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The "All Items Guide", is your guide for how to get (insert item name here)....I have many items, but still missing a lot of them! I promise on my next updates to add some of items...After every chapter, at the bottom I will list the Frequently Asked Questions on the chapter.... VERSIONS / UP-DATES / DATE LAST REVIEWED Version 1.0 (7/03/03) - Wrote the FAQ, still missing a lot of stuff... Expect a Big up-date soon!!! Version 1.1 (7/07/03) - Minor spell-corrections, fixed GameShark Chapter (hopefully it will be posted right this time), posted Legenddramon's and Lengend789's opinions...Thanks guys!!! Added a Chapter about 'Training Effects Raising Items' and 'Fishing Baits' Chapter. Added more items to almost all sections. Version 1.2 (7/11/03) - Up-dated "Fishing Baits" chapter, added more people to "Special Thanks", included ideas from Garfield13 and Legend789. Med Jai's, Legend789's and Garfield13's corrections on Flaming Mane ^_^. Added "Codebreaker Codes" Chapter. Added some more FAQs to almost all Chapters. Minor spell corrections. Re-wrote part of the FAQ for easier understanding. Added Electo Ring to "Digivolution Items". Changed the lay-out for "Contact Information". Changed Chapter 12 (Next Up-Date Promises / Contact Info / Things I Need / FAQs I'm Working On) to "Other". Version 1.3 (7/17/03) - Deleted some un-needed spaces on some Items. Added Med Jai's information on Sweet Nut and Super Veggy. Minor spell corrections. Starting the "Item Shop Keepers And Prices" Chapter (not seen by public). Added some information that I got from e-mails. Added more people to "Special Thanks". Added more FAQs. Added "Game's Medals" Chapter. Version 1.4 (08/02/03) - Added Digimon for Electo Ring. Added omnicannon63 to "Special Thanks". Changed the GameShark Codes Chapter. Added codes according to Legend789 (THANKS A LOT AGAIN!!!!) Added Item "Super Recovery Sloppy" thanks to my cousin! Minor spelling corrections. Added achan1058 to "Special Thanks".

Half way done with the "Item Shop Keepers and Prices" Chapter The Guide: Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter

1 - Digivolution Items (Out of battle) 2 - Food Items (Out of battle) 3 - Self Defense / Recovery Items (In-Battle) 4 - Self Offense Items (In-Battle) 5 - Stat Raising Items (Out of battle) 6 - Misc. Items 7 - Training Effects Raising Items (Out of Battle) 8 - Fishing Baits (Dragon Eye Lake) 9 - Game's Medals 10 - Gameshark Codes For Items 11 - Codebreaker Codes For Items 12 - F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) 13 - Other 14 - Special Thanks, Credits, Shameless Plugs

(NOTE***If you want to go directly to a certain Item / Chapter press Ctrl+F and then type the Item / Chapter name and click "Search" or "Find"). =============================================================================== ================================== Chapter 1 - Digivolution Items (Out of battle) =============================================================================== ================================== | NOTE***The items organization goes like this: | (Item Name) / (Digimon You Get Through That Item) | - (How to obtain) | _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Metal Banana / MetalEtemon - When I was almost finishing the game I thought: "Hmmm, how about I finish the game with a Filth Type Digimon?" so then I started buying _Golden Bananas_ from Etemon. I got a Sukamon and started training him. Then I used my Golden Banana and he evolved. I lived with Etemon until he died but no matter what I couldn't get to learn Ultimate Poop Hell. So I repeated the process like 15 times until I learned all filth techs. Then when I went to buy another Golden Banana for my "ultimate" Sukamon to evolve to Etemon .And then I was going to beat the game with Etemon. When I got to Etemon he said. 'Uhhhhhh....ummmm.....err....I found this on the floor...It's no use to me since it's too hard! Here ....er.... you can have it...' After that it said "You found a Silver Banana!!!" Then I evolved my Sukamon to MetalEtemon....Nothing special about him though, no extra stats, just a SilverLike Etemon!!! Noble Mane / Panjyamon - Only available through a Cheat-Device such as GameShark... Giga Hand / Gigadramon - Only available through a Cheat-Device such as GameShark... Electo Ring / Kaminarimon (thanks to Med Jai and all the others who informed me) - Only avaible through a Cheat-Device such as GameShark...

Coral Charm / MegaSeadramon - While fishing in the Dragon Eye Lake, if you let a fish eat your bait, while reeling in there is a 1% chance you will pull it along with the hook. Beetle Pearl / Hercules-Kabuterimon - Win the tournament held at Beetle Land... Red Ruby / Phoenixmon - Win the 'Version 0 Cup' at Greymon's Arena. Mysty Egg / Digitamamon - After defeating Ogremon from the 'Secret Beach Cave', it can be found on a computer inside the cave. Golden Banana / Etemon - Buy each one for 50,000 BITS, from Etemon at the Digimon Bridge. Ray Gun / Vademon - You can find it at the Back Dimension X-Bandage / Monzaemon - After defeating WaruMonzaemon, on Toy Town, a ToyAgumon will trade it for 3 cards. Small Spear / Piximon - Get it as a prize from MetalMamemon at Digimon Curling... Chainsaw / Giromon - Get it as a prize from MetalMamemon at Digimon Curling... Metal Armor / MetalMamemon - Get it as a prize from MetalMamemon at Digimon Curling... Silver Ball / Mamemon - Get it as a prize from MetalMamemon at Digimon Curling... Mega Hand / MegaDramon (33% chance) - Win the 'Grade S Cup' at Greymon's Arena. Fatal Bone / SkullGreymon (33% chance) - Win the 'Grade S Cup' at Greymon's Arena. Metal Parts / MetalGreymon (34% chance) - Win the 'Grade S Cup' at Greymon's Arena.

from ShogunGekomon Red Shell / Shellmon .. Koga's Laws / Ninjamon .Win 'Digimon Curling' against Penguinmon..Win the tournament at Beetle Land in 2nd (Second) Place...Buy it for 500 Merit Points.Buy it for 500 Merit Points.. Or you can ask Seadramon to get an item (Dragon Eye Lake)..Get it as a random prize for Normal or Special 'Treasure Hunt'. from ShogunGekomon. from ShogunGekomon Blue Crystal / Garurumon .Win the tournament at Beetle Land in 2nd (Second) Place..Buy it for 500 Merit Points..Win 'Version 2 Cup' at Greymon's Arena Hard Scale / Coelamon .Win 'Cool Cup' at Greymon's Arena Water Bottle / Seadramon . (50% chance) Unihorn / Unimon .. Sunglasses / Nanimon . Ice Crystal / Frigimon .Cyber Parts / Andromon .Win the 'Thunder Cup' at Greymon's Arena. Rainbowhorn / Airdramon . Fertilizer / Vegiemon . from ShogunGekomon. he'll give you it.. from ShogunGekomon North Star / Whamon . Rooster / Kokatorimon . .Buy it for 500 Merit Points.Buy it for 500 Merit Points.Win the 'Metric Cup' at Greymon's Arena.Win 'Nature Cup' at Greymon's Arena Scissor Jaw / Kuwagamon .Win the 'Dirty Cup' at Greymon's Arena. (50% chance) Horn Helmet / Kabuterimon .

Win the 'Version 1 Cup' at Greymon's Arena. That is a list of all Digivolution Items.) . you got to make sure you have the medal for 'Perfect Score in Curling'. Mono Stone / Monochromon . Flaming Mane / Leomon (thanks everyone for the correction . Fireball / Meramon .Win the 'Human Cup' at Greymon's Arena White Fang / Tyrannamon . Iron Hoof / Centarumon . you have to first beat Penguinmon at the score of (Player 10 x 0 Penguinmon) .Win the 'Wing Cup' at Greymon's Arena. Flaming Wings / Birdramon .A. Black Wings / Devimon .Win the 'Grapple Cup' at Greymon's Arena. if you have to fight him and win at Factorial Town.Get it as a random prize for Normal or Special 'Treasure Hunt'. how to obtain them and who they evolve to.Get it as a random prize for Normal or Special 'Treasure Hunt'.Qs (Frequently Asked Questions): Q: Why won't MetalMamemon show up on Digimon Curling so I can win his Digivolution Items? A: First of all.Win the 'Dino Cup' at Greymon's Arena. If you've done that.Win the 'Grade A Cup' at Greymon's Arena.Win the 'Animal Cup' at Greymon's Arena. White Wings / Angemon . Grey Claws / Greymon . because for MetalMamemon to be your challenger.Win the 'Version 3 Cup' at Greymon's Arena. Now for some F.Win the 'Version 4 Cup' at Greymon's Arena. Steel Drill / Drimogeomon .Torn Tatter / Bakemon .Win the 'Fire Cup' at Greymon's Arena. Spike Club / Ogremon .

