EMBEDDED VEHICULAR PROJECTS 1 CODE EVPO1 PROJECT NAME The Conceptual Design of New Bus Stop Board DESCRIPTION By the new bus stop board, passengers could obtain not only the information of the bus lion and information of lines in one station, but also important busstations, passenger transport hubs, geographical position information and so on. This module can detect the distance between front vehicle and your vehicle to keep a constant distance using a sensor and operate the brake system forcibly if the driver does not decrease the speed. The system displays the distance between the vehicles and the speed of vehicle. This paper purposes a parking management system based on wireless sensor network technology which provides advanced features like remote parking monitoring, automated guidance & parking reservation mechanism via mobile ATMC is a cheap, automatic and practical traffic monitoring and controlling system which requires no human supervision at all. In this paper we propose a mobile communication solution of real-time operating data for moving locomotive without the railway GSM (GSM-R) Driver vigilance Monitoring & driver alert using Vibrating sensors



The Integrated Control of Anti-lock Breaking System and Active Suspension in Vehicle



SPARK: smart parking system using wireless sensor networks



Adaptive Traffic Monitoring and Controlling System A low cost real-time communication system of locomotive based on GPS Tactile and Multisensory Spatial Warning Signals for Drivers

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vehicles and intelligent electronic toll road signs This project deals with reduction of accidents in railways. This system adopts the method of auto-monitoring. This study introduces the basic modules which constitute the railway crossing surveillance and warning system. This is automatic train following mechanism for electric trains. 10 EVPO10 Anti collision Digital Accident Provender for Train EVPO11 Real–Time Monitoring and Pre-alarm System for Dangerous Mountains in the Railway Line 11 12 EVPO12 WSN based model for secure railway operations EVPO13 Integrating Automatic Verification of Safety Requirements in Railway Interlocking System EVPO14 Train station announcement based on Wireless sensor network EVPO15 Bus annunciation system for Blind There appear frequently natural phenomena such as collapse. This is a wireless bus announcing system for visually handicapped.8 EVPO8 Design of Electronic Toll Collection System in Expressway Based on RFID A kind of radio frequency chip was adopted to design electronic toll collection system of expressway. which badly threaten the transport safety of the railway. 15 3 . the content in the earth’s surface deformation. 9 EVPO9 Corporative A communication technology communication between between vehicles and road signs. 13 14 A Project designed for announcing the station beforehand a train stops. landslide along the railway line.

EVPO20 PGS: Parking Guidance A fully embedded Parking System based on guidance system wireless Sensor networks EVPO21 Wireless Sensor We present DGS. a Driving Network based Driver Guidance System based on Guidance System (DGS) wireless sensor networks (WSN) which guides a driver to drive a car in safety. EVPO22 Tactile and This review highlights the most Multisensory Spatial important potential costs and Warning Signals for benefits associated with the use Drivers of tactile and multisensory information displays in a vehicle. 18 This project is aimed to track the vehicles which are generating more smoke which causes air pollution 19 EVPO19 Development of Vision based Control Smart Windshield Wiper System for Intelligent Vehicle 20 This paper presents the development of vision-based smart windshield wider system that can automatically adjust its speed and intermittent interval according to the amount of water drops on the windshield. Identifies vehicle theft and informs to the owner. EVPO24 System on Chip Design A Embedded vehicle black box of Embedded for secret maintenance of data Controller for Car even in case of emergency Black Box 21 22 24 4 .16 EVPO16 Intelligent highway Accident prevented This is an attempt to make a device to minimize the accidents. 17 EVPO17 Wireless Sensor Network based vehicular Theft identification EVPO18 Vehicle Pollution check & Tracking system.

5 . & running software that can generate the graphics based on analyze of incoming onboard equipment data The objective is to design an efficient automatic authorized vehicle identification system implemented on the entrance for security control of a highly restricted area.26 EVPO26 Research and development of Intelligent Display Unit for Metro Train 29 EVPO29 Automatic Number Plate Recognition system for Vehicle Identification using Optical Character Recognition Intelligent Display Unit integrates metro data recording and train system management.

In this paper. EIPO4 Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone Remote Control for PC 5. A keyboard is specially designed and constructed to provide easy typing technology for the visually impaired We present our work on a “vibrating belt”. LEDs & stepper.EMBEDDED INNOVATIVE PROJECTS 1. commercial offthe-shelf (COTS) components. The goal of this paper is to create authentication data between card and device using encryption algorithms key pair and pseudo-random number generation We propose an electronic voting protocol that satisfy all security requirements and allow the voter to verify whether the cast ballot has been counted correctly or not. 2. it introduces an information method to deal with the problem of road lighting. a” smart glove” that can recognize basic hand gestures and convert them into speech using low-cost. motor. This work confers an application which makes possible to use a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to remote control home appliances such electric fan. EIPO1 Hand talk Assistive technology for the Deaf This article presents Hand Talk. and further. EIPO2 An Innovative Braille System Keyboard for thr Visually Impaired Vibration as a way finding aid 3. connected to the personal computer. EIPO3 4. to reach the purpose energy saving. a belt of motors that can be used as an orientation aid. EIPO7 6 . it will not encourage ballot buying. EIPO5 6. EIPO6 The Development of Road Lighting Intelligent Control System Based on Wireless Network Control Three way challenge response authentication in smart card using Elliptic curve cryptosystem A Verification Electronic Voting Scheme Over the Internet 7.

8. 15. EIPO8 Security Management System for Oilfield Based on Embedded Wireless Communication 9. 14. EIP11 EIP13 Tsunami Warning System using Area Mail Disaster Information Service on phones Secure ThreeDimensional Password for More Authentication(I&m) A Remote-Control Engineering Laboratory An Automatic Voice Query System for Bank Based on Telephone Network Ultra Low Power Wireless Weather Station Temperature Control using SMS PH Neutralization through Internet Remote Target Monitoring in Embedded Systems Lab Courses using a Sensor Network A Wireless Vending Machine System Based on GSM E-Security System with Video Capture option Embedded Bio Censored Electrical Application Activator Cum Energy Saver The first level is consist of some remote controllers and a launcher. EIP10 11. EIP14 EIP16 EIP17 EIP18 17. 16. 19. EIP19 EIP21 EIP22 A Novel petrol vending system via Pc with Card recharging Miscellaneous Email threat finder Super resolution energy saver for Houses 7 . power-off alarm. fault alarm. self checking alarm & wireless night patrol point. which include wireless burglar alarm. Tsunami Warning System with Mobile phones A password system for Atm cards using image processing A remote Location authorization using Steganography A voice based Bank querying application A low power Environment monitoring system A mobile phone based Temperature controller Flow control via internet A remote Embedded Lab via a internet 13. 12. EIPO9 10. 18.

GPS module & IR sensors for obstacle detection. Research of Mechanical The operator controls the robot Arm Control Based on directly by computer.EMBEDDED ROBOTIC PROJECTS 2 ERO02 Design of the optimal path algorithm for Line track Robots Robot-Arm Pick and Place Behavior Programming System Using Visual Perception Navigation of mobile robot using GPS & obstacle avoidance system with commanded loop An Intelligent Wheelchair to enable mobility of severely disabled Indoor autonomous navigation of blind persons using RFID sensing robots Voice controlled wheel chair The algorithm design has some certain significance for the line track optimization of robots and the autopilot of vehicles This paper presents a programming robot-arm system for carrying out flexible pick & place behavior using visual perception In this project. These robot co-ordinates head movement into motion. wearing Data Glove data glove and computer generates virtual Automated Vehicles For In this context we have developed Physically and Visually a mechanism of fuzzy logic Challenged which reduces the accidents and also helps for physically visually challenged persons. temperature etc. The aim of this project is to help blind people to identify different places available in his locality. The data can send to control man in safe 8 . Coal Mine Detect & It can go into explosion rescue Robot Design & environment & detect gas research content. 03 ERO03 04 ERO04 05 ERO05 06 ERO06 07 ERO07 08 09 ERO08 ERO09 10 ERO10 11 ERO11 The theme is implemented for the parallelized persons by voice activated wheelchair through speech processing I walker with Industrial A Rfid based robot with wireless control arm and material Handling Techniques. a mobile robot is equipped with GPS navigation system and obstacle avoidance system with low cost mobile structure.

