Chairman’s Series on Growth

Asia Pacific Edition
The CEO’s Marketing Team: Spearheading Profitable Growth

June, 2009

Today’s Presenters
Craig Baty Global VP, IT Practice Frost & Sullivan Michael Buchholz VP Marketing, Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan

Today’s Moderator: Hwee Har Tan Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan


1. Poll Results from Last Months AP CSG 2. Overview: Where We Are in the Series 3. Challenges to the Marketing Career 4. Marketing’s Role on the Growth Team™ 5. Case History: Marketing Best Practices 6. Marketing Best Practices Thought Leadership Model 7. Serious About Growth: Next Steps

Polling Responses from April APAC CSG
Does your company currently have a culture focused on Growth, Innovation and Leadership?
Yes 66.6% No 33.3%

What challenge(s) does your CEO and/or management team face in developing and creating a culture of Growth, Innovation and Leadership?
The CEO doesn’t have the required leadership skills 66.6% Getting the entire team on the same page 33.3% Eliminating the ‘not invented here’ or the challenge of evolving silos 66.6% Lack of visionary skills to develop a powerful growth strategy 33.3% Lack of time to engage in the required growth workshops 66.6% Lack of budget to travel to GIL and or invest in long term growth 33.3%

The Growth Acceleration System

CEO's Growth Team
Building Teamwork and A Culture of Growth Innovation & Leadership

Internal Challenges for the Marketing Function
Marketing’s insular focus and reactive behavior relegate it to a highly operational role that provides minimal value to the CEO’s Growth Team.
Operational issues dominate the agenda -

Resulting Challenge
Soft ROI – budget constraints; undervalued by CEO and executive team

Lack of goal alignment between marketing and sales Lack of integration with R&D


Combative relationship – weak integration with sales goals


Higher risk product strategy – miss market demand

Lack of input to growth pipeline


Growth pipeline is overly dependent on new product development for growth

External Challenges for the Marketing Function
Without a 360 Degree Perspective, Marketing can provide minimal value to the CEO’s Growth Team.™
Technology of marketing is accelerating

Resulting Challenge
Increased pressure on marketing to leverage Best Practices for growth

Changing economic and political landscape


Assess future growth pipeline Puts your current growth strategy at risk Offer comprehensive picture of competitive landscape Prepare company to address competition Build accurate audience profiles with effective messaging

Increasingly competitive markets


Smarter customers with shorter attention spans


Marketing: Relationship with Leaders

Marketing Role


CEO’s Role

Responsible for generating growth opportunities and ideas Instrumental in communicating growth strategy and vision to internal team

Open-minded, willing to explore, nurturing of innovation

• •

True collaboration with marketing Supports GIL (Growth, Innovation and Leadership) Culture, open forum Clearly communicates objectives and vision Provides time and budget for long-term strategy Inspires, nurtures and unifies Growth Team™ to create and achieve vision

Communicates to Growth Team™ on progress of vision
• • •

Facilitates strategic communication within Growth Team™ Supports growth implementation

Marketing: Relationship with Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence (CI)
Marketing Role


CI’s Role
• • •

Drives Competitive Intelligence programs to ensure successful growth opportunities

Best Practices within CI function Proactive not reactive Supports diversification opportunities

Ensures CI is aligned with Growth Team™ on competitive landscape for growth Expands CI to all roles on Growth Team ™ and all projects

Marketing: Relationship with Market Research Market Research
Marketing Role

Market Research


Market Research Role

Identify key customer/consumer and marketplace information gaps needed to drive growth strategies

Develop research agenda focused on growth opportunities Synthesize disparate sources of information to evaluate opportunities

Prioritise key growth customer segments for evaluation
• •

Generate “voice of the customer” insights Support decision making by Marketing with data and insights

Collaborate with Market Research to embed customer insight into new product development, marketing communications and strategies

Marketing: Relationship with Corporate Strategy/Development
Strategic Business Development

Corporate Strategy/ Development
Marketing Role


Corporate Strategy/Development Role

Responsible for increasing Corporate Strategy/Development activities Creates communication system to optimise collaboration

Generate and evaluate growth options for the company Collaborates on ideas, opportunities, visions and strategies

• •

Aligns short-and long-term ideas Provide long-term growth ideas for Corporate Strategy/Development Provides feedback on ideas generated by Corporate Strategy/Development

• • • •

Connects short- and long-term visions Be measurable Provides strong feedback Clear role and objectives, building together with marketing

Marketing: Relationship with Research & Development

Research & Development (R&D)
Marketing Role
Supports open collaboration between business units and R&D


Research & Development’s Role
Open communications with other business units
• •

Identifies market opportunities for R&D – Customer Perspective, Competitor Perspective Communicates internally and externally the growth potential of various R&D activities

