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48. To Him alone is referred the knowledge of the Hour. And no fruits come forth from their spathes, anor does any female bear a child, nor does she give birth to it, but with His knowledge. And on the day when He will call unto them, saying, lj"Where are My 'partners'?" they will say, 'We declare unto Thee, not one of us is a witness thereto.'3595 49. CAnd all that they used to call upon before will be lost to them, and they will know for certain that they have no place of escape.3596 50. dMan does not tire of praying for good; but if evil touch him, he despairs, giving up all hope.

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al3 : 9 ; 35 : 12. b18: 53 ;28: 63. C40 : 75. d II : 10-11 ; 17 : 84.

3595. Commentary: The "Hour" signifying the hour of the disbelievers' doom, the verse means to say that God alone knows how the seed that the Holy Prophet has sown in the soil of Arabia would grow, and what kinds of fruit it would bear. If the fruits were rotten they would be destroyed but if they were wholesome and delicious they would be preserved with care, i.e., God alone knows whether the future Arab generations would accept or reject Islam, because on their attitude towards the new Faith would depend their salvation or destruction. The verse also seems

to imply a prophecy that idolatry would completely disappear from Arabia and the future generations of the disbelieving Quraish would accept Islam. 3596. Important Words: va~>.:'"(place of escape) is derived from 1oT'L.... They say J>oJI 0$. IoT'l i.e. he deviated from the truth. ~:.;';.JI0$. 1oT'1 means, he turned away from the thing and became safe from it. va="'''' means, a place from which one turns away or aside; to which one flees; a place of refuge. va:>"" J..:$.l... means, ther~ is no refuge from it (Lane & Aqrab).




PT. 25

51. nAnd if We make him taste of mercy from Us after some affliction that has befallen him, he will surely say, 'This is my due; and I do not think the Hour will ever come. But if I am returned to my Lord, I will surely have with Him the very best.' Then We will surely tell the disbelievers all that they did, and We will certainly make them taste hard punishment.3597 52. bAnd when We bestow a favour on man, he goes; away, turning aside; 'but when evil touches him, lo! he starts offering long prayers. ~3. Say, 'Tell me: if it is from Allah but you disbelieve in it-who is more astray than one who has drifted away from Allah?3598 54. cSoon We will show them Our Signs in farthest parts of the earth, and among their own pepole until it becomes manifest to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough that thy Lord is Witness over all things ?3599
410 : 22 : 11 : 11 ; 30 : 37 ; 42 : 49. 3597. Commentary:


(.~: ~\,t) ~~ . ~~~ I~<..t ,~ . '

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bll : 10; 17 : 84.

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"51 : 21-22.

It is human nature that when man is in trouble he is despondent and despairing, but if he is in affluent circumstances, he is the very embodiment of conceit and arrogance, and behaves as if no affliction had ever touched him, and in his con- ~3599. Important Words: ceit he begins to attribute all his success to his ",liT (farthest parts) is the plural of Jilwhich is own effort and ability. derived from Ji i (afaqa) which means, he went 3598: Commentary: away at random or heedlessly. Jil(ufqun) means, The SUra had begun with the subject of the a side; a remote side; a border or extremity of a

Quranic revelation and it has ended on the same theme. The disb::liever~ are here warned that if the Qur'an i<; from Allah, as it c~rtainly is, then they incur a grav~ responsibility by rejecting it.


PT. 25

HA MIM AL-SAJDAH ('" --:-' b"""

CH.41 . ,j/w '""/,

55. Aye, they are surely in doubt the meeting with their Lord. Aye. He certainly encompasses
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land or of the earth and of the sky or the horizon of the sky and of the earth i.e. country, region; horizon, the wide world (Lane). Commentary: The verse repeats in most clear and emphatic terms the prophecy about the rapid spread of Islam which was made in the preceding verses. It purports to say that Islam would spread not only nearer home among the Arabs but in the remotest parts of the earth. The prophecy was made at a time (the present Sura was revealed early in Mecca) when Islam was struggling for its very existence and humanly speaking there was every likelihood of its tender plant b~ing nipped in the bud. Yet within the brief space of a few years the whole of Arabia accepted Islam and before the dawn of the next century it had reached the farthest ends of the earth. Thc camel drivers of the Arabian desert became the teachers and leaders of mankind, spreading light and learning wherever they went. 3600. Commentary:

The verse means to say that disbelievers will continue to grope in the darkness of doubt and disbelief tiII Divine punishment overtakes them.


and worships gods of his own creation. is told not to grieve over what the disbelievers do. the rest is God's own affair. like its predecessor. that is. But the basic principles of all religions being the same. but according to Noldeke a little later. Man's sins are many and great. mercy. Holy Prophet. and to warning disbelievers that there is a life after death when man shall have to render an account of his actions. Context The preceding Sura had ended on the note that anyone who rejects and opposes Heavenly Teaching injures only his own soul. His duty is to convey the Divine Message. 39 where Muslims are enjoined to decide all affairs of State and other matters of national importance by mutual consultation. the Possessor of Power and Praise. Th~ Sura then refers to the invariable Divine practice. was revealed at Mecca and about the same time. if his people rejected him they would be doing so at their own cost. Ibn 'Abbas. the Great Forgiver and Merciful. as he is not appointed a guardian over them. total submission to God. The present Sura opens with the declaration that the Qur'an has been revealed by the High and Great God. like its predecessor. and himself suffers the consequences of rejection. also holds the view that the whole of the Sura was revealed at Mecca at a time when opposition to Islam was extremely severe and Muslims were in a tight corner. Who is Wise and Mighty and is Possessor of Power and is the Lord of Honour. He watches over them and keeps an account of their actions. Subject-Matter The Sura.. opens with the important subject of the Quranic revelation and proceeds to say that God is High and Almighty. His mercy and grace demanded that the Qur'an should have been revealed to deliver man from the bondage of sin. therefore.C HAP T E R 42 AL-SHURA (Revealed before Hijra) Title and Date of Revelation The Sura derives its title from v. The duty of the Holy Prophet is confined only to conveying to his people the Divine Message. So. as reported by Merdawaih and Ibn Zubair. viz. But man is so constituted that he does not benefit from God's The . But God's forgiveness is even greater and His grace unbounded. 2338 . or from the warning of Divine Propkets. God raises a Prophet to remove those differences and to lead them to the right path. that whenever differences arise among the followers of various Faiths on basic principles of religion. all Divine Messengers followed the same religion. The Sura.

But it is a matter for regret that by fighting the Prophet and his cause they will incur the displeasure of God. Could such a sincere and honest well-wisher of mankind be capable of forging lies against God?. This is how God will requite the righteous. and to tell disbelievers that since he believed in all revealed Scriptures. that whenever dry earth needs water God sends down rain from the clouds. when' the spiritul eartlL 2339 . Being full of the milk of human kindness. The Sura then draws attention to a physical phenomenon. God is always prepared to forgive him if only he repents and turns to Him. and this was not from personal motives. in both the worlds. and the guilty people. Man. it was futile on the part of disbelievers to go on disputing or doubting its Divine origin. viz. however. If their good actions outweigh their bad actions." This subject is further developed in another form. The Sura then goes on to say that God has revealed His commandments and ordinances in the form of a revealed Book. But as they would not listen to reason and would insist on rejecting him. In the life of every individual and nation there comes a day when his or their actions are weighed in the balance. however. says the Sura.This "religion" found its best and completest exposition in the revelation of the Qur'an and therefore it received a specific name-Al~Islam. a life of bliss and happiness awaits them. The Holy Prophet is then enjoined to invite the whole of mankind to this most perfect and last Divine Teaching. is never beyond redemption. the Sura says that the Holy Prophet has worked very hard and has . in the Hereafter. One thing. It is their deeds which determine the destiny of nations and individuals and make or mar their future. but the true believer. his only concern and desire is that men should establish true and real relatiomhip with God. then they have a life of regrets and sighs. Why cannot they. And to His righteous servants He gives of His grace in unbounded measure. So disbelievers should take a lesson from his life.. If. understand this simple fact that the forging of lies against God is a deadly poison which brings about ruin of the forger? Instead of being ruined. such a one will go before his God empty-handed. time' will show who was right and who was wrong. constitutes good or bad action. but. as did those Scriptures. who seeks the pleasure of God. there was no ground for them to quarrel with him. Similarly. their evil deeds exceed their good. Next. He has no interests of his own. and since the Qur'an also taught the same fundamental principles and ideals. suffered much in the task of furthering the cause of truth. He seeks no recompense or reward for his service and suffering. Compliance with these commandments. on the other hand. and to lctno persecution or persuasion stand in his way. the noble efforts of the Holy Prophet are producing excellent results and his cause is making uniform and rapid progress. making no preparation to avert their doom.. viz. The Sura continues to say that while true believers are afraid of the fateful hour and make adequate preparation for it. was certain that as the truth of the Qur'an was proved by strong and sound arguments. the disbelievers fritter away their energies and God-given faculties in frivolous pursuits. however. therefore. that he whose efforts are directed towards aquiring the things of this life will have its material comforts. Yet his people accuse him of this most heinous of sins. will receive Divine boons and blessings without measure or reckoning. actions. or their defiance. But lack of belief cannot defer or postpone the "Hour.

This is the unalterable decree of God to Whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. they still refuse to accept it. nor for the Jewish doctrine of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. They are warned that if after the truth of Islam has been made quite manifest and they have seen many Heavenly Signs. The Prophet is the Life and the Light and his is the way that leads to realisation of the great object of man's creation. They are further told that the Prophet has done his duty. forgiveness is likely to bring about in the offender a change for the better. If. he should be forgiven. According to the Qur'an the real object underlying punishment is the moral reformation of the guilty person. the Sura lays down the foundation of the penal laws of Islam. they would do nobody any harm.ceed the offence. the disb~lievers continued to oppoes him and persisted in their disbelief. in practice. the disbelivers will be removed from the scene. ex. in no case. No impediment or obstade would be allowed to stand in the way of the spread of Isiam because it Was God's decree that it should spread and nobody can frustrate God's decree. He is but a Warner and he has warned them. There is no place in Islam for the monastic Christian teaching of turning the left cheek when the right is smitten. Next. one of which is that they transact their national affairs and matters of importance by mutual consultation. mention is made of some of the prominent good qualities of the God-fearing. Then. At the end. Towards its close the Sura holds out a stern warning to disbelievers." It adopts the golden mean. After briefly referring to this fundamental principle which.had become dry. was the basis on which affairs of the early Muslim State were transacted. A man is to be punished for his crime if punishment is likey to do him moral good. 2340 . they would themselves be to blame for any misfortune that might befall them. after drawing attention to Divine favours. on the other hand. the Sura points to the transitoriness of physical comforts and the vanity of human ambition. His cause will triumph. If after seeing so many earthly and heavenly Signs in support of the Holy Prophet. God sent down heavenly rain in the form of the Qur'an. but refers to the permanence of favours and blessings reserved for the righteous and the God-fearing in the Hereafter. upon which material prosperity of man greatly depends. and their children will accept Islam. but would ruin their own souls. but the punishment should. He has not been made a guardian over them. the Sura mentions the three forms of revelation.

the Mighty. 3603. V" may stand for L:". r-a1iAJI (the Great) or ~~.~~ <D .. 42 ~~ Gracious.~'''" ~ . 0~ ~? ". Thus does Allah. and He is the Higb...e. stand for those Divine attributes which have )~ljjJI or .u @~ ". Commentary: High).. ('ain) may stand for the Divine attribute j.(3. \~t. It may..PT. J'" })~.36O:! ~ 0~ 3.. The subjectFor an explanation of the abbreviated letters matter of this Sura revolves round these r-'" see the preceding two SUras. 'Ain Sin Qaf." may also mean ~. !' "'. i.~I . ~ '" bHa Mim. 44 : 2. -'9"""" -~-- . however.J t aJJI .~I (the Powerful) or )~AJI (the in those SUras. the the Merciful..\..' " ~I' 1rJJ.l:S::JI 1iH"."" ~".~. .:.. . ~~. because all the Suras which open with these two abbreviated letters deal particularly with the subject of revelation of the Qur'an and its protection and guardianship. :-L':. !J -: ? 4.. 3604 5. "16 : 53. reveal to thee and He revealed to those before thee. aIn the name of Allah.- 2341 . L<.) J ~ .o.e. <sJ-~t i. placed at its beginning. and yl~S::JI 3604. 2. the. Wise. °To Him belongs whatever is in the hea vens and whatever is in the earth.. 1.? . Guardian of the Book. 25 AL-SHUR.r) uf. Thus the letters l:Ia Mrm..~..\ CH. . attributes which are repeatedly mentioned in be briefly stated here that the abbreviated letters the text....J~. ~~'" t '" . 45 : 2.y.J @~I aSee 1 : 1. Revealer of the Book.. (/ ('" 1..are mentioned expressly or by implication at various places in this Sura. Commentary: In the combined letters J_&.>.. 22 : 65. r-~WI (the All-Knowing). Commentary: The Sura opens with the important subject of revelation of the Qur'an as implied in the Divine attributes l:Ia Mim.601 ~. the Great. 31 : 27.. 46 : 2. ' ~ \ . JI (All-Hearplaced at the beginning of different Suras ing) and 0 may represent the Divine attributes. Most Supreme). b41 : 2. (the Mighty). These Divine attributes also besides meaning the "Praiseworthy" and "the Lord of Honour.." -:A\/"'''~'t..3603 ~ -. Jj~'" i.. \ L! .JI (the 3602.. . 43 : 2. Commentary: See 1 : 1. "" I doL' """.:iJI (the Possessor of Power and specific bearing on the subject-matter dealt with Authority)...' . 3601.0 a.

.e the heavens to rend asunder but God's mercy and forgiveness are greater than man's sins.'" t:\ "'''~d.'.~. -~ -::~fr"~ ~ ) " '" ~1 \. Commentary: of ~:.0-.~~)~C)~. ~ '" ~ " ~ ~' .3607 --- ~ .and MercifuJ. " ~'I .:r. on earth.JAJ' a13 : 14. -"--------------- ~ -' ~..~. ~ ~ . .42 AL-SHVRA PT. 3605 Behold! it is surely Allah Forgiving~ the the Most ~ ?~t ". 16 : 50-51. band thou art not a guardian over them. The verse may mean that man's sins and his ingratitude are so great that their enormity might cam. Who is Merciful. n"0'.. The reference in the words IS}H ii (Mother of Towns) may beto Mecca.)~ .. . These Divine attributes demanded the revelation of the Qur'an in order that mankind might be de1ivered from sin. .:. ...I'~" ~r"1.. The heavens may well-nigh rend asunder from above them..46 : 13. 1120: 114. and a party in the blazing Fire. L ~ ~~-'~. would be that God is watching over the blasphemous beliefs of men and is keeping an account of them and will punish them if they did not repent. .. 3607.'I~~~~' .!)~.~j.l>f ~1..1 1" ".)1 ~. . ..JI ~ 9 ~.?!. -' ~. Commentary: " b6: 108. and an around it.. angels beg of God forgivenf. -' I~JJ ~ .~.» .1.-:J. 'c'i: :t5J" t.J~>'~~~~~t)e-.>~. .. and that thou mayest warn thf:m of the Day of Gathering.T !.. :f/...J. III .CH. 0:i~'~~ ~~~--'~\~~~~".. Band the angel's glorify their Lord with His praise and ask forgiveness for those .J~ ". ~~.'.~u\~ . ~~. " ' E~~~d. \.Lt. . God wi11 destroy those people who hold this belief. ~.? 't r~ N r~ ~.. The particle J~ (over) being generally used in the sense of "against. .. ~ .. 3606... which is so heinous a doctrine that in spite of God's grace and mercy and of the fact that angels beg of God forgiveness for His sinful creatures. Thus have CWe revealed to thee the Qur'an in Arabic.~J~ ~~~\Q~tJ 7... dthat thou mayest warn the Mother of Towns." the meaning of the expression ~~ 1i. 10 . 88 : 23..~. 39 : 29. And as for those who take for themselves protectors beside HimAllah watches over them. Commentary: d6 : 93. whereof there is no doubt: A party will be in the Garden. '.c1.. because Mecca was not only the commercial and political metropolis of Arabia at the time when the Qu'ran was revealed but was destined for all time to come to be the spiritual centre of the whole world and from its breast the whole of 2342 .J~ l. The reference in the verse may also be to the blasphemous dogma of the sonship of Jesus. "" ~) CI". . -'. Besides this.JJ. " "... see 12 : 3 and For an explanation 41 : 4. /?I '0 ~ .i . ... 3605. . Qj \ ~''':I..J J.J and mercy for His erring creatures.. 43 : 4. ~~" ~.:A. .~~\ \ ytI \. But to those who repent God is Most Forgiving ... 3606 8.I""'" .J\.T. 25 ~ 6.. ~.../.

~) ~~ 0 t~ :19/'" yb J t. ~~.. L~ I t -'~ may also refer to that Day of Gathering when all the forces of disbelief assembled in the Battle of the Ditch to administer a coup de grace to the rising power of Islam. in Him I put my trust.. /.AI . ... \ .1' I 9.. 9 '" .'" /... 2343 . Ii-'~ i. °20 : 70.e.. may preferably be to the Judgment Day which has also been called .e.. 2 11. . He could have made them one people. il'\~ u: /9"j~~~.".". See also 38 : 12."JI i. 1 C0. the Day of Meeting i-'~ (40 : 16) and yl_"J1 p~ i... ./..)" .. Geographically also Mecca is situated in the centre of the world. The Qur'an has been called yl::>:J\ tl (Mother of the Books) and Arabi~ in which the Qur'an has been revealed :i.aL\JI~~:'? .~."'''''''' . the Day of Reckoning (40: 28). And in whatsoever you differ.r{~/~' .\':""-: ~ !t ~-" ~dJ.J~ i.l: . 3608 10. .i 0" J.i:'" " :) ..<.~7\\!I''''~~. It may also refer to the Latter The reference in the expression Days when the whole of mankind was to become. 39 : 44. ..e. hHave they taken for themselves protectors other than Him? But it is Allah Who is the real Protector. the Day of Gathering. I!:!::.: .. I 7 .. Commentary: The verse means to say that as it has been the invariable Divine practice that whenever differences among the followers of di fferent religions assume dangerous dimensions God sends down a new revelation to reveal His will. And as for the wrongdoers.).e.". _/ . 3608.'3609 C ~ ~. humanity was to suck the milk of 8piritual life. J> v/ ~~ / W J .) ~~'~r.J'. -I'''' 9 9 ~J~~. aAnd if Allah had so pleased.0J I f"'" '" p ) ~ '" a2:2l4.PI.~~~ ~'I ~ .. God has revealed the Qur'an to which men should now refer all their disagreements and differences for decision and judgment. ".. like one family.. but He admits into His mercy whomsoever He pleases. 54 : 46.. . ...d~~ \... may also mean. and He has power over all things./1}. b13 : 17.~ .:.J. "He admits into His mercy him who himself seeks to be admitted into it."'~ ~ ".. l. .?.'.._---- ~ I .~r. . And He quickens the dead.:. so now that great differences have arisen among the followers of different Faiths.\~ j/ ) CU. "':1/ " ~9'~" ." .":1" @~'j~J~ ~ ~ . . ~IA~ . . ~JCt. ~l. the final decision thereof rests with Alhlh.I' /.. they will ha ve no protector and no helper.:J I t~: i..-.".'~ F CI~). 11 :119..~ <I. my Lord. 25 ~ AL-SHURA ~ CH. .l.. and to Him I always turn.. Say: 'Such is Allah. Commentary: . in the Qur'an.7~ .\.. the Day of Resurrection (41 : 20).. ~ ~ ~.e the Day of Mutual Calling (40 : 33).~ ~ t". 01 -..>:. besides The expression e~ the translation given in the text.42 ./) .. 10:20.. / ~ .) t. 39 : 47.I J .' -.t"'t." 3609. as it were.:JI i..':'~\::~ .:_J~ I i I (Mother of Tongues) and Mecca lSy4JI i I (Mother of Towns or Mother-Town).'1.

/' "~/""J.3610 13.. . 39 : 53. The words signify that it is impossible to conceive of anything like God. . viz.' Hard upon the idolaters is that to which thou cailest them.. ~ C13 : 27. foolish to try to find a likeness between Divine and human attributes though the two possess some very remote and incomplete resemblance. Allah chooses for Himself whom He pleases.)~' A~ ..~?. ~ v"~~.~. /' /F...)t 9' @~\ ". and which We enjoined on Abraham and Moses and Jesus. ~ r-~.\. ~~ . "God has made a pair of everything... ~~ -' -" . 25 12.~.... P '.!I ~~~ 98 !'" ~t .. ..... N":. a.j:. "ft!> .. " f"?"'" 3~'.. 35 : 2.. and which We have now revealed to thee..." ~) U" ~.J (He has prescribed) has been used. . was given to the Holy Prophet. ~ ~ .. Moses and Jesus the expression ~. He is f~r above human perception an d comprehension..\) "../J . in . 29 : 63. .CH.. ~o Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. cHe enlarges the provision for whomsoever He pleases and straitens it for whomsoever He pleases.(therein) being taken as referring to the relationship subsisting between man and wife.j/ ~ ""~I"\ ~'~J'!..'/". . ~ q~'" . """'"" 0~ .4...)\\~"". .J1o . 14 : 11. Surely... and He is the All-Hearing. Abraham. the expression "He multiplies you therein" would mean that God multiplies mankind by the relationship that exists between husband and wife. Commentary: The pronoun. ~.." might have given rise'.. &J).'" . ~ 0\ / ~ ~. is nothing whatever like unto Him.~S. He has prescribed for you the religion which He enjoined on Noah../ . 34 : 37. b39 : 64.' ~'\ ~~ ~ '-t. /. -"....-. r ~!/I.. There is nothing whatever like unto Him. for the Holy Prophet a different expression. ~...:. "...~w ' ~ ~ .~.£)\ ~ p" '~'lo ~. He has made for you pairs of your own selves.' It is. ~. ".Ji (We have revealed) ha& been used which shows that though other Prophets also received Divine revelation.~. He is athe Maker of the heavens and the earth.42 AL-SHURA -------------- PT.. and of the cattle also He has made pairs.. . . He multiplies you therein. . 36 I 1... 9' ~At. \')).~.." u-:: (/ 2... ~ l:\:. -' .... .1 fl~' ""'''''Y'' -' ~ -:'3.'(~" I. -' -' ~'" .p-'/' "..~~ 'w. -'l:/'~ 4w \:.t::~'/ d. -' ~ ~~ 'l)t ~J~"'8:.. and guides to Himself him who turns to Him.)~~~\ ~ . r. therefore.~:<11~..I.!1 ~~ ~"Sfl" ~ II~tl ~~ . 14. 3611 a6 : 15. ~ Vjl ~ "''' -" @~. 2344 .~. / ""~ ' I b "... Commentary: It is worthy of special note that while for great Prophets such as Noah. saying. are meant to remove a possible misunderstanding to which the sentence.4JJ1 ". ~.. He knows all things full well.. the All-Seeing../ 3610. The words.".uJ') -' ~ 'U ~.. yet the most perfect and completest revelation-the revelation par excellence. 'Establish obedience to Allah in the earth and be not divided therein. ". ~ ". viz...J ~ . cr.:.. \t &\"'-:.~ -: w :~".. :.... that God also needs a consort to make a pair.