To enter the fire cup you need someone like Meramon. and he didn't evolve to WereGarurumon. or Noble Mane? A: Only through a GameShark! ---Conclusion: Well I guess that covers anything you might want to know about Digivolution Items... B and A cups? And why not Grade S and Special Cups? A: For all cups to be avaible.MegaDramon . and you can't feed him. After you've been there once. Or there will be no tournament. Q: How do I get to Beetle Land?!?! A: After you fish Seadramon.EXAMPLE... you can only see his feet.. Q: I used Metal Parts on my Baby / In-Training / Rookie and he didn't evolve to MetalGreymon!!! Why?!?! A: If you use a Digivolution Item for a Ultimate on a Baby.Myotismon After you have all of those to your city. the Moon Mirror ONLY works on Garurumon.. ask to be friends...... it will ask you if you want to use the Blue Flute.Q: How come I can't enter any Special Cup? A: You need a special type of Digimon... You have to use it on a Champion Digimon.How do I participate in the 'Beetle Tournament'? A: You need a Bug Type Digimon (Kunemon. C. Q: I used a Moon Mirror on my Champion Digimon. in order for me to get the X-Bandage? A: A WaruMonzaemon Card. Q: I used a White Fang on my Baby / In-Training and he didn't evolve to Tyrannamon!!! Why?!?! A: If you use a Digivolution Item for a Champion on a Baby or InTraining. now I got to Beetle Land. wazup wif dat? A: For ME. now every time you go the Dragon Eye Lake. you need the following Digimon to your City: . asking what's NOT included here. or battle.MetalGreymon . you can go there anytime through Birdra Transport for 3000 BITS.. Electo Ring. Ultimate items work ONLY on Champions.Gekomon . little-by-little the cups will show up! Q: What are the 3 cards the ToyAgumon asks for. In-Training or Rookie it won't work.. Hagurumon Card and a ToyAgumon Card. Q: Why can I only see Grade D. Kuwagamon or Hercules-Kabuterimon) And you also need to go there on the 22nd (Twenty-Second) of any year..If . Champion items work ONLY on Rookies. Kabuterimon.. You have to use it on a Rookie Digimon.SkullGreymon .... it won't work. Q: Ok. If not you can send me an E-Mail. or train him that your game will freeze! Q: Where can I obtain Giga Hand. but still..

Food Items (Out of battle) =============================================================================== ================================== | NOTE***The items organization goes like this: | .Weight +2 / Makes your Digimon sick. (Thanks Garfield13!) .it's already here.Vegiemon gives you 3 a day. . (Thanks Legend789 and Garfield13) . (Thanks Legend789 and Garfield13) Digital Mushroom Makes Digimon a bit full.( Item Name ) | .Amida Forest. .Sirloin . . (Must be before recruiting him).500 Bits .Makes Digimon a bit full. Kunemon's Bed or Great Canyon .Infinity and Factorial Town (Thanks Garfield13!) Happy Mushroom Raises happiness by a little. or you can buy them at a Vending Machine at Ancient Dino Region. 5 when he's happy.( Effects on Digimon ) | .Makes Digimon very full. Weight +1 / slightly reduces tiredness / 35% your Digimon gets sick. Weight +1 50 Bits Tanemon also gives you 3 of them a day.Moldy Meat .( Most seen at ) | _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_.Weight +3 . 5 when he's happy.( Price for buying ) | . (Thanks to Garfield13!) Meat Makes Digimon a bit full. .Weight +2 . Native Forest.Giant Meat . At the screen where you recruit Centarumon. Weight +1 Can't buy Everywhere except Mt.( Usage ) | . I WILL delete your E-Mail and Ignore it!!! FOREVER!!! =============================================================================== ================================== Chapter 2 .Palmon gives you 3 a day.Can't Buy .Makes Digimon quite full.

but not for me. the screen with the Potty.Prickly Pear .Chain Melon . raises discipline. Defense.. Great Canyon. Great Canyon Bottom and sometimes near Ogremon's Hideout Blue Apple Greatly raises happiness. Weight -2 500 Bits . Weight +1 / Reduces tiredness / Gives +10 seconds before he poops All over Native Forest .Weight +4 . Weight +2 All areas except Mt. Thanks to Med Jai and PHOENIX Knight who informed me about the effects about this item! Orange Banana On the description it says it fully restores HP and MP. Offense and Brains. Weight +10 Native Forest.Raises happiness. life expansion.. Mostly at Freeze Land. and Brains by 10. .Raises Offense. Weight +2 Tropical Jungle .Panorama. reduces chances of pooping on the floor.. raises time before dying if Digimon is Sick..Weight -5 / 1% chance your Digimon gets sick ..Deluxe Mushroom . Thanks to Garfield13 for reminding me! Ice Mushroom Greatly raises discipline Weight +2 Anywhere on Free Land. .Get one from Jijimon every time after beating Machinedramon Super Carrot Increases training of MP.Weight +3 . screen right of the elevator (Thanks Garfield13!) NOTE*** This item can also be considered a Stat Raising Item.Great Canyon Top Area. Raises HP and MP by 100 . screen with three SnowAgumons Big Berry Makes Digimon 100% full.Native Forest. Mt. Misty Trees.Infinity. Speed. reduces tiredness.Makes Digimon lose weight. And Great Canyon. Red Berry Increases Happiness and Discipline/Recovers Tiredness.

Completely recovers HP. Raises Hp and MP by 10+ Weight -2 / Caught in Dragon Eye Lake Dragon Eye Lake Digi Snapper Makes Digimon quite full. Defense and Speed. Weight +1 / Caught in Dragon Eye Lake Dragon Eye Lake Digital Sea Bass Recovers HP and MP fully and extends Digimon lifespan by 24 Hours..Sweet Nut . Weight +3 Overdell Cemetery.Panorama and very rarely at Native Forest.??? NOTE*** Med Jai and myself prove the existence of this item! Hawk Radish Increases training of HP.Completely recovers MP.Weight +2 (Thanks to Med Jai . Defense. DigiAnchovy Makes Digimon a bit full.Misty Trees. Mt.) . Speed and Brains by +1. . Weight +4 / 25% chance of making Digimon sick Dragon Eye Lake DigiCatFish Makes Digimon very full. can be obtained while going to give Myotismon his food. you said Sweet Nut wasn't included here. Well take a better look next time . Weight +2 500 Bits Steak Makes Digimon very full.Weight +2 . (Thanks to Med Jai .Super Veggy .) .. NOTE*** omnicannon63.. (Med Jai again!) . Weight +5 Dragon Eye Lake That is the list of Food Items I can remember till now. Weight +1 / Caught in Dragon Eye Lake Dragon Eye Lake Black Trout Raises Offense.) .

raises time before dying if Digimon is Sick.Now for some F. ..Self-Defense / Recovery Items (In-Battle) =============================================================================== ================================== | NOTE***The items organization goes like this: | .com ) A: I think you didn't actually read the whole FAQ did you? Well anyways here ar the functions for Chain Melon: . I'll up-date this with more items. I didn't write it for my health .. those are all the Food Items I can remember of.. What the hell does a chain melon do? (from Morrisonjadt@aol. raises discipline. you find them very rarely! Q: Your item FAQ covered all the items except one that I was wondering about for a long time. reduces chances of pooping on the floor.A. As for Digipines. and I will fill the ???'s. you will find those VERY rarely! Q: Where do I buy Super Carrots. Hawk Radishes and Digipines? A: Super Carrots and hawk Radishes you can buy from Vegiemon. life expansion.For more information on the Rods / Baits skip to Chapter 8..Qs (Frequently Asked Questions): Q: How do I get the fish!?!? I haven't seen any enemy dropping them.( Item Usage ) | _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_.Recovers 1500 HP.Small Recovery .. I WILL delete your E-Mail and Ignore it!!! FOREVER!!! =============================================================================== ================================== Chapter 3 .... ..) Q: Where can the Happiness / Discipline raising items be found? A: You will find them randomly on field. If not you can send me an E-Mail. Until now.Medium Recovery .And then you need bait...( Item Name ) | . And I have never found a computer with them!!! A: Have you ever seen someone drop a Fish out of their pockets??? Guess not. ---Conclusion: Well I guess that covers almost anything you might want to know about Food Items.Raises happiness. to get the fish you first need a Normal Rod or Amazing Rod. reduces tiredness. Q: What is the usage for (insert item name here)???I can't seem to figure it out! A: Refer back to Chapter 2.If it's already here. once you get him to your city. On my next up-date. asking what's NOT included here.Recovers 500 HP. those items will NOT be dropped by enemies.

