and
fiction begin to blur, Will, Emily, and their close circle of friends become caught up in
one another’s lives in ways they never thought possible. Not long after a fourth anniversary
dinner celebrating their relationship, Will is struggling to find a way to let Emily know
that he wants to make a long-term commitment. He eventually stumbles upon a stunning
red dress that he believes will show Emily just how much he loves and appreciates her
individual style and personality, but despite his good intentions, the gift sets in motion
a series of events that create a huge rift in their relationship. A thought-provoking novel
of beauty, books, love, and desire, Red Dress Walking is a playful, clever, and sexy novel
about men and women, the fierce friendships that women have, and what certain books
mean to us. S. A. Jones is a professional writer.
Fiction • 320 pp • 6 x 8.5
9781741755213 • January • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Alice in La La Land
Sophie Lee
Hollywood is anything but easy street for an aspiring actress in this comic story from
acclaimed film star Sophie Lee.

“An assured debut.” —Vogue Australia

“Much of the book's strength and humor occur when Alice reveals the tedium
(and humiliation) of the auditioning process . . . Lee's writing is fresh and snappy.”
A series of disasters in her home town causes actress Alice Evans to flee to Hollywood,
where she finds that life is not the glittery stuff of dreams. She is forced to navigate her
way around the city in a cheap, Japanese rental car, lurching from one audition to the
next. She has no money in the bank, no friends, and her auditions continually fail to im-
press. She crashes in an apartment in the decidedly nonglamorous Miracle Mile district
with an out-of-work swimsuit model and two bellicose cats who have a habit of invad-
ing her suitcase when she’s not looking. Alice begins to suspect she’s come to the worst
place on earth to turn her luck around, but she’s hell bent on her mission to succeed—
until a chance meeting causes her to rethink her priorities. Sophie Lee is a television and
film actress whose credits include Holy Smoke and Muriel’s Wedding.
Fiction • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781741667370 • September • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper • Random House Australia

Gucci Mamas
Cate Kendall
Welcome to the world of the Carpark Mafia, the Mothers Superior, and all the other
pressures of being the perfect, status-obsessed parent.

“A satirical and incisively witty take on the status-obsessed mothers who gather in
gaggles around the gates of private schools.” —Courier Mail
“It's the juicy detail that counts and really makes this worth reading. There's Prada,
passion, bitching, adultery, cosmetic surgery, people's horrible pasts coming to get
them, and moments of high medical drama—it's all here between the covers. Gucci
Mamas is trash and treasure all at once and it doesn't get much better than that.”
—Newcastle Herald
“A cheeky tale of the cashed up, socially elevated label- and looks-driven set of society
[moms] . . . a fun read.” —Herald Sun
Once a down-to-earth girl, Mim Woolcott now keeps Prada, Louis Vuitton, and numerous
day spas in business as her life has descended into a merry-go-round of shopping, backstabbing,
and snobbery. In between keeping up with the Joneses, cracks are starting to show in Mim’s
perfect life as money gets tighter and her husband works ever longer hours. If her two best
friends have similar problems, Mim would never know: the Gucci Mamas are far too busy
picking outfits and having manicures to notice each other’s troubles. Something’s got to give,
and it will take a catastrophic, life-changing event to bring Mim to her senses. Cate Kendall
is the pen name for the writing team Lisa Blundell and Michelle Harmer. They are the au-
thors of Versace Sisters.
Fiction • 336 pp • 5 x 8
9781863255653 • October • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • Bantam Australia

Versace Sisters
Cate Kendall
High fashion and high drama collide in this novel about the difficulties of life at the top.

“Versace Sisters could certainly be filed under the genre chick-lit. It is in the same vein
as Candace Bushnell’s One Fifth Avenue and the popular television show Desperate
Housewives . . . Recommended to any fan of Marian Keyes and others of her ilk.”
—Boomerang Books
From the backwaters to the sophisticated streets of the city, sisters Bellarene and Serandip-
ity have come a long way. Sera’s friends, work, home, and even her children are beautiful
and well styled, but she finds herself stretched to the limit as she goes to extreme lengths to
maintain the illusion of a flawless life. No wonder she relies on her friends from Stitch ‘n’
Bitch, a weekly knitting group that seems to produce lots of gossip, but few handicrafts. The
group is composed of Sera’s best friend, the ditzy Mallory; flight attendant Chantrea, who
balances full-time work, single parenthood, and plenty of guilt about her child-care choices;
single-dad Sam; and the uptight Jacqueline, the cookie-cutter version of 1950s housewife per-
fection. All Sera wants is to be perfect, but a little secret continues to haunt her past. Cate
Kendall is the pen name for the writing team Lisa Blundell and Michelle Harmer. They are
the authors of Gucci Mamas.
Fiction • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781863256186 • January • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • Random House Australia

Avoiding Mr Right
Anita Heiss
Featuring an aboriginal heroine, a tale of putting career before love, and the rather
difficult consequences.
Peta Tully has found her Mr. Right; the only trouble is, she’s not sure she’s ready to
settle down. So when she’s offered a contract that just might win her the job of her dreams,
she puts her city life on hold, packs her bags and jumps on a plane, leaving her doting
boyfriend behind. Peta takes a voluntary vow of celibacy, but sticking to it proves harder
than she imagines. This is Anita Heiss’s second novel about Peta, Alice, Liza, and
Dannie: four deadly, 30-something chicks from Sydney’s eastern beaches. The first novel
is Not Meeting Mr Right. Anita is a writer and poet, the coeditor of Anthology of Aus-
tralian Aboriginal Literature, and the author of I’m Not Racist, But . . .
Fiction • 362 pp • 5 x 8
9781863256049 • November • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • Bantam Australia

Also available:

Not Meeting Mr Right

9781863255110 • $15.95

Blackstrap Hawco
Kenneth J. Harvey
The author of The Town That Forgot How to Breathe returns with his astonishing mas-
terwork, a Newfoundland family epic that secures his reputation as an innovative and
daring international storyteller.

“The book is gripping and painful but redeemed by love. Kenneth J. Harvey demonstrates
the pulse of what it means to be alive.” —Alistair MacLeod, author, No Great Mischief
“An eerie and gripping story, the work of an extravagantly haunted imagination.”
—J. M. Coetzee, author, Disgrace, on The Town That Forgot How to Breathe
“Comparisons with Stephen King’s commercial power and Annie Proulx’s literary
warmth are apt . . . Harvey is an author whose storytelling prowess can speak for it-
self.” —Publisher’s Weekly starred review on The Town That Forgot How to Breathe
Short-listed for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best Book 2009 for
the Canada and Caribbean region
As the end of the 20th century nears, the Hawco family’s bloodlines have grown tainted and
confused. Men fail their families through enforced idleness, and the once-vivid ghosts of their
ancestors have slipped into murk, forgotten along with the rest of history. Blackstrap Hawco
is a defiant man born with little more than a body and spirit that refuse to give up, and the
menacing strength of pride. For the Hawcos of Newfoundland, was it not ever so? From the
arrivals of the indentured Irish to the Victorian drawing rooms of the English merchants, from
the perilous adventures of the seal hunt to the raucous iron ore mines, from a notorious dis-
aster at sea to the relocation of outport communities, the Hawco story might be all the fam-
ily has left. But as Blackstrap Hawco—a novel that will consume in its dazzling swirl of voices,
legends, and beautiful hearsay—testifies, a story this haunting, this powerful, might just be
enough. Kenneth J. Harvey is the author of Inside and The Town That Forgot How to Breathe
as well as several short story collections, including Shack and The Flesh So Close.
Fiction • 840 pp • 6 x 9.5
9781846551543 • September • $24.95 Paper • Harvill Secker

Angel of Brooklyn
Janette Jenkins
Beautifully observed and with powerful evocation of character and place, this story traces
a small village’s fascination with and later scapegoating of a glamorous newcomer.

“A captivating read . . . I’ll eat my hat if it’s not top of the pack in paperback. Such
a tender and moving story deserves readers—and lots of them.” —Publishing News
“Jenkins’s tender narrative voice is well suited to a heroine still innocent enough
to see the good in people . . . It’s a tall order to mix American Gothic with gritty
Northern realism, but Jenkins likes to keep herself and her readers entertained. This
invigorating novel bottles the seasonal delights of both Coney and Morecambe Bay.”
In January, 1914, Jonathan Crane returns home from his travels with a new American bride,
former Coney Island showgirl Beatrice. In the remote Lancashire village Beatrice is the focus
of attention, the men captivated by her beauty, and the women initially charmed by tales
of her upbringing in Normal, Illinois, with her father, an amateur taxidermist, and her brother,
a preacher—although she will take the story of how she became the Angel of Brooklyn to
her grave. But when the men head off to fight in the Great War, the glamorous newcomer
slowly becomes an object of suspicion and jealousy for the women who are left behind and
as the years pass and their resentment grows, Beatrice’s secret proves to be her undoing.
Beautifully observed, tragic, funny, and so evocative you can taste the candy floss at Coney
Island and feel the chill of wartime England, this is an extraordinary, heartbreaking story.
Janette Jenkins is the author of Another Elvis Love Child and Columbus Day.
Fiction • 464 pp • 5 x 8
9780099516552 • September • $14.95 Paper • Vintage UK

Berlin Poplars
Anne B. Ragde
Like Six Feet Under in Norway, this is a darkly comic story of a family reunion that
unearths well-kept secrets.

“Ragde’s writing is self-effacing and subtly crafted . . . If her other work is equally
engrossing, it is high time for more of it to be translated here.” —Independent
“The story is compelling and the final truth-telling is shocking.”
—Times Literary Supplement
“Darkly funny, grabs you at the start and doesn’t let go. Not often is a book this great
. . . if you want a treat, race to get this book, because it’s truly heartwarming, and so,
so funny.” —Evening Herald
Published to huge acclaim in Ragde’s native Norway, Berlin Poplars was
awarded the Riksmål Prize
Just before Christmas on a farm in Northern Norway, 80-year-old Anna Neshov, matriarch
of a troubled family, is taken gravely ill. Her three sons have been quietly immersed in their
work: one an undertaker, one a window-dresser, and the eldest running the family farm, but
now they are forced to reunite for the first time in many years. Their personalities are as
disparate as their careers, and tensions mount from the second they meet, climaxing over
Christmas dinner when the matter of inheritance prompts the revelation of disturbing
family secrets. Anne B. Ragde has created an engrossing dark comedy brought vividly to life
through extraordinary characters. While perfectly in tune with their professions the Neshov
sons as a family are little short of dysfunctional; nevertheless, the real theme of the novel is
a sense of belonging. The farm itself defines this, with its power to draw people back to their
roots, whether they like it or not. Anne B. Ragde has written more than 30 books published
in her native Norway.
Fiction • 298 pp • 5 x 8
9780099502579 • December • $14.95 Paper • Vintage UK

Death of a Salaryman
Fiona Campbell
Like the literary lovechild of Marina Lewycka and Murakami, this sparkling debut boasts
graphic-novel sharpness, humor, and poignancy, set in contemporary Japan.

“Assured, wonderfully surreal, and very clever . . . will make you laugh out loud . . .
well worth the read.” —Sunday Express
“Utterly convincing in its description of a very different world, very funny and slightly
scary.” —Paul Torday, author, Salmon Fishing in Yemen
Wonderfully surreal and painfully real, this is the story of a Japanese salaryman who loses
his job at a TV corporation on his 40th birthday and slips through to a different layer of
society. In a shadowy world where curious characters show him the way—a traveling sales-
man with a passion for Elvis, a pachinko pro with dreams of returning to Hawaii, and a
TV producer who will stop at nothing to get his big break—Kenji sets off on a roller-coaster
ride of misadventures. Via a bizarre chain of happenstance (including being struck by light-
ning while wielding a golf club) he finds himself responsible for a bizarre TV reality game
show. Against all odds, the salaryman dies—to be reborn as a human being. Fresh, origi-
nal, and funny, this astonishing debut novel brilliantly captures the fast-changing culture
of Japan and its surreal underside in an engaging portrait of an ordinary man battling with
the contradictory demands of contemporary life. Fiona Campbell is a policy director for
environmental campaigns.
Fiction • 368 pp • 5 x 8
9780099503699 (Replaces 9780701180959) • September • $14.95 Paper • Vintage UK

Dear Everybody
Michael Kimball
An intense and heartbreaking novel from one of the brightest and most unusual voices
in American fiction, newly released in paper.

“There is a whole life contained in this slim novel, a life as funny and warm and sad
and heartbreaking as any other, rendered with honest complexity and freshness by
Kimball’s sharp writing.” —Los Angeles Times
“In addition to writing stunning prose, Kimball evocatively hints at entire physical
and emotional worlds lying just behind his story’s surface. In many cases, the author’s
verbal compression both amplifies and dampens the tragic clamor of Jonathon’s letters
. . . they harbor such a strange emotional power that you’ll find them hard to forget.”
—Time Out New York
“A reader can only embrace the open-armed Dear Everybody . . . In Bender’s unsent
letters of apology or thanks, Michael Kimball transforms the familiar into the strange
again and the simplest confessions are made moments of sublime wonder. Hold on to
this book.” —Christine Schutt, author, Florida, a National Book Award finalist, and
winner of the O. Henry Prize and Pushcart Prize
Tracing the nuances of a short-lived life, this involving and sympathetically written novel
maintains a tone of finely judged tension between laughter and tears. Jonathon Bender had
something to tell the world, but the world wouldn’t listen. However, he left behind him
unsent letters addressed to relatives, friends, neighbors, coaches, teachers, classmates, pro-
fessors, roommates, psychiatrists, employers, his younger self, former girlfriends, his ex-wife,
a TV station, and God, among many others. This unsent correspondence forms the narra-
tive of a remarkable life. Michael Kimball is the author of How Much of Us There Was and
The Way the Family Got Away. He lives in Baltimore.
Fiction • 256 pp • 5 x 8 • Alma Books
New in Paper: 9781846880834 • March • $14.95 (Can $16.95)
Cloth: 9781846880551 • Available • $19.95 (Can $21.95)

Mitsugu Saotome
A sweeping novel of epic history and romance set in a period in which Japan made its
transformation from the medieval period to the modern age.
Set in the midst of samurai warfare in the mountainous region of Aizu in the late 19th
century, Okei recounts the coming of age of a young peasant girl Okei, who falls desper-
ately in love with the fierce warrior Sanasuma Kingo, only to learn that the world she
inhabits has no place for love. The two live in entirely different worlds, and Okei must learn
to understand both the nature of her hidden feelings rising within her and the arcane codes
and honor system of the samurai. As the forces of the old Tugokawa order struggle to con-
tain the imperialist army, Okei and her rural community find that exile to the New World
may be their only remaining chance of survival. Epically capturing the character of a coun-
try in the midst of revolution and faced with the onset of modernity, Mitsugu Saotome’s
masterful novel manages to blend vivid historical detail with a timeless tale of romance,
self-discovery, and growing up. Mitsugu Saotome (1926–2008) is an author of historical
fiction, focusing on Japan’s Warring States period and the transition from the premodern
Tokugawa to the modern Meiji (1868–1912) era. He won the prestigious Naoki Prize for
his 1968 Kyojin no ori (The Cage of the Traveler).
Fiction • 352 pp • 5 x 8
9781846880704 • October • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • Alma Books

The Ice Chorus

Sarah Stonich
Written with the subtlety and beauty that won extravagant praise for These Granite Is-
lands, a vivid and compassionate investigation of love and memory in the Irish story-
telling tradition.

“Any woman who ever had her heart cracked open by a man should read The Ice
Chorus, and the rest should too.” —Nuala O’Faolain, author, My Dream of You
“Stonich . . . pays homage to the Irish storytelling tradition in this sophisticated and
fully realized tale of love and forgiveness . . . Midlife renewal and the power of art
to transform life are celebrated in this bittersweet tale.” —Publishers Weekly
“Stonich effortlessly conjures multiple vivid settings and uncommonly interesting
characters . . . A subtle, lovely evocation of the transforming power of love.”
Liselle never meant to fall in love. When she accompanied her archaeologist husband on a
dig in Mexico, she didn’t expect to meet Charlie—a talented, fiercely intelligent painter who
sees her in a way that her husband never has. Liselle enters into a brief but intense affair
with him that shocks her into living again. Liselle then travels to a remote village on the
west coast of Ireland. She gradually becomes acquainted with some of the locals, whose
wholehearted charm and colorful stories revive her spirits and inspire her to make a
documentary about their interwoven tales of romance. While she explores her fascinating
new surroundings, Liselle comes to confront her own tumultuous past and her feelings for
Charlie, the Welsh painter who rekindled her passions in Mexico, realizing that to tell the
stories of others, she must first reveal her own. Sarah Stonich’s first novel, These Granite
Islands, was translated into seven languages. It was a Barnes & Noble “Discover Great New
Writers” selection, a Book Sense 76 Top Ten Pick, a finalist for France’s prestigious Grand
Prix Letrices d’Elle, and a “2001 Friends of American Writers” Best Novel. She lives in
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Fiction • 350 pp • 5 x 8
9781846880827 (Replaces 9780316815550) • September
$14.95 (Can $16.95) New in Paper • Alma Books
The Rat Killer
Alexander Terekhov
A brilliant depiction of a small, rat-infested, industrial satellite town reveals both the
absurdity and horror of postcommunist Russia.

“I like The Rat-Killer . . . I always do like these sardonic Russian tales—a genre on their
own—that take satire to its extreme.” —Doris Lessing, Nobel Prize–winner in Literature
“Fine satire in a Gogol-esque vein.” —Guardian
“Funny, crazy, and wonderfully unpredictable.” —Times
“Packed with forceful imagery and the slang of modern Russian . . . a racy read
which is at the same time an extended metaphor and a satirical novel very much
in the Russian tradition.” —Moscow Times
Rats and human beings aren’t always that far apart from each other. As the political
intrigue of phantasmagorical postcommunist reality develops into nightmare, the greed,
cunning, and malice of the humans more and more resemble the behavior of the large com-
munities of destructive rodents, while the rats acquire more and more human features.
Svetloyar is bidding to be included in the list of historical towns making up Russia’s
famous “Golden Ring,” a lucrative tourist route around Moscow. Aside from the prob-
lem that it has no history, having been entirely constructed during the Stalinist period, the
place is overrun by rats and two pest-controllers are summoned from Moscow. What
follows is an astute interrogation of the nature of both humanity and history, as the nar-
rator’s desire for the regional dictator’s wife sits subtly alongside his perpetual
concern for the destruction of rats. While clearly in the classical Russian tradition, the
novel also incorporates the more experimental and satirical aesthetic of Soviet writers such
as Bulgakov, and as the narrator’s perception of reality becomes increasingly warped, so
does our experience of the almost comically grotesque landscape around him. Alexander
Terekhov’s short stories have been translated into French, German, and English.
Fiction • 352 pp • 5 x 8
9781846880537 • November • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Alma Books

Each Day a Small Victory

Chips Hardy
Illustrations by Oscar Grillo
A darkly funny tale of “rural noir” featuring a perturbed ermine who must wrestle with
the brutal realities of life on the countryside.

“Pulp Fiction meets The Wind in the Willows.” —Jake Arnott, author,
The Long Firm trilogy
“The memorable feat of a quirky and engaging imagination.” —Sir Roy Strong
Max has made a name for himself as a rabid psychopath who has used random acts of
violence to instigate a campaign of terror. He feels his blood-thirsty reputation is undeserved
and wants to set the record straight. A quirky tale filled with black humor, this is the story
of a ermine and his struggles with injustice. Chips Hardy is a playwright and television writer.
Oscar Grillo is a professional animation director and illustrator. He was awarded the Palme
d’ Or for his work on the film Seaside Women and has contributed to Monsters, Inc.
Fiction • 240 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9781904104032 • September • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth • Can of Worms Press

Magnificent Bastards
Rich Hall
From Emmy Award–winning comedian Rich Hall, a hilarious short story collection.

“If you want to understand America . . . get acquainted with . . . Rich Hall, one
of the funniest, smartest American wits alive.” —Stephen Fry
Rich Hall is widely considered to be the inspiration for Moe Szyslak from
The Simpsons, confirmed by Matt Groening in interviews
From the grouchy, deadpan, comic genius and brilliantly witty author of Otis Lee
Crenshaw: I Blame Society and Things Snowball comes this wonderful new collection of
stories of magnificent bastards and lost souls. Meet the man who vacuums bewildered prairie
dogs out of their burrows; a smug, carbon-neutral eco-couple; a teenage girl who invites
45,000 MySpace friends to a house party; the author of a business book entitled Highly
Successful Secrets to Standing on a Corner Holding Up a Golf Sale Sign; and a man whose
attempts to teach softball to a group of indolent advertising executives sparks an interna-
tional crisis. With his trademark humor, this is guaranteed to delight his loyal fanbase as
well as draw in new readers. Rich Hall is a comedian who has been a cast member of Not
Necessarily the News and Saturday Night Live and won two Emmys for his work with David
Letterman. He quit his job as a hurricane namer for the U.S. Meteorological Service 18 years
ago and hasn’t looked back. Looking like a Pearl Jam roadie, Rich is a master of absurdist
irony. He lives in Montana.
Fiction/Humor • 224 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9780349119656 • September • $14.95 Paper • Abacus

Also available:

Otis Lee Crenshaw:

I Blame Society
9780349118185 • $16.00

Raj Kumar
The first volume of a gripping trilogy set in the U.S. and the Middle-East, this is a story
of love, loyalty, intrigue, suspicion, and intolerance.
Maryam is the beloved daughter of Ibrahim, a high-ranking officer in the Saudi Arabian
army. Ibrahim dotes on Maryam, his pride in her learning, wisdom, and independent spirit
sharpened by the death of his elder son. Despite the love she shares with her family, the
respect she has for her Arabian culture, and her loyalty to Islam, Maryam yearns for travel
and the opportunity to continue her education in Europe. Before she can pursue her dreams,
Ibrahim announces Maryam’s betrothal, her hand the fulfillment of a solemn promise made
before Maryam was born to a man who once saved his life. Maryam endeavors to stifle her
bitter disappointment and to honor her father’s wishes, but soon after she meets Ben, an
American Jewish dentist. As Ben and Maryam pursue an increasingly intimate clandestine
relationship they dare to dream of freedom and a life together. Soon Ben attracts the
attention of the Muttawa—the feared Saudi religious police—and when Maryam discovers
that she is pregnant, she knows that she now faces a terrifying ordeal. Raj Kumar is an artist
and designer who met his wife while living and working in Saudi Arabia.
Fiction • 448 pp • 5 x 8
9781905802333 • January • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Myrmidon Books

Not with Silver
Simi Bedford
Drawing on the author’s ancestral history, this vividly realized historical novel follows
three generations of an African family and their experiences of slavery.

“A brave, morally sophisticated epic.” —Daily Telegraph

“Satisfying and traditional family saga—a total-immersion novel that sweeps the
reader across centuries and continents . . . Powerful and gripping.” —Times
“Wise and provocative.” —Publishers Weekly on Yoruba Girl Dancing
“Funny, touching debut.” —Kirkus Reviews on Yoruba Girl Dancing
Partly based on the experiences of the author’s ancestors: her grand-
father was actually loaded aboard a slave ship before he was rescued
by the British navy, and members of her mother’s family made the terrible
journey from the Nigeria to the plantations of the South and via Canada
back to Sierra Leone.
Abiola is a clever young warrior in West Africa, part of a highly developed society rich not
only in trade, but also in metaphorical and spiritual understanding. But neither his prowess
nor the sophistication of his culture can save him from betrayal, capture, and being sold
into slavery. His name changes to Cornelius as he becomes the property of a Frenchman in
the South, from whom he runs away to join the British in the Revolutionary War, hoping
for a chance at freedom. He and his family eventually flee to the snowy misery of Nova
Scotia, and from there are eventually repatriated back to West Africa—the story comes full
circle, and Sierra Leone is named as the home of freed slaves. But all is not as Cornelius
had dreamed: Sierra Leone is run, like a colony, by white men, and though slave trading is
officially banned, it continues, more lucrative for being driven underground. His daughter,
Epiphany, however, has discovered that she has the same gift of metaphorical and spiritual
understanding as her ancestors. Simi Bedford is the author of Yoruba Girl Dancing.
Fiction • 368 pp • 5 x 8
9780099445173 • September • $14.95 Paper • Vintage UK

Strange Music
Laura Fish
Elizabeth Barrett Browning is one of a triumvirate of women characters—along with a
Creole maidservant and a former slave—in this richly complex story evoking the inescapable
violence of slavery.

“You won’t be able to put it down.” —Independent

“A gifted writer, and her manipulation of language is her forte—brilliant, sensuous
and shocking.” —Sunday Times
“A provocative contribution to revisionist (and feminist) postcolonial fiction.”
—Times Literary Supplement
Elizabeth Barrett Browning is confined to bed, chafing against the restriction of her doctors
and writing poetry and fretful letters; while at her family’s Jamaican estate Creole house-
keeper Kaydia tries to protect her daughter from their predatory master, and a recently freed
black slave, Sheba, mourns the loss of her lover. As Elizabeth, a passionate abolitionist, strug-
gles to come to terms with the source of her wealth and privilege, both Sheba and Kydia fight
to escape a tragic past which seems ever present. Laura Fish’s use of letters excavated from
the Barrett archives as well as island dialects result in an extraordinary evocation of the dark
side of the 19th century that is both horrifying and ultimately redeeming. Laura Fish is the
author of Flight of Black Swans.
Fiction • 352 pp • 5 x 8
9780099507987 • October • $14.95 Paper • Vintage UK

The Same Earth
Kei Miller
A Jamaican Alexander McCall Smith meets Small Island by Andrea Levy. It all begins
with the theft of Tessa Walcott’s polka-dot panties and a river that changes course overnight.

“A humorous, bittersweet fiction, combines the fantastical realism of Marquez with

the domestic comedy of Andrea Levy . . . Miller is a name to watch.”
“A lovingly drawn miniature of Jamaica’s culture from the 1950s onwards . . .
Miller’s narrative and emotional range is exceptional.” —Scotland on Sunday
The novel in manuscript form has already won the Una Marson Prize
for Literature, the biggest literary award in Jamaica
When Imelda Richardson leaves the small village of Watersgate, Jamaica, armed only with
one small suitcase, she is doing so for the second time. One of the throng of young Jamaicans
who left the island after the devastating hurricane of 1974, Imelda’s journey has taken her
to England, to the home of ganja-growing rebel Purletta Johnson, the arms of fake North-
erner Ozzie, and a law degree. But when her mother dies Imelda returns to Watersgate, choos-
ing Jamaica over England. 1983 is still a couple of years shy of the great dancehall explosion
in which artists like Shabba Ranks would sing how he “loved punany bad,” and the village
is still dominated by the Evangelical church and the thundering voice of Pastor Braithwaite.
When Tessa Walcott’s panties are stolen—and in the absence of Perry Mason—she and Imelda
decide to set up a neighborhood watch. But they haven’t counted on Pastor Braithwaite and
the crusading zeal of Evangelist Millie. As a Pentecostal fervor sweeps through the
village, the tensions between old and new come to a head. Kei Miller has published several
collections of poetry and a book of short stories, The Fear of Stones, which was short-listed
for the Commonwealth Writer’s prize for Best First Book.
Fiction • 256 pp • 5 x 8
9780753823118 • November • $14.95 Paper • Phoenix

They Is Us
Tama Janowitz
Oryx & Crake meets Douglas Coupland in this unforgettable vision of the future
of America from one of the defining writers of the 1980s.

“Janowitz built a following with Slaves of New York (1986), one of the defining
books of the 1980s, and she also won acclaim for her recent novel A Certain Age
(1999). Readers will be interested in her latest.” —Booklist on Peyton Amberg
“Great! Sizzling! Wow!” —Andy Warhol on Slaves of New York
Years from now America finds itself split between the rich and the poor. The haves live in
luxury within the small regions that remain unpolluted, while the have-nots inhabit a toxic
suburbia full of terrorism, crime, and genetic mutations—perhaps not all that different from
today. This is the story of one family from the poor side. Julie has a job as a summer intern
at an animal laboratory. She can’t resist taking home the discarded mutants and her house is
filled with genetic castoffs. Her mother, Murielle, has kicked out her stepfather and now, seem-
ingly from nowhere, finds herself subject to the attentions of multimillionaire businessman
A. J. M. Bishrop—who is only dating Murielle because he wants to get Julie’s underage sis-
ter into bed. Just your typical American family story. Set against a backdrop of increasingly
invasive technology, growing pollution, and the president’s impending gay marriage (to be
broadcast live across the nation), Tama Janowitz has written a prophetic novel which is funny,
and frequently hilarious, but so uncannily believable that it is chilling to read. This really
could be the future. Tama Janowitz vaulted to literary stardom with the bestselling Slaves of
New York, becoming “the Most Talked About Writer of the Year” according to Women’s Wear
Daily. Her stories have appeared in such diverse magazines as New Yorker, Paris Review, Spin,
Bomb, and Interview. Her other titles include A Certain Age and Peyton Amberg. She lives
in New York City.
Fiction • 352 pp • 5 x 8
9781906321307 • September • $13.95 Paper • The Friday Project

Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • $12.95 Paper • Pan Books

The Birds, the Bees and Other Secrets

Frances Garrood
Featuring a bizarre but loveable range of characters, a story about the aftereffects of an
eccentric childhood and an unusual family.
It is the early 1960s, and 13-year-old Cassandra Fitzpatrick is growing up in a household
full of waifs, strays, and general misfits. Despite her unorthodox home life, she is gener-
ally content until something happens that turns her life upside down. Cass’s unhappiness
deepens when she wins a scholarship to a boarding school and is torn away from all she
knows and loves, in particular her adored—if wildly unconventional—mother. Years later,
as her beloved mother lies dying from cancer, a grown-up Cass begins to reassess the
experiences, good and bad, of her past. Moving and humorous, this is a novel about the
brevity of childhood and a reminder that love can be found in the most unexpected places.
Frances Garrood is the author of Dead Ernest.
304 pp • 9780230736269 • February

Also available:

Dead Ernest
9780230019133 • $13.95

The Sleepwalker’s Introduction to Flight

Siôn Scott-Wilson
A heartrending, riotous, and brilliantly subversive coming-of-age tale, featuring a darkly
humorous cast of misfits.

“A humorous, moving, and eloquent debut.” —Bookseller

Dreaming of joining the brotherhood of Acapulcan cliff divers, young Mikey Hough rigs a
diving platform in the garden of his suburban home. His first attempt goes rather awry,
however, and two years later, he finally awakes from his coma. Mikey soon befriends Roger,
an elderly ex-pilot hospitalized when his precious Distinguished Flying Cross medal was
violently stolen from him. Mikey soon learns that his own disastrous attempt at flight has
damaged his Suprachiasmatic Nucleus, destroying his ability to sleep. The medical profession
can do nothing for him, and he is sent home from the hospital to die. One night, a despondent
Mikey stumbles across Livia, the cynical local teenager. Together they decide to track down
Roger’s stolen medal, and so begins a remarkable, picaresque journey into the dark heart of
suburbia during which the fearless Mikey and Livia confront a sprawling cast of pensioners,
policemen, and criminals. As they hurtle toward daybreak, they persuade Roger to undertake
one last, gut-wrenching sortie into the night skies. Siôn Scott-Wilson works in advertising and
has won many industry awards for his television work, including a BAFTA nomination.
336 pp • 9780330460811 • November

The Biographer
Virginia Duigan
Featuring a passionate love story, ambition, and intrigue, this is a moving investigation
of human frailty.

“A clear light on the ruthless habits of biography. Marvelous.”

—Drusilla Modjeska, author, The Orchard
“The backgrounds have a physical richness, and the portrayal of artistic life and
conflicts is convincingly achieved.”
—Christopher Koch, author, The Year of Living Dangerously
“Duigan’s novel is a gripping study of the duel between the woman with a secret and
the biographer who senses her fear. Beautifully paced, and even more sinister for its
decorous setting, The Biographer offers the elements of a detective story and a debate
on biography's methods and ethics in a sympathetically drawn human situation.”
Greer Gordon lives in Italy with Mischa Svoboda, a driven Czech-born painter with a boom-
ing international reputation. Their explosive love affair caused Greer to abandon her
husband and job, to sever all contact with home, and to embark upon a nomadic life with
Mischa. Tony, a young American art critic, has been researching a biography of Mischa and
has come to the small Italian hilltop community where they now live to interview the artist.
Greer is consumed by anxiety, fearing Tony may have unearthed a buried secret she had
intended to write out of her life story. It soon becomes clear that Tony is manipulating the
couple in order to produce a more exciting conclusion to his book. As her hand is slowly
forced, Greer must finally examine her past actions, and in the process she makes a
life-changing discovery. Virginia Duigan is a former film and television writer who has con-
tributed to the Observer and the Times. She is the author of Days Like These.
Fiction • 336 pp • 5 x 8
9781741667158 • January • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Vintage Australia

The Book of Emmett

Deborah Forster
Forster’s debut novel is a powerful and emotional work that begins with the funeral
of Emmett, the protagonist.

“Deborah Forster is a writer in a class of her own . . . [she] has used an angel’s phrase-
book to make a story that’s as beautiful as hope, as real as truth.”
—Kaz Cooke, author, Kid Wrangling
“Brilliant. A story of such gently savage emotional intensity it stays with you long after
you've turned the last page.” —Susan Duncan, author, Salvation Creek
Emmett Brown was a charming young man who quoted poetry and read to his wife and young
family from the great novels of the world. But failed efforts to win a fortune at the race-
tracks turned Emmett into a broken-down, gambling drunk who terrorized his wife and
children. Starting at Emmett’s funeral and reflecting back, the two eldest Brown children—
Louise and Rob—recount the rise and fall of their family. Each of Emmett’s children must
address the fallout of Emmett, and each comes to discover that they loved and learned from
their father in both his golden and his dark days. Deborah Forster is a former journalist.
Fiction • 304 pp • 5 x 8
9781741667868 • January • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Vintage Australia

Other People’s Husbands
Judy Astley
With her marriage on the rocks, Sara begins to find a new love in a very unexpected place,
but will the guilt be too much to bear?

“As irresistible as triple choc fudge cake with extra cream.” —Mail on Sunday
“A fun romp . . . funny and surprisingly thought provoking.” —Daily Express
“You’ll love this funny novel.” —Sun
Sara’s mother told her that she shouldn’t marry Conrad, that the 25-year age gap between
them would be their downfall. Conrad, a famous painter, has decided that it would be good
to die before he gets seriously old, and so spends his time sorting out his chaotic life. Mean-
while Sara—when not teaching art at a local college—finds that she has plenty of male
company in the form of other people’s husbands, all of whom are just good friends to her.
But there’s one man that she somehow never gets around to mentioning to Conrad, and
suddenly her little secret begins to impact the rest of her life. Judy Astley is the author of
several novels, including Blowing It, Laying the Ghost, and No Place for a Man.
Fiction • 336 pp • 5 x 8
9780552774642 (Replaces 9780593060568) • January • $13.95 Paper • Black Swan

Also available:

Laying the Ghost Blowing It

9780552773218 • $13.95 9780552773201 • $13.95

A Dark Enchantment
Roland Vernon
A maelstrom of romance, political intrigue, and life-or-death drama, this captivating thriller
is set in 19th-century Greece.

“A rousing, red-blooded tale with colorful characters in an exotic setting.”