.. "'T. 98 : 5. therefore. The words. '1 believe in whatever Book Allah has sent down..Qd. .t51 ... no cause for them to quarrel with him. 3613 /J1l : 113.~ dJJ ... "'''' '..!T" ~ \. I . Allah is our Lord and your Lord.'. cl} ... the reference in the words.. ' ~ ... .1' J?J '~' 4>:.. Commentary: WhiJe the pronoun "they" in the expression "and they did not become divided" refers to the followers of the Prophets mentioned in the previous verse.:. @jl... ".'_~~i G. V..o~ . 3612 16.9" ..~~j'r"'. bIO : 20. the matter would surely have been decided between them. " L'''' ~~)~~ . 20 : 130.42 15..~. and I am commanded to judge justly between you.0 '" ~ '::\.. .. 25 AL-SHURA CH. .. " ~ b9. bAnd had it not been for a word that had already gone forth from thy Lord for an appointed term.J~~~tl ~"v'" ~ -~t"'" % J ~~o~t-. "\... '?~"I1 .~::. 3612.J ' ~ '" . To this.... And surely those who were made to inherit the Book after them are in a disquieting doubt concerning it. J .J ~£ . r"'?'. 41 : 46. 4'. and to Him is the return. so time will show who is in the right and who in the wrong..)) r". "'". r '1 !.9 @~.JY ...~-:'''''' ~''''12 '" ~~ "'" b'J"""/~ . do thou invite mankind..T... "Allah will gather us together" may imply a prophecy that disbelievers will join the fold of Islam... e2 : 140. then.'" .~:.1o.'" 7..~. '''. -:::. -' ..J'" '" r: '" !' .Jll ~I. d5 : 50. 6 : 57..~ ~~) !J ~ ~ .Jt~.o".'~~.'l"'~~ -' a45 : 18...~~~~tffi~(jC~tfu III . There is no quarrel between us and you..'3613 /J ." is either to those followers of the abovementioned Prophets who inherited the Book after those Prophets had passed away or to the people in the time of the Holy Prophet who became heirs to Divine revelation after the followers of the Israelite Prophets had defied and disobeyed the Divine Message.. There was.. . a. dand follow not their evil inclinations. and for you the reward of your works.q..~~ j/ "" I ~~I. But since they continued to reject him. Allah will gather us together....'if \. I'For us is the reward of our works. ~ --'1.9 >' ".-~~'" ." .~ . but say."''''''' ~1».f'" . ttAnd they did not become divided bu t after knowledge had come to them. ~ ~:. .... through jealousy among themselves.). And be thou steadfast as thou art commanded.~:i~~~~~. -1~ /~ '" ~..f.\.PT.11. 2345 .. 9. Commentary : The Holy Prophet is here enjoined to tell the followers of eadier Prophets that he believes in all the revealed Scriptures that had come before him.. $. 1.. 9 "'''' "'~ .0 '.. . /. r:: r:' ~ '7''''~''i G l:. ' .cb~~\.. ~. ""'-".J)t .o"" 'J..7 ? J U.. 9' "".. "'. ):.!.. "those who were made to inherit the Book after them.):J. 10 : 42. :.

S~ .l~) "::-..~ . and on them is God's wrath and for them will be a severe punishment..\. Important Words: ~ . measured and weighed.a.--- ~>\. 3614.. and he whose bad deeds outweigh his good deeds burns in the fire of failure.' '~" 'OIl"" C:W.r.P'6'" -' ~" . standards by which human actions are appraised.""". ~(: '_.).!'(. In fact..e.~ t~ . "'~> ..a.-:'" 7'""'U . . 25 ---~~ 17. And those who dispute concerning Allah after He has been accepted-atheir plea is nun and void in the sight of their Lord.. which signifies the right use of the Book.e..~ . after the truth of Islam has been established and people have begun to join its fold in large numbers. '" ". After such an irrebuttable testimony in favour of Islam.) (futile) is feminine active participle from ~..] I (iron) which represents power that enforces the Divine Law. it proved false. the laws of the Shar'i'at. his foot means. And what will make thee know that the Hour may be near at hand 13615 a40 : 6. plea slipped.11f. it is foolish and futile on the part of disbelievers to go on disputing and doubting its truth.. Commentary: The words..I -" ~ . "after He has been accepted...J" .. ..). Divine punishment would overtake them very soon. -::~t.."" "" ~ ~ """'r ."~ i. ~--.) .~'j(. Thus the Qur'an constitutes an infallible criterion (0Ij:. :... W"'." mean.. Commentary: right and wrong or... The verse mentions two very important things which God has sent down for man's guidance and benefit: (a) "the Book" i.>b means... judged. ".J\J. null and void.. or evidence was or be.)~:o 1iL'I'" ~~~ -: '" ~.:ame null and void. false: slippery (Lane & Aqrab). ~ b55 : 8..! ~"! ""!-:..- - CH. (justice).. They say ". in this life (and more so in the next life) an human actions are weighed in Divine scales and he whose good actions outweigh his bad actions leads a life of bliss and happiness. (b) "the Balance" i. and what will make thee know that the hour may be near at hand.. .. as some say. Allah it is bWho has sent down the Book with truth and a/so the Balance. or it may mean the faculty by which man can distinguish between 2346 . @~{. """ f. . his argument.~&: . futile.! "'. mean that if disbelievers did not accept the Message of Islam and their bad deeds outstripped their good deeds. The words...e.~ "._-- PT.l~.' u. the verse purports to say. The word 01j~ (balance) may also refer to the Qur'an.>. 57 : 26. . """..J~ . e ~ -'~..~T. ....a.Ulu<.) to judge what is right and what is wrong. . 3614 18.>~~'.-.".42 --. Elsewhere in the Qur'an (57 : 26) the expression J}i (He has sent down) has also been used about . J ~\... u..-.~ ~ ~ . regret~ and sighs (101 : 7-12). AL-SHURA ------------.~~(. J-M. 4.. meaning that the Qur'an does not say anything which is not supported by reason. .:J~\$ dwt J "..a ~1 :'<.. 3615.A. b14.::-. r"''''j.

~ ~ . ~ I ..\'. the case is quite different.. He provides for whom He pleases." C). Have they such associates of Allah as have made lawful for them in religion that which Allah has not aHowed? And but for Our word about the final judgment. .j1 ~ ~t".tl~"I~1 " -'~~~~ ~ . and know that it is the truth.. ..?~~ . \wi t i"' ~ .J . 19 above beliewrs and disbelievers efforts are whoIly the vcll1ities and paltry of everlasting they will be deprived of the bliss and blessings life of the those who prepare for the next life will have Divine measure blessings bestowed or diminution.. The present verse warns those whose directed things of this life that Hereafter. Commentary: Disbelievers do not believe in the Day of Judgment. ! ....'''''Zf.. (..).J~ ... ~" "J t.. so they demand its speedy coming.... " 20.! !! r..". 1:..6J7 ~ ". And surely the wrong-doers will have a grievous punishment. but C3 : 146. ~c'W. . ... {} . and dwhoso desires the harvest of this world. ~_... I7 : 19. Commentary: In v. but those who believe are fearful of it.I "b~'4..J I .~ . .. .)~"".. r C: r' 43''''' )j> I / ~ -.. upon them without 2347 .~ '-'.~f ":. J.~ @%tr~t~A~'61 d3 : 146. 27 : 47.J ~ " ~ .~1~i~'CJ~~~t. 22 : 64.:. therefore.)~~a. while they make every preparation for it. "r.. but in the Heleafter he wiII have no share. 3616. 0 v.J.~--' C) t) ~ ' - r":. bAllah is Benignant to His servants. I ~" :- . Beware! those who dispute concerning the Hour are in error. We give him increase in his harvest. ."".42 ~--- 19.. ~GJJ'\4.~~o ~.L~ " f. "iU. 3617.J._----------.?.. t6 : 104..'. . ~~/ ...'~ . "(~~ 22.-'..J ' . .C). . . 'U N ~I'..9 'r~ ~ " . And He is the Powerful.. ZS~)J l ~ ~ .: ~~ "... but with true believers. far gone.Q\. We give him thereof.. . ~ 'T '" .'''' I""_:-~.. j /.-:: ""'.:.~ ~~ tZ~t. 25 AL-SHUR... .PT.. have been towards mentioned acquiring in life after death together. the Mighty.~~... W -' ~I""'" ~~ ... -:' J ~ " G~t : t.9 . ' /"'''' "J. They know that on the Day of Judgment they will have to render an account of their actions and.. c\Vhoso desires the harvest of the Hereafter. the matter would have been decided by now between them. they are also afraid to face it._--- ~. aI3 : 7. aThose who believe not therein seek to hasten it..9\'. 4 : 135.. "" --"..:/J I .616 "9" "" " ~ ~'~'~~b" ~ .L\ ~~ CH... ~~ J '" "~.Lt "!'.. ~~ ". . 3 21. @ ~~.J..~)JI~CU ...:)jftl'l~I~1 ~ L D "c ~ 1\ -':'~t..(tf ~. @~~I ~~I ~ t. "' '''''' J. 17 : 20.. .

--~--_. .J '-' ~ :'\ ~ .t1fII .....~ .. In this case "11 believers were stated as scornfully rejecting the is l. '=:'".3. very idea of a life after death and defiantly dethe great work I am doing for your spiritual manding its speedy coming but the believers benefit except that you should learn to live being conscious of their great responsibilities and b~have like blood relations.. of kinship. Q." '" ...".~~. 13 : 30. ~ . This last meaning agrees with 25 : 58 . I .. They shall have with their Lord whatever thev will desire. -' \ ~ ~.: you should at least have some regard They will be afraid of confronting the consefor the ties of relationship that I have with quences of their evil deeds while bdievers will b~ you.. . ~!.~ ~ ~' . i>~"'\~\'''''\~'' ~ ""..Tt. 68 : 35.J... ''''''. my solicitude for your The verse constitutes an extension of the subspiritual well-being impels me to invite you to ject-matter of \'Y.::-'({ ~~ ~~~::.£\~..~I. Some of these are as follows... "" \ ~l'~).!. m.fill "....n. .:l~~S::l~i "1 The expression people: "I ask of you naught in return for it u! )iJ I .<.t~.. ." J "" . We give him increase of good therein. :::-1. \\_1 . . ... where the Holy Prophet is stated as saying to his ~J.". '1~:r~ ~... I ".!-: "l ~ u(~ ~ "O ~ .. .J~I~Y:JI--' ~ ...'1 _. -t". nearness to God (the word \.' And whoso earns a good deed. 23..~. ~ ..~ Most Forgiving." ". bSay: 'J ask of you no reward for it. ""'''''' ~ ". Thou wilt see the wrongdoers In fear on account of that which they have earned..b . Commentary: by tie.... &..U ~----- : 83.. In reward or return for my solicit ude and love this verse it is stated that on the Day of Judgfor you except that in offering opposition to ment the tables will be turned upon disbdievers.. .J)(J~ .s. aBut those who be1ieve and do good works wi1l be in Meadows of the Gardens.''"'''t ~~~1t ".\ .. 36]9... 3 : 58..-..b' . """ l' ..3619 <12 ~~tGJJt '" --/II' ~. ..0.I. and it is sure to befall them. " 2348 . Surely..42 AL-SHURA . /.A:.. 19 disaccept the message of truth. ''''' n.. may take a way to his tations. basking in the you should learn to develop a liking for attaining sun of God's love.. "" ...t1.. (3) I ask no were described as being afraid of facing it.k.. PT. 22 : 57. . C)J. ~ ~ ~i'-:I'~j".9"'t.e.~ "". ~. 38 : 87.~ ". '.. " . That is the great bounty -Qf God..t "... Allah . 25 .'" .. ..'U._----- b25 : 58.> )~ \ ~~ a... ' I... (2) I ask of you no reward fo..J \." .. /... Most Appreciatmg. except such love as subsists between kindred.J\ "1! I j~i . ~ ~ the way of God except that. ("''''' ...361g ~ N .)~ ~u"""... This it is whereof Allah gives the glad tidings to His servants who believe and do good works. b~ing related to you 3618. .CH.j is supposed to bear several interpreexcept that he who will.~. .o . (4) I want no reward from you except that happy in the Gardens of Bliss.. 19 and 21 above.' ~ cY'.. In v.'-!:J'~'" . IJ...~".~."". (1) ] ask of you no reward for calling you to Lord.D.. \.. Commentary: nearness). -"'" .. --.'"meaning 4!} i. ~ 24.' '. ~)".

ill' : 40.Il~. '.PT.n~t~ /~ "'."Do disbelievers have the hardihood to say that you are a liar and an impostor? Do they not look at your life and your work? Is the great work that you arc doing the work of an impostor? Invention of lies against God is a deadly poison which causes moral death of the inventor and brings ::. ~ ~-~~ . But Allah is blotting outfalsehood through thee and is establishing the truth by His words. '''i. 3621.Q:jd~c~JJaL' ...II. ~('" ~l~~ b .P \. 'He has forged a lie against Allah?' If Allah had so willed.. The verse purports to say that the Holy Plophet's enemies will repent of their sins and God will accept their repentance and that they will join the fold of Islam. He knows full well what is in the breasts..J \:J~ "".. aBut Allah is blotting out falsehcod through thee and is establishing the truth by His words. ~...3620 26. so tbat instead of being solicitous for their spiritual well-being." The verse may also mean. . r~ r~. d-. r. . b9 : ]04.:J.. 33 : 74. . @)-. "' t ~.~'" ~~ .e.. /.Jt (J' I 1>. ~~ ".. 9 .' .)~: ~~:. ~:Jt" ~ ~. and why should the Prophet make use of forgery for the propagation of his ideals when disbelievers will certainly accept Islam by seeing Divine prophecies being fulfilled before their very eyes.:). for his bitterest enemies and he never prayed against them as Prophets Moses and Noah had prayed(ll : 89 & 71: 27). He would have made your heart devoid of all mercy and solicitude for them. The words. 25. and forgives sins. Do they say. Moreover.. ~.. °. \. "... All this shows that you are not an impostor but a true Prophet of God and are under His care and protection.. ~~. ~~- ... ..i~~t ~ . He would have sealed your heart i.A ..? I'. He could seal thy heart.::\~' \!) I. 25 AL-SRURA --~-"- CR. but He has chosen not to do so.~. 1. the hearts of liars and forgers are sealed.:J y ~~ J'.. '". ... ." In fact. 4~ I . you would have invoked 2349 .~. God's Curses upon them. And He knows what you dO.<SY:J~J !tt"9". Commentary: The theme of the preceding verses is contF nued here. But your noble efforts in the cause of truth are producing excellent results. ". the Holy Prophet's heart was full of the milk of human kindness ever. Surely.. . . but your heart has been opened (94 : 2 ) and you have scaled the highest peaks of spiritual eminence.~ f.. ~. ~~.'. bAnd He it is Who accepts repentance from His servants. ~ '" .... Commentary: The verse seems to administer a rebuke to disbelievers by saying to the Holy Prophet. r... '.bout his complete destruction.".Jb(jt~. 3620. "If God has willed that your enemies should have been punished for calling you a liar and a forger. may signify: Why should God make the Prophet's heart devoid of sympathy for his opponents when He has decreed that falsehood shall be vanquished and truth shall triumph and the Prophet's erstwhile enemies shall become his devoted followers..~t~.3621 (1]3 ~1~...

that apart from our planet...# <S~ ( @~ if.'!II ....J ~ :-r ~CJ?" . '} . ~ZS.. .J~ 4.)~tL'a. ....__. life in some form or other existed in heavenly bodies.. the Praiseworthy.--' ~ "1' I -:' ~ '7 td0Jt~.. when the science of astronomy was 'yet in its infancy...."" .J b .. -!. d And among His Signs is the creation of the heayens and the earth.ce._- PT..jt. If ~~~ a2 --~ f:?~ : 187.. hIS: 22.I)~~ ). . . viz. and gIves them more than their due reward out of His gra..t' .ired. "& . ..-" "''' ~ .. . Commentary: The verse embodies a unique testimony to the Divine origin of the Qur'an. much less for an unlettered son of the desert..'1~ " 9 . ... The reference in the last sentence of the verse may be to the possibility of the creatures living on earth and in heavenly bodies becoming united at some future time.t -:". U9.Y...JU:..'" ../Ct~~~~.. bbut He sends down according to a proper measure as He pleases.~T '._---_.3622 .. ' ~~:r ' \~\. . It was reserved for the Qur'an to di8close this great and marvellous scientific truth as the words of this verse. ...'" J1'" r..J~t .J~ 27.'t ~ \. ..J J.... "... ""''''' " .. .? """f" " jl" . And He is the Protector.42 ~~-~ AL-SHURA ~~. 29. .) .. ~"~. nAnd He accepts the pravers of those . as far back as 1400 years ago. "9"b( ""'. 3622.. -:'... ~ .:J''\' .. He is AllAware and All-Seeing of the condition of His servants. . '{30 : 123. '..."" ~ .. . In- deed the creation of the heavens and the earth and what living creatures exist in them and the wonderful order that pervades the whole universe constitute an infaUible testimony to the knowledge and power of Almighty God Who has revealed the Qur'an and Who would bring together the creatures of the heavens and the earth whenever in His infallible wisdom He would deem fit.." . ":1-"~~ ~JA) 30.t.~\~ ~. ."Whatever living creatures He has spread forth in both.... they would rebel in the earth." ybJ '" ".. and as for ~u... It W()Snot possible for any human being.~ I~ "''''\''''U~. t..-." show..J~.. and of whatever Hving creatures He has spread forth in both.. 25 'I ~"(!" t~.~ ' '7"" . 9 . 28.' ! .~~C)J ..t&t ~ ~ ...o~ ~~'J. ".U . r.\"" I'" ~~u t ~.. '}.."U.... ~--~ C30 : 34."r.0 ...." l -=""'" " ..0' . and spreads out His mercy.who believe and do good 'works. 2350 .:.. .9~'" Q..)~~tb'~\j)~j':~! -~ . cAnd He it is Who sends down rain after they have despa. And He has the \1ower to gather them together whenever He pleases..... 31 : 35.J " . ~ t.... I 9- the disbelievers.. they will have a severe punishment.. to say.. ]ndeed."" . And if Allah should enlarge the provision for His serv~mts.&?~ ~ .J 9~ ~ I .CH. .'. ?~" '" .

}:. ""' ~L.-.~ " '" ".g "~rt.. he marked it. 11 : 34.1)1) which is fern. soeaKS volumes fer the Divine origin of the Qur'an. active participle from J.. He can cause the wind to become still so that they become motionless upon the surface thereof-in that.. a mountain or mountain-top or a long mountain..7V-II'. Commentary: In this and several other verses the Qur'an points to the great part that ships were to play in international intercourse..' :t ~ . means. 1.:.means. a girl or young woman.'. "''''' ~. nor have you any friend or helper beside Allah. 10 : 54. motionless.0" " ".PT. is the plural of r1..which is derived from <. bAnd you cannot frustrate God's purpose in the earth.J J:. r-:::. they will themselves be to blame for any misfortune that befell them. r1"" ('alam) means. C ".~. They say :i. 3625. .. "'~..J~j~ ~ ~.o. a thing set up on the way for guiding people.~" ~t ~ b6 : 135. revealed to a son of the desert. the wind. ? '"' r '~ ~?1Q41!wO' . '" ". a banner or standard. T~~ @.e. surely. ~ ~-"-.'" . This truth. are Signs for every patient and grateful person-3626 a4 : 80. J . the thing happened.r ~ ~ '.J ~41)' .3625 34. ~~ . topS. etc. ~ ~). 55 : 25.3624 And of His Signs are the sailing ships on the sea like mountain33. 29 : 23. he r'"" slit his lip... a trace.. ~ '" . ~-' ~'" ~ """ U. \.) '" @~ ~. ~ .& Aqrab).". the sun pursued its course. ~ :. nAnd whatever misfortune befalls you.nJJ (motionless) is the plural of 0.. decreed that Islam shall become victorious and they will not be a ble to frustrate Divine decree and that no obstacle or impediment will be allowed to stand in the way of its onward march."'jlw.)'" -' '" JF1I ~ :. If He so will.S y=. ~ ~ '("' .J'O~ ~J~ ..~J 1 w J": i.Q.Q .)) which means.Q. \UJ!~. 3623." ~"~r~_~\.). is due to what your own hands have wrought. Commentary: The disbelievers are warned that if after having seen so many Signs in support of the Qur'an they persisted in rejecting it.? '!~"r..3623 32.:. . f'" \. as far back as fourteen hundrea years al!o. 3626... 25 AL-SHURl\: CH.. because 0:" its running upon the sea.J "'..l. I ~ ~~~ ~ c.".means.0.'" ~y\ 11":: 'w.means...'11-"..... u~ ~h\r"J. "31 : 32. (Lane . an impression or jmpr~ss. Important Wor~s : ) y~" (sailing ships) is the plural on.r:? 1..~~\. .0 ~ Uf..42 C 4 31. ~I ..':..~)~~v.. 2351 .q :~ '" ..('. ~~Il~ ~. 3624. And He forgives many of your sins. Important Words: J.)" "'~~~.' means. a ship. Commentary: Disbelievers are further warned that God has. . the chief of a people (Lane & Aqrab)..'''..J . a female slave. I \.:):.~ i )\""I (mountain-tops) ('alam) which is derived from r\~ ('alama). :i. IW the ship floated or sailed.\ ~ t-r~ . fixed or stationary (Lane).1~. it was or became still. if '. a minaret.

