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Commissioners Harassment of Private Citizens Continues

by Patrick Allen ...


OK, tough guy, tell me where you live and Ill meet you, Blaine Young angrily said to a private citizen of Frederick County during a Saturday, August 31, 2013, telephone discussion between the two men.

Two months ago, June 25th, Mr. David Salomon was standing in the lobby of the Frederick Community College Kussmaul Auditorium waiting for the Montevue / Citizens BOCC sponsored public hearing to begin. There was plenty of electricity in the air and everyone knew that this was going to be an emotionally charged evening. When Blaine Young, Frederick Countys BOCC President entered the building, Mr. Salomon snapped to attention and gave Mr. Young a sieg heil salute.[1][2] Immediately upon completion of the salute, Mr. Salomon was thrown to the hard lobby floor and handcuffed by several Frederick County Sheriff Department deputies. After several comments were exchanged between Mr. Young and the deputies, Mr. Salomon was escorted out of the building and denied re-entry. Asserting his first amendment rights had been violated as well as undue and excessive force had been exercised by the deputies during his restraint, Mr. Salomon filed a complaint with the Frederick County Sheriffs Office. Allegations in the complaint, related issues, relevant statements and circumstances were assigned to the Sheriffs Department Internal Affairs division for review and investigation. That investigation is ongoing, as of this date, with an expected completion within the next several weeks. The Internal Affairs investigation may have been completed sooner, with all relevant documents made available to the public, albeit for a second incident involving these two men. The term, second incident, is the precise language used by the Sheriffs Office to describe and as part of their reason for extending the Internal Affairs investigation and denying a request on September 4th for a copy of the initial incident report. According to sources and Mr. Salomon himself, the second incident began on August 22nd, when Mr. Salomon received a late night (11:00 pm) telephone call which awakened him from sleep. He did not answer the telephone while it was ringing, but did perform a reverse lookup the next morning to identify the unknown number. To his surprise, the telephone number was listed to Karen Young. In his mind, and given that its election season in Frederick City, Mr. Salomon assumed that the call originated from the Mayoral candidate, but queried himself as to why a candidate would be calling his home so late at night. Later the same day, August 23rd, Mr. Salomon received a telephone call to his cell phone from a woman who identified herself as Christina. Christina asked, Is Blaine there? Mr. Salomon said, No and hung up. He took the same steps as before and determined that the telephone call originated from Blaine Youngs cell phone. For Mr. Salomon, this was beginning to get a bit weird. Who is Christina and what is she doing with Mr. Youngs cell phone? Then he connected the dots and realized the telephone call from Karen Young was actually Blaine Youngs home number (listed under his wifes name), not the telephone number of Karen Young the candidate. NOTE : The time / date and origination / destination regarding these phone calls is easily verifiable using phone records to establish sequence and timeline information. According to Mr. Salomon, he stewed over these mysterious telephone calls trying to figure out why Blaine Young was contacting him given that a Sheriffs Department investigation was ongoing regarding the events of June 25th.

After one week, and on August 31st, Mr. Salomon called Mr. Youngs home telephone number at approximately 6:00 pm. When Mr. Young got on the line, Mr. Salomon said to him, Please leave me and my family alone. By Mr. Salomons account, the conversation became more heated, with Blaine Young using verbal bullying tactics similar to those used against Frank Mitchell on his radio show just get louder and more belligerent. At one point in the dueling match, Mr. Young said, Ok, tough guy, tell me where you live and Ill meet you. Thats when Mr. Salomon ended the telephone call. Within an hour, at approximately 7:05 pm the same evening, Mr. Salomon received a telephone call from Frederick County Bureau of Investigation (FCBI) Detective Chris Smith (301.600.1872). Mr. Salomon deduced that this phone interview with the Detective was a result of the prior phone call Mr. Salomon had made to Blaine Young. In the Detectives words, Mr. Salomon was advised to cease and desist his combative interactions with Mr. Young or one of them was going to be arrested. According to the Detective, he didnt care which, but one of the two men would be picked up. Why did Detective Smith call Mr. Salomon without a formal complaint filing from Mr. Young? Conspiracy, or just unbridled and unfettered corruption? Knowing that an investigation is already underway, what on earth would motivate Mr. Young to engage Mr. Salomon in this manner? Are Mr. Youngs tentacles so entrenched into Frederick County organizations that he has an insider available at his beckon call? Was Mr. Young being briefed on the direction of the Internal Affairs investigation and decided that he wanted to shake things up and influence the outcome by manipulating Mr. Salomon into a confrontation so that Mr. Salomon would be viewed as a loose cannon or a crack-pot? Lets not forget that Blaine Young has insiders and night crawlers in many places, but the final count is unknown to all but Mr. Young. By his own admission, Blaine Young used an insider at the county courthouse to access confidential records belonging to Jan Gardner, a potential political rival in the 2014 Frederick County Charter Government Executive race. This fact has been made public and has not been disputed. Following the June 25th incident at Frederick Community College, Mr. Salomon was notified that there were one or more attempts to access his workplace personal / personnel information by someone other than himself. Was this just a simple coincidence or do Blaine Youngs insiders also work at Fredericks Fort Detrick? Summary : There is much to consider and to be investigated regarding the above information, along with consideration and investigation of additional alleged corruption and illegal activities by Blaine Young:[3][4][5] Attempted bribery of an elected official by an elected public official : Blaine Young offering to up the ante and pay $300,000 to the Maryland Board of Public Works (Governor, Comptroller, Treasurer) for them to approve the sale of Montevue / Citizens before the close of that days meeting. This item is inclusive of additional privatization schemes referred to as a ruse by Mr. Young. Conspiring to execute a fraudulent political campaign for the purposes of personal benefit and questionable, if not illegal, political practices. Stacking the County Planning Commission : Organizational adjustments in order to fast track several individuals onto the Planning Commission, for the purposes of improving the visibility and candidacies of these individuals going into the 2014 Frederick County Charter Government County Council races. Stacking the County Ethics Commission : Organizational adjustments in order to ensure more favorable reviews and opinions regarding actions taken by the current Board of County Commissioners.

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