Restore Floppy . They are: Confusion .Super Recovery Floppy ..Qs (Frequently Asked Questions): Q: What is the Defense Disk for???? A: .Revives Digimon with full HP.. Stun lasts 10 Seconds. .Recovers 5000 MP. . .Large MP Floppy ...Restores 1500 HP and MP. he cannot move nor use techniques.. Off.) Q: If I use many Sup.A yellow 'circular-chain' gets around your Digimon.Double Floppy ...Refer to Chapter 3..Your Digimon uses his techniques randomly shooting to random sides..Your Digimon loses health repeatedly. and you become vulnerable to multiple attacks in that time! Poison .Restores your Digimon to 'Normal' status.Revives Digimon with half his max HP. does it accumulate? A: Yes :) Q: What are the 'status ailments' you mentioned? What does each one do? A: There are 4 Status Ailments..Recovers 500 MP..Fully recovers HP ... Disks is one battle.Omnipotent .Restores HP and MP / Cures status ailments ... while he is in Stun..A. .......(version 2.. That is the list of In Battle Recovery Items I can remember till now. .Recovers 1500 MP... .0) Now for some F.Various .......... mostly missing his attacks and wasting MP Stun . ..MP Floppy ....Protection ..Super Restore Floppy ..Recovers 5000 HP.Protects your Digimon from status ailments. depending on your Digimon's HP.. I will try to make a 'Price List' Chapter on my next up-date.Medium MP Floppy .I didn't write it for my health . .Large Recovery .. ..........

. resulting in very small damage even with high Offense..Omnipotent Disk ..If it's already here. If not you can send me an E-Mail.If it's already here. I WILL delete your E-Mail and Ignore it!!! FOREVER!!! =============================================================================== ================================== Chapter 5 .Greatly raises Defense during battle only .Super Speed Disk .Greatly raises offense during battle only.Raises Offense in battle only. Which will include all the shop keepers and what they sell for what prices! ---Conclusion: Well I guess that covers anything you might want to know about In-Battle Offense Items.) .Self-Offense Items (In-Battle) =============================================================================== ================================== | NOTE***The items organization goes like this: | .Super Defense Disk .Defense Disk . He becomes Flat and he can only spit little balls. Until now.Your Digimon look like he is a drawing on a piece of paper. If not you can send me an E-Mail.Hi Speed Disk .) On my Next big up-date I will try to make a 'Item Shop Keepers' Chapter. .Raises Defense in battle only .... asking what's NOT included here.( Item Name ) | . . No Frequently Asked Questions for this chapter :D You're learning . ---Conclusion: Well I guess that covers anything you might want to know about In-Battle Defense/Recovery Items. ..Raises all stats during battle only. Flat (Liquefy for the Japanese Version of the game.Greatly raises speed during battle only.Raises Speed in battle only. . I WILL delete your E-Mail and Ignore it!!! FOREVER!!! =============================================================================== ================================== Chapter 4 .Offense Disk .. asking what's NOT included here.( Item Usage ) | _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_.Super Offense Disk .Stat Raising Items (out of battle) =============================================================================== .the more HP it loses in Poison.

Buy from ShogunGekomon. permanently.Devil Chip A . Buy from ShogunGekomon.Devil Chip B . Buy from ShogunGekomon. Buy from ShogunGekomon.5000 Bits. Buy from ShogunGekomon.Devil Chip C . . None Brains Chip Permanently raises your Brains by 50. None Offense Chip Permanently raises your Offense by 50. 800 Merit Points. .( Price ) | . Power Fruit Permanently raises your HP by 200 / Weight +2 None ??? .================================== | NOTE***The items organization goes like this: | . 800 Merit Points. None Defense Chip Permanently raises your Defense by 50. 800 Merit Points. None MP Chip Permanently raises your MP by 500. None Speed Chip Permanently raises your Speed by 50. But shortens your life span by 1 day (Garfield13 again!!!Thanks!!). But shortens your life span by 1 day(Garfield13 again!!!Thanks!!).Raises Defense and Speed by 100. None .( Item Name ) | .Raises Offense and Brains by 100. ..( Who drops it ) | _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_This Chapter is about items that raise your Digimon's stats.5000 Bits.. 800 Merit Points. 800 Merit Points.( Item Usage ) | .Raises HP and MP by 1000..5000 Bits. Buy from ShogunGekomon. Buy from Devimon at the Secret Item Shop. But shortens your life span by 1 day (Garfield13 again!!!Thanks!!).. Buy from Devimon at the Secret Item Shop. 800 Merit Points. . HP Chip Permanently raises your HP by 500. Buy from Devimon at the Secret Item Shop. .

but never a Devil Chip.Thanks to Honourable Warrior for being the only one with information on this Item! The message below was posted on the GameFAQs Digimon World Board: "My brother found Power Ice after he defeated one of those wild Digimon and I'm PRETTY SURE that I found it on the screen with the sign of Mount Panorama south from where you enter Gear Savanna (?) after you fly there from Birdramon.... since they shorten your life span by a lot! Q: Can any of these items result in Sickness or Injuries? A: No.Power Ice . I'm not exactly sure because I found it in one of my earlier files... If not you can send me an E-Mail.Permanently raises your MP by 200 / Weight +2 ..None .If it's already here..com) Speed Leaf Permanently raises your Speed by 20 / Weight +2 None IceDevimon at Freezeland Sage Fruit Permanently raises your Brains by 20 / Weight +2 None Piddomon at Mt.By the name you can tell. asking what's NOT included here....." E-mail Warrior with your praises!!! Muscle Yam Permanently raises your Offense by 20 / Weight +2 None ??? Calm Berry Permanently raises your Defense by 20 / Weight +2 None Misty Trees. A: No one drops Devil Chips. Its kind of hidden to the left behind the huge boulder. you have to recruit Devimon to your Secret Item Shop. and then he sells them! But I don't recommend using them. Now for some Frequently Asked Questions: Q: I saw in another guide that IceDevimons drop Speed Leaf! I keep battling him but he never dropped one!!! Are they lying? A: No they are not. the screen with Cherrymon (from Hagrid111@aol.Infinity In my theory these are all the significant stat-raising items... I WILL delete your E-Mail and Ignore it!!! FOREVER!!! =============================================================================== ================================== . It is only a 1% chance that the Digimon will drop ANY of the Natural Stat Raising Items! Q: Who drops Devil Chips? I noticed every boss drops a Chip. ---Conclusion: Well I guess that covers anything you might want to know about Stat Raising Items..

