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APRIL 2013
TOMATOES 04 All-rounders to experiment with COLD SOUPS 10 Tasty and refreshing CUCUMBERS 14 Pleasantly uncomplicated SALAD CREATIONS 18 From savoury to fruity 20 Salad from 1001 nights: Tabouleh VEGGIE VARIATIONS 22 The presentation makes it JUICES 24 Tasty vitamin bombs OLIVE OIL 26 Pomace Olive oil in Indian cooking de-mystified METRO OWN BRANDS 27 Overview Dear Customer, Real enjoyment without meat and fish just for once: how to make delicious dishes from vegetables and co. in a really clever way is what we want to show you in this veggie special. Look forward to lots of freshness and flavour that you can put before your guests with, for example, the unbelievably versatile tomato and refreshing cucumber. Pleasantly light and yet exclusive in late summer: various cold soups that look good on the menu. And, of course, vegetarian specialities, too, must also feast the eye. How to achieve spectacular effects by simple means – that’s what you will find out in this issue.







6 1 5 4 INSPIRATIONS A PRI L 2013 .To m a to e s All-rounders to experiment with TOMATOES Once just grown for decoration and even thought to be poisonous. Almost 100 million tons of tomatoes are consumed around the globe every year. today the tomato is one of the world’s top ten food plants.

are gaining in popularity. are good for barbecuing or in a fine ratatouille. fat and knobbly and have a high proportion of fruit flesh. They go best in antipasti and pasta. they are also perfect for fast pasta – for example. THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THESE ARE: 1 Plum tomatoes are longish and especially juicy. 3 Bull’s heart tomatoes can be so big they barely fit into your hand. stuffed or baked. When fresh. 4 Beefsteak tomatoes are red. Many of them are processed in the growing areas to make tinned tomatoes. whose colour tends towards black or violet. Eaten with buffalo mozzarella. tomato juice or ketchup.000 REGISTERED VARIETIES OF TOMATO WORLDWIDE. In a carpaccio the pink flesh simply melts in the mouth. in combination with black olives. They are especially good in salads and vegetable casseroles. or “golden apples”. 5 Yellow tomatoes: A few hundred years ago most tomato varieties were probably yellow – which is why the Italians called them “pomodori”. they make a good base for home-made sugo. which in Mexico are a basic ingredient in salsa verde and chillis. they are a real pleasure. 2 2 Cherry tomatoes are especially suitable for colourful salads because of their shape and size. 5 . Date tomatoes come mainly from southern Italy and have an especially sweet note when ripe. 6 Green tomatoes like the tomatillo. Peeled or unpeeled.3 4 7 THERE ARE ABOUT 4. 7 Black tomatoes.

Ideally they should be stored away from other fruit and vegetables at a temperature of between 13 and 18 degrees. Regan Peeler 301398 Nirosta Peeling Knife 306895 Rs.00 .00 / MRP 389.00 / MRP Rs. The most suitable knives for cutting tomatoes are ones with a scalloped edge or fine teeth. 6 INSPIRATIONS A PRI L 20 13 Regan Ss Egg Beater Small 262662 Ocean Glass Pitcher 1265 ml 313339 Rs. then they will not lose any of their valuable vitamins and minerals for 2 to 3 weeks.00 / MRP 99.To m a to e s IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE KNIFE Professionals know that a ripe tomato is the best test of whether a kitchen knife is really sharp.00 Rs. It should cut into the tomato skin almost by itself without any appreciable effort.89.00 TIP THE RIGHT WAY ES TO STORE TOMATOES Tomatoes have no place in the refrigerator! They lose flavour and turn squashy.00 / MRP 60.

00 / MRP 114. depending on size.00 DID YOU KNOW…? The reason that tomato juice is so popular high above the clouds is because the pressure of the air in aircraft cabins is low. grasp the skin by the tip and cut the flesh away flat from the skin.109. Larger and firmer tomatoes can be freed of their skin like a potato with a very good peeler.330.3 METHODS TO PEEL TOMATOES: 1 2 3 Cut ripe tomatoes into quarters or eighths. Finally. Place each piece on the cutting board skinside down. Score the tomatoes crosswise on the end opposite the stalk.599. carefully pull away the skin. Remove the stalk. LG Glass Bowl 278081 A&C Pudding set 302997 Ocean Glasses 317460 Rs. There are also tomato peelers with toothed blades designed specially for this. sweet and refreshing. Pour boiling water over to scald the tomatoes and leave them to draw until the skin starts to peel away.00 Rs. Then place the tomatoes in iced water to prevent them from cooking any more.00 / MRP 895.00 / MRP 440.00 Rs. 7 . scientific studies have revealed: up there the taste is different from down below. being particularly fruity.

