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ECONOMY AND FINANCE African economic and political developments Wilson, Joseph M. / Nova Science Publishers / cop. 2011 Le dveloppement economique et la rconciliation nationale : le cas du Burundi Kinezero, Mathias / In: Ethique & Societe / 2010

ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES Rapport Burundi : objectifs du milenaire pour le dveloppement 2010 Programme des Nations Unies pour le dveloppement (PNUD) / Programme des Nations Unies pour le dveloppement (PNUD) etc. / 2010

HEALTH AND NUTRITION Recovering from conflict: an analysis of food production in Burundi D'Haese, Marijke F.C. / s.n. / 2010

HISTORY Colonialismo, razzismo, memoria: intorno ai Grandi Laghi Carbone, Carlo / In: Africa / Istituto italiano per l'Africa e l'Oriente / 2010 L'invention de l'Afrique des Grands Lacs : une histoire du XXe sicle Chrtien, Jean-Pierre / Karthala / cop. 2010

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND COOPERATION Insights: international institutions, aid effectiveness and peacebuilding in Burundi Simpson, Ruth / International Alert / 2011

The relevance of humanitarian intervention in the new international dispensation : the case of Burundi's civil conflict Kiiza, Charles J. / In: Rwanda Journal. Series B, Social Sciences / 2010

LABOUR Dfis d'accs au march du travail : quelles alternatives pour les jeunes burundais? Centre d'Alerte et de Prvention des Conflits (CENAP) / CENAP / 2010

LAW Les Bashingantahe lheure de l'interculturation Tabona, Adrien / ditions du CRID / 2010 Les droits de la femme et de l'enfant : rflexions africaines = Women and children's rights : African views Lagoutte, Stephanie / Karthala / cop. 2011 In search of justice and peace : traditional and informal justice systems in Africa Hinz, Manfred O. / Namibia Scientific Society / 2010 Manuel sur le droit foncier et des successions au Burundi = Agatabu kigisha ibijanye n'amategeko agenda amatati y'amatongo hamwe no gutorana mu Burundi Avocats Sans Frontires (ASF) / ASF / 2010 Mediating land conflict in Burundi : a documentation and analysis project Bunte, Thimna / ACCORD etc. / 2011

Mob justice in Burundi : official complicity and impunity Ghoshal, Neela / Human rights watch (HRW) / 2010

The rule of law in DR Congo, Burundi and Rwanda : economic aspects of constitutional law and public international law Hamann, Hartmut; Schroth, Anne / In: Verfassung und Recht in Ubersee / 2011

POLITICS, GOVERNMENT, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION L'Afrique des Grands Lacs : annuaire 2009-2010 Marysse, S. / L'Harmattan etc. / 2010 L'Afrique des Grands Lacs : annuaire 2010-2011 Marysse, S. / L'Harmattan / cop. 2011 The CNDD-FDD in Burundi : the path from armed to political struggle Nindorera, Willy / Berghof-Forschungszentrum fur Konstruktive Konfliktbearbeitung / 2012

La crise des Grands Lacs : analyse et pistes de rglement Tunga dia Lutete, Bthuel / L'Harmattan / cop. 2010 Development and the post conflict State : a comparative case study of Burundi and Rwanda Tjon, Jerry / s.l. / 2011

'Fighting for peace': South Africa's role in peace operations in Africa (Part I) Heinecken, Lindy; Ferreira, Rialize / In: African Security Review / 2012 'Fighting for peace': the experiences of South African military personnel in peace operations in Africa (Part II) Heinecken, Lindy; Ferreira, Rialize / In: African Security Review / 2012 'Fighting for peace': the psychological effect of peace operations on South African peacekeepers (Part III) Heinecken, Lindy; Ferreira, Rialize / In: African Security Review / 2012

