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From Lauras class

Last Wednesday our class went to Kudarntiga for the Confirmation Retreat. We went with all the other students making their Confirmation and some teachers. We listened to the old people and elders tell us stories. One was about the old man who had a dream vision about Mother Mary. We did a painting about this story. We walked to the Mother Mary statue. Angela, the old lady, told us how to get the Holy sand. We collected some to take home. We have all been working very hard to learn about Confirmation. We are looking forward to making our Confirmation on Saturday.
By Aloysius, Denys, Scott, Bernadette, Jodie, Deborah, Anne, Carmelita and Theona

Luke 14:1,714



Jesus said, When you give a party, do not ask your friends and rich neighbours, because they will repay you by inviting you in return. No, when you have a party, invite the poor, the crippled and the blind, for they cannot pay you back. Your reward then will be made in heaven.
Date: 4th September 2013 Term: 3 Week: 7

From Saaras class

Every day we do stuff like news and read text about Vincent Lingiari and Whitlam. One day we do music after maths and we listen to the teacher that she will tell us what we are going to do. We do big numbers like 328 000 and after we finish that we have free time. On Thursdays we go swimming and its cool and its very nice. Kubuyen Kinthari First we watch the news and I like it. On Wednesdays we go to the library and reading book. Heather Mullumbuk Every day we watch the news in the morning. After the news we read about Vincent Lingiari. Maths is easy for me, its got plus, take away, times and brackets. Beatrice Bunduck In the morning we usually start the day by watching the news. We then read the book called From Little Things Big Things Grow. In the story there is a black person and a white person. The book is about Vincent Lingiari and Whitlam. In maths we do music, we do some work and then we have some free time. We do work on big numbers. Then we have swimming. Sometimes we go out bush. Philip Crocombe

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr Catholic College

Upcoming Events
Wednesday, 4th September: Year 4 prayer Friday: 9th September: Preschool closed Friday, 13th September: Girls soccer competition Tuesday, 17th September: Year 5 Mass Wednesday, 18th September: Year 6 Mass Thursday, 19th September: Clean Up Wadeye Day (Scabies Day) Friday, 20th September: Boys Football Competition Grand Final Tuesday, 24th September: Secondary Mass Thursday, 26th September: End of Term 3

Principals Reflection
John says
It was great to see so many young people Confirmed on Saturday evening. Well done to Marip, Marcellino, Barbara, Angelica and Catherine. The staff reported that the Year 5 and Year 6 students had a very good time in Canberra and were very well behaved. On Friday we had a wonderful lunch to farewell and thank Alanga and Tobias for their great service to the school. Preschool will be closed this Friday, 6th September

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Sunday Palumpa: 9:30am Wadeye: 6:00pm Tuesday 6:00pm Wednesday and Thursday 7:00pm

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