(Drill Tunnel) ~~~~~ The same place where you fought Meteormon at Ancient Speedy Zone.If you use it on Dragon Eye Lake.( Item Usage ) | . he will tell you that he saw something in the trash piles that may interest you. Pick it up. ~~~~~ Toy Town.) . ~~~~~ The screen where you defeated Numemon at Factorial Town. Items (out of battle) =============================================================================== ================================== | NOTE***The items organization goes like this: | . head back to where you fought WaruMonzaemon.Chapter 6 ..( Sell For ) | _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_. Go to the same room where you fought Ogremon (the one with the elevator).Xenotype Keychain . .Can't Sell! . He won't always be there. you will see a stick-like item lying on the floor.Allows you to fish at Dragon Eye Lake (low range of line) .Misc.. Seadramon will come and take you to Beetle Land.. . he is kind of random . Go to the same room where you fought him (the one with the elevator). ~~~~~ After beating Ogremon in his fortress in Great Canyon. head back to where you fought WaruMonzaemon .Read my "The Art Of Catching Seadramon".. ~~~~~ Toy Town.Blue Flute . he is kind of random .Can't Sell! .Allows you to carry 20 items at once.When you talk to the southernmost Sukamon. He won't always be there.( Item Name ) | .. ~~~~~ The screen where you defeated Numemon at Fatorial Town.Allows you to carry 30 items at once. If you look southwest of where he is.Normal Rod .) .Digital Keychain . and you will have your first fishing rod! .( How to obtain ) | .Fish Seadramon and ask to be friends. for anything you want to know about fishing him! . ~~~~~ After beating Ogremon in his fortress in Great Canyon. (must have Digital Keychain) . (Drill Tunnel) ~~~~~ The same place where you fought Meteormon at Ancient Speedy Zone...Can't Sell! .Find Nanimon in one of the five locations: ~~~~~ Where you found Leomon's Tablet.Can't Sell! ..Find Nanimon in ALL five locations below: ~~~~~ Where you found Leomon's Tablet.

) Can't Sell! ..When starting a New Game.Gold Acorn .. the Digivice does not show up as an Item..Found anywhere...- Amazing Rod Allows further fishing (such as catching DigiSeaBass) Buy it from ShogunGekomon for 300 Merit Points.. Keep leaving and entering the screen until you see him ..Anything you want to know about Seadramon can be found there! Q: Are you sure about Digivice and Gold Acorn? A: 100%. about the Gold Acorn.com you can find these mostly at the first screen of Beetle Land... answer "No". He says he found over 100 of them there.Digivice .Can't Sell! NOTE*** Garfield13. Items! Now for some Frequently Asked Questions: Q: I defeated Ogremon in Great Canyon.If you are sure it's the glitch go back to all five locations. ..Sells for high price ......) . (Geko Swamp . I guess these are the rarest items! Those are the Misc.) NOTE*** Garfield13 said he could never find one. He will be at one of them chosen randomly. but VERY. when Jijimon asks if you have a Digivice.) Q: I have found Nanimon 5 times already! He didn't drop the Xenotype Keychain! Why? A: You probably missed a location / it's a glitch that sometimes he won't drop it. Items I can remember now! That is possibly almost everything you might need to know about Misc.Feel lucky if you find one! ---Conclusion: Well I guess that covers anything you might want to know about Misc. . And you can only get A DIGIVICE not SOME DIGIVICES .Makes Digivolving to Ultimate easier..But Nanimon won't show up at the screen with the elevator!!! What's wrong? A: The Nanimon that shows up in Ogremon's Fortress. . Q: I can't fish Seadramon!!! He is never there / I can't get him to the shore! Please help me! A: Read my "The Art Of Catching Seadramon" FAQ. they are one of the most rare items in the game.. the Digivice cannot be seen anywhere.. it isn't 100% that he will show up. .8000 Bits (I'm not really sure. VERY rarely! According to Hagrid111@aol.

If not you can send me an E-Mail. as long as it's in your inventory.Items. I will post those too since it's on the subject! Super Carrot Increases training of MP. .. . 500 Bits After eating any other item. 500 Bits After eating any other item.Never. Offense and Brains. Defense and Speed. Digipine Increases training of all stats Find it anywhere around the Digi-World None After eating any other item..000 Bits Never.. ...Increases training of all stats. . Buy from Vegiemon.While at Beetle Land talk to one of the Kabuterimon and answer the right . asking what's NOT included here. Hawk Radish Increases training of HP.Increases training of all stats.While at Beetle Land talk to one of the Kuwagamon and answer the right option. Buy from Vegiemon. Training Manual Greatly increases training of all stats..None . I WILL delete your E-Mail and Ignore it!!! FOREVER!!! =============================================================================== ================================== Chapter 7 . Buy it from Piximon 50.Kabuterimon (Digimon) .If it's already here. . There are also two Digimon that raise your training effects.Kuwagamon (Digimon) .Training Effect Raising Items (Out of Battle) =============================================================================== ================================== ( Item Name ) | ( Raising Effects ) | ( How to obtain ) | ( Price ) | ( Wears Off ) | _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ This section is about Items that raise training efficiency.

option. and some that I have learned of thanks to my cousin! . it will slightly raise your training efficiency. refer to question 1.. On my next Big-Up-Date I will post what bait attracts what fish..None .Finishing the game .Catching 100 fish .Game's Medals (Out Of Battle) =============================================================================== ================================== In Digimon World you can obtain medals for achieving certain milestones within the game. Q: Why won't my Digimon take the Training Manual? I scolded him until he had 100% Discipline but he won't take it! A: You do not need to feed it to your Digimon.Fishing Baits (Dragon Eye Lake) =============================================================================== ================================== This is a very small chapter just listing down the Items you can use to fish at the Dragon Eye Lake. .Never Q: How does the Training Manual work? A: As long as you have it in your inventory. Here are a few of the medals that I have found so far. =============================================================================== ================================== Chapter 8 .0! =============================================================================== ================================== Chapter 9 . Meat Giant Meat Sirloin Happy Mushroom Deluxe Mushroom Blue Apple Digipine Red Berry Big Berry Digital Mushroom Ice Mushroom Orange Banana Prickly Pear Sweet Nut Super Carrot Hawk Radish Dig Anchovy Black Trout Digi Sea Bass Digi Snapper Digi Catfish Chain Melon Sweet Nut Super Veggy NOTE*** This section is expected to be finished only on version 2.

. Winning the D. Winning Greymon's tournaments 100 times. I decided to post more codes!!! Thanks Legend789 for some codes . change the 3013D474 00** to be 3013D474 007F. 7F is the code for Metal Banana. Winning the Human. from the time when they worked with Gameshark Codes. Wing. If you go to the site now. you will ONLY find Code Breaker Codes.Gameshark Codes For Items =============================================================================== ================================== I personally don't use GameShark. please refer to Contact Information! =============================================================================== ================================== Chapter 10 . Recruiting all of the Digimon Training every type of Digimon Learning every type of attack Having a Digimon with maxed stats Getting a perfect 10 at curling Winning all "Type" Cups..gameshark...Now it's "Home Of The Codebreaker".com (Gameshark Cheat Code Central). Grapple.com .. There is a bad thing in that way. If I am missing any.com and not here. the quantity will be marked by 0 but you still can use it. and Dino Cup. you can't store it in Agumon's bank. **NOTE: Change the ** with the item codes Example: I you want to get Metal Banana to be your at the 1st item slot.cmgsccc.But I know many people are looking for codes! So I decided posting Gameshark Codes for all types of Items. A.- Having 999.. **NOTE: These codes were gathered from www.. (Cool.. Animal.) **NOTE: If you use the code for the 10th item but there is no item in your 10th inventory slot. This Chapter is for ONLY Item Codes! Since I was already going to "fix" my GameShark Chapter.. and S tournaments.999 bits Playing for 10 Digimon years... If you want all Gameshark Codes go to www.) Winning all the Version Cups I think these are all the Medal's avaible on this game. Collecting all of the Digimon cards. Because.gameshark.. B.If you're looking for stat raising codes. C. go look on www. _________________ |Item Slot Codes| ----------------Item Item Item Item Item Item Slot Slot Slot Slot Slot Slot 1 2 3 4 5 6 / / / / / / 3013D474 3013D475 3013D476 3013D477 3013D478 3013D479 00** 00** 00** 00** 00** 00** .

