To: Dr. Rogge, President International Olympic Committee Mr.

Christophe De Kepper, Director General IOC HH Sheikh Ahmad, President ANOC and OCA Pere Miro, International Relations Jerome Poivey, NOC relations Claudia Bokel, Chairperson, Athletes Commission IOC Randhir Singh, IOC Member India Francisco Elizalde, IOC executive board Gonilla Lindberg, IOC Executive board Juan antonio Samaranch, IOC Executive board Thomas Bach, IOC Executive board Jitender Singh, Sports Ministry India

As athletes, we are from an early age taught about the ethics of sport and take several oaths in our careers to play our sport with fairness, integrity and true sportsmanship.These are the very values we imbibe into our character.We do this because of our respect and love for our sport and the Olympic movement.It is therefore only fair to ask that the people who administer sport also be held to the highest moral standards. Ethics has always been an issue in our country’s sport administration and as athletes we know that we have got to the point now where either we can get sweeping change or go back to the status quo and not see any reform in our lifetime.It is the moment where the athletes of the country would like their respective sport run by clean people who can then serve sport in the most transparent and above board manner.While we are far removed from the whole election processes of not only our NSF’s and NOC’s we are united in the fight to make sport in our country ethical and accountable which in the long run will greatly benefit our athletes.

We were delighted by the IOC recommendations and it was the first time that the Indian sport fraternity could opt for sweeping reforms.However, we are now deeply troubled by the outcomes after the last meeting. It is apparent that the athletes interest is the last thing on the mind of the officials and all are busy clamouring for their own selfish gains. Specifically, the main point contention is the clause pertaining to ethics which has everyone in an uproar. We completely support and laud the IOC for taking a strong stand on ethics, and we do believe that subordinate charters must follow the example of their parent bodies. While most of us athletes are not lawyers, it is pretty simple to understand. A Charge: means the averments contained in the chargesheet making out a possible case for conviction. Charge Sheet: Final report filed by the police’s investigation officer under the section 173 of the CrPC Framing of Charges: the charges are framed by a criminal court after perusing the investigation report and giving the accuse a chance to satisfy the trial court that no case is made of for proceeding further with the trial. The reason that most people are revolting against the IOC’s ethics clause is because large number of IOA members have had Charges framed against them and that is a problem. The fact that this has happened means that the courts have studied the

police investigation , given the accused a chance to defend themselves and now believe there is enough evidence to proceed further with the trial. Ethical people never have any kind of charges framed against them. Is it too much to ask to have ethical people run sport? This is what we want 1. Keep all corrupt and criminals out of IOA- any individual who has charges framed against him/her in Court should not be eligible to run for any election until the time the individual is cleared by the courts. 2. Restrict the strenght to an upper limit 20 Executive Council members. 3. Dysfunctional & redundant vote bank bodies in the form of State Olympic Associations not to be given any voting rights. 4. Voting composition to be as recommended by the IOC viz.2 Votes each for sports federations administering Olympic sports and 1 each for all other members. 5. Restriction of age to max 70 years on ALL members of the IOA as stipulated in Rule 16.3.3 of the Olympic Charter and not limit it to only the President, Secretary and Treasurer.restriction on tenure must be in accordance with Rule 19.2, 19.3 & 20.1 of the IOC Olympic Charter which restricts tenure of all Executive Council Members to a max of 8 or 12 years as the case may be. Indian Athletes presently are able to reprsent India in international competitions of their respective sports and in

multidiscipline events as Independent Olympic and not under the Tricolour , as was the case in the recent Asian Youth Games. As athletes we want more than anybody or anything else for India to be reinstated into the Olympic fold , but strongly believe that India’s re-introduction into the Olympic movement must be focused around substantial ethical and governance related reforms as it is the lack of ethical and governance standards itself that has brought India to this pass. We do hope the IOC takes into consideration that ethics is of utmost importance to athletes and put forth most stringent of requirements when it comes to ethics. It is for the future of not only sport in India but for the pride of over a billion people. Sincerely, [Your name]

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