—Joanne Harris, author, The Girl with No Shadow
“This hugely enjoyable novel fairly rattles along at an ever-increasing, page-turning
rate . . . Vernon writes with all the assurance of an old pro, strong on character and
good at finding the telling detail.” —Daily Mail
“A wonderful debut novel that completely transports you to another time and place
. . . richly rewarding.” —Sunday Express
Godwin Tudor, a young English photographer recently arrived in Athens, is intrigued by the
mysterious, maverick British landowner Edgar Brooke, whose vast estate dominates the
island of Pyroxenia. While visiting Brooke’s remote home, Godwin is enchanted by the breath-
taking landscape and his host’s capricious young daughter Lydia. But all is not as it seems,
and inadvertently Godwin finds himself drawn into the center of a dangerous political
conspiracy. As events spiral out of control, Godwin does his best to play the diplomat in a
terrifying international incident, but the consequences prove more devastating than he can
imagine. Roland Vernon is the author of Star in the East.
Fiction • 496 pp • 5 x 8
9780552775007 • October • $13.95 Paper • Black Swan

Punk Fiction
An Anthology of Short Stories Inspired by Punk Rock
Edited by Janine Bullman
Foreword by Johnny Marr
Featuring a foreword by legendary Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, a collection of punk-
inspired short stories by more than 30 acclaimed musicians and artists.
The legacy of punk rock is not merely musical but in fact can be found in an astounding
variety of cultural media, including literature. From a cast of authors at the forefront of
contemporary popular culture who have been—and continue to be—influenced by punk music,
each tale in this dazzling collection of short stories has been inspired by a punk song. With
contributors ranging from Kele Okereke of Bloc Party to Billy Bragg and Lydia Lunch, this
is a fantastic and fascinating look at the dramatic impact punk rock has made on today’s
artists, musicians, and authors. Janine Bullman runs the newly established music PR agency
Notorious PR, whose list of clients include Johnny Marr, Bloc Party, and the Rakes to name
a few. She has garnered a decade’s worth of experience as a press agent via her work with
everyone from Elvis Presley to the Libertines. Johnny Marr rose to fame as the guitarist for
the Smiths, where he formed a prolific songwriting partnership with Morrissey. He is
currently in the band the Cribs.
Fiction/Music • 288 pp • 5 x 7
9781906032661 • September • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth • Portico

Crap Lyrics
A Celebration of the Very Worst Pop Lyrics of All Time . . . Ever!
Johnny Sharp
The very best of the very worst music has to offer, including awkward phrases, clumsy
clichés, and mixed metaphors.
Songwriters often don’t seem to bother with the basic laws of the English language. Bob Dylan
is famous for “Blowing in the Wind” but less known for his quite original line “wiggle,
wiggle, like a bowl of soup;” Duran Duran sang “you’re about as easy as a nuclear war” in
“Is There Something I Should Know,” and Spandau Ballet even named a song, “Instinction,”
which is in fact not a real word. The airwaves are crammed with terrible titles and non-
sensical lyrics, and this hilarious compendium catalogs and identifies the very worst offenders.
Johnny Sharp is a music critic who writes regularly for the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian,
and Q magazine.
Music/Humor • 192 pp • 5 x 8
9781906032593 • November • $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper • Portico

Also available:

The Little Black The Little Red Riders Book

Book of Setlists 9781906032104 • $9.95 (Can $10.95)
9781906032111 • $9.95 (Can $10.95)

Fortunate Son
The Unlikely Rise of Keith Urban
Jeff Apter
From his unusual Aussie roots to his worldwide success, a close look
at the life of one of country music’s most astounding stars.

“If you only ever read gossip magazines, you'd be forgiven for as-
suming that Keith Urban is nothing more than a put-upon cuckold.
Ditch Woman's Day and get the real skinny on the Aussie country
star.” —Rolling Stone
“What did Keith Urban ever do to Jeff Apter? Surely nothing to war-
rant the mullet sporting gap-toothed snap in this bare-all bio's cen-
terfold! It's unforgiving, as are all the normally hush-hush details of
his life splattered across its pages.” —OK! magazine
Born in New Zealand in 1967 and raised in Australia, Keith Urban has
unlikely roots for one of the world’s biggest country music stars. His suc-
cess is undeniable: to date he has sold more than five million albums, writ-
ten five number-one singles, and his shows sell out in minutes to throngs
of country fans across the U.S. His very public relationship with Nicole
Kidman—whom he married in an A-list affair in 2006—earned Urban a
totally new audience, with gossip magazines across the planet tracking their
relationship and the recent birth of their long-wished-for child, Sunday Rose.
Frank, this insider’s biography reveals how Keith Urban lived out his child-
hood dream, as well as the price he’s had to pay to reach the top of the
music business. Jeff Apter is a former music editor at Rolling Stone and
has contributed to Vogue and GQ magazines. He is the author of several
music biographies, including The Dave Grohl Story, Jeff Buckley, and A
Pure Drop.
Biography/Music • 320 pp • 6 x 9 • 26 Color Photos • 4 B/W Photos
9781741668087 • September • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper
William Heinemann Australia

The Smiths
Songs That Saved Your Life
Revised edition
Simon Goddard
Now corrected and revised to include interviews with guitarist Johnny Marr and pro-
ducer John Porter and previously unpublished stills of the band.

“A mighty achievement.” —MOJO

They were the most outstanding British guitar group of the 1980s, and one of the most
successful indie acts of all time. Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke, and Mike Joyce—
better known as the Smiths—created just four studio albums during their brief career
together, but left an influential legacy that can still be heard in many of the groups that
followed in their wake. In the new edition of this indispensable guide, the exhaustive
track-by-track commentary has the input and full cooperation of Mike Joyce, as well
as contributions from Andy Rourke and Johnny Marr. Drawing upon the group’s pri-
vate collection of studio tapes, Goddard describes numerous previously unheard takes,
and reveals for the first time the names and details of songs that were never released.
The book is illustrated with outstanding examples of the group’s distinctive record cov-
ers, and scores of rare stills. Simon Goddard is a music journalist who writes for pub-
lications such as Q, and has written liner notes for musicians
including Nico and Siouxsie and the Banshees.
Music • 360 pp • 5 x 8 • 40 Color Illustrations
9781905287963 (Replaces 9781905287147) • October
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • Reynolds & Hearn

The Complete David Bowie

Expanded and Updated Edition
Nicholas Pegg
Critically acclaimed since its first edition and now again extensively expanded and
updated, this fifth edition explores every facet of Bowie’s career in revealing depth
and detail.

“Pegg eloquently catalogues Bowie’s proclivity for making radical jumps from one
musical and fashion motif to another.” —Publishers Weekly
From the 11-year-old’s skiffle performance at the 18th Bromley Scouts’ Summer Camp
in 1958 to the 57-year-old’s health problems on the 2004 world tour and subsequent
low-key activities, this book discusses and dissects every last move in rock’s most fas-
cinating career. A detailed production history and analysis is presented for each album,
from 1967’s David Bowie to 2003’s Reality, as well as the recent Best of Bowie DVD
and the anniversary reissues of classic albums such as Aladdin Sane and Black Tie White
Noise. Hundreds of individual entries reveal the facts and anecdotes behind specific
songs—not just the famous recordings, but also the most obscure of unreleased rari-
ties, from “Absolute Beginners” to “Ziggy Stardust” and from “Abdulmajid” to “Zion.”
Other incredibly detailed subjects covered include the tours—set lists and histories of
every live show and Bowie as actor—a complete guide to his stage and screen work,
the videos, the BBC radio sessions, the paintings, the internet, and, for true Bowie fa-
natics, the most exhaustive day-by-day calendar of Bowie’s career ever published. Nicholas
Pegg is an actor, playwright, theater director, and journalist.
Biography/Music • 660 pp • 7.5 x 9
9781905287970 (Replaces 9781905287154) • November
$29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper • Reynolds & Hearn

Dancing in the Darkness
Frankie Poullain
After rocketing to dizzying heights of fame overnight and barely surviving it, the one-time pi-
rate bass warrior of the Darkness offers an illustrated alternative self-help book based on the
philosophy of disaster.
This is one man’s guide to begging for sex, smuggling drugs, and pretending to be rock ‘n’ roll—
just take up what you are worst at, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride! In this offbeat, hilarious,
harebrained manual on fame, fortune, and the universe, Frankie offers a unique slant on the big-
ger questions in life in an attempt to help readers (and himself) arrive at a greater understand-
ing of the world through the excesses of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Thanks to a revolutionary
process called the Mind Sweeper, devised by his Polish cleaner, he is able to make sense of his
life before, during, and after “that band” he played in. Frankie Poullain was a Venezuelan tour
guide until he was bullied into playing bass guitar for glam-metal pranksters the Darkness.
Autobiography/Music • 196 pp • 5 x 7 1/2 • 43 Line Drawings
9781844545445 • September • $22.95 (Can $25.95) Cloth • John Blake

Amy Winehouse
The Biography
Chas Newkey-Burden
The tumultuous life of the beehived singer and songwriter, now a five-time Grammy Award winner.
An indisputable musical icon and controversial celebrity figure, Amy Winehouse’s unique blend
of jazz, pop, and soul singing and songwriting have brought her a host of awards—including
two prestigious Ivor Novellos and five Grammys—as well as an army of committed fans who
adore her rich voice and painfully honest lyrics. Meanwhile, wild stories about her turbulent
and hedonistic personal life have kept Amy in the headlines. She is a daily fixture in the tabloids
and a fascination of celebrity magazines, yet she also holds the respect of many serious musi-
cians. This remarkable biography traces the life of the tattooed wonder from her childhood pranks
in north London through her days at the Sylvia Young Theatre School and her time spent work-
ing with pop impresario Simon Fuller, up to the talented and rebellious Amy Winehouse of today.
Chas Newkey-Burden is the author of Paris Hilton and Great Email Disasters and coauthor of
Not in My Name: A Compendium of Modern Hypocrisy. He has interviewed and profiled a host
of celebrities, including David Beckham, Ricky Gervais, and Jenna Jameson.
Biography/Music • 288 pp • 5 x 8 • 32 Color Photos • John Blake
New in Paper: 9781844547210 • September • $14.95 (Can $16.95)
Cloth: 9781844545636 • Available • $26.95 (Can $29.95)

Madonna v Guy
The Inside Story of the Most Sensational Divorce in Showbiz
Douglas Thompson
Exclusive interviews with the Material Girl’s family, friends, lovers, enemies, and colleagues
help tell the story of the clash of cultures that ended the Mr. and Mrs. Madonna fairy tale.
Cynics predicted instant doom for macrobiotic Madonna and pub-loving moviemaker Guy Richie’s
union, but it lasted almost eight extraordinary years, all kicked off by a four-day celebrity car-
nival of a Highland marriage at a historic Scottish castle. The phenomenal partnership of the
self-created entertainment sensation and the very British bloke remains a global fascination. Its
conclusion has only heightened the interested of what went on—and what went wrong—during
the marriage. This roller-coaster ride of a story covers Madonna’s private life in America and
London, her tastes, tantrums, fears, joys, and the truth behind her turbulent relationships. Hav-
ing reported on Madonna for nearly two decades, Douglas Thompson now gives the full account
of their turbulent time together. He explains why Madonna, the mistress of reinvention, decided
at 50 to rewrite the midlife rules. He is the author of more than 20 books, including Clint East-
wood and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Biography/Music • 288 pp • 5 x 8 • 16 Color Photos
9781844547913 • September • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper • John Blake

Sun King
The Life and Times of Sam Phillips, the Man Behind Sun Records
Kevin Crouch and Tanja Crouch
Complete with a full Sun Records discography, this biography of the often overlooked Sam
Phillips—a pivotal player in the careers of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Howlin’ Wolf, and more—
is an indispensable document in the history of rock music.
Music producer Sam Phillips and his landmark studio, Sun Records, hold a unique place in the
history of rock ‘n’ roll. By many accounts, before Phillips recorded “Rocket 88” by Jackie Bren-
ston and his Delta Cats in 1951, rock ‘n’ roll as we know it didn’t even exist. Phillips is simulta-
neously hailed as the man who discovered Elvis Presley and derided as the man who sold the same
artist to RCA for a paltry $35,000. The list of musical legends that passed through the doors of
Sun Records is simply astounding, including BB King, Ike Turner, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and
Jerry Lee Lewis. Stripping away the glossy veneer of legend around the Phillips story—which, like
his signature sound, was much the result of his own careful crafting—this story reveals a man who,
from a very young age, heard a musical sound that no one else heard. Kevin Crouch is the former
archivist for the Roy Orbison estate. Tanja Crouch worked in the music business for more than
15 years, most notably as an agent for artists such as Carl Perkins, Randy Travis, and Vince Gill,
and as the vice president of Roy Orbison’s estate. Her other books include 100 Careers in Film
and Television and 100 Careers in the Music Business.
Biography/Music • 256 pp • 5 x 8
9780749929466 • January • $14.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

The Complete Kylie Minogue

Simon Sheridan
A detailed retrospective of all the performer’s TV acting roles, big-screen-movies, albums,
singles, and live concerts, complete with lavish photographs and rare memorabilia.

“A sumptuous book.” —San Francisco Bay Guardian

A global superstar for more than 20 years now, there are plenty of Kylie Minogue career moments
to document in this definitive overview of her performances. From her days as a young TV actress
and movie star to her worldwide domination of the music charts as one of the globe’s bestselling
and best-loved pop stars, this book covers it all. Kylie has always been an expert at changing her
look, from innocent, fresh-faced teenager to confident, sexy showgirl. But she is more than just an
image—she is a worldwide phenomenon. Her multifaceted career and her three decades of unparalleled
success are cataloged in this celebration of all things Kylie. Simon Sheridan is the author of The
A–Z of Classic Children’s Television, Come Play with Me, and Keeping the British End Up.
Biography/Performing Arts • 296 pp • 7 x 9.5 • 32 B/W Illustrations
9781905287895 (Replaces 9781905287604) • November • $15.95 (Can $17.95) New in Paper
Reynolds & Hearn

My Life, My Way
Cliff Richard
Updated with a chapter on his 50th-anniversary celebrations, the personal story of one of the
biggest-selling music artists of all time is packed with unseen pictures and untold stories, fas-
cinating memorabilia, and a host of unique visual memories.
Sir Cliff Richard has sold more than 250 million records around the world since he burst onto the
music scene in 1958. In a world fuelled by drink, sex, and drugs, he is perennially attractive with-
out any of those things that keep other singers’ profiles high. Now, working with the highly ac-
claimed biographer and journalist Penny Junor, Cliff speaks freely and frankly about his 50 years
in pop music, including a chapter on America and many mentions of his U.S. tours. Inspirational
and hugely talented, his extraordinary story is one to read and treasure for the next 50 years. Cliff
Richard is a singer and actor whose best-known singles include We Don’t Talk Anymore, which
sold 1 million copies in the U.S., and the duet Suddenly with Olivia Newton-John. He was the first
rock star to be knighted. He lives part of the time in New York City.
Autobiography/Music • 320 pp • 5 x 8 • 40 Color Photos • 60 B/W Photos • Headline Review
New in Paper: 9780755315895 • March • $14.95
Cloth: 9780755315888 • Available • $29.95

Venn That Tune
Bringing the Poetry of Maths to the Magic of Pop!
Andrew Viner
Classic song titles and lyrics—from Eternal Flame to Pappa’s Got a Brand
New Bag and many more—are presented in the form of Venn diagrams
in this hilarious compendium.

“A middle ground exists between the intersecting circles of pop and

maths, and it is occupied by Venn That Tune, which translates hit
records into smart, occasionally unfathomable, graphs and diagrams.”
Venn diagrams are illustrations used to show all of the possible logical re-
lationships between groups of things. They normally consist of overlapping
circles. Diagrams, graphs, and pie charts pit memorable song lyrics against
the stark light of logic to produce a fresh perspective on classic and hit songs
in this ingenious, inspired, and utterly addictive book. The relationship be-
tween money and problems is thoroughly charted, and the price of that dog-
gie in the window is given full analysis. Thanks to this clever and entertaining
collection, Venn diagrams have never looked so cool. Andrew Viner is a com-
edy animator and prize-winning television scriptwriter.
Music • 128 pp • 5.5 x 7.5 • B/W Diagrams and Graphs Throughout
9780340964507 (Replaces 9780340955673) • Delayed
$12.95 New in Paper • Hodder & Stoughton

Studio Ghibli
The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata
Colin Odell and Michelle Le Blanc
Kiki’s Delivery Service, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, the Oscar-win-
ning Spirited Away—these acclaimed films and more are included in this exami-
nation of all the major works of the Japanese animation studio.
The Studio Ghibli movies are all available on DVD through Disney
The animations of Japan’s Studio Ghibli are amongst the highest regarded in the movie
industry. Their delightful films rank alongside the most popular non-English language
films ever made, with each new eagerly anticipated release a guaranteed box-office
smash. Yet this highly profitable studio has remained fiercely independent, produc-
ing a stream of imaginative and individual animations. The studio’s founders, long-
time animators Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, have created timeless masterpieces.
Although their films are distinctly Japanese, their themes are universal—humanity,
community, and a love for the environment. No other film studio, animation or oth-
erwise, comes close to matching Ghibli for pure cinematic experience. All their major
works are examined here, as well the early output of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Taka-
hata, exploring the cultural and thematic threads that bind these films together. Colin
Odell and Michelle Le Blanc are the coauthors of Horror Films, Jackie Chan, John
Carpenter, Tim Burton, and Vampire Films, and contributors to Alter Image and The
Greenwood Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Film • 160 pp • 5.5x 7.5 • 16 Color Photos
9781842432792 • September • $24.95 Paper • Kamera Books

10,000 Ways to Die
A Director’s Take on the Spaghetti Western
Alex Cox
A completely new chronological history of the Spaghetti Western, beginning with
Corbucci’s Red Pastures, as seen through the eyes of a fine filmmaker.

“Cox’s at-times bizarre perspective is reigned in with a funny, conversational

style and eye for detail that propel all ten of these fascinating nuts-and-bolts es-
says . . . will also benefit . . . anyone who appreciates the fringe-dwelling, indie-
film tradition.” —Publishers Weekly starred review on X Films
“40 years ago as a graduate student I wrote a book about Spaghetti Westerns, called
10,000 Ways to Die. It’s an embarrassing tome when I look at it now: full of half-
assed semiotics and other attenuated academic nonsense. In the intervening period I
have had the interesting experience of being a film director. So now, when I watch
these films, I’m looking at them from a different perspective. A professional perspective,
maybe . . . I’m thinking about what the filmmakers intended, how they did that shot,
how the director felt when his film was recut by the studio, and he was creatively and
financially screwed. 10,000 Ways to Die is an entirely new book about an understudied
subject, the Spaghetti Western, from a director’s POV. Not only have these films stood
the test of time; some of them are very high art.” —Alex Cox
Maverick director Alex Cox has directed such acclaimed films as Repo Man, Sid &
Nancy, Straight to Hell, Death and the Compass, Walker, and Searchers 2.0. He’s also
the author of X Films: True Confessions of a Radical Filmmaker, and has written on
film for publications including Film Comment, the Guardian, the Independent, and
Sight and Sound.
Film • 352 pp • 6 x 9.5 • 16 Color Photos
9781842433041 • September • $26.95 Paper • Kamera Books

Spaghetti Westerns
Howard Hughes
Including such details as notes on Ennio Morricone’s fabulous groundbreaking West-
ern scores, Howard Hughes analyzes the entire genre—from the mainstream offer-
ings to more offbeat oddities—and assesses its impact on modern cinema.

“A deftly written collection of essays, full of fascinating insight, this will be a must
for fellow travellers on the sagebrush trail.” —Film Review on Stagecoach to
“Howard’s take on these films is consistently fresh and intelligent . . . an excellent
read.” —Alex Cox, filmmaker, on Crime Wave
They are tough. They are mean. They are the fastest, coolest gunslingers of the 1960s,
and they don’t talk much. They are the heroes of the Italian Spaghetti West and they
changed the Western forever. Clint Eastwood’s poncho-clad, cigar smoking Man With
No Name is the enduring symbol of the genre and his Dollars trilogy with Sergio Leone
reinvented action cinema, adding a European freshness to the time-worn Western myths.
But Leone and Eastwood weren’t the only hombres to saddle up and head west, and this
guide rounds up and reviews the best of a very wild bunch, including perennial cult clas-
sics Django, The Big Gundown, Django Kill, and They Call Me Trinity. He also charts
the Spaghetti Western careers of actors like Lee Van Cleef, Terence Hill, and Klaus Kin-
ski as they rode the trail to international success. As well as an introduction to the genre,
31 of the best Spaghetti Westerns are analyzed in detail and there is a comprehensive
multimedia reference section. Howard Hughes is the author of Crime Wave: The Film-
goer’s Guide to the Great Crime Movies, Once Upon a Time in the Italian West: The
Filmgoers’ Guide to Spaghetti Westerns, and Stagecoach to Tombstone: The Filmgoers’
Guide to the Great Westerns.
Film • 160 pp • 5.5 x 7.5
9781842433034 (Replaces 9781903047422) • October • $18.95 Paper
Kamera Books

Alan Moore
Lance Parkin
From his earliest work through Lost Girls, a comprehensive overview of the artist who
has written definitive stories of Batman and Superman, penned some of the most widely
read graphic novels of all time, and helped turn comics into an indispensable art form.
For more than 30 years, from his earliest work in underground Arts Lab projects, through
the From Hell and America’s Best Comics period, to the current and controversial Lost
Girls, Moore has pushed the perimeter of the comic’s medium. Moore’s work crosses genre
boundaries like few others, ranging from farce and high comedy to the dark, grim work
that epitomized the graphics novel and comics revolution of the late 1980s. This book
examines recurring themes and how Moore’s work has evolved over the years from his
early comic work in Captain Britain and 2000 AD, through milestone series like V for
Vendetta, Miracleman, Swamp Thing, and Watchmen, to the genre-stretching works Lost
Girls and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. As well as an introductory essay, this
book is a comprehensive survey of the many faces of Alan Moore’s career—Moore the
pop icon, Moore the performance artist and magician, Moore the novelist and, above all,
Moore the writer who helped change the face of comics forever. It also contains a com-
plete list of his works, including projects that never saw the light of day. Lance Parkin is
the author of Ahistory and Dark Matters.
Graphic Novels/Literary Criticism • 160 pp • 5 x 8
9781842432846 (Replaces 9781903047705) • September • $12.95 Paper
Pocket Essentials

English Gothic
A Century of Horror Cinema
Jonathan Rigby
Foreword by Barbara Shelley
Afterword by David McGillivray
“Don’t even try to discuss British horror films until you’ve read it.” —SFX

“Jonathan Rigby . . . buries any lingering doubts about his country’s unique and con-
siderable contributions to the genre. A deliciously chilling ride.” —Publishers Weekly
“Authoritative . . . an essential purchase.” —Empire
“A major achievement.” —Film Review
“I cannot recommend it highly enough.” —Shivers
The British horror film is almost as old as cinema itself. From its 19th-century beginnings
to the present day, this expanded and updated history of the rise and fall of the genre en-
compasses the lost films of the silent era, the Karloff and Lugosi chillers of the 1930s, the
lurid Hammer classics, and the explicit shockers of the 1970s. Jonathan Rigby applies his
incisive scrutiny to a selection of 100 crucial movies from the genre’s boom period—1954
to 1975—before considering more recent titles such as Shaun of the Dead. Filled with film
posters, stills, and behind-the-scenes shots, this entertaining and revealing study sheds new
light on British cinema’s most successful—and most misunderstood—export. Jonathan Rigby
is the author of American Gothic and Christopher Lee. Barbara Shelley was dubbed the First
Lady of British Horror for her roles in such Hammer films as Dracula, Prince of Darkness,
and The Gorgon. David McGillivray is a screenwriter, film critic, and the author of Doing
Rude Things.
Film • 272 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 200 Color Illustrations
9781905287093 (Replaces 9781905287369) • December • $32.95 (Can $36.95) Paper
Reynolds & Hearn

Joel Finler

In this new series of lavish and detailed pictorial histories, internationally

renowned film historian Joel Finler looks behind the scenes at Hollywood
filmmaking decade by decade, from the birth of the great studios in the silent
era to the revolutionary changes of the 1960s and 1970s.

Each: Film • 8.5 x 10.5 • 200 Color Illustrations

November • $26.95 (Can $29.95) Cloth • Reynolds & Hearn
Joel Finler was the first film critic for London’s Time Out magazine. He is the author of numer-
ous books on cinema, including Hollywood Stills, The Hollywood Story, and Silent Cinema.

Hollywood Filmmaking: The 1930s

Behind the Scenes
From Cleopatra to Cagney to Carole Lombard, an in-depth look at Hollywood dur-
ing the decade of the rise of the studio system.

“More than lives up to its claims . . . For all those unable to store sixty years of
Variety under the bed, Mr. Finler has performed an invaluable service.”
— Economist on The Hollywood Story
Looking at the great variety of productions that made up the studios’ output during
the classic period of the early talkies, this history also explores the innovative tech-
niques and exciting collaboration between producers, writers, directors, stars, and stu-
dio heads that characterized this golden age. Finler traces the development of key 1930s
genres such as the musical, the gangster film, horror, and screwball comedy. The book
provides a detailed, behind-the-scenes view of such major productions as Dr. Jekyll
and Mr. Hyde, It Happened One Night, His Girl Friday, Only Angels Have Wings,
The Roaring Twenties, and Shanghai Express. Stars and directors featured in depth
include Frank Capra, Claudette Colbert, Cary Grant, Cecil B. DeMille, Marlene Di-
etrich, John Ford, Clark Gable, Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, and Raoul Walsh,
as well as a surprise appearance from Noël Coward.
176 pp • 9781905287987

Each: Film • 8.5 x 10.5 • 200 Color Illustrations
November • $26.95 (Can $29.95) Cloth • Reynolds & Hearn

Hollywood Filmmaking: The 1950s

Behind the Scenes
The postwar heyday of studio-led productions also contained the first stirrings of
new approaches to filmmaking that would transform the industry in the follow-
ing decade.
Finler takes the reader behind the cameras, into the studio, and on location for such
major productions as Around the World in 80 Days, Ben-Hur, Gigi, Marty, North
by Northwest, On the Waterfront, Rear Window, Rebel Without a Cause, The Searchers,
Some Like It Hot, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Written on the Wind, lifting
the lid on the movie magic of a golden Hollywood age. Stars and directors whose
work is featured in depth include Marlon Brando, Cyd Charisse, Montgomery Clift,
James Dean, John Ford, Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly, Vincente Min-
nelli, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Rod Steiger, and John Wayne.
160 pp • 9781905287994

Ray Tedman

Each: Biography/Film • 8.5 x 11.5 • 200 Color Illustrations

$19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Reynolds & Hearn
Ray Tedman's other books in the Rex Collection include The Beatles on Television, Led Zeppelin, and Queen.

Johnny Depp
From Edward Scissorhands and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to the forthcoming
Public Enemies and Alice in Wonderland, this lavish pictorial tribute covers the
whole of Depp’s astonishing and always visually striking career.
Johnny Depp is a modern phenomenon—a star completely at home in movies as di-
verse as Ed Wood, Pirates of the Caribbean, Before Night Falls, Finding Neverland,
Sweeney Todd, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Admired by fans and other
actors of all generations, Depp brilliantly combines an offbeat appeal in his more quirky
roles with the ability to capture the imagination of the worldwide audiences in big-
budget movies. More than 200 previously unseen photographs from the Rex archives
are paired with incisive captions and insightful text.
176 pp • 9781905287260 • January

Heath Ledger
More than 200 previously unseen photographs from the archives of Rex Features
are included in this handsome pictorial tribute to Ledger’s inspiring and all-too-
brief career.
Heath Ledger’s tragic death cut short a career that seemed headed for the very high-
est level of stardom. Ledger’s easygoing charisma and powerful, understated acting
formed a unique combination that seemed destined to shine for many years to come.
His groundbreaking performance in Brokeback Mountain led to roles as diverse as
the title role in Casanova, Bob Dylan in I’m Not There, the Joker in The Dark Knight,
and one of the four “Tonys” in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. More great
performances would doubtless have followed, were it not for the actor’s tragic death
in January 2008.
160 pp • 9781905287635 • October

Johnny Depp
A Kind of Illusion
Fourth edition
Denis Meikle
A fully updated exploration of how Hollywood’s most versatile and enigmatic star suc-
cessfully pursued an unlikely career as both movie icon and cult actor.

“Film historian Meikle . . . tells the story of the young man from Kentucky by way of
Depp’s more than two dozen films.” —Publishers Weekly
Examining the career of an actor who excels at choosing sophisticated mainstream movie
roles and cult material alike, this exciting screen biography explores Johnny Depp’s ca-
reer—from his breakthrough roles in Edward Scissorhands, Benny & Joon, and What’s
Eating Gilbert Grape; through his classic performances in Ed Wood, Dead Man, Donnie
Brasco, Sleepy Hollow, From Hell, and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise; right up
to his most recent films, including Sweeney Todd. Exploring the effects that Depp’s new
critical and commercial stature may have on the direction of his future career, this up-
dated edition includes details of the forthcoming films The Rum Diary, Shantaram, and
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Denis Meikle is the author of A History of Hor-
rors: The Rise and Fall of the House of Hammer, Jack the Ripper: The Murders and the
Movies and Vincent Price: The Art of Fear.
Biography/Film • 432 pp • 5 x 8 • 32 Color Photos
9781905287901 (Replaces 9781905287581) • October • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
Reynolds & Hearn

My Word Is My Bond
The Autobiography
Roger Moore
Written with his trademark style, candor, charm, and wit, Roger Moore covers every
area of his personal life as well as his long and illustrious career.

“The funniest film memoir since David Niven’s The Moon’s Balloon.”
—Daily Mail
The quintessential suave hero, Roger Moore has enjoyed a successful career that has spanned
seven decades, from early television through the golden age of Hollywood and on to in-
ternational superstardom. Dashing, handsome, and every inch the archetypal English gen-
tleman, he is most widely known for making seven blockbuster films as arguably the most
debonair 007 of all time. He has worked with some of the world’s most legendary stars,
including such luminaries as Noel Coward, Sean Connery, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Bur-
ton, Lana Turner, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, Richard Harris, and Michael Caine. For the
first time, Roger shares his recollections of playing some of the world’s most famous roles
as well as myriad stories from his personal life, including events from his childhood in
London and his experiences during World War II. Filled with anecdotes from his encoun-
ters with celebrities of every variety and his memories from the heydays of Hollywood,
this is a frank, funny, and disarmingly charming story of a life lived among the stars.
Autobiography/Film • 416 pp • 5 x 8
20 Color Photos • 25 B/W Photos • Michael O’Mara
New in Paper: 9781843173878 • November • Can $15.95
Cloth: 9781843173182 • Available • Can $29.95

I Am What I Am
John Barrowman and Carole E. Barrowman
The follow-up to the phenomenal Anything Goes reveals more about the man be-
hind the television sensation, focusing on John’s unique approach to life and love,
and featuring all-new photographs from John’s personal collection.

“A frank and unvarnished look at [Barrowman’s] life.” —Out Magazine on

Anything Goes
“Told with real heart and characteristic Barrowman charm . . . a wonderful tale
of how one boy achieved his dreams.” —Philadelphia Gay News on
Anything Goes
“We always thought Torchwood star and West End actor John Barrowman
would make the perfect boyfriend . . . But after reading his autobiography Any-
thing Goes, consider us smitten.” —Modern Tonic
Anything Goes was a contender for Best Book in the 2008 Visibility
Awards on
Written with John’s trademark style, I Am What I Am is filled with juicy tidbits from
behind the scenes of Doctor Who and Torchwood, alongside heartwarming family
anecdotes and personal revelations, including John’s perspective on fame and how it
has affected him. Intimately exploring aspects of John’s current life, this memoir gives
fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with exclusive anecdotes from re-
cent and ongoing projects, all told with John’s trademark charm and humor—an un-
missable treat for any fan. John Barrowman currently stars as Captain Jack Harkness
in Torchwood and Doctor Who. Carol Barrowman, John’s sister, is a professor of Eng-
lish at Alverno College, Wisconsin, and a journalist. They are the coauthors of Any-
thing Goes.
Biography/Television • 256 pp • 6 x 9 • 24 Color Photos
9781843173793 • November • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Cloth • Michael O’Mara

Also available:
Anything Goes
9781843172895 • $29.95 Cloth
9781843173335 • $15.95 Paper

Angelina Jolie
Rhona Mercer
The trials, tribulations, romances, and recent happiness of Angelina Jolie—controversial and
fascinating actress and activist.
Academy Award–winning actress, former fashion model and Hollywood party girl, and current
Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency, Angelina Jolie is constantly in the media spot-
light. Unlike many Hollywood stars who do their best to avoid the press, her openness about
her complicated and often outlandish life has endeared her to fans worldwide. Her most famous
screen roles are covered in this biography, from Gia to Lara Croft. Her reputation for living on
the edge is explored, as is her refreshing honesty around tempestuous romantic relationships,
bisexuality, wild partying, breakdowns, and thoughts of suicide. Finally, her recent roles as phi-
lanthropist, mother, and half of a Hollywood golden couple with Brad Pitt, are also discussed
in this inspiring book for fans of this continually fascinating global superstar.
Biography/Film • 288 pp • 5 x 8 • 24 Color Photos
9781844547920 (Replaces 781844543656) • September • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
John Blake

Christopher Lee
The Authorised Screen History
Jonathan Rigby
Foreword by George Lucas
Compiled with the cooperation of Christopher Lee himself and featuring many previously un-
seen photographs from the actor’s private collection, this definitive guide to one of cinema’s
last true legends is now available in a lavish new format.

“Great bio of the last classic horror film actor with a pulse.” —Chiller Wickedpedia
Christopher Lee has achieved immortality with his portrayals of Count Dracula, the pure but
suave face of evil. But Lee’s film and television appearances outnumber those of any other British
star, and stretch well beyond the confines of Hammer Horror. Now revised, updated, and en-
larged for this deluxe, full-color collector’s edition, this is the only book to chronicle Lee’s en-
tire career, including his starring role as James Bond’s nemesis in The Man with the Golden Gun
and his moldbreaking performance in Billy Wilder’s The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. This
edition also contains full coverage of Lee’s career-crowning performances in The Lord of the Rings
and Star Wars. Jonathan Rigby has been a regular contributor to Shivers and Star Wars maga-
zines and is the author of American Gothic and English Gothic.
Biography/Film • 276 pp • 8.5 x 11 • 150 Color Photos
9781905287956 (Replaces 9781905287482) • October • $39.95 (Can $43.95) Cloth
Reynolds & Hearn

Doris Day
Reluctant Star
David Bret
Covering her troubled personal life and her sparkling, decades-long career, a revealing look
at the top female box-office star of all time.
With her bobbed, blonde hair and flashing smile, Doris Day was the ultimate happy-go-lucky
girl next door for the American public. In reality, however, Day’s life was much darker and more
troubled. Married young to a violent bully, Day remained a reluctant star throughout her life -
whose dream of settling down to a happy, simple life was always thwarted by her attraction to
the wrong kind of men, namely thugs and crooks who took their anger out on her. From the be-
ginning of her career touring with bands through her Hollywood heydays, Day remained a dili-
gent worker, yet her manager successfully defrauded her of millions. Featuring a full discography
and film lists, this revealing biography takes a fascinating look at the trials and tribulations be-
hind a resilient but troubled American icon. David Bret is the author of numerous celebrity bi-
ographies, including Clark Gable: Tormented Star, Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr, Piaf: A
Passionate Life, and Rock Hudson.
Biography/Film • 272 pp • 5 x 7.75 • 32 B/W Photos
9781906217969 (Replaces 9781906217501) • September • $17.95 New in Paper • JR Books

That’s Another Story
The Autobiography
Julie Walters
From her role opposite Michael Caine in Educating Rita to her recent success as
Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, the Academy Award–nominated and Golden
Globe and BAFTA–winning actor tells her story.