Design & A Robot is designed to move up implementation of stair. Visual servo control of a It is presently a direction to be Three degree of integrated with the unmanned freedom robotic ARM Ground vehicle (UGV) to serve system as surveillance unit in the combat hot zone. Develop a Multiple An autonomous fire detect & Interface Based fire rescue robot Fighting Robot Highly Vigilant Flying This is an aerial helicopter with Robot Image Capturer Design & Robot movements using Facial Implementation of an features Advanced Visual Guided Robot Rob Shoot: An This is a shooting robot designed Automatic System for with versatile features Accurate Shooting Design of a This paper describes the collaborative development & assessment of a wheelchair with path Collaborative Wheelchair guidance assistance Assistant Industrial spy robot This is a spy robot with cctv features Voice Controlled This is a voice controlled robot Temperature sensing for industrials with temperature robot sensor Smart attenuating This is a Smart robot with vehicle for Industrial Material Handling and object Material handling detection Intelligent Gas detection Gas detecting robot for Harsh robot Environments PC Interface Stationery Robot Crane A Crane Robot Which is being guided via PC 14 ERO14 17 18 19 ERO17 ERO18 ERO19 21 ERO21 22 ERO22 23 20. ERO23 ERO24 ERO25 ERO26 ERO28 9 .and down stairs to provide Climbing Robot service fir the elders. 21. 23. such as peace keeping mission. 12 13 ERO12 ERO13 Robotic Arm with Four Degrees of Freedom The paper presents the details of construction of a robotic arm with four degrees of freedom. 22.field.

25. ERO29 Bomb Detecting & clearing robot with Wireless camera Passive Infrared Based Human alive Detected Robot. Single chip microprocessor A T89C51 processes data signal collection and realize telephone automatically dialing-alarming when there is unusual condition. as well as it controls wireless transceiver chip nRF905 to complete data transmission between monitor controller and work central station controller. 2 EIA02 3 EIA03 Research of traffic Signal Light Intelligent Control System based on Microcontroller Development of a Realtime Mine Auxiliary Monitoring System Using RF Wireless Sensor Networks 4 EIA04 10 .24. ERO30 Detects Bomb Lifts the Bomb & places it in an unknown environment with the aid of wireless environment A Human Detecting Robot for disaster regions. EMBEDDED INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION PROJECTS 1 EIA01 Remote Control of Digital Factory Through Web Distributed Guarding and Alarming System Based on Telephone Automatically Dialing and Remote Communication Technology This project reports the development of hardware and software for remote control of a digital factory controlled through internet. Upper PC of manager is connected with work central station controller though USB interface. A Development of Distributed area traffic signal lights control Based on Single-chip Microcontroller through CAN BUS is described. This Paper proposes a mine auxiliary sensor system (MASS) will effectively monitor all situations in mine especially for the safety of mineworkers. which realizes distributed safety monitor and guarding-alarming system of intelligent building design.

This Project uses a microcontroller which monitors the power of an active device & enables Switch to change the device only if necessary to improve the life of that device. For the Problem of temperature drift. Temperature monitoring method of 1-wire bus was Proposed. This Project uses an ARM Processor and a LCD to display the data which has been sent though the can protocol which would be very efficient system. inexact and great transmission loss of the monitoring of environment temperature and humidity under the mine. 9 EIA09 Research on Embedded Data display unit Based on CAN Bus Research & Development of the remote I/O Data Acquisition system based on Embedded ARM Platform Microcontroller based standalone PV System for Wireless Sensor Node 10 EIA10 11 EIA11 This Smart Project uses a Microcontroller and a Grip sensor Connected to it using CAN Protocol for a safe drive in case of any tiredness for the driver. The Pressure values cam is monitoring in a PC via UART. 11 . The Integrated unit for MEMS Based pressure Measurement.5 EIA05 Research on temperature and humidity monitoring under mine based on optical fiber communication system 6 EIA06 7 EIA07 8 EIA08 Research and Development of a Intelligent TemperatureMeasuring System Based on 1-Wire Bus Distributed sensor for steering wheel Grip Force Measurement in Driver Fatigue Detection. In this Project the various industrial measurement units can be integrated on to an Ethernet bridge using an ARM processor to send info to a server database using an RTOS. this paper proposes the temperature and humidity monitoring and optical fiber communication transmission. This Project involves a MEMS sensor to calculate the pressure and is connected to the microcontroller through ADC using 12C protocol.

s The system deploys and operation monitoring system for the usage of surgical tools. 14 EIA14 Study on ARM Processor Based Embedded intelligent Yields System Controller A Simple capacitive security card system. This project uses a simple & reliable capacitive security card system Which has been designed and consists of capacitive card reader system. 15 EIA15 16 EIA16 Research & Design of industrial Ethernet Intelligent Gateway Based on ARM 17 EIA17 Measuring & transmitting vital body signs using MEMS sensor. This project uses sensors connected to a microcontroller implemented using the C Programming language on that to detect the gas and to intimate the military troop regarding the level of the particular detected Gas. This project is going to deploy a system capable of bridging various industrial protocols like CAN.12 EIA12 CAN Bus-Based Distributed fuel system with smart components 13 EIA13 A Low-cost intelligent Gas Sensing Device for military Applications. It deals with acceleration of the Patient. ASSIST-Automated system for surgical instrument and sponge tracking. The system proposes an innovative patient body movement monitoring & intimation system by the aid of an active MENS sensor. This System Proposes as effective scheduling algorithm for the efficiency Improvement of a yielding System using ARM Processor with moisture. 18 EIA18 In this project a new distributed control system for very high efficient fuel management application is introduced with the help of a CAN enabled microcontroller. an integrator. rectifying circuit.RS232 on to an Ethernet gateway to measure the parameters and communicating with system. sponges and tracking critical missing tools before the event of operation completion for a secure surgery 12 . an 8051 Microcontroller & indicators for very safe security System. pressure sensing units.

Design of Medical A medical infusion monitor & Infusion Monitor & protection system is designed protection system Based based on technologies of On wireless photoelectric monitor. utilizing the Hemoglobin disposable microcuvette Concentration Whole containing reagent. modulation communication demodulation. EBP001 EBP002 EBP003 Smart Jacket Design for Smart Jacket proposed in this Neonatal Monitoring paper is the vision of a wearable with Wearable sensors unobtrusive continuous monitoring system realized by body sensor networks (BSN) & wireless Communication. 13 . single chip Technology microprocessor (SCM) & wireless communication.procedure. which could Blood be used for performing the quick online test of undiluted & unemployed whole blood within 30-60 Seconds. Research on portable A Portable hemoglobin Instrument for concentration determinate has Determining been developed.

