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May 2012

Plumbing Note - Plumbing and drainage plans standards

Commercial and residential plumbing plans, drainage plans, water plans and plans involving a referral authority need to be to the following standard and show the following features before they can be certified. Certifiers signature Registration date of plans The position of the overflow gully Location and depths of sewer, water and stormwater connection (these measurements must be lettered as close as practicable to the tie as shown on plan) All existing pipework is shown in a way that distinguishes it from new pipework and that distinguishes any pipework that is to be disconnected A note that the inspection shaft at property line is to be raised to ground level in accordance with Plumbing Note No 3 All required referral authority approvals have been obtained

Standards for all plans

Acceptable drawing scales are used and drawing is to the standard of AS 1100 Technical drawing A legend identifies different pipework using the scheme for kinds of pipework in AS 1101 Graphical symbols for general engineering The plumbing and drainage is designed to AS/NZS 3500 Plumbing Standards

Plumbing, drainage and water plans features required

The block, section, suburb, street number and name The boundaries of the block of land at a minimum scale of 1:200 A north point The points of connection to the sewerage system, the water main and the stormwater system The location of any easements The outline of the buildings All drains, distinguishing between new and previously existing pipework and between different pipework and including a legend that identifies the different pipework (A scheme for kinds of pipework appears in AS 1101 Graphical symbols for general engineering; use of the traditional ACT scheme of different colours is also acceptable) The material, size and grade of the pipes to be laid The type of sanitary fixture installed at each fixture point, including a table of sanitary fixtures that gives the number of each type of fixture and the number of drainage points Each plan carries the instruction All work must be carried out in conformity with the Water and Sewerage Act 2000 and the Water and Sewerage Regulations 2001 Lessees name
ACT Government Environment and Sustainable Development

Drainage plan features required

Drainage lines Waste lines All manholes and that they are all numbered Inspection chambers Location and numbering of fixtures Stack points An indication that plans are new, additional, amended or work-as-executed A space, 60mm x 10mm, for a plan number to be added in the top right hand corner Certifiers signature in bottom right hand corner A legend identifying the different pipework The type and size of pipe material to be used Any sewer, water supply, electrical or stormwater easement within the block All proposed pipework delineated and identified in accordance with AS 1101 Graphical symbols for general engineering (use of the existing colour coding scheme for pipework is an acceptable form of delineation) The outline of any building on the site North point Schematic isometric drawing of all stacks

The type of stacks and waste lines to be stated on plans (eg. single stack, fully vented modified, elevated pipe trade waste) Stack identification (eg: stack A) A legend of fixtures

Water plan features required

Certification that the layout and number of fire hydrants and fire hose reels is in accordance with the requirements of the ACT Fire Brigade A list showing the flow rate for water meter sizing If relevant to the plan, details of backflow prevention devices All branch lines to the stopcock For multi-storey buildings, an isometric schematic drawing of all hot and cold water supply lines

Further information
For further information please contact Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate on 6207 6907 or 6207 6261 or go to or The ACT Governments Internet address is

ACT Government Environment and Sustainable Development