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Are small businesses prepared for the coming tsunami of costs and regulations associated with Obamacare?
The Oct. 1 opening of ObamaCare exchanges is getting closer. Amidst confusion over how it will be rolled out and how much it will cost, public support is eroding. A majority of Americans now realize that Obamacare will increase their medical costs and taxes. FOX reports that, overall, 63% of voters believe that the 2010 health care law needs to be changed. That number is up from 58 percent since July 2012. Increasing criticism from Labor unions, small business owners and members of Congress have forced major delays and revisions. With less than a month to go before millions of Americans will be required to enroll in Obamacare, the GOP senators’ petition to defund Obamacare has a million signatures. So, where do we stand? Our speaker this month will talk about all this and more. Michelle Orrock is the Communications Director for the National Federation of Independent Business, California, the nation’s largest small business association. She’s responsible for all media and communications for the California o ce including developing written materials, website content and coordinating interviews for the state director and other sta . In addition, she also manages outreach for the Young Entrepreneur Foundation awards in California, a program that provides scholarships to high school seniors who start their own businesses. Prior to coming to NFIB, Michelle was the communications director for the Governor's O ce of the Secretary of Education and worked for State Assemblyman Roger Niello. She has more than a decade of experience working in both the public and private sector. She’s been an elected member of the Board of Directors of the Cosumnes Community Services District (Cosumnes CSD) since November 2008, has worked closely with the business community and is a member of the Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse Statewide Advisory Council. She serves on the Jobs and Business Growth Committee at the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce, the second largest chamber in California. SEE YOU THERE!.......



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Saturday, September 14th Doors Open: 11:30 AM Lunch: 12:15 PM

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Calendar President’s
■ Sept 8th
(First Sunday after Labor Day)

■ Tuesday, Sept 2nd

National Grandparent's Day Meet & Greet Jim Brulte: CRP Chairman Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Elissa Wadleigh,
Vice-Chairwoman, CRP NW Region Fortuna Veteran's Memorial Bldg

Well, September is here, school has begun, and most of you are back to a more structured routine. Those of us who are retired just smile. As a retired teacher, I run into former students often and no matter what the dynamic might have been, they truly seem happy to see me and look forward to my traditional hug. Whether I remember them or not, they will never know. I have resolved that no matter who the student, they will be warmly received by me. I want their memories of their time with me to be honest and rewarding. That is my inheritance to them. Obviously, that is not how we usually de ne inheritance, but recent experiences have led me to reconsider that de nition. Extrapolating from the concept of teaching a class to that of mentoring one or several, one brings the concept of Inheritance into the present. Because of our life experiences, we are fountains of knowledge capable of pouring this information into others to aid them along their way. The same is true for organizations. There are those whose service for years has been impeccable and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with the newcomers and do. Some (not in HRWF) tend to hold on to that knowledge, stay involved, and perhaps do not see the necessity in empowering others through mentoring. How does an organization grow if we do not replicate ourselves? This is the inheritance of any strong organization. Our current organizational structure tends to leave the membership out of the loop in decision-making and the history behind those decisions ; thus, many of our members come to our luncheons, enjoy their visits, and then go home. Our challenge this year will be to do just that. If we are to continue to be successful as a club, we need to recruit new Board members and nd ways to involve more of you in the issues which continue to a ect our lives and our futures. With Obamacare on the horizon, the U.N. small arms treaty being signed by our faux president, a Super Minority of Republicans in our California Senate, we must do more than wring our hands in anguish. We must sacri ce, unite, and collaborate to bring a di erent kind of inheritance to our state and to our nation. Let’s share our knowledge and collaborate to bring a fresh perspective to our county and to our state. On another note, a huge thank you to those who volunteered to take a session or more at the fair. All went well and fun was had by all. Fun is also on the slate for our September 19 meeting at our usual haunt on Herrick Avenue. Our speaker is Michelle Orrock, a small business owner, who along with others, fought Obamacare and won. Come hear this story. Come! Get ready to leave an inheritance to the next generation of conservatives! Get ready to rumble! The elections are coming! Warmest regards,

The Reward of Experience

■ Saturday, Sept 14th

Guest Speaker: Michelle Orrock (Sept. 19th is also Talk Like A Pirate Day) Remember to Register to Vote Week HBHWG Meeting 5:30 to 7:00 840 E Street, Eureka

HRWF General Meeting at 445 Herrick Avenue, Eureka
■ Sept 22nd-28th

■ Thursday, Sept 19th

■ Monday, Sept 23rd

Annual Republican Picnic
In Anaheim ■ Friday, Oct 11th Rohner Park, Fortuna ■ Fri-Sun, Oct 4th-6th

■ Sunday, September 29th

CFRW State Convention

■ Saturday, Sept 26th

BLUE LAKE CASINO Rex Bohn Auctioneer For Info: Call Paulette 442-9322
In remembrance of Marilyn St. John. She passed away in June, and we will all really miss her. She was such an active member in HRWF and also volunteered at the Central Committee office.

