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September 2013
Vol. VII Issue VIII


FREE & ACCEPTED MASONS OF FLORIDA 200 Richey Road Leesburg, Florida 34748 Phone: 352-787-5696
Chartered January 15th, 1868

Meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of Each Month at 7:00pm

Officers for 2013

Worshipful Master Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Secretary Senior Deacon Junior Deacon Senior Steward Junior Steward Tyler Chaplain Marshal Organist Lodge Instructor Lodge Historian Librarian WMJim Angelos . . . . . . ...255 -1724 W John Haas (Tina).... 360-9114 Br. Saul Goodkin (JoAnne)... 551-7212 RW Ken Graves (Jean) ........ 787-9538 W Hank DeBerry (Paula).... 430-0238 Lodge ........................................ 787-5696 Bro. Ron Glover..874-9504 Br. Jeff Lamb (Sherri).... 753 -0277 Br. Wayne Reynolds........407-484-0096 Br. Ed Spencer.324-2134 WJim Campbell (Becky) ......552-7996 Br. Jim Reynolds Jr. 407-579-4715 787-8875 Br. Cy Stearns.....217-1953 Vacant WHank DeBerry (Paula)...330-7311 R W Joseph T. Price ... 787-0652 W Larry Duff (Brenda).874-2164

Committees for 2013

Board of Relief Chairman WMJim Angelos, WJohn Haas, JW Saul Goodkin Lodge Property Chairman WJohn Haas, JW Saul Goodkin, WTom Russell, WDon McIntyre Finance - Investments & Budget Chairman WJohn Haas, RW Ken Graves, WTom Russell, WLarry Duff, WEd Davison, WJim Angelos Vigilance Chairman JW Saul Goodkin, JD Jeff Lamb, Chap Jim Reynolds Jr Charity & Scholarships Chairman RW Joe Price, Sec. WHank DeBerry, Chaplin James Reynolds Jr. Education Chairman WHank DeBerry, JW Saul Goodkin, Tyler WJames Campbell Lodge Mentors Chairman WLarry Duff, WHank DeBerry, all Past Masters Catechism Chairman WDon McIntyre, Sr., WRandy Jesmok Petitions Chairman W Hank DeBerry, all members Investigations W John Haas, RW Ken Graves, JW Saul Goodkin Funeral Chairman James Reynolds Jr, JW Saul Goodkin, RWKen Graves, Officers & Members Activities & Awards Chairman WM Jim Angelos, WJohn Haas, JW Saul Goodkin Officers meet at 6:00pm, first stated meeting, Committee Chairman meet the second meeting of each month for business and planning.

Trestle Board WHank DeBerry (Paula).. 330-7311 Trestle Board Printing Leesburg Printing .. 787-3348 Mike Mason

Living Past Masters

Charles Porter 1959 G. Kiser Hardaway 1964 Jack Holloway 1968 RWRay Richardson 1969* RWJoseph H. Sellers 1970* William Ed Davison 1974 Robert H. Smith 1977 RWColin Crews 1980^* H. C. Connell 1985 RWTheodore Jansen 1986* RWJoseph T. Price 1987* Michael Dozier 1988 John H. Meier V 1989 Jay A. Frizzell, Jr. 1992 Raleigh Sorenson 1993/1994 Don Barfield 1996 Tom Russell 1997/1998/2002 Mervyn Harris 1999 RWKenneth Graves 2000* Robert H. Browning 2003/2004 RWDennis Ricker 2005/2007^* Roland P. Gibson 2006 Bill Green 2008 Richard Ecott 2009 Donald McIntyre, Sr. 2010 Randall Jesmok 2011 Larry Duff 2012

Affiliated Past Masters

Carl Anzelmo Henry DeBerry MWJoseph Brearley Jack Delauter Robert C. Gleckler Robert Kennedy Garry Lee Clifford Moore Frank Peregrin Glenn A. Reynolds*^ Edwin Robbins Robert L. Welch Forest Case* Wayne Parks Fred Lint Raymond D Trudeau ^ Past District Instructor * Past DDGM