To m a to e s Among the highlights of fine cooking are the most varied tomato variations. for example: Tomato consommé with yoghurt and basil foam Oven-dried tomatoes Consommé terrine with zucchini and cheese rolls Tomato pesto Bruschetta Preserved tomatoes Tomato and chilli jelly with white tomato mousse 8 INSPIRATIONS A PRI L 2013 .

poultry. Pour everything into a terrine mould and chill it over night (3). Pour the jelly into a terrine mould and chill it over night.00 2 Tomato Country 250417 DAILY GREAT PRICE For the mousse: › 750 g ripe tomatoes › 2 shallots › ½ clove of garlic › 5 sprigs of thyme › ½ bunch of basil › Salt.99. Whip cream until stiff and carefully fold it in (2). soup or sauce.00 ARO SS Juice & Soup Strainer Sz2 261151 Rs. Serving Spoon T 1130 291580 Rs.00 / MRP 549. 1 Rs. collecting the stock (1). on its own or flavoured. pepper › 8 leaves of gelatine › 200 ml cream Finely puree shallots. garlic and tomatoes together with seasonings and herbs and leave them to hang in the straining cloth over night.00 TOMATO AND CHILLI JELLY WITH WHITE TOMATO MOUSSE Tempered Glass Casserole Set 4Pcs 305100 INGREDIENTS (serves 6): For the jelly: › 500 g tomatoes › 250 ml tomato juice › 3 shallots › ½ chilli › 10 tbsp. Soften the gelatine in cold water. Soften the gelatine in cold water. gin › 8 leaves of gelatine Coarsely dice the tomatoes.219. other vegetables and eggs. It goes marvellously with meat. whole. stuffed or liquefied as juice. dice the shallots and simmer them together with the seasonings and the tomato juice for 15 minutes. honey › 5 tbsp. Arrange the mousse on the jelly and top it off with a deep-fried tomato chip (4).Cherry Yellow 250632 DAILY GREAT PRICE 9 4 .495. dissolve it in a little tomato stock over a low heat and add it to the rest of the tomato stock.Cherry Red 250631 3 DAILY GREAT PRICE Tomato . white balsamic vinegar › Salt. Puree everything and press it through a strainer. Tomato .EVERY VARIANT A TASTE EXPERIENCE In the kitchen you can do almost anything with a tomato: it tastes good raw or cooked. dissolve it in gin over a low heat and blend it with the tomatoes.00 / MRP 199. pepper › 2 tbsp. peeled or unpeeled.00 / MRP 243. fish. And it is precisely this that makes it so interesting to enterprising cooks: they can experiment with it and try out newer and newer dishes of their own.

and they are becoming more and more popular elsewhere. too: cold soups refresh and offer both light and tasty enjoyment.C o ld So u p s The people of the Mediterranean lands have known about them for centuries. 10 INSPIRATIONS A PRI L 20 13 COLD .

TH Rocket Blender RB230s 296205 Rs.8mm Pk3 277803 Rs.00 / MRP 259.119.1950.36 / MRP 100.00 TH Spatula set of 3 318848 Rs.00 / MRP 2490.00 SOUPS ›› Tasty and refreshing 11 .00 Tarrington House Tbl Soup Spoon Megosa1.51.

C o ld So u p s THE DIFFERENT WAYS OF PREPARATION ARE ILLUSTRATED BY THESE TWO CLASSICS: Usually vegetable soups are used for savoury refreshment: tomatoes. the cold soup made from raw vegetables. so runs the legend. the other is finely diced and put into the first half. Since the 18th Century tomatoes as well as cucumber have been an essential part of the recipe. capsicums and co. GAZPACHO Actually. coconut milk or buttermilk make suitable bases. cucumbers. vinegar and capsicums are also added. As well as water and stock. One half of the vegetables is pureed and added to cold vegetable stock or water. Roman soldiers just wanted to make their sour wine drinkable and put bread. onions. are especially good. zucchini. or you make it cold from the start. There are two ways of making cold soups: either you make a hot soup and let it cool down. olive oil and cucumber into it. garlic. Capsicums DAILY GREAT PRICE Onions DAILY GREAT PRICE Broccoli DAILY GREAT PRICE 12 INSPIRATIONS A PR I L 2013 . “cold” here means really cold – often chefs even serve these dishes on ice. However you do it. The result was gazpacho.