“Funny, evocative, reasonably revealing, and underpinned throughout by an ap-

pealing sense of humanity.” —Sunday Telegraph
“I was enthralled . . . a celebrity memoir which is actually worth reading as a
work of literature.” —A. N. Wilson, author, The Victorians
Julie Walters has been delighting audiences on screen and on stage for more than 25
years, and has been described as Britain’s most popular actress and comedienne. Now
she tells us her own story, in her own words. She was born in 1950s Birmingham,
daughter of an austere Irish Catholic mother, and was sent to school in a convent.
She wanted to be an actress from a young age, but to appease her mother she first
went into nursing—that didn’t last for long, and she soon joined Liverpool’s Every-
man Theatre. West End success followed, and she quickly replicated her success on
film, earning an Academy Award nomination for her role in Educating Rita. Julie’s
collaborations with her close friend Victoria Wood have given audiences many un-
forgettable characters, and she’s recently charmed a new generation of fans playing
Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter films, alongside Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!, co-
starring with Helen Mirren in Calendar Girls, and costarring in Billy Elliot. A natu-
ral writer with an instinctive sense of timing, Julie’s memoir is warm, moving, painfully
felt, fiercely intelligent—and totally entertaining. Julie Walters is a multiple award win-
ning actor and a novelist. Her most recent novel is Maggie’s Tree.
Autobiography/Performing Arts • 336 pp • 5 x 8
9780753826089 • October • $14.95 Paper • Phoenix

Graham Norton
Laid Bare
Alison Bowyer
A fully updated biography of the unfailingly witty talk show host.
He hosted the GLAAD Media Awards, appeared on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-
List, had a cameo part in Another Gay Movie, and can be seen regularly on BBC Amer-
ica and Logo engaging his audience in over-the-top antics and coaxing the biggest stars
into showing their true personalities on his one-of-kind talk show. Since his begin-
nings on British TV, Graham Norton’s career has gone from one strength to another.
His unique blend of camp comedy, cozy chattiness, and brilliant bitchiness has earned
Graham a place in audience’s hearts. Warm and witty with a wicked sense of humor,
Graham Norton not only attracts big names onto his show, but also truly makes them
laugh. Yet not too much is known about his private life, and so biographer and jour-
nalist Alison Bowyer traveled to his native Ireland, where she talked to friends and
relatives to discover more. Packed with revealing interviews with friends, lovers, and
associates, this is a fascinating and fully up-to-date picture of this irrepressibly like-
able man. Alison Bowyer is a show business journalist and the author of Dawn French:
The Biography and Liz Hurley Uncovered.
Biography/Performing Arts • 272 pp • 5 x 8 • 16 Color Photos
9780233002682 (Replaces 9780233051154) • November • $15.95 Paper
Andre Deutsch

The Prisoner Handbook
Steven Paul Davies
Foreword by Alex Cox
With full episode-by-episode information and an examination of the significance
of the series both 40 years ago and now, this is the complete guide to the his-
tory of television’s most enigmatic series.
The Prisoner is being remade for AMC as a six-episode series titled
Number Six, with Jim Caviezel in the title role and Sir Ian McKellen
as Number Two.
Ever since it was originally shown in the late 1960s, the series The Prisoner has
puzzled and intrigued millions of viewers. Only 17 episodes were originally made,
and each is riddled with mystery and poses unanswerable questions. The series cap-
tured the imagination as few programs have done before or since, and became a
true television phenomenon. Here its unique appeal and history are examined in a
fully updated edition with a new chapter boasting insider information. Featuring
interviews with Patrick McGoohan, Kenneth Griffith, Alexis Kanner, and Anton
Rogers, this essential resource reveals all-new information about the series, the char-
acters portrayed, the cast themselves, and what it was really like during produc-
tion. Steven Paul Davies writes for the Guardian. He is the author of Alex Cox:
Film Anarchist and A–Z Cult Films and Filmmakers, and the coauthor of Brat Pack:
Confidential. Alex Cox is a noted film director.
Television • 224 pp • 5 x 8
9780230530287 (Replaces 9780752219684) • October • $12.95 Paper
Pan Books

The Complete Inspector Morse

Revised and Updated edition
David Bishop
From detailed examinations of the novels to a look at the Inspector’s music pref-
erences—an absolute Morse tour de force.

“Compares the exploits of the detective on stage and screen.”

—Publishers Weekly
Inspector Morse, the popular Oxford-based sleuth, delighted audiences worldwide from
his first appearance on TV screens in 1987, right up to his farewell performance in
2000. John Thaw gave a memorable performance as the bachelor detective, and Kevin
Whately admirably portrayed the faithful Sergeant Lewis. Now updated to include
full coverage of 2007’s Lewis series, this definitive guide to Morse and Lewis’s ad-
ventures also contains a critique of Colin Dexter’s original novels, their television adap-
tations, and other writers’ stories featuring the popular characters. David Bishop’s book
will appeal to all established Morse fans, as well as to new converts. David Bishop is
a media journalist, author, and a former editor of 2000AD magazine. His most re-
cent book is Starring Michael Caine.
Television • 276 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 30 Color Photos
9781905287918 (Replaces 9781905287666) • November • $29.95 (Can $32.95)
Cloth • Reynolds & Hearn

The Relational Manager
Transform Your Business and Your Life
Michael Schluter and David John Lee
Filled with practical advice, this illuminating study shows how strong interpersonal
relationships can help a business thrive.
When relationships are nourished, they encourage a corresponding human flourish-
ing, but when they are neglected, health, productivity, efficiency, and individual hap-
piness all suffer. This insightful study examines relationships in the context of business
and the community, including the areas of communications, management, money, and
security. Using a wealth of statistics and research, it clearly demonstrates that rela-
tional poverty affects all areas of a business, and is associated with poor health, in-
effective management, and low output at work. A range of tips and advice are offered
on developing strong relationships in all areas and at all levels of the work place as
well. Michael Schluter is chairman of the Relationships Foundation and the author
of several books, including Christianity in a Changing World. David John Lee works
in leadership training.
Business/Family & Relationships • 192 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9780745953687 • January • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Lion UK

So You Have a Great Idea for a Business . . .

Now What?
Justin Herald
From an entrepreneurial expert, tips on how to turn a business model into a real,
thriving company.
Thousands of new businesses are started each year, but those without the proper prepa-
rations and know-how often quickly flounder or close. Full of practical suggestions
on pitfalls to avoid and absolutely necessary steps, as well as motivational tips and
case studies of successful—and not-so-successful—ventures, this is an essential guide
for any aspiring entrepreneur. It highlights common mistakes as well as insider se-
crets for keeping any new company profitable, debt-free, and healthy. Justin Herald
is an entrepreneur and the author of How to Grow Your Business Without Spending
a Single Cent, It’s All a Matter of Attitude, and What Are You Waiting For?
Business • 168 pp • 5 x 8
9781741752526 • September • $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer
What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why
Third edition
Max Sutherland
Unraveling the mysteries that surround the art of advertising, a look into the mind of
the consumer that explains why some ads work when others fail.

“Makes for enjoyable as well as enlightening reading . . . can serve as an introduc-

tion to advertising for general readers.” —Choice
Advertising is an established and ever-present force and yet just how it works continues
to be something of a mystery. From an industry insider, this fully updated guide unveils
the secrets of leading a successful campaign over a wide range of media, including the
web. Drawing on many well-known international ads as examples, it reveals the work-
ings of the mind of the consumer and explains the reasons for the successes and failures
of various advertising campaigns. More than just a how-to book of tricks, this is a look
at the psychological and logistical factors that make advertisements work that is ideal for
advertising agents, marketers, and students of advertising and consumer behavior. Max
Sutherland is a marketing psychologist and the cofounder of a company that has worked
with such leading global advertisers including Gillette, Kodak, McDonalds, Miller, Nes-
tle, and Pfizer.
Business • 352 pp • 5 x 8.5
9781741755992 (Replaces 9781865082318) • October • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper-
Allen & Unwin

101 . . . SERIES

101 Secrets to Building a Winning Business

Andrew Griffiths
From an industry expert, a collection of insights on how to create and run a top-per-
forming company.
In today’s business world, some companies struggle and fold while others go through
the roof, and the difference between the failures and successes is often not apparent.
Perfect for any business of any size, this insightful guide is packed with tips on how to
establish a healthy, thriving company. Each idea is easy to implement, practical and—
most importantly—financially viable. Adopting even a handful of the suggested programs
will set small operations and giant firms alike down the path to building a winning busi-
ness. Andrew Griffiths is a professional marketing consultant and the author of six pre-
vious 101 . . . books.
Business • 336 pp • 5.5 x 8
9781741755671 • September • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Also available:
Each: $14.95

101 Ways to Advertise 101 Ways to Have a 101 Ways to Market 101 Ways to Really
Your Business Business and a Life Your Business Satisfy Your Customers
9781865089829 9781741147872 9781741750058 9781741750089

Each: Business • 224 pp • 5 x 8 • $16.95 Paper • Hodder Education

Effective Presenting
Brian Salter
Tips and strategies to become a relaxed and effective public speaker.
Being able to give an effective presentation or speech is an important skill for forg-
ing a successful career path; yet for many it is a terrifying prospect. Mastering some
simple techniques can help any manager or aspiring manager turn the nightmare
scenario into one where they not only feel proficient, but that they actually love
to tackle. Readers will learn, first of all, why it’s important to learn presentation
skills. From there, the book covers figuring out what the reader wants to achieve
in their presentation, and how can to make best use of scripts, notes, and spider
diagrams. Techniques for engaging the audience and making any presentation more
interesting are explained, as well as what problems a presenter could encounter,
and how to deal with them? Brian Salter is a former radio producer and radio host
who has trained radio announcers as well as businesspeople in public speaking. His
other books include CRM in a Week and Dealing with Difficult People.
30 Line Drawings • 9780340985182 • October

Successful Workplace Communication

Phil Baguley
Increased productivity, higher levels of creativity, improved job satisfaction, and
reduced staff turnover and absenteeism are all results of improving workplace
The aim of this book is to enable managers to extend, strengthen, and enhance their
workplace communication skills. Written for aspiring or developing managers and
built around the idea that workplace communication is a dynamic, interactive, lively,
and ultimately enjoyable process, it will tell the reader what workplace communi-
cation is about and what the benefits of effective workplace communication are.
From there, readers learn how the ways and means of workplace communication
can be chosen, planned, and organized; and how to successfully develop and use
those ways and means. The book also teaches how to ensure that those ways and means
contribute to his or her growth and development as a manager. Phil Baguley is the au-
thor of Teach Yourself Negotiating and Teach Yourself Teams and Team-Working.
9780340983898 • November

Also available:
Each: $16.95

Balanced Scorecard Body Language Business Plans Coaching Dealing with

9780340946497 9780340945711 9780340946503 9780340959039 Difficult People

Each: Business • 224 pp • 5 x 8 • $16.95 Paper • Hodder Education

Getting Results
Bernice Walmsley
With a fascinating interview with a successful entrepreneur, this is a concise, au-
thoritative guide to getting results.
Providing a practical introduction to the subject, this guide walks readers through
the process of managing a project or multiple projects. Aspiring managers also learn
the basics of marketing for nonspecialists, how to solve service problems, and the
essentials of managing and improving customer service. Other areas that are cov-
ered include understanding the market, putting customers first, and improving over-
all performance.
40 Line Drawings • 9780340947357 • January

Managing Change
Bernice Walmsley
How can change be best introduced and managed, and why do people oppose change?
Providing a readable and practical introduction to the subject, this guide starts with
the definition of change. It explains where to get ideas for change and innovation,
how to implement change, and how to tell if it has worked. It also deals with the
costs of change, whether managers have to abandon current methods to embrace
it, and explores the key management challenges in a changing world. Bernice Walm-
sley is trained in psychology and is the author of Teach Yourself Decluttering and
Teach Yourself Good Study Skills.
40 Line Drawings • 9780340947340 • February

Also available:
Each: $16.95

Emotional Neuro Linguistic Overcoming Infor- Project Time Management

Intelligence Programming mation Overload Management 9780340957202
9780340945919 9780340945704 9780340959022 9780340968765

Walking with Tigers
Success Secrets from the World’s Top Business Leaders
Frank Furness
Improved sales, higher productivity, bigger profits, a greater sense of fulfillment—
a top motivator shows readers what separates the great salespeople and business
leaders from the mediocre.

“Frank Furness has worked with some of the top performers in the business
world, and his experiences have made for a fascinating book. Walking with
Tigers is filled with insights and nononsense charm. A must-read for anyone who
wants to find their own path to success.” —Mike Southon, coauthor, The Beer-
mat Entrepreneur
Frank Furness is recognized as one of the world’s top motivators, speakers, and train-
ers, helping salespeople, marketers, managers, and executives at companies in more
than 40 countries. Here he shares valuable lessons he has learned from his decade of
observing and working with leaders in large and small businesses, and offers insights
into what it takes to succeed, both in business and in life. Collecting stories from achiev-
ers of all levels and from all over the world, this book explores the key characteris-
tics associated with top performance. Issues of persistence, integrity, confidence, focus,
discipline, organization, and more are illuminated through Frank’s own experience,
as well as tales from those he has worked with. His book will help you plan your own
road to success—and, more importantly, achieve dramatic results. Frank Furness is a
sales consultant, trainer, and senior manager who has twice qualified for “MDRT Top
of the Table,” the top half percent of financial services salespeople in the world.
Business/Management • 192 pp • 5 x 8
9780749941178 (Replaces 9780749928216) • November • $14.95 Paper
Piatkus Books

The Pocket Psycho

Dr. John Clarke
From a specialist in psychology, a guide to identifying and dealing with psychopaths
at work.
Clinical psychopaths exist in a variety of workplaces. They are individuals who ma-
nipulate their way through life and leave an indelible mark on both their victims
and society. They are destructive men and women: cunning, self-centered, ruthless,
and terrifying. Featuring a range of case studies as well as frequently asked ques-
tions, this is a guide to learning how to identify workplace psychopaths. Advice is
also offered on working with and managing a psychopath in order to make the work-
place a safe and tolerable environment. Dr. John Clarke is a professional psychol-
ogist and the author of Working with Monsters.
Business • 160 pp • 5.5 x 6.5
9781741664881 • October • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper
Random House Australia

Also available:

Working with Monsters

9781740511544 • $16.95 (Can $18.95)

Kitchen Table Tycoon
How to Make It Work as a Mother and an Entrepreneur
Anita Naik
Juggling a family and an at-home career is made simple with this innovative
resource from a 15-year veteran mompreneur.

“Full of practical advice on running a business, discovering if you are suited to

working from home and coping with mommy guilt, as well as inspiring stories
from successful entrepreneurial mothers, this book covers all the nitty-gritty de-
tails that any mom thinking of working from home needs to know.”
—Daily Record
For many mothers, running a business from home in order to cut child care fees and
see more of their children is an ideal but tricky situation. This instructional guide-
book provides the true details on what it really means to start and run a business from
your kitchen table. Information is included on how to juggle family, work, and alone
time as well as how to handle both mommy and work guilt. Tips on the business side
are also provided, including researching a business idea, estimating start-up costs, and
navigating through the inevitable ups and downs. Filled with inspiring stories and ad-
vice from successful entrepreneurial mothers, even the most nervous of moms can learn
how to have a great business and a great life. Anita Naik is the author of several books
for women, including Babe Bible, The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Fabulous Body, The Lazy
Girl’s Guide to Good Health, and Naughty but Nice.
Business • 224 pp • 5 x 8
9780749929459 • March • $14.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

Mothers & Daughters

How to Stay Close and Stay Sane
Joan Sauers
A warm, witty, and wise take on the good, bad, and the downright ugly of
mother-daughter relationships.
For daughters: Go through her photo albums together and ask her who the
old folks are. They may not seem that important now, but ancestors become
more interesting the older you get.
For mothers: Reply to questions honestly, no matter how bizarre. Death, dis-
ease, and nipple-piercing are fascinating subjects to little girls, so get your an-
swers ready.
Featuring more than 300 indispensable tips, gentle advice, and concise obser-
vations, this is the perfect resource for mothers or daughters at any stage of
their lives. From reminders to remember you love her even when you want to
kill her, to feisty suggestions on age-appropriate dress and reflections on aging
together, this is a light, bright, and fun yet always tender look at one of the
world’s most special—and most complicated—relationships. Joan Sauers is a
television and film writer as well as the author of Get to Know Your Gut and
Quick Fixes for Everyday Back Pain.
Family & Relationships • 192 pp • 7.5 x 5
9781863256759 • March • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
Bantam Australia

A Mother’s Love
Edited by Tanith Carey
Affectionate stories conveying the importance of a mother’s role in the life
of her family.
From pregnancy and childhood to adulthood and beyond, this heartwarming
collection of stories commemorates and celebrates motherhood. Taken from
cultures and countries around the world, each tale is filled with the humor, sor-
row, and joy that are inherent in being a mom. Perfect for both brand-new moth-
ers and grandmother many times over—and all those in between—these are
stories of forgiveness, hope, and love. Tanith Carey is a journalist who contributes
to Cosmopolitan, the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, and the Independent.
Family & Relationships • 92 pp • 5.5 x 6.5 • 23 Color Illustrations
9780745953175 • March • $9.95 (Can $10.95) Cloth • Lion UK

The 8 Secrets of Happiness

Paul Griffiths and Martin Robinson
From counting blessings to forgiveness, a “how-to” guide to leading a truly happy
and fulfilling life.
There are innumerable products that promise to make individuals more attractive,
healthier, more popular, and more successful. But worldly possessions are never
enough for true happiness: there’s more to it than having a great job, designer clothes,
a busy social life, or a fat bank balance. This insightful guide unveils the eight fac-
tors that psychologists have discovered as foundations of real happiness, among
them learning for forgive; investing time and energy in friends and family; and prac-
ticing acts of kindness. In an age of unprecedented wealth that is coupled with un-
precedented unhappiness and even depression, this book is a timely wake-up call.
Paul Griffiths is a radio personality and author. Every weekday he broadcasts a
five minute Thought for the Day radio program across the UK and Europe. Mar-
tin Robinson is the author of several books, including Invading Secular Space, The
Passion and the Cross, and Planting Mission-Shaped Churches Today. He also heads
up Together in Mission.
Self-Help • 160 pp • 5 x 8
9780745953298 • October • $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper • Lion UK

I Love You Because . . .
Su Box
Illustrations by Hannah Firmin
A pocket-sized, beautifully illustrated compilation of thoughts on love.
This lavishly illustrated gift book contains quotes, sayings, and reflec-
tions on the theme of love and romance. Featuring sections such as “I
couldn’t help it;” “You make me laugh;” “You make me feel good;” “We’re
traveling through life together;“ and “Our love is here to stay,” this is
a sweet, caring gift that’s perfect for any loved one. Su Box is the au-
thor of numerous books for children. Hannah Firmin has illustrated a
number of books, including Folk Tales of the British Isles.
Reference • 28 pp • 4.5 x 4.5 • Four-Color Interior
9780745953151 • January • $6.95 (Can $7.95) Cloth • Lion UK

The Little Book of Bliss

The Perfect Antidote to Gloom
Madeline Swan
Many books offer spiritual tips, but the feel-better solutions here are practical and
down to earth—collected from the most experienced relationships experts who have
to deal with real issues.
Sometimes it can feel like every day is a rainy day. Tricky questions may arise in all
areas of life—especially in love, relationships, confidence, and self-esteem. Tips col-
lected here for those who are stressed or feeling down range from the witty Don’t
knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone you love to the lighthearted When you feel
stressed or down, take a look at your gorgeous handbags to the thoughtful Remem-
ber although you can’t change the past, every moment is a new chance to forget it.
Many help the reader focus on the positive aspects of life and show how even if you
can’t affect the actions or words of others, changing yourself and your own attitude
can make life a lot better. Madeline Swan is the author of A Curious History of Cats.
Family & Relationships/Inspirational • 192 pp • 4.5 x 5.5
9781906264048 • November • $7.95 (Can $8.95) Paper • Little Books

Shut Up and Kiss Me
A Celebration of Playfulness, Pleasure and Passion
Tom Mitchelson
Practical advice on how to be a perfect romantic and keep the flames
of passion burning is paired with illustrations of the most inspirational
and outrageous kisses and romantic gestures in art.
Pucker up and pay attention. This is a celebration of old-fashioned romance,
as well as a guide to raising your game in the general art of romance—
from first kiss to lasting happiness. If you think a kiss is just a kiss you
have a lot to learn. Discover vital tips and techniques, such as how to com-
pensate for people with oversized mouths, explore the delights of the “pain”
kiss, avoid the tongue intrusion, and improve your life with a step-by-step
guide to achieve the perfect union of mouths. There are also masses of ideas
and inspiration for romantic things to do and how to keep passion from
waning. Tom Mitchelson’s research has taken him to five continents, kiss-
ing girls in the name of pleasure, literature, and science, and the study is
now complete. When not locking lips, he writes for the Femail section of
the Daily Mail and comes up with programs for Current TV.
Family & Relationships • 224 pp • 4.5 x 6.5 • 24 Color Photos
9781906264055 • January • $11.95 (Can $12.95) Cloth • Little Books

Who’s That Sleeping in My Bed?
The Art of Sex and Successful Relationships for Baby Boomers
Keren Smedley
Wise and witty answers to a huge range of questions about relationships and the
baby boomer generation.
Being over 50 is not what it used to be: it does not mean giving up on sex and love.
And the baby boomers—heirs to the sexual revolution of the 1960s—approach sex
and relationships in a very different way than previous generations, continuing to want
to be vital and sexual and encountering new options and new problems. Keren Smed-
ley, an accredited life coach, has been asked every question you could imagine—and
some you couldn’t—about the relationship issues of today’s baby boomer. Whether
it’s about starting again after the end of a long-term relationship, helping adult chil-
dren come to terms with the end of old relationships, or coping with issues connected
to same-sex relationships in later life, this guide addresses a huge range of questions.
Like an extended advice column for boomers, this book will engage and inform those
who wish to tackle problems in their own lives and those who simply wish to be en-
tertained by the rich variety of life. Keren Smedley is a business and life coach and
the author of Age Matters: Employing, Motivating and Managing Older Employees
and Who’s That Woman in the Mirror?
Family & Relationships/Sexuality • 304 pp • 5 x 8
9780755318803 • November • $16.95 Paper • Headline

Also available:

Who’s That Woman in the Mirror?


The Games Your Neighbours Play
Mark Brendon
Filled with case studies and conversations, this fascinating guide to an enormous
subculture—four million in the U.S. alone—combines absorbing social history with
stimulating erotica.
Turned on to swinging by a chance series of events in his life, Mark Brendon found
it to be stimulating, satisfying, and emotionally rewarding—an experience totally at
odds with the often cynical and always inaccurate picture presented by the media.
Opening with an orgy scene where a testy husband is urging his otherwise-engaged
wife to “hurry up, the babysitter’s waiting,” this revealing book paints a realistic pic-
ture of the relative normality of this lifestyle. Honest, funny, thoughtful, and erotic,
the author entertains and enlightens the reader as he describes attending parties held
in clubs, on beaches, and in private homes. He explores why, where, and how people
swing; outlines the subculture’s history, principles, and rules; and looks to a future
in which swinging might just save some cherished institutions—including marriage
itself. Racy and accurate, this fascinating book will appeal to experienced swingers
and vanillas alike. Mark Brendon is a novelist, columnist, and food correspondent.
Family & Relationships/Sexuality • 352 pp • 5 x 8
9781906321918 • November • $12.95 Paper • The Friday Project

Sex Made Easy
A Self-Help Sexy Survival Instruction Manual
Dr. Penny Drops
This ultimate spoof motivational sex-survival instruction manual to
help you conquer your fears and demons in the bedroom features clas-
sic raunchy photos and hilariously straightforward advice.
Not sure what to do with that thing between your legs? Well panic no
more! This handy guide will help even the most clueless lover understand,
battle, and conquer fears and insecurities in the bedroom. It contains
everything you should already know about sex but don’t because you
were too afraid to ask. Valuable self-help advice will help turn you from
a sexual disaster zone into a human dynamo. Filled with practical, sex-
pert-tested advice and illustrated with vintage images, this guide will have
you and your partner rolling in the bedroom. Dr. Penny Drops is a fic-
tional sex therapist. She lives with her two cats, Stud and Muffin.
Humor/Sexuality • 160 pp • 6 x 6 • 100 Color Photos
9781906032487 • January • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Portico

The Pill
Are You Sure It’s for You?
Jane Bennett and Alexandra Pope
A thorough study of the physical and psychological repercussions of taking a birth
control pill, along with effective alternative methods of contraception.
While a birth control pill is taken by most women at some stage in their lives, few re-
alize that it is not without side effects. Clear links have been made between oral con-
traceptives and such symptoms as depression, nausea, headaches, and a loss of libido.
Other women also experience difficulties conceiving and raising fully healthy children
after coming off the drug. Accessible and informed, this insightful guide examines how
the pill works, its advantages and dangers, and the best ways to remain healthy dur-
ing and after use. Alternative contraceptives are also examined, making this the com-
plete guide for women looking to make the difficult choice about contraceptives. Jane
Bennett works as a natural fertility specialist and is the author of A Blessing Not a
Curse. Alexandra Pope is a psychotherapist and the author of The Wild Genie and
Walking with the Genie.
Health • 324 pp • 5 x 8
9781741750799 • October • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Skin Fitness
Safe and Healthy Skin Care
Hugh Molloy and Gary Egger
Filled with practical solutions and advice, an indispensable guide for treating mod-
ern-day dermatological conditions.

“There is much wisdom in this book, and the remedies are simple.”
—Terence J. Ryan, professor emeritus of dermatology, Oxford University
In today's environment, skin is under constant pressure. Air in offices and buildings,
for instance, is often excessively dry and overheated, and contemporary cleaning so-
lutions and soaps are excessively harsh. This leads to conditions ranging from per-
sistent acne to eczema and psoriasis and can include dry, rough, or scaly skin;
unexplained morning sneezing and a runny nose; persistent acne; limp, lifeless, stringy,
or greasy hair; dark rings around the eyes; recurrent tinea; or disturbed sleep. Prac-
tical and helpful, this extensive guide explains the causes of these modern skin prob-
lems, and provides simple, safe, noninvasive, and inexpensive solutions. Hugh Molloy
is a dermatologist. Garry Egger is director of the Centre for Health Promotion and Re-
search and the coauthor of several books, including The Experts’ Weight Loss Guide and
Health Promotion Strategies and Methods. They previously collaborated on Good Skin.
Health • 156 pp • 5 x 7.5
9781741753738 • November • $17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

How to De-Stress Without Doing Less
Dr. Kate Middleton
Insights into the origins of stress in the 21st century and the best ways to beat them
quickly and effectively.
Stress is a growing problem in modern life, with three out of five visits to the doctor
attributed to stress-related problems. Rather than waiting for burnout, readers will
learn how stress works, what can be done about it, and how to avoid it. This clear
and helpful guide examines the symptoms and causes of stress while emphasizing that
being stressed is not a sign of weakness but an unavoidable challenge of modern life.
Debunking the myth that the only way to ease stress is to clear the calendar and relax
completely, it provides tried-and-tested techniques for handling the challenge effec-
tively while still maintaining a full schedule. Dr. Middleton helps individuals better
cope with this Achilles heel and be at their best—whether experiencing acute stress
now or on the brink of a burnout. Dr. Kate Middleton has a background in medicine
and psychology. She regularly speaks on subjects including common mental heath is-
sues, normal psychological development, and specialist topics such as stress and anx-
iety, and is the author of Eating Disorders.
Self-Help • 192 pp • 5 x 8
9780745953731 • January • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Lion UK

Beating Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Groundbreaking Ways to Help You Feel Better
Professor Jane Plant and Janet Stephenson
The coauthors, including the author of Your Life in Your Hands, dispel the fear
and prejudice surrounding mental illness and present a new, effective program for
dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression.

“Plant's ideas are controversial, but her scientific reputation is indisputable.”

—Joan Price, author, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Health and Fitness,
on Your Life in Your Hands
The epidemic of stress, anxiety, and depression that is sweeping the Western world is
accompanied by huge social, economic, and personal costs. This accessible and ground-
breaking book is designed to help sufferers, their families, and health professionals.
The authors, both former sufferers, argue that the medical profession’s current ap-
proach is not working. They describe the successes that they and others have achieved
through new treatment methods. You will discover your risk factors and how to re-
duce them, how mental health problems can be diagnosed more effectively, and how
to ensure the best possible treatment. They go on to present the 10 lifestyle factors
that affect the likelihood of developing anxiety and depression, and reveal the 10 food
factors that can improve mental well-being. Jane Plant is a professor of environmental
geochemistry and the author of The No-Dairy Breast Cancer Prevention Program and
Your Life in Your Hands: Understanding, Preventing, and Overcoming Breast Can-
cer. Janet Stephenson is a therapist and part of a hospital specialist team tackling drug
and alcohol addiction.
Health • 352 pp • 6 x 9.5
9780749928506 • October • $19.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

Mastering Bipolar Disorder

An Insider’s Guide to Managing Mood Swings and Finding Balance
Edited by Kerrie Eyers and Gordon Parker
A collection of personal stories from sufferers of bipolar disorder designed to in-
spire and educate fellow sufferers and their family and friends.
Gathered from sufferers young and old, these firsthand accounts of individuals with
bipolar disorder are equally inspirational, informative, and amusing. They cover all
aspects of the disorder, from first symptoms and diagnosis, to times when the disor-
der is more or less under control. They also emphasize the importance of personal
strategies for handling the disorder, such as exercise and support networks, alongside
medication and professional assistance. Featuring tips from clinicians and the latest
research, this is filled with tested and proven solutions for living a happy and healthy
life. Kerrie Eyers is a psychologist, teacher, and editor with many years of experience
in mental health. She is the editor of Tracking the Black Dog. Gordon Parker is the ex-
ecutive director of the Black Dog Institute and author of Dealing with Depression. Ker-
rie Eyers and Gordon Parker previously collaborated on Journeys with the Black Dog.
Psychology/Self-Help • 300 pp • 5 x 8
9781741755466 • September • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Head Case
Treat Yourself to Better Mental Health
Dr. Pamela Stephenson Connolly
A definitive, completely accessible guide to understanding mental health problems
and how to tackle them.

“Just about the perfect companion to the mind, mental health, mood and per-
sonality . . . authoritative without being technical, simple without being simplis-
tic, this is about as useful as a book can be.” —Stephen Fry, author, Revenge
“Popular books about mental health have an important role to play in the task
of democratizing mental health and in helping to reduce the stigma attached to
so-called mental illness . . . Pamela Stephenson Connolly’s new self-help book is
a good example of the genre.” —Times Literary Supplement
Globally, 154 million people suffer depression, which is just the tip of the mental ill-
ness iceberg. The vast majority receive no treatment, due to an immense lack of spe-
cialists, resources, and understanding. Offering simple self-assessment tools and
down-to-earth information on a wide range of mental health problems, this hand-
book provides clinical expertise minus the professional jargon. It explains everything
that can go wrong with the mind, and sets out easy steps to start feeling better right
away. This guide covers everything from mood, personality, and sleep disorders to
anxiety, trauma, and addiction, and addresses the effect of childhood experiences on
later life, and how to deal with issues from the past. This helpful, practical, and pos-
itive guide will inspire readers to make manageable steps towards a more joyful life.
Dr. Pamela Stephenson Connolly is a clinical psychologist, a Guardian sex colum-
nist, and the author of Billy, Bravemouth, Murder or Mutiny, and Treasure Islands.
She lives part of the time in New York City.
Self-Help/Psychology • 528 pp • 6 x 9 • 20 B/W Photos
9780755312825 • October • $19.95 Paper • Headline

Barbara Cartland’s Etiquette Handbook

A Guide to Good Behaviour from the Boudoir to the Boardroom
Barbara Cartland
Illustrations by Francis Marshall
Full of charm and wit, this insightful guide is as delightful now as when it first ap-
peared in 1962.

“A gentleman wishing to know the correct form for addressing a lady with
whom he is conducting a secret office romance, or a lady sick with worry as to
the precise dimensions of the crenulations on her daughter’s wedding invitations,
will soon have their minds set at ease.” —Observer
Written nearly 50 years ago, this handbook conjures up a period when addressing work
colleagues by their first names was frowned upon, wives could expect to receive a weekly
allowance from their husbands, and hats were ubiquitous. Laced throughout is Bar-
bara Cartland’s wit and wisdom, on such topics as marriage, (Unless she is ill a woman
should get up and cook her husband’s breakfast before he goes to work in the morn-
ing. It is bad manners to do this in curlers, without lipstick, in a shabby dressing-gown
and down-at-heel slippers.), children (Boys should be taught at a very early age—six
or seven—to say “Sir” to an older man. They will continue to do this until they are
about twenty-one.), romance (A young man taking a girl out for the evening usually
calls for her at her parents’ house . . . It is correct for her father or mother to offer a
cocktail or sherry and to talk to him for about five or ten minutes.) and table man-
ners (Fresh fruit like apples and pears should be eaten with a silver knife and fork.)
This is a wonderfully evocative insight into manners that have largely disappeared.
Barbara Cartland (1901–2000) was a prolific author of romance novels, selling mil-
lions of books in her lifetime, which earned her a place in The Guinness Book of Records.
Reference/Humor • 336 pp • 4 x 6.5
9780099527299 • January • $13.95 Paper • Arrow

Pamela Robson

Ageing gracefully is made simple with this witty compilation of insights designed to keep
women looking fresh and hip. Advice on everything from lip gloss to eyebrows, jeans to heels,
eyeglasses to teeth, underwear to skirt lengths, and skincare to skin rejuvenators is included.
There are also thoughtful suggestions on boosting confidence, feeling good on the inside, and
acquiring those all-important luxuries that money cannot buy. This is a treasure-trove of
timeless advice for staying current and making the most of the exciting years ahead.
Pamela Robson is a journalist and the author of The Bush and Yorkey’s Knob.
Each: Fashion & Appearance/Self-Help • 144 pp • 5.5 x 6.5
Two-color Interior • November • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • Illustrated Random House Australia

Grown-Up & Gorgeous in Your 40s

For bewitching goddesses in the prime of their lives, here are tips to stay looking foxy
and hip. In our youth-saturated world, it can be tricky to get the aging-gracefully thing
absolutely right. Helping answer such questions as What’s too young now? Too old?,
the pages are packed with compelling advice on everything from picking the best lip
gloss and eyeglasses what length skirt to wear. This is the guide to living fantastically
through the decade in which most women are incredibly busy multitasking; but getting
healthy, active, and looking good doesn’t have to be out of reach.
51 Line Drawings • 9781741668018

Grown-Up & Gorgeous in Your 50s

Radiant older ladies are given dozens of effortless tips and tricks to keep their look ever-
green. Pretty pages are packed with compelling advice for life in the powerhouse decade,
from climbing out of a rut to applying flattering makeup, from styling difficult hair to
keeping eyewear sleek and smart, and from the best skin care to the best options for
skin rejuvenation. And because it’s not all about appearance, there are also thoughtful
suggestions on boosting energy, feeling focused and strong, and acquiring that all-im-
portant sense of self that money can’t buy.
50 Line Drawings • 9781741668025

Grown-Up & Gorgeous in Your 60s

Live your life with elegance and flair with this guide that offers alluring mature god-
desses dozens of effortless tips and tricks to keep their look fresh, hip, and happening.
This guide covers everything from golden skin to glossy lips, classic shirts to stunning
heels, underwear to formal wear, and strong bones to sharp minds. Radiate inner health
and embrace your unique self in your sixties!
57 Line Drawings • 9781741668032

Kate Moss
Angela Buttolph
Featuring insights from top industry insiders, a head-to-toe breakdown
of the impeccable fashion of Kate Moss, the world’s greatest style icon.

“Angela Buttolph has distilled the essence of the ‘Kate effect’ into a
new book. Read and blindly follow.” —Grazia magazine
“Just like the Croydon gal herself, this is seriously cool.”
—Closer magazine
“Page after page, the beautiful, glossy pictures of Moss shine, prov-
ing the true icon she really is, and probably always will be . . . Kate
Moss fans, fashionistas, and gossip girls alike will all enjoy this
book, as it really spells out Kate’s style formulas.”
—Evening Standard
Kate Moss's clothing line is being sold in the recently
opened New York Topshop. Future Topshop store locations
include Miami, Boston, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.
An international trendsetter with an influence more powerful than any
fashion magazine, Kate Moss is a one-woman style revolution who kick-
starts global trends with each new look. She has made wearing vintage
cool, dressing for festivals a headlining act in itself, and looking sexily
disheveled a serious style statement. This look inside the most famous
wardrobe in the world unravels the secrets of Kate Moss’s fashion for-
mula by uncovering the stories behind her most iconic outfits, including the infamous sheer silver slip dress, the much-coveted,
lemon-yellow prom dress, and the rock chick PVC leggings. Contributions from some of the most noted fashion designers, styl-
ists, photographers, and vintage dealers in the industry—among them Manolo Blahnik, Donna Karan, Domenico Dolce and
Stefano Gabanna (Dolce & Gabbana), Matthew Williamson, Kelly Osbourne, Britt Ekland, Katie Grand, and Marc Jacobs—
help reveal how Kate chooses what she wears and why. Beautifully illustrated with hundreds of photos of Kate’s iconic style
campaigns and famous outfits, this is a celebration of a unique life in fashion that explores in-depth the evolution and impact
of Kate’s look. Angela Buttolph has written for every major fashion magazine, from Vogue to i-D, and is the coauthor of Phaidon’s
Fashion Book. She is now a contributing editor for Grazia.
Biography/Fashion & Appearance • 208 pp • 7.5 x 9 • 150 Color Photos • 14 B/W Photos
9781846054297 • September • $35.00 Cloth • Century





17 45 007

Dress Like a Star
For Every Woman Who Wants to Look Her Best
Annebelle van Tongeren
A wardrobe mistress extraordinaire reveals the principles of dressing to flatter
in this inspiring guidebook.
Nothing makes a woman feel as glamorous and serene as knowing she is well dressed.
Unfortunately, choosing what to wear can be pretty scary and mistakes can be ex-
pensive. This funny and entertaining guide reveals how to select the right pieces
to build a flawless wardrobe without breaking the bank. Practical tips and hints
on everything from necklines to underwear are included along with chapters cov-
ering such difficult selections as wedding dresses and evening gowns. Elegant line
drawings that demonstrate how to pick clothes that fit properly complete this es-
sential guide to looking your best every day. Annebelle van Tongeren has worked
for wardrobe and design departments for numerous television programs over the
past 20 years. Her work has been published in Marie Claire and Vogue magazines.
Fashion & Appearance • 224 pp • 6.5 x 8.5 • Two-color Interior
9781741666045 • December • $22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper
Illustrated Random House Australia

Fashion Speak
Interviews with the World’s Leading Designers
David Meagher
Personal insights and fascinating perspectives from the world’s most noted
clothing designers.
The world of fashion is both highly artistic and highly challenging, with top
designers balancing delicately between the cutting edge of creativity and the
necessity of running a viable business. In this enthralling collection of inter-
views, David Meagher talks to top designers the world over, the people whose
vision shapes the contemporary and future fashion. The designers—among them
Marc Jacobs, Karen Walker, Martin Grant, Christopher Bailey of Burberry, and
Josh Goot—talk about where they’ve come from, where they’re headed, and
their philosophy of design. Gorgeously illustrated throughout with full-color
photographs from the catwalks of London, Paris, Milan, and New York, this
is a fascinating insight into the minds shaping fashion today. David Meagher
is a fashion writer and editor.
Fashion & Appearance/Design • 140 pp • 6.5 x 8 • Color Photos Throughout
9781741664997 • September • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper
Random House Australia

How to Look Good Naked
Gok Wan
Stop judging and start loving—this unmissable shop-for-your shape guide is about
embracing what you have and enhancing every gorgeous bit of it.

