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Online Order Entry 1.

Single Supplier Order Entry Reference Guide

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PriorityPlus by Geiger

Table of Contents
Introduction Using the Reference Guide PriorityPlus Support Contact Information Starting Your Order (NEW) Entering Your Customer Information (NEW) Working with Multiple Ship to Locations ( NEW) Entering Your Product Information Specifications Art Selections Line Item View Working with Proofs Additional Charges Saving an Order Payment Screen Instructions to Total Care Use a Credit Card Review & Submit your Order Geiger Quote form Return to Review Cancel Order Low Margin Notification Tabs on Screen Submit an Order Email Notification Print Summary Duplicate a Previous Order Rolled Windows Unexpected Errors/ Screen Shot View Multiple Vendor Orders 3 3 3 4-6 6 8 9 10 11-12 12,13 13,14 14,15 15 16 17 17 18 19 20 20 20 21 21,22 22 22,23 24 -26 27-28 28,29 nd See 2 Manual 30,31 32,33


(Frequently Asked Questions)

PriorityPlus (P+) Tips

Contact information For questions about using PriorityPlus call (888)544-2800 or email Compatibility

- Windows, Mac

PriorityPlus by Geiger

What is PriorityPlus?
PriorityPlus is a Online Order Entry System, brought to you by Geiger. The system allows a user to enter an order directly online and submit the complete order into our database for verification. There are many opportunities for each user working with PriorityPlus. Creating a quote for the customer that is easily submitted from quote status to completed order. Working on a Multiple Vendor order? No problem. PriorityPlus has a matrix to support a variety of wearable sizes and styles. Working on an order and have to leave for an appointment? No problem our system saves as you move through each screen. And PriorityPlus supports the duplication of a previous order from our Access1 database. This system is designed to take the place of the paper order form template. We promise faster order processing 60 Minutes or Less because the system is more efficient and there is no re-typing or changing of your instructions. You have the opportunity to be completely paperless! You can print a Summary to a file within your hard drive and/or a customer quote to submit via email.

Using the Reference Guide As you move through the reference guide you will have screen shot examples of how PriorityPlus will display information to you. New Customer? New Production Partner? New Products No problem! All of your submitted orders will be verified and credit checked as usual. A Submitted order is one that you have completed through PriorityPlus and Total Care will Verify the order, Approve and release the Purchase Order to the Production Partner.

The toll free number for PriorityPlus is (888)544-2800 or email


PriorityPlus by Geiger

Starting your order

Enter into PriorityPlus using your Access1 account. The PriorityPlus link is located in two places, directly under the Welcome Menu or in the center of the screen.

Customer Lookup
Start with the customer name, customer account number or contact name to begin your order. As you type a few characters of the customer name or account number information into the Customer field, auto-fill features are activated. *if your customer is new see below for additional instructions.

As you begin typing NIHON the system begins calling back to the database to bring forward the information


PriorityPlus by Geiger

Click on one to select

To narrow down your search (due to many contacts at the same Company) you can use the client contact name.

Click on one to select


PriorityPlus by Geiger

To add a new customer, type in the beginning words/letters of the customer name. Then select create new customer. Complete the customer name, the customer number will be assigned automatically. Select your CAG (Category Account Group), add the contact name, sold to address including street number and name, suite, building number and/or floor designation, city, state, zip code and country. The contacts telephone is required, fax & email are optional. Select OK and then continue.

Click on Create customer to begin

Select the CAG

(Category Account Group)

Click OK

Then click OK, then NEXT to proceed to Customer screen.


PriorityPlus by Geiger

Customer Screen
A Sales Order, your name & ID number is displayed for your reference. If your Shipping address and/or Billing addresses choose the CHANGE button. You will have the chance to search for an existing contact address or select New. The contacts telephone number is required. We will save this address within the customer account for future use unless this is an Event location marked for one time use. Select OK.

