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Vicki M.


Trainer Orientation

*Question 1* In a brief paragraph, identify the Trainer Designation

you feel you qualify for and explain why.

I am applying for Trainer III designation. I believe that with a combination of my

formal education, professional experiences, as well as personal development, I
will make a competent and trustworthy trainer. I am in the process of applying for
my Professional Counseling License with the State of Georgia. My background in
both Education, Management, Training & Counseling will allow me to become a
quality trainer. I have a M.Ed. and am pursuing my Educational Specialist degree
at this time. In addition, I have over 10 year experience in Education & training,
in a variety of settings and absolutely love working with others! My background in
business and my own endeavors in small business allow me a chance to integrate
both my Education and work experience. The trainer designation would allow me to
integrate many aspects of my professional life.

*Question 2* Select two of the areas below and explain how they support
professional development in Georgia.

1.Professional Registries are tools that can be used for the ECE/CD professional
in order to collect data, report to policymakers and bring professionalism and
recognition to the field.

2. Scholarships and Incentives are used in the Education field to provide support
for those seeking a degree or certification. Scholarships provide support, degree
options and opportunity to seek a degree. In addition, incentives provide
financial contributions that allow educators to further their education and/or

*Question 3* Based on the TRN-1 competencies, briefly describe how you, as a

trainer, are competent in Professionalism and Ethics.

Ethical & Professional competencies are a must in every field, especially those
involving our children. My background in Professional Counseling has allowed me to
learn about Professional guidelines and ethics. I believe that as a trainer, I
would uphold a high level of competency in all areas of Professionalism and
Ethical obligations. I believe that am able to maintain a high level of exposure
to current trends, scientific findings, theoretical backgrounds and such. I am
keenly aware of the presence of my own personal biases, values and culture and how
I am able to relate to others. Additionally, I am able to keep the focus on the
client, feeling a responsibility to maintain a clear, open, working relationship
that follows all professional and ethical guidelines. In my own practice as a
counselor, I am aware of the need for clear boundaries, as well as a clear
distinction between professional practice and personal relationships.

*Question 4* Based on the TRN-2 competencies, briefly describe how you, as a

trainer, are competent in Instructional Design and Development.
I feel that I am able to maintain a high level of competence in the are of
Instructional Design and Development. I would be able to concisely design any
course to meet the various needs of the adult learner. Using various adult
learning theories, I am able to design a course that would both meet the education
needs of the learner, but also be able to adapt the course to the specific
audience present. I am confident that I can present a course that is clear in
content along with presenting a clear focus and learning objectives. I am
extremely confident that I can present a specific topic by using a variety of
methods to communicate the learning goal, along with providing a variety of
achievement markers that will allow the learner to view their progress. I also
believe that I would be able to adjust any learning topic, as necessary, based on
current need or educational findings. I am a very open minded instructor that
understands the need for creative implementation in any classroom setting.

*Question 5* Based on the TRN-3 competencies, briefly describe how you, as a

trainer, are competent in Knowledge of Content

I possess a high level of both education and experience in order to provide

knowledgeable training in areas of child care, child development, adult learners &
professional competencies. I am competent in maintaining exposure to current
research and program development as well as implementing new strategies towards
learning. I am confident that I have the ability to maintain a knowledgeable
picture of current legal & ethical requirements, and licensing issues, as well as
involvement with other resources and agencies. I am extremely aware of the
diversity of our population as well as the cultural and socio-economic needs of
specific client groups. I believe that everyone can learn, we just have to figure
out how best to facilitate the learning process.

*Question 6* Based on the TRN-4 competencies, briefly describe how you, as a

trainer, are competent in Presentation Skills.

I believe that I am an organized, clear, concise presenter. I have a keen ability

to present a topic in a way that is clear and within a specified time frame. I can
provide a variety of learning techniques in which the topics are presented to the
learners. I am aware of cultural & socio-economic differences among populations
that may present a need for adapted presentations. I am able to relate to others
in a respectable manner, maintaining a professional relationship, at the same time
providing a warm, welcoming environment for learning. Undaunted by being in front
of a crowd, I am able to speak in a group of five or 500! I can give a
presentation with a variety of multi-media resources, or just plain pen and paper.
Overall, I feel that I am a warm, encouraging presenter that values the time of
others as well as providing them with an invaluable service of education.

*Question 7* Based on the TRN-5 competencies, briefly describe how you, as a

trainer, are competent in Quality Assurance.

As a trainer, I believe that I can provide a quality experience for anyone. I am

able to maintain an organized, cost effective view of my own services. I am able
to provide any necessary marketing to accurately reflect my training topic. I have
the ability to not only plan the training, but also plan the logistics of the
event. In addition, I am competent in completing all paperwork as necessary. I am
confident that my program is exactly what is needed, and if not, I will adjust to
meet the needs of those being trained. I am competent in my ability to provide
quality training and will ensure that any follow-up necessary is clearly