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Wedding Traditions

Match the words with the right picture. engagement ring church bride dress wedding celebration wedding cake 1. The lexical field of get married Work in pairs: answer the following questions, first you tell your partner what you know about these questions, then he/she will answer you them a) Have you ever been to a wedding? b) How are weddings in your country?

There are different kinds of wedding which usually reflect the customs of the society in which people live. The most widely accepted form is what is called a traditional wedding: the couple getting married in church and the bride wearing a long white dress and a veil and the bridegroom in morning suit. But sometimes people want to have a special wedding. Here are some examples. John Kerivan and Grace Prolack chose the waters of the Sea World swimming pool in Florida to get married. While they were exchanging rings lots of tropical colourful fish were swimming around them. The bridegroom looks after these fishes daily

and he wanted them to be the witnesses of his marriage. David and his fiance got married while they were flying 500 metres high. They went on three different planes: the bride in the middle one and the bridegroom and the priest on the other two. Dave is very fond of flying and he wanted a high level wedding. When they landed Dave took his wife in his arms and said Now our marriage is ready to take off. On 25 August 1992 another special wedding was performed at Seouls Olympic Stadium with 29,825 couples being married at the same time. It was the largest mass wedding ceremony. When the priest said You are now man and wife

41,650 persons were getting married

2. Think about weddings Match the following words with their meanings:
Wedding Couple Veil Witness Fiance Marriage Bridegroom Get married



a piece of thin material worn by women to cover the face/head someone who is asked to be present at a particular event and sign their name in order to prove that things have been done correctly a marriage celebration such as a meal or a party a legally accepted relationship between a woman and a man in which they live as husband and wife, or the official ceremony which results in this a man who is about to get married or has just got married: to have a wife or husband two people who are married or in a romantic or sexual relationship a person who has formally promised to marry another

3. True or false. Which of the following statements are true? Look for the evidence in the text. a) Traditional weddings take place in church._______ b) The bridegroom usually wears an evening suit._____ c) Most brides wear a long white dress and a veil._____ d) During the ceremony the couple exchange some coins._____ e) When you get married the priest says you are now husband and wife._____ f) The largest mass wedding ceremony was performed at Seoul._____ 4. Check your answers. Now read and find out. 5. Questions on the text. Answer these questions a) b) c) d) e) f) Where did John Kerivan get married? Whats his job? Who got married while he was flying? What did he said to his wife when they landed? When did the largest mass wedding ceremony take place? How many people got married at the same time?