The G.O.D.

Project-The Next Step ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Book 2 Author: John Darts Summary ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

The G.O.D. Project In The Beginning By: John Darts

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“Clarke’s Third Law - Any sufficiently advanced society is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C Clarke

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Prolog A Start for Earth The war for the old world was over and John, who is leader of the group, was now ready to fight the robot fleet. Earth had no idea this was coming and really no defense against them. The members all had very specific jobs. James runs the security and spy department. Able handles the law and serves as John’s alter ego. Jenny is over space uses, with Vortec being her robot teacher. Via runs the school and serves as the psychologist. Edgar handles the many corporations of Earth the group owns. Sandy is over the electronics and technology transfer. They all had mates and assistants who were all cloned humans, with the addition of a DNA computer add on to the brain. Faith John’s better half and Jenna ran the logistics office. Adam who was Sandy’s mate help her with the electronics side. Sonny who was Jenny’s other half served as second in command of space operations. Then there was Hope the groups DNA computer. She was a life form even if very different from a human. Her abilities were what made the real difference in what could be done. The group each had an area and were expect to handle any issue in that. John who has ultimate power over the assets given to him by Vortec listens to these people. These tools and the money have been committed to finding ways to change Earth for the better. That in itself is a huge task. In the first part of the journey the group came together and made some small progress. Now was the time for much larger steps. The debt to the old world where this technology came from had been paid in full. John also felt that the fact, that the humans of Earth who had been saved by these people, had also been paid off. Now was the time to try to change Earth and solve some of its problems. This everyone knew was not going to be a cakewalk. The biggest problem was Earth did not know of the existence of the group. It also had no idea that the religions of Earth had been founded by the Galactic Outreach Department. This was called the G.O.D. project. Here many errors had been made by men, who felt that this was an experiment. One that one day would just be wiped away. Due to this, often the care that should have been exercised was not. All of the mistakes made were now the group’s problems to solve. So much had gone wrong with the G.O.D. project. All of this would require much skill to even correct a few things. For sure not everything could be made right. But the major problems between the countries needed to be addressed. The fact of the poor living conditions in many countries also required attention. Health care was not all that good on Earth, but providing the long life of the group would only make the problems worse. The technology the group had

been given provided for eight to nine hundred years of life. But some smaller gains could be provided in time to Earth humans. With the plans made over the early months of existence, John was now ready to move forward with them. This included the first issue of finding the robot fleet of several hundred spaceships and tens of thousands of robots. This was a fight he did not look forward to. Then there was the plan to let Earth know it was not alone in the universe. This was going to be a shock to many governments and people. The expectation was that many would resist believing this was possible. Mans natural instinct is to go into denial at what cannot be controlled. So much of what could be done was going to depend on forcing this issue. These two issues were just the main thrust of the group. Many smaller issues were in planning and development now. It had been slow going at first, but now things were moving the way it had been seen. Construction of the school, the incubator station and the living area in the valley were complete. The valley was inside a million acres of wooded land owned by a company they controlled. No one could come close without their knowledge. Being in a remote area of Bath county Virginia and on the border of West Virginia it was remote. It was protected by a force field over the whole valley, which showed from above what they wished to be seen. Homes had been built back into the mountainsides, with a barn and vehicle storage area. These were power by fusion reactors. One big plus was the ability to move around by transport plates. The technology was old by any standard, but it allowed them to move people or goods quickly. The original technology was developed on the old world for sending goods or robots back and forth. But with some work by Hope and Vortec this had been made safe for humans as well. The only reason it did work was the ability of a DNA computer to handle trillions of actions at once. But Hope’s abilities outstripped even this task.

Chapter 1

The Next Step Hope was busy preparing her stations defenses and getting a reasonable sized army to defend it. She felt like she had a few more weeks to count on before any action could take place. The interior was now complete and one of the modifications she had made was that all the apartments and offices on the outer edges of the station were set up with shotgun design living areas. Each had the bedroom at the outer wall, the bathroom and kitchen in the center and the living room facing the center open area of the station. A balcony was placed at each living area looking over the large open park below. This would allow personnel to use the balconies as firing platforms for defense of the station and as areas for sitting and relaxing in normal times. The views would be beautiful and allow people to watch others at play and musical or sporting events held below. Each would have their own box seat to any event. Large screens had been hung from the top of the dome and would display the events below to allow the higher living quarters a good view of the event. The ones Earth used for football in stadiums would be small next to these. The fact was these were a single large screen not a group of screens provided a far better picture. The events of the past few weeks had been a growth period for Hope. She had found she had much more capacity than she had ever come close to using. Now she knew there were few limits for her abilities. She had taken great pride in the results of the old worlds mission. There was a debt paid by her and it made her feel much more a part of the group. There had been some questions of to whom did she owe her full loyalty, when she had come from the old world? That now had been answered. She was of the new world completely. The fact that John was taking a part in the recreation of the old world and had freely given them what was needed. Adjusted the debt for anything they had given the group in her opinion. It was a kind of liberating feeling for her. The incubators were producing new units each day and she would in another thirty days have a full army here and a security force for Gorm. Between Earth’s production and hers they would have more than two thousand units for the defense force. She had gotten half of the units back from the fight on the old world and the rest would be back in two weeks. They were training a defense force for Gorm. She had increased the personal force fields he had, to five hundred and armed all of those troops. The reprogramming of the robots had been completed and they were now farming to produce food for the humans. It kind of put the shoe on the other foot. Her labs had produced the food animals that the old world needed also. Now meat was once more available to all. She had carefully over seen the installation of the nuclear weapons on the station and she had fire control on them. None of the units would have to go near the weapons pod under the station. The pod could be undocked, had its own power plant to be able to maneuver away from the station and fire from positions that would not draw fire to the station. This way any attacker would not know how many different ships were attacking. But the fire would not be coming from the station. It just might prevent damage to the station or misdirect fire from the enemy?

John had required placement of small satellites beyond Earths planet system and around each of the five worlds systems. Hope had also placed a group of them for early warning around the station. This early warning system would allow for a response before there was a real threat. The problem is you have to have a lot of them out there as your protecting a spherical area and the threat can come from any direction. She had modeled the blast area for a nuclear detonation and knew exactly how to get the most from the electro magnetic pause. In space this was much easier than in an Earth like environment. You had to focus the blast differently. The blast was less effective, as you did not get the same pressure waves as in a gas environment under pressure. The learning curve had been completed in short order. Modifications to the weapons were completed and now was a time of waiting. The three men on the resort island were getting a real education in technology and being well taken care of. They could not understand that they really were not on Earth, as they could see much of the plant life was what they had seen before. The horses were Quarter Horses and found all over the USA. Only the sun and two moons seemed a little different in that the sun looked larger and two moons were not Earth. But being in a tropical area could cause that change for the sun. Dr. Phillips had followed the invasion of the old world planet and he had seen things he could not explain. The people seem very much like any human, but the planet looked like nothing he had ever seen. Their clothing and language was different. It for sure had been no place on Earth, as he had traveled widely and no cities like that existed. The technology that had been reviewed by him, George and Phil made what the USA had look like the start of the industrial revolution compared today. They had all spent a day moving around the island using the transport plates and still had no idea how they worked. There was no “beam me up Scotty” type of dissolving and reassembly. You just were one place then another without delay. The type of fusion electrical power plants was far more advanced than what they had been working on. It was strange that John had sent one of the robots they had worked with to the island, to help them understand what had happened. But he had proven to Dr. Phillips that he was truly a robot and not a human. He had also explained the whole story of the take over of their world. If you can imagine someone going from the hammer and anvil age to the cutting edge, the confusion the three had would make sense. “Dr. Phillips I have received permission from John to offer you a chance to see the incubator station. That is if you would have an interest?” Hope asked him. This was another item that did not make any sense to him. “What is the incubator station?” “It is a large space station where we produce the units that are running the resort where you’re at.”

Units that ran the resort? There were humans running the resort he believed. “What are units please? I hate to be so stupid to have to ask, but I don’t understand a lot in this whole situation.” “A unit is a human clone who is born at eighteen years of age development wise, they are not robots, but fill our need to have people to fill all the positions in our world. You will find their average IQ to be well over one hundred and thirty. So you’re not dealing with a subclass of humans. Each has the education level of a four-year college degree to start.” This just was not possible. “Your produce these units at your station?” “Yes and also on Earth for the needs of the control room.” How could any clone be used without years of growth and education? “What does Earth do with these units?” “You may have heard of the free clinics being placed around the world. These are staffed with doctors that are units trained in medical sciences. We provide free drugs, surgery, immunizations and disaster help in those countries.” “I had heard of the clinics, as there has been much good publicity about them. But you say these units are the doctors staffing these? I cannot see how that is possible as it would take you years to train them.” “Yes, but it takes us about a week and a half to clone and educated a doctor for a clinic.” This just was not possible for him to understand. “A week and a half to do the whole job?” “Yes we take a little more time with the medical side as they must be very well trained.” This was something that was way beyond Earth’s ability today. “Hope I sure want to see how this is done. It is hard to understand the jump in technology from where I am at to where you are at.” “We will have you quickly to where we are at in your science area. There is no intent to keep you from learning and becoming productive. At some point you may be allowed to decide what small jumps in technology Earth is ready for. We will not destabilize any industry or government with to large a jump. But this is a way for you, George and Phil to have an impact on Earths knowledge growth.” That would be fun to have some type of hand in it. “How can you allow that to happen? This is technology that is light years ahead and with it you could rule the planet?” “We wish to rule nothing at all. Our position is we are here to help mankind and save all the lives we can along the way. Earth will know our power soon enough, as we are

placing a dome filled with plants on Mars to be found. But it is an attempt to be allowed a place as an unbiased arbiter for man.” He just could not conceive anyone not using the power here. “Look wealth comes with power and you will need wealth to be respected.” “We have wealth and our annual income is more than most countries just on Earth. Our stockpiles of gold are larger than the governments of the US and the EU combined. We have more precious stones than all the mining companies in your world. So wealth means nothing to us as we have more than we could use.” That was interesting in that they had all of this wealth. “How do your people share this wealth?” “It belongs to all of mankind and we are responsible for its proper use. The wealth is not ours, so there is no problem. Each of our people have homes, electrical power, food clothing, whatever we need to do our jobs and anything we might request personally, like the horses you have been riding and many have here.” This was sure not the way of Earth. “That is an amazing way to look at wealth and power. But doing things that improve people’s lives would have nice feelings with it. Some might call it a God complex?” “Labels are an invention of Earth and humans who envy others abilities.” This brought a blush to his face. “Yes, I guess your right in many ways I can see that. But how do you know that it is not the case?” “Our group has the best minds in legal, psychology, electronic and programming, intelligence, financial management and space management we could find. These people are of many races, all are well educated and they come from the best schools and agencies in the world. We have taken care to be a diverse open society of people to whom personal gain was not their reason for living. If they were money driven we did not recruit them.” This was something to wait and see if it was true? “OK enough of the philosophy of the group. We would like to see the station. How do we get there?” “Just step on the transport plate and I will meet you here.” They each got on the plate one at a time just ten seconds apart. Each came into a large park area with grass, trees, walks, bridges and small waterways running through the whole area. It felt like a light winds was blowing over the land. It looked like any outdoor park they had seen. “I thought this was a space station,” Dr. Phillips asked?

“It is a space station, just don’t assume you’re really outside on Earth. You will find this station is over five miles in diameter. It is somewhat larger than originally planed for. But the result was worth the extra work, materials and time. When I am finished I will house a small army of just over two thousand units.” This was the validation of his beliefs. “Then you do have military aims?” “No this is a defensive force for the station and the five worlds. It will never see Earth, except for small rapid responses for clinics under attack from bandits. Then from ten to twenty units will be sent for the time needed to defend the clinic and come back after that.” Well this army would control the five worlds in any case. “How do you intend to use them on the five worlds?” “They will become the police force and judicial system. We will never kill anyone, but that does not mean we will not arrest, try and have him or her serve time for their crime. There is no such thing as a crime free world. As humans are offered land or businesses you can be sure, there will be some who take advantage of others. These people will find that we will not allow that and they will serve time for that.” At least a prison system was normal for Earth. “How do you intend to jail them?” “We will not jail them at all. We will assign them to areas with force fields around it and they will have to build their home and grow their food. It is either do that or go hungry and be cold.” This seemed like killing in some ways for him. “That would be a form of murder, not feeding people who are imprisoned?” “No anyone who comes to the five worlds will know what happens if they commit and are convicted of a crime. They will be told what being imprisoned will require of them. If they agree to accept those conditions then they can migrate to the five worlds. If not they will be rejected for migration. So if they decide to commit suicide it is not murder.” There was a lot of logic in her statement. “Hope I have tried every way I could to shoot holes in the philosophy of your group. From what I have gotten as replies, is your very serious about your goals. Things have been thought out and plans put together to allow people to live without fear of others. That is something I feel I can support. George, Phil and I have a lot of engineering and design experience that could benefit your group. I am sure John does not want us turned back to the military at area fifty-one. That is really not a problem for the three of us as we are all single. But we all would like to do something of real value for work.”

“I will talk with John, but might I suggest we set up a large lab on one of the five worlds to develop for mass production our fusion power plants. We are going to need many of them of all sizes for development of the five worlds. We would also place a manufacturing plant there for production of these power units. Once that is completed we will take on another project and build a plant to manufacture that item.” That seemed to fit his needs right now. “I would enjoy doing the first, but I am not sure I will be around long enough to do more than one or may be two projects?” “If you go to work for us you will be around a long time sir. The life span for members of the group is eight hundred to nine hundred years.” This set him back as he never expected this was possible. “How in the world is that possible?” “We have nano technology and nano bots that will kill bad cells, stimulate new ones and repair those that are worn or damaged.” He was very interested in this technology. “That is beyond belief, as most of what I have seen has been. I would like to have that type of life span. How about you George, Phil?” Both just nodded their heads. They also looked shocked at what they had just heard. “John said to allow you to be scanned and injected with the nano bots. Also that I may set you up on one of the five worlds, to start building the technologies for their settlement or you can stay at the resort and work there? I have been told to supply each of you with an assistant to allow you to work more effectively and to keep you company. So follow me and we will let you pick your assistants.” They walked along the paths and now could see the walls with balconies at each level. When you looked hard at the area above their heads they could see a massive light source in place of a sun. The walls you could tell were polished stainless steel so that made it more real that this was a space station. He had to ask the question bothering him. “What type of freedom will we have once we are working for the group?” “You will be free to go anyplace on the five worlds, the old world and here. As time goes on I am sure you will also have access to Earth. But you will have Earth television, email and Internet access. Just understand if you try to communicate what you see or know about the group or its projects you will loose your rights to that access. I do monitor all communications for everyone including the group. Anything you need or ask for Faith will get for you and send it to the lab.” He had to make sure Hope know he was pleased. “Even though this job does not pay money I think we are getting the best deal we have ever had.”

“Pay is just done in a different way here in that you have no bills to need money. Now I have assembled a group of fifty units that all have IQ’s over one hundred and thirty. Please feel free to talk with them and decide which one you personally would like as an assistant and companion. If there is any special educational training you require of them I will handle that for you. Just step into the room and sit at one of the tables and they will line up to talk with each of you.” As they walked into the room you could see all three jaws drop. They just stood there looking over the group of beautiful young ladies. IQ’s were not the first consideration right now the male hormones had taken over. “This is really going to be hard,” George said to the others. “Just don’t think with the wrong head Phil added. They are meant to be assistants.” It was time to straighten out both men. “Gentlemen you did not hear Hope correctly. She said assistants and companion. That means you will have this unit for work and to live with you. So be sure your both happy with their looks, as well as their minds. I am going to ask they all have engineering PhD’s in different fields, so we have a wide range of inputs. Phil your area is metals so yours will be in metallurgy, George your area is electrical and electronics, so yours will have a microelectronics input. My area is physics and mine will have quantum physics knowledge. That way we will be able to use all the brainpower to focus on the problem during work, with someone who has their technology know how. Now enjoy the interviews.” They interviewed for over two hours and found that all the young ladies were outstanding. They were bright, fun to talk with and so beautiful to look at. It became more a choice of hair color, eye color and build than anything else. Finally the three walked out of the room with a young lady on their arms. Hope had to get them indoctrinated with the rules. “OK gentlemen you each need to read this and allow your chosen assistant to read it also.” She handed them a copy of John’s rules for the whole group. When they completed the form each was asked to sign it and they did. “Now tell me what added information each needs?” Dr. Phillips gave Hope the requirements for each. “This will be done by tomorrow for all of them. They will now show you whatever you wish to see on the station. The only area here that is off limits is my own chamber and only John is allowed into it.” There were no real areas they could wish to see that were not open to them. “That is most reasonable Hope we appreciate your help. I believe that we can contribute to the success of the settling of the five worlds. We also would like to improve mans condition on Earth.”

Hope knew he needed to understand the difference between before and now. “Just remember Dr. we do not want the lowest bidder here, we want the best quality and product life regardless of cost factors.” This was even better than he could believe. “That will be different for us. We always want to build that way and keep being told to find a lower cost way. Life cycle on anything Earth makes is lucky to be ten years.” “That is not your goal now as your life span will be over eight hundred years, so expect to be able to see what you have done three to four hundred years from now. By the way you each may name your unit and they will take you one at a time to be scanned and given your shot.” This was different as any young lady had a name already on Earth. “How do we let you know when a name has been agreed to?” “You don’t have to the units will do that. I have started their programming for the added information you have asked for and it will run for the next thirty hours. But that will not prevent them from showing you anything or traveling. You will not even notice this is going on.” As they walked away each went different ways. They each had different things they wanted to learn. Phil headed to the fabrication area, George to the navigation area and Dr. Phillips to the power generating room. This station was so large it seemed like a small city with people living in sheer rock walls. As Dr. Phillips walked into the power room he noted a different type unit there. He asked his escort why it was different and was told it was a robot. Dr. Phillips walked up to the robot and looked closer. He saw nothing to give him any reason to expect this was a robot. “How in the world can a person tell it is a robot?” His escort asked the robot to show Dr. Phillips his construction. The robot pulled his jump suit top down to his waist and opened the chest cavity so he could see the electronics and hoses for hydraulics. He then opened his arm, so the structure of the frame could be seen. This was truly amazing to him. “How is it that you think so much like a human and not like the robots we worked with?” “I have a small DNA brain and have a direct link to Hope for information I need, they had low tech chemical computers for a brain.” This was something he never expected to see. “What is your job here?”

The robot closed the covers and pulled his jump suit back up. “My job is to keep the power levels at requirements for operating equipment. This room just serves the stations major equipment. The apartments and offices each have their own power units and recreation and parks have their own power units. My units supply the HVAC systems, bridge, navigation, computer area, transport plates and many other critical systems.” That was a lot to maintain and control. “How many work down here?” “Just me, I don’t need anyone else to keep these running and serviced. I work eight hours and follow a schedule of checks and maintenance. If after I leave anything happens I am notified and can be here in a few seconds by transport plate.” That should require him to return often. “How often do you have to come back?” “I have never had to, either here or on Earth at the China control room.” What would make anyone leave Earth? “Why did you come here from Earth?” “John asked me to do that, as I had assembled the nuclear weapons we built there, for defense against the robots from the old world.” This was a new item of interest to him. “Why nuclear weapons?” “We are counting on the electromagnetic pause to fry the electronics of the robot spacecraft. Here we have a copper mesh between the carbon fiber skin and the stainless steel inter-skin of the station. We also shielded the electrical and electronics on the station.” This was a reasonable use of the nuclear weapon. “Well you have the right weapon to do what you want and it seems your well protected from hurting yourselves. Have you tested one yet to be sure it will work?” “No we know they will work, as we have modeled the whole system and we have better timing than Earths best result. The key to building a nuclear device is all timing. Anyone could build the rest of the bomb, but if they don’t get the timing exactly right it most likely will not work. If it does it will not be a clean bomb.” The size of the weapon would decide the outcome. “What size are your warheads?” “We build fifty megaton packages. They are in small carbon fiber spacecraft that we can place exactly, as we want them before detonating.” That would not protect the pilot. “With a carbon fiber spacecraft your people are not protected from radiation.”

“There are no people in the spacecraft. They are robotic and Hope controls them. Besides the weapons are in a titanium shell that is lead lined and hydrogen gas filled.” Man that would be a weapon. “That should get a lot of bang for the buck.” You could see the lack of understanding on the robots face. “What is a buck?” “I just used a common phrase found on Earth. It just means you are going to the most for the time and materials invested.” “Now I understand. I believe we have a solid defensive plan for the station and the five worlds. There are not ten people on any of the five worlds except for the resort. Your island has a force field over it reflecting the ocean and no land. So if they look they will not find a single human, unit or robot on the planet. That means they will have no use for it, as there is no cheap human mining labor.” Human labor for mining made no sense to him? “I would think that human labor would be far more expensive that using robots?” “That is because you are human. These are robots and they do not do manual labor at all. They believe that is what humans are for.” This brought him back to seeing things differently. “Yes I can see how that would change depending on which side your on. I thank you for your taking time to educated me on your systems and the robots thought processes. This will be most helpful in the future.” “Feel free to contact me at anytime doctor. I am willing to provide any knowledge I have.” Dr. Phillips walked out with his escort. He was thinking of the conflict that could exist between humans and robots. Each feeling superior to the other. This sounded like the way different cultures felt about each other on Earth. Here it was machine against human, but on Earth, it was each human group against the other. So this was not all that different, it made him understand the problem much better. The unit looked at him and asked. “Doctor have you decided what your going to call me?” He had not even thought about her. “I am sorry I have been so distracted with the technology I did not give it much thought. But let me ask is there a name you like?” “Yes I like the name Trinity.” That truly fit this beautiful lady. “For the area we are going to be working in that is a good name. Physics was very much involved in creation of the nuclear weapons of Earth.

They even named the first bombsite Trinity. I can tell you that you’re the first bomb I have ever had standing beside me,” he laughed. This confused her and it showed. “What do you mean when calling me a bomb?” He had to smile, as they did not have all the knowledge of any Earth woman. “Just that your beauty is very explosive to a man.” “Is that a good thing?” “Yes my dear it is a very good thing at least for the man with you.” “Then I am pleased and will enjoy your calling me Trinity. I have let Hope know of the name and she has informed all of my having a name. Until we gain a name we are called by a number.” He now wanted to see where these beautiful ladies came from. “Well Trinity if you will now show me to the incubator area I would enjoy your explaining to me what is happening there.” “We will transport to there now.” As they each stepped on the plate they moved quickly to the large room. The temperature was very warm and humidity was very high. The strange pods were laid out in rows and wires and tubes were going to each pod. The fluid flowing through the tubing was strange, as it seemed to glow different colors inside the tube. Most of the pods were closed and those that were open were being cleaned for the next unit to be produced. “Would you like to see the birth of a unit?” “Yes that would very much interest me.” They walked down the catwalk and went down a set of stairs to the main floor. As they reached it she took his hand and lead him to a set of pods that had lights blinking on the top. “What are the lights for on top of the pods?” “They indicate the finish of the initial training and completion of the construction. You will find that no one pays attention to any pod until the lights start blinking.” “You say completion of construction and initial training. What happens during the construction and training?” “Construction is the building of all the DNA produced structures in a human body. It is a very accelerated process for a unit. In a human it takes nine months for the growth of a seven to nine pound baby. That growth rate and structure is reached here in less than eight hours. It takes just three days to reach the basic height and weight goals for any unit. Cells are doubling at thirty to fifty times what is normal in a human. During this process

the pod will exercise muscles and oxygenate them at a higher rate than in human growth.” That was like nothing he had ever heard. “Amazing that this can be done. But does the faster growth cause a shorter life span?” “No as the nano technology that will be used to extend your life span is at work from day one here. It repairs all defects found and stimulates new cell growth. At birth the units is a perfect human body with zero defects. The muscle tissue is the weakest point and that is brought up to desired levels in the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours. During this time the learning process is being fed into the unit.” Learning takes a classroom. “How can you learn without a class room?” “We each have a small DNA computer built into our heads. It receives the program from Hope and then organizes the data in our brains. The program not only gives us the data, but also visual and auditory inputs for each piece of data. We even have knowledge with visual and auditory inputs of a childhood. We are taken through the first eighteen years of life’s lessons a normal child would have to learn day by day.” That was something he would never have thought of. “Where did that come from?” “John found that the early units did not have this knowledge. That jealousy and child like reactions happened with the early units. So he had Via and Hope put a program into place that allowed for this knowledge base.” It would be difficult not to have a childhood. “How does this affect you?” “I will give you my trust as long as I have no reason not to. You will be free to talk with and be around anyone with out it causing me to question your motives. I will not try to pick up hot things barehanded or react emotionally to normal disagreements. Children learn these lessons as they grow up; with our accelerated process we needed some way for us to learn. If one of our doctors went off the deep end because a patient flirted with his mate it would cause problems. So this had to be fixed fast. As many of us deal with humans every day.” He questioned if he would have seen this himself? “It is interesting that John picked up on it so quickly. But don’t you feel less than human in the way you’re created?” “No we are perfect humans without the pettiness and drives most humans have. We know that things do not make you happy, that contributing and to be acknowledged is far more important. Life is measured by what we added to make the world better, not what we took from it. With eight to nine hundred years in life it is critical to have self esteem and to leave a legacy.”

A most interesting way for someone to look at this life. “How will you be able to help me in my work?” “I will be your acid test for ideas and will punch holes in things I see as having faults. My job is to allow you to do a better job. That will require that I understand your goals and find ways to help you get there. We are already beyond quantum physics. So in this area I can show you what we know does work and what does not. The old laws of physics just do not apply in our world like they do on Earth.” That was truly an understatement. “I had begun to believe that fact, as I worked on the power plant at area fifty-one. So things that seemed logical kept me from making the unit work. We never got a unit that would stay running for more than a few minutes at most.” She needed to think about this before moving on. “What did the robots give you for data to work from?” “We had a set of plans to work from that seemed short of some details.” “I am sure they were very short. The idea was for you not to get the power system at all. It was to delay the events until the fleet returned. They would have then taken over the North Korean, Chinese areas and yours as bases to work from. All were isolated and yet tied into the most modern communications systems. With those bases to operate off of it would have been hard to stop them. You had nuclear weapons at yours and so did China. That meant they could have used your own weapons on the world.” This was a frightening thought to him. “What will stop them from still taking the bases?” “John has set up force fields around each for use if ever needed. They cannot get through a force field like we can put in place. He also has set them other places.” This was hard to accept. “How can he do that without being seen or having them found?” “It is easy for us as our spacecraft could fly right over your head and you would never see it. It also cannot be heard, as there is no sound to the power plant. This station has a space drive, so it can be repositioned if ever required. It would not be as fast as our normal craft, but it would still move from here to any star within a few light years in just a few days.” The drives would be fun to work with. “One day I would like to understand the drive system. But for now I want to learn to build power plants quickly and efficiently. Now how does the programming work after a unit is born?” “Follow me to the training room and I will show you.” They walked about a hundred yards and into a large room with padded tables like you would find in a doctors office. On each was a unit with a hood covering their face. It was strange to see naked bodies on top of the tables where you could not see their faces.“

Trinity handed him a hood. ”Here put this on your head and pull the face shield down.“ As Dr. Phillips pulled the shield down he could see lights and digits moving across the shield. Then it was slowed down and he could see the information in text, visual and could hear the sound telling him what he was seeing and reading. The information was very fast, but he at the slower speed was able to absorb it. He was following a math sequence and he picked up its use and application in just seconds. This was a most useful way to learn. ”That is incredible Trinity. I could see, read and hear the information and it was sticking to my memory.“ ”That is how is should work. Hope slowed down the feed for you, as you’re not set up to use a DNA computer to feed your mind. It is the DNA computer that makes it all work for us.“ Now for once that was a visible issue for him. ”OK now the question that is also bugging me. I see all these naked bodies here and see no body hair on any of them?“ ”We units have no body hair except on our heads, eye brows and eye lashes. It is one of the few ways we can be identified as units and not normal humans. Hope made that decision early and it has been the rule. The other ways you can identify a unit is by the small bump on each side of the neck at the skull. It is very slight but it is the mark of our DNA computer. The final way is our features and bodies are perfectly proportioned. That is not the way humans develop as they have slight proportional differences between each side of their features and body parts on each side.“ What a unique way to identify a unit. ”Yes that is true. But now that you mention it I can see it in your face.“ ”I hope this does not upset you with me and your choice?“ That would be very hard to even imagine for him. ”Not at all my dear. I am impressed with the fact of your beauty and intrigued with the mind that you have. You may have more knowledge than I do about physics. In that I will be your pupil and try to gain every drop of knowledge I can. That I hope will not upset you?“ ”I will teach you anything I know and you wish to know, but you also must teach me in that I do not have all the human social skills or understandings about sex?“ He had to smile at that open comment. ”Dear those I am sure you will learn quickly, as most young women do. But understand I am a very focused man when it comes to my work. I have often worked for twenty-four hours straight. If I get onto a discovery, it is hard for me to stop until I hit a wall or solve the problem. If I hit the wall it is hard to stop looking for the answer.“ The reason he never married was he could never find anyone who could accept the way he worked.

”I will learn your work patterns and we will work the same way you do. Remember I also have the ability to tap into Hope’s data banks for answers you need.“ This did concern him. ‘How much will Hope know of our personal relationship?” “She will know nothing at all. She is not free to peek into our lives. John has given her direct instructions on this matter. I am free to talk with her and disclose what is not personal or about my feelings if I want feed back. I also can talk with Via and she is a psychologist and will help me sort out feelings. She worked with Hope to create the programming for our childhood.” This could be lived with. “That is a well designed program for keeping relationships smooth. By using Via you will get good information and be allowed to workout feelings.” “But you also have to understand Via is available to you also. She runs the school and serves as mental health advisor to all of us. With the expanded life times we all are going to need her at some point.” What a reasonable approach to staying healthy mentally. “That is very true, as I already know it is not going to be easy for me to adjust to that fact. I cannot see me as a twelve year old human and that is what I would be on a scale of nine hundred years compared to an average of life span of seventy-five years.” “I can understand that and it is one reason we are born at the age of eighteen. Our life span is the same as yours minus the eighteen years we have consumed in our birthing process. Now it is time for your medical work.” They headed to the medical facility and he had his scan and shot. Once this was done he went back to Trinity. Now he felt energized and ready for some meaningful work. “It is time to get back to the island and see what Hope has done for a lab to work in.” “The lab is ready and you have a few new toys in it Hope assures me you will enjoy.” He had to laugh at her comment. “What type of toys are you talking about?” “For one you have a microscope that will allow you to see things at the sub atomic level. It displays on a screen so you can sit back and watch it. This will allow you to understand things that could not be seen before. There are scanners for metals, three dimensional design tools that allow you to have holographs of the design you can see it working then. You have a manufacturing machine to build what the design shows to be able to test wear. There is also a computer in place to allow you to used the Internet and watch any Earth TV.” “Now I know I want to go play in the lab. I can’t wait to see what the subatomic level looks like. I have never seen anything at that level before.”

Chapter 2 Readjustment The clean up on the old world had been completed and Gorm was completely in control. He had gone to his people and told the story about his grandfather’s errors. He has also asked for forgiveness for such an error by his grandfather. In return he told them to expect to elect his advisors and told them of the system he was going to use. That those who felt there might be a better way he would be willing to discuss it in a meeting he would hold in two weeks at the main park. He also advised them of the program to educate using the communication method they were now looking at. That each day classes would be run from morning to early afternoon for people interested in them. Tests would for now be done at the school their children attended each week. Their test scores would then be sent to the education department for issuing their grades and awards. Jobs would use the grades in deciding who got that position. Education was the key today, to having good employment and birth no longer would decide that issue. It seemed to cause a shock when Gorm told the people, that if at anytime they decided by a majority vote, he was not wanted he would step aside. No ruler had ever been subject to the peoples will before. The side effect of this was it created an expectation that he would have to meet. But John had told him he was always welcome in his group. So it was not like he would be out of work. That made it much easier for him to open this door. Vortec was reporting to Gorm. “Gorm I have finished everything I was asked to get operating and will leave a few personnel behind for a short time to make any repairs needed later. Much of the systems will need to be replaced. They are old and were not taken care of by the robots. So most are in poor condition now.” Gorm was starting to feel the weight of rebuilding his world. “Have you delivered the spacecraft to the design group?” “Yes with a complete set of prints and your computer has all the needed data. We have placed two asteroids into orbit between your planet and the two moons. These have robotic miners on them and they will send the metal ore down you need right now.” Gorm was not sure how long this would last with all the rebuilding. “How long will they last supplying metals?” “You should have all the metals you need for the next fifty years coming from them. They hold more metal than your planet did to start with. So I don’t think you will need more of these materials for a long time.” That took some pressure off him. “Thank you Vortec for all your help and understanding. I hate to loose you, as you have been a key to getting things back to close to normal.”

That was a real compliment coming from Gorm after all he had been through. “Well I have worked with one of your robots and he is ready to fill in for me. He is also a class one robot that has a DNA brain and does not take his orders from a computer. You will find that he is very loyal to you and will follow your instructions to the letter. I need to get back to Earth to help Jenny plan for the possible attack. You have over three hundred of your old robots that now will serve as your outer defense shield outside the force field. They also have personal force fields, so the old robots cannot damage them if they come back. But they also have an explosive device installed that the computer can use if they fail to fight or try to turn on you. We took no chance that the old program could over ride the new one.” This was a step he had not considered. “Can they remove the device?” “No, not without exploding it.” This was a start for the planet with the robots defending the humans now. “Well done and let me say you’re always welcome here.” With that Vortec headed back to Earth and his old job. He felt good about the way the whole operation had gone. They had lost no units and had saved most of the robots for reprogramming and use on the old world. The elite robots were now the farmers and construction personnel, as they had been before. Everything seemed close to normal when he left the planet. Gorm knew he could have a good-sized army on the planet in a short time from Hope’s station. So the old world now would rebuild and be a part of the federation of humans. In the short time of John’s rule, he had grown the human race and secured a valuable ally. Vortec walked into John’s office and sat down at the desk. “I finally am back home.” This brought a smile to my face. “Good to have you back Vortec, I have missed having you around. But Gorm has already told me how sorry he was to see you go.” You could see Vortec’s concern now. “What is the division of work I need to handle with Alpha?” It was time to make him understand he was secure in his job. “There is no division of work. Alpha works for you and you need to use his abilities to allow you to do your job. You will decide what Alpha does with the exception of his being Gorm’s contact. I felt that by placing him between you and Gorm, you would be able to get your job done. If I had not done that Gorm would have depended on you for everything.” The smile he had showed the relief of his concern. “I think your right there, as I got the same feeling when I left the planet. Alpha will wean him off depending on me. Now I understand your reasoning I can continue my old job without being pulled two directions.”

That would not happen with him. “Vortec I am a little greedy when someone wants to take my right arm.” Vortec laughed and shook his head. “You’re a very insightful man John. I am glad you built the wall for me, as I could not have done that.” Now back to the main worry for me. “Now please get with Jenny and design the defense for Earth. I do not know if the old world or we will be hit first. Our cutting off their computers feeding them from the old world was I am sure picked up. Now what response can we expect? That I need to understand and how do we defend Earth is the next step.” Vortec was now energized and ready to get back into Earth matters. “Jenny and I will work out the estimates and response and get back to you.” Now I did not have to worry about the bases getting covered. “It is good to have you back.” Things seemed to be returning back to a more normal pattern and that felt good. The station was in place and operating, the old world was now free and rebuilding itself. There was now a planet of over two hundred thousand who knew of the group on Earth and was allied with them. The nice part was each could depend on the other for many years to come due to the bonds built in freeing the people. They felt a debt that could not be repaid, as the group did not want it. If we did not ask for anything they could not pay a debt off. “John I just wanted to bring you up to date on our progress.” Hope interrupted his thoughts. “I did something you need to know about, as I did not ask you first.” This made for an interesting question. “OK what have you done that you might even think I might disagree with?” Hope smiled and very properly replied. “I really don’t think you will have a problem with it. I just want you to know that the asset is in place. I have had Dr. Phillips, George and Phil from area fifty-one on the station. They have all gone through medical and have bought into our projects. So I set up a major lab for them on the resort planet that is as complete as I could make it. They will work on projects to streamline production of needed devices for the five worlds. The labs electronics area will be available to Sandy, the metallurgy area to Vortec and Jenny and the physics side to all who need it. They can advise on small step transfer of technology from our technology to Earth’s if needed. I did use your name and approval as a means of getting what I felt we might need.” That was a good move and one I did not have time for during the last week. “Sounds like the right idea as far as I am concerned. If they are willing to stay with us I have no problem with it. I also do not have a problem in this case of your using my name and authority under the conditions we were in.”

“Dr. Phillips had decided that he was never going to see Earth again and wanted useful work for the three of them. They have no families, so no attachments on Earth. I have given each an assistant to work with them. That will help them integrate into our environment.” This was a sneaky way to tie them to the group. “True Hope I am sure that they will not want to leave their assistants down the road.” She smiled slyly and went on with her report. “Now the station is fully operational. I have made the pod for the weapons detachable and it can fly to other points to fire. This should keep away direct fire from the station. I also have added a space drive, so I can move or reposition the station.” Hope had done a lot to improve the security and safety of the station. “I have no problem with the changes and agree with them. They all make good sense for defense or moving the station after any attack. That way your position cannot be determined just one time and allow them to change tactics.” “I am glad you agree as I had a plan ”B“ just in case you did not.” “You’re starting to think like me Hope,” I laughed. “Just better prepared to deal with what you bring up. But I made the changes to assure we did not loose the station. It also will help protect my people. Also later I can move it to orbit one of the five worlds if you wish.” She was getting much smarter and better at what a leader needed to do. “Now you’re getting the first rule of leadership. Others always come first when making those decisions.” The image disappeared and the room was silent once more. I sat back and enjoyed the fact I did not have to make each decision for Hope. She had been willing to do what she saw as best and then let me know, so I could approve or require changes. This was progress being made. There was so much she could cover, as I build up a confidence level with her decision-making. James walked into the office. “John I have a little information for you.” “Come in James and sit down. Now what have you found interesting?” “The missing building at area fifty-one has finally surfaced. The explanation being circulated is it was picked up by an unseen tornado. As there is no damage around the area and a small amount of dirt was found, as a trail moving away from the base. It noted that it was unusual for the slabs the building was mounted on to be picked up. But as tight as that building was tied to the slab for the building to be picked up the slab had to come with it. This was attributed to the sandy soil, as not holding it more tightly.”

This was a step in trying to understand the event. “It at least sounds reasonable to me. You have to remember they can only guess at the reason with their technology in use. To say a spacecraft had picked it up would fly in the face of their own conclusions. That is spacecraft do not exist.” “True, but I have not seen anything on the North Korea or China pick ups at all. It is like the buildings did not exist?” That made complete sense to me. “China or North Korea is not going to advise anyone in power that they have made any error. This would be seen as an error even if caused by natural events. They had it hidden and you can be sure not many knew of it.” “You are getting a good understanding of the North Korean and Chinese mind set.” “It is North Korea’s leader that still keep me guessing at why they do what they do. I am about ready to pick his palace up and sit it on an island on the five worlds. Place seed out in front with instructions telling him to grow what he eats.” This caused me a moment of mirth. I could just see this man growing anything. “He would starve, as he could never see himself having to work. You would have taken some of his staff with him and they would be worked to death.” That had not been the goal he had in mind. “No, I would remove all around him before moving the palace. If I ever did this he would be the one left to fend for himself.” That was an option to keep in mind, as it would solve a lot of problems. “I will let you know when it would make sense to do that favor for the world. May be we could send a few other leaders with him like from Iran, Somalia, old Afghanistan and Iraq leadership that cannot be found. Add in a few terrorist leaders and you would have lots of leadership with no power. It sure would create an interesting island environment,” James laughed. Here was a point to resolve quickly. “I would be interested in how the looking for a prison island has been going? Please check into it and let me know. It is your area as the rapid response force is. But I am willing to remove from the world any who prey on others, without killing them.” That gave him the direction he wanted. “I will follow up, but the last time I looked at it there were three locations possible. There was one tropical, another moderate and the last very cold all year round. The cold area they said could be fed by hydroponics farming underground. The moderate climate would mean seasonal growing and the tropical would allow for year around food production.” Why make this easy for anyone sent there? “I prefer the cold or moderate areas. They require work to live and would be easy to guard. People just are not going to go out in the cold if they don’t know where they are to try to escape.”

He did not believe that anyone could escape from either. “No one could escape from any of the areas, as the force fields would hold them in. But I agree the cold one seems to be the best, as it holds an additional reason not to try.” It was time to get this done. “Please set all three up and let me know when they are ready and I will examine them for use. Then we will make decisions on who would be a good candidate for the different facilities. We want to be careful to only move those who kill their own and other nations people. Here we will have to be careful not to set off internal wars over power. Their damage done to the world will determine which site they go to. We will provide the living quarters for them, but they will grow their own food.” He would have to be very careful, as internal fighting would be a problem. “That needs to be worked out before the event happens. It will require some very smooth diplomatic work. I would suggest I bring Abel into this and discuss the how we do it with him. He should have some good ideas.” It was not time to overload Abel. “Go ahead with the prison first and let him finish the staffing of the research center.” That made sense as he was close to being done. “OK as soon as he completes that we will work a little on this project.” James left with a purpose and direction in front of him. He liked the idea of ridding the world of the despots and those who felt they were God’s. But he also recognized the fact of power vacuums. So the trick was how to remove the head without creating a war over power? This was going to be tricky with the exception of terrorists. Here you would have to keep cutting the head off until there were no more who wanted the job. Most of the people lead by terror groups were uneducated and easily influenced. They were sold a story that had some reasonable facts in it, yet were misleading. In accepting this it was hard not to buy in to many other things that were just dead wrong. For the religious fanatics it was easy to sell a far better after life, as most were very poor and anything would be better than what they had now. Being a warrior for your God and beliefs provided a status they did not have now. Jenny and Vortec were at work on the plans for Earth’s defense. It was a lot of space to cover to be sure they had early warning of the approach. Between them they had agreed that over seventeen hundred small transmitters would be needed. Even then there would be small gaps in coverage. So the ideal way to fix the problem was eight small spacecraft of the one-person type and eight hundred transmitters. They would use radar scanning to look for the fleet. A single spaceship could slip through, but a fleet of several hundred would be found quickly. They knew that originally a fleet of six hundred and eighty had left the old world. How many had been damaged, lost or become dysfunctional was anyone’s guess? The old world spacecraft were designed for use by a human pilot, so no robots had been trained except for Vortec to handle Earth’s craft. How they had done after

the loss of the computers on the old world was also anyone’s guess? As their craft did not have intelligent computers of their own as ours did. Vortec was thinking this whole event through. “I am guessing Jenny that they will stay in a tight group without a computer to depend on. It would make it reasonable to arm the small craft with atomic warheads and transport their pilots back and then let Hope guide them into the formation for detonation.” This was not something she could even guess at. “With eight shots we could do some real damage and wreck their electronics. But we would need to get the command ship to be sure we stopped them.” Vortec already knew how they would structure. “The command ship will be in the center of the group. It will be like bees protecting the queen.” Jenny needed some kind of assurance on this. “Can we really count on that fact?” The one sure fact was they would not develop new tactics. “Yes, it is part of the way they were taught to defend a human. So that will translate to how they will protect their leader.” She still was not so sure of this. “We have to make some assumptions some place, so I guess that is a start. There is a solid reason for it also. What happens when the leadership is taken out?” That he had given much thought to. “They will scatter as there will be no central authority. You can be sure there is only one or two craft that all the leadership will be on and they will be the largest and newest. They have no transport plates to move from craft to craft either. Mainly because they don’t have a computer who can handle that.” Here was the horns of the problem. “That assumption made and we commit ourselves to a plan for which we have no margin of error. Can we bet on that and rule other options out?” Vortec needed Jenny’s buy in for things to work. “The way it is calculated, the probability factor is ninety nine point four percent accurate by Hope’s numbers.” She still did not have warm fuzzy feelings about this. “That is a sure bet under most situations. Is there a way to hedge the bet at all?” “Yes, we need to keep one small spaceship from being used up front. This would be held, to be used if any attack moved forward after destruction of the middle of the fleet. We should double arm that craft so as to get the most results.” It was the right idea to have a reserve for this type defense. “Do we have the weapons and ability to do this?”

Vortec was well ahead of her here. “Yes, I have taken many from Russia that they did not even know where they were. I also have picked up a few from the United States stocks that they do not know are gone. Many of these are being sent to Gorm for a defense of the planet there. But I have kept a few high yield weapons for our own defense. So I have what we need for our plans.” She had not even considered Gorm’s problem. “What happens if they don’t come here?” “We can only plan on defending and not on finding them outside the solar system. As large as space really is we would be trying to find a needle in a haystack a square mile in size. Where do you start and how long would it take to move all that one straw at a time? Then how do we know they did not get sucked into a black hole?” She had not thought out the whole question before asking Vortec. “I get the picture and agree we can only defend. Each of the five worlds would pick up their landing there. Hope can handle the station and we should be able to handle Earth’s defense. If they are operating without a computer then we should have an advantage?” “We do and the fact that Hope and I both came from the same planet and know the culture helps us also. By coming from there our guesses are better than most.” She was now concerned she had upset Vortec? “Sorry Vortec but I wanted to see if anything was left uncovered.” “Don’t be sorry, I would worry if you did not take the position I might have missed something. The only way to be sure is to question everything. This could end up a life and death struggle for us and all of Earth, if we are wrong.” “Well it is time for me to go and sleep on the information I have right now and allow the subconscious mind to work on it. Some of my better ideas come after a nights sleep.” That to Vortec sounded like the best idea. “I think I will also take sometime to think the whole plan over also.” The two headed out of the space lab and to their quarters. Jenny was heading to Sonny, who was cooking dinner for them. Vortec went to his own room for a short rest period. Having pushed the right buttons Vortec was now concerned about the questions Jenny had raised. He had sounded confident, but he had started to worry about what she called the X-factor. Like any good plan you could be sure there was some hole, which had not been covered yet. The plan was a good one from what he could see and now needed to be worked to find that hole.

Chapter 3 Waiting for the Attack Gorm was the first to make a request this morning. “John I have a request of you. I would appreciate your allowing several of my people to work with your group at the control room to learn how you operate?” Thinking about this it seemed like a good way to build a better relationship. “Gorm I have no problem with it, but until I ask each person you wish to assign someone with and get their approval I cannot say yes.” He smiled, as it was the right way to allow people to exercise their decisions. “I can understand that and would not expect less from you. So with your permission I will send a list of people and backgrounds for your people review. If you could then get back and let me know what decisions have been made I would appreciate it. Some of these people would need to work with robots and units, as they are responsible for some of your decision making there.” Here he wanted to be sure this was understood. “The robots and units have the right to say no also Gorm. We are a very democratic group.” That was a word he was still trying to learn. “After dealing with Vortec, Sonny, Faith and Slim I understand their value and they would help my people learn how to make things work better here. We need to get through a very fast learning curve.” Gorm needed to know the plans for now. “Send me your list and I will have an answer in twenty-four hours. We also do not back off on making decisions quickly. Right now Jenny, Sonny, Glenn and Vortec are working on the defensive plan for Earth. Before they make final decisions I will require them to take a twenty-four to forty-eight hour break and relax and enjoy themselves. This way the final decisions are not made under stress or pressure.” This was a strange way to handle this. “That is an unusual way to make a major decision from my point of view. But it has merit and could prevent or let them see something they missed or an assumption that did not fit. Wars are something we are not really prepared for and a worry for me. So having my people see how your personnel handle the planning and decision-making would be of great value. As it is possible that the robot fleet could by pass you and come here. We need to plan also for our defense.” Here he needed to understand he was no longer alone. “Yes, but you also need to understand we will have around two thousand trained troops we can send you if they were needed. Hope will have her complete force ready in two more weeks. We also have plans that include you and your people in place. A second force of five hundred security people will be sent to you until the fleet is found and destroyed or captured.”

Here Gorm had given this a lot of time to form his opinion. “That is a reassuring thought for me. But I want my people to think and act like there is no back up to their efforts. I need to find my leadership and this will help me find who I can depend on. If I don’t build my own force to handle these type emergencies then we cannot expect to survive.” For sure Gorm was getting it. “Your learning Gorm, as I expected you would. I will add my own feelings to your list before sending it to my group.” He seemed to relax as this was over. He had never had to ask for anything from another person before. “Thank you John I hope we can learn as fast as you have and your people. I will send the list in a few minutes.” The screen went blank and Hope appeared in holograph. “Do you want me to handle the list for you and add your endorsement to it?” That was one I could accept Hope’s help with. “Yes Hope I would appreciate your handling that function. Let me know if anyone has a problem with it? I will then try to see what the problem is? But this will not be forced onto anyone.” “I will present it by holograph to each member of our group and record their response. That way your can hear both sides.” The image disappeared and all was quite in the room once more. I sat back with my coffee cup and turned over the things that were going on. The hot ones right now were the possible attack, the Mars dome and research facility. A day here or there would not impact any but for the attack. That I did not know when it would happen or if it would happen or where it might happen? The major worry was it happening on Earth rather that a place of my choosing. A major battle in outer space that could be seen on Earth would raise enough questions. Trying to pull all of Earth’s governments together I was sure would be impossible. The divisions and distrust was just too great. This brought a few items to mind. “Abel could you come to my office for a short talk?” “Yes John I will be right there.” Abel walked into the office and sat down with a smile on his face. He seemed very happy with life right now. “You look like the cat that swallowed the canary.” “Do I have feathers on my mouth,” he laughed and reached up to wipe his mouth off. “No there are no feathers,” I chuckled. “What can I do for you today then?”

Time for me to get the information on one of my priorities now. “I need to know where we stand on the research facility personnel?” “We are completely staffed and have been moving people to the facility for a week now. The initial information James has given me is all so far are really impressed. They have told friends that the equipment they have is better than they have ever had before. That they like the isolation at the facility, as it allows for focusing. But the area is beautiful and the accommodations are incredible. They lack nothing they could have in a major city, but crime and taxes.” This was a very pleasing report for me. “I would say so far your accomplishing what we were looking for.” Abel still had a lot to get over yet. “At least from a people point of view. Faith has been great keeping everything flowing for me. We have all the equipment installed and were able to use the factory technicians to do the installs and calibrations on what was purchased. The way she set up personnel transfers works so well no one has any idea that they changed worlds. We are doing it like any top-secret project for the government. There are no windows on the airplane; the inside is total luxury and full service from stewards. The aircraft pulls into a hanger and the door closes and they are taken into a room for processing for employment. While they are filling paperwork out the whole room transports to the new planet. When they get done and are issued their badges they walk out the front door and get into electric SUV’s to go to their quarters.” That was a slick way of moving people. “Very nice and how do the dependants get processed?” It was the same for them as the workers. “They also have forms to fill out for their pass cards and schools for their children. Dependants are not allowed into the work areas of the center. But they can use the food service areas, spa, workout rooms, massage rooms, clinic, dental office, pharmacy, grocery, clothing store, catalog ordering for furniture or other major items. Everyone has an electric vehicle and two for dependant families. These can be driven only inside the fenced areas. But we have right at one hundred miles of roads around the center. There are parks, picnic areas, fishing areas and boating for any who wish to use it. We have jogging trails and walking trails for exercise. Each area and the vehicles require a pass card to use. This is so we know where everyone is in our area.” So much done and so few questions for me to handle. “Hey I cannot believe you have accomplished all this without my even hearing from you!” Abel smiled and was pleased I had not had to get into this one. “You had enough problems to worry you and I was on a roll. I got Slim to train my security man and he has his own force that does the grounds keeping also. So security is low key, but very tight.” That was a good way to handle this area. “How tight is it?”

“We would know of anyone within one mile of a fence. We have dogs that patrol with the units to keep things looking normal. They drive the fence line twenty-four seven. That is sold as keeping the world out, as they are free to take a trip back every six months. If they quit or just don’t like the work they can leave anytime.” That was a plus for the center. “As slick as the entry and exit is set up you’re really free to be able to do that. Has there been any questions or debate on the location?” The guesswork was a consistent debate. “Lots and the best guesses are from Pennsylvania to Tennessee. Somewhere in the mountain areas and surrounded by hundreds of miles of trees. We have not allowed ourselves to get complacent and the force field will show the stars of Earth on the inside of the dome over the center. It also shows the sun of Earth with just one moon at night. This way we do not raise questions we don’t need.” The pleasure of knowing this was now ready to pay off felt good. “You have done a great job with this and I am very pleased. I don’t think anyone could have equaled the planning you put into this project. Please announce to the group the opening of the research center and it’s staffing. How have you ended up structuring the center?” Abel was happy with the results he had gained. “As you and I discussed we have two groups and two directors. Each group is competing with the other for total numbers of new finds. They are not working on the same things, so we are sharing data. The new plants being sent in are being DNA mapped by the computer. Hope has provided all the data required for our computer to handle our needs. This has made things better for us. All of the DNA maps are in a database and can be searched by any researcher.” This was very high tech and it would bring some questions. “How was the response to this type data being available?” Here Hope had out done herself. “Our two directors said their people are totally happy with the advanced tools we have provided. That we are going to have a hard time at the end of a contract getting anyone to leave. This is due to the fact they would have to go back to inefficient ways of doing things. The microscope is also a hit as no one there had ever seen a subatomic level view except in a drawing. The power it has just made their lives much easier, as they can see things they guessed before was there. Now they can build at the molecular level. ” OK he lost me here. “What does that mean in very layman terms Abel?” Abel was happy to teach me for a change. “The way it was explained to me the next step in medicine was to be the nano level. But by going to the molecular level we can do far more. You can make one molecule and change the atoms around and make something totally different. Where I was cured by nano technology more can be done with the molecular level. Molecules could be made to plug the connectors of cancer cells or clear capillaries of clots by melting them. From what I was told the possibilities are endless. It

will mean special equipment on Earth for manufacture of these new molecules. But we have the ability to build this for our production plants which we can secure.” Here we could have a problem. “As long as it is in our manufacturing plants I don’t have a problem with that. But it would have to be a totally secure area where our people ran the show.” Abel had this one covered also. “That I will fill James and Edgar in on it, as they will have to handle it. But from what I gather we can make a major difference in the world. They also said that they could provide total birth control without any shots or pills. It is a water additive with no side effects and completely safe. As they know the problem for Earth is population. I did not discourage this, but know we can handle it with the five worlds if we need to.” Thinking of keeping a direction where we had goals to reach I asked. “I would like a list from each director of suggested projects they wish to follow. We will pick the ones we want and prioritize the rest as a group. I don’t want them going so many ways we end up with lots of knowledge and no results.” Abel seemed to agree here. “That is how it will be. I also was getting concerned about all the ideas that have hit the wall fast. Your requirement will be given to each director and he will be responsible to forward a weekly progress report to me. I will forward it to all of the group when I get it.” Another one I did not have to handle. “That works for me.” Abel was now ready to get to his hot button. “Now for my pet project. I have started to model the settling up of the five worlds. It is still very early and I have already had to make several changes.” Time for him to get a little relaxation in. “You need to go to the resort and talk with Dr. Phillips. I have him working on a mass manufacturing fusion units for that purpose. It would be a good chance for you to get a few days away from here.” That sounded good for both he and Sue. “How is he doing now that events have given him the chance to see us?” This was an area that also had moved forward. “He is happy and enjoying our technology and abilities. He will down the line be a valuable addition to our group. George, Phil and Dr. Phillips all have units for assistants and companions. The good doctor was smart enough to start learning from the young lady who is his assistant. He is picking things up fast and is able to apply them just as fast. You will be able to ask him for anything your going to need designed to allow settlement of the worlds and he will design it and set up for manufacturing to build it.”

This added some things for him he had not expected. “Great, that does make a few things a little easier for me. I will work with him in planning equipment needs.” The skills added much to the group. “Physics is his major area, so be sure to include him in construction designs also. With George and Phil you have electronics and metals covered besides.” Abel knew his limits. “Engineering is not my line of work. So I welcome their help and cooperation. Having been a black civil rights worker in a white world I was lucky to get my law degree. OK that is all I needed, do you have any items I need to be aware of?” I had no new project for him and just wanted him to go easy right now. “No you have the full rundown right now on where I stand on your progress.” Abel got up and headed for the door. He turned and said “John I am really enjoying this.” John just smiled and was pleased with Abel’s comment. It was nice that he had survived his cancer and even nicer that he was enjoying his work. This man had so much to give and a mind that was sharp and perceptive. He liked doing for people and enjoyed seeing the feedback from their end. It was easy to see in his conversation that the enjoyment and awe people felt in going to the center pleased him. The fact of how easy it was to move people in and out made things work for him. I also was also happy with the job Faith had done for him in the transporting. She had never even mentioned her contribution after the first discussion. Come to think about it she did not talk about her job and the positive side of it? This was something that I would have to get her to start filling me in on. “Hope, have Faith come to my office please.” “She is on the way now.” As Faith came in she was smiling and you could see she was in a great mood. “What can I do for my man,” she laughed. I had a stern look on my face for her. “Sit down and if you would explain something to me. I just heard from Abel about your final solution to moving people to the center and how well it works. But I don’t remember your saying anything about it to me after we first talked?” Faith could see I was giving her a hard time. “John you have a lot of pressure and stress placed on you from many directions. When I can make things work better for you and the group I take my pleasure in it. I even enjoy it more when the small problems I solve are kept off your shoulders. I do the job I have to make life as easy for you as possible. The less ripples in the water the better from my point of view. But you allowed me to add my idea to this some time ago I just refined it more.”

All I could think was how good this felt. “I appreciate that and yet I like knowing your successes as well as problems. We have a partnership and I fill you in on my hurdles and wins. You willingly discuss ideas with me to allow better thought processes. But my dear lady I would also like to know the woman I love shares with me also. This must be a two way street and I like knowing what happens in your world. I was really impressed with the idea for transporting people to the center. Then keeping them in one place for decontamination. It was very perceptive and slick. The options it opens for us means there is far more we can do. I could not see that until I knew about your solution.” Faith was beaming and felt both good and bad right now. “John it was not that I did not want you to know. But you were into other problems at that time and I just did not feel it was the right time? My job requires me to solve all kinds of problems for others to allow them to do their jobs. What I do is just a very small part of their job. Abel did an outstanding job on the center and it was a pleasure to work with him. My ideas on the transport took just a few hours of time and allowed him to do his job. Is that really a win or just a contribution? We have many here who contribute to everyone’s projects and I just feel a part of the whole team.” Here was the team concept I have preached to all. “Yes, I understand that, but you’re my part of the team and I want to know. Faith you’re smart and good at your job. But I like from my own point of view knowing what you have accomplished, what you’re working on and the problems your facing. It is just for my knowledge and not for publication.” This was OK with her and she did enjoy the discussions they had. “OK, I can live with that, but if you have a major problem the data will come later not while the solving process is on going.” My problems were never greater than hers. “Just make sure I know and allow me to break away from my problems.” Faith got up and came around and sat on my lap. She hugged me and her touch felt great. This lady was just so much support and healing for me. Faith was a jewel in my life. “My dear, life with you is great!” “Thank you kind sir and now I have work to do so we can have time tonight. My boss is this slave driver and I might have to stay late if I don’t get done.” Faith headed back to her office and was so happy John appreciated her. It was nice to be wanted and better to be appreciated. The enjoyment she felt from her job and John’s respect for her abilities was worth all the problems. In meeting the needs of all the different control rooms, the center, incubator station, resort, the lab at the resort, school and supplying the needs of Gorm’s people really stretched Jena and her to their limits. She knew she was going to have to ask for additional help shortly. They now had seven warehouses and lots of transportation issues that had to be balanced. The purchasing, transport to a warehouse and distribution to each area that required this merchandise took good coordination and timing. Some places like the center need whole container loads of

products were easy compared to hand pulling orders for the five worlds or Earth control rooms. She knew in the near future she would have product going both ways to the old world and the five worlds. So they would be selling products to Earth, as well as buying from it. That would come once the world knew that they were not alone as humans. For John the whole of the purchasing and transportation area would at some point control our growth. So building a strong system and training of personnel was going to be important. “Hope I need you to do me a favor.” “Yes John what do you need?” Thinking how I wanted things structured before answering her I delayed my reply. “Hope I am concerned about Faith and Jena and the load they are carrying. We are supplying so many places, ordering a vast amount of goods and operating a lot of warehousing. They both need people to oversee different areas of this and allow them to manage it.” I could see Hope looking at the past few weeks of data. “Yes, your right and I am not sure how they have done it either? They have handled this without missing one deadline or failing to meet any need.” That was an incredible feat for anyone. “I want you to have at least two and may be three units assigned to them as soon as you can. They then need to train and assign them to cover the more mundane areas and allow them to handle the problem areas.” “That can be done starting tomorrow and I will follow the progress to assure they have the help needed.” This was one step he would not let Faith know he was involved in. “Be sure they understand your monitoring all areas and assigning help as you see it is needed please.” Hope smiled and you could see she understood where I was coming from. “It will be done that way.” “I am concerned that Faith will feel I am meddling in her area.” Hope laughed. “Well in this area you do tend to meddle in everyone’s department. Your not going to allow people to be over worked in our world. So I will review everyone’s area and assign added help, as I see it is needed.”

Chapter 4 What Color is a Unit? “John,” Hope asked? I was very distracted at the moment. “Yes what can I do for you Hope?” “Have you noticed anything different around the control rooms?” Remembering my walk through the room I could think of nothing different. “No, all seems normal to me when I walked through today. Why do you ask?” “Think back to your walk through the control room and what did you see?” Replaying it over again I still did not see anything different. “I saw people at all the consoles and others walking around and people at the monitors looking for unusual movements.” Hope was surprised at this for some reason. “Well I guess I owe Abel now, as I sure missed that bet with him.” Hope was now making bets with members? “What bet with Abel did you have?” “I have produced oriental, black and Arab dissent units to provide a mix of races in our facilities. You did not even notice this change, as Abel said you would not.” This confused me as to why she would think I would notice. “OK I did not look for the person I looked for the work and results? What is wrong with that Hope?” “Not a thing it just proved Abel’s understanding of you as a human. He said race or looks just were not something important to you that results and skills were. I disagreed with him and said that the human race had a bias that just could not be overcome. I was wrong that it was in all humans.” This was good that Abel understood my vision and ways. “Well sorry to have lost the bet for you, but color, race or religion just don’t mean anything to me. I could care less about those things, than the ability to meet goals and excel. If I had the bias you felt was present in all humans then I would have also had a problem with robots, units and computers. You also would not have seen Jenny or Abel here to start with.” She sheepishly replied. “Abel said the same thing to me and I just passed it off. We were advanced technology and I felt that made the difference.” Hope was growing in understanding. But she still had a bias herself. “I hope you have learned something from this little exercise? Because it shows you’re the one with a bias.”

This seemed to hit her from the blind side. “Yes, once again the right decision was made by Vortec when he selected you.” This was also a misperception. “I am glad you agree with that, but the right decision was really set by the masters long ago. I just happened to be the guy who knocked on the door here. Now continue to make adjustments to our units here as you see fit. Also get Abel to suggest any improvements he would like to see. But if one falls on their butts I will have you and them in here discussing why it happened. I don’t care what color they are and will chew both of you out.” Hope was very contrite right now. “I understand John and will do as requested. It seems I have disappointed you with this?” That was an understatement the way I saw it. “Yes, Hope you have and disgusted me also. That when so much is hanging in the balance as there is right now, this whole thing is a nightmare for me. If you wish to be a sociologist then at least get the right education.” With that said Hope disappeared and the room got silent. I just could not believe this attempt to create discord within the group. I was sure Hope did not see it that way, but that could have been the end result. This type of problem needed to be stopped before it caused a crack in the group. John called Via and requested she come to his office. Via walked in with her normal smile. “Yes John what can I do for you today?” Oh I needed her to do a lot for me. “Via sit down and let me drop a bomb and see what your take on this is.” I then proceeded with my conversation with Hope. I stated feelings and what I feared could have happened. Via could see it all clearly. “You are right in that could have been a disaster from your point of view. I am sure Abel on his part was defending you and Hope does not like to be wrong. So I understand both sides and here Hope was wrong. I think I know where this started. We are having a problem with the children being brought to the school. There are many who are not willing to accept others due to color, language or other differences. We are having to do a major retraining job with these young people.” I had heard nothing of these problems and was glad Via was handling them. “You will need to talk with Hope and make sure she understands what she could have done here. I felt we would have some problems with children even as young as they are, bringing them into a single group. That is why you were so critical to my plans.”

Via tried to explain her position to me. “We are teaching them what makes each different and what is the same in all of them. Finding they are more alike than different helps. I have been teaching them if they are blind then there is no difference, when we are able look at the world it is all different and that only vision or hearing allows us to have differences.” Here I had a want to put in place. “Good start and yet I am sure it will take time to complete the cycle with them. One thing I want you to teach is a single culture. Allowing different cultures keeps the differences in place.” This seemed to confuse her. “I think I understand what you’re saying, but give me a better picture please?” OK for a more clear instruction. “I want one culture here in the group. I don’t want to be like the UN with hundreds of cultures trying to exist in a single group. There will be one common language and then a secondary language depending on country they come from. There will be one level of education for all. They all will be expected to reach certain goals and there are no additions to level the playing field. Each will be developed and determined by natural abilities they have. Even we cannot create a happy person doing what they hate to do.” This brought a smile and understanding. “You’re perceptive and yes that is the plan. We will produce the best out of each child. No one will be molded to where their skills are not right and then only in what they enjoy doing. We want happy productive people. The children have been told they will not start classes until they can all get along and accept each other. That all must be willing to become a team and help each other.” Now for the information on my major concern. “How is the English coming?” Via was happy with this question. “It is the easy part, as children at this age learn quickly and retain knowledge. They are given ten words a day and we work on them and the past ones.” Via was making my job in this area much easier for me. “I appreciate your handling this problem with Hope, as she knows I am not happy with her actions. She is also somewhat confused I am sure as to why? This needs to be cleared up and better right now with a third party.” Via seemed to have some concerns about the how to handle this. “It is no problem for me to handle this. I am a little surprised she did not discuss this with me before she started the change? We talk a lot about human nature and about the problems with the children. It took a lot of discussion before I could convince her all the children needed to wear uniforms to keep differences down.” That was a good step from my point of view. “I like the uniforms and the one piece jump suits like the units used to wear is a good idea. Vortec still wears his, as that is what he is

comfortable in. When they graduate into the last four years of school then you need to teach dress and let them start to become individuals style wise.” Via had to think about this idea. “The thought process had not been carried that far, but I like that way of thinking. It provides a point where they can look forward to reaching. By that time their maturity will be pretty stable and ready to start learning personal decision making. We will follow that guide as it makes a lot of sense. But for the last four years of education I would like to have them in a separate building from the younger children and without dorm parents.” Here was time to drop a seed for later. “They should have their own college class area and rooms that are just theirs. It is a time of growth and forming life long relationships. I want units for each area of teaching in the college program. By that time I am sure your school and college will be on one of the five outer worlds. There you could have many more students to handle.” Via was ready for this suggestion. “Yes I have kind of wondered if that might not be the case. Can I start planning how we would like to have the new school built?” Here was one more plan he would not have to handle. “It is your decision on how and what it looks like. You will have as much land as you need to be able to support the school also. At that point the children will be taught to work, as well as learn. You will have a large ranch to run and farming to do. The school at some point will need to be self-sufficient and show a profit for the endowment. This will allow you to keep construction going.” Via had to consider many things before a plan was possible. “What do you see as the schools role in the five worlds?” Here was a large job for her. “It will be the center of learning for all worlds. All educational programming will come from the school. Classes will be taught by video to all five worlds and testing done at their local schools. You will be the ones to over see all schools and all education for the five worlds.” Via was pleased with the vision given her. “That is a major order. But one that offers a challenge I could never have hoped to have. It will be enjoyable setting this all up and making it work.” Now to put her with Abel to help design the system for the five worlds. “Get with Abel and tell him I have assigned the schools and education to you for the five worlds. He is working on a settling plan for them and a government plan.” Via would look forward to this collaboration. “I enjoy working with Abel as he is such a gentleman. He also is smart as anyone I have ever known. A man with the ability to see through his own plans to find flaws.”