Customer Screen ~ Address Information

Add attachments with Multi-location information

Choose Change for any addresses if applicable

Search for existing Customer contact


PriorityPlus by Geiger

Changing an address in the shipping field will flag the order during verification to update the system with the adjusted information. If Billy Smith is the contact for normal shipping and you choose to change this address to ship to Norma Jean, our verification department will add the contact information to the account please use the NEW button if Norma Jeans address is needed in the future.

Working with Multiple Ship to locations use See Below & add an Attachment
When you choose See Below, the fields will auto populate with See Below in the necessary fields. You MUST have a valid city, state, and zip. You can then attach your drop ship list below.

One Time use will not update to the Customer Account. It will be used on this current order only.

Add an attachment for More than one final ship to location

Hint: as you move through each screen the order is Auto saved. You have the opportunity to move away from this order and work with another. *If you experience any connection challenges, use your internet browser refresh to reload the webpage.

Once you are finished with address selection click Next to move to the Product Screen.


PriorityPlus by Geiger

Products Screen *Single Vendor Order

Using smart search technology our system will begin searching as soon as you start typing.
Start with the first 3 or 4 characters of the Suppliers name or ASI number, if you are using a brand new supplier dont worry, type NEW in the Find a Supplier field and the name of the supplier in the Supplier Name field, verifiers will ensure that the supplier is confirmed in the database for future orders. The smart search/auto fill will display options for selection. You MUST click on a selection displayed. In the Find a Product field begin with the first 3 or 4 characters of the product number or product name. Again, just continue typing the information for a NEW product and the verifiers will ensure that the product is confirmed in the database for future orders. If the product is currently in the database the auto fill will display options for selection. You MUST click on a selection displayed. Click Add to Order. Use ASI# or Name of Supplier to display search. Click on desired displayed product.

Click Add to Order

When you click Add to Order a window opens to continue adding details for the line item.

Add Order Item Window Fill in fields

Add Quantity Add Net & Sale Pricing (0.00 is acceptable) Blank Goods is only selected when an alternate company is providing decoration Other is for neither BLANK nor DECORATED



PriorityPlus by Geiger

Use down arrows to expand choices for ship via/method Requested Ship date use calendar to select (mandatory) In Hands date (Optional) 3rd Party Shipping Account

Shipping Instructions use for specific notes to the supplier *these notes are viewable to the Specifications customer. Before you complete the Shipping Instructions, clicking the Add button for Specifications will provide another window view. Fill in the Product Color, Imprint Color and Imprint Instructions, Quote date, supplier Contact name, Quote number and Factory Order Notes (instructions that only the supplier will see)

Art Selection: Text Attach Art Art on File Art to Follow Details on Page 11 & 12


Factory Order Notes - Use this section for ALL supplier information. These notes will NOT show to the customer


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Art Selection
When you are working with a decorated product, you will need to select a method of how the Production Partner will receive the artwork, logo or text copy information. You will have 4 options: Text/Copy, Attach Art, Art on File or Art to Follow. You can select 1 or 4 but you must select at least one method. Text Selected check box displays a Copy field that requires information. Only type what the Copy should be, this section allows Upper & Lower case.

Add Remove

Attach Art Use this check box Select the plus symbol to display your hard drive files and select the file(s) to attach

Attachments with extensions of .exe not acceptable. The attachment limit size is 250MB and all attachments are submitted to your CRS upon approval of your order, not directly to the production partner.

Click the down arrow to view your hard drive Find your file, click to highlight and click OK to select.


PriorityPlus by Geiger
Art Selection Continued

Art on File Use this check box for previous art This field requires a Previous Date & PO# Add your Region code: E,W,S or N

Art to Follow Use this check box for notification that art will follow at a later time Tip: All attached files are submitted to your Customer Relations Specialist for submission to the Production Partner. Any files that you wish to send on your own would require you to choose Art to Follow. You have finished with Specifications. Click OK, then click ADD and you now have your first line item.

Product Screen Line Item View

Tip: The ASI# and Supplier Name will stay filled in for your next line item.