“For anyone who’s going through a style crisis, or just really wants a new look,
it’s the perfect place to start.” —Heat magazine
“What marks Gok Wan out from the rest of the makeover mafia is that he gen-
uinely seems to care about his case studies! Every home should have a Wan.”
Gok Wan is here to make all women look gorgeous, regardless of size or body hang-
ups. With 10 years of styling experience behind him, he shows you how easy it is to
look amazing every day whether you’re pear-shaped, apple-shaped, or flat as a pan-
cake. A real-life “fairy Gok mother,” he inspires and empowers women to feel beau-
tiful inside and out. From celebrating curves, to enhancing your assets, Gok offers
the ultimate confidence boost for women of all ages and sizes. It’s not about chang-
ing your shape with plastic surgery or dieting, but about loving what you have and
making the most of it. With Gok’s help you can look and feel good with or without
your clothes on. Gok Wan is a stylist whose been published internationally in mag-
azines such Tatler, Glamour, Times Style, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Face, and
People. The star of the original U.K. How to Look Good Naked, he also hosts Gok’s
Fashion Fix, has a range of shapewear lingerie, and is the author of How to Dress.
Health • 220 pp • 7.5 x 8.5 • 133 Color Photos
9780007267248 • October • $15.95 Paper • HarperCollins UK

Beauty in Bloom
A Collection of Beautiful Inspirations
Natalie Bloom
An exquisitely designed, inspirational collection of thoughts on the nature of beauty
from Natalie Bloom, founder of Bloom Cosmetics.
This stylish compendium of all things beautiful addresses the true nature of loveli-
ness, both inside and out. From the love of makeup and perfumes to nature, note-
books, and Paris, the thoughts and ideas gathered here will help any woman look
beautiful and feel beautiful. Featuring striking illustrations throughout, this is a quirky,
personal, and thoroughly gorgeous volume. Natalie Bloom is the founder of Bloom
Cosmetics, a multimillion-dollar international company.
Inspirational/Health • 108 pp • 6 x 8.5 • 45 Color Illustrations
9781741755299 • October • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Cloth • Allen & Unwin

100 Ways to Change the World
Michael Meegan
Photographs by Manuel Scrima
Filled with motivational thoughts and captivating photographs, a hand-
book of small gestures that can make a big difference.

“Meegan is quite simply inspirational.” —Irish Times

In a world weighed down with day-to-day responsibilities, this inspirational
guide focuses on the big issues that are often lost amidst all the clutter. Pre-
sented here are the first 100 steps of a journey that will lead to a lifetime
of enlightenment and joy, some of them as simple as smiling at a stranger,
or helping someone across the street. Filled with stunning photographs and
poignant suggestions and musings, this is a straightforward resource for
making the world a better place for all. Michael Meegan is the the founder
of the AIDS charity, ICROSS, and the author of several books, including
Changing the World from the Inside Out. Manuel Scrima is a photogra-
pher and filmmaker, and the creative director of Africa Awakes and New
World International.
Inspirational/Self-Help • 200 pp • 5 x 5 • 50 Color Photos
9781903070451 • October • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Eye Books

Ten Lessons from the Road

Alastair Humphreys
Packed with motivational images, quotes, and sayings, a guide to complet-
ing even the biggest of life’s adventures.

“The first great adventure of the new millenium.” —Sir Ranulph Fiennes
“His manner is reminiscent of the great tradition of British explorers.”
Alastair Humphreys spent four years traveling around the world on his bicy-
cle, a journey that covered 46,000 miles and five continents. During his trip
he gave motivational talks and received thousands of emails to his website in
which people asked what kept him going through the low-points on his jour-
ney. Collected here are the source’s of Alastair’s inspiration, including affirm-
ing quotes, insights, and unique photographs. As this inspirational resource
shows, the lessons he learned while on the road can be applied to any goal in
life. Alastair Humphreys is the author of Blue Mountains, Mood of Future Joys,
and Thunder and Sunshine.
Inspirational • 233 pp • 5 x 7
9781903070642 • September • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth • Eye Books

Servants of the Supernatural
The Night Side of the Victorian Mind
Antonio Melechi
Witty and compelling, this history of the golden era of the Victorian séance tells
the outrageous tale of the mediums and psychics, their followers, and the sleuths
who set out to expose them.

“Takes us on a joyously weird circuit of the Victorian obsession with the supernatu-
ral . . . Riotously enjoyable.” —Judith Flanders, author, Inside the Victorian Home
“Fascinating . . . brings to life the wonderfully flamboyant cheats and frauds of
the 19th-century medium trade.” —Deborah Blum, author, Ghost Hunters
“Lustrous . . . the heyday of the Victorian séance in all its table-trembling, tam-
bourine-tapping glory.” —Word Magazine
Born of the so-called Victorian “pseudoscience” of mesmerism, the séance enjoyed a
late 19th-century golden age that ministered to the Victorian obsession with science,
religious doubt, and entertainment. Mediums, psychics, and somnambulists were in-
vestigated by amateur sleuths and by scientists such as Faraday and Darwin; their
performances imitated and exposed by magicians, denounced by clerics, and satirized
hilariously in the press. Yet the popularity of spiritualism and the séance endured—
and does so to this day. A revelatory exploration of the darker side of Victorian sci-
ence, this narrative-driven history is full of literary and scientific anecdote and evocative
depiction of 19th-century England. Antonio Melechi is the author of Fugitive Minds.
Body, Mind, Spirit/History • 292 pp • 5 x 8 • 22 B/W Photos
9780099478867 • September • $16.95 Paper • Arrow

Seeing Angels
True Contemporary Accounts of Hundreds of Angelic Experiences
Emma Heathcote-James
Fascinating accounts of encounters with the realm of the supernatural, collected
by angel expert Emma Heathcote-James.
According to Time magazine, 69 percent of American people believe in angels and 46
percent feel they have a guardian angel. In fact, people the world over have claimed
to have experienced visions of angels. These people are not crazy new-age loonies, but
ordinary individuals from all walks of life, from professionals to prisoners to children.
Collected here are more than 50 fascinating case histories of individuals who have
claimed to encountered or been saved by a heavenly being. Emma Heathcote-James
has a PhD in theology and is the author of After-Death Communication, Psychic Pets,
and They Walk Among Us.
Body/Mind/Spirit • 288 pp • 5 x 8
9781844547869 (Replaces 9781904034155) • October • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper
John Blake

Let Your Past Go and Live
Freedom from Family, Relationship and Work Baggage
Avril Carruthers
Practical advice on identifying, isolating, and moving beyond repressed traumas to de-
velop confidence and self-esteem.
In order to survive the challenges presented by families, the workplace, and relationships,
many people put on masks and play roles. These include the victim who only feels good
when they are rescuing people; the antagonist who bullies others; and the insecure who
allow others to step on them. These roles are often developed in childhood, can last a life-
time, and their presence can drain and sabotage individuals, distracting them from lead-
ing better lives. Accessible and inspired, this innovative approach to deep-seated issues
looks at the destructive influence of repressed hurts and traumas that manifest themselves
in the form of personality types, and offers insight on how to release them once and for
all. Avril Carruthers is a transpersonal psychotherapist.
Self-Help • 208 pp • 6 x 9
9781741755206 • January • $18.95 (Can $20.95) Paper • Inspired Living

Dearly Departed
Everything You Want to Know About the Afterlife
Georgina Walker
A respected psychic answers the most common questions about what happens after
loved ones die.
Drawing on a lifetime’s experience interacting with those who have passed over, psychic
intuitive Georgina Walker shares a wealth of real-life stories about the afterlife in this com-
forting volume. She addresses the most frequent questions of the bereaved concerning the
dead, including what happens to the souls of loved ones, children, murder victims, and
pets. Warm and reassuring, this guide deals gently and insightfully with that most painful
of events. Georgina Walker is the author of Amazing Encounters with Those Who Have
Passed Over.
Body/Mind/Spirit/Self-Help • 300 pp • 5 x 7.5
9781741750010 • November • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • Inspired Living

The Wisdom of Water

John Archer
A lyrical look at water in all its forms that explores its mystical aspects and eternal value.
Exploring the many beautiful and mystical aspects of water, this is an inspirational and
moving collection of stories, facts, poems, legends, and insights concerning that most es-
sential of elements. From the healing waters of the Sukayu in Japan to the legendary Golden
Lotus tank at Madurai, this is a complete look at the world’s most sacred waters and their
significance to mankind. The rituals and worships past and present associated with water
complete this stirring celebration of the essence of life. John Archer is the author of sev-
eral books, including Twenty Thirst Century and The Water You Drink.
Body/Mind/Spirit • 224 pp • 5 x 7.5
9781741752397 • January • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Inspired Living

Each: Religion & Theology • 5 x 8 • $12.95 Paper • Hodder & Stoughton

The Imitation of Christ

Thomas à Kempis
Translated by E. M. Blaiklock
Foreword by R.T. Kendall
One of the greatest manuals of devotion in Christianity.
Let it be our chief occupation to think upon the life of Jesus Christ.
One of the best-loved texts of Christianity after the Bible, this book has been
influential since it was first written more than five centuries ago, with people
such as John Wesley and John Newton profoundly touched by it at their con-
versions. Written by a German monk, it is essentially a manual on the pursuit
of holiness and deep communion with God, with its key theme that the study
of Jesus is the Christian’s highest ideal. With great personal conviction, Kem-
pis demonstrates the individual’s reliance on God and the words of Christ, and
the futility of life without faith. Thomas à Kempis (c.1380–1471) was a Ger-
man religious writer who entered the Augustinian convent of Agnietenberg in
1400, and lived there for 70 years until his death. E. M. Blaiklock (1903–1983)
was an author specializing in biblical studies. R. T. Kendall is a former pastor
whose many books include The Thorn in the Flesh and Total Forgiveness. He
lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee.
240 pp • 9780340980163 • January

The Cloud of Unknowing

Edited by Halcyon Backhouse
Thought to have been written in the latter half of the 14th century by an
anonymous monk, this practical spiritual guidebook counsels a search for
God not through knowledge, but through blind love.
Lift up your heart to God with a humble impulse of love and have himself as
your aim, not any of his goods . . . Set yourself to rest in this darkness, always
crying out after him whom you love. For if you are to experience him or to see
him at all, insofar as it is possible here, it must always be in this cloud and in
this darkness.
The Cloud of Unknowing is one of the classic medieval texts on contempla-
tive prayer. Written anonymously towards the end of the 14th century for some-
one just starting out in the journey of faith, it dwells on the essentially
unknowability of God. Since God cannot be grasped by the intellect, he must
be approached with an attitude of humility and love, in listening prayer. Hal-
cyon Backhouse is the editor of The Best of Meister Eckhart, The Life of Christ,
and A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life.
112 pp • 9780340980118 • November

The Lion Companion to Church Architecture
David Stancliffe
A fascinating look at the historical interplay between the development
of religion and its churches and cathedrals.
From the earliest establishments through present-day structures, this ex-
pansive history explores how churches have been conceived as spaces
for worship throughout the centuries. Their development from the early
Roman house churches through Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic struc-
tures is addressed, as are the significant changes brought about by the
Reformation. Infused throughout with the spirit of the human quest for
meaning and transcendence, this is a lavishly illustrated guide to the his-
tory, meanings, and messages of houses of worship. David Stancliffe is
a clergyman and the author of Celebrating Common Prayer, God’s Pat-
tern, and The Pilgrim Prayerbook.
Architecture/Religion & Theology • 288 pp • 8.5 x 10.5
500 Color Photos • 9780745951904 • October
$39.95 (Can $43.95) Cloth • Lion UK

Also available:

The Lion Companion

to Christian Art
9780745951775 • $49.95 (Can $54.95)


The History Makers is a new, color-illustrated series focusing on the lives and
legacies of historical figures who have influenced the world in significant and
lasting ways, including politics, social action, and the arts and sciences.

Each: Biography/Religion & Theology • 192 pp

5.5 x 8.5 • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Lion UK

Greg Watts
A concise account of the work and life of the Dutch master of mood and lighting.
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606–1669) was a leading light of the 17th-cen-
tury Dutch Golden Age of art and one of the most famous painters of all time. His
prodigious talent, extraordinary emotional truth, and reckless disregard of artistic
convention astonished, delighted, and often dismayed his contemporaries. He is best
known for his incredibly realistic portraits as well as his dynamic etchings and illus-
trations of scenes from the Bible. This is a compact but thorough look at the life of
one of Europe’s most beloved artists. Greg Watts is the author of The Labourer in
the Vineyard: A Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI.
65 Color Illustrations • 9780745952840 • January

J.S. Bach
Calvin Stapert
The life and times of the extremely talented Baroque musician and composer, con-
densed by a Bach expert.
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) was a master composer, known equally for his
secular and sacred works for choir, orchestra, and solo instrument. Among his nu-
merous famous compositions, the Brandenburg concertos, Goldberg Variations, and
Cello Suites remain popular the world-over. This is a concise but thorough look at
the life of one of the world’s greatest Germanic composers. Calvin Stapert is the au-
thor of another book on Bach, My Only Comfort, and A New Song for an Old World.
50 Color Illustrations • 9780745952864 • January

Mother Teresa
Faith in the Darkness
Greg Watts
A portrait of the Nobel Peace Prize–winning humanitarian and advocate for the poor.
Mother Teresa is a modern-day icon—the paragon of human goodness, empathy, and
charity. This fully illustrated biography tells the story of her life, from a determined
young nun who went out onto the streets of Calcutta to care for the diseased and
dying to becoming the founder of the Missionaries of Charity, who now work in more
than 120 countries. Greg Watts paints a deeply human portrait of this inspiring and
controversial woman, including the “spiritual darkness” she suffered from at various
stages in her life. Greg Watts is a journalist and the author of The Labourer in the
Vineyard: A Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI.
30 Color Photos • 25 B/W Photos • 9780745952833 • February

Something Beautiful for God
Malcolm Muggeridge
A new edition of the classic biography that brought global attention to the
life and work of Mother Teresa, featuring newly released photographs.

“Muggeridge, a witty, skeptical observer of people and himself can be

amusing, exasperating, or absurd . . . But he is never dull.” —Publishers
Weekly on
A Third Testament
Mother Teresa was one of the most revered women of the 20th century. Adored
by millions, her Missionaries of Charity organization aided thousands of poor,
sick, orphaned, and dying individuals in Calcutta, India, and she was beatified
by the Catholic Church in 2003 for her ministry. Originally published in 1971,
this heartfelt biography first brought Mother Teresa’s works and spirit to the
attention of the Western world. It features transcripts of conversations with
Mother Teresa as well as a bevy of photographs illustrating her life-long role
as a humanitarian. Wonderfully intimate and touching, this is an inspirational
look at one of history’s most beloved and giving individuals. Malcolm Mug-
geridge worked as a journalist for many years for the Daily Telegraph, the
Evening Standard, and the Guardian. He is the author of several books, in-
cluding Chronicles of Wasted Time, Conversion, and A Third Testament.
Biography/Religion & Theology • 160 pp • 6 x 7.5 • 16 Color Photos
10 B/W Photos • 9780745953380 • December • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Cloth
Lion UK

God, Actually
Why God Probably Exists, Why Jesus Was Probably Divine, and Why the
‘Rational’ Objections to Religion are Unconvincing
Roy Williams
A profound and engaging analysis of the origins of Christian beliefs that uses hard
evidence and logic to find answers to the biggest questions of life and religion.

“A must read for skeptics. Roy Williams brings a lawyer’s careful attention to
evidence and strength of inference to life’s (and death’s) most important ques-
tions. He respectfully, but effectively, cross-examines the case against Christian-
ity as propounded by its recent atheist advocates. Like C. S. Lewis and other
authors who came to faith late in life, Roy Williams understands the issues that
trouble atheists and agnostics and gives thoughtful, convincing responses. He
takes on the issues that serve as roadblocks to many modern skeptics, from cre-
ation and evolution to the religious right.” —Robert F. Cochran, author,
Faith and Law
Drawing upon examples from science, politics, history, sociology, and the arts, this
intriguing look at the nature of Christian faith answers the biggest questions by ap-
pealing to evidence and reason. Rather than disavowing or avoiding its presence, this
study acknowledges the vital place of doubt and uncertainty in God’s creation and
seeks to determine its origin. Rebutting the arguments of atheists such as Christopher
Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, it shows how an avid, modern-day faith can be based
upon logical deductions from known facts rather than just blind trust. Intriguing and
innovative, this is a refreshingly honest and thorough examination of the state of re-
ligious belief. Roy Williams is a former lawyer.
Religion & Theology • 384 pp • 6 x 9
9780745953915 • September • $18.95 (Can $20.95) Paper • Lion UK

The One-Stop Guide to Christianity
David Winter
A highly visual and informative survey of the fundamentals
of the Christian faith.
Designed to appeal to readers of every age, this is a highly visual intro-
duction to the history and tenets of the Christian faith. A bevy of key
topics are addressed, among them Christian beliefs, celebration and wor-
ship, prayer, and the Christian lifestyle. Fully illustrated throughout, this
a concise but thorough introduction to the world’s largest faith. David
Winter is the former head of religious broadcasting at the BBC and the
author of several books, including The Bible Made Clear, The Espresso
Bible, and Espresso Prayers.
Religion & Theology • 128 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 200 Color Photos
9780745953236 • September • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth • Lion UK

A Pocket Guide to Christian Belief
Dr. Benno van den Toren
A concise overview of the key aspects of Christian belief and the role of the reli-
gion in the world today.
From its humble beginnings as a minor Jewish sect in a remote part of the Roman
empire, Christianity has grown to become a major world religion with more than two
billion adherents worldwide. But what does it mean to be Christian in the increas-
ingly multireligious setting of the 21st century? Featuring a warm and open-minded
approach, this is an informative introduction to the fundamental tenets of Christi-
anity, helping the reader to understand what Christians believe and giving special at-
tention to questions that are raised about Christian beliefs in our multicultural and
post-modern setting. Addressing topics such as global Christianity, the identity of God,
Christ and salvation, the Holy Spirit and the Church, and the meaning and end of
history, this guide compares Christianity's teachings with those of other religions along
the way, and provides an accessible and contemporary introduction to the major Chris-
tian doctrines, unpacking their meaning for today's world. Dr. Benno van den Toren
is a professor of theology.
Religion & Theology • 224 pp • 5 x 7
9780745952147 • September • $9.95 (Can $10.95) Paper • Lion UK

A Pocket Guide to Christian History

Kevin O’Donnell
From the early church to modern-day faith, an accessible, down-to-earth introduction
to the history of Christianity.

“This is a marvel of scholarly compression and clarity; but it’s more than that,
because it helps the reader understand the Bible as a theological whole.”
—Rowan Williams, archbishop of Canterbury
Bringing a wide range of chronological, geographical, and doctrinal history vividly
to life, this concise guide highlights the key occurrences and individuals in the devel-
opment and expansion of the world’s most widespread religion. A bevy of diverse top-
ics are addressed, including the apostles and Constantine; the celtic church and the
division between East and West; and the impact of the Reformation and the Enlight-
enment. This is an indispensable resource for understanding the global phenomenon
of the Christian faith. Kevin O’Donnell is a priest and the author of several books,
including Inside World Religions and Their Hearts Burned.
Religion & Theology • 224 pp • 5 x 7
9780745952871 • September • $9.95 (Can $10.95) Paper • Lion UK

Making a Pilgrimage
Sally Welch
Filled with advice and insight, a guide to making the most of religious travel.
Perfect for epic expeditions and virtual voyages alike, this comprehensive guide ex-
plores both the practical and spiritual aspects of the long-standing tradition of the
religious pilgrimage. Each aspect of the journey is explored—from preparing to leave
to readjusting to normal life after extraordinary experiences—and accompanied by
the accounts of both modern and ancient pilgrims. Perfect for experienced pilgrims
or novices, this inspirational resource shows unlock the full potential of any sacred walk.
Sally Welch is a clergy member.
Religion & Theology • 128 pp • 4.5 x 7
9780745953564 • September • $7.95 (Can $8.95) Paper • Lion UK

A Spiritual and Cultural Journey
Ian Bradley
A lavishly illustrated exploration of the centuries-old phenomenon of the
Christian pilgrimage, highlighting its history as well as modern-day treks.
This concept of the Christian pilgrimage has its origins in the exodus of the Jews from
ancient Egypt, but it has changed and adapted with the passing centuries. In medieval
times millions of pilgrims spent months traveling across Europe to visit holy cities
and shrines, and today a modern revival has blurred the lines between pilgrimage and
tourism and made places such as Iona, Taize, and Santiago di Compostella contem-
porary meccas. This fascinating volume offers a history of the pilgrimage over the
past two millennia, including common routes in Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales,
Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Bosnia-Herzogovina, and Poland. Information on the
holy walks themselves is offered along with vivid personal accounts and prayers from
pilgrims that help to bring to life one of the most vibrant expressions of Christian
spirituality. Ian Bradley regularly leads pilgrimages and is the author of more than
30 books, including Celtic Christian Communities and You’ve Got to Have a Dream.
Religion & Theology • 224 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 250 Color Photos
9780745952703 • February • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Cloth • Lion UK

God’s Undertaker
Has Science Buried God?
New updated edition
John C. Lennox
Filled with original insights and fair analysis, this is a fully revised look at the great
debate between science and religion.

“Recent books touting atheism have been grounded more on dyspepsia than on
dispassionate reason. In this book John considers the best, most recent science
from physics and biology, and demonstrates that the picture looks far different
from what we’ve been told.” —Michael Behe, author, Darwin’s Black Box and
The Edge of Evolution
“A brilliantly argued reevaluation of the relation of science and religion, casting
welcome new light on today’s major debates. A must-read for all reflecting on the
greatest questions of life.” —Alister McGrath, author, Glimpsing the Face of God
Intended to provide a basis for discussion, this captivating study evaluates the evi-
dence of modern science in relation to the debate between the atheistic and theistic,
addressing such topics as the origin of life; the genetic code and its origin; the nature
and scope of evolution; and the scope and limits of science. Gripping and thoroughly
argued, it is an illuminating look at one of man’s greatest debates. This updated edi-
tion features 10 percent new content and a brand-new forward from the author. John
C. Lennox is a professor of mathematics and the philosophy of science at the Uni-
versity of Oxford. A popular Christian apologist and scientist, Lennox travels widely
speaking on the interface between science and religion. He is the author of Christi-
anity: Opium or Truth?, The Definition of Christianity, and Key Bible Concepts.
Religion & Theology • 224 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9780745953717 (Replaces 9780745953038) • September • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
Lion UK

Is Anybody Up There?
Adventures of a Devout Sceptic
Paul Arnott
An antidote to such polemics as The God Delusion and God is Not Great, this is an
open-minded, personal, and funny look at what we believe and why we believe it.

“If T. S. Eliot’s life was measured out in coffee spoons, Paul Arnott’s has been
punctuated by bars of dairy milk chocolate . . . His sweet, funny, sugar-coated
memoir is light as a fairy cake.” —Times on Let Me Eat Cake
Religious fundamentalism tells us what we must believe; atheism tells us why we shouldn’t.
But what does faith mean to the majority of us who aren’t quite so certain? In this
entertaining guide to religion as it is lived, Arnott draws on his own Anglican upbringing
and further encounters with Sikh bus drivers, Greek Orthodox tour guides, and a friend
who runs the Hari Krishnas flapjack company to explore the impact our spiritual side
really has on our day-to-day existence. Funny, accessible, and far from polemical, this
is an open-minded and insightful look at what we believe and why we believe it. Paul
Arnott is the author of Let Me Eat Cake and Live the Moment.
Religion & Theology • 240 pp • 5 x 8
9780340936801 • December • $13.95 Paper • Sceptre

Visions & Voyages
The Story of Celtic Spirituality
Fay Sampson
An expansive look at the tumultuous history and memorable figures of celtic Christianity.
As the Roman Empire began to crumble, Celtic Christians began to embark more often
on pilgrimages and quests. They explored such visionary islands as Skellig Michael, Iona,
and Lindisfarne, yet their spirituality was largely concerned with politics and people. Brigid
ruled a monastery for women and men, princesses and slaves, while Arthur was defend-
ing celtic Britain against English invaders, and Aidan died protesting against his king. While
some celtic Christians did slam the monastery gates on the sinful world, most tramped
into the hills to stand alongside ordinary people. Drawing on historical documents and a
thoughtful examination of legends, this is an insightful resource that unveils the devel-
opment of and tenets behind the various strands of celtic Christianity. Fay Sampson is the
winner of the Barco de Vapor Award. She is the author of numerous novels for children
and adults, as well as Runes on the Cross.
Religion & Theology/History • 192 pp • 5 x 8
9780745952352 • September • $16.95 Paper • Lion UK

Celtic Treasure
Unearthing the Riches of Celtic Spirituality
Liz Babbs
Explore the wisdom, clarity, and insights offered by the traditions of Celtic-
based spiritualism.
The deep riches of the ancient tradition of celtic spirituality are unearthed in this il-
luminating resource. Weaving together the stories and wisdom of the ancient Celts,
it explores the contemporary relevance of prayer and solitude, creation and creativ-
ity, and community and hospitality as it demonstrates how each of these ancient paths
can enrich the future. Other topics include celtic saints; the God of creation; and cel-
ebrating life. Liz Babbs is the author of several books, including Can God Help Me?,
The Celtic Heart, Into God’s Presence, and The Thing About series.
Body/Mind/Spirit/Religion & Theology • 80 pp • 6 x 6.5
9780745953557 • September • $9.95 (Can $10.95) Cloth • Lion UK

Celtic Wisdom
Treasures from Ireland
Cindy Thomson
A beautifully illustrated collection of poetry, quotes, folktales, and traditional Irish
sayings and blessings.

“An inspiring and informative journey offering new insights along ancient path-
ways.” —Liz Babbs, author, The Celtic Heart
A bevy of classic celtic wisdom that reveals the authentic core of celtic spirituality is
gathered in this inspirational anthology. A background on the history of Ireland as
well as St. Patrick, Brigid, and the twelve apostles of Erin is provided along with say-
ings, stories, prayers, and proverbs that reveal the traditions and customs of celtic
prayer and learning. Beautifully illustrated with evocative images of Ireland, this is
an intimate guide to putting the ancient wisdom of the celts into practice. Cindy Thom-
son has contributed to Family Chronicle and History Magazine and is the author of
Brigid of Ireland.
Religion & Theology • 96 pp • 6 x 7.5 • 24 Color Photos
9780745953250 • September • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Cloth • Lion UK

Cities of the Apocalypse
Elzbieta Jastrembowska
Blending travel with Biblical study, a unique look into the history of Christianity
and the ancient world via seven cities mentioned in the Book of Revelation.
In the Book of Revelation, John mentions seven cities in the midst of his description
of the second coming. Part archaeological investigation, part Bible study, and part
travelogue, this intriguing work investigates each of these cities, which range from
some of the grandest sites of antiquity—such as Ephesus—to some of the smallest and
most picturesque. The classical world is explored through John’s eyes, with detailed
overviews of the civilizations of Greece and Rome by an outsider. Full touring guides
highlight landmarks and must-see sites in each city, and practical information on trav-
eling to each destination make this a perfect resource for the adventurer and arm-
chair traveler alike. Elzbieta Jastrembowska is a classicist and archaeologist, and the
current director of the Polish Institute in Rome.
Religion & Theology • 240 pp • 5.5 x 8.5 • 16 Color Photos • 24 B/W Photos
9781843680468 • October • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper • Pallas Athene

Holy Warriors
A Journey into the Heart of Indian Fundamentalism
Edna Fernandes
Taking on a subject that is central to current debates about the rise of religious
extremism and the war on terror, this eye-opening exploration of India’s incendiary
religious mix is based on a series of face-to-face encounters with all flavors of the
faithful, the fervent, and the fanatical.

“This impressively researched and lucidly written book travels quickly beyond
many banalities about India today. Anyone interested in exploring the complex
appeal of religious extremism in half-modern societies should read it.”
—Pankaj Mishra, author, An End to Suffering
“As fair and objective an assessment of the perils that lie ahead for India as any
that I have ever read . . . a must-read for all of those who wish the country to
prosper as a secular democracy.” —Khushwant Singh, author, Train to Pakistan
“The reportage is evenhanded and responsible and even delightfully witty. Fernan-
des’s asides are precise and wicked. Above all, she offers a valuable reminder of
the dark side of the economic miracle that is modern India.” —Guardian
Home to all the major religions, India is also, inevitably, host to virtually every type of
religious fanatic. No other nation has witnessed as much proselytization or heard as
many war cries in the name of God as India. For centuries, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, and Muslims have waged bloody wars,
sought violent conversion, and declared jihad against their enemies, as their religions have been hijacked by the forces of fun-
damentalism. Here British-Indian journalist Edna Fernandes travels to the country’s recent and past theaters of religious ex-
tremism—from Kashmir to Gujarat and Punjab to Goa—to meet the generals and foot soldiers of communal wars who assert
their faith in rhetoric and rage. Theirs are stories of bigotry, bloodshed, insecurity, and despair, but Fernandes listens with un-
derstanding, tolerance, and a deft sense of humor, painting a uniquely vivid and clear-sighted picture of a country divided by
dogma. Edna Fernandes is a journalist who has worked for many leading international news organizations, including AP-Dow
Jones and Reuters. Her articles have appeared in the International Herald Tribune and the Wall Street Journal. She is the au-
thor of The Last Jews of Kerala.
Political Science/Religion & Theology • 368 pp • 5 x 8 • 1 Map
9781846270970 • September • $16.95 Paper • Portobello Books

Each: 5 x 8 • September • $12.95 Paper • Granta UK

What Do Hindus Believe?

Rachel Dwyer
Followers of Hindu may be atheists, polytheists, or monotheists; this guide looks at
what the central threads are of such a diverse faith and examines the many facets of
21st-century Hinduism.
Hinduism is a much-contested term used to describe the religious beliefs and practices of
more than 800 million people, most of whom live in India. Yet it is a religion that lacks
a set of core beliefs—there is no founder, no single scripture, nor any central organiza-
tion. The sheer diversity of beliefs and practices that vary across social groups and re-
gions has led some to claim that the term “Hindu” is almost meaningless. This book argues,
however, that there are central threads in this diversity which can be traced through more
than 3,000 years. The book’s examination of Hinduism in the 21st century discusses the
rise of “Hindutva” or Hindu-nationalism in India and examines beliefs and practices in
the Hindu diaspora. The book also examines the depictions in the media of Hindu beliefs
and practices and looks at the significance of media in connecting the Hindu diaspora to
India. Rachel Dwyer is the author of 100 Bollywood Films, Cinema India, Filming the
Gods, and Yash Chopra.
Religion & Theology • 128 pp • 9781862078611

What Do Existentialists Believe?

Richard Appignanesi
The history of an existential approach to the question of being, traced through the
thought of major thinkers and writers such as Søren Kierkegaard and Albert Camus.
Existentialism is not a unified doctrine or belief in any conventional sense. It breaks
ranks with all previous philosophy, unsettles orthodox religion, and questions the su-
premacy of science. However, the question it poses is of fundamental importance to us
all: What on earth am I to make of my existence? In this lively and provocative new in-
troduction to existentialism, the author challenges the reader to take part in a series of
“thought experiments” in order to illuminate what it means to approach the question
of our being human existentially. Throughout, he emphasizes our need to face in good
faith the consequences of “what one is being.” He also looks at existentialism’s encounters
with Islam, Freud, feminism, race, and the notion of progress. Richard Appignanesi is
the editor of the Postmodern Encounters series and author of several books, including
Introducing Postmodernism and Freud for Beginners.
Philosophy • 100 pp • 9781862078635

Also available:
Each: $12.95

What Do What Do What Do What Do What Do

Astrologers Believe? Catholics Believe? Druids Believe? Greens Believe? Zionists Believe?
9781862078383 9781847080035 9781862078642 9781862078604 9781862078369

“These books let you encounter thinkers eyeball to eyeball by analyzing passages from their work.”
—Terry Eagleton, author, Literary Theory: An Introduction
“These deceptively slim volumes really are a course in How to Read, not How to Pretend to
Have Read.” —John Banville, author, The Sea
Each: 5 x 8 • $12.95 Paper • Granta UK

How to Read Ancient Philosophy

Miriam Leonard
Broadening our understanding of ancient philosophy beyond Plato, this
guide investigates the breadth and diversity of Greek and Roman thought.
Thinkers such as Aristotle, Plato, and Parmenides have shaped the way we
see the world, and it is their original conception of philosophy that has
placed topics such as logic, metaphysics, ethics, and ontology at the heart
of philosophical debates for centuries. This guide not only explores the
central theories of their works, but also gives some sense of the messy process
of abstraction, where written texts get transformed into timeless ideals. It
looks at how simple phrases such as “in what way?” or “there is” are turned
into the language of philosophy. Taking passages from Heraclitus, Par-
menides, Lucretius, and Cicero as well as Plato and Aristotle, this guide
provides an insight into the influence of its texts on the later history of
ideas. Miriam Leonard is the author of Athens in Paris: Ancient Greece
and the Political in Post-War French Thought and the coeditor of Laugh-
ing with Medusa.
Philosophy • 128 pp • 9781862079977 • September

Also available:

How to Read Aquinas How to Read Descartes How to Read Joyce

9781862079144 9781847080042 9781862079120

How to Read Hume How to Read Machiavelli

9781847080332 9781862079915

Blonde Moments
The Ditzy Gaffes and Blunders Uttered by Blondes of Every Hue
Fleur Barrington
Perfect for blondes as well as brunettes, carrot tops, and baldies, a celebration of
idiotic actions, stupid sayings, and slips of the tongue.
Whether it’s a brainless comment, a well-intended quip gone wrong, or simply the
art of getting into an unbelievably sticky situation, everyone experiences a blonde mo-
ment from time to time. Rather than ruing them, this review celebrates the down-
right “blonde” things that we all do. It includes quotes and witticisms from famous
blondes such as Dolly Parton, Joan Rivers, and W. C. Fields; real-life blonde situa-
tions; blondes in the movies; and blonde sayings and jokes. For the times when you
wish the ground would just open up and swallow you whole, this is a hilarious form
of solace. Fleur Barrington is a writer who specializes in lifestyle and relationship sub-
jects. She is the author of 1001 Little Housekeeping Miracles.
Humor • 160 pp • 5 x 7.5 • 42 B/W Illustrations
9781843173113 • October • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth • Michael O’Mara

100 Things to Do When You’re Dead

Rob Bailey
Wonderfully off-the-wall suggestions for postmortem pastimes, from becoming
a scarecrow to advertising a sale, each accompanied by an instructive photograph.
For those who find cremation passé or the idea of burial a bore, this innovative
guide to the afterlife contains ideas for a multitude of functions that a dead body
can capably fulfill while simultaneously earning a good wage for friends and fam-
ily. The ideas provided—among them working as a bathroom organizer; becom-
ing a piece of modern art; and helping parents frighten rambunctious youngsters
into obedience—are each explained in detail and illustrated with a helpful pho-
tograph. Insightful and only slightly macabre, this is the perfect resource for pay-
ing debts or fulfilling dreams even after your final hour! Rob Bailey is the coauthor
of Dirty Signs.
Humor • 128 pp • 5 x 6.5 • 102 B/W Photos
9781843173373 • September • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Michael O’Mara

Real Men Eat Puffer Fish
And 93 Other Dangerous Things to Consider
Robert Twigger
The world is a dangerous and unpredictable place, a man never knows when he might
be called upon to face down a bear, start a fire with a coke can, headbutt a block of
ice in two, or drive a T-34 tank.

