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Field service for safer and more efficient operations

allowing customers to rely on their expertise to identify the best practices for running pipe. 2 .Field service worldwide Tenaris offers a unique global network of field service professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the use of Tenaris technologies in a variety of environments and applications. This team consists of more than 300 field specialists who provide onsite support for our products throughout the entire process.

Safety. our corporate university. Also. We have a devoted field service HSE department which -in conjunction with the corporate HSE areamakes a significant contribution to our performance. . .By your side. our top priority We aim to achieve the highest health. SAGD. We provide onsite assistance in environments and applications such as offshore. Having our field specialists onsite reduces operational risks and optimizes running times because they know how to achieve the highest performance from every product. tight gas. Tenaris’s experts make a significant contribution to safe and efficient E&P operations. safety and environmental standards incorporating the principles of sustainable development throughout our activities. . We are dedicated to constantly improving our methodologies in the different aspects of our HSE management system. through a consistent training program and emphasizing the HSE awareness of our field service team. Tenaris FIELD SERVICE The best support for our OCTG technologies in all operating environments 3 . no matter where The field service team has the knowledge and experience to facilitate a flawless installation of even our most sophisticated tubular products in extreme environments. shales and thermal. a member of our team can be by your side to help you follow the proper running procedures. Our team is located in more than 25 countries but is trained consistently through the support of TenarisUniversity. in those locations where operators do not have access to field support. HP/HT. By avoiding problems like re-runs and re-makeups.

C B D C E A D F B Verification of running tools to prevent damages and underperformance caused by inadequate maintenance. .A full package Tenaris offers onsite assistance according to the needs of each customer’s onshore and offshore projects. A Visual inspection of connections and accessories. A F D C Advice on preparation and best running practices for TenarisHydril premium connections and other products.

. during and after running in the hole. performed by experts with the specific know-how. qualified and prepared to support customers operating offshore. . ADVISING AND COLLABORATING ON SITE FROM PIPE ARRIVAL TO INSTALLATION IN THE WELL. A complete pre-inspection of materials and equipments increases the possibility of detecting and avoiding problems during running. D Field repair of connections with light damages. Additional support services . E Monitoring of make-up graphs during running. Training lectures to running and crews leading contractors.In numbers Resident Engineer 8000 ANNUAL OPERATIONS ARE COVERED WORLDWIDE MORE THAN 300 MORE THAN FIELD EXPERTS READY TO ASSIST YOU OUR RESIDENT ENGINEERS ARE COMMITTED TO WORKING AS FULL TIME MEMBERS OF THE CUSTOMER’S TEAM. FIELD SERVICE 5 . . F Tenaris Guidance ON HANDLING AND STORAGE of pipe and connections before. Guidance that helps the customer follow the appropriate running procedures. Monitoring of buck-on operations. Our team is specially trained. Onsite benefits Technical assistance in all types of environments. providing a professional interpretation. .

handling. Training programs provide our field specialists with the necessary knowledge to advise our customers on any type of operation. validated certifications. . We place special focus on the control of storage. proven processes lead to more efficient and safer operations. . This helps to improve the performance of any crew the contractor has received. . assemblies. installation. Tenaris has a strictly audited method for hiring and training personnel. They extend the technical support beyond the manufacturing site up to the well site. The world’s demand for energy has driven oil and gas producers to drill in more remote and complex environments. controlling product integrity during installation and facilitating their optimal performance. Our OCTG products and service offer. at least five years of experience in the field and appropriate. Our experts are put through rigorous hiring and training programs and acquire a significant level of experience before adopting full responsibilities as members of field service. proprietary steel grades and our field specialists are the perfect combination to work with reliably in today’s energy industry. 6 . bringing Tenaris´s renowned quality excellence straight to the project’s site. such as TenarisHydril premium connections. make-ups. Training through TenarisUniversity Our field service experts have broad technical knowledge.Ready to take on all well types Controlled. pulling and interaction with pipes to promote operational risk reduction. field repairs.

a major E&P company had to lower large pipes from a drillship with two masts in rough weather conditions.SUCCESS STORIES Remote location and little technical knowledge PROBLEM An E&P company operating in a complex field in a remote location in the CIS was experiencing recurring problems while running pipes. OUR SOLUTION Tenaris’s local field service team oversaw the whole operation and also shared knowledge with running and third-party services crews to build their technical skills. With this solution. Taking up residence in the desert PROBLEM Our customer’s wells in a particular mature field in Egypt were producing with high water cuts. 7 . Most of the wells presented leaks and corrosion problems. provided on-site monitoring and held routine meetings to provide feedback on current and future operations. Local crews had a high turnover rate and were not able to make-up and break-out the connections reliably. provided guidance on material selection and condition follow-up. there have been no significant mishaps. Drilling in difficult weather conditions PROBLEM In Ghana. helping the mature field to come on stream safely and efficiently. running times were reduced. The company also faced the prospect of a time-consuming operation. posing concerns about HSE issues and operational costs. significant HSE improvements were made. presence of CO2 and sand by means of artificial lift systems. OUR SOLUTION Our team advised the operator to use TenarisHydril Wedge 523™ connections in stands. and the E&P company obtained 500K USD in savings. created an adequate reporting system and failure database. Tenaris FIELD SERVICE OUR SOLUTION Tenaris brought in a resident field engineer who conducted analysis of failure. Since the team’s arrival over two years ago.

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