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Memorization reading

rote - the process of learning sth by repeating it until you remember it rather than by understanding the meaning of it committed willing to work hard and give your time and energy to sth snippet small piece of information etch (in passive voice) to make a strong clear mark or pattern on sth utterance the act of expressing sth in words to be bound together be closely connected concede to admit that sth is logical, true servile waiting too much to please somebody and obey them tenacious that does not stop sth or give up sth easily, determined filial connected with the way children behave towards their parents pious having or showing a deep respect for God and religion oratorical connected with the art of public speaking heighten it becomes stronger, it increases stagger to walk with weak unsteady steps burden a duty, responsibility that causes worry, difficulty, hard-work prosper to develop in a successful way, to be successful compelling sth that is so strong that you must do sth about it, or sth that makes you pay attention to it because it is so interesting scrap of verse small piece of verse bind together stick together, or to make things stick together in a solid mass sensory connected with physical senses construe understand the meaning of a word etc, in a particular way indispensable too important to be without attainment sth that you achieved internalize - to make a feeling, attitude or belief part of the way you think and behave exalt to make sb to rise to a higher rank or position, sometimes the one that they do not deserve (felmagasztal) embody to express or represent an idea or a quality inchoate generates or elicits feelings, just beginning to form and because of this not clear enamour liking sth a lot scarce there is not enough of sth, small quantities recite repeat things in order to memorize oppressive treating people in a cruel way enrolment to sign a child in a school absorb to take sth into the mind and learn or understand it defence protection against sth concede accept, admit intricacy the complicated parts or details of sth

Balance words
corporate warrior neglect to fail to take care of something, somebody flexitime a system in which employees work a particular number of hours each week or month but can choose when they start and finish work each day dress-down Fridays it is allowed to wear everyday clothes in your workplace core issue the central part of sth nub of the issue the central, essential point of sth abattoirs spiritual cycle paternity leave time that the father of a new baby is allowed to have away from work office rat tuck somebody in cover somebody in the bed talk rubbish talking about things that dont make sense tea meal, dinner daunting frightening (overwhelming) mess around play around, fool around mock to tease somebody, to laugh at sy in an unkind way contention claim, angry disagreement between people incompatible not acceptable, or possible together upheaval big change (felforduls) wretched fool stomach crunch exercise get a grip on to control yourself dribble to pour a liquid on sth invulnerable that cannot be harmed or defeated, safe find out to learn, to come to know sth figure out come up with sth

Words from missing class, Road less travelled

resentment - (neheztels) - I resent that..., displease gratification the state of feeling pleasure inculcate - to cause sy to learn and remember ideas by repeating them often self-restraint (nuralom) self control impulsive - take decision on a whim frosting crime of stealing a car procrastinate (Halogat) postpone sth, put sth off infraction - an act of breaking a rule or law anguish - very strong pain preclude (megakadlyoz) forbid, prohibit, keep from impulsive control act with restraint (visszafogja magt) shrivel to become or make sth dry and wrinkled grieve (grief) - painful sadness transcend - go beyond sg to evoke - to bring back, bring about dread(ful) - I dread going to the dentist (retteg), fear becoming stuck adept at sg - skillful enhance - bring out the flavour/ make stronger (kiemel) skip class/ school reckless (vakmer), adventurous,