“Robert Twigger is a unique and dazzling talent—a 19th-century adventurer trapped

in the body of a 21st-century writer. I urge you to read everything that carries his
name.” —Tony Parsons, author, Man and Boy
“A beguiling stylist, he interleaves reminiscence and aphorism to produce something
wholly original. A tour de force.” —Will Self, author, The Book of Dave
“Though there is now an avalanche of guides to being a better man, this is the one
that really ups the ante . . . This fills the gap between retro-tedium and techie
manuals.” —BBC Radio
“Charmingly eccentric . . . a lighthearted and truly unusual romp through natural
history.” —Publishers Weekly on The Extinction Club
“Deliriously clever.” —New York Times on The Extinction Club
Every man has faced that emergency when a car needs to be broken into and hot-wired,
just as every man needs to be able to mix the perfect dry martini when relaxing at home.
Robert Twigger—author, snake hunter, desert explorer, canoeist, and all-around Hemingway-esque, manly man—gives author-
itative insights and tips for surviving the modern world in this dangerous book for men. He has plenty of experience of facing
down bears, building coracles, swimming with sharks, playing high-stakes poker, and removing fishhooks from his hands—and
here he takes on even more ludicrous skills—performing a tracheotomy; slitting the throat of a sheep; and landing a Boeing
747. Robert Twigger is the author of numerous books, including The Extinction Club and Angry White Pyjamas, for which he
won the Somerset Maugham and William Hill Sports Book of the Year awards. In addition to writing books, he has contributed
to Esquire and Maxim.
Humor • 208 pp • 5 x 8 • 30 Line Drawings • 30 Diagrams
9780753825839 • November • $14.95 Paper • Orion Publishing

The Secret Diary of Simon Cowell

Tony Cowell
Long thought lost to the ages, the early thoughts and private scribblings of the Amer-
ican Idol star, presented by his one and only big brother.
As the older brother of the world’s nastiest television personality, Tony Cowell felt
he owed it to his brother’s adoring public to release as many embarrassing nuggets
of Simon’s misadventures as the laws of libel would allow. What if Simon had kept a
diary since he was six years old? This is his brother’s spoof diary that charts the course
of Simon’s rise to celebrity. Part fact and part fib, it is a humorous take on what might
have happened and what really did. Tony reveals the inner machinations of one of
pop culture’s most outspoken men, including his earliest dreams, his first girlfriend,
his first job, and his early plans to take over the music industry. Featuring previously
unpublished secrets of this media star and millionaire, including his thoughts on fel-
low American Idol panelists, this is the inside scoop on Mr. Nasty himself. Tony Cow-
ell is a former journalist and the author of I Hate to Be Rude But . . . and Is It Me
or Is Everyone Famous?
Humor/Biography • 208 pp • 5.5 x 7
9781906217549 • September • $24.95 Cloth • JR Books

The Inkspot Monologues
Keith Pointing
A series of Rorschach tests reveals the pasts of two destined lovers in this humor-
ous and lushly illustrated story.

“Beautifully illustrated.” —Michael Heath, cartoon editor, Spectator

Alice and Jack are reminded of former lovers as they describe the Rorschach inkspots
presented to them by their therapist. As their past experiences are laid bare and the
character flaws of their boyfriends and girlfriends are verbally and visually paraded,
it soon becomes clear that Alice and Jack are in fact ideal for one another. Quietly
amusing, visually stimulating, and beautifully designed, this is a strikingly unique ac-
count of love lost and found. Keith Pointing is an artist and illustrator, and the au-
thor of Kingsgate and Salvador Dali.
Humor/Family & Relationships • 144 pp • 5 x 7 • B/W Illustrations Throughout
9780956011909 • October • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Word of Mouth

Annus Mirabilis
More Latin for Everyday Life
Mark Walker
Retaining the unstuffy style of its predecessor Annus Horribilis, this sequel extends
the scope of topics covered, including fascinating extracts from the works of post-
Renaissance Latinists including Copernicus, Descartes, Joseph Addison, and
Samuel Johnson.
An invigorating selection of “everyday” Latin from ancient times to the present day,
this guide includes an exploration of poetry, epitaphs, and inscriptions and looks at
the origins of Latin names still used in English. Ancient Roman curses from Bath Spa
and letters from Hadrian’s Wall are at one end of the spectrum, at the other are Neo-
Latin authors, many rarely studied by classics students. In between is an exploration
of Latin poetry, both sacred and profane; hymns and verse epitaphs; and letters from
Cicero, Augustus, Heloise, Erasmus, Petrarch, Smollett, and Sterne, among others. All texts
are accompanied by in-depth notes and there is a grammatical index and English trans-
lations. Mark Walker is a Latin teacher and the author of Amida and Annus Horribilis.
Reference/Language & Linguistics • 160 pp • 5 x 8
9780752448329 • September • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • The History Press

Also available:
Annus Horribilis
9780752442846 • $27.95 (Can $30.95)

It’s Not Rocket Science
And Other Irritating Modern Clichés
Clive Whichelow and Hugh Murray
No worries! This high-octane, caffeine-fueled, dictionary of clichés highlights the
freshly hackneyed phrases we’re being subjected to 24/7. So how good is that? And
what’s not to like?
In the last 30 years new technology, fashion, and social set-ups have spawned new
clichés galore. Everything on the internet is available at the “click of a mouse,” TV
hosts ask the audience to “give it up” when they want them to applaud, call centers
tell us “we value your call” even though “all our operators are busy.” And if you’re
“gobsmacked” by all this you may be told to “get a life,” “chill out,” or “whatever.”
This collection sifts through all aspects of modern life to find the most prevalent, ubiq-
uitous, and downright irritating clichés of our age. Clive Whichelow has written for
Rory Bremner, Jonathan Ross, Spitting Image, and Smith and Jones and has coau-
thored such titles as They X-Rayed My Head and Found Nothing: The Ultimate A–
Z of Very Stupid Things Said by Very Famous People. Hugh Murray’s TV and radio
writing credits include work for Steve Coogan, Smack the Pony, and others.
Reference/Language & Linguistics • 208 pp • 5 x 7
9780749951597 • October • $14.95 Cloth • Piatkus Books

Spilling the Beans on the Cat’s Pyjamas:

Popular Expressions
What They Mean and Where We Got Them
Judy Parkinson
A lighthearted and entertaining examination of the origins of a bevy of colorful phrases.
Why is it a good thing to be the bee’s knees? How does one become as keen as mus-
tard? And what are people really doing when they see a man about a dog? The ori-
gins of a wide range of curious quips and are unveiled in this delightful reference. The
meanings of even the most nonsensical phrases are also provided in context. Judy Parkin-
son is the author of i before e (except after c) and Elton: Made in England.
Reference/Language & Linguistics • 192 pp • 5 x 7.5
9781843173656 • November • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Michael O’Mara

Also available:

The Modern Wit Mondegreens

9781843172543 9781843172352
$13.95 (Can $14.95) $15.95 (Can $17.95)

Shakespeare Matters
A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing
Geoff Spiteri
Covering characters, plots, and themes as well as binge drinking, rude ges-
tures, and South Park, an engaging collection of little-known facts about
the world’s best-known playwright.
Far from being three-hour marathons of unintelligible, boring dialogue, Shake-
speare’s plays are in fact exciting, tragic, funny, and often downright rude mas-
terpieces filled with memorable plots, great insults, filthy jokes, and eccentric
characters. This handy guide to the Bard’s great works is packed with trivia
and pithy entries that cover everything from Shakespeare’s greatest villains to
his most cutting insults. Ranging from the truly enlightening to the utterly ob-
scure, the facts and insights in this comprehensive resource bring to life as never
before the fascinating world of Shakespeare’s work. Geoff Spiteri is a journalist.
Drama • 160 pp • 5 x 6.5
9781906032456 • October • $10.95 (Can $11.95) Cloth • Portico

Latin Matters
A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing
Simon James
Featuring the highlights of Roman history and a comprehensive phrase guide,
this is a handy and informative guide to the Latin language.
Latin is a tricky subject that comes under assault from all kinds of non
cognoscenti who claim its anachronistic tendencies as an easy target. From the
spells of Harry Potter to the origins of everyday phrases and the terms that lit-
ter law and medicine, this is a fascinating treasure trove of facts about Latin
that demonstrates that this supposedly dead language is in fact both impor-
tant and contemporary. Perfect for enthusiasts and novices alike, this is enter-
taining evidence that there’s nothing boring about ancient languages. Simon
James is a Latin teacher.
Language & Linguistics/Reference • 160 pp • 5 x 6.5
9781906032319 • September • $10.95 (Can $11.95) Cloth • Portico


Highlighting the unique character and behavior of different nations, these humorous guides to
cross-cultural awareness are frank, irreverent, and funny—almost guaranteed to cure xenophobia.

“Each book is an entertaining essay on the failings, foibles and good points of their
subjects. Their humor is relaxed and gentle.” —Lancashire Evening Telegraph
“Xenophobe’s Guides aim to help us understand our differences.” —Daily Express
Each: Travel/Humor • 92 pp • 4.25 x 7 • September • $7.95 (Can $8.95) Paper • Oval Books

Xenophobe’s Guide to the French

Nick Yapp and Michel Syrett

“La France comes to life in this tongue-in-cheek pocket guide, a textual romp that dis-
guises a lot of information about France with an irreverent brush.” —Southern Cross
Explore the raison d’etre behind the Gallic facade with humor and style. Nick Yapp is the
author of 100 Days in Photographs and The American Millennium.
9781906042325 (Replaces 9781902825281)

Xenophobe’s Guide to the Spanish

Drew Launay

“Might not have the most politically correct title but it has a reputation for being one
of the most sympathetic and incisive takes by a foreigner on the habits, outlook and
foibles of Spaniards.” —Spain Magazine
A guide to understanding the Spanish that views them with the same light-hearted attitude
that they themselves display in life. Drew Launay is the author of French for Xenophobes
and Spanish for Xenophobes.
9781906042486 (Replaces 9781902825434)

Xenophobe’s Guide to the Japanese

Sahoko Kaji
Go beyond the etiquette to uncover the real nature of the people of the rising sun. Sahoko
Kaji is an economist and a professor.
9781906042400 (Replaces 9781902825366)

Xenophobe’s Guide to the Belgians

Antony Mason
A guide to understanding the Belgians, best known for their fine chocolate, reveals a hu-
morous and insightful view of the people. Antony Mason is the author of The Eyewitness
Top 10 Travel Guide to Brussels & Bruges, Antwerp & Ghent.
9781906042226 (Replaces 9781902825199)

Xenophobe’s Guide to the Icelanders

Richard Sale
An insightful, humorous look at Icelandic character and values. Richard Sale is the author
of AAA Essential Switzerland and Climbing the World’s 14 Highest Mountains.
9781906042363 (Replaces 9781902825328)

Each: Travel/Humor • 92 pp • 4.25 x 7 • Available • $7.95 (Can $8.95) Paper • Oval Books

Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide

to the Americans to the Greeks
Stephanie Faul Alexandra Fiada
9781906042196 9781903096321

Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide

to the Aussies to the Irish
Ken Hunt and Mike Taylor Frank McNally
9781906042202 9781906042370

Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide

to the Austrians to the Italians
Louis James Martin Solly
9781902825182 9781906042394

Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide

to the Canadians to the Kiwis
Vaughn Roste Christine Cole Catley
9781906042257 and Simon Nicholson

Xenophobe’s Guide
to the Czechs Xenophobe’s Guide
Petr Berka to the Poles
9781902825236 Ewa Lipniacka

Xenophobe’s Guide
to the Danes Xenophobe’s Guide
Helen Dyrbye to the Scots
9781906042271 David Ross

Xenophobe’s Guide
to the Dutch Xenophobe’s Guide
Rodney Bolt to the Swedes
9781906042288 Peter Berlin

Xenophobe’s Guide
to the English Xenophobe’s Guide
Antony Miall and to the Swiss
David Milsted Paul Bilton
9781906042295 9781906042509

Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide

to the Germans to the Welsh
Stefan Zeidenitz and John Winterson Richards
Ben Barlow 9781906042516

Collins UK

A complete language package for early learners, featuring two audio CDs
and access to a free companion website containing interactive activities.
This contemporary and fresh reference is divided into three sections that encourage an understanding
of the language beyond memorizing simple phrases. The first section presents full, natural conversa-
tions concerning a variety of topics, from ordering food to feeling unwell; while the second and third
present the vocabulary, grammar rules, and verbs needed to carry on these dialogues. The conversa-
tions are also recorded in full on the accompanying audio CDs, and further exercises are available on a
companion website so that tricky sections can be further reviewed.
Each: Reference/Language & Linguistics • 144 pp • 6 x 8.5 • Four-color Interior
Includes 2 audio CDs • November • $19.95 Paper • Collins UK

Collins Speak French Collins Speak Spanish Collins Speak Greek

9780007276981 9780007274260 9780007274994

Collins Speak Italian Collins Speak Polish Collins Speak Portuguese

9780007274253 9780007276998 9780007283699

Collins UK

Sound and speak like a native with these handy combination language packs,
including 60 minutes of downloadable audio files for pronunciation practice.
Ideal for practicing pronunciation and becoming more confident at reading and writing, this helpful
volume contains a phrasebook; a specially commissioned food guide that describes the different regional
dishes and wines, as well as a menu reader to guide new French speakers through the maze of menus; and a
5,000-word dictionary. The phrases provided are short, easy to use, and applicable to everyday situations
and accompanied by a simple pronunciation guide that facilitates speaking as well as listening. A free hour-
long MP3 download is available to provide further help with proper pronunciation, making this the
ultimate reference for speaking and understanding others while abroad.
Each: Reference/Travel • 192 pp • 4 x 5.5 • Four-color Interior • September • $7.95 Paper • Collins UK

Collins French Collins Spanish Collins German

Phrasebook and Phrasebook and Phrasebook and
Dictionary Dictionary Dictionary
9780007264537 9780007264650 9780007264551

Collins Greek Collins Italian Collins Japanese

Phrasebook and Phrasebook and Phrasebook and
Dictionary Dictionary Dictionary
9780007264575 9780007264544 9780007264582

Collins Mandarin Collins Polish Collins Portuguese

Phrasebook and Phrasebook and Phrasebook and
Dictionary Dictionary Dictionary
9780007264612 9780007264629 9780007264599

Collins UK

Packed with essential phrases and vocabulary, an accessible language

program designed to teach newcomers quickly and effectively.
Divided into 12 short units, this easy-to-use language course with three audio CDs will help beginners speak
with fluency and ease. Each unit introduces five key words and phrases before expanding into basic vocabulary
and syntax. Practice activities, memory tips, and etiquette advice are also provided along with an accompanying
48-page color booklet that provides full transcripts from the audio discs. Ideal for travelers and the time-
crunched, this is a fast and simple way to learn a new language fast. Units include: Hello; Excuse me; Where’s
the bar?; Over there; What would you like?; Have you got any!?; Can you help me?; I want to go to!; Have you
got a room?; It hurts; I want to make an appointment; and What’s it like?
Each: Reference/Travel • 48 pp • 5.5 x 7.5 • November • $13.95 • 3 Audio CDs • Collins UK

Collins Easy Collins Easy Collins Easy

Learning French Learning German Learning Greek
9780007271733 9780007313839 9780007313655

Collins Easy Collins Easy Collins Easy

Learning Italian Learning Japanese Learning Mandarin
9780007271740 9780007313662 9780007271764

Collins Easy Collins Easy Collins Easy

Learning Polish Learning Portuguese Learning Spanish
9780007271771 9780007313648 9780007271757


An accessible language program designed to further develop

vocabulary and syntax for more experienced speakers.
The next step in the Easy Learning Audio series, this CD-based course expands on the knowledge gained in the
more basic course, enabling learners to converse at a higher level and with greater confidence. The three audio
CDs guide learners through a series of 12 short units. Each unit introduces around five new key words or
phrases before expanding on the basic vocabulary with practice activities, memory tips, and culture and
etiquette advice. The accompanying booklet provides full transcripts of the CD conversations as well as helpful
hints to guide the user through the course. Level 2 Easy Learning guides work well as a stand-alone course, but
are designed as the perfect follow-up to the Easy Learning beginner guides.
Each: Reference/Travel • 48 pp • 5.5 x 7.5 • $13.95 • 3 Audio CDs • Collins UK

Collins Easy Learning Collins Easy Learning

Italian Level 2 French Level 2
9780007287550 9780007287536

Unit 1: Checking in to the hotel

Unit 2: Hiring a car
Unit 3: Where are you from?
Unit 4: Talking about yourself
Unit 5: How are you?
Unit 6: Do you want to go out this evening?
Unit 7: Where shall we go?
Unit 8: What do you do on Sundays?
Unit 9: A holiday in (Spain, France, or Italy)
Unit 10: Making plans
Unit 11: What's the weather like?
Unit 12: On the phone
Collins Easy Learning
Spanish Level 2

Tony Buzan

A revolutionary new program for learning a foreign language that incorporates

Mind Maps®, Tony Buzan’s acclaimed multimedia memory program.
Designed to help every type of learner—whether auditory, visual, or tactile—this unique language guide
revolutionizes the process of learning a language by incorporating the renowned Mind Maps® system. Memory
techniques such as visual and sound association are utilized to help organize vocabulary and grammar rules in
a way that make them easy to remember. Access to a free website that provides extra learning resources,
printable mind maps, and video clips is also included, making this a complete, well-rounded approach that
makes learning a new language easier than ever before. Tony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind
Maps® and the author of numerous books, including The Mind Map Book, Use Both Sides of Your Brain, and
Use Your Perfect Memory. His work has been published in 100 countries and 30 languages.
Each: Reference/Language & Linguistics • 208 pp • 6 x 8 • 2 Audio CDs • Collins UK

Collins Language Collins Language Collins Language

Revolution!—French Revolution!—French Revolution!—Spanish
Beginner Beginner Plus Beginner Plus
9780007255948 9780007255955 9780007255368

Collins Language Collins Language

Revolution!—Italian Revolution!—Italian
Beginner Beginner Plus
9780007255115 9780007255122

One Minute Mandarin
A Beginner’s Guide to Spoken Chinese for Professionals
Peter Coyne
Practical and efficient, a guide to pronouncing key Chinese phrases and vocabulary that
is ideal for businesses and corporate travelers.
Designed specifically for busy professionals, this practical introduction to spoken Mandarin
Chinese is ideal for those who only need the most important phrases to get by on the street
and in meetings. Each phrase is written in pinyin rather than Chinese script, making them
easy to learn and pronounce. Along with invaluable cultural information and tips on etiquette,
this guide also offers access to a website where accompanying audio files may be downloaded
and used for pronunciation practice. Peter Coyne runs regular Mandarin sessions for CEOs
and business executives.
Reference/Travel • 168 pp • 5 x 8
9781741754599 • October • $17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin Academic

Wendy Butfer
A comprehensive and practical travel guide to the many extraordinary sights of one
of the Mediterranean’s most pristine nations.
From towns preserved since the days of the Roman Empire to ancient souks and med-
inas, magnificent deserts, and prehistoric rock paintings, Libya contains some of the
most dramatic and fascinating landscapes and cities in the world. Proud, warm, and
welcoming, Libyans are perhaps the most engaging hosts in the Middle East. This lav-
ish guide explores the length and breadth of this unspoilt and fabulously welcoming
country, covering its cities and landmarks as well as its little-known highlights. Wendy
Buthfer has lived and worked in Libya for eight years.
Travel • 240 pp • 5.5 x 8.5 • 32 Color Photos • 24 B/W Photos
9781873429792 • November • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper • Pallas Athene

Wilfred Blunt
Filled with photos and engravings that capture its cultural magnificence, a comprehensive
look at one of the world’s most stunning cities.
Once one of the largest cities in the world, Isfahan is an ancient metropolis that sits across
timeless trade routes. It became the glittering capital of Iran’s greatest dynasty, the Safavids,
during the 16th century. Shah Abbas I (1587–1629) in particular helped to transform it into
a city rich in art, cultural wonders, and architecture rich in form and surface decoration.
Reprinted for the first time in 40 years, this astounding survey provides a history of the
city from its earliest days up through the early 20th century and features dozens of photo-
graphs, engravings, and examples of the tilework and architecture from across the centuries
that make Isfahan the cultural crown of Iran. Wilfred Blunt (1901–1987) was an art his-
torian and educationalist, and the author of Linnaeus: The Compleat Naturalist.
History/Travel • 240 pp • 6 x 8 • 64 Color Photos • 150 B/W Illustrations
20 Diagrams • 20 Maps • 9781873429440 • October • $27.95 (Can $30.95) Paper
Pallas Athene

AA Publishing

Packed with information and lush photography, these guides are the perfect
introduction to some of the world’s most unique nations.
Featuring stunning photographs and articles by local travel experts, these breathtaking volumes highlight some
of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Each guide offers insight into the landscapes, cultures, people,
and architecture of the country and serves as a remarkably intimate introduction to each nation. Beautiful
and informative, these are the perfect resources for globetrotters and armchair travelers alike.
Each: Travel/Photography • 96 pp • 11 x 8.5 • 80 Color Photos • 10 B/W Photos
November • $9.95 Paper • AA Publishing

Impressions of Australia Impressions of Cyprus

9780749558574 9780749558581

Impressions of New Zealand Impressions of South Africa

9780749558598 9780749558604

Also available:
$11.95 Each

Impressions of England Impressions of Ireland Impressions of Scotland Impressions of Wales

9780749548599 9780749548605 9780749548612 9780749548629

The Olive Tree
A Personal Journey Through Mediterranean Olive Groves
Carol Drinkwater
The latest in Carol Drinkwater’s acclaimed series of love story-memoir-travelogues charts
her colorful and often dangerous journey in search of the routes that olive cultivation has
taken over the centuries.

“Insightful . . . an appealing and interesting read.” —Waterstones Books Quarterly

“Describes life in the South of France with lush, voluptuous appreciation . . . poised to
attract fans of Mayle, Mayes, and others of the expatriates-in-paradise genre.”
—Publishers Weekly on The Olive Farm
“Following her engaging story is like driving the hairpin turns that climb the hills above
the French Riviera. . . . Highly recommended.” —Library Journal on The Olive Farm
Troubled by the challenges her own South of France farm is experiencing—including an attack
by a virulent pest and the premature ripening of the trees’ fruits—Carol realizes new approaches
to farming are becoming essential. Traditional customs have been set aside, while the use of ex-
cessive chemicals is putting crop harvests at risk. Changing patterns within the world’s climates
demand urgent action. Carol’s quest takes her south through Spain, Morocco, Algeria, and Italy
before she finally returns to her farm. As a woman traveling alone, she is frequently vulnerable and never more
so than in Algeria, where, on her arrival, terrorist bombs devastate the capital. Determined not to give up, Carol
accepts the support of a network of beekeepers who parcel her across troubled territories. Through her travels
Carol confronts some of the critical issues of our time—land-care and the harsh realities of diminishing water
reserves—and ends her momentous journey in the company of olive growers whose vision for the future is re-
markable and ingenious. This is a gripping narrative of an intrepid and unusual journey around the western shores
of the 21st-century Mediterranean. Carol Drinkwater is the author of several previous memoirs of life on an
olive farm in Provence, including The Olive Farm, The Olive Season, The Olive Harvest, and The Olive Route.
Travel/Autobiography • 352 pp • 5 x 8
9780753826126 • January • $14.95 Paper • Phoenix

By Any Means
His Brand-New Expedition from Wicklow to Wollongong
Charley Boorman
Following his motorcycle trips around the planet with Ewan McGregor in Long Way Round
and Long Way Down, as well as his thrilling path through Africa in Race to Dakar, Charley
Boorman is back with an even more outrageous, globetrotting adventure.
Charley Boorman has arranged himself a new challenge: he must travel from his home town
in England all the way to Sydney, Australia, and he must use any means available to reach his
destination, including steam train, horse, boat, kayak, motorcycle, and tuk-tuk. Whether cross-
ing the Black Sea, trekking through Tibet, riding an elephant in India, or hiking through the
forests of Papua New Guinea, Charley’s thrilling travels visit extraordinary places via unusual
transports. With trademark enthusiasm, dedication, and good humor, Charley tackles his most
challenging voyage to date with astounding results. Charley Boorman is the author of Race
to Dakar and coauthor with Ewan McGregor of Long Way Down and Long Way Round.
Travel • 352 pp • 6 x 9.5 • 64 Color Photos
9781847442475 • September • $19.95 Paper • Sphere

Also available:

Race to Dakar Long Way Round Long Way Down

9780751538175 9780316731706 9781847442499
$14.95 $40.00 $40.00

On the Road and on the Run in Outlaw China
Aya Goda
Far from boomtown Beijing, there is another China—join an unlikely vagabond
couple exploring it in this exhilarating Chinese On the Road.

“An arresting book is about to take hold of our collective vision of rural China.
A dozen film producers would die to adapt this book into an irresistible road
movie.” —Guardian
As protests swirl in the cities and all foreign faces arouse suspicions, venturesome
young Japanese student Aya Goda travels deep into the interior of China. There she
falls in love with the charismatic and combative wandering painter Cao, whose work
is initially tolerated by the Chinese authorities and then banned, suddenly flipping
the couple over onto the wrong side of the law. With the police on their tails, the pair
criss-cross the vastnesses of middle China and push up into Tibet, where Cao has been
trained as a sky-burial master. By truck and by jalopy, biplane and train, dodging ban-
dits and bureaucrats alike, the pair take a high-speed, high-risk journey through this
fast-changing country. Like some East Asian Cassady and Kerouac, Cao and Goda
are wild kindred spirits in search of enlightenment and freedom, and Goda’s prose—
clear and metallic as a Himalayan stream—permits the reader to share their every in-
trepid step and twist and to taste the tangily different flavors of contemporary China.
Aya Goda works as a painter.
Travel/Autobiography • 384 pp • 5 x 8
9781846270253 • September • $16.95 Paper • Portobello Books

A Country in the Moon

Travels in Search of the Heart of Poland
Michael Moran
Funny and insightful, this insider’s view of Poland reflects upon the landscape,
people, and history of what was once one of the largest and most powerful na-
tions in Europe.

“If you fancy elegant erudition, A Country in the Moon is a three-star feast.”
—Time Out
“Erudite, humbling and rhapsodic . . . No thinking traveller interested in
Poland should overlook this essential book.” —Guardian
“Literary travel writing at its best: elegiac, informative and profound . . .
probably the best travel book I will read this year.” —Wanderlust
Michael Moran keeps company with a gallery of fantastic characters in this up-
roarious memoir and meticulously researched cultural journey. In chronicling the
resurrection of the nation from war and the Holocaust, he paints a portrait of the
unknown Poland, one of monumental castles, primeval forests, and of course, the
Poles themselves. Moran shows the quirky, colorful side of Polish life obscured by
memories of communism, but does not neglect dark side of Polish history—anti-
Semitism and the Holocaust. This captivating journey into the heart of a country
is a timely and brilliant celebration of a valiant and richly cultured people. Michael
Moran is the author of the Thomas Cook short-listed Beyond the Coral Sea.
Travel/Autobiography • 384 pp • 5 x 8
9781847081049 • October • $16.95 Paper • Granta UK

The Bridge
A Journey Between Orient and Ancient
Geert Mak
Describing the cultural effect of the Galata Bridge in Istanbul and the personal sto-
ries of the people who use it, this thoughtful travelogue explores intersections of North
and South, East and West, providing charming insights into modern Turkey.

“His intimate portraits disrupt tidy European prejudices, and this thoughtful, beau-
tifully written book is suffused with a respect for the richness of the inner life of in-
dividuals that transcends tired metaphors.” —Independent
“His genius as a historian is his instinct for human stories . . . Mak is the history
teacher everyone should have had.” —Financial Times
“Brilliant . . . a remarkable, insightful, exhilarating exposition on that peculiar con-
tinent across the Atlantic.” —Publishers Weekly starred review of In Europe
Istanbul’s Galata Bridge has spanned the Golden Horn since the sixth century AD, con-
necting the old city with the more Western districts to the north. But the bridge is a city
in itself, peopled by merchants and petty thieves, tourists and fishermen, and at the same
time a microcosmic reflection of Turkey as the link between Asia and Europe. Geert Mak
introduces us to the woman who sells lottery tickets, the cigarette vendors, and the best
pickpockets in Europe. He tells us about the pride of the cobbler and the tea-seller’s home-
sickness. And he describes the role of honor in Turkish culture, the temptations of fun-
damentalism and violence, and the urge to survive, even in the face of despair. These
stories of the bridge’s denizens are interwoven with vignettes illuminating moments in
the history of Istanbul and Turkey and shedding light on Turkey’s relationship with Eu-
rope and the West, the Armenian question, the migration from the Turkish countryside
to the city, and the demise of the Ottoman Empire. Geert Mak is a journalist, historian,
and one of the Netherlands’ bestselling writers; his books include Amsterdam, In Eu-
rope, and Jorwerd.
Travel/History • 160 pp • 5 x 8
9780099532149 • January • $14.95 Paper • Vintage UK

Divine Magnetic Lands

A Journey in America
Timothy O’Grady
Incorporating history, memoir, and state-of-the-nation analysis, this is a candid
picture of America as it enters the 21st century.

“As a memoir of the road, O’Grady’s work is hugely successful. In many ways
it is a literary guide to the U.S.” —Irish Times
In 1973, at age 22, Timothy O’Grady left the U.S. for Europe. Over the next 30 years
he watched as the American counterculture crashed, wars were declared, and the
country was attacked by air. Much of the world began to look at America in a new
way and to wonder where the great democracy was heading. In an effort to solve
this riddle, O’Grady returned to his native land in order to travel more than 15,000
miles through 35 states. He met academics, the homeless, war veterans, political ac-
tivists, New Orleans rappers, billionaires, novelists, and a Ku Klux Klansman. At
every city and town, there seemed to be a slightly different understanding of what
America was and where it was going. Part travelogue, part history, and part social
study, this is a fascinating, grassroots investigation of the state of the country today.
Timothy O’Grady is a novelist and the author of I Could Read the Sky and Light.
Travel • 544 pp • 5 x 8
9780099469537 • November • $16.95 Paper • Vintage UK

Through a Land of Extremes
The Littledales of Central Asia
Elizabeth Clinch and Nicholas Clinch
Foreword by Sir Chris Bonington
Never-before-published photos enrich this look at the life and work of the greatest Eng-
lish explorers of their day.
On August 4, 1895, at a 19,000-foot pass on the north side of Goring La in Tibet, only
48 miles from Lhasa, a 43-year-old Englishman, his 55-year-old wife, and a fox terrier
confronted more than 150 Tibetans armed with primitive matchlocks. The Englishman
was St. George Littledale. His wife, Teresa, had shared in all of his adventures. In the 19th
century, Teresa and George Littledale were known as the greatest English explorers of
their day, journeying further into the hidden lands of Asia than any previous Western ex-
plorer had achieved. Yet, because they never published their own account of their jour-
neys, for more than a century their story has remained largely forgotten. Now the authors,
having discovered the Littledales’ diaries and letters, piece together for the first time their
remarkable, adventurous, and courageous lives. Elizabeth Clinch and Nicholas Clinch have
been to Chinese Central Asia, visiting the places the Littledales stayed. Nicholas Clinch
is former executive director of the Sierra Club Foundation and president of the Ameri-
can Alpine Club. He organized and led Himalayan expeditions and an Antarctic expedi-
tion. They live in Palo Alto, California. Sir Chris Bonington is a mountaineer and the author
of Annapurna South Face and Everest: The Unclimbed Ridge.
Biography/Travel • 336 pp • 6 x 9.5 • 40 B/W Photos
9780750947831 • September • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper • The History Press

In & Around London

Gavan Naden and Max Riddington
Edited by Sarah Pickering
A veritable treasure trove of the best sights on offer in London and its outskirts.
Within these sumptuously illustrated pages are details of all of the top sites to visit
in and around one of the most exciting capitals in the world. Readers can enjoy
uncovering the history of the city’s most famous landmarks—from the ancient halls
of power in Westminster and the magnificence of St. Paul’s Cathedral into the 20th
century and beyond with Tate Modern and the London Eye. A useful map of Lon-
don and the Underground is included. Gavan Naden is the coauthor of Frances:
The Remarkable Story of Princess Diana’s Mother.
Travel • 64 pp • 7.5 x 10.5 • Color Photos Throughout
9781841652443 • January • $8.95 (Can $9.95) Paper • Pitkin

Also available:

Afternoon Tea Kings & Queens

9781841651439 9781841651309
$11.95 (Can $13.95) $17.95 (Can $19.95)

Fancyapint? In London
The Comprehensive Guide to Drinking in the Capital
Gordon Butler
Forthright and comprehensive, this is the only guide you need to find the
perfect watering hole when visiting London.
This no-nonsense guide to the best—and worst—of London’s diverse and leg-
endary drinking establishments features groupings of pubs arranged by the
nearest tube stop, making it easy to find any place or discover hidden gems.
The Top Ten Pubs section includes: Thames-side pubs, pubs for alfresco din-
ing, pubs for watching sports, pubs near visitor attractions, and pubs for food.
Almost every pub in the city—more than 600 of them—is profiled with color
photos and details on atmosphere, clientele, food, and the range of drinks on
offer, making this the ultimate resource for London pub-goers. Gordon But-
ler is a founding member of
Travel • 440 pp • 5 x 8 • Color Photos Throughout
9781844547074 (Replaces 9781844542871) • September
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • John Blake

Good Beer Guide 2009

Edited by Roger Protz
The longest established, highly respected guide to the best beer and pubs in the
UK celebrates its 36th edition with more than 4,500 pubs listed.