Orlean Koehle/Agenda 21 & Common Core

■ Tuesday, Oct 11th

HRWF General Meeting

■ Thursday, Oct 17th

Redevelopment, the zombie legislation that will never die, has been re-engineered by our Marxist Democrats and will be brought up August 21st in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Called ‘Sustainable Communities Investment Authorities,’ SB 1 is authored by Senator Darrell “Franken” Steinberg and is Agenda 21 on human growth hormones. Why have General Plans when the State can rewrite our zoning? Make no mistake …SB 1 is very dangerous. has been watching out for all the new versions of Redevelopment because our Democratically-controlled State Legislature believes pesky property owners are in the way of real progress, which is code for the progressive, Marxist agenda. CalPropertyRights states, “These new authorities would have the power to seize homes, small businesses and places of worship by eminent domain to create more “walkable communities!” Call Chesbro and Evans to raise CAIN over this. Tell them SB 1 or any Redevelopment is a BIG “NO!” Our property rights depend on this zombie bill being killed. Both of them are not up for re-election so they will hopefully stand by private property rights. Union Tribune article worth reading: all/?print The California Alliance to Protect Private Property Right’s letter to Senator Steinberg can be read at: Read the bill for yourself at: Wes Chesbro: (916) 319-2002, (707) 445-7014 Noreen Evans: (916) 651-4002, (707) 445-6508 (Rather send a letter? Full contact information is on our website at www.

Alive in Senate

Zombie Bill

Legislative Report


From the California Federation of Republican Women:
AB 154 is on the Governor’s Desk! - Last week the Legislature sent AB 154 (Atkins, D) to Governor Brown. As you will recall, AB 154 would allow nurse practitioners, mid-wives, and physicians’ assistants to perform abortions. Why do the Democrats in the legislature seem to think it is ok to pawn o major surgical procedures for women to mid-level healthcare professionals? This is a huge step backwards in women’s health rights. AB 154 is on the Governor’s desk, waiting for his signature.

Call the Governor: (916) 445-2841 Email the Governor via webmail on his website: Post to the Governor’s Twitter @JerryBrownGov Send the Governor an opposition letter: Governor Jerry Brown c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173 Sacramento, CA 95814

The Suspense File - There are several important bills that the CFRW has been following that are now in the Assembly Appropriations Suspense File. The Suspense File is like “limbo” for bills. They are sent there if they have an annual cost of $150,000 or more from any fund. The Suspense File was originally a placeholder for scal bills before the budget passed so that lawmakers could see how much money they would be able to allocate to the bills. Nowadays the Suspense File can be used to kill bills quietly and without a vote when they miss a deadline. Suspense File bills can also be passed out of the Suspense File without any testimony from witnesses or the author. Three important bills that the CFRW OPPOSES are currently in the Assembly Suspense File- SB 1 (Steinberg, D), SB 11 (Pavely, D) and SB 47 (Yee, D). Please stay tuned! Remember - as a member of HRWF, you are also a member of the California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) AND the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW). Both send out regular email updates, and ACTION alerts. If you are NOT receiving these emails, you may need to sign in and give them your email address. If you need help, let us know.