00 Rs.00 Rs.00 Havells Super Chopper 312206 Prestige Hand Blender . Philips Food Processor Hl1659 294721 Kenstar Mixer Grinder Prince 305998 Rs.799. Meanwhile the traditional recipe has been varied in innumerable ways by many famous cooks.1.00 13 .00 / MRP Equal amounts of leek and potato are sweated with onion.695. Vichy.199. who named it “Vichyssoise” after his birthplace.7. boiled in stock.075.1. covered with cream and then cooled down.00 / MRP 1.00 Rs.00 / MRP 2.Phb 6.0 A 303092 Casserole 1 Ltr 305098 TH ALU Saucepan Ceramic Coat 18 cm 290981 Rs.499.00 / MRP 399.359.995.00 Rs.699.00 / MRP 3. pureed.00 / MRP 8. the French cook at the Ritz Carlton in New York.VICHYSSOISE This classic dish was invented at the beginning of the 20th Century by Louis Diat.1.

Cucumbers 14 INSPIRATIONS A PRI L 20 13 .

The thin.00 15 . They are harvested only when ripe. The ideal temperature is one between 12 and 15 degrees. Garden cucumbers. Because of their firmer. Th Square Grater 315129 Bergner Knife Set 6 Pcs 321211 Avani Chopping Board 262621 Rs. Within these groups there are differences. That way cucumbers will keep for about a week. TIP Cucumbers must not be stored too warm. which can be either eaten raw or are suitable for cooking and preserving.00 / MRP 330. Pickling cucumbers are harvested before they ripen and immediately preserved. but should never be stored in the refrigerator. particularly in size.Pleasantly uncomplicated CUCUMBERS It is a refreshing and easy-to-prepare vegetable and is welcome in nearly every kitchen: the cucumber is the world’s fourth most popular vegetable. are appreciably fatter than salad cucumbers and instead of being green all over have light-coloured patches. less watery flesh they are very suitable for boiling and stewing. Because cucumbers are grown in greenhouses (and have been since antiquity!). cooks should not miss the opportunity of also preparing the flavoursome.00 Rs.58 / MRP 225.00 Rs. Slightly stronger in taste and for that reason rather more popular are the 15 cm-long mini-cucumbers. in nature up to as much as two metres) are the most widespread variety. Just as with salad cucumbers. they are available all the year round. They cannot be frozen. The most varied seasonings are used to give them their flavours.158.329. outdoor-grown cucumbers now in season. Depending on their size. Worldwide there are about 40 varieties of cucumber. they are bottled in pieces or whole.00 / MRP 349. which are grown outside. The bestknown kinds are the little cornichons. long salad cucumbers (in the market 30 to 40 cm long. Nevertheless. many cooks remove the cores. because they contain a great deal of water. They are served in salads and soups or raw.299.

Cucumber DAILY GREAT PRICE ARO Pitted Olives DAILY GREAT PRICE ARO IS AN EXCLUSIVE BRAND OF METRO 16 INSPIRATIONS A PRI L 20 13 . They can be filled and decorated as taste requires – for example.Cucumbers FINGERFOOD Hollowed-out cucumbers or cucumber boats make excellent and refreshing fingerfood specialities. with quark and spices or ricotta and olives.

The professional cook cuts off the stalk end. which incidentally is related to the pumpkin and the melon. white wine vinegar ½ clove of garlic 75 g yoghurt Dill ½ chilli.1 2 3 4 ICED CUCUMBER SOUP INGREDIENTS (serves 6): › › › › › › › › › › › 1 kg salad cucumber 4 tbsp. Then puree the cucumbers with the cress. the important nutrients are just under the skin. Add salt. adding a little salt. because that part of the cucumber often tastes bitter. mild White bread Butter Salt. Leave to cool in the refrigerator for 1–2 hours. pepper Peel the salad cucumbers (1) halve them longways. remove the seeds with a spoon (2) and cut them up mediumsmall. as required. Garnish the iced cucumber soup with some yoghurt and dill and serve it with the white bread croutons (5). the vinegar and. For that reason young cucumbers should not be peeled at all and riper ones should be peeled only very thinly. 17 . pepper and a pinch of sugar to taste. 4). sugar. a little chilli in the mixer (3. the stock. 5 DID YOU KNOW …? In the cucumber. cress 100 ml vegetable stock 1 tbsp. Finely dice the white bread and brown it in the pan with a little butter.