“The definitive rundown of the best places in the UK to get a pint of real ale,
from cozy country inns to upmarket-style bars.” —Time Out Magazine
The Good Beer Guide is the comprehensive resource of the UK’s best pubs—from so-
phisticated city bars to inviting country inns, there is a pub for everyone in this in-
dispensable book. The pubs are all regularly surveyed by the Campaign for Real Ale
(CAMRA) members so you can rely on this being the most up-to-date and well vet-
ted of all pub guides. Discover the best pubs to visit in towns, cities, and the coun-
tryside throughout the UK. For each of the more than 4,500 pub entries you will find
full details of real ale served, as well as details about food, entertainment, suitability
of facilities for families, history, and architecture. The guide also contains a unique,
expanded Breweries section which lists every brewery that produces cask beer in the
UK. Roger Protz is a journalist, a broadcaster, a campaigner, and the author of more
than 15 books about beer and brewing, including 300 Beers to Try Before You Die!
Twice a winner of the Glenfiddich Drink Writer of the Year Award, he also won a
Lifetime Achievement Award from the British Guild of Beer Writers.
Travel • 880 pp • 5 x 9 • 36 Color Photos
9781852492496 (Replaces 9781852492311) • Available • $24.95 (Can $27.95)
Paper • CAMRA Books

Pocket Atlas London
Collins UK
An ideal purchase for resident and visitor alike, this neat, handy, pocket-sized atlas has
an extensive area of coverage and shows the center of London at an extra large scale.
Maps in this atlas are exceptionally clear and easy to use with color coding for both the
roads as well as locations such as shops, hospitals, hotels, schools, and more. They include
postal district boundaries, car parks and police stations, tourist information centers, an Un-
derground map on the rear cover, and a full index of street names. The area of coverage ex-
tends from Chiswick in the west to Barking in the east and Hackney in the north to Dulwich
in the south. Compact, pocket-sized, and showing a wealth of detail, the scale is 3.17 inches
to one mile.
Travel • 144 pp • 4 x 6 • Four-color Interior
9780007308750 • December • $6.95 Paper • Collins UK

London Mini Streetfinder

Collins UK
An ideal purchase for those wanting a wealth of detail and a large area of coverage in
a portable format, this pocket-sized atlas features color coding for both roads and lo-
cations such as shops, hospitals, hotels, and places of interest.
Ideal for pocket or purse, this handy street atlas covers a large area of central London
at a clear and easy-to-read scale. The pages have striking colored page edges to highlight
the different scales of mapping available. It includes color-classified roads and buildings;
postal district boundaries; car parks, hospitals, and police stations; and tourist information
centers. Specific maps include a West End theaters and cinemas map, a West End shop-
ping map, and a congestion charging map and information. Main mapping at 3.5 inches
to one mile extends from Wembley in the northwest to Richmond Park in the southeast,
and Stratford in the northeast to Lewisham in the southeast. Extra large-scale central-
area mapping at 7 inches to one mile extends from Kilburn to Fulham Broadway and
from Hoxton to Camberwell.
Travel • 320 pp • 4 x 5.5 • Four-color Interior
9780007303564 • December • $6.95 Paper • Collins UK

Greater London Streetfinder

20th Edition
Collins UK
The ultimate London street atlas has undergone a full revision resulting in thou-
sands of updates being made to the map detail.
Incredibly detailed street level maps—with more than 40 categories of information—
cover 1,660 square miles in and around London. Extra large-scale central London
maps at 6.3 inches to 1 mile make for ease of use in the more congested areas. Four
main map scales ranging from route planning maps of southeast England to large-
scale, central-area maps are ideal for navigation. An Underground map and London
connections rail map show travel zones. Theaters, cinemas, and shopping maps are
included, as well as a full index of street names, places of interest, hospitals, schools,
colleges, and stations. The 3.2 inches to one mile scale extends from Welwyn Gar-
den City in the north to Gatwick Airport in the south and from Windsor in the west
to Gravesend in the east. The 6.3 inches to one mile scale extends from Highbury in
the north to Clapham in the south and from Shepherd’s Bush in the west to Beckton
in the east. This is the definitive reference atlas for London and the surrounding area.
Travel • 480 pp • 8.5 x 12 • Four-color Interior
9780007274376 • February • $24.95 Paper • Collins UK

Ireland Comprehensive Road Atlas
Collins UK
For travelers looking for general purpose maps with a high level of detail at a variety
of scales, this atlas covers the whole of the Republic of Ireland plus Northern Ireland.
For both business and pleasure use, this atlas contains a range of mapping scales, including
a 9 miles to one inch route-planning map, main maps at 3.2 miles to one inch that are
ideal for navigation, and a wide selection of detailed town center street plans. This edi-
tion includes the locations of safety cameras and speed enforcement zones, which high-
light roads that have a high risk of accidents. Also new is the addition of Blue Flag and
Green Coast beaches, ideal for vacationers. These have been evaluated for their water
quality and safety, and, in the case of Blue Flag beaches, for their amenities such as life
guards and restrooms. The main road mapping is packed with detail such as a compre-
hensive color- classified road network, clearly marked toll roads, color layering to show
land height, and tourist information centers. A wide range of fully indexed town and
city center maps includes Bangor, Belfast, Cork, Drogheda, Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Gal-
way, Kilkenny, Killarney, Limerick, Lisburn, Londonderry (Derry), Newry, Newtownabbey,
and Waterford. There is also comprehensive information for visitors to Belfast, Cork,
Dublin, and Limerick.
Travel • 160 pp • 8.5 x 12 • Four-color Interior
9780007312818 • February • $13.95 Spiral • Collins UK

Ireland Handy Road Atlas

Collins UK
The whole of Ireland is represented in this road atlas, ideal for the resident, visi-
tor, or tourist who travels extensively around Ireland.
Complete with information on places of tourist interest, this handy route-planning
atlas in full color also features fully indexed town-center plans of Belfast, Cork, Dublin,
Galway, Limerick, and Londonderry. The whole of Ireland is mapped at 9 miles to
one inch. The cartogaphy is beautifully designed with color classified roads and sub-
tly layered height tinting, and new for this edition is the inclusion of a map showing
the location of Blue Flag and Green Coast beaches. These have been evaluated for
their water quality and safety, and, in the case of Blue Flag beaches, for their ameni-
ties such as life guards and restrooms. Also included are a list of tourist information
centers; descriptions of places of interest; a full index of place names and places of
interest; information on airports, ferries, and radio stations; and a mileage chart.
Travel • 64 pp • 6 x 8.5 • Four-color Interior
9780007254606 • February • $7.95 Paper • Collins UK

Greater Dublin Streetfinder Atlas

Collins UK
A handy-format street atlas of Greater Dublin with clear, detailed street mapping.
Scaled four inches to one mile, this street mapping of Greater Dublin is fully indexed.
Fixed safety cameras have been added as well as speed enforcement zones, which high-
light roads that have a high risk of accidents. A comprehensive visitor guide section
gives details of Dublin’s history, places to visit, and useful local information. A large
area is covered, including Dublin and its surroundings such as Swords, Greystones,
Clonee and Malahide, Maynooth, Leixlip, Rathcoole, Ashbourne, and Adamstown.
Travel • 200 pp • 5 x 8 • Four-color Interior
9780007312825 • February • $10.95 Paper • Collins UK

Scotland Handy Road Atlas
Collins UK
The handy format and a wide range of city plans make this the ideal companion
for traveling around Scotland.
Clear, attractive route-planning maps of the whole of Scotland are supported by com-
prehensive, fully indexed city-center street maps of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glas-
gow, Inverness, and Perth. These maps have places of tourist interest highlighted; attractive
layer coloring showing land height; and fully classified and color-coded road networks.
There is detailed street mapping of Edinburgh, including the Royal Mile with all its at-
tractions clearly marked, Leith, and Holyrood Park; detailed street mapping of Glas-
gow, including the West End; detailed street mapping of Aberdeen; and street maps,
with indexes, of Dundee, Inverness, and Perth city centers. The Tranport Connections
section lists all the airports and details of all vehicle ferries into and within Scotland.
Covering the whole of Scotland and part of northern Eng-
land, extending down to Kendal and Scarborough in the south,
this atlas has a scale of 9.9 miles to one inch.

Travel • 72 pp • 6 x 8.5 • Four-color Interior

9780007254613 • February • $7.95 Paper • Collins UK

Atlas & Guide Edinburgh

Collins UK
This pocket-sized atlas and guide of central Edinburgh is packed with informa-
tion to ensure that travelers make the most of their visit.
Featuring the highly respected Collins color-coded mapping, this guide to Edinburgh
includes such essential information as emergency contact numbers; the best way to
get around; the best places to shop and visit; and where to go for live music, movies,
and much more. Attractive color-coded street mapping is at 5.3 inches to one mile,
while central Edinburgh is at seven inches to one mile. This ideal purchase for tourists
and day-trippers also includes a full index of street map-
ping and places of interest; color sections about places
to visit, including Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of
Holyroodhouse; and a central map focused on the
Royal Mile.
Travel • 96 pp • 4 x 6 • Four-color Interior
9780007274383 • February • $6.95 Spiral
Collins UK

Collins UK

Each: Travel • Four-color Interior • Collins UK

Handy Road Atlas Europe

Featuring a lay-flat design that is ideal for reading on the road, this is a handy
road atlas covering Europe’s major highways, roads, and attractions.
Every major European country is covered in this fully updated road atlas that
features a ratio of 34 miles to one inch.
180 pp • 6 x 8.5 • 9780007325870 • December • $9.95 Spiral

Europe Essential Road Atlas

The perfect companion for a trip by car through Europe.
Fully revised, this spiral road atlas contains road mapping, route-planning maps,
larger-scale road maps of the Ruhr and Rhine, city through route maps, city-
center plans, and a comprehensive place names index.
304 pp • 8.5 x 12 • 9780007317929 • February • $19.95 Spiral

Britain Big Road Atlas

Printed on paper sourced from a sustainable forest, this fully updated road
mapping covers the whole of Britain, available in spiral and paper.
The ultimate 3.2 miles to one inch scale, large-format road atlas for Britain
features Collins’ popular and well-established road mapping, designed for ex-
ceptional clarity. A wide range of urban area maps at even larger scale is in-
cluded, plus 56 detailed, town-center street plans.
176 pp • 12 x 15.5 • December
Spiral: 9780007284993 • $18.95
Paper: 9780007284986 • $15.95

Essential Road Atlas Britain

This handy-sized spiral road atlas covers the whole of Britain at a selection
of useful scales.
This road atlas with popular lie-flat spiral binding features clear, detailed road
mapping at a scale of 3.2 miles to one inch, with land height shown by attractive
layer coloring.
336 pp • 8.5 x 12 • 9780007285013 • December • $19.95 Spiral

Britain & Ireland Handy Road Atlas

The ideal traveling companion, this handy road atlas has extremely clear
route-planning maps of Britain and Ireland and fits neatly into the glove
compartment, pocket, or bag.
The atlas includes road maps that focus on the main roads, motorways, and set-
tlements; a useful distance-calculator chart highlighting distances between the
major towns; a separate distance chart; and an index for the Ireland section.
80 pp • 6 x 8.5 • 9780007285037 • December • $6.95 Spiral

Britain Fold Out Road Atlas

A revolutionary road atlas of Britain features large pages folded into a more
portable-sized product.
Despite the compact size of the atlas, each mapping page folds out to reveal
a large area of mapping at a scale of 3.2 miles to one inch.
208 pp • 6 x 11.5 • 9780007285020 • December • $19.95 Spiral

The Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword 9
Collins UK
A supremely fiendish collection of 50 jumbo-sized cryptic puzzles, conceived
to vex the wits and baffle the brain.
Compiled by the editor of London’s The Times crossword, this original com-
pilation will challenge even the most experienced crossword buff. With unique
grids of 23 x 23 squares—larger than the standard 15 x 15 grid—these puz-
zles require serious word power and brain bending, and are the perfect quizzes
for those looking to test their linguistic prowess to its limit. Initially published
just four times a year on holidays, The Times crossword has appeared on a
weekly basis since 1997.
Games • 128 pp • 7.5 x 9.5
9780007313990 • October • $11.95 Paper • Collins UK

Also available:

The Times Jumbo The Times Jumbo

Criptic Crossword 8 Criptic Crossword 7
9780007264490 • $8.95 9780007232888 • $7.95

The Times Codeword

Book 1
Puzzler Media
Ciao to crosswords and so long to sudokus—this compendium offers brand-
new puzzles that rely on patience, logic, and ingenuity to crack the code!
The perfect alternative to knowledge-based crosswords and number-crunching
sudokus, Codeword is an utterly addictive puzzle designed to test word power
and logic. The concept is simple: each number represents a letter; puzzle-crack-
ers must use a base of solved letters to unveil more letters, form words, and then
crack the code. This compelling collection contains 150 new puzzles ranked in
increasing levels of difficulty, making this the perfect introductory volume for
novices. Puzzler Media is one of the largest puzzle content providers.
Games • 192 pp • 5 x 8
9780007313969 • November • $9.95 Paper • Collins UK

Each: 5 x 8 • Paper • Orion Publishing

Improve Your Declarer Play at No-Trumps

Ron Klinger
Ron Klinger brings his knowledge and skills as a leading teacher to bear on the diffi-
cult situations declarer faces when playing in no-trumps.
Many players feel trepidation when faced with playing a no-trumps contract. This invalu-
able bridge guide to better declarer play teaches players how to approach such contracts
without fear. The correct lines and logical thinking are explained clearly, and you will not
only make your contracts but also score overtricks. Ron Klinger, an international player,
Australian Grand Master, and World Bridge Federation International Master, is one of the
world’s leading bridge teachers. His other titles include 100 Winning Bridge Tips, Improve
Your Bridge Memory, and The Modern Losing Trick Count.
Games • 96 pp • 9780297858355 • January • $19.95

Improve Your Opening Leads

Ron Klinger
More games are lost by making the incorrect opening lead than by any other play—this
essential guide to better bridge will help any player improve their game and their results.
The opening lead is one of the toughest areas of bridge. By following the guidelines in this
book, not only will you find the winning lead more often, but you will also be able to avoid
the futile or dangerous leads that make the declarer’s task easier. This book is about the
logic and methods for finding the best lead, time and time again. Ron Klinger, an interna-
tional player, Australian Grand Master, and World Bridge Federation International Mas-
ter, is one of the world’s leading bridge teachers. His other titles include 100 Winning Bridge
Tips, Improve Your Bridge Memory, and The Modern Losing Trick Count.
Games • 96 pp • 9780297858348 • January • $19.95

Celestial Cardplay
David Bird
As ever, the irascible Abbot makes his acerbic presence felt and the long-suffering fra-
ternity diverts itself with much entertaining and excitingly interesting bridge, in the
10th collection of this celebrated series.
The pompous and self-important Abbot hosts a tricky visit from Monsignor Vecchio, a
representative of the Vatican authorities. Everything must be done to ensure that the vis-
itor, a very moderate bridge player, finishes well in the monastery duplicate. Regular fol-
lowers of David Bird’s work will know what to expect—a first-rate mixture of excellent
bridge, entertaining characters, and sparkling dialogue. David Bird is a prolific author
with 97 bridge titles to his name. His series of humorous bridge stories featuring the monks
of the St. Titus monastery has run continuously in Bridge Magazine for 30 years.
Fiction/Games • 128 pp • 9780297858324 • November • $22.95

Also available:
Divine Intervention Heavenly Contracts Miracles of Card Play
9780297855590 • $24.95 9780297853534 • $23.95 9780297844945 • $27.95

Mark Dvoretsky and Artur Yusupov

The world’s top trainer, Mark Dvoretsky, and one of his best-known pupils, grandmaster Artur
Yusupov, present a five-volume series based on courses given to talented young players through-
out the world. The books contain contributions by other leading trainers and grandmasters, as
well as games by pupils who have attended the courses. Players learn how to make chess moves
that not only improve their position but also prevent opponents from improving theirs.
Mark Dvoretsky is an International Master and Artur Yusupov is an
International Grandmaster of chess. They are the authors of Secrets of Chess
Training, Secrets of Endgame Technique, and Secrets of Opening Preparation.
Each: Games • 6.5 x 9.5 • $39.95 (Can $43.95) Paper • Edition Olms

Secrets of Positional Play

School of Future Champions 4
Though first expounded by Nimzowitsch, Mark Dvoretsky and his pupil
have brilliantly developed the strategy of prophylaxis. This hands-on guide
explains all of the details and uses of the prophylaxis concept. Specifi-
cally, the art of positional play is explained in terms of planning, ma-
neuvering, studying typical positions, and using deep strategy in
grandmaster games.
240 pp • 9783283005184 • September

Secrets of Creative Thinking

School of Future Champions 5
The final volume of the series deals with various creative aspects, such as
the calculation of variations and the development of intuition. It also ex-
plores the psychology of taking decisions, when both attacking and defending.
220 pp • 9783283005191 • October

Also available:

Secrets of Chess Training Secrets of Endgame Technique Secrets of Opening Preparation

9783283005153 • $35.00 (Can $42.00) 9783283005177 • $39.95 (Can $43.95) 9783283005160 • $39.95 (Can $46.95)

Limey Gumshoe
The Hapless Adventures of a High-Visibility Undercover Detective
Will Randall
An unlikely private detective finds himself knee-deep in a bevy of cases ranging
from the bizarre to the heartrending.

“Highly entertaining . . . there is much pointed irony and satire to enjoy.”

—Times on Another Long Day on the Piste
“A wonderful, amusing and affirmative book about that remarkable country,
filled with laughter, color, and simple decency. Bravo, Mr. Randall. Bravo.”
—Alexander McCall Smith, author, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, on
Botswana Time
PI Magazine plans to feature the book and have it reviewed by
one of the top PIs in the U.S. and recommend it to all students
of private detection
House-sitting in Boston one winter, Will Randall falls in with one of his more dis-
reputable acquaintances, Jack J. Makepeace, who introduces Randall to his current
employers, Chestnut Investigations. Soon Will finds himself appointed apprentice Pri-
vate Investigator at the firm. He tails mongrels and errant husbands, attends a sem-
inar on blood spatter, and is recruited in a strip club by an anti-government dancer.
The emotional stakes are suddenly raised when Randall finds himself investigating
the disappearance of a 16-year-old girl from her affluent home as well as fighting to
save a vulnerable boy from the housing projects from a miscarriage of justice. Often
hilarious and sometimes scary, this is an eye-opening perspective on the bizarre world
of private investigation. Will Randall is the author of several travelogues, including
Another Long Day on the Piste, Botswana Time, Indian Summer, and Solomon Time.
True Crime/Autobiography • 304 pp • 5 x 8
9780349120409 • January • $19.95 Paper • Abacus

Scams, Frauds and Swindles
James Morton and Hilary Bateson
A look at the greatest conmen—and conwomen—of all time.
A racy, highly entertaining history of cons and conmen, this survey shows how the
great, the good, and the bad—from Oscar Wilde to Al Capone—have fallen victim
to the wiles of the trickster. To the many people who have been the subject of a con,
this book will be of personal interest, while luckier readers will be fascinated to learn
how it has happened to others. In Capone’s case, he purchased a machine from “Count”
Victor Lustig, guaranteed to produce dollar bills. Other great cons are described in
alarming yet funny chapters such as Royal Cons, Psychic Swindlers, Fairground Cons,
Sexual Swindles, and Gambling Swindles. In 1726, Mary Tofts supposedly gave birth
to a series of bunnies in London. In 1908 in Paris, Henry Lemoine persuaded a di-
amond magnate that he could manufacture diamonds from coal. In 1926 in Paris,
“Count” Victor Lustig sold the Eiffel Tower for scrap—twice. In 1990, Charles Daugh-
erty, a 26-year-old black man, was arrested for criminal impersonation; he had en-
rolled in Corondao High School as a 17-year-old white female student and joined
the all-female cheerleading squad. In 1996, two Americans came to England to sell
a box that manufactured Bank of England notes. James Morton is the author of Lola
Montez. Hilary Bateson has been researching cons and conmen for many years.
True Crime • 256 pp • 5 x 7.5
9780749929374 • November • $16.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

Inside the Dark Heart
A. G. D. Maran
What was the role of the Mafia in the death of Pope John Paul I? What was
the organization’s connection to the Kennedy family? These and many other
intriguing issues are covered in Maran’s refreshing new take on a perenially
enthralling subject.

“A comprehensive history . . . a very readable journey.” —Italy Magazine

Remarkable though it may now seem, the biggest criminal organization the world
has ever seen actually started as an alternative form of local government in the Si-
cilian countryside, and was once arguably a force for “good.” But this first incar-
nation of the Mafia was crushed by Mussolini, and its postwar successor took the
more familiar form immortalized in films such as The Godfather. This exhaustively
researched account examines these eras before going on to address the “third” Mafia
and the connections between politicians and the underworld. Along the way, A.
G. D. Maran poses many provocative questions, including: Why was Lucky Lu-
ciano, the father of modern organized crime, freed from a life sentence in Amer-
ica and deported to Italy, allowing him to organize the international drug trade?
Why did the Mafia murder Roberto Calvi, known as God’s Banker? What is the
relationship between the Mafia and Freemasonry? and Why did it take 40 years
to find the Last Godfather, Bernardo Provenzano, captured in 2006? He uncov-
ers a number of genuine revelations along the way. A. G. D. Maran is of Italian
descent, and members of his family fled to England after being targeted by the Mafia
in New York. He wrote the book after witnessing Mafia corruption spread quickly
throughout Italian society.
True Crime • 416 pp • 5 x 8 • 2 Maps
9781845964573 • October • $14.95 Paper • Mainstream Publishing

Send Them to Hell

The Brutal Horrors of Bangkok’s Nightmare Jails
Sebastian Williams
An intense and gripping exposure of the horrors associated with the criminal jus-
tice and penal systems in Thailand.
Horrifying yet authentic, this chronicle details life as lived by foreign inmates over
the past two decades in Bangkok’s notorious prison system. Murder, human-rights abuse,
drugs, prisoner and child sex slavery, blackmail, extortion, extreme violence, medical
maltreatment, and unjustifiable death penalties feature as everyday occurrences in the
living hells that are Bangkwang and Klong Prem jails. Sebastian Williams’ blistering
exposé graphically reveals this shocking reality through the eyes of a long-term in-
mate who has endured firsthand the unimaginable, inhuman nightmare that consti-
tutes the Thai penal system. Sebastian Williams currently resides in Thailand.
Biography/Social Science • 432 pp • 6 x 9
9781840189919 • September • $17.95 Paper • Mainstream Publishing

She Devils
True Stories of the World’s Most Notorious Female Serial Killers
Anne McDuff
From Aileen Wuournos to lesser-known female murderers, the horrific stories be-
hind their crimes and the inner workings of their twisted minds.
Very few women kill. When they do, it is often the tragic outcome of domestic abuse,
drug addiction, or mental illness. It is rare for women to kill for pleasure, yet a few
emerge in each generation. At the turn of the last century, with no adoption agencies
to protect them, unwanted newborns were killed by Annie Walters. Ninety years later,
Aileen Wuornos sold herself on the highways of Florida, a well-known hunting ground
for men looking for prostitutes—until she became the hunter. Rose West exploited lonely
girls from nearby children’s homes, and in the 1960s Myra Hindley took sickening ad-
vantage of the blind trust of Britain where children were safe to walk the streets alone.
Beverley Allit and Marybeth Tinning thought that, as a nurse and a mother, the deaths
of the children in their care would be seen as tragic accidents. And Karla Homolka ex-
ploited a different prejudice: she was perfect, pretty, and so caring as a veterinary nurse—
no one ever imagined she could be a sexual predator and killer.
True Crime • 288 pp • 6 x 9
9781844547296 • October • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • John Blake

The World’s Ten Most Evil Men

Nigel Cawthorne
Manson, bin Laden, Josef Fritzl—this collection is a terrifying reminder that
monsters really do exist.
There are plenty of misguided, violent, and unpleasant people in the world, but
how many can be classified as truly evil? In this hard-hitting collection, acclaimed
author Nigel Cawthorne examines 10 of the most sickeningly twisted men who
are still alive today. Some of them, like serial killer Dennis Nilsen and cult leader
Charles Manson, are thankfully behind bars. Others, including the world’s most
wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, are still at large. Unbelievably, one of them,
Robert Mugabe, is still clinging to the reins of power and continues to inflict suf-
fering and economic mayhem on the desperate people of Zimbabwe. Inside this
book is the gut-twisting story of Charles Taylor, the blood-soaked African gen-
eral who has “recruited” thousands of child soldiers, and one of the most shock-
ing cases of recent years: that of Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who imprisoned
and sexually abused his own daughter for almost 25 years. Nigel Cawthorne is
the author of many books, including A History of Pirates, Serial Killers and Mass
Murderers, and Witches.
True Crime • 288 pp • 6 x 9
9781844547456 • September • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • John Blake

Also available:

House of Horrors Roger Cook’s Ten The World’s Most

9781844546961 Greatest Conmen Bizarre Murders
$15.95 (Can $17.95) 9781844546466 9781844546671
$23.95 (Can $26.95) $23.95 (Can $26.95)

Royal Murders
Dulcie M. Ashdown
Spanning more than 1,000 years, from Ivan the Terrible and Macbeth to Princess Diana,
a compelling journey through the dark side of royal history.
The motives, means, and consequences of the murders among members of Europe’s rul-
ing families are examined in fascinating detail. Plucking true stories due to their histor-
ical significance and sheer intrigue, this book relates violent deaths amid royal splendor
and the overthrow of tyrants by oppressed populations. Methods vary from sword and
arrow, to bomb and bullet, to alleged witchcraft. Settings range from Russia to Portugal.
The involvement Mary Queen of Scots may have had in her second husband’s murder is
examined as well as a search for the facts behind Shakespeare’s portrayal of the murderous
usurpers Macbeth and Richard III. But in European history there has been no royal mur-
der to rival Russia’s Tsar Ivan the Terrible, a homicidal maniac responsible for thousands
of deaths, whose dramatic killing sprees are examined here. Dulcie M. Ashdown is the
author of numerous books on British and European history, including Tudor Cousins.
True Crime/History • 272 pp • 5 x 8
9780752449371 (Replaces 9780750924399) • September
$18.95 (Can $20.95) Paper • The History Press

A Muslim Boy Meets the West
Imran Ahmad
Now in paper, the misadventures of a Muslim boy born in Pakistan who grows up
to embrace the West.

“A forthright, wry, entirely enjoyable memoir . . . A scrupulously well-intentioned

look at how Christians and Muslims might live respectfully side by side.”
—Kirkus Reviews
“Charming, informative and honest . . . I enjoyed the book very much.”
—Andrew Collins, author, Where Did It All Go Right?
“Wonderfully evocative and strangely touching.” —Sunday Times
Imran Ahmad remembers his childhood in a series of vivid snapshots: outrage as de-
served victory is snatched away from him in the Karachi Bonnie Baby contest; being
tricked out of his collection of Tarzan bubblegum cards by a junior con artist; the heady
taste of success in the metropolitan police school’s quiz; joy at passing the entrance exam
to the local grammar school; and shock at experiencing racist abuse from pupils, neigh-
bors, and strangers. After moving to London from Karachi at age two, Imran’s response
to his strange new surroundings is to engage in an eternal quest to become the quin-
tessential English gentleman: tie perfectly knotted, shirt pristinely ironed, hair neatly
combed. Like most boys, he also has a parallel obsession with cars and girls: he yearns
to go driving off into the distance in a Jaguar XJS and encountering danger, adventure,
and a vivacious brunette. This is a lighthearted and amusing look at the results of East
meeting West inside the head of a precocious and headstrong boy.
Autobiography • 288 pp • 5 x 7.5
9781845133252 (Replaces 9781845132286) • September
$14.95 New in Paper • Aurum Press

Suffer the Little Children
The Harrowing True Story of a Girl’s Brutal Convent Upbringing
Frances Reilly
The heartbreaking yet inspiring account of an abused childhood, a stolen future,
and the strength of the human spirit.
Clutching her eight-week-old sister in her arms, Frances Reilly was abandoned by her
mother outside the gates of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth Convent. It was Christmas
morning 1956 and Frances was two years old. For the next 13 years Frances experi-
enced institutionalized cruelty under the care of her new guardians: she was beaten,
raped, and molested on numerous occasions. The nuns stripped her of everything—
her best friend, her innocence, even her name—but they could not suppress her spirit
and her neverending hope of a better life. Written with great honesty and integrity,
this moving account of childhood suffering is a tragic yet inspiring story. Through it
all, Frances refused to be broken. This is the account of her resolution to survive and
defy the evil that stole her childhood. Frances Reilly has recently settled her civil case
against the Poor Sisters of Nazareth Convent. She now lives with her two sons.
Autobiography/Inspirational • 224 pp • 5 x 8
9780752880808 • February • $12.95 Paper • Orion Publishing

Journey to Nowhere
One Woman Looks for the Promised Land
Eva Figes
“The most truthful book I’ve read for decades—perhaps since first reading James
Baldwin.” —John Berger, author, Ways of Seeing

“Figes is unflinching in her discussion of Israel and America . . . Her judgment on

the occupation is spot on.” —Guardian
“A brave book. It is Figes’s status as a victim of persecution that gives her the
courage and authority to condemn Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.”
“Fusing history and memoir, Eva Figes’s polemical account of the creation of Is-
rael is bewitchingly told . . . [a] luminously personal chronicle.” —Sunday Times
Eva Figes and her family fled the horror of Nazi Germany when Eva was only six, forced
to leave behind friends, relatives, and their housemaid, Edith. Ten years later, Edith sud-
denly reemerged in their lives. Having miraculously survived wartime Berlin, she had
reluctantly emigrated to hostile, volatile Palestine. Recounting Edith’s story, Figes boldly
argues that Israel was a product of U.S. foreign policy and continuing and widespread
anti-Semitism. Part memoir, part brave polemic, this is both a moving account of post-
war displacement and a fierce attack on America’s role in the Middle East. Eva Figes
is the author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, including the feminist clas-
sic Patriarchal Attitudes and Tales of Innocence and Experience.
Autobiography/Jewish Studies • 192 pp • 5 x 8
9781847080684 • October • $15.95 Paper • Granta UK

The Kissinger Saga
Walter and Henry Kissinger: Two Brothers from Fürth, Germany
Evi Kurz
An unrivaled insight into the early life of Henry Kissinger and his brother, both
of whom exemplify the American dream, and also a fascinating case study of a
Jewish community in prewar Germany.
Corinth Films will be distributing the documentary in the U.S.
“No interviews about my private life” has always been Henry Kissinger’s response
to curious journalists. But journalist Evi Kurz from Furth, the Kissingers’ hometown
in southern Germany, proposed a family portrait and eventually managed to win the
trust of both brothers. This is the story of two Americans of German-Jewish descent:
one of them a key figure in Cold War diplomacy and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize,
the other a top businessman—two lives that are exemplars of the American dream.
When Louis and Paula Kissinger’s sons were born in 1923 and 1924, the Kissingers
were part of a flourishing Jewish middle class in Furth, a large market town in north-
ern Bavaria. But then Hitler came to power. Evi Kurz describes the gradual but re-
morseless destruction of Furth’s Jewish community in the 1930s; the Kissinger family’s
emotional farewell to Germany in 1938 and their escape to New York; the family’s
war years in America; and the hugely successful careers in postwar America of both
brothers, who nevertheless remembered and cherished their German home and roots.
Evi Kurz is a German television news anchor and the founder of TLF TimeLineFilm
Ltd, a production company for documentaries, including Die Kissinger Saga.
Biography/Jewish Studies • 240 pp • 5.5 x 8.5 • 45 B/W Photos
9780297856757 • September • $27.95 Cloth • Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Cameron on Cameron
Conversations with Dylan Jones
David Cameron and Dylan Jones
From the Iraq War to the friendship with the U.S. and from education to immigra-
tion, this unprecedented view into a politician’s world lays bare the forces that shape
the man who may succeed Gordon Brown before the decade is out.

“Dylan Jones has had the sort of access of which most political journalists can only
dream, and brings to his subject formidable writing talent, wit, and wisdom. This is
an important book and a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the man
who would be prime minister.” —Matthew d’Ancona, editor, Spectator
“Dylan Jones is truly a polymath, a man equally at home discussing the merits of
Arne Jacobsen as the appeal of David Cameron. As a writer, he has an effortless
style with an erring instinct for the absurd and the noteworthy.” —Simon Kelner,
editor, Independent
Just who does David Cameron think he is? In an engaging series of landmark interviews—
that will define the would-be prime minister ahead of the next election—Dylan Jones
finds out. David Cameron is asking the British people for the keys to Number Ten—but
is he a smartly dressed smoothie with all the right lines or a gifted politician who in-
stinctively understands the country’s priorities? Is he a throwback to the age when priv-
ilege brought power or a dynamic alternative to a Labor party that has run out of ideas?
This series of wide-ranging and candid interviews will define David Cameron ahead of
the next election—and for years to come. A book about a politician for people who don’t
buy books about politicians, this biography will, for many, settle the question of whether
David Cameron has got what it takes to lead the country. Dylan Jones is the editor of
GQ magazine and a regular columnist for the Independent and the Mail on Sunday. He
has written and edited a variety of books, most notably a personal history of Apple, iPod
Therefore I Am, and the international bestselling biography Jim Morrison: Dark Star.
Biography/Political Science • 352 pp • 5 x 8
9780007285372 • March • $14.95 Paper • HarperPerennial

Harold Macmillan
Charles Williams
A master of the historical biography explores the answers to the many unanswered
questions about one of the great political chameleons of the 20th century.

“Utterly compelling.” —Martin Gilbert, author, Churchill: A Life

“Knowledgeable, lucid . . . the best English biography of de Gaulle.” —New York
Times Book Review on The Last Great Frenchman
“In this work of cool authority, Williams . . . accomplishes one of the most difficult
of the historian’s tasks: he strips away what we know now in order to reveal what
his subjects knew then.” —Atlantic Monthly on Pétain
Harold Macmillan was the British Conservative Prime Minister from 1957 to 1963. A
man of civilized, humane conceptions of the purposes of government, he was also a fig-
ure of paradox. Beneath the studied Edwardian manner was a subtle and acute intelli-
gence. His reputation for unflappability concealed a temperament of surprising sensitivity.
The reassuring father figure who seemed a guarantee of continuity showed a willingness
to change direction matched by few of his predecessors. In the 1930s he was right when
his contemporaries were wrong; in the 1950s on his accession to the premiership, he was
able to restore unity, morale, and self-respect to his party and his country. In the 1960s,
he put Britain on a course to a new role within Europe, withdrew from Empire, and was
in part responsible for the Test Ban Treaty which marked the beginnings of a detente be-
tween the West and Soviet Russia. Personified as “Supermac” in popular cartoons, he was
an early master of the soundbite, and his phrasemaking still occupies any dictionary of
quotations—“a little local difficulty” (on the resignation of his entire Treasury team); “a
wind of change” (decolonization of Africa); and “selling off the family silver” (his 1984
anti-Thatcherite maiden speech in the House of Lords). Charles Williams is a former deputy
leader of the House of Lords and the author of Adenauer, The Last Great Frenchman,
and Pétain.
Biography/Political Science • 416 pp • 6 x 9.5 • 8 Color Photos • 16 B/W Photos
9780297851943 • October • $29.95 Cloth • Weidenfeld & Nicolson

A Journey Through My Family
Jane Wellesley
A charmingly personal, anecdotal family memoir of the Wellington legacy.

“A dynastic family saga which takes in not just Waterloo and Wellington boots, but
also adultery, infertility and highly eccentric progeny.” —Daily Mail
“Wellesley writes reverently, lovingly and without sentimentality . . . most engaging.”
“Compelling and completely fascinating.” —Country Life
Jane Wellesley is a member of one of Britain’s most illustrious families. Her father, the
eighth Duke of Wellington, was born in 1915, 100 years after the first duke’s momentous
victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, but only a little more than 60 years after the death
of his celebrated ancestor. When the “Iron Duke” died, Queen Victoria wept with the na-
tion, mourning the loss of “the greatest man England has known.” Jane’s family memoir
animates the first duke as husband and father, as brother, and several degrees of grand-
father. Her journey through this richly compelling family history begins and ends with
the first duke, visiting the battlefield of Waterloo with her father to set her fascinating
tale in motion. Through her parents she reaches back to earlier generations, weaving to-
gether characters and places, establishing connections, and exploring in greater depth than
usual the Wellington women. She unearths memories, visits places from her parents’ past,
and discovers much about the lives of her grandparents and the generations before them.
This highly personal account, the public man gives way to the private, and Wellington’s
legacy is seen through the eyes of those who have followed in his footsteps. Jane Welles-
ley is a BBC producer.
Biography/History • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9780753826041 • January • $17.95 Paper • Phoenix

Catherine Parr
Henry VIII’s Last Love
Susan James
Romantic, turbulent, and terrifying, the life and loves of Henry VIII’s sixth wife
unfold like a romance novel.

“Catherine blossoms before our eyes and so does this book . . . beautifully
written.” —Spectator
Married at 17 to the grandson of a confirmed lunatic and widowed at 20, Cather-
ine Parr chose a Yorkshire lord twice her age as her second husband. Caught up in
the turbulent terrors of the Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536, she was captured by north-
ern rebels, held hostage, and suffered violence at their hands. Fleeing to the south
shortly afterward, Catherine took refuge in the household of Princess Mary and in
the arms of the king’s brother-in-law, Sir Thomas Seymour. Her employment in Mary’s
household brought her to the attention of Mary’s father, the unpredictable, often-
wed Henry VIII. Desperately in love with Seymour, Catherine was forced into mar-
riage with a king whose passion for her could not be hidden and who was determined
to make her his queen. Susan James has written numerous articles on the Parr fam-
ily, including Catherine’s entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Her
other books include Kateryn Parr: The Making of a Queen. She lives in California.
History/Biography • 352 pp • 5 x 8 • 30 B/W Illustrations
9780752448534 (Replaces 9780752445915) • September
$24.95 (Can $27.95) New in Paper • The History Press

Also available:

How Fat Was The Mistresses

Henry VIII? of Henry VIII
9780750947374 9780752448350
$24.95 (Can $27.95) $34.95 (Can $38.95)

The Year That Changed Henry VIII
Suzannah Lipscomb
Compelling and revealing, a new history of the infamous monarch that shows
what a profound difference a year can make in the heart of a king.
Henry VIII is known stereotypically as a corpulent, covetous, and cunning king
whose appetite for worldly goods met few parallels, whose wives met infamously
premature ends, and whose religion was largely political in intent. By focusing
on a pivotal year in the life of Henry, this study moves beyond the caricature to
reveal a fuller portrait of this complex monarch. In 1536, Henry met many fail-
ures—physical, personal, and political—and emerged from them a different man
and a revolutionary new king who proceeded to transform a nation and a reli-
gion. Suzannah Lipscomb is a research curator at Hampton Court Palace.
History/Biography • 256 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9780745953656 • October • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Lion UK

The Lady Penelope
The Lost Tale of Love and Politics in the Court of Elizabeth I
Sally Varlow
The lost story and life of one of the most pivotal women in the court of Queen
Elizabeth, now in paper.