18th Masonic District

DDGM District Instructor RW Ed Lisle RH Alan Heist


Brothers All, I greet all with a very concerned mind and heart. In recent months I have noticed a lack of Lodge Spirit. Lodge Spirit is the spirit that all members show toward the Lodge and their Brothers. There are a very few Brothers who do show Lodge Spirit. Mostly your elected and selected officers. Who are expected to do their utmost to support their Lodge. Which they have exceeded in doing so. They have involved their ladies in assisting them and the Lodge. LADIES I cannot thank each and every one of you enough! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The Lodge has had to replace the Lodge air conditioner (old age 31 years old), and the ice machine in the kitchen. Munns came in and did a camera inspection of all the ducts in the building. Yes there is a slight accumulation of dust in the ducts To have the cleaned will be up to the Lodge. The duct over the stove and ovens needs to be cleaned. The trimming of the oak trees needs to be done. They, like us, grow more leaves and expend outwards from their trunks. The metal roof needs to have the popping out nails replaced. I know we have all heard get some Brothers to do this work. Here I must remind all, when the Boy Scout Tr oop #1 falls out for road clean up, the members are put to shame. The Scouts out number the members 4 to 1 usually. As an example of what Im writing about. The August Sunday dinner. 46 people signed up. 17 no showed. The kitchen served 38 of which 12 were kitchen and dining room helpers, who had paid for their dinners. Another couple saw the sign (Junior Deacon Jeff Lamb made) and came in for dinner. The Breakfast and Sunday dinners, the Lodge fund raisers, and help keep the Lodge solvent, to a point. These two fund raisers in recent months have not been showing any support. If these two fund raisers are stopped, the annual dues MUST GO UP! How much you ask. Try $25 to $50 or maybe more per year. If after the increase, the Lodge still cannot pay its bills another increase must come about. So that your Lodge can operate. I hear you Whoa! Whoa! Whats going on. You sit in Lodge and hear t he Secretary read the bills and YOU vote to accept them. But have you read the budget report posted on the bulletin board? We inform you about the bills up front. In case your wives havent told you everything has been going up. Enough of the dire news. The Yard sale put $1100.00 in to the Lodge. Again many thanks to the LADIES who worked long hours daily. For many days. By the time Yall get this, the Brothers who attended the 20 August Stated Communication were very surprised. They saw an opening that at least in the last six years, has not been done. I am not going to tell you what was done. Come to Lodge and you might get caught up in that particular opening. Yes Brothers, it will be done again. When? Attend Lodge. The officers have been practicing for the Fellow Craft Degree to be held in September. Show your support for your very active officers, and their dedication to the Lodge. May the blessings shower upon you all.

WM Jim Angelos Chaplins Corner Greetings Brethren all. It is my sad duty to inform you that once again the solemn notes have chimed and alarmed at our outer door for our friend and Brother, Rite Worshipful, Joe Harvey Sellers. RW Sellers passed on August 27, at Shands Hospital in Gainesville. His funeral will be held on Saturday August 31st, at the Morrison United Methodist Church in Leesburg and interment following at the Lone Oak Cemetery. RW Sellers was a pillar of the community and a fifty year mason. Brothers, I dont know how many Brothers are attending our funeral services for our Brothers but it is one of the last things that we can do for his family in their time of need. I urge all of you to attend these services and show support to the family whose loss is so devastating at the time. It will be time for us all sooner than we care to think about. Until we meet again, may the Great Architect Bless and Keep you and yours safe. Bro. Jim Reynolds

From the West

W John Haas
Riding the Goat From whence came the curious belief that in the making of a Mason, the candidate must ride upon the goat? Many pictures depict a Mason riding or walking with a goat; but why? There are no references to it in the major Masonic reference works, although some anti-Masonic works have used it as a source of derision for years. Most believe the real origin is shrouded by the veils of time. I did find a few articles where people speculate as to how it all got started.