- Item Item Item Item Slot Slot Slot Slot 7 / 3013D47A 00** 8 / 3013D47B 00** 9 / 3013D47C 00** 10 / 3013D47D 00** ____________________ |Digivolution Items| -------------------| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 47 48 49 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F 50 51 52 54 55 56 57 58 59 5A 5B = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Grey Claws Fireball Flamingwing Iron Hoof Mono Stone Steel Drill White Fang Black Wing Spike Club Flamingmane White Wing Torn Tatter Rainbowhorn Rooster Unihorn Horn Helmet Scissor Jaw Fertilizer Kogaslaws Water Bottle | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 5C 5D 5E 5F 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 6A 6B 6C 6D 6E 6F = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = North Star Red Shell Hard Scale Bluecrystal Ice Crystal Hair Grower Sunglasses Metal Part Fatal Bone Cyber Part Mega Hand Silver Ball Metal Armor Chainsaw Small Spear X Bandage Ray Gun Gold Banana Mysty Egg Red Ruby | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 70 71 7D 7E 7F = = = = = Beetle Pearl Coral Charm Giga Hand Noble Mane Metal Banana _____________ |Other Items| ------------___________ ________________ |Item Name| |GameShark Code| -------------------------_____________________________ |Digimushroom | 301BDF58 0063 | |Icemushroom | 301BDF59 0063 | |DeluxeMushroom| 301BDF5A 0063 | |Digipine | 301BDF5B 0063 | |Blue Apple | 301BDF5C 0063 | |Red Berry | 301BDF5D 0063 | |Gold Acorn | 301BDF5E 0063 | |Big Berry | 301BDF5F 0063 | |Sweet Nut | 301BDF60 0063 | |Super Veggy | 301BDF61 0063 | |Pricklypear | 301BDF62 0063 | |Orange Banana | 301BDF63 0063 | |Power Fruit | 301BDF64 0063 | |Power Ice | 301BDF65 0063 | |Speed Leaf | 301BDF66 0063 | |Sage Fruit | 301BDF67 0063 | |Muscle Yam | 301BDF68 0063 | |Calm Berry | 301BDF69 0063 | |Digianchovy | 301BDF6A 0063 | |Digisnapper | 301BDF6B 0063 | |DigiTrout | 301BDF6C 0063 | |Black Trout | 301BDF6D 0063 | |Digi Catfish | 301BDF6E 0063 | .

I don't have a Codebreaker. these codes give the user 99 of each item in each slot..Codebreaker Codes For Items =============================================================================== ================================== Thanks to Legend789 for the codes! _______________ __________________ | Item Slot | | Code | |-------------| |----------------| _____________ _________________ | Slot 1 | | 3013D492 00## | | Slot 2 | | 3013D493 00## | | Slot 3 | | 3013D494 00## | | Slot 4 | | 3013D495 00## | | Slot 5 | | 3013D496 00## | | Slot 6 | | 3013D497 00## | | Slot 7 | | 3013D498 00## | | Slot 8 | | 3013D499 00## | | Slot 9 | | 3013D49A 00## | | Slot 10 | | 3013D49B 00## | | Slot 11 | | 3013D49B 00## | | Slot 12 | | 3013D49C 00## | | Slot 13 | | 3013D49D 00## | | Slot 14 | | 3013D49E 00## | | Slot 15 | | 3013D49F 00## | | Slot 16 | | 3013D4A0 00## | | Slot 17 | | 3013D4A1 00## | | Slot 18 | | 3013D4A2 00## | | Slot 19 | | 3013D4A3 00## | | Slot 20 | | 3013D4A4 00## | | Slot 21 | | 3013D4A5 00## | | Slot 22 | | 3013D4A6 00## | | Slot 23 | | 3013D4A7 00## | | Slot 24 | | 3013D4A8 00## | | Slot 25 | | 3013D4A9 00## | | Slot 26 | | 3013D4AA 00## | | Slot 27 | | 3013D4AB 00## | | Slot 28 | | 3013D4AC 00## | | Slot 29 | | 3013D4AD 00## | | Slot 30 | | 3013D4AE 00## | ----------------------------Note: The original codes all ended in 0063. giving the user 99 of each item in each slot.|Digiseabass | 301BDF6F 0063 | |Moldy Meat | 301BDF70 0063 | |HappyMushroom | 301BDF71 0063 | |Chain Melon | 301BDF72 0063 | ----------------------------------- =============================================================================== ================================= Chapter 11 . . I'm not sure how these codes work. according to what Legend789 said.. __________________ | Item Modifier | .

I emailed the author about this. Why don't you write a different one? A: Gee. and asked them to rewrite it. Where have I seen it before? A: A certain FAQ writer who was new to the FAQ scene asked for permission to use" information from this guide for their own FAQ/Walkthrough. In their next update I found that they'd copied and pasted my entire FAQ verbatim. politely explaining why it was wrong that they did that. but if you do. The same goes for their Digivolving FAQ section. as is common courtesy among FAQ writers. If the strategies I've given don't work for you.Maybe you'll have better luck reaching them than I did. I forgot that writing a _free_ guide required me to bend to your every whim.Qs (Frequently Asked Questions) =============================================================================== ================================== Q: The information in your guide looks really familiar. since they seem to be incapable of rewriting it. what's the point of them existing in separate text files?) Anyway. kindly email them and tell them that you don't appreciate their plagiarism . and they've ignored all emails from me asking that they remove their section on Digimon Recruiting. all the better. but for the most part. they changed a word here and there.A.-----------------_____________ | Slot | ------------___________ | Slot 11 | | Slot 12 | | Slot 13 | | Slot 14 | | Slot 15 | | Slot 16 | | Slot 17 | | Slot 18 | | Slot 19 | | Slot 20 | | Slot 21 | | Slot 22 | | Slot 23 | | Slot 24 | | Slot 25 | | Slot 26 | | Slot 27 | | Slot 28 | | Slot 29 | | Slot 30 | ----------- ___________________ | Codes | ------------------_________________ | 3013D47E 00?? | | 3013D47F 00?? | | 3013D480 00?? | | 3013D481 00?? | | 3013D482 00?? | | 3013D483 00?? | | 3013D484 00?? | | 3013D485 00?? | | 3013D486 00?? | | 3013D487 00?? | | 3013D488 00?? | | 3013D489 00?? | | 3013D48A 00?? | | 3013D48B 00?? | | 3013D48C 00?? | | 3013D48D 00?? | | 3013D48E 00?? | | 3013D48F 00?? | | 3013D490 00?? | | 3013D491 00?? | ----------------- NOTE*** Where you see the ??'s change them for item code.F. Q: I don't like your strategy.and how are your lousy stats a mistake on my part? . =============================================================================== ================================= Chapter 12 . and a other bits and pieces that look suspiciously exactly like things I've written. assuming they'd take small parts of this document and put it in their own words. after much griping and several Insult-ridden emails sent my way. you're not of a high enough level . I consented. the content of their FAQ is still part and parcel _my work_. nyah nyah. (If my FAQ and someone else's FAQ contain the exact same information. If you don't know who I'm talking about.

Easier to read information . If I find some misspelled words.And all ideas you all send me .Short of coming to your house and playing the game for you. I don't know how I could possibly be more specific.. that's ok...Who drops what item .. If you don't want me to share it... Q: When will you up-date this FAQ? A: As soon as I get information from you guys.Shop Keepers Chapter ..More Codebreaker Codes . Anyone? Next Big Update ******************* .3.. for the Codebreaker section! . Anything you send in to me. that's ok I'll just post your name. .Who sells what items..Lots of more items . ..... Then if it is..Finish Baits Section . I will give you credit and share your e-mail with others. a parttime job.More FAQs .Price list of all Items.0. even if you only know . But let me tell you.More GameShark Codes . I'll just say the information was gathered from -UnknownQ: When will you be making a guide for (insert your favorite game here)? A: I get asked that all the time.Other =============================================================================== ================================== I would like to receive feedback. If you don't like your name to be shared. I'll up-date it to version 1. and I am very busy making a Walk-Through for this game! Whenever I play the game you're looking for. If I gather a lot of information from you all I'll up-date to version 2. I will first see if it's worth the time of making a FAQ / Mini-FAQ. =============================================================================== ================================== Chapter 13 ..Item Codes.. I will e-mail you confirming that I have made it and sent it in.) Things I Still Need To Finish This FAQ ********************************************* a) I need immediately Item Prices and who drops what Items!!!PLEASE!!! lol b) If I am missing any Digivolution Items please let me know! I also forgot who Electo Ring evolves to! Send it in ^_^ c) Ideas from you guys / girls d) If anyone finds any word Misspelled please let me know! e) I would appreciate people sending me prices for items. I have school.

