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1.- You often (paint) your house. 2.- Martin .. (skate) in the park. 3.- Yolanda and Sonia .. (not/work) here. 4.-Thomas . (take) pictures in the city. 5.-Hannah (not like) parties. 6.-When .. Elsa . (come) home? 7.-Lorena . (love) watching cartoons. 8.-Louiss sisters .. (sing) beautifully. 9.-Nora (write) some postcards to him. 10.- they (play) video games? 11.-We never (ask) impolite questions. 12.-Donald . (hate) snakes. 13.-Marina . (not/work) at the shop. 14.-Julio .. (drive) a taxi at weekends. 15.-.. you. (go) to bed early? 16.- Elizabeth usually. (get) good marks. 17.-The policeman . (help) old people. 18.-Doctors .. (cure) illnesses. 19.-Carmen .. (not know) your brother. 20.-The teacher . (explain) the lesson. 21.- That woman .. (clean) my house. 22.-Katherine and you .. (do) well at school. 23.- The dog .. (follow) me everywhere. 24.-Sue and Joe . (love) each other. 25.-We . (celebrate) a Christmas party 26.-Tom .. (meet) his friends at the pub. 27.-My neighbour (not /play) golf. 28.-John often .. (send)me a text message. 29.-Sometimes Britney . (stay) at her friends house for the weekend 30.-He seldom (wear) his brothers clothes. 31.-Ryan .. (have) dinner with friends. 32.-Joana (kiss) her sons. 33.-We .. (live) in London. 34.-Richard and Susan .. (enjoy) the trip. 35.-You very often. (drive) a motorbike.

1.-Some kids . (shout) there. 2.- Alexandra .. (play) with the cat? 3.-John . (talk) on the phone. 4.-Linda (show) us her photos. 5.-The cook .. (wash) the dishes there. 6.-These children . (behave) badly today. 7.-Leonor .. (walk) home on foot. 8.-The Prime Minister . (visit) Brazil. 9.-Helen, the tourist (ask) the way to the National Museum in Paris. 10.-Philip . (get) older and older every year. 11.-Bernard .. (sit) at the back. 12.-The actress (rehearse) now. 13.-Sharon .. (make) a project. 14.- she . (take) part in the Maths competition? 15.-George . (drink) some coffee now. 16.-..they .. (fly) to San Francisco? 17.-I . (not/buy) that car, its too expensive. 18.-Patrick (jump) from a parachute. 19.-I think that man (eat) too much food. 20.-She . (order) the food to the waiter. 21.-.. you .. (read) these books? 22.-I .. (think) about my ex-boyfriend. 23.-Tony (run) to catch the bus. 24.- Today the train .. (arrive) later than usual. 25.-Victoria .. (sew) her a new dress. 26.-The barber (shave) himself. 27.-The girl (upload) some pictures. 28.-The English car racer (win) today again 29.-Steve .... (not /offer) Anne a job. 30.-The newspaper (publish) the news. 31.-You (learn) English. 32.-He (copy)exercises.