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Logistics solutions for naval vessels

Photo: Bernard Bigr, STX Europe

State-of-the art products and services

Throughout the lifetime of your ship

Naval ships need cargo handling systems that will enable them to fulfil their intended mission in a fast, safe, efficient manner. By harmonising the essential functions of cargo access, stowage, care and handling, Cargotec offers integrated MacGregor solutions which optimise and enhance the functionality of a ship. Cargotecs MacGregor cargo handling solutions are installed on a broad spectrum of vessels deployed by the worlds navies, as well as on the majority of ships in the worlds merchant fleets. Our robust, reliable systems incorporate the latest technology and will not let you down in difficult situations. At the pre-project stage, we offer preliminary studies and engineering services. We then supply MacGregor cranes, ramps, doors, lifting platforms, hatch covers and lashing systems as an integrated solution based on your specified requirements and deployment needs. Cargotec is a global company with facilities located near ports worldwide. This is the beginning of a life-long partnership. Once the vessel is in service, Cargotec endeavours to provide lifetime support in the form of maintenance and service solutions that ensure the availability and reliability of the MacGregor equipment. Later in the lifetime of an installation, our capability to modernise and convert the original solution will optimise the performance to match changing needs.

New construction Operative availability Modernisation/conversion

Photo: Marine Nationale, Jean-marc Casanova

Swift and safe landing craft docking achieved using a submersible MacGregor stern ramp.

Strategic reasons to choose MacGregor solutions

Well-proven, risk-free solutions Robust, reliable and incorporating the latest technology, Cargotecs MacGregor systems and equipment have a long track record of availability and reliability. All products are proven extensively in commercial operation and adapted for naval applications. More than 250 naval vessels and 30,000 merchant vessels have been equipped with MacGregor equipment. Long-term partner We have been in the business for more than 70 years, serving both commercial shipping and navies with innovative MacGregor engineering solutions. We understand naval procedure Cargotec has the experience, know-how, procedures and resources to meet all naval quality demands, and extensive experience and an indepth understanding of naval working procedures from initial ideas to delivery. MacGregor designs are based on a broad range of data including shock and hydrodynamic calculations and dynamic simulations. We have the flexibility to adapt our organisation to your needs. Involve us at the development phase and we will provide valuable input based on our extensive experience and know-how. We are then at your service through to final delivery and beyond. Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Cargotec can supply a full/part range of Integrated Logistic Support Services. The most common items are: Scheduling Reliability, Availability and Maintainability analysis Maintenance planning Technical Data support incl. Operating and Maintenance Manual (OMM) Training programmes Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation Spare parts information/packages and Test equipment Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Harbour Acceptance Test (HAT) Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) Scrapping analysis All elements of ILS are developed in cooperation with Cargotecs Spare Parts and Technical Services (STS) Competence Centre and the customer. This ensures that the end result will provide an ultimate system solution with the lowest life cycle cost (affordable), operable, supportable, sustainable, transportable, and environmentally sound. Safety and quality Cargotec is actively engaged in all safety issues, working in close liaison with the classification societies and authorities. Product quality is ensured by our skilled engineers in combination with our selected sub-contractor partners. Cargotecs in-house processes are certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards. Cargotec marine has worldwide certification in every location, including all product divisions and service branches. Our quality assurance covers both in-house and sub-contractors activities. We have long established trading relationships with all major suppliers. Complete project packages Why use several suppliers when you can use just one? Consult us for the entire scope of the project and cut your administration time and costs. We can supply MacGregor ramps, doors, lifting platforms, cranes, hatch covers and lashing systems as an efficient and optimised solution package that include service, spare parts and crew training. The benefits are considerable. Global presence 24/7 Cargotec has a global network of trained engineers and service personnel, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This 100 percent level of support readiness can be of decisive importance to naval operations. As we supply commercial fleets with standard parts and sub systems, MacGregor spare parts are always available from stocks around the globe. Committed to clean seas Cargotecs goal is to provide innovatiove products that are environmentally friendly and at the same time convenient, easy and safe to use. We can offer environmentally friendly electric drives for RoRo equipment, cranes, hatch covers and winches. Cargotec is also committed to several environmental initiatives including the UN Global Initiative, Clinton Global Initiative and the Baltic Sea Action Group. 3

MacGregor stern ramp, side ramp, internal doors and helicopter and cargo lifting platforms installed on the innovative Mistral-class warship BPC Mistral and sisterships Tonnerre and Dixmude. The multi-role vessels were co-designed by DCNS and STX France.