the_divine_swordman .. My ICQ is: .. I am with you till the end.. I will delete your e-mail. My E-Mails are: ..Digivolving Guide . My SN's are: . And if you want you will get credit and go to heaven lol.darknessgod2002 On ICQ.Tips / Glitches / Rumors / Cheats / Mega Digimon ETC. and I will answer ASAP! .Sorry for being so harsh but I get 1020 e-mails a day asking me about games and FAQs. You would already have a response next morning..com If you can't reach me no matter what. Sunday Noon's and Sunday Night.) f) If anyone could help me on what Digimon drop what item.Digimon Recruiting Guide ..I would appreciate it! (Anything you send in to me.the_divine_swordman@yahoo.267893973 If you can't find me at any of those. My Nickname is . you can send it in and you will get credit. If I get any e-mail asking what's already included here.com . I check my e-mail everyday at night. On GameFAQs I am most seen at Final Fantasy X and Digimon World Boards..one price. I can be found on Saturday's. But if you don't want your name / e-mail / messenger / ICQ to be shared in this Mini-FAQ.The Art of Catching Seadramon . .. So if you were to send me an e-mail today.uNlEaShEdPoWeR On Yahoo! Messenger I can be found on Sunday Noon.FAQ / Walktrough Contact Information ************************ If you have any information on the subject of this Mini-FAQ or any other FAQ I wrote.. I will throw legal action :P... I will include your name and the things you helped me with at Chapter 12 (Special Thanks) Other FAQs I am Working On / I Have sent in **************************************************** .GameFAQs.darknessgod2002@yahoo. Make a Topic on the Digimon Boards. If you have found any other site then www. Let me know .. you can e-mail me asking whatever is NOT included here or for information.com using this guide or re-calling it their own.

). also corrected Flaming Mane. even though it isn't YET :P I Learned so much from TGA and Med Jai! Thanks Guys! I love their Signatures too. Red Berry and Super Veggy! Corrected me on SkullGreymon's Bonus Techniques.. And for going through the work of this FAQ.For always helping people on Boards and for correcting me on Flaming Mane! Gave me information on Sweet Nut.New location for Power Ice.=============================================================================== ================================== Chapter 14 . idea on "What Shops Sell What Items".Gave me new location on Gold Acorn and Calm Berry.).. without you this FAQ would never be completed... Which I had totally forgotten! Thanks to him I'm making a Chapter on the Chips the bosses drop. Chad Choquette (fireinthehole4@hotmail.Who gave me this great computer and internet access! Bandai .com .0 . told me: "Deluxe Mushroom should be in the statboosters chapter like sage fruit and others or vice versa". lol "Maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had. a LOT of item locations. correction on Flaming Mane.com) . Shameless Plugs =============================================================================== ================================ My Mother . omnicannon63 (omnicannon63@aol.. and what .For making a great Digimon game My Cousin Gladson .Correction on Devil Chips. Hagrid111@aol.Reminding me about Steak! And saving me time for some Codebreaker Codes . Morrisonjadt@aol. achan1058 . Garfield13 . Credits.Reminded me about Liquefy (AKA Flat).For never making me re-write this FAQ! Lol Med Jai . --Thanks to you all.Reminded me about bosses dropping chips. making sure people would understand it! My Computer . even though it already is included in the FAQ.Special Thanks. where Moldy Meat can be bought. added some comments to Garfield13's ideas. which I had totally forgotten about! Honourable Warrior ..Giving me opinions on putting Item Locations Legend789 .Asked about the Chain Melon. And also to whom Electo Ring really evolves too! The Great Admiral .Digimon that Electo Ring evolves too.Helping people on various boards! Legenddramon . even though I already said that was for version 2.com) .com . Gave me almost all new GameShark Codes. I made a FAQ for it on the Food Chapter.For a lot of info on this game.

the quantity will be marked by 0 but you still can use it. why should we let them have ideas?" ---The Great Admiral. famous on Boards. Grey Claws . Because. you can't store it in Agumon's bank. knows very much also! This codes has been tested with GS Ver 3.Item digit codes | 47 = Grey Claws | | 00** | | 00** 00** 00** 00** 00** 00** 00** 00** | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 48 = Fireball 49 = Flamingwing 4A = Iron Hoof 4B = Mono Stone 4C 4D 4E 4F 50 51 52 54 55 56 57 58 59 5A 5B = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Steel Drill White Fang Black Wing Spike Club Flamingmane White Wing Torn Tatter Rainbowhorn Rooster Unihorn Horn Helmet Scissor Jaw Fertilizer Kogalaws Water Bottle | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 5C = North Star 5D = Red Shell 5E = Hard Scale 5F = Bluecrystal 60 = Ice Crystal 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 6A 6B 6C 6D 6E 6F = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Hair Grower Sunglasses Metal Part Fatal Bone Cyber Part Mega Hand Silver Ball Metal Armor Chainsaw Small Spear X Bandage Ray Gun Gold Banana Mysty Egg Red Ruby | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 70 = 71 = 7D = 7E = 7F = All Digivolution Items Here are all the Digivolution Items. you have to change your item in your inventory.Item slot -Slot 1 Beetlepearl 3013D474 Coral Charm -Slot 2 Giga Hand 3013D475 Noble Mane -Slot 3 Metal Banana 3013D476 -Slot 4 3013D477 -Slot 5 3013D478 -Slot 6 3013D479 -Slot 7 3013D47A -Slot 8 3013D47B -Slot 9 3013D47C -Slot 10 3013D47D codes 00** | . Yes.) "Ideas are more dangerous than guns. and knows a lot too . There is a bad thing in that way.you've learned from them. including the secret ones.2 To use these codes.Digivolve to Greymon Fireball . *NOTE: If you use the code for the 10th item but there is no item in your 10th inventory slot. change the 3013D474 00** to be 3013D474 007F. **NOTE: Change the ** with the item codes Example: I you want to get Metal Banana to be your at the 1st item slot. and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated. . Famous on Boards. 7F is the code for Metal Banana.Digivolve to Centarumon .Digivolve to Meramon Flamingwings .Digivolve to Birdramon Iron Hoof . We wouldn't let our enemies have guns." ---Med Jai.

Digivolve to Kabuterimon Scissor Jaw .Digivolve to Shellmon Hard Scale .Digivolve to Kaminarimon (aka Thundermon) Moon Mirror .Digivolve to Leomon White Wings .Digivolve to Vademon Mysty Egg .Digivolve to Vegiemon Koga Laws .Digivolve to Tyrannomon Black Wings .Digivolve to Giromon Red Ruby .Digivolve to Drimogemon White Fang .Digivolve to Whamon Red Shell .Digivolve to Kuwagamon Fertilizer .Digivolve to Devimon Spike Club .Digivolve to Nanimon Metal Parts .Digivolve to Etemon Secret items: Electro Ring .Digivolve to Unimon Horn Helmet .Digivolve to Angemon Torn Tatter .Digivolve to Coelamon Bluecrystal .Digivolve to SkullGreymon Mega Hand .Monochrome Stone .Digivolve to Gigadramon Metal Banana .Digivolve to Kokatorimon Unihorn .Digivolve to Hercules-Kabuterimon Small Spear .Digivolve to Seadramon North Star .Digivolve to WereGarurumon Giga Hand .Digivolve to Monochromon Steel Drill .Digivolve to Airdramon Rooster .Digivolve to MegaSeadramon X Bandage .Digivolve to Phoenixmon Beetlepearl .Digivolve to MetalEtemon Infinite Lives 80155824 0003 Infinite HP 801557F0 270F 801557F4 270F Infinite MP 801557F2 270F 801557F6 270F Max Offense 801557E0 03E7 Max Defense 801557E2 03E7 Max Speed 801557E4 03E7 Max Brains 801557E6 03E7 Max Bits 80134EB8 FFFF Always Have Finish 8013D65A 0AF1 Perfect Balance of Happy and Discipline 8013848A 0065 80138488 0030 Press Circle to Complete the Game D0135450 FFDF .Digivolve to Ninjamon Waterbottle .Digivolve to Bakemon Rainbowhorn .Digivolve to MetalGreymon Cyber Parts .Digivolve to Garurumon Ice Crystal .Digivolve to Digitamamon Golden Banana .Digivolve to MetalMamemon Silver Ball .Digivolve to Piximon Metal Armor .Digivolve to Mamemon Coral Charm .Digivolve to Mojyamon Sunglasses .Digivolve to Monzaemon Ray Gun .Digivolve to Andromon Fatal Bone .Digivolve to Frigimon Hair Grower .Digivolve to Ogremon Flamingmane .Digivolve to Megadramon Chainsaw .

