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Syllabus alotted to Dr S K Mishra

FIRST SEMESTER PAPER 102 - Inorganic Chemistry

Unit - 4 : Inorganic Polymers :

- Charecterestic properties and Classification. - Types of Inorganic Polymerization (step-growth, chain-growth, ring-opening, Reductive Coupling, Condensation synthesis ) - Synthesis, properties and applications of important inorganic polymers : Polyphosphazenes , phosphonitrilic halides. Polysiloxanes (Silicones), polysilanes. Coordinate Polymers. - Condensed Phosphates, Silicates, and sulphur-nitrogen compounds. - Isopoly and Hetropoly acid and Salts : Synthesis and structural principles with reference to those of Mo and W. SECOND SEMESTER PAPER 202 - Coordination Chemistry

Unit - 3: Metal Ligand Equilibria in Solutions:

- Stepwise and overall formation constants and their interaction, trends in stepwise constants. - Factors affecting stability of metal complexes with reference to the nature of metal ion and ligand, chelate effect and its thermodynamic origin. - Determination of binary formation constant by pH metry & spectrophotometry. Unit - 5: Reaction Mechanism of Transition Metal Complexes (II) : (1/2 part) (a) Substitution reactions in square planer complexes : - Mechanism of the substitution reaction, the trans effect . (b) Redox Reaction, Electron Transfer Reactions : - Mechanism of one electron transfer reactions, outer sphere type reactions, - Cross reactions and Marcus-Hush theory, - Inner sphere types reactions. THIRD SEMESTER PAPER 301 - Organometallic Chemistry

Unit 5- Supramolecular Chemistry:

- Definition, supramolecule host-guest compounds. - Macrocyclic effect, nature of supramolecular interactions. - Molecular recognition. - Applications in Transport process and carrier design. FOURTH SEMESTER

PAPER 401 Selected topics in Inorganic Chemistry Unit - 5 : Green Chemistry :

- Introduction to green chemistry. - Principles of green chemistry. - Designing and chemical synthesis, examples of green synthesis/ reactions. - Future trends in green chemistry. Page: 14

PAPER 404 OPTIONAL PAPER - (A) Selected topics in Inorganic Chemistry (Bioinorganic)

Unit-5: (a) Metal - Nucleic Acid Interactions :

- Metal ions and Nucleic Acids Interactions (binding) - Types & suitable examples. - Metal complexes (e.g., Cisplatin) interaction with DNA.

(b) Metals in Medicine:

- Metal Deficiency and disease. - Toxic effects of Metals. - Metals used for diagnosis. - Metals used in Chemotherapy with particular reference to Anticancer drugs.

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