~iliCJ.. And He destroys them so that Gthose who dispute about the Signs of Allah may know that they have no refuge.. 3627.~.J~ 1/:' . ~ "." ~~~ J.. 25 35. I "". -:. This simple word contains the nucleus of a representative form of government of which the West is so proud. Commentary: ~ ~C)-'~~~"t'~.1 ~ "'" ~ l . @. ~"tf 9 ~.r~ &. 1b'tJ. 40 : 5. bAnd whatever you have been given is only a temporary provision... ~ 'It". but that which is with Allah is better and more lasting for those who believe and put their trust in their Lord.3629 a22 : 4.~~ ~~~. they forgive/628 e ~ ~ ~ . '" ". " VOt -'u. ~l h ~ ~.....'" ~~t'"'" \~'" ~ J~~ )~~~\:J~ .~. ~~ ~~" e~ 'l..CH. @d. 37. . Or He can destroy them because of that which they have earned but He forgives many of their sins. d3 : 160..". "r::" .: . and.. of this life.>r:l.. 23'2 ...~!. <$'~~JI~ ~ ~'%~:..' ...J ~)' I ..o''''uP''''''''.J!. ~ ~I") J:..~in .'.42 AL-SHORA.:.J ~~.J e4 : 32: 53 : 33. And those wno hearken to their Lord.I.J. when they are wroth. ~ '" .~ ~ 9~~'~ :w . dand whose affairs are decided by mutual consultation. Commentary: The verse lays down is).~n r~ !-'" -'~~.~.. ~~'t. "'. '" fc ~ ..~ (mutual consultation) as the basic principle which should guide Muslims in the transaction of their national affairs.:/~ i.. (~\"... ~ ~ ~ . -:. 3628.I~t~~<.... 36. ~~ comprise all kinds of sins and moral lapses. and who spend out of what We have provided for them. b28 : 61. ~. 3629.tiJ I .I:}j ~.)'.. but a separate mention is made of anger because many sins spring from anger when it exceeds legitimate bounds. See also 4 : 59. ~" ~ ".~ J 39.{v"'. and observe Prayer.. ~.3627 38... ~.9... The Khaflja or Head of an Islamic State is bound to take counsel with the representatives of the people when he is to take a decision of vital national importance. 't. .J \ . And those who eschew the more grievous sins and indecencies... The verse points to the transitoriness of material means of disbelievers and to the vanity of human ambitions and aspirations. Commentary: The words ~". O~~~">..::: 'I ~ ~ '9 ~-. PT..g~~J" .. ~ ~"'''!'~'''!~~'''\i.

if punishment is likely to lead to his reformation.r @~ .3631 @~-'~~ ". "."'." It adopts the golden mean. . for eye.. And those who. the verse implies a prophecy that the hC1rassed and persecuted followers of the Holy Prophet would soon b<: entrusted with the great respon&ibility of conducting the affairs of a great State.w :"l'_''''~ ~t::.. is his moral reformation. 3631. ." a2 : 195. -r:f"!i:.' .42 "'~J 40.IJ 1 .l'"'" ~~J ~. 10 : 28.. There is no blame on those who defend themselves after they have been wronged..~ ~~"'\t' (. ~ '" I':'I.. ltAnd the recompense of an injury is an injury the like thereof.11t1' ~w.)'"<...9~~~"''''~?. but the punishment should in no case b~ disproportionate to the offence committed.!~ -' "' " '''' 0~~ ~~ \t!\h:Jj~'~\~lS'~\5 . ~ . Islam does not believe in the monastic teaching of turning the left cheek when the right is smitten nor in the Jewish doctrine of "an eye .-.J ~ ~ ~~.'. but it also regards selfdefence as the moral duty of a Muslim.. Not only does it give to the aggrieved party the right to have the wrong done to him righted at the expense of the offender. when a wrong is done to them. '" .S""':' ~. 41..nd thereby brings about an improvement.. his reward is with Allah.~:\~~~. ( ( ". ~~ . 2353 . ~ . but whoso forgives a.. The Holy Prophet is reported to have said: "He who is killed in defence of his property and honour is a martyr" (Bukhari.. He should be punished.3630 42. . If forgiveness is calculated to do him some moral good.. Islam lays down most wholesome and practical solutions for problems of law. 3630.:. c. Commentary: The verse forms the basis of the penal laws of Islam. He loves not the wrongdoers.$. according to Islamic teaching. Incidentally.o. defend themselves.. kitab a!-Ma~Zi!im wa'!gha:jab ). The Sura was revealed at Mecca very early in the Holy Prophet's ministry when the very fate of Islam was hanging in the balance and the then poor and helpless Muslims did not even know where to lay their heads... The real object underlying the awarding of punishment to the guilty person. but as a practical religion.<f. 25 AL-SHURA ~VF CH. of economics and morals. Surely.. The following verses also point to the great responsibilities of Muslims when vast political power would fall into their hands. . 16 : 127.PT. The next three verses shed some further light on this subject..?" '". Commentary: Islami". principles about punishing an offender may not appeal to visionaries and unpractical idealists. ~ If ~ ~N. he should be forgiven.\tl" .~ 1.

)'.:..ltt ~.~U ~.. much less punish.t surely is a matter of high resolve. .~~ I" . ... howe. f: '" :1".~~. the noblest course recommended to him. But it is given to extremely few-only to God's Beloved and Elect 2354 ..'. -to possess this very noble moral quality. 3632 44. .rk3 -" ~I) " @.".. his blood-thirsty enemies. you are all free.I11"'.1 "" 'i-'-=" ' ""." . is to bear with patience the injury and to forgive the aggressor.- And he whom Allah adjudges astray-there is no protector for him thereafter. . on the contrary. m1Y Allah also forgive you" (Hisham). hAnd he who is patient and forgives. ~?. .~ '''. t f"" c1w ...CH. Commentary: b16 : 127. i~ "!t. tI""". ~. ~~I~.J '" @ ~._- PT. ..-: r~:~ ".U... U!. Our Holy Prophet gave a practi./ C)~I\l. He forgave them with a magnanimity unparalleled in human history.~ it' . ~'~'~i~..J~~ ../.4 ~t r .:al demonstration of this moral quality at the time of the Fall of Mecca.'< ~~).~ V.3633 . II 'U L.~~>~1~-. "Go.~ ~. No blame shall lie on you this day.~ ~ ~ ~ 4. And thou wilt find the wrongdoers. Commentary: Though Islam has given the aggrieved party full right to have the injury done to him recompensed at the expense of the guilty person. :1". ~ '" v.. The blame is only on those awho wrong men and transgress in the earth without justification. 17 : 98.~6J. alO : 24.~ ~. ~cro..~~1~y. He did not utter even a single word of reproach to. the blame lies on those who go about trampling under foot the rights of other people and creating mischief and disorder in the land.". . Such win have a grievous punishment.. with the words..42 AL-SHURA ----..J'CJ .j.>AUi' C4 : 144... forbearing and merciful to their enemies.J l. This verse further elaborates the theme of the previous two verses and purport~ to say that it is not those who claim recompense for the injury done to them who are to blame.. when they see the punishment. 18 : 18.?c:Jj~. and so in the hour of triumph they should be forgiving. p ~ . "-'H'~" t~11. 3632. ~ ":: tC-y..~ " ~ ~. C j. 25 "(::" 1 43. 3633. 5 ". They will and must be punished. The verse also implies a prohecy that Muslims would be shortly given power and dominion over their opponents.-:. saying: 'J s there any way of return ?' 45. who had hounded him out of his native place and had killed in cold blood his poor and innocent followers and had placed a price at his head.~.

. -: ~~ ~ t ~4J ~ f" ~~ ? '"I ~8 (. bAnd they have no helpers to help them other than Allah..w.)1).. casting down their eyes on account of disgrace.?.~IJ~ 'U~ -:' .J~ ~(jj' .....J . .. I @~~L:'~dJQ~'~~'Q!. but follow the Prophet and abide by God's commandments before the awful day arrives.. 3634 47.-: \\~ H ~&~~.'..... And for him whom Allah adjudges astray there is no way at all..r~ ~~td~ 7'~ /-"..4~J.9~"'...:J". But if an evil befalls them because of what their hands have sent forth.'rt J. 2355 ~ .~~j. ""C:. And thou wilt see them brought before it (the Fire).. 5bW-~~ ~~j~ ~ ~~"".. 'The losers indeed are those who ruin themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection."" .9"'~~"' p.-' -:r~~.. ('" .. he rejoices therein...J..-- ~ I ~t'.. ~yo... ::'»~ CJw~tw'q'l ". ."-~ i "....~ """ ~. 3635. """ @~!W ~ '!:.. ~ ~ol~' ..""p~ .".y ..PT. "~H'" J .-:.n . ..9~.. ""~/'''r-::.. ~. in the present verse they are warned not to treat lightly the Divine Message....-' c. then lo! man is ungrateful.. 3635 49. d17 : 84. . .. aAnd those who believe will say. But if they turn away.. 9). looking at it with a furtive glance..... 25: 38.~ .. t' t '-Jv-::>v.. ~vvJ~w~r "..""..---C::J'''' /.. r/~ .. .91.4A tI...~1~~:'. .~'~~~ :0-"" ..J' : ~ J:. C39 : 55. """"" ~ -'I:~"" "'"".? 9.-: JJ)..'''' t f' 9'-:-'".~. 48. "r"''\'''''''''~''''J. . dAnd truly when We cause man to taste of mercy from Us.. ~"-IOJ/'\" V1J ~. I'.~? .:)0 ) 1." ~:: J.. ..>-4 ~ ~~~.. r~~//? .. nor will there be for you any chance of denial..ah ..)..~ ::. b17 :57......':~~ =- t:M "'~ u r" . j!J ~.'J\~..C) " h'(5 -'.d. Commentary: (q-. 3634... The stealthy glance is the glance of a guilty person who is hauled up for his crimes and is waiting to hear the sentence passed against him. 42 46. a18 : 30. ~ .... ~(. .J'.' ~\ -:.$.>'!:'~'y) ~~ G~tJ\i .t' ~/ ~~r"" ~.. 25 AL-SHURA CH. . (:). 30 :34. '-=" ~~..9 . Commentary: After having described in the preceding venes the pitiable condition of disbelievers when they would be brought as criminals before the Judgment Seat of God... : "t~~~~~j /('''..9''''''''..l'H t t~~.j/...."...:. There will be no refuge tor you on that day.) ~~ -'~. Thy duty is only to convey the Message. n \!at "'J. (. We have not sent thee as a guardian over them....:.1~". 39: 9. ).. cHearken ye to your Lord before there comes a day for which there will be no averting in opposition to the decree of Allah.....' Behold! the wrongdoers are to remain in a lasting punishment.

' G .J i. (b) He makes him see a vision which mayor may not be interpretable. 'III """ <3.'" ~ ~. Surely.A 1~~~-'i:tfr'q "P"<}>'t ~ .~. Powerful.. See also 99 : 6. ~. . and He makes whom He pleases barren. 1..42 AL-SHDRA PT 25 50.J u~".)t~ @ . he did the thing quickly (Aqrab)..!J' ".t-:~~' C. and He bestows sons upon whom He pleases.h~~ . He pointed to him.~~. sent to him a messenger.t. 3636 52. They ~ay 0Y-.. Important Words: l~>--." CJ ~cJ ". intending to keep the talk secret from others.. 39 : 45. This is the significance of the words. .(revelation) is infinitive poun from u>--' (wa~a). He is All..CH. or sometimes makes him hear words in a ~tate of wakefulness.. He is High. ~ . J .~.. In this and the previous verse the disbelievers are warned that God has decreed that whereas the followers of Islam will increase and multiply. aTo Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. Surely.~... '-r4J. He bestows daughters upon whom He pleases."~ @X. (. 51..t -:'-.. J JI u>-. "from behind the veiJ. he talked to him secretly.. He CIeates what He pleases. 9 '''' a5 :41. Wise. when he is not seeing the person speaking to him.?~ ~ (J.. 2336 .. G\..]. Commentary: Commentary: The verse makes mention of the three ways in which God speaks to His servants and reveals His will to them: (a) He speaks direct to a person without the aid of an intermediary...~ ~.3637 J. Or He mixes them. JI u>--" -........-' ~ ~!)) ~"T~~ ' -' """ : "... Knowing. the disbelievers will decrease and become barren-their children joining the fold of Islam.~\~ ~\J.~~~ iI' .I'~ ..~""t\'''.J~JJt ..-' ~~r'('1. .f~ ~~t. " ~(3~<t ~~<.. /. See also 5 : 112. --- 3636..1) J .pgt)9~'~.~. !Y. And it is not for a man that Allah should speak to him except by direct revelation or from behind a veil or by sending 3 messenger to reveal by His command what He pleases./ ~ ~ l~ ( .e.J LJ' ti". ~ ~..4.)~)~-' ./ I s.I u>-.~ ~~)~." (c) God sends down a messenger-an angel who delivers the Divine Message to him... males and females.Jf means."" ~~L "" "~~'P"" I )""~(.J. 3637.. 57 : 3.

. \".:. See also 4 : 172 and 16 : 3. """. .:-:. ".~'oo))~I' I':' . j ).. :. And truly thou guidest mankind to the right path. Divine revelation or inspiration.>J5 -. breath of life. mercy of God... :'" ~.~/ . '" '" .7 1. 3639. The path of Allah.JJ(Word) means.'''' '~ h".3638 54. But We have made it (the revelation) a light. -' 't 3638. ~ J.PT. to Allah do all things return. CH. Thou didst not know what the Book was.'J ~I. the Qur'an. angel.7~ ~~ !.t'/~~ u:).."" . .." mean that the beginning and the end of all things is in the hand of Allah..J) Arab~ who in turn spread that light to the farthest ends of the earth. I @ 6r~~ q . 2357 ...". j.42 53... ~/~.o.l r?~' :-\".J~\~&.4f ..3639 dr.. 5 »1I'"~ ~ ~~ Jt'":. to Whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth." . Commentary: Islam is the life and the light.LJ tJ I t ) . ~ 7-. ..L j 4.9.>. X~)~~jlj... M' ~ u..I' ~ ti. "'t'I. ~ ~ ~ (S 'J1tdtJ~~ . nor what the faith.o'CtJ d V'" $0 .:1 -:. whereby We guide such of Our servants as We please. ~UJ~ . ~ ' III r1. Commentary: The Qur' an has been called here c. . Word of God. because through it a morally and spiritually dead people received a new life. Remember. soul or spirit... Important Words: L.tiI'."H ~'''' ".)>-' ~ -~. ~"" . '" cl!. ~ . and the way that leads to God and to realization by man of the great and sublime object of his creation.~...) ~.. "to Allah do all things return.... ~ "' 6'7J{t . ~/:. .".. And thus have We revealed to thee the Word by Our command. :'£\1 ~?' ~ . 25 AL-SHURA. It gave light and life to the The words.

opens with the declaration that the Qur'an has been revealed by God. nor did he know what Faith was. lbn 'Abbas also lends his powerful support to this view. from time immemodal. The system of the coming of Divine Reformers will continue despite anything the disbelievers might say or do. 36. in spite of the element of mystery in its revelation. the Lord of all Honour and Praise. The present Sura opens with the a ffirmation that because the Qur'an has been revealed in a most clear and eloquent language and because also it deals with all basic truths and its teaching is easily comprehensible. His Messengers and Prophets. and the greatest of them came in the person of the Holy Prophet MulJammad. and proceeds to deal with the subject of Divine Unity-its basic theme-in a way and form different from that in which it has been dealt with in other SurZis of the I:Ia Mim group. It further says that God. It is. and th!!t He has made full provision for his physical needs. Summary of the Subject-Matter The Sura. They preached and taught that God was One. The Sura further develops this argument and says that God has created the heavens and the ea rth for the service of man. It further says that God would not stop sending fresh revelation whenever there was genuine need for it. Prophets continued to appear in the fulness of time. like its three predecessors. Scholarly opinion generally is inclined to place it towards the end of the fourth or the beginning of the fifth year of the Call. Title and Context According to Qurtubl there exists complete unanimity of opinion among scholars that this Sura. like its three predecessors. just as Prophets of God did not cease to come because they were mocked and jeered at. It was further stated that before revelation actually descended upon the Holy Prophet he was not conversant with its nature and significance. was revealed at Mecca.CHAPTER AL-ZUKHRUF 43 (Revealed before Hijra) Place of Revelation. in order to establish His Unity. there is no reasonable ground for anyone to reject it. has been sending. 2'358 . They were rejected and opposed and persecuted. however. therefore. difficult to assign an exact date to its revelation. The Sura takes its name from v. But this did not cause God to stop sending new Prophets and new revelations. The previous Sura had ended on the note that the revelation which descends on Heavenly Messengers and Prophets by Divine command possesses an element of mystery.

the plea of following ancestral beliefs put forward by disbelievers is a false pretext. When God has taken so much care to provide for the material needs of man and for his physical comforts. and you must follow them. Their stock argument consists in the fact that their beliefs and practices came down to them from their forefathers and that they were not prepared to give up the time-honoured ways of their ancestors for the sake of a man who was just an ordinary mortal like them. then why do you not follow Abraham. But. God would have given to disbelievers tons of gold and silver. The disbelievers are further warned that if indulgence in these things made them oblivious of God. In order to drive home to them the paltriness of the things of this world. brazenly saying that if God had so willed. It seems to say to {hem. It is to meet man's moral needs that God sends a new Prophet and a new revelation. begins to set up equals to God in various shapes and forms. the Sura cites the example of the Prophet Abraham. He was so firm a believer in Divine Unity and preached this belief to his children and grand-children with such perseverance and sincerity that it stayed in his posterity for a very long time. there is no Scriptural evidence either in their possession that might support their false beliefs. the Sura proceeds to say. so much so that even the stairways of their houses would have been of gold! These things were nothing in God's sight. Next. And the result was that the rejectors were punished. who was an uncompromising iconoclast and a strict and sincere believer in the Oneness of God. in his ignorance and folly. the Sura tells the Holy Prophet that his duty is confined to the preaching of the Message of Islam. To this blasphemy the Sura gives a devastating reply to the effect that not only do human intelligence and commonsense revolt at this impudent reasoning of disbelievers. In order to expose the absurdity of this plea and to accuse the disbelieving Quraish. The argument is absurd. he. But such is man's ingratitude that instead of giving thanks to God for His multifarious and multitudinous favours and instead of acknowledging His Unity. he would not have worshipped idols. God sends down fresh rain from heaven and the earth begins to vibrate with new life. they will fall into the Satan's trap which will bring about their ruin. position and status would have made existence of social order impossible and created complete chaos. your great ancestor. from {heir own mouths. Material wealth and power are trash compared to the great spiritual wealth which the Holy Prophet possesses. The real cause of their disbelief lies in their wealth which has made them proud and arrogant. In answer to this arrogant assumption of superiority the disbelievers receive a severe rebuke and are told: Since when have they arrogated to themselves the right to be the distributors of God's grace and mercy and to decide who is deserving of it and who not? By implication they are further told that what they call greatness carries no weight in the sight of God. The disbelievers have persistently shut their eyes and ears to this Message. it is inconceivable that He should have neglected or ignored to make similar provision for his moral and spiritual needs. says the Sura. and life is on the verge of extincti 0 n. 2359 . that were it not that the obliteration of disparity of wealth. and in their pride they say that the Qur'an should have been revealed to a man of some consequence in one of the two great cities of Arabia. "If you cannot give up the Faith of your forefathers. Yet.Whenever the earth becomes dry and parched. this was the foolish plea on whict> all the Prophets of God were rejected in their respective times. and even goes so far as to shift his responsibility for his idolatrous practices to God.

they have drawn Divine wrath upon their heads. It gives to the righteous the glad tindings that they will go to "Gardens of Eternity" wherein they will have what they desire. At this exception of Jesus the disbelieving Quraish naturally took great offencr. the Sura towards its close makes a little digression. after all. Moses only received derision and mockery. But his people ignored his teachings and deified him. the main theme of this Sura is the unsparing denunciation of idolatry and false gods. which is its main subject. As stated above. It says that the reason for this exception is that Jesus was a noble Prophet of God and that he invited his people to worship Allah alone Who was his and their Lord. He showed them many Signs. with the message of truth. Moses was one of those Prophets. or did angels descend from Heaven to bear witness to his truth? What. Towards the end~ the Sura holds out a warning to disbelievers that if they did not give up wrong beliefs and evil practices they will burn in the fire of Hell. and his destruction served as an object-lesson for those who might dare oppose Divine Messengers. Pharaoh mockingly asked his people whether he (Pharaoh) was not the monarch of the whole of Egypt and the possessor of great wealth and position? Was he not better than Moses. 2360 . opposed and persecuted. To explain this exception. But while Jesus is worshipped as God by Christians. The Sura ends on a brief but most clear and convincing discourse on the Unity of God. was Moses's claim to their allegiance? This is how by rejecting Moses. for all the Signs shown by him. the earlier Prophets preached Unity of God and like him they were rejected. and that the Divine blessings and boons they will enjoy will know no end. The Holy Prophet is comforted that the treatment he has received at the hands of his people is just like the treatment which disbelievers in the past meted out to their Prophets. He was sent to Pharaoh and his chiefs. the Qur'an not only does not condemn him but actually mentions his name with great respect. or reject them. each being greater than its forerunner. So the fault lay with his people and not with him. Pharaoh excited God's wrath. They will be seized with punishment but only after the Prophet's departure from among them. But. who was poor and waS unable even properly to experess himself? Did Moses possess any wealth.and by deliberately ch oosing to grope in the dark and to sink deeper and depeer into sin. Like him. so the people will be punished for their idolatry and polytheistic beliefs.

Commentary: For an explanation of ("''''' see 40 : 2. eWe have made It a Qur an In clear.. ~- C20 : 114.~ .. (£{ ~w~ . 39: 29. See also 12 : 3 . 46 : 13.J '" bSee 4 : 2.3643 5.. Mother of the Book signifies source of commandments.. Commentary: The word We cite as witness. See 41 : 4... ~ "" 1.. ~I 'J. the 2361 .43 B: I. ".' ITl'" ~li .' n the name of Allah. eloquent language that you may understand... the MercifuJ..:)l aLl~:. it is safe in the Mother of the Book.. or it may signify that this was in the knowledge of God and was eternally decreed that the Qur'an would form the basis of the last perfect Law which God would reveal for the guidance of humanity. Commentary: See 1 : 1.364O 2. I would mean that the Qur'an existed in the knowledge of Godthe original source.. 3641 . expression ~l~S. Important Words: 3640. \JT' ~l"j (::"'/ ~t. DBa Mim.! of wisdom in Our sight. aSee 1 : 1.:JI i I . 3642... i' signifYingthe original source.3641 By tnis perspIcuoUS Book. 13 : 40. . And surely. 3643. G~~-" 'i~A~' ~ CDA. J " ~~i' ~ ~ ...i ~. j .. 3644.J (by) may also mean... 42: 8. "'. mother. 'I'"".PT. 25 AL-ZUKHRUF CH. ~t".y:.. origin or basis of a thing or its stay or support. 41 : 2 and 42 : 2.u9.VJ ~.... naturally opens with the important subject of the revelation of the Qur'an.3642 ~t\ . ~. " i: -. basis of the Book (Lane & Aqrab). (!)~ 0~ . if means. exalted and full ~ .:J'. 3644 ~~ ~ . 4... See also 3 : 8. place of collection or comprehension and combination of a thing.: .~. source. ~ z. the Gr acJOus. ~D . Commentary: . ".. .~.". 20 : 114 and 41 : 4.. 3. ~U:J Ii' meaning. Commentary: The Sura being the fourth of the I:Ia Mim group. ~J "~I\ .

and the meaning is. y.. . .\11 '-:-' y-Pi.e.Q. he shunned. 2362 .Q. So this system of the coming of Heavenly Teachers will continue till the end of time and the jeering and opposition of disbelievers and their evil deeds will not stop it. "" ~ 7. ''/ [/. See also 2 : 274 and IS : 86. or he forgave him.1-Pmeans.. Important Words: We take away)..43 AL-ZUKHRUF -~-' PT.. yet God did not cease to send new Prophets on that account.. . 3646..shall We then turn away the Reminder from you... (neglecting) is derived from ?"oR.l~ c>J . 25 ---'--------.A'" . l..CH. he struck him. But Prophets continued to appear and to show Signs in spite of the fact that most of them were rejected.1-P left or avoided him or turned away from him (Lane & Aqrab)...'ft ~ ~. They . ?. 36 : 31... . Shall We then take away the Reminder from you.J1 ~~~ '-:-' We take away the Reminder from you Or separate you from the Reminder and turn away Ourselves from you and neglect you. noun. A.. so long will Prophets continue to appear.tI~o ~t ".--.j. (1 sat down). If rejection of Heavenly Signs had been a reasonable ground for their discontinuance no Prophet would have come after the first one. time separated us.)'.i. The Prophets are sent to the world to lead men to God and to warn wrongdoers of the evil consequences of their transgressions and iniquitous behaviour.. a15: 11.. Or shall We then neglect you and not teach you what is incumbent on you (Lane & Aqrab). b-.e. ""! . """'" 0~" 'It I(J \VI .~ 7. Commentary: i (shall say "". 3645.. L~~!. shall ~.1"".iiwould thus mean. he turned away from". So long as man needs to be guided and led to God--and man will need guidance till the end of time-and so long as there are wicked men in the world who require to be warned and reformed."'.'~ '-:-'.. I turned away from him aside.. \Q ~ -' b15 : I2.. he turned from his sins.J-~ . I ~:.i '-:-' ~ ~ ? r~('7" ~ w. r(i~1JJt~G~{~ ..- 6.him or he CA"" away from him and left him.ocA"" . Commentary: The verse means to say that Heavenly Reminders in the form of Divine Signs will never cease to come. . turning away Ourselves from you.. They say.1-P means.~ turned away i. aAnd how many a Prophet did We send among the earlier peoples p646 8."" ~ -'....:. Or ... the means. I t~rned away from him The word LA"" is here an infini- tive-noun and therefore is in the accus. case as an adv. or it is in the accus."'. ~ ~. and left him. ~ .t 0 "" ".1. case as in the phrase L -.. "But there never came to them a Prophet but they mocked at him. The verse purports to say that though earlier Prophets were rejected and opposed. neglecting you because you are an extravagant people ?3645 G)~~ ~j~~.~"" ""..~~ C!.r ~r~ -:. .. . and not invite you thereby to the Faith.

'1 ~. ~ ... Commentary: For an explanation 27 : 61. so does spiritual life depend on the spiritual water of Divine revelation./ ~.. And Who has created all the pairs. 3647.t"'-:! .. ~n" l:!Jj~t~<50Jt) f' ~ .~ 13.'''.....\ '<" "'" . .r.tI~~~C~-.3648 12..'@1f ' r~ ~ W f''''f' ""'"../. ."-'~ ~ ~~ liJ.~~ .9f. .. III./ :1 ..u w ~~ 1~ - ~'" >'Jf. ".~ /(1'.s made ample pro. and has made for you ships and cattle whereon you ride...l!'f'. """ . " "w ~~.. 62. Briefly.. . . so will a morally and spiritually dead people receive new life through Divine revelation. \ Y'~':'-'A::'\~~L=t t" ~ ~ f'''' 'j tI:\ .--.~ '" :> ".'3647 II.. that you may follow the right way... 10.i' .. ------- AL-ZUKHRUF -~ CH.)I~~~~~. 43 ---- 9. " " "~ ~~:j~)~~c:. ~. ~~t~. And if thou a.. Commentary: ')J.. r'!'" ~t For the theme developed in this and the next Jew verses see 16: 9. dead landeven so will you be raised--3649 rQ\ d. ~t J'''''''' "'f'y". '~ '~ ~~ '" -? ~ 31~ u'>"» I~ ~ ".> .... Commentary: of this verse See vv. ~..~(~~. 3648. And Who sends down water from the clouds in proper measure. spiritual needs. 'The Mighty. @ Ir~~~ Ii .ision for the physical needs and requirements of man..~ (i!)~~Y~. "even so will you be raised" signify that even as dry and parched earth blooms and blossoms into new life when rain falls on it. 3649. 25 ---.. III . it is inconceivable that He s ho uld have omitted to provide for his moral and As physical life depends on water that comes down a'S rain.@rO ..PT. the All-Knowing God created them.)\.~.n/:'~ v.. ~-1~~tS a20 : 54..f: ~ &~'" '1< ~ " '" "'9'/'Y . 2363 . .."'r.. ~ . and We thereby quicken them. ~ ~~ ~ . Who has made the earth for you a cradle. aHe. :1" @<j~'.~./ "'i~~ ~l>~t ~ . 'Who created the heavens and the earth?' they will surely say. and has made pathways for you therein. the <1rgument given is that when God }->. ". and the example of the earlier peoples has gone before. The words.:> .~~. ~ ~~ L.. .. And We destroyed those who were stronger in power than these.. ...---------. " uO~..

t .. ~~ 9 ~~~ ~~.1'.J ':J . Commentary: The Sura had opened with the subject of revelation.1 ~9 .. able to do a thing (Aqrab).!. of which the basic purpose is the establishment of Divine Unity. 52 : 40.1'..Aib\:.)\»'~ ..CH.J I. ~ .8~"" JY. "'~. "(. and then..' 3651 16.43 AL-ZUKHRUF PT. 'And to our Lord surely shall we return. 3652 ~. and we were not capable of subduing them ourselves.~ '. he had the requisite ability and strength for it.. and honoured you with sons? 18. ~--". CI6 : 59.. 2364 . you may remember the favour of your Lord. ." ~{ . 53 : 22. -1"7.J ~ . "'.o ~t .. bHas He taken daughters from what He has created... Commentary: In the preceding two verses we were told that God has made boats and ships so that we may \J'~> fj2\<~''''\u' ?r ~' " . his face is darkened and he is choked with inward grief. That you may sit firmly upon their backs. 37: 153. 1 r~."" ~ .Ji...~ . ~.'= t ~ >-' . Indeed man is clearly ungrateful.. he had the power and the strength to do the thing.~ .y~~ .. . .. t).J . '('" 9~ ~ . . '..~ t%'I~ ( 14.. and say.10 f~~ ~~ . 3652.36~o 15. !. .' '" " @~~J')~ .... all : 42. t1' .. r~.. )j. And they assign to Him a portion of His servants as His children...J~.J ~'" t.:r..t.:i.' \.~'t....-" . Important Words: c..... r~{ -:~~.. They say 'I.J '1..e. 3651. Itwhen you are firmly seated thereon. having the power or being .f. 16 : 58. 2 17.Y6"" ~ \. (capable of subduing) is derived from 0. This and the following few verses repudiate the idolatrous doctrine of assigning sons and daughters to God. f?I~ \V . 'III fi1\~ ( \!Y M~ ~.A~ .""'- ~ ~..-.J ~ ~ ~::~~ IoAA.S~1J0}t i. ). 3650...I ~ I \:oJ I . ~ ~ means.. I:..J ~ T.~ dJtr~ t . cYet when tidings are given to one of them of that the like of which he ascribes to the Gracious God.i .It .~.S~Jl0.:JUJ:' b6 : WI."yw~ " . In the present verse attention is drawn to the fact that man should not lose sight of the journey to his spiritual goal which is God Himself. use them for travel. 'Holy is He Who has subjected these to us... "'.:r. ~ It ".~ ~~" ~. ~ ~ ~.> iI' '" '" )yu.. .r~ ~.).f r:'.\'~ r::: '''''9'" ~ ~ ""''''11 '" ~t ~t ")"1 ~-:. 23 : 29. 25 t~?~ ~ ~..

~'JJ\ ~I ~ AI 1.?.A~~~'~' @~~ V.9{.""'''". as females.PT.'( '..". Commentary: 151.. ~~" . N ~ ~.43 19. they c:mnot even adduce the evidence of a Divine Scripture in their support.-.~~". Did they witness their creation? Then their testimony will be recorded. The verse administers a subtle rebuke to idol-worshippers that they worship idols which can neither speak nor answer their prayers nor defend themselves against attacks made upon them. Commentary: The verse means to say that idol-worshippers not only do not possess any reason or argument to uphold their irrational doctrines..:) ~'.l1... 25 AL-ZUKHRUF CH. Commentary: 3655. for.~ . ~ a . ~~~~j~~~.. And they say. .. 3656..~. What the verse means to point out here is that these people ascribe to God what they do not like for themselves. t~~::t \ ~~). Commentary: It is human nature that man always tries to shift the responsibility for his sins to others.1". Here quite unblushingly the idolaters protest that they are helpless creatures in the hands of God.. The words "they hav~ no knowledge whatsoever of that.}~(. 21.)~~ !'~t " I ". C37 : 157-158. And they describe the angels. 2365 ..:> \!J(. f" .{~ .~. so that they are hoJding fast to it ?3656 - 9 . ~~~J ~. It is all based on foolish conjecture and surmise..~n~ l:)t~ ~ ~~ ~.'.'J @G~J4. If He had so willed. 3654 ~~~ . The verse does not mean that God is displeased with idolaters because they ascribe to Him daughters rather than sons.~' '~hl al7 :41.9-:ai.. ..". who are the servants of the Gracious God. . 52 :40. . He would have stopped them from idol-worship. See also 20 : 90 and 21 : 64.... 1~"f.".." signify that no reason or argument based on knowledge can be adduced in support of idol-worship. cHave We given them a Scripture before this. t "1- ~~. 3655 22. The reference in the verse may also be to the idols which were bedecked and bejewelled with ornaments. j.. 68 : 38.~dw ..' They have no knowledge whatsoever of that. attributing sons is as hateful to Him as the ascribing of daughters (19 : 89-93). b'If the Gracious God had so willed. They do but conjecture. Do you assign to God one who is reared among ornaments.'''.~eD . and they will be questioned.. --~- 116: 149.w .:'1 /. we should not have worshipped them.J ~. 37: 3653..9 r. and who is not clear in disputation ?3653 20. 3654. . t'I~~" ~J !"..". . "~\~ 9 '" -::?' -r ~ : ~ ~. ' ':'~ '''' ~ ~ . 16 : 36.~e.

then no reform could ever take place because it is only when people stick to false and foolish beliefs and fall into evil ways that a Divine Reformer is sent to guide them to the path of virtue and wean them away from their cherished beliefs? If.~~ " " 1-"~ r~r"'~r'" " ~~ \:J. Their Warner said: 'What! even though J bring you a better guidance than that which you found your fathers following?' They said: 'Certainly we disbelieve in that which you are sent with.. Divine Message. It means to say that if this plea were accepted as valid. the disbelievers still persist in their perversity. Then see what was the end of those who rejected the Prophets! .\.?' t!:!::. 25 I 23....!y ~. "" A" .t\. For the meaning of the word :L. '" '7 'J0' @ C)JI._---- AL-ZUKHR UF PT..:.'3658 26.~~~l::~~ t . ~ '''. "'We found our fathers following a certain course... and we are guided by their footsteps. cSo We punished them. And thus has it always been that We never sent any Warner before thee to any township but the evil leaders thereof said: b'We found our fathers following a certain course.t '7"..s-. .J \.~" c5~"" "". r"..w.t "" J.J J' 1-. after the falsity of their beliefs is demonstrated to them.:r'. r "'. but they say.kb.1'\'" ' :Ir . old ideas and customs die hard. £ @~'P.43 --" --~-----.. C7 : 137 . '~~t :. The hackneyed plea of idolaters to support idol-worship has always been that it was a time-honoured practice observed by their forefathers. 3657.. ~~~~4~fi.\~ -~ . 26 : 75..#' .' 24. ~'-' v: r~ IT~r~ ~~ " @C>-'~ ""''7' ~ j~r~ (s~it~..Tsee 6 : 39 and 16 : 121.. how can a reformation take place? But such is the tragedy of human affairs that men would not easily accept truth and would rather continue to invent pleas and pretexts for rejecting it. ~ ~ I. 2366 . tt~ G~rG~ ~ <.0 dj VJ :.. and we are following in their footsteps.. " '" '7~~~'::J..-. 43 : 56.:.. ~?'9~ a2 : ]71..~.? .#/..II. In fact. Nay.-..:I '" !.. .. " ~ . . ~ --"i~ \io ~ .. ~ .- """'7 @~~f ~~ "'. .. ~ ~ t U. 7 : 29.~L~~J(S~l 'If-::: r-:. 3658. .'t ~~.. Commentary: 112] : 54.CH.r.. Commentary: The verse exposes the absurdity of the plea of disbelievers that they would not give up the timehonoured customs observed by their forefathers and the beliefs held by them.'3657 25. ~JS1: '/ ~ a ~.~ . t. .#. J u.. They have always proved a stumbling block in the way of disbelievers to accept the .

". 43 "/-'". the verse seeks to drive home to them the untenability of the plea of ancestral beliefs and customs. 9 : 114. that they might turn to God.jj~ (posterity) is derived from '-:-'~ ('aqaba). And He made it a word to last among his posterity.." 3660.~~t t : .. and He will surely guide me. grandson. offspring. . i.~. ~"r"' .-:-.e... your own great ancestor who was a strict and sincere believer in the Unity of God...~~Y~~I . ~t. ~.\n .:.. grandsons and great-grandsons all believed in One God..'."r.. . he followed him closely. 25 ~-- AL-ZUKRRUF ~~ CR. l-.. Commentary: The argument against the plea of arcestral beliefs put forward by disbelievers is further developed in the present verse. 3659. Nay..~.\.:jj~i. he succeeded him. but 1 allowed them and their fathers temporary enjoyment until there came to them the truth and a Messenger who makes his Message clear.. " ~ ~ @~~~$~JcwtUf.J '" '-.. ~'''.. .--jj~ means ... It purports to say that if they are sincere in saying that they follow the beliefs and customs of their forefathers. then at least follow Abraham...:. ''' @~ 1'26 : 29.3659 ~~ ~t~. And remember when CtAbraham said to his father and his people: 'I definitely disown what you worship.. The real reason for their rejecting the Holy Prophet is that they possess worldly wealth and material means which have made them proud and arrogant. Important Words: ..3 27. progeny..~~ "'(. J . 2367 ..3660 30..'''' .' 29. It appears to say to them. They say .'. the great progenitor of the Arabs.. '" ". his sons._." heel' so n' .. as though at his heels.. who was such a firm believer in Divine Unity and who preached it to his posterity with such sincerity and persistence that this belief came to stay among them for a long time.. the Patriarch Abraham. .. "'" .e.. J"-""" ~-' a6 : 79 .). 3661 " " \ ~"'''. . 60 : 5. 'Except Him bWho created me. t '"'''''''' ~ --->~I$'>--->\J .. ""/" c:-.PT. what follows immediately. posterity. ".~"'t::' ~~r-:.JJ~~ tj~ J. Commentary: This verse further says that the plea of following ancestral beliefs on the part of disbelievers is only a pretext.". M -. 366I. "If you do not accept the Message of Islam because by so doing you have to renounce the beliefs of your forefathers. 09'-~~~~P~JJt~ -" .I -. 28. )f .. r~ w " "Y <3~-..F. Commentary: By citing the example of Abraham. he came after him. . . then they should also follow the example of their ancestor. t..

I. t\J.. "" /.P~f1" ~. ". 3663..43 ~ ... ~. Material wealth.~ '-'-JI' .. Apart from this. The verse means to say that the possession of wealth and material means have made disbelievers so conceited and oblivious of spiritual values that they have the audacity to say.. Difference in wealth."" ~ ~ Q'" . these things have no intrinsic worth. 1&1 9 .! ~ .. But when the truth came to them they said.Pw". Commentary: The verse answers the objection of disbelievers that God should have selected some "great man" for the great responsibility of conveying His Message to mankind. power and influence are trash compared to the great spiritual wealth which the Holy Prophet possesses. .. Is it they who would distribute the mercy of thy Lord? It is We Who distribute among them their livelihood in the present life.#~. ~~~. ~~~.P 1. . .". PT. It purports to say that what they call greatness carries no weight in the sight of God."" r~~~. ."".. "Why could not God find a better and more influential and high-placed man in society and entrust him with the great task of preaching His Message than this man (the Holy Prophet). And the mercy of thy Lord is better than that which they amass..-:.!J"''''\'i~ ~C>~ fj''''~I..!J:1 "" "" "" t~J-?)JJJ !9(.. or the privilege of deciding who is deserving of it and who not? 2368 ..3663 a27 : 14. ~-' \. [~''''~. @6J~ \!"" '"' '" ~)H~~~~~t ~Nf1"":1 III . 25 r~ 31.. "--:'''''l~~//r/?~H.~".JWllf ...~f1"" .. And they say. so that some of them may make others subservient to themselves." :1 .. ~~... and we do reject it./. ''''''' ~~ {~6' . and We exalt some of them above others III degrees of rank.ib t~h...J~. AL-ZUKHRUF ~-~.\n of the two towns ?'3662 33. they only tend to turn men away from God.. .~"III . @~ ~-. '[~.~~~". ".CH. They were two important centres of Arab social and political life in the Holy Prophet's time.." The word "two towns" are generally understood to mean Mecca and Tai'f.. human society would have gone to pieces.2-::-""~~..... The verse also administers a severe rebuke to disbelievers asking them: Since when have they arrogated to themselves the role of being the distributors of God's grace and mercy.... 9'- t. (t'This is magic... power and status among men is in agreement with the Creator's own plan. S:. """:> "" c>~~1Z"".' 32.... 'Why has not this Qur' an been sent to some great m(. But for this difference.J~ J""..-. Commentary: A ~ t~ ~""~~ (j~ <. 3662..J .."..~ . ~..~.'''' "...~~ ~ -: b.J~.~1"4 . I.-.IY"'" ".\.-j /..-:.

bAnd surely they hinder them from the way of God. i. "..J~Jt! '. (lAnd he who turns away from the remembrance of the Gracious God. ~ -' 1.~..' -. 3'-: ..'1. 3664. roofs of silver for their houses..t 'I I . ~ Y. . ...~~ .& u~. 25 AL-ZUKHRUF CH.. who becomes his companion. --:" . -:'. everlasting..~ ~ 0 ~7 J .. :~ f ~~~. Vle would have given to those who disbelieve in the Gracious God. 20 : 101. Important Words: (turns away) is derived from . And doors of silver to their houses.. ? w\~~:... ~ u" 2369 . having doors and stairways of silver.. ~} . And the Hereafter with thy Lord is for the righteous. -::II ..~ 0 :> 7 t~ f~(~II.... all men would have become of one type and human society would have ceased to function. ~ ~~ t9. 36. 72 : 18. We appoint for him a satan.. But all that is nothing but a temporary provision of the present life.PT.b/. whose blessings will know no limitation or diminution is only for the righteous and God-fearing. .'Jt~ and L>~! u~ l'::'..!)j"'"'-' ~t . \'.l~.'I" r:"J'?!. turned away from him. .:.... ..9 ~ t g-'"~-.. ~ u">' . and couches of silver.. because these things possess no worth or value in His sight or at the most are a temporary embellishment of this worldly life which itself is of very short duration.3665 ~ rv d .Jj ~ -..~ ~ '? @C).. 43 34. 102... 10. t?.. 'U~~Y~3~~~) "'''' (.nt" 't' ~... ""w\L. (1) and he who turns away from the admonition of the Gracious God... ~ w~"~tt ~..r~ f :t ~ ~~t.9 ~.» . 'J : .1I/> u'" The verse purports to say that were it not that by the obliteration of disparity of means. 'l4t u-~t~WC)1~. 48 : 26. God would have provided all disbelievers with houses made of silver. but they think that they are rightly guided . ..~ f .. t r~ " . .. on which they could recline.': tt ).".. means. 22 : 26. he did see by night or by day.. !~ .~.. ~~ . ~~. t. and silver stairways by which they could go up. 38. and would have given them couches of silver on which to recline and other ornaments of gold. A. . And ornaments of gold.. @d r--? j.? ~ .J~S~"lt" .~.. -- . wealth and position. ~d~ "U~ .~j. 3665. 35.)~C)"-'~y. 3664 ~~ -.. t....~JJI .. (2) and such as is blind to the admonition of the Gracious Goo: (3) and such as feigns or pretends blindness (Lane & Aqrab)..::~j . he or became blind or weak-sighted. -::110""''' ~ >' <6>~~. ~~ 4 37. .- ~~ .. And were it not that all mankind would nave become one type of people.~'~ "~~ ~ ~~~ ~... means. .. ~~-'-' . 16 : 89. Commentary: .-- .-' @C)--'~ al8 : WI... But the life eternal and l~ was not he therefore would mean..J~ ~ .J b8 : 35.9 0 .9~t~-: .