“Really masterly. This authoritative history tells what eventually happened to

‘the other Boleyn girl’—and her great-granddaughter, the Lady Penelope.”
—Philippa Gregory, author, The Other Boleyn Girl
Penelope Devereux was the brightest star who ever shone in the court of Queen
Elizabeth I in 16th-century England, and this biography challenges the usual his-
torians’ view that she was merely a footnote to famous men’s lives. Her life touched
on every great event of the age—the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, the defeat
of the Spanish Armada, the arrival of King James, and the Gunpowder Plot. She
also knew many of the celebrated artistic figures of the day, including William Shake-
speare. She was the most beautiful woman of her generation and muse to count-
less poets and musicians, yet she died in disgrace—a widow, outcast from court,
and stripped of all her titles. Set against the character of Queen Elizabeth I and
the staged pageantry of her court, this dramatic and ultimately tragic story will
have immediate appeal to all lovers of historical biographies. Sally Varlow is the
author of A Reader’s Guide to Writers’ Britain and contributes to the Daily Tele-
graph, the Observer, Sunday Express, and the Times.
Biography/History • 328 pp • 5 x 8 • Andre Deutsch
New in Paper: 9780233002651 • September • $16.95
Cloth: 9780233002071 • Available • $29.95

Charles Dickens
Catherine Peters
The perfect concise introduction to the life and work of one of Britain’s most
influential writers.

“Briskly authoritative . . . Peters . . . convincingly applies her thesis both to

Collins’s life and his work.” —Kirkus Reviews on The King of Inventors
Charles Dickens was in his own day the most popular novelist who had ever lived,
a public figure adored like a present-day pop star. He still holds his place as one
of the greatest English writers, an original genius whose novels are an essential link
in the canon of English literature. He was also actively involved in the life of his
time, campaigning for social and educational reform and sharply critical of con-
temporary society. This short biography provides an excellent introduction to Dick-
ens, from his disturbed childhood with a traumatic period working in a blacking
factory, his instant success as a young writer and his tumultuous acclaim in both
England and America, the major novels of the 1850s and 1960s and the establish-
ment of Household Words, to the final years as a public performer of his own work.
Catherine Peters is the author of The King of Inventors and Lord Byron.
Biography • 128 pp • 5 x 8
9780752452265 (Replaces 978-0750916196) • November
$14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • The History Press

Land of Conflict and Beauty
John C. Griffiths
A fascinating insight into the history, culture, social fabric, internal politics,
and economy of a country at the forefront of international relations.

"Essential reading for anyone who seeks to understand the problems of

Afghanistan." —Defence Journal
Set against Afghanistan’s deep-rooted religious, ethnic, and social divisions, this
comprehensive history examines a nation that for centuries has been in constant
conflict. Beginning with early Persian, Greek, and Mongol invasions and continuing
through the Russian incursion, it maps the history and development of Afghanistan
through its wars and their effects. The recent bitter civil war is also addressed as
is the role of the Taliban—who controlled most of the country under a fanatical
and reclusive leader—including their stance on minority groups, the importance
of Islam, the place of women in society, and their support for Osama bin Laden.
Fully updated with the most recent geopolitical and military events involving the
country, this is a compelling history of a nation caught between the headlines and
its own past. John C. Griffiths is a journalist who contributes to Financial Times,
The Sunday Times, and The Telegraph, and is the author of Hostage.
History/Military • 288 pp • 5 x 8 • 16 Color Photos
9780233002750 (Replaces 9780233050539) • October
$16.95 Paper • Andre Deutsch

China and Iran

Parallel History, Future Threat
Edward Burman
Two ancient civilizations, both at odds with the West—how the history of these
two countries will bring them closer together, and the effect it will have on the world.
China and Iran have featured heavily in the news in recent years. China is both a
military and an economic superpower with 20 percent of the world’s population;
Iran is suspected of developing nuclear weapons and arming terrorists, and sits on
the world’s second-largest oil and gas reserves. They are also surprisingly close ge-
ographically: Iran is only 700 miles across Afghanistan from China’s extreme west-
ern border. A 25-year, $100 billion deal for Iran to supply China with oil and gas
and the large number of Chinese companies operating in Iran shows that the two
are moving increasingly close in both political and economic terms. But what does
this mean for the rest of the world, and especially for “the West?” Edward Burman
examines how the strikingly similar histories of these two ancient civilizations can
inform what the likely consequences for the world of an alliance between them might
be. Edward Burman is the author of China: The Stealth Empire, The Inquisition,
and The Templars: Knights of God.
Political Science/History • 256 pp • 6 x 9.5
9780752448541 • November • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Cloth • The History Press

Whatever Happened to Tanganyika?
The Place Names That History Left Behind
Harry Campbell
Foreword by Alexander McCall Smith
Now available in paper, a fascinating trawl through the place names that history left
behind—the stories about where they came from, what happened to them, and what
replaced them.

"In this marvelous and intriguing book, Harry Campbell has created a whole new
discipline—one which we may perhaps call nostalgic geography."
—Alexander McCall Smith
Do you still find yourself referring to Zaire or Czechoslovakia, or wondering whether it
should be Moldavia or Moldova, Burma or Myanmar? Dozens of countries, cities, and coun-
ties have changed their identities over the years. Some of the names we remember from our
schooldays or from news headlines just a few years ago are now gone. For example, what
did happen to Tanganyika? The fascinating stories behind the place names include those
of Affpiddle, Biafra, British Heligoland, Ceylon, Flintshire, Friendly Isles, Islands of Sam-
son and the Ducks, Leningrad, Little Britain, Macedonia, Muscat, Pleasant Island, Stalin-
grad, West Britain, and Yugoslavia. From the major political movements (the Leningrads
and Stalingrads of the Socialist Soviet Republic) to enticing destinations (Pleasant Islands,
the Friendly Isles), this guide reveals how the atlas of yesteryear became the maps of today.
Harry Campbell is a freelance lexicographer who formerly worked for Larousse and Harper
Collins. Alexander McCall Smith is a novelist best known as the creator of The No. 1 Ladies’
Detective Agency series.
History/Reference • 176 pp • 5 x 8 • Portico
New in Paper: 9781906032418 • March • $10.95 (Can $11.95)
Cloth: 9781906032050 • Available • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

Debunking History
152 Popular Myths Exploded
Ed Rayner and Ron Stapley
From ongoing controversies to popular misunderstandings, this is the perfect refer-
ence tool for teasing out the truth behind the legends and myths of the past.

“Intriguing attempt at setting the record straight regarding the myriad misrepresen-
tations that inform our knowledge of history . . . To the credit of the authors, all are
dealt with in a succinct manner that is often absent in historical debate and discus-
sion.” —Kirkus Reviews UK
History is full of myths, legends, fables, folklore, misinformation, and misconceptions.
Whether they have come about inadvertently or deliberately, many have become part of
the public imagination. This book presents some of the most popular and enduring of
these myths from the time of the American and French revolutions to the two world wars
and beyond. Arranged within well-defined geographical or thematic sections, and
through a mix of short and long entries, each topic is clearly explained and the myth,
error, or controversy is exposed. This is an authoritative, compelling, and illuminating
miscellany, where you can find a straight answer to all those nagging questions about
the past. Ed Rayner and Ron Stapley are history professors and history textbook authors.
History • 448 pp • 5 x 8
9780752451992 (Replaces 978-0750941518) • November
$19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • The History Press

Monarchs, Murders & Mistresses
A Calendar of Royal Days
David Hilliam
“A royal event for each day of the year . . . great bathroom reading!”
—Kirkus Reviews UK
Which ill-prepared monarch was on the English throne at the turn of the last
millennium? How many English monarchs have been crowned on St. George’s
Day? When, how, and why did England “lose” 11 days? The answers to these
questions and many more present a royal event for each day of the calendar year
in vivid detail, with close-ups of the personalities involved. The recurring oc-
cupational difficulties faced by the royal family over the centuries are revealed—
as Shakespeare’s Henry IV so memorably concludes, “Uneasy lies the head that
wears a crown.” Today the royal family is plagued by the press, but even 300
years ago Charles II felt the need to apologize to a crowd of onlookers for tak-
ing so long to die. Ranging from the death of William III, who was killed by a
mole to the beheading of Mary, Queen of Scots, more than 300 tales of royal
days, supplemented by family trees and date lines, bring alive the drama of what
it was, and is, to be a king or a queen. David Hilliam is the author of Crown,
Orb & Sceptre and Kings, Queens, Bones and Bastards.
History • 384 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9780752452357 (Replaces 9780750935432) • November
$24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper • The History Press

Whores of the Devil

Witch-Hunts and Witch-Trials
Erik Durschmied
An exhaustive look at the persons and organizations who persecuted witches
throughout modern history.

“Witches are the whores of the devil.” —Martin Luther

"Durschmied tells a gripping and grisly tale. With its strong narrative and
colorful cast of characters, including Joan of Arc, Luther, (the real) Dr.
Faust, the unfortunate children of Salem, and SS chief Heinrich Himmler,
Whores of the Devil is a passionate investigation of some of the greatest
cruelties in history." —Dymocks
From the Middle Ages to modern times, this unique history explores the devel-
opment of the “witch delusion” and uncovers the cruel butchers who hunted and
executed so-called witches. It explores in-depth the various motivations behind
those who condemned, tortured, and executed numerous innocent people, among
them self-protection, personal vindictiveness, public recognition, political aims,
and sheer greed. With its strong narrative and colorful cast of characters that in-
cludes Joan of Arc, Martin Luther, Dr. Faust, the unfortunate children of Salem,
and SS chief Heinrich Himmler, this is a passionate investigation into some of the
greatest cruelties in history. Erik Durschmied is a television war correspondent
for CBS and the author of several history books, including Beware the Dragon,
Blood of Revolution, and The Hinge Factor.
History • 320 pp • 6 x 9
9780750940085 (Replaces 9780750940078) • September
$19.95 (Can $21.95) New in Paper • The History Press

Fifty Things You Need to Know About British History
Hugh Williams
From the earliest settlers up to the present day, an enthralling look at the high-
lights of Britain’s illustrious past—now in paper.
If you could choose the 50 things that define British history, events of significance
not only in themselves, but in their importance to wider themes running through
the country’s past, what would they be? Author Hugh Williams has made the se-
lection, and the result is a fascinating overview of Britain’s past. With great clar-
ity, simplicity, and a zest for the marvelous stories that underpin many of these events,
he explains the linkage between each one and its importance in the progress of British
history as a whole. From the Roman invasion to the Falklands War to the found-
ing of the NHS, this history is a highly enjoyable read as well as a perceptive in-
sight into a nation’s past. Hugh Williams produces history and current affairs
programming for the BBC.
History • 416 pp • 5 x 8 • Collins UK
New in Paper: 9780007313907 • November • $14.95
Cloth: 9780007278411 • Available • $26.95

A History of Scotland. With Jokes
John K. V. Eunson
Fun for history newbies, this lighthearted jaunt through Scottish history also
has plenty of quirky facts to engage Scottish scholars—new in paper.

“I saw, I read, I’m conquered. Caledonication is a belter!” —Ford Kiernan,

Scottish comedian
Did you know that tobacco made up half of Scotland’s exports in the 18th century?
Did you know that J. M. Barrie created the name “Wendy” for his play Peter Pan
in 1904, meaning that there are no Wendys over the age of 104? Did you know that
the Beatles played at Dingwall Town Hall in 1963? John K. V. Eunson leads us through
the history of the Scots in this accurate but none-too-heavy look at the great coun-
try. On a journey of almost breakneck speed full of chuckles, we still have enough
time to stop and smell the heather, taste the fudge, and feel the ghosties. This is not
just a history of Scotland, it’s a history of Scotland you actually want to read. John
K. V. Eunson is the author of Crabbit Old Buggers and Sheep for Beginners.
History • 320 pp • 4.5 x 7 • 12 B/W Photos • Hachette Books Scotland
New in Paper: 9780755318582 • February • $8.95
Cloth: 9780755318575 • Available • $19.95
Also available:

There Was
a Soldier
9780755318612 • $27.95

Each: 160 pp • November • Pocket Essentials

Giles Morgan
A clear and unbiased examination of the roots and traditions of the Freema-
sons that clears away myths and establishes their origin in historical fact.
The world of Freemasonry exerts a powerful influence on the modern imagina-
tion. To some they represent an influential and shadowy elite who have manip-
ulated world history throughout the ages, while to others they are an altogether
more mundane and benign fraternal organization. This thorough reference ex-
plores the obscure and uncertain origins of Freemasonry and examines the va-
lidity of claims surrounding its early association with the Temple of Solomon and
the Knights Templar. It also explains the rituals and practices of Freemasonry,
which have been viewed as variously obscure, pointless, baffling, and even sin-
ister. The historical significance of Masonry—including its role in colonial Amer-
ica—is also addressed along with its position and role in contemporary society.
Giles Morgan is the author of The Holy Grail, Saint George, and Saints.
Social Science/History • 5 x 8
9781842433331 (Replaces 9781904048879) • $14.95 New in Paper

The History of Witchcraft

Lois Martin
The witch in history was a very different creature from her modern counter-
part, and this guide examines in detail the growth of the ideological, cultural,
and legal concepts that eventually led to the carnage of the Witch Craze in
the 16th and 17th centuries.

"The history of witches and their craft can be a matter of heated debate
among modern pagans. If, like me, you have heard many different points of
view but are not an expert in the subject, a book outlining the facts and
fallacies, and detailing what has been written on subject in the past, is use-
ful. The History of Witchcraft by Lois Martin is such a book."
—A Bad Witch's Blog
Witchcraft has been undergoing a huge popular revival, but does modern pagan
witchcraft really bear any resemblance to its historical antecedents? This guide
explores the historical background to the European witchcraft phenomenon. For
both medieval and Reformation scholars alike, the Devil and all his works were
a very real threat. Their conviction that witches were the servants of Satan led
to the formation of perhaps one of the greatest conspiracy theories of all time:
a belief that witches were working in league with the Devil in a diabolical plot
against all Christendom. Witches were transformed from poor deluded old women
who rode out at night with the pagan goddess Diana into Devil-worshipping
heretics who became the focus of a centuries-long, Europe-wide campaign de-
termined to seek out and destroy this evil wherever it was to be found, regard-
less of whether any of its victims were actually guilty or not.
History / Body/Mind/Spirit • 5 x 7.5
9781904048770 (Replaces 9781903047996) • $17.95 Cloth


A Short History of Europe

From Charlemagne to the Treaty of Lisbon
Gordon Kerr
From the coronation of Charlemagne in 800 to the signing of the
Treaty of Lisbon in 2007, an accessible history of the people, ideas,
institutions, and events that have shaped Europe during the last
1,200 years.
What is Europe? First, of course, it is a continent of countless dis-
parate peoples, races, and nations, and governed by different ideas,
philosophies, religions, and attitudes. Nonetheless, it has a common
thread of history running through it, stitching the lands and peoples
of its past and present into one fabric and held together by the con-
tinent’s great institutions, such as the Church of Rome, the Holy
Roman Empire, the European Union, individual monarchies, trade
organizations, and social movements. Europe, however, is also an idea.
Men have always harbored aspirations to make this vast territory
one. The Romans came close and a few centuries later, the founda-
tions for a great European state were laid with the creation of the
Holy Roman Empire. Napoleon overreached himself in attempting
to create a Europe-wide Empire—as did Adolf Hitler. Now, Europe
is as close as it ever has been to being one entity, yet Europeans still
cling to national independence. This fascinating history for begin-
ners provides a coherent map of the jumbled history of Europe and
the European idea that has led up to this point. Gordon Kerr is the
author of Timeline: History of the World, Timeline of Britain, Time-
line of Kings & Queens, Great British Losers, and Dead Famous.
History • 160 pp • 5 x 7.5
9781842433300 • November • $17.95 Cloth • Pocket Essentials

Also available:

Ancient Greece Holy Grail Occult London

9781842432457 • $17.95 9781904048343 • $15.00 9781904048886 • $16.95

Celtic Myths Nazi War Trials Tutankhaman

9781842432433 • $19.95 9781903047507 • $16.95 9781842432402 • $17.95

Secret Agent’s Handbook
The WWII Spy Manual of Devices, Disguises, Gadgets,
and Concealed Weapons
Introduction by Mark Seaman
Filled with astoundingly ingenious disguises, gadgets, and concealed weapons,
a facsimile edition of the original World War II spy manual.
Cloak-and-dagger escapades have long been a mainstay of film and literature, but
the stuff of these movies and spy novels often had origins in real-life espionage.
Originally used by British special operations agents to select weapons, gadgets,
and disguises for their secret missions during World War II, this incredibly diverse
manual illustrates actual techniques used during wartime. Featuring everything from
exploding rats and Chianti bottles to shoes that leave barefoot prints and incen-
diary cigarettes and briefcases, this is an astounding look at the state of espionage
during the war and the ingenuity of scientists and spies. Mark Seaman is a histo-
rian specializing in espionage and the author of The Bravest of the Brave, Garbo,
and Special Operations Executive.
History/Military • 272 pp • 7.5 x 9.5
9781906251192 • October • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Max Press

The World at War

The Landmark Oral History from the Previously Unpublished Archives
Richard Holmes
From civilians to ordinary soldiers, from statesmen to generals, the story of the war is
told through the testimony of an incredible array of key participants—from Hitler’s
secretary to bomber pilot Jimmy Stewart.

“Most of the people who were interviewed for the series are now dead, but their
vital history—thanks to this book—still lives.” —Laurence Rees, author, Auschwitz
“Holmes has a sharp, knowing eye for anecdote and detail.” —Mail on Sunday
“What sets Richard Holmes apart is the sheer quality of his writing and his empa-
thy with his subjects.” —Independent
The World at War was first broadcast by Thames Television in October
1973, when memories of World War II were still clear in people’s mind
and the war’s veterans were numerous. The unique television series
assembled these recollections over 26 one-hour shows. Produced by
Sir Jeremy Isaacs, narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier, and unforgettably
scored by Carl Davis, it was a seminal moment in the history of
television documentaries.
The World at War was the definitive television work on World War II. First broadcast in
1973, it was a unique and irreplaceable record since many of the eyewitnesses captured
on film did not have long to live. The program’s producers committed hundreds of in-
terview hours to tape in its creation, but only a fraction of that recorded material made
it to the final cut. The well-known names interviewed for the series include Albert Speer,
Karl Wolff (Himmler’s adjutant), Traudl Junge (Hitler’s secretary), James Stewart (USAAF
bomber pilot and Hollywood star), Anthony Eden, John Colville (parliamentary private
secretary to Winston Churchill), Averell Harriman (U.S. ambassador to Russia), and Arthur
“Bomber” Harris (head of RAF Bomber Command). Richard Holmes has skillfully woven
this valuable original material into a compelling narrative, creating a truly phenomenal
oral history of World War II. Richard Holmes is a British soldier and noted military his-
torian. His books include In the Footsteps of Churchill, Sahib, and Tommy.
Military/History • 672 pp • 6 x 9
9780091917524 (Replaces 9780091917517) • September
$26.95 Paper • Ebury Press

The Most Dangerous Enemy
The Definitive History of the Battle of Britain
Stephen Bungay
Challenging virtually every time-honored myth and assumption about Britain’s vic-
tory, this definitive account asserts that it was the Germans who never quite recov-
ered from their amateurish underestimation of their “most dangerous enemy.”

“A fascinating case history in illusion and reality. He dispels the myths and kills the
cliches . . . Admirable.” —Sunday Times
“The most exhaustive and detailed account of the Battle of Britain that has yet ap-
peared. An important achievement.” —Times Literary Supplement
“Terse and brilliantly written by a thorough master of his subject.”
—Los Angeles Times on Alamein
Already hailed as the standard work, The Most Dangerous Enemy is an authoritative
history of the British battle that galvanized the public imagination and symbolized the
destiny of a nation. But in this rigorous reinvestigation of the Battle of Britain, Stephen
Bungay tells a story full of revelations. Whether assessing the development of radar or
the relative merits of the Spitfire, Hurricane, and Messerschmitt, he uncovers the unex-
Also available:
pected truth behind many time-honored myths. Not only a major work of modern his-
tory but also a truly compelling narrative, The Most Dangerous Enemy confirms the Battle
of Britain as a crucial event in European history. Stephen Bungay is the author of Alamein.
Military/History • 512 pp • 5 x 8 • 32 B/W Photos
9781845134815 (Replaces 9781854108012) • January • $17.95 Paper
Aurum Press

9781854109293 • $14.95

Rezsö Kasztner
The Daring Rescue of Hungarian Jews:
A Survivor’s Account
Ladislaus Löb
A firsthand account of one of the least-known and most surprising episodes of the Holo-
caust, this combination of history and memoir examines the life and actions of a man who
rescued more than 1,000 Jews, yet was later convicted of Nazi collaboration.

“Heartbreaking . . . even though Kasztner saved more Jewish lives during World War II
than any other Jew, the history books have not wholly acknowledged this triumph.”
—Sunday Business Post
“Describes in harrowing detail what the refugees experienced . . . convincingly refutes al-
legations that Kasztner saved only the rich and powerful.” —Times Literary Supplement
Two months after his 11th birthday, on July 9, 1944, the gates of Bergen-Belsen concentration
camp closed behind Ladislaus Löb. Five months later, with World War II still raging, he crossed
the border into Switzerland, cold and hungry, but alive and safe. He was not alone, but part
of a group of some 1,670 Jewish men, women, and children from Hungary, who had been res-
cued from the Nazis as a result of a deal made by a man called Rezso Kasztner—himself a
Hungarian Jew—with Adolf Eichmann, the chief architect of the Holocaust. Twelve years and
a miscarriage of justice later Kasztner was murdered by an extremist Jewish gang in Israel. To
this day he remains a highly controversial figure, regarded by some as a traitor and by many
others as a hero. The story of the man who saved hundreds—indeed probably thousands—
from the Holocaust, this is also the story of a child who lived to grow up after the Holocaust
thanks to that man. Ladislaus Löb is a professor of German and a translator whose work in-
cludes Battle for Budapest and Nine Suitcases by Béla Zsolt—also saved by Kasztner.
Autobiography/History • 338 pp • 6 x 9 • 27 B/W Photos
9781845950088 • September • $22.95 Paper • Pimlico

The MINI Miscellany
Fifty Years of Facts, Figures, Stories and Oddities Featuring the World’s Greatest
Little Car
Geoff Tibballs
The illustrious history of the famous little car that could.
MINI owner and enthusiast clubs can be found in almost every state
There is no greater icon from the Swinging Sixties than the marvelous MINI. Some of the
most famous faces of the decade—from the Beatles (all of whom owned at least one MINI)
and Twiggy to Steve McQueen—were proud owners. Packed with facts, quotes, and sto-
ries, this is a nostalgic review of the little auto that changed the world. Its legacy as a rac-
ing dynamo and various rally wins are addressed as is its recent leap back into the spotlight
in the form of the sleek and stylish MINI Cooper. Geoff Tibballs has written more than
80 books, including Motor Racing’s Strangest Moments, The Olympics’ Strangest Moments,
and Royalty’s Strangest Characters.
Transportation • 176 pp • 4.5 x 7.5
9781853757198 • November • $14.95 Cloth • Prion

Flying Scotsman
The Extraordinary Story of the World’s Most Famous Train
Andrew Roden
The remarkable history of the Scotsman steam engine, from her construction and glory
days through the years of the decline of steam and rail—new in paper.

"Roden deftly covers the Flying Scotsman's creation, rise, and subsequent decline
over the decades." —Railway Age
“Colourful and entertaining . . . the author is to be congratulated for the way in
which he has made this complicated story accessible to a new generation of read-
ers.” —Railway Magazine
A star of the golden age of steam, the Flying Scotsman broke the world speed record in
1934 and has enthralled millions with her beauty and power. Uniquely, her postwar ca-
reer has been even more varied and exciting than her early triumphs. The twists and turns
of the engine’s history are all detailed in this thorough account, from being nearly aban-
doned on a tour of the U.S. to being owned briefly and unsuccessfully by pop mogul
Pete Waterman and put up for sale yet again when the company that owned her went
bankrupt in 2003. Filled with numerous interviews with those involved with the Scots-
man over the years, this is the story of a unique and remarkable train. Andrew Roden
is the associate editor of International Rail Journal and the author of The Duchesses.
Transportation/History • 256 pp • 5 x 8 • 16 Color Photos • Aurum Press Also available:
New in Paper: 9781845133702 • Delayed • $16.95
Cloth: 9781845132415 • Available • $24.95

The Duchesses
9781845133696 • $24.95

The Lost Ship SS Waratah
The Search for the Titanic of the South
P. J. Smith
Foreword by Clive Cussler
A foreword by Clive Cussler and never-before-published materials enrich this look at one of the
most enduring maritime mysteries of the 20th century.
In 1909, the SS Waratah embarked on her second voyage—from Sydney to England via South Africa.
Filled with families anticipating a new life on the other side of the world, what started out as a jour-
ney full of hope ended abruptly when the ship vanished between Durban and Cape Town. Ironically,
the ship was due to be fitted with pioneering radio equipment when she reached England, but to this
day nothing has been heard of the ship or her human cargo. Believing her to be drifting, the horrified
authorities ordered a search vessel to comb the seas but in three months they found nothing. A second
longer search was commissioned but still no trace was found. The mystery has spawned many con-
spiracy theories and even a million-dollar search mission by author Clive Cussler. P. J. Smith, the great-
niece of Walter Smith, transcribed his diaries and researched the wider story of the Waratah to compile
this unique history. Clive Cussler is an adventure novelist whose books include Arctic Drift, Atlantis Found, and Valhalla Rising.
Transportation/History • 192 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • 50 B/W Illustrations
9780752451572 • November • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper • The History Press

RMS Lusitania
The Ship & Her Record
Eric Sauder
Foreword by Audrey Pearl Lawson Johnston
Illustrations by Ken Marschall
From her first sailing to her tragic sinking, replete with archive images, the true history of the
glory and tragedy that marked the career of RMS Lusitania.
RMS Lusitania sank in May 1915 as the result of a torpedo from the U-20. The death toll was 1,198
that day as she sank in less than 20 minutes off the coast of Ireland. Built in 1907, she had a suc-
cessful career of nearly 80 years before that fateful day. Famous for her sinking, she was the fastest
ship in the world when built, and was the first of the superliners. For the first time, Eric Sauder
looks at her as a ship, and not just at her sinking. She was the first true “Ship of State,” with luxu-
rious interiors, double-deck restaurants, glorious public rooms, and sumptuous cabins. Her sinking
was a major factor in Britain’s decision to enter World War I. This illustrated history looks at Lusi-
tania in her true context as the finest ship afloat during her eight years. Eric Sauder is the foremost
expert on the history of the Cunard Line’s RMS Lusitania and has dived on her wreck. He lives in California. Audrey Pearl Law-
son Johnston is the last living first-class Lusitania passenger. Ken Marschall is a famed maritime artist and consultant on many
films including James Cameron’s Ghosts of the Abyss and Titanic.
Transportation/History • 128 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • 200 B/W Illustrations
9780752452036 (Replaces 9780752434179) • October • $27.95 (Can $30.95) Paper • The History Press

Titanic and the Californian

Thomas B. Williams
Edited by Rob Kamps
Exploring the controversial question of whether the Californian was the ship that ignored
Titanic’s plight.
More than 95 years ago, as the Titanic slowly sank, a “mystery” ship was seen as she slipped below
the waves. Thinking it would be their salvation, rockets were fired from Titanic to attract the un-
known ship, but to no avail. With 1,500 souls on board the Titanic foundered, but what of the
mystery ship? At the subsequent inquiries, Captain Stanley Lord and his vessel, the Californian,
were accused of ignoring the Titanic’s distress calls. Thomas B. Williams unearthed a host of new
and important evidence that prompted the British government to reopen the case surrounding Cap-
tain Lord and effectively proved that the much maligned captain and his ship could not have been
the mystery ship seen from the decks of the doomed Titanic. Gathered in this intriguing volume
are his most noted findings and discoveries. Thomas B. Williams has been researching the story of
the Titanic for two decades. Rob Kamps is also a Titanic researcher.
Transportation/History • 272 pp • 6 x 9
9780752442785 • September • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper • The History Press

The QE2 Story
Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross
Many unpublished photographs, including material from Commodore Warwick, are
included in this complete story of the longest-lasting superliner and most popular
of all passenger ships.
There has been no more beloved liner than the Queen Elizabeth 2. The last liner to be
built on British soil, she was constructed by John Brown & Co., Clydebank (Scotland)
and her keel was laid on July 5, 1965, marking the start of her illustrious career. Her
maiden voyage left Southampton on May 2, 1969, bound for New York, and she has
remained in service for the past 40 years. She had a spell as a military ship from 1982,
when she was requisitioned to serve as a troop carrier during the Falklands War, and during her military career QE2 success-
fully sailed more than 14,900 miles. Post-war, she has had many refits, including a headline-grabbing total refurbishment in
1994 to turn her into a 21st-century luxury liner. In November 2008, QE2 retired to a new life in Dubai World, where she
began her conversion to a floating hotel, and the last chapter of her exceptional life in service will close. Chris Frame and Rachelle
Cross are also the authors of QE2: A Photographic Journey.
Transportation • 128 pp • 7.5 x 5 • 90 Color Illustrations
9780752450940 • January • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Cloth • The History Press

Aviation Disasters
The World’s Major Civil Airliner Crashes Since 1950
Fifth edition
David Gero
Analyzing their causes and their impact on safety guidelines and technologies, a review of his-
tory’s most dramatic airline crashes.
Investigating every type of calamity—including those caused by weather, mechanical failure, pilot
error, inhospitable terrain, and hostile action—this is a jarring compendium of some of history’s
most devastating aviation catastrophes. The first incident of sabotage involving a commercial
jetliner is covered, as are the first crash of the jumbo jet era and such high-profile episodes as
Pan American Flight 103 at Lockerbie and the Twin Towers tragedy of September 11. An overview
of the history of air passenger travel over the decades is also provided, along with a time line
covering the rise of the threat of terrorism since the 1970s and the improvements rooted in the
massively increased technological safeguards now implemented by airlines worldwide. David Gero
is the author of Flights of Terror and Military Aviation Disasters.
Transportation • 368 pp • 7 x 9.5 • 15 Color Photos • 200 B/W Photos
9780752450391 (Replaces 9780750931465) • September • $27.95 (Can $30.95) Paper • The History Press

Spitfire in Combat
Alfred Price
A dramatic account of the daring exploits of this iconic plane and its pilots in World War II
includes rare images of the plane in action.

“One of the best on the period and its arms, well organized and intense.”
—Library Journal on One Day in a Long War
Probably the most famous fighter aircraft of all time, the Submarine Spitfire’s distinctive shape
and sound mark it out from most other aircraft of the World War II period. From the biplane
era of the 1930s to the start of the jet age in 1944, the Spitfire, through continuous modifica-
tion and development, remained at the forefront of fighter design and proved itself equal or su-
perior to any of its competitors. During the same period, other variants of the Spitfire proved
highly effective in the photographic reconnaissance role. Aspects of the aircraft’s history such
as the “Speed Spitfire,” specially modified in 1938 for an attempt on the world landplane speed
record, are covered in this fully illustrated account. An ideal primer for those whose interest in
the Spitfire is just beginning, this guide also provides the details of all WWII key aviation battles—sure to add to the knowl-
edge of those who are already familiar with this classic aircraft. Alfred Price is a former RAF aircrew officer and the author
of more than 50 books on aviation subjects, including The Last Year of the Luftwaffe and War in the Fourth Dimension, and
One Day in a Long War.
Military/Transportation • 192 pp • 6.5 x 10 • 180 B/W Photos
9780752451077 • November • $24.95 (Can $26.95) Paper • The History Press

The Battle for Quebec 1759
Britain’s Conquest of Canada
Matthew C. Ward
The experiences of not only senior officers but also ordinary troops and civilians are examined
in this concise history of the British war against the French for control of Canada.

“A gripping narrative history of the storming of Quebec, which ended French rule in North
America.” —Hew Strachan, author, The First World War
2009 is the 250th year anniversary of this battle
On September 13, 1759, British and French forces fought one of the most decisive battles in his-
tory, on the Plains of Abraham outside the Canadian capital of Quebec. The British force decisively
routed the French, seizing the city and, ultimately, all of Canada. But the struggle for Quebec was
far more than one climactic battle: the campaign involved an immense military and naval opera-
tion, an 18th-century D-Day. British and Canadian archives were researched extensively to look at
the entire campaign, from its inception in Whitehall to its ultimate culmination in Montreal in 1760.
What emerges is not just a picture of bravery and heroism, but also of a campaign that became increasingly brutal and cruel,
with both sides resorting to practices such as the routine scalping of enemy dead. Matthew C. Ward is the author of Breaking
the Backcountry: The Seven Years’ War in Virginia and Pennsylvania, 1754–65.
History • 288 pp • 5 x 8 • 64 B/W Illustrations
9780752452203 (Replaces 978-0752419978) • November • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper • The History Press

T. E. Lawrence
The Enigma Explained
Andrew Norman
A searching yet sympathetic portrait of an extraordinary figure attempts to explain his fascinat-
ing personality and choices.
Everyone has heard of T. E. Lawrence—soldier, scholar, author of Seven Pillars of Wisdom, and transla-
tor who led the Arab Legions in their revolt against the Turks. However, it is the mind of Lawrence that
holds the greatest fascination. What made this man, a success by any standards, suddenly decide at the
height of his fame and power to bury himself in the lower ranks of the army and shun the honors be-
stowed upon him by a grateful nation? Those who have sought to understand the mind of Lawrence have
often denigrated him unfairly. Can we now, after all these years—he died in a tragic motorcycle accident
in 1935—even begin to understand his complex psyche? Andrew Norman is the author of several books,
including Adolf Hitler: The Final Analysis; Agatha Christie: The Finished Portrait; and Robert Mugabe:
Teacher, Revolutionary, Tyrant.
Biography • 160 pp • 6 x 9.5 • 32 B/W Photos
9780752448589 • September • $24.95 (Can $29.95) Cloth • The History Press

The Will to Survive

Three and a Half Years as a Prisoner of the Japanese
Arthur Godman
Illustrations by Ronald Searle, and Philip Meninsky
The compelling story of the life and conditions of prisoners of war working on the Burma-Siam
railway during World War II.