From the Secretarys Desk My Brothers it is once again a pleasure to be sending you this Trestle Board. I have a few things to go over this month and hope you will indulge me for a few moments of your time. First is the matter of dues. We are still not 100% complete on our dues payments. I want to impress on you all the importance of paying your dues on time to the Lodge. At the end of the year, it becomes harder and harder to meet the bills that come in like clockwork every month. Sure, we have our dinners and breakfasts but they are not near as successful as we would like them to be, and dont make up the deficit in our bank account. Believe me when I say, I understand how hard it is to make those dues payments. I have struggled also. That is a prime reason for going to a perpetual member status. Then you are exempt from paying dues forever! It would give me great pleasure to not send out any dues notices or worse, delinquent dues notices, ever again. A pipe dream? Maybe not. Brothers you have the ability to pay for your perpetual membership in payments! Yes that is correct. Please come by the office and talk to me about getting in on this program. It will save you money in the long run and make all our jobs easier by far. At least mine anyway. The next thing we need to talk about is petitions. Please Brothers, before you give a man a petition, make sure he understands the requirements that must be met before we can accept him. He must be a resident of this state for at least one year and a resident of this jurisdiction for at least six months. The only exception to this rule is for our Armed Service members. It is a part of Masonic Law in the Digest and cannot be broken. Yes, we can ask the Grand Master for a dispensation but the chances of him granting that are very slim. Are we still looking to get more men involved in Masonry, you bet we are but not at the expense of breaking or bending the rules. A man that truly wants to be a Mason will understand and be willing to wait for the proper time to apply. Also be sure Brothers to get the petition completed fully. No empty spaces or unanswered questions. It is part of your duty as the giver of this petition to make sure that he fills it out completely. I have complete petition packets made up in the Secretaries office and will be happy to give them out and answer any questions on them, for you. Brothers, we have a degree coming up soon and I hope you will all attend, as the officers have worked especially hard to get the ceremony learned and prepared for it. Support your Lodge by attending all its functions. Until next we meet, may the Great Architect bless and keep you all.

W Hank DeBerry

One theory suggests it got started with the Greeks and Romans who portrayed their mystical god Pan in horns and hoof and a shaggy hide and called him goat footed. When the demonology of the classics was adopted and modified by the early Christians, Pan gave way to Satan, who naturally inherited his attributes. So to the common mind, the devil was represented by a he-goat and best known marks were the horns, the beard, and the cloven hooves. This he -goat creature carries over to witch stories of the Middle Ages, and the belief in witch orgies, where it was said the devil appeared riding on a goat. Now in England there was a common belief that the Freemasons practiced some sort of witchcraft and were accustomed in the Lodges to raise the devil, so the riding of the goat was transferred to the Freemasons, and although the belief has long since died out, the sayings and jokes about it remain to this day. Now another theory suggests it derives from the ancient science of astrology, which was developed by the Babylonians. To them the goat symbolizes male fertility and was represented by the Continued on page 5

W Hank DeBerry

Continued from page 4 astrological sign of Capricorn, which is a combination of both a goat and a fish. The Babylonians who gave us this symbol of Capricorn and the science of astrology were the first temple builders and the goat for them symbolized the essence of the temple or lodge. An animal usually found climbing the mountains. Thus from the first Ziggurats (ancient pyramid temple buildings) to the Temple of Solomon, even later to churches, the goat was seen as a symbol of man striving to reach God through his building of temples that represent mountains. Since in all religions, Gods abode is symbolized by mountains. My brethren, these were just two of many stories I was able to find on how the goat riding story originated. It seems no one really knows for sure on how it got started, but it does make for interesting reading. If you would like more information on the subject just Google Masonic goat riding on your computer. You will find a lot of articles plus a lot of interesting pictures.


September_ Sept 2 - Boy Scouts Leesburg 7:00 PM Sept 3 - Stated Communication 7:00PM Sept 4 - Lake/Sumter York Rite - 7:30PM Sept 7 - OES proficiency class Tavares 9:00AM Sept 8 - Second Sunday Dinner 11:30-1:15PM Sept 9 - Boy Scouts Leesburg 7:00 PM Sept 11 - Open Books Tavares 6:30-9:00 PM Sept 16 - Boy Scouts Leesburg 7:00 PM Sept 17 - Stated Communication 7:00 PM Sept 18 - Masters and Wardens Eustis 7:30PM Sept 23 - Boy Scouts Leesburg 7:00 PM Sept 25 - School of Instruction Eustis 7:30 PM Sept 30 - Boy Scouts Leesburg 7:00 PM


Unless absolutely Necessary, Please do not Drive on the grass at the Lodge! It is leaving ruts and the lawn is starting to wash out! Thank You!



Bob and Carolyn Browning Leo and Patsy Blum Ken and Jean Graves Betsy Jordon Jim Angelos Forrest and Ann Case Pete and Nancy Taylor Joe Sellers Randy and Joye Jesmok Thomas and Lyn Russell Terry and Judy Shook Dick and Jackie Frazier Mike and Judy Hartman OES Chapter 84 Gareth and Maria Rouillard Bob Fickies Arthur L. Burke Michael Maravich

Robert and Wilma Braun Richard and Marjorie Jones Hank and Paula DeBerry John and Tina Haas Saul and Joanne Goodkin Richard Ecott Theodore Patten Larry and Brenda Duff Joseph and Anna Brearly Jack Welch Penturff Pedro Arroyo Clifford and Carolyn Frazier Ed and Pat Kerr George and Ruth Wikane RW Joseph T. Price Ron Glover Ed Spencer