'" ? .. ut~\L~1 ::.'-:1\ ~ ~.7"'" "'-:~~t .j"\... Commentary: The fact that both the accomplices are equal partners in a crime and. ~C)--'''~' I"'.. " . like several other verses of the Qur'an.5~-'I. ""'..7\t~ "'''' 5d-:>-..''''It ' )"'~~ ~ ~ ""'-::'~. 'Would that between me and thee wele the distance of the East and the West!' What an evil companion is he! 3666 40. for you have acted wrongfully. The expression 0~. We shall nevertheless exact retri bution from them.. 25 39.- AL-ZUKHRUF 7 '::\/.J.." and ears to the message of truth.':.1~'" ~u\ 7' @~~[. . "Canst thou.. \£\j Ut. nuke the deaf hear.. The present verse warns those who turn away from God and are blind to Divine admonition that they would fall a victim to the snares of Satan and would consequently come to grief.. . PT. they sink deeper into sin till they are completely lost.. " 4 . 42...:)O~-'c.j w" G ~ " '" a3 : 31.J .CH.-' I". can be of no use or benefit to either of them because it lessens neither their individual responsibility nor the punishment which each of them incurs and suffers. ~_. Commentary: In the preceding verse it was stated that worldly wealth and m'1terial gains are mere trash that turn men away from God..I~W. .. 3668.'" !~ '" .. b'And the fact that you ale partners in punishment will not profit you this day.~~ . II'\JuQ . 2370 . are equal sharers in punishment. then.-. or guide the blind and him who is in manifest error ?3668 '" ~~ . :78..~. ~ . Commentary: 3667. 3668A. [7.rOo) t '>'''-1 literally means "distance of two Easts" has been appropriately translated as "distance of the East and the West. shows that Divine punishment was to Come upon the disbelievers after the Holy Prophet had departed from among them.' 3667 41. Commentary: eyes When disbelievers deliberately shut their When man is confronted with the evil consequences of his wicked deeds. ~ JI.'" . )' ~-:.~.. . ". )1 (.:'" .43 -------------_.40 clO : 43. dAnd if We take thee away. J » '\ ~..l At.s- . dl3 :41. '" "'''..' ""'I "'[:: f-::' r/"'" \3\.\.~ {I t ' t. Commentary: This verse. . ~ "'? I .'" c.. " /:.s-> ~ .._-- b37 : 34. 7'" ' .~ "". Till. he says to his companion.>\-' ~ . . he seeks to avoid and shun his erstwhile companions as if he never which knew them. 3666.i). and so it came to pass. ICwhen such a one comes to Us. therefore..-.-().3668A -~------ .. '" C=Lv.:~7~~ tt. j' " ..J </(' @C)~~ . 27 : 81.". " I....

.. . for surely We have complete power over them. 'I am truly a Messenger of. 0 ".).~ ~.)~~ J '~C..')'" . and the time will soon come when people will enquire about their doings and will seek and get guidance from their precepts .23 3669.. and he said. 'Did We appoint any deities besides the Gracious God.-.. -:-\~/ 9 '" 43.:"'. 'N CH. @f'7 ~))~\:::-'U~~u.r". nit is a source of eminence for thee and for thy people.)~ '. Or aWe shall show thee that which We have promised them.? (. So bhold thou fast to that which has been revealed to thee. in all ages.40 :24. a study of the story of the greatest Israelite Prophet.-' -'I. d And ask those of Our Messengers whom We sent before thee. but will continue to appear after his death. 3672. lI)l : 97. 25 AL-ZUKHRUF ~~~ ~. Commentary: The verse indicates that in order to establish the truth of Islam. 3671. And. the Lord of the worlds. to be worshipped 1'3671 5 47.'Jct::'". the verse purports to say that through the Qur'an the Holy Prophet and his followers will acquire great eminence and honour. 1 '~\~.7 9 z.. 40 : 78. "".o ~. truly. Commentary: The verse means to say that study of the n2l : II.( .J::'''' 0 / d~-' i~?. appeared not only in the Holy Prophet's own life-time. '" "".- .. and you. 45.?''''. has been enjoined for the purpose of showing that he laid the greatest emphasis on Divine Unity.:. 3669 44. ."I::'-~. (':: ./' ". And eWe did send Moses with Our Signs to Pharaoh and his chiefs. Moses. I / t..:t.J):' meaning eminence (Lane)..~I~j'9). Heavenly Signs...t a ~ ~ "'7"".. 3670 @~/\~/ij~~~''ft~cl1r.. : 46. Commentary: The word . Commentary: In the immediately preceding verse it was mentioned that the basic teaching of all Divine Messengers was the Unity of God..PT. ~\ j. There is not to be found in their teachings the faintest support of polytheism or remotest reference to it.) 4" J \ \!.- ~~"""''''~. ~\"" ". 38 : 2.43 ~ :u. ')~~~ ~II'-. el21 : 26. will be inquired about. for thou art on the right path.and example.' 3672 ~~~? . J .!l I" q.. 2371 . 13 : 41.n"... 3670. I-!..('~ :/.Aj... 46. J '..-'l>~\ ~j Jt ~ I"" L£~1~~1'" (i~\ &~~ ~~ f~ "1':'''''' 7"'" "" ~ . OIl: 113. 0. //.~..w..Y~ "" "" alO : 47. ~~...~\ ill 12' ':'... . ~ ~ ~ y'--. In this and the following verses. lives of all Divine Messengers reveals the fact that they all taught and preached Unity of God and directed all their efforts to its establishment in the world.<6>C)-. . 14: 6.

I united the 2372 .CH.. -' @ 't ~~~ " t~lYI&. . .. "'\. then we will surely foJIow Buidance. I .~ f (sister) is the feminine of t!..-~.)uJ If-:'. \ "'" "''. ".. .' .~ \> ..t~ ...-. 3674.9' \. a friend or a com- . But every time they broke their plighted word till the cup of their iniquities became full and they could no longer avert Divine punishment by such subterfuges. the punishment from them. means. they begged Moses to pray to God to remove it and promised that jf He removed it they would believe in him.I( (ii. .J t ....43 AL~ZUKHRUF . '0 thou magician.. a brother.. '0 my people! does not the kingdom of Egypt belong to me and these streams flowing under me? Do you not then see? ~~d '" .""r."' t!~. exciting laughter and inviting jokes and jeers from them.4 @ \.'9" "'. 3673 49. ..:)~~ \:. 9"""''' :'=~'?'.... 7 ".... ". he fraternised with him.9:T.~ w 50.:. "" " @I..::'I"" .tI. . saying. that they might turn to US. and We seized them with punishment. . J \"... means.. acted with him in a brotherly manner. .:.o':::?..) .. according to the covenant He has made with thee that 1f He avert this evil from us. ol~T (akhZihu) means. And We showed them no Sign but it was greater than its preceding sister Sign..!) ~\.t~l=:U:((:J.. apray for us to thy Lord.1".c.. 23 : 76. Commentary: b7 : 136. 3675. and ." ~ .Jj) \..'JI 0d ~:~ t means.l(. a companion.. The consequence was that they were drowned in the sea. panion to him. Their beginning is So humble and their circumstances so poor that their prophecies about the great and bright future of their followers appear only to be wild talk to their people. 3673.' -. Whenever they found Divine punishment actuall) overtaking them. . (q. he became a brother.....~:~"r.. or associate or a fellow.. \~""'1r :'.''''' ~~t ~ ~ ~k~~I:J. '" 79'" r.~' .. behold! they broke their word..'" \~d~"y:~UI~v " -r. But when he came to them with Our Signs.1 i. But bwhen We removed.UI r .. :o: 1 ""'~tr~~~ ""'f~d. lo! they laughed at them.:. Important Words: They say 01.<J I ~ PT. two things...).. ".Jr-::. The Bible is fun of instances of the repeated breach of promise by Pharaoh and his people.)~~I61r'¥~~.. And they said.:r"':".JI"'t-''''. .".9..~ a7 : 135. 25 !(/ ~ 48.~~. ~ ~:. Commentary: ti All Prophets and Divine Messengers have always been held up to scorn and scoffed and mocked at.~.:J-.. a sister (Lane & Aqrab). ~ ".y-:. 0~~':.e. a friend.3674 @o~ ::"I~'~~ . ~ I"'~ ~\:)~~lS.)~ j..3675 52...~~~.r".7. And Pharaoh proclaimed among his people..:. L.."'...' 51.

.:J)~ . I. a6 : 9."... Important Words: t.i (asifa). 'And why have not bracelets of gold been bestowed on him.. he turned him away from it. aorist ~""'= (ya$iddo) means. t..h}'f\:r.. he cried (Aqrab). '. Not only has it not comdemned him but has 2373 ..I. it has made an exception..> 6V. he angered him.'"'" .~~. 7'. I am better than '\'l. "'. :' tw '.:)... ?w}"... 3678. 25 ------ AL-ZUKHRUF 'Nay. when they angered Us..:~~'J. They say A. I -' r~'.3678 ~"'.:Jtj.~~yA I.:-cr- yb.. 'tct£. Thus did he make light of his people. Important Words: .. 43 : 26.. 11 : 13...... lo! thy people raise a clamour thereat . ~"'. ....-:.1 condemns idolatry in very strong terms.. They say I. and they obeyed him. ~.. ""'t.:.HIWb~~ r-:'" (. @~ . 0 '" 6 6! ~ .PT. "'9~ .~ . as already . 3677.-b'''' t~j ""-"J "7 .~. 43 this lellow who is despicable and can 'scarcely express himself clearly.'''':J''':J9'7'''7'' r-:(.. 25 : 8. he raised a clamour.. is the Unity of God. So.- 54....7 "..e.40 : 46.:J/ CH..~ ". he grieved in the case of Jesus who is also worshipped as him..t ".. The Sura intensely over it.~\J:)"'''''''-'O~~". 56. Commentary: /.U~ (raise a clamour) is derived from ~. and an example for the coming generations. he made him to grieve or lament (Lane & God by Christians.t . 3676. .e.JJ.~ 1-: I . o~"'" aorist ~~ (ya$uddo) i. Pharaoh met Moses's invitation to accept his Message by telling his people that being a mighty monarch he was infinitely more deserving of their allegiance than a despicable man like Moses who could not properly express himself.i i.7' t~~~\ t... Indeed they were a wicked people. ~ )j. ~'9~" ~ " t -::~~)"r~ ~~t6£f.:Y. bWe exacted retribution from them. Commentary: The main theme of this Sura....T (they angered Us) is derived from he hindered him from such a thing. he grieved mentioned.. .~ .:."''' ". But (asafahu) means.j .. JA. 3677 57... Aqrab ). 58.->~~. And when the son of Mary is mentioned as an instance.. A..9 .~ "':>(.. )~~-'~v. . :" ~~ ~~~"':' '" f~1 t ~~t ~ '''' @d~~~j .. he was angry with him... 3676 53.~ l:::J -' "''' " " '" "w '" @)I.. '" j . . ~.. Q 9:.w f..)~ I @~1k . .).a. And We made them a precedent..) 0C. or aangels accompanied him in serried ranks ?' 55. ~~Y"'".:l.'l . and drowned them all.w ~"n w.t/(: J} "'..""".tj.

The verse may thus be taken as referring to the Second Coming of Jesus. the The verse gives the reason why Jesus has not been included among the false gods of the idolaters and has been spared the denunciation and condemnation to which they have been subjected The reason is that he was a righteous servant 01 God and a model of virtue and piety upon whom God had bestowed His blessings. 2374 .J ~ . ~ 6J~~~~ ~.) ~ ~~ ~ ~ i~ d. r.) Y .. 3679 61. men..~l.." . .:w. but they are a contentious people. And they say.~ (..J. ~ ~"" ..?\". like.. they. ~. '" "7' ':J'" 6D~~ a3 : 50 .. The word 9-:..:)~ ..) ~ .. L" '" -' ~ ~ ~~ '\It.~ ..:~~... J. Commentary: The verse means to say that God could. may also signify that when the people of the Holy Prophet-the Muslims-are told that another person who would be like Jesus and would be his counterpart would be raised from among them to regenerate them and restore their lost spiritual glory. equal to another (6 : 39). ~". which bl7 : 66 . besides the meaning given in the text. but angels could not serve as an example and mode for men. \.. 60. The exception made in case of Jesus needed some explanation.". 36RO. 25 : 22-23. /. The verse under comment refers to this mortification of the Quraish. 59.C ".)'" ". send down angels on earth whc would have conveyed the Divine Message. ... "'. the verse. The explanation is given in the verses that follow.9 'CJ(. if He had so willed.6-::..r:."~~'" ?':'. Nay. t6cI' '" -'. "We could make from among you angels in the earth to be successors therein. or he?' They mention not this to thee but for the sake of disputation. PT. '" . 3679.! :\ .:)". has taken place in the person Promised Messiah. 1his invidious distinction (as it appeared to the Quraish of Mecca) between Jesus and their idols cut them to the quick. instead of being glad over this good tidings. actually mentioned his name with great respect.J l. raise a clamour.' 7"'7 .. 61 : 7. 25 9 /. aon whom We bestowed Our favour. God had always commissione{ men to convey His will to.\ u.CH. 'Are our gods better. 3680 ~~:JJ~~~~ ~~ ft # ~~~.. 43 AL-ZUKHRUF . therefore.J~' . .. signifying anything similar. and We made him an example for the Children of Israel.. and to serve a~ model and pattern for. Commentary: of Al:tmad. And if We so willed.. He was only Our servant.

. And let not Satan hinder you.j.9 ... d"(j~ .. ~. <.. t ". . It was in this sense that Jesus was a "sign of the Hour..i I be taken "! to refer to the Qur'an.J :=.> ' ~ ~ .ignify that Jesus was the last Prophet of the House of Israel.).. they had forfeited the Divine blessing of prophethood and.~. in the expression 0\. He said to his people: Therefore I say unto you. . the kingdom The reference in the verse is to the Second Coming of Jesus. -:~ "J '" \... .1':".. ". and the pronoun. 64..~a. . '" @>9~~.b~I~ .~ ~.. no Prophet would henceforth spring from the loins of a J ~wi. It also constituted a warning to the Jews that by their persistent rejection of truth and opposition to Heavenly Messengers. f9 Q \1v~ -~ -'~' 191' -tt.. 2375 .." Jesus himself realised this. as some Com~entators have done..~ ~ ~ z. If the pronoun.J . I may refer to Jesus. And when Jesus came with clear proofs. he was a sign of the Hour. ~r t~ ~~" "". ... have been mentioned specifically or by implication in the Qur'an. 3682 c)~~. His fatherless birth symbolised the total spiritual sterility of the Israelite people. . 25 AL-ZUKHRUF CH. h father." @ 'fr ~ .. .. Commentary: The 'hour' here may denote the time of the end of Mosaic Dispensation and of the rise of a new SharI'at. in the expression o\..\ /-. . So fear Allah and obey me. a sign that the Israelites are about to be deprived of the Divine gift of prophethood and that another Dispensation-Islamic Dispensation-will now take the place of Mosaic Dispensation. ~ ti'J .. ~ "'(~ rj. the verse would mean that the Qur'an is "a sign of the Hour" i.{~A"[8J' ~.... Or the verse may signify that all the great calamities and catastrophes that will overwhelm the world...~:. 43 9"~""" ~.e. or the great changes that will take place in future. 3681...PT. \' "'.'t ~.'-" ~. ~. I am come to you with wisdom...I . 0. But verily. ~ tJII1 ~ 62. and to make clear to you some of that about which you differ.:&'~~ of God shall be taken away from you and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof (Matt.. (" 'l: j ~ \ ~-.. d.. ~~ ':' .9~ -.. 'Truly.. 3682. Surely... .. he said.J . - . " r~:'" \:4J-' ' .~ '''''' :.. See also 3 : 50. So have no doubt about it.:.T-~ 1.:J.~ (Sw -:""'~I" ~ ~. he is to you an open enemy. 3681 63. . 21 : 43).. . but follow me. Commentary: a3 : 51. This is the right path. therefore... The verse may thus ....9"' ~ "/.~ 0.

JI'" .. . 25 65. -:' I~~ r-: "'''~ ~ 66..~~~ :1'''''' while they perceive it not.~' u wo ' ~ . d5 : 56.:J \ ... C]O ~.. there is "no fear for you this day. 3685. UJD -' ~ r::>.43 AL-ZUKHRUF PT.... '...... ]9 : 37. -:-'~ i~ .. 67. 80 : 35-38.-. 7. ~-''''' t ~ .b~~\~J. Friends foes to one righteous. ". 47 : ]9. See 70 : 11-15. t " '.s-:..j :0--" ~1 ~:9\.. 39 : 62.. 3686. So worship Him." ... '0 My servants.. 'Verily /JAllah-He is my Lord and your Lord.~. \ : 51. 3683...i.:J @~."" .t t::"::.s-l ~ ~ ~ \ . To them God will say. ~". Friends desert each o. 3684 68. \. 5 : 73 . 3686 a3 : 52 . J "~"':1 -:''.. "]0 : 63.... &. 3685 J~~~ ..>~f'. by rejecting the Holy Prophet.." ~ \!7 (.Y~ .:) ... (. ~ .. are inviting the hour of punishment to come suddenly upon them. ~ ... b]9 : 38... ~..".::~ t.. @-~t .."'-'T~ .. ~'::.r'-=J "TI :1"''''' . ~ .~~. .. '" . . ]2:108. L 7 69.. ]9: 97. "'t 0 9."" .. 3684.~ on that day will be another. U-' IO~W'~"U '.~. .. But bthe parties differed among themselves...\\ \. "'~ \'!JX:. " ...\ ~ ~~... CThey wait not but for the Hour to come suddenly upon them.' 3683 b]>'9~ ZS~ . Commentary: In the hour of distress an friendships are forgotten.. ~I.CH. dexcept the .---. ~~ . . "I ~ ""'~t::1....~ ...(j..''' :1~(~ /("P ". .UJ ~ ".~ (. f.. .:. So woe to the wrongdoers because of tbe punishment of a grievous day.:'~I otC\Q..."" '" t !. . .~.." .~ ~ ~ r~." This is the right path.. r. Commentary: The verse refers to the original theme of the Sura and means to say that disbelievers.7.j.. nor shall you grieve. Elsewhere the Qur'an gives a graphic description of the pitiable condition of sinners when they are confronted with the evil consequences of their wicked deeds. 22 : 56. .---.""':. Thereason is that Jesus caned men to the worship of God who was his Lord and the Lord of all the worlds and that he never claimed Divinity for himself.'-' ~ J -' 4.11'" ~ a. .' /('. . Commentary: This verse constitutes another and a very clear proof why Jesus has been excepted from the denunciation referred to in verse 58 above.her. f.J1~..... fo . Commentary : In the hour of decision the righteous servants of God do not regret their past actions nor do they have any anxiety for the future.~ .'~~~. ~ 2376 . even turn into enemies.u' CJ..

.t. ....r".'....t _:. he treated him with honour or with extraordinary honour.. G'Therein for you is fruit in abundance. ~""~"'/ (:.~t ~t ~~t '"""" . a30 : 16.-.. Commentary: 3687. . ~ "" .. .>t means.e.J ~ . 19 : 64. 55 : 53."I \ . in will you abide. 40 : 50-51. a'Enter ye the Garden. 52 : 18-20.')t.".~~ ~~t " /.-" ""'" ''' ~ \..''''''''''' ".-:~rJr~ .". and therein will be all that the souls desire and in which the eyes delight....43 70. """" "'~'''' ~ ..r\) ~ 1 "~~... he made the thing beautiful or adorned it or it and made it plain.J ... @C»):#~!.."'?:':.'I~:'''.. !>' -' . ~~ '='.29f. 20 : 75. J.~"'.:.0 . ~J-' 't (S... 0" . honoured and happy.'3687 72....ft"" U\b. . 3689 77. 74.> embellished . 77 : 43..--...) ~ '? .J .> ~y.:.>f i.)-' ~ '" ~ '-:. / """'?""Y' t"""''''''''. ". but it was they themselves who were the wrongdoers.. . 1'. 12 : 87. . '! A '_0 " C!J(:')~~~-.-' '" b56 : 19. . he or it made him happy... 9. C".75-79).l1. c . 76.r. of which you will eat. ""!1t e ~~ (1 . 3689. the terrible agony of the sinful and the guilty is described in the next few verses (vv. c7 : 44 .b @ ~".~ ~ w '? '? .. fIt will not be mitigated for them...~) "'~...r\ ~ (~:. What a beautiful description of the "Garden" which the righteous servants of God will inherit..I.9'''' . .-'t" v: l. ... ". To them will be passed round bdishes of gold and cups. 3688 73. means. '7: 41.> and ~y.. and they will be seized therein with despair.. They say \$:1J' y. . he made him to enjoy a state of ease and plenty. r -' r". Important Words: ~. 76 : 16.'" . I r"'.".n"'.ttI. d52 : 23.:.. ~) ~Iu. As contrasted with this blissful condition of the God-fearing.! ~t ~ @C>~~~~~~l¥~~.. 'You who believed in Our Signs and submitted.. 25 AL-ZUKHRUF CH. J. eThe guilty will certainly abide in the punishment of Hell. ..' 75. 71..)~ (you will be honoured and made happy) is derived from y. you and your wives..J.. the herbage of the earth grew large or plentiful (Lane & Aqrab).J1 ."ttjJj"'.-. .~' 9 ~. ...." . 3688.. 2377 .PT.J. (3 ~... '{...O'a ~~ \._\ ~it'..J . ~'\'~~i:\~ .. "t ~'. Important Words: For.oU~ t.-' '" ". see 5: 20 and for 0-.~.~~~ tRI.~.r'" . @d)~ . 'W/~L ' .! t~ ?. And We wronged them not. 'And Cthis is the Garden to which you have been made heirs because of what you did...2: 35. 'And theret: .. !(( e~t . :"...

>worshipped God most and have served ~'abida).. with him.e.. literally meaning master.. Do they think that We hear not their secr..~' . 3592. 'You must remain here.-: ~r~~ ":"-1'. 82. . G(..Jw. Commentary: b2 : 117.~ were averse to the truth..~ ."/ ~ L-". 3690...'''' ..f. I am most participle from . ) '" ..9 '9r'r~ ~ ".. 17 : 112.-- PT. but most of you ~~ "''' ~\J~~"~~~~. While on the one hand disbelievers are leaving no stone unturned to bring to naught (a) ]f the Gracious God had a son.. Commentary: 3691. ' 80.J-:~ ('abada) which means.....-:~given above. being God's most other the Almighty has decreed that it shall obedient and faithful servant. he repented and blamed himself (0! meaning "not") and I am the first 2378 .43 AL-ZUKHRUF --~---.A\~.J~~~~ .:. he denied. the verse may have one of the following interpretations: end in failure.". he entitled to this position because I have worshipped. It is also derived from J. 10 : 69.J -. he was covetous (Lane..' " J""'r~r~~"''' ". God will say: 'We certainly brought you the truth.!l~ which is active God should have a son... ~!~ d.'''\. They say o!.. 25 78.. Commentary: The verse means to say that the plans and In view of the different meanings of the word plots of disbelievers against Islam are doomed to J.. /) '" of worshIppers. he disdained (c) The Gracious God certainly has no son or scorned. 0 ~)-' . Important Words: (b) If it could be possible that the Gracious 0~ J.' 3692 .. he was angry Him most. b'If the Gracious a son. .. 19 : 89. . I would have been God had the first ~J..CH..Y.) . . he mourned.:"'''' ~-1r . grieved or was sorrowful. . for having been remiss..'("'.. Aqrab & Mufradat).:. i. is generally considered to be the angel in charge of Hell.. @cr:~'Jj' u~. Have they determined upon a course? Then We too are determined.rj-f>'..' 9 I~~'" .J-:$.". 1 would the endeavours of the Holy Prophet and his have been the first to worship him followers to preach and spread Islam. on the (the son) because.. 3691 @\:)~. a50 : 19.I-:~('abida) also means.l1 '~~:.n ~t~.~~-'~~~y\:) ~~~t t7A ~\:.:l~..11~ is the plural of J." . 18 : 5.ets and their private counsels? Yea! a And Our messengers remain with them recording everything.. And they will cry: '0 Malik! let thy Lord have done with us. 5:Jl.' He will say. Say. f5"'..'3690 79. I would grow and prosper in the teeth of determined not have been remiss in my duty to opposition.. "''''' "'r-:: ""~(l ~ :i'" J .'~\ ...fwJ-'~~CJ\) ~1U:. him (the son). 82 : 11-12.... ':'1 .. disackoow]edged or disallowed.i~ r:. ..)y:t~ 6~ t.'~' 81.

. 7 : 159.. (b) He is the Lord of the Throne. r .~ .."'J.' '" I' .~ . attribute to Him. 3693 84. Commentary: The reference in the words "who bears witness to the truth" seems to be to the Holy Prophet.... 25 --~- AL-ZUKHRUF ~~---~--~~ CH. .y '-:~ '9 .J~ Q . CJ nd they know him.. 3695 .e. 52 : 46 : 70 : 43.. So <tleave them c:tlone to indulge in vain discourse and to amuse themselves until they meet that Day of theirs which they have been promised.o ~~t \ ~ I~~~~' 1"'~.". The possession of these attributes by God fully 2379 . <sJJI. wit- (d) The Gracious God has no son and I am the first disdainful denier of the assertion that He has one..J~~~-' . and to Him shall you be /. ~\..tI~ ~J~' ~$...'" 1 a23 : 55...'. 24 : 36). And dthose on whom they call beside Him possess no power of intercession but he who bears witness to the truth.. u:.) I signifying nesses). 3695. 3694 87. .~''''r-::. and He is the Wise. ~ Jt.9...:~JI~t~ )~~j\:. 83...~V--. . "' '" u ~~~ . .J~~~ '~~~'~J ' @J.::J I i.t -.J . j." .. '. . the Lord of the heavens and the earth. 3694. and God on earth."". \. And bHe it is Who is God in heaven.zr'" ~~y~/--. ~.9' ~""t~~. ~6. ' -'J!. C2 : 108.. . "'r~ \ '" . Holy is Allah.. M -'~-*~...43 -------------------.~ .~~. b6 : 4.\.. .""-9".. Commentary: negatives the need of having a son. far above that which they ~~\~V'~.. I ''J'''. .. 3693. and with Him is the knowledge of the Hour. If God could create the whole universe and could govern and control it alone.j ~ \:) --' ~-':! 85."-r. And blessed is He Cto Whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them."~I~1.. . .J~t)9~1~)~ Q. Here God is said to possess the knowledge of the Hour but Jesus confessed his ignorance of it (Matt.j.~\\''''..:I/ \:)-"'~ ~~. the Lord of the Throne.~ .1~ "U..'l:~.PT.:)&./"".. @f. 57 : 6.1oG brought back.'" .D~ :. ~~-' .f)/'. The verse gives two very strong arguments to support the dcctrin~ of the Unity of God: (0) Allah is the Lord of the heavens and the earth.I". what need had He to have a son: See also 2: 117-118. Commentary: The words "and with Him is the knowledge of the Hour" embody another argument in repudiation of Jesus's "sonship"..' . ~) ~ e~ ~ .J..... the All-Knowing. . ~'" ~9 . to bear witness to this fact (the word u: '>'1l..~""!. ~ .)"d... .'I.?~ 'eJ <. :1.'L (". (l{9 : 88. -..

wi ~ . And aif thou ask them.1'. ~J /' '" I:.w~. e>t)~~." . turn aside from them. 'Allah. 3696.'n I -. .' How then are they being turned away? 89.. The Holy Prophet's grief over the denial by his people of the Message of Islam and their opposition to it was so deep and agonizing that it had almost killed him...1/"'" ".. j ~.:..'.CH. ~~-- Commentary: There could be no greater testimony to the Holy Prophet's solicitude and concern for the spiritual well-being of his people than the fact that God Himself should swear by it as He has done in this verse.. ".. 2380 . lG\ "'~ ~\:) .. In the words "say. Ie'/. """.9 ~ &. yet the time was fast approaching when his enemies would come under his power and Islam would spread all over Arabia and peace would reign throughout the land.". . and soon shall they know.. 39 : 39..P"""" . .' . When that time comes he should forgive his enemies and give them security.7 ~ ~Q. t '" \.. Commentary: 3697. 'Peace' " the Holy Prophet is consoled and comforted that though hy is now being opposed and persecuted.> oA "" 'w~:Jf ~ '" . J ... Therefore. . . '0 my Lord! bthese are a people who will not believe. 88. \j 'W '... '~'f~ a29 : 62.U~~UWI)~~~ b84 : 21.43 AL-ZUKHRUF ':' . 25 ~-. 1 swear by his repeated cry. .~~.'3696 90. 31 : 26. 'WI10 created them?' they will surely say. and say. "\'. (. --~ '-:''''~ 1..1\ ". 3697 ..... This prophecy was fulfilled at the Fall of Mecca when the Holy Prophet forgave his enemies with a magnanimity which has no parallel in history. '" e~. The Qur'an feelingly testifies to the Holy Prophet's grief in the words: So haply thou wilt grieve thyself to death for sorrow after them if they believe not in this discourse (18: 7)./1 1'1"'.:"" .Peace' . ~~~ 01 9). ~ t !1"''''''' \ PT.

the Lord of all Honour and Praise. that when mankind gropes in the Cimmerian darkness of moral turpitude. But. the Prophet was told to overlook their faults and invoke God's mercy on them. Noldeke assigns its revelation to the sixth or seventh year of the Call. Like its predecessors it opens with the su~ject of revelation of the Qur'an. though in a different form and context.CHAPTER AL-DUKHAN 44 (Revealed before HUra) Introductory Remarks This is decidedly a Meccan Sura. It will lead people to the right path. which nevertheles8 is blessed. alas! 2381 . and that it has been revealed in a period of spiritual darkness. II. for thus his prayer would draw Divine grace and would make them realise their mistake and listen to him. In the present Sura we are told that the Qur'an which fully explains the truths and realities of life has been revealed by God. Connection with the Preceding Sura In its closing verses the previous Sura had made a pathetic reference to the agonised outpourings of the Holy Prophet's lacerated heart. and takes its name fr0111 v. God has raised the Holy Prophet to give new life to a spiritually dead world. He has now sent the Holy Prophet that he might reclaim mankind from sin and eviL Summary The Sura is the fifth of the I:Ia Mim group. that in spite of his best efforts his Message had failed to evoke adequate response in his people. In answer to his cries of agony. and now that moral need of humanity was the greatest and spiritual darkness was most intense and overwhelming. All authorities including Ibn 'Abbas and lbn Zubair agree on this point." In it the foundations of man's moral and spiritual future have been laid for all time to come. God raises a Messenger to guide and reform them. This dark period in which the Holy Prophet has made his appearance has been called the blessed night. The advent of the Holy Prophet is indeed a great mercy of God. and humanity is stuck fast in the quagmire of moral turpitude. God has raised the greatest of His Messengers and has given him the last and most perfect Law -the Qur'an. The revelation of the Qur'an is in accordance with the invariable practice and unalterable decree of God. humanity's "Night of Destiny. It has 60 verses including Bismil!ah. God raises a Messenger and gives him a new Message to reclaim and regenerate the world. It commences with the theme that whenever darkness enshrouds the face of the earth. Prophets of God had been appearing at such decadent times. It belongs to the Middle Meccan period.

The Ho]y Prophet is told to wait till as a punishment for their sins his people are visited with a severe famine which will overwhelm Mecca and the surrounding country. the Sura says. and noble places and the comforts wherein they took delight. that God has not created between them. They will be seized and dragged into the blazing fire of Hell and boiling water will be poured on their heads. The former will be given the tree of Zaqqum to eat which. On the other hand. doubt and deny his Message and oppose him. they will meet with no better fate than that which overtook the opponents of the Prophets of yore. they persisted in rejecting the Divine Messenger." They were made to give up all these things of which another people took possession. morally and spiritually. The be-all and be merry. They reject their teachings and oppose and persecute them. when those who reject them make themselves the object of God's wrath and those who give their allegiance to them deserve Divine favours and blessings. Pharaoh pursued the Israelites with his mighty hosts but was drowned in the sea. going over the dunes. Moses prayed to God to save him from Pharaoh and his cohorts. "How many were the gardens. They lead man to God. It is sends His Messengers to tbe world. The Prophet gives them new life after they are dead. most prominent among them b~ing Moses. and at last there comes the Day of Decision. The Sura then gives a pathetic description of the dreadful fate that overtook Pharaoh and his people.those for whose spiritual resurrection he has been raised. 2382 . in spite of the many Signs they have witnessed. Next. like molten copper will boil in their bellies. and will sit on thrones. The Sura proceeds to give a graphic description of the punishment that will be meted out to the sinful. facing each other. and the cornfields. Divine Messengers had appeared before him in the fulness of time. They are warned that if. This is how God brings about great transformation in the life of a people through a Prophet. Such was the terrible end to which Pharaoh and his people came. not only were the Israelites saved but God chose them for the bestowal of His special favours and blessings. who threatened to kill him. But the evil-minded men do not believe in them. He was commanded by God to leave Egypt with the Israelites in the stillness of night and cross the sea at a time when it wait calm. and they went to their doom in disgrace and ignominy. They will be given all sorts of fruits to eat and will enjoy the company of righteous and faithful consorts. the righteous will be made to live in places of honour and security amid gardens and springs. Life has a great mission." it says. The Sura goes on to say that the advent of the Ho]y Prophet is not a nove] phenomenon. and then in order to test their faith made them pass through severe trials and tribulations. and of the gifts that will be bestowed upon the righteous. who was raised to deliver the Israe]ites from servitude under Pharaoh. and yet these people-the Meccans-say that once they are dead they will not be raised to new life. drink and for the fulfilment of this great mission that God the heavens and the earth and all that is man came upon this earth. they will be seized with a severer affliction. in sport. And if they did not benefi t from this punishment and did not repent. They will be given raiments of silk to wear. "and the springs that they left behind. It is not for nothing that end-all of his existence is not to eat. As against this.

In fact, they will achieve the supreme object of their creation, i.e., God's love and pleasure. this they will get through the grace of God.


The Sura ends on the note that the principles and ideals of Islam havo bew taught in a most clear and convincing manner and yet if disbelievers refuse to accept the new Faith, let them wait till God gives His decision and the matter is settled.




PT. 25

1. aln
2. b1:la

name of Allah, the

~\,. "0::\,J. ~1~ .. ;';..)1~..>'
oj , l'



<D ~

:. -r:-\ @~

Mim.3699 this perspicuous Book.3700



't1: (f)~' ~t.J





it in a blessed

night. Truly, We have ever been warning against evil.3701 5. dIn it all wise things are decided 3702
6. By OUf own command.

0~)~lff'f~t ~'~ ~\",. ~~~~~"-, \:)..~ .." " -*" ~ q. "'-'Jy'Gt .. ,? J. \::J~
an : 2.


';' 11 !."7.'\.?~ t
tJ' u~.


We have ever been sending Messengers,
aS~~ 1 : 1.
1>4') : 2.


"~~tu ';,

? ,... ~~»-O ,~'1

d97 ; 5.

3698. Commentary: See 1 : 1. 3699. Commentary: See 40 : 2. 3700. Commentary: See 26 : 3 ; 27 : 2 and 28 : 3.
3701. Commentary: In this verse the Qur':in is stated to have been revealed in the blessed night which elsewhere is called )..IAJI :U::-I i.e. the "Night of Destiny" (97 : 2). According to authentic traditions of the Holy Prophet, the "Night of Destiny" fans in the last ten nights of Rama<;1an, the month in which the Qur'an began to be revealed (2 : 186), to be exact, on its 24th night (Musnad & Jadr). The blessed night, or the "Night of Destiny," is the Quranic metaphor for a period of time when spiritual darkness enshrouds the entire face of

the earth and mankind wallows in the quagmire of sin and iniquity. It is then that a Divine Reformer is raised to reclaim and regenerate corrupt humanity. The night which gave to humanity its greatest Teacher and the last and most perfect Divine Law, was indeed a "Night of Destiny" for it. The blessed night or the "Night of Destiny" may also be taken as covering the whole period in which the Qur'an continued to be revealed.

3702. Commentary: The "Night of Destiny" or the time of the advent of a great Divine Reformer heralds a new era, a new order of things, when, in fact, the future of humanity is decreed and decided. The time when the Qur'an was revealed was humanity's greatest "Night of Destinty," for it was then that the foundations were laid of man's destiny for all time to come.


PT. 25

"J p


7. As a mercy from thy Lord. Verily, He is the AU-Hearing, the All-Knowing,3703 8. aThe Lord of the heavens and the earth and aU that is between them if you would only have faith. 3704 ' 9. There is no God but He. bHe gives life and He causes death. He is your Lord, and tne Lord of your forefathers. 10. Yet they play about in doubt. 11. But watch thou for the day when the sky will bring forth a visible
~ "

G'? I~ft "... ~ft :'~\ III::: :>.. ~ yb~,,~..>.~~.J i-/ ~,n'" ...



.::J"~" oO)~' .. ~ ~ ~,~zr"""" ..-\.4 ~.. ~,~:"



11-.. 11"

'" \h.:.t..> 9

~ ~~I ~">-'~.J

...' G (.~ v~>" ..
...1.7:> 9,



"""" !c1.



~-'~~~, ..,..


",,9 -;. ~~\~


ri:\ "',' .9~i~~\ ~
\b~~~U .


,. ? 'J


f'h\/...l.~ \!!Jv_~ ~..~


' ~



.. r~ T I'-'" r"''::'\ d .. "':>'" l.:J\O.w'~ 1 ~ ;-.$~ ~~.








a 19 : 66: 37 : 6; 44 : 8; 78 : 38.

b7 : 159: 10 : 57; 57 : 3.

3703, Commentary: The advent of a Divine Reformer or of a new revelation is indeed a great mercy of God to mankind. It seems that a Prophet or a Divine Reformer comes in response to the agonised cries of the righteous men of the time that God might raise one who sh;:>uld call and lead erring humanity to the way of righteousness; and God does raise a Prophet or a Divine Reformer in the fulness of time. Being All-Knowing, He knows full well when the spiritual needs of mankind call for the appearance of a Prophet. 3704. Commentary:

The verse points to the object of the appearance of a Divine Reformer which is to call men to God, the Lord of the heavens and the eartb, Who gives life and causes death. 3705. Important

Commentary: The reference in the verse may be to the severe famine that overtook Mecca and lasted for several years till Abu-Sufyan, then a great leader of disbelief. came to the Holy Prophet and begged him to pray for deliverance from the scourge. The famine is said to have been so severe that the Meccans ate hides, bones and even dead bodies (Bukharl, Abwab al-Istisqa). The famine has been described by the word 01;..~ (smoke) because, as the tradition goes, the hunger was so severe that people felt a sort of smoke hanging before their eyes. Or the word may have been used because there was no rain for a long time in Mecca, and the whole atmosphere had become dusty, for 01;...) also means dust. The verse may also be taken as referring to the last two world wars in which towns and cities were burnt down to rubble and the smoke that rc~e from their ruins fined the whole atmosphere with smoke and dust. 2385


For 01;

(smoke) see 41 : 12.

remove from us the torment.. /. cWe shall remove the punishment for a little while. Commentary: According to reliable tradition the Holy Prophet prayed and the famine was removed.J'~. truly.\!.' -. Their present show of ..~L~. 13.~ (. And yet they turned away from him and said: 'He is btutored.k -..~~' r' .. . 43 : 51. ' @)c>~~.""':'" ~~. On seeing it the people will cry. 3706 15. they cry that if it is removed.('" "" J~. is only a temprorary phase. @(. they would repent and reform. but you wi1l certainly revert to disbelief 3707 17. 43 : 51. ~.~>'~ .>t~~~C)~Y:. On the day when We shall seize you with the great seizure. Commentary: The "great seizure" may refer to the defeat of the Quraish at the Battle of Badr or to the Fall of Mecca when all their glory departed and their pride was humbled in the dust. There has come to them a great Prophet. That will envelop the people. But the Quraish did not benefit by it and continued to oppose Islam.~ "~.~.. ':. ". we are believers.r~" !... ~ ~ ~~." ".> ~~~~) @~ ~ ~ t. 3706. 3708. The verse means to say that. How can they benefit by ". when there has already come tothem a Messenger.I .r~ \!.9~r"'. -' @~~ b15 : 7. ".u. ! :~ Ii'{"t .~. whose whole life lay before them like an open book.9~. Commentary: r?~:f.).. I . They came to the Holy Prophet (whom they had hounded out of Mecca only eight years before) begging for mercy. 68 : 52.9~79...9"'" (~ i6 ~_..' 14.. @d~ % . explaining things clearly.)'1". sincere. a man possessed l' 16.. now that the Meccans have been visited with Divine punishment.~ t ~u\~. and there came to them a noble Messenger...44 AL-DUKHAN ~--~~ PT..~\1t . you will know that We wi11 certainly exact retribution.CH.humility.)'''-'~~. 2386 .9. c7 : 136... ".~~.H': )Jrj.Y~ ' ~{ . ".~".'.7 ~ t9.' ~ :. 'to .-:. And We tried the people of Pharaoh before them. truthful and trusty. 3708 18.. a painful torment. however.:>-. 1.~ t'~:. a7 : 135.o~\1. Yet they rejected such a paragon of truth and righteousness.. They knew that he was honest.7" tiI It ~1/~ ~~ . This will be f~~ @~J~.J. ~ ~~ "" f?...L~ ".. a'Our Lord..~~ .~ 7'" ~?l)\.. 37 : 37.~t.'. J ~.t~~~ ~ .. What trust could then be placed in their word? 3707. 25 12.!J "J--".

@~~~Jj.PT.3710 22.. an elevated place.~. the sea became still and calm. ... Important words: ~~ J.f (deliver) is formed from <s..3709 20.~l. Commentary: When Moses and the Israelites arrived at the northern extremity of the Red Sea. .e. a depressed place where water collects or stagnates...:.. \ ..J~~. faithful to my trust . They say .- ~ @C)~S.. lest you stone me.~ ) 't: . 3710.S~~ ... Important Words: 0"4-. 2387 '.. leaving the intervening depressions full of water.-' ~~. they are a host that are doomed to be drowned." . he parted his legs and made an opening between them. a well wide in the mouth.' 23.~ . 26 : 61. he stoned him to death...IJ f..)j~G1~.. 'Take My servants away by night. 21.44 19.) lkJ I t." (. a company of men following one another (Lane & Aqrab).. 25. ~ . ~ ~'" 7"1 ?..37ll G40 : 281 3709.ft. 20 : 79..ibJ (motionless) is derived from lib).?q 9Y~ 4~Y ~~"t ~ ~. . Surely. quiet or motionless.~.. 'Deliver to me the servants of Allah.J--' It.)t!.:" J 1ft lib J i. crossing over the dunes. the ebb of the tide had begun. . at the sides of which sit the sellers. As the water receded it left dunes.:)t ':1~ '" ~ 0/'U. ~tt ?~~ ~~ 1.. They say ~":"J i.:)-' '197:. God said. b 10 : 91...' 24. I come to you with a c1~ar authority.e. '-.-.:. They say .f._-~ ~~!~~I ~~. Surely. he cut off all friendly intercourse with him (Lane & Aqrab).".. Then he prayed unto his Lord. he threw stones at him. ~. The Israelites crossed over at that moment.I.""'7"'~ @ S!~. )A. a'And I seek refuge in my Lord and your Lord.i\'''\. Truly. bfor you will surely be pursued. he cursed him or reviled him. See also 3 : 37.I) ... the tops of which were gradually uncovered.. the bird .-. I am to you a Messenger. 'And exalt not yourselves in defiance of Allah..T ~~."J means.. then leave me alone. Important Words: spread its wings. an intervening space between two things.?7 7'~ /(1-'~t~... saying. he paid it..:.Jt~~ 9.. conveyed it or delivered it (Lane)..~\'~~~..e.>--""'" . Ij ~)~ ~ y. 25 AL-DUKHAN CH. '" r~ "" '"' ?I'" @ .~!r:. Saying.'. lyo) means. ~J \ libJ means. still. 7[-: ': 9~' . quick or swift.~t~ CJ. 'And if you believe me not.. 'These are indeed a sinful people. 'And leave thou the sea behind when it is motionless. 3711.:"} (you stone me) is formed from r":"). °'::1 \U~::t. a way through a market-place.J~~ )J fr? ~ 0 ~ -: 7'~'S .1~i i..

..7. ..-'~~.. ~ .. They rejected his Message and opposed his mission with the result that heavenly punishment came down upon them sudden and swift and they went to their doom unwept. 3712... Ct26 : 59.".J"'~\) -.o~)<.r" "'r~ ~~' ."~~.r....r-. unhonoured and unsung. C2 : 50.J. How many were the gardens and the springs that they left behind! 27.."" "....90r~~'" )~I/ 0 7.... j"...~ 26. "".." on his lips...:.. ~-. 3714. respited. bAnd these 30. Commentary: Mark the pathos of these words! The iUfated people.. another people inherit heaven and the earth them. wept Thus it We made things.~ <S~~ . "I believe that there is no God but He in Whom the Children of Israel believed. see 20: 78 and 26: 64. of Pharaoh enjoyed all sorts of comforts and luxury.~'. b7 :138...~ . took 1. M>.. .~\4~ t'!~ . \!y~~I~\. . he was surely haughty even among the extravagant. 20 : 8].. 29. 'Jf~. ". The ill-fated monarch who. v. He who wanted to have a peep at the God of Moses in the heavens (40: 38) had a taste of His might in the depths of the sea. iI''' '. And the not for was destined to be.. ..""'" ."" ..J~Jt . ":>~ f"~ _~l~ ~I" !(~-:'H ' "J.oj )) :.ol' v. Commentary: God delivered the Israelites from the bondage of Pharaoh whom the possession of great wealth.I"". Inflicted by Pharaoh.. . A Prophet came to them." -' t :> -- 60. 'R'C)~. C And We delivered the Children " of Israel from the abasing torment3714 32.. ~ . 25 )I .n-:.../ " '" ".~t \". For a detailed description as to how Moses passed through the sea while Pharaoh and his mighty hosts were drowned.... with the memorable words.:. Commentary: What a graphic picture of the great material blessings which the people of Pharaoh had enjoyed! 3713. 44 AL-DUKHAN PT..:.'" r~. ".. 2388 . Ir~'" ~~ r~1~" ~.F. called himself God... They had wealth.. "" t... power and influence. power and influence had made so proud and conceited that he rejected the Divine Message with disdain and contempt. nor were they \'! .':-'. 14 : 7 . in his conceit and arrogance.CH.C$.... . And the cornfields and Ctthe noble places! 28. v ~ ~ /.":... 28 : 7. .. went to the depths of the sea (20 : 79). """ . @ ~~. .:'?' ~ I t. 26: 'r'r~'u\~\ \!J.. ... .j ~~~~ :. 2 31. And the comforts wherein they delight 13712 @ r... ...:>(" J' "J>J :>!''''' " 7 r=:"""" ~Jj @~-t4\&. t..3713 .. .. .. ..

o~J ~ ". even to East Africa (Ene.' 38.. Commentary: Tubba' is said to be the royal title of the kings of Himyar in Yemen. The particular Tubba' referred to in the ver"e under comment. Commentary: The verse means to say that knowing that the Israetites were raised from the bondage of sin and servitude to moral and political eminence. It is to this great principle that the creation of the heavens and the earth emphatically draws our attention.9l. Historical annals speak of their great glory and despotism. The faculties and inborn powers of man are an indication that life is real and earnest.~ ~.D..-':'.'. ~~ @ /'.H"':'i"r"-/ ""-:'c. is mentioned in some traditions as a Prophet of God. in sport. 3715. 'So bring back our fathers.~f ~~I~~. 3717." ~. Q ?"~'~~"-A.J~t~9~\ . 3718. the disbelievers have the hardihood to deny the great life-giving power of God.Jj f.:.\."-'. 2389 ..'-!-:..'1" ~. i~lr~~~~. L 'l~' ...~!." -"'1" 35. ~. of Islam). . The Qur'an seems to support this view (50 : 15). a'It is but our first and only death. 45 : 25.9'~'t"'-:' "" JJ ~~~-"~~~t sinful.~~ 1 .r-: ". ~' ' \ r.' .. ~ " @~~tYt)~.. a6 : 30.3716 37.1". Are they better or the people of Tubba' and those before them '! We destroyed them because they were @'=J~~~ ~)J~ot " . and to maintain that once they are dead. The Kings of Yemen were only known by this title when they also held sway over Himyar. From ancient inscriptions it appears that the Tubbas ruled over these territories from 270 A. bAnd We created not the heaven and the earth. 3718 ~~.r-'l."""" "" ~ J" r"r .oIuu ~~ --"'" I " ~'.. These people do say: 36.t'~' '" .H ~ c>' ' ".J '.'-'-'uQ.~ &\)-'U. "r~~.. 3717 . I ' ~~I~ .."''"'''' 11 .3715 34.> \~. ~~fJW~y.-!. 23 : 38. 3716...-.. and all that is between them..\. 37 : 60.\:) \.ill ~. ~'" "~'~ I '''' l ~~ . after which there is no life and we shall not be raised again. to 525 A.I"-:. And We chose them knowingly above the peoples of their time. they are dead for ever.PT.44 33. Commentary: God selected the Israelites for His favours because in the Divine scheme of things. "21 : 17. 25 AL-DUKHAN CH. Commentary: Human life has a grim purpose and a great mission. they were found to be most suited for carrying on the Divine mission at that time. ~~ ~ \~ . Hadarmaut and Saba'. And We gave them Signs wherein was a clear trial. and will never be raised again.! @~~. if you speak the tmth. ~t::. 9r~-'. 39.. 38 : 28.D..:. '~{"". They seemed to have extended their rule over all Arabia.~~~~.

IJ. 0~J'~~ ~~~c.e. 63.- @-I~j1'~A" 6t 45..t '" /1/..)~. 3721. Surely. . the Day of Decision is ..~\') "' ~ 46. Verily. it effervesced (Lane).VY'td' ~~4I/. Elsewhere the Qur'an says: "There is no shelter for anyone this day from the decree of Allah excepting those to whom He shows mercy" (11 : 44). there is a day of decision in the time of every Prophet in this very life when truth triumphs and falsehood is defeated. Like molten copper. Cit will boil in their bellies3722 47. . it fermented. Will be the food of the sinful.5J.)'~J~ '" ""\ "'-\i~~\"'... Commentary: In this and several succeeding verses a description is given of the consequences of rejection of the Divine Message and of its acceptance. The description given is in terms of physical representation of the condition of dwellers of Hell and that of the inmates of Paradise.-' J I'\:>~r -' .. Save those to whom Allah . 41...l .Ujll..':. ~1 t!r . but most of them understand not. ~ r w:i" -. the man became vehemently angry.. . not avail a friend at an.~:~ .. Important Words: J.~~~~. . 3719. It is one of the basic principles of Islam that salvation depends upon the grace and mercy of:God. Commentary: both these Days of C22 : 21. Verily. They say ).'~ (will bojJ) is aorist from 1. 3720 . When said of liquor.~~jl~~ ".. ?\ ~ 1:'1 ~~tf~ d ~9~1 q fJ. @~IJ.. means. 3720. lithe tree of Zaqqum3721 ~ . We created them not but for an eternal purpose. means. the cooking-pot boiled.. The reference in the verse is to Decision..j ..:::t' . 25 the appointed time for all of them.Jo...s . a2 : 124. 3 44.CH..J~)Jt~.i.t? be helped.~~~ '<k "" <!1<. 2390 . He is the Mighty...' (f. 56 : 53.... Commentary: Besides the final Day of Decision when all secrets of the unknown will be laid bare and human actions weighed in the balance and finally judged.. ~'. as unfolded in this and the next world. J~ )'I. ltThe Day when a friend shall ~.5li. nor shall they @" "/~'. 3719 42. shows mercy. @~~ """ ~ ~~~! ~ the Merciful. As the boiling water. Ji.i. @~Sf~~ '\!'(. 43.51&..44 AL-DUKHAN 40. 3722. - PT. 70: 11.. of scalding b37 ." -:. 80: 35-37.'I\~~ .

7.. standing for the meaning and content of the verse.52.. ~ . To this fact reference has been madB again and again in the Qur'an (43 :32.... 56 : 43.... Commentary: The righteous were oppressed and persecuted and were denied safety and security in this world for having accepted the Divine Message. The first recorded denial of a Prophet of God (Adam) was due to pride and arrogance on the part of IbUs (2 : 35)..-. ~' ~. 't' ~ "..'"'''' '" -' @~ -' ~ ~. 'Taste it! Thou didst consider thyself the mighty.-.... 3725 53.1( . In the next world they will enjoy perfect peace. carried the thing. 9 (. ". The word i J$j has been considered by some to be an abbreviation.. __0. 'This indeed is what you did doubt. + ?~~:: '.. UJ".~ '~~~ ~)~ . he pushed him or thrust u~.-:.. We shall say to the angels. 2391 .. They say"'!::'" i.)~'-j... 3725. he him roughly and violently...:':"'\1 ~~1C) -" ..). 25 AL-DUKHAN CH44.. ~ . 3724..:an~\~\~" :. °68 : 35 : 78 ~33.. Jl::~\ (drag him) is imperative mood from J::. safety and security as recompense for having been denied these blessings in the present life... tIiilI ' 48. Ij)f\~\~ ~ ~"""4 '". .... ~--- a22 : 20. .. he hastened to do an evil deed (Lane & Aqrab).~. Verily.9 . ~'..)1 0JI J::~ ('aUla) means.' 52. The words of the verse have been spoken in irony and disdain.. Important Words: b30: 116.J1J:~ means..~.. :Y ~ -" -. ~ @~t~~u. ~ . . Commentary: False pride and foolish self-conceit are at the root of the disbelievers' denial of God's Prophets. . lithe righteous will be in a place of security. 55 : 45. ":.. v. ~ ~~.-"'" . . @-..PT. as it was their arrogance and pride that stood in the way of their accepting the truth. 'Then (tpour upon his head the torment of boiling water. They are told that the time was fast approaching when they will enjoy security and will have all those blessings and boons that are mentioned in the succeeding verses..".e.. cAmid gardens and springs. . . 3723. 3724 51. . j. The Companions of the Holy Prophet were oppressed and persecuted for many years.. "'.'-.9 ~~. '0:. "." ..00"" .~~ . /~/ .53. .' 50.~ '" o~ .j t ~ 1"r ~ \. etc.0 .~~~~~. The verse may also constitute a prophecy. 3723 49.. 'Seize him and drag him into the midst of the blazing Fire.:. he drew him along or dragged him roughly or violently.. The verse under comment means to say that disbelievers will be given zaqqum (i Ji j) to eat and thus their pride will be humbled. the noble. .. ~ ". ~ --~u ' -.J.. 52: 18: 78 : 32... 'j\:I .sb C) J. C)~-'~/" //til ~ ..~."'" '" 0' J Z.- "'!J .:..

372~ al8 : 32.t'" means.JI}".. . ".'J'~~~-'~ rw o~.. 3728. . ~"" t?~:.' ~.y"" (fair maidens) is the plural of .e.. ~ j I u )-'''' means. '" ~ I"..r... w. black eyes."~~v.. 3726 54.~/:~ V"" . in peace and security. t'wt~~-' sJ~\!. 3292 . C52: 19.. ". save the first death..({.... Words: Words: j~-'.... complexion (Lane and Aqrab). having wide.. facing one another. 3727.t:~~ which means. N'I" CJ~ J'Jc. 55. PT. ~ . ~ ". ".. '? -:. 25 Attired in fine silk and heavy brocade. They will not taste death therein.)~ . ~ ..~~ . - d52 : 28.. r~ 7_" ""''' ~~L~~n "~..JJ ' ~~ . whiteness of the white of the eye and blackness of the black thereof became intense.~ :~ ':.." ~. . They will call therein for Cevery kind of fruit. Important Important b52 : 12.". u~ (having wide eyes) is the plural of .>. As an act of grace from thy Lord. d And He will save them from the punishment of the blazing Fire. eThat is the supreme triumph. And bWe shall give them as companions fair maidens.. "'~\ ~.. ). 57. 3726..1)-'''' which is derived from )t".) . - ./~" ~. 56 : 23. a beautiful woman having wide. Commentary: The verse unmistakably shows that life in the next world would be eternal and continuously progressive.and u. ". '?.CH.. . 44 --------- AL-DUKHAN a y 't.'.:ms 58.alvation depends on the grace and mercy of God. i.. a woman having eyes like those of gazelles or combining intense whiteness of the white of the eye and intense blackness of the black thereof with whiteness or fairness of . See also 37 : 49. See also 3 : 53. he washed the cloth and made it white. 3727 56.. 56 : 21..?~~ ~.'J. t37 : 61.~~~ ~.. Commentary: The Sura ends with the enunciation of the basic doctrine of Islam that s. -~--~ ~ . black eyes. .~rr!"~{t~':'~~ ~ . not a life of inaction or lassitude.. Thus will it be.=-I see] 8 : 32..' ".:)\1. 55 : 53.~ CM ~~~ .?"... For LY'~~.. 76 : 22. @Y~t ~'-"~:- ~~~ .. The say y-. ..9".

60.i~~ .J<~~C::1 ~'~ ~.'. 54 : 18.. ~. . He is quick to forgive and slow to punish. 2393 ._----- CH. ltAnd We have made it (the Qur'an) easy in thy tongue that they may give heed.~!' ~ "":. 3730. "':" ~~ .':'r~ ~ .. The God of Islam is a Merciful and Compassionate God.y...~/ '9..J'" . The Muslims had to wait for 14 long years before heavenly punishment visited their persecutors and tormentors in the fOrm of the latter's ignominious defeat at Badr.... " @~~y-o~1 "" t. ".--- 59. This shows that the Holy Prophet WClS to wait for some time before Divine punishment wa~ to overtake the Quraish._---. So wait thou. 25 ~ ~ ~~ A L7DU K:HAN -~. 'I ':' ~~)./ PT. r' ' .44 ' '-'--. they too are waiting.3730 .." ltl9 : 89. Commentary: Twice in this brief Sura the Holy Prophet has been enjoined to wait The Sura was revealed at Mecca.

Towards the close of the preceding Sura it was stated that righteous believers will reside in places of security where every kind of comfort will be at their disposal and they will enjoy eternal life. But no exact date can be assigned to its revelation though Noldeke places it immediately after t}-le 4d st Chapter. the coming down of timely rain from the clouds which quickens the dead earth. Like other SUras of t}-lis group. immune from death or degradation. so God has raised the Holy Prophet MUQammad to regenerate them. Naturally. similarly a Divine Prophet is raised when men become morally corrupt. This is proof positive of tbe fact that he is not a liar but a true Messenger of God.C H A P'T E R 45 AL-JATIiIYAH (R~vealed before Bijra) General Remarks aJld COJ1~xt This is the sixth of the Seven SUras belonging to the I:Ifi Mim group. it differs little in its subjectmaHer from othel SUras of this group. He is a true Messenger of God and not a liar or a sinful forger of lies. He does not allow a for5er of lies to prosper. 1t derives its title from velse 29. The Sura then goes on to say that God does not allow the arrangement which He lms made for the moral and spiritual regeneration of man to be interfered with. it was revealed at Mecca. Summary of Subject-Matter Like the preceding five Siiras of the I:Ia Mim group the present Sura also opens with the subject of Quranic revelation and Divine Unity which constitutes its main theme. As men had become corrupt. and adduces the creation of man and all animal and vegetable life on earth. If. as great Signs to establish the existence of an unerring and All-Powerful Being behind all this and proceeds to invite disbelievers to consider. the marvellous creation of the universe and the complete and consummate design and order that pervade and permeate it. Sooner or later the impostor must come to grief. But the Holy Prophet's mission is making uniform progress. in spite of such patent and invincible proofs. disbelievers proudly persist in their disbelief. The present Sura opens with the statement that just as timely rain gives new life to dead earth. This provision for man's spiritual sustenance has been made in the revelation that descends upon God's Messengers to lead him to the achievement of the goal of his life. 2394 . could have failed to make similar provision for his eternal life. how the Wise Being Who has made such wonderful porvision for man's short and temporary life on earth. they are warned that their rejection of truth will not go unpunished.

It is. Their eyes. a brief reference is made to the Mosaic Dispensation. the Lord of all the worlds. That will be the last Judgment Day. and He is the Mighty. A better and fuller life which knows no end awaits him in the next world. and Lord of the earth. This fact will then constitute another proof of the truth of the Holy Prophet. and this triumph of truth over falsehood will establish that "All praise belongs to Allah. therefore. He has created man to achieve a noble goal.d they will incur God's wrath and burn in the fire of His displeasure. ears and other organs of the body will bear witness for dr agairist them. the Muslims are told that in the hour of victory ar~d triumph they should forgive and forget and be merciful and generous to their opponents. that all the forces of nature are working to support and further his cause. Again. they will be doomed to a life of failure and frustration. as to why the) disobeyed and defied the Prophets of God. God would not have created him. the Wise Creator would be regarded as having done a purposeless thing by creating this vast universe. in this very life. Those who believed in God's Messengers and did good works will be admitted into God's mercy while evil consequences of the wicked deeds of those who rejected God's Messengers and opposed and oppressed them will be made manifest to them ar. He has created man to serve a very great and noble object. is a Wise God. It is only in this way that the creation of man can be justified.. The Sura further tells disbelievers that God. It is stated that the Qur'an has been revealed because the Torah failed to satisfy fully the spiritual needs of man. Ever) people. But even before that day disbelievers will have to give an explanation. Next. But God is far above all this. They are further warned that if they did not repent and mend their ways.The Sura then gives one more very cogent argument to prove and substantiate the claim of the Holy Pror-het. and the day is fast approaching when the powerful persecutors of helpless Muslims will suffer defeat and will be at the mercy of their victims." 2395 . if they think that with the dissolution of man's physical habitat his soul also dies and there is an end of him. The disbelievers labour under a serious misapprehension. the Wise. viz. It also fulfils the prophecies made in the Torah about the advent of a Prophet from among the brethren of the Israelites (Dwt. If man's life had no purpose. bound to succeed. All these facts have been stated for the guidance of honest seekers after truth. But the righteous Servants of God will meet with success and prosperity. it says. the Author of all life. will be summoned to render an account of their actions. 18:18). The Sura closes with a brief but very effective description of the Day of Judgment. His is the Majesty in the heavens. Lord of the heavens. and if death were the end of all life.

Gracious.._.~t' @\ ~I ~ '\ -r: 0~ . 'The revelation of this Book is from Al1ah. ~~ b41 : 2. ~ " \ .- ~~. ._-- PT.J ~ ~ aSee 1 : 1. " \Ir -'~\ CD .. 25 ~--... the Mighty. ----'-. people who possess firm t al th . . 3732... '" -: ~ ~\ ~" 1('("'. the Merciful. 41 : 3.-' . in the heavens Clnd the earth are Signs for those who believe. have been adduced as arguments to prove that there must be. bIola Mim. Commentary: Like the preceding five Chapters which have the abbreviated letters J:Ia Mim placed in their beginning. . and that of the whole solar system.. the SUra proceeds to dwell upon the need and necessity of Divine revelation... 3734A. 3733 4. 3734 J. aln the name of A1Jah. 3731 2.. and the provision that Allah sends down from the heaven.' .'''' . . the 1. .." ..' . ~ I:. Commentary: verse. 3731. And then in the words. " . - I 3. Commentary: See 1 : 1. . """ "-.- d2 : 165.. ~ 5..CH..' -. whereby He quickens the earth after its death.. 3734.- ~"" .j ~~"~J'. 36 : 6. dYerily. ~..' I . the present Sura opens with the subject of Quranic revelation and with its principal theme-the Unity of God." . He could not have neglected to make similar provision for his spiritual needs. See Commentary: 40: 2. In this and the next two verses the creation of heavens and the earth the beautiful and perfect design and order that ~xist in the universe. an All-Powerful and All-Knowing Being Who has created this universe and Who is controlling it. Commentary: See 42 : 4. and just as rain is sent down from the clouds to give new life to dead earth.' -~ AL-JA THIY AH ~~ ~. ~---- C32 : 3.m2 G)~ ~\\ Y ~y . . And in your own creati<?n and in that of all the creatures whIch He scatters in the earth are Signs for a .~. similarly Divine revelation is sent down from heaven for the spiritual regeneration and resuscitation of mankind.. . See preceding 2396 .. the creation of man and aU the creatures that have been created on earth for his use and service.-~-- ~~~\~'''? ~ ~ . ". 40 : 3.--~. and actually is._.. -' --. the Wise." " 0~~~j~)~\"9~\~~t . 42 : 30. 3733..45 _._-_..~ (J)I:.3734A -~-~. The verse purports to say that when God has made such ample and complete provision for the physical needs and requirements of man as to have created heavens and earth and the whole universe for his benefit.~------- ) "" '" ~ .

30 : 51. ~ '. And in (tthe alternation of night and day. .. a piece of information.-:!.'J 42 : 165. some of which are: after or afterwards." <7 ':J. ~ .I. This verse further says that as light follows darkness.:'" ~... .). ~ "" '" .... . '''' -' "..>-. See also 4 : 43.I ~ J. will they believe? (iii) In what word. after rejecting the Word of Allah and Signs.PT. 2397 ."" [". after the Word of Allah and His Signs have come.y ~ ~ ~ 9 '" '" " "'. 0~'~~'~J.IJ JJ ~ J." .. In what word. and in the changing of the winds. 3 5 : 28 . ".j. in spite of.~ dJ. UO)...:j\ u~\ ~~ ~ a.! and ..J "''' '" ."" ~ ..... in the same way the spiritually elevating ideas that emanate from a Divine Reformer impregnate the minds of men and bring about spiritual revolution in them.>-"'" given above under Important Words. then.~ 0. . in addition to..45 ~'".. will they believe ?3736 8. .. therefore. will they believe? (iv) In spite ofthe fact that the Word of God and His Signs have come to them. Then in what else would they believe? 3737. 22 : 6. a narration.~~w\j~~~~~ ~ .:)~~~ .. These are the Signs of Allah which We rehearse unto thee with truth.. 10 : 7. a tradition. Commentary: bl6 : 66..~'" ~.. . 3735.0.T~.::. an important news. yet.. the expression would mean: 0>. contrary to the Word Allah and His Signs.jiII" Commentary: In view of different meanings of the '" I~' w 9 ~ .~.~.W' @':'~~ ~ ". 0<. 3736. Woe to every sinful liar.THIY AH CH. And just as winds carry pollen from male to female trees in order to fecundate them.)~~ -.. Important Words: words J . God creates new light in the form of a Prophet or Divine Reformer to whom He reveals Himself.).. L>t~ (i) In what word or discourse. whereby oRe quickens the earth after its death. Commentary: Evidently a man who rejects clear Signs of God is a forger and teller of lies and a committer of abominations and. similarly when spiritual darkness spreads over the entire earth. after rejecting the Word of Allah and His Signs.I. they do not believe in them. contrary to or against.~~ 4J '" 'I\~~~ .::..3737 ----------- r/~tt~ '"\J. or furthermore (Lane & Aqrab). now. legitimately deserves a painful punishment . 3 : 191. an account. behind..3735 7..~J. an announcement..>-"'" (word) means.H "''''."-" 6. r. will they believe? after rejecting His of (ii) In what word. ' '. are Signs for a people who try to understand. 25 AL-Jl\.""1(after) has a variety of meanings.. any discourse that one hears (Lane & Aqrab).4~". =-.A..A) " ' '''''' . '9 A \ """ ""J "'" "'. a thing or matter that is talked of...~.1 .~.. 39 : 22. ~.:(.:7. .:. I.. and the provision that Allah sends down from the heaven.:':.~j\ ~.. .. ~. before.