2. and display & store physiology activity. EBPO7 A gps & gsm based patient Monitoring system with Intimation to the Doctor in case of any Problems. The paper proposes an overall design idea of portable ambulatory ECG monitoring system based on Bluetooth & implementation program of system hardware & software. to be able to give them a sense of security. EBPO5 6.we present a novel role-interaction-organization security model & apply it to the e-health system which is modeled as a multi-agent system. EBPO4 5. Development of A novel guide for rural people intelligent home disease diagnosing & pill healthcare box connecting dispensing. This paper Presents the implementation of a system to sence. EBPO2 Design of Clinic Patient Body Temperature Wireless Remote Concentration Monitor system Based on 6 Portable Ambulatory Electrocardiogram Monitoring System Based on Bluetooth. In this paper . EBPO3 4. This paper introduces that temperature sensorDS18B20 is connected to realize distributed body temperature wireless remote concentration monitor system design. independence & to some degree. Anew security scheme for e-health system 3. medical equipments & service Platform IEEE RFID PROJECTS 14 .IEEE BIOMEDICAL PROJECTS 1. EBPO6 A Physical Activity Monitoring System for the Elderly People With Built-in Vital Sign & Fall Detection GPS based Patient Monitoring system 7. send. EBPO1 Real-time Monitoring of Vital Signs The main purpose of this study is to help the frequent visitation struggles of people who live with certain health conditions & most importantly.

Design implementation Based on Radio Frequency of Campus Gate Control Identification (RFID). studied one based on RFID Personnel Orientation rescuing system. ERPO8 6. We present a Solution for integrating RFID technology in academic libraries by offering cost effectiveness & Good quality of services. to conduct system based on RFID campus gate control by the Identification Process constructed by the server –end database & AES is adopted in this system A Novel Remote User In This paper. We Proposed the indoor localization Footwear system based on RFID & smart floor. This proposal results especially useful to provide location-aware information avoiding the need for users to manually select the desired information they want to see. A kid Identification system in general public. ERPO3 In This paper. 8. Research on Coal Mine personal Orientation rescuing system Based on RFID A Location-Aware system using RFID & mobile Devices for Art Museums I Walker: Toward a Rollator-Miunted Way finding system for the Elderly. Mobile RFID Tracking system RFID-Based Intelligent Books Shelving System (or) An Optimized RFID –Based Academic Library To realize the breakthrough on underground coal mine rescue technology. ERPO1 RFID Footwear & Floor system 2. 4. ERPO2 3. a novel efficient Authentication Scheme remote user authentication Using Smart Card Based scheme using smart cards based on ECDLP on Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem (ECDLP) has been proposed. ERPO7 5. ERP10 ERP11 15 . ERPO9 7. This is a robotic Vehicle which guides the people based on RFID Implanted tags on its path.1.

ERP21 Automatic control of students attendance in classrooms using RFID 16 . ERP13 11. 12. ERP14 The E-Passport: The Future Of Government –Issued RFID based Identification. A Electronic passport for Validity the passport wherever the public wants An automatic RFID based time & attendance marking system This paper presents a novel radio frequency identification (RFID) based vehicle immobilizer system. ERP16 Hospital Automation System RFID Based: Technology Embedded in smart Devices(Cards. RFID cards are located in the correct path in a row. This uses RFID tags stuck to containers containing patient’s collecting samples for the correct identification of the patient who gave away the samples. Tags & Bracelets) A blind navigation system using RFID for indoor Environments 14. ERP18 15. ERP12 10. ERP19 Bus Detection device for the Blind using passive RFID Applications 16. In this project we propose architecture & a prototype of a system that uses distributed RFID over Ethernet & automates an entire student’s attendance registration system by using RFID. which features low hacking probability while preserving the safety of the passengers of the hijacked In this project we develop a smart home Environment using RFID Reader is placed in the room & the item for which the location is to be determine is attached with RFID Tags. ERP15 Security Architecture for RFID Application in home Environment 13. Here a bus recognition system is developing for the blind where RFID comes into act to detect the bus information using the RFID Tag in the bus & an RFID Reader with the Blind person. Automation of time & Attendance using RFID System RFID-Based & theft auto security system with an immobilizer.9. In this project path navigation for blind is implementing using RFID card & reader to sense the correct path using a reader which is with the blind person.