Dean and Linda Sever Tom and Barbara Mansur George Shoemaker Don and Nina McIntyre Todd and Eva Ball Bill and Sharen Aston Jim Weekley Edwin and Wanda Robbins Jim Cass Joe Schlegal Sam and Karen Getter Lee and Donna Frazier Robert and Glenda Knott Kenneth Hamilton Jim and Becky Campbell Mid FL Lakes Hi-12 #522 Van Ganaway Chevrolet

If you would like to be a sponsor in 2013, please see the secretary with your donation. Your donations are applied to the monthly mailing costs of the Trestle Board, we need 60 sponsors to cover the yearly mailing costs. Sponsorship is $20.00 for the year or any part thereof. Our Goal for this year is 60 sponsors. Please consider a sponsorship.

"You get out of Masonry only what you put in it."


HIGH TWELVE Meeting Times & Locations

Hawthorne Masonic High Twelve No. 547 Meets at 11:00 a.m. on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at Golden Corral, 1720 Citrus Blvd. (Hwy 27/441) Leesburg, FL. Tel: 352728-3911. Tri-County Masonic High Twelve meets 10:30 a.m. 1st Wednesday of each month at La Hacienda Recreation Center, The Villages. Reservations for lunch due by the Thursday before the meeting, call Rita at 750-5561.


Lets not forget the young Ladies of our local Rainbow Chapter. They need our support. We should also remember they are the future of our Ladies organizations and future leaders in our communities. Meetings are at 7:00pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at Mt. Dora Lodge. Know a young Lady who might want to join, you can contact Chapter Mom Debbie Dyer at 407908-6973 or Chapter Dad Warren Shippee at 321689-6661. Attend a meeting and be impressed.

Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. - Bro. Benjamin Franklin -

Take everything you like seriously, except yourselves. - Brother Rudyard Kipling -

18th MASONIC DISTRICT LODGES Stated Communication Meetings

Leesburg No. 58 Umatilla No. 65 Clermont No. 226 Eustis No. 85 Villages No. 394 Tavares No. 234 Wildwood No. 92 Groveland No. 190 Mt. Dora No. 238 1st and 3rd Tuesday 1st and 3rd Monday 1st and 3rd Monday 2nd and 4th Monday 2nd Monday 2nd and 4th Tuesday 2nd and 4th Tuesday 2nd and 4th Thursday 1st and 3rd Thursday


Lets also not forget the young Men of our local DeMolay Chapter. They also need our support. We should also remember they are the future of Masonry and future leaders in our communities. Meetings are at 7:00pm on the 1 and 3rd Mondays of each month at Eustis Lodge. Know a Man who might want to join, you can contact Granddaddy Philip Paul at 407-8328771. Attend a meeting and be impressed.

Have YOU Traveled Lately?



Scottish Rite or

Sept 1 Ocala Scottish Rite meets the first Monday of each month, Sept 2 at Ocala Scottish Rite Center, 3632 NE 7th Street, Ocala, Sept 3 Fl.
Orlando Scottish Rite meets at 1485 Grand Road, Winter Sept 5 Park, Fla. on the 4th Friday of each month, except, November, Sept 7 which is on the third Friday and dark in December, meetings at 7:30pm. Sept 8

Sept Birthdays
Robert Humiston Edward Racinski Jay Rubin Stanley Westfall John Peper Robert Welch Richard Winkle Bill Fortin Sept 11 Sept 12 Sept 13 Claude Locke Glen Bryan Roy McCampbell Jim Campbell George Atz Jr. Jimmie Weekley Howard Seeberg Terry Shook Douglas Hasley Wayne Reynolds Charles Strickland Todd Ball Don Gregory Terry Carter George Shoemaker Mayo Griner

York Rite Bodies

A Continuation of the Blue Lodge

Ocala York Rite Bodies Meetings at Belleview Lodge No. 95 Ocala Chapter No. 13 - Meets Second Wednesday of January, March, May, September and November beginning at 7:30 PM. Ocala Council No. 22 - R&S Masters - Meets Second Wednes- Sept 16 day of February, April, June, October and December beginning at Sept 22 7:30 PM. Ocala Commandry No. 19 - Knights Templar - Meets on the Sept 23 fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM. Lake/Sumter York Rite Bodies - Meetings at Leesburg Lodge 58 Sept 25 Eustis Chapter No. 33, Meets on the first Wednesday at 7:30 PM Golden Triangle Council No. 28Royal & Select Masters - Sept 26 Meets first Wednesday at 7:30 PM. Sept 27 Chapter and Council will alternate on who begins first. Sept 30 Triangle Commandery No. 38 Knights TemplarMeets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM, except in July and August.