Capabilities of development, what's possible Communicates through all phases of product development cycle Proactive probe for marketing-driven new ideas

Focus on relationship and teamwork

Marketing: Relationship with Sales Management Sales Management
Marketing Role
• •

Sales Management


Sales’ Role
• •

Building strategies to respond to competition Creates marketing communications based on CEO’s Vision, Growth Team™ collaboration, customers voice, brand promise and communication channels

Captures measurable customer feedback Key 360 Degree Perspective - feedback to Growth Team™ and marketing Feedback on message effectiveness Open communication and collaboration with other business units

• •

Responsible for partnering with Market Research to create customer profiles that aid the segmented selling approach Drives competitive benchmarking to enhance Sales effectiveness

Marketing: Relationship with Investor/Finance

Marketing Role


Investor’s Role

Collaborates to identify and generate ways to leverage 10 Growth Processes Provide unbiased and unhyped data from various sources including CRM system and customer surveys

Collaboration and communication with marketing and Growth Team™ on costs and investment criteria

Feedback on financial analysis on Growth Pipeline Help prioritise growth pipeline Sharing ROI and IRR calculations with team Creates financial model of growth opportunities Conducts sensitivity analysis of growth models

• • • •

Marketing: Current vs. Growth Team MembershipTM (GTM) Marketing Needs to Evolve to Optimise Impact
Today’s Marketing Role
• • • • • • •

Empowerment Through GTM
• • • • • •

Consumed with Operations One-way Communication w/ CEO No Budget or Time for long term Little Insight into R&D Pipeline Adversarial Role with Sales Marketing not on Pipeline Marketing thinks Dept is at Best Practice Marketing has Market Perspective Not Concerned with Culture

Big Picture Marketing Strategy 2-way Communication w/ CEO Fights for Budget & Time Drives Growth Strategy 100% Integration with R&D Partnership with Sales on Implementation Source of 50% of Growth Pipeline Team Exposed to Best Practices Learning 360 Degree Perspective Drives Growth Innovation and Leadership Culture Internally

• • • •

• •

Marketing’s Impact on the Growth Pipeline
Marketing could fuel 50% of Growth Pipeline opportunity
• • • • • • • • • •

Distribution Channel Geographic Expansion New Applications for Existing Technology Customer Segmentation Strategies Customer Strategies Sales Strategies Pricing Strategies Merger & Acquisition Growth Sourcing New Product Enhancements Driven by Customers

Michael Buchholz, VP Marketing, Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan

The Financial Opportunity Sustainable Profitable Revenue Growth Sustainable Profitable Revenue Growth
Profit Profit

Time Time

Reduce Impact Of Industry Cycle Reduce Impact Of Industry Cycle

New Strategic Capabilities Growth Strategy Strategic Operational Efficiency Acquisitions and Integration Market Development

Brand Development

“Helping Customers Complete Their Important Construction Projects”

Growth Team … a collaborative approach to growth

Market Assessment

Market Research & Analysis

New Product Development Operational Integration and Pricing Sales Strategy and Account Management


Commercial Strategy and Planning


Case In Point: Making The Old New Again…
Old Markets… New Value



• •

Concrete Homes

Recycled Pavements 66%↓Material to Landfill

30-50% ↓ Energy Costs

Increase Use of Cement and Concrete vs. Other Materials

Repositioning Brand to Support Growth
Brand Development

Internal Focus

Customer Focus


Rational + Emotional


Customer Projects

Innovative Solutions Provider

Ingredients of Success
Making It Happen AND Making It Stick

Change “Commodity” Thinking

Develop Compelling Business Case

Measure and Communicate Results

Make It a “Big” Team Effort

Definition: What is Best Practice?

Specific activities performed to solve a tough business challenge that 9 out of 10 companies are NOT performing but SHOULD, with measurable results proving effectiveness

Marketing: Best Practices Thought Leadership Models Future
Research Topics Building and Training the Growth Team™ Developing the Growth Pipeline from Marketing Perspective The Marketing Function: Top 6 Growth Thought Leaders (GTLs) Which Companies, Departments and Leaders are at Best Practice Level? Strategic Actions for Key Challenges in Marketing Creating a Customer and Competitor Landscape for Growth Evaluation Customer-driven Marketing Strategy Competitive-driven Marketing Strategy Brand Leadership & Change Strategic Partnering Lead Generation and Management Systems Customer Relationship Management Marketing-driven Product Development Process


A global community focused on Growth, Innovation and Leadership

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October 2009 Dubai


October 2009 Bangalore

December 2009 Sao Paulo May 2010 London

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