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Name Company Brand

: Revilla, Shiela Rose A : AMCAR Automotive Corporation : Mitsubishi

Strategic Plan Final Exam March 8, 2013


KRA (PEOPLE) Work Groups

OBJECTIVES/GOALS Builds relationships among employees and work together who share a common interest or purpose.

KPI Team performance

TIMEFRAME At least twice a year (March August)

PPA Unify a group of people with a common objective into an effectively functioning unit

ACTION PLAN Organize a team building with different activities, through this you can unite employees around a common goal and generate productivity



Recruitment and Selection

Hire more competitive employees

Number of employee employed

May - August

Advertising the vacancy and conducting the interviews.


Prepare a job description and person specification. Advertising the vacancy. Managing the response. Short-listing candidates. Arrange interviews. Conducting interview and decision making. Reference and medical check. Selecting candidates.

P 5,000 P 10,000

Job Enlargement

Increased Work Flexibility

Number of tasks they perform

Once a year

Assigning workers additional tasks at the same of skill and responsibility


Discuss the concept with the organizational leaders. Determine how current roles can be enlarged through the feedback of employees and managers. Establish a timeline for implementation. Introduce the changes.

P 12,000

Performance Management

Support the employees towards achievement of superior standards of work performance.

Feedback and rating

Once a year

Establishes plans for improving performance


Succession management P 8,000 plan where the employee skills are developed and employers develop the skills they needed. Establishes clear communication between the manager and the employee about what he is expected to accomplish. Provides ongoing, constructive feedback on performance. Assists and supports staff in achieving their work and career goals by identifying training needs and development opportunities

Job Rotation


Exposing employee to all verticals of the company to test their skills and competencies.

Number of employee and jobs.

Once a year

Moving and assigning the employee to different jobs and assignments.

Plan job rotation P 7,000 involving the employee and managers so there is clear understanding of mutual expectations and of which skills will be enhance by placing an employee into the job rotation process.

Performance Feedback 2018

Giving performance feedback of the employee

Feedback and rating

Per Month

Scheduling of performance feedback, preparing for a feedback session and conducting the feedback session.

When giving performance feedback, do it in an appropriate meeting place. Managers should be prepared for each formal feedback session

P 5,000

Training and Development


Develop a more efficient, effective and highly motivated employee, which enhances the company's competitive position and improves employee morale.

Number of trained employee

At least twice a year (April & October)

Providing seminars, workshops and educational programs for the employees.

Assess employees training needs and write a professional development plan to address those needs. Once an employee receives training, his supervisor should monitor his progress to ensure that he can apply his training to perform the job well.

P 20,000

Employee Recognition

Attract, motivate and retain employees

Employee performance and evaluation

Once a Year (December)

Provide adequate recognition, appreciation, and other motivators.


Plan a recognition program where it can take many forms and recognize various types of accomplishments. Once it has been determined what accomplishments will be recognized, the planning group should think about how often recognition and what will be provided as a token of appreciation.

P 25, 000

Employee Retention

Maintaining a healthy and safety work place.

Employee evaluation

January - March


Prevent a workrelated injury and disease, and designing an environment that promotes wellbeing for everyone at work.

Write a policy that emphasizes the importance of the place on workplace safety and health. Commit the resources (time, money, personnel) needed to protect the employees. Make daily safety inspections.

P 15,000


Process employees compensation timely and accurately.

The time/day they receive their compensation or through payroll evaluation.

15 17 days


The payroll department should create paychecks and provide information in a timely manner.

The payroll department should accurately withhold taxes and submits reports on time. To ensure the efficiency of the payroll function, payroll managers could establish goals to review payroll processes for any procedural weaknesses that may interfere with payroll accuracy and timeliness.

P 8,000