Paroles et crits de Louis Rwagasore, leader de l'indpendance du Burundi = Amajambo n'ivyanditswe dukesha Rudoviko Rwagasore, yarwaniye ukwikukira kw'Uburundi Rwagasore, Louis / Karthala etc. / cop. 2012 Peacemaking in Burundi: conflict resolution versus conflict management strategies Piombo, Jessica / In: African Security / 2010 Power-sharing as a fragile safety valve in times of electoral turmoil: the costs and benefits of Burundi's 2010 elections Vandeginste, Stef / In: The Journal of Modern African Studies / 2011 Des principaux dfis de la Police Nationale pour une meilleure scurit publique et le renforcement dmocratique Nindorera, Willy / Centre d'Alerte et de Prvention des Conflits (CENAP) / [ca. 2010] Prolifration des armes au Burundi : mcanismes de dsarmement des civils Centre d'Alerte et de Prention des Conflits (CENAP) / CENAP / 2010

RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY L'glise catholique et les lections au Burundi Ingiyimbere, Fidele / In: Ethique & Societe / 2010

SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Researching Africa : explorations of everyday African encounters Bruijn, Mirjam de / African Studies Centre / 2010

SOCIETY AND CULTURE Beyond the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Accord for Burundi : challenges of preserving peace in an ethnically fractured society Check, Nicasius Achu / In: Africa Insight / 2010 Bridging community associations in post-conflict Burundi: the difficult merging of social capital endowments and new 'institutional settings' Vervisch, Thomas; Titeca, Kristof / In: The Journal of Modern African Studies / 2010 Le dfi de l'ethnisme : Rwanda et Burundi Chretien, Jean-Pierre / Nouv. ed / Karthala / cop. 2012 Natural resources and local livelihoods in the Great Lakes Region of Africa : a political economy perspective Ansoms, An / Palgrave Macmillan / 2011 Robbers or rebels? : understanding the role of greed and grievance in fragile societies Maphosa, Sylvester Bongani / In: Africa Insight / 2011 Social security and social protection in the East African Community Barya, John-Jean / Fountain Publishers / 2011

Sustainable peace and development in the Great Lakes region, Africa Bizoza, Alfred R. / In: Rwanda Journal. Series B, Social Sciences / 2010

Voices of survivors : the different faces of gun violence Lyddon, Laura / International Action Network on Small Arms / 2011

TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATION Le code de dontologie de la presse au Burundi: une thorisation de l'thique tlologique Katubadi Bakenge, Jean-Marie / In: thique & Socit / 2010 Covering post-conflict elections: challenges for the media in Central Africa Frre, Marie-Soleil / In: Africa Spectrum / 2011 Mdias et bonne gouvernance en Afrique : concept et cas pratiques Bachiri, Mohammed / UNESCO / 2010

Medias et bonne gouvernance en Afrique : concept et cas pratiques Bl, Raoul Germain / UNESCO / 2010


January - March 2013

Burundi wins 1st prize in Berlin tourism fair Africa Review, 14 March 2013 The people of Burundi are overjoyed after their country won 1st place in the Berlin International Tourism Fair for Best Exhibitor Award 2013. Burundi: Catholic sect 'clashes with police kill six' BBC News, 12 March 2013 At least six people have been killed and 35 wounded in clashes in northern Burundi between police and a Catholic sect, an official has said. IFJ Backs the Mobilization to Free a Jailed Journalist in Burundi allAfrica, 27 February 2013 The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today has backed the mobilisation in support of the liberation of jailed RFI Swahili journalist, Hassan Ruyakuki who was arrested by security forces on November 28, 2011, and subsequently convicted by the Appeal court in Gitega to three years imprisonment following an interview with the leader of the opposition to President Pierre Nkurunziza. A Long and Silent Struggle allAfrica, 25 February 2013 n 1993 tens of thousands fled the civil war in Burundi to neighbouring countries, including Tanzania, where camps were established to accommodate them until they could return home. Twenty years later, all but one camp has been closed down, sending 35,000 refugees 'home' to a country which has changed so much since they last lived there. For those who were born in the camps, it is a home they may have never seen. Burundi's FDI more than doubles in 2012 - investment board Engineering News, 22 February 2013 Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Burundi grew by 120% to $229-million in 2012, thanks to reforms that allow businesses to be set up more quickly, the national investment board said on Thursday. The Hassan Ruvakuki Case - Burundian Authorities Entrenched in Injustice allAfrica, 21 February 2013 Reporters Without Borders firmly denounces the relentlessness that the Burundian Authorities have shown against Hassan Ruvakuki. EU Development Work in Burundi, 20 February 2013 The EU has worked in development in Burundi since 2003, when the transition period after the war began. EU cooperation with Burundi is focused on the areas of health, rehabilitation, rural development, food security, budget support, good governance and civil society.