Small Recovery 01 .Large Recovery 03 .Omnipotent 0A .Various 09 .Super Restore 0D .Restore 0C .Offense Disk 10 .Hi Speed Disk 12 .80134EB4 0003 Press Square to Lay Cable D0135450 FF7F 80138460 FFFF Have All Medals 801BDFFA FFFF 801BDFFC FFFF Have All Attacks 30155800 00FF 30155801 00FF 30155802 00FF 30155803 00FF 30155804 00FF 30155805 00FF 30155806 00FF 30155807 00FF Auto-Kill Most Enemies 80155874 0000 801559AC 0000 80155A14 0000 80155944 0000 801558DC 0000 Weight Modifier (00-27) 801384A3 00?? Age Modifier (00-27) 801384AB 00?? Max Items Slot 1 3013D492 0063 Item Modifier Slot 1 3013D474 00?? Max Items Slot 2 3013D493 0063 Item Modifier Slot 2 3013D475 00?? Max Items Slot 3 3013D494 0063 Item Modifier Slot 3 3013D476 00?? Max Items Slot 4 3013D495 0063 Item Modifier Slot 4 3013D477 00?? Max Items Slot 5 3013D496 0063 Item Modifier Slot 5 3013D478 00?? Max Items Slot 6 3013D497 0063 Item Modifier Slot 6 3013D479 00?? Max Items Slot 7 3013D498 0063 Item Modifier Slot 7 3013D47A 00?? Max Items Slot 8 3013D499 0063 Item Modifier Slot 8 3013D47B 00?? Max Items Slot 9 3013D49A 0063 Item Modifier Slot 9 3013D47C 00?? Max Items Slot 10 3013D49B 0063 Item Modifier Slot 10 3013D47D 00?? Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes 00 .Super Recovery 04 .Omni Disk .Double Flop 08 .Medium Recovery 02 .Protection 0B .Defense Disk 11 .Medium MP 06 .Medicine 0F .Bandage 0E .Large MP 07 .MP Floppy 05 .

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1A 1B 1C 1D 1E 1F 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 2A 2B 2C 2D 2E 2F 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 3A 3B 3C 3D 3E 3F 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E - S. Potty Trn.Manual Rest Pillow Enemy Repel Enemy Bell Health Shoe Meat Giant Meat Sirloin Super Carrot Hawk Radish Spiny Green Digimushroom Ice Mushroom Deluxe Mushroom Digipine Blue Apple Red Berry Gold Acorn Big Berry Sweet Nut Super Veggy Pricklypear Orange Banana Power Fruit Power Ice Speed Leaf Sage Fruit Muscle Yam Calm Berry Digianchovy Digisnapper DigiTrout Black Trout Digicatfish Digiseabass Moldy Meat Happymushroom Chain Melon Grey Claws Fireball Flamingwing Iron Hoof Mono Stone Steel Drill White Fang Black Wing . Speed Disk Auto Pilot Offense Chip Defense Chip Brain Chip Quick Chip HP Chip MP Chip DV Chip A DV Chip D DV Chip E Port. Defense Disk S. Offense Disk S.

If you fail to do these actions before using my walkthrough in any way I will use the full power of the law against you.4F 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 5A 5B 5C 5D 5E 5F 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 6A 6B 6C 6D 6E 6F 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 7A 7B 7C 7D 7E 7F - Spike Club Flamingmane White Wing Torn Tatter Electo Ring Rainbowhorn Rooster Unihorn Horn Helmet Scissor Jaw Fertilizer Kogalaws Water Bottle North Star Red Shell Hard Scale Bluecrystal Ice Crystal Hair Grower Sunglasses Metal Part Fatal Bone Cyber Part Mega Hand Silver Ball Metal Armor Chainsaw Small Spear X Bandage Ray Gun Gold Banana Mysty Egg Red Ruby Beetlepearl Coral Charm Moon Mirror Blue Flute Old Fishrod Amazing Rod Leomonstone Mansion Key Gear Rain Plant Steak Frig Key AS Decoder Giga Hand Noble Mane Metal Banana DIGIMON WORLD WALKTHROUGH By: Antichrists Approval This document Copyright 2003 Antichrists Approval If you would like to copy and past my walkthrough for any use e-mail me at CryptKickerUSA@hotmail.com or instant message my screen name CryptKickerUSA. .

When you get across the bridge there will be a cave with a flashing sign over it go into it and talk to Monochromon and you will sell things for him if he likes the money you make he will go to the city. But of coarse you cant use the bridge its not fixed but if you go to coela point and walk around the shore and a Coelamon will help you get to the opposite shore(after this the bridge will be fixed). Then go to the invisible bridge and when you walk up to it you will automaticly walk you across. you will see an Agumon gaurding the fort if you go and talk to him he will get scared and run inside. There is a elevator in great canyon when you get to it press up and then you will find yourself at a nest while your there Birdramon comes back and you will fight him if you win he will open a transportation agency. Then go to Kunemons bed and talk to the Kunemon he will ask for food give him some then you will fight him if you beat him he will eat the grass between file city and the bridge wich makes it easier to travel. After you beat him he will join the city and open a resteraunt. Then go to the underground pond and talk to the Drimogemon he will ask if you want to carry out dirt when you go to the entrance your digimon will dump it out then go back to the pond and talk to him he will take back the crate talk to him again and carry dirt out again(you will have to do this several times before you can go any further). Go to the elevator and press down and from there find your way to the fort entrance. . And if you go one screen down and one left from Kunemons bed you will find a palamon beat him and he will go to the city and start a meat farm. THE BANDITS----------------------------------------------------------After you beat Birdramon you will be in file city talk to Yuramon he sais there are bandits in great canyon. when your in simply beat all the Gabumon and move on when you find yourself at the entery-way of the room where Ogremon is three agumon are blocking the way simply beat them to move on. Then if you walk up the passage way going up the right of the screen you will find a Meramon (after he shakes the place the roadside next to the drill tunnel entrance will be open). So go to great canyon walk up the cliff and the bandits will try and attack you beat them then they will go back to their fort. DRILL TUNNEL---------------------------------------------------------Go to the residential area of the drill tunnel you will find a Drimogemon and you will get into a fight if you win he will explain that its hot and it made him act a little crazy. GREAT CANYON---------------------------------------------------------Before you can go there you must talk to Yuramon and after he tells you the rumor you can go there.STARTING-----------------------------------------------------------After you answer some basic questions for Jijimon and watch the cutscenes you will find yourself in file city surrounded by digimon after you get your digimon go to the nearest native forest there should be an Agumon there battle him and if you win he will join the city and become an item keeper(you can leave items with him). After you do that there will be a passage but there will be one huge rock you need your digimon at champion level or higher to move it.

