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For one party,

Mr , of legal

domiciled for the purposes of notifications at

holder of Passport or National Identity Document (DNI) number

(Hereinafter “The Owner”.)

For the other party,

Mr , of legal
age, domiciled for the purposes of notifications at

holder of Passport or National Identity Document (DNI) number

(Hereinafter “The Tenant”.)

Both parties recognise they have sufficient legal capacity to enter into this act and freely,


1.I. Whereas, the Owner is the renter of the following property in perfect working order:

HOUSE : Address:

On the conditions and with the furniture and services described and photographed on the
web page .

The House is clean, in perfect working order, conservation and habitability, and the
utilities and services it has are in working order.

II. Both parties have agreed to enter into the seasonal lease of the property described
above, so they hereby arrange this agreement,that shall be governed by terms of the



The Owner hereby cedes on seasonal lease, for the term that shall be stated herein, to the
Tenant, who accepts, the property described and the furniture described in Recital I.
This lease constitutes a Seasonal Lease due to holidays, as foreseen in article 3.2 of Act 29/1994
on Urban Tenancy of a house, and under no circumstances and situation shall it give rise to lease
of the object of this contract on a continued basis.


2.1 The net rent for the season is Euros, that shall be paid as follows:
•30% of the preceding price, paid as a deposit at the moment of reserving the property.
•Remaining 70% to be paid prior to the Tenant entering the property.

2.2 Prior to entering the property, the Tenant shall deliver the landlord’s deposit of
Euros, as stipulated in article 36 of the LAU. That landlord’s deposit shall
be returned at the end of the Lease, once the home is checked.


This agreement is granted for the season of days, from the th of

, at 14.00 pm, and will be automatically terminated without any notice being
required, on th , at 12.00 pm, and the Tenant must deliver the
keys prior to that moment.

The Tenant must leave the property in the state in which it was found, leaving it free of items and
belongings and with the utilities available and the furniture and objects stated in Recital I in
perfect working order, without an extension thereof being permissible, unless agreed in writing
between the parties.

4.1 The Tenant is obliged to conserve the House in perfect conditions during the term freely
agreed between both parties.
4.2 The Tenant may not perform disturbing, unhealthy, noxious, hazardous, illicit acts, or
those that breach the Rules of the Neighbours’ Association on the premises. Nor may
flammable, explosive or corrosive materials be stored in the home and/or mercantile or
industrial activities be performed.
4.3 The Tenant shall be directly and exclusively responsible and waives the owner of all
responsibility for:
i)Damages that may be caused to persons or property arising from the installations of the
services and utilities in the house leased by season.
ii)Damages, deterioration or loss caused to it, either caused by the Tenant or by the
persons living together in the house.
4.4 The Tenant may not perform building work, nor make any modifications at all without the
written permission of the Landlord. Under no circumstances may the walls be drilled or
4.5 The Owner shall maintain the supplies of water, electricity, gas etc., up to date with
payment and in full operation, as well as the insurance of the house up to date.


The Tenant waives the rights set forth in articles 31 to 33 of the Urban Tenancy Act, and thus the
rights of lease, subrogation, cession, transferral, whether total or partial, pre-emptive offering and
withdrawal, and the right to impugn conveyance.


Failure to fulfil the obligation to leave the House within the term agreed shall make the Tenant
liable to pay a penalisation of a sum equivalent to triple the daily rent, accrued by weeks elapsed
until free availability of the home to the Landlord, notwithstanding the costs, expenses and other
compensation that may be due, including the fees of lawyers and procurator, although their
intervention may not be required.


The parties hereto submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts and tribunals of the
place where the House is located, expressly renouncing their own jurisdiction.
The laws of Spain are applicable, specifically the current Urban Tenancy Act.
Both parties hereby ratify this agreement and sign duplicate copies hereof, to a sole effect, in the
place and on the date first written above.

The Owner The Tenant

Signature Signature