EZB01 A wireless design of lowcost irrigation system using ZigBee technology Exploration & Research based on VIN Code Vehicle Identification System ZigBee based intelligent Helmet for Coal Miners Remote-Controllable & Energy-Saving Room Architecture based on ZigBee Communication Design of Air Pollution Monitoring System Using ZigBee Networks for Ubiquitous-City Remote Power ON/OFF control & current measurement for Home Electric Outlets based on a Low Po9wer Embedded Board & ZigBee Communication Wireless Access Monitoring & Control System based on Digital Door Lock A wireless solution for intelligent field irrigation system based on ZigBee technology was proposed in system paper. This paper focuses on implementation of air pollution monitoring system. EZB04 05. EZB06 07.17. EZB05 06. EZB02 03. This paper describes room architecture to reduce power consumption & to make the room easily controllable with an IR remote control of an home appliance. in which customers can acquire detailed product information with smart Markets facilities & expedite the checkout process ZIGBEE BASED IEEE PROJECTS 01. A System for power reduction using ZigBee Networks 02. EZB07 A door lock system with high authorisation 17 . ERP24 The introduction & design of a New Form of Super Market We introduce a new form of supermarket: Smart Market. EZB03 04. A cost effective ZigBee based wireless mine supervising system is presented in this article. This paper is designed & implemented based on ZigBee technology of the vehicle automatic identification System.

08. 10.. A. we can use available power in such a way that only low power devices like Tubes. Desktops which are primary needs should be allowed and high power devices like heater. A wearable body area network (WBAN) is the emerging technology that is developed for wearable monitoring application. pump-set. EZB11 12 EZB12 13 EZB13 The Application of ARM and ZigBee Technology Wireless Networks In Monitoring Mine Safety System 18 . Fans. EZB08 A ZigBee-Based Power Monitoring System with Direct Load Control Capabilities Design & Realization of Embedded Web Gateway Server Wearable Wireless Body Area Networks Power Management using ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network A power monitoring system with power representation for each & every device This paper introduces in detail the transplantation & system software design of embedded web server. etc should not be allowed for that particular period With the continuous development of technology. EZB10 11. it gives a new type system of Coal Mine Safety Based on ZigBee Technology.C. To manage the available power more often the power is cut for particular area. Instead.

which is being used to prevent/control the theft of a vehile. we present an System for Anti theft automotive security system to disable an automobile and its key auto systems through remote control when it is stolen. this will enable the monitoring center in the system give a immediately response to the user who suffer a suddenly cardiac failure.GSM & GPS IEEE PROJECTS 01 EGP01 Automobile Anti-theft System Design Based on GSM An automobile remote alarm system based on GSM communication network is introduced Design & Development of This paper deals with the design a GSM Based Vehicle & development of a theft Theft Control System Control System for an automobile. we present an Time Vehicle Tracking innovative scheme. An Automotive Security In this paper. & a accelerometer is embedded in the user. Hierarchical Exponential Region Organization (HERO) for Intelligent transportation The Mobile ECG Tele The portable ECG monitoring monitoring System Based terminal in the system consists on GPRS & GPS of GPRS & GPS module in order to send the ECG signal data through GPRS network with they position information of the user. HERO: Online RealIn this paper. A GIS system for tourism Our objective is to build a management Geographic Information System (GIS) Model for tourism industries (services) from one side and for officials and conservationist of the historic sites on the other side. 02 EGP02 03 EGP03 04 EGP04 05 EGP05 06 EGP06 19 .

20 . EPLC01 Home appliance energy monitoring & controlling based on power line communication EPLC02 Wireless LAN based Distributed Digital Lighting systems for Digital home 02. For winding deformation of power transformer. IEEE ELECTRICAL PROJRCTS EPL001 Remote Wireless Automatic Meter Reading System Based on Wireless Mesh Networks & Embedded Technology On-line Monitoring Of Winding Deformation Of Power Transformer A remote wireless AMR system based on wireless sensor networks & embedded technology is presented in this paper to solve the problems in existing AMR system. the on-line monitoring system of winding deformation of power transformer is designed In this paper an embedded remote monitoring & controlling power socket (RMCPS) has been developed with high suitability for automatic & power management of home electric appliances Effectiveness & reality of a system composed of hardware & software is implemented with wireless LAN & demonstrated in this paper EPL002 01.07 EGP07 08 EGP08 GPS Based Mobile Tele Monitoring & Management System for Inter cities Public Transportation Development of CollapseSensing Phone for Emergency Positioning System A novel Bus management system based on GPS We have developed a collapsesensing phone with a GPS receiving chipset & a CDMA sending chipset that reports the location of the individual to a local control center.