Order of the Eastern Star, Chapter No. 84

Lady Elizabeth Eldridge PM Worthy Matron W Roland Gibson PPWorthy Patron Lady Paula DeBerry PMSecretary W Robert Welch PGP Treasurer Meetings 1st Thursday of the Month at 7:30 p.m. with the exception of July, August and September. Meets at Leesburg Lodge No. 58. CHAPTER DARK THIS MONTH THROUGH SEPT. Editors Note: All articles and information must be received by the editor prior to the 23rd of the publishing month for inclusion in the next issue. Articles can be e-mailed to:

Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there. - Will Rodgers Brothers, how many times have you sat in Lodge and watched as your Brothers have made motions that you were not really in favor of? How about motions that you were in favor of but didnt pass because you didnt speak up and give your opinion, which, if heard could have changed the outcome. We all think that we need to sit back and just go with the flow. Is this how we want to show ourselves as Masons? To blindly follow the pack and not make waves. Brothers, if that had been the case back in the beginning of this great country, we would be speaking with a British accent right now. Even worse, if it had persisted, we could have been speaking German or Japanese. Our forefathers spoke up! They spoke their minds and had an opinion. It wasnt always for the best but they always spoke from the heart and did their duty to their country and their fellow man. Can we do any less? We as Masons are expected to be an outspoken force for good in our Lodge and our community. If we choose to sit on the sidelines and not do anything, then we cannot in all good conscience call ourselves good Masons and expect to be treated as such. Our sacred obligations have seen us through trying and harsh times. We have been ridiculed and held in contempt by those less educated in the workings of our fair Fraternity. We have shown men our worth by working closely with our communities to help and aide others less fortunate than us. We can continue to do so only if we dont sit idly by and let ourselves be run over by the train. We are on the right track to get our Fraternity into the future. We have made the right moves to allow us to grow. Lets not back up or sit down on our laurels and get run over. Keep you faith in your God and your Country and your Lodge and lets continue to try to grow and expand this great Fraternity of ours. Until next time Brothers.