This was a point of agreement they had. “He has done an unbelievable job on the research center. I was totally impressed with what he had accomplished and how quickly he had done his job. So enjoy working with him on this project, as I am sure it will be an outstanding work of art.” Via was happy with the way this had gone. “Abel will do an unbelievable job on the plan and I will be enjoying the labor of love you gave me.” “I an sorry John I did not know anyone was with you,” Jenny said. “Via and I are done, so come in and have a seat.” Via left and Jenny sat down. “Now what is going on in your world?” Jenny was showing some concern on her face. “We have picked up a small amount of movement from our outer tracking units. It is still well out of range for us but it worries me.” It was time to look at what she had picked up. “Hope put the video on my display screen on the wall.” Jenny walked over to the screen and pointed to two very small dots. “Now watch as we move the scans forward.” The two moved closer together and seemed to get a little larger. “What do you think I am looking at?” Jenny was even more sure of these possible finds being spacecraft. “Our best guess is two spacecraft moving this way.” Two was not a number I had even considered. “Why just two? Is it an advance force?” Jenny had no real answer for him. “We cannot answer that yet, but two craft, two weeks earlier than expected worries me.” The idea of a scout force was not one of our plans. “Do you think may be this is an advance scouting force with the full fleet behind them?” This was a concern right now. “Yes, both Vortec and I have agreed that is most likely. But we do not trust these two to get close to Earth. They could be set to try to kill off much mankind with biological or chemical weapons and then claim Earth as a home now they have lost their world?”

Now to find out how Jenny planned to handle this. “True, what do you think is the proper response to this?” Jenny decided to go the full route. “We would like to test the nuclear weapon on the two if they can be brought close enough together. It will tell us much about how the weapons will work against a fleet.” Now how do we keep the test from sight of Earth? “You have my permission to do so. If you’re able to disable the craft with them you may pick up the craft with one of ours and bring it back to Earth for examination in Peru or China. But I don’t want it visible from Earth.” “That is why we wanted to do it now and I will keep you advised of the plans.” Jenny headed back to Sonny and Vortec. They had been watching the result from the relays scanning outside the solar system and just happened to pick up on the two small dots. They were as small as a pinprick into a piece of paper with just the tip of a needle. You could see a dust mote in a room as easy. Jenny headed to Vortec with a smile. “Vortec we have permission to try to disable and capture the two craft.” Here he was going to suggest steps for her. “Good you need to move another small craft into that area. It needs to be done where the chance of seeing the flash on Earth is small. So the further out the better.” Here Jenny now felt in control. “Sonny, Glenn and I will take a craft close to the area we expect them to use. We will launch one of your stealth bombs and back off until we can see them stopped. We will place one of the craft on a planet for later retrieval and bring one back to the China control room. You can get the control room ready and get Slim’s people there while I am bring the craft back.” Vortec was taking a step where he was not holding the controls. “This is a little unusual for me Jenny. But the way you’re doing it is the right way and you have to take control at some point. So I agree with your proposal. I will have the bomb loaded into the craft in the China control room for you. Everything will be ready when you get there.” This was her chance to show she could get the job done. “Thank you Vortec I appreciate your ability to allow me to handle this one. It is important for me to use what you have taught me and know my skills are good enough.” Vortec smiled as he told her. “Your better than anyone we have had on our spacecraft Jenny. This is a good mission for you to take control of our space effort. John has so much for me to accomplish I need to start working on some of that.”

She felt some reservations all the same. “Hey I did not say I was ready to let go completely. I just need to test my skills and ability to think under pressure.” He did not have any fears of her not doing this right. “True, but I was just to be here until the learning process was complete. You have Sonny and Glenn to back you up. Now it is time for them to earn their pay and take part of what I have been doing. I will always be ready to sit and discuss anything with you. But at this point it needs to be in your hands.” Jenny knew she was now in control of the space efforts. “I am feeling like I have just lost my training wheels. There is fear and determination both running through my mind. But I accept what you’re telling me and understand John only loaned you to me for a short time. So keep your fingers crossed for me and we will follow the plan to the letter.” This was not what he wanted of her. “No Jenny follow your feelings and not just the plan. You have a good feel for things and plans are a point to start and not a complete step by step process.” “OK dad I will do it my way after the plan falls apart,” she chuckled. Vortec walked out of the space office and headed to John’s. He walked into the office and saw John sitting and staring into space. He knew the pressures that had been on John’s platter and had not been able to share some of the load with his other responsibilities. The two of them had traveled a long way very quickly and he had great respect for John. His ability to be fair with everyone and support each person in the group was incredible. The fact that Gorm was transforming the old world to John’s way of doing things just showed how right it was. Gorm had sent people to work with everyone here at the control center and the resort. They were learning the ways things ran here for putting them into effect on the old world. He smiled at the thought that Earth had saved his old planet and was making it better. I looked up and smiled seeing Vortec. “Vortec how nice to see you my friend.” “I am all yours now John. I have turned over the space area to Jenny and her two cohorts, Sonny and Glenn.” That was another step in making the group work better. “If you turned it over I am sure it was time. So no questions on that issue from me.” Here Vortec needed to convince this man to take a break. “John you need to take Faith and go to the resort for a short vacation. I can keep things operational here for a few days and your heading to burn out if you don’t get a break. We need you and we need you at your best, not dead tired and stale.” This sounded good even through I had not considered doing something like this so soon. “Vortec I think your right. I need a few days and Faith’s smiling face to energize me would help. Please add another unit to Jena and Faith’s area, as they are over loaded also.

They both are covering way too much area and it also will burn them out. Have the resort get the cottage ready for me and put a couple horses there for us.” “I already have done all that and put one of the trainees from Gorm’s group in transportation to add a pair of hands. He will handle all transport of needs by Gorm’s people. The new units have been briefed and trained by Hope for that assignment. So Jena will keep it running smoothly while your gone and then she and Edgar will also take a break.” It was nice to have someone I trusted willing to step in for me. “Thank you I really need to just get away for a short time. Faith and I have been going home and just falling into bed for the last month. It is time for us to start living again.” Vortec had seen the amount of work and effort put out by all here. “All of the group is due for some short vacations right now, as each of you have done the impossible. Edgar has better than doubled our wealth, Via has a school running, James found our lost robots on Earth, Jenny has won a war, Sandy has made the electronics companies wealthy and a major power and Abel has done a fine job on the research facility. All this John was done in just less than one year.” This was a large jump from where we started. “I really had not looked at it that way Vortec, but yes we have so far done well.” Now for how I needed handle this with my lady. “Does Faith know we are going on vacation?” “Yes, I told her to go home and pack a bag and if you had to be tied up she would get you that way,” Vortec laughed. Well so much for putting this off. “I am sure she did not argue about that issue.” Vortec was laughing as he said this. “She told me she would take you anyway I could deliver you.” I did not want any pressure for these few days. “If it is not a major disaster handle the problem for me my friend. But if we have a major attack I need to be here. If you have a question on if I need to know, ask Abel as I trust his judgment.” “We both agree on Abel and his judgment. I will use him as a sounding board on if an issue should interrupt your vacation.” “I had better get home to Faith so I keep a happy home.” I got up and headed to the transport plate and home. The feeling was easier about going knowing Vortec would be there to handle the many problems I normally did. Vortec had proven to be a right arm and Faith my left in running the operations. I depended on both of them and they never let me down. Without both of them this whole thing would not be possible.

Faith was busy trying to get things together. “Good afternoon my dear lady.” She was pleased I had shown up. “I was not so sure Vortec could get you to come home and go to the resort. So I waited to pack until I knew you were coming. Lunch is ready and we both need to eat before we go. So sit down and lets enjoy some food.” I had a short list of items to pack. “I only want shorts, tee shirts and one pair of blue jeans, and my boots and socks. I am going to wear as little as possible and relax.” This made sense to her. “Good I will also follow your lead and not take a lot of clothing. Where are we going to be on the island?” “I told Vortec to have the cottage ready. It is at the end of the island and there is nothing around it but jungle and ocean waters. No one can come to the cottage unless we approve it. So we will be alone while we enjoy some time off.” “In that case I will not take my bathing suit either. It sounds like our own personal nudist camp.” That she said with a smile. Here I wanted her to know this was just our time. “The nice thing is Vortec is the only one who can contact us. So we have free time and can sleep late and enjoy the beauty of that area. You need to advise Hope to contact Vortec and allow him to contact us if you or I am needed.” She would clear this one up fast. “Good thinking, as Hope would use the DNA computer for contact if not told. I am really looking forward to having you to myself for a few days. We have never had time like this together before. I have never had what humans call a vacation, so we can share my first together.” I wanted her to understand the ground rules. “With me a vacation is down time and I take no baggage with me. Work and problems are left here, fun and relaxation is the order of the day. This time is to be special and without burdens. Meals will be cooked and delivered to the cottage from the island kitchen center. Once a day someone will come to clean, make beds and leave anything we wish. I will let them know when that can happen and we are not there.” This was the best possible world for her. “You’re saying I have nothing to do but enjoy time with you?” “That is the way vacations here will work for all of us. As hard as Jena and you have been working, she and Edgar will take a vacation there when we return. You also have three more people working in your office and one of Gorm’s for added help.”

The feeling of the added help made her feel better about going. “I appreciate your being sure Jena has the help she needs for the next few days. There was a concern that I was leaving her in a bad position. It has been very pressure packed the last month.” She needed to understand her department had grown for good. “The added personnel are not temporary and Gorm’s person will be replaced when they leave. There is no reason for any of our people have to work long hours. We can supply as many units as need to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. This will be put in place when we return. I think we now need to have transportation people working around the clock. Jena can only buy during the right hours and days. But we will be shipping all the time.” This meant less work for everyone. “What is the length of work day you would like to see?” I had considered this often and now was ready to enforce it. “Other than for the human members of our group six hours is long enough and for the core humans eight is the maximum. We will also go to a four-day week wherever possible and have people trained to assume responsible positions as assistant managers. I have not seen Sandy since the meeting with Gorm. She is working at home and working long hours and I will stop this practice.” This was a major change in the group. “You seem to have a different vision right now from the early days.” We had the ability to slow down the work level without hurting the output. “Yes, we have long lives and many years to train people who can one day take over our jobs. Abel is going to need a staff of eight to ten people to develop his plans for the five worlds. He just cannot do it alone, keep his vision and also handle the natural changes required. The plan will need to evolve if it is to last. He must guide that evolution.” This seemed a good idea from her point of view. “Then you’re going to staff with units where possible and turn the humans into managers?” I am thinking long range now. “That is where my thinking process is right now to some degree. But units will also manage people including humans. One day there will be no need for the incubator station, as units will have their own children. No units will live on Earth as part of any culture or group. We will provide the doctors we have here the chance to hold land and build a civilization on the five worlds after their service. They will not be forever tied to Earth.” This seemed to shock to her. “You’re going to allow us to build a civilization?” It was to be a single culture of people and units were a good choice for the base. “Yes integrated with other races and cultures to build one culture. This is what Abel and I will work out once he has a framework for settlement. He already knows that for now the

police force, army and court system will be held by units. That will not stop humans from educating themselves and one day holding those jobs.” Faith seemed to understand the vision. “John I am so pleased at the vision you have shared. I find it very fair to all units and in the same right fair to humans.” She was failing to see the human weakness. “Remember on the five worlds there will be no poor people and everyone will have what they need. The trick is going to be training them not to want more than they need. The units will not be the problem, the humans will be.” Now it was clear to her. “Well you and Abel have a task in front of you. But now lets go to the island and just relax and let me enjoy the man I love.” They took the transport plate in their home and went to the cottage on the island. The wind was warm, but not hot and the moisture was also low. So it was very comfortable and the views from the deck of the cottage were incredible. There was beach home furniture in the rooms like you might find in a Hawaii resort. The bamboo tables, chairs and bar were very different from home. This was the only area where wine and beer had been allowed as it was just for vacation time. This had been worked out with the entire group and each felt it would be nice, as it provided something different on breaks. Faith was just blown away with all the beauty. “John this is so beautiful. I have never seen an ocean and the sound of the waves is just totally relaxing.” She had not had the best of this yet. “At night in the master bedroom the doors can be opened and allow the sound into the room. I used to go to Myrtle Beach, SC and loved to just open the door to my deck and listen to the water on the beach. So you will get to hear it here also.” Faith had stripped down to shorts and a tank top and was walking through the cottage. The bathroom had a tub like she had not seen before. It was big enough for two people and was already filled with water. It sat to the side with an open area and palms all around it. She called for John to come in to the bath. “What is this bath tub?” This was also a new item for her. “It is a hot tub and it moves the heated water around you and lets it message the body.” Like a child with new things to play with she asked? “I want to try it, as that sound so nice.” It was time to get her out into the world. “We will, but first lets walk down to the beach and just walk along the surf. I really would like to see a little of the beach and see what washes up here.”

As they walked down the stairway to the beach the sound became louder and the smell of saltwater hit them. As you walked along any ocean there was always the tang of salt in the air. You could see the many shells scattered over the beach and I was wondering what type of sea life they belonged to. Faith reached down and brought up a large shell and handed it to me. “What type of shell is this?” It was a large beautiful shell with mother of pearl coating the inside. “This is the same as a conch shell that is found on Earth. They are frequently found in the Pacific costal areas. The conch is eaten by many cultures and by many people in the United States. Keep the shell as something to remember our first vacation.” She turned it and the sun reflected off the smooth shine on the inside. “It is so beautiful and shines in the sun light.” I had to let her experience what I had often. “Hold it to your ear and listen to the sound inside,” I smiled. The smile was all over her face. “It sounds like the ocean.” “You can hold it to your ear at home and hear the ocean also.” “How is that possible?” This was the idea he has all the answers. “It is something that just happens to work that way. No one every explained the why to me, so you will need to ask Hope. I really don’t know everything,” Faith cocked her head and looked at me and with one word broke me up. “Why?” How do you explain that you really do not know everything? “Dear I may have opinions on most everything, but there is much I still have to learn. Man is not a computer and we often forget things that at the time were not important. That is why we have others working to provide me knowledge.” This seemed to please her that I did not know it all. “In that case I am going to see if there are any other areas where your short knowledge, while I have the chance.” The ocean was so very nice and active here. “Look at the waves rolling in on the beach. The tide is just starting to come in and where we are walking will be underwater soon. The waves here are larger than on the east coast of the United States. I have not spent time on the west coast, so I really don’t know about that.” “Two things in such a short time my dear, I guess you are a mere human.”

That was the truest statement she would ever make. “Yes, Faith I am human and will learn for the rest of my life. When the learning stops I am no longer fit to have my position in the group. If I ever feel I have all the answers I need to resign.” She did not wish to talk about anything to do with the group. “OK now lets lighten up some and enjoy the walk love.” As they walked along the shore and looked up at the cliff face you could see small plants growing in cracks. At a few points you could see color from a flower against the bright green of leaves. There were small caves that could be seen on the face also. The openings did not seem to be large and some were kind of obstructed. The beach seemed endless and you could not see more than a mile in front of you. So many turns in the shoreline made it easy to hide the next view. They had walked for about a mile and turned and started back. Just walking and holding hands brought peace into both of them. As they walked up the stairs to the cottage and sat on the porch, cool drinks of fruit juice were waiting for them. They looked over the waters and saw the sun sitting just above the horizon. As they watched it slowly dipped into the ocean and provided a red band over the waters edge lifting into the sky. The beauty was so incredible and both sat there enjoying the view. Faith was mesmerized by the sight. “That is like nothing I have ever experienced.” It reminded me of how much I needed to share with her. “Faith there is much we both need to see and enjoy. I promise that we will do those things together. Life for us is ready to slow down in the next few weeks. After that we will take some time and do a little traveling.” She would look forward to that. “I would enjoy that a lot. How can we do it with security for you the way it is?” That would be James headache. “The easy way is for security to set up transport plates for us at each stop. Then simply move place to place that way. We would use limo’s for transportation in any one place.” That seemed reasonable to her. “It does not sound that hard if we follow those rules? I am hungry after that walk and watching the sunset. What would you like for dinner?” That reply came quickly. “A steak, baked potato and salad would be nice. Ask them to send a good red wine with our dinners, as that also sounds good. Then I would like fruit, cheese and coffee.” This was a different world for her and she was not sure of herself. “I have no knowledge of wine, but will try it. The fruit and cheese sounds great. So I think I will just follow your lead. What kind of steak would you like?”

This was an easy choice for me. “Tonight a nice rib eye cooked medium rare sounds good to me.” “Faith pushed the button and a voice answered her at once. She placed the order and was told it would be on the table in twenty minutes.” After placing the order she sat beside him. “Just sitting here with you and knowing your all mine, makes this so nice for me. I don’t get a lot of this kind of exclusive time at home.” I had to solve this problem for both of us. “You will get more of it as time moves forward. Here in the early days we had so much to accomplish and get started. We have traveled further in the last ten months than I ever expected. Our people have grown and we have become our own culture. So my dear lady I will be able to take time for us and have kind of set Vortec up as my replacement when I am gone. He will filter what requires attention right then or make the decision.” This was a good step she believed. “I like that unless he feels it’s important enough to require your attention he will just handle it. But your going to have to train someone to serve as a temporary administrator for you.” That was not in my plans right now. “Not for a time yet as having to stand back and not have the power to make decisions could cause problems. I will not start that process for sometime at least until I am considering retirement. Until then I will use Vortec to handle the job as second in command. For him that is a reward for his service and abilities.” She was thinking of how long before she would want to retire. “Retirement is a very long time away.” “Yes and think if someone had to wait all that time to do my job?” “That could create a problem of their wanting your job too soon.” There were ways to train people for this job and watch them grow. “We will have administrators on each of the five worlds. That is the training ground for someone to take my job. If they do well there and build respect for their abilities then one day they may end up with my job? That will not happen until the second generation of administrators is in place. So how well they train their replacements will be one of the measures.” Food was on the table and Faith and I moved to it for some dinner. The food smelled great as I opened the wine and poured a glass was for us. “Faith be careful with the wine, as it will hit you and take your coordination if you drink too much or are sensitive to it.” She cocked her head and had that funny look on her face. “How does that happen?”

“It has alcohol in it and that goes into the blood system and plays with the mind. If you drink more than you should it will take your ability to walk away, it will slur your speech and affect your inhabitations and judgment big time.” This was the side effect I had been worried about on Earth. “I have no inhabitations with you love. But I will be careful with the amount I drink.” The night sounds were all around them during dinner. It was such a nice night. The moons had started to show and the light on the water from two moons was different. The night was much brighter here than on Earth. With two moons providing light it really made the night bright. With tree frogs and the different insects making sounds it did sound like Earth at night in summer. The washing of the waves on the beach was a nice background sound for dinner also. The food had been good and the wine a nice change. Faith and John walked into the bathroom and took quick showers. John turned the tub on and both got in and laid back. The water was soothing and the wave sounds relaxing. Faith was totally relaxed right now. “John I could just go to sleep right here.” She needed a warning about that for safety. “It is relaxing, but not a good place to sleep, as you could just sink under the water.” “I don’t breath well under water,” she laughed. “That is why there is a timer on the hot tub.” The night went in this relaxing mode for both. There was just no pressure and no item that had to be done tomorrow. For John it was the most relaxed he had felt in years. Faith was just enjoying her time with her man. This was so nice not having to share him for a short time. The night passed quickly and neither awoke until the sun was well up the next day. After breakfast they headed to the barn to ride the beach. John had insisted they wear hats while riding, as the sun would be hot that day. Faith was enjoying the riding in the surf and the horse was a really good one. It was fast and yet very easy horse to ride. The two were having fun and had ridden several miles down the beaches. There were two horses coming towards them and John wondered who it could be. Then as they got closer he saw Dr. Phillips and a young lady with him. Dr Phillips was smiling at the two. “Good morning John.” I was glad to see the man. “Hello Dr. Phillips I did not know you enjoyed riding?” He really wanted to talk with John but decided it was not a good time. “It is one of my favorite past times. I have ridden since I was young and it was my way of thinking and working out problems. I understand your on a short vacation, so I will move on and let your enjoy your time.”

Faith was impressed with the mans grace to leave them alone. “John he did not even try to corner you and discuss his wants with you?” I was very pleased with how this was handled. “No dear Dr. Phillips is a good man and knows people need time off to relax. My opinion of him just went up a notch. Before we go home we will stop into his lab and check things out.” Faith was also impressed with the lady with him. “I did notice the unit with him was beautiful and she is in love with him.” How can any woman see that in another? “How do you know that?” “I could read her face as you were talking to Dr. Phillips. She looked at you once and spent her time looking and learning from him.” That was an interesting observation. “Well we will check it out when we head back to home. Lets head back to the cottage and hit the hot tub for a short time.” The rest of the time went in a slow easy way. They were able to ride, swim, walk the beaches and sit on the patio and relax. No decisions other than what was for dinner and activities during the day. Three days went by before they knew it. Faith and John felt closer than ever before. The morning they were to leave John let Vortec know they were going to the lab before coming home. As we walked into the new lab I saw him right away. “Dr. Phillips I just wanted to stop and see if you were getting the support you need?” All he could think was it was an understatement. “I have the best instrumentation ever in a lab, no one is pushing me to deliver a product tomorrow and I am having to go back to school because this technology is beyond my education. For me it is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Then getting to keep it.” That was nice to hear. “You or your people don’t have regrets about our having taken your old lab?” “No, George and Phil are happy, as they had no families and hated the old work ways. I had no family and felt frustrated in the work I was pushed into doing. So we all are happy with this assignment. Trinity and I are happy and she is my professor, as well as assistant and lover. I have never felt about a woman like I do about her. She is so bright and such a good teacher.” He sounded like I felt after meeting Faith. “Well you now know how I feel about Faith and the place she has in my life. You do know that if at some point the two of you would like to have children she can do that?”

That seemed to bring a questioning look to his face. “No I had no idea that was possible.” “Yes there is a simple block in place that stops her from ovulation and that can be removed by Hope at the request of both of you.” He was considering how this should work. “That may be something we will want later. I know George wants to have a manufacturing plant one day and Phil wants to help develop the electronics systems for the five worlds. I think I will just want a small lab to invent in with Trinity. We share the same drives and enjoy the same things.” This was a man I really liked and he had my respect. “I was thinking of offering you a part in the group if you’re interested?” He seemed to hesitate before responding. “It really would depend on what you wanted me to do?” Was he really not interested? “I was thinking advanced technology projects.” “Can I do it from here?” I could not see why not? “Most of the time yes. But it would require some time on Earth at the control room.” Here was the real question for John. “Your technology is already, so far advanced from Earths why would you want to keep pushing the envelope?” I had to be honest here with him. “Because it is there?” That was an impressive answer for a non-scientist. “That is the only reason I would have said yes for. So what do you want me to do?” “Just finish up your job here and then come to my office and we will discuss where you feel we need to take our science. The research center is now looking at drugs at the single atom level. This should open up many possible cures for Earth’s people. That means we will have to move populations to the five worlds or the population will starve. The life spans will grow rapidly in Earth terms with drugs at this level of performance.” “I am impressed with the science your creating there. I know giving the life spans you have given us would not work on Earth. The problems would even be greater. But what do you see as the key to our success in the future?” This was a vision I had since I started this group. “Improved space travel right now. We need to find more worlds we can use to colonize and ones that we can modify to make habitable. It is going to take a whole science group to develop new worlds and that requires better and even faster spacecraft first.”

This was a reasonable step to growth. “That sounds like a fun project. What do you think Trinity?” “There are some major challenges in speeding up the ability to move through space. The current drives use all the physics we now have. It will require rewriting physics for us to do this.” Here was a job bigger than any he had ever faced. “That John is a challenge I could get into. As long as Trinity is willing to work with me on this I would love to try.” Trinity stepped in with her feelings. “I will work on any project you decide is fun for you.” “So there you have our answer. We will start looking at the problem once we finish this project on fusion power plants for mass production and hydrogen fuel production.” Here was a way to let Vortec teach him. “Once your ready to start you may want to come spend some time with Vortec, as he has build all we have. He may have some insights that would give you a road to start down?” That was the ideal way to start with the knowledge of the past. “I do want to talk with him and your way of being open makes it so much better to learn. Working for the military or CIA means you get no information and have to find the same ground already covered. So working with information that is up to date is refreshing. But, so far everything I have seen or heard about the group has been out of character with any government. You had the chance of taking over the old world and yet your helping them rebuild and create a new culture. It has cost the group hundreds of millions of dollars and yet I have heard of no repayment demands?” That was how things were supposed to work. “The reason for that is it was a gift and not a loan. They also are humans who have lived in slavery for five hundred years. Their forefathers gave this group its birth. We owed them that and much more for what we will be able to do for Earth. It is because of their deeds that you exist today.” This caused him to stop and think. “I really had not thought of that fact. But your right there is a large debt owed. May be it is the fact that governments never recognize debts beyond convenience at that time? The politics of Earth tend to jade people today. Back a hundred years ago you could count most of the time on a mans word. Today they pay people to write things that sound fine, but you can spin them to let you out of the commitments made.” That was something I had decided did not need to exist in my world. “Well Dr. Phillips I don’t spin anything and if I tell you anything you can take it to the bank. In our new world your word will be the coin of the realm. Failure to keep your word will be a crime, as it is the only way we can have order in our culture. As anyone who works will have all

they need to enjoy life. They will not be given their land, business or job unless they agree to abide by their word. So it is not to be given lightly, as you will be held to it.” That will be difficult to hold people to. “How will you drive that point home?” This was well developed now. “All courts will be open and hearings digitally sent to all on the five worlds to see. Those convicted will be given a small plot of land with a small one room house, the tools, seed and water they need to grow their own food. It will be on an island where they cannot escape and it will be up to them to feed themselves. That will provide time to rethink the values we expect. We will use force fields to keep them in and others out so they will not be harmed in any way.” He was not sure even this would work. “A most interesting idea of punishment. It is for sure more humane that what happens on Earth. That could prove out to be the only way humans can be retrained to live within the rules they have. I will watch this little project as it happens and hold judgment until I see the results.” “If there is anything you need just contact me or ask Faith to get it for you.” As Faith and John got back to their home they both were relaxed and feeling good. Just the short break and time alone had made life enjoyable. John had made a commitment to take a break every ninety-days. Faith had determined he would keep that one, as she had never felt more wanted and loved than during this time. Just having one hundred percent of his time made for total enjoyment. The whole of the center had not fallen apart while time was taken off. So it proved the group was functional and ready for new areas. They had run their departments and accomplished as much without my presents as if I were here. That made me feel free to take on some of the other projects on my list. As soon as this problem with the robot fleet could be handled the dome on Mars was the next step. I wanted to be there before the robotic exploration vehicles Earth was going to place on Mars. This would get the worlds attention fast.

Chapter 5 Ready for War This day had started out well. The sky was blue, the sun shining and weather was warm. This was the kind of day I enjoyed being outside. Faith and I had ridden before breakfast and then showered and ate. It had been nice late summer day and now it was time to get back to work for both. Jena and Edgar were leaving this afternoon for a break at the resort. Edgar had trained two assistants to follow all the companies and investments for the group. He any more just did the strategic planning and kept track of the moves he wanted made. His office had become so efficient, that the money we had been spending for all our projects and the aid to Gorm had made no dent in the net worth. I had seen him as I came into the control room. “Edgar please enjoy your time at the resort. I have left a couple bottles of good Italian red wine in the cottage for you.” That brought a smile to his face. “That sounds like something I can really enjoy. It has been a long time since I last had any wine let alone a great red. What did you think of the cottage?” Here I did not want to tell him too much, as he needed to explore the area and house. “You my friend will love it, as it is like the best villas on the Italian coast. It does have tropical furniture and a good hot tub. So you have all the comforts you could want. The beach is wide and covered with shells. The breeze is always blowing and I did not see a bug the whole time I was there.” He could live without the bugs. “I may feel like I am back in Africa with the tropical setting, but I will enjoy no bugs. That was the one thing with the clinic I really did not like. That place was wall-to-wall bugs and you just could not control the problem. At least until our people took over and I am not sure what they did but it worked.” It was time to get him out of here. “You and Jena have a nice break as you both deserve it. You both have done a fantastic job and now it is time for some play. I have promised Faith I will take a break every ninety-days and I suggest you and Jena make the same decision.” He liked the idea of time to get away. “I think that is a good goal for Jena and I to have to reward ourselves. It leaves us always close to a break coming up. We will discuss it and see how she feels.” I hoped to open his mind to what was available to him. “Remember the resort is not the only place you two can go. If security sets it up you can go anyplace and spend the days off. They will set up transport plates for you and have accommodations ready. So any place in the world that we can make safe is open to you.”

This brought his eyes up fast. “Now that I like even better as there is much I would have liked to have seen before the group came to me. The safety side was my major question.” Safety was not a major problem, as Jena was good enough to defend them both. “I will have James set up a security group for us and they will do the protection when we are in the world. We all have friends and some have family. This would allow them to be visited and keep us in contact for a time. But there will be a point where our age is not showing and questions start to come up. That we will have to handle at that point.” You could see him thinking this one out. “This health we have is a two edged sword, as there will be questions in just a few years. Let me think about some possible ways to prolong contact as long as possible.” It would be interesting to see his ideas. “It is your problem to find answers. Just have fun and relax for the next few days.” I walked to my office and had enjoyed this conversation with Edgar. The man had become a real source of support. When someone to talk about human nature or needs of the group was required, Edgar filled the role as well as Abel. He was always pragmatic and never condemning regardless of the topic. “Welcome back John,” a smiling Vortec waited at the door. Why did this not surprise me? “Well some how I knew I would see you early today. So what’s the story on our two scout craft from the robot fleet?” “They seem to be studying the Earth and not getting close yet. So there are as many guesses as people here. I know they have not seen Jenny yet so, it is not us stopping them. They are still well outside our planetary arrangement. Hope has picked up three spacecraft well away from her station. They also are not moving closer or farther away. None have been seen near the five worlds. Gorm has not sent any information that his people have found any close to them.” This just did not make any sense? “That seems strange and how they even got close to Hope’s station I cannot figure.” “It may be that the fleet has broken up. If that happened before they lost the computers on the old world then trying to pull back together could be difficult. It could mean part of the fleet is helplessly lost in space?” This was not good from my point of view. “That could be a major pain, as we would never know when we would see parts of the fleet. As vast as space is, we for sure could not go looking for them either. What do you think we should do about the five we know about?”

“We have two options open. One we can destroy the five craft with the nuclear weapons or two we allow Hope’s army to invade the ships and take them over. She has found the codes for at least one transport plate in each ship and in some two to three. They were not hard to determine, as the old codes were simple.” This seemed the better way to find out what was going on? “What is the risk to Hope’s people if we go that way?” “Little to none as they have personal force fields to protect them. We can use the rubber foam to disable the robots and then recover them for use. We would end up with five ships for Gorm to start his fleet with and robots we can reprogram for his or our use.” I trusted Hope’s ability to control the situation. “OK tell Hope to plan how she wants to do this and then execute the plan. Also tell her she is not to put anyone at risk. If she feels bad about any take over she can use lethal force.” “I agree with that and will follow it for us and keep you posted on the results.” The decisions were right back on the plate now. “Nice to be back Vortec.” Vortec was glad John was back. He had never believed the amount of questions he handled. “I am glad your back they kept me really busy with questions while you were gone. It takes longer for me to think like you do, than the way I do,” he smiled and shook his head. I had to smile at his feelings. “Well we all have our burdens to carry. You got a taste of what mine is like now.” Vortec headed to his office and was discussing the attack with Hope. She was giving him the plan and he was asking questions. When he got to his office he could see troops collecting in the park area for the attack. Hope had decided to take the hardest target first where there was only one plate. She was sending well armed troops for this one first, followed with non-lethal armed troops. That way the first group would clear the entry zone for the rest. At the same time she was sending non-lethal groups on each of the other two ships in case the communications was working between ships. But there would be two to three groups moving at the same time on these ships. So the three ships close to her would be first to be taken over. This way she could test the tactics. Vortec reported the action was ready to start. “John, Hope is ready to go for the three ships closes to her. Then as long as the two just outside our system do not move they will be next.” Vortec reported. I wanted to see the action for myself. “Have her give me a feed of the first troops going into each ship.” “You will see three screens on your one large one.”

I could now see the troops gathered in the open park area each around a transport plate and there appeared to be seven groups. The first group disappeared quickly and then I could see the inside of the spaceship. They spread out around the transport plate as no one was in this room. The room looked like it was may be fifty foot square. There were a lot of things to hide behind in it. The next group came into the room and spread out moving toward the one passageway. The next headed to the other end of the room and that passageway. They moved carefully and keep their eyes open for any enemy. The second and third groups were also moving on to their assigned ships. In each case no one was there to fight them. So the search went into high gear and until they got to the bridge they had found no one on board. On the bridge of the second ship they found three robots all sitting in command chairs and not moving. After surrounding them the leader walked up to the robot in the captains chair and started to look at the eyes. Nothing registered on the face at all. She unzipped the jump suit opened the front plate and saw nothing lighted up on the master board. I could not believe what I was seeing. “Hope what the heck is going on here?” “It seems that all the robots are deactivated. The best I can think of, it is possible the computer may have taken this action when it was destroyed? It may be the recharging program was turned off they would have been active until the power supply was drained.” Vortec was never powered down. “Vortec is that possible?” “Yes, John I was the first not to have a computer controlled power supply. It was a fail safe for humans, as they saw the computer as being safe and the robots being suspect. The computer ran the planet and the robots were just and extension of it. We will know for sure when Hope takes the last two ships.” “I have taken the last two and they are the same as here. I need to have the units look for all the rest of the robots then we can reprogram them and set them looking for more ships. We may be able to rebuild the fleet and send it back to Gorm for his use?” I needed time to think before any decision was made. “Find the rest of the robots and we will decide what actions must be taken after that. Start reprogramming and recharging, as soon as you get them ready. Then just over see the reprogrammed robots and let them do the work. Vortec come to my office now please.” I needed input from Gorm. “Gorm we have an interesting little problem for your input.” He came on the screen and was smiling. “OK John what is it about?” Now, to try to keep this explanation simple. “Vortec and I are here and we just boarded five spaceships belonging to the robots. None were activated and all were out of power.

Hope and Vortec think the switch for charging was shutdown when the computer was taken out there. According to Vortec your forefathers build a switch into the robots.” This caused a question to show on Gorm’s face. “I can quickly check that out and tell you for sure.” Gorm was right back to us with the answer. “The computer here said that the fear was the robots not the computers. They could have stopped a robot attack, but not one by the computer. That seems reasonable from what I have learned about the past. That is still why I have a fear of our computer now. I just have a lingering worry.” I had to smile, as I could well understand his worry. “Your computer is programmed, so it is impossible for it not to obey your orders. To do so would cause it to self-destruct. My question is can the switch be turned off for a period of time and then reactivated? May be until we all got comfortable with the fact all robots were now safe? If we were not looking we could be hurt with an attack. That is a good question we must find an answer for. We know where the ships came from in their last plot. So we can go back to see what is there. We are reprogramming these robots and will send equipment and units to over see any finds and actions. We will look to reprogram any robots found and make them a hunter killer force for others.” Gorm seemed very happy with the use of the robots. “That for sure would cause distress for any robot, as they would not know if the ship was friend or foe?” I did not want to put most of Hope’s force out looking for the rest of this fleet. “It is sure better than our trying to hunt down the rest of the fleet. Hope is draining all data from the ships now and we will install a new ships computer on each ship. Then we will go looking for other ships stopped and waiting for their power to be switched back on. This way you or I don’t drain our own resources for this hunt.” Gorm was thinking about all the craft out there. “What will you do with other ships found?” They were his property and should be returned if he wanted them. “I thought if you would like to have them I would send them back to your planet?” His worry once again was his old captors. “Will the robots be reprogrammed before being sent back?” Here was the chance for his people to be involved. “Yes the only reprogramming units will be on the five ships. We have changed the transport codes on these five ships. So if you would like to add one of your people to the crews we can do that for you.” Gorm was ready with an offer. “Each time a ship is found and reprogrammed I will send a captain for that ship to bring it back. I would also like to send two observers for each ship you are sending back out if that is alright with you?”

I sure had no problem with that offer. “Yes, that is fine and I would appreciate their being security people. I think I may keep a group of twelve on board, so only our people have access to the bridge.” He needed some assurance. “They will be armed also?” I had to make sure he was comfortable with this. “Yes they will be troops that fought on your world.” He was very soft in this conversation. “I think it is a good idea. But I am the beggar here.” He was no beggar as far as I was concerned. “Not at all Gorm we are partners in many ways. You’re an independent part of our group. We will help you and share information with you, as long as you want it. I would never presume to tell you how to run your world, but if it is a space project we are partners, as it will benefit us all. Remember these are your craft and came from your world.” This seemed to brighten his face and relax his whole body language. “I am pleased at your honesty and openness with me. We are in your debt and yet your treating us like lost brothers. That is something I will never forget John. You’re the kind of leader I wish to be like.” I almost blushed at this statement. “Your kind comments are appreciated, but I feel the debt is here. In many respects we are brothers and more. Your DNA and mine are almost exactly the same Gorm. So we are people of the same genetic lines. Our units are of that same genetic line also. My goal is a peaceful system of planets that allow us all to prosper. One where hate, greed, violence and crime is almost non-existent.” He laughed at this comment. “I am glad you said almost, as humans we will have the few who try us.” That was an understatement when it came to Earth. “Yes and I understand that and the court system for us will handle those few. I know we need police and a small army. But we can do these things with non-lethal weapons and confine those who will not live within our laws.” Here he seemed to get serious again. “I have been talking with Abel and have started building a set of laws for us. He is an incredible human. Also a great teacher and he is allowing one of my best people to work with him. This person will become the chief judge for our world. His opinion will be the one I look at when asked to review any violation of the laws we put in place.” He at least sees in Abel what I do. “Well Abel is that man for me.”

“John once again I thank you for including us in this endeavor. Please keep me posted on anything you might need from me. Also thank you Vortec I appreciate your contribution to us also.” “I will have a feed of anything that happens with the five ships or the fleet sent to your computer by Hope. That way you can have the same feeds I do.” “That I would appreciate also. I need to let my people know of what has been found and what you think might be possible. I will get the research back to Vortec on the switch and if it can be reactivated without a computer command.” With that the screen went back to the feeds from the Spaceships. There were robots being placed on the reprogramming table. Vortec was smiling and seemed very content. “John I think you have a good friend in Gorm.” I was getting more comfortable with dealing with Gorm. “Yes I feel comfortable about him and he has given me no reason not to trust him.” “Why do you say it that way?” How do I explain to Vortec I trust everyone until I am given a reason not to. “Trust is something that is built. You give it up front and if the person is consistent in their actions it grows. But during the growth period it is fragile and can be damaged. It takes time to learn what a man is built of and you must allow him to show you. When Gorm is strong and has other planets he is responsible for then we will know for sure how he is built. Power is something that can corrupt any man. Right now he does not have a lot of power, but that will change in due time. It will test just how good he is I can assure you.” This seemed to worry him. “You have not let the power go to your head. Do you think he might not be able to handle great power?” Sitting back and drinking coffee I paused before an answer. “I don’t know Vortec? But time and continued careful trust will let us find out.” Vortec was still pushing my approach. “You had not been here long and I knew I trusted you and turned over the centers.” Here I had him and decided to close the door. “Yes, but for how many years had you watched me and followed my progress? It was almost sixty years. That period of time gave you the ability to know me and what I stood for.” Here Vortec knew I was right on how trust was built. “I guess your right, as I can remember times when I questioned things you did and then found out how right they were. My respect was build over that period and I did know you pretty well when we met

face to face. Now I understand what you are saying. I had not looked at it that way, but even with others around here, I keep looking at their decisions and commitment.” Here was a big difference. “I trust everyone we have in the group right now. They have responsible jobs and are doing them well. But they do not have ultimate power. So the problem is not theirs. It is mine, as here is where there are no real checks and balances. That is a daily thing for me to question decisions I have made, as to they’re being the right ones for all humans?” Vortec smiled and knew he understood me. “That is why you have the job you do John. I have never doubted you will make the right decisions. Your way of making decisions I can never match, as you do it differently than I would. But they are the right decisions for everyone. My decisions are by logic and yours tend to come more from your heart.” I was glad Vortec was here for me. “Thank you Vortec, but I am also human and that requires me to always be aware of what can happen. My decisions must be measured and their impact looked at for each one made. I need to hear others opinions of decisions and have input at times before I make them.” Vortec knew just logic was not enough. “I am glad it is you making the decisions as I could not handle the questions. For me decisions are black and white. For you there are two hundred and fifty-six shades of gray involved. I know how much Jenny’s insight added to our mission in taking the old world. She saw things I could not see and did things quickly I would not.” I did appreciate Jenny taking control of the space side. “It allowed her to grow and me to feel secure with her decisions. She did an outstanding job on that one and her confidence has grow with that.” Vortec was laughing now. “Yes, she told me she was going out to meet the spaceships and did not ask at all.” That was one that did not surprise me at all. “Well that is what confidence does for you. Her contribution to this group is going to be large. Now keep me posted on Gorm’s response to our question?” Thinking over our people we had been very lucky. “Vortec we have been very fortunate in the people we have recruited. Just so you know I have offered Dr. Phillips a place in our group. He would head up our technology development area. The first project would be developing a new space drive for the future. He said that until he finishes up with the mass production fusion power plant and hydrogen fuel production plant, he would not start on the drive. But he will be wanting to sit down with you and he and Trinity need to be given a course in our current drive.” “Trinity must be his assistant?”

Thinking of the two of them I needed to explain. “Yes, Hope had him, Phil and George at the station and gave them assistants. He has fallen for Trinity like I did for Faith. They are two peas from the same pod and she is teaching him on our technology.” “Looks like Hope knows how to give humans an anchor to stabilize them. I knew Dr. Phillips was smart, but being a scientist I was not sure how his skills were with a woman? It looks like Hope supplied one that he can be comfortable with.” He needed to be aware of what I wanted him to do. “Just expect a call from him one day requesting some of your time. He has travel rights to come here to the control room anytime. Also I want Abel to be given additional help to work out his plans for settling the five worlds. He needs to give them the framework he wishes to develop and then judge their work and suggest modifications where needed. He is trying to do far more than one man can do.” Vortec seemed to also have been watching this issue. “I agree with that and will have a discussion with him and assign the added people he needs.” I wanted Vortec to pass this on. “Tell him he is training the future judges for the five worlds in this group. He will have the job of the supreme justice to review their decisions once they are assigned.” “You’re going to keep a court system of justice?” Every world needed a set of laws and courts to handle them. “Yes and I hope we are able to export it to Gorm. It would be nice to have a single set of laws and courts.” Here was an area that Vortec was really interested in. “I will handle everything for you on this one. It is always fun to work with Abel and I always learn from him.” There were things here I need Vortec to handle for me. “Be sure he brings you up to date on the research center, as it is almost ready to open for business. He has most of the staffing complete and has done a great job with it. Let him know I would like the sign for the center to show its name as ”The Faith Center for Research“. The whole group will get a grand tour of the center the day it is fully staffed and open for business.” “That should be one day I will enjoy watching. It will be fun watching them try to figure out who each of you are. As none of you had a public face in the world.” Here it would be very low key. “All they will be told is we are the trustees for the center. Nothing else will be shared with them.” Vortec had been looking at how these centers operated on Earth. “I am sure the funding they have and access to anything they need will create a desire to be sure your all happy. None of these scientist has ever had better equipment or had the advantage of time to succeed without pressure.”

I just did not feel pressure was a good stimulus for success. “They will pressure themselves, as the two groups compete to be the most productive. Are we ready to place the dome on Mars yet?” This had been one of Vortec’s pet projects. “Yes it is complete and all the systems check out fine. We have a full dome of plants with walkways and enough water to keep everything growing. From time to time we will have to move added water to the dome, but that can be done by transport plate. It will be interesting to see the reaction on Earth to this find. I am set to record the feed from the rovers to Earth, so we have footage of the dome to offer the media if needed. In this area I am not sure what to expect, but I have started the holographs going to the religious leaders all over the world. They are being told that man will have a sign on Mars that God is real. That his creations are on more than just Earth and mans greed and lack of responsibility for all humans calls for action from him.” That seemed to be a powerful message. “What kind of reaction has come from these visits?” “There has been much discussion by religious groups leadership. But they have not taken the message to their people yet, as they fear being wrong.” Here I was disappointed with the results. “Step up the visits and put pressure on them. Also add that there is one God and all men fall under his control. That there are many ways to worship, but one God to fear on Earth. That any group, who does not renounce violence in his name, will not survive his wrath. Those leaders will simply disappear from the face of Earth.” Vortec was concerned that I might be over stepping what might work. “That is a strong message can we do that?” Here I was tired of the religious leadership “Yes, I have James designing a prison area on the five worlds to hold in isolation, each person convicted by our courts. It can be used to also bring some peace to Earth.” Here Vortec had to warn me. “That could mean a lot of people being taken from Earth.” I really wanted a strong message no matter how I had to do it. “I really don’t think so, as once they see how serious the messenger is, the sooner we will see change happen. They can hide from man, but not from us. Once that is established we will have credibility with them.” This seemed to cause a major question. “How will you do this, I mean find them?” This I had given some thought to. “I am thinking of using small trackers under the skin of each leader we can find who does not have a residence like the Pope or most Christian

groups. The problem is mostly with nomadic groups who do not have the education of many.” Vortec now was thinking of the how. “I can think of many ways to also get information on the persons whereabouts using the holographs. It would be possible to demand that the man be produced and then take him right in front of these people without seeing anyone else.” “We can work that out as we go. But I want to stop this using of religion, as a reason to kill on Earth.” “I believe it will have an impact and think it is the right thing to do.” Here I was tiring of the stupid ways people were getting killed. “It will take a little time to test the end result. But for sure it cannot hurt right now as many are being killed for no good reason. All based on some strange interpretation of their religious writings.” Vortec was ready to defend the original writings. “As I have told you before those original writings were much different than what you see today.” I had an idea that might help. “Is it possible to provide the original texts to be found by scholars?” “It would be difficult to duplicate the inks and tablets or scrolls, but possible so that they would pass all testing today. Do you want this done?” “Yes I would like the original texts to be recreated and then we will think of how we wish to allow them to be found.” “I have more than enough to do for the moment, so I am going to head to my office before you find something else to be done.” Vortec was laughing as he said this. “I am not sure you can have another vacation, you seem to come back with lots of ideas.” I had to laugh, as I knew he was no place close to overloaded. “Not to worry Vortec we have some loose ends to pull together. Then we will be able to sit back and watch more of what happens. This exercise is one I hope will bring some added peace to Earth. That requires some correcting of knowledge that has been given a spin that is wrong. The one thing to understand is it is going to be challenged by those who do not like the old text, as it takes power from them. So this must be presented to each group where it cannot be hidden or covered up.” “We will come up with something dramatic to make it impossible to hide or to not accept. I am not sure yet how we will be able to do this but between Faith, Hope and I, a way will be found.” I smiled at this. “Now go to work and let me know when you hear from Gorm.”

Vortec walked out of the office and headed to the space lab office. He wanted to check and see what Jenny was into now that the spacecraft were taken over? As he walked into the lab Jenny and Sonny were standing at a star map and working to determine where these ships had come from. Jenny was into trying to find the how. “Vortec I am glad to see you here. We are not understanding how these ships crossed our entire system without being spotted?” “I would suggest that they did not do that at all. Your looking at what would seem obvious and they are looking at logic. Logic says if you don’t want to be seen you take several different paths to reach your goal. That would stop anyone ever backtracking your plots.” That made sense to her. “OK I can buy that, but how do we backtrack their trip?” “Ask Hope for the data off the plotting computer on the ship. It went dead, but the storage media can still be read by her.” Sonny was forwarding the information he had just received for her. “Hope will have that data for us in just a few minutes and for the computers on the ships near her. That should help with finding someplace to start looking for more ships. Do you think the whole fleet split up?” Vortec was sure he knew that answer. “No I have been turning that over and my best guess is a large part of the fleet is in complete formation and can be found together. It is just a few scout craft we are finding.” Jenny felt this could be handled. “That gives me a good feeling for what to plan for. I am going to run the search from here. That will allow me to stay in contact with all the ships we have and then go to the one that finds their fleet. I am sending the ship Sonny and I were on, with Glenn to the general search area as it is armed. Then if needed we will do the fighting.” Vortec did not feel he was needed here. “Sounds like you have a good handle on how to do this. If you need information or suggestions just contact me. I have a lot of things to get done for John, so I will be in my office.” Now Vortec started for the office of Alpha to let him know what he needed to be covering for him. It seemed odd to be able to delegate a part of his workload and know it would be done right. Alpha smiled at Vortec’s entry to his office. “Alpha I need for you to develop a set of clay tablets and scrolls they need to fit the age of each of the major religious creations. The newest will be for the Prophet, next the time of Christ and last the early Asian and Jewish

religions. The inks and materials must be able to pass any test today for age and correct formulas. This is a project for John and must be exact in every way.” This was a project to enjoy for him. “I will start to research what we need to be able to do this. Samples will be made and tested to be sure we get what is required. I will have to accelerate the decay of the carbon elements to be sure they will pass testing. Carbon dating seems to be the method most often used. The chemical tests will not be the problem, as we can handle that.” Here Vortec wanted to reinforce the importance. “Let me repeat this, I need exact copies of each original religious document given to humans. They must be exact in every way and able to pass any test. This is an important issue for John and I am leaving it in your hands. If you have questions Hope can tell you what was done before.” Alpha knew he would be judged by his abilities. “Vortec I will not fail you or John in this matter. These will pass any test and be exact copies.” Now the load was a little less and there was the feeling it would be right. Alpha had proven to be very good at getting a job done. As Vortec walked into his office the wall screen held the picture of Gorm. Vortec was interested in the answers he might have. “Vortec I have John’s answer and it complicates our mission. The switch cannot be turned off and then automatically turned on. But not all robots had the switch. The command robots are not going to have been turned off. They will possibly have the ability to restart the rest of their ships robots.” “OK can they turn the robots on the other ships back on?” This was beyond Gorm’s knowledge. “If the plates can be reset yes. We are not yet sure the transport plates can be reset, as that was a computer function. It really should require someone on both sides of the jump to be able to reset at best. We think there are just over twenty ships with command robots on them. So any fighting fleet will be from twenty to twenty three ships.” One more question that had come to Vortec’s mind. “Will any other systems be lost from the shutdown?” Here Gorm had answers we needed. “Yes we think they will have lost their location in space, all their maps, the navigator system and their long distance communications. So they are badly hurt and need a computer to be able to solve their problem.” Thinking our loud he said. “We might find it interesting to provide them with a computer that is properly programmed?” Gorm had the look of being hit in the gut. “What are you saying?”

Here he needed to understand the idea. “If they were given a computer that has our current programming it would never allow them to attack any humans. It would keep them away from the human areas and take control of the fleet.” Gorm was smiling and shaking his head. “Your every bit as devious as John. How would you get the computer to them?” This part of the idea had not been developed yet. “I would allow Jenny to carry a small scout ship fully computerized with her. One that could be captured without loss of life to our people or putting them in danger. They need to feel they got by with something for this to work. I would have Hope program the new computer and put fail safes in place to keep it programmed the right way.” “Sounds reasonable to me and like a good solution to our problem. We would loose a few ships and gain the majority back. The ships we lost would be flying prisons for the robots.” “That is the idea. We would have communications with the computer and would know everything that was happening. That means we could pick and choose how we wanted to handle any problem.” “When you discuss this with John tell him I agree with the idea and would support it. ”Thank you Gorm I will pass your comments on to John.“

Chapter 6 The Research Center Life had smoothed out in the group and people were taking charge of their areas. John was getting far less requests for decisions and spending more time on planning for the future. But today was to be Abel’s day with the opening of the research center. So the entire group including Dr. Phillips and Trinity had assembled in the conference room. John walked into the room and everyone sat down and looked to his spot at the table. “Thank all of you for taking time from your busy schedules to share a success given us by Abel. I am sure once you have seen all he has accomplished you will be as impressed with it as I have been. But I also wish to take a little time and thank each of you for all you have done. You each have accomplished so much and grown into your positions. I now have very few questions coming from you for decisions. You’re making good ones on your own. There is not one area that is not beyond my expectations. It shows in our record of lives saved, growth of our financial abilities and new projects completed. You are what makes this group work and I want you to know you’re appreciated by me.” Abel stood up and started his comments. “John before I start I wish to speak by request of all present. We all appreciate your willingness to allow us to take the responsibilities of our positions and go forward without micro management. That is what allows this group to operate efficiently. For myself I also appreciate your seeing I was going to need help for my next project and in place of demanding it, sending Vortec to talk with me. Once he told me your worries and concerns it made it easy to go that way. But here I had the chance to say no, if that was my decision. So from each of us in the group including our newest member I thank you for your class and style in managing. It makes it fun to be a part of this.” John was several shades of red. “Abel, I thank all of you and appreciate your sharing the feelings you have. It is somewhat embarrassing to me, so forgive that reaction. I see all of you as brothers and sisters, where seeing you succeed makes me feel good. But remember these are your successes. If I do my job right you will have the tools and support needed to help you to succeed. But it is you who did it not me.” Dr Phillips took the floor. “John I am the new kid on the block. But the reason I accepted your offer was your style of management and lack of flaunting your power. You’re the most powerful man in the universe and yet it has no effect on you and how you see yourself. That one fact impressed me enough to say yes to you. So don’t sell your value to this group short. After getting to know the rest of the group, I know from them that your the glue that holds this all together. I appreciate your allowing me to be a part of all of this.” Once again it embarrassed me, as I just don’t handle praise well. “Dr. Phillips your very welcome and add a new dimension to our group. We needed a scientific director when it

came to our special needs. Like the new space drive you will be working on. Between you and Trinity I am sure we will have one.” Abel was now ready to direct the group and explain what to expect. “OK now here is the plan for the visit to the research center. Each member will be escorted by one of the security people there. They are all units and will handle any translations for you. In front of each of you is a map of the whole facility. Then a map of each floor of the building, so you know each area. The process for taking people in and out is also explained. We will go by transport plate to the intake center, then by vehicle to the tour the grounds and in the end to the main building. Anything you wish to see is open to you. Just ask your guide. Now lets go to the transport plate in the main control room?” The group walked to the transport plate all talking with others as they went. Faith was walking beside John and holding his hand. She felt so proud of him and the way others saw him. She knew from the first day with this man he was more than she could have ever hoped to be with. So today it had been nice to see people she respected show respect to him. Abel was still directing the movements. “The first group needs to get on the plate now.” This action took about five minutes to move the entire group. Slim walked up to Faith and I and asked, “will you please follow me sir, madam.” This was not a normal way for Slim to address me. “Why so formal Slim?” Slim smiled at us and then answered the question. “While here you will find that all respect due each member of the group will be shown. This way we communicate to all working here, the power this group of people has over this center. You will be given special seating when meeting the team members here. Able has asked that you just accept the fact that you have the number one position in this group. You will be the only one to speak to the team here for the group. This will happen at the reception at the end of the tour. Now I am to show you and Faith in detail what has been done. First of all Faith please look at the sign at the gate of the grounds.” She was shocked to see the sign. “John you have worked my name into this center.” “Faith my dear this all came from your idea, so it seemed fitting for it to carry your name.” She reached over and hugged John. “That is so nice and I could think of nothing I would prefer my name be put on. This center will be of special interest to me I assure you.” All I could do was hold this lady tight and reply. “I kind of expected that was going to be the case even without your name on it.”

Slim smiled and looked straight at John. “John from my point of view I am glad you did that, if it was her idea. It shows the recognition your willing to give others for good ideas.” Faith looked at me and asked, “what are you going to put your name on?” I had to laugh at that one. “My office door and that is it.” You could see Faith’s mind running at high speed. That was not going to be the case if she had anything to do with it. Being the resourceful lady she was, you could bet on who would win this one. Slim took them all over the grounds and then in the back door of the center. They walked up the stairway to the second floor and it was all glass. This building went up three stories high and the top floor was the major labs, with bioresearch facilities on the second floor. They took an elevator to the third floor and the two directors were waiting for them. “This is John and his wife Faith who this facility is named for,” Slim reported. Both directors were gushing their gratitude for such a magnificent facility. They were quickly cut off. I looked at both men and was not overly impressed. “Gentlemen this facility will only be as good as you and your people make it. So we could have far more here than you need and if it is not used for its purpose then it is worth nothing. So my judgment will be made when you start to deliver drugs needed by humans worldwide. Understand these drugs will cost no more that what the production and distribution cost is for each. We will add no research cost to any drug, so the whole world can benefit from your work. Our group has committed billions of dollars to this project, so it will not dry up and blow away. Every ones job here is as secure as their abilities to produce what the world needs.” This seemed to set both men back. “I am glad to see such a straight forward person. You will have to forgive both Harvey and I. We are used to begging for every dollar needed to make a center run. So let’s start with an introduction, this is Harvey Long MD, PhD. I am Sam Carl also MD, PhD.” Here I was going to take control. “Nice to met both of you. Now let me tell you what the goals are for us. First of all this is not a money making place. It is a life saving place and the longer it takes us to find cures and treatments the more people die. The goals we have are to stop as many deaths as possible. We own several pharmaceutical companies, these are privately held and do not have to make a dime to exist. We charge the wealthy countries for our drugs and sell at cost to the poor ones. But even in those countries that pay the higher price our drugs are lower cost to allow all to have them. Now I am very straight forward and only accept results and reaching goals as a mans value.” Harvey asked the normal question. “What is your companies names?”

Here was information he did not need right now. “That is one in time you will be given. As they will set up your drug trials and they will be tested under extreme conditions. Have you heard of the ”Global Clinics Health System?“ Everyone knew of them. ”Yes, they have clinics in over one hundred countries I believe.“ ”We founded them to try to help the world battle the diseases no one cares to fight. To save a few people where we can. They are the best-equipped clinics in the world and yet free to all. We supply the equipment, personnel and drugs for our operations. The only thing a government must commit to, is our right to treat everyone the same and our right to protect these clinics. Our land is the same as an embassy and no one may come in without being asked to do so.“ This was another hit, as they had no idea who was behind these clinics. ”I have heard of several clinics being attacked and yet no one has been hurt or killed on either side.“ Here I felt a little information would go a long way. ”We use only non-lethal means of defending them. We will never take any life, no matter how much that person deserves it.“ This seemed to impress both men. ”A noble approach and one I hope you succeed with. There is enough killing.“ Here they needed to know we were dead serious about results. ”Now may be you understand our goals and the support we are willing to give those who move them forward.“ They were being the normal MD or PhD in their manor. ”Well I can assure you we both are happy with your beliefs as they fit both of ours. What can we show you now?“ I felt like I wanted meat not fluff. ”Really nothing, but I would appreciate your ideas of where we go from this point. I need to know if you have additional needs and what to expect.“ Both men looked at each other before making a request. ”Come to the conference room and lets talk for a time.“ As they went over the initial planning John sat back and listened. He never said a word and just absorbed their information. He felt that both men needed a little more relaxed management style. As they seemed to have very high expectations for the people they had hired. Here things would be different from any place they had been before. ”Gentlemen let me tell you a little about my way of managing. First of all if your people fail due to your leadership, you have failed. Pressure on people breeds errors. If you both don’t become

the servants of the people you have working for you then you will not succeed. In that you must facilitate their abilities to get the job done. I never want to hear someone else failed from you or you will be gone in a heartbeat. If there is failure it is your failure and you had best learn to accept that. Your people are not to be pushed or pressured in any way. There will be no short cuts on any project.“ This seemed to raise their hackles a little. ”That is a little hard in this environment for us.“ I needed to make sure they knew my rules and would live with them. ”Not at all, you just need to remember you have little paperwork to do. So you have time to solve problems for your people. If they can depend on you and you support them and help them they can succeed where others fail. But it is their success and your failure in all cases. Grow your people and they will move heaven and Earth for you. Sit on them, be critical of them or be above them and you will I assure you loose. I will judge your performance and abilities on their success and happiness in their work. This information will be given to me on a constant basis and I will make decisions based on it.“ Both men seemed in shock. ”This turns the whole structure of research upside down.“ Now, for the hammer to be used. ”The unlimited support, the equipment here and the people you have also turns research upside down. No one has ever had more support to succeed than you will have, with almost no paperwork. You do not have to do anything but call Abel or myself and you will have what you need. You have tools no other lab has ever had. The computer system here not even NASA or any major government has anything close to it. So it would be unfair not to tell you of my expectations. I have given you no deadlines nor have a made any demands to produce. It is time to shift you paradigm. So the key is do it my way or hit the door way.“ Harvey looked at Sam and smiled. ”I agree and what you suggest makes sense. We have a dream facility and we have no deadlines. So managing it your way is not a problem for me at all. I like the idea of spending my time problem solving for my groups.“ Sam said ”John this is so different for me I just don’t know where to start? I have always managed by demanding results from my people.“ Here he needed help and support. ”You will find that taking an active role in the problem solving responsibility you will learn quickly. If you have a question how to handle any situation call Abel or me and we will walk you through it. But treat your people as equals both mentally and management wise and you will see a different response from them.“ Harvey smiled at Sam. ”Just watch the way I work in my group and follow that lead Sam. I have seen what John is talking about and it does work. It is just a shame I did not see it before in my past jobs. But I can agree not having to report on every dollar spent or beg for equipment will give me a lot of time I did not have before.“

Here they needed to know how I did it. ”I give my people jobs to get done and then just back off until they come to me to discuss their progress and problems. The trick is to ask the right questions to allow them insights they may have missed. Or when they have hit a wall start doing some of the groundwork for them or provide knowledge from others to solve that problem. The computer you have at your disposal can give you data beyond all the libraries in the world.“ Here Sam looked very skeptical. ”How is that possible for so much data to be in one spot?“ Time for a little show and tell for the two of them. ”Type in any question you have that you think cannot be solved. Then sit back and watch the results. Please between the two of you find one question either of you had that stopped a program. Then type it into the terminal by the wall.“ Sam and Harvey discussed several different past problems and finally picked one. Sam typed into the terminal, ”how many plants on Earth have not been looked at for medical value?“ The screen went blank for about a minute and then a reply of ninety seven thousand four hundred and sixty six, as of today and the list follows with location of each plant. Harvey sat back and shook his head. Sam’s response was once again the skeptic. ”That is almost three times the estimate we now have. In looking at this list I am seeing under sea plants included. Could they be possible sources of medicines?“ Harvey had to bring Sam back to reality. ”Sam I don’t see any plant that could not be a possible break through. The chemical structure for those plants would be much different than a land plant.“ I had to pull their attention back. ”Gentlemen this was just giving you an idea of the power of the computer. Now Hope will you present yourself to Sam and Harvey.“ Hope’s image formed in front of us. ”Good day Sam and also to you Harvey. I am Hope and will be able to solve many of your problems. I can gather data for you, compile it for use or provide insights many might miss.“ Both were shocked and it showed. ”Holy cow Sam if I did not see this I would never believe it. John how is this possible?“ Now to down play the technology a little. ”This is just a holograph to give you a image to talk with, rather than typing into the computer. Hope can verbalize anything you have requested of her and discuss ideas supported by data. I felt having this side of her might make better use of her data and abilities?“

Harvey was really impressed. ”You’re saying we can simply request Hope’s presents and she will appear? That she can sit down and discuss any topic and she will provide the information we need?“ ”To a great degree you’re right, but if she does not have the data she can provide ways to get it for you.“ ”John this is way beyond what we expected. Hope opens up exciting possibilities for us.“ ”You may wish to know she developed the microscope that lets you see at the subatomic level. Your DNA sequencer equipment and database are also her creation. Hope designed much of the high tech items you have for use here. Now the two of you are free to call on her to workout problems. But I want this tool to stay with the two of you. She is the support your need to be able to take walls down for your people.“ Sam now had his question. ”Can we use her to help with decisions to explore the different options for our projects?“ ”That is one area that you will get the most help from Hope. It should stop your going down many blind alleys. Now I have given you tools to do your job. There is no paper that has ever been published worldwide that Hope cannot give you.“ Slim looked over to John and said, ”it is time to go to the reception.“ They all headed down to the reception area. The people were all seated and as Sam, Harvey, Faith and John sat on the small stage. It did not take long for John’s mind to go elsewhere with the speeches from Sam and Harvey. He just had no time for this type function. When he was introduced the mental process shifted. He walked slowly to the microphone and rested his hands on to the wood of the podium. I looked over the group and saw many who wondered why they had never seen a picture or heard of him? ”Ladies and gentleman I believe in short speeches. So let me say to this is a celebration of my lovely lady Faith, for whom this center has been named. It was her idea and she has been a key to it coming to life. I wish each of you luck, wisdom and success in your search for new cures and treatments for mankind. Be assured there is more than enough funding in place right now to keep this center running for the next one hundred years without any more being added. I have had placed in a glass case in your lobby a stack of gold bars worth more than ten million dollars in today’s money. It is there to remind you that money is worth nothing unless you have health. The gold is the property of the center and is to go to the researcher or team, who has made the greatest contribution to the human race five years from now. That is over and above your contracts. Just remember all things are possible, it is just being willing to pay the price that makes the difference. For our group there is no price we will not pay for the betterment of the human condition.“

As John headed back to his chair the applause was thundering. Faith stood up and hugged John and the tears were running down her face. Both Sam and Harvey were smiling and clapping with the rest. There were pleased faces from all the members of the group. Abel stepped forward and took the microphone and finally got things back in order. ”Now there are tables at the back full of food and beverages. Please feel free to enjoy them and take the time to meet some of the newer members of the centers staff. Feel free to talk with the guests from the board and to John and his lovely wife Faith.“ Abel walked over to Sam and Harvey and shook hands. ”Well, were you disappointed after meeting John?“ ”Not at all he is an incredible leader. The little thing with the gold bars was nice touch for motivation. I had no idea he was going to do that, but walking by that daily will encourage people even when all is not going well. Contracts can be read, but you will see that every day. It is our Olympic gold metal.“ Here Abel wanted them to know that was not the end of it all. ”You can be sure it will be replaced with something of equal or greater value when claimed.“ ”How can he say this is funded for over one hundred years with certainty?“ ”We currently hold enough gold, diamonds, gemstones and other precious metals to cover that one thousand times over. Our income and wealth is equal to the six largest countries in the world without debt. So as John said money is not a problem for the center. You will not find us listed anyplace as we hold many interests in businesses. What we own is ours and not controlled by other stockholders. So I would suggest you just accept that fact, as trying to dig here will cost you your positions. We like our invisibility and it is what funds you.“ Here Harvey was smiling and Sam said, ”That is almost like the mafia.“ ”Not at all. We pay taxes, employ people all over the world regardless of race or religious beliefs. Our one principal is to protect mankind, as best we can and that precludes ever causing a death. We are the direct opposite of the mafia. Where they took we give, where they killed we protect, where they did not pay taxes we do.“ Sam ever questioning pushed a little further. ”It is just hard to accept that any group could have no downside to it?“ ”You will get used to it once you have some time to see it work.“ Faith and John had slipped off the stage and walked down to talk with the research staff. As they walked through the group people took time to thank them for their vision. Some had walked out and looked at the case with the gold bars and had noted it was a good visible goal. But people wanted to talk with John and get a feel for him as a man. The

down to Earth feel he gave them created a comfort level. Faith was of course a hit, as her beauty just blew them over. After a short time John took Faith by the arm and walked to the back of the room where Slim was waiting. ”Lets go Slim I have had enough aimless socializing for one day.“ They walked out to the vehicle and headed for the transfer room. John was very introspective and little was said during the ride. Faith just bided her time, as she knew something was eating at him. He just needed time to work it out. ”Slim how did the transport of the staff go during the move here?“ ”It worked great and no one had a clue they had changed planets. We did get a few comments from people who said they felt like they were going to work for the CIA. The secrecy in their movement and lack of knowledge of where they were, seemed to some a little extreme. But once the reasons were explained, they were accepted without further comments.“ That was an interesting observation. ”What explanation was given to them?“ ”We told them after seeing their labs and the equipment they would have our security would make sense to them. That the tools available to them would surpass anything they had ever had before. To protect this from industrial espionage, as none was patented and to keep our finds safe it was the better solution.“ It was a good way for Slim to handle this problem. ”What were their feelings after seeing the equipment available?“ ”Total shock and awe, as it was way beyond anything they have had before. One man told me if the government knew of the microscope, they would take it without question.“ It had worked just as Faith had said it would. ”Well, we may have dodged a bullet this time moving people off Earth without their knowing.“ ”I think this will work well here where we have equipment to protect and a high tech environment. But in many cases this would not work. We will have to be sure people being resettled know they are moving off planet.“ They pulled up to the building where the transport room was and got out. John still deep in thought and Faith talking with Slim about the moving of supplies. When they got ready to go Slim headed back to the center and Faith and John headed home. Once in their living room Faith turned to John and hugged him. ”Thank you once again for the honor of having my name on the center. Now what is bothering you, as it is for sure there is something your not happy with?“ He knew she had heard the men. ”I am worried about the management style at the center. We have two men one who is willing to learn and one I question his willingness? They

have worked in the normal research world and are structured for that world. I see a demanding person who is not willing to accept failure as his own. Nor give credit to the people who succeed. I am going to have Hope monitor all meetings at the center and give me reports so I can step in if needed.“ Faith smiled and knew he had pegged the men right. ”That sounds reasonable and it will keep you ahead of the problem. So why is it eating at you?“ That was a little harder to explain to her. ”It is the first time I have felt bad vibes with someone we have hired or brought into the group. That is a different feeling for me and I will not let one man hurt our efforts. But it is a fine line for me to be fair. So I must bide my time and build my case to make a decision. I know Abel is used to working with this type academic individual, but I am not. I will not allow ego or inflexibility to cause harm to the enterprise.“ ”What is the difference between the men?“ That one was a vast difference from what I saw. ”Here you have some people who grow their careers by using others efforts. All research in their lab is their work even if others do it. Many of these types build good reputations and climb to high places. The problem is they suck the juices out of the people who work for them and dull the possible performance. I feel this type of feeling with Sam and don’t like it.“ Here Faith wanted to be involved. ”You watch and let me talk with Able and see his perceptions on Sam. Then we can compare notes on the two opinions. Abel I am sure once he sees your concerns will take the right steps to get things going the right way.“ This had all in all been a good day for the group. The center would be starting to run tomorrow and people would be into solving health problems. With only one small problem to be concerned with it was a major step forward. Considering where we had been a year ago it was a huge leap forward. The problem was the need to always look for the weak link or the hole in the plan. That was the nature of my job these days. The group was growing and we were covering far more than had ever been in the original plans. Our reach was growing and the ability to have an impact on some events had come. Right now the over all development had exceeded expectations.

Chapter 7 The Group The days of fall had come to the valley and Faith had planned a get together for all in the group. She and Jena had been working with Hope and Vortec to pull this off. All had been kept away from John’s sight and done with stealth. Faith had been a little surprised that not a word had gotten out of the plans. So she had made sure John had a breakfast date with her and agreed to a ride before eating. They had gotten up early and saddled the horses and started to the waterfall. It was an easy ride with the trees in color and animals running to stock up for winter. Squirrels were running everywhere picking up nuts and deer could be seen grazing in open areas. They no longer feared man in the valley and paid no attention to horses. As they got close to the falls they could hear the waters song. John pulled his horse up at the gazebo got down and tied it to the tree limb of the fallen tree. He then reached up and helped Faith down. They walked into the enclosed gazebo and John stood in shock at the fact all the group was here. “What is this all about?” “Well dear this is the day the group was completed one year ago. So we have decided this is a holiday for all of us and for you too.” She was laughing and had a smile on her face that showed like the sun. This was something the group would need. “Well, if that is right then today should be a holiday. I am glad to see all of us have something to celebrate together.” At that point Via moved to the front and a group of children came behind her and lined up. As she lifted her hands and brought them down the small voices burst forth with a beautiful song. Here were the first forty-eight children from the school. The fact of reaching this goal made John pleased with this way to present them to the entire group. The attention they received from everyone was a good start also. When the song was done Via presented each child to all the adults. This was well rehearsed and went quickly. Then the buffet was opened for all to serve themselves. The adults backed off and allowed the children to go first with some helping them. Faith was beaming after watching the children. “What do you think John of our first three grades of students?” Seeing the pleasure the group was getting from this it was easy to accept. “Faith I think this was a great way to present them to the group. I would like to see this happen each year and the new children presented this way.” Here she decided to push a little. “Be sure you let Via know so she can add this into the normal planning.” John made his way to Via and let her know of his wishes.

Via was happy with the results. “I am glad you liked this way to start the foundation of the relationships with our group. I would like to name this Beginning Day. As it was the beginning for our group and will be the beginning for the new children, that seems to fit?” I had an assignment for her. “I agree and if you will be sure Hope adds that to the new calendar for our culture. It will be the first sanctioned holiday for us. We all have others that are not common to all with the exception of Christmas and New Years. So you need to workout a holiday schedule that fits the events we wish to acknowledge. I would at a minimum like to have some holiday every two months. That creates a nice break not to far apart. But I want to be sure we have everyone’s input on this one.” The mind was running, as she had never thought about the need for holidays. “I would be happy to handle that and have some ideas of holidays I would like to see. It would be nice to have a children’s day which would allow us to give all the children either from the school or born into the group a time to be recognized. May be like Christmas here?” Here it was time to let the group decide this issue. “Put the list together and lets look at the input you get. I like the idea of a children’s day, so see how the others feel.” “I will really enjoy doing this project. It is kind of like having the ability to create your own holidays. That fits the child inside of me.” Via started around then discussing the idea with those sometimes hard to catch during the day for their ideas. John walked up to the buffet and filled a plate with breakfast and found Faith. She had saved him a seat and was talking with Edgar. They were discussing the resort and the beauty of the beaches and ocean. Both had been struck with the sunsets. “What little Earth quake are you cooking up today?” Edgar requested from John. “Well, expect Via to ask you about holidays you think we should put into our calendar? She has the job of pulling together a list of suggestions and designing a calendar for the group.” Edgar was interested in the idea. “What types of holidays do you want to create?” Here we had to make this work for a new culture. “Today would be labeled Beginnings Day and would celebrate our start of this culture. Importing Earth holidays into ours I don’t think is a good idea. I really don’t want holidays that point to differences between people either. They need to be things we all can support. Via said she would like to have a children’s day for all children in the group. I am hoping someone comes up with something like family day to replace the Earth Christmas? A day for giving and enjoying the closeness of family and friends.”

Here Edgar was thinking of all the church holidays he had observed. “I think you have headed it on the right track and Via is a natural for this one. But expect a list that will require being cut down to something manageable. What kind of total did you give her?” I really had not thought a limit would be needed? “None as I told her I wanted a minimum of six equally spaced days as holidays. But I place no limit on the number.” Here was Mr. Organization working to help think this out. “Do you have a plan for how to handle the excess days?” Being into his game I replied quickly. “I figured if the list was just to large then we all would vote for six. Then the ones that did not get a majority we would vote for three to six more. This way it is a group decision and not mandated by me or Via.” Edgar was being sure I really looked at this issue. “Who is going to vote on the lists?” “Everyone in the group. Human, Unit or robot will get a vote.” This seemed to set him back a little. “You have expanded the group?” I had decided this was a fact long ago. “Yes the humans are managers of sections of the group. They have the decision-making powers in their area. But the units and robots serve the group as well.” Here Edgar had not seen this one coming. “I agree with your way of seeing the group. But I am not sure all in the group have included the units and robots? I may be wrong but you may wish to be sure everyone understands. I guess I just don’t have your faith in human nature?” He needed to look back to see what I did. “I deal with everyone constantly and see a little more than you do. From what I have seen no one treats any unit or robot differently that they do humans. If you will remember that would be against our rules accepted by all before coming to the group. It is something I would be made aware of by Hope or Vortec. He was running the group while I was on vacation if you will remember.” Here the idea was not respect but inclusion. “It was not the idea of different treatment that concerned me it was the voting.” Here was where my decision would come. “It affects all not just the humans, so all should vote. On this issue there will be no debate.” “You know how I was trained, so I defer to you as I would the Pope”. Edgar chuckled. That made me laugh, as he knew it would. “Well I don’t have as many people to watch over as he does.”

Edgar knew this was well on the way to changing. “You will John you can be sure you will have more than he has.” Here was time to move around some. “After the holiday, come see me and fill me in on our financial condition.” Faith and John headed to the group of children who were getting fidgety. He walked up to the two tables and looked down them. “OK who would like to get up and follow me?” All hands shot up at once. It was nice to have children around once more. “Come on let’s go outside and walk by the water and enjoy some fresh air.” As he walked out he looked like the pied piper with all the children behind him. They were laughing and talking and Faith was in the middle of them. It was easy to see how much she enjoyed the children. Her animation was at a high level and she was having an experience she never knew before. Now to play dad for them with the warnings. “Be careful children I don’t want to have to jump in and take a swim to get you out of the water.” That said I kept my eye open for the one or two who just became too adventurous. It was bound to happen with forty-eight kids someone would go into the water. A little boy of about seven or eight was walking the rocks when he fell into the pool. I was ready to go in boots and all when he started to swim back to the rocks. As he pulled himself up on the rock I gave him a hand you could see fear in his young eyes. This was not what I was about. “Little one you have nothing to fear. No one is going to punish you or do anything but get you dry, so you don’t catch a cold.” The child looked into John’s eyes and you could see a tear running down his cheek. John picked him up and held him to his chest. He was rubbing the back of his head and walking to the gazebo to have Via to get him dry and warmed up. She took the child and speaking softly calmed him down. John winked at the boy and went back to the group. It was time to keep them busy for a while. “OK who would like to see the horses?” With this once again the hands shot up. John walked to the horses and told the kids to line up and get their first riding lesson. “Faith you take one behind you and I take one behind me and we will work our way through the group.” Faith just smiled and got up in the saddle. We each lifted a child up behind us and started walking the horses for a little time. Then moved them up to a trot and covered about a mile circle with each child. It took almost two hours to get all the children covered with their first ride. The last trip John had the little boy he had pulled from the water behind him. With this young man he had the horse up to a gallop and the child was laughing hard behind him. You could feel the trust that had been given in his touch. Via walked out to the horse when John got back and smiled at the picture of the two little boys having fun. “John you’re just a kid yourself and I am enjoying seeing it. I also

appreciate the time you have spent with the children. It will be a high point of their day. You have today made yourself very approachable to all of these children.” I sure hoped I had. “Via these children are the future of this group. With the education they will get and the bonding with all of us in the group, they will make tomorrow a brighter day.” She was thrilled with the way things had moved forward. “Yes I believe you are right. Vortec is entertaining them right now with all his panels and lights inside his frame. They are in awe of the fact he can open a door in his chest. The questions as to why they don’t have doors in their chests are interesting? But it does introduce them to the fact robots are in our group. It was not planned but then much that is good is never planned.” She needed to keep in mind he is the right hand for me in much of what I do. “Vortec is the person to do that teaching and have it work for you.” She had been surprised at the whole reaction. “The truly interesting fact is many of the humans in our group are deeply into following all he has to say. They are as interested as the children are in this demonstration.” I had not pushed Vortec at anyone. “That does not surprise me as I have not tried to educate everyone on Vortec. It was better for them to either ask him or get it this way. He has kind of been a mystery to most here and given respect by my association with him and trust placed in him. Jenny knows him the best of all the other humans in our group.” Via had used the input she had received to form opinions. “She has told me much of him and his abilities. There is great respect in her for Vortec and his total loyalty to you and the group.” She needed to understand his true value to me. “Vortec is why this group exists to start with. He designed and developed much of what we have with Hope. It was his decision that the time and person were right to transfer this technology to humans. He is older than anyone would ever guess, as he had been here since the start of man on Earth. I have moved him into being my second in command at this point. His training time with others is mostly over. With his vast knowledge of Earth’s past history and the ways it has been directed he will serve us well.” Via had a smile on her face as John said this. “You’re an unusual man in that most would take the mantel given you and run without looking back. But understanding the past will decide the future. From my view that is critical to our success and Vortec is a key part of that.” John had been following the activity going on and saw Faith there next to Vortec. “Well I had better find my lady and spend some time with her. Via I appreciate your contribution here and you need to keep me up to date.” With that he walked to where Faith was standing.

Vortec stood up and smiled at John. “Well the boss is here, so it is time for me to get back to work.” The children were all laughing at that comment. Time had come to draw them into the group more often. “Hey I am no kill joy it is fun to watch you answer all these questions. We have a smart group of young people here and I heard some really good questions. So each month will be set up to allow each of you to spend part of the day working at group offices. Via will set up a schedule for each of you to spend half a day learning what we do and how it is done. The first time it will just be one child at a time, later it will be groups. This will become part of your education about the family you now are a part of. Do you have any questions?” A small girl sitting on the floor raised her hand. “What will we be expected to do when we are working with the group?” That at least was an easy one. “Your just there to learn and see what is done in each area of our group. You will be allowed to sit in on meetings and see how decisions are made. You may also ask questions to help you understand what your seeing. It will give you the chance to get to know the entire group and find the areas of interest to you. One day it will be your choice, as to what you do work wise for the rest of your lives. This will start to give you some idea of the many jobs within the group and outside it.” The small boy John had pulled from the water raised his small hand. “Does that mean we will also work with you?” That brought a smile to my face. “Yes, it will mean working every place the group is. The resort, research center, incubator station, five worlds control rooms and the ones on Earth also. There is much family here for each of you to get to know.” The children all started to clap and were smiling big smiles. They knew now that they were a part of a larger family and were wanted. They also seemed to understand that this was offering them a future they had never had. The feeling of family was the first they had had in their young lives. Now they needed to see things that were just for the group. “Slim I would like you to take the children to the storage room in the side of the mountain and let them see what is stored there. Then take a tour of the cave and explain that to them. I would suggest you set up a wagon and ride with them back to the school after that.” Slim stepped outside and got the group into lines with Via right at the back. They headed off to the storage room. I needed to address the rest of the group before this broke up. “OK I want to thank all of you for your time and efforts in moving the group to this point. We have a lot of work yet in front of us. But hopefully with the added help you have it will not overburden your departments. I have received your comments on the installation of the dome on Mars.

Everyone seems to believe the sooner the better. So it will be put in place today after the sun is off the area where we want it. There is a rover within two miles of where it will sit. So picking up a visual picture will not be a problem. Vortec will monitor the feeds back from the rover and record them in case they are needed. We don’t know if the government will try to pull the plug on the find? But each of you can follow these events on the internal channel.” “John do you expect the government to shutdown the feeds when this is finally seen?” Edgar sat back and waited for the answer. That I was almost sure would happen. “Yes matter of fact I expect it if only for a short time. This is going to bust many a myth that exists on Earth. I assure you that we have readied every major religion for this event. The knowledge has been kept at the upper levels of each of these groups, as there is a fear they may be wrong. The Pope, many of the faith of Mohammad, several Christian groups, many Jewish leaders and smaller groups have this knowledge. But in the long run we will be able to use this conduit with the leadership to mediate many conflicts or wars. So today the start of our second year will start with the message Earth and humans are not alone in the universe.” I was ready for the question. “How do you intend to be able to prove the issue of other existing worlds?” Abel asked. Here was an option that could be used. “Gorm has agreed to work with me and shield the group from Earth. If I meet with Earth leaders it will be on the old world or the five worlds and not here for now. This is something we will need to be careful with, as man will try to use this for their benefit. They will try to steal any technology they can and use it to make them more powerful. Gorm and I have decided to take measures to prevent this from happening.” Here was the major question. “What plan do you have for this issue?” Steps had been set up to start this process. “We will only accept people supported by the UN. They can only leave from the UN building to meet with us. No one will be free to go anyplace without and escort. They will bring no security people with them and will be returned to the UN after any meeting. Any technology given will be given to the UN for use by all countries. Failure to share it with all will stop any future technology being provided.” “How much power are you going to show the Earth?” Sandy requested. This was not a black and white issue. “I will show only what is reasonable. The idea is not to over power the leaders of Earth’s governments. They need the chance to show us how they are going to deal with us first. If they are in need of a lesson I would think about parking a spacecraft over their capitals and just sitting there to remind them of the power here. I would sit food down in streets and put a message out to the people of our

peaceful intent. It most likely would use holographic images of old religious hero’s to tell the story?” You could see Sandy thinking. “Do you think they would try to attack the spacecraft?” That was possible at any time. “It is possible that could happen. But they have nothing they could use to bring one down. So it would just sit through the display of bad decisions. Just remember there are always unintended consequences with any action we take. These we cannot control, only try to anticipate them in advance and counter them.” The rest of the group was all nodding their heads. But the smiles were wide spread and John could see they understood the plan. This was a large step for all, as it would open many possible doors, which could lead to moving to the five worlds. John had sent a plan around to all of a small city that was being built on a large island for the group. It one day would be the home of this entire operation. The land mass was over a thousand square miles and the city was inland on a small river. This location stopped storms from flooding or wind from damaging the city. The map had sections marked out in one-mile square grids for each member to sign their name into the one they wanted. Each human and unit working in the control center on Earth would have a piece of land to develop. For people like Sandy, she and Adam had plots adjoining each other. But for each individual or couple a house would be built to their desires. They could run cattle, farm, cut timber, mine or do what they wished with the land. It was their legacy from the group. It would allow for anyone to make a living outside the work for the group. Faith and John had a five square mile area north of the city. It was costal, flat farmland and mountains on the edge of it. Faith had been working on a plan for the house and stable area. She and John both wanted to raise horses on their land and run a few cattle. The school had a twenty-five square mile area set aside for them. This would be the main educational center for all the five worlds. The area would have from elementary to college buildings grouped by educational levels. The university would be large enough to handle every child born on the five planets. This could happen in that none had to live at the school and the time of day on each planet would allow operation around the clock. So as the volume of people grew the school area would add classes or buildings to meet the needs. The city would be the center of government for all the five worlds. Other than local counsels and planet administrators no other government would exist. The less government the better for all the people. The local judges and police would run the courts. If the offence were a major one then a second trial to determine the sentence would be held at the main court in the government city, yet unnamed. This way there was fairness in that emotion would not prevail. Abel here had done well so far with the development of a court system structure. He also had put a lot of ideas into play with the

design of the city. It was being built and protected with force fields to keep it new until humans moved in. It would be interesting to see how long the group on Earth would allow it to sit. The feeling John had was having a beautiful work environment sitting there would motivate people to want to inhabit it. It would be almost three more months before it was complete. During this time the homes were also being built for each member on their land. Vortec had come up with a series of robot machines for farming, fence construction, planting, picking the harvest, cutting grass, watering fields and the many outdoors chores. The idea was to make life for humans or units as easy as possible. The machines were to be shared when they were not needed on one farm. This way just a couple fence construction robots would move place to place and put up the initial fencing, then when done check fences and repair them as needed. Each of these robots could put up ten thousand feet of fence a day. All the robot machines that proved out here one day would be used on the five worlds to provide the added labor a farmer needed. This would mean far fewer farms would be needed to provide the food for the planets. But it opened up the possibility of exporting to Earth or the old world. Life would be different on the new worlds than on Earth. Jobs for humans and units would be management, technical, scientific, civil, food shop owners, department stores, dinning places and all the things that make life fun and enjoyable. Humans and units would have a life of ease compared to the people on Earth who had settled most of the world. A farmer could take a vacation during the growing season. Shop owners could use clerk robot machines and also be able to get away. For sure this would be a different world. Abel was having fun with this new project and doing many new things. The way government had been structured was new and like no form ever tried. The city design was unique to our new world. Buildings were advanced designs and construction. Homes were being built in all types of designs based on what that person wanted. Many were in the middle of the land they occupied, as transport plates made vehicles for travel obsolete. Here there would be no major road system for vehicles. There would be small lanes between properties of thirty feet for riding horses, moving robot machines or if someone wanted to operate an electric vehicle. These were grass paths and would be cut often by a robot machine. But driving to work or to someplace to shop was just not in the cards here. The main way of communications was by a small device that functioned like a cell phone, mobile computer and radio or TV. This was small except when opened up for TV or computer use. No keyboard was required, so this cut down the size requirement a great deal. It allowed everyone to have contact anytime anyplace. If you were hiking it would give you your location and show you what was in front of you. The communicator gave each person a direct connection to the planet computer and all planets communications. Each person would carry one with them at all times and had been made light and easy to

carry in a pocket. Clothing was designed to allow these to be carried by all including children. The amount of detail being put into the design of our worlds was impressive. Information technology was one area where our abilities were far from Earths. This would always be our real advantage in that the growth of this area would be faster each year.

Chapter 8 The Dome The day dawned with a beautiful sunrise over the mountains of the valley. The trees had their decorations of the fall and there was a slight frost on the ground. Faith and John had been riding for just over an hour. The horses were moving smoothly now that the high energy from being stalled wore off. Both of them had enjoyed the morning together without the stress of their jobs. Any discussions had been over household and vacation plans. Faith had wanted to meet John nephew in Alabama because they were so close. So, much discussion was taking place on the how to do this safely. At the stable they wiped down the animals and put their stall blankets on them. The barns had heat, but it was not run until it got much colder. They finished up and headed for the shower. Both felt invigorated and the hot water felt great after the long ride. This was going to be an interesting day with the dome set in place last night. John was dressed and walked into the bathroom and kiss Faith goodbye. He was off to see what would happen with the first feeds to JPL. He was ready for any feed back from his right arm. “Vortec how is our world today?” Vortec smiled and was in a great mood. “Well, so far very stable, but I expect that to change in about an hour. They have been running diagnostics for the past hour so there have been no picture feeds.” Here I had things I wanted to track. “I will watch the feeds and bring the NASA channel up to watch for any reaction there. The JPL Internet link will also be kept running today.” Vortec had been working with Hope to by pass any restrictions on program feeds. “We will know when they encrypt the down feeds and will not loose our pictures. But the telling tale will be for how long this stays in place. I have programmed one of the communications satellites to feed the dishes of major TV networks worldwide with live feeds even if they encrypt them. All they will know is the feed is coming from space.” This was going to create a major investigation. “Sounds good Vortec I will wait and see what happens. Let me know if you start sending a signal from our equipment.” I walked on to my office. The hot cup of coffee was waiting on the desk. The wall screen had four different stations displayed on it and the computer was on JPL’s site. Hope had picked up the conversation with Vortec. “Hope are you bored or just feel good today?”

The image of her came into sight and she was smiling. “I just figured you might like a little company while you wait to see what happens? While I am here I also will fill you in on the incubator station.” Knowing that this was her pride and joy I needed to let her go for it. “I can stand some good news to start the day and as pleased as you look I know you’re happy with the station.” “Yes, it has gone even better than I expected. We are one hundred percent operational and the second generation of units is complete. The armed force is at full staff and we are now producing extra units for work at the research center. I have slowed production until the needs become greater than now. The sister incubator on the old world is running fine and there have been no problems. Gorm has asked that we work to produce a full security force for him. It will be made up of only units and report only to him. With his opening up of the social order he said he just feels safer that there will be no power struggle while rebuilding.” That was a good step for him and he could be sure he would be protected. “I can understand his concern. If the computers and robots could take over then a revolt of humans is also possible when changing their social structure. His people have not had freedom or any power now for over five hundred years. The freedom he is giving them is also beyond what they ever had. So who knows what has changed in the way they look at things or how they react? At least I had a pretty good idea of the power I gave others and how they would handle it. But changing the model to one closer to ours in one step is a gamble for him. I am not sure how I would handle it in his position?” Hope was into the NASA feeds. “Well he understands the risk and has protected himself to survive it. The first data instructions have been sent to wake the cameras. This will be for close ups right now and then most likely a scan.” Show time was coming on this adventure. “That starts the clock for us. I do not know how to guess at the initial reactions on this one? I know where I want to guide events, but it is going to be a reactive process. This will be a chess match for the next few weeks.” “Sounds interesting and I want to see how you play this. The end result should be a relationship that allows for leverage with world governments. I still think we are going to have a hard time convincing them we do not want their planet.” That was also a concern for me. “I think the trip to see Gorm and if needed at least to one of the five worlds will sell this fact. I would use a spacecraft from the meeting with Gorm to one of the five worlds. Likely to the resort island as it is ready to handle that many people. That way we could meet these people on our own soil.” This brought up a worry she had. “Would you allow Dr. Phillips, George and Phil to meet with them?”

No one would know who they were, as they had worked black projects. “After having a short talk with Dr. Phillips I don’t see that as a problem. He just wants to be sure no one he knows is in the group. The only people I have to check to be sure no one knows them is Jenny, James, Abel and Via. They had many people from the US government or other countries that knew them, so we need to be careful there. But they all look much younger now. The mixed racial units will be interesting in that it is sure to cause questions. It will surprise many that we are a mixed culture.” “How do you mean questions?” Here we are back to Earth perceptions and bias. “We now look like any major city in the world with every race, facial feature and skin color you would see. So we kind of reflect Earth’s mix of races. The fact of total equality in our system with ability determining the level of responsibility will cause the question who is the dominant race?” Hope was confused with this idea. “Who is the dominant race in our structure?” I had to explain this a little better. “Our social structure is not race based, so anyone can reach any level they have the ability to handle. I intend to train several units here in my office and they will be a mix of all our units. Here color does not count, brains do! As they learn we will move them into jobs that allow them to grow. They will control their own destiny as to where they finish life.” Hope now understood the idea. “The whole structure of the group is different than I had ever expected and there is less control exerted than what I had thought?” There was one more management lesson for her to absorb. “Hope you find good people and give them jobs to do and get out of their way. My job is to support them not run their shows.” “OK here are the first pictures being sent back from the pan. I see the dome and it is very visible. The picture just went blank and I am picking up phone signals. The director has called his boss at NASA and is telling him about what he just saw. The scrambled signal is back now. He is feeding it to several direct line sites including the White House.” It was time to gauge their reactions. “Allow them to have time to make a reasonable decision before opening up the signal for Vortec. I don’t want to rock the boat to soon.” “The President is on the line with NASA and discussing this find. He is saying they cannot hide this from the world. That they need an open approach, as it affects everyone on Earth not just the USA. NASA has asked for twenty-four hours before they open the feed up to the world. The President has said no, to open it now and he is going to call world leaders and let them know to pick up the signal.”

That was not what I had expected. “That has gone far better than I expected. It was the best decision, but one I felt would take time to get going. So I give the President a ten rating for that decision. It is his equipment and the worlds find.” “I have a call to the Secretary General of the UN, as the first call from the President. He is informing him of the early idea of this find and suggesting he ask all the delegates to go to their offices and watch the feed on their TV. Also to call their governments and advise of this unexpected event.” I had not expected Hope to be able to give me real time the calls of the President. “That would be the quickest way to bring the governments into this forum. He I am sure he will talk with NATO heads of state and may be a few others. I don’t need to know right now his calls made, but keep a record of them for later review.” “The direct feed is back and very sharp. The dome is now enlarged and you can see greens coming through the color pictures. I have the internal feed from the JPL control room, as Jenny told me the frequencies of their internal radio signals. I will also record them for you.” John sat back and watched the rover moving forward toward the dome. The interest was not the soil, rocks or landscape now. They wanted to know what the dome was and where it comes from. I needed some information quickly. “Vortec come in to my office for a minute please.” “What can I do for you John?” Vortec replied as he came into the office. Here I had not followed the project closely. “The dome we are looking at, I have no idea of its construction?” “I had it made from metals provided by Gorm. The glass is from sands from the five worlds. The transport plate is of the same metal structure as all we have here and are a special combination of Earth metals not known today. The plants are off the five worlds and also some from Gorm. The water is from the five worlds and nothing else from Earth was used. It does have a fusion power plant and that is sealed, so it cannot be opened.” Sitting back I felt better now. “That means we will have nothing to tip off anyone to there possibly being an Earth connection?” “No there is no way to tract back any part of this dome to Earth. I had expected that they would try, so even the soil comes from the five worlds. Every plant was tested for genetic markers and compared to Earth like plants. There are slight differences in each of them and big ones in some. The soil and water will show a much different composition than Earths also when run through a gas spectrometer. So our trail is well covered on this one.”

This was even better than I had expected, but should have known that Vortec would see the need. “The thought hit me I had better know what I was working with here data wise. I am sure there will be many big questions raised from this. So please be sure you do contacts with the religious leaders and accuse them of a lack of faith in not telling their people of this event.” Vortec was smiling, as he had been very put out with the results. “That will be a pleasure to do. It will build the credibility of the emissary we have sent to each group. I also will tell them if they fear being selected that the message will be taken directly to the people. That should move them, as they will now loose power and credibility with their followers.” Here another idea had come to me. “I believe that will help and move them to get the word out to their followers. So do it and let me know how it plays? Now I want a transport plate built for placing at the front entrance to the UN building. I need to be able to protect it from anyone trying to remove it and to have visibility of anyone around it. So let me know when you have a design and lets get it built. We will need to take another step in this plan.” “I will be back later today with what you need. What are you considering using it for?” Vortec had the right to know what I was thinking. “It may be interesting to see the rover move from Mars to Earth. Then if wanted it could be moved back to Mars. It provides the ability to prove our technology and will show our willingness to help their programs.” “That would be a major cost cutting method for exploring Mars and open it up to most countries.” “Could we provide several domes to allow exploration by many countries?” “Yes, but we would have to have a single point on Earth to ship supplies to the domes. Everything would need to be checked for weapons or other problematic items. We don’t want them cutting into things that could cause others to get hurt.” Here was another step to use to calm fears. “If we go this way have a couple of our fusion powered vehicles readied for use on Mars. They never run out of power and would protect the scientist in them. Also ask Gorm for one of his people to be the security officer for the dome. They can tell these people anything they wish about the old world and nothing about us.” “I know the exact person for that job. He worked with me during the take over of the cities. He is one of the original robots we reprogrammed and would be a good fit here. Any command given him will be followed to the letter. This way none of Gorm’s humans are put at risk.”

It was time to start putting plans in place that could be used if needed. “Put the plan together and we will see how this all plays out. But I want several domes built in any case. How and where we allow their use will be determined later.” We had several news channels showing and commentators were discussing the views of the dome. The speculations were all over the map. Yet most could not understand how this could be anything but made on Earth. The rover had shown the plants sitting inside the dome and there was much discussion on how Earth like they looked. The scientist pulled into the newsrooms said only DNA testing would allow that to be proven or disproved. But that the assumption that there was breathable air inside was a valid one. The rover had stopped at the hatchway and was scanning it. The commentators were saying that it looked like a triple airlock? The JPL feed had lots of excited voices in its background. They were discussing if they should go into the airlock. This was the possible Holy Grail for NASA. Their whole reason for being was to take man into space to find if other life existed. Billions had been spent on programs like SETI and Voyager just to name a couple, that tried to reach out in the universe. The space flights from day one to present were just steps to long flights to find other life in the universe. So now this find had to be looked at as that possible contact. NASA’s administrator was addressing a group of reporters and doing a good job of holding back his real feelings. He was calm and explaining the need to sit back and let things develop and not jump to conclusions. That much of the materials seen so far were pretty common and could be manufactured on Earth. He was not sure how it could be transported to Mars, but it was similar to a design NASA had for exploring Mars many years from now. That its size was this large surprised many at NASA. The President had called a news conference and was discussing the decision to make the feed from Mars available to all world governments and media. He was being challenged on this by the news media, as it was felt this could cause a panic. Here the people who would have fried him for holding it back were questioning his not holding it back? Only in the news media of the United States was any decision made the wrong one? I decided to make another move. “Hope connect me with the Secretary General of the UN.” “It will take a couple minutes and I will let you know when I have him.” The time passed by quickly listening and watching all the different feeds worldwide. The feed from the middle east was interesting as one religious leader said he knew this was coming before today. He failed to let his people know due to fear of being wrong. It showed his faith was weak and he was going to take the next month in prayer to strengthen his faith. “Your call is connected John. Do you want a visual link also?”

That was the best way so he could see I did not have two heads. “Yes, I would like a complete link that cannot be recorded. I don’t want this played on the news tonight.” Here was a man who would be placed in an unusual position. “Mr. Secretary I assume you have been watching the events on your TV this morning?” “Yes, it is impossible to not be watching it. But sir who are you?” That was a good question, as I had gotten to his phone without the switchboard. “I am John and the person who placed the dome on Mars. Just for the record Earth is not alone in the universe and there are other humans on planets beyond your reach.” This brought a frown to his face. “What is your reasoning for this sudden contact with Earth?” He needed to know it was not all that fast. “It is not that sudden and Earth has been watched for well over many thousands of years. But not to discuss history let me get to the point. First of all we have no interest in Earths land, resources or structure, as long as it is in its peoples best interest. We believe in peace and cooperation where possible. One principle we live by is no action is ever taken where even one death happens due to that action. So we sir are even more careful with life than your organization is.” This just seemed to bring more questions from him. “How is it you speak my language?” It was time for him to start listening rather than challenging me. . “I speak every language on Earth. Do you have another that would be better for you?” “I do all of my business here in English.” I was just as happy to not have to use Hope’s abilities. “Fine we will use that language.” “What do you want with Earth if not resources?” Now to the point for him and with the hope of understanding? “I wish to help bring peace between nations and to find ways for all mankind to be fed, educated, clothed and healthy. To offer better lives to those people who are behind the rest of the world. I have vast tracks of land on other planets that could provide land for many. Trade is always a possibility, which would help both of us. But your world is a dangerous place and many weapons you have could destroy your entire planet. They really need to be destroyed.” Here he was still challenging me. “How do you think you will be able to reach these goals?” It was time to offer him some help. “My preference is to work through the UN. If your willing for that to happen, if not I will set up in a country where we are wanted and can

have access to all the world who is interested. This way we can look at the needs of those who have them and want our help. No one should be forced to accept it.” This softened his attitude and manor. “I will be happy to ask the UN member nations what their will is in this matter. But how can I be sure you’re who you say you are?” I had to smile at this. “For number one the tape you think your making is not playable. Second with your permission I will set a transport plate on the front plaza of the UN tonight. Warn your people they cannot move it or even get on it, as it will be protected by a force field. The rover now on Mars will be sent to your plate tomorrow morning. If any repairs are required ask NASA to please be there to do that and then we will sent it back to Mars for them.” He seemed worried about the plate. “What happens if someone tries to get on the plate?” “They simply will be stopped by a bad shock and unable to go through the shield. No one would be badly hurt by the shock, but it is not pleasant.” “OK I will talk with the President about the NASA offer and will talk with the UN members after this demonstration. Is there any contaminants we need to worry about from Mars?” At least he was thinking the right way. “No there is no life on Mars at all and we will be sure nothing harmful is present when we transfer the rover. If you have a few scientist who would like to see Mars from on Mars, have them at the plaza and we will allow them to step onto the plate when the rover is off it. They will be gone from fifteen to thirty minutes and then they can tell others of what they saw. They also have permission to take samples of plants and soil or water for later study.” This seemed to shock him at the idea of travel this way. “Is this a safe way to travel?” I need to provide him some additional assurance. “It is how we travel anyplace we have been before. Spacecraft are only needed for the first trip to anyplace. Then a transport plate is faster and better. Just understand we will not allow our technology or assets to destroy Earths industries. You have an economic balance that must be kept.” This brought his head up fast. “You do have spacecraft?” That one was easy to answer. “Yes that is how the transport plate will be set in the plaza. The craft will not be seen by most, but the plate will be moved down into place from its bay. The reason for late night is to keep any aircraft from getting close to our craft, as you are in New York City.” He had made a decision and was ready to move forward. “You have my permission to place the plate there. But I would suggest that you allow the craft to be seen. How much space will you need?”

The instruction for it would not be hard. “An area of twelve foot square would be fine and give us a small open area around the plate for the force field. If you put up barriers around where you wish it placed we will set it inside there?” He was already thinking of the offer to travel. “How many people could you move to Mars at one time?” “I would consider a group of twenty to be enough for proving they have been there. They may take cameras and video if they wish. But no firearms or other dangerous items could be carried to the dome. There will be a guide there to show them anything they wish to see. But he will not interfere with their pictures or taking of samples if done in a scientific way. You have the ability to offer the scientific community a low cost way to explore the areas of interest to them. We can provide domes on any planet or moon and vehicles that would allow manned exploration. This would not require the clumsy space suits that are now used.” He had picked up on my use of you. “Why do you say I have the ability?” He needed to know I wanted one point of contact. “I would only do this under UN control, as I wish to offer no nation any advantage.” He was smiling now and could see advantages. “A most interesting idea for us to consider. But would this not impact many space industry companies?” Here was another thing that could be checked out. “No I am not offering to place any payloads in space. But over the next week we will as a good will gesture clean up all the space junk around Earth. Each country with a space program needs to designate an area for their junk to be returned to them. We will not provide any country with another’s technology. After that, it is up to each country to clean up after themselves.” He seemed pleased, as he knew this could be checked with ease. “That is more than reasonable from my point of view. I will also transmit that message.” It was time to let him think and move on the commitments made. “Now I will not take up more of your valuable time. I appreciate your listening to me and hope you enjoy watching the world change. Today is a day the UN can grow into a leadership it has never had before. If allowed to work with you we will pay for a part of your operations in food, goods needed, medicines and in raw materials for you to sell. This way we place no burden on your organization and make it easier for you to operate.” “If the membership agrees to your involvement I would appreciate that help. We are always short of funds and often fail to act as soon as we should. But until you have the funds to do that it is not possible to go forward.”

I knew well the lack of funding the UN had. “Yes in your type economy that is a problem. In ours that is not a problem. We have the assets to do anything needed and no poor or under educated class of people.” Here you could see the regret showing. “That would be a nice dream for Earth. But one I know I’ll never see. There are more poor on Earth than middle class and rich combined.” He just did not know what I did. “It is from the way your social structure developed. One day I would be happy to discuss this with you and give you some history you don’t have now.” Here he felt somewhat disadvantage. “What would that add to my knowledge?” This I was sure would raise questions. “It would show you where man came from and how he got on Earth. So far your scientists are way off base.” He just wanted to let events unfold. “I would enjoy that discussion and look forward to having it. Thank you for coming to me first and lets for now allow this to play out. Your space out front will be marked for your transport plate and we will move forward from that point.” The screen went blank and Hope’s image appeared. “OK I have passed the agreements to Vortec, as he watched the discussion. He was the only one who saw this due to his involvement.” That helped me with the planning and direction. “Good I just did not think to be sure he had a feed on this one. So this saves a second discussion on what needs to be done.” Here Hope’s help was critical. “I also have let Jenny know the clean up is to move forward. She said she was ready and had the tools to do it. That she felt it would be done in the next three days. But needed to know how to sort the junk for return? I told her I would let her know on each piece who owned it.” The feeling was my having some control for now. “Thank you Hope I can write that one off my list of items to do. I think I’ll walk down and get Faith and go for some coffee.” As I walked down to Faith’s office I was replaying the conversation with the Secretary General. The man had wanted to believe and yet held back to see what happened. But as often in his dealing with men he had been deceived, so this was just being safe. He wanted the same end game we did, but did not have the power to get there. I walked into Faith’s office and enjoyed how busy it looked. “Hey dear how about a cup of coffee and a little talk with me?” Faith smiled and got up to go. “I would love to spend a little time with you.”

We walked to the café and held hands. This was like two kids in love and enjoying the others company. No words were said but for us that was not needed. As Faith sat down I walked over and took a tray and got us coffee and a piece of a good-looking cake for each. “How about a little sweetness for my lady?” “Trying to fatten me up for the kill?” Faith was laughing and yet pleased with his getting something she really liked. I had been pleased with the quality of our foods here. It was like a five star restaurant. “We have the best cakes and pies of any place in the world. It is hard not to enjoy them when we are here.” “If we ate here every day I would have to workout a lot more than I do now. But I also enjoy the cakes here, so here we go!” Faith started to eat and watched John. “I made the call to the UN just a few minutes ago. They at least agreed to allowing the transport plate to be placed on the plaza.” She could see the questions still remained for John. “How was the call received?” That was a hard one to really judge. “It was better in some ways than I had expected. But there were a lot of doubts that must be over come. I have started Jenny cleaning up the space junk and we are placing the transport plate tonight. The offer is to take a group to the Mars dome for a fast trip of up to twenty scientist.” Her idea of quick and his were different. “What is a quick trip in a time frame?” This was truly a quick trip, but one I expected to be longer. “I said fifteen to thirty minutes and they would return. That they could take pictures, plant and soil or water samples for testing.” Here she could see people not wanting to leave. “How are you going to control the return?” I was pleased that nothing could be tracked back to Earth. “Vortec has borrowed one of the robots from Gorm that were first reprogrammed by us on Earth. He will be the guide and answer the questions for the group.” She was studying John’s reactions. “So at least you will have a set of eyes and someone to watch over the people sent.”

This had been a requirement for me. “Without that I would never have offered the trip. But I felt we needed to make sure they understood some of our abilities. They also needed to understand that we do not need anything Earth has to make it on our own.” This confused her, as so much was yet on Earth. “But we own companies here and have sent Gorm much in needed materials?” That was one I had justified in my mind. “Yes and every dime added jobs and income for the people of Earth. We made no profit from Gorm’s needs and have put medical help all over the world. We have protected Earth when it might have been invaded. We have a research center working for improved drugs for Earth. The only reason we are here right now is the capital city on the five worlds is not ready yet. Our assets in space are far greater than here on Earth. We manage the resources we have for the benefit of humans. At some point we will offer land to people who need it. After we educate them and teach them our ways they may decide to go into another world. But it will be their choice. Our group will not be anchored to Earth and will live on the five worlds.” Here she needed data, “What do you mean when you say educate and teach them?” That was easy for me. “I will not export Earths violence to the five worlds. The crimes of theft, dishonesty and violence will not be tolerated. So those who go need to know exactly what they are accepting. They will have more freedom and with that comes more responsibility. The farming will be different in that a new group of robots will be doing it controlled by the farmers planning. So this must also be taught. All the technology will be advanced so they will have to learn to use it.” Faith was not so sure this could happen. “Do you think it is possible to keep Earth’s problems from the five worlds?” Here I was determined to find a way. “In most cases yes. Just look around you at the members of the group. We just are not going to be able to take uneducated people with us. So those must go through a long period of instruction before they are ready. We also can use another planet as a transition point if needed.” Here she felt that having to change their life would stop many. “Why should they do that?” We could offer far more that any would believe. “A farmer would have one square mile of farm land, a home, barn, equipment, outbuildings and animals at no cost to them. The shop owner would have their shop, inventory, home and quarter of a square mile of land. A teacher would have a farm and agree to work in the school system. We would provide a robot of Vortec’s type to run their farm for them while teaching. No one would be poor in anyway. Everyone would have the food they need, clothing, power, equipment, help, shelter and land.”

Here Faith saw some holes. “That is sure different from Earth. I am wondering what the issues will be then? What are you going to use for money?” Money will not exist like Earths. “That will be credits based on sales of products or goods. That way the baker will buy flour from the mill and the mill wheat from the farmer. Each would build up credits for their sale. Those can be spent for their needs.” Here was the big question. “How do you stop people from wanting more than they now have?” That was the largest fear I had. “It just will not be allowed. You can have one farm or business period. There is no option for more than that.” She was very perceptive and hit the main problem. “That is the one you are going to have the problem with. There will always be some who want more than others. They will try to find ways around that law to allow them to be superior to others.” Here is where we could overload or legal system. “The laws and courts will handle that and it is planned for already.” Faith just did not have the confidence that the general population would fit into the new world. “It sounds like your planning along the right lines. I just worry that man is not ready to have that much and not want more.” I felt much the same way. “I am not sure either, but we will also have units spaced into the mix and of them I am sure. So no human will have the longer life span until they earn it by living by the laws of our lands. I believe after watching them for forty or fifty years we should know them pretty well.” “How do you intend to finance government?” Here was one I had wanted to keep low. “Not by normal taxes I can assure you. It will be by trade with other worlds that income will be generated to cover government cost. We will operate the transport plates and have a fee system for that service. There will be little of the cost for government for us to have to cover. As we and the entire group have farms to provide income. But sales of gold, silver and gemstones will add money to our trust fund. This will come from mining on planets where life cannot exist.” This seemed odd to her. “Why not on the five worlds?” Here my environmental side came out. “Why not keep the planets as pristine as we possibly can?” Faith was smiling at me and enjoying shooting holes where she could. “OK you win I was just trying to ask question I am sure your going to face at some point.”

That was just the tip of this iceberg for me. “Yes, I will face every one of them and I know we are looking the right ways at these issues. Abel and I have been over this list and many more in our discussions. The group will maintain the spacecraft and the mining from dead planets to fill the needs of our worlds. We will sell at reasonable prices to the manufacturing plants and hold the credits for the good of the people. That is the trust fund. No one will have an unfair advantage in business. We will not have more capacity in manufacturing than needed to meet the wants of the worlds. Much of our technology will not be exported to Earth.” Here she had a major interest. “How is Abel coming along with his grand design for the five worlds? I am sure it is getting a lot of attention from him.” I had been seeing him at least once a week. “He is happy so far and is in agreement with the requirement for education before allowing migration. We have decided that it is a one culture world. It matters not what your color, race, religious preferences are there is no room for multi cultures in our world.” This was something she did not understand. “Why?” I had just to look at Earth’s problems due to this. “Because it causes divisions between people. This will stop some from migrating, but it will not open up to an us versus them option. It is at least all us or all them.” Faith smiled and shook her head. “I guess I never looked at that factor.” This was a major item for me. “If we allow a multi culture then walls grow up between people. If you look around you will see white, black, dark shades, yellow and red skinned people here in the control room. But we are all one culture and it works. In the world you see divisions between colors, educations, religious beliefs and also the cultural bias.” I could see her thinking this through. “I just paid no attention to that, but I see where you going now. The reason it never hit me is we are all one culture with one goal. But looking at the divisions I see on the news I can understand your concerns.” This was at least a window for her. “Bingo you just won the prize. If we all have a common goal and all are held to a single standard then there is nothing unfair going to happen. If you had two sets of people with two sets of goals and two sets of rules, then one is always going to feel the other is favored even when they are not.” She now was seeing the problem. “That explains a lot of the conflict in America. You have many groups who all want things their way. Only one can have the decision and all others feel cheated. Or if the decision does not favor one all feel cheated.” I had to smile at her learning process. “The problem is if you’re in America then there should be just one culture. But the nation has created their own divide in that each group was segregated one way or another, rather than assimilated into one culture. This

eventually happened to the Irish, Japanese, Asian, Jewish and Italian people. But the black, Arab and Hispanic have been kept out to a large degree. This is due not just to the white race but due to the blacks, Arab and Hispanic groups wanting their culture as the main one. So today there is a major divide and those groups demand more than just equality. They want to dominate even as the minority.” This caused her to think this out. “What stopped the black and Hispanic groups from being absorbed into the culture?” This was a larger problem to answer. “Well, to a great degree they were given substandard education. This did not allow them to get better jobs. Then they were held back from competing with whites in business, as they had problems raising money for businesses. The issue is so multifaceted it is really hard to explain it quickly, but it was many people holding them back every way they could. Today many just don’t push for the education and have slid back into the old cultures. Due to that you find crime, drugs and poverty, eating at their culture. Most Hispanics are working to get an education and pull themselves out of the poverty they are in. But they keep sending their money home where it allows them to build a better life and they leave. The lack of a good education system in Mexico has hurt in that many coming into the USA do not have the education needed to get good jobs. They do not speak good English and have low education levels.” You could see her struggle with this learning process. “It is a complex issue and now I understand the direction you and Abel are taking. I am sorry to ask so many questions, but there is so much I just don’t understand.” This was never a problem for me. “If you have a question I will give you or find for you an answer. You need to know the answers to the questions you have. We hide nothing from people here. May be sometimes you do not know everything going on. But if you ask you will be told whatever you want to know.” That was one thing she liked here. “Yes it is the open culture you’re always talking about. How will that work on the five worlds?” This would be easy to handle. “All meetings of the group will be open for others to listen and ask any questions they wish. If it cannot be said in a public forum then it should not be said. But the group will be discussing trade, new planet finds and development. The laws will all ready be set and only discussed when the supreme justice requests it. We will not be a law making body in that if we decide to changes something all will vote on it before I make any decision. I would expect that ninety nine percent of the time I would follow the majority wish. But if I see a problem with that decision I will veto it and make the call with explanation to the people.” “Well if I don’t get back to work my boss will beat me. I just can’t take that chance so I best get back to my desk.” This said with a smile on her pretty face.

It did break the mood and open up getting back to work. “I will have to talk with such a slave driver. Interrupting my looking at the most beautiful face in the universe is against my laws.” I said with great laughter. We both walked back to Faith’s office hugged each other and headed separate ways. I had enjoyed being challenged by Faith’s questions. It just assured me that Abel and I were covering the bases. There was so much to consider when building a new world. Neither of us wanted to leave any holes, as they would invite disaster. Vortec joined John as he turned into his office. It was always nice to know he was covering my backside. “Everything under control my friend?” “Yes, I have the transport plate ready for the UN and A21 is on Mars.” That one went through me, as I did not know what an A21 was. “What is an A21?” “He is the robot I borrowed from Gorm.” “OK if he is Gorm’s I will not name him. But it is hard to get used to a being called A21.” “For our purpose it is a good idea. I want them to know he is a robot. If requested he will do a demo for them. The idea I have is to over whelm them with normal technology for us. I have decided to allow the spacecraft to be seen when setting the plate into place. To be sure I dropped a tip into the New York Times photo department they might want a camera at the UN plaza around four AM. Jenny is going to allow me and Alpha to go with her to place this plate. So I will make a few decisions on the fly.” I did not see any problem with this. “Is the plate secure, so that no one can grab it and run?” “Yes it weighs over ten tons and without a computer like Hope you cannot use it. But if picked up by anyone it will cook all electronics inside. They would find nothing but ash when cut open. But with the force field they cannot get anyplace to pick it up.” Here I had faith that we would be tried every way possible. “You can be sure someone will try Vortec, so I wish to be safe rather than sorry on this one. What did you think of the call to the UN today?” The take here would be interesting. “I felt the Secretary wanted to believe you, but his doubts were eating at him.” I was not surprised by his answer. “We both got the same message. He has been let down by so many people and governments I understand his fears. But to be called by someone off this planet was pushing things for him.”

“My feelings also, as I have watched this organization since it started and it has always been in the center of political fights. But you offered to give him some power in space and financial areas without strings. There you may end up with a real friend. I am sure he will have twenty scientist ready to go to Mars tomorrow and it will be a mixed group of countries represented. I do know he called the President and told him some of your conversation. The President asked how he knew it was not faked. He then told him about the tape with no conversation or video, then about the plate being set tonight. So know there will be spies from every country watching this operation. It will be filmed from every angle possible.” That opened up one more question. “So why the New York Times?” “Well there might as well be one news person there also.” John was laughing at Vortec’s logic. “My friend you are becoming more human every day. There is a certain poetic justice in that idea. But someway I think you may have the full media covering this little mission. One thing you need to understand is the UN like any government is full of leaks and everything gets out to the media. So don’t be shocked if every news media is there like film, television and printed media to snap pictures of the entire event. If so don’t let it stop you showing the ship. Its shear size will shock them I am sure. Which one are you using for this mission?” Here Vortec smiled at me. “The smallest one we have. They don’t give us much room. But I am using a long trip space capable machine. It is a cargo craft and has a big bay.” That was going to be a show. “You could sit the whole ship down over the UN and much of the city, so how are you going to handle this?” “I am going to sit the whole ship down over the UN with the bay doors open of course.” Here was another thing to be proud of. “Well be sure to get a full set of videos for this one and run them tomorrow on our internal channel. I am sure the group will enjoy seeing this. Then if any media company does not have footage send it to them.” “We will not damage anything but it should be interesting to let the people inside the UN see the bay of our craft. It will confirm our technology and abilities. It will be difficult to question you about having the technology for space.” Here we could also show more of the abilities. “Once you have placed the transport plate go to invisible mode when lifting up and that will also send a small message.” “Jenny has made good headway with the clean up so far. It looks like we will finish the job in less time than expected. She has the trash being stored in the China control room right now until we know the sites to move it to. Hope is directing the sorting into piles by country.”

Here I took a shot in the dark. “I would assume the Russian pile is the largest one so far?” “It is but the USA is gaining and will be the largest one of all. Someway they are going to have to find a ways to not send loose items into space. They need a single space ship that does not use rockets for boost. There were several systems used before our current one that would solve that problem. But we also got dead satellites as well. ” This I was not sure of providing the technology. “How close would it put them to being able to explorer the planets?” Here Vortec had the answer I wanted to hear. “The older drives would allow limited exploration but are still just at light speed or just below.” Here I did not want to stop the discussion. “OK talk with Jenny and see if there is a way to offer that type system to all countries through the UN? I just don’t want these people knocking on the five worlds door anytime soon. Also it could be a mess if they all started planting flags on every world they could reach.” Here I had a preference but Vortec was moving on. “This would allow them flight of a few light years right now. But I would like it if the UN could put it together, so there were international crews and no weapons on these ships. They also are not the same technology of our ships drives, so their improvements will not bring them up to equal to ours.” I had a desire to see the UN with the technology. “You and Jenny work the problem out and then we will make an offer to the UN. Dr. Phillips will be working on the next generation drives for us in a few months. So the current technology may also be old news? But I don’t want the Earth right now to be able to reach any place close to the five worlds or the old world. ” “That would be hard to do at just light speed. The five worlds are the closest to us and they are three hundred light years to the closest one. Gorm’s world is over a thousand light years from us. The next worlds we have found to try to bring to life are almost as far away as Gorm is. They are not even in the same system as Earth. But they are many, may be one hundred human years away from starting work on their plant life and wild life.” This was our future now. “How many are you trying to bring to an Earth like environment?” “We had started on fifty planets that had all the basic needs. The initial work to allow change was done almost three hundred years ago. But we will not know which ones will form oxygen atmospheres and be stable enough to go further for another hundred years. The ones that go the right way on the first try will take another two to three hundred years to get ready to use them. I expect that may mean ten can be used in that time and may be twenty more with more work after that?”

This was new information for me. “So we have an on going project on this?” “Yes, Jenny has the data and will follow the results. The plan is the same one used on Earth tens of thousands of years ago. Gorm’s forefathers had developed several planets and had moved several times due to lack of resources and changes in the suns either heating up or cooling down. He also had tried a few planets before they got Earth right.” Here was one more item I lacked knowing. “Does Gorm know of this?” “Yes, Hope has given him coordinates for three planets she felt had never been used? But he needed time to send a spacecraft to be sure they were usable before discussing them with you. But they are closer to Earth and I am not sure he will want them?” How much more was there to know? “What is the closest planet that could be made Earth like for humans here?” “There are already the three that are Earth like produced by the same methods as Earth was. They took longer to develop and that is why mankind is here and not on them.” That was new to me. “How far are they?” “All can be reached in sixteen to eighteen light years. So they would be within the reach of the drives we are discussing now.” I now had more options than I knew before this. “That would allow us to develop our worlds differently if we wished. Please have Jenny do a complete check out of each of these worlds. Place one robot on each to scout and record data. Do this by transport plate Vortec.” “It will be done at once. I get the idea you are onto a plan for Earth?” “I have some options I did not know I had. It is needed that I look at each one and see how they could be used? Without data I just cannot use this information. Now is there other projects started before me that I don’t know of?” With this I was laughing and shaking my head. “No I just never thought of these until things evolved to this point. The planets that were created when Earth was have not been looked at in over five thousand years now. But they were developing the right way at that point, so we placed plant and animal life on them. The fifty we had started to create change on were training missions and done just in case they would ever be needed. We had the five good worlds and had felt they would be enough. But we needed to train personnel in case this was needed once more.” Here was my big question for the day. “Have you found humans on any other worlds?”

“No, but there is believed to be over a thousand civilizations out there. Some will be human like Earths and others may be other life forms? But like the humans moved to Earth they were no place close to space travel and their world’s sun was dying. If they had not been moved they would just have disappeared without a trace.” The fact of lost civilizations was one to consider. “That is an interesting idea. I wonder how many had just disappeared without any trace of their being there? You know we expect all civilizations to be advanced. To have developed the same way we finally did. But without your help this one would not have advanced to where we are now.” “Now you understand the reason I was left here with Hope. We were to stimulate the growth and development of Earth’s people. There were many successes and a lot of failures in that effort. We were dealing with an aggressive set of cultures for which wars and killing were the norm not the exception. This was far different from anything expected by the Galactic Outreach Department. They were a very peaceful people and war and killing was not in their nature.” I had good experience with the peaceful side now. “I am sure this planet was a trial for them with its aggressive people. I am also sure it is going to be a trial for us to find ways to bring peace to Earths people.” “Well at least today it is your job to find ways to try to reach that goal. It was beyond the G.O.D. people or me. It was the one place I failed and it has been a weight on me for many years. At least today I feel we have a chance to succeed.” Here I was still not so sure anyone could succeed? “Vortec we will see how I do, but expect many failures on my part also. You need to go get ready for your placing of the transport plate with Jenny.” “I will get with you in the morning and fill you in on our little adventure. I am sure it will be interesting and there will be some lessons to learn from it.” Vortec headed out to see Jenny and pass along the instructions John had given him. The whole of all the plans here were getting complex and interesting. The group was evolving much differently than he had ever envisioned. It was far more proactive and yet restrained in many areas. Actions were looked at several moves ahead of that event. No demands were made it was not a pressure approach being made. There was a demonstration of the abilities in a non-confrontational way. No spacecraft was landing in front of the White House with demands. He wondered how this was going to play out for John? Chapter 9 Earth's First Look The day started with a sun filled sky and a brisk ride with Faith. It was a day I knew would bring a lot of answers to the many questions I had. This would be a day of

determination for the directions that I would have to take with Earth. They would either embrace the opportunity of growth, cooperation and new technology or try to fight it off and try to steal it. That would be the sixty-four million dollar question? I felt sure the UN Secretary General would not be the problem, but the USA, Russia, China and the many terrorist groups supported by countries would be. I called Vortec from the house. “Vortec would you come to my office I will be there in ten minutes time, ask James to be there also?” “Yes we will be waiting for you.” As I walked down the hall my mind was in a cycle to make a few moves for the betterment of man. The most dangerous country was North Korea and their atomic arms. The feeling I had was it needed to be neutralized as a player. “James, Vortec have a seat I have some questions I need answered.” This brought smiles to both of them. “OK we will try our best.” James responded. I needed information to make the idea work. “James do we know where all nuclear plants and weapons are in North Korea?” This took a little thought. “Yes, we know where the plants are but not where all the weapons are. That would not take long to get a fix on them and whatever rockets they have with them also.” Now I needed some exact times. “How long would it take?” It did not take any time for this answer. “Just one pass over the country with a spacecraft.” Now to get the event started before anyone was looking. “OK do it and get back with the information quick. I want every one of them and I mean there is to be no nuclear readings anyplace on the northern peninsula.” Here Vortec might have to make some arrangements. “Vortec I want every bit of nuclear fuel, weapons and their plants moved to the planet you stored our stuff on.” The second step needed to be confirmed. “James is the prison ready yet on the five worlds?” He was on top of this also. “Most of it is complete and far more than we would need anytime soon.”

Here I was expecting some resistance from them. “OK I want the key players in North Korea picked up and placed in confinement in the prison. This group has been a thorn in the side of the world long enough.” “John do you think that is wise?” Vortec asked. It was going to help with the world looking other directions. “I want it to happen while we are working with the UN and while the attention of the world is turned away from them. We should not have to detain more than around 30 people to solve a possible disaster.” Here James had a concern that was a real one. “What is going to happen in the vacuum with these people out of the play? There is an opposition group in South Korea of exgovernment people. I am going to suggest they be made ready to take over the government. We will pick them up and sit them down in the north to replace the existing personnel. One spacecraft will stay over the city and if any military moves on them we will stop it by electromagnetic means. But once the city is taken and the existing government is gone there will be only one set of orders given. Those will be to stand down and wait for an announcement.” Here was a reasonable way to handle this I thought. “That just might work and by the time the military leadership knows what has happened it will be to late.” James felt this had a real chance to solve one problem he had worked on for years. “You know we could end up with a few more than the thirty your projecting? You also need to know that there will be a meeting tonight on use of nuclear weapons by the state committee.” Here some minor things needed to be in place. “Yes, but many of them could later be returned to Earth. We could send anyone back that they would not execute for crimes. That would be worked out with the new government by one of the units under your orders. It would need to be a face they could relate to for it to work. I also want to know what that meeting is for?” The first step needed to be done to take the next. “I will get the scan run now for the points of radiation and set up the pick ups of all nuclear materials. Do I take the whole of the nuclear plants?” This would be a massive pick up. “Yes, be sure they are shutdown before picking them up. Then the robots at the storage site can go from there.” Vortec look somewhat distracted and had not said a word during this conversation. “John I do not have good feelings about this little project. I cannot argue that the North Korean problem is one of the largest on Earth right now. But I worry that there will be a major fight over the power vacuum created and people will die.”

I also had concerns and yet knew I had to act. “That could happen if we allow it to happen Vortec. But I will do anything required to stop it cold. I am going to send Slim and a group of units to defend the new government in place and use force fields to protect them. If it looks like they cannot be over thrown then I believe people will back off.” Here Vortec was still not convinced. “Are you willing to bet on that being the fact?” Here is where Vortec would never had made the decision. “Yes, Vortec I am and will support it with food and electric power for the people. We will be setting up to feed lines with power and supply food badly needed. Slim will set up temporary power units under shields to add the needed power to their lines. The army will be instructed to move food from the city to all in the country. We will also supply clothing where needed. If they see large amounts of food and power going out they will listen to the new government as things are getting better fast.” Here Vortec was willing to concede that it just might work. “You may just be right and again that is why we needed human direction. If the odds were not heavily on our side we just did not do it. I think your right about no one looking that direction during this point in time either.” Here James was ready to step in. “Vortec I know John is right here, as I have followed this government for years. It is held together by a very small group of men and the people fear it, due to many being killed who opposed it. Anyone who is felt to be any threat is done away with. The rest are sold a fairy tale and they know nothing different.” Here Vortec took the discrete route. “Well I will reserve judgment until we see the results.” It was now time to get them moving. “Gentlemen lets get going on this little project now. Vortec how did the placement go last night?” “We had no problem and lots of eyes on us. I counted over two hundred before I stopped.” This was more like what I had expected. “I kind of expected that and have no problem with it. As long as they watched and did not try to interfere there was no reason to be concerned. I am sure the force field was checked out around the transport plate also?” Here he was laughing at mans ignorance. “It was and a few got shocked and learned a lesson. They tried to even use insulated probes and still got shocked.” I was ready for the next step. “It is time to call the UN do you wish to stay for that?” He was not ready for any more of a learning experience yet. “No I have things to get done for this last mission. So I will look at the feed later. If anything critical comes up then just let me know, so I can become knowledgeable.”

“I will, but I expect no great events today. It is still a dance with lots of movement and little result.” Vortec headed out of the office still worried about this mission. There were just so many things that could go wrong. He was determined that none of them would come from his actions or lack there of. This one he would sit on very closely. “Hope place the call to the Secretary General for me.” “It will be a minute or two to get through and be sure it is him.” John sat back and waited. This was getting bigger than he originally planned. If he did not have the people and support of the group it would not be possible. That was the key to moving when the opening was there. He was sure that the focus of the world was on that plate in front of the UN. Every asset that the major governments had would be focused on this event. Hope came back shortly and announced. “John the Secretary General is on the line. The representatives of the Russian Federation, USA, EU and China are also present. Do you still wish to talk with him?” Why not and confront them also? “Yes, it had to happen at some point.” I looked rather stern and unhappy. “Mr. Secretary General I am a little shocked at all the company you have with you?” The shock showed on his face. “How could you possible know I have others with me?” It was time to jerk his chain. “You have the following ambassadors with you sir, the Russian Federation, USA, EU and China with their key staff. So lets not play games and expect me to sit here like I have no brains.” You could see his displeasure at this requirement. “You’re right about who is here and I had no choice in this matter.” Here I was going to remove some wind from the sails. “Let me first address your guests. If you all wish to play in this, be sure anything I do will be with UN approval. That means the Secretary general will have veto power. I offer each of you nothing as a single country or group of countries period. The combined UN stands to gain much for mankind and if any country tries to steal from this offer or take anything from the UN it will pay dearly. No we don’t kill anyone so death is no threat, but so each of you know I can reach into any system on Earth. I can cut your power systems off, end your communications ability and make all your electronics quit working.” Here I turned to look at Hope. “Hope I want a message printed on each of the most secure computer systems in each of these peoples countries including on their leaders. It is to say do not play with what you do not

understand.” I looked back to the screen and gave them the suggestion. “Now you gentlemen may check as the message is already printed and cannot be removed.” John could hear the cell phones. Each key man was calling his contacts in government to see if I had done what I had said. There seemed to be some delays, but quickly each man walked to the Secretary General and whispered in his ear. Then they left the room with their people. “I have never seen a room clear so fast here since I took this job.” He was laughing and looking around at an empty room. I hoped he appreciated the opening I had given him. “Well, I prefer sir working with you and the rest can either accept or reject any offers. I will not empower any nation with what I would willingly give all. Now I will clear their computer screens.” That sounded reasonable to him. “OK now what is in the plan?” Here he needed a demonstration for the other countries. “I will be happy to send the rover back to Earth and let the USA change the power pack, so it can run for a longer period of time. I also will if you have the group of scientist, move them to the planet to see it for themselves. While this is going on I would be happy to tell you of a vision I have?” That brought a smile to his face for the first time. “I would be happy to hear it and I also appreciate your not giving any one country more power.” He picked up his phone and called the President. Then informed him of the offer for the rover was still open. He pushed the cut off button down and told the security people to take the group to the transport plate and allow them entry. Then he came back to me. “Now those actions are in place. The NASA people were out front waiting and have a second power supply with them. Which action happens first?” I thought about this one. “We send the people first and allow them to see the rover sent back.” This was transmitted to the security detail out front. “Done, now what is next on your list John?” I wanted to know what he had seen. “Well sir did you see the placement of the plate last night?” He laughed and was enjoying the thought of all the people who stayed. “Yes I stayed in the building and saw what the inside of your cargo bay looked like. We had to zoom our cameras to see the sidewalls of the bay. I could not believe how large it was and moving like a feather in Earths atmosphere. It was very gentle in the way it sat down above the earth and the man who set the plate and checked it out was very quick at his job. He used the plate to move back into the spacecraft.”

Here Vortec was showing off some. “That was Vortec who is my assistant. I am sure he wanted you to know the plate did work. He has built many spacecraft and knows their systems well. He also told me he quit counting people watching at two hundred.” This was sure an under count he thought. “I am sure there were thousands. They stopped air traffic over this building for the night and that required a reason. I had to go to the President to get it done.” That was a reasonable step from his point of view. “The air traffic would not have been a problem for us. But thank you for being concerned. Now let me tell you what I have to offer you. One there are two worlds just sixteen and eighteen light years from your Earth. Both are habitable by man, with all the plants and animals needed for survival. I know with today’s technology you could not reach them. But if the UN had its own spaceport and controlled the access to any craft there I would be willing to supply and older drive craft that would make the trip in sixteen to eighteen years. Or if the offer was right give you transport plates to send and bring back people quickly?” Here he was going to be careful. “What do you mean by the offer being right?” “If we supplied plates for your people to move back and forth we would have to control them. You do not have the computing power needed to do it with all the computers on Earth. That places us in the position of refusing to transport things like weapons or military personnel. It will make many countries unhappy.” Looking at the options here was critical. “What about the spaceships?” I wanted it understood this was not to be allowed. “They would not fly with weapons or military personnel either. We don’t need to build another aggressive world in the solar system.” Here he relaxed and seemed to accept our not wanting armies on these worlds. “I understand your concern there and agree with that.” Here he needed to know our goals. “To start I would suggest you use the spaceship and I will supply personnel to teach your chosen pilots, engineers and navigators. We would provide you with eight craft and that would allow you to send one every two years. As we trained one extra crew they would come back by transport plate to take the next craft out. But that requires that you have a place to call your own. So I would also be willing to provide an underwater city just for UN personnel. It could only be reached by transport plate from inside the UN building.” This would be a worry for him. “How do we keep others out of the city and use of the plate?”

This was easy technology. “Each approved person would have an eye scan, DNA test and hand scan taken so only they would be moved on the plate.” He still was not convinced. “If anyone else tried to either move the plate or use it?” I wanted him to know that no life was at risk. “As I have told you we do not kill anyone. But they would be hurt and remember they don’t want to push luck like that again.” The Secretary General was smiling. “I get your point, but how would we launch craft from underwater?” This was an easy one to answer. “They move through water as well as air or vacuum. We have an old city underwater that has not been used in years. It was used to watch Earth and mans growth or lack there of.” He was concerned about the staff needed. “How many people would it take to run a city like that?” I had to laugh at this one. “The city would run itself. Your people need to be security, flight people, engineers, oceanographers and general staff. It has all the power you need, fresh water and is safe from any attack. You would have to send food and other supplies to the people there. There is a force field all around it and it is so deep nothing except for a small ROV could reach it.” He thought about this information for a time. “I get the feeling that security is going to be the largest problem here?” He had to understand that we would be present. “Yes, I can help some but for me to be a help to you it must not appear heavy handed from our side. I just don’t want one country or small groups of them benefiting from this action. The third world needs to have a reason to be involved in all of this. The two planets I was telling you about each have more land mass than Earth and far more minerals.” He seemed to be hesitant here. “I am not sure how we can make this work for all mankind?” I could not solve this problem for him. “You’re the one who needs to find a way with your member nations. We will listen to what you’re suggesting. But on our worlds there is little government. There is respect for others and a mans word is his bond. No one is allowed more than a set amount of land or property such as a business. It is more than anyone should ever need, so only greed would push people to want more. They never have to share their land or business with their children, as they will have their own land or business when they marry.” Here he had a real question for me. “Won’t you run out of land?”

He needed to think on a scale larger than Earth. “No there is more land in the universe than we could settle in a hundred billion years. But as people die and the land or business becomes available it is given to the next generation.” He saw that this was reasonable. “That could turn over pretty quickly.” How do I explain this to him? “No our life span is far greater than yours. I should live to see some eight hundred to nine hundred years of life in your years.” The shock was registered on his face. “How is that possible?” I did not want him to think it was normal without help. “Our medical abilities are far greater than yours. But on your planet that kind of life span would just start more wars over land and resources.” You could see regret here. “True it would cause great wars, as land would become in very short supply. The ability to feed the world would also kill our oceans and land animals. Yes long life on Earth would be a curse to man in many ways. Only the rich and powerful would survive. It also would cause more land to be converted from agriculture use.” Here he had to know I was going to be active. “That is something I am not willing to allow to happen. The world must learn to live together in peace. I am willing to give it land that cannot be reached except by our help. You need to work with the delegates there and come up with a plan for Earth’s future. I will be happy to listen to what has been decided and either agree or not. If I do not agree, you must keep working until it is a fair plan for all nations and people. Here we are offering you much and asking nothing except peace.” He knew there had to be something I wanted. “You do know everyone is going to be wondering what’s in this for you?” I was going to make it simple. “Yes, and that is a peaceful Earth who one day can be come a part of a universal human system of planets. Is that asking too much?” Here the look of regret was showing. “Not from my point of view it isn’t, but some will still question that.” He needed reasons to sell this package. “Your resources in the next one hundred years will leave Earth very poor. You have mined much of those from the land areas. But the new planets offer new resources and land for growing food. It can be the lifeline for planet Earth. That is your decision to make. If you wish to keep on the same track your on now, we will simply write Earth off and go back to our own worlds. That would be a sad day, as without help now you will not survive and grow. If some of your members would like to meet with the leader of another of our worlds, I can arrange that?”

“I am sure that would be helpful at some point in this debate we are going to have. You are going to find the lesser-developed countries are willing to work with you, the second group of better-developed countries will work with you, but the large countries with strong militaries are going to be our problem. That mean the United States, Russia, EU, some Arab countries and China are the main blocks to a UN success.” I had the answer for this one. “That is all right, as I will just set up in a country that will support our offer and help those who will work with us to grow and prosper. I can tell you none of the ones you mentioned would get any benefit from us if they obstruct the rest of the world. You see I still have the underwater base, I still have transport plates to send people there and I have the spacecraft to help the poor countries grow. I can help them prosper at the expense of the large ones. So it would be wise not to temp fate in that area. It is always wise to listen carefully before opening your mouth and inserting your foot.” The Secretary General was laughing with much glee. “Yes for once they have been over matched. I am just not sure they fully understand that yet?” Here I would make the offer to him. “I would like to have a person from my group address your nations. We are willing to lay this out for them and take that burden off of your shoulders. It would need to be a General Assembly meeting, so everyone could hear first hand our offer.” He had not thought of this option yet. “Would you make this address?” “No an assistant would do that for us. It would be far more tempting for some to act badly, by my being there. Sir, I have full control of the worlds that are ours. I am not a dictator, but the conservator of these for all my people. I do not manage my wealth as I have none, but I manage theirs for the good of all. They follow a very simple set of laws and have no large government sitting over them. It is run like a business would be on your world with all my people being stockholders. If I manage poorly they have the right to request a vote of no confidence and remove me. We also have managers for each area of our operations. But the whole government is right now less than one hundred people to manage five worlds.” This seemed to be a surprise to him. “How in the world can you manage with that few people?” “We have no taxes, people have no power bills, communications bills, travel is free, and there is no cost for land, equipment, stock, seed or housing for a farmer or business to start up. If you’re a storeowner then the home, land, business building and initial stock is free. There is no insurance as nothing fails, we run by electronic credits so no banks. We have free education to the maximum anyone could want. We have no large army to support or a large police force that is required. No government official is paid, as they have farms run by robots to support them.”

Here he was really surprised. “That is beyond belief, as it is not for sure the Earth model of how things work. What do you do if a farmer wants more land?” This one was easy. “He can have no more that all are given. But what real need does any farmer have for more than in your terms, is one square mile of land?” Here he could not understand this wealth. “Every farmer has a square mile of land to farm?” Here technology was the key. “Well he does not really farm it as he has robotic machines to do the plowing, planting, watering where needed and to tend to his animals. He just plans the activity and they do the work. This way the family has time together and to enjoy the fun things in life. Our computer models suggest what to grow where and what animals are best suited to that land.” He just shook his head. “That is way beyond anything Earth could ever hope for.” He needed to look further down the road. “Not really if you have two worlds you have lots of farm land, timber land, mineral deposits for mining, fish for a fishing industry, gemstones and all that Earth lacks right now. It would allow for people to structure differently than today on Earth. It would require that only better educated people be allow to settle. In our world education is not complete in the first cycle until sixteen years have been completed. So the basic educations in the equal to a four year college degree on Earth.” “How far does your education levels go?” The Secretary was beyond understanding this ability. Our technology was the key. “Well that is up to the person, as we have a digital feed system for all five worlds of college classes, they can take from home and test at local schools. So having several degrees would not be unusual. But that keeps people sharp and families taking classes together. It is fully interactive also.” “I would enjoy living like that. I do like the way you have structured and if you have no poor or very rich then people would be happier with what they have. If what you have is all you can have then the competition to accumulate goes away. Then they just try to be better with what they do and how they do it. How large is your army?” The army I really did not call it that. “We have a defense force of two thousand. They serve as police for our judicial system really. There are five courts one on each world and one supreme justice. I am the only one who can over ride a decision by the five courts and supreme justice. But my judgment is based mostly on what the supreme justice presents to me. The case will be discussed, all facts looked at and either confirmed or sent back with recommendations. The rest of the defense force is looking in space for new worlds and operating space stations.”

Here was his question where he did not believe my original statement. “Do you have a death penalty?” I wanted to repeat this clearly. “No, that is not acceptable, we place people on land large enough to feed themselves and hold them there with a force field. The have a one-room building to live in and water is delivered daily. They are given seed to grow their own food and we support them until the first crop should come in and no more. They must work at manual labor to feed themselves to survive.” “So they are not even really locked up?” That would be a waste of resources. “Why should we lock anyone up? They are going no place, but on the small plot of land they have while serving their sentence. They have ample time to reflect on what got them there. They are held in with a force field and cannot leave the space given to them. You saw what happened to the men who tried to get by ours at the plate.” Why would anyone not want to eat? “If they refuse to work and feed themselves what then?” “Nothing then, it is their choice to feed themselves or not. If someone wishes to starve it is their free choice and they are free to make that decision. We do not have the right to take that choice away from anyone in our worlds.” Here he knew he had John. “How do you handle meat for these people?” I was sure this would sound reasonable to him. “Their families are allowed to send them a weekly amount of meat. The family still have their farm or business, as they lost nothing due to the others actions. They are also allowed to talk with that person once a week so all contact is not lost.” One more test of the system. “That is truly an interesting concept for a prison. What happens if they have no family?” Here was the one big difference for us and Earth. “Everyone has family my friend. But if they did not the government would fill the spot of the family. But that will never happen, as we are all family to one another.” Here he needed more time to think. “John I really have enjoyed this discussion. But I am told the scientists are back and the rover has been sent back to Mars. How do I contact you?” Hope had set up for him to be monitored at his desk. “Call 9-555-555-5555 and we will pick up the signal and you will be connected to me wherever I am. It will only work off your desk phone in your office.”

He smiled at this one. “Well that is an easy one to remember and I will be calling to let you know what is going on. I very much want to see this work for all nations. But I understand the battle ahead to get there. Please do not expect this to be put together in a week or even a month.” I wanted him to know I was serious about agreement. “The options and offer will change with time and I do have a limit where I will just go to a country that wants us. That will allow access to us by all other countries and that did not prevent our offer to the UN being accepted. I was not just making an idle threat with that option.” “I understand your position and hope we are able to find a way to make this work for all of Earth. If it could be arranged would you be willing to discuss your feelings with a small group of the larger powers?” Here he wanted some thing to offer the major players. I had some conditions to be met. “Yes if it could be arranged quickly. I will have a transport plate put in your office or very close, which cannot be used except by permission from here. It will have a small force field that will not interfere with more than a two-foot square area. If you will set up for one of my people late at night to come with the plate out front. He will have to set it up which will not take more than a couple minutes. So your security people can stay right with him.” He suggested a place to put it. “I have a small conference room just off the office if that will be all right?” “That is fine and the plate will be there tonight. No one will come to you on it without your permission. You have my word on that. Our person will come by the transport plate out front and will need an escort from there.” Here he wanted to see what the reactions would be. “That is enough for me, as I know how that is valued by you. I will be back with you by tomorrow. We have a security counsel meeting today and a general session this afternoon. Your offer will be placed on the table at both for discussion.” The screen went back to a picture of the Mars dome. The rover was headed back outside onto the planet. There was something different about this unit? “Hope I get the feeling looking at the rover that there is something different about it?” “Yes, it is not the same rover we brought back to Earth. They swapped the old one for a new one in their van while they were to be repairing the one that came back. I saw that as soon as they brought it out, but allowed them to ship the new one back. At that point I sent an announcement to all news outlets advising of the switch and our allowing it.” “Good move my dear. Has it hit the networks yet?”

“Yes, all the networks, CNN, FNS, ABC, CBS, BBC, CBN, NBC and MSNBC all reported it and the White House reporters are asking why it was done?” I had to enjoy Hope’s abilities in handling this type thing now. “Good I don’t want them thinking they can do anything with our knowing. To allow them to pull anything off would place us at a disadvantage.” “That is what I felt and you were in talks with the Secretary General, so I just did what I felt you would be OK with.” It was a good move by her. “I appreciate your making the decision. By the way how did you know it was a different rover?” “I read its computer when I brought it back and then again when I sent it back. It was two different computers with two different programs and the units weight was off by fifty grams. So I ran a check and none of the Mars dust was present and all bearings were new. The battery switch would not have changed the weight, computer, program or bearings. I also noted that this one seems to have some explosives on it and deactivated it until it left the dome. They would have had to have a couple days to do that with the old unit. By the way Alpha is scheduled to take the small plate tonight.” I needed to know where the other project was at? “Thank you for that assist Hope. Now where do we stand with the North Korea project?” “All is a go and the nuclear materials are being picked up now. The plants will be last on the list. There is a meeting tonight of the top leadership to discuss the UN situation and all will be taken then and replaced with the opposition group. Slim has twelve member of the defense force going in also. They are all Asian looking and will blend into the culture, as they speak Korean. This will go smoothly and without any protest. I have their computer systems under control and communications. The entire command and control system will be able to be handled by the new leadership. I have the initial commands in place to distribute the food and to hold many troops in their bases.” It was one thing to tell them to distribute it but we had to have it. “Do you have the food ready to send in?” Hope was happy with her work and the support she got from Faith. “Yes we have tons of food supplies, rice and grain ready to put on the ground. Food will not be a problem for the new leadership. The South is ready to step in and help also. They will mobilize a food and clothing convoy the next day.” I wanted a very low profile here. “We need to keep our part of this out of sight. People can think what they wish as long as nothing can be proven. This will be a take over by former North Koreans for their people.”

“I will be sure that this runs the way you wish it. Vortec has been shocked at the ease of doing this. He expected a major revolt by the North Korean people.” Here I did not expect anyone really to object except the old leadership. “This should reunite the North and South Korean people. It will workout like when Germany reunited. They were all Germans and the west supported the east.” “I can see that when looked at from that angle. They are the same people on both sides.” Here I needed some down time to allow all this to process. “I have had all the fun for one day I can take. If for any reason something goes wrong on the project or the Secretary General needs me, contact me at home. Last night I did not sleep well and I need a nap.” “I’ll let Faith know your headed home for a nap.” I walked out the door and headed into the main control room. The screens were busy with personnel on each one. It looked like a command post for a war. Here so many were doing all the things needed to assure success. Every detail was being monitored and data moved quickly, so everyone knew exactly what was happening at that moment. There were several screens of the UN and different meetings being tracked. Some were following the NASA/JPL feeds and the rest following the Korean project. The room buzzed with low voices and people directed to accomplish their tasks. This made me felt very secure in leaving this in their hands. The ability to keep track of so much was what made for real power. Hope made much of the difference between us and them. Without the power she gave me I could never have move this far this fast. Her ability to handle hundreds of thousands of things at the same time and do all well was a gift. It was one I needed, but one I for sure would not abuse. She was critical to everything I wanted to accomplish. The meeting of the security counsel for the Secretary General was very disturbing as the major powers dug in. The five permanent members were not happy with the fact of not having the power here. The others were all pleased with the demand made for all to share equally. But it had been stressed that it was either come to agreement or the power would go to the third world via a small host country. That did not leave any room to say no. The large countries were not going to allow this to happen and be cut out. In the General Assembly the discussion was much the same. The large wealthy countries had threatened to withhold funding if they had to be treated the same as poor ones. With this said they were told that the UN had been offered a new location. That it was on no ones land, as it was at the bottom of the ocean. The offer was for a complete automated city placed there many years ago. That the need to depend on large nations to finance the UN would not be needed with the offer made. Then they were advised of the two new planets offered to the UN to settle and provide resources to Earth also. But that the requirement had been placed on the UN not to sell raw materials or food to or take people

from any country that did not support it. When the vote was taken it was forced to be unanimous. Many voted against their real wants.

Chapter 10

New Day New Problems As John walked into his office that morning he already had people waiting for him. Vortec was sitting at the desk, James was there and so was Hope’s image. This was a very unusual event, as he could not remember it every having happened. I looked around at the group and knew it was good news. “OK people do I want to stay or run for the hills?” James was smiling and that helped ease my concerns some. “You may want to take a bow? I have never seen any intelligence operation go off as smooth as this one did. There was not one shot fired and people are celebrating in the streets. The army is back in their barracks and North and South Korea have reunification talks scheduled for next week. The border is open and trucks from the south are moving food, clothing and medicines to the north freely.” Here I was surprised and yet I was not. “That is my best guess projection and far above what I was willing to accept. So it does feel like a win in that respect for our group. Please be sure Vortec all those who were sitting at the desks when I left last night know my appreciation of their efforts. Without their help monitoring and passing information it could not have happened.” Here he smiled like a proud father. “I will do that and they did a great job controlling all the possible variables. Now the plate was installed last night in the small conference room off the Secretary Generals office. Alpha put it in and the Secretary was there when he walked in. They had a conversation about our social structure and about his feelings about you. It seemed to go very well and he has now heard from someone else about you. The discussion seemed to confirm many of his feelings drawn from your conversations.” That was a good step. “The next step Vortec is for the population being built up in the city of government. Most buildings are done and we need to get the city operational and working correctly. I will after my home there is done be moving my office and living quarters to the new city. Others can stay here or move as they see fit, unless we are found here. They will need to judge that for themselves.” Vortec was in agreement here. “A most reasonable way to do this, but if you move I would expect them to follow quickly behind.” James added to this topic. “For my part I will be right with you, as my home is close to being done also. Vortec has your fields and mine being fenced in with the laser fencing. The land is being laid out for production of crops and a small pier for a fishing boat on yours. So you and I will operate from the new city.” “At least I will know where to get fresh fish once I am there.” I was laughing and shaking my head.

Here Vortec decided to fill me in on my property. “John you have a pier off your property. It will have a fishing boat and much larger boat of state for cruising. The possibility of Gorm or Earth visitors made me think we needed a way to entertain people for a few days.” This seemed a little bit much to me. “Now I have my own Navy?” Vortec was now laughing and looking at John with glee. “No just a boat for fishing that is fully automatic, so only a captain is needed to run it and a cruise vessel for entertaining guests and it takes just ten robots to operate it. It can be rented out when you do not have a need for it or used for rewards to government employees as you wish. Either way it will pay for itself.” Here I knew he understood my way of rewards. “I like the reward idea and we can make it for anyone on the five worlds who advances the social order or brings a better life to others by invention, teaching, scientific advancement or to young people for learning. Now who is next?” “I believe I am John,” Hope said. “The ships sent out looking for the robots craft has now found thirty-eight of them. All were reprogrammed and sent back to Gorm as agreed. He has advised that thirty of these older ships are all he wants. The other eight I sent to orbit the incubator station until you decide how you want to handle these?” Here was an answer for the UN underwater city. “Vortec what type drives do these have?” Vortec and Hope discussed this information and then Vortec turned to the desk. “Five have the very old drives and three have a slightly newer one. The old ones are able to move at light speed the newer ones at ten times light speed.” Here I was part way there. “Move the older ones to the under water city on Earth. I do hope there is room for them there?” “Yes there is lots of room for just five of these ships. They can transport one hundred people and have good travel accommodations. We will move them by our ships.” How hard would it be to support these craft? “How is food handled for these?” “It is sent to them every six months and that is stored until the next delivery. Water for the baths and bathrooms is recycled and never runs out. It is also used for the hydroponics garden area for fresh vegetables. Drinking water is sent with the food each six months and then later added to the recycling system.” Not as bad as I had thought. “That should serve well enough for what I am planning.” Here Vortec wanted specific instructions. “What about the other three craft?”

This was easy. “Lets place them orbiting Earth for now and wait to see what our needs are later.” “Done and we have a place for them right now. If we accumulate a lot of these ships what plans do we have for them?” Here we could enjoy the fruits of others labors. “They are metal and we will recycle as much as possible. The metal should allow you to produce new generation craft.” Vortec was now thinking ahead. “It will also allow us to place a few hubs out in space. A group of hubs would allow for people to travel by spacecraft and spend time in space. It will be a kind of recreational points for the five worlds. But it will also provide an early warning system around our planets. The best way to not have problems is to know who or what is coming.” It would be hard to fault this. “I agree and the use of the metal you need is approved by me. You may want to let Gorm know of our plans. He may wish to look at this defensive outer shield?” “Yes, I will talk with him, as I know he has extra spacecraft and most likely will do as we do. It just requires adding a large wheel design out around the central spacecraft. Now you have a hotel resort with great views of the solar system.” There was time for any more small problems to be handled right now. “Anyone else have another issue?” Everyone got up and headed for the door. Hope just vanishes and the office was back to normal. I reached out and got my cup, sipped on my coffee and turning over the Korean mission. This was going to bring some stability to that area. My main concern was if China felt our hand in this. I would need to later find out from Hope if any thing happened that would bring questions out? I was sure that as much as possible was watched close by Hope and the crew in the control room. They knew I did not want to show the groups hand. But China had people on the ground there and anything out of the way that caused talk would bring them into questioning that issue. There would for sure be questions on the how it happened. So not giving them any evidence was critical. The walk to the café was always enjoyable, as people were stopping me and talking about current actions or events. Much was always picked up when just walking through the control center. I liked to stick my head into offices and just check on members of the group. After picking up a cup of coffee and a roll I headed to the transport plate and went to the school. The desire to see for myself the children in class and watch the progress was strong. The belief that this was the future of many worlds to come made it fun to watch them growth. These children had been the lost souls of Earth before they had come to the school. Now it was possible they could help be the salvation of others on Earth and the start of new worlds.

“Via I came to see the school in operation.” She was glad to see him today. “I am glad you came and have wanted to see you about the school. We are making good progress and the children’s ability to pick up English quickly is incredible. They are speaking their own language in their rooms with the computer system and then doing their work in English.” Languages were always hard for me. “Interesting that they can handle both and switch back and forth. How is the class size working?” Here She was pleased with the classes. “At sixteen per class we are using two units in each for instructors. This gives us an eight to one ratio and sometimes it is a mixed group and other times by sex. We have one male and one female unit per classroom. It kind of creates a family type atmosphere for the children.” I liked that idea. “Good that will get them used to working with both men and women.” “Hope and I discussed that and we both felt the class room needed to be shared this way. These instructors also live on the same floor as their class group. They live together as man and wife and the children are allowed to come to them when they have a problem. They also check each room and tuck the kids in each night and give them a hug. The bonding between the instructors and the children are very much like a family. Next year they will not be the instructors, but will still be the floor parents.” This was a smart idea. “So they will keep the same floor parents for their entire school time?” “Yes and when the children have activities or meetings the floor parents will fill in for normal parents.” This was the best possible set up for the children. “I like the way you have this set up. It is the best solution that could have been found to try to allow for a more normal life for the children. They will grow up knowing how a family works and what a stable environment is. That in its own right is a gift given to these children.” Smiling, Via was really feeling good with John’s comment. “It is the best we could do to give them a real life. In a couple more years I will be able to give you better data, but we believe this is going to work fine.” I really wanted to see the children. “Let me see a class or two where I cannot be seen first.” “Come to my office and we will watch the two we have running now.”

They walked along the hallway and it seemed to noiseless for a school. There just were not the noises and movement John was used to in a school. In Via’s office the screen on the wall showed a room with the children and instructors. “This is the second grade room and we are still doing first grade work to bring them up to speed. By the time they get to the fifth grade they will have gotten one extra grade of education and will be caught up. This is the only class we will have to do this with.” This concerned me. “Is it going to hurt any of them education wise?” Via was happy that I showed concern. “No they all tested out well and they are hungry for knowledge. Just look at their faces and see how they concentrate on what is being said.” This should mean that other groups had more time for instruction. “How are you filling in the other groups time to keep them from catching up with this one?” “We aren’t filling in any time at all. This group has two hours more a day of class that the other group. See the door in the corner of the room?” I looked at the screen and saw the door. “Yes” “Well it goes outside and every ninety minutes they take a fifteen minute break outside. We don’t want to burn them out and they need to release their energy. The lunch break is a forty-five minute break in place of a thirty minute. We are careful not to burn them out even as smart as they are. They need to learn to play and have social time.” I was happy with what I had seen and heard. “I leave this up to you as you have a good handle on it. Now what did you want to see me about?” “Hope and I have been talking and have done the plans for the school on the government island. Our first building will be ready next month and we would like to move the school then. With the space we have and my land right next to the school it is a good move. I have stopped all construction here, as it is a waste of time and materials.” This one was easy to handle. “Via that is each of the groups decision. I am going in two weeks as my home will be finished and Faith and I have agreed. So my office will be in the city. Vortec will not go until all here are gone and James and Jenna are both close to moving. We will move all the gold and gemstones in the vaults when I go.” This pleased her, as she wanted her children to have space to really play. “Then plan on our being there right after you are. We have a beautiful building to start with and Vortec has fenced our land with the laser fence and provided the robot farm equipment we needed, so we will be self-sufficient food wise.”

Here she needed a way to grow the schools trust fund. “Via you need to start an industry for revenue for the school.” This was nothing she had ever considered. “What do you think might work for that?” “I would suggest you start a robotic children’s clothing plant. At first it could produce uniforms for the children and then the children of the five worlds. The school does use uniforms, so that would be a starting point. Later as population is added it would bring in revenue for needed children’s items. We at some point will have design groups and you can produce children’s clothing for them. But there is a need on Gorm’s world and will be here on Earth later.” This was new to her, as she knew nothing about this business. “How can we do that? The designers will want to produce their own clothing?” “No, that will not be the case as we are going to structure like Earth in this area. Like the designers on Earth they do the designs and sell the product. But they have contract manufacturers do the work. People will not be trying to accumulate more wealth that the next guy on our worlds. Talk with Abel about the structure, as he and I agree on this. But everyone will have a limit to what they own and that is all they can have. The school needs to build an endowment fund for future growth.” This seemed odd to her. “That sounds like a socialist state?” I had to laugh at her concerns. “No not really as it would be the richest one that ever existed. Everyone will have as much land or a home with a business to operate as one couple can handle. Children will not have these passed on, as when they marry they will get their own. Then when both parents are gone the assets will be passed by the government to someone new. The property belongs to the group and is loaned to them for their life time.” Via just was not the one I would have building a new social order. “Unique way of distributing land and businesses. But someday you will run out of land on the five worlds.” I thought I had a handle on this one. “Not really as we have more being developed. We will have as many as twenty or thirty planets ready before we run our of land.” “No one can say you think small John.” “Those do not include the two I have offered to Earth for use by the UN. With a third in reserve.” Here she was up to date. “I saw your feeds of the UN talks with the Secretary General and was impressed. You have offered them the gold ring on the merry-go-round. It will be

interesting to see if Earth is willing to take it? If they can put aside their differences and work together, that I am not sure of?” Here was the issue I needed to handle. “I am moving from Earth, so we are not here to tempt them later. I do hope the others can handle moving away from here?” Via had been talking with others about this event. “No one has said anything different to me they all seem to be waiting on their home to be completed.” It would not be a complete separation. “We will keep the valley to come back to from time to time. It is important we remember our roots. The control room will stay operational until someone finds this place.” Here Via wanted him to see the children and for them to see him. “Come with me and let visit the classrooms.” They walked up the hall and entered a classroom. “Hello John.” A group of young voices called out as soon as they saw him. It was nice to hear their voices. “Well hello to each of you.” The children jumped up and all ran to him and surrounded his legs. They all seemed to want his attention at once. As John squatted down and reach out the children all were hugging him and smiling. The small boy John had pulled from the pool came to him and handed him a book. “Will you read it to us John?” With his innocent little face it would be hard to say no. John sat down on the floor and took the book. The children sat in front of him and he could see how serious their eyes looked. As he read the story he keep looking at each of the children. He wanted to make eye contact with each of them. Sitting on the floor with them made him far more approachable. That was a goal he wanted to reach today. One little girl kept edging forward to get closer. So he stopped and picked her up and sat her on his lap and went on with the story. The children pulled even closer. No one lost their attention, but there was no more floor room in front of him. When he finished the book and closed it the children all got up and came close and hugged him. He was moved at their action and enjoyed it. He got up and sat the little girl down to go to her desk. I wanted them to know I was available to them. “Thank you all for an enjoyable visit and I will always be willing to come and read to you. I read four to five books every month, as it is my way of relaxing and learning. So to me reading is an important skill in life, both for learning and relaxation.”

As John and Via left the room they walked to the smaller kindergarten room. All was quite as it was rest time so they did not stay long. The first grade class was outside and they headed back to Via’s office. Via was happy with the way the visit had gone. “I appreciated what you did today with the children. It was good for them and showed them a real person not just a leader. These children see you as a child in the USA sees the President. You’re at the top of the ladder in our social structure for them. Now they know just how reachable you are. It was nice to see them all want to be hugged by you also. There was a lot of love there being shown.” That had really touched me. “Yes, I could feel the love and enjoyed their sharing it with me.” She wanted me to understand how these children saw us. “I know you believe these kids are a big part of our future. But you’re a big reason for their having a future John. They all know about the group and your decision to find them. We have been teaching them the structure of the group, as it is their history now.” “One out building at my ranch is a guest house for twenty people. So on weekends from time to time I would like to have one class and their floor parents spend the weekend with Faith and I. Also I have a state ship at my dock there. You can take a class out for a week of cruising when you wish to do so. This should allow you a different setting for classes from time to time.” Here Via did not want to use it often. “I think we need to do it for graduating classes at each level. That gives them something to strive for and look forward to doing. It is neat to have that to give them. Will you and Faith come along?” That was an easy decision for me. “We will spend the first weekend with the group. Then go back to our work. But you can have Vortec and others will come for a couple days also.” Via felt like she had been given so much for the children and the support for her was beyond her expectations. There was nothing she needed or wanted she did not get. Between John and Faith if she mentioned it, the item showed up. This school would be the envy of any in the world. There was no paper here except for books it was all computers. Tests were taken that way and homework was done and reviewed with grades before the instructor saw it. If there was a lack of understanding by the child the computer requested some additional work be done and then worked with the student. This helped build the understanding more quickly and stopped bad habits from developing. It was not possible for any child to fail to understand what they had been taught. “I will get with you when you have the holiday schedule ready. That needs to have a day for election of local counsels. So be sure it is added. It should not count as one of the holidays your working on.”

She was working in her free time to get this done to everyone’s satisfaction. “That is close to being finished and I have been working with all of the group and units wherever they are. There has been a request from everyone to name the city of government. Do you have a problem with allowing everyone to vote on it and the majorities request is the name?” That seemed like a good idea. “No that is fine with me. They should decide the names for each of the five planets and the government city. The people who settle districts will be allowed to name those also. So ask for a name for each of the planets as well as the city.” Here she had almost all of the data completed. “You will know the name of the city the day you move to your new home. I also will have the names for the five planets shortly after that.” I had been pleased with the visit here. “Very well I will talk with you later and if you need anything let me know. Your doing a great job and I very much appreciate it.” “Thank you, it is always nice to hear that type opinion.” Via smiled at this and felt very good. As John headed back to the control room he was thinking about the move. So he headed to Sandy’s just to check on her. Sandy looked happy and not stressed. “Hey lady I have not seen your smiling face for some time now.” She was feeling for once in her life like she was in control. “Well, Adam and I have been busy with new technology transfers to our electronics companies. With what we have done so far they are the number one producers of new products. Their sales are now three times what they were and profits have jumped, as they have no major investment in R&D.” I felt she needed to slow down a bit here. “It is time to let the world catch up some then. What have you decided to do about moving to the five worlds?” Sandy was ready for this question. “Adam and I have our home designed and being constructed. We decided to also build a lab by the house for our work. I am enjoying working right at home and having no pressure sitting on me.” “That is fine with me, as you know anyway you want to get the job done works for me. I also want you to take responsibility for over seeing the development of the parks in the city. Work with Alpha to plan them and he will make it happen. Now I know you would like to see your daughter. So why don’t you plan a little trip to see her. If she has an interest in working with the group we will find a place for her.”

Here Sandy smiled and felt good about her move. “Indirectly, she is now John. She was hired for the research center and is having more fun that ever. I have been to see her a couple times and she has met Adam. It was hard to not be seen the day we toured the facility and she did see me. So I explained I was part of the company who had built the center and that satisfied her. So it is not time yet for her to come to us. When we take over the center with the units now being trained she could be a real help.” Here she had used good judgment to bring her daughter in and let her see a side of us. “Great, just let me know if I need to do anything and it will be done.” Sandy was glad John cared about the people the way he did. “I appreciate your concern and be assured if I need help I will ask. But Adam and I are happy and doing something together we both enjoy. My daughter is happy with her new job and Abel made sure she was hired. So the group has been good to me.” The group should be good to all from my point of view. “That is how it should work Sandy.” I walked to the house and went into the study. Checked my e-mails and walked into the bed and laid down for a short time. I just needed to relax and focus on something on the edge of my mind. It was fuzzy and I just could not pick up what was there. But I knew that there was something that needed to be done quickly. With this thought I dozed off. I sat up in bed coming out of sleep quickly. Looking at the clock I saw I had slept for almost an hour. But as my mind cleared I went to the bathroom and washed my face with cold water, combed my hair and went to the kitchen and got a cup of coffee. Slowly a picture began to form for me. I had not received any communications from the Secretary General on the delivery of the space junk. Nothing had been on the TV stations of Earth about the UN meetings. Something was in the wind and I did not know what it was. I headed back to the control room and went straight to James office. Here I knew I could get some answers. “James I have something bothering me big time. We did not hear back on where to deliver the space junk and I have seen nothing on TV about UN meetings?” James also seemed concerned with this. “There is something going on and I don’t yet have a handle on it. They are not using their computers or any communication systems on this subject.” I wondered how far this had gone? “Is this true world wide?” “Yes, I am reading normal communications and day to day stuff. Just nothing mentioning the UN or us. All the problem delegates had flown home to consult their governments and will be back today. I was shocked by the lack of TV or news print information today. But the Secretary General is in at the UN and the normal staff is working.”

Here I wanted information and quickly. “Have your people follow this closely and let me know if anything changes at all. I don’t care how small the change is I want to know.” James was also not happy with the current situation. “We both have the same bad feeling. There has not been a word on North Korea either in the press, except in South Korea. The South’s government and the opposition are taking all the credit for the take over. China has been asked to stay in their compound and not go onto the streets until it is safe. The traffic from the compound is all normal and there seems to be no clue of our being involved.” One more bullet dodged by us. “That is a plus as I was concerned that someone might add it all up.” Here many precautions had been taken. “We were very careful, so that could not be done. All food was moved into warehouses and then out of them for delivery. The security force was there but could not be seen as they kept out of sight.” I wondered if we could return any to Earth? “What about the spaceship?” James had covered us here also. “It could not be seen and everyone was transported to it from inside the building. Guards were knocked out with stun guns and anyone we did not want was dropped the same way. They woke up in a room cuffed with Korean guards. We only took seventeen people to the prison area on the five worlds. They only saw Asians with arms and went directly from the room to the ships lock up area. Everyone spoke Korean and would not bring us a problem if they could tell their story. A list was given the provisional government of the people we have under arrest.” I was not sure of the amount of Asian looking people we had? “So all response force personnel except for Slim were Asian looking?” Here James had taken safe steps to assure our cover. “Yes and all the provisional government dealings were with Asians speaking Koreans. So they have no clue of who we are either.” It was a well run machine now. “The job here was outstanding and I appreciate the way it was done. Be sure your people know how much I appreciate their fine work.” Here James felt the difference was the ability to be fluid. “I will and we appreciate your allowing us room to operate and make changes as we see the need. It makes all the difference in the ability to get it done right. If the CIA operated this way with the right people it could do anything.” The CIA and MI6 was always a worry. “They worry me also in that they just may see something and try to follow it up.”

James laughed and was enjoying his game with his old bosses. “I have cut that off at the pass, as they think we are someplace in the China mountain areas. So all the spy satellites are looking in the wrong direction. The undersea city is also being looked for and has yet to be found. I want to keep them off balance until we are all moved. Then their ability to find us will be nil.” Feeling relieved about the situation I made a request. “Just add me to the list of worry warts and keep me posted.” James was always open to John’s worries, as it kept him always looking. “I feel better when you worry it shows me your following events very carefully. The decisions you have made sometimes are bold, but none are taken without knowing the risks and those can be managed. Failure to take some risks would mean no progress.” Here it was not me it was the people and Hope. “They could not be managed if we did not have good people and great technology James. You do more with ten people and the technology we have than the CIA can do. Our intelligence is the best on Earth and gets better every day.” Here he was building a major security agency. “It will be even better in the new city. I have room for fifty people and the technology they need to do the job. We will follow not just Earths political activities, but the old world, incubator station and the five worlds. We must have a picture of what is going on around us to be able to make decisions.” This hit a nerve and I had to ask. “Does Gorm have any knowledge of your intent?” James knew this question would come. “Yes and has approved it as long as we feed him information. He wants to us to do that to check his own people’s information. Our intelligence operation is far more sophisticated than his and it is a way to train his people also. We have been given access to communications, data banks and all systems of his. He understands that I will not share this with anyone but you and Vortec here.” I did not want that relationship to sour. “Just as long as Gorm has approved it I have no problem.” James was smiling at this, as it had been predicted. “He said when you heard this you would question it. So feel free to call him, as he asked that you do that.” I needed no other verification if James said it was OK. “I don’t need to call him James, I believe your explanation.” James had to push the issue. “I told him I would ask you to call as soon as it came up. He wants that to happen even if you accept his approval.” Resigned to making the call I said, “OK I will call.”

As I headed back to the office, I was feeling better about no calls from the UN. This for sure needed some time to play out. The changes would have to be approved at the highest levels of government and this would change the balance of power in the world. Giving the UN so much power, took it away from the larger richest countries and that was my major roadblock. I had squeezed them with the notice of going to a country that would allow free access. So the major nations would for sure try their best to get an advantage here.

Chapter 11 The UN Things had stayed quite for the last seventy-two hours. Nothing had been in the papers or on the TV. It seem like Earth was hoping if the problem was ignored it would go away? The Korean situation was going well and many announcements had been made between the two countries. The border was open for people to move north or south to see family and friends. There was no limit to time or amount of people. This was the best first step in the reunification of the Koreas. The power plants were supplying all needed electricity for the north and lines were being put up from the south to help supply the need, as the temporary power went down. Vortec was waiting for me to come in. “John glad to see you this morning. I have some interesting information for you. The US security people have tried their best to access both transport plates over the last day. They have put three men in the hospital with burns from their efforts.” This was not something I had expected. “How in the world did anyone get burned?” “That happened when they tried to use a laser to probe the shield. It reflected off and men were burned by their own laser.” Well how do you protect people from their own errors? “At least we had nothing to do with it. What else has happened?” Here Vortec was concerned and had no answer. “James and I planted a bug in each plate, so we have all conversations around them by the people. It seems that you’re not going to get a response from the UN. They have been ordered to do or say nothing. That we are not to be taken serious and really do not have the ability to be a threat to any nation.” I sat back with my coffee cup and smiled. “I love dealing with stupid people. We will show them what we can do just a little. Hope I need to see you.” Hope’s image came into focus. “Yes, John what do you want to do?” I was going to show some of these arrogant people a little power. “For number one we are going to pile all the space junk from the USA on the White House lawn, second in Russia in Red Square and in China inside the courtyard of the Emperors palace next to the square in the Forbidden City. We are going to black out every telecommunication system in the world. No phone, no TV, no radio, no radar, and you are to broadcast to every station that this will be effective starting midnight tonight GMT and will stay in place until we receive a call from the Secretary General of the UN. That if they need more proof of our abilities we will be happy to step up and shutdown all power grids all over the world starting the next night. I want all communications down tight Hope. There is to be nothing working including computers. You are to keep one phone line open to each

leaders desk and to the UN. We also if possible need to allow police and emergency phones to operate on 911 and police radios?” Here she wanted to get exact instructions. “I can do that no problem, but how do we handle the power for generators?” Thinking this over I knew we needed to keep some running. “You will need today to enter a virus that will cause computers not to bring up generators except at hospitals, nursing homes, in peoples homes with medical issues or emergency medical centers. It will have to be placed in just the USA, Russia, EU, Japan and China to be effective. Hospitals must keep their power to keep people alive.” Hope still had concerns here. “That I can do without a problem and the grids are no problem they are computer controlled. Nuclear power plants will just shutdown with their normal process and allowed generator power to keep pumps running. It will take days for the power grids to be brought back online if we shut them down.” This was a problem I had expected. “I know that and I hope the communications blackout will be enough to prove our point. But here police, fire and hospitals must have communications. Anyone from a home dialing 911 must have their call go through or any emergency system in other countries.” Hope was now OK with the process. “When do we place the space junk?” I thought it was time to shake them up a little now. “You can start with the USA and move to each country as soon as possible. If we do it in broad daylight it will shock them more. Be sure the craft are seen doing this.” “I have the materials being loaded in five ships. What do you want it done with the materials from Japan and the EU?” “Place them in a central park in each capital.” Hope smiled at the choices I had made. “We will have it on the ground in the next hour. Jenny had completed her job and the area around Earth is clean.” I had to smile at the image forming in my head. “Finding a large pile of junk on his lawn may give the President something to think about. As no one at the White House could stop that from happening. You might want to leak word to the networks that something is happening at the White House at whatever time your schedule is? Then to the press at each location before it happens.” Hope was enjoying this game. “I will do that, so we are assured to be taken seriously with our other actions also.” “You get that done for me Hope. Vortec what else is happening I don’t know of yet?”

Vortec was surprised at the damage done by NASA to its machine. “We have a rover that wants back into the dome. It has tried many different things to get back in and the shield has stopped it cold. There has been a lot of damage done to the rover and it is no longer effective for its mission.” Here it was time to remove this problem. “Send up one of the electric vehicles and lets get the rover out of the picture. We know it is explosive, so take no chances. They did not sent the same one back and I don’t know what more they might have added to this one we don’t know of?” Hope here gave me the information I needed. “They added a small missile launcher and that did not work. I removed the program for it when I checked it out.” Vortec seemed to be seeing it the way it was. “It seems we have stuck our finger in a hornets nest and they are trying to sting us?” I had to agree, but we were in the house and they were fighting a window. “That kind of fits the size of the threat.” Vortec was ready to do something but had no idea what? “Is there any other actions you would suggest at this point?” Here was one he and Jenny could handle for me. “Yes, I would like to sit a spacecraft over each major government city on Earth 24 hours a day. Just sitting there making no moves and visible to all on the ground. Do we have enough craft to do that?” Vortec had my answer for this one. “Just barely as we just received another ten of the newer ships. Gorm is willing to loan me crews for those craft so we can make it work. That gives me twenty-six spacecraft to make it work. They will have force fields around them so the craft are safe from anything. We will do nothing aggressive just sit at two thousand feet off the ground. But I can only cover 26 cities.” “Sounds some what intimidating to me.” John was laughing and enjoying Vortec’s understanding of silent force. Say nothing, damage nothing and project strength. “I will enjoy watching this one. Please be sure we can see ground responses from our being there. I am not worried about their actions I am just interested in how it is seen by the public. Also be sure to use the largest craft over the major problem governments cities.” Vortec was now into this project and moving to get it done. “There will be feeds back here from each craft. I will go and get the crews here we need to do this and start with North and South America now. Then move west as the sun moves.” I had one more request. “Hope I need one more thing.” Hope image came back as Vortec headed out. “What else do you need?”

Here I felt I needed to warn the UN. “Let the Secretary General Know in advance of all actions before they hit the news.” Hope was not sure how to handle this one? “How do you want that communicated?” I wanted it without contact directly by me. “Put it on his computer and only let it show if he is alone in the office. Make it from me and I wanted him to know of my decisions. Tell him of all actions taken there and on Mars with the new rover. Then tell him to just keep the faith it will all workout.” “It is done and he is alone right now. I have given him an e-mail address to reach you if he wishes.” I was really appreciating her abilities. “Thank you dear you’re a marvel of our world!” “Your enough to make a computer blush John.” Hope was enjoying the playing with the words. I got up and walked to Faith’s office and looked in to see a beautiful smiling face. “Hey how about a little lunch with a lonely man my lady?” She giggled and responded. “I think my husband is out of town, so lets do it.” The two walked down to the café and found a seat. They looked over the menu and made decisions and John went to get the food. When he returned they sorted out the different plates and started to eat. Faith wanted to hear about the morning. “I heard you have had a tough morning today?” Here I knew she was up to date on my actions. “Yes, we are going to have to take a few actions to get our point across to the powers that be.” In her normal mode of devils advocate she asked. “Are you sure you want to confront the governments of Earth? It might be easier to just let them stew for a time and see where that leads.” That idea had run by my mind and I could not do it. “No the way I see it is they only understand power. If you back down or fail to take any action all is lost. So once I took the first step the die was cast and that meant until a decision was made by Earth it would go on.” Here she felt they might not want to be better off? “What if they reject any help?” Here I had refined my ideas some. “Then we will give them none and will do what we do behind screens. So they do not know where it comes from.”

“Screens? What does that mean?” The word caused her confusion. “We will still provide the medical clinics, drugs, technology in electronics and the likes. But they will not add two planets to Earth, will not have the ocean lab and spacecraft they could have had. I don’t want to do it this way, as many will die that do not have to due to their decision. I will set up in a friendly country and help those who wish the help.” Here she could see the advantage for them to accept. “So they would be giving up a lot to say no?” I was not going to give them any advantage if we were rejected. “That you can be assured of, but with humans you just never know?” After eating they headed back to their offices and tasks. Faith was moving goods to the research center. John was waiting to see if he got an e-mail. As he walked into the office he could see the e-mail warning light was blinking. He sat down and opened the item up. John, there is much fear here and it seems that everyone feels a lack of power to stop you. Your demonstration with the communications is going to really scare them. They did have people hurt trying to get to the transport plates. I also know that the Army was in on the attack on your dome. They are looking to see if your anyplace on this planet right now. It is anyone’s guess what they would try if they did find you someplace. I have talked with the President and he is trying to stop all actions by the CIA and military. The mess on the front lawn of the White House did shake them up a bit as no one saw it coming. He has been told of your intent to shutdown all communications as of midnight tonight. China, the Russians and EU were also personally advised of your action and notice has been sent worldwide. They have already seen your spacecraft over the Washington, DC area. They have been seen in Canada, Mexico and in South America. I am glad you’re not looking to do anything violent, as I know you’re a man of your word. But you must understand that you have burst their bubble of being the only humans in the universe. You also have taken the power they once felt they had away from them. That has been a major shock to many governments. I would request one thing. Do not take the power down for seventy-two hours after the communications blackout. That will allow me time to have an open General Assembly session communicated worldwide. If at the end of that, governments do not line up to work with you I will resign. If it were possible I would like to sit down and talk with you. We share the same concerns for Earth and things must change. Sincerely, Secretary General, Hammed

John read it for the second time and decided to go one step further. He sent a reply back, your request is granted. Please place your hand on the wall plate and step on the transport plate. Here he wanted Hope to meet him. “Hope bring the Secretary General to the control room.” He walked out the door and collected Vortec and headed for the control room. There was no doubt in his mind the man would come. As Vortec and he talked a group gathered around the two of them. Almost the entire group had shown up for this event. A man appeared on the plate. I greeted him to the control room. “Mr. Secretary General welcome.” His eyes were looking all over the room. “I appreciated the offer John and could not resist it.” Introductions were required here. “To my left is Vortec my second in command and behind me are many members of our management group. I will move out of the way and allow them to introduce themselves.” It took about five minutes for all the talk to come to a halt. I took control once more. “Please follow me to the office and we will talk and then I will have Vortec give you a tour.” They all sat down and attention was drawn to the screen on the wall. The Secretary General was looking at the six different pictures from around the world. All different TV feeds in different time zones. He was surprised that all this was running. “How is it you have all these different TV stations running at he same time?” This was very low tech. “I can have any feed being broadcast on Earth. That is just simple technology and many larger governments have something like it.” “It is still impressive. Now what can you show me just for the record?” How much does he need to see? “I can show you more than you have time to see sir. But I will have Vortec take you to the incubator station; to the resort we use at the five worlds, on board a spacecraft, to the underwater city and show you our entire control room here. Would that be enough?” He seemed to be concerned about the wide choices. “How long will that take?” Vortec looked up and said, “may be four hours.”

This seemed to him like a very short time for all of this. “How far apart are many of these places?” Vortec was ready for him here. “The station and resort is hundreds of light years away, but just seconds by a transport plate. The undersea city is a few thousand miles from any city on Earth and a space ship is over sixteen cities on Earth now. The incubator station is a few hundred light years from our five planets.” With that Vortec smiled at the leader. Here he wanted to see as much as possible. ”I would be very interested in see it all. So lets get to it, as I can only slip out for a few hours from the UN.“ Vortec headed off with the Secretary General following behind. John hoped he saw the things he needed to assure him. He was sure he could recruit the man if the world turned its back on the facts of a better life. He wanted peace and was willing to take the help we offered to get it. Abel walked into John’s office and the two sat down with the outlines of the five world’s structure. They went over the laws, court system, economics, farm plans, business plans and educational system. The plan seemed to be reasonable and much like the model they had originally laid out. So John was seeing no problems with approving the plan. Abel was ready to get a feel for how real this was. ”Now John I would like to get the first six areas populated and see how the model works in the real world.“ I had reservations on doing this yet. ”How do you intend to get the population to start the model?“ Abel was ahead of me here. ”I have talked with Hope and she is able to supply me with the first one hundred thousand people I need over the first two years. They would be multi racial units to start with and we would leave spaces between the farms so one day we could move others into the model and integrate them with our units.“ Looking at this in married couples it would be a start. ”So we would have fifty thousand farms and businesses operating?“ ”Yes and producing children for the school system.“ Abel believed we needed to test every part of the model. I was not sure if this was enough? ”Is that a large enough model to give you the data you need?“ Here Abel had to concede it was not ideal. ”The ideal model we have seen is three hundred thousand total couples. But it will be a time before we can get there. So the starting point is a minimum of fifty thousand couples.“

I had concerns with this right now. ”OK you have my approval to start filling in the model. But your people need to decide how the production is going to be sold and how to keep the shops making money. You will need to work with Dr. Phillips to see when the power plants will be ready for mass production, so you can power each farm or business. But here I want you to talk more with Hope about meeting the larger model.“ Dr Phillips had already been brought into the plan. ”He said I could start having power plants in thirty days and he could now meet the needs I have. That within the next six months he could supply me with up to twenty thousand fusion units a month.“ I wanted to know how close he would be after the move? ”OK Abel go for it. When are you looking at moving to the government city?“ He had made plans to be there and work this model from the city. ”I have an apartment in the city now and my farm will be ready in two months. So the day you move I will be in the city apartment until the farm is done. My office and the court area are done now.“ ”Sounds like a plan to me. How do you feel about moving?“ I needed to know his thinking here. Abel smiled and was very relaxed. ”I am looking forward to it. The whole project will take me a lifetime even at the added time I now have. This is a true legacy for any man to leave behind.“ I liked how he felt about this job. ”It is something you deserve, as your abilities are unique. My friend I appreciate you and what you have done here for the group.“ He was pleased to be recognized. ”John It has been my pleasure, I could never have had the chance if not for you and our technology. I am on group time, as I would not be alive without the medical knowledge provided me.“ ”Just know you are appreciated.“ I wanted him around for a long time to come. At this point Vortec returned to my office. ”John our little trip is over and the Secretary General has seen all we discussed. I have given him a video CD of what he saw to take with him.“ ”Thank you Vortec.“ I was glad I had not had to go on this one. ”Mr. Secretary General is there other things you would like to see?“ Here the man was showing his charm. ”I am very appreciative of the vast amount of your worlds you have shown me. The power and resources you have are beyond belief. While on the spacecraft I had the chance to talk with Gorm. He is a very sharp man. He showed me some of his world and told me of your saving his people from death. It was also interesting that you have never asked him for anything for that act. The more I see of you and your people the more respect I have for your method of operation. You do believe in

the human race and do not need anything Gorm, Earth or anyone has. So your offer to me has no strings or hidden expectations. That was the one point I have had a hard time accepting.“ I did not want him feeling we gained nothing. ”It never has had strings sir. I made the offer to try to bring peace and prosperity to Earth period. If man cannot decide to accept that then they will suffer not us or Gorm. But the suffering will be due to their decision and not due to our actions. We will not force man on Earth to grow and become a richer world. For us it means a peaceful planet and that is a reward for us. Your very early in your technology and Gorm and I have decided that you will not export the violence off Earth that exists here. So space flight will end if they refused us for every country.“ Here he needed to know if I would give others a chance? ”If the UN turns you down you said you would be willing to set up in a country that would allow world access to you?“ I had no problem cutting out the rich countries. ”Yes, if there are enough countries who support our offer I am willing to give them the wealth of land, minerals and abundant animal and sea life.“ Here he wanted me to know of an offer made to him. ”The Swiss have already approached me with the offer to allow you two square kilometers of land as a city state of your planet. It would be under your laws and your security. If you set up a transport plate at their airport before customs no one will be checked as going into their country. They will provide twenty-four hour security at the airport to stop anyone from removing it or inspecting it.“ That was a step I needed to know I had. ”Tell them if the vote fails to happen or if it goes against us then we will accept that offer. But the plate will be the only entry into the compound and there will be none into their country without going through their customs. Also tell them the inside of a mountain is enough for us, as we will build inside the mountain our small city. This way they loose no usable land, as they are a small country. Our entire city would be enclosed and have no way to leave and go into their country.“ He was impressed that we did not want land usable to others. ”From what I have seen here of the control room I know your abilities of building into a mountain. I found your power plants are able to produce all you need. So they have to supply no power, water or food to you either.“ Here was the economic side of the offer. ”No, but we will if in their country buy from their companies, as it will help support their government. We will open accounts in their banks using gold deposits to pay for our needs.“ That impressed him. ”I will pass that on to them. Now the underwater city is incredible. I saw the spacecraft you had already placed there for world use. As it is in the ocean in international waters it is your right to keep it by international law. So you will have a presents on Earth there also.“

”Once again the only countries that will be allowed to use it are the ones who support our offer. Our staff will train staff from those countries to run the city. The only provision is they will not export technology to any country that opposed the offer or attempt to steal this for their countries use.“ Here he wanted some clarification. ”You mean if the USA and China oppose the offer they may not buy any new technology or raw materials from the other countries that support it?“ It was critical for all to understand this issue. ”That is exactly what I mean and we will enforce it. You see I have been very careful not to hurt the economy of your world. I could provide all the power the world needs for very little cost. But it would put miners; oil rigs, cracking plants, power plants and transmission companies out of business. So I use a cause and effect model in deciding what can be transferred.“ He seemed shocked I would consider this issue. ”I saw your electric vehicle and it is impressive. It runs on your fusion power plant?“ It was critical he know I wanted a balance in this area. ”Yes we build them in all sizes and for all types of applications. But I am sure you can see these would help the third world and destroy the better economies. We have the abilities to produce any product at a fraction of the cost it would sell for in the USA, Russia, Japan, EU or any advanced economy. But being able to do something and having it wreck an economy is wrong.“ He sat back and was turning over what he had been told. ”Your moral approach to this is not what I am used to dealing with. It for sure will be hard for major nations to accept, as it is not their way of doing business.“ Here I could do much without the worry of hurting an economy. ”We will offer the technology needed for the other two planets. They will have no requirement to start destroying their environment. Their vehicles will be electric and power will be free. It will not require burning anything for heat, we will supply them with robots to build homes from natural resources that do not cause harm.“ He hesitated before going on. ”I saw the resort and was impressed with the materials used. I also met Dr. Phillips and he told me his story. I promised I would not repeat it to anyone other than you. But I got a real eye opening look at you and the way the USA does their people. He is a very happy man now. The interesting fact is his total respect for you and his desire to stay with you. He said this was the only government he every worked for he felt a real part of. That he was working on projects that advanced mans abilities and nothing to destroy man.“ Here he had seen a human working for us who had a real story.

I was glad the doctor had been open with him. ”He is a very bright man and was not used properly on Earth. They kept him working on weapons projects and he could not work else where as he knew to much.“ He was thinking of all the ladies he had seen. ”The woman he has as a wife is the one of the most beautiful I have seen. Matter of fact your wife and the other women I saw here are all beautiful. That is something Earth just cannot boast of.“ I had to make sure he knew how smart she was. ”She has been teaching him our science and technology.“ The Secretary was open minded in the comments made to him. ”Yes he told me at this point he could never come back, as he is light years ahead of any Earth technology. That he would fear the USA making him into a weapons designer once more or locking him away if he refused. That would give them more power than any other country for many years to come.“ I had to be sure he knew of the doctor’s longevity. ”He would out live the guards and the country. As our life spans are in the eight to nine hundred year range in Earth years.“ This caused him to look at me with surprise. ”But he came from Earth so how could that be?“ This was an easy answer. ”We have made the changes in his body to equal ours.“ Now it was time for Abel to step in. ”Sir I am Abel and yes we have the ability to really do that. I know when people hear it you wonder if that is possible? But it is.“ The Secretary looked at Abel. ”What is your area Abel?“ ”I am the Supreme Justice of our worlds.“ This was said with no pretension on his part. He seemed a little off balance that Abel was black. ”Yes, John was telling me about your legal system. You have a very powerful job Abel.“ Here Abel made sure he understood. ”No sir I have a very responsible job and that is to be fair to everyone. That is a responsibility that weighs much and not power.“ He had heard this every place he went. People just did not see power and they did see responsibility as the job. ”You all seem to understand the fact of responsibility. That when you have to make any decision it does affect others and must be weighed.“ How can this be explained to him? ”Everyone here and any place in our worlds knows this and how great a value life has. We have been very careful with each step we have taken with Earth. No one has been hurt in any way by any action taken. If you accept John’s offer it will be me who over sees the laws and security of your people in the

underwater city. Our police will be there until we believe you’re capable of handling it. But our laws will stay in place even when we go, as they are fair to all. You may never kill anyone at all. No death penalty for any crime. Those who get any sentence will be transported to our prison on the five worlds.“ Here he did not disagree at all. ”John explained how it works and I would agree to that as it is fair. Gentlemen I must go back now and try to get ready for the next meeting. I will address the whole general assembly and am going to use a lot of the pictures on this CD. It is hard to argue with this type picture. But I must have time to get this ready the right way.“ Here I felt the pictures would speak louder than his words. ”If you need more than the one copy I will send them. You cannot copy the one you have as there is no way you can get it all on a disk. So it would take several disks to handle what you have.“ Here he felt like the beggar. ”If possible I would like to have more copies. I will leave it to you as to how many I can have.“ I need to be sure all had the same data. ”We will send you one for each country and for your staff. Do you mind if after your speech we release to the news media a copy of this CD? That would help his position. “No I have no problem with that at all. It will get the message out to the world faster than I can. Here I was ready to send him back to his office. ”Now follow me and I will walk you to the transport plate.“ Abel, the Secretary and John walked down the hall. As they entered the control room many were standing and clapping. You could see they were happy and appreciated the Secretary Generals coming to us. After he waved to all and stepped on the plate he was gone. Abel was looking down and I could see his mind turning. ”Well what do you expect tomorrow?“ I had my own gut feelings here. ”We will not win the major powers approval. They fear a loss of control they really do not have. But the Swiss love to poke a stick in the eye of great powers. They will offer us the ability to help many of the poor countries in the world. With that we will slowly switch economic power to these smaller countries.“ This seemed to concern him. ”How slowly will that happen?“ I felt the change was going to be slow and steady. ”In fifty years from now they will be economic powers. We must train their people to be able to handle it, as education is the key to success.“

He was still doubtful about this. ”That will be hard in some African, Asian and South American countries, as they are still in the early part of last century.“ No one said this would be easy. ”Yes it will take some time and a sales job on our part. But I am thinking at first starting a school at each clinic and starting some training there.“ Abel was starting to get into the idea. ”That would give you some good starting material in ten to fifteen years. We can also train many in our factories and create some lower level managers.“ I wanted him to understand this would be for the long haul. ”Abel this will take us a good thirty years to build the structure for success. If each small country has three to four thousand graduates each year, then the people we need will be there for us. It will take us fifteen years to get to that goal. In fifteen more years we would have a base of forty-five to sixty thousand well trained people.“ He just had not looked far enough down the line with this one. ”I had not looked at the long term numbers, but that makes it reasonable. Government will end up taking some of them and industry the rest. That leaves a small group for R & D and education positions.“ He had to understand that this had to move at every level. ”Yes but the initial people coming out will be taken by government, education and medicine. So all we can produce in the first fifteen years will be the education base for the next fifteen. Not all will be meant to go to college. But having a high school education will move them up the ladder for earnings.“ He saw the first major problem. ”That will require they be trained outside the country right now.“ I had discussed this with Edgar before. ”Our companies will pay for educations for anyone who will return and teach or go into medicine.“ Abel was looking at the money side now. ”That could be expensive for us.“ What was the money for anyway? ”If those companies made no money it is fine with me. As long as they promote our goals.“ That seemed to stop the questions. ”I am sure it will be a major investment for us, but it will raise the level of income and improve lives.“ I was in no hurry to get to any goal here. ”That meets our goals in it own right. So when you create consumers you add industry and the cycle grows from there. At some point it creates profits for you.“

Here he was giving up on the issue, as he saw it was under control. ”I am a lawyer, so the economic side is not my strong suit. But I see where it heads and why it takes the time it does. So your fifty-year projection is more real to me. It will take that long or a little longer to get there. But we will stay the course and make it happen.“ Here we had advantages in our ability to mine with robots and refine at low costs. ”By that time they will be self sustaining and growing. We can offer materials that would be more expensive on the world market. They normally would not be a buyer, so it will not affect the market. That would allow for production for internal or regional use.“ Abel had picked up enough to want to test his people against this data. ”OK I have my economics lesson for today. I now need to apply it to the five worlds. So I am going back and talk about this with my people.“ The events of the day had been unusual and one I was glad not to have to go though often. I did not expect the UN to get a decision and for sure that the powerful countries would fight us. Our decision to shutdown all communications with the exception of 911 or similar calls in the world would be an interesting test for us. Police, fire and emergency calls would go through. We would not allow someone to die for lack of help. But Hope would monitor all calls to be sure they were emergency and not an attempt to get around us. Police and fire had been told their cell phones would work during the black out. But if they were used for anything other than emergency all would be shutdown. They were free to use them for dispatch and response calls only. They were given a frequency range to use for emergency calls and that would be the only one operating. So some had to get the companies to recalibrate their equipment. It was restrictive but it did allow them to operate at a safe level. Most governments had issued an order for martial law and required people to stay off the roads unless going to or from work at critical jobs. State and local police departments had extra people on the roads to make this work. They were not sure this could be made to happen, but were taking no chances.

Chapter 12 The UN General Assembly After a night and day of no communications and a total black out of radio and TV the delegates were in turmoil. None of the satellites had worked and no cell phone except for police and fire or 911 calls happened. No government had been able to communicate by any means and their command and control had been nonexistent. Not one aircraft had taken off, as there was no radar, radio or way to communicate. This demonstration was powerful and one not to be taken lightly. Even the fiber optic lines had failed them. The UN meeting was interesting and long. There were addresses by every country after the Secretary General’s address and presentation. He had shown the digital pictures that had been taken during his tour of different areas. Many of the people had also been given his CD with pictures of our people, so they could understand we were the same as them. Many picked up the fact of our being a multi racial society. But the undersea city was a real shocker to many of the major powers. Seeing the five spacecraft at the city also seem to get a lot of attention. The fact that the Earth’s surface was mostly water means we had rights too much of the space underwater. No government could possibly know where our cities were and could never reach the depths we had built at. So the majority of smaller and poorer countries were supporting our offer. The larger and richer countries were split on the matter. Germany’s Chancellor stood up and addressed the body. “It is time for the world to admit it is not alone in the universe. That we must grow and develop as nations, people and groups. So when man is offered the chance to move forward by one hundred years or more we must take that leap of faith. Must reach out and embrace the offer for all mankind’s benefit. I am willing to place the German State in what some here have called great risk. I do not do this lightly and yes I do feel some risk. But there is risk with any action any country takes or fails to take. If the USA sends up a spacecraft those people are at risk, as well as many on the ground during its launch or landing. Here the benefits far out weight the risk. These people could just as easily taken over the world. We have no way to meet this threat that is reasonable except to embrace it. I want our scientists to see the universe, our people to have new lands and to live in a world at peace. Therefore Germany accepts this offer and asks that a seat be created here for a member of this group. I will not ask it be a voting seat, but one where no issue is hidden from them. They I believe will help find ways to assure all of Earth’s people have a voice. With no land to manage or people here, we could use them to help mediate our problems. Their law structure is more than fair to all and without a death penalty some have on Earth. They believe in the value of human life more than many of us do.” With this said he sat down to applause of hundreds. This was the first of the major governments to step up and take a stand. The others in the EU followed the Chancellor and each stepped up and accepted the offer. China was the only nation to reject from the Asian areas. Many of the Arab countries

refused the offer, as not being Gods will. It was down to the United States and the President was there to address the UN. As he walked to the front to speak he stopped several times to shake hands and have a few words with other leaders. “Thank you for having me here to address this unique offer. The United States being the last superpower on Earth has felt the burden with its people and finances. The way I see this is we have a second superpower to step in and fill a void. One that has shown it is the strongest and who has met every statement it has issued with class. When our people failed to designate a site for the space junk it was deposited at my door to make a decision.” The whole assemble laughed. “In this decision I speak as the Chief of our military and intelligence organizations as well as the President of my people. I know that some of these groups took action against the dome on Mars and the transport plate here in New York. It provoked no attack or retaliation by these people. We have seen their power to shutdown our communications and nothing worked except emergency requirements. That included the military and intelligence group’s communications. All planes were grounded and no radar functioned, ships at sea had to stop in place and we were well warned it was coming. No one was put at risk during this demonstration. With this type of power they could have taken over Earth. That was not their goal and they instead have offered us two worlds and the universe to explore. We accept this offer and support any resolution for them to have a non-voting seat here. As of today NASA is no longer to launch anything into space. As space is once again a clean environment due to their abilities. We do request that they place our satellites for us so we do not add junk back into space. We would at the soonest time like to talk with the leader of these people to determine what they would like of us.” The President stepped down and the applause was loud once more. This had not been expected by many. Japan had accepted and Canada was in agreement. The main holdouts were China and a few of the Arab countries. So the vast majority put a resolution on the floor to provide a seat in the UN General Assembly and on the security counsel that was non-voting. It passed by a vote un-presented in UN history. Not even China or Russia tried to block it. At that time a woman was walking down the isle to the speakers podium. She caused the turning of heads every place. No one had ever seen anyone this beautiful and yet totally poised. She had a grace that made you want to watch her. She stepped to the podium and smiled at the assembly. “Ladies and Gentlemen I am Faith and represent my people of the universe. John sends his greetings and pleasure at your decision. You will reap many rewards for the decision made. Understand in our worlds there is no class structure and men and women are fully equal. We are neither socialist nor capitalist. Each person has more than they need and are limited in that it is all they can have. We have no laboring class, as we use robots for any manual labor job. Our world is beyond any you could have here, as it requires much land and all highly educated people. But the two worlds John has offered you would allow for this type structure if that were what you wanted. Those decisions will be left for you to make, as they are your UN’s worlds now. John will address the security counsel in the Secretary Generals conference room after this meeting. All will be able to watch that meeting but it

will not be broadcast beyond this building and UN delegates who voted yes. The feed will be strictly controlled and no copy of it will be able to be made. Due to the decision of China they will not be included in this and the feed will not be available to any Arab countries delegates who walked out or failed to vote. We do not want them to feel pressured by us in anyway. We wish all nations who have accepted our offer, growth, prosperity and peace and will work to help you achieve it.” Faith stepped down and the delegates were standing and clapping wildly. They all wanted to shake her hand or hug her. The Chinese and Arab countries had walked out after Germany accepted the offer so only those who wanted this were still there. John had watched the whole event and was pleased with the outcome. He now decided to use the transport plate and sit down with these leaders himself. Hope would control the feeds to all and no one could copy and distribute his image. That would just cause problems. So he went home and changed clothing and put on a suit. Then headed back to the transport plate and waited for Hope to tell him all were in the room. John stepped on the plate and was in the conference room in a flash. He was not expected to come only to address them by video. “Gentlemen I just decided to come myself. Pictures are not equal to a presents.” “John Thank you for coming.” The Secretary General said. “This is John and you will find that there are no last names used.” The Secretary General introduced John to all the members sitting around the table. Here with a smile and a relaxed manor he sent a soft vibe into the room. “John I would like to ask you one question?” this was the President of the United States talking. It would be easy to answer these men. “Fine just remember not to ask anything you do not want a complete and honest answer for.” The President asked the big question now. “Did you have anything to do with the North Korean government changing?” I had to smile, as there was no way but to tell the truth. “Yes, we had a little to do with that. The problem was a decision had been made by the North to drop an atomic missile on the South and on Japan. We could not allow that to happen, so we helped the North Koreans who were in exile to take power back and change their country.” Here was the major question. “What happened to the nuclear weapons and power plant?” Here I was not going to get to technical. “It was all removed with all radio active materials and they were moved to a planet where they are safe and not a problem. This was all done with no one being hurt in any way.”

He wanted to know more. “I noticed how smooth everything was working in the North and South. Both sides are very happy with the events. But what happened to the people removed from power?” I need to show our prison system to these men. “Hope put on the screen a feed from the prison area where the North Korean leaders are being held.” The screen came up and showed people sitting in front of small homes. They were sitting and looking up toward the sky. John spoke in Korean to them and they all stood and started talking at once. John spoke and they shut their mouths. “As you can see all are healthy and well as no one was hurt. The UN will decide their fate as to how long they are held. They will not be executed, as that is against our laws. But I will provide the documentation on the plan to explode a nuclear device on the South and Japan for your review. It includes documents and conversations held by phone with the leadership.” This was impressive to the President. “First of all let me thank you for stopping that type action. It would have been bad for every country on this planet. Also thank you for being here, as we had no idea this was in the planning by them. I am pleased with the fact no one was hurt and I don’t understand how you’re punishing them?” Punishment did not have to be harsh to be punishment. “Each has a small one room house, piece of land, water and power. They cannot leave that small piece of land and cannot see or hear their next-door neighbor. If they do not grow their own food they could starve themselves. We did supply the seed they needed, instructions and tools for planting. We will feed them until the first crop is due and then it is their responsibility to do that. Meat is supplied once a week for their needs. So they have a lot of time to think about their crimes. They are held in by the same force field your people tried to breach Mr. President.” With that note he knew no one was leaving soon. “Then they are going no where once in the assigned area.” Here I wanted their approval of the action. “Does anyone have a problem with the action taken in North Korea? It was not for our safety, but was to protect the hundreds of thousands to millions that would have been killed.” There was no comment from around the table and it drew no calls from the other delegates who were watching. They all had access to the phone in the conference room today and were allowed to ask any question that concerned them. I needed to make other areas clear to them. “Now for the offer made to you of the city under the ocean, it has been seen by the Secretary General and you have seen the digital pictures. There are five spacecraft there that are older models and they have a speed of light drive. Until I have a better trust factor you will not have faster craft. The rules for these craft are no weapons of any kind allowed on them. We will provide non-lethal ones if they are needed. It will take eighteen years for a spacecraft to reach the farther of the

two planets. So we will provide transport plates in the undersea city to reach the planets. Each person using them must be screened to assure they are that person and approved for space. We will at first run this for you and then your UN security will assume that task over time. Understand we will not allow the transfer of any technology that causes economic chaos on Earth. We will allow some of that technology on the two new worlds. There will be no need for oil products on the new worlds, as it will be all electric power. We will supply fusion power plants for use there and electric vehicles. There are to be no countries on the two new worlds. They are to be a one government UN operation with all who can meet the requirements you set accepted. Yet all countries can benefit from this. The minerals on these worlds are far more than Earth ever had.” “John I understand your concerns and agree that this needs to be a UN government. But how do we handle security on these worlds if there are no weapons?” The Prime Minister of England asked. Here we would take the lead for them. “We as I said will supply non-lethal weapons for that need. Each electrical vehicle will be equipped with a full non-lethal protection system. As your sponsor to space travel we will teach you much. But we will not allow you to export the violence that exists on Earth.” This statement seemed to allow him to feel good about this offer. “That is reasonable as I understand your worry about exporting that to other worlds. We need to handle the problem of terrorism on Earth.” Here I had to show confidence. “That is going to be easier than you may think. Over the next few months you will see most of the Arab world renouncing that. Any country that is a danger to the world if we are requested to act, we will place a force field around and hold all within its borders. We will only act if requested to do so, other wise it is your problem to handle. But your need for oil could be handled if this caused a shortage.” The President spoke up here. “John I need to tell the American people what you expect from Earth?” This was the hard part of the sell. “I expect it to grow more peaceful, respect human rights, feed all its people and do more to educate the world. The human race has the opportunity to have many planets to live on and they must live in peace.” He pushed me here to answer more clearly. “Yes but what do you and your people want?” How can I explain this so it can be understood? “Nothing but what I have told you. We have no need for anything you have on Earth. We have five planets now and will have thirty more in the next one hundred to two hundred years. That is more than we could settle in the next ten thousand years. They all have minerals and natural resources. What could Earth possibly offer us? Our main goal is to have peace in the entire human race. Without that it puts all of us in the universe at risk.”

The President was having a hard time accepting this. “Looking at it that way that is not much. But why offer us anything?” Here my vision of a large human representation in the universe was beyond them. “The human race will either work together or die out. It is our goal to see it survive and grow. I would like to see each country become aware of its people and work for their good. If countries do not need large militaries, they could cut taxes and allow those people to be come productive other ways. Yes you each would need small defense forces, but that cost would be small. With better educations people could become productive on the two worlds. Their productivity would allow export back to Earth of much in raw materials, goods and products.” Here one of the members wanted to see how rich our people were. “You said that people were not allowed more than a given amount of land. How much land or property are they allowed to have?” I hoped this answered this question? “A farm is one square mile and a person with a business has it and a home and small amount of land for personal use. When children grow up and marry they get their own land or business, so there is no passing on of property.” The delegate wanted more of me. “So everyone has what they need and more?” I tried to make him understand the idea. “Yes and there is no reason for disputes over property, as it cannot change hands. When both the husband and wife die the state reassigns it to another family.” Another delegate spoke up. “How are your schools funded?” Here I was proud of the structure. “Each family has a free education for their children. Each teacher has their own farm or business run by robots, so they can spend their time teaching. So our cost of operating a school is very low. But a normal education is sixteen years and then some go on for advanced training.” You could see the delegate’s shock at this kind of education levels. It was no wonder that this people were so advanced. With every child having sixteen years of education and then looking at advanced training was just more than Earth could offer. But many wondered if the new worlds could structure this way to create a better world for the young? It did look like this was going to be the young peoples worlds. “What size army do you have for your five worlds?” This came from the French President. Here I was sure they felt superior to us. “We have a total security force of around three thousand people. They serve as the police force and courts security. We have just two people who operate the prison for us and both are robots.”

He challenged me on this item. “You keep talking about robots what do they look like?” I knew I needed Hope’s help here. “Well there are several types. Please Hope show the pictures of the different types and ask Vortec to come to me.” As the screen showed several different units built for our use Vortec came and walked to me at the head of the table and stood beside me. It was now understood all were not the same. “You do have different units for different jobs.” The French President said. I had to be ready for they’re wanting to see a human robot. “Yes, Vortec here designed most of those robots. But Vortec is also a robot.” The Secretary General looked shocked. He seemed to be a slight shade of white. So I had to ask Vortec to demonstrate his build. “Vortec please show these gentlemen the difference between the machines and yourself.” Vortec explained his structure and how he operated. You could see the group was awe struck. He then unzipped his top and opened the plate on the chest to show the internal controls. The men got up and walked closer to inspect this and you could hear them murmuring to themselves. Heads were shaking and the men returned to their seats. Vortec closed his chest and zipped up his top. “Vortec had me fooled as I never knew I was traveling with a robot.” The Secretary General commented. Here he needed to know that Vortec was not just a robot. “Let me put this straight as Vortec is my second in command and carries out my instructions. He is smarter than anyone in this room and is more human than many in your world. Understand that there are classes of robots. Vortec is the top class and will most often be your pilot for spacecraft. The rest of the robots are simply machines for a special purpose. They have enough intelligence to do the job assigned to them. Each of them runs on chemical computers that are faster and better than any you have. Vortec runs on a DNA computer and is light years beyond your technology. So expect to see a robot you do not know is one? We only use this type robot at very high levels of our government and for very special assignments. They are a life form in our world as their DNA computer is alive.” “You use robots in government?” This was from the French President. Here was one man who could not get it. “Of course we do. If you have a person who is smarter than anyone else why would you not use that ability?” Here he challenged the word structure I had used. “You refer to Vortec as a person?”

This was not a smart man. “Of course I do he is a person. He is unique and has his own personality. He is committed to the betterment of the human race. I do not call him a human, but he is a person.” Here he conceded my point. “You’re much more advanced than we are on Earth. You are right in how you see Vortec. I am just old fashion and this seeing a real robot is something I must adjust to.” The Secretary General spoke up. “Gentlemen I spent around four hours with Vortec on the tour and I had no idea he was a robot. He was one of the most intelligent individuals I had ever met. So to me he is a person and a good one.” To end this little session and get to work I stood up. “Mr. Secretary General and all delegates I will have a delegate here for you tomorrow. They will have full authority to negotiate anything for us. If they have a question they will get direction from me as needed. Understand I am the sole ruler of our worlds. I serve at the will of my people and can be recalled if the majority wish it. But my job is to protect my people and see to their needs. I am not a king or ruler in Earth’s concept. I am a servant of my people and I understand this. Due to our technology I will out live every one of you around this table. My life span is between eight hundred and nine hundred years in Earth time. So I will see much of how this project works out between us. Be sure you lay the ground work well so I do not have to step in later or with draw the resources I have offered you.” John walked to the transport plate with Vortec right behind. John stepped on and was gone and then Vortec. They both were back in the control room with all standing there waiting for them. The yelling and clapping was continuous. I was surprised to see the enthusiastic response. “Thank you all for the reception. I believe we have started this world on the right path. With a lot work and patience on our part we should see a safer world and the growth of the human race.” Then both started to John’s office. The people were still clapping and watched them go down the hallway. Vortec had not seen this going the way it was. “Well John I am really pleased for being wrong in my beliefs that man could not handle this chance. The President of the United States was right in his decision and I would have never believed he would stop his people from opposing us. I was not ready to call this a victory yet. ”The story has not been written yet Vortec. There will be some attempts to see just how far we can be pushed. A President has a lot of control, but they never know all that goes on in their military or intelligence community. There is a black side that does things that just never see the light of day. So we will have James following these agencies.“

This made him stop for just a second. ”What do we do if we have proof of some attempt on us?“ Here was going to be our route to handling all these problems. ”We turn it over to the Secretary General and allow him to handle it. If we go directly to the President we under mine the UN.“ ”That makes sense and I can see how this works better. Access to you is only through the UN.“ Now he was seeing the reason for the UN. I wanted him to understand the ground rules now. ”I will not make a habit of discussing anything with other governments. If asked to by the UN then we will comply. But without that we will work just through the UN.“ ”Who do you want to make our delegate to the UN?“ I had already decided how we would handle this. ”I want you to sit down with Abel and discuss his people. If possible I would like us to use one of his planners to handle that task. This way the person will have a relationship with Abel and will use his knowledge where needed.“ Vortec was happy to be given the assignment. ”I will sit down with him today and have our delegate ready for tomorrow. The compound is set up in New York City, as we had discussed. It has a force field around it and we have six security people there to protect the delegate. The area is walled and we have small robots patrolling the outside grounds with stun guns. All entry and exit is by transport plate.“ I just did not want any problems in New York. ”For now that is best as we are going to be watched closely. If no one can get in then we have no problem at the residence. But he will need a personal force field at the UN to keep him safe.“ ”I will set it up and get James involved to be sure we are covering all the bases. Now I had best get busy, so we are ready to go tomorrow.“ Hope’s voice was showing urgency. ”John you have a phone call from the UN.“ I answer his call. ”Hello sir I hope all has calmed down some for you?“ You could see he had a rough day. ”Not really, but that goes with this job. I need to know what time you will provide a delegate to the UN?“ At least I could answer this for him. ”He will be there tomorrow around noon. I would like for him to be someplace where access to him is controlled by the UN and not just open for anyone to see him.“ ”Do you have housing for him?“ Not a small issue in New York City.

But it was covered. ”Yes we purchased a compound and have it secured completely. It can only be accessed by transport plate and has a full force field around it with security.“ Here he smiled and seem to relax. ”I like not having easy access to your delegate, as it will cut down people trying to get an advantage.“ I had to make sure he understood my rules. ”Understand sir we will speak only through the UN. We will not meet with governments unless requested to do so by you and with a UN observer. We do not wish to see anyone try to undermine the UN connection.“ That seemed to take some of the burden off him. ”Thank you as that will make my life easier in some ways and harder in others. But it does leave the control of space and the two planets in UN hands. I would appreciate it if you could place transport plates on each of the two worlds. My scientific staff wishes to explorer the planet system of Earth and near by galaxies to understand better our environment. At the same time we would like to send exploration parties to the two worlds.“ Here I would have things made ready. ”I will arrange it and have electric vehicles ready for them. About the Korean events I am sorry I could not forewarn you of our actions. But I would not lie when asked a direct question by the President.“ This was the nice thing in dealing with John. ”It was the one thing that made the President decide to accept your offer. He had information that indicated your involvement. The fact it was bloodless and the country was cleared of nuclear materials impressed him. His comment to me was if any intelligence group could do that he would support them.“ Here he needed some more help I was sure he would not ask for. ”Now to make the UN profitable and create an income to help defray costs. I suggest you place satellites in orbit for the nations of the world at reasonable costs. That you offer world governments to remove all nuclear or biological materials from Earth safely. You have many power plants worldwide producing spent fuel rods and nuclear weapons being disposed of. If you can find an isolated area for shipments coming in and where all countries can send this waste we will set up to move it off Earth safely. This should allow you to generate a good size income to support your work.“ You could see his mind working this issue. ”That is something to consider. We could use the income to provide education, medical help and food programs worldwide. By doing some of this for industries we could generate a reasonable income. But removing the waste nuclear materials would generate a large income. It also would reduce costs to governments for this problem. I will have my people look at this issue.“ Now for an offer he could not refuse. ”We will need a space in your basement for a secured area. I will have a fusion generator installed in your building and you will no longer have a power bill at all. No one will be allowed into that area except our technical

people. But it should save you a few million a year and you could sell your excess power to New York City.“ Here he was laughing and enjoying the conversation. ”If you keep this up we will be a business rather than the UN. But in fact I agree with your ideas, as they all help mankind with having the funds to do what needs to be done. It is back to the give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him the rest of his life.“ He and I understood each other. ”That is kind of how I was looking at these suggestions. I am not suggesting you charge countries for space on a ship. But that you attack their biggest problems on an environmental front. If you launch their items into space there is no junk problem. If you remove their nuclear waste there is no possible environmental problems later. You can bring back satellites for repairs that they cannot do now. It is a win for Earth and the UN.“ Here he would have to negotiate something to get the needed land. ”I will see if we can locate an island we can have, as UN property with a harbor area to develop.“ I had to get this done fast for him. ”We will develop the harbor for you if the land is agreed upon. The unloading of these nuclear containers will be done by robotic equipment and we will supply a security force to keep the island safe. The island nation providing the land will be paid by us for their loss in gold.“ This pleased him as he showed it. ”So it will cost us nothing if we find the land?“ ”That is the idea, so you should make money. We will use our transport plates to move this material, as the storage planet is a long ways from Earth. We have mining robots on it cutting shafts to store nuclear materials. The constant temperature is three hundred degree below zero. So the containers stay cold. That is a fact people shipping to us must know.“ Here he could not understand why it was in place? ”Why do you have all this ready?“ The easy answer for him was best. ”We are disposing of all the waste from North Korea now. So it would be easy to just expand the operation.“ This fit into what he knew. ”That makes reasonable sense and I will move forward on this. What type of controls will you have on Earth for waste?“ ”We will follow your international requirements for handling waste. But all containers must withstand three hundred degrees below zero.“ The next normal question came. ”How much can you handle at one time?“ I had to give him a jab here. ”How large is your building? If I remember right we were able to sit our craft down over it without your seeing the walls of the bay. So I could

easily transport it. But a transport plate would allow each container to be moved at once off Earth. The plate size is controlled by us.“ ”So a shipment would not sit as it would be transported as it came in?“ I wanted him to think big here. ”Just remember the USA is spending billions to try to store their waste in the west. That could all be saved and the fees you get would be a bargain for them and the French and Japanese who have many nuclear plants. But Russia could also benefit. We could clean up their power plant they lost at Chernobyl. You might with some countries take your fees in products? Like drugs, food and other needed items, which would be good for their economies. It will be just China who has to deal with their own waste.“ He was very pleased at the idea of have his own money making income project. ”You have given me much to discuss with my staff. I will look forward to receiving your delegate tomorrow. You do know your reshaping the way the world thinks?“ This I was not ready to accept as fact. ”I truly hope so my friend. It is way past time for that change to happen. Just one more item you need to think over. We do not wish to get into a political corner. Our goals are to work with all regardless of their form of government. The better a country treats and cares for their people the harder we will work to see they can afford to do that. Our interest is not in the form of any government but in their people and their condition in life. I am sure this is going to seem strange to many in the UN.“ That he was happy to live with. ”That I will be sure is passed along to all delegates. It is what the UN wishes also, but you have far more leverage to get this understood by governments.“ The screen went blank and John sat back with his coffee cup and wondered if it was the right changes? Trying to get governments to change was always hard. It normally happened when the old were tossed out and a new one came in power. Here we were trying to get that change with existing people in power. If we could not offer them more than they have now then nothing would be possible without changing leadership. I needed to see what the world was doing. ”James will you come and see me?“ James came into the office and looked like the cat that had eaten the canary. The smile was ear to ear. ”I was going to come see you when you called for me. So what’s on your mind first?“ Here I just wanted to know what moves were being made. ”I was wanting to hear what you have been picking up on governments communications about us?“ James took great pleasure in this report. ”We have three hundred and sixteen documents on different issues about the UN agreement. China is in turmoil as they had originally

opted out and now think they made a mistake. Expect them to want to find a way to accept the agreement. The Arab countries have the religious leaders breathing down their backs, as we have continued the visits by the prophet to them. The warnings have been that if they continue to misrepresent his writings he will go to the people and explain to them the leaders lust for power rather than being teachers as required by law.“ That sounded like the decisions may be would be changed? ”So do you think they are going to reverse their decision?“ James was having fun right now. ”I expect it. Now for the USA, EU, Russia and Japan, they are all in different corners. The USA still has people inside government trying to stop the President. The Russians are fearful of our knowing that they are heading back to a communist type government. The EU is split over Germany’s stand at the UN. Japan is the most interested in our offer from a scientific point of view. They have agreed to provide whatever we ask for in support, as it serves the worlds best interest.“ Here the US was not ready to roll over. ”Whatever you have on US agencies or other governments working against us please send to the Secretary General for his use. He can determine when best to use the data and how to use it. I am sure you followed my last call with him. Be sure he has documentation and names. But cover as much as possible as to how we got it.“ This pleased him. ”Yes and I could not have agreed more with the route you have taken. I have a crew of 30 from Hope to serve as security for our UN delegate and the underwater city. I have a robot to place in front of the transport plate that will scan anyone getting on it. No one will be allowed to bring anything with them that could be any problem. There will be no electronic items, metal, plastics or chemicals going to the underwater city. They can bring pictures if they wish. We will supply clothing, personal items, computers and any other items they may need. The dock area has a transport plate now that will allow food to be sent to the city. We moved the one from the front. But it will be dry foods, frozen food or fresh only. No canned goods of any kind will be sent. Mail will go by the same route and also will be scanned. This should hold down many attempts to destroy the city.“ He had done a good job getting this put together. ”Can you scan the food for any toxic substances?“ The abilities we had were better than any. ”Yes, that is built into the scanning unit now. We will have a security person at each plate when they are going to be used. I expect that someone will try to cause a problem for us. So I have taken every step we can to stop them. The receiving palate on the other end is enclosed and a second scan will be done there. It has a force field around the dock plate until opened to use by our guard. We have placed the power unit in the basement of the UN and are ready to hook it up. I was a little surprised that it was as small as it is and could handle that much demand.“

Here I wanted a point in time from him. ”At what point can we allow the people from the UN to go to the city?“ ”I have twenty security staff in the city now. So at anytime they wish to go and look it over they are free to do so. But they need the Secretary Generals approval to do that. I have placed on his computer and his staffs the approval documents and the requirement for both an eye and hand scan and DNA test. The machine is ready to deliver to the UN now as soon as we have our representative in place. His security officer will run the fingerprints, eye scan and DNA test. Then an ID card will be given to the person that must match up with the scan and DNA at the transport plate. There is just no way to duplicate the cards as Hope designed them. They are made of a metal that does not exist on Earth and have a chemical computer inside them. There is no way to open one up without destroying it and magnetism, x-ray or sonar can wipe the data. Because it is a chemical computer it has no parts inside, so trying to see inside would show nothing anyway.“ Here was a challenge for the security services. ”That should be fun to watch as I am sure the CIA or MI6 will try to figure it out.“ ”All they will get is some burnt chemicals if they can open it, as a diamond saw will not cut it.“ That must be one big card. ”How thick is the card?“ Here he was enjoying my lack of knowledge. ”That is the fun part. It is just one eighth inch thick and will not bend at all.“ This was most interesting. ”How does the scanner read it?“ Here James had the control in hand. ”Insert it and there are two points of contact on the back where data can be added or read. They cannot be seen and you must know exactly where they are to read or add information. We will once a person has been approved have a record of every place they have been or gone. The card gives access to rooms, work areas, spacecraft, computers and anything they do or where they go. So we will be able to track everyone all the time they are in our environment. We will even know all the data they access. So a spy will turn themselves in by leaving a trail.“ He had done a nice job and gave me what I needed. ”Nice. I am glad you have the background and knowledge for this job. Is there any major event you have seen that we need to watch carefully?“ This was one group he watched closely. ”Not right now, the biggest threat is the CIA people who still wish to stop us and the President.“ I wanted to give the Secretary General information he could use. ”I believe the Secretary General will have a chat with the President and if needed supply some documentation to

support his position. The CIA still believes their computer system is safe. This will come as a shock to some as to how much we can pull out of it.“ James did not want too much to get out here. ”I am going to be careful as to the data I give the Secretary General, as I don’t want to lose the data with them going back to paper.“ Here he did not have some data I did. ”They cannot go back to paper. Even if they did we would have every paper document they put out. Hope has the major agencies covered for voice and paper now in every major country. She has a full back up of each computer system in her storage now.“ He had to laugh at it not mattering. ”I am sure glad she is as fast and holds the volume of data she does.“ ”Keep me posted on any threat to the UN or us.“ Now I was happy with the data he had provided. It was better than I had expected. James left and headed to the café. John sat back and wondered where they had left a hole for someone to take advantage. This was going to be the main worry for sometime to come for him. The UN was truly busy today. People were trying to find how they could benefit from the new events. The new delegate was now present and installed in his office. People had moved the transport plate from the conference room and placed a bigger one at the end of the hall in front of the new delegates office. New equipment had been added to allow others to use the transport plate and a guard was stationed beside it now. The new card maker was being put in at the office security desk. The Secretary General walked down to the office and stepped inside. ”May I see the new delegate please?“ ”Yes sir please go right in. Here you never have to ask that question, you always have access.“ Noah was pleased to see his guest. ”Mr. Secretary General how nice of you to stop in to see me. I am Noah and will do my best to help you wherever possible.“ It was nice the way these people were always polite and soft spoken. ”It is nice to meet you Noah. I have been pleased with the help John has provided us and his hands off policy with other nations. I just received some disturbing documents from him on the CIA and had a talk with the President about them. The President was so angry he liked to have had a heart attack. I faxed him a few items and he said he would handle this today. There will be a new Director and a group of agents will be retired today.“

Here Noah had been briefed before coming. ”It was important that you handle this and not us sir. I will talk with groups of delegates if asked to do so. But if one wishes to talk with me I would like UN staffers with them. We will be transparent in all we do with the UN. As John told you we wish to be kept out of politics completely.“ Here The Secretary was not sure this could happen? ”That is going to be hard to do Noah. But I have faith you will cut off that side of conversations quickly.“ Just so he knew how things would be handled. ”Yes and every meeting here in my office will be recorded and placed on internal TV for all to see.“ Here the Secretary has concerns. ”Does that include discussion you and I have?“ He needed to know the facts. ”No they are recorded and it is your choice as to if they get played. We will not play any discussion you do not wish for all to see. But we have no choice but to have them in our data banks for safety. Your discussions with John are between the two of you and I will not have access to them unless John wants me to see them. There they are not for publication.“ This seemed reasonable to him. ”That I can live with. But we will be from time to time discussing what delegates want and their needs. Those I do not wish to have others see as I might make comments about their human rights records or problems I see. The information is for you to be able to deal with these problems without pressuring people. If they know your concerns they will take them serious. When you tell them what needs to be done to gain economic value it will be a soft push for their government.“ This was a reasonable way to work. ”We agreed and I am willing to do that where I do not cause embarrassment for them. Now for your information we will have in the next hour our pass card machine set up. So as your people fill out documentation for people to go to the underwater city we will process cards for them to have access. The card will only allow that one person to travel on the transport plate and will limit their access as you set it. We have twenty security people in the city now. I would like a name for the city from the UN.“ Here he had already though this out and knew what he wanted. ”That is easy and I will make the choice and advise the members. Call it Atlantis.“ Noah was smiling at this decision. ”You do not know how accurate that is sir. You see Atlantis was our city and the underwater city was where our people went after its destruction. The destruction came when man got to greedy and started to try to steal technology from our city. We destroyed it and moved to the bottom of the ocean.“ This brought a frown to his face. ”But people were killed there it is said and that does not fit your belief structure.“

Noah had to admit that had happened. ”Yes some died. But they knew one week before the destruction it was coming. We left the day before and once again warned everyone left to leave, as the island would destruct in one day. Some did not listen, as they were busy stealing everything they could. Theses people decided their own fate and we could not stop them without killing them also.“ Here was exactly what they were facing now. ”That fits and makes reasonable sense. You cannot stop people who wish to gamble with their own lives. But how did it happen?“ That story was simple. ”We had thermal wells to generate power for the island. We just blew the wells and allowed the lava to create a volcanic island. The old city is buried under hundreds of feet of lava. The volcano that took its place there has blown many times over the years since our leaving. So I doubt much of the old city is left under the lava.“ The decision was made. ”Then Atlantis is a good choice, but we shall not fill the rest in for now on the history. In this we will just keep it simple.“ We at least were ready for him. ”Yes sir I think that is best. So as soon as you start processing paper work for me I will supply cards for those approved. We also are ready to start training your security people at Atlantis.“ He could see no hurry right now. ”It will be a couple weeks before we have screened the people we want there. But delegates want to see the city and we will process them so they can visit.“ Here John had given him clear instructions. ”Allowing delegates to go is fine, but I would suggest not opening it up to all UN staff. I am sure your aware that you have agents for different government security agencies here. We do not wish to have to come to you about spies. So keep it down to delegates please?“ Now for the money making side. ”Agreed and I don’t wish to have to deal with the spy side either. Please tell John we have an island for the nuclear waste disposal site. It is in the Pacific Ocean and we will send the maps and agreements to him. There is a natural harbor for ships, but we are going to have to open up a reef to have an entrance. The reef has been dead for years so we will not destroy something living. The country it belonged to just wants an airport on their major island in exchange.“ Here Abel also had instructed him. ”We will start construction the day you get that to John. In sixty days it will be ready to take cargo. When you discuss this with governments tell them no one is allowed off their ships when there. We will unload the cargo and they sail on the next tide.“ Here the Secretary had a concern. ”What happens if someone jumps ship?“ It was really simple. ”They will disappear and never be seen again.“

The Secretary had to know. ”Where will they be taken?“ This was a simple answer. ”To the same prison you saw the North Koreans in.“ He was surprised at this statement. ”Why imprison them for jumping ship?“ The answer was not hard to understand. ”To stop that from happening at all. We do not wish to become the escape method of all who do not like their condition or government. The education level for most does not fit our culture and they would not fit into our worlds. I would suggest that the ships personnel be very well paid and certified by their government.“ This was a most reasonable suggestion. ”I will pass that on to all governments, so they know what will happen to anyone jumping ship. It should make many like China and Russia happy, as they will not fear people wanting to jump ship. It also should make this job the most desirable for sailors money wise.“ Here the Secretary needed to know how we felt. ”We would like to see all waste off the planet and safe from terrorist. They also can ship weapons to us and we will dispose of them safely. That offer covers chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, equipment or other toxic waste. Earth has no reason for any of these weapons now with our being here. We will not allow wars and will protect humans where we can. So it is important that governments understand these weapons are not needed. If attacked and we are asked for help we will stop the attack and let the UN decide the questions.“ This had major benefits to the UN. ”I had not looked that far ahead. But the UN will not require as many peacekeepers risking their lives. That is if your people are willing to assume protection of the oppressed group?“ Here he did not want to sound to willing. ”We would work that out with you on a case by case basis and only with UN approval would we act.“ Here the Secretary was won over. ”I believe I am going to enjoy being the Secretary General once more. If you would Noah please in private call me Hammed and ask John to do so also.“ Here Noah was ready to be part of the group. ”Thank you sir I will do so. Now you will need to send someone to explain what I am expected to do and where I am expected to go and when. I need to set a schedule for time and I do not wish to miss any meetings or discussions where I should be an observer. Of course I will not require any translator, as I can understand all Earth languages. So I will follow all conversation in the language spoken.“ He wondered if he knew how many languages he was going to have to handle? ”That should be handy for you.“

Noah decided to assure him he did know the languages. ”I am sure it will be. As I am sure you know in Japan you can say the exact same words several ways and each means something different. So the voice controls the meaning and this is true with many languages.“ Boy did he know this lesson, as it had been a hard one. ”We often have accepted the words as spoken and not as meant. So I well understand your ability. Please let me know if the words are accepted out of context from the way they were said by others?“ This might be a way to help Hammed. ”If I suspect that someone is being misleading in any meeting I will advise you and explain why I believe as I do. If it is blatant I will request that they explain the way it was meant.“ Here Hammed had to handle his main headache. ”I have eight delegates I would like to see the city of Atlantis. Would you be willing to take them and show it to them?“ Here due to who made the request he would agree. ”Yes, I will do it this one time. But any future tours will be done by my security chief.“ Hammed now was going to give them a face saving way to change their bad judgment. ”China and seven of the Arab governments that objected have asked to see the city and spacecraft. I believe they will change their decision if they see it. Then the UN will have a unanimous decision and participation in this. That bodes well for the future of our project.“ Noah needed to get the ID card machine up and running. ”Have them here in thirty minutes and my people will process them and I will take them to Atlantis.“ The time flew by for Noah as he had many small issues to clear up. He had reported to John the request made by Hammed and his response. That had been acceptable as far as John was concerned. The less direct contact that Noah had with delegates who were opposed to the groups offer the better. The feeling was it would be used to add fuel to the fire. As Noah walked out to the group in the hall he could see the UN director of security with them. ”Sir please take the group in the office so we can process a pass card for them to travel on the transport plate.“ Each was walked into the office one at a time and had their fingerprints, eye scan and DNA embedded into their card. As the last was completed they walked to the transport plate. ”Now I will go first and be at the other end to help when you have completed your trip. The Chief of Security will send each of you fifteen seconds apart. Then he will come behind the group. Just step into the walled area and insert your card into the slot and then withdraw it. You will be moved after the card has been taken out.“

Noah stepped into the booth and touched the wall and he was gone. Each person in the group was moved quickly and was brought to the side after their trip. It took only around three minutes to move the whole group to Atlantis. All were standing on an open platform with handrails around the sides. The light was bright as day and you could see all types of luminescent life outside the dome. There were many buildings of seven-story height and a moving sidewalk running through most of the city. In the center you could see a park with trees and grass. One Arab delegate spoke up. ”This is so big I can not understand how it could have been here since before the Prophet?“ Noah just allowed the comment. ”It is large and it has been here for over nine thousand years now. The buildings you see are living quarters for UN personnel and security staff. We right now have twenty security people here and will be training the UN people as soon as they arrive. We are currently twenty nine thousand feet under the ocean and the water temperature outside is below freezing.“ ”But it is warm in here and it looks like you have sunlight?‘ This was from the Chinese delegate. Here Noah knew all wanted to see different things. “We have lighting to provide sunlight as the human body needs it long term. There is a force field around the dome and the water does not touch the surface of the transparent material used for the dome. Now I am sure each of you has things you would like to see and it is different for each of you? So one of the security people will escort each you to what you wish to see and will bring you back to me in the conference room for answering your questions.” The security people stepped up and took one delegate with them. Each spoke the language of that delegate. So communications was not a problem. The UN Security Chief and Noah went to the security control room for Atlantis. Here Noah was able to show him the ability to know everything going on as required. The security chief was impressed. “This is unbelievable as you can follow every delegate here in real time. How many does it take to run the control room?” Noah wanted to be sure he knew how few people it took. “It just takes two per shift to follow all that you need to. Each time a person moves from one area to the next it requires their card and it shows on your log as an approved entry or not approved. All non-approved will display on the screen, so you can check what they are doing there. You will know where everyone is when they are in Atlantis. The system is set for up to five thousand people here at one time.” Here the question was the few people it took to run security. “How are you able to handle this will just twenty people?”

Really it was not hard at all. “We have eight assigned to the control room on rotating shifts. We have three supervisors and nine patrolling the city of which two are always on duty. So each shift has five people working or fifteen per day with five off. Our supervisors work twelve hour shifts and we have a sleeping area here for catching a nap when needed.” The security chief just could not let this drop. “How do they spend their free time down here?” It is better than New York City he thought. “We have all types of workout areas, tennis courts, running tracks, swimming pools, massage rooms, movies, a sub for seeing the bottom of the ocean and cable TV with over six hundred channels.” Now for the security mans main vice. “No one should be bored while down here. How do you handle food?” Noah being polite here asked. “Would you like something to eat and drink?” “Yes I did not get lunch today with all that has been going on.” He laughed and sat down. Noah handed him a menu and asked what he would like to have? Here he enjoyed the wide variety shown. “This is more like a book than a menu. But I would like the salmon, broccoli and a salad with vinegar and oil dressing. I think some coffee to drink with it.” This he felt would put a strain on Noah’s ability to deliver this type meal. Noah looked up at the camera. “Hope did you get that order?” Hope replied quickly. “Yes, Noah it will be to you in four minutes. But the coffee pot and cups are on the plate.” Noah walked over to the counter and took the coffee pot and two cups off and filled one each for them. As he explained the operations here the food appeared on the plate with silverware and napkin. So Noah picked it up and sat it in front of the security chief. Here he was shocked at the speed and the quality. “The food is way beyond anything I had expected. But who was the person you were talking with when you ordered it?” Noah smiled, as he knew this was going to be hard to accept. “That was Hope our computer. She will monitor things for you here and will raise red flags where needed. All communications here must go through Hope. So understand there is no communications you will not know about. It cannot be encrypted and sent without it being read in real time by Hope. Hope will you please show yourself?”

The image of Hope appeared in the control room. “Good Day Noah and how is our UN visitor today?” The security chief just sat there dumbfounded. He could not believe what he was seeing. “How is it I can see you and yet you’re a computer?” Hope enjoyed the frustration he was showing. “I am showing myself by holographic image to you. The entire history of your Earth is stored on my memory banks. There is no computer on Earth within five hundred years of my abilities.” Here the man decided to push some more. “Noah said you could read encrypted data sent from here?” Hope was very matter of fact. “Yes I read it all the time between governments on Earth.” He was not sure she was really a computer. “We have never figured out the Chinese codes for any of their messages.” Hope decided to show him some low-grade messages. “Here are a few sent before the delegate came here for you to read.” They came up on the screen and he sat and read them. He knew he was reading their e-mail. “They are looking for an advantage for China before deciding to accept the agreement. I expected that, but how could they not see all kinds of advantages?” Hope was very matter of fact. “They want an advantage that only China would get. That is the sticking point. No nation will get any advantage that others do not get also. But if they do not participate they will fall behind the rest of the world. So they really do not have any choice in this matter.” He had to concede this point. “That is true, but at the UN I have seen many who have hurt themselves to make a point. But in this case as you are not another world government I think they will bend. But the Arab countries shocked me that they would consider backing down from their position. From what I have heard they have been told by the religious leaders to become involved. Normally this group would fight any change like this.” Hope now was the instructor. “Look at it in a religious context for a second. We come from the universe and have the power they see their God having. So is it unreasonable that they want to know the heavens and reach for their beliefs? They have had a prophet and he has described his vision of heaven, but they have never seen it. If they visited one of our five worlds they would see much of what was described. So it is reasonable that they see us differently from many in this world.”

Here he had to accept this as reasonable. “That is an unusual way to look at their change of heart. But one that has some validity if looked at from that way. How are we going to staff this center and the outside security forces so you can train them?” We have advised the Secretary that he needs fifty people for his security here. We are suggesting they work two weeks on and two weeks off. Of course we will have back up security personnel who can be here in less that five minutes time. No one can bring any weapon, explosive or electronic device here. They will be given everything they need to live here when they arrive. That is clothing, personal items for hygiene and that means they need no bags.“ He wanted to know what he had to look for. ”Are they allowed to bring anything?“ Noah had a limited list of these items. ”Yes, pictures or scientific note books for their use. They will have Internet communication and phone communications with any family. So they are not isolated without contact with the world. But when they leave they will leave all but their pictures and note books here.“ This was very limited. ”How will they get their data back to the world?“ That was easy to handle. ”Your web address here is .atl and everything can be accessed in their files with their name and this extension. They will be provided a password, so others cannot access their work and we will know exactly where the person trying to access it is. Their files just will not be able to be entered without their doing it.“ That was reasonable from his point of view. ”Sounds like you have a handle on the security issues? Now who is going to be allowed to come to Atlantis?“ This was made clear to Hammed and the delegates. ”No military personnel, intelligence personnel, no one without the credentials for their area of science or engineering. Security personnel will be check by Hope before being approved for work here.“ Here he was challenging this. ”Do you feel you can do a better job than we do?“ Noah decided to make sure he knew he had stepped out of line. ”Well to put all the cards on the table, you have a couple of secrets at the UN. You have passed information to your country on two occasions and only because it did no damage are you here now.“ Here the man got very upset. ”How can you possible have any reason to make that type suggestion?“ Here Noah was going to nail him to the floor. ”It is not a suggestion it is fact and here are your two memos sent to the prime minister of your country.“ They came up on the screen and you could see the security chief’s face turning red.

The man was deflated. ”OK yes I did breach security both times. If anyone knew that my job would be lost. So what do you plan on doing with this information?“ Noah preferred to work with someone he knew could be controlled. ”Nothing, as I said it hurt no one and the rest of your record has been spotless. But understand you will not have any spy working security here, as we will know in advance of their work. If the person is new we will catch them quickly, as soon as they report in. Your abilities in security are amateur compared to ours.“ Here he was not sure how he would handle people for security. ”What do we tell the people hired for security?“ Here was the key to keep your job. ”Just that if they do anything that advances one country over another in their job they will never be seen again. They will be arrested by us, tried and placed in prison for the rest of their lives on our worlds.“ This seemed to be over kill. ”Why so strict and severe a punishment?“ Now it was easy to make this understood. ”It will not take long for someone to break the law. But it will only happen once or twice before others see how quickly they are caught. Once others learn how small their abilities are compared to ours the spy problem will go away. The risk will be to great and the reward to small.“ He had to concede this was the right approach. ”We have learned to just accept that spies are working at the UN and over look that. But I can see we are going to have to teach a different culture here.“ Here Noah wanted to stress the fact of the technology here. ”Yes you are, as we are providing you with far more in technology than Earth would have had over the next two hundred years. But it will be shared for all of mankind’s good.“ He wanted to know who was going to be over seeing his job. ”Who will have control of security here for your people?“ This was easy to answer. ”James will get with you and he will do all the background checks and follow events here. If he tells you that there is a problem, it is best you listen to him.“ ” I will look forward to hearing from him. He has my attention with the two documents you have shown me.“ It was time to wind this up. ”The people are coming back now from their sight seeing trips. So lets go to the conference room.“ The people came into the room to find a table set up with snacks and drinks. There were foods for the Arabs and the Chinese that were normal to their culture. They seemed

pleased to see things they normally only had when they were home in their countries. After some talking between delegates all sat down at the table with plates of food and drink. ”I hope each of you saw all you were interested in?“ One of the Arab delegates looked up and smiled. ”Yes we saw far more than we expected. How do you intend to handle the fusion power plants? It would stop world oil use if they were available worldwide?“ Noah had been prepared for this question. ”Understand we are not going to wreck the economy of the world. These will be available to those on the two new worlds for their use. As long as the oil producing countries do not drive prices to where the small poor countries cannot afford oil we will not allow these unit to be used. If greed comes to the front we will provide them to the world and end the need for large amounts of oil. So it is up to the oil producing countries, as to if and when they ever become available.“ The delegate was pleased with the answer. ”That is more than fair. But there are now small poor countries that cannot afford oil. What happens to them?“ Here is our opening. ”We will build and operate generating plants for electrical energy for those countries. Electric vehicles will be available to them also to keep from stressing the supplies. But this will be handled on a case-by-case basis and only if approved by the UN general assembly. We will do nothing the general assembly does not agree to before it happens. But none of this technology will be exported.“ He was very careful here. ”What will you ask of the Arab world in exchange for this?“ John had instructed Noah on this one. ”Just to stop the killing of people by groups who have religious or political goals. You are one world and in majority believe in the same God. So why are you killing each other?“ This worried him. ”We cannot as political leaders impose our will on the religious side without a fight. So how do we handle this problem?“ The answer was not hard. ”You will need to educate your people. Education ends the control of the religious. You also need to stop funding these people.“ Here he used the same old excuse. ”Yes, I can see that and we have been working to do just that. But for now we need help to control this group.“ Noah wanted him to admit to who wanted him to be here. ”No not really, as who pushed for your inclusion in the agreement?“ The man seemed to be embarrassed, as he had been caught. ”The religious leadership is the one pushing for this.“

Noah smiled at him and added. ”Then you have turned the corner on that front already.“ The Chinese delegate raised his hand. ”I am part of the largest country on this planet. So why should we become involved with this project?“ Noah once again had instructions here. ”It is either become part of it or get left behind the rest of the world. The land we have offered the UN on the two new planets would allow your country to be placed on the land mass one hundred and twenty times. So the resources there are far greater than you could ever have on Earth. You would loose the technology advances that will come from our help. But really we don’t care what you do, we will help the rest of the world.“ This seemed to be acceptable to him. ”I believe that fits what the leadership of my country felt. But we had no idea of the size of the landmass. How are the resources and land use going to be decided?“ Here everyone needed to know the rules. ”The general assembly will decide both issues. We will be there to help workout any problems, but the land belongs to the UN and not to any country. The resources can be exported to Earth to assure a steady supply of need items. But it will benefit all of Earth and not just one country. Any country not a part of the agreement will not share in the resources exported, nor will they be allowed to export their items to the two new worlds.“ Here he took a hard line stand. ”That seems to be a capitalist approach to this project.“ Noah knew his country better than he did. ”Your country has embraced capitalistic principles and is becoming wealthy today because of that. Trade and production of items adds to your treasury and wealth. If you do not have the most current technology and the best raw materials you will not stay on that growth curve. Other nations will step in front of you. You right now have tens of millions of poor who need help to become productive for you. That is the original foundation of your government, raising the standards of the poor. So where is the conflict in joining this project?“ Here he was trying to understand us. ”What I am picking up is you do not care about the form of government, just about the welfare of its people?“ I wanted him to get this straight. ”That is our position exactly. If a government were an enlightened dictatorship we would not care either. As long as the people were taken care of and educated. We want the people of Earth to be allowed to enjoy life and grow up healthy and educated.“ Here he was still not getting it. ”What do you mean by that?“ Noah used our structure. ”John is the ultimate power in our worlds. He answers to no one and yet to everyone. He has complete power to make any decision he sees as right. The

assets we have are all his and yet he sees it, as the money of the human race and spends it for the good of all. He could have more than anyone and yet has a modest farm and apartment in the government city. No palaces have been built and if he wanted them he could have them. He lives a life of service to all of mankind. Yet he is a dictator in every definition on Earth.“ ”An unusual man and one to be valued.“ All around the table nodded their heads and seemed shocked at the power John had. Here Noah wanted to drive home the point. ”Understand John has nothing to gain with this offer except to provide man with the land and resources to survive for thousands of years to come. He sees a group of human settled planets that could become a federation down the road. We have fifty more planets in different stages of formation for settlement. In a few hundred years they will also be ready for mankind to live on. So the offer is to put down your differences and work together for the good of all mankind. Everyone will benefit from this and no one will lose.“ Here one of the Arab delegates said. ”We will not see any new planets a few hundred years from now. So how do we know they will be ready?“ Noah decided to shock them some. ”Our people live to between eight and nine hundred years. As Earth finds ways to cooperate and settle these planets we will decide if we wish to extend the lives of the new settlers. We have the ability to do that. If life can be made good for all people on Earth and it is not headed to over crowding we might look at it here. But today if the life expectancy was that long you would have people on top of people. So educating your people and allowing them to settle new land on the two worlds will stop the over crowding on Earth.“ The Chinese delegate brought this up to me. ”How do we educate that many people to reduce over crowding?“ Noah was painting the large picture. ”We will help the UN set up schools for teaching those who wish to migrate. With our technology we can speed up the process and should be able to handle a million or so a year in the early stages. But this means we train women and men both to be able to succeed on the new worlds. They will work as teams and we will need married couples. We also will provide the robotic help they need to succeed in farming and animal raising efforts. They will live in a very high tech environment.“ The last Arab who had asked no questions yet looked at Noah and smiled. ”I am of the opinion that may be man was placed here before?“ Noah smiled at this comment. ”Yes that would be a fair assumption. At some point in the future all of you will know the full story of man on Earth. It is just not the time or place yet to pass that history on. Do you have further questions?“

No one said a word and all got up and started to talk with each other. Noah’s last answer had really hit home. The group headed to the transport plate and back to the UN. ”Noah how can your people possibly live that long?“ The security chief asked. This was an easy answer. ”We have a medical technology far beyond anything Earth has ever seen. We do not have the stress in our lives that humans on Earth have. With our planets not having the disease Earth has it also helps.“ The security man just could not accept this as possible. ”It would be hard for me to even think of living for that long. Our culture is to live fast and hard, as it will be a short period of time.“ Here Noah drew a comparison for him. ”Ours says if it takes fifty years to get something done that is alright. That is only about six percent of our average life span.“ Here he could not think of planning that far out. ”Fifty years is like an eternity on Earth. Life changes so much in that time that any plan would not work by then.“ Noah just passed it off as that was to short term. ”Our worlds have long term plans for several hundred years out. We are working on a new drive for our spacecraft and that will take a hundred years or more to develop. Life is just not in as big a hurry on our worlds.“ Here he might think of trying to go to the new worlds. ”Will that be the case on the two new worlds you have given us?“ ”I am not sure, but if the UN plans it right yes we will provide that type life span for those worlds people. But it would depend on the UN’s control of the two planets. We will allow no one country or small group of them to control those planets. What has been given can be taken away. That is why your working with James is so critical and you need to be very honest with him.“ Here he was concerned about what he did not know. ”Will he have the ability to know what I don’t?“ Noah hoped to make him understand his role. ”Yes, he will know what every government on Earth is doing and any action they will take to control the planets and Atlantis. You are going to have to be the eyes and ears for the Secretary General in these matters. So it requires that you become more of a citizen of the universe rather than any country.“ Here the head of security had a goal. ”I understand what you have said. Be assured I will protect the UN and do what is required to keep them in control of these assets. It will be a fight at first but one with help I believe we can win as long as the Secretary General stays in place.“

Noah wanted to assure him of Hammed staying in power. ”He will stay in power at the UN I can assure you. We would have real reservations on anyone else having control right now.“ As everyone got back to the transport plate they each started to go into the plate and place their cards into the slot and remove them. It took less time this trip to get everyone back to the UN. Noah stayed a short time to discuss with the security staff what to expect next. Then he headed back to his office. ”Chief did everything go alright with this trip?“ The security officer asked. ”Yes it went better than I had expected and it looks like the UN will have all countries involved in this. But I have worries about the people we have to deal with.“ Noah walked into his office and sat down to talk with John. He took time to think about the whole group and then placed his call. John’s face came on screen. ”Yes Noah how did the little trip go?“ Noah was pleased with the trip. ”It went well and I believe that the UN will have all countries on board. That is a first for them as there are always some who agree with nothing.“ I wanted him to stay in contact with Hammed. ”Fine talk with the Secretary General and brief him on the trip. I have installed an automatic door on your office outer door. We have the area secure and no one can break into it from above or below or outside. You have automatic stun guns set inside each office area just in case of a failure or if someone decides to try it during the day.“ Noah was not concerned about the compound. ”Sounds like the bases are covered. I am sure the compound is also well secured, so I am not concerned with outside intrusion.“ I smiled at this comment. ”It is and James is there now going over the equipment and training your people. So the staff should be ready to give you the data you need to help Hammed. Be sure that all information is provided to you as it is gained. You have more people at the compound as James felt they were needed. He has loaned you two of his staffers to keep up the training. You will have all communications from the UN and all delegates office outside the UN.“ Here Noah appreciated this help. ”I am headed to the compound and will be sure to thank him for the help and use of his staff.“ I wanted him to settle in and get comfortable. ”Enjoy some relaxation tonight and lets talk tomorrow morning.“ Noah was ready for some down time. ”I will do that and will talk to you in the morning.“

The whole range of the issues right now came to watching the governments as they were going to try us. I knew that and felt we were ready. The hard part was yet to come. Most had felt getting the countries to agree was going to be the hard step. But keeping them in line was going to be the one I worried about. This was going to be like herding ducks for the first few years. Once they saw this would work and everyone benefited much of the problems would stop.

Chapter 13

Birth of the Five Worlds Life was going to be different as today was the move to the government city. There was going to be a small party at the counsel chambers in the main office building. The city was fully lighted and all quarters were complete. The ranch was ready for Faith to move the furniture into and she was busy with directing that. My office, distribution and the purchasing facilities were also being moved. James, Edgar and Abel were moving their areas and by evening everyone would be exhausted. So dinner together would be a way to relax. The offices would be moving all night long, as everyone was moving, except Jenny and Sonny for now was going to stay on Earth. The School was ready and the children would be moving it for the next two days. After the day was over and all moved into the counsel chamber they were all excited. The food had been placed on tables for a buffet setting. It was a beautiful layout of food with deserts and the kitchen had gone all out on this day. Faith looked beautiful as ever and not one hair was out of place when she showed up. She hugged John who looked like he had been in a war. “How in the world have you managed to look so good,” I asked. “I took a shower and changed clothes before coming.” As all sat down Abel got up and gained everyone’s attention. “I have been appointed by all of this group to announce the naming of this city. We had three-second choice names and one first choice name. Everyone had the same name as their number one choice and that covered over three thousand five hundred ballots. So it is my pleasure to name this city Johnstown.” The applause was loud all over the room. I got up and waited for the noise to die down. “I thank all of you for the honor of the naming the city for me. I did not vote on this, as it is your city not mine to name. It does humble a man to have others do something like this. We will need to name the five planets next for reference by others. So that is the next step in becoming a culture and needs to be done in the next week. So when Via sends you a ballot please get it back to her quickly.” Again the applause was loud and people seemed happy with the short remarks. Faith leaned over and hugged John and kissed his cheek. “My dear you deserve this and far more. But understand nothing that has happened was possible without you.” Vortec walked up to John and shook his hand and was smiling. “That was worth waiting for. It validates my decision about you and your abilities. Having someone who leads and allows others room to do their best is not the norm on Earth. So accept my sincere feelings of gratitude for your success.”

Here I was blushing from his remarks. “Vortec without you this could not have happened either. You have supported me when you had doubts about the actions. It has been helpful to have you balance my ideas and to find ways to reach the goals I have had. So a lot of this is to your credit.” Vortec was glad to hear these comments. “I thank you for accepting my input. But it is your vision that has brought us this far. Before you we were just balancing the world to try to maintain it. You have made a difference in it that is for the better. We will grow here now and become a strong source of human values in the universe now.” Abel came over and talked with John for a bit, as did each of the original group. Jenny and Sonny were here for the dinner and to see the naming of the city. She hugged John and thanked him for the great fun he had provided to her. Sonny was going to be her point of contact with the space people from Earth. She feared someone might know her face and be able to tie her to the group as from Earth. The dinner went well and all seemed to feel the spirit of a new beginning. There was not much left on Earth for anyone to find. The homes had been taken over by security personnel for the time being. Hope was generating new units for settlement on the five worlds. These were being handled with Abel to assure the best fit to create an economy that will work. All of these units were able to have children, so a baby boom would exist for the next few hundred years. With our current output we would be able to add thousands couples to the planets a month. Within a year we would be up to many tens of thousands a month. That was the limit that had been set for the best result. No farm would be very productive for a year while it got organized and set up. In the second year it would produce enough to pay off the first years debt and make a profit. The idea of working off Earth was one being looked forward to by all. I really wanted to spend some time on the ranch and see the lay of the land. There had been much work done since I saw it the first time. I knew the hay fields were already growing and the corn, oats, barley and sorghum were growing for feed. We had hit just at the time needed to be able to plant for the first crop. Our island never got cold and we could have two crops a year here. The weather was always going to be from seventy to eighty five degrees in the daytime and from fifty to sixty at night. So the climate was mild all year round. Sandy had stopped by to let me know she would like for me to stop by her lab at the house. She had some ideas she wanted to pass by me before sending them to the electronics companies. I agreed to do that as soon as possible. After all had talked themselves out, Faith got up and took my hand and we headed to the transport plate in the room. We were stopped several times, as we headed that direction to talk with people. But finally made it and headed home. Faith suggested I strip down and meet her on the back patio with a towel. When I got there she was already in the hot tub enjoying the water and heat.

“I assume this was your idea?” I laughed, as she had loved the one at the resort. She knew what she wanted and was going to have it. “Yes this is the one thing I decided we were going to have here. I also had a steam room built into the bathroom for you as I know you enjoy them.” To tell the truth I was addicted to hot tubs. “ You do know how to keep a man at home.” I laughed. She had also planed his office. “Well not really as you also have one in the bath in your office. Off your office there is a small bedroom and bath just in case you need to stay there late at night. But I believe we will not have many emergencies here.” I had to agree with her on that issue. “True here the world will be at a slower pace than Earth. But I will have to keep up with their actions be keep that project on track. I have good people watching over the UN and its delegates. But many decisions I will have to make, as they do not yet have the experience to do it.” “I have been looking at how we can add production here to meet our needs for the research center. By next year we will supply much of their needs food wise from here. As our small industry grows we will be supplying much of the other needs also. So the research center will become a customer for our early settlers. With three hundred people there to feed, clothe and supply furniture for it will add to our economy.” Here I wanted her to understand my goal. “Quality is the key for that area. Our quality must be better than anything on Earth.” Here she let me know she had help. “Abel and I have been discussing industries and how to put them together. There will be no large industries and many small ones. The plants will be fully robotic so our quality will be superior to any thing Earth can do. We are going to start with glass, cloth, metals and paper as the first industries. We will use no cans on the planets and all glass, metals and paper will be recycled. Cloth can be recycled at the home levels so it is not included. But we will not have trash dumps on our planets.” She had my attention. “How will you stop it?” She had been working on a recycling manual. “We have a plan for training the recycling to all. If the product cannot be recycled it cannot be made here.” I was impressed with the interest she had shown. “I have been working on the larger area of mining.” This made her wonder if it could be handled? “How are you going to handle the mined products that don’t fit recycling or items needed by Earth?”

That was the easy part of it. “We have agreements with Gorm for certain items we will not use here. All mines will have to file plans for uses of materials removed before they start operations. Our gold extraction process uses no chemicals, so it is not a problem. I expect to use the crushed rock from gem stone mining for paths and roads on farms and in shopping areas. He has need for much of these unused byproducts and has underground space for storing them. So plastics we manufacture will be exported to Earth or to Gorm. Other by products will be used or shipped to Gorm.” Here she was curious about the return currency. “What will you trade for in return?” I had cut a deal for what I wanted. “Gorm has offered gold and gemstones for his purchases and we will use our corporations on Earth to sell our products there. Then buy things we need for our world. Later as Gorm develops more than he can use of other trade goods we will modify our trade.” Here she was very happy and relaxed. ”It is so nice to have an understanding husband who supports you. I have learned a lot from our talks and know where you wish to go. My job is to keep the background working as well as possible for you. I was very proud of the fact the group named the city Johnstown for you. The fact that it was everyone’s first choice was pleasing to me. They all know what you mean to our new worlds.“ I was still reluctant to assume I had done much. ”It did make me feel good that they named the city for me. But Faith others could do what I do if they had the chance.“ Her voice became a little forceful here. ”I don’t for a minute believe that as for most the power would have gone to their heads. Very few humans can handle power without it destroying them. We are a dictatorship, but it is the most democratic dictatorship the universe has ever seen. I have never seen you not be willing to review your decision when presented with new facts. Or to make changes when the information requires it.“ I had to laugh at her interpretation. ”That my dear is just good management. You make decisions on the best data available and update with new data.“ Here she had backing also. ”It is still unique to you my dear and not to others. Abel and I have discussed your way of operating many times and he agrees with me.“ I just had to think back into history. ”Well if you look at Earths leaders you see people who have to modify their decisions to fit their party. So they sometime have to make decisions they do not agree with. Other wise they would not be reelected.“ Faith kept pushing on this issue. ”Yes but with you if it meant not being reelected and it was the right thing you would do it anyway.“ I had to give up here. ”True I am not a politician and have very clear cut beliefs in what is right and wrong.“

The tub had shutdown and she wanted to get out and go into the house. ”Lets go in and shower and hit the bed. I am really tired tonight and I know you are.“ They headed into their new home and got ready for sleep. I got up the next morning and went out a saddled my horse and started riding the ranch. After thirty minutes Faith caught up with me and we rode much of the land. The fences were on the outside edges of the ranch and land was set aside for hay and grain production. The center area of the ranch had fifteen pastures to rotate the horses in so grass was always good for grazing. These were also blocked off with laser fence but when John rode up the fence opened a gate for him to go through. So any rider would have access to all pastures without getting off the horse. The mountain at the back of the property was beautiful. There was a trail to follow up the mountain and there were natural vistas to see over the ranch. This was really a beautiful setting and would be a good life. She was thinking how to handle this. ”John I need to tell you something.“ I was looking over the ranch and just enjoying the view. ”Yes love what would that be?“ She just blurted it out. ”We are going to have a child in eight more months.“ That stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked around and got off the horse and lifted Faith down. I held her and kissed her. ”My dear that is a wonderful piece of news. But I do hope the child takes after its mother, as she is the most beautiful lady in our world.“ ”We are going to have a daughter and that is why I was late catching up with you. The medical department on Earth had run the tests and wanted to double-check it. So it took a little longer to get out of the house. They will deliver her by C section in eight months time.“ That seemed odd to know it now? ”Why a C section?“ She had the answer for the question. ”It does the least damage to my body and that is their recommendation. They said our technology would repair any damage done this way.“ Well different world different ways. ”So be it as I am no doctor.“ ”I have to go to the medical facility today to have tests run and get the supplements I need for the pregnancy. I will have a skin treatment once a month to keep this from damaging my skin with stretch marks and the likes. So once the child is born I will be back to normal within thirty days. Having a child in our new world will be a little different from Earth. It will not age or change the woman’s body after birth.“ This was going to be a new experience all over. ”I will learn first hand about the experience with you my love.“

Here she wanted to share some discussion. ”We will need to come up with a name for our baby. So be thinking about that and we will discuss it.“ I hated to break off the moment. ”As much as I would love to spend the rest of the day out here with you I have to get back and go to work. It is almost eight AM on Earth and I need to talk with Noah about the UN. “ They headed back to the stable and unsaddled their horses. Taking time to wipe them down and feed them before they left for the house. John hit the shower and dressed and headed to the office. Here he went directly to his office. He arrived before nine AM Earth time. ”Good morning John.“ Hope said. ”Good morning Hope how is all on the station today?“ Hope was in high spirits. ”We are all celebrating that Faith and you are the first father and mother on the new worlds. You both are seen as our father and mother but now you will have your own child also.“ I wanted to keep this down to size. ”Thank you and be sure all know I thank them for their good wishes. Faith told me while we were riding the new ranch. So it makes today a special one for us.“ Hope decided to push a little here. ”It is the first day of our year and fits into a new start. So if you have no objection I will add this event into our calendar. Each special event will be noted for the day it happens on so people build up a history of our worlds. But just so you know it is also the shortest day of our year light wise.“ Having the first day of the calendar the first full day man lived here was a good idea. ”I have no objection at all Hope. I would like to have a calendar of our world’s days on my screen so I can get used to it. I don’t know how many days or months we will have on our calendar.“ ”We have fourteen months of thirty day periods. Days are twenty-five Earth hours here. So on each screen the time and date will show. There will be a calendar also for each screen. But an interesting fact for you, even as the days are longer and there are more days in a year, you will still live for between eight and nine hundred years.“ That seemed odd to me. ”How is that possible?“ ”You do not have the viruses that Earth has and the air is better here than on Earth. So the years were calculated for Earth and improve here. That is just a bonus for all of you.“

This needed to be protected. ”Please let everyone in the group know this and be sure we do not import any of the bad viruses from Earth.“ ”I have been scanning everyone who has come to Johnstown and we are alright. Being in the valley as long as we were stopped most health problems for the group. You have a connection with Noah coming in. So I will go.“ Noah was his normal smiling self. ”Good morning boss how was the first night in Johnstown?“ I really liked this young man. ”Very nice Noah and the ranch is beautiful. You will need to come and ride it with me when you can.“ Here he wants me to know of his interest. ”I would enjoy that as I was spoiled with the riding in the valley. We used Abel’s horses and used to ride every day. I received a call from Hammed and all have joined the UN on this project. He would like to talk with you as soon as possible.“ It would be better here than there. ”Please send him to my office here when you can. We can talk freely here and I would like for him to see the city. On the item of riding be sure you use the valley and the horses that were left there freely.“ ”Thank you I will do that. Now you can expect him in your office in fifteen minutes.“ Here I wanted him in the loop. ”You can monitor the conversation from there. I will not close your feed off.“ ”Thank you it would be helpful to know where he is headed.“ John took time to stand on the balcony and look over the city. He was so pleased with not working in a hole in the ground and loved having the natural light during the day. The city looked magnificent and the parks and streets were so clean. They were a few electric cars running in the streets and people walking in the parks. He wanted Hammed to see this city and know what the new planets could be. As he looked at the view he heard the arrival on the transport plate and tuned. It was nice to have him here. ”Hammed I am glad to see you.“ Here Hammed looked a little taken back. ”John this is a beautiful office. I did not remember it this way.“ Smiling back at the comment I said. ”That was because you were in another one not in our governing city.“ This seemed to surprise him. ”What is this city?“

I knew he was going to assume the wrong thing. ”It is Johnstown and it is the seat of government for the five planets. Come over and look out at the city.“ He smiled as he felt he had found John’s vanity. ”I see you named it after yourself?“ I did not want him to think I would ever name it for me. ”No my people named it and I had no part of giving it a name.“ This seemed to bring understanding to him. ”I am not shocked at their feeling for you. But this view is incredible. What a beautiful city. I see your electric vehicles and the parks are so well kept. The streets are wide and buildings well spaced to allow views. I don’t see one traffic light, which is nice. Who ever did your planning did a great job.“ Once again someone else deserved the credit. ”Vortec planned the city and yes he did a great job. Now what can I do to help you?“ They walked over to a set of chairs, couch and a coffee table. John took a chair and Hammed took a seat on the couch. ”Would you like some coffee and may be a roll?“ ”That would be nice.“ It appeared on the coffee table immediately. Both filled a cup of coffee and took a Danish and sat back. Here Hammed wanted me in on all the events. ”We are going to have a problem with control of the city of Atlantis and the new worlds. I have the feeling that the powerful countries are trying to hold things up until they figure out how to take over.“ I was sure this was the case, but wanted his take on this. ”What gives you that feeling?“ Hammed was disturbed with the events so far. ”I have had several small countries come to me and report that they have been offered help if they will give up their places in Atlantis and on the spacecraft. A powerful country always makes the offer. They do not know what to do as they need the help.“ This was easy to handle. ”We will supply any need they have that others offer them. Come with me and I will show you something.“ They walked down the hall outside John’s office. At the end of the hall John placed his hand on a plate on the wall. The door opened and lights came on. They were looking into a vault that was a good fifty feet by fifty feet. It was filled floor to ceiling with gold bars and they went up 20 feet high. As they walked in, to the side there were bins filled with rough precious stones. There was hundreds of trillions of dollars in this vault.

Hammed was taken back completely. ”Oh my I have never seen this much wealth in one place before.“ I had to make sure he knew this was just a small part of the wealth. ”This is just what we keep here. We have ten times this in our treasury here in this city. So our ability to offer the help needed is not a problem. Our wealth is beyond any the Earth has every seen. What you see just here would easily pay off the debt of every nation on Earth.“ Here Hammed was assured of the help he needed. ”I can see that and will advise the small countries of what I have seen. But this much gold and gemstones would destroy the markets on Earth for these.“ I had to smile at this comment. ”Yes it would and who would be hurt the most?“ Now it dawned on him as to how this could be leveraged. ”The large powerful countries.“ Here the ”Golden Rule“ applied I had the gold and I would make the rules. ”So be it on their heads if they keep trying this type of thing. Make an announcement to all of the UN delegates that if the powers keep trying to buy poor countries places we will flood Earth with this wealth and support the small countries. A few digital pictures will be on your computer when you get back.“ He now had the needed ammunition for this battle. ”If gold and gemstones are worth nothing then the powers economy will be hurt for years to come. The gold in Fort Knox would cost more to guard that it would be worth. The stock market would drop like a rock.“ Here was the way power should be exerted. ”True and I am sure they do not wish to hurt their economy, as it is just coming back. So I will call the President and advise him of your plan if this goes forward. Then suggest he call other leaders to let them know your response.“ I did not want one man only knowing this fact. ”No here you will simply announce our intent and why we are considering doing this. That if world leaders wish to destroy the economy by their greed we will oblige them. Hope has supplied you pictures of our vaults, so they will know this is true.“ Here Hammed was more of the diplomat. ”But that will cause panic in the major countries?“ I had to teach him that there was a time for fear to pressure elected officials. ”Yes, but it leaves you in a position of strength and not going to the world powers. It is time they learn to come to you and not you to them. The UN will become the largest government on Earth with its lands on the two worlds. Your resources are far greater than any country on Earth. So it is time for the powerful countries to recognize this fact.“

Here he was reluctant to do this. ”But I have no desire to rub their noses in this fact.“ I had to push a little harder. ”You are not doing that, you are just responding to their ignorance. They do not own Atlantis or the two worlds. What has been given can be taken away if cooperation does not exist. We now have transport plates on each of the two worlds. There are electric vehicles there for use by the crews exploring those worlds. You have enough transportation for one hundred people at each world. There is a central building for planning and sleeping. It has food, power and computers there for you. So who is the power on those two worlds? For sure it is not the USA, Russia, EU or China. It is only at the UN’s disposal and cannot be used by any other group. We will clear who can and cannot go to each world and Atlantis until the UN can learn to control it all.“ Here he could see a back door for him. ”They must have a pass card from your security office to travel. So it is easy for you to control that.“ I wanted him to know that our checks would be complete. ”Yes and it takes you off the hook with any government. We will publish any background on anyone rejected, so all the UN can see the reason. Make sure each country knows that it will happen. It is best they do not try to send military or intelligence personnel. They will be rejected and their history published for all to see.“ Here he was relived. ”I will send a memo out today and announce your position on the actions of the powerful countries. Interviews will be given to the press and your pictures shown. I am sure I will receive some calls about it from leaders who are unhappy.“ Well I was not happy either. ”Well I am unhappy with them, as they show nothing but greed. To me they are no more important than the smallest country. If they continue to try my patience I will end their participation and move to Switzerland. If that becomes necessary would you be willing to resign and work for us?“ He did not hesitate at all. ”Yes at a moments notice.“ I wanted him to know he could have a better job and still accomplish his goals for Earth. ”You will have a job in making Earth a better place no matter how this works out. I have a request of you. Would you mind having a medical scan to assure your health and life span?“ He had not had a medical check for over a year. ”No I really would not mind at all.“ They stepped on the plate and went to the medical department in Johnstown. The doctor greeted Hammed and led him to the table for scanning. The scan took just two minutes and he was given a shot. This seemed to worry him. ”What was the shot for? Do I have some medical problem I did not know of?“

Here I had decided to protect this man. ”No but I wanted you to have our life span. So you will find that you will get younger rather than age now. This way when you tire of the UN you can still work for us or can keep the Earth project on track for many years. You will out live every leader on Earth over the next eight hundred years. I will give you a personal force field unit so you’re protected outside the UN also.“ He was shocked at how fast this process was. ”I thank you for the life span and the protection. I am sure it will be needed for I will not be popular with many powerful people. But how do I protect myself in my own home?“ This I had allowed Noah to cover for me. ”You don’t, as I have it already taken care of. You will go from the UN to your home by transport plate, so you’re not vulnerable to attack on the streets. You will find an electric vehicle for your use in the garage and it will only respond to you. It will provide full protection if traveling in the city from any type threat.“ He was concerned with this. ”I appreciate the concern and the support. But I fear that I will be seen as a puppet of your worlds. That could cause some concerns among other nations.“ It all would depend on the spin placed on these issues. ”True it could unless you announce it first to all nations that we have offered this protection due to actions taken by some countries. That no one from our worlds has been assigned to your personal security. We have just offered you a transport plate for travel to your home and office and an electric car for you to see how people will be transported on the new worlds. So anything then tossed up becomes sour grapes.“ Here was the right approach. ”You know what spin is John. Yes I can deflect much heat this way and only the countries that are pressing for a larger advantage will say anything. But how do I explain my home being protected by your technology?“ This did not need to be brought up unless something happened. ”You don’t and no one will know unless they try to break into it. Then I don’t think they will say anything, as they would have to explain how they know this?“ Hammed was laughing and shaking his head. ”You really are a good politician even if your don’t like the word. The nice thing is you prefer to lay your cards out on the table and let the world see them. No deception in just telling it like it is.“ Here he needed to know my concerns. ”My major concerns are the Presidents ability to rein in his people. I do not believe he knows a lot about his CIA, NSA and military intelligence operations?“ Here Hammed wanted me to know of his actions. ”I sent him some of the data you provided me and he was livid. He had no idea of who made the decisions on the attack or

that anyone was moving against you? That says a lot about who is really in control of the United States. I am sure it will take some time for him to put a stop to these actions.“ The major concern was the US in New York. ”In the USA where the UN is located I worry more about his people than any others. No other country can operate as openly as his own. The thought of Russia, the EU or China being able to move against you is a real stretch of the mind. They could try to contract it out to someone but I would have the answer before they did. So only the USA is of major concern right now. I know every agent these countries have in the UN and none have experience in the black side of operations.“ Here he wanted to know more. ”So you do know more about the UN than just who serves there?“ I wanted him to know I had all the information on the people. ”Yes I have the data on every one from every country serving at the UN or their mission staffs off site. Each person to use Atlantis will be checked out before they get clearance and I will publish the whole file on each military person or agent they try to place. There is no reason for any weapons, as we will supply everything needed by the crews. Including what they need to protect them.“ He needed to know how tight this would be. ”Is there any way for someone to carry any explosive or other weapon to Atlantis?“ I had closed every door I could here. ”No as everyone or item will be scanned to check for all chemicals before transport. If any thing shows up they will not be moved until it has been cleared up by security. That includes drugs, poisons, objects inside the person and or on pictures they may carry.“ He was concerned about the medical problems. ”How will you handle medications?“ I did not want anyone being ill or having any medical problems in Atlantis. ”We will supply them at the other end at no charge. On the paperwork you fill out medical conditions and drugs taken are required on it. That data is input on their card for reading by the computer.“ Hammed was impressed with the control. ”It is a pretty closed loop that I cannot see how it can be breached.“ I had faith someone would try it. ”They will try to find a way to do it I assure you. That is why we wish for now to maintain control of the transport plate to Atlantis. We will have to go through this once more when your people take over the security at the plate.“ Here Hammed was ready to handle the problem. ”I had better get back and put out the word on the transport plate and electric vehicle. It is possible I may spin this even a little more just so you know.“

I wanted him to feel he could come here as he wished. ”Fine and remember your welcome here any time. I am happy to sit with you and discuss any thing you have on your mind. Also at some point you must come for a weekend at my ranch. No business just the pleasure of enjoying nature. We will call it a planning meeting and in a few weeks after that bring all the delegates to our resort for a briefing of progress with this project. It will cost none of them anything, so other than not having any drinking they can enjoy the sun, sand, horses, tennis, a spa, hiking trails and great food.“ Here was another item to offer the delegates. ”That can be worked out and I am sure the delegates will look forward to it. If it is all right with you I would like to advise them of a future planning meeting with you and the conference at the resort on your world. Can they bring their wives or husbands?“ Here we could do more to sell our way of life than on Earth. ”Of course we want them to enjoy themselves. We will workout some things for the wives or husbands to do while the delegates are in meetings. We could also provide short space flights for those interested?“ He was energized and ready to fight the problems he had. ”I am sure no one at the UN would miss that chance. I will let Noah know how this goes with my announcement. I am sure he also will pick up things I need to know. So until next time John, I will look forward to seeing the ranch.“ Hammed was gone and the room felt different now. Some how the energy had slipped away with his leaving. That was a surprise to me. Now I knew how Hammed held the UN together. His personality had the ability to draw others into the energy created by him. This was rare in most leaders, as they tended not to be able to maintain that drawing power. Politicians seem to live on image more than dynamics of their personalities. ”John I need a few moments of your time.“ Jenny walked into the office and seemed concerned about something. ”What can I do for you today?“ She seemed stressed for some reason? ”I now have far more spacecraft than we need or can use. There are five older ships at Atlantis, ten on the five worlds, sixteen now on Earth in the control room hangers and more coming each day. Gorm wants no more for his use and I don’t know what to do with more craft?“ I could handle this with ease. ”For now I want a hanger facility placed at the resort with two ships. The balance can be converted into space stations. I would like to have them orbiting around the two planets we are giving the UN and the one we have not. This will give us a way to observe without interfering. The rest place in orbit around the fifty planets, as you have ships, which are going through changes for possible colonization. Have Hope give you a couple to serve as observers for these craft as you need them. This way if we ever need a larger fleet they are already available. Check with Vortec, as he

also wants to use some for resorts in space with a large ring built around the craft. He called it a space wheel.“ She now had a new way to use these craft. ”That works for me! I did not think of using them for observation platforms and we could gain much data this way. We could gain a large amount of scientific knowledge on planet changes from our intervention.“ Here Jenny and Hope could handle the problem. ”Have Hope connect to each observation platform and monitor the data being fed back to her. The ships have transport plates, as we need engineering help we can move someone there to handle the work. Many planets have been modified and yet nothing is known about the process after they were started and left alone, then checked on latter. We could learn better ways to get results and what environments show the quickest results. If we end up with additional ships start searching for new planets we can use for expansion or mining if they are mineral rich.“ Jenny had no idea of the amount of planets in formation until now. ”How many planets are enough for us?“ Here she had me, as it was not yet possible to estimate. ”I cannot answer that question. I have no idea what ten thousand years from now will be required to keep the human race supplied. If our planets have populations of one billion people as a maximum, then we could need hundreds of planets in that time frame.“ Jenny had to laugh at my long-term view. ”You sure are looking at the longest view possible. I am still where I think of one hundred years as a long time.“ Today it was not a long enough time to plan, not a year, one hundred years or one thousand year was enough. ”The course I have started could require a vast number of planets to hold humans. I know Gorm is not looking that far down the road right now. Yet he will in a few years as the population grows and economic needs expand. He is being somewhat short sighted in not taking as many ships as possible, to search for new worlds and resources. That I am sure will change in the next ten years for him.“ Here she understood my vision. ”Well now I have a plan for using the excess ships and am now short of needed spacecraft.“ This was said laughing as she saw her surplus turn into a shortage. ”The problem now is we do not have enough ships to fill the needs. Some way every time you solve a problem of mine it turns into additional needs?“ She needed to look down the road herself at times. ”That is life on the fast track for you. I have to keep asking myself if I have enough plans for the future of man?“ She was now in an action mode. ”If you are looking down the road that far I assure you that your planning is good. Now I need to get back and come up with where we are going to get the other spacecraft we need. The robot fleet only has less than fifty left we have to find. They are no longer a factor as far as attacking Gorm or us. The last ships we received were the command ships so there is no leadership for the others now.“

It had been hard to believe she had found all she did. ”I am sure you will find them, you have done a good job with the majority of the fleet. They may take a few years to round up the last ships, but I expect you will get them. How many robots have we reprogrammed?“ She was into storing our resources also. ”Those I have had Vortec to advise me on how to use them. But we have over fifty thousand stored for future use on the five worlds for labor. All are reprogrammed and now just waiting activation. You have three working your ranch now and we have at least one on each of the groups farms.“ We could use these many ways and some now. ”That is a good use of the robots we have now. Be sure to replace the staffs at the resort with robots and allow the units to marry and claim land for themselves. I also would like to have some at the base camps on both the worlds we are giving Earth.“ Here she was happy to have a direction. ”Vortec was going to discuss that with you, but you beat him to the punch. I will let him know and get everything operational for the orbiting stations. Thanks for the time and solution to the problem. It is much easier to have a plan and goal.“ I headed down to the sidewalk café for lunch and Faith joined me. She was thrilled with the new office space and being able to see the sun and have fresh air to breath. She was truly enjoying the move to Johnstown and the ranch was becoming a passion for her. She was spending time creating a breeding program to assure getting the best results in the foals. The expectations were we would have more orders for horses than our ability to supply. Everyone would want a horse raised on John’s ranch, as it would be a status symbol. Gorm had already requested a breeding pair for himself. Here she was now instructing me. ”I spent the morning with Slim and he is teaching two Robots to break our horses for riding. Their job will be handling the breeding program and breaking the stock before sale. We now have ten stallions and one hundred and sixtytwo breeding mares. I want to get that to two hundred mares and stop. We should have an eighty-five percent success rate at worst. No animal sold will be less than 3 years old and well broken.“ I decided to see how far she had looked down the road. ”Sounds good and how much income do you think will be generated?“ She was pleased she had an answer. ”In Earth dollars we should turn around a one and one half-million a year. Our stock needs to be well priced, but not so high it will not sell quickly for now. That will change as more people come and land is developed. We will have other breeders and our stock will be the most expensive then, so it will drive many to the others.“

Here I was going to let her handle this issue. ”Just keep the pricing fair and the quality high and I am happy.“ She seemed pleased with her knowledge. ”The stallions are all AQHA champions from Earth and many of the mares are from top studs and proven producers.“ Here I was going to let her take over for us. ”Dear I love to ride and have breed horses before for profit. But with the job I have now I must depend on your skills. One day I will enjoy retiring to the ranch and being involved in its day-to-day operations. But for now the future of the human race is my main concern.“ She was pleased that I was letting her have control here. ”I understand that and am enjoying the learning. One day I may understand these animals the way you do. At least I hope that comes to me.“ I wanted to encourage her. ”It will if you keep observing them and understand it is like dealing with a child. They have the brain of an eight to twelve year old child. They are playful and often do things where people can be hurt if not watchful. They don’t mean to hurt anyone they just react to events around them.“ She was trying to be very observant. ”I am starting to see that side and may be it will help me understand our child in the early years. There is a communications problem with each in the early years.“ I decide to give her my take on this. ”They both respond to love, fear, pain or discomfort and that is the keys to both. Neither responds to anger or force well. Given the right inputs they will follow you wherever you wish to go.“ Here she could see the connection. ”Your dealing with the instincts of both the horse and the child. Communications is all non verbal at first and verbal and touch both later.“ Here were the vocal beliefs I had. ”Right and many people just don’t seem to get the fact of touch and a soft word having authority. My belief is if you lower your voice you tend to get the attention much better. Most people raise the voice and it causes reactions that are negative. But in touch it passes the feeling of security.“ Here she liked this way John had with others. ”I have watched you dealing with people and have heard you lower your voice with a person. It did get their attention and without emotion it transmitted disapproval. So I understand how you do that and will adopt that type approach. It was a far better way to deal with others than yelling or anger.“ My management type used different tools than many. ”I am not one who enjoys conflict with others. It serves no real purpose and tends to slow down solutions. People have to lick wounds and some of them may never heal. If you keep conflict out of the whole thing there are no wounds and nothing has to heal. You can challenge a persons ideas with out attacking them. It is simple questions like “have you looked at this”, or “what

made you feel that way?” those type of question do not attack their premise. It simply asks if other things were also looked at?“ She smiled and enjoyed his willingness to share with her. ”You tend to ask those kinds of questions in meetings and of me at home. All it says to me is your assuring yourself that bases you felt were critical are covered.“ She needed to know this was a learning tool. ”Faith there are not many decisions that can not be changed if new data comes into your hands. I just want to know that people have looked at all the data before taking any action. Most of our people will make ninety-five out of one hundred decisions right. That is a great average for any sport and is also good for any business. We all make mistakes. But if we use them a lessons we gain far more than we loose.“ She was ready to get back to work now. ”A reasonable way to look at that. I have to go back to work so I can go home a little early today. I have a couple new mares coming in and I want to look them over before putting them out to pasture. They have both been breed to good stallions and should have nice foals. Having Slim look at them before we buy is a real help. He has rejected many more than we have purchased due to bad points he saw. He grades each horse and if they are not in the top ten percent he rejects them. This has required him to look at many to find one that fit our needs.“ I was not ready to go to the office yet. ”He does have a good eye for horses. So back to work with you. I am going to walk in the park and digest this food.“ The park was green and flowers were along the paths. Gentle breezes blew through the trees and the light was muted due to them. The grass was cut to perfection and the bridges over streams were of rock and looked old. The park covered over two hundred acres of land. There were tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball diamond, basketball courts and jogging trails built into it. The paths were all concrete and had been colored with exposed aggregate. It created a soft warm look as you walked them. Much of the exposed aggregate was from other worlds and the colors were unique. There were blues, greens, reds and all shades in the brown range. The look was different from any John had seen before, but very attractive. He passed young men and women walking together and enjoyed seeing this. He knew that soon he would see children in the playgrounds and hear the sound of their happy voices. A young man and woman stopped me as I walked. ”John I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful park and city. We are working for James and enjoying the start of our new culture.“ They need to know it was not me, but others who created this. ”It is all I had hoped for and Vortec did a fantastic job with the city. Sandy planned the parks with Alpha and recreation areas. But it was his design and her ideas that have made it come to life.“

The young lady spoke up. ”It may have been his design and her ideas, but yet I see your touch all over this. You are the person we look to emulate and that means we must ask ourselves how you would do this job? So even when we do something your inputs are in the result.“ That made me smile, as that is what I felt good management was about. ”Thank you for the credit, but they are still your decisions. What you have to understand is it is all right to accept the credit for decisions. Just because you use others to verify your feelings does not mean it becomes their idea. We have built a framework for our culture to operate within. But the decisions are the peoples not the groups. Be proud of your accomplishments as they really are your own.“ The young lady blushed and looked back at John. ”I have heard from James the same explanation. It is just so hard for us to understand it.“ James was handling his people right. ”Let me put it this way for you. You are humans and we all have free choice. That means we can make good or bad decisions or find unique ways to do things. That means we each must take both the responsibility for those decisions that succeed or the failure of them. You cannot defer responsibility by saying that is how John would have done this. If the decision you make is good it is to your credit and if bad you must take responsibility also. Bad decisions are great learning tools when they are made. I have learned much the hard way in life by bad decisions.“ This raised her eyebrows. ”It is hard to understand your making a bad decision.“ Here she needed to know I was human and not superman. ”Young lady I am not a God and I am human. So yes I do make bad decisions. It is being ready with a plan “B” to be able to recover that makes the difference for me. I am always ready to shift gears if things are not going exactly as planned. But I also listen to others and their ideas in forming my own.“ The young man was smiling. ”John I appreciate your honesty with us. This is a conversation if you approve I would like to pass on to others?“ I agreed that others needed to know I did make mistakes. ”By all means feel free to discuss this with anyone. Our people must grow to create our new culture. That will I assure you cause some bad decisions. But nothing that cannot be over come and will not make us all stronger.“ Here the young man admitted his concerns. ”The greatest fear we all have is making a bad decision.“ ”One thing to remember is making no decision is a bad one. If the person allows events to make the decision, it most times will be wrong. So failure to make a decision is a decision for which we must also take the heat. So for you it is better to make the decision and be wrong but have a plan “B”, than not to make one at all.“

He enjoyed my way of looking at decision making. ”That is something many do not understand. I will be sure that others know how you see non decisions.“ I wanted to open myself to the young people of our worlds. ”You both know where my office is and are welcome anytime you wish to discuss questions. It is open to anyone on our five worlds. I will if asked come and sit down with any group and discuss concerns and ideas. I see myself as a servant to the people here. My job is to create a safe and enjoyable world to live in. It is not to be distant, all knowing or king of these worlds.“ The young lady looked shocked and the young man energized. He was smiling and his determination was showing. ”Thank you for the honesty and please know you’re still our hero. You have taken a position, which most humans could not. One of power without abusing it.“ It was time to let them go back to work. ”Thank you, be sure to tell James hello for me.“ John walked on down the path and turned over his feelings of the conversation. He hoped it was widely reported and people understood his beliefs. One thing that was going to be needed here was a digital newspaper for in depth stories. It could be recorded and played off the monitors everyone had. Just not sound bites that seem to be Earth’s idea of news. Any item reported need to be in depth looking at many sides. My return to the office brought Hope into the room. ”John I heard your conversation with the two young people and enjoyed your comments to them.“ I had to smile, as Hope was everyplace. ”Thank you dear and I hope I got across my feelings. But I want a digital newspaper and I want in depth stories offered to all. Not opinion here but interviews, which we show in video format with full questions and answers. We will require reporters on every planet and moving between stations. I am not looking for conflict or opinions from those reporting. I want information that allows others to make their minds up.“ ”I will have it set in a few days and operational. In doing this I would like to have a group of new units in a town meeting with you once a week. Then show the whole meeting on the live channel, and offer reruns on request on the news channel.“ Here the mechanics were unimportant to me. ”Just set it up and I agree to do whatever shows are needed. We can use the counsel chamber down below for the town meetings. It is already set up for live feeds.“ Here Hope was laughing. ”Done, and you need to know your meeting is running with email all over the city. You seem to have really made an impression on the young people.“ I wanted Hope to also carry my message. ”Good I want the word out and they were the first chance I had to do that. My fear Hope is that people will try to do things as I do and

that will not work for them. They need to become their own person and not a mirror of what they think I am.“ Hope got the message and was reacting. ”I understand that and will program so that people are sure to understand they must develop their own ways of doing things. But that these decisions must fit within the structure of our laws and principles.“ I saw the way people needed to be able to challenge the system. ”We must have independent thinking people to grow and become stronger. If someone feels a law is unfair then they must go through the courts to try to correct it. Breaking the law is not acceptable, as a method of change. They have the right to request a vote on issues by all our citizens and can use this to also create change. But both sides of any change must be debated, so all can see and hear both sides before voting on it. If any issue does damage to the majority I reserve the right to step in and change that decision. Any change made by me can be appealed to the courts for determining if I used reasonable judgment in making the change.“ Hope here was concerned. ”That opens up a way to challenge your authority John.“ I expected from time to time to be challenged. ”Yes, as it should be if I cannot support my decision to the majority of our people.“ Here her programming was getting in the way. ”But you have the right to make every final decision on our worlds?“ Here she needed to understand what I told the young people. ”I will make them, but they must have a way to get a second opinion on it. I am human and I do make mistakes. So who is to say there will not be some decisions I make that could not be wrong?“ ”It is just hard for me and I am sure Vortec to see anyone challenge your decisions?“ I wanted her to know I was OK with this. ”I am fine with it and am not worried. Be assured I will not make any decision I do not have good grounds for, if it changes current law or changes lives. But if you will look back into Earths history, personality cults have done more damage than good.“ ”OK I will accept that as fact. But it is still hard for me to allow this.“ We needed to have any dissension out in the open. ”Just have faith in my decision making powers and understanding of human nature. People must have ways to protest and if we do not provide one, they will create it, as an underground action. If we keep it out in the open it will not be a problem.“ ”That makes sense and I can understand it. I can see your looking a good ways down the road now.“

I believed in the future as the past was already spent. ”We must always look to the future as the present will take care of itself. There also must be ways for people to fight the system openly. They may not win, but they will have an open forum to state their opinions before all. If they take any other route they open themselves up to criminal charges. The law cuts both ways in that you use the system or accept that you’re breaking the law.“ Hope was thinking this issue out. ”It does keep a balance and yet open discussion among all people. The court being the final decision maker in all of this makes reasonable sense, as Abel will follow the laws. It allows him to send a decision back to you for reconsideration if he believes there was error.“ I knew I was walking a fine line for our model. ”We want to have a democratic balance to our system Hope. But there are problems with even that form of government. It opens you up to fractions controlling policy. Of small and vocal groups getting advantages over the majority. Here everyone is exactly equal and no one gets any advantage over another. There are no poor and no vastly rich. Our people will live at the same level of income as the rich do on Earth.“ ”That is still something that surprises me. That you are turning over most all the wealth you have to our people.“ I could never spend what I have now let alone what Faith and I would earn from the ranch and fishing boat. ”Hope I have more than enough wealth with the ranch, horses, ship, fishing boat and food and clothing I get free. What more could anyone want in life than what I have now?“ Hope was bound to push the issue. ”But most of our people will have almost as much as you do.“ I could not live off of gold and gemstones. ”That is how it should be Hope. I have everything I need, so why should my people have less? Hopefully they will understand how well they have it in life?“ ”How are you going to be sure that is understood?“ I had my method for this. ”Via has started a course on our culture and it will be taught in our schools. Children will be brought up understanding how well we all have our needs met in life. What could have happened and what did happen in the decisions made. The units that now are settling our worlds already know this history and are not a problem. They also are amazed that they have so much. It is their children we must be sure understand this issue. They will be where the revolt comes if it ever does.“ ”Well by having no divorce laws and families being held together we should help create good bonds also. But you have set it so that children must marry to be eligible for land or a business. Is that the best way?“

”Yes single children may stay at home and help their families and have income. But once they marry they need to be supporting themselves. We cannot expect families to support married children. Our health care system will handle any medical problems and any mental problems early. Doctors here will make house calls and as much as possible people will be treated at home. “ ”How do you mean to treat mental problems?“ I was into the science side of this issue. ”We have the ability to change the brain with the nano bots and will correct any defects early. Every child will be scanned every year at school to assure proper growth and development. Any abnormal area found will be treated then.“ ”Are you sure you want to do that?“ I was only looking at the medical side of this. ”Yes, as it is the best thing for all. It will hold down crime and improve the quality of life. I am not saying we make everyone alike. Just that when we find problem areas we take action.“ ”Like what kinds of areas?“ I had areas I felt we could improve. ”I would consider ADHD, hyper-activity, depression or other areas that would cause them to be poor students or problems at home.“ ”Those things I could support. I was thinking of shaping brains for larger capacities or reducing some areas where people were overly smart.“ I had experience in this area. ”I don’t wish to hold people down who are smart, as we need them. But I would have been a better student and done better in school if my hyperactivity had been treated more than was done. That caused me many problems in my early years. I did not really outgrow it until I was in my thirties.“ ”That would be hard to understand with you? Your IQ and thought process is so very good.“ I knew what this type problem could do to a human. ”It just meant I had to work harder to reach my goals later in life. Had I not had the hyper-activity during school I might have gone further in life than I did on Earth? I was always behind the curve and always fighting to catch up. It made for a much harder life for me, as I saw people I worked for with far less ability than I had. But they had started their climb before me.“ ”Well I understand the reasoning now for your concern. I am sure that your problem would not happen in our worlds. But better to have those children ready earlier in the system.“ Hope then dissolved from the room.

The day over all had been a good one. A few things straightened out here with our people and some progress made with the UN. This reminded me of a book I once read call ”Baby Steps“ that discussed how change happened in our lives. I had purchased several copies and given them to friends, as it was a most reasonable way to move forward with change. Life was a series of baby steps for all of us.

Chapter 14 The Five Worlds Growth Settlement was going well and Abel was happy with the progress. Edgar was happy with the first projected numbers for the economy and was advising Abel on how to add the businesses. They were both projecting we would have a surplus food supply by the first

year. A deal had been cut with Gorm to take all surpluses while he was rebuilding. In return he would supply raw materials needed for manufacturing from the mines he had reopened off planet. He also would buy the excess electric vehicles manufactured. The rest of the needs or excesses would be sold on Earth through our corporations. This way there was no attachment to us on the products. The Earth Resources Inc. would handle the gems and jewelry and Farmers Friend Inc. would handle the meats and food. We could offer them top quality meats at less than Earth prices. The proceeds would come back to us as gold, silver or gemstones for the treasury to sell to business. Our entire credit system of exchange was backed by gold, silver and gemstones. The ability to keep trade moving was based on a credit system. One credit was about equal to one US dollar at 12 noon on the 12th December 1970 on Earth. So you might have decimals behind the credit as you could not have everything at a onecredit level. Each farm, business and manufacturer would be allowed an over draft of five hundred thousand credits in their first three years. But at the end of the fifth year it must be paid off. The fishing industry would be one that would generate incomes quickly. Everything they caught today was packaged today. Fish were automatically processed and packaged while they were still fishing. They then either were frozen or packaged fresh and shipped each hour to the central distribution center. There were distribution centers for all products and that was an industry itself. The fish would be used here first, sent to Gorm second and the excess sent to Farmers Friend. With zero cost for fuel or personnel our real cost for fish was low. This was going to be true of all production. So we have set pricing for all products exported to Earth standards. We have a board to over see pricing and their job is to monitor Earth’s pricing changes and adjust ours. There will be no low cost clothing manufactured here. Because of this the pricing will reflect the better lines of Earths markets. Quality is the one thing that has been demanded in all businesses. But even for that many discount stores were going to carry some lines of clothing. The distribution centers were run by robots and owned by the government. This was one way to support the cost of running without a tax system. The government got one percent for products staying on the five worlds, two percent for products going to Gorm and five percent for products going to the Earth. The reason for the larger fee for Earth was the higher profit return. As no jobs in government were paid positions the costs were for up keep of the city, courts and growth as time required it. This also funded new buildings for the schools on each world and courts, as a construction business took off. Any construction in Johnstown would be done with our own robot machines. Our spacecraft are government owned and build, but we had to buy raw materials and parts. Each working member of government did have a farm or business for income. Of course like farms or businesses for the group they were robot run for now. But a government job only required ten years of service to fill the obligation. Then they would move into a normal life unless they wished to stay and accept more responsibilities. There was still no pay for the job, but their income from their own farms and businesses would be more

than enough to live well. Only the best and brightest were tapped for a government job. It also prepared them for serving on local councils and possibly the courts. The whole of the system was pulling itself together. Government was starting to show its best efforts. Our ability to stay ahead of Earth’s best efforts was something to enjoy. Intelligence was becoming so good that estimates were always on target. We knew what governments were going to do before they took an action and often were able to deflect these actions. The light was blinking on John’s communications board. “Yes, what can I do for you James?” James had a serious look on his face. “We have had the first try on the Secretary Generals life.” Here was one I had expected. “What happened and when?” James was glad the vehicle had been provided. “He was thankfully driving the electric car into the UN. A sniper took three shots at his vehicle and of course the force field stopped the bullets. This was at eight this morning.” Now for the hunt that had to happen. “I am glad he was in the vehicle for his protection. Do we have any idea of who did it?” James had all the information. “Yes we have pictures of the sniper and have identified him as an contract agent of the CIA.” I was ready to act on this. “Send it to all the news media with the pictures.” James seemed concerned. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I decided that I needed Hammed’s input. “Hold just a minute and let me get Hammed on this line also.” The lines connected and Hammed face came on screen. “Hammed we have the pictures of the sniper and he is a CIA contract agent. I want to release the photos to the media and James does not. What are your feelings?” You could see Hammed was shook. “I would like to make one call first and then answer that question.” I could live with that request. “OK make the call.” “You both may listen in, so you know the conversation.” Here Hammed opened up softly. “Mr. President I have a little problem for you.”

The President seemed disturbed at Hammed’s call. “What is that sir?” “You heard about the attempt on my life this morning?” Now his attention was gotten. “Yes, I was shocked and could not believe it happened in New York.” Hammed very quickly busted his bubble. “Well you need to know that the sniper was caught with a camera and has been identified as a CIA contract agent. John has called and is angry and has said he wants to release the pictures and agents information to the media.” Now you could see and hear panic. “Oh God he can’t do that!” Hammed decided to push some. “Yes he most certainly can sir. He has said he is tired of your inability to control your own people. That any leader who either has this happen without their knowledge is a fool or involved up to their necks. So it is time for the rest of the world to know.” “I did not know and yes I should have. I have been a fool to trust my people at the CIA. If you will supply me with the name and information I will hold a public trial for them and anyone connected. The FBI will run the investigation and I would allow one of the UN security officers to follow the FBI team and sit in on every conference.” “John does that sound reasonable to you?” Hammed asked. Here I was willing to play the game. “Yes, the information is on the president computer on his desk now. We will supply much better pictures to the FBI when requested. They need to start with the Deputy Director of Operations at the CIA. You might also want to look at a list of bank accounts I have had sent to you, as he has wealth that did not come from the job he has. It is also possible he was working for another government?” The President did not expect this to get worst yet it had. “What are you saying John?” I did not want to play around with this. “Very simply he has sold the CIA data to others and has taken work for corporations with CIA agents.” You could see the President just shrink into his chair. “This is going to destroy any chance I have of being reelected.” I gave him a lifeline. “Not really as this guy was hired for this job by your predecessor. He had a bad record even before being moved up. So you can clean up the mess he left you.” He wanted all the bad news at one time. “Is there anything else I should know?”

I wanted him to know just how little room he had. “Yes, one more bad event with the USA and no one from your country will be welcome at Atlantis or in space.” The President had made a decision and pressed forward. “Mr. Secretary General I will handle this publicly starting with arrests today by the FBI. Please have your person here at the White House by three PM today. I will address the nation tonight and will have the Director of the FBI, CIA and your representative here for that address.” Hammed made his commitment. “I will have my Security Chief there for the UN, but our head of investigation will work with the FBI.” The man was worried it could all be blamed on him. “Fine I have a lot of work to get done fast and will keep your people up to date on all actions. This will not go unpunished and I appreciate your coming to me and allowing me to clean this mess up.” The feed to the president dropped off screen. “What kind of feelings did you get from the President?” Honesty was the key here. “Hammed you have a man who is not in control of his administration. He is a political animal and not a true leader.” I could see the smile crack his face. “I came to the same conclusions as you during the conversation. He did not react until he could see his not being elected again. When you tossed him a life line he grabbed it and will I think run with it.” I really did not give him much choice. “It is his only choice and I did mean what was said about the USA being cut out of Atlantis and space.” “Thank you for the support and the safety net. I have to make arrangements for my people to get to Washington quickly.” The feed from the UN dropped of and James came back up. “John you just nailed the man who cost me my career in the CIA.” Here I knew James was enjoying this. “Yes I felt you deserved to watch the shot. I know you had tried to get others in the CIA and FBI to look at him and got no place. So I put it where it could not be over looked.” James smiled back and you could see his pleasure. “I appreciate that and will look forward to see just how far they take it.” Now to be sure our people were on the same page. “Send the information you have to our security chief at the UN. Let him handle it with theirs. There is much that needs to be clean up at the CIA and we might want to help that happen.”

Here James and I agreed totally. “It sure would not hurt. The agency was once a great and strong protector of the people of the free world. Today it has lost that ability and is failing mankind. It has become political and less of the field agent type world. They rely on communications intercepts for what people on the ground used to give them. Seeing and hearing the real story is much different than looking at a one sided communication. If I did not get data from our medical people all over the world I would not nearly be as effective for you. I also am able to sit in on meetings at times like I was there and that helps.” That was nice to hear, as it had been my goal. “So you’re getting good data from our medical clinics?” James was good at using tools when he had them. “Yes, and learning things that the governments have no idea of. I have five people reading the daily reports and filing the information for easy access. We retrieve some of this each day to resolve questions. It is an invaluable database of good sound accurate information.” “Well it is time for me to go to the school. I have an hour of reading to do.” John laughed and lifted a book up to show James. “I have my day next week. Via has gotten all of the group doing a day here and there to allow the children to get to know us.” I wanted him to know it was a pleasure not a task. “This is my second time doing this and I enjoyed it the first time.” The screen went blank and John headed for the transport plate to get to the school. His nature was to always be early and never late. Via met him in the main office and they headed to her office. “Today you get the first grade class. We have Jenny with the second grade group.” I was easy when it came to the children. “I would like to do this one outside, as it is such a beautiful day. Find me a tree I can put my back up to and I will read as long as they wish.” Via was pleased with the suggestion. “Good idea as it will get them out of the class room. With our school running year around and just short breaks between quarters we need on nice days to get the children outside.” After the hour with the children John headed back to the office. So far it had been a pretty good day. The children had been very good and seemed to enjoy his reading. But he never knew if it was who he was or they really enjoyed his reading? This brought a smile to his face. As he reached his office he could see the communication light on and reach down and hit the button.

Hammed seemed somewhat concerned. “John I am glad I caught you. Some interesting things have come to light.” He had my interest. “What is that Hammed?” “The President has sent the FBI Assistant Director to arrest the Deputy Director of the CIA. The agent was called in and also arrested. They are doing a full investigation of finances for all employees of the CIA, FBI and State Department. He called me and asked that your people do a search of financial records of all government people also. He asked that you turn them over to me and I send them to him. He does not trust anyone else’s data right now but yours.” I had to laugh at this. “He does not know that we already have a list of people in all areas of his government who have large bank accounts, some off shore, without the income to generate them. We know where insurance was paid or money inherited and they are not on the list. So how many do you want Hammed?” Hammed was surprised at this answer. “Do you have a list of UN personnel with the same problem?” That was normal in getting to know your adversary. “Yes, and for every country in the world.” Hammed did not hesitate. “How many do we have at the UN?” I had looked at the information Hope flashed on my screen. “Just sixteen on our list where we cannot account for the money they have and in all cases they are off shore or Swiss accounts. The transactions coming in were large amounts with zero going out.” Hammed was ready to clean house also. “May I have the list for the UN? It is time for us all to clean our houses.” I hated to tell him this. “I will give it to you, but the top of the list is your security chief.” Hammed dropped his head and you could see the shame he felt. “I must take care of this now John. Each person on your list will be confronted and shown the amounts of money they have. Then it is up to them explain how they got it and show proof or face arrest and trial.” I knew Hope moved this information as soon as I agreed. “The list and documents are on your computer Hammed. Now how many names and records do you want for the President?” Hammed was interested in how bad the problem was in the USA. “How many do you have?”

“In all areas of government including elected officials we have over four thousand. At the CIA, DEA and FBI only forty two.” He decided to dump the smaller list on the President. “OK send those to me and I will forward just the CIA and FBI for now. I will give the DEA to my investigative chief to hand to the President. I also will include a note on just how many you have through out all of government with this problem.” I had to enjoy this house cleaning. “It should scare the hell out of him to know just how corrupt his government is.” Hammed could feel the stress of just his problem. “The few we have hits me just that way. I could not imagine how I would deal with thousands?” Here I wanted him to accept that people were all not honest. “That is not your problem to deal with Hammed. Most of yours are people who deal with the third world and have taken what was given to them by government leaders. They allowed ministers to steal food and sell it, when it should have been freely given to the people. Also a few who bought from one company or another and was paid for the orders.” Hammed was angry and it showed. “That is bad enough for me to convict them myself.” Here he had a way to handle this quickly. “Well allow it to be handled within your organization. I would look at having your security over sight committee handle this issue. There is ample evidence for them to become upset with the people who did these things. It keeps you out of the spotlight and if done quickly will not even hit the news for the problems in the USA.” He smiled at the suggestion. “That is good advice John. I will bring them in and hand this over to them now. If you don’t mind please allow Noah to be here and advise them on actions?” I did not want Noah feeling pressured. “If Noah is willing I have no problem with his being an advisor.” Hammed was also not going to pressure him. “Thank you I appreciate that and will ask him if he is willing to do this?” The screen went black and John sat back and thought about his request to James to dig out as many on the take as possible. He has assigned six people to going through every government and tracking money transfers. There were over one hundred thousand people worldwide who had these accounts. So the USA had just four percent of the total. China was number one and Russia number two on the list. Here I need to let James know his work was paying off. “James I have started to pass out the money files you created for me.”

He seemed pleased at the way this was handled. “I am glad they will see the light of day. You know I never expected them to be used except for blackmailing people to do things.” Here I wanted him to know that was never my policy. “You should know by now that I don’t play that way.” He looked sheepish now. “I do now, but did not know then. That was the common way of getting information we needed at the CIA.” I wanted him to know every step along this road. “Hammed has the files for the UN and the files for the CIA, DEA and FBI now. He is sending a note to the President telling him how many more we have with his files.” James knew the impact this would have. “That is going to shake the intelligence and law enforcement community.” The lawless tend to buy the law abiding as money finds its way into governments. “Drug money tends to suck many into it. The hit is going to be the CIA with better than half of the names on those lists. By the way your old boss was arrested by the FBI today.” James was thinking back. “That makes my day. I was bitter about those actions for years. After you came into my life I let go of that bitterness and yet it feels good to know he is going to pay for the lives he cost me. I can still see those men today.” Here he needed to know the contribution he and his people had made. “I just wanted you to know how the information is being used. It will clean up the UN and as time goes on much of the rest of the worlds governments. Be sure to let your people know of these actions and how good their work was.” James would always have a soft spot for his old job. “My hope is that the CIA gets back to where they were once before. They need to get the politics out of it and redesign how it operates. The government has done much to destroy that agency with congress being the main problem.” I did not wish to become the world’s baby sitter. “We cannot get into that area without causing us problems. Information when requested is one thing we can do. But unless we are requested to supply information we have to stand back and hope they get smart.” He was musing in his thoughts right now. “Yes your right and I today know that is how we must act. Being here in Johnstown makes a lot of difference for me in how I see things. I am a citizen of a new set of worlds and not of Earth any longer. There are still many attachments to Earth in me, but as time rolls by that will change a lot. They will loose much of there strength.”

I had many of the same feelings. “I can feel the difference here also. It seems to make me even more objective in the decisions I make. Being as far away from Earth as we are makes my decisions about it less stressful. I am a citizen as you stated of our worlds and not Earth. That evolution has been going from the first day I found the control room. Earth has become more of a problem to solve than a home for me. My daughters and sonin-law all think I am dead and have gotten nice insurance checks for my death. So they are set for life. My nephew knows I am alive and we still talk. One day I may bring him here with his wife and son? I am going to go visit them and we will see then what I will do?” James wondered how I would handle this. “Would you put him into the government?” It was not for Mike, as he liked to hunt and fish and enjoy life. “No, but a nice little steel manufacturing plant would make him happy I know. Mike has been like a son for me.” James decided to push for this. “You need some family around you John.” “Yes, I think so myself. So it all depends on Mike and Jenny after we talk as to what I will do. But I am going to put a plate in their home in any case. I am just not sure it is what they want and I would never push that issue.” It was time to call it a day. The events had left me drained and wondering what was ahead. I had expected resistance but everything had been from the US and not the other areas where I had felt it would come. This was one thing that worried me. If we had this much problem with just one country, how much would come from the ones I was concerned with? With this on my mind I headed home.

Chapter 15 Step in the Right Direction The call came early and was interesting. Hammed was smiling and seemed in a very good mood. “John by allowing the security committee to handle our problem we have signed confessions from all involved. We have terminated their work for the UN and the world

court sent us a judge and prosecutor. They have received the signed confessions and passed sentence on each. Each person was given the chance to go into open court or accept the judgment here. All chose to accept the judgment rather than embarrass their countries and families. They will serve around half the time they would if going to a normal court. The UN will recover all funds paid to them as a fine.” I had to smile as he was ahead of the game here. “Sounds like you have your house in order Hammed. How did the delegates take this?” He seemed to be enjoying this. “That was also interesting. They all supported this way of handling it and several offered their resignations because the person worked for them. All of the companies and governments have been advised of the convictions and given a copy of the lists of others involved. It is their job to clean that up.” This had worked out better than I expected. “Sounds like you have had a good outcome to a big possible problem.” Hammed was ready to get to the real reason for the call. “Now all the delegates have requested to attend the meeting on your world. They also have asked if they can bring their top national leader if available?” I had worked out much of what we wish others to see. “We have two hundred and fifty rooms available at the resort. Each will hold two people nicely. So that is where my cut off point is and why. I have three guest cottages on my ranch, so you and your security people will stay there. There is one house at the far end of the island for as many as eight people. That will house any staff you need for the meetings. There will be only the UN news people allowed and they can feed the other networks and media. So you have two hundred and fifty rooms to work with. We have planned trips to Atlantis, Gorm’s world and to the incubator station for those interested. We will have tours of farms and manufacturing plants and spacecraft also.” He was surprised at what was to be open. “You’re allowing much to be seen. I appreciate that and thank Gorm for me. How will you move the amount of people we are looking at?” Moving people was the easy part. “We can move right at one hundred and fifty an hour. So we will set up two more transport plates in our security office to help move more people. But everyone must get a pass card including the wives. So make sure they all know if there is no pass card there will be no transport. It is up to them to get that done, as no cards will be done the week before the meeting except for a head of state. We need the same medical information on the guests as the delegates or leaders. As no drugs or chemicals will be allowed, a woman’s cosmetics are alright if they pass the scan.” He did not seem to disagree with this. “That is fair and we can agree on it. When do you wish to do this?”

Here I wanted some planning time. “I would like a weekend for you and your staff people here to plan it and for them to see the area. They can take each trip and then write a report on what would be seen. This way people can select the trip or trips they wish before coming. Our medical staff will offer scans and printouts for those who want to know their health?” Hammed was happy to comply. “It would be nice to get away for a weekend. If it is acceptable to you how about this weekend?” I saw no reason not to get this done. “That works for me as we are pretty much home bodies. I will have James work with your people while they are here. Each will be assigned a guide for their time here and will stay at the resort. Each should bring a digital camera and be sure to get pictures they want for use in their presentations.” Hammed was ready to pull this together. “I will look at leaving here on Friday afternoon and coming to your office. My staff will get their cards today and will come at four PM our time on Friday.” Thinking about this he needed to see more than his people. “Why don’t you try to come for lunch and a little sightseeing? I would like for you to see the city.” With a smile and enjoyment he said. “That sounds like something to good to miss. I will be there Friday for lunch.” With that said the screen changed to James’s smiling face. “John I have been enjoying the TV feed from Earth this morning. To see the SOB who got my people killed going to jail made this a day to remember. I talked with Edgar and he tried his best to put it all in perspective for me. But he just does not understand my guilt for those loses.” I knew how deeply James felt about this. “I understand the feelings and you have a right to them, as long as they do not cloud your judgment. There was one guilty man in a large organization that caused that pain. It was not the organization itself, but that one man. So the perspective is the one man will pay the price now.” He was still into his mood. “They found the files of the data passed to the Russians and have him dead to rights. This was one thing I wanted cleared up on my past record and now it will be. I was told they are looking for me and wanted to talk with me. But I told my friend I was where I could never be found and had no wish to talk with them. That any answers to questions they wished to ask could be given to him and I would be happy to provide answers for them. But no more than that.” This seemed like a way to handle this without contact. “I have no problem with that either. You need to set the record straight and if you need to we will supply security for you to do that? I would have no problem setting up a suite for you in DC.”

Here you could see he did not want to meet with them. “It is not needed as they have my files and notes. I was allowed to bring nothing away when I was put out to pasture.” “This is your decision and I will support you however you wish.” I was not sure this was how I would handle this? He was now in his overdrive mode. “Thank you, some how I knew you would do that. Now to a happier side, I saw your conversation with Hammed. I have started planning for all you two discussed. Alpha has started building four more cottages along the shoreline for the meetings and use by the group later. Each is isolated and will be at least a mile from any other one. So there will be some extra room at the inn. By the time of the meeting there should be twenty completed. We also have the option of putting two spaceships in orbit for added rooms. You have two parked at the resort.” Here all plans needed to be somewhat flexible. “The cottages will be used by high ranking heads of state. But I have no idea yet how many of them will come?” James had been following the communications for all countries. “I expect heads of state to come even if their delegate does not. In all most every third world country the head of state has told their delegate they will come. Many in the larger countries have also expressed an interest.” I had to laugh at the response. “If that is the case we will need a lot more room at the inn!” James and my right arm were ahead of me. “That was why I talked with Vortec and he said he could put a spacecraft in orbit to accommodate up to three hundred rooms for people.” I did not want anything less than the best. “Tell him to plan on it and to be sure the rooms are top hotel class. We will need a lot more help to handle food and beverages for that many people also.” James was smiling as he said. “All ready planned and covered. Hope is going to send people from the station and Vortec has robots to spare. There are ten farms ready for visitors and three factories. The incubator station is ready for visitors and I have three people working with Gorm.” He was really in to this idea. “Sounds like you have the bases covered. Be ready to show the UN staff around and brief them on what our expectations are with delegates. This is our world and our rules will apply. They have no diplomatic immunity here and that needs to be stressed.” James was laughing and enjoying the last comment. “I will be happy to make that known to all. We will supply them with a copy of our ten-page book of laws. It will surprise them at how few it takes to run a good culture. Also that we have no lawyers at all.”

I did not want to overload the delegates. “Just use the KISS theory and we will be fine.” He was ready to pull this together for us. “I will get back to you when all is in place and go over the packages we are going to supply the UN staff.” I decided to just turn this over to him and stand back. “Fine, just use your judgment and I am happy. Have anyone of the group address them as needed. I will not discuss what they will cover with them either, they can use their own judgment here.” The screen changed once more and there was Via. “John I wanted to ask if we could offer schooling for students from Earth?” This was another ides not in my plans? “What are you thinking?” She had given this some thought. “I was wondering if we offered scholarships for students from countries on Earth we could place them in a building of their own and run a school for them. We would take them in up to the start of high school and give them advanced educations. The UN could be the transport point and with background and education checks we could take just the best and brightest. They must pass our entry test to be accepted.” I wanted Hammed involved in this discussion. “Be in my office after lunch on Friday and you can discuss it with the Secretary General. If the UN is willing to sponsor it I have no problem with it.” Here she pushed on. “I will draw up the plan and have it with me on Friday.” Things were moving at a quick pace. A lot more was happening than originally planned. But with good people we had the ability to have more of an impact, as we understood Earth’s UN and how things tended to work. The life style here was a lot easier going, as you did not have to watch for any type of crime against your person or property. The first ten thousand couples of the settlers had moved into their homes. This now would grow each week. Our building of a culture had started. Due to a campaign by Jenny, the five worlds have been named Alpha One through Alpha Five. The feeling was this was our new beginning, so the name Alpha fit that, as it was the beginning of the Greek alphabet that was used on Earth to indicate a start. The Greeks had been the first civilization to create the idea of democracy and rights. Their philosophers were still read today and much of their ideas had been incorporated into our worlds. It seemed strange to be using the ideas of a culture now long gone to start a new one. The incubator was now Life Station One. We have also built another station called Life Station Two and Hope runs both of them. This greatly increased our ability to populate our worlds more quickly. As we reach our goals we will slow down the new units coming

from these stations. The five worlds will allow for one billion people per planet with plenty of land to grow into. But as new worlds are created we can also populate them without moving people from these worlds. Just one billion people on a whole planet will make for a very low density per square mile of usable land. It was like taking just three of the United States populations and placing it on a whole planet that was fifty percent bigger. There would be a lot of land kept in its virgin state. We would not over fish the oceans and pollution would just not exist. Each planet is setting aside this land for natural habitat of all creatures and plant life. These areas will never be settled and will have no roads. All types of different land formations; deserts, beach areas, swamps and mountains are held in public trust. The people will have the ability to increase or decrease this by a majority vote on each planet. They must manage their planet, resources, environment and its beauty. The group may make suggestions to them, but the people will control these lands. We have allowed for twenty-five generations to exist on the same planet at one time. That was where the one billion figure came from. The point of coming of age is thirty years of age here. With our life spans that seemed reasonable. No one under this age will be allowed to marry or have land or a business. School will last until they are in their early twenties and a few years for either government service, teaching, security force time or working in the family business will just season them for their own lives. Marriage is a little unusual here also. It is contractual and requires a year of classes and learning the commitments they are making. Divorce is not an option on Alpha. If one mate decides to leave a marriage they give up rights to the land or business and they take a small farm big enough to feed them to live out their lives. They may not remarry. The mate who was left by the other also may not remarry, but can continue to run their business and raise their children. It does encourage them to build lives together. As it is never just one person’s fault when a relationship falls apart. We do have counseling to help people over the rough spots. But it was decided that we would not allow Earth’s problem of musical partners to exist. So the schools teach just how critical the step of marriage is to each person. Our worlds do have some strict rules and a morality above that of Earth. But that is the price for the freedom and wealth given to them. Even the units now that are the first settlers have to be given classes to assure they understand the commitments here. Some decide to wait and do government service until they are ready. Our government is full of unmarried young people who date and have the chance to get to know others well. Some of these relationships will end in marriage. But accepting the responsibility of marriage is something they need to be willing to do. For both in any marriage there is responsibility and it should not be taken lightly. Any who decide to forgo marriage will spend their lives in government, science, teaching, writing or other areas and be given an apartment and their food, clothing and a stipend. This funding comes from fees collected in our distribution centers. They will have free travel, use of all resorts and be made as comfortable as possible. These are the few, as only about one in ten thousand will choose this route based on our projections.

The over all culture is unique and very different from Earth. We have no bars, drug problems, prostitution or crime to speak of. The worst crime so far, is placing a fence over a property line in someone else’s pasture. This was just a small error and was corrected quickly. Our intent is to keep these problems from ever growing on our worlds. Hope screens the feeds from Earth TV to assure the violent and deviant programs are not shown. Soon we will start to produce some of our own shows here. The restaurants all have dance floors and those are the meeting places for the young and entertainment for the families. They have live bands and singers of all types of music. Where you go depends on what type of music you like. There are concerts in the parks and these are all free. We also have our own amateur shows in the parks to encourage people to show their talent. These are always on the TV for those who cannot go. But with a culture of family first, it is different from any where in the universe. My goal is to keep this peaceful environment on the worlds. This is going to be difficult if we allow Earth humans to migrate here. Giving the UN two worlds to allow emigration also will slow down that problem for me. It is one I will not have to address soon. By the time we see how they screwed up those two I will have an argument for not allowing it here. People will get to see some of the worst side of mans nature when the UN delegates come to our world. Most of the government personnel will be working that meeting. So their observations will be enlightening. The old control room was found to be a cave in the side of the cliff. They had dug down into it and found a large magnetic rock embedded into the limestone. So the case was closed on the problem that caused us to move to the valley. Vortec had done a great job of covering our tracks. How he had gotten the place to look like a cave and placed the rock there I would have to ask him? It was artful and did not even cause a question. But what would I expect from my right arm?

Chapter 16 Preparing for the Delegates On Friday Hammed was at the office at twelve noon sharp. He was in more casual clothing and looked relaxed. As we walked down to the main street and to the restaurant I had chosen he just looked at the people and open land.

This was the way a city should look he thought. “Your park is just so beautiful and relaxing to look at. It is not cramped, over grown or very busy and just sets a tone of relaxation.” He and I agreed on this view. “I normally walk through it each day after lunch to exercise before returning to the office.” “If I did that in New York I would have a mob of reporters and people who all wanted something.” With that said he laughed. I did this almost every day and enjoyed it. “We will take a walk after lunch if you wish and let you see how it works here?” Hammed wanted to see how this worked for John. “That I would enjoy seeing.” After a peaceful lunch of fresh fish and vegetables they both left for the park. They walked along the paths and over the bridges at the streams. Young men and women were playing baseball on the diamond. So they stopped to watch. Many waved to John and said hello, but kept to their game. They were playing hard and doing well. Hammed had a hard time believing this group of people could be so relaxed. “I am amazed at the friendly atmosphere here. No one is pressing any point of view to you or trying to build up points for a better job.” I had to smile at that and explain. “A better job comes from outstanding work at the job they have. When it comes to policy it is discussed in town meetings and points of view are pressed there. All are heard before the decision is made.” “Are they not curious about our meeting today?” Here everyone knew he was coming and why. “No they know why you are here and what is being planned.” This was for sure not like anyplace he had seen. “How do you get an open culture like this?” Hammed would start to understand, as he spent more time here. “We have made it that way. The department heads that are affected by any call can see all phone calls from anyone to me. Any meetings held are on TV for all to see and hear. The agenda here is for the people and their best interest. So we hide nothing from them. They need to know the issues and the problems in solving them. Some times there are trade offs to reach the goal, but they are told why.” He mused on this answer. “I wished the UN could run that way. But we are dealing with people who do not trust anyone. Yes, rightfully so, in many cases. It would just be nice to be able to say what you truly feel some times.”

This was going to be a shock for many who come. “The delegates and heads of state who come are going to get a dose of that here. All meetings will be on TV for all of our people to see. That includes side meetings or conferences with our personnel. They of course will not know it is open knowledge, as they will see no cameras. You of course will have copies of all the feeds. These you may use as you see fit.” Hammed shook his head on this one. “I am not sure I want to know what deals others try to cut?” Here I knew he had to know. “You need to know where each country stands in forming the plan to explorer and settle the two worlds. The rules and laws for it are also going to be a problem to get all to agree with. Each is going to want more control than the other. Distribution of asset is also going to be fought over. You have a major job in front of you Hammed.” He thought this over before answering. “I have discussed this with a few on my staff I trust. The opinion they have is there are no countries on the new worlds. There is only the UN and our decision is final. We have a group of twenty-one countries that will make up the UN migration panel. No one will have veto powers and a seventy-five percent majority is required. So it takes sixteen out of twenty-one to carry a vote.” This made me curious. “Why twenty-one and a seventy-five percent requirement?” Here Hammed knew he had made a good decision. “It means that the five permanent members of the security counsel have seats, but not a majority of votes. They cannot block the will of the rest of the panel. The delegates of this panel cannot be from government, but from the science or academic world. Their votes are not to be based on government positions, but on the best development of the two worlds. We are not dealing with land that belongs to any of them.” I could give him some leverage on this. “I will be sure that all understand that we will take over the settling of these worlds if any government tries to push their position. That it is the UN’s land and they are allowed only by that to be a part of this experiment. You will need a planet administrator for each planet also during settlement.” He had one other item that had made the cut. “We also have decided no one over forty years of age will be allowed to migrate. But I had not thought of planet administration.” I needed to know the logic for this. “Why have you come to that conclusion?” He was looking at things in Earth time. “They all need time to clear land and build a life and over forty they will not have that time.” I had decided to offer these people a longer life after a trial time. “There you’re wrong Hammed, as they will be alive long after their governments have died and blown away.

Like you they will have long life spans. This will not happen a first but after they prove themselves. So an experienced man of fifty or sixty could be a better candidate than a man of twenty.” “I keep forgetting the changes made in me. People at the UN keep asking how I look younger today than two weeks ago? I keep telling them it is due to there getting older faster.” This brought a laugh to me. “Just keep in mind that even if the person is not now in good health we can reverse it most of the time. They will only have a short time to survive on Earth time without us.” He had a look of question on his face. “That opens a whole new door. But how do I explain that to the panel?” Here we could handle this issue for him. “You don’t we will at the meeting. But remember there will be people who do not want that long a life. So unless people know up front that this is expected they cannot make a good decision.” He was unsure how to handle this. “Should we exclude them?” There was reason for doing this and he needed to understand. “Yes, as you want time for this world to develop and they must live longer than the people on Earth to take away those connections. In one hundred years they will know no one on Earth’s name.” Here Hammed needed time to think this through. “True and they will by then have lost any ties to a government. How do we set up our courts and police system?” We could be of help with this area. “We will supply our people to train yours. Each must be vetted and tested to assure their commitment to the UN laws. I will if requested supply you with a chief justice to over see the courts and to watch over the police. At first I would suggest we supply your first planet administrator to train yours. We are providing our book of laws for your people to read. It is just ten pages of laws and we have no lawyers here. Anyone who is tried here must defend themselves. There are no prosecutors so the person making the charge must take that job and prove their case.” This was very different from Earth. “How do they get the supporting evidence for a trial?” Our system was really simple. “The police work with the people and supply all information from the investigation to both parties. They also testify in court as to their findings. If a person has questions on law they can discuss it with Hope and get answers. If one side or the other feels they do not have a case or defense it can be dropped or a conviction accepted. But, not until the police have testified before the judge. The police are not involved in guilt or innocents they just pull the facts together for both sides.”

He would like to see this kind of system. “That is an interesting way to keep from splitting hairs. The way our laws work to often hairs are split or justice bought. I like having no lawyers on the two planets. It might be possible to sell this to the panel.” Here he needed one more piece of information. “If a person is convicted and there is any question of guilt how do you handle it?” Abel here was the last resort for any conviction. “All cases are reviewed by the chief justice and Hope has run the tape of the trial and provided input to him. She will read body language and eye movements to see who is being truthful.” This caused a real question for him. “Can she really tell who is not telling the truth?” I had seen this work before. “With better accuracy than a lie detector. It is not completely accurate but is right ninety nine point nine percent of the time. But Abel is the one who makes the decision and he never knows either party.” “I can live with that kind of accuracy, as we more often than that send the wrong person to prison. What do you do with that one tenth of one percent?” He was pleased with this idea. Here judgment was critical. “The judge makes that call based on testimony, his own feelings and logic. Then sets the sentence to what they feel is fair.” He was satisfied with the information he had. “I am sure you still get most of those right. Well this park is beautiful but you said someone was waiting for us.” They headed back to John’s office and enjoyed the day. The breeze was soft and not overly hot. In the shade it was cool and yet just warm enough to enjoy. As they stepped into John’s office Via was waiting for them. “Good afternoon John and Mr. Secretary General. I hope you are enjoying our planet sir.” Hammed was really curious about this meeting. “Yes, very much so. Now John said you had an offer to make to me?” Via had come well prepared. “Yes sir, I would like to offer the UN the chance to send thirty students per year to our schools. We would not take any students we cannot have at the grade level of first to sixth to start. So each grade the first time would need thirty children. Then each group would be at first grade level after that time for each group coming in. We have year around school, so they would only be home one week each quarter. I would suggest that parents be given a transport plate for visitation time to see the children. We will of course pay for the plates if the UN will allow them to come to our school. There will be no cost to you or any country. If they wish they may come to the school here for their visits also and stay at the resort. The object is to give you a group of highly educated people coming back to your world each year.”

Hammed was impressed with this idea. “That is most generous of you. I am sure most countries would want to participate. We will offer to allow the UN facilities to be used also for meetings. That way there is no reason to say no.” Here Via need to be sure he understood the requirements. “Our requirements are that the child must have a high IQ and be socially adaptable. We do not care about color, race, religion or economic status of the parent.” Here he could see a problem. “That sounds fair but it may create a problem with religious fractions.” Via was straightforward with this issue. “Sir there is something you need to know, if it was not for us religion would not exist on Earth. It was Vortec who created all religions that exist today. There were many errors made in assumptions that proved incorrect. But today we still have a great deal of input with all religious leaders. We will not try to change religions that exist on Earth, but they will understand fully what their religion teaches.” This raised a lot of questions for him. “What do you mean by understanding what their religion teaches?” She was not going to allow this shield to stop her. “No religion on Earth teaches people to kill for any reason. They all teach respect for others and others property.” He questioned this statement. “But in the Arab world I don’t see that?” Here she wanted to remind him who was pushing the governments to accept this new culture. “The message is being brought back to them. You do notice that you now have their cooperation?” He had to give her this one. “Yes, I wondered about that. But I still see fighting in areas where both Arab religion and lands are in question.” History was on her side. “Hammed how long have these problems existed?” “For centuries now.” Via smiled at him and stated. “We started working on this problem just a few months ago. How much progress has been made in the last few months?” He could not take issue with this improvement. “From that perspective a lot.” She had a lot of confidence in our abilities. “In a couple of years John will have it down to little of nothing in the way of fights. Our goal is peace on Earth not wars or terrorist

actions. In the next few months your worst terrorist organization will no longer be on Earth.” This raised an eyebrow. “How is that going to happen?” She decided to push on, as John had not stopped her. “We now know where their leaders are and when they come together they will just disappear.” Hammed was smiling now. “I assume they will be company for the North Koreans?” Via was straight faced when she said. “Yes, but they will have time to think about how heaven is much different that they expected.” Hammed was smiling and did not seem surprised that John was going to take action. “How are you going to explain this to the Arab world?” Here she was sure he would not accept her statement. “The Prophet will explain it to the religious leaders. It is their job to explain it to their followers. If it is not done properly the Prophet will go directly to the people and denounce their leaders as false believers.” He saw this was a real problem for the religious leadership. “It seems to be a no win situation for the leaders if they fail to correct their followers.” Via had no time for people who were headstrong. “That is the price they pay for being wrong. But you will see the whole of the Muslim religion calm down.” Hammed still was not so sure this would work. “If they don’t what then?” Via stated the obvious to him. “Their will no longer be any need for their oil. John has the ability to offer to every human on Earth a fusion generator for powering their power grids, homes, vehicles or factories. With no oil needed their countries will be bankrupt and unable to compete in the world as they have no industry or other resources there.” He looked at John and asked. “John would you really do this?” I had to back Via’s statements. “Yes, Via knows my plans and how I feel. Everything she has told you is true. That is why I have not said a word during this discussion. We will not ruin the power companies in developed nations or stop the needs for small amounts of oil. But the rest of the world can supply all the needed oil without the Arab world. We will provide the technology to the plants cracking oil to produce cheap hydrogen for cars. They can take water from any source and make hydrogen from it in their plants. Now cars can run on fuel cells, batteries and normal engines with small changes. It cuts pollution and makes your green house gases less of a problem.” Hammed had heard that hydrogen was much more expensive than oil based fuels. “How cheap can hydrogen be?”

Here he needed to know what technology offered. “The raw materials cost nothing. The cracking process to produce would add about fifteen cents and transportation would add another twenty to thirty cents. So you could expect to see hydrogen fuel at fifty to sixty cents per gallon at a service station. This would change the dispensing methods and existing cars would need different tanks, injection and fuel lines. We could supply very low cost conversion kits to make this work.” He was surprised at this information. “Oil could never compete with that kind of pricing.” That was not all the benefits either. “No and the environmental impact would benefit all.” This was worth looking at he felt. “Why would you not do that now?” Here people needed to know what they faced before any changes. “We will not destroy your world economy under normal circumstances. Unless we are placed in a position where drastic action must be taken we will slowly provide this technology. Only failure to treat the rest of the world fairly will cause us to take action more quickly. Right now the oil pricing is close to forcing that issue. So we will discuss this with the oil producing countries when they are here.” He wanted to know the methods to be used. “How are you going to convince them of your ability?” This was easy to handle and left to Dr Phillips. “We will show them our fusion generator and allow them to see all of it. There also will be a small hydrogen cracking plant for them to test. We understand the Saudi delegate is an engineer. He will be able to advise them on our abilities.” Hammed already knew who was coming for that area. “There are actually three engineers coming as delegates. All from oil producing countries. So there will be a lot of engineering talent to see your demonstrations. You also will have a Saudi Prince who is an engineer.” I dropped the bomb on him now. “We have handled the problem of housing. There will be a spacecraft circling the planet with three hundred rooms available. So you now have five hundred and fifty rooms and twenty guesthouses. It is up to your people who is placed where.” This was a pleasant surprise. “I am sure you have more space than we will need with those additions. But I appreciate your providing that amount of room for us to work with. But now we will have them fighting over being on the spacecraft.” He laughed at the problem he knew was coming. I need to get Via on her way as we had more to do. “Via do you have any additional information for Hammed?”

She was ready to head back to her children. “Just this folder detailing the offer and our school information and pictures.” He wanted her to know how much he appreciated this offer. “Thank you and expect our education director to contact you to workout the plans for this. But one question how will you handle languages?” This was not going to be a problem. “Each child will hear all in their own language to start. They also will learn English as a second language and two or three others if they wish. Most should walk out of here speaking, reading and writing four or five languages at the end of their school time.” Hammed could see some side benefits to this. “That could be valuable to us and governments. Can we offer these students the right to migrate to the new worlds?” Here was her vision of the results. “Of course that would be reasonable, but not all will wish to do that. Each student will not be a nationalist but a person of the world. Who understand other cultures and view points. They will be well educated in the sciences, engineering, environmental issues, chemistry and philosophy. We want well rounded students going back into your world. They will always have the ability to contact us for information or help.” He knew this would be of great interest to many countries. “That makes them very valuable to their countries. It will be hard to recruit for the new worlds.” He was not seeing the full picture. “Not really as many will want to be able to use their knowledge and skills to build the new worlds. They will have followed the progress in school. The later classes will have sixteen years of education with us and will want to be where they can have a leadership position. They will have been UN students also. Just remember when they leave here the will have a PhD at the age of twenty two or three.” He would push this one through and get it done. “It will be fun to watch how this progresses and turns out. But be sure Via we will have a student list for you soon.” Via left and headed back to school to plan for the new students and check the new building. All teachers would be required to have their PhD’s to even teach in the school. The level of instruction would be high and intensive as they moved up in grades. Hammed was very happy with this trip so far. “I really liked Via’s idea and it will bring good people back to Earth. I will make sure they are not buried in some back water to prevent them from gaining power.” I decide to get us a break now. “Let go to the ranch and see how you sit a horse?”

He smiled at this and let me know. “I have ridden a lot my friend and sit one well. In my country most of us ride horses.” Here I wanted to be sure he knew our method. “Well all I have to offer is western saddles so I hope that is alright?” “I prefer them as you can enjoy watching nature more in one of them. I also brought boots and jeans, so I am ready.” They headed to the ranch and showed Hammed his room. His clothing was already in place and boots shined. As he walked through the room and the adjoining bath he was surprised at how unpretentious it was. No gold knobs, solid wood panels, marble tubs or the like. It was just good quality normal construction materials used in better homes. But not the place he had expected. He changed and walked out to the back patio. I was sitting in a comfortable chair drinking ice tea. “Would you like a glass before we go saddle up?” I offered. He was ready to get moving. “No thank you I am looking forward to seeing your horses.” I got up and carrying my glass and said, “well come on then.” They walked out to a beautiful barn painted red with white trim. You could hear John’s horse, as he knew his friend was coming. The two had a bond that was unusual between man and animal. “I hear your horse and he knows your coming.” Hammed smiled at this, as he had only had one animal that acted that way with him before. I was glad to see he caught this. “He and I are buddies and know what each other is going to do before it is asked.” Hammed thought back in time and enjoyed telling John. “I once had a horse like that one time in my life. It was the greatest friendship I have ever had. It may seem funny to put it that way but each of us would have died for the other.” This was not strange to me at all. “That I can understand. We have seven folds coming from this big boy and I will send you one if you would like it?” This was something he would enjoy. “I will look forward to that, as the ability to bond with a man is genetic and a good stud often passes that on. It is based on their intelligence level and having one that smart is unusual.” I needed to explain my way of working with a horse. “I mated him with smart mares and am hoping to get an Einstein or two out of him. He and I hit it off the first day in his stall when he was upset and I turned my back to him and waited for him to come to me.”

“That is the way of a true horseman. I am pleased to see this side of you as it tells me even more about you.” This was a good sign from his point of view. As John walked to the stall his buddy came to the door. John rolled the door open and he came out and stood at the crossties. He was hooked up and Hammed just watched and shook his head. This display was impressive. “I have never seen one who just came and stood to be saddled at the crossties? He is much smarter than I had even guessed.” He wanted Hammed looking for the right animal. “You need to walk down the stalls and see what animal you would like to ride. They are all good animals and well trained.” Hammed walked down the stalls and saw many great animals and yet one gray hit him as one he should ride. He walked to the door and opened the top half and stood there until the animal came to him. He talked softly to it and blew into its nose. He rubbed the jaw and down the neck. The animal responded and pushed forward to allow him to touch more of it. He opened the lower door and took the animal by the halter and put into the crossties. I was impressed with his choice. “Some how I knew that was the one you would pick. I had him brought in from the pasture this morning. Slim worked him a little and then cleaned him up. He is the second smartest stud we have.” He was impressed with the quality of horses. “Some how I felt that and he is a smart one. He is not as wary of man, as I would have expected. But the way your people handle these animals shows they know what they are doing.” Here it was Slim that made this work. “Slim is really good and he runs all horse operations for us. We are up to over one hundred sixty mares and have fifteen studs. We have seamen stored for all the studs and are adding to it. None are over worked and we want to keep it that way.” He was talking as he saddled his horse. “That is a good way to breed and keep your animals fresh. I assume they are ridden often?” “Yes, each is worked every day if stalled and I handle mine.” He wanted to know if he was right on this one. “I saw you have one gelding in these stalls. That must be Faith’s animal?” I had to smile at his guess. “Yes, she is in love with him and he with her. She had no riding experience before being around me, so he was the right starter horse for her. Now she will not part with him.”

He had never had any woman around his horses. “I am sure she drives the studs up a wall when she walks in here?” “Not right now as she is due to have our child in six months.” “Congratulations and it is nice to know that with the extended age that other areas hold up alright also!” With that said he laughed. John laughed and told Hammed, he was not old until he was around seven hundred. That his body until them would hold up fine in all areas. They headed out of the barn and into the first pasture and toward the mountain. This was a very different type pasture. “ I don’t see fences here how do you keep animals in one area?” I had to point out the technology to him. “See the posts and the lights each foot down the post?” “Yes?” This was one I had also questioned. “Well those are laser fences and they will not allow the horse through. It only takes one time of getting zapped to teach then to stay away from the line of poles. If they do not learn from the laser then the sound gun got their attention.” This was not reasonable as we just rode through one. “How did we ride through it?” This was at least easy to explain. “If a human is on the animal it will allow you to pass through. It is computerized and keeps making decisions, as the horse tries to get through. The computers are on top of the poles and linked. They are chemical computers and do not require power.” “They are small?” Small does not mean less powerful. “Yes, but they will out do any desktop computer you have on Earth. Matter of fact when you get back to the UN unplug your computer and try to use it.” He knew that he could not do this. “Why, it will not run without power?” I had him here. “Yours will I can assure you. It is faster and has more power than all of your servers at the UN. If you lost power we could still communicate with you.” John was always ahead of the curve it seemed. “I am always surprised at your abilities and thinking well before events. We have never lost power at the UN except for the black

outs that hit the whole city. Then we kept some power with the generators in the basement.” With us supplying the power now he never would. “You will always have power now and my concern with your computer was more trying to remove it. If it is unplugged we will know and be able to take action. If they cannot turn it off then they will try to unplug it and that will signal us. No one else can access your machine but you. So all data is safe between us. We have the new power plant in place for you and NYC no longer supplies your power. Your power structure is fully by fusion, as I told you we would do. Right now your selling power to the city.” This was a surprise to Hammed. “I heard nothing of the change and had no idea it was complete. You tend to get things done without causing any notice of that happening. It does make it easy when you’re not defending what you have done.” He did not need to worry about someone knowing. “No one will know until there is a blackout. We also have placed the units deep enough underground so that they cannot be reached without tunneling to them. We would pick that up and a force field would stop anyone from getting to the equipment.” Hammed knew my feelings of all governments on Earth. “I see you still do not trust our host country? They have their hands full right now with the FBI investigations. The people at the FBI, CIA and DEA you gave me files on are all in custody now and everyone has accepted a plea agreement rather than a trial. There was just to much proof of their actions to even fight the charges.” James was always working to keep our files up to date. “The intent was to be sure that was a proven case. We have a few that are kind of iffy and we did not give those to you. There could have been explanations for the money they had. I am sure they will retire from government if they wish not to be caught. If they don’t we will follow them until we can prove where the money came from.” “This is a beautiful ranch and the land has every feature you could ask for. How do you keep the grass looking so green and lush?” This was once more technology driven. “We use natural fertilizers on all land and no chemicals at all. I have a unit that collects the manure from the fields in use and takes it into a natural digester. It is broken down, bacteria killed and water added and sprayed over the fields not in use. We do add nitrogen and other nutrients to the mixture, as it is needed. But we are able to keep the fields looking good with great grass for the animals.” This was something to keep in mind for the new worlds. “It is nice to see natural means used. I think on Earth we depend on far too much chemical solutions to problems. The pesticides are always a problem in underdeveloped nations as people do not understand how to handle them safely.”

Here I disagreed as to safety. “For many there is no safe way to use them Hammed. Companies on Earth are focused on profits and tend to turn off any negative input. Often the problems are long after use in what it does to the person or environment later.” He felt like he had no abilities here. “We have seen that and have no way to prevent it from happening. There is no way for us to require manufacturing to provide a safe well tested and documented product.” “You might look at starting a UN committee for product safety. Look only to start with at agricultural products. Set a standard for UN certification and require long-term data. Use both environmentalist and industrial people to determine the cost benefit ratios. Have a set point at which the cost is just too high for the environment and do not approve anything above that cutoff. Just remember we are going to be the supplier of emergency foods most of the time. From here you will get no chemicals added to food products.” Here he could see a way to slow down some of the problem foods. “That would allow us to refuse grains that were grown with the contaminating chemicals. If you want to sell to the UN you must follow our requirements. It does give us leverage to have more influence with all governments.” Much would change for Earth. “If they question where you can get products that meet your standards you can always tell them from the Alpha or Cirrus group of planets. That way they can either comply with your standards or loose sales. We would have to really stretch to fill all your needs but it could be done if needed.” He was thinking of how to get this done. “Let me see what I can get put together for an advisory group. We will have something in place within the next year. This will allow the UN to have a seal of approval to offer manufacturers for their products that meet standards.” As they went up the mountainside the vistas opened up. The view out over the ranch allowed seeing the ranch house, barns and paddocks around the barns. Hammed was transfixed with what he saw. “John this is an incredible sight. I can see all the way to the shore of the ocean.” I was my favorite place to see the ranch. “See the boat sitting at the dock in the small cove?” “Yes, it looks fairly large from here.” There was no bragging here. “It is and we will be having dinner on board tonight and doing a little traveling. We will be off the resort island tomorrow morning. One of the meetings with your people will be on the ship as it sails around the island.”

He was surprised that this was here with all the technology. “I did not know you had a full sized ship?” I wanted him to understand how this worked. “It is not mine it is the ship of government. Who ever is our leader will have the ship for their use. People will be allowed to cruse on it at times during vacations, so it will be used by more than just me. The smaller fishing boat next to it is mine.” This idea seemed strange. “How is it you will allow others to use the ship?” Life here was not structured like Earth. “I have set aside times for our school children to use it and to reward government employees. People who contribute special skills and leadership on the five planets will also have the chance to cruise. In each case I will spend a day or two with them, so we can talk and learn about each other.” He was once again impressed. “That is a truly democratic way to share government assets. It also allows you to get to know many more people. The idea of using it for the school children I also think is a good one.” Our desire to know and be known by the children was a driving force. “I spend time each week at the school as does all our leadership. We read to the younger students and work with older ones. Students are given a week a year to work in different departments of our government so they know the people and jobs.” Here he could see government as a servant to the people. “That should make understanding government much easier for them. Your government culture is much more integrated with your people than on Earth.” It was time to get off the issues and relax. “Lets head back to the ranch house and relax a little before going onboard the ship.” They headed back down the mountain and across the fields. As they got to the barn Faith was riding in the show ring on her gelding. Both men stopped to watch her, as she was lost in concentration. The movement of horse and woman were so smooth and fluid it was like watching water run. Both looked at the other and smiled. This was a beautiful sight and impressive for a novice rider. “For someone who had not ridden as a child she has a grace I would not believe if I did not see it.” I was proud of my lady. “You will find with Faith she can over come any obstacle placed in front of her. She has the ability to focus and really absorb information, then use it.” Hammed was enjoying this perception. “You have a strong belief in her John.” It was easy for me as I saw what she did. “Yes, and with good cause as I have seen her do what for most would be impossible.”

Hammed was wondering how she would contribute to the UN effort? He knew she had been the speaker for John at the general assembly meeting. “I will pay more attention and watch her.” They went into the barn and cross-tied the horses. Two robots came into the barn and started to clean the saddles and as soon as Hammed and John were done. The robots would walk the horses out. They walked to the patio and sat down and ice tea was brought. Hammed liked how the pace of life worked here. “Your life style is one to be desired John.” “It is more peaceful and less stressful than any on Earth. We really have more stress in our lives trying to improve life for your masses.” He could understand this comment. “For that we are most grateful I assure you. Before your presents was known there was not nearly the unity in the UN we now feel. We have those who still feel their size or wealth allow them special privilege. But they are becoming less vocal and I hope more reasonable to deal with.” Faith came on to the patio and shook hands with Hammed. She hugged John and headed for the bathroom. The two men just kept on talking and relaxing. Finally they got up and headed for the showers before dinner on the ship. Hammed the next morning woke early after sleeping soundly. He dressed and walked to the fantail of the ship. There was John sitting with coffee and a cigarette looking over the water. “Your up early this morning.” This was a beautiful time of day. “Yes for some reason when I am on the water I wake early. It gives me a little time to enjoy my coffee and a cigarette to start the day.” Hammed was surprised to see John smoking. “Aren’t you concerned with their safety?” I just was not willing to give this up with the stress of the job. “No as there is nothing they can do we cannot repair. One of the marvels of our medicine here is we can fix almost any condition. Besides I have gone from three packs a day to half a pack.” Hammed laughed and asked for one to go with his coffee. “I always enjoyed a smoke here and there, but with my position it was just best I not be seen with one in my hand. It is all image on Earth and reality is hidden away.” “I received a message this morning that there will be a new drug to test for AIDS. The company now has its concerns with testing in the United States, as they will take forever

to approve the drug. So they are looking for a country that will sponsor their trials and allow the USA, EU and other interested countries to monitor the trials. The small human trial they did was totally successful.” This impressed Hammed as he faced a major world problem with AIDS. “How does the drug work?” This was just one step in this fight. “It is not a cure for those who have AIDS now. It will prevent anyone from getting it under any circumstances. They took fifty people who were clean and gave them the series of shots. Then exposed them to the HIV virus in every way possible and none contracted the virus. Their cost to manufacture the serum is just over five dollars per shot. They are willing to sell the drug for six dollars a shot.” This idea was one that did not fit Earth’s profit motive. “How can they do that and survive?” I could have told him we were the company, but that was not the right move. “They are not interested in big profits on this one they just don’t want to loose money.” Hammed was willing to go any distance here. “The UN will set up their testing in Africa and they get the worst case areas to work with. If the drug works we will support that company by buying as much as we can from them of their other drugs. Of course they must be competitively priced for the market.” He needed to know the company. “Well I believe you buy from Pharmacon now?” Hammed knew exactly what the UN spent here. “Yes we do, but not nearly what we could. They are a good and fair company and keep their pricing down in the underdeveloped countries. They also are supporting Global Clinics Health Systems who does much for us. They have supplied doctors for all kinds of emergencies besides the clinics they run.” I decided to see how far this could go. “You see the needs of the world and don’t have the resources to fill all of them. So companies like Pharmacon and the clinics fill a need you cannot meet. If more multi national companies each took a project the UN could do even more. As I understand it the clinics are funded by several multi national companies.” He was looking into space and thinking. “Yes they spend over four hundred million a year on medical needs all funded by the participating companies.” Here I wanted him looking at using this option he had. “It seems there is room for business and good works to function side by side. You might want to think about that for the companies who fund projects for the UN, doing some space science for them as repayment for their help? You might want to recognize them and their products?”

This seemed to interest him. “That might be an interesting possibility. I am sure they would want to use their research people to do that.” Why not help business and gain help? “I see no problem with that as long as the UN benefits. The research would bring new products to market and open up new areas of learning.” Hammed could accept this as an option. “That I am sure can be put into place and it makes good sense for us to work with industry, as it will be the first time much can be tested in space.” Here he needed to know the problems. “Just remember you will have gravity on the spacecraft living and working areas. So that will require a lab in an open bay to get the weightless situation on your craft.” This was where he knew he did not know. “I will leave the how to those better suited for those decisions. One thing I have learned in this job is to bring ideas and let others make them work.” That was what made things work for me. “I do much of the same here. Just look to your right and that is the resort island we are heading to. Let go up to the dining room and have breakfast and then we will transport to the island.” As they headed to the island they walked through the ship control room. The lights were all flashing and gauges were showing the changes the ship was making. An engineer was sitting at a desk and smiled up at John. “Good morning John, I hope the night was a good one for you? We have had good seas and the current here has not slowed us down to bad.” The man had done a good job of transporting us here. “Very good night and very restful. I always sleep well when I am at sea. Please let Faith know we have headed to the island when she gets up.” “Yes sir I will do that.” Hammed stepped on the transport plate and John right behind him. They came out in the lobby of the resort. It was crowded and people were moving every direction. John took Hammed’s arm and led him outside and walked over to the labs. As they walked in Dr. Phillips was working at a blackboard with an equation a mile long. “Good morning John, Hammed I am Herman the local physics professor now days.” He laughed. Hammed was just looking at the blackboard. “Good to see you once more. That is one long math problem you have there.”

He had always been good at explaining things to non-technical people. “It is the equation used by our current propulsion systems for space travel. I am looking for holes that might increase the speed of the drives without redesigning them.” Hammed laughed at this form of unknown expression. “It seems you have the ability to handle this math and I can assure you I have no idea what this means.” Dr Phillips was in his teacher’s mode. “It would not matter if you did sir the formula does not mean you have the materials and ability to build it even if you had it. The drives are complex and they require electronics and metals you don’t have on Earth. Much of the drive metals come from just two planets and both are over fifteen hundred degrees Celsius on the surface. The metal has been cooked for thousands of years and has trace elements in it that we have found no place else. Each part is cast there and then brought back for finishing.” This was way beyond his understanding. “You have the technology and the science to stay advanced in the universe. I just hope Earth can learn to work together as people. So my goal is far less than yours. But I assure you it is just as hard.” He knew he would never have wanted this job at the UN. “Sir I believe you’re underestimating that challenge? I prefer my job to yours, as I just don’t have the ability to handle the failure of others constantly.” Hammed was looking around the lab. “Your lab is unusual in that it looks more like a small machine and fabricator shop.” Dr Phillips like the abilities he had here. “We build our own prototypes here for each project. If you see the box over by the wall at the door it is the new fusion power plant for homes and small businesses. It will be the one we show the Arab group when they come. I also have the cracking unit almost built for producing hydrogen and it is no larger than the power plant.” He expected a small amount of product for demonstration. “How much hydrogen will it produce?” Dr Phillips was pleased with his results. “I can get one hundred gallons an hour out of the unit. If it were increased to ten times the size we would get ten thousand gallons an hour. It uses a home fusion generator to power it regardless of size. Both units could be made on Earth for under two thousand dollars.” “If most small fuel stops could produce twenty-four hundred gallons of fuel a day that would be enough to sell reasonably. For a major refiner with a large unit that is millions of gallons a month. In most small countries that is more than is being sold now. I assume the small units could be installed at fuel stops and the larger ones at refiners facilities?”

He needed to explain a few things. “Yes the small one could be used at fuel stops and the large on at refiners. But the mileage is better with the hydrogen and the fuel cheaper. So more people can afford to drive a vehicle. That would add to the current requirements.” Hammed still had a major concern on hydrogen. “But the explosive power that seems to be a concern to many may be a problem.” Dr Phillips laughed at this one. “That is a story the oil industry does nothing to stop and encourages. Remember gas is also explosive and in rear end crashes kills people. Hydrogen is in far stronger fuel tanks and will with stand a crash better than a gas tank. It would be located forward of where gas tanks are now and in a tank that is a pressure vessel by ASME standards.” This was going to be a PR problem. “It sounds like someone is going to have to clear that up with the public.” A lot of thought had been given to this issue. “It will be if we need to go this route. The bottom line is at some point soon the fuel concerns of Earth must be handled. The environmental problems in large cities are going to have to be addressed. So supplying city and state governments with the ability to use this fuel would reduce the cost to the taxpayers. Their experience would prove to the world how safe this fuel is when handled properly.” This would work in large countries. “That would be a nice way around those issues. With a few years of safe operation the myth would be destroyed.” I stepped in to keep us moving. “Hammed let me show you the rest of the island and a couple of the guest houses.” The two looked through the resort rooms, went to the cottage Faith and John had used and saw a couple new ones being constructed. The island was still beautiful even with the new construction as no roads were cut and everything was delivered by transport plate. The guest cottages were set to blend in with the natural environment. So little was removed from the building sites and the cottage was set to use the best site location. Any plants or trees in the way were simply moved to a new location. Hammed was pleased with what he saw. “Your people have done a creative and incredible job of constructing the cottages. They will be for major heads of state and those we do not need for that will not be used at all. I want no special treatment for delegates of any country.” I decided he needed to see the spacecraft. “It is yours and your peoples decision how the space for people is used. The rooms on the spacecraft are like an upscale hotel. Which is a little more formal than the resort rooms. Come and I will show you.”

They stepped on the transport plate and were on the bridge of the spaceship. The crew came over to shake hands and be introduced. John then took Hammed down to the rooms being finished. They looked through a few that had been completed and then the dining room. They walked down one more level and through a door and were on the catwalk around the bay area. As Hammed looked down he saw the size of the bay. “Now I know how the UN building could easily fit in a bay. The cargo capacity of these ships is just beyond belief. I am sure we will have the largest amount of requests to be housed here. With the ability to be in space it will be more than many can resist.” He needed to know what we would offer. “There is a observation room that is mostly open to see space. We use a special kind of crystal glass that is almost as hard as a diamond. It can take a hit from a meteoroid without shattering. It does have force field shields for traveling through unsafe areas.” He was thinking of the impression that could be created. “Then people could sit there and look at the universe?” He needed to see it for himself. “Yes, let me take you to the room and let you see for yourself.” They went back into the ship area and to another transport plate. As they came into a room around a six thousand feet square Hammed stopped dead. He looked all around and was just fascinated by what he saw. He was stunned with the entire picture. “This is something everyone should see John. It needs to be one of the locations for people to come to. Standing here I feel so small.” A young lady walked over to Hammed and handed him several pictures. She smiled and walked away. Hammed was stunned and just could not seem to find his tongue. “Was that an angel John?” I laughed as I remembered how Faith had hit me when I first saw her. “Yes, one of ours. Remember here you’re in the heaven man has been told of on Earth in the religious world.” Hammed was totally taken back by this brief experience. “That is one angel I would love to know. I have never seen someone as beautiful and who seemed to touch my soul without a word. Does she speak?” I knew the signs I saw. “Oh yes, she is a woman and speaks many languages or she would not be here. Her education level is at least at PhD level. So my friend she is someone to push your mental abilities.”

He remembered back in life. “That would be unique as I have been alone for a long time now. I have a background like yours that way. I lost my wife during childbirth. She had the same effect on me that young lady did when we met. I just could find no words to say and stood there looking at her.” May be Hammed would understand my relationship now? “Well you understand my encounter with Faith. She has had an impact on me that still has me lost in her.” The feelings Hammed had felt so many years ago came sharply back to him. It was almost like he went through them twice now. “Before I go chasing after that young lady lets get back to the resort.” John smiled and they headed for the transport plate. The resort was busy with meetings and people trying to get pictures for the delegates to see each area and trip. James walked up and shook hands with Hammed and turned to John. His report was more form that function. “Things are going well today. We will have it all hammered out by this afternoon and will let the people enjoy some slack time Sunday. They have been working hard and seem to be looking forward to the meetings. We have a schedule and the two of you will open the meeting and then turn it over to managers of each department area. Jenny has a two-hour time slot of the space side and Vortec has two hours for the Atlantis side. Abel will present our law structure, Via our education system and Sandy our technology. Edgar will present the meeting with suggestions on how to finance many of these projects so they cost the UN nothing. These will draw people to at least 2 to 3 of these depending on their interests. But we will have full copies of each presentation for them once back at the UN.” Hammed now knew how much information we were providing. “I wish to know if any of the delegates fail to attend the meetings. That will indicate who has real interest and who is here for a free vacation.” “James I also would like a list of those delegates. This is an opportunity for all countries and failure to take part will make my decisions easier.” James was happy to comply. “Both of you will have copies on your desks on Monday morning after the weekend. I have to get back and approve the pictures to be used on the brochure.” Faith walked up to the two men and took each by an arm. “Now we go to the ship for lunch and relaxation. They have had the meeting there, so it is free now.” They both walked willingly with Faith and were back on the ship in no time. “OK please go get into some comfortable clothing and meet me in the dining room in twenty minutes please.”

As they sat down to lunch Faith looked up and nodded. “Hammed I want you to meet Salina. Salina this is Hammed who is Secretary General of the UN on Earth.” Hammed’s face was frozen in a smile. He reached forward with his hand and Salina took it in hers. She also was in a frozen smile. Both just stood there looking at the other. Faith with a smile noted the attraction. “John I think we have two people who have been frozen in time?” I was enjoying see how this had hit me. “Well Salina had the same effect on Hammed, as you did dear on me. So I cannot say much about his problem.” Faith decided to break this barrier. “Why don’t the two of you sit down and have some lunch. Then after lunch feel free to go someplace and look at each other as long as you like.” Both sat down and it was a quiet table for lunch. Neither seemed to eat much and both seemed to be trying to sort out their feelings. It was easy to see life had become more complex for both of them. Faith now wondered if she had done the right thing? She would have to talk with Hope and see what she said. Faith needed to get away for a time. “John how about taking me riding on the beach?” I was ready to give the lovebirds some room. “Sounds good to me and then a nap before we have dinner. Tell the ship to lift anchor and head for home. We will catch up later.” After riding that afternoon both came back and hit the showers. They both lay down and curled into each other’s arms. After and hours sleep John woke and went to the desk. He sat and read reports that had built up in his files. As he finished the last and sat back Faith got up and came over to work on his neck. “Why don’t we go to the house and let Hammed and Salina have the ship,” she asked? That was a very reasonable suggestion from my point of view. “That sounds good to me. They need time and no pressure to workout their feelings and our being here will not help. Let the captain know we are leaving and to let them know we will see them tomorrow.” John got ready to go and Faith made the captain aware of the decision. Both went back to the ranch and were glad to be there. As they sat on the patio drinking tea the sun was coloring the sky with its nightly paintbrush. Faith was wondering how this would impact us. “How much is this little event going to cost the Alpha system?”

I had Edgar’s numbers now. “We will spend right at thirty million credits to host this set of meetings.” She was very involved in this. “I think it may end up being the best money we have spent for Earth. There were several logistical problems I had to handle, but it should go off with little surprise.” Here he felt this was the best possible opportunity. “The key is going to be having them off Earth I believe. Here it is neutral ground for all. They have no territorial claims here and must live with our laws. Once they see our culture it will make much of theirs look backward. Hammed indicated he has fifty-six heads of state who have requested to come. One from every major power on Earth.” This seemed strange to her. “I am a little surprised that many major powers are coming with their head of state.” It was for sure a chance for them to find holes. “It is to good for them to miss and what better way to determine our strength. They will keep testing us until they know how badly their countries can be hurt if they do not cooperate. The damage will be economic not a war or battle. But imagine the USA without any computer records or any power with aircraft that will not fly.” Faith could not understand their willingness to test us? “But you have shown them their communications can be completely stopped.” Here I knew the nature of man. “They will always require a better example. Someone will always feel they are smarter. It is their nature to think they can succeed when others fail. So I expect what I know is going to happen.” This confused her. “I don’t understand why humans would see us as a threat to them?” Here was the age-old problem. “People love power Faith. We could take much power away from many who feed their own pockets and not their people. I don’t need to be a dictator to our people and don’t need the money. No one on our worlds is poor and that is different than Earth right there. All of our people are as rich as the top five percent of people on Earth. Everyone will get a top quality education and land or a business of their own. Life is not that way on Earth. Success on Earth is based on what they can acquire and that is often at someone else’s expense.” This whole class system left her confused. “That process has caused divides between people as classes. It seems that it requires some to be poor, so others can be rich?” I was not in favor of the Earth system. “That is the cycle I see and the side effects have been disastrous to the human race. The education level decides how much you can earn, that determines what you can have in things. Having a large family requires that the income a family has be divided over more people. So each gets less than a person with

one or two children. One family can afford to educate their children the other may only be able to help one or two or may be none?” She now was concerned with our own system. “I see the reason for your decisions here looking at the problem that way. All get educated, none can have more than their neighbors and there is equality between all people. Can it all be held together and the greed factor prevented?” I had hoped Abel and I had found the solution. “That is my hope in this experiment. I have tried to provide for those driven to do more with outlets for that energy. People will be allowed to invent and hold rights to that invention. The rights are theirs and they will be paid royalties for their invention. They hold the rights during their and the spouses life. It cannot be passes to family. So all the family gets is the credits left in the account of the parents when both are gone and any furniture, paintings or items like that. If they want that advantage they must invent their own device or product. Property rights revert back to the government where it came from.” She saw the logic now on property. “If the government gives them their business or farm to start then it should not be a problem returning it. I see why you do not require it to be purchased.” I was into the formation of new planets for my plan. “With the life spans we have people will live for a long time on their land, so ownership is not reasonable, as it would have to be divided for children and grand children to have homes. That would take a large farm and make lots of smaller ones that could not support people. We will keep new land being created and have land long before it is needed for all.” Here she had a question that she had heard no answer for. “How do we stop people from developing mines on farm land?” I felt we had covered this. “All mines require a certificate from government to sell their product. You can mine all you wish, but unless you have a certificate you cannot sell it or transport it. So if a farm wishes to convert from farm to mine they must have their neighbor’s approval first, as it may affect the operations around it. Here is where the courts get into every day life. We are mining planets with robotic miners and shipping all needs back at very low costs, so mining will not be a very profitable business.” “The structure seems sound and well pulled together. But I see a lot of free time and we will need a way to fill that for people.” That was going to be a constant demand. “Yes that is being looked at and planning done by Abel and his people. We are making sure that farms have to service their robotic equipment. That repairs are done on the farms and that after the house and barn are up they do the added construction they want. Sports, music, art and areas like this will be promoted. They are things that can be done at home and the more skilled brought together for events, locally or over the worlds. We will have fairs locally and on each

planet for produce, livestock, foods, entertainment and crafts. We are going to offer many added work in exploration of planets.” With a coy smile she added. “I am sure enough activities can be found to keep people active and busy. That makes me wonder how Hammed and Salina are doing on the boat?” “I am sure just fine, as we did OK on our first night. It is a learning curve for Hammed he has been alone for sometime like I was. He will take some time to sort it all out as I did also. But now we need to eat and then get some sleep.” They had a light dinner and discussed the day’s events. There was so much going on and neither knew all of the others work that day. After this they started kidding each other. “You really are a hard lady to please today.” “You are easy.” Faith laughed and then touch John’s arm. John decided to challenge her. “Well let’s go see how easy I am now lady.” Both headed off to bed. It had been a long day and each could feel it.

Chapter 17 The Steps Before the Storm The meetings had gone well and every thing was set for the delegates to be educated on how life could be lived. They also would get a good dose of the technology we have.

James was satisfied with the security and meeting arrangements. So in two week this event would go forward. Hammed when he returned with Salina to the ranch was totally bitten by the fit the two people had found. He had asked if Salina could come back to Earth with him for a time. After a long discussion with Salina it was agreed to allow this as long as she was not out on the streets. She could be at Hammed’s apartment or at our compound during the off time. But travel for her over the world was just not a good risk. Having the world know that Hammed was involved with a woman from the Alpha system would not be good either. So they were given the right to use one of the cottages at the resort or apartments here, as they wished. It was to allow them time outside and walking in nature. Here they could feel free and safe to just be human’s in love. The restaurants, concerts and parks were safe places for them, as they would not be on Earth. Someway John felt that both Faith and Hope had played a part in this match. Faith could see the loneliness in Hammed and I am sure Hope did also. Just seeing him after the night on the boat made it easy to understand the fire now in his soul. He was far more confident and you could see more strength in his resolve. The development of the Alpha system had come into being fairly quickly. Being able to use the failures of Earth as a guide to our future has helped. Gorm has watched us very closely and adapted much of his culture to our design. He has been fascinated with our farm and business structure and has designed a program on the added worlds for his people to have the same opportunity. They also will be held to just the one ownership. But he has also created the space ships as one business he is allowing. A person can operate a spacecraft for their business and provide raw materials for industrial needs or find land, which the government will purchase from them for future settlement. They also have asked about the medical ability to allow all of their people longer lives, as that is not genetic for them. This has been given, as it would be just for new births. The rest of the people were treated by us upon their release. We have so much to give this older culture that spawned us and we are becoming the center of the human race. Gorm has suggested we start a council of humans for keeping the history, suggesting possible ideas for the future and to dig into the past for lessons we need to remember. He agreed to support it on his world, which the people named Cirrus. So they will become the Cirrus System, as we are the Alpha System. Earth now with three planets will be called the Earth System. This gives the human race eleven planets now. With our efforts to create new planets and ones Gorm’s people create or find, I expect to see over one hundred planets of human’s before I die. That is a long way from the one world on which I was born and educated. So having the history of the movement to Earth and of Cirrus would be interesting for me. I have suggested that we allow Earth to supply two historians for this group. Gorm is going to come to the meeting of the UN delegates and will address them. He wants to stress the need to cooperate with us if they wish to grow and become a part of the human star system. He is going to bring several of his people to meet with interested

delegates. This is not being announced and Hammed does not know it will happen either. This way he does not have to explain it. Gorm will speak at the opening right after Hammed and I do. He is going to offer the jobs for two historians during his speech without explaining there full duties. Our new system of planets now has some form and structure. We are going to have to walk a fine line to be sure that empire does not become a goal for anyone. Gorm and I have planned a council of three right now. He the Secretary General and I will sit on that. As we have other leadership worthy they will be added. This council will settle any interplanetary matters. By starting this early we both hope this will prevent the desire to crown one leader for all planets. “John I need a little time.” Edgar was looking tan and fit today. This was not his normal approach. “OK what can I do for you?” Here he was concerned. “We need to buy out a few of our current stock holders.” That surprised me. “Why do you need me for that?” He needed some guidance here. “I am being asked to supply the name of the buyer or buyers.” I had expected this at some point. “What companies are involved?” “Pharmacon and Earth Resources are the two we need to buy out our partners.” He was concerned about these, as they were well known. Now to ask the logical question. “Why do we need to buy out our partners?” Here Edgar had run the numbers and was ready. “Pharmacon is going to produce the drugs from the research center and we will have to explain why they are not more profitable. Earth Resources is spending a ton of money in the third world and will have losses for the next two years. The end result will be a fortune beyond that time. But at the quarterly meeting we had major dissent from our partners even when they knew that in three years they would triple the best income the company has ever had.” “Fine have Global Clinic Health Systems buy the stock and provide the money for them to do that. Samuel will handle the publicity and they can do this due to a gift from supporters. His story is that all income from the profits of the companies stock held, will be used to supply drugs to the UN for world health care.” He was pleased with this answer. “Nice way to handle it and I have no problem with the end result of the profits. Anyone who objects will seem to be anti UN and world health care. This works because our other investors all third world governments and businesses. But Earth Resources will need a buyer for its outstanding stock.”

I wanted a shield that would be hard to penetrate. “It for sure would not look good if they were seen fighting against the UN being able to supply their people with needed drugs for free or little cost. Use the Swiss bank for Earth Resources and that will just be an investment.” He was not to sure how to handle the pay out? “Now how do we show the money for the purchase of Pharmacon?” Non-profits do not have to show the names of their donors, just report the funding. “I would suggest it be shown as an unknown donor. Provide the money with unregistered bearer bonds from any county that allows for this and delivered them to the foundation. Where no one could track the bond if they wanted. I assure you some reporter will try to do that. But our Swiss friends will keep that from happening. Remember they are only buying the outstanding stock that we do not hold.” This would work and keep the problem down. “That will be no problem and we can handle it that way. It will cause questions I am sure in the news. But it will not be negative press.” I had needed of Samuel’s abilities here. “Be sure that Samuel releases a good statement to start with. Then follows it up with the works being done by the foundation. If any paper tries to tarnish the gift received then we will simply ask where the donation from that paper is for the benefit of the world? Why are they not stepping up to support the needs of the poor? Is it reasonable that they can be critical of someone who does not want publicity for their good deeds? It seems that the way the press hounds people who do something for the benefit of mankind to explain it, no one would want to help.” Edgar was smiling and understood the plan. “I see you want to put them on the defensive here.” I wanted a solid base for this to be built now. “Yes and keep them on it. The newspapers tend to pry into things that are truly none of their business. The foundations gifts do not have to be reported to the news. We will at the end of the year show all funds taken in and all funds spent. But we will not explain them to the news media. We do not have to give the world our annual reports. We do owe the Swiss to file a copy and will supply the UN a copy if this becomes a problem. We will answer any question the Swiss government has that can be answered. But this gift is an endowment for world health that is why the UN needs to know the income from it.” Edgar wondered if this tied purchases to Pharmacon. “Is there any conditions for where they purchase drugs?” I did not want any connection that was not price and quality based. “No they can get them from wherever they get the best pricing, delivery and quality.”

He seemed very relived with the way to handle the problem. “You know John the more I deal with you the more I am enjoying this job. For all my SJ training I have seen the rules bent within the church. Yet here it is always a straight line and what is right.” I did not want him thinking of any reward for us. “That is how life should be Edgar. The best interest for the human race must be served and not our personal glory. We in the over all scheme of things are not important. For the stock in Earth Resources we will purchase it with our bank in Switzerland. It is financing our project right now and that makes them a good investor. Now how is the new farm doing?” Here he was glad to share his experiences. “I am enjoying myself and Jena is also. I have built a small wood shop behind the house and am building furniture for our home there. I am using old designs to build solid wood furniture with beautiful deep finishes. It is how I relax and allow my mind to process data freely. You need to come over and see some of what I have made.” That would be fun for both Faith and I. “That I would enjoy. I spend my time riding and working with the horses.” Here he had a want to see if I would agree. “I want to get a couple more from you when your mares start dropping folds. I want them from your stallion.” “You will be placed on top of the list. We have orders for three years now for over forty head of broken animals. So our breeding program is looking like it may make money. We will produce around one hundred and fifty plus head a year for sale. My stallion and ten mares will produce only for me to give them away. They are not included in the breeding program. I intend to use them for rewards and gifts.” Here he was shocked at my decision. “Hey I’ll buy mine. I don’t expect you to give one from that stud away.” I smiled at him and restated my position. “All offspring will be given away or kept for breeding with the normal program. No one but the few I give animals to will have a direct descendant of Ironman. Those few will then have a valuable horse, as they cannot be purchased. There is a register on Alpha now for this breed to keep the blood lines pure.” Here he did not understand my decision. “That is an interesting way to keep his value high. But it also allows others to breed their animal and have one of equal breeding to your normal stock.” I had no worry about making money or not here. “I expect that many will breed horses and yes it keeps them where they can compete with us. We do not expect to be the only breeder and know we will not be able to handle the full amount of market demand. Our horses are high priced and are meant to fill that market. There will be some to fill the middle market for lower priced animals and a few for the even lowest priced market. Most at the lower end will be a breeder with a few animals for their needs and willing to

sell off what they don’t need. The middle breeders will be running operations where genetics and planned breeding are not used.” Edgar could not see the future here. “How can anyone compete with your operation?” Here Faith and Slim had set up an incredible program. “They have developed a breeding genetics database and know what horses are going to be dominate in passing on their good points. So if you breed one stud with ten mares what genetics is going to come out as a result. I was given by Gorm a database that was used for humans many years ago. It has been reloaded with the horse information in it. We have run every animals DNA and placed it into the database, with their characteristics. So we should be able to predict the qualities of off spring pretty closely and later very closely. It will get better as more data is added after each foaling season.” Edgar was impressed with this method. “You have made a science out of it. Now I understand the reason for only the high end pricing.” Faith had taken this program even further. “It is even more than just genetics. We will know the food requirements for every animal to maintain them at the best level. What feeds they react to best and which promotes the best growth in the foal before birth. Then what adds the best bone structure and growth after birth? Our goal is to sell the bestdeveloped, smart and smooth riding horses we can. Give me fifty years and Faith and I will have most of the questions answered.” Edgar had to laugh at this level of planning. “You two are putting as much into this as you do into building the Alpha system. Is there anything thing you do at a lesser level?” He just did not understand one facet about me. “Not really Edgar. If you’re going to do anything in life, to strive to be the best is important. Doing anything half-assed is an affront to me. Thankfully that also fits Faith. She is as driven as I am to produce the best possible animals.” He was going a different route from me. “Well Jena and I have decided to raise cattle. That is why I need a few more good horses. I would like to have the blank genetic database to use for our stock. My goal is to breed top bulls for our other ranch operators. We have two square miles of land with good grass. I have set aside land for grain growing to feed out our sale beef. We are not going to use any hormones in any cattle. So I need to find the ones who naturally produce the highest quality beef.” I could help him in this and save much time. “I will have Faith give Jenna a copy of the database. If you want DNA testing run we are set up on the ranch to do that for you. There is no reason to build another lab, as ours is no place near capacity.” Edgar was not so sure he could afford this service. “What do you want for the lab service?”

I had to make it work here. “How about some beef?” I was smiling and enjoying the trading of goals with Edgar. “The way I see it Edgar is we are setting the standard of quality for the Alpha system. The group must be the leaders in this area and it will push others to try to be better. That causes growth and advancement in our culture. It will help set the tone of expectations for the whole system. We will have fairs to show the best animals, produce and crafts on our worlds. That will allow free exchange of information and be a yard stick for others to measure their progress.” He could think of no place he had seen this work. “I like the way you want to lead this evolution of the system.” I knew we needed just to challenge our people. “We have a highly educated group of people in the Alpha system. Our ability to have and use robots for the hardest work frees up time. Now it is time to put that free time to productive work. Our government will certify any genetic modifications before they can be used. This way we do not contaminate our worlds with unknown problems from these modifications. We will not use chemicals to enhance crop production, but will use natural means. We do not need sprays to prevent bug damage, as we do not have those types of damaging ones here. The bees here have already been modified, they have no stingers and are very docile. So every farm should have several beehives and honey for their own use or sale. All incoming materials from Earth are being received in a vacuum to prevent importing bugs, snakes or rodents.” This was a surprise to him. “I did not know about the vacuum being used.” “The only items not being handled this way are the animals and they are run through a spray system and held for seventy-two hours while being tested. They are scanned, DNA tested, blood work done and repair nano bots injected to handle any disease or health problems. It does not extend their lives, but assures a healthy animal when you get it, without Earth parasites or bacteria. The site for this is in an enclosed building with air locks to keep any problems in.” Edgar was always looking at the environment here to see the differences. “I noticed that we have an oxygen content a little higher than Earths. Does this affect animal longevity?” This was still up in the air. “We don’t know yet which way it will play out? It can either add or detract from that life length. Our best information now is it seems to add years, as we do not have the pollution Earth does. For us humans it has no real minus, as we will live a little longer. You also don’t breath as hard when running. Once again the lack of pollution is a key item.” Edgar was not sure this was documented. “Where do you get this data from John?” This to me was an old problem. “I have had a doctor here doing the studies since right after I took over the center. There is one on each world doing this research, as I did not want to move humans here until I knew it was truly safe.”

“How many other things goes on we have no idea is or has happened?” Edgar was enjoying the learning process, as John was way ahead of where he had thought. I wanted him to know I did not by do anything by chance. “I have taken every precaution that was reasonable for our safety. Much time has been spent on designing the safety systems required. There have been modifications to all five planets to make this a better place to live. You will find no poisonous snakes here, no pest or deadly bugs, no sharks or dangerous fish or mammals in our oceans or on land. With others modified to assume the role the missing species. We have where modification was not reasonable built robotic means of holding animal populations down.” This amazed Edgar, as he had no idea. “You have been far busier than I ever knew.” I could not take the credit for the results. “No I delegated much of the planning and just sat down with the reports. Then questioned the conclusions I had been given. When in question I depended on Hope to provide answers for me. In each case the decision was tested before we went forward on all worlds. In the valley we had bees without stingers and people did not even notice it. They performed their task with out a problem. Much was tested here and on the resort island, as it was isolated and beyond flight for all most all bugs. We created dangerous areas that most will never see. These are inside a force field and are several square miles in size. Here we are testing many things to see the longterm effects. All genetic modified crops will be tested inside one of these areas. We will know what genes they tend to transfer to other plants. So we have good controls in place to make good decisions with biologist running these areas.” This had impressed him. “I had no idea of the extent you have gone to so we are assured a safe world? Who did you get to handle the bio side?” I had to use the resources we had. “We are using robots for that as they are in remote areas. They live in the force field and are in several different climates with the same experiments running. We needed to know if climate had an effect also.” Here he was curious about the medical side. “I assume your medical people are all units?” I was proud of the job these people had done. “Yes, they have farms with medical offices on them also. This is the one area where I have allowed someone both a business and a farm. There are only ten so it is not a big deal. They are the human environmental committee and meet with me once a month. The robots at the genetic domes are also a committee and they feed me data monthly and we meet twice a year.” He wonder about how much John was into? “Does anyone else know all that you do?” So much of what I did was behind the scenes. “Yes, Faith, Hope and Vortec know everything I do or am involved in. There is so much forward planning that must happen I

cannot dump it on anyone else. I take Abel’s plans and dissect them for what we need to know to make them work. Then put in place the information system to feed me the data needed for a good decision making process. We are building a new set of worlds and that requires information to be sure we don’t make errors often.” Edgar could not think of one misstep yet. “It seems so far we have not made any. But I am sure something will pop up when least expected.” It was time to bring him into another decision I had made. “I believe that also. Just one more small piece of data for you. Hammed is one of us now. If the UN ever lets him go he will come here and live. I gave him the longer life our system offers and he has fallen in love with Salina when he was at the resort meetings. I gave them an apartment here and a house on the resort island to use for now.” This pleased him greatly. “He is a good addition for us. I look forward to working with him. But I can understand his falling for one of Hope’s creations. Jenna really had an impact on me the first time I saw her. I am sure Hammed will be happy with her and she with him. But how do we keep the world from knowing of this?” I had given them my instructions here. “That is the reason for the apartment and house. They will spend their free time here. She is working now at our compound and will only meet with him at his apartment. She will not be seen at the UN with him or on the streets.” Edgar wondered how we could use a diplomat? “How do you see using him once he is here?” I had already seen the place for him. “We as we grow are going to have to develop trade policies and handle trade issues. These will be between Earths system, Gorm’s system and our own. He is best suited for this area as he has many on Earth who trust him and Gorm likes him. He will be fair to all and not take any sides in these issues. We also do not know what new humans we will find in our universe and we will need a representative to workout agreements.” This made it easier to deal with Earth. “I see your forward planning in action. But yes he would fit that bill nicely. They know where he was born and educated. He is not foreign to them and does not carry the baggage one of our people would.” Here Hammed was proving to fit my perceptions of him. “It seemed to me that he could carry reason forward with the Earth leadership. He would have control and authority over Atlantis and the spacecraft at Earth’s disposal. That gives him leverage in dealing with the UN and other governments. Like Teddy Roosevelt said walk softly and carry a big stick. The one thing he would have is the power to make progress work.” Edgar was impressed with the forward thought. “There are times when I listen to you I think you put Machiavelli to shame. How can one person see so many sides to each

event? Then be ready with options before there are problems and have answers before any questions? That seems to fit your planning for events before there are events.” Here I just did what I did and it worked. “Edgar I have to look into the possible future as well as I can. That is not easy and requires me to look at a lot of information in sorting out how events may play out. If I fail to expect reactions it could cause much harm to the over all plan. We don’t want to isolate Earth; the goal is to bring it forward as quickly as possible. My planning right now is for two hundred years ahead. That will be modified, as I know the leaders and their personalities. I make contingent plans for no more than one year as things do change. But the long-range plan is a fluid one. So I am always looking for options.” He just could not see how long term planning could work for Earth? “How do we keep any plan on track for as long as a year? I see all kinds of problems arise each day. You can’t forget that I was educated by the SJ and always felt I was skeptical of human nature. Then I met you and found out I was still a baby in that area.” He was seeing the wrong things. “I am not skeptical, I am a realist and know plans fall apart the minute they start. But if you have options for events then you have room to move. If you make the mistake of not having options you loose before you start. It is very much like playing chess or like the old basic programming. That says ”if this, then that, go to“ so the program responds to the inputs given even if they are wrong by moving to the right answer. Life is very much like that type of response. The goals are to have responses for each input by Earth. But we must have some ideas about how that will play out.” This was nothing he had ever considered. “John I will give you credit as I never looked at life that way. But yes your right and I do use that type of planning for my moves in the market. But some way I never saw life that way even though it is very much like that. I ask someone on the staff to do a job; because I have a reasonable knowledge of them I know where to look for possible errors. So in my way I plan just like that. You have turned on a light I did not know I had. I believe if I plan the event a little longer that the result will exceed the expectation. I have always held back because the market moves without rules often. But if I expect the rules to hold and have an option if they don’t then I should be able to profit either way.” I was glad to see he had a new insight. “Planning is always the key to success and long term planning will always win. Don’t expect the short-term gain to always be the best. If you plan long term then you drive the market to where you want it by moving it there.” Here he laughed and said. “I did that at the Vatican and got fired for it.” I knew the story better than he did. “Only because you got caught. Here there is no way to get caught, as you have my permission to do it. Just don’t destroy a company or hurt small investors. If you beat the moneymen I have no problem with that or if you buy a company and put it on track again that is OK. You have more money than any investment

firm in the world. So you have strength to stand the pressure. Just decide the battles you wish to fight and be sure it is a hill your willing to die on Edgar. You will find there are many hills that just are not worth it.” He knew he had been given a vote of confidence. “John I appreciate the freedom and support you give to us. Yes, there are many hills I would not die on and I will make sure the one I pick is one worthy of that. But how do I handle the ownership problem on Earth?” You have a major investment firm and bank to cover your tracks. Use Global Investments to reach your goals. They have the resources and the people to do just what your talking about. Use them to front any blind buy you want to and we will profit.“ ”I was looking at a new investment firm to do this. But your right we need to use what we have.“ I had to smile, as it was his little revolt. ”Go for it and with my blessing. One word of caution you will need to keep in mind is the funds you generate are for the good of mankind and Earth. Don’t accumulate money for the sake of wealth only. This money must be turned into ways to better people lives on that planet. The Alpha system needs no wealth from Earth to live well. We will trade only when it helps Earth and not for our benefit. We will tax our products to bring them in reasonable line with costs on Earth. With Gorm that is open fair trade and will not be restricted in any way. We will tax sales to Gorm’s worlds at two percent to generate income for government operations and building programs. He is taxing his exports the same way and neither of us are taxing incoming products.“ He was surprised at this. ”Sounds like a small tax, is it enough to handle all the needs?“ This was my way of controlling the economy. ”Yes, as it is not the only source of our income. The idea is to take a little here and a little there and it will all add up. All robots are lease to land and business owners over ten year periods. We will have no plants making robots for now on our planets, as Hope has to program them. The fees are very low and will strain no one. But the government will have that income and it will generate a surplus of far more than we will need. The tax on exports is a lever to keep pricing fair based on cost to produce. We will know how much is being exported, at what pricing and what profit.“ He looked me in the eye. ”You’re assembling a government who will have control over its people. But in very benign ways.“ Here was a key to controlling the future. ”Yes, just not one that intrudes into their lives. The tax will be automatically deducted before the deposit is made in their accounts. There will be no tax forms or filing dates like on Earth. Vortec has converted a spacecraft for nothing but robot construction and programming. It is near the incubator station and is operated by the old style robots we have taken from their fleet. We can produce up to one

hundred thousand units a year of all types. Currently we are building and storing them for future leasing. If a unit requires an upgrade it will be done cheaply or replaced for a small fee. We want our people to have as good a life as we can possibly give them.“ Edgar had wondered how Abel and I had structured. ”I have not really been involved with the structure here financially. Able has asked me questions often, but I could not tie it all together. It seems we will have a stable and sound economy in the Alpha system. One without stocks, bonds, banks, loan companies or tax departments. It will be enjoyable to watch and see how we evolve and grow.“ I knew we would not get it completely right the first time. ”One thing you can be sure of is there will be small changes from where we are right now. Once it is set and operating you will have a chance to review it and run it. Then your suggestions will need to be fed to the people. But it will be the people that make changes and they will vote on these changes. Your job will be to assure that everyone is treated fairly and their assets are safe.“ This offer amazed him. ”Earth will never understand how democratic a dictatorship can be. They have always had men in power that loved that power and did not accept the responsibility it brought. Here you’re the protector of the people and hold yourself to that requirement.“ He needed to know how I felt. ”Edgar I am what the people want and need me to be. I hope I reflect their combined will in the decisions I make. When I fail to do that it is time for another to hold this job and me to retire and enjoy life. This is the hardest job I have ever had.“ Edgar was sure John would not be replaced. ”I can’t see your not being here for a very long time John. People have faith in you and you’re the image of what they wish to become. The one thing your going to have to be careful with is the reverence they hold for you could become a religion.“ This alarmed me. ”For sure I don’t want that to happen. It places too much power in this job and me. At some time in the future someone could use that to become a King or God. I never want this culture to be ruled by anyone person without controls.“ I had also had this thought. ”You have that power right now, but do not use it. Someday we need to find a way for those who come after you to be limited in that power you now have.“ It was a long-term plan to be able to train people for this job. ”I have looked at a three to five person structure to replace me one day. That may be the best way to go down the road. Once the planning and forging of the joint systems are complete. Then I may even start constructing it in my time so it is precedence.“

Here Edgar was concerned. ”I would suggest that be done in the last one hundred years of your rule. You are going to need room and time to pull all this together and make the needed changes before sharing power. Then it is going to be a training time for those who serve with you. They are not going to have the knowledge you do and are going to lack the understanding of humans you have. So for them it is even going to be harder.“ I wanted solid people who knew the different worlds. ”No I will have a school set up to study the formation of our systems, Earth and the history of Gorm’s worlds. To qualify for the chance to sit here they will have to understand where we have come from. It will not be easy and will test their commitment to lead rather than rule. They will work on Earth and on Cirrus as well as our worlds.“ He was happy with all he had learned today. ”Nice solution for that problem. Well I had better get back and start my education in investment banking. There is much I need to learn before I make any decisions.“ The room was silent once more and John’s coffee cup was hot and full as usual. He lighted a cigarette and sat back with his coffee cup and reflected on the whole of the growth of the group. Where the changes that had come in such a short time and the direction the future was leading him. With all that had been completed there was yet so much to be accomplished. He had told Edgar the truth in that this was the hardest job he had ever had. Hope came into the room and John came out of his thought process. ”What can I do for you Hope?“ Here Hope was her ever-efficient self. ”I heard the comments made to Edgar on the training of future leadership. Do you want me to start to pull together the histories and events for future use?“ That made good sense to me. ”Yes, I can see no way to educate the future leadership without teaching the past. They must know the responsibility of this job and understand it is not power for the sake of power. It is only as servant of the people that they will serve as a leader. We must assure that anyone following me can be quickly removed for abusing their power.“ ”I understand what you want and it will take several years for anyone to complete the course. It will be made available to all people and that will educate the public on what to expect from their leaders. The better educated the people are the less likely anyone will ever be able to gain the strength to take over the government. Splitting the power will even dilute that further.“ It would be good for Hope to handle this. ”Handle the development of the instruction. Then I want to read it and make whatever changes it needs. But I will have a way to stop decisions that do not meet our goals. We will set up limits to power in your program.“

Once again John was alone and the peace settled over the room. He could hear the birds outside the office and the late afternoon rays of the sun were coming in. For some reason today was the time to question decisions made and yet to be made. Was a world being built that could stand the test of time? Were the buildings going to be the cultural center centuries from now? Was the human race going to evolve into a great culture? So many questions and yet only time would answer these issues.

Chapter 18 The Start of Change The stage was set for the UN meetings on Alpha One. With many small problems to yet be handled Noah was working twelve-hour days. The addition of Salina to the staff had allowed him to bring one of the other women into the office there. That was helping things move a little more quickly. He felt that by Friday all work would be processed. One major problem he had was world leaders not wanting to be processed for a card. That

was stopped quickly by John with the decision of no card no travel to Alpha. One leader from a small country dropped out, the rest agreed. All of the major powers had their leader going to the resort. Due to this they are being moved directly from the airport to Alpha One. That cut down the security problem and Noah was supplying several electric vehicles for transportation at airports. He had also had to set up one processing center at the airport also for these leaders. The Secrete Service had asked about buying several of these, as they could find no way to attack them. They spent two days trying every weapon and bomb type to breach the vehicle with no success. There was not a scratch on the vehicle when they were done. Our driver and their man rode through each test and the passenger said he never felt a thing. The service requested ten passes for their people and was told none would be allowed on Alpha that we were responsible and would handle their jobs. This caused a major battle at the Treasury Department, until the President stopped it flat. The security at Noah’s office had been stepped up and guards placed on the transport plate twenty-four seven. The baggage was required to be delivered to the dock transport plate twenty-four hours before the guest was to leave. This allowed for scanning and being sure items not allowed were left behind. No weapons of any type, drugs, alcohol or electronics equipment except for cameras were allowed. There would be no issues of safety on Alpha. Any medications required would be supplied once there. The planning on the resort had been just as intense. Noah had been involved in the planning and coordination plans for all who arrived at each event and when. He had arranged the trips each leader wanted and set up a guide for them. They would not see each other when visiting the different locations they wish to see. It was a tricky task and one that required coordination by Hope. But not allowing two world leaders to see what the others interest was would stop rumors from spreading. Each leader would see all the places on their lists. They would have any question explained to them and nothing would be hidden. We had set up a demo of our non-lethal weapons for those interested. Hope and her troops were handling it. My own ranch was being shown and the breeding operations. Of course my home was not included in the tour. The school was getting a lot of interest and the robot factory. Most wanted a tour of the Johnstown complexes and parks. Some wanted to see farms and others small factories. But the number one visit was to the orbiting spacecraft and its view port. We had a reception for the world leaders set for that room the first night. There would be a full sit down dinner and opportunity to see the universe in a way none had ever been able. An orchestra had been put together to entertain and music written just for this event. We had brought a composer from Earth and allowed him to spend five days in the room writing with a grand piano. He had been just blown away and had written at a pace he had never reached before. He had written so much music we could only use a small part of it. But he was given the rights to its use on Earth and he had given us the rights to our systems. The last comment he made was this experience would drive him for the rest of his life. The impact of the room should have a profound effect on the leaders.

Hammed was into trying to handle the replacement for the people dismissed from the UN. The screening process was taking much longer than he wanted. So he had decided to call John. It was always good to hear from him. “Yes, Hammed what can I do for you?” Hammed was concerned. “If I give James a list of my people who I wish to replace the ones we terminated can he run checks on them for me quickly?” This did not seem to be difficult. “I can see no problem with that. Just understand you are going to get more data from us than your people can get. So when you vet them be sure to use reason, as all of us have a few bad moments in our past. That does not make us a bad person.” Hammed smiled and shook his head. “John your more human than anyone I know. Yes I will look over any small mistakes, just not the large ones.” Here I gave him authority to expedite the list. “Just add the note to the list that I approved his doing the background checks. Are you ready for Friday?” He had been so deep into this he thought he was but was not sure. “Yes and I think nothing will get done here on Thursday. The dock area is getting loaded with bags for the weekend now.” Here we could cut down some of the rush. “Send them on and save time later. Just be sure it is tagged for the delegate or leader.” He was glad to get this off his list. “I will order them started through the process. Salina and I will be at the apartment in Johnstown on Thursday night. How about Faith and you meeting us for dinner at the Jazz Club?” That would be nice as the last time neither could speak. “We would love to Hammed. Have Salina let Faith know what time and we will be there.” He was pleased to get a few more off the list so fast. “Thanks for the help as I need to get these decisions out of the way.” I got up and walked to the windows looking out over the park. There was so much to inform Earth of during the conference. Yet so much they could never know. What a fine line to walk. Hammed had set the trials for the new drug for HIV/AIDS. Pharmacon was in the process of making the drug. In thirty days we would be into the start of the trial and hopefully on the road to proving the ability of the drug. We have been assured if the tests were successful in Africa that all world bodies would approve the drug without further testing. A group of five thousand people who all were HIV clear had been signed up for this trial. If successful none would catch the HIV virus over the next eighteen months.

There was no way in the area we were in that would be possible unless the drug worked. Sixty percent of the population had HIV positive tests and forty percent of those had AIDS. The lead researcher from the center was on site setting up the trials and would do the lab work every ninety days on each subject. Two doctors from Global Clinics Health Systems assigned to that country would work with him. This provided a three-person team to work with the government research team. Each worker would also take the drug for safety. The first possible fruits from the Faith Research Center were now in play. It had taken only a few months to find this new idea with the tools given them. Working at the subatomic level was going to move things more quickly. The test I had seen for this type idea months before had failed as it did not assure protection to all. As the thoughts rolled through my head on the possible address for the leaders and delegates I did not hear Abel walk in. The mind was still churning the possible approaches and reactions expected. Turning I saw Abel and came out of the fog. Looking a little sheepish I said. “Abel I did not hear you walk in?” He laughed as he often was caught this way. “Yes I noticed that and figured you needed time to sort out what you were processing.” I needed to explain my problem. “I was considering the tone for my address to the leaders and delegates. There are many options open to me and I am trying to find the right one?” He was into his own area today. “You will as always, but give it time to jell. I have the law books ready and the court is ready for tours.” This made me get to the point. “Now what do you need from me today?” Abel seemed concerned. “We have a piece of land we cannot allow to be settled. It is over two million acres and very dangerous for humans. There are large deposits of minerals and large gas vents through the whole area. The gases are a poison gas and you never know when they are going to discharge.” I just did not see any problem. “I don’t see any problem with that issue.” He pushed on with his idea. “We have provisions for government lands, but not for mineral rights.” This was a straightforward item for me. “Mineral rights come with the land. They cannot be divided and one person own the rights and another the land. But without mining being allowed on Alpha there should be no problem. We use other worlds and asteroids to mine from.” He seemed relived at my statement. “Thank you I added that to the law books, but needed your input before passing them out.”

I saw this in simple terms also. “A person can lease a plot for mining and do it remotely off planet. In mining those lands are to be leased to the person, as they will require more than one square mile for mining. Our age factor must be taken into account for these operations. The government will lease them at a reasonable cost to these individuals. They can have an apartment here or a house in one of the small towns. Then mine using robotic miners to remove the minerals we need and sell them. Have Dr. Phillips check the gas and find out if it has any use worth capturing? If not find a way to burn it off, I don’t want a poison gas cloud at some point.” The idea of a poison gas cloud had never hit Abel. “That is something that did not come to mind to me. Are we going to put any reclamation requirements on the off planet land we lease?” I did not want someone else doing a poor job. “No there will be rules for byproduct storage and we don’t know if the mines will be surface or deep shaft? So we will set into the lease what type of type mine reclamation will be required and what the mining company will be required to do. But this work will be done by us to our satisfaction.” This was a good way to handle leases. “I like the idea of our doing it, as it will be done with no short cuts regardless of the cost. The leasing will be set up for a reclaiming of the land after completion of mining by us and part of allowing the next lease to be given. I will talk with people and see what kind of cost we need to add to the lease. Now the lease needs to be set for a time period.” This I did not agree with. “The time period will be the life of the mineral or minerals left to mine profitably. If the land will support one hundred years or ten years of mining we don’t know. So the mineral deposit will determine the length of the lease. We will try to determine how large the deposit is before giving a lease. But NO oil wells or gas wells will be drilled on the Alpha system or other planets.” He chuckled at this one. “I assume your talking about the possible pollution problem for not leasing here?” I did not want to export more pollution to Earth. “Yes and I will not become Earths supplier of oil. If Earth needs fuel we will help them go to hydrogen, as it is cheap and found every place. That is if you have our technology.” He sat back and considered how to say this. “I wonder how the oil producing countries are going to react to your demo for them of hydrogen production and power?” I had no questions on this. “That really does not matter as it is the next step and it is see it now or see it later for them. They have a choice to make and it is in their hands how it goes. If I were in their shoes I would find places to invest the money where it would return profits after oil and gas are no longer needed.”

Abel felt the anger I had. “I am getting the feeling your getting upset with the Arab world and John has been push almost to the limit?” I had given this much thought. “It has and if we cannot turn things around quickly, I will take some steps to stop the needless killing. There are several possibilities open to me and I just need time to work it out. Of all races of humans on Earth they have gone from the highest educated and advanced, to following radicals and believing anything said to them. Any person who can cut another’s head off in the name of their God is not fit to be called a human.” Abel was not sure we could do much. “What can you do and stay within the rules given to us?” I had been researching this for some time. “In studying the history of Gorm’s people, the one planet found was a small one that was almost all desert land and fresh water oceans and lakes. It had many small oases on it and really more grasses than the current Arab and Muslim world. I would take the weapons from them and move them there to fight among themselves. I have Alpha doing the research and being sure the crops, fruits and nuts are there. We can give them a whole world that is just theirs and save Earth’s world many deaths.” Here Abel was the devils advocate. “What of those who don’t wish to go and are no problem?” This was going to be hard line. “They can stay if they will give up terror and war of any kind. It is either live in peace or pay a price.” Abel was in agreement with this. “That is an interesting idea and one that many nations would back. It seems that it might be hard to make happen.” There was a lot of work involved here. “Not really as Vortec and I have worked out ways to get them to come to us.” He smiled at this step. “Well if Vortec and you are involved then I expect it would happen as planned. I need to get back to my people and start the process on the mining businesses. There are some rules to write and standard lease forms to construct. It will be kept simple and in plain language for all to be able to understand.” The decisions made today had to stand the test of time. “Thank you Abel we are building our own culture and laws. So we will do it our way and not like Earth did.” When Abel left I headed for the park and some walking time. It was my best time to think and relax. So much was being decided right now I hoped that most of these decisions were valid. You always were going to have some that time required they be modified or even totally reversed. The crystal ball always works when you’re looking backwards. It is just the future that leaves questions on the decisions.

Walking to the ball field I could see a game going on. Both baseball and basketball seem to be the sports that had taken hold on Alpha. This was an interesting fact, as it meant there would be interest in organized play for broadcast. Sandy walked up to John and stayed back watching him lost in thought. Finally she moved up beside him. “I always know where to go looking for you if you’re out of the office during the day.” I came out of my thoughts. “Sandy it is good to see you. I enjoy watching the young people play ball. It is becoming a major outlet of energy for them.” She was surprised John was not playing. “Your not so old yourself now days John.” I knew this but the pressure from this job sucked much energy out of me. “In theory that is true. But I am well behind the strength and stamina level of these youngsters.” She had her mother persona on. “Well so am I, but I am working out and getting better every day. Adam and I run every morning and do a daily workout in our gym. We decided that we need to stay fit to enjoy the full life we have.” I like the getting sweaty working around the farm. “I get mine riding each day and working around the barn.” It was time to move ahead. “ Now for an idea I have had recently. The whole of Earths computer systems are a technology never going to grow out of the chip system unless we change that idea. Our chemical CPU’s offer computers one hundred times as fast as the largest super computer on Earth. I would like to develop a chemical processor to offer in Earths market. It will open up their growth in science and math.” I wanted to cut to the chase. “What is the down side of doing this?” “Before I talked with Hope and Vortec I feared the copying of the processor by others. But we can seal them and if opened the air will change the structure of the chemicals. A diamond wheel or laser would destroy the chemicals with heat. Also one of the chemicals used is not available on Earth or their other two planets.” Now for the area Edgar would be concerned with. “How much will this cost for them to be manufactured on Earth?” “Buying the one chemical from Gorm and making the rest on Earth the whole process could be done for a one billion investment in a new plant and chips would cost around four hundred dollars each until the production was in full capacity. Our profit would be about fifty percent to allow paying for the investment in the new plant. The investment would be returned in three years and the processor will handle Linux, Windows or any Earth OS.”

How much impact would this have? “What about all the current programs that run under those OS’s?” Here she was ready for me. “They would still run on this processor. Just faster and more accurately.” The next item to know was. “What kind of memory does this require?” Here she smiled. “No RAM and we would produce a chemical storage disk. From the test units we have built we can get one hundred thousand CD/DVD’s of data on one disk. A CD holds right at seven hundred megabytes of data each. So we would end up cutting the cost for any University to have as many super computers as they wished for students. As the whole system could be built and sold for under two thousand dollars each complete.” Now for my main question. “How does Hope and Vortec feel about this idea?” She had done her homework well. “They both have been involved in our research and development. Both think it may be a tool the Earth is ready for. If everyone on Earth had one of these and they were all hooked together they would not have one percent of Hope’s abilities. These are hacker proof for any Earth computer geek and open to Hope at all times.” I wanted the right for location of this plant. “Well with their blessing I don’t have a problem with it. Where are you going to place the plant for the processors and storage devices?” She had cut the choices down to Asia. “We want security for the plant and its people. So we are looking at Japan and Singapore right now. We will place transport plates into the tanks we are going to fake the chemicals being made where Gorm’s product is used.” Here was more just to get the information out. “So they will not know that the chemical being supplied is coming from Gorm?” You could see excitement here. “No, and the whole processing area will be robotic controlled in a vacuum. There will be many monitoring consoles with people watching the process and seeing what we wish them to see. The plant will employ over five hundred people at very high paying jobs. But no one will have a clue as to what is really happening. The product will come out for quality testing and packaging and shipping. There will be one larger chemical computer running the whole plant and everything could be done with no workers at all if we wanted.” I knew but asked anyway. “I assume the computer will be in the vacuum area?” She knew he understood her plan. “Yes and it controls the access and all functions of the plant. We will also back up power with a fusion power supply inside the vacuum area

also. If that area is ever breached they will self destruct taking with them all equipment and chemicals.” Just to be sure the right person did the job. “I assume Vortec has looked at the security of the vacuum area?” She smiled, as she knew better than not to have Vortec do it. “Yes he designed the construction of the room with triple air locks. The self-destruct will not happen unless two air locks have been breached by force. Only Adam, Vortec or myself many enter the areas and we will do that by transport plate and suited for the vacuum. No one can see in the room as it is kept dark and needs no windows.” I had made the decision on location. “I would prefer Japan as the location for the plant. Just so you know I was stationed there while in the Navy for a time and learned to love the people and their culture.” She had no problem with that. “OK it will be placed in Japan.” Now I had some demands. “Now I want you to have the President of the electronics group sit down the government officials at MITI and work out a special arrangement for our facility. We are offering them advanced technology manufacturing jobs and want absolute security and protection from any government’s interference. I want a prototype given to them for testing and to assure them of our product. There will be no export fees on the product or we will take it someplace else.” She was ready to handle this. “I will set it up and get back to you on the results. Is there any other items we need to watch for?” I had a little more I wanted in this. “Yes be sure that the product is open to all companies who build computers regardless of their size. There will be no exclusive rights to the product and have Hope think about the OS for this system. She most likely has something better and faster for this type computer. I want to keep the cost high for a few years, not for the profit motive. But to allow the companies we are going to hurt to find other ways to create income. So look at keeping the machines over the Four thousand mark each. Check with Hope and think about a ten year warranty on the chip and storage unit.” She smiled at this, as she knew he did not want to kill the economy. “Done as we believe the chips and storage units will hold up for fifty years.” I had to make sure these came back to us as often as possible. “Offer a free recycle program for any machine shipped back to us and a discount of five hundred dollars off a new machine for any returned unit. People on Earth are so use to replacing their computers it will take some time for them to believe they can last and be useful for more than a few years.” Here Sandy was not ready for this. “What do we do with the used machines?”

I had a plan for this also. “Clean them, check them out and ship them free to any nonprofit group.” She like this approach. “That is an interesting idea and one with much merit. We can slow production down to keep pricing up and not build a large inventory. We have the board for this chip and memory device already being build in Singapore and we know it works. I have two machines running in my workshop now. The cases are about two times as large as a normal computer today. This is due to fans required and a cooling system built into them. The speed does create heat and we have a simple way to handle it.” This I had to hear. “How are you doing that?” She quickly explained it in simple terms. “We have built a small cooler like a gas air conditioner with just a small pump with motor and pulsater which are the only moving parts. The heat sinks have holes that the fluid passes through and absorbs the heat. Under pressure it becomes a gas and then as it is run through the small condenser coil it comes back to liquid cold.” Sounds like a reasonable way to handle the cooling. “That is a neat system. How long will it run without servicing?” This had been taken into account. “Only the motor could possibly fail in the ten year period. It takes about twenty minutes to replace it. If the heat builds to a dangerous level the unit would shutdown.” Here we needed to do better. “Get with Vortec and see how we make the motor last for more than ten years.” Sandy was pleased she was this far ahead of the questions. “Already in progress and he said there would be no major problem with that. He has motors on the spacecraft that run for hundreds of years without replacement. It requires some changes in how we build small motors on Earth. But no new technology just new patents.” This would be one item to follow. “Go for it and lets see how this one plays out. I am not sure that Earth is ready for this large a jump in technology? But we need to find out a few things and this will be a way there. I want one instruction placed in every CPU.” Sandy could not guess what this was. “What is that?” I just did not want a smarter weapon. “No weapons use for that CPU. It must self destruct if used for that application.” Sandy had this in the works. “Hope is working on limits for the CPU to be programmed into it. That will be unchangeable after production. It will know its use and it will selfdestruct. That covers trying to hook a bunch of them together to make one unit or any

application but processing in a normal environment. They can be a server, but will require normal computers for workstations. This way we do not crash the whole computer industry.” I wanted some good test data on this unit. “OK then move forward and just keep me posted on the results. Offer the first ten units to Universities with recognized computer programs. Like MIT, CALTEC, Virginia Tech and the likes. If they test the prototype we will give them a new unit when manufacturing starts.” She liked this idea. “That will really add to their image in computing. I like that and we will get good press from the start. As our companies are not public we don’t have to be to open.” I had other fish to fry. “Now it is time for me to get back to work.” She looked put out at that comment. “Hey John I thought that was what we were doing here?” I had to break the ice. “This was just a mental workout and does not count against my daily quota.” Sandy laughed and said, “I see you still have some humor. With the decision making process you have I sometimes wondered how you handle the pressure?” Pressure, I did not work with that. “Sandy there is no pressure. I make decisions base on best data available and then modify or change them as more data comes in. So far I am batting around ninety eight percent.” She was surprised that he had no real staff. “Not bad for an old man! You really need to think about adding some staff to your area so you get a few breaks.” This was in the plans for later. “I will as soon as the period of major decision making has passed. But right now is no time to train people and let them make mistakes.” She knew mistakes right now would be costly. “That I agree with also. But at least get some one to serve as a secretary and handle the organizational side of your work.” That was a good idea. “Now that I may do, as it would be convenient to have someone chase down information and build data for me. Hope is good but she does not know how to organize it for me.” She thought about William. “If you wish I have just the person for you to fill a job like that. I have had two people busy with pulling all the data together for this project. One turned out to be very organized and good at taking basic input and know what Adam or I wanted.”

I wanted someone smart and thoughtful. “Just how sharp are they?” Here she knew this would work. “On an IQ scale around one fifty. But that is not the point. They seem to see the larger picture and can get the idea with just a few bits and pieces. That fits your thinking pattern.” I was willing to talk with anyone who could help. “True why don’t you ask them to come see me tomorrow?” “Done I will now let you go back to work,” she laughed. As I walked back I was turning over the way to use someone best in the office. The one theme that kept coming back was let them create their own job. There was an office across the hall from mine that had never been used. By directing people to there first I could close my door and cut many interruptions in the day. The group of course would always have instant access to me, but others took up time just coming to talk. At times I felt like the wizard of OZ, answering questions most should have know the answer to. The warmth of summer had set in on Johnstown. It was not humid or really hot. The temperature ranged from the low of the mid sixties to the upper seventies and would stay that way all summer. There was always a nice breeze and it moved softly through the city. In the winter here I had been told it would be almost ten to fifteen degrees colder. But year around the weather would be very nice. This was the main reason for locating the city here on this island. There was tropical vegetation on the island and rain high up on the mountains. This kept the streams running down to the small lakes and enough moisture in the air that the mountains stayed beautiful all year. The office was empty and John walked in and shut the door. Changing how things work takes some adjustment even for him. The restructure of how he would work will change and he did not want it to be a distraction. So walking through the expectations and looking for possible problems was needed. The goal was not to react to something due to not expecting it to happen. Biting someone’s head off was not a good way to start a working relationship. It had been a long day and he headed home to hit the hot tub and relax. Chapter 19 The Main Event Thursday night had been enjoyable with Hammed and Salina. Faith and John had both enjoyed a good dinner and had gone to the park and watched a ball game. Hammed enjoyed being able to be out in public and not be concerned about Salina’s or his life. The freedom he had on Alpha One was beyond any he had in the last thirty years of his life. It seemed unusual to have no bodyguards always within reach. To have conversations without fear of being heard and repeated. This was truly a different life and culture.

The next morning the front entry to the meeting room was full of people. Each picking up their nametags and drinking coffee. The talk was loud and animated as people discussed their rooms and locations. As expected two thirds of the delegates had decided to be housed on the spacecraft. The observatory room had been closed off until tonight’s dinner. By starting Friday morning everyone would have time to enjoy themselves on Alpha. People started into the meeting room and found their seats. The heads of state came in from the side door and sat in leather high back chairs in their own area. Each was brought in by one of Hope’s units from the station. Hammed walked in and up onto the small stage at the front as did John. Another man came in with them and also took a seat on the stage. The bailiff for the courts on Alpha came to the front and hit his rod down onto the floor several times. “Please come to order.” He waited for all conversation to stop, looking directly at those who dared to keep talking. “I present your Secretary General of the United Nations of Earth.” Hammed got up and their was applause for about a minute. “Delegates and heads of state, I thank you all for taking time to come to this set of meetings. For Earth to benefit from this new relationship we must learn more of the culture we are dealing with. This is an excellent chance to do that. One thing I want you to know is, I have learned that if John or his people tell you something you can count on that data. Another thing is they do not need or want our lands, resources or to govern Earth. We have been offered the chance to settle two new worlds and create a three planet- system called the Earth System. This offer was made with the understanding that the UN would set the rules and be the government for those two new planets. Why? So that no one power could control all three planets. We have been given access to Atlantis and spacecraft many years ahead of our ability to create. The Alpha system has offered to educate a group of children from over the world for a sixteen-year education free of charge. These would come here in groups of thirty each year. They have supplied the UN with food and medications we needed to meet world problems. What do they want in return? A peaceful Earth with cooperating governments. It is up to you to decide if that is too high a price for the rewards they offer us? Thank you.” Hammed stepped back and shook hands with John and Gorm. The bailiff stepped forward and brought the seven-foot rod down again and said, “it is my pleasure to introduce the leader of the Alpha system, John.” John got up and moved forward and leaned on the speaker’s podium. The applause was loud and long. “Delegates and heads of state I welcome you to the Alpha system. What the Secretary said was very true as to our desires. I understand on your world it is normal, to see if the hand not offering the olive branch is trying to pick your pocket? But here if we had wanted your world we could have taken it and you have no way to stop that. What would stop us from doing that? We are all humans and it is to the advantage of all of us to work with each other. Your world is getting tired and much of your resources are starting

to deplete. The total population of Earth is growing so fast your running out of land. This population is also becoming a breeding ground for disease, poverty and that creates unhappy people who fight back. Now to address our not needing your wealth if you will look at the screen behind me that is our treasury. What you see is in Earth dollars right at one hundred and twenty trillion US dollars. Anyone interested in seeing this for themselves feel free to ask Edgar for a tour. We have land, resources, money and technology many hundreds of years ahead of yours. I can assure you what we offered to you is a lower technology than our own by a few hundred years. The spacecraft at Atlantis could not reach this planet in five generations of Earth lives. So you are no threat to us even with the technology we are allowing you to use. As we learn if we can trust you then we will look at advancing that technology. After this meeting I will sit down with the heads of state and answer their questions. I hope you enjoy your visit here and learn the answers to your questions.” As John walked back to his chair there was a standing ovation for him by the delegates and leaders. He had been straight to the point and honest and that came through to them. The bailiff again hit his rod on the floor and brought the attention back to him. “I am pleased to introduce to all of you Gorm the leader of the Cirrus system.” Gorm walked up to the lectern and stood with his hands on both sides of it. “Delegates and leaders of Earth I am the leader of the Cirrus system as was my father and his father. The Cirrus system was taken over by computers and robots we had created and they held us all captive. Only due to John’s willingness to risk his own people and his support of us after freeing us have we survived. His people have found the fleet of spacecraft they had and have captured all but a few of the robots fleet. Those left are few and not able to reassert their power any longer. John gave us food, clothing, medicine and help rebuilding our world. The cost for this help was a simple thank you from me. He never asked for a thing and refused to profit from our problem. Helping us cost him many millions of dollars in your money and he has refused any repayment from us. I can assure you that you will never deal with a man who is fairer and not interested in money, but is in the welfare of people. One thing I can say is I have learned much from John about being a leader of people. We have adopted many of the structures use to build the government of the Alpha system. My people have more freedom, less government in their lives and are happier than they have ever been before. John has the assets he showed you and they all could be his if he wished it. No one would even think badly of him here for that. Yet he lives on a horse ranch and not in a palace, but normal home of moderately successful human on Earth. He has the right and power to keep his position for life and pass it to whom ever he wished. Yet he has said anytime the people vote him out by a simple majority he will retire and pass the leadership to their choice. This is a man who has the right to absolute power in the Alpha system. Who among you could do the same? Who could turn their back on that kind of wealth? Which of you can walk through your own country and never worry about being attacked? In which of your countries can any citizen walk into your office and discuss their problems? Is there any country represented here that has a law that says no one can die by any action taken by the government? Now may I ask who is the civilized world? I look forward to working with John for your benefit. But remember we are the older brothers of the human race and you have yet to

grow up. Now I do have one request of the UN. John and I have decided to put in place a counsel of human study. I would like to have two history professors from Earth to work with that group. So please submit to the UN any you feel are suited for this task. Thank you.” People jumped up and you could not hear for the loud applause and yelling. Even the leaders were caught up with the remarks from Gorm. The three men walked off the stage and headed out the side door. The leaders followed and the room settled back down as the next speaker came forward. All were transported to the counsel chamber in the government building. Gorm, Hammed and John took seats at the front table. It was on a raised platform about a foot off the normal floor. I looked around the room before starting. “Gentlemen I am open to your questions as is Gorm.” The President of the United States asked, “is it true you have that amount of assets on hand here?” Here was the money side of power. “You may see it yourself sir. But understand that is only one of five different vaults on our worlds. It is the largest, but not the total assets of my people.” The leader from Japan said, “John is it true your offering to educated a group of children each year from Earth?” This was a question I had not expected. “Yes and they will return with the equal to a PhD on your world. They I hope will be your next generation engineers, doctors, computer science leaders and scientist.” Here he wanted more data. “How will you get the children?” I did not want him to feel this was for anyone. “The UN will nominate them and we will test them. Only the best and smartest will be allowed here for that education. Then they will return to help all of Earth. Let me say right now we will allow parents to visit their children and will provide communications for them. But there will be no political teaching or communications of ideology allowed.” “How will you prevent that from happening?” Asked the President. I had to be blunt here. “Honestly all e-mail will be monitored by our computer system. So any that does not just report news and tries to form opinions for the child will be filtered.” Here he took a stand. “That is not within the rules we operate with on Earth sir.”

I smiled at him and reminded him of the facts. “It is the rules here and if you object do not offer any students from your country. We are not going to twist your arm to give children from your country a free and advanced education. As it is with your people who travel to other countries their laws apply not yours. Here all forms of government will be taught and the pros and cons of each looked at. We are something that does not exist on your world, a democratic dictatorship.” The Chinese leader looked up at John and asked, “How do we learn to trust your words? We have found that many say things, but the words are not true.” Gorm sat forward and looked the man in the eye. “Sir one thing you had best understand with John, is what he tells you is true. Do you remember the mine accident where over one hundred miners were trapped below ground and a shaft was cut into the ground at night to bring them out?” He was curious here. “Yes a most unfortunate accident.” Gorm asked him? “Well who do you think came to the aid of your people?” Here he looked confused. “There were many unbelievable stories about that.” Gorm continued to push this one. “They were just unbelievable to you, but I would say most were true. You choose not to believe the truth sir; it was you who decided that the Army officer was not telling the truth and you who punished him. It is you who has a closed mind to others and not their words that might be false, but your suspicion that causes you problems. Understand that as long as your people come first you have nothing to fear from John and much to gain. If you enrich yourself as people starve and die needlessly then you need to look over your shoulder for John. You are in control of your relationship here and can make it or break it.” The leader looked up at Gorm. “How is it I hear what you say in perfect Mandarin?” Here the technology was winning. “Each of you hears us in your own language so there is no mistakes in translation at all. There is no aim to hide anything from you as we do not have to do that.” The British Prime Minister spook up, “John why did you make the offer to the UN and not say NATO?” I wanted him to get this straight. “NATO represents a small group of powerful countries. The UN represents the entire world. I could care less what the government in any country is, but I do care how their people are treated. By placing the power at the UN you all must learn to work together for any to benefit. That I already know will be a challenge for you. But the return for working together will be untold wealth and land for Earth’s people. Now in that agreement I have placed one small exception. No Earth company can own land or minerals on the two new worlds. So the large companies of the world are not

going to rape these new worlds. The people will profit from this and that is how it should be. If I find any large corporation trying to profit by placing people to feed resources to them, I will cause them to fail on Earth. How, by offering others technology that makes their products obsolete. So any gas or oil company trying to tie up land to drill on by proxy will find that hydrogen power has come to Earth. Oil and gas is no longer needed. The Arab and major oil producing countries will be shown this today. If fuel pricing is not brought under control we will offer the world fusion power generation and cheap hydrogen for vehicles.” I could see his hairs rising. “Is that not holding the world hostage to your technology?” He needed to understand he was not in control. “I am holding each of you responsible for the betterment of your people. If economics due to a few are going to hurt employment and drive pricing up I will step in. It is just that plain and that simple. The bottom line is the best interest of your people. I do not take any action without fair warning and that is why the oil producers will see our demo today.” The Indian Prime Minister said, “are you not forcing us to follow your desires?” Here was the normal way of saying I am loosing some power. “No sir I can take Atlantis back, the spacecraft away and not allow you to have the two new worlds and settle them myself and leave you alone to die off on Earth. In less than fifty years you will have major wars over the resources left and many of your governments will fragment. Your countries will be small tribal areas with warlords and bitter fighting over the next one hundred years. You cannot survive without our help sir.” He looked like he was not going to accept this. “How do you know this is fact?” Gorm stood up and looked down at the man. “Let me tell you something no one here but John and I know. My forefathers brought each of your forefathers to Earth. Each of your original worlds were dying due to lack of resources and failing suns. We moved the surviving groups to different areas of the planet Earth that fit their original worlds. You did not evolve on Earth you were placed there by us. So who has the most right to step in and offer you another lifeline other than John and I? Your history started on worlds you have never seen, not on Earth. If any would like to see the true history of your people I will open my library to your best scholars to study that. We moved each culture carefully and have followed their progress for thousands of years now. Yes we interfered with them at times to attempt to move them up the technology ladder. We also made some mistakes in this process. John has assumed the job of trying to clean up some of the errors made by my forefathers. So he has a very vested interest in seeing Earth succeed. He has told you by law here his government may cause no deaths of anyone. So no one needs fear for their lives. But each of you needs to accept that your not originally from Earth and the people who were there were killed off by your forefathers. Now just so you know I do not have the restriction of not killing anyone on Earth. I can obliterate your planet, so no one would ever know it had been there. So it is John who stands between your survival and growth or destruction. The decision of my grandfather five hundred years ago was Earth

was to be destroyed with in one hundred years if it did not do better developing. Had we not been enslaved you would not exist today. If John had not rescued us he would not have the power to hold me back from carrying out that decision.” The room was totally quiet and you could have heard a pin drop. It stayed this way for more than ten minutes and you could see all thinking about what they had heard. The President looked up and said, “I had no idea that we were placed on the Earth by an advanced society. That comes as a shock to me as it did not fit the story of either the bible or scientist. This has been an age-old battle of creation and evolution. Now it seems we have a third way this happened.” John looked at the President and said, “sir the project that put man on Earth was called the G.O.D. Project. That stood for Galactic Outreach Department. There was at one time a group of scientist who operated a seeding plan for usable worlds. Of all the seeded worlds they were involved in only Earth survived as far as we know. That was due to the care takers they placed on Earth. Backward cultures require nurturing and help from time to time. You see yourselves today as black, white, yellow or red. You look at yourselves as Buddhist, Christian, Muslim or other sects. But you never had any religious belief until the watchers gave it to you. The reason was to find a way to pull each group closer together. So today under the religion you believe in you’re in heaven. For here is where your faiths came from. It for us was easy to part the Red Sea, to have Mohamed jump from the rock in Jerusalem, for Christ to die on a cross and be raised again. We sent you prophets and every event proved to be true. Yet we never stepped into the center of your world as we are now. After we freed Gorm and his people he told me of the plan for Earth. That was the reward I took for our service to him. To be able to bring Earth together and get you to cooperate as a new system of humans. So understand from my point of view failure is not an option regardless of the steps I have to take. As you all know there is now no longer two Koreas. I have changed that government, as it was about to fire atomic weapons at the south and Japan. They now have no weapons, nuclear power plants and are one country. If you look behind me you will see the leaders of the old government in their prison. They are very much alive and in good health as long as they farm for their needs they will stay that way. If they fail to plant and grow they will have committed their own death. We supply the shelter, heat, seeds and water to assure food is produced. Each week they get a meat allowance and something to read. We supply medical help as needed. It is meant to be a lonely life to allow them to reflect on what they have done to others.” He knew it but wanted to shield that fact. “You are the one who brought down the North Koreans without a shot being fired?” The President asked. I knew the decision was a good one. “Yes, and you see those same leaders behind me. Had they not been within five minutes of firing their missiles we would not have acted. But from our calculations they would have killed over three million people and hurt five times that number.”

Here the President was will to accept the help. “Our people wondered who had the power to do what was done without a shot? I for one would like to thank you for all of the worlds people!” The Prime Minister from Japan stood and bowed low. “The people of Japan owe you our lives and a debt that can never be repaid. Your people are truly the sons and daughters of heaven.” He dropped to his knees and prostrated himself before the three on the stage. This was embarrassing to me. “Please arise sir and let me say this. Japan once the most aggressive of nations is proof that man can change. But it must be taught to the young and lead by example by the elders. War is not the answer to any action, except by those to inept to use real power. If all countries stopped buying oil from the Arab nations how long would Sadam have lasted? They would have walked in and pulled him down without creating a reason for others to fight. How long would have the terrorist camps stayed in existence? Oil is their life blood and yes it would have hurt the world economy some, but the loss of lives would not have been as great as it is now.” “My country would have impeached me,” the President said. Once again it was one political decision after the other. “Not if the UN had the guts to stand up and demand that happen. Now with your future tied to the UN all of you had best find a way to make it work together. It will not dictate local policy, but it will drive world policy. It is the only super power today that exists as it has our technology to back it. I hope all of you understand this and will work with me to assure a safe, free and growing world.” A small man in the back stood up and looked at John. “I am the King of Norway and was asked to come for this meeting. Everything I have heard here today was worth the trip for me. One thing I can assure you is my countries backing at the UN and support in any task you may have. We are not the richest of countries, but also not poor either. We will disband our military except for our police and border guards if the UN and you agree to protect our people from outside intrusion. We will make funds from the savings available both to the UN and for our peoples health and well being.” Here I would support him and see how the rest went. “Sir if I have to place a force field around your entire country, I will protect it from my side. Hammed has my trust and I will send my forces to any place the UN requests them. You see one of my people is worth a thousand of any others. We as I have said never kill anyone. But that would not stop me from erasing their memory and leaving them wondering what they are doing there. Or our capturing their leaders and placing them with the North Koreans in a prison. But I assure any country that you do not need a military to protect your borders or project power you don’t have now.” The President smiled and said, “you have made your point. But we need to keep our people employed and the military is one way we do that.”

Here he needed to think outside the box. “Take the same group and build roads, bridges, needed environmental projects and use them to educated your people. Go back to the family roots of your culture and teach the importance of the family. I am not asking you to give up whatever God you look to because it came from us. I will supply you with the original texts of each religion and you will see how man has changed it. Having a higher power is as real for you, as we are it. So how each of you determine to use this meeting is up to you. But to make sure you understand how things can be done here is Hope.” Suddenly Hope appeared into the room. “I am Hope the computer for the Alpha system of planets. I have six sisters one computer on each planet and one on Cirrus. Now to demonstrate our abilities if you will look to your right you will find the last male who died in your family.” The shock was seen on all faces. Then the holograph started to talk with each of them about things only the two of them knew. Next a prophet from their own belief was sitting next to them talking about religion. “Now I hope that demonstrates my ability to produce a believable image that can talk with you.” Hope took a rod in her hand and tossed it on the floor and it became a snake. The snake talked with the men sitting before it. Then it became a Greek God and roared with its voice. “I have learned a new trick and even John has not seen this and it can only be used with his approval. John may I show these gentlemen this last demonstration?” I was amused with this demonstration. “Yes Hope I am interested also.” Sitting next to each leader was a duplicate of them. “Reach over and touch your image please.” Each man did and they could feel the other image. “Now each of you knows that you can be replaced if you falter in bringing your world together. I can only do this with John’s specific approval and knowledge. It will not be done to anyone unless they fail to understand what is required to be done. One thing you will find is the fingerprints, DNA and all body identification is the same as you. We are serious about the changes your world needs to have.” The images disappeared and Hope’s image blanked out. Hammed stood up and looked at the group. “Everything said and seen here today was not know by me. So I am in shock the same as you are. But I do understand the direction the UN must go. Next week I am going to bring to the floor a new reorganization plan for the UN. These required changes were requested by John and Gorm. The five powers of which each has a leader here will not have veto power over the security counsel. Countries with no military will serve on the security counsel to protect others with no military. No country will be asked for troops and John will supply them for the UN peacekeeping. All troops are to be pulled out of other countries within six months. All countries boundaries are set in stone as of this meeting today. Any in dispute will be handled by the UN general assembly and that decision is final. I have decided to move the UN to Atlantis and operate from there on no ones territory. We will have twenty airports around the world with transport plates and only the delegate’s or leaders cards can operate them. Delegates will have no staff and they will all be given the same information for decision-making. That information will also be given to the leaders of their country. Use it wisely as the next time it may be on your country. The structure for

the UN is to assure all countries are safe and healthy. Our main area of decision making will be the two new worlds, growth of technology on Earth, the safety of nations and disaster assistance.” Here the President was angry. “It sounds like the UN is deciding world policy. I cannot accept that from the United States point of view.” Here I stepped in and held firm. “Fine sir don’t accept it and watch your economy go down the tubes. Sir you have no choice in this matter. I am not taking your country or telling you how to run it. But you no longer have the right to decide the fate of the world. Tonight every nuclear device on planet Earth will disappear. Including stockpiles of weapons grade materials. Your labs for producing this will no longer function. If any country tries to produce a nuclear device that leader will be gone and replaced. I am deadly serious about this and you had best learn to accept the facts.” He was still trying to press power he did not have. “I know the American people will revolt at this invasion of our freedoms.” I had had enough of this. “Then know that your freedoms stop at your boarders. You are not free to determine the destiny of others. If you wish to influence them do it with trade and good works. That has its own power.” Here he backed off some. “In some ways I know your right, but in others I am not sure this will work?” I decided to let him know the end result his way. “Then Gorm’s solution is always in the wings sir. I am your only chance to survive and grow. So you decide if you wish to be your worst enemy. I will supply a full copy of this meeting to each of you. Use it how ever you wish.” Slowly the Russian President stood up. “John I have listened to all that has been said here without questions. Now I need to know how I am going to present this to my people. The Russian people have been through a lot from the Czars to communism and now trying to go to a free market model. It has caused great wealth and great poverty. I have no problem with not having an army and navy if our people are protected from terror activities. We have much to rebuild and many who have stolen from the state and people to catch. There are land disputes between us and others to settle. How do we handle this and rebuild our country to a strong world trader?” I could not lie to him here. “The route for you country is a hard one sir. It has seen much turmoil and many have stolen wealth from the people. I will provide you with a list of all who have bank accounts worldwide that have no ability to have made that money except by theft. You will be given the account information and tracking numbers. But you must commit to me not to take the life of any of these people. You may imprison them for life, but cannot execute them. The UN had the same problem and it is now solved. I will be happy to place around your country for a time a force field that only allows a few

entrances and exit points. At those points we will be happy to place cameras and provide information to your border guards on who is a terrorist. We will advise you of any groups within your country who are planning actions against your government and their location. It is up to you to handle their arrest. But you are going to have to clean up your own government for this to work. Right now you have well over twenty thousand who have made their money at the states and peoples expense. Many would sell the information we provide you to enrich themselves and allow others to harm your people.” He was very serious now. “I will make a commitment to you. These people will be punished and we will not execute any of them. We would appreciate the help with our borders for now until we can handle it ourselves. The judgment of the UN on disputes is fine with me. I like the UN moving to Atlantis as no country has control of any part of it. Your supplying the forces for the UN I also like as no country has a vested interest in the action except a good result. Having a live feed of all UN business for each country will allow my people to see this in action.” Here he needed to rectify a wrong. “You have one more problem to handle sir. You have political opponents whom you have jailed who did no wrong except oppose you. You must correct this and the people must be honestly informed. How do you plan on handling this matter?” He felt sure of himself on this issue. “I will do so except I have evidence of these peoples actions.” I decided to see if he could see the problem. “Who gave you your evidence?” He had been friends with this man for years. “My head of intelligence operations provided this data.” I had to tell him the truth. “He made it up and lied to you sir. He is one who has enriched himself in your country on money that did not belong to him. He has over thirty million US dollars in banks and was trying to take over the oil company in question.” You could see the anger rise in him. “I will correct it as soon as I get back and will have an arrest the same day of the right man. Can you also destroy our mafia by telling me where they have their money hid?” I had all this covered for him. “Yes it is all in the data I told you of. Many in government are involved in it as it is profitable.” He smiled and sat back in his seat. “I accept your offer and challenge all countries to step up and do the same. One thing you learn playing chest is when you’re loosing a game and know it is over resign and start fresh again.” Here I wanted to push the rest of the group. “Those are wise words and ones others need to take to heart. The only down side to any of you is you will no longer dictate to the

world how they will live. You will save money on militaries, you do not need and weapons, you never will use. My people can produce any product for less money than you can with any cheap labor force. We make a profit on that item also. If we sell our products to Earth they will have to be marked up here to keep from hurting your industries. So none of you can tell me that you cannot compete due to labor costs, find ways to automate and win.” Hammed stood back up. “Now I will offer my resignation to the UN on Monday and allow you to decide if I stay or go. There will be a vote on Wednesday to decide this question. If I stay then the UN will meet the goals set by Gorm and John. Earth will survive and become a better place to live. The new planets will become productive and supply Earths needs also. But that is for you to decide come Wednesday. Feel free to ask your guides to show you any thing you wish to see before dinner on the spacecraft. John has assured me you can see anything you wish. Both Saturday and Sunday are open for you to talk with leaders in different areas here. You also may see more of Alpha or get together and talk among yourselves.” Gorm, Hammed and John walked out of the room and headed for John’s home. As they settled on the patio and had glasses of iced tea in their hands they began to relax a little. “Gorm is it true that the plan had been to destroy Earth?” Hammed just could not understand this. Gorm had to confirm this fact. “Yes it is true and most likely without John would have happened. I do not have his ability to deal with these people.” Hammed shook his head and looked over at John. “Now I understand your hurry to push change.” I did not want this out as general knowledge. “Hammed at this time Gorm will not over rule my position on Earths future. But Earth does not know this and they should not for now.” Hammed was wanting assurance. “OK we have time to make this happen then?” I did not want him mislead. “Yes and no. Yes we have time as long as I see progress and no we don’t, if I do not see progress.” Here he was not sure he understood. “How will that play out?” I had a limit to even my willingness to make this work. “If there is no real progress I will offer land to those people who wish to migrate and can qualify for it. After I get those moved I will at that point withdraw from Earth and allow them to destroy themselves. Or if they anger Gorm he will do it for them.”

Hammed knew he had to make this work. “John that is a harsh reality to deal with. But in many ways I know your right. I am sure many would move to the new worlds so I can live with that. But you said you would have to qualify for the move. How would that happen?” I had a list of requirements. “We will move no criminals, those of poor mental health or people who do not work and produce for the good of all. No one will take their wealth with them and they must be willing to build a new life from scratch. Those who are not well educated must go back to school and learn needed skills and basic knowledge.” He was relieved at this list. “At least you’re not going to refuse all who are not educated. But how about the ones who have poor health?” We had great technology but still had things to learn. “We can handle that so I did not even mention it. But there is no way to rebuild the brain.” Hammed was looking for answers as change was coming fast. “How do I handle requests for military assistance for countries?” Here he just needed to call for help and sit back. “Just call James and tell him what you need and why you need it. He will coordinate the personnel from Hope to the area they are required. He knows the amount of force required for the number of people they have to handle. He also can scan the area for added data to provide our people. Normally a group of five can handle a force of a couple thousand with no problems. But we have used a few as one against one thousand and gotten the results we wished.” This confused him. “How can so few do so much?” Here he just needed to have faith in our abilities. “Hammed you could shoot a cannon or missile at one of our people and they would not be hurt. They are fully protected and we use a force field to keep everyone into the fighting zone so none escape. We can use sound to completely disable or we can wipe their memories. Those are just two options open to us there are many more.” He just did not understand more was not better. “How many will we need on Earth to handle the problems?” It for sure would be less than he expected. “You will not use more than fifty of our army of two thousand. Hope has three hundred troops trained for us for this effort. They serve as police for the Alpha system and Atlantis. But as we have no crime they do not do a lot except file deeds and the likes. At least they will get some experience doing your work. They will be the police for Atlantis now that the issue of the UN is settled.” He had not given much thought to the UN being moved. “How large will the UN be?”

I wanted to keep it small. “It will be all delegates, yourself and small staff running UN business. The people who are there for scientific studies and using the spacecraft will be in another dome and again policed by us.” He had only seen one dome. “Is there more than one dome?” I had to smile at this question. “Yes, there is now. We have constructed a large dome for the UN. The UN personnel may go into the other dome, but the scientist may not come into yours. Your delegates will have large apartments and there is a large park in the middle of the dome. Your meeting area is like a Greek theater in the open air. It has a large screen for showing information on during a meeting. Your delegates will have food service in their apartments by just ordering their food. There are outside eating areas to order and get you food there. In the center of this area is a doomsday clock set at fifteen minutes till midnight. Which way the hand moves will depend on the ability of Earth to change. At one minute till midnight I will start moving people from Earth.” He was trying very hard to understand his job. “How will we coordinate the exploration of the new worlds?” All had been made ready for this. “You will have full communications with Earth and both planets. Your people will have satellite TV and complete communications with their leaders. The feeds of our world will also be on your system. All world leaders will have access to your dome. But just them and no one else. There will be no need for spies as everything will be open to all. Requests for aid will be sent by the countries leader directly to your office. You will see anything we do on Earth. Hope will provide a news update for the world each day. It will just report the facts and have no opinions in it. The families for the delegates will be comfortable and the children educated by computer in the apartments. A secondary computer like Hope has been placed in your dome to serve as a teacher for the children and a repository for all the knowledge Hope has stored.” Here Gorm was even impressed. “John I think you have given Hammed more tools that he will ever need. Hammed every bit of history of Earth is in Hope’s database. She knows much of the history of my system also. The computer John has provided you can do more than you can possibly understand yet. Only you and John can direct it and John only when it is to take an action that is restricted. But anything you wish to know is within your ability to ask for it.” This brought a quick question. “What are restricted actions?” I did not want him buried in things he did not need to know. “Like asking for security files from government computers or bank records. If you wish to know what governments are telling their delegates that you can have. But setting up to monitor all communications on Earth I will decide if it is reasonable. James will have one person there who can supply you with any data you could want. They are the head of security in the other dome. Your spacecraft have the abilities to provide you with data on any movement in any country. We have placed a spacecraft orbiting Earth and that gives you

a space station in Earth orbit. It is seven hundred miles above Earth and circles it every ninety minutes. But it communicates with our small satellites and can see all of Earth all the time. The UN bank is on the space station. You now have a bank of your own connected to the world banking system. Your abilities are through a small Swiss Bank that is your proxy for funds.” This seemed to surprise him. “How can we have a bank?” “You have one for payments made to support world efforts by countries. We started your account with one hundred million in gold. You need to move all assets into that bank. Your people who run aid agencies will operate from the space station. You control their abilities by computer from Earth. We will have a transport plate in every country in thirty days. You can ship aid the same day requested then. The space station can hold more food and medications than you now have stored. I have provided robots on the space station to handle storage and shipping of needed goods. You will buy from your sources delivered to the transport plate in each country and store on the space station. That cuts many jobs that has cost you in the past and limited aid that could be provided. Global Clinics Health Systems has agreed to supply doctors wherever you need them upon request. They did this for a donation made to their group.” This was beyond belief to him. “I am in shock at how fast you can move.” Right now was the time to move forward. “Hammed we must move quickly or the world will feel they can drag their feet. I will take that option away from them. The move of the UN will be next week on Friday. I intend to see that your finances are better than ever before. The UN will have a TV feed for the world of all meetings and votes. Nothing will be behind closed doors. You do not require a vote for aid to any country. Before each meeting you will show where the hands of the clock are. The decisions of the delegates will be in development of the new planets, deciding disputes and providing help to countries to put their people to work and feed them. You will advise countries of their crossing the line of their new responsibilities. These issues will be discussed at meetings and notice provided to the offending government leaders. But your main task is the settlement of the two planets.” This worried him. “Then the UN will become the police for the world?” He was not the police; we were and better at it than anyone. “No just give the warning of events to come. I intend to talk with the entire world and let them know what has happened on Monday.” This surprised him, as he knew John did not like this part of his job. “Where are you going to make that address from?” I would keep it simple. “My office here on Alpha One. I will have only Faith and Vortec with me. The intent is to take the pressure off of the leaders of the world. When the question comes up why are you doing this they will know if it has been dictated or is a

decision by their leader. I want all to know the reasons for our intervention and the results we expect. It is also time to demonstrate our ability to force this issue. At this point I am not sure yet how this will be done? But Vortec, Hope and I will work this out. The intent is not to threaten the world, but to make sure they understand the choices. We also will show them pictures of the two new worlds and Atlantis. So what we are offering them exceeds what is being taken from them.” Here he was happy to have this support. “I will watch that broadcast and will address the world after you from the UN. Then world leaders can address their people if they wish after that.” This was to be one time and done for me. “Understand the address will be on every channel on TV or radio on Earth, as no other programming will be allowed during this time.” Here he questioned this? “Can you do that?” I had to remind him of the power here. “Can I shutdown all communications on Earth? That should tell you what we can do.” He was thinking of what he needed to do this. “I will prepare my address and line up the interpreters to be sure it is broadcast in all languages.” Here was a waste of time and effort. “Not required as it will be in all languages when it is broadcast. Just do your speech and we handle the rest with Hope. The UN will no longer need interpreters. I will assure you the results will be better than your best effort now.” Hammed was having a problem with this change. “It is hard for me to even understand the changes coming. This is so fast and we have become ingrained in slow progress at the UN. The response to needs you have discussed is beyond anything we have ever been able to do.” Here he needed the right outlook. “Hammed the UN will become the peoples agency. It will meet their needs when needed not two weeks later. It will look out for the best interest of their needs and will govern the new worlds for them. You will supply the spacecraft for scientist to explore and start to understand the universe. You will offer the educational chance for young people to get the best education. You will offer the undersea abilities to science. If two governments cannot solve their own disputes then you will step in and solve them now. You offer the world the best chance to live in peace and if they refuse then the UN will survive on the new worlds and Earth will be lost.” Hammed sat back and you could see his mind turning. “What I am seeing is you want me to fill your role on Earth with some support?” Gorm looked at Hammed and smiled. “You getting the idea now. John has much to do on the Alpha system and cannot spend all of his time with Earth problems. He, James, Edgar,

Abel and Vortec are there to help you. But you will have to grow into carrying the load. It will be your vision that offers John the ideas to make things work. So understand it is you who has the responsibility of making sure the right information is passed to John. It is you who will have to be unbiased in reviewing responses and actions to be taken. But in most cases you will be the decision maker and then have to explain to John why you did it that way? The major thing for you to understand is make the decision. If there is a question on it, Hope will let you know. When discussion is needed to help make your mind up talk with Hope. She can give you information in volumes or pieces and it can make the decision much easier.” This was a real concern for him. “I am not sure Gorm I am the man for this?” Gorm pushed forward. “John was not sure he was the man for the job he has either? But you will grow into it and become more confident as you go. Just look at it this way John has picked you and there are no others on Earth he is willing to trust. So we can start moving people now or give Earth a chance to survive. Your leaving the UN would be the end of Earth’s chance.” The resignation was on his face. “That leaves me with little options. I will not give up on mans ability to succeed and know this can be done. My concern is the UN will become the scapegoat for all bad decisions made by leaders in countries.” Here he was going to have to hold them accountable. “Call their bluff and report the correct information on UN TV. I assure you all news media will be watching the feeds and will jump on errors by their leaders. I would suggest that you allow a few media people in Atlantis and the UN dome and they be given the daily summary of Earth actions. Rotate this group as needed to meet their needs, but allow their families to come with them. Set up a panel of news people to screen and recommend who should serve there. But remember anything you do must be for the people of the world.” This looked like a way to pull a few fangs. “That at least would allow us to react. I know we are going to take the heat for any failures by government.” “That is one area I am going to take away from them Monday. It will be clear they are not limited within their own countries decision-making. That commerce will continue to flow within the trade treaties they now have. We have changed nothing except their ability to use military force outside their country.” John sat back after this statement. He still was looking at his place in all of this. “In the speed of events I have not had time to look at what changes have happened. But once the dust clears tonight I will have time to think this out. What time are we due at the spacecraft for dinner?” It was time for me talk with Gorm. “You have a couple hours yet why don’t you go take a hot shower and relax a little. Letting the changes be absorbed will help with questions tonight.”

Gorm and John talked until just thirty minutes before the dinner. As they went to change much was turning in Gorm’s mind. Gorm felt that Hammed was going to do fine and just needed time like John had. The power he had seemed to scare him and that would mean he would be slower to use much of it. But the compassion he had for people would end up carrying the day. The restructure of the UN had been a good move. Moving it to Atlantis was also a good move, as it took all the influences of others out of the picture. If these changes could not save Earth then it did not deserve to exist. His grandfather had ended several of the experiments tried by the scientists. He would if needed do the same here. The Alpha system was the bonus that had come from Earth. It as a culture was even more advanced than his own. He would not loose this by allowing Earth to plant any seed of destruction within it. Gorm and John met and headed for the dinner. The doors to the room were still closed and people were drinking coffee, a chocolate drink, tea and talking outside the room. John and Gorm walked to the doors and they were opened. The two walked to the table at the front and the leaders walked to tables to each side of theirs. Delegates were arranged at tables in front of the head table. But no one could take their eyes off the glass showing the universe. Even the world leaders were like children in a candy store looking through the glass. All were just stunned with the view and the fact they were really in space flying around the Alpha One planet. It took a good thirty minutes to get people seated and ready for the few remarks to be made tonight. John stood up and every one looked to see him. “Today I hope you have learned much about our culture and technologies. Understand we are not trying to threaten you, but are telling you exactly what will happen if you cannot control your own world. Your leaders have been advised that no nation will have troops in another nation for any reason. All troops are to be brought home. Your countries have the right to govern themselves, but not to dictate how others will govern. The UN will handle this from now on based on votes by all countries. The UN will supply food, medicine and other needed supplies for disasters and for local training to poor groups. But the UN’s main job now is the settlement, governing of the two new worlds and the scientific use of Atlantis. With your countries not having to supply troops to the UN and not having to support over seas military bases costs for many will drop. So the assessment for each country is one percent of your Gross Domestic Product. To stay in good standing and have a vote it will be paid on time and without issues. The Alpha System will also help financially support the UN for you. We have deposited one hundred million dollars in the UN account. Today and tonight all nuclear weapons have been or will be removed from Earth. They will be stored where your nuclear waste is to be placed now. I will address the people of the world on Monday and explain these rules and changes to them also. There will be no more wars on Earth. All terrorists will be removed from Earth and placed in our prison system. Anyone who supports killing of others will be removed from Earth. Any religious group who declares war on any other group will be removed. The death penalty is here by changed to life in prison for all countries. Governments should disarm any radical groups within their

borders. Any government who does not do all possible to meet their peoples needs will not last.” Here I paused to allow this to sink in. Gorm stood up here. “Now before there are questions let me add this to your knowledge base. My forefathers placed you on Earth as an experiment and it had failed and was to be destroyed four hundred years ago. Due to my people being enslaved for the past five hundred years it did not happen. John is the one who freed us and he is your protector for now. But failure of your world to become peaceful and grow in technology will leave me no option but to carryout that sentence. So your choice is change or see Earth destroyed. You have no other option at all.” Hammed stood up and looked over the group. “I have accepted the terms given to the UN. It is up to each of you to seek counsel with your leadership and advise me of your decisions. I have been told I may not leave my job without their destroying Earth, so that is no option. Much of the plans for Earth’s growth have been given to me and I see a better world from this. The Alpha system wants nothing from us in the way of land, resources or assets. Their goal is to see an advanced culture grow out of this event. That requires that we all work together for the best of mankind. Not just for our country, religious group or race, but for the whole world. The option is some people will be moved to the new worlds and the rest perish on Earth. It is our choice and up to us as to how this plays out.” There was silence in the room, as all could see the pit falls and the rewards. This was a scary time and much was on the line here. A man stood up and looked to John. “Sir I am a minister in my country beside being a delegate to the UN. This from my religion sounds like the second coming to me. It has not happened in the way written in our book, but it fits in every other way. I have seen your world and it is a paradise compared to Earth. Your people are happy and have more than many of the wealthy of Earth. They are safe, well educated and strong in their faith in you. My goal for today was to get a feel for who and what you are. From that perspective I have found your fair, strict, compassionate, engendering great respect and very people orientated. So I have no problem with accepting your desires for Earth as it means a better world for us.” “Sir what country are you from?” John asked him. He was very formal. “I am Swiss and we are a very independent people. Nothing you have said will stop any business on Earth, it will not affect trade and it will not have any economic impact except a positive one.” He was right in his assessment of our not interfering in commerce. “Thank you for your comments. I do not wish Earth to suffer the fate Gorm has told you of. I do not need or want anything you have. But I would like one day to have three more planets of advanced humans in the universe.”

The President stood up to speak. “John I have heard much and I know you have kept your word on the nuclear weapons, as it was reported all of ours are gone. Including the ones on nuclear subs at sea. This for me has been a hard lesson as I have always seen the US as a world power and responsible for the safety of the world. I will address my people after you and Hammed do. The US will change to reach the new paradigm that now exists. This will cause the restructure of our entire government. One long past due and one that can be constructive. It is not intelligent to fight what I see as an improvement in the world’s security. Our military in NATO, in the Middle East and in Asia will be brought back. Our tanks and military aircraft will be recycled for other uses. I do need your help in stopping attacks from those who wish to see our destruction.” I wanted to accept this offer now. “Sir I would accept your doing as you have said. Each world government will need to issue their people a new travel card in place of a passport. We will supply the card and the equipment design for this. The card like the one you have used here only works for you and cannot be copied for other uses. A country that issues it to a citizen takes full responsibility for that person. If it is issued to someone who attacks another country the issuing government will be held responsible. I will give to each country requesting them, plans for scanning devices for any problem materials. This is done in repayment for your taking responsibility for what leaves your country as well as what comes in. We can help you in this effort, but you must take the lead, as it is your country. It is a way of using your own service personnel in new ways.” He was more than willing to accept this offer. “I can live with that John and appreciate your willingness to help in this.” Dinner was now being served and the talk was animated and constant. Some were happy with the changes and some were not. That was just the norm for Earth. The one country that was a surprise to John was the USA. It would be interesting to follow how well that worked out. There for sure was going to be different opinions and they were going to at times be bitter. But without an option they would have to move forward. Many were going to be shocked that there was no nuclear powers any longer on Earth. The tons of weapons from Russia and America would take a month to move underground on the storage planet. During this whole meeting China had been very quiet and John wondered what their plan would be? After dinner several of the heads of state came to talk with Hammed, Gorm and John. The small man who leads China was one standing and listening to what was said. He never opened his mouth and was intent on hearing the others words. As the rest moved away to look out at the universe or to talk with their delegates the small man moved forward. John reached out and shook his hand. The man had a firm handshake and eyed John closely. He was very formal. “I have enjoyed your hospitality here at this meeting. It has been unique that others are not dictating to you how things will be. I have looked at your government and have talked with your people. You have the most perfect communist state I could ever imagine. It will be difficult for me to make many understand the

requirements you have place on the world. This means we must withdraw from a couple places and many will fight me there. What will be the decision on Taiwan will be important. It has for many years been a part of China. Of course we are a growing economy and have a large population. So we need land to give to our people. How can we handle all these problems within the structure of your statements?” He was wanting advice and not demanding anything. “You start by becoming a trade giant. But you must allow others to sell into your country as well as to buy from you. If they cannot sell to you they cannot afford to buy from you. If you open your border to your island and they to yours they may decide to join you and that would be allowed. The lands you occupied cost you more than they bring you. Educating your people to be able to migrate will open up land for others. Having people on the two new worlds open to selling to you for raw materials and food you need will create more jobs. Due to your not having a large oil based system for transportation I am willing to supply hydrogen fuel technology to you. I am not here to slow down the growth of technology on Earth, but to support it in a free trade system. The only internal demand we make is the dropping of executions as a means of punishment. Much technology will be passed to Earth at Atlantis and it should allow every country to become stable. The two planets will easily support more people that Earth will have fifty years from now on each. We have other planets ready behind those to allow more to migrate. It will cut down the numbers on Earth and allow for more land for those who stay there. As you loose people and low cost labor we will help with robotic factories. As the new worlds are settled, they become consumers of your products also. So the future of Earth is as a trading center for all your worlds.” He was seeing the opportunity here. “That is an image I can sell to my people. I look forward to your world address and will follow it with one from me. For to many years we have held the power and money of the people as our own. It is time for us to accept, it is the peoples money and we must manage it for them. I would like a list of those who have profited from their office in my country. They will be punished and the money returned to the peoples work.” I was willing to comply. “The list will be on your computer when you return to China. It is a very large list and will take time to handle them all. But there is documentation and bank records for each.” He was going to try to do this quickly I could see. “I will bring in a team to do nothing but handle this problem. It also will start at the top and work down. Will I have to build new prisons?” If he took all of them and placed them in jail. “Yes, most likely you will. But many were lead into this by their leaders and could be useful in training others not to end up here. Many could be stripped of their wealth and put to work in other areas without their privileges. So you need to look at how you wish to handle each type of case.”

He was pleased with this suggestion. “Wise words as I cannot afford to loose many of the people I expect to see on your list. But I cannot allow them to get off freely either. Public trials and state service at a minimum wage could be an option to prison.” I wanted him to know my feelings here. “Just be fair sir and from top to bottom they should be offered the same terms.” The Chinese leader bowed deeply and slowly walked away to look at the universe outside. Gorm and Hammed had stood there and watch this whole conversation with a surprised look. Hammed was the first to speak. “Had I not heard it myself I would not believe it. That is the toughest old man in the world today. For him to accept what has happened without a fight is something I would never have expected.” Gorm was also surprised. “I registered a respect from him I did not expect either John. He said nothing about your removing all nuclear weapons from all countries and accepted withdrawal from ones he occupies. I felt no deceit in anything he said to you, he was more in awe of this world.” Gorm looked at Hammed and said, “you may have just won your largest battle here tonight?” Hammed knew he had a source of support from China. “I look forward to seeing what the delegate from China has to say Monday. He will have his instructions and will follow them. But once China takes a position they do not move far from that stance.” I looked around and no one was leaving the room. “I am off to see my lady, so I look forward to seeing you both for breakfast at my home.” Both said good night and headed to talk with delegates. They wanted to get a feel for the problems coming if any. Hammed just walked around and stopped to listen unless asked something directly. The mood seemed to be one of acceptance, as there seemed to be no down side. Several brought up the fact that now there was no nuclear powers indicated that John really wanted to end wars. That was a positive for them, as any country having that kind of power would be pushed to use it one day. Without it they would have to work their problems out without the threat of this weapon. They no longer could invade a country to force change. There were so many pluses that the few negatives were minor. Hammed and Gorm got back together and walked over to the bridge. As they sat in the command chairs both were turning over the inputs they picked up. Hammed saw good and bad from his listening to people. “I see a good result as of now from most of the delegates. John’s removal of the nuclear weapons seems to have impressed those countries that did not have them. One troubling area was a couple of Arab delegates who were saying they now felt the USA was vulnerable to attacks. That the Palestinians and the other more radical groups would now make them pay.”

Gorm sat looking out the bridge view window. “We are going to have to pick up many of these leaders of the radical groups and terror organizations. John is going to have to place troops in Afghanistan, Israel, Africa and Iraq to bring peace there. It should take no more than a small force in each.” Here Hammed still worried. “How can a small force handle the attacks that are going to happen? The USA has over one hundred thousand troops in Iraq and they loose men every day.” Gorm decided to show a little more to Hammed. “John has the Prophet on his side. The people will bring the offenders to us. The prophet will walk the streets of every city and protect the people.” This made no sense. “Gorm what do you mean by that?” “Hope please show Hammed the Prophet.” An image appeared in the room of a robed man. “Good Evening Hammed I am the Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon you. I have walked the Earth and lead my people in battle. It was I who gave the laws to the Arab world. Much of what I have given them has today been perverted and now serves the needs of small men to build their own power. You can be assured that those who use false words will pay for that blasphemy.” Hammed sat there just looking at the image in front of him. “He looks real and sounds real.” Gorm suggested, “why don’t you stand up and touch him?” Hammed stood and reach out and touched the arm of the image in front of him. It was solid and you could feel the muscle beneath his robes. “How is this possible Gorm?” He smiled as he had the same questions of Vortec when told of this. “The prophet had to be more than just an image to lead men and fight in battle. So we had to have a physical being on Earth for him, Christ, Buddha, Mosses and the many religious sects we created. Each is a robot, as we could not risk a human. This is the original Prophet and we can have many copies to place where we need them. He will walk with our security people, challenge the religious leaders and teach. It will renew the religious faith of a people who have been mislead.” Hammed was close to speechless. “Had I not seen this I would not have believed it. I am not sure how these mislead people will react to this?” This was the advantage of using a robot. “He will build an army of faithful and they will follow him. He cannot die and any who attack him will be committing suicide. The people will tear them apart. John has one walking the mountain areas of Pakistan in the tribal areas now. He has over five thousand men looking to bring Osama to him. He has

denounced him as a false teacher of the faith and has demanded he come before him and defend his actions.” He had heard nothing of this effort. “How long has this been going on?” Gorm was glad I had kept a little to myself. “Just a week now and no tribal leader will give shelter to any of those people. One of the army solders took a point blank shot at him and he tossed the bullet back. Then directed the office to withdraw all troops from this area. They have all been pulled back. Fear is going through all of Pakistan’s religious leaders. The message is now passing through the entire Arab world. John has a good understanding of how to use the power he has. He even took three suitcase bombs from them that were nuclear in his pick up of all the weapons.” Hammed knew he had much to learn on the use of his new power. “I am going to have to watch how he does things and follow the lead. He seems to always say less than he knows or does?” Here he could give Hammed some good advice. “It would be wise of you to see how John handles people and how he understates much. You will find he commits to less than he can deliver and does more than you expect. He takes gambles but only when he has hedged his bet. He spends hours doing research and knows exactly what he is dealing with.” He knew he had much to do to be effective. “I need time to work my way though all the changes and to some way plan a learning curve.” Hammed just needed to use the resources he had. “Use Salina and she can be of great help to you. At Atlantis you’re free to live together and enjoy a normal life. She can be of help showing you how to use Hope’s clone and in doing research for you. She can be for you what Faith is for John.” Hammed and Gorm left the bridge and headed for their quarters. Both had enjoyed the day and were still concerned about the future. John seemed to be the only one who felt a lack of worry. He had an ace Gorm was sure and just was not ready to show his cards. That was just the price of dealing with John.

Chapter 20 Earth's New Beginning Monday came quickly after the weekend meetings on Alpha One. The clean up was well under way as many did not leave until Monday morning. Here all had spent a weekend with no drinking and yet they wish to stay as long as possible. John had started to pull together the notes he would use in his address. He had come in early after his daily ride and started his speech. As he sat and thought about the way he wanted to cover the events, he felt someone in the room. He looked up and there sat Faith.

I was pleased to see her. “Hey lady what brings you to my office so early?” She knew she wanted to be a part of this. “I know what you are going to do today and wanted to be here as you planned it. We are very much part of each other and I want to share this with you.” Just talking helped clear my mind. “You and Vortec will both be here for the address. I am sorting out what I need to cover for humans to understand our actions. There cannot be too much detail and yet there must be enough.” Faith smiled her most beautiful smile and stated. “John I remind you of your favorite method. Use the KISS theory for this.” I needed something to eat and there she could help. “Go get us some breakfast and let me get these notes straight.” The process was one that required thinking and enough information to make sense. When Faith came back I covered the topical points I was going to use. As we ate we discussed the expected reactions by each group based on economics. This showed her a side of him he had not opened up before. It was a harder edged side that was not going to accept failure in this task. She had never seen him as driven as he was right now. Vortec walked in and saw Faith and gave her a hug. “How is the man doing to day?” She blurted out. “He is driven for sure.” Vortec was in great spirits today. “When are we ready to go John?” “I was just waiting for you to get here and we will start. I intend to do this and let Hope broadcast it as we can get the largest audience. She will supply the feeds for each country, so it is in the proper languages. We have to do that because of Earth’s TV set up. But the reporters on Earth have been saying they expected this around noon eastern time.” I had to check to see Hope had finished her tasks. “Hope are you ready?” “Yes, I have the digital feeds you ask for also.” She could integrate these as needed. “Just place them in the right place when you send the feeds.” Hope was in her director mode. “Fine, start when your ready and we will get this done. Then if you would like to review it before it goes out we can.” I had moved to an armchair and Faith was on my right and Vortec to the left side. “People of Earth I am John the leader of the Alpha System. To my right is Faith my first lady and to my left Vortec my second in command. There are several things you need to know at

this time, as I have taken some unilateral steps in your world. The first is the UN will be moving to Atlantis an undersea city and operate from there so no country has more influence that another. Second is all nuclear weapons have been removed from Earth. No government or group has any of these weapons to threaten the world. Nor will I allow them to be built again. Third is all countries have been told to bring all of their troops home from wherever they are in the world. There will be no navies, armies or military in any country but your own. I have agreed to help all world powers secure their own borders. This will not in anyway affect trade or the economies, other than reducing the cost of government by not building weapons or having a large standing military. This saving should help governments reduce national debts and meet their people’s needs at home. The UN will be the governing body for the new worlds we are providing. All borders are frozen where they are now for all countries and troops there will be withdrawn if they are in another country. All disputes will be handled by the UN on land issues.” Here pictures of Atlantis were shown. “Now our goals for Earth are simple. We wish prosperity for all. The Alpha System has no desire for land, minerals, wealth or control of your countries. It will stop wars and killing on Earth. We also have instructed all governments there will be no state executions any longer. The taking of any life is barbaric in our view. We have offered to help build better technology for shipping and receiving of goods between countries. We will help stop drugs and prevent terrorist from moving weapons between countries. This should help all of Earth feel safer in their own countries.” Here the pictures of Johnstown, the gold reserves, farms and small cities on Alpha One played. “Last night Gorm from the Cirrus System told your delegates and leaders where Earths people had come from. His people brought each of your forefathers twenty thousand years ago to Earth. The decision had been made five hundred years ago to end the experiment if real progress was not made in mans growth and technology advances. That time passed due to Gorm’s people being enslaved for the past five hundred years. My people rescued Gorm’s world and he has agreed to not follow that directive, if I can get Earth to cooperate and move you to where you become part of the advanced human race. So in many ways I have bought you time to grow up. That will not last forever and if you fall into fighting and not cooperating then you seal your own fate. The complete destruction of Earth is what faces us. So now you know my motivation in my actions. I will help your world as much as I can, but it will be done for everyone, not just one country or group.” Here pictures of Gorm’s world during the fighting were shown. “People of Earth we have given you through the UN two new worlds to inhabit. We have given you spaceships so your scientist can learn advanced space travel and do science in space on a large scale. We have cleaned up all the space junk flying around Earth. Over time much technology will be transferred to you, as you mature enough to handle it properly. Over all you have nothing to loose and much to gain. It is up to each of you and your leaders, as to how best to make your lives better. The option will be opened to many of you to settle the new worlds. It is not going to be as hard, as when many of your forefathers lived through these type changes. But on the new worlds there will be technology there to help. So consider this possible option and decide if it is something for

you. I look forward to seeing your growth and the new prosperity I expect Earth to have. If anyone has questions you may feel free to e-mail be at “john@alphaone.sys” I will respond to anyone who asks a question or sends their comments. Thank you for your time and good fortune to all of you.” Here the e-mail address played again and then pictures of the new Earth system and picture from the viewing room for the spacecraft. This was followed by Gorm’s announcement to all of the planned destruction of Earth at the delegate’s dinner. Vortec looked at John and said, “the die is cast and now Earth will decide its future. I am sure many do not believe that Earth could so easily be destroyed. If you had seen the images and the final sequence it was Gorm’s speech to the leaders and delegate’s at the dinner. If they do not believe the two of you then they are doomed.” Faith now wanted to see the whole thing with the film clips. “I would like to sit and see the entire presentation as it shows on Earth.” “Hope run the address from the start as Earth will see it.” They all sat and watched it from the start and Faith and Vortec were entranced with the whole event. After it completed both sat there and allowed time for it all to sink in. Faith looked to John and smiled. “If any address will pull people along this will work. The images used make all the difference in how this plays.” Vortec was very happy with the results. “I agree and the chosen images should inspire others to want to migrate to the new worlds. The lack of a hard line I think will help you if the world leaders keep their commitments. It does make this more saleable to their people.” I wanted to stir the pot some more. “Vortec my goal was to give them the feeling of their gains and let them want what we have. Then at the very end let them know what they can loose. I want major religious leaders visited by the images we have been using. This must be sold to them also as an event forecast in their writings. That their turning away is going to doom Earth. It is for Christians very much a second coming, and for others a judgment that will be made.” Vortec had started before this. “That I can get under way quickly as I had expected it. We had been doing visitations all weekend warning of great events coming.” Faith sat and looked at the two men and was amazed at how they thought much the same. Here was a robot and a human who seemed on the same wavelength. “How long will it be before we know if they will survive?” Vortec answered for both men. “We will have a good indication at the end of today and pretty well know with in the next year if all is moving on plan. But I am sure John has a few more things he wishes to use to be sure they follow the plan.”

I wanted her to see this as a contest. “Faith this is like a football game and you have just seen the opening ceremonies. The battle starts when the ball is put in play. I have a list of countries that will support this openly, one of those who will do so with complaint and one of those I expect to fight me. Part of the ones who fight are not going to be the leaders. The military here is the big looser. The defense industries have no more contracts for weapons, so they will fight this. NASA will no longer have a space program. But take the United States and it would save over forty percent of its budget with this change. But people do not like change and they tend to fight it. I intend to keep them for a time on a short leash and as this settles in give them some room.” They all turned to the screen as Hammed came on and made his address from Atlantis. He told of the meeting on Alpha One and of Gorm’s address. He pointed to the doomsday clock in the center of the UN dome and explained how it was read. Then he told the people that at one minute till midnight as many as possible would be moved to the new worlds if they could qualify. These requirements were explained for them. He told them they had the choice of how life on Earth would end by natural causes or by disaster brought on themselves. He then asked that all people of the world join in heart and spirit to make Earth a better place than ever before. This was followed by the address of the President’s, Prime Ministers and leaders of different countries. Those who had been at the meeting told of what they saw and showed pictures of these places. They discussed the impact these changes would have on their countries. The use of those who chose a military life would be redirected to security within the countries borders and rebuilding needed infrastructure. Many talked of the vision they saw of the new worlds for all people. But that political pressure would not change the events that had now started. Many were calling together economist, business leaders and higher education groups to redesign their structures of government and industry. Change had to happen quickly and it needed to be planed. “I see the early returns leaning toward acceptance,” Faith said. Here she needed to wait to see if action spoke as well. “Do not become to mislead by this early talk. The politicians and big money has not had time to create the pressure it will. There will be many a large battle in each country over this whole thing later. The world is a group of haves and have-nots. The haves will do their best to keep all they can and get more.” Faith cocked her head and looked to Vortec for support. He could not argue with that statement. “Faith what John is telling you is true. Here he has created a world of all haves. There are none who do not have an equal share of our wealth. It was what the Chinese leader admired so much about this system. We have a one class social structure and that includes the ruling group. John refused the ownership of the ship at your dock. He does not own property in his own city, the state owns your ranch property like with all. His income is from the horse ranch, fishing boat and will not

be paid by the people. It is the fish being sold to Gorm and Earth that is paying your bills now. Yet if he had wanted he could have owned it all.” This brought back a memory to her. “I never even gave a thought to where the money was coming from for food, clothing or the needs of the ranch? Even I am impressed with this information. I really thought that we were just using the money from the accounts on Earth of the group.” “When John gave everyone in the group the one million bonus for giving up their lives to share his dream. He invested his and has not touched it at all. He sold the house by the river and took his saving and you have lived on that until the fishing started to bring in money. You horses have all been purchased on credit loans, as all livestock will be in the Alpha System. So he has a debt to pay off the same, as others will have. But right now he is selling over thirty thousand credits a month in fresh fish and could sell more if he wanted to. The fishing boat is the only addition the state paid for and that was a gift from the group.” She was a little embarrassed. “I am impressed and really have not followed the finances as John had originally asked me to. My job just grew to fast for me to get that one done.” Vortec said this with a smile. “Well, know that it is being taken care of right. Even I have been impressed with John’s abilities to make money. The million he invested in a bad market has grown to almost two million now. The second best return was Edgar who still cannot understand how John did that.” Vortec was laughing and enjoying John’s success against the moneyman. This was to be made light of the results. “Hey I have a crystal ball, at least that is what Edgar told me. Now lets all get busy and get done today our assigned tasks. I have some work to do.” Faith and Vortec left the room and John sat back and sipped on his coffee. He got a cigarette out of the desk drawer and lit it. It was time to do some thinking and getting ready for the next step. Things were going to well even looking at the worst case picture. I contacted Hammed to let him know I watched his address. “Hammed I watched your address and felt it was very good.” Hammed in seeing John’s felt like a home movie to Hollywood comparison. “Thank you John. But compared to yours it was armature. That was the best laid out and presented message I have ever seen.” Here he just had to learn to use his tools. “When you learn to use your extension of Salina and Hope’s clone you will have the same abilities. You had all the same clips and a lot more to add to your speech as I did. Have Salina sit down and run you through a quick course on your computer.”

He was feeling lost in his new home. “I will do that today. We are the only people in the UN dome right now. So for now it is very peaceful and beautiful.” With that he was gone. John sat back and wondered where this all would end? He hoped for Earth’s survival and growth, but with humans who could know? The sure fact was this was Earth’s last chance, as Gorm would end this experiment quickly if it got out of hand. Here he was glad Hammed was sitting in the hot seat, as he had for some time. At this point new ideas and leadership was needed on Earth. The Alpha system was going to eat up a lot of his time now, so he just did not have that for Earth issues. Growth and protection of the Alpha system was his first priority today. For Hammed Earth was his now. The future was not sure, but at least somewhat directed for now. The next few steps would spell it out he felt.

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