Burundi police attack journalists marching for Ruvakuki Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), 20 February 2013 On Tuesday, Burundi's press corps did what it has done for the past three weeks: protest the Security Council Extends for Another Year Mandate of UN Office in Burundi allAfrica, 13 February 2013 The Security Council today extended the mandate of the United Nations political mission in Burundi for another year to support peace and long-term development in the country, as well as to redouble efforts to tackle corruption and allow people the freedom to organize ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2015. Burundi sees revenue from coffee down by a quarter The Public Ledger, 13 February 2013 BURUNDI'S coffee revenues fell 24% in January from the previous month affected by the low quality of beans although sales for the year have already topped expectations, the country's industry regulator ARFIC said on Tuesday.
Burundi targets its runaway malnutrition with flour plan Africa Review, 6 February 2013 Burundi is set to roll out a flour fortification plan as it takes aim at its runaway malnutrition, estimated at 58 per cent. The World Food Programme-backed initiative would provide vitamins and minerals missing in the daily diet of certain categories of the country's population through the product, helping to reduce public health problems. Post-War Burundi, Seen From the Hood allAfrica, 5 February 2013 Fourteen months before that, the country fell in into an open civil war after the assassination of Burundi's first democratically elected president, Melchior Ndadaye. After a devastating market fire, Burundi's economy hobbles forward The Christian Science Monitor, 4 February 2013 Burundi doesn't often make an appearance on the world stage. Nestled in East Africa between the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Tanzania, it's one of the smallest countries on the continent, about the size of Maryland. Burundi's ex-president appointed head of AU mission in Mali The Voice of Russia, 31 January 2013 The African Union has appointed Burundi's ex-President Pierre Buyoya as head of the International African Support Mission in Mali.

Central Market in Bujumbura Destroyed By Fire allAfrica, 29 January 2013 An unknown number of people died and hundreds of businesses were destroyed when the central market in the capital, Bujumbura, burned to the ground on Sunday, reports the Anglican Church in Burundi. Burundi will soon send troops into Mali, 25 January 2013 Burundi will send troops to join the African-led International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA), Burundian Minister of External Relations and International Cooperation Laurent Kavakure confirmed Friday on the sidelines of the 20th summit of the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa. Despite progress, Burundi needs assistance to ease poverty, tensions UN official UN News, 24 January 2013 Burundi continues to make steady progress in strengthening governance and recovering from recurrent strife, but given persistent political tensions and poverty, support from the international community is still required, a United Nations envoy said today. Youth employment programme in Burundi, 24 January 2013 Burundian government to launch youth employment programme - A youth job-creation pilot project in Burundi costing US$14 million is to start at the beginning of the second quarter of this year, the labour minister, Mrs. Annonciata Sendazirasa, has said. Burundi urged to raise the stakes in drive for tea quality The Public Ledger, 23 January 2013 BURUNDI still has a lot of work to do if it is to achieve major, consistent improvements in the quality of its tea over the coming years, despite achieving a substantial boost in its export revenues from the beverage in 2012. Importance of English for Burundi's integration in the EAC Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW), 21 January 2013 English teaching centers nowadays abound in Bujumbura. The Government of Burundi through the ministry in charge of the East African Community affairs is active in the promotion of this language. Brutal attack on Burundi national hate crime or drunken brawl? The Hindu, 19 January 2013 For nine long months, as a Burundi father watched helplessly over his 24-year-old comatose son, Yannick Ntibateganya, reduced to that state by a vicious attack on him by nine young Punjabi men in April, he believed it was a hate crime. Burundi lags in access to electricity ESI.AFRICA.COM, 10 January 2013 Burundi's energy and mines minister Come Manirakiza has said that with only 10% of the country's population having access to electricity this rate was very low compared to other East African Community (EAC) members.

Hassan Ruvakuki: Burundi reporter life sentence reduced BBC, 8 January 2013 A Burundian appeal court has reduced the life sentence of journalist Hassan Ruvakuki to three years after scrapping his conviction on a terrorism charge.


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