■ PEACE PREZ DECIDES TO STRIKE - FOX President Obama said...the United States should take military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for using chemical weapons on civilians but also turned to Congress for approval -- dealing a potential setback to America's foreign policy and setting up what will likely be a hard-fought Washington debate on the issue.... ■ Obama´s Blundering Incompetence - Michael Reagan/Townhall ■ The Audacity of the Haughty - Rush Limbaugh ■ Frustrated Obama: I won’t be ‘paralyzed’ on Syria - Oliver Knox/Yahoo News ■ In Syria, U.S. goal ´not to get mocked´ - Mark Steyn/Orange County Register ■ Show of Farce - James Taranto/Wall Street Journal ■ Barack Obama is proving an embarrassing amateur on the world stage compared to George W. Bush - Nile Gardiner/Telegraph ■ What Is the Point of a Syrian Intervention? - Victor Davis Hanson/National Review ■ ´The British aren’t coming!´ US media mock Cameron’s failure to deliver on promise to back Obama in strikes against Syria - Matt Chorley/Daily Mail [UK] ■ Nancy Pelosi the hawk tells President Obama to act on Syria - Jonathan Allen & Jake Sherman/Politico ■ Sen. Rand Paul: Obama interested in ‘saving face’ on Syria - Seth McLaughlin/ Washington Times (D.C) ■ Why a nervous Hillary Clinton is remarkably silent on Syria - Nile Gardiner/Telegraph ■ Cameron rst to lose war vote in Parliament since 1782! - Reuters ■ 'Embarrassing'... - New York Times ■ U.S. turns on Britain... - New York Times ■ KERRY'S MOMENT... - Jonathan Allen/Politico ■ Experts: Don't bomb chemical weapon sites... - AP ■ Obama 'not made any decisions'... - Reid J. Epstein/Politico ■ Willing to go it alone... - New York Times ■ PENTAGON CAN'T AFFORD WAR; MUST SEEK ADDITIONAL FUNDS - Washington Free Beacon ■ SYRIA MOVES MISSILES, TROOPS... - Reuters ■ OBAMA TURNS TO CONGRESS: Syrian media calls decision 'historic American retreat'... ■ Obama to Seek Congressional Vote on Syria Strike; President Says He Is Prepared to Order Military Action, but Wants Support First From Lawmakers - Wall St. Journal ■ Will Seek Authorization for Syria Strike -- After Recess... - Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard ■ but says has authority to act alone... - The Hill ■ FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER... - Independent ■ Attack 'e ective tomorrow or next week or one month from now'... - NBC ■ Krauthammer: 'Amateur Hour'... - Daily Caller ■ 'UTTER NONSENSE' - Washington Post ■ Syria says US evidence 'entirely fabricated'... - France24 ■ U.S. Had Intel on Chemical Strike Before It Was Launched... - Foreign Policy ■ Obama wants Congress to save him from himself on Syria - Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion ■ 5 Ways Obama’s Unseriousness Has Been Exposed by Syria Strike Chatter - PJMedia 1. Failure to consult Congress. 2. Failure to get buy-in from the American people. 3. No draft language for the UN to consider. 4. No military plan, no clear objective. 5. Lack of credible spokes men and women to obtain buy-in from the American people ■ Obama’s Absurd Pseudo Intelligence on Syria - Larry Johnson/No Quarter ■ FOR IT AND AGAINST IT - Sultan Knish

Sometimes Headlines say it all!


NOTE: I listed it this way for two reasons. One is to show how the headlines often tell the story, & the other is to let you know the incredible variety of sources we follow, and bring to you, every day on our website. Get News and views for Republicans - from Humboldt to DC and beyond - news, opinion & analysis from the best reporters, columnists, pundits & bloggers.

Breitbart News reports: - In a stunning historical error, Los Angeles Times reporters Kathleen Hennessey, Richard Simon, Alexei Kose reported that "Democrats led the passage of civil rights legislation that marchers pushed for in 1963." In fact, Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV), a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, libustered the bill in an attempt to kill the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Republican Minority Leader Everett Dirksen (R-IL) saved the landmark civil rights law from defeat by galvanizing Senate Republicans for a cloture vote to stop the Democrat-led libuster... (As of August 30th), The Los Angeles Times has yet to correct its error. Many people are surprised to learn that it was the Republicans who passed legislation to free the slaves, and to ensure their right to vote, over sometimes unanimous Democrat opposition. It was REPUBLICANS who passed the DC Emancipation Act in 1862. This law to free the 3,100 slaves in the nation's capital was written by Senator Henry Wilson (R-MA) and signed by Republican President Abraham Lincoln. Every Democrat in Congress voted against it. At the suggestion of President Abraham Lincoln, abolishing slavery became part of the Republican platform and, in 1864, Congressional Republicans passed the 13th Amendment unanimously – against nearly unanimous Democrat opposition – and it was rati ed within the year. In 1866, Republicans Passed the 14th Amendment, guaranteeing due process and equal protection of the laws to all citizens. It enshrines in the Constitution provisions of the GOP’s 1866 Civil Rights Act. In Congress, all votes in favor of the 14th Amendment were from Republicans, and all votes against it were from Democrats.... It was Republicans who outlawed the Ku Klux Klan... Republicans who passed the 15th Amendment....Nearly all Democrats in Congress voted against it, and, using intimidation, poll taxes, registration fraud, and literacy tests, Democrats prevented most African-Americans from voting for nearly a century. Granted, it was a long time ago, but there’s no reason to let them get away with revising history. We’re very proud of our history, and with good reason. And if you ever need the facts to back you up in an argument - er, discussion - check out our GOP History link on the website. There’s lots more.