06. This project deals with the implementation of a automated electricity stealing detection system involving a novel approach based on 8051 MCU This system brings forth an innovative power saving solution for a residential system using electrical parameter manipulation units. This paper presents the development of an intelligent wireless system to monitoring mechanical fault in electric power transmission lions. 08. 04. coded ratio frequency. Solar tracker for efficient usage of electrical energy 05.03. EPLC11 Sufficient sunlight supply for home care using local closed –loop shutter control system. 09. wireless communication technology In this paper. 11. This dispatch system is the integration of Internet. we have come up with some algorithms that are easy to fulfill without sacrificing much to the System’s performance. 10. 07. network. ADC on an 8051 21 . database interfacing technology. A gprs based Meter for Intelligent monitoring of Electricity units consumed We design a kind of wireless power electric parameter detection system based on single chip microprocessor (SCM) technology. & campus administration using computerization servers. This project projects an ambient control system for limiting the amount of sunlight entering an industrial area by using a sensitive LDR. EPLC03 Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Remote Meter Reading System Based on GPRS EPLC04 Research & Design of Intelligent Wireless Harmonic Detection of Electric power system EPLC05 Synchronization Algorithms for SMS Based wireless Distributed System for Electric Grid Monitor EPLC06 Integrated solar tracker positioning unit in distributed grid-feeding for CPV power plants EPLC07 Development solar A Hierarchical Saving Power System for Campus EPLC08 Intelligent wireless System to Monitoring Mechanical Fault in Power Transmission Lions EPLC09 Research on Measuring Equipment of singlephase ElectricityStealing with Long distance Monitoring EPLC10 Development of Energy Management & warning system for Resident: An Energy Saving Solution.

the energy is measured & the value is transferred to ARM Processor using RS-485 & the value is displayed in LCD & Communicates with the management using GSM. 14. Internet & Speech Controlled Wireless Interactive Home Automation System EPLC18 Automatic power Meter Reading System using GSM Network This project deploys the development of a robust data collecting system for the acquisition of Industrial Parameters using a embedded 8051 MCU & storage onto an 12C EEPROM. This is an SMS based Power meter reading system. 17. Maintaining Optimum temperature for controlling the devices in homes. 18. EPLC14 Remote Power Management & meter reading system based on ARM microprocessor 15. 22 . EPLC13 PC-Based PID Speed control in DC Motor 13. 12. EPLC12 Design & Implementation of Universal industry Data Collecting & Controlling System. In this project. In this project the speed of the system is controlled using a PC where the average speed is fed & the DC Motor is made to prevail in the same speed following proportional integral Differential algorithm. EPLC17 A GSM. EPLC15 Implementation of Control Mechanism for Standby Power Reduction EPLC16 Automatic room light intensity detection & control using microprocessor & light sensors. A energy saving architecture for controlling the devices in homes.MCU. A home automation system using sms. Voice & Internet Web Page. 16.

EPLC19 Software Agents Based Home Automation An Intelligent Electrical Billing & Maintenance EPLC20 Remotely Controllable Outlet System for Home Power Management EPLC21 On Line Temperature Monitoring of Power Distribution Equipment. 21. Ann novel Electrical billing system with sms email & auto meter reading option. 23 . 20. A Temperature Monitoring System for power Distribution Equipments. A Power Management for electrical devices in home & Industrial equipments. A SMS Based Distribution Transformer parameter Monitoring System. EPLC22 GSM Based Distribution Transformer Monitoring System.19. 22.

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