I .~~'. ~ ~/~.... 1""? :. 3738.) tj.? 0~UI~ -.. \~'" ." ~ \!!I ~ . 45 AL-JA THIY AH . ahe makes a jest of them.. and that you may be grateful. 22 : 58.. had been givel to prove the existence.r. 2398 . ~". the Almightiness an< the Unity of God.. .C . .. ......h' ~ ~ \~ ~ .~ 6"' ~ ' c:::: D .~r-:.J~ JO. 30 : 47. "" " v~J" J~~ Q . eAnd He has subjected to you whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. as though he heard them not.. d..~...!. I?J" l":: ..?/ ?'~'4"..~".... 2 13.t-.. Commentary: 3739. ..:. 14. -:? ".\. 5 and 6 one kind of argument. 11.r t . ~~ . Commentary: The verse means to say that the Unity of God... .. "? ~ ~ "..CH. ~~ "\~r~I" . dl6 : 15 . ::it'" drat .) ~. and that which they have earned shall not avail them aught. For such there is an abasing punishment. ..:1.!.U'\:)-'. C2 : 40..~"~.t'~"'~'" .. So give him the tidings of a painful punishment. ."" "". ...." ':'. viz.'-' 1'..T:'''. 10.OJ i1 ~ ~ ~'tf!'~"':'::~'(:~~. f8\ ..>~t~ ' ~ '? ~" ' .~ ~~ . (~.\" ~ +.)4a ~\:).) ~ . for the establishment of which Divine Scriptures have been revealed and Prophets raised.. 9. 31 : 7. ."'..?: IJ .. and that you may seek of His bounty.~ ~O I.~. I 1.:. In that surely are Bigns for a people who reflect.:. r.. In vv. Allah it is dWho has subjected the sea to you that ships may sail thereon by His command.. ~':.~ ~ . and then proudly persists in his disbelief.. The present vers.~' ro~~~~*J\J~'~:k.. 3739 ?'(~~. 31 : 32. . ~\ ~ ~~~r' t'Y0~~-"jA'c.~ ~:.. 25 ..~~\SWb ~Y1'. And for those who disbelieve in the Signs of their Lord is the torture of a painful punishment. .:. an< the alternation of day and night. ~ ~~ .t ".~-'t d. . This is true guidance.".. liBefore them is Hell. ._-~ ~_.~"{r. J . r. R.. z' "" I ":. nor shall those whom they have taken for protectors beside Allah. ~~. '-~-'--'--'--~ ' ~--- PT. bl4 : 17-18.f'?" \!II~ ~-J ~ ~VI ZI'(." \V(:)J. :.~" '''.. .. 822: 66. Who hears the Signs of Allah recited unto him.~ ?.I~.~ . all this is from Him. 4.. 35 : 13. ~~ ~ .)"'~ '." ''''?''' . And when he learns something of Our Signs....~~~(. 3738 12. And they will have a great punishment. is the quintessence of Divine guidance and those who reject and deny it are bound to meet with a sad fate.tJ. . ~'~'~~~' ~ ~---~ ~ "w tl'" . .. ~---~--~ a2 : 232.: .n u.-" . 17 : 67. & -:" ~-' Ill" I\' \"~1''''~ ..... the creation of man and all life on earth. "'" tj I~'" WI~ . .. ~. \A~~~-'~~~~~-'~ ~..

Commentary: The mention ofprophetjlOod. See also 2 : 165. that He may requite a people for what they earn. 1'6 : 90.. ~I il.. ~'~\I ~"'YI't ' '" t t "~.Torah-the Book of Moses.1 (days of Allah) means. the favours and punishment of God (Aqrab).' ~"""tcrO.~ rt' ..~ t ~t C).. 25 AL-JA THIY AH CH.J "''''':' t -: "!~-:''''''''' ~ ~ ~... " " ~j. . Then to your Lord will you all be brought back.~t~/~""" ~ " ~"'I ~~~..". ~j~~ 'N~. that the whole universe has been created to serve man. sepa. and leave them to God to deal with them as He. \::.Hqly Pro~ phet's ministry when Islam was in a very weak state and Muslims were being persecuted. in His infallible wisdom. rlO : 94.9.~~ .U1 ~ ! "''''' ". The word l~) is used in the sens~ of hopin~ to get a thing when the thing hoped for is good and pleasant ~nd fearing a thing that should be feared (AYf<lb eX Mufrada').J ~ 't: ". does so to its detriment. Elsewhel"(~.J . Say to those who believe that they forgive those who persecute them and fear not the Days of Allah. -_u- ---..'" JJoQ...~..PT. ..: ~I..the Shari'at). 2399 ....11 'Commentary: . The Sura under comment was rcve. and sovereignty. 29 : 7.!~J.. and We exalted them over the peoples of the time..v We sent down the Torah wherein was guidance and light. So Muslims were told in advance that in such an eventuality they should f~rgive their persecutors and forget the wrongs done to them..)~ ~ (fear not) is formed from l~).45 ..rate. Important Words: dearly embodied a great prophecy that the time was fast approaching when the persecutors.: r~': ~~.~ IjO\ ~C) -:'~~. and whoso does wrong.. By it did the Prophets who were obedient to this judge for the Jew~ (5: 47).---------.£'"~ ~ c. " ~ t c.JI .e..---- gives another kind cf argument to prove the same thesis. does it for his own soul. he feared the thing. 3740 16.. It was at that time that Muslims were enjoine d to forgive those who persecuted them and who did not fear the punishment of God.. The words ~I ti~ I signify the days when pod helped the Muslims against their ent:mies ~nd punished the latter. '.JI l>o)i..aled at ¥ecca in the early p~riod of th~.' "'. 'I" =--"" ~ -. They say LS. And verily.'''' !j~ . he hoped to get the thing. 374\ ~~ " ~ . deemed fit. and rWe provided them with good and pure things. 15.o J+~ ~~. 17...J! @~~. fro1. ""/1. and prophethood. :~~r~H"" "" .)~I""'~I~~~. 3740..i ~ -::. t~..-----------. shows that while Moses was given .~. The verSe "the Book" (whichme~T\s the Law ot. viz. '" 1'\ ~ "'~((. 1jL\.r.the Law.l~ ~I """ ~. 0-.J~ lJ'" r'" ..~? I'-'t . aWhoso does good.. the Prophets who came after him brought no new Law but followedthe.J>.»J II ({6 : 161. S~e also 14 : 6. the Qurlan says: Surel. t'J. 3741.. of the poor and defence'ess Muslims would be at the latter's mercy. See also 10 : 8. bWe gave the Children of Israel the Book. .

". ~ ~ 3742..e. ~ t (~/~ r. :J. And We gave them clear Signs It And they did (! f~~ ~T::O~~~" .-. ". -' ~5f-: :J~~ ~. J:<. 17 above). 12 : 109. dThis Book contains clear evidences for mankind and is a guidance and a mercy for a people who possess firm faith. Il~ . this Bopk..':\! r"" @~~~q:~...J.Dand follow not the evil inclinations of those who know not. ~5 .. ~~~.. 3742 19. .. I~ ". -. > not differ but after true knowledge had come to them..."~'/"(~.~~t .r~~j !\ /7... 98 : 5. \.. they will not avail thee aught against Allah. . "The Affair" signifies "the Affair of the Holy Prophet" (see next verse) and the verSe purports to ~ay that the Book of Moses contains many clear prophecies about the advent of the Holy Prophet and that the Israelites rejected him not because there was any dearth of arguments and Signs and Divine prophecies to support and establish his claim but because of "mutual envy.CH. the wrongdoers are friends one of the other. but A1Jah is the friend of the righteous. the Qur'an is. Commentary: 3743. ." .J... C ~" ~ ...~ n f~~~ .'It" '10 ~ . ~~. ".J .} (.~\\ -:. 2400 . '''~''':I..... Verily...~. . ..J . 6 : 151. Verily. ..) ~tJ.~.! 3tl . thy Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differed.~'!. '" "''I .." .~ . Commentary: This verse makes it quite clear that "the Affair" or "Matter" referred to in the preceding verse signifies the advent of the Holy Prophet and Quranic revelation.. ~ ""t @CJ~ /:J'" ." ".. ..Jt '" u r~ ~I ' ~1. '1 '. :J~ T\::Vt" ~ 21."." i. 3744..Jt~~~ ~ ~~(. ~I'" ~ / .9 :67. ' ~~:t " I~YO.:J" ~.. a guidan~ and mercy for th~ whole of humanity for all time to come.--- C5 :52..~~~~~~~~ .t. so follow it. cWl '" ~ Cft\/?J' \.J . b5 : 49. 3744 <142: 15.~.. 1-. J.~ !t'~':t' regarding this Affair. 45 --~--- AL-JA THIY AH ------ PT.. ~ t"~ ~ ~t ~ .~~... Surely. \:)' ~ 1 dJJ .:>)..!~'t' \D~ ~. through mutual envy. @C)~~ '...3743 20.. 18.... d7 : 204. "'~. ~ ~ ~. Commentary: The verse means that just as the Torah "was a guidance and mercy for the Israelites" (see v.Iff"" ~t" 'Y-'::.-~-.. similarly. Then We set thee on a clear path concerning the Affair.. they did not like the very idea th~t a Prophet should have appeared from amQng the non-I~raelites.

~". 2401 . he earned the thing. being development.9 . ". @\:) . . gives a miniature description of the conditions of the followers of Islam and of its opponents. (!/.\ (commit) is derived from C.~". And Allah has created the heavens and the earth in accordance with an eternal law.@ I -' 'i} (..~..s..45 --~-~ 22.~~. 3746.-r- PT.' . While in life disbelievers. t "'~~:'(::.Q9.~" .) . .~ (" ':.. oI... ~~. e. 74 : 39._-~ b14 : in this and the next life.~\ C.. -' I. ~~J ~~ ..". Commentary: because their own sons and grandsons eventually come to beli~ve in and accept the truth.:>O. . .. meet with defeat and discom. (~~... ..1 ~.9\\f~ \.:PJ. and therefore in the life to come pitted a gainst truth.. he wounded him. 40 : 18. j.~' ~~ ~~~ cr.. he worked or wrought with his hand.. so that hevery soul may be requited for that which it earns.he shall have to render an account of the use he fiture.\JI.-\ means... .J':' means. 38 : 29. ----- 3745.0 :t ".~ . ". in fact.'\~'" ~ ~ 3 23. aDo those who commit evil deeds think that We shall make them like those who believe and do righteous deeds."J. y.J~ which means. Important Words: Iy"".:':' ''''.3746 ~~-~--- ~~ 1. ~~1 \. "..' .J:':. " .'--~ '--- -~~ ---~.)J . On the contrary. The verse. .lt one conclusion that adequate provision has lievers and disbelievers are never equal in life been made for man's moral and spiritual or in death. he earned. ~~~~ " ~ . a32 : 19.J:':. 25 ~-~ AL-JATHIYAH ~--~~---- CH. evil is that which thy hands have wrought.:. when they die they leav~ behind no one to makes of God-given faculties and powers in remember them or perpetuate their memory this life. 39J: 10. J?~.-Imeans.-)1-4 ~:>O.J:.'f ~ It''' ". It purports to say that be. Commentary: The verse again draws attention to the supreme fact that the creation of the universe and the The verse embodies an int~tllible Griterion to judge between truth and falsehood and between perfect design and order that pervade it lead to belief and disbelief. 3745 ~ " ~. @d~. -'~ . I' 5:: I.lse that is dear to the believers progresses and prospers and they are remembered with honour and respect after their death. he committed a sin (Lane & Aqrab). "'.1.~I~\ ~ ... and they shall not be wronged.:. ~o that their life and their death shall be equal? Evil indeed is what they judge. the cal..J':' L if~ i. u~'::'J' C.. """/ . They say .~.\ 9"-:" .

calamity..t. so. Hast thou seen him I!who has taken his desire for his god.. (b) fate.I . . he prevailed upon him or surpassed him. '!:Y~ ~r~ tUt r!.~~j...~. On the contrary." '" \.. if.{i!.JC.-.!~ ~ . ~ 1J\oA. And when Our cJear Signs are unto them. .""~"" .~ ') '" @J~ : /.:J-'. their only contenthat they say.I"" 1. ~ 0 0 ' /..~".:1 . ...:.. " l~~ ..(.\J \ (Time) is infinitive-noun from (dahara). there being no life hereafter.r~-.. '---'-~- 16: 109. '\\\ ' . ..". (0) time from the beginning of the world to its end..CH. 9~ "". 2402 . etc. we die and we live here: and nothing but Time destloys us.------------ PT.J" ~ means.J.. C6 : 30. and whom AIJah has adjudged astray on the basis of His knowledge.3748 26. ""''''' ~'-J.45 ~---~ ~~ AL-JATHIYAH ~---~-----------------. band whose ears and whose heart He has sealed up.t9 ~ ~. with the passage of time. b2 :8..~\"o~ ':-~ '" -r..9 1.'.~J~ /' ~ i. .' But they have no knowledge of that: they do but conjecture.0~ '("~ ~O ~::. ~ @~~ .. epoch. ~ :1 ~~~t~". Wli> " ["" §\:J~~n~~L~ ' .~+..~~ ~~8"~ " . and that this is the be-all and end-all of human existence.' a25 : 44. 19: 67. any period or portion of time...t' "":J". recited tion is fathers.. And they say.. """"6"' J.. "'. 3148.. then.......) "'-J ~ ~~t.'J. 'l: '". and as the whole universe has been pressed into service for him in order to help him in its achievement.1 . Commentary: The verse develops the theme of the preceding verse and purports to say that as man has been created to serve a sublime object and has been endowed with great powers and faculties for the fulfilment of that object.JI o. a desire.). Important Words: .J" ~. (c) age. ~ r~f-.. 23 : 38....:~.. V-~-".~~. 36 : 79... wIn guide him after AIJah has condemned him? WiJl you not then heed ?3747 25. " . (d) course of events. c.I:.e..~ -:. they refuse to be!ieve that there is or can be st'ch a life.qo ~~>'t ~ .~~l. . ~ . -' f~(. instead of making a proper use of his Godgiven powers he worships gods of his own fancy or imagination..~ . . habit. Commentary: The verse purports to say that when."II 1..) means. 6 :47.r-VJ'.. " ~ ~ ~" :. '" Jot'" .. (Aqrab & Lane).~-.'" @(.~1~~ . he works out his spiritual ruin with his own hands...-::~" .))t . 'Bring back our if you are truthful. ~ (~-:.P~ ~t ~. t ~~?~~. 3747. vicissitudes of time.. an evil event befell the people. They say ~.. o/. the matter becomes dissolvt:d and is destroYt:d..J. they allege that people die and other people take their place and this process goes on till. fortune. t ~~. I "". and on whose eyes He has put a covering? Who. and (e) custom. time long or short. :1'" t" /. disbelievers are told that they will have te render an account of their deeds before God in the next life. he overcame him.r' l-. «"There is nothing but this our present life."" I. 25 24.

and it shall be said to them. . <-t ~' ~" ~.-. 3749 .. L .. "'. 1~ . Therefore a new and better life which knows no decline 2403 .PT.. ' .""" @ \:) ~~~ ~ \. Every people will be °summO'ned to' its BO'O'k.J '" .'''' ~~ t:. d(.. 73 : 7-10.. are spiritually and morally dead and defunct...J. . and if death were the end of all life.. Or end awaits him in the next world.) 9 . ~~~~~J~. ~ '" ..~----~ --- AL-JATHlYAH ~ ~ ~ ---------- CH.". ~ . '" 7" ~:. ! '~\. /.... .I.. See also 2 : 29. . '" ""'-.' But mO'st men knO'w nO't..rous life.3751 --a2 : 29." suggest that the "Hour" referred to in the previous verse signifies the hour of the reckoning of a people in this very life.-: ~. . 22 : 67. God would not have created him . 3749.. r~ . and O'n the day when the HO'ur shall cO'me.J>J w"~~.. J~' '" """. j 4. 3750 29.. .:. 1IJ'LjJ-' ~~ "......" 9 "Y.... . '~~1'r'" "".. 40 : 69. 25 above that there is no life beyond the present life on earth. And thO'U wilt see every peO'ple O'n their knees..?.Ot . t ~~ 'T . "every people will be summoned to its Book. 3750.. If man's life had no purpose. God gave him life to serve a great purpose.--. Say..". -:" $ ~ ". then acauses YO'Uto' die. '". fell. '" '" .:) ...""79"'.~ "' (in"':..t .. . 'This day shall YO'Ube requited fO'r that which YO'Udid."" 'W~.. The "Hour"referred to in the verse may signify the day of the final discomfiture of falsehood in this world-preferably the day when Mecca .>. " . ~ t ~ ' 1'£.'.1<1.--- ~ . 25 ~. 'It is Allah Who gives YO'U life. He will give the sovereignty of the earth to His righteous servants.~ ~ / .c" . it purports to say that God Who has the power to raiseand He does raise-people who. ~f~u 9'-!:~ n"" "~\t"" . --..45 27...' " . ".r-:: w-~ .'" '" ... ''''''."... to a new. can and will certainly bring about a Resurrection in the next world. But He is far above that. vibrant and vigo.. then He will gather YO'UtO'gether Ul~tO'the D~y O'f ResurrectiO'n abO'ut whIch there IS nO' dO'ubt..J-'9~ Q~ v. ... ."'. @'-J~~ j... .. Commentary: The words. TO' Allah belO'ngs the kingdO'm of the heavens and the earth....0. God would be regarded as guilty of doing something purposeless.y ~ . to all intents and purposes. ~'c(Z~ ~ "" t"T/'.. 4 28. Commentary: The verse implies that as God is the King of the heavens and the earth.'''''' . 3751. Commentary: The verse answers the objection raised by disbelievers in v.. because in this life nations are judged by their deeds and are punished or rewarded accordingly. ~. O'n that day those whO' fO'llO'W falsehO'O'd will be the lO'sers.. The verse further says that man was nothing. '" b17 : 14.0 \.

I'::\-:'t" n"''.'" r~ "' /0 ~ I :1l~~~.ili~~ . Commentary: would be Shari'at.qJ. We caused all that you did to be fully recorded. \'I..:. 32.~Y" \!Y~~ ~~-'~~\) ' '!.:).!l:S"(Our Book.I"~<.~ t'l ~~6~..:'~ ~ ~t{'!)~?C. a'This is Our Book..' ..!.. it speaks against you with truth. and the Verse would then mean that every people judged according to their own See also 69 : 20.J'W1.. "'rU ~. 21 : 42. because the record of the deeds or actions of nations and individuals is preserved by God and they are judged and requited by Him accordingly. /'83 : 23.'-t.. 22 : 8.'31~2 31.J~ ill' @~~ . there is no doubt about its coming. ~.J.}1 "~ .. 1. 34. ~:~. Now. C23 . and were a guilty people. But as to those who disbelieved.X'" .. eAnd the evil consequences of their deeds will become apparent to them.l. . The word lr:IS ma y also signify their Shari' at.... .'j-R) '':. ~'::'~.'~. i. 106.. and we have no certainty concerning it.IS. This verse further makes it clear that the "Hour" mentioned in this and the preceding verse refers also to the hour of the complete defeat and discomfiture of disbelievers in this ]ife. '25 30.~ . That is the clear achievement.'. M. '& ".." ~. bas for those who believed and did righteous deeds. 67 : 9-10.Lb~~~ \1Y~ 1j.-' ~~t~. 69 : 20.. al5 : 86.~'\. it will be said to them. Our Record) in the present verse..---. ~J. 83 : 21.CH....r~ l """~. Commentary: The expression IrllS (its Book) mentioned in the previous verse has been substituted by the expression L:.O' @ ~ :"". 33. .~.e..toJ ~~. ~ t D....26. an \. 39 : 49.~..].' ~ """.. 'The promise of Allah is certainly true. 1'J6 : 35.~ ~LJ ~J ~ ~~ I'" I .~ .~u~~"J ~ \ '. ~- 3752.'!-'i J~\ ~ .. 20: 16.) . 72.45 AL-JATHIYAH I ~ ..''''~.>~l.'''''''A.. 18 : 22./r::q~~'' ~). '" M" -".JIJ 0>. and that which they used to mock at shall encompass them..-' : .~ ).... ~ ~~ . 2404 . "" ".~ . tr ~ ~ ~ ". "And when it was said to you.» ~J ~..~ '\I~~.".. .... \5 1>1'. ~\. . 9"."" . "" @. and das to the Hour.. 3753..' you said. .JJ'~~ !...~f :t!". .~ ~ ~ ""iloilo. G'\i. 'We know not what the Hour is. we think it to be nothing but a conjecture. c"Were not My Signs recited unto you? But you were arrogant... their Lord will admit them into His mercy.'(' r'1 f~'\~~'M' . 26. !) .~" "'-: r"~ . ~ ~ M:\"'.' "3753 ' ~ ".

. Jr. 3756." .) .:._----- CH. 6 : 7L 030 : 28.3756 II'" ..r.....J'~. then.J . 2405 . and He IS the Mighty. 1~ '" r. ---~--~ ~----- 1t7 : 52. . the Mighty.'1r~ -z.) J~::"'::""~ (taken back into favour) is derived from ...~.J!-~ yb.-<-:: .~..'''''J tf. I begged to be received into his favour. d.PT. they shall not be taken back into the favour of God (Lane & Aqrab).------~~-- b5 : 58-59..:7 And His is the Majesty i? the heavens and the earth..~. And it will be said to them. ~ j~\~IJ~t:C--:l .. ~ven as you forgot the mcetlIlg of thIS your day.l~ . the Lord of all the worlds. .. @ ~. V""" r""? 0 -' ~~~Js:~~~" :7 ~ '::JJHZS'~t ~ t"" ( 37.. Important Words: .)\.~ I~':' '" '''t' 'I ':~~ ~J /. 'U-' t'.J. and the lIfe of the world deceived you. . the Wise. 'This is so... 38. "" @~I .. All praise...::~::.J thus would mean." 3755.r/... Commentary: The expression I~11>('"C J~ (this your day) means. \. the Sura closes with calling attention to the same Divine attribute..-'I''' 9~'~ ~.. 3754. 25 -_u --~ AL-Jl\ THIY AH ~~_..:J' :. ""'''''...' Therefore that day they wil1 not be taken. because byou mad~ a jest of the Signs of Allah. After dwelling on the subject as to how Divine Messengers and their righteous followers succeed in their Divine mission while their opponents meet with failure. See also 41 : 25. 0 :J"" ~.~.-'~. and Lord of the' earth. .I.~1 fiO:\ (" ... the Wise.. nor will they be taken back mto favou1.45 35. "'This day shall We fo:get you. ~~ '9~ ~~ ~" /c< r"" . ~t ~ .. out of it.. '" >-~~._--_.:_I means. in o~der to estab~ish the claim ma?e i~ the b~ginnmg that the God of the QUI'an IS a Mighty and Wise God. the Wise.s....ill .4-. in order to show that the Revealer of the Qur'an being Mighty and Wise.f I \ U. viz. '''''..:::t''''''''''vP. The expression .. its Message will find wide publicity and acceptance.-~~.. I sought to please him.-''''. belongs to Allah Lord of the heavens. .. "this day of your promised discomfiture and <iefeat...t A'''~::I . .9 /.3754 36. And your resort is the Fire..'''''!1 . .>~H u.-' ~j1j~{i~.-. if''''' ~ .J " ?..~ :...~.3755 ~~I~~. -: r"?'. and you will have no helpers.9r~\~ 9-(" \ r".. ~.:: :: ~ ~ 'j.("~ ~ . Commentary: The Sura had opened with the mention of Divine attributes-the Mighty.'U2J~W~/'~ -: I .