Scott, Robinson & Pavlich 111 Sixth Street Eureka, CA 95501 TELEPHONE (707) 443-2781 FAX (707) 443-0608

I just received notice of an IRS audit on my 2012 tax return. It really puzzles me!!! They are questioning how many dependents I claimed. I guess it was because of my response to the question: List all dependents... I replied: "12 million illegal immigrants; 3 million crackheads; 42 million unemployed people on food stamps, 2 million people in over 243 prisons; half of Mexico ; 535 persons in the U.S. House and Senate; and 1 useless President." Evidently, this was NOT an acceptable I KEEP ASKING MYSELF, WHO DID I MISS?

Serving Humboldt County Since 1932

311 E St. Eureka 444-2823 (877)445-0152

Richard Whitaker Insurance Services, Inc. Richard Whitaker CLU, ChFC Phone: (707) 442-1505 (800) 504-1555 FAX: (707) 442-0717 3932 Walnut Drive, Eureka, CA 95503

-George Zimmerman should change his name to Ben Ghazi, then Obama and the liberal news media would never mention him again. - Ever notice you never see Conservatives rioting? Yet they're the ones who should be! -It's really unfortunate that 99% of liberals give the rest a bad name. -Being o ended doesn't make you right. -How come when Muslims blow up a bunch of innocent people and I point it out, I'm the intolerant one? -Don't let your daughter wear makeup at 10, date at 12, wear sexy clothing at 14, and then wonder why she got pregnant at 16! -Obama is starting to make Joe Biden look like an awesome alternative. -Is it just me or is the Obama administration starting to look a lot like an organized criminal organization? -Am I the only one who wants to post what they think about the IRS, but doesn't want to get audited next year?

Ways & Means
orld W n
OPPORTUNITY DRAWINGS Winners and donors on June 20th at Samoa Cookhouse luncheon: The New Reagan Revolution won by Margaret Sta ord Reagan Calendars won by Mary Scott Sterling Silver Cross pendant, donated by Margaret Sta ord, won by Vee Sorenson Solar L.E.D. cross won by Nancy Elcock DVD on the Constitution, donated by Kay Parris, won by Karen Sheehy Golden Chain trees, donated by Laura Bush, won by Mary Scott & Annette DeModena. Donations for this drawing are needed and greatly appreciated. All funds from this event help our Scholarship monies grow. For questions or further info, call me -- I can pick up your items for our meetings. Kay Parris, 407-0010.

For a fun filled, amazing family adventure head to Ocean World!! Home to an amazing variety of sea life, we pride ourselves as one of the best privately owned small aquariums in the United States. We’re located six hours north of San Francisco, in beautiful Crescent City, California.

Life O c e aFromSea A New Angle


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Celebrating 75 years! KindHearted Bode Sisters Fund-Raise for Miranda’s Rescue
Animal lovers six-year old Samya and her fourteen-year old sister Kelsea Bode of McKinleyville were looking for an activity they could do to give back to their new community. Recent transplants from Arizona, they heard about Miranda’s Rescue. Immediately, they decided to open a lemonade stand for the sanctuary outside their apartment until the Annual Wine & Cheese Open House on August 4th. The sisters began in mid-June and worked each and every day selling lemonade from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost per cup was by donation. When we heard that Ray’s Food Place had made a $25 donation, President Annette and I each donated the same amount to the girls’ worthy cause.We polled the board and o cers decided HRWF would also donate $25. When Samya and Kelsea handed over a check for more than $200 to Shannon Miranda at the Wine & Cheese Open House, he thanked the girls the best way he knew how—with a new little puppy called Gizmo!

Learn more about Miranda’s Rescue at on Facebook at
Humboldt Republican Women, Federated c/o Terry Roberts 4425 Chaffin Road McKinleyville, CA 95519

The Redwood Alert



It’s time for our Annual Republican Picnic In The Park
(Our version of a Humboldt Republican Convention!)

Join us for lunch on Sept. 19th for our General Meeting and THEN, on Sunday, Sept. 29th

at Rohner Park in Fortuna. Bring Friends

It’s POTLUCK, so - If your last name begins with A-M, please bring a dessert If your last name begins with N-Z, please bring a salad

Hot dogs • Hamburgers • Auction • Speakers

For Info, or to Volunteer, CALL the HGOP HQ: 442-2259

Presented by The Humboldt County Republican Party and Humboldt Republican Women

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