Dedicated to the needs of the worlds naval and coast guard ships
Cargotec has a reputation for engineering excellence, acquired during more than 70 years in the business.
MacGregor equipment is installed on a broad spectrum of ships including more than 250 sealift, pre-positioning and multirole ships; along with amphibious/ dock and landing ships, logistic support, surface and coast guard vessels. Compared with a hydraulic system, electric operation saves energy! Hydraulic drives require continuous pump operation, whereas electric drives run only when the equipment is manoeuvred. Energy losses are also much lower than with a hydraulic system. For example, electrically-driven systems are not affected by pressure drops within the piping system. In addition, it is also possible to feed power back into the ships power supply when larger winches, such as those found on quarter ramps, lower heavy loads. All equipment is operated from control panels. The operation sequences are controlled by the PLC via push-buttons, joysticks or switches. Electric drives are easy to monitor and service and can be linked to remote diagnostic systems to provide round the clock data input for analysis. The health of a piece of equipment can be monitored and predicted at any time. Automated speed up and slow down functions make electric drives easier to operate than hydraulically-driven equipment.

Cutting-edge technology
Our R&D experts continue to develop innovative solutions that incorporate the latest technology. One example is the RIB launch and retrieval system onboard the high speed experimental littoral combat ship Sea Fighter. Another example is the MacGregor Test Article Vehicle Transfer System (TAVTS) for the US Navy. The ship-to-ship vehicle transfer system resulted from close cooperation between our ramp technology experts and offshore specialists, who contributed in-depth knowledge of heave compensation technologies.

MacGregor RIB launch and retrieval system on Sea Fighter.

Electric drives energy saving and easy to maintain

Always ahead, Cargotec has reduced the amount of hydraulic oil carried onboard by developing environmentally friendly electric drives for RoRo equipment, cranes, hatch covers and winches. Energy efficient and maintenance friendly, cargo flow equipment with electric drives is arousing the interest of navies from around the world. 4

Robust, reliable and incorporating the latest technology, MacGregor designs for cargo handling solutions are based on a broad range of data including shock calculations, hydrodynamic calculations and dynamic simulations.

Photo: Marine Nationale, Jean-marc Casanova

HMS Albion, one of two Albion Class LPDs, equipped with MacGregor access equipment including a large stern gate (submerged in the photo), side doors, various hoistable ramps and an accomodation ladder.

RoRo equipment
Photo: Bernard Biger, STX France

Cargotec focuses on innovative MacGregor RoRo cargo access solutions to secure ship integrity and increase mission flexibility: Side, bow and stern ramps/doors Submersible stern gates Ramp-to-ramp marrying Ramps for ship-to-ship vehicle transfer lnternal doors and ramp covers Internal hoistable ramps Helicopter and cargo lifting platforms.

MacGregor helicopter and cargo lifting platform onboard Mistral class LHD ship BPC Dixmude.

Lashing systems
A full range of MacGregor lashing systems for naval ships of all types is available.

Hatch covers
MacGregor stern ramp onboard the LMSR ship USNS Pililaau.

MacGregor hatch covers are safe and cost effective, offering long service lifetimes, with low maintenance costs. Weathertightness is assured and strong emphasis is placed on manufacturing covers with either corrosion-free or easily replaceable components. MacGregor hatch cover types: lift-away standard folding multi-folding side-rolling stacking tween decks pivoting movable bulkheads. 5

MacGregor hatch covers must meet two principal requirements: safety and ease of cargo handling operations. As an essential part of the deck arrangement the hatch cover has to be weatherproof and has to remain so when conditions are changed by waves, temperature and cargo.