“A remarkable memoir.” —Daily Telegraph

Taken prisoner after the fall of Singapore in 1942, Arthur Godman spent the next three-and-a-half
years on the Burma-Siam railway, living in camps along the River Kwai. Like other POWs, he ex-
perienced disease and malnutrition and witnessed the painful deaths of many of his comrades. Yet
somehow he retained his sense of humor and perspective, recalling, among the casual cruelties in-
flicted by the Japanese, small acts of kindness between guards and prisoners that enabled him to
retain his faith in humanity. This glimpse of the terrifying world of the POW includes pictures by
two other famous artists who were captives. Arthur Godman wrote more than 40 books on science
and mathematics. Ronald Searle is an artist and cartoonist whose work has appeared in Life and the New Yorker. Philip Menin-
sky was an artist. Searle and Meninsky were also POWs.
Biography/Military • 160 pp • 6 x 9 • 32 B/W Illustrations
9780752449807 (Replaces 9781862271111) • September • $19.95 (Can $21.95) New in Paper • The History Press

An Introduction
Harold Shukman
The perfect introduction to the man whose dark arts caused scandal across Russia.
Accessible and authoritative, this biography covers the truth behind the shadowy fig-
ure of Gregory Rasputin. Rasputin features in Russian history as a malign and destructive
force, a man with an unhealthy influence on the Empress Alexandra and undue power
in Russian politics. Yet his purposes were ostensibly beneficent. An uneducated peas-
ant, he left Siberia to become a wandering “holy man” and soon acquired a reputation
as a healer. The empress was desperate to find a cure for hemophilia from which her
son Alexei suffered, and in 1905 Rasputin was presented at court. His positive effect
on the heir’s health made him indispensible. But his religious teachings were unortho-
dox, and his charismatic presence aroused in many ladies of the St. Petersburg aristocracy
an exalted response, which he exploited sexually. Shady financial dealings added to the
atmosphere of debauchery and scandal, and he was also seen as a political threat when
he was assassinated in 1916. Harold Shukman is the author of Agents for Change, Re-
defining Stalinism, and Stalin’s Generals.
Biography/History • 128 pp • 5 x 8 • 13 B/W Illustrations
9780752452425 (Replaces 9780750915298) • November
$14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • The History Press

The Bedford Triangle

US Undercover Operations from England in World War Two
Martin W. Bowman
The true story of the daring undercover operations behind enemy lines by British
and U.S. forces, with firsthand accounts offering a glimpse into the shadowy
world of the Allied secret services.
The U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF), American Office of Strategic Services (OSS),
and British Special Operations Executive (SOE) jointly played a crucial part in
operations behind enemy lines in occupied Europe during World War II. Milton
Ernest Hall, a country house in Bedfordshire and official UK headquarters of the
U.S. Army Airforce Service Command, was located at the heart of a network of
top-secret Allied Radio and propaganda transmitting stations, political warfare
units, and undercover American and British formations dealing in espionage and
subterfuge. Martin Bowman draws upon revealing firsthand accounts and offi-
cial documentary evidence to provide tantalizing glimpses of the cloak and dag-
ger operations. The author’s extensive research has revealed that Allied Secret Service
organizations participated in even more unorthodox activities, such as clandes-
tine propaganda and political warfare. He also reveals the truth behind what re-
ally happened to legendary band leader Glenn Miller. Martin W. Bowman is the
author of more than 60 books on military and commercial aviation, including B-
17 Flying Fortress Units of the Eighth Air Force and P-51 Mustang vs Fw 190.
Military/History • 224 pp • 5 x 8 • 32 B/W Photos
9780752450988 (Replaces 9780750912297) • October
$17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper • The History Press

Mao Zedong
Delia Davin
For readers wanting to understand the development of modern China, this accessible history
offers a new insight into the man who transformed Chinese politics.
2009 is the 60th anniversary of the birth of the People’s Republic of China, formed
by Mao
Mao Zedong—first chairman of the People’s Republic of China, one of the founders of the Chinese
Communist Party, and the architect of the Cultural Revolution—was active in Chinese politics for
most of his 82 years, and became one of the most important revolutionary figures in the 20th cen-
tury. He spent the 1920s and 1930s struggling to build the party. After the establishment of the Peo-
ple’s Republic, he strove to impose his vision of socialism on his impoverished country, convinced that
if the power of the people could be harnessed China could become an economically successful and
egalitarian country. The Great Leap Forward, which he initiated was, however, a disaster resulting in
millions of deaths. Mao used the Cultural Revolution to reimpose his authority, his critics were per-
secuted, and a personality cult was fostered. His Little Red Book sold more than 740 million copies. Here an eminent historian
offers the reader a powerful insight into the life and work of this unique man. Delia Davin has written a number of books on
China, including Internal Migration in Contemporary China and Woman-Work: Women and the Party in Revolutionary China.
Biography/History • 128 pp • 5 x 8 • 41 B/W Photos
9780752450711 • October • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • The History Press

World War II
A Military History
Alan Warren
The 16 most decisive battles of World War II are chronicled, from the Blitzkrieg of Poland to the
fall of Berlin.
In World War I many battles on the western front lasted weeks or months, often degenerating into gla-
cial and indecisive campaigns of attrition. By the 1930s, however, military science had recreated the pos-
sibility of a decisive battle. An unprecedented rate of technological change meant that a stream of new
inventions were readily at hand for military innovators to exploit. Aircraft, armored vehicles, and new
forms of motorized transport became available to make possible a fresh style of offensive warfare when
the next European war began in 1939. A belief in the importance of effective war fighting was vital to
the Nazi vision of Germany’s future. Nazi Germany’s political and military leaders aimed for rapid and
decisive victory in battle. From 1939 to 1945, new ideologies and new machines of war carried destruction
across the globe. Alan Warren is the author of the Singapore 1942: Britain’s Greatest Defeat.
Military/History • 408 pp • 5 x 8 • 53 B/W Photos
9780752451848 (Replaces 9780752445977) • January • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper
The History Press

SOE’s Ultimate Deception

Operation Periwig
Fredric Boyce
Inventive, audacious, and truly incredible—the story of the invention of an underground German
resistance movement, which helped the Allies to victory.
In the closing months of World War II, General Eisenhower exhorted the western Allied forces to
redouble their efforts to break the German will to resist. In considering this appeal, General Gub-
bins, whose Special Operations Executive was making a significant contribution to the liberation
of occupied territory, was faced with a fundamental difficulty in the case of Germany. Although op-
position to Nazism was present in some areas, it was neither organized nor pro-Allied. Then some-
one had the idea of creating an entirely fictional German resistance movement and “selling it” to
the Nazi security authorities. From January until April 1945, SOE rained propaganda leaflets on
the hapless population fleeing the ruins of their cities and the oncoming Allied ground forces; they
broadcast messages to the “resistance;” they planted the most scandalous lies about eminent Nazis;
and at the end they even dropped four agents on fictitious missions. This imaginative response to
Ike’s exhortation and the sheer audacity of the operation itself demand to be told to a wider audience. Fredric Boyce is the coau-
thor of SOE: The Scientific Secrets.
Military/History • 256 pp • 6 x 9.5 • 32 B/W Photos
9780750940283 (Replaces 9780750940276) • October • $26.95 (Can $29.95) New in Paper • The History Press

The Machine Gun Story
Chris McNab
From the author of How to Survive Anything, Anywhere, a look at
the weapon that changed the face of warfare—how it works and what
it has meant for how we fight.
Warfare truly entered the industrial age with the invention and adop-
tion of the machine gun. Armed with a machine gun, one or two men
could potentially hold off a whole company of enemy soldiers, and in-
flict terrible losses while doing so. Describing how Hiram Maxim’s late
19th-century invention went on to transform the ways that armies and
air forces fought, this book explains each stage in the technical devel-
opment of machine guns and how submachine guns developed as a more
portable offshoot, with their own set of consequences. While the tacti-
cal implications of machine guns are explored, the book never shrinks
from the dark history of how machine guns have been used, whether fired from a trench on the western front in WWI or from
a helicopter circling over the jungles of Vietnam. Featuring some of history’s most famous small arms, such as Vickers, MG42,
M2HB, and Uzi, this history will appeal to all those interested in World War II and the history of land warfare and small arms.
Chris McNab is a writer and editor who specializes in military history and technology. He has published more than 30 books,
including The Great Book of Guns, The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, Modern Military Uniforms, and The SAS Men-
tal Endurance Handbook.
Military/History • 128 pp • 7.5 x 5 • 75 Color Photos
9780752452340 • February • $18.95 (Can $20.95) Cloth • The History Press

The Assassins
The Story of Medieval Islam’s Secret Sect
W. B. Bartlett
They have a reputation in the popular imagination as drug-crazed fanatics who mur-
dered their enemies and terrorized the medieval world—this book separates fact from
fiction and shows that the Islamic assassins of history are just as interesting as the
assassins of legend.

“More to Lewis’s story than one of terror and bloodshed . . . a fascinating glimpse
into an extraordinary and unsettling world.” —Kirkus Reviews UK
“An excellent work of popular history geared to general readers, but scholars will
appreciate both the accuracy and insight Bartlett displays.”
—Booklist on An Ungodly War
The so-called “Assassins”—men who had no fear of death and were trained to kill—
are one of the most spectacular legends of medieval history. Since the tales of Marco
Polo and others, the myths surrounding them have been fantastically embellished and
the truth has become ever more obscure. Bartlett’s popular history deftly traces the ori-
gins of the sect out of the schisms within the early Islamic religion and examines the
impact of Hasan-i-Sabbah, its founder, and Sinan—the legendary “Old Man of the Moun-
tain.” Following the group over the next two centuries, this book includes its clash with
the crusaders, its near destruction at the hands of the Mongols, and its subsequent his-
tory. Finally, we discover how the myths surrounding the Assassins have developed over
time, and why indeed they continue to have such an impact on the popular imagina-
tion. W. B. Bartlett is a medieval historian whose other titles include The Crusades, God
Wills It!, Islam’s War Against the Crusaders, The Last Crusade, The Road to Armageddon,
and An Ungodly War.
History • 320 pp • 5 x 8 • 20 Color Illustrations • 20 B/W Illustrations
9780752452050 (Replaces 9780750946094) • November
$23.95 (Can $26.95) Paper • The History Press


Music to Die For Spiral/Quake

The International Guide Omnibus
to Today’s Extreme
Music Scene Andy Remic
1136 pp • 4.5 x 7 • Fiction
Mick Mercer
Science Fiction
700 pp • 5.5 x 9 • Music 9781841494302
9781901447262 $12.99 Paper • Orbit UK
$26.95 (Can $27.95) Paper
Cherry Red Books

The Story of Anvil
Tamla Motown
The Stories Behind Lips and Robb Reiner
the UK Singles Foreword by Slash
Terry Wilson 320 pp • 6 x 9
32 Color Photos
640 pp • 5.5 x 9.5 • Music/History Autobiography/Music
9781901447316 9780593063644
$26.95 (Can $29.95) Paper $24.95 Cloth • Bantam Press
Cherry Red Books

Journey to the Edge The Complete Fish
of the World & Seafood Companion
Billy Connolly Mitch Tonks
320 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 320 pp • 7.5 x 9.8
100 Color Photos • Travel 150 Color Photos • Cooking
9780755318858 9781862058330
$29.95 Cloth • Headline $40.00 (Can $45.00) Cloth

Jade: Fighting
to the End Ever, Dirk
My Autobiography The Bogarde Letters
1981–2009 Edited by John Coldstream
Jade Goody 512 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
Foreword by Lucie Cave Literary Collections
Paper: 9780753825891 • $23.95
282 pp • 5 x 8 Cloth: 9780297852414 • $34.95
76 Color Photos • Autobiography Phoenix
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
John Blake

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The Borough Market Book Borough Market Cookbook:

Ptolemy Dean Meat & Fish
175 pp • 11 x 8.25 • History Sarah Freeman
9781904104902 • $32.95 (Can $36.95) Paper and Sarah Leahey-Benjamin
Civic Books
335 pp • 7 x 9.75 • Cooking
9781904104926 • $32.95 (Can $36.95) Cloth
Civic Books

50 Quirky Bike Rides The Accidental All Will Be Well Around the World
Rob Ainsley Optimist’s Guide Michael Meegan With 1000 Birds
220 pp • 5.5 x 8 • Travel
to Life 140 pp • 5.5 x 8 • Self-Help Russell Boyman
9781903070550 Emily Joy 9781903070277 260 pp • 5.25 x 7.75
$16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper Travel/Autobiography
Eye Books 220 pp • 5.5 x 8 • Self-Help Eye Books
9781903070437 9781903070161
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
Eye Books Eye Books

Baghdad Behind the Veil Blood, Sweat Changing the World

Business School Lydia Laube & Charity Step by Step
Heyrick Bond Gunning 212 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 Nick Stanhope Michael Meegan
200 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 Travel/Autobiography 230 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Social Science 250 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Self-Help
Travel/Autobiography 9781903070192 9781903070413 9781903070444
9781903070338 $15.95 (Can $18.95) Paper $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper Eye Books Eye Books Eye Books
Eye Books

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Crap Cycle Lanes Cry from the Death Desert Governess

Captain Yellowjersey Highest Mountain Herbie Brennan Phyllis Ellis
120 pp • 5.25 x 5.25 • Humor Tess Burrows 350 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 200 pp • 5.25 x 7.75
9781903070581 256 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 Social Science Autobiography
$7.95 (Can $8.95) Cloth Travel/Autobiography 9781903070420 9781903070017
Eye Books 9781903070574 $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper Eye Books Eye Books
Eye Books

Discovery Road The European Job Fateful Beauty Fever Trees

Tim Garratt Jonathon Booth Natalie Hodgson of Borneo
and Andy Brown 260 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 170 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 Mark Everleigh
330 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 Travel/Autobiography Autobiography 270 pp • 5.25 x 7.75
Travel/Autobiography 9781903070253 9781903070505 Travel/Autobiography
9780953057535 $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth 9780953057566
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper Eye Books Eye Books $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
Eye Books Eye Books

Frigid Women Further Travellers’ Tales The Good Life The Good Life
Sue Riches from Heaven and Hell Dorian Amos Gets Better
and Victoria Riches Edited by Dan Hiscocks 200 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 Dorian Amos
250 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel 250 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 Autobiography 200 pp • 5.25 x 7.75
9780953057528 Travel/Autobiography 9781903070307 Autobiography
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper 9781903070116 $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper 9781903070482
Eye Books $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper Eye Books $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
Eye Books Eye Books

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Great Sects Green Oranges Jasmine & Arnica My Journey with

Adam Harvey Kelly on Lion Mountain Nicola Naylor a Remarkable Tree
127 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Social Science Emily Joy 250 pp • 6 x 9 Ken Finn
9781903070475 270 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 Travel/Autobiography
250 pp • 5.25 x 7.75
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth Travel/Autobiography 9781903070178
Eye Books 9781903070291 $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper Eye Books
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
Eye Books Eye Books

The Jungle Beat Jungle Janes Moods of Future Joys More Traveller’s
Roy Follows Peter Burden Alastair Humphreys Tales from Heaven
200 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Autobiography 300 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel 250 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel
& Hell
9780953057573 9781903070055 9781903070567 Edited by Dan Hiscocks
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
Eye Books Eye Books Eye Books 250 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
Eye Books

News of the World? On the Wall Prickly Pears Riding the

Peter Burden with Hadrian of Palestine Outlaw Trail
192 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 Bob Bibby Hilda Reilly Simon Casson
Media & Journalism 330 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 230 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel and Richard Adamson
9781903070796 Travel/History 9781903070529 305 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel
$19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth 9781903070499 $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper 9781903070222
Eye Books $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper Eye Books $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
Eye Books Eye Books

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Riding with Ghosts Seeking Sanctuary Siberian Dreams Slow Winter

Gwen Maka Hilda Reilly Andy Home Alex Hickman
287 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel 230 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel 260 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel 285 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel
9781903070000 9781903070390 9781903070512 9780953057580
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
Eye Books Eye Books Eye Books Eye Books

Riding with Ghosts: Special Offa Tea for Two . . . Thunder & Sunshine
South of the Border Bob Bibby With No Cups Alastair Humphreys
Gwen Maka 220 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel Polly Benge 350 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel
270 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel 9781903070284 250 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel 9781903070543
9781903070093 $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper 9780953057597 $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper Eye Books $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper Eye Books
Eye Books Eye Books

Touching Tibet A Trail of Visions A Trail of Visions Travellers’ Tales from

Niema Ash Route 1 Route 2 Heaven and Hell
240 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel Vicki Couchman Vicki Couchman Edited by Dan Hiscocks
9781903070185 130 pp • 11.5 x 9.5 110 pp • 11.5 x 9.5 230 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 • Travel
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper Travel/Photography Travel/Photography 9780953057511
Eye Books 9781871349337 9780953057504 $11.95 (Can $13.95) Paper
$23.95 (Can $26.95) Cloth $23.95 (Can $26.95) Cloth Eye Books
Eye Books Eye Books

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Travels in Travels with Triumph Around Walking Away Zohra’s Ladder

Outback Australia My Daughter the World Charlotte Metcalf Pamela Windo
Andrew Stevenson Niema Ash Robbie Marshall 244 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 200 pp • 5.25 x 7.75
230 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 300 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 250 pp • 5.25 x 7.75 Travel • 9781903070208 Travel • 9781903070406
Travel • 9781903070147 Travel • 9781903070048 Travel • 9781903070086 $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $12.95 (Can $14.95) Trade $12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper Eye Books Eye Books
Eye Books Eye Books Eye Books


Each: 92 pp • 4.25 x 7 • Humor
$7.95 (Can $8.95) Paper • Oval Books

The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide
to Archaeology to Astrology to Banking to Bond
Paul Bahn & Fortune Telling Robert Cooper Mark Mason
9781903096970 Alexander Rae and Simon Whaley 9781903096901
9781903096208 9781903096529

The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide
to the Classics to Consultancy to Cricket to Doctors
Ross Leckie Nigel Viney Nick Yapp Patrick Keating
9781903096390 9781906042127 9781906042578 9781906042158

New Publisher Backlist: Can of Worms

Each: 92 pp • 4.25 x 7 • Humor
$7.95 (Can $8.95) Paper • Oval Books

The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide
to Economics to Genetics to Golf to Jazz
Hilary Cooper Gwen Acton Peter Gammond Peter Clayton and
9781903096468 9781903096895 9781906042172 Peter Gammond

The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide
to Life Coaching to Management to Marketing to Men
George Edwards John Courtis Graham Harding Antony Mason
9781906042134 9781903096543 and Paul Walton 9781903096956

The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide
to Middle Age to Music to Negotiation to Opera
Antony Mason Peter Gammond Alexander Geisler Peter Gammond
9781903096994 9781906042165 9781906042080 9781903096598

New Publisher Backlist: Can of Worms

Each: 92 pp • 4.25 x 7 • Humor
$7.95 (Can $8.95) Paper • Oval Books

The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide
to Paris to Philosophy to Public Speaking to Relationships
Jim Hankinson Jim Hankinson Chris Steward Mark Mason
and Paul Bahn 9781906042011 and Mike Wilkinson 9781903096673
9781903096857 9781903096826

The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide
to Rocket Science to Rugby to Seduction to Sex
Peter Berlin Alexander Rae Yves Chebran Sarah Brewer
9781906042110 9781906042035 9781906042042 and Tim Webb

The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide
to Skiing to Small Business to Surfing to the Flight Deck
David Allsop John Winterson Richards Craig Jarvis Ken Beere
9781906042615 9781903096734 9781906042028 9781906042608

New Publisher Backlist: Can of Worms

Each: 92 pp • 4.25 x 7 • Humor
$7.95 (Can $8.95) Paper • Oval Books

The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide
to the Olympics to the Quantum to The Simpsons to Whisky
Keith Gregson Universe Paul Couch David Milsted
9781906042059 Jack Klaff 9781906042066 9781903096789

The Bluffer’s Guide The Bluffer’s Guide

to the Cosmos to Hiking
Daniel Hudon Simon Whaley
9781903096420 9781906042073

The Bluffer’s Guide

to Women
Marina Muratore

Each: 92 pp • 4.25 x 7 • Humor • Paper • Oval Books

French for German for Greek for Italian for

Xenophobes Xenophobes Xenophobes Xenophobes
Drew Launay Drew Launay Alexandra Fiada Drew Launay
9781903096147 9781903096154 9781903096277 9781903096185
$6.95 (Can $7.95) $6.95 (Can $7.95) $6.95 (Can $7.95) $6.95 (Can $7.95)

New Publisher Backlist: Can of Worms

Each: 92 pp • 4.25 x 7 • Humor • Paper • Oval Books

Spanish for Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide

Xenophobes to the Aussies to the Austrians to the Canadians
Drew Launay Ken Hunt Louis James Vaughn Roste
9781903096192 and Mike Taylor 9781902825182 9781906042257
$6.95 (Can $7.95) 9781906042202 $7.95 (Can $8.95) $7.95 (Can $8.95)
$7.95 (Can $8.95)

Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide

to the Czechs to the Danes to the Dutch to the English
Petr Berka Helen Dyrbye Rodney Bolt Antony Miall
9781902825236 9781906042271 9781906042288 and David Milsted
$7.95 (Can $8.95) $7.95 (Can $8.95) $7.95 (Can $8.95) 9781906042295
$7.95 (Can $8.95)

Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide

to the Germans to the Greeks to the Irish to the Italians
Stefan Zeidenitz Alexandra Fiada Frank McNally Martin Solly
and Ben Barlow 9781903096321 9781906042370 9781906042394
9781906042332 $7.95 (Can $8.95) $7.95 (Can $8.95) $7.95 (Can $8.95)
$7.95 (Can $8.95)

New Publisher Backlist: Can of Worms and The History Press

Each: 92 pp • 4.25 x 7 • Humor • Paper • Oval Books

Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide

to the Kiwis to the Poles to the Scots
Christine Cole Catley Ewa Lipniacka David Ross
and Simon Nicholson 9781906042448 9781906042479
9781906042417 $7.95 (Can $8.95) $7.95 (Can $8.95)
$7.95 (Can $8.95)

Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide Xenophobe’s Guide

to the Swedes to the Swiss to the Welsh
Peter Berlin Paul Bilton John Winterson Richards
9781906042493 9781906042509 9781906042516
$7.95 (Can $8.95) $7.95 (Can $8.95) $7.95 (Can $8.95)


Afternoon Tea Britain’s Kings & Queens Diana, Princess of Wales English Castles
Jane Pettigrew Michael St. John Parker Brian Hoey Ann Lockhart
80 pp • 7.5 x 7.5 and Sir George Bellew Edited by Vivian Brett 32 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • Travel
15 Color Photos • 15 B/W Photos 32 pp • 7 x 10 • History 32 pp • 8.5 x 11 • History 9781841651590
15 B/W Illustrations 9780853724506 9780853728955 $8.95 (Can $9.95) Paper
Cooking/Travel $8.95 (Can $9.95) Paper $8.95 (Can $9.95) Paper Pitkin
9781841651439 Pitkin Pitkin
$11.95 (Can $13.95) Cloth
New Publisher Backlist: The History Press and Random House Australia

Jane Austen Kings & Queens The Royal Line Scotch Whisky Sir Winston
Victor Lucas Brenda Williams of Succession Charles MacLean Churchill
Edited by and Brian Williams Dulcie M. Ashdown 32 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 The History Press
Ann Lockhart 96 pp • 8 x 10 32 pp • 7 x 10 • History Cooking/Travel 32 pp • 6.5 x 9.5
220 Color Photos • History 9780853729389 9780853727972 Biography
24 pp • 6.5 x 8
9781841651309 $8.95 (Can $9.95) Paper $8.95 (Can $9.95) Paper 9780853724988
$17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper Pitkin Pitkin $8.95 (Can $9.95) Paper
$8.95 (Can $9.95) Paper Pitkin Pitkin


101 Things Your GP Would The Biographer Cancer Explained Confessions of

Tell You If There Was Time Virginia Duigan Stephens Fox a Reformed Dieter
Dr. Gillian Deakin 336 pp • 6 x 9.5 • Fiction 288 pp • 5 x 8 • Health A. J. Rochester
272 pp • 6 x 9.5 • Health 9781741667134 9781741667912 304 pp • 5 x 8 • Biography
9781741665505 $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper 9781863254311
$22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper Vintage Australia Illustrated $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
Random House Australia Bantam Australia

The Don’t Go The Essence of Health Fifty Years of Silence Fivefold

Hungry Diet Dr. Craig Hassed Jan Ruff O’Herne Nathan Burrage
Dr. Amanda Sainsbury- 400 pp • 6 x 9 • Health 288 pp • 6 x 9.5 • Autobiography 496 pp • 6 x 9.5 • Fiction
Salis, PhD 9781741667042 9781741667462 9781863255851
$22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper $18.95 (Can $20.95) Paper
352 pp • 6 x 9.5 • Health
Ebury Australia William Heinemann Australia Bantam Australia
$22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper
Bantam Australia
New Publisher Backlist: Random House Australia

The Forgotten The House The Lazy Girl’s Guide Naming the Rose
Children at Salvation Creek to Losing Weight Roger Mann
David Hill Susan Duncan and Getting Fit 280 pp • 7.5 x 10
368 pp • 6 x 9.5 • Biography A. J. Rochester 150 Color Photos
400 pp • 6 x 9.5 • Biography
9781741666847 Gardening
9781863256483 352 pp • 5 x 8 • Health
$22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper 9781741668308
$22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper 9781863255165
Random House Australia $32.95 (Can $36.95) Cloth
Bantam Australia $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper Illustrated
Bantam Australia

Never Order Chicken The Pram Diet Salvation Creek Sleep Right,
on a Monday Rebecca Mugridge Susan Duncan Sleep Tight
Matthew Evans 224 pp • 5 x 8 • Health 400 pp • 5 x 8 • Biography Tweddle Child and
304 pp • 6 x 9.5 • Cooking 9781863256872 9781863256384 Family Health Service
9781741666960 $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
192 pp • 7 x 9.5
$22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper Bantam Australia Bantam Australia
Parenting & Family Care
Random House Australia 9781864710960
$16.99 (Can $18.99) Paper
Random House Australia

Too Good True Love Why First Borns Rule Working

Scott Draper Gilie Schattner the World and Last with Monsters
272 pp • 6 x 9.5 • Biography and Marc Schattner Borns Want to Change It John Clarke
9781741665062 40 pp • 5 x 7 • Picture Books Michael Grose 304 pp • 5 x 8 • Business
$22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper 9781741663341 9781740511544
Random House Australia 208 pp • 5 x 8
$7.95 Cloth $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper
Family & Relationships/Social Science
Random House Australia Random House Australia
$17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper
Random House Australia
New Publisher Backlist: Touchstone Books


100 Years of Brooklands 100 Years of Grand Prix Fighting Force

Allan Winn Trevor Legate Jamie Hunter
and John Pulford
From the first race in France in 1906 to Photographer Jamie Hunter worked
The award-winning photographs in this the hi-tech, computer-designed cars of closely with the Royal Air Force (RAF)
book record the design and engineering today, this unique photographic record to capture stunningly dynamic images of
details of many of the cars, bikes, and air- celebrates a colorful and controversial the “best of the best”—the dedicated
craft that now form part of the famous sport. Access to a large private collection pilots, crew, engineers, groundstaff, and
Brooklands Museum, from the very ear- of motoring images collected from the aircraft of the RAF. A comprehensive
liest examples to more recent Formula 1 beginning of the 20th century has allowed image gallery demonstrates the wide
cars. Evoking a unique period in the the author to put together a comprehen- range of skills required of today's RAF
history of automobile and aircraft sive history of Grand Prix, ranging from personnel—from exhilarating fast-jet fly-
development, these images celebrate the the early pioneers to the professional ing and challenging logistical support, to
centenary of the world's first custom- sport it is today. complex state-of-the-art engineering and
built motor racing circuit and home of 176 pp • 10 x 7.5 • 60 Color Photos dangerous force protection.
British aviation. 100 B/W Photos • Sports/Transportation 192 pp • 10.5 x 11.5 • 200 Color Photos
9780955102011 • $45.00 (Can $49.95) Cloth History/Military • 9780955102059
192 pp • 11 x 11 • 250 B/W Photos
Touchstone Books $39.95 (Can $43.95) Cloth
9780955102066 • $45.00 (Can $49.95) Cloth Touchstone Books
Touchstone Books

In the Company of Dalí Red Arrows The Very Best

Trevor Legate Jamie Hunter of Volkswagen
Trevor Legate
Robert Whitaker captured a series of im- Produced in association with the Red
ages of Salvador Dalí at the height of his Arrows and officially endorsed by the From the rare Hebmuller convertible to
fame in the early 1970s. After many Royal Air Force, this gorgeous book Beetles modified for the track and drag
years remaining in storage, the negatives reveals the pilots, the support team, the strip; from the ultimate in customized
he produced were printed specifically aircraft, and the training like never before. Beetles in California and Utah to a bizarre
for this book. The very personal images Aviation photographer Jamie Hunter has wrought-iron "bird-cage" Beetle from
reveal Dalí at home, relaxing with his wife been allowed unprecedented access to Japan; from the infamous Beach Buggy
and guests, working on his last major oil capture the action in dynamic photogra- and the rare VW Trekker—for anyone
painting, and showing Robert around one phy—in the air, on the ground, and be- with a passing interest in the wide world
of Gaudí’s buildings in Barcelona. hind the scenes. of collectible Volkswagens, this book
128 pp • 12 x 12 • 50 Color Photos 176 pp • 10.5 x 11.5 covers the diverse world of Beetles and
100 B/W Photos • Photography 200 Color Photos • History/Military Buses like no other.
9780955102042 • $45.00 (Can $49.95) Cloth 9780955102097 • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Cloth
128 pp • 9 x 11 • 200 Color Photos
Touchstone Books Touchstone Books
Transportation • 9780955102028
$32.95 (Can $35.95) Cloth
Touchstone Books

Wall and Piece Graffiti Planet

Banksy Alan Ket
Art Art • 9781843172802
Paper: 9781844137879 $22.95 $15.95 (Can $19.95) Cloth
Cloth: 9781844137862 $35.00 Michael O’Mara
Interior Transformations
Necronomicon Anne Grafton
H. P. Lovecraft and Jane Churchill
Horror • 9780575081574 Photographs by Simon Upton
$27.95 Paper • Gollancz
Home Improvement
The Children of Húrin $29.95 Paper • Jacqui Small

J. R. R. Tolkien
Edited by Christopher Tolkien Street Art and the War
Read by Christopher Lee on Terror
Fantasy • 9780007263455 Xavier A. Tàpies
$49.95 CD Edited by Eleanor Mathieson
HarperCollins UK Audio
Art • 9780955339882
$35.00 (Can $42.00) Cloth
The Malice Rebellion Books
of Unnatural Death
Michael Jecks The Hollow
Mystery • 9780755332786
Chocolate Bunnies
$9.99 Paper • Headline of the Apocalypse
Robert Rankin
Things a Woman Should Fantasy • 9780575074019
Know About Style $9.99 Paper • Gollancz
Karen Homer
Fashion & Appearance
The Physician
9781853755194 Noah Gordon
$15.00 Cloth • Prion
Fiction • 9780751503890
$8.99 Paper • Little, Brown
Buddhism for Mothers
Sarah Napthali Cat Flaps
Spirituality • 9781741140101 and Mousetraps
$15.95 (Can $21.95) Paper Harry Oliver
Allen & Unwin
Illustrations by
Mike Mosedale
The Templar, the Queen
Humor • 9781844544745
and Her Lover $17.95 (Can $19.95) Cloth
Michael Jecks Metro Books

Mystery • 9780755332847
$9.99 Paper • Headline Make Your Own
Electric Guitar
The Secret World Melvyn Hiscock
of Johnny Depp Foreword by Brian May
Nigel Goodall Music • 9780953104901
Biography • 9781844543878 $34.95 (Can $38.95) Paper
$12.95 (Can $16.95) Paper NBS Publications
John Blake
Anything Goes
Dispensation of Death John Barrowman and
Michael Jecks Carole E. Barrowman
Mystery • 9780755332816 Autobiography • 9781843172895
$9.99 Paper • Headline $29.95 (Can $32.95) Cloth
Michael O’Mara


Audrey Hepburn Nosepicking for Pleasure

Edited by Pierre-Henri Verlhac Roland Flicket
and Yann-Brice Dherbier Illustrations by Jon Higham
Photography • 9781862057753 Humor • 9781843172680
$40.00 (Can $44.00) Cloth $7.95 (Can $8.95) Paper
Pavilion Michael O’Mara

Planet Earth This Book Will Get

David Nicolson-Lord You Laid
Science • 9780563493587 E. Dickens
$16.95 Paper • BBC Books Humor • 9781843171980
$6.95 (Can $8.95) Paper
Working the Light Michael O’Mara

Edited by Eddie Ephraums,

Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite, The Complete Chronicles
and David Ward of Conan
Photography • 9781902538464 Robert E. Howard
$24.95 Paper • Argentum Fantasy • 9780575077805
$29.95 Paper • Gollancz
Scarlet magazine Girlosophy
Sexuality • 9780007261482 Anthea Paul
$14.95 Cloth Self-Help • 9781865084329
Harper Entertainment UK $19.95 (Can $26.95) Paper
Allen & Unwin
Sweeney Todd
Peter Haining A Breath of Fresh Air
True Crime • 9781861059895 Erica James
$13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper Romance • 9780752883458
Robson Books $12.95 Paper • Orion Publishing

God’s Little Book of Hope Black Cats and April Fools

Richard Daly Harry Oliver
Religion & Theology Illustrations by
9780007246250 Mike Mosedale
$7.95 Paper • Collins UK
Humor • 9781843581628
$14.95 (Can $18.95) Cloth
Confessions of Metro Books
an Advertising Man
David Ogilvy Grace Kelly
Foreword by Sir Alan Parker Edited by Pierre-Henri Verlhac
Business • 9781904915010 andYann-Brice Dherbier
$17.00 Paper Biography • 9781862057616
Southbank Publishing $40.00 (Can $44.00) Cloth
The Wicked Wit
of Winston Churchill Heath Ledger
Compiled by John McShane
Dominique Enright Biography • 9781844546336
Biography • 9781854795298 $17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper
$12.95 (Can $14.95) Cloth John Blake
Michael O’Mara
Halliwell’s Film Guide 2008
300 Beers to Try Before HarperCollins UK
You Die! Film • 9780007260805
Roger Protz $39.95 Paper
Harper Entertainment UK
Cooking • 9781852492137
$24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper


The Death Ship Winning Is Not Enough

of Dartmouth Sir Jackie Stewart
Michael Jecks Autobiography • 9780755315376
Mystery • 9780755323029 $27.95 Hardcover & DVD
$9.99 Paper • Headline Headline

Kustom Graphics The 4 Dreams of Miss X

Julian Balme Agent Provocateur
Foreword by Kate Moss
Art • 9780955339868
$39.95 (Can $43.95) Cloth
Introduction by Mike Figgis
Korero Books Photography • 9781862057661
$40.00 (Can $44.00) Cloth
Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook
Terry Pratchett
The Brotherhoods
Cooking • 9780552146739
$16.99 Paper • Transworld Publishers
Arthur Veno
Social Science • 9781741141375
$14.95 (Can $20.95) Paper
The Tainted Relic Allen & Unwin
The Medieval Murderers
Mystery • 9781416502135 Buddhism for Mothers
$9.99 Paper • Pocket Books UK of Young Children
Sarah Napthali
Judi Dench Scenes
Spirituality • 9781741754650
from My Life $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper
Dame Judi Dench Inspired Living
and John Miller
Autobiography • 9781841882666 The Savoy
$24.95 Paper • Cassell Cocktail Book
Harry Craddock
Not Without My Sister
Cooking • 9781862057722
Kristina Jones, Celeste Jones, $19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth
and Juliana Buhring Pavilion

Autobiography • 9780007248070
$13.95 Paper • HarperCollins UK Death Comes
for the Archbishop
Crosscut Willa Cather
Meg Gardiner Introduction by A. S. Byatt
Mystery • 9780340829400 Fiction • 9781844083725
$7.99 Paper • Hodder & Stoughton $16.95 Paper • Virago UK

The Cranford Chronicles What I Wore Today

Elizabeth Gaskell Korero Books
Fiction • 9780099518457 Fashion & Appearance
$9.95 Paper • Vintage Classics 9780955339875
$24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper
Falling Sideways
Tom Holt A Friar’s Bloodfeud
Fantasy • 9781841491103
Michael Jecks
$9.99 Paper • Orbit UK
Mystery • 9780755323005
$9.99 Paper • Headline

Cupcake Magic
Kate Shirazi
Cooking • 9781862058101
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth


The Hickory Staff Complete Traditional

Robert Scott Recipe Book
and Jay Gordon Sarah Edington
Fantasy • 9780575077751 Cooking • 9781905400423
$16.95 Paper • Gollancz $35.00 (Can $39.00) Cloth
National Trust
Ancient Rome
Simon Baker The Curse of
the Mistwraith
History • 9781846072840
$16.95 Paper • BBC Books Janny Wurts
Fantasy • 9780586210697
The Toyminator $8.95 Paper • Voyager

Robert Rankin
The Boy-Bishop’s
Science Fiction • 9780575079519
$9.95 Paper • Gollancz Glovemaker
Michael Jecks
Belladonna at Belstone Mystery • 9780747266112
Michael Jecks $9.99 Paper • Headline

Mystery • 9780747263616
$9.99 Paper • Headline The Lost Prophecies
The Medieval Murderers
Outsiders Mystery • 9781847370938
Compiled by $16.95 Paper
Simon & Schuster UK
Steve Lazarides
Art • 9781846055461
$26.95 Paper
The Age of Innocence
Random House UK David Hamilton
Photography • 9781854103048
You Don’t Have to $55.00 Cloth • Aurum Press
Be Evil to Work Here,
But It Helps Aromatherapy: An A–Z
Tom Holt Patricia Davis
Fantasy • 9781841492841 Body/Mind/Spirit
$12.50 Paper • Orbit UK 9780091906610
$22.00 Paper • Vermilion

The Chapel of Bones

God’s Undertaker
Michael Jecks
John C. Lennox
Mystery • 9780755322961
$9.99 Paper • Headline Religion & Theology
$14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper