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Processing Problem Logo Bridging



Definition This occurs when the coating fills in the lettering or logo on the tablet and is typically caused by improper application of the solution, poor design of the tablet embossing high coating viscosity, high percentage of solids in the solution, or improper atomization pressure This is the term thats stick together. It is a common problem with capsule shaped tablets.

Remedy Select formulation for improved adhesion characteristics Select a different logo design Reduce spray rate/ increase drying rate Change or increase the plasticizer content

Logo Infilling

Intagliation filled with either particles of dried polymer or solidified foam.

Core Erosion

This can be a result of soft friable tablets, and over-wetted tablet surface, inadequate drying, or lack of tablet surface strength

Balance the pan speed and spray rate Modify the design of the tooling by very slightly changing the radius Select a different logo design Reduce erosion potential by reformulating core, modifying curvature of faces Add alcohol or use spray nozzle capable of finer atomization Improve mechanical strength of core by increasing core compaction force, modifying core formulation or changing process by which core is produced Reduce pan speed Increase spray rate Select formulation with high solids solution content Replace super


Pits occur on the surface of the tablet core without any visible disruption of the coating.


It is defect of film coating whereby volcanic-like craters appears exposing the tablet surface.



Coating becomes dull immediately or after a prolong storage. Film becomes detached from substrate forming a blister. It is best described as whitish specks or haziness in the film

disintegrant with less hydrophilic super disintegrant. Dispense with preheating procedure at the initiation of the coating and modifying the drying temperature such that the temperature of the tablet core should not be greater than the melting point of the additive used. Use of efficient and optimum drying conditions. Increase viscosity of coating solution to decrease spray application rate. Decrease plasticizer concentrations and increase molecular weight of plasticizer


When coated tablets require further drying in ovens, too rapid evaporation of the solvent form the core and the effect of high temperature on the strength, elasticity and

Decrease the drying air temperature Avoid use of sorbitol with Hydroxy Propyl Cellulose, Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose, Methyl Cellulose and Cellulose ethers Milder drying conditions are warranted in this case

Double Impression

adhesion of the film may result in blistering It is due to free rotation of the punches, which have monogram and some engraving on the punch faces.

Use keying in tooling Newer presses have anti-turning devices which prevent punch rotation.