Bro. Jeffs Comedy Corner

W Hank DeBerry Editor


Heart Attack Symptoms Hello Brothers, Last time I wrote about the signs and symptoms of a stroke. This month I'd like to discuss about the possible signs and symptoms of a heart attack. With the average age of our local communities being higher than the normal average and with heart disease being the number one killer in the Unites States I thought it would be important to learn of some of the more important warning signs of a heart attack. As with most medical emergencies, time is of the utmost importance. The faster you can determine what is happening the better off you will be. Early recognition and rapid transport to a hospital by an ambulance greatly improves the possibility of survival and can help improve the pumping function of your heart, help reduce the area of heart muscle that is damaged, and reduce the possibility of suffering from subsequent heart failure. Signs and symptoms can vary wildly depending upon the person but perhaps the most important symptom is chest pain. Although not every cardiac arrest, or heart attack, is preceded by chest discomfort or pain, nor do all patients with chest discomfort or pain proceed to cardiac arrest, for those that do, time and rapid intervention is vital. It is important to remember it's not only pain you should be aware of, but any discomfort, which includes pressure, pain, squeezing or burning sensations. A couple of good warning signs or red flags to be aware of are if you see you somebody sitting with their fist clenched over their chest, which we call Levine's sign, which is an indication of severe chest discomfort or if while describing the discomfort they compare it to somebody or something sitting on my chest. Both are fairly accurate signs that they are dealing with something far greater than normal aches and pains and you should call a local service or proceed to the hospital as quickly as possible. Another important symptom is if the pain is moving to other parts of the body. Be aware that if the pain is traveling towards the back, or is between the shoulder blades, the arms (most often the left arm), shoulders, jaw, neck, or upper area of the abdomen, they are all indications that you could be experiencing a heart attack. A common misconception is that most attacks occur during physical exertion. According to the American Heart Association only 10 to 15% occur during exercise of physical activity. The majority of attacks occur with normal daily activity. However look for the warning symptoms of discomfort that is made worse by exertion or activity and if after resting the discomfort has not gotten better you should seek medical help if you have not already. One of the most significant signs are if someone has a sudden onset of sweating. As I stated earlier, every body is different and you know your body better than anybody else. If you are excessively sweating more than usual, either while at rest or exertion you should be cautious. Especially if it coincides with other signs such as cooling and paling of the skin, difficulty breathing, nausea or vomiting, lightheadedness or dizziness, anxiety, undue fatigue, a feeling of impending doom (sounds funny but people that are about to or are experiencing a heart attack will have that feeling), an irregular pulse or an abnormal blood pressure. If you happen to be suffering from many of these symptoms, especially if at the same time, seek medical help immediately. Your best option, if you do not live close to a hospital is to contact your local ambulance service. They can perform an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) which can find abnormalities caused by damage to the heart and can determine of you are actively having a cardiac issue. Another benefit of having the local service on scene is that if you should go into sudden cardiac arrest they have the tools available that give you a better chance of surviving. There are times when by the time the medics have arrived you are feeling better and EKG is showing no signs that you are actively having a cardiac issue. That doesn't mean that you did not have a minor heart attack. The only way to know for sure is to have blood work done at the hospital. Certain heart enzymes will slowly leak into your blood if your heart has been damaged by a heart attack. ER doctors will take samples of your blood to determine if the enzymes are present. Preventive maintenance is key. Tell your doctor if you've been experiencing any mild symptoms that I've stated above. Please remember as well that not all heart attacks are alike. I have been on a scene where a spouse had gone into cardiac arrest and became totally unresponsive with no warning while in mid-sentence at home resting in the chair. I have also been on a scene where a gentleman was feeling perfectly fine but said he had been experiencing discomfort approximately thirty minutes prior to calling us but had written it off as gas pains. He only called because his wife talked him into it. After hearing some of the symptoms we advised he go to the hospital. He was adamant about not going but agreed, again upon his wife's urging, to let her take him to the ER. I talked to him several days later and he said the ER doctor informed him that he had had a heart attack and if he had waited much longer he would no longer be here with us. Brothers, I don't want to scare anybody but the more you know the better off you will be. Stay safe out there Brothers.

Ron (Joey) Glover.

Senior Deacon

Pictures from around the Lodge

Above - W.: Larry Duff and Zone Five Masonic Leadership Training Team Below - Training started early on Saturday with a hot Breakfast first


Pictures from around the Lodge (cont.)

A really fine Masonic Leadership Training Class held at Leesburg Lodge on Saturday August 24th.


Pictures from around the Lodge (cont.)

Mid way through the day, a hearty lunch was served.


Leesburg Lodge No. 58 September 8, 2013 Menu
Breaded Chicken Breast Mixed Veggies, Baked Potato, Gravy, Garden Salad, Sweet cornbread, Deserts (sugared and sugar free), coffee, tea, lemonade
$9.00 Adults, under 14 $4.00

11:30 AM until 1:15 PM Please call the Lodge at 787-5696 or sign the guest list in the
lobby and provide the number attending with you,. This ensures enough food is purchased and prepared for all.
ALL MASONS, their families and friends are invited to our Monthly Second Sunday Dinners and First Saturday Breakfasts Help support your Blue Lodge, IT IS where all other Masonic Bodies Begin.


Leesburg Masonic Lodge No. 58 F&AM

PO Box 985 Fruitland Park, Florida 34731

NONPROFIT US Postage PAID Permit#1040 Leesburg,, FL 34748

Celebrating 145 years (1868 2012) in Leesburg, Fla. The Lakefront City

11:30 a.m. TO 1:15 p.m. Breaded Chicken Breast, Mixed Veggies, Baked Potato w/gravy, Garden Salad, Sweet Cornbread, Desserts (sugared and sugar free), Drinks
$9.00 per person, Children under 14 years of age $4.00 Menu items: August 11, 2013


PLEASE call the Lodge at 787-5696, or sign the guest list in the foyer, provide the number of guests attending with you, this ensures enough food is prepared for all. ALL MASONS, their families and friends are invited . Menu suggestions welcomed, just fill out a comment card. Dont forget to call or sign -up!!!

1st Saturday Monthly Coffee Klatch & Breakfast

8:00am to 10:00am
Eggs, Pancakes, Bacon, Sausages (Pattys or Links), Breakfast Potatoes, Grits, Sausage Gravy, Biscuits, Toast, Fruit Cup, Breakfast Pastries, Coffee, Orange Juice $6.00 per person