an accompaniment or as a main dish. and with cleverly composed dressings cooks can surprise and please their guests. crisp salads are an indispensable feature in food. 18 INSPIRATIONS A PRI L 20 13 .Sa la d C r e a tio n s From savoury to fruity SALAD CREATIONS Whether as a starter.

10 / MRP 250.1 SUMMER DRESSING: Olive oil Balsamic vinegar Basil Honey Capsicums Tomatoes Sunflower seeds Salt. or coarsely ground cheese give a savoury flavour.00 / MRP 110. Lemon Pack 6 Nos 204461 Herbs . Toppings like fried mushrooms. apples and oranges go well with leaf salads. salt. And that is where the cook’s creativity comes in.Lemon Grass 250669 DAILY GREAT PRICE DAILY GREAT PRICE DAILY GREAT PRICE Strawberry DAILY GREAT PRICE Balsamic Vinegar 281168 Yera Bowl Set 6 Pcs B6FL 279907 Rs. grated carrots. egg. crispy croutons or walnuts.00 Rs. They can be given even greater crunch with a few sunflower seeds. pepper › › › › › › › › During the warm season leaf salads are the big feature on the menu – so long as they are properly dressed and presented. peperoni.00 2 STRAWBERRY CREAM DRESSING: Vinegar Strawberry Orange juice Honey Cream Parsley Tabasco. capsicums and tangy radishes they make a colourful blend on the plate.90 / MRP 275.00 19 . CREATE THE ULTIMATE TOUCH: A finely coordinated dressing that really puts the flavours of salad and topping centre-stage is called for. A lovely vinaigrette or yoghurt or a cocktail sauce is fine − but for an outstanding “house dressing” to set the guests talking. pepper › › › › › › › Tabasco Garlic Pepper Sauce 150ml 220060 Rs.238. In combination with cucumbers. baked sheep’s cheese. tomatoes.89.Thyme 250673 Herbs . olives. And even fruit like pears.261. a little more fantasy and imagination are needed.

grenadine syrup ½ pomegranate 1 yellow capsicum 1 bunch of flat parsley ½ bunch of mint 1 lemon 5 tbsp.00 Rs.5 Mm 315146 Induction Stove . Finely dice the capsicum.00 / MRP 55. Cover and let it stand until done. tabouleh can also be given an individual touch: TABOULEH SALAD INGREDIENTS (serves 6): › › › › › › › › › 250 g couscous (or bulgur) 2 tbsp. these make a refreshing salad which can be served as a starter or as an accompaniment to barbecue specialities.995 20 INSPIRATIONS A PR I L 2 01 3 .35. olive oil Salt. of course. 1 pinch of cumin 1 Briefly boil up the couscous together with the cumin in 250 ml of salt water (1).Pic1.Sa la d C r e a tio n s Salad from 1001 nights: TABOULEH With tabouleh cooks can serve their guests delicious variations with an Oriental touch. tomatoes. 2 Pomegrate (Anaar) DAILY GREAT PRICE TH Utility Tong 9 0. And. Tip: For a finer flavour add a little spiced yoghurt (5). Remove the seeds from the pomegranate (2) and finely chop the herbs (3). pepper.00 / MRP 3. Mix everything together and marinade in the juice of the lemon (4). onions. the grenadine syrup and the olive oil.3.899. Add salt and pepper to taste. wheat or barley grains) or bulgur (preboiled wheat). Combined with parsley. mint and lemon juice.Ov2 286911 Parsley DAILY GREAT PRICE Rs. stirring frequently with a whisk. The basis of this speciality is couscous (millet.

099.00 21 .00 / MRP 400.00 Rs.1.210.5 Ltr 305103 Fragata Pomace Olive Oil 299736 Rs.00 / MRP 149.135.00 Rs.00 / MRP 1645.3 4 5 TH Alu Saucepot Ceramic Coat 24cm 290982 Fresh Mint DAILY GREAT PRICE Glass Mixing Bowl 0.

Ve g g ie Va r ia tio n s The presentation makes it VEGGIE VARIATIONS Sliced thinly. BEETROOT CARPACCIO WITH PARMESAN AND PINE NUTS 22 INSPIRATIONS A PR I L 2 01 3 . It is hard to imagine good cooking without these delicious dishes. flavoured imaginatively and arranged artistically. vegetables served in a carpaccio are vegetables in their most elegant form.

245. in which the vegetable is either sliced raw or blanched beforehand. avocados. roasted pine nuts or even walnuts round off this vegetable delight. beetroot (precooked and peeled).ENJOYMENT IN SLICES The many carpaccio variants. Each carpaccio gets its individual flavour from the choice of appropriate vinaigrette or a dip or by combination with fine cheeses like goat’s cheese.00 23 . MEDITERRANEAN ZUCCHINI CARPACCIO WITH OLIVES AND TOMATOES PEAR CARPACCIO WITH FRESH GOAT’S CHEESE AND WALNUTS Beetroot DAILY GREAT PRICE Zucchini DAILY GREAT PRICE Britannia Cheese Block 1KG 127358 Walnuts DAILY GREAT PRICE Rs. Incidentally: combinations with fruit like mangoes or pears are extremely tasty – and the finest variant for special occasions is a carpaccio with truffles. ricotta or parmesan. kohlrabi. The finishing touch is a decoration with crunch: sesame seeds. radish. Carrots. zucchini. sugar peas and many other kinds add colour to the plate. aubergines. inspire many professional cooks’ creative imagination.00 / MRP 352.

00 / MRP 1.299.00 / MRP 7.00 Kenwood Smoothie SB266 22900968 Rs.00 / MRP 4. while other fruit like bananas. Firmer fruit and most kinds of vegetables can be made into a delicious drink by means of the juicer.00 24 INSPIRATIONS A PRI L 2013 .395.6.695.999.00 Kenwood Juicer JE290 22900937 Rs.J u ic e s Tasty vitamin bombs FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JUICES Fruit and crisp vegetables in a liquid form are attractive and packed with vitamins. No ready-made product can match them for freshness. Philips Black Juicer Hl 1858 294722 Rs. berries or melons have first to be pureed with a little liquid and then pressed through a strainer.495.499. Citrus fruits can be squeezed with the lemon squeezer.3. Home-made drinks from fruit and vegetables retain many vitamins and natural flavourings in full. these colourful creations give delight with their unique flavours.1. When made up of different kinds of vegetables and freshly prepared. USE SQUEEZER … … BLENDER AND … … JUICER.

2 bananas and 3 tbsp. The various kinds of fruit and vegetables can be combined and recombined over and over – sweet or savoury flavoured with seasonings. For an exotically fresh taste experience blend 1 pineapple. To make a fruit cocktail blend 250 g raspberries. 1 grapefruit. A mix of fruit and vegetables in particular promises exceptional taste experiences. the imagination knows no bounds. the juice of half a lime and a little ginger. 25 . 3 carrots. Make a powerfully orange-coloured orange-and-carrot juice from 4 oranges. honey in the mixer. the juice of half a lime and a small piece of ginger. as unpreserved juices go off very quickly. 2 apples. TIP Always prepare juice ce freshly in small amounts.CREATE YOUR OWN SPECIALS Where juices are concerned.

frying. Trends. can be used as replacement for Extra Virgin Pure Olive Oil For baking. Not recommended for Indian food as it has a distinct olive oil flavour ARO Pomace Olive Oil 1 ltr 261373 Rs. Ideas Oils OLIVE OIL IN INDIAN COOKING De-mystified Why Olive Oil ? Helps fight Heart Desease Reduces Bad Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Equally suited for Indian Cooking Types of Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil Aro Pomace Olive Oil 5 ltr 261374 Rs.00 Olive Pomace Oil Recommended for Indian cooking.high heat cooking.00 / MRP 1.00 Used for dressings. vinaigrettes.foods where no heat/ cooking is involved Virgin Olive Oil Differs from Extra Virgin in the acidity levels.00 / MRP 400.195. except deep frying & Stir Frying. Stir Fry . neutral flavour. salads . high smoking point. 26 INSPIRATIONS A PRI L 2013 .920.599. Deep Frying.Tips.

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