Then go through the passage at the bottom of the screen and you will find a Biyomon he will run away go talk to her again and she will run away again choose to wait and your digimon will go get her and bring her to you and after that Biyomon will join the city. Then go back to gecko swamp you will find an Otamamon if you talk to him he insults you then you fight him and when you win a bunch of Gekomon surround you and take you to Shogungekomon in volume villa and he tells you to go see Cherrymon. If you go to the drill tunnel entrance someone will complain about having to pay to get through and he asks you to help so go in the drill tunnel and of coarse its Orgemon and his gang causing trouble and you will fight him and when you win he will finaly join the city. After you beat him he sais he will go to the city but jumps in his submirine and gets away but after that Whamon joins the city. Then ariound where penguinmon was there is ice with water around it keep walking around it you will eventualy find a Whamon and he will take you to this secret cave where orgemon and his new partner Waruseadramon. TOY TOWN-------------------------------------------------------------If you go to Jijimon's house now and talk to him and walk out of his house a Greymon will ask to fight you if you win he will join the city . So go to misty trees and find him when you do he explains the digimon emergency he sais about eight years ago digimon started to move away and speak their own language and that file cities population was realy low and that digimon started to lose their memory and sais the only way to fix the problem is to unify digimon after he sais that the fog clears. follow him by getting in the elevator you need to go to freeze land on your way there at the great canyon bridge you hear a voice that asks for help go to the elevator at the hideout and go down then go back up and go back and check on him and keep doing this until he is down and when he is he will go to the city. Then go find Gabumon in misty trees fight him then if you win he will go to the city. Then go into trash mountain get the old fishing rod and leave nobody tells you anything usefull.Then move into the room you will find Ogremon beat him then he will throw some-sort of smoke bomb when the smoke clears he is in an elevator getting away. Then go to freezeland while your there you can face Penguinmon in a game of curling if you beat him he will join the city and open a curling arena and there is also a Garurumon you can fight if you beat him he will request a rematch for the next day at four O 'clock. When youre out of trash mountain go through the passage at the top of the screen. If you go talk to Leomon he will say if you can find something of his he will join the city. MISTY TREES----------------------------------------------------------Make your way through mount panorma try and get to trash mountain. Along the way you will find a Patamon being attacked you will try to help. If you go to Jijimon's house now and talk to him and walk out of his house a Greymon will ask to fight you if you win he will join the city and open a stadium. but Leomon gets there first and saves Patamon. Continue going to trash mountain but before you go into it go through the passage to the left of it there you will find Patamon he will want to fight(you must beat him three times before he goes to the city and opens an item shop).

Then go to the entrance then you tell Tyrannomon its nothing to worry about. If you go to the gear savana outside of factorial town you will find an Electmon let him shock you three times and he will join the city and set up lights. When you get to the speedy time zone Tyrannomon warns you not to get to close. Then you will meet Meteormon you both will have an argument and fight after you win he just leaves. Then you will be in a room with to boxes you have to choose one(pick the little one if you pick the big one a bomb will be thrown at you)and Warumonzaemon comes out of it and you fight when you win he gives you a gear. When you enter a Tyrannomon stops you then you get into a battle beat him then he apologizes then your free to walk around. Then enter the amida forest be sure to hide from Centarumons shooting you need to get to the door with the red circle on it. Go through the path behind Cherrymon to get to toy town. After that basically you just have to beat the digimon until you get to the top but there are trap doors so in the first room go through the door on the right then right then left. When you have Monzaemon go to the robot house and talk to Tinmon then go to the toy mansion. ANCIENT DINO REGION--------------------------------------------------Go to the mangrove region there you will find a Betamon talk to him and he will join the city and build a fountain in the middle of the city. SPEEDY TIME ZONE-----------------------------------------------------When you get in there turn left and then go straight up.and open a stadium. Then go into the costume house there you will find a Monzaemon costume the only way to get into it is to have Numemon(or you could use a X bandage). Then go to the robot house walk towards and the gear will pop out and its a digimon named Hagurumon then it jumps in a machine and then all the Tinmon gather around you and start to tell a story and when there done telling the tale the monzaemon stuffed animal joins the city and Jijimon's house gets upgraded(and now you can go back to Shogungekomon and buy things with merit points you get by giving him rare cards). Then go to the door with the question mark on it and it will automaticaly open. Then Master Tyrannomon comes over then Master Tyrannomon tells Tyrannomon to go help out in the city so Tyrannomon joins the city and Master Tyrannomon gaurds the passage. ANCIENT GLACIAL REGION-----------------------------------------------Most of what the digimon here have to say isnt useful so just keep walking. FACTORIAL TOWN-------------------------------------------------------- . Then Centarumon will come out and apologize for shooting at you and says you can go on and he joins the city and opens a health center. So then you ask if you can check it out and he decides that you can. Then he mentions seeing a big rock fall from the sky not to long ago he sais it landed in speedy time zone.

MetalMamemon thinks he's MetalGreymon. so leave. you will find MetalMamemon standing on the right side of the road. The go speak with the Numemon who lives in the sewers after you have defeated Giromon. not MetalGreymon. When you walk down into the sewer you'll see a Numemon talk to him he'll say he's very sick over and over again. Go up the path to where the next to Gaurdromon are blocking the door run into the right one and defeat them and if you want there are items to your left Then leave through the door. When you're inside the green panekls will take you to the next floor . and wants to fight you. so leave and come back later. Go back to where the Gaurdromon are blocking the entrance and talk to the one most north on the screen. So talk to Jijimon and he'll tell youn about the entrance after you leave his house you'll be attacked by Airdromon beat him. There is a door to your left it's hard to see but go through there and you'll see Giromon the one behind all this mayhem. After Andromon is done. On the screen with a road shaped like a backwards L. Beat him in a battle then go to Andromon. When Andromon is done with the recovery. Go talk to Andromon. Metal Mamemon randomly appears in Factorial Town. He'll have no memory of who you are. So when you leave Jijimon's house go to the most North Easternm part of the screen and enter Mount Infinity. Leave there and when it turns midnight or noon(whichever comes first)go back there and they will be gone. and he will join the city as MetalMamemon. Andromon stands outside Birdra Transport from time to time. If you talk to him he will just tell you to leave. he'll tell you to leave. Andromon will apologize for not listening earlier and says he'll try and fix the computer. Then you'll need to talk to Jijimon he'll tell you all the islands problems need to be delt with as soon as possible. Leave the manhole and go a little ways down you'll see an open door go into it it's Andromons control room. so leave and go to the right. Numemon works in the Secret Item shop. so leave there. Apparently another glitch. and decides he wants to battle you.Go to the dock in file city and have Whamon take you to Factorial Town. Walk up the road and look up you will see a manhole get into it. on the screen east of the Factorial Town docks. speak with him again and he will join File City. you will notice that the usual enemies are missing. MOUNT INFINITY-------------------------------------------------------Once File City has aprosparity rating of 50 or more Mount Infinity will be open. A few minutes after twelve they should be gone so enter the factory. If you talk the Gaurdromons." Then choose "when is shift change?" He'll tell you they're at midnight and noon. selling enemy repelling and enticing items. apparently serving no purpose. Instead. Defeat him. he tells you about the island and about people who fought the Digimon. they'll tell you that you must have a permit. Try and make your way through the Gaurdromon and get to the door. and he'll join the city. MetalMamemon appears in Penguinmon's curling rink after you beat Penguinmon with a perfect score of 10. Andromon won't be done recovering the information for a few days. Choose the option "time for shift change. Defeat Metalamemon.

THE END . and won't unless you choose to fight him. opening a rather useless booth in Greymon's battle arena. The first boss you will encounter is Devimon. selling Devil Chips. But your digimon friends will stop him and Airdramon will fly you back to File City and it will say you have won the game. When you defeat Machinedramon him and Analogman will try and escape. and Megadramon will join the city. The next boss you will find is Megadramon. he will join the city and work in the Secret Item Shop. Metal Greymon waits for you in the first corridor. But if this game has any real ending no one has found out about it yet. and he will join the city. and may fight in some arena tournaments. You'll see in here Analogman he's with his partner digimon Machinedramon. Once you defeat Devimon. Megadramon doesn't attack you. You can try going to the Mansion to see if you can find him there. Battle and defeat him. There are four levels where no digimon are roaming these a boss floors if you beat the boss they'll join the city. Defeat him. When you get past Metal Greymon's room you'll be in the main boss room. But you can reload the game and still recrute more digimon. Megadramon stands outside of Greymon's Battle Arena. There is one more bout with Machinedramon though.when you step on them and when you step on the red ones the previous floor.

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