MacGregor Active Heave Compensated (AHC) offshore crane

MacGregor shipboard (cargo rail) crane.

Cranes for cargo handling and challenging operations

Cargotec is a world-leading marine and offshore cargo crane supplier with extensive experience and knowhow. Over the years we have designed and successfully introduced a wide range of MacGregor crane types.
Our crane product portfolio covers all the cargo-handling demands of the marine and offshore industries and includes cranes that are suitable for a variety of operations, such as rough seas, cold climates, subsea, ship-to-ship, rescue, high sea states and heavy loads. Where appropriate, cranes are equipped with active heave compensation systems that enable modern subsea vessels to continue working under adverse weather conditions. subsea lifts. This is achieved by using auto-tension auxiliary whip and tugger winches. Furthermore our systems incorporate an integrated, user friendly control system. The main winch can be placed below deck. Offshore cranes are supplied with a safe working load (SWL) of up to 600 tonnes.. customers ensure that Cargotecs MacGregor crane development programme meets the changing needs of navies. One example is motion and pendulation control systems. Compensating for the motion of the vessel, they enable safe, accurate crane operation in both dockside and transloading situations.

Electric and electro-hydraulic cranes

MacGregor cranes can be equipped to provide the safe handling of virtually any type of cargo. Our standard cranes have safe working loads from 3 to 100 tonnes and heavy lift cranes up to 1,000 tonnes. Main crane types are wire-luffing and cylinder-luffing. The MacGregor microcomputer-based crane control system offers programmed crane control, load statistics, remote communication to a portable PC, remote control, and a range of other features. Joint product development activities with naval

Sea State cranes

Higher sea states often create problems during operations at sea and sometimes having a skilled crane operator is not enough to handle them; such circumstances are a challenge to even the most skillful crane operators and can endanger the safety of crew and cargo. A number of MacGregor systems can be used to simplify loading and offloading during difficult sea conditions. The systems, well adapted to work on US Navy vessels, are divided into three modes: RBTS, IRBTS and NAPA. RBTS Rider Block Tagline System RBTS is an anti-pendulation system that reduces the amplitude of load oscillations. The system can also be used to move the cargo closer to the crane, which can prove to be a helpful tool for accurate load positioning. The RBTS uses a rider block, which is controlled by winches. The block lowers the effective position of

Shipboard cranes

Shipboard cranes of luffing, knuckle-jib and telescoping type are designed for safe and accurate deck lifts onboard ships and offshore installations, and cargo handling within harbors. The cranes may be delivered with safe working load appropriate and various slew bearing dimensions and height of pedestal to accommodate operational requirements and industry regulations. Specially designed offshore cranes may be delivered with an operator cabin and various functions integrated within control system, such as Active Heave Compensation and auto tension. Cargorail cranes may also be delivered for specific operations on aft deck.

Active Heave Compensated offshore cranes

MacGregor offshore cranes active boost or semi-active use active heave compensation to accurately handle heavy loads for ship-to-ship or 6

Two sets of twin MacGregor cranes in a quadralift team operation

Photo: U.S. Navy by Mass Communication Speci. 2nd Class Meranda L. Keller

MacGregor Sea State crane onboard a Military Sealift Command ship SS Cornhusker State

MacGregor LARS system enable the safe launch and recovery of ROVs/ROTs in adverse weather conditions.

the crane top, resulting in a shorter pendulum length and providing the crane operator with the opportunity to remove the load from resonance frequencies. IRBTS Integrated Rider Block Tagline System A crane with RBTS has five degrees of freedom. To minimise steering complexity for the crane operator by reducing the cranes degrees of freedom to three, an IRBTS can be used instead of an RBTS. The IRBTS is a further development of the Rider Block Tagline System and has an integrated built-in intelligence that automatically controls the rider block. NAPA Naval Anti Pendulation Assistance The most advanced system, NAPA, takes the anti-pendulation systems to a higher level by using a set of motion sensors to detect and prevent pendulations induced by sea motion and other forces. The sensors are located in such a way that they can detect movements of both the crane and the load. Another important feature of NAPA is its ability to compensate for ship motions in other vessels during ship-to-ship operations. Similar sensors are placed on the target vessel and NAPA uses motion data from both vessels to make cargo landing and lifting operations as smooth and safe as possible. NAPA can be used with or without RBTS/IRBTS.

Offshore equipment
MacGregor solutions provide smooth and efficient operation to meet offshore needs: Rescue cranes and davits Marine shipboard cranes Deck handling equipment Launch-and-Recovery Systems (LARS) for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)/Remotely Operated Tools (ROTs) Umbilical winches Active Heave Compensated (AHC) subsea cranes Fibre rope handling systems for ultra deepwater operations Module handling systems A-frames Advanced winch systems for anchor handling, towing and mooring

systems for guaranteed operation even during dead-ship conditions. Davits can make use of optional shock absorbers, heave compensation and/or constant tension features for safer handling in severe weather conditions and for heavy boats. An associated towing boom (slewing, luffing or telescoping) with optional jigger winch keeps the boat under control during launch and recovery.

The standard designs of MacGregor winches with up to 600 tonne line pull are based on extensive experience of winches for offshore, subsea and marine operations. Power packs and control systems are normally supplied as a complete package together with our winches, windlasses, capstans and shark jaw tow pins. Although usually equipped with hydraulic motors, the equipment can be supplied with environmentally-friendly electrical drives. All MacGregor winch systems are designed in compliance with classification rules and standards.

Rescue and work-boat davits including pivoting and telescoping types are available for handling small or large daughter craft including MOB and other rescue boats. SOLAS approved davits incorporate emergency backup power

MacGregor rescue davit.

MacGregor Anchor Handling winch.

The innovative ship-to-ship transfer system TAVTS

The MacGregor Test Article Vehicle transfer system (TAVTS) successfully completed US Navy sea trials in 2010. Vehicles as large as battle tanks can be transferred between two ships on parallel courses.
Combination of ramp and heave-compensation technologies
In 2008 Cargotec began design and development work on the Test Article Vehicle Transfer System (TAVTS) for the US Navy. Cargotecs ramp technology experts worked closely with its offshore specialists who contributed their in-depth knowledge of heave compensation technologies. Cargotec has a long history of successful deliveries for NAVSEA, PEO Ships, MSC and MARAD. with the capability for large scale logistic movements from sea to shore without depending on foreign ports, as part of the Sea Basing strategy. Ships (PEO Ships). During the sea trials, the self-deploying ramp was mounted on the float-on/float-off ship, Mighty Servant 3, and the side port platform system was fitted to the LMSR ship, USNS Soderman. Installation of the ramp system on Mighty Servant 3 simulated the basic configuration envisioned for the future Mobile Landing Platform (MLP). The vessel was also fitted with a dynamic positioning system that allowed it to hold a specified position and orientation alongside the LMSR while underway, within a defined tolerance. During the course of testing in high sea state 3 and low sea state 4, there was a total of 111 vehicle roundtrips between the ships; 27 roundtrips during the pier side phase and 84 at sea.

Cargotecs harbour tests prior to the delivery

Rigorous harbour tests were conducted at Cargotecs facilities in Norway prior to delivery. The delivery included a self-deploying ramp system and a selfdeploying side port platform.

Successful sea-trials performed by US Navy

In 2009 the MacGregor TAVTS was delivered to the US Navy on time and on budget. It has successfully completed full-scale sea trials, carried out by the US Navys Strategic and Theatre Sealift Programme Office (PMS 385) which is part of Programme Executive Office

Sea Basing strategy

TAVTS is part of the US Department of Defense Maritime Prepositioning Forces Sea Basing development, used to demonstrate the transfer of military vehicles between ships at sea. The aim is to provide the US military 8

Cargotec is a global supplier for defence forces

Defence and humanitarian support and rescue during natural disasters, is a demanding, global sector requiring state-of-the-art products and services. For example, highly-developed logistics systems are an absolute prerequisite for efficient support and rescue operations. Cargotec has the products, solutions and services to meet these challenging needs. We supply everything from standard commercial systems to customised solutions.

A 70-tonne battle tank driving over the MacGregor ramp during US Navys fullscale sea trials. Personnel and vehicles were successfully transferred between the ships in high Sea State 3 and low Sea State 4.

On road handling solutions

Ship-to-ship transferred of 70-tonne battle tanks
Deployment and retrieval of the power-operated ramp can be controlled by a single person. In case of emergency ship separation, the system will safely continue to support the vertical and horizontal design loads and so allows for separation while carrying a vehicle weighing up to 72.5 tonnes (160,000 lb) anywhere along the length of the ramp.

Captain George M. Sutton, Programme Manager for PMS 385 says: This landmark capability will be a significant enhancement for future Sea Basing logistics operations.

On land, our Hiab Government Business Operations unit is a dedicated business unit that designs, supplies and supports fast, efficient and flexible mechanical handling equipment exclusively for the defence and peacekeeping sector worldwide. The solutions include loader cranes, hooklifts and truck-mounted fork-lifts designed specifically for this demanding sector. Our Kalmar Rough Terrain Container Handlers can be used in military and specialised commercial applications. These handlers can traverse unimproved, rough terrain surfaces while easily handling twentyor forty-foot containers.

Operation of the Test Article Vehicle Transfer System (TAVTS) a self-deploying ramp and side port platform. Cargotec performed rigorous harbour tests at its facilities in Norway prior to delivery. Laser sensors measure the spatial relationship between the ramp foot and the platform. Heave compensation mode is employed to maintain the correct relationship.

Convert to competitiveness
Cargotecs MacGregor modernisation solutions are a cost-effective way of enhancing or modifying ships to meet changing market requirements. Our know-how and global presence ensure short lead times and rapid completion of all projects and turnkey delivery, from the smallest alteration to a complete conversion. altering it to changing deployment requirements and extending its lifespan. It may involve a complete delivery including an initial study, technical solutions, design, manufacture and installation. It will be performed in the shortest time possible to reduce the ships off-hire period. Even if most of the work has to be carried out in port or at the shipyard, our resources allow conversions to be carried out at sea.

Cargotec has the expertise and the resources to upgrade outdated cargo flow equipment to the latest performance standards.

Conversions are carried out quickly and efficiently

Cargotecs MacGregor conversion packages adapt, enhance, or change the original design of the ship, MacGregor sliding bulkhead doors onboard RFA Argus are SOLAS stability regulation compliant.

Worldwide presence, local service

Operative availability
Our ambition is to ensure the operative availability of your cargo flow systems. Cargotecs cargo flow experts are on standby worldwide to provide a rapid response to your needs. We operate in over 120 countries and we are constantly strenghtening our local presence to meet changing market needs. Cargotecs marine network consists of more than 60 service centres in major ports around the globe, supplying original MacGregor spare parts and repair services on a planned schedule, on demand, or on an emergency basis. 10

Planned maintenance
Cargotecs planned maintenance concept rests firmly on the solid foundation of Cargotecs worldwide service network, and allows you to plan your operating budget.

service concept where you can choose the necessary modules to suit your individual needs in terms of operating security, budgets and comfort.

Crew training On demand service

Our service centres worldwide solve problems as they arise, helping to keep your ship up and running. We also provide a comprehensive damage assessment and repair service. Tailor-made theoretical and hands-on crew training in the maintenance and operation of MacGregor equipment and systems.

Let us know your schedule well in advance and we will plan drydocking services for you accordingly.

MacGregor Onboard Care (MOC)

An MOC agreement offers a modular

Naval references extract

MacGregor equipment is installed on more than 250 naval ships and 30,000 merchant ships. Below is an extract from our extensive naval reference list.


United States Fast Sealift Ships SL-7 Algol class (8 ships) Conversions Bob Hope class LMSR (mediumspeed, roll-on/roll-off) ships (7 ships) Class Standard Equipment and internal access equipment, Conversion of stern ramp for launching of amphibious vehicles (1 ship) Watson Class LMSR ships (8 ships) Class Standard Equipment, conversion of stern ramp for launching of amphibious vehicles (2 ships) LMSR Gordon class - Conversions (2 ships) Class Standard Equipment, internal access equipment LMSR Shughart class - Conversions (3 ships) Class Standard Equipment, conversion of stern ramp for launching of amphibious vehicles (1 ship) MPS Military Prepositioning Ships (13 ships) Extensive range of single and twincargo handling cranes, slewing stern ramps, hoistable ramps and decks, shell and stern doors, hatch covers United Kingdom Point Class Sealift Ships (6 ships) Stern ramp/door, side ramp/door and internal door, cargo handling cranes New Zealand HMNZS Canterbury Multirole Vessel Stern ramp/door, side ramp/door and internal door


United Kingdom Albion Class LPD (2 ships) Stern ramp, side ramp and internal ramps France Mistral Class LHD (3 ships) Helicopter lifting platforms, stern and side ramp, internal doors Foudre Class: Foudre & Siroco LPD Helicopter lifting platform, bulkhead doors, hatch covers, and stern and bow ramps/doors, including functionality for stern amphibious operation Batral Series LST (10 ships) Stern and bow ramp/door and hoistable ramp Greece Jason class LST (5 ships) Stern ramp, bow ramp, bow door, bulkhead door, internal ramp, turntable Spain Strategic Projection Ship Juan Carlos I Stern ramp/door, including functionality for amphibious operation Galicia Class LPD (2 ships) Stern ramp/door, including functionality for amphibious operation Singapore Endurance Class LPD (4 ships) Helicopter lifting platforms, stern and bow ramp/door, including functionality for amphibious operation Korea Dokdo Class LPH Stern ramp/door, side ramp/door and internal doors Australia Canberra Class LHD (2 ships) Stern gate, side ramp, light lifting platform, side shell door Thailand Endurance Class LPD (1 ship) Stern ramp/door, side ramp/door, lifting platform, hangar door, turntable India Shardul Class LST (3 ships) Bow doors, bow ramp, hatch ramp, hatch cover


United States T-ACS Crane Ships (7 ships) Twin cargo handling cranes T-AKE Lewis and Clark Class Dry Cargo/ Ammunition Ships (14 ships) Cranes and hoists Sea Fighter (formerly experimental vessel X-Craft) Launch and retrieval system for RIBs, lifting platform Thailand Offshore Patrol Helicopter Carrier HTMS Chakri Naruebet Helicopter lifting platforms, ammunition/supply lifting platforms Norway Nansen Class Frigates (5 ships) Rescue davits Nornen Class Coast Guard Patrol Vessel (4 ships) Rescue davits Spain Patrol Boats Advanced davits Greece Ydra Class Frigates (3 ships) Offshore/rescue cranes France Beautemps-Beaupr, Oceanographic Vessel Special hydrographic workboat handling system MV Ailette and Alcyon, Specialised Navy Offshore Vessels Offshore telescopic crane Coast Guard Multi-purpose Salvage Tugs/Standby Safety Vessels Cranes and advanced rescue davits Coast Guard Standby Safety Vessels Cranes and advanced rescue davits United Kingdom Aviation training/primary casualty receiving ship - Conversion (1 ship) Bulkhead doors (SOLAS stability compliance)


Global presence and local service bring our solutions closer to our customers.

Cargotec improves the efficiency of cargo flows on land and at sea wherever cargo is on the move. Cargotecs daughter brands, Hiab, Kalmar and MacGregor are recognised leaders in cargo and load handling solutions around the world. MacGregor is the global market-leading brand in marine cargo handling and offshore load-handling solutions. Customer-driven MacGregor engineering and service solutions for the maritime transportation industry and the offshore load-handling and naval logistics markets are used on board merchant ships, offshore support vessels, and in ports and terminals. Published by Cargotec Corporation. Copyright Cargotec February 2012. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored, photocopied, recorded or transmitted without permission of the copyright owner.

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