Track your Margin and Estimated Commission here

Product line showing is the first line item on the new order. Click on the Modify button and it will display 4 choices to work with that line. Edit, Duplicate, Request a Proof or Delete. (see next page)


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Selecting Edit will open the selected line item up for additions or changes, click Update to confirm. Selecting Duplicate will copy that line item exactly for example, if you are ordering 150 Grabber Clips that will have 2 separate colors, imprint instructions or completely different logos. Using the Duplicate button will allow less typing. Line 1 would hold 150 Grabber Clips, Blue with White imprint on one side with the New House Logo. After you complete the details, click Duplicate. Line 2 will show exactly the same as Line 1 150 Grabber Clips, simply click Edit and update the Specifications with the next set of instructions; Orange with Black imprint, with the Old House Logo, attach the corresponding logos. Then click Update. You now have two line items for 150 with specific instructions for each one. Product Screen Line Item View

Line 1 Line 2
Select Request a Proof displays a roll down window to enter information for the desired proof. Request a Proof Email/Paper or Product Sample Select a bubble for desired proof Add Net and/or Sell (0.00 is acceptable) Check mark box for Virtual, if desired Select delivery method for Proof, If Email, provide the email address(es), If Fax, provide the fax number List the desired date for proof *Ship date is a required field

4/2/2013 Instructions for the Production Partner. TIP: ask for a Blind Proof!

PriorityPlus by Geiger


PROOF NOTE: Changing the proof selection from Paper/Email Proof to Product Sample will open additional options with a Ship Address Screen New/Modify buttons to alter the receiving persons address. Then click OK. Using the Delete button will remove your line item completely from the order.

Additional Charges Setup, Running Charge, 2nd colorETC

Additional charges will be added as a separate line item. As shown in the earlier example, you added the 1st line item for Grabber Clips, now you will create a line item for the Setup Charge. Using the Supplier name/number (pre-filled on Products page) and the Product name/number: Setup Charge then CLICK Add to Order. Add the next product and select from the option displayed, then click Add to Order

List the quantity, pricing and ship date & method these fields are necessary for our database to produce a Purchase Order. Select Specifications if you have item details for the additional charge, place this in the Factory Notes.


PriorityPlus by Geiger


When working with additional charges change the default bubble to OTHER see below

The shipping method and date are REQUIRED by our database, will auto fill (update info on repeat orders)

Click Add.

The Saving Order screen will be displayed.

You have finished adding your line items. Click Next to move to Payment Screen.


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Payment Screen
Customer and Product screens have rolled up and they are listed above the Sales Order number. There are Edit buttons on these lines, use them if information has changed before you submit the order. They will be locked upon order submission. On this screen, choose the method of payment. Instructions to Total Care will be reviewed by the verifier when you have submitted your order.

Add a Customer PO Number (field is character limited) Rolled up screens

Choosing to charge a credit card

Check mark the box to use a credit card Use the arrow for a drop down menu Add the credit card number no spaces Exp. Date MM/YYYY Name of contact on credit card Zip code for billing address


PriorityPlus by Geiger Instructions to Total Care


Note: Instructions to Total Care are hidden notes within our system they DO NOT print on our Production Partner Orders or on the Sales Order Confirmation. Please include as much information to assist you with special billing or processing needs.

Examples of Special Billing or Processing Needs:

o o o o Split this order between Sales ID# 8UH and DE3 50/50 shared account Low Margin approval per Sales Manager Leeds Sure Ship Order Fax/Email accordingly Invoice to Gas South for 50% of total due and invoice balance to Gas North.

Once completed information has been added on the Payment Screen, select Next to proceed to the Review & Submit screen.


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Review & Submit Screen

Review your keystrokes on this page. All entries selected during the last 3 screens will display here for review. To make changes, select the Edit button next to the rolled up screen.

Review Products Colors, sizes, quantities and instructions Estimated commission and total sale price Attachments

Review all sections for accuracy and select from two options Print Quote or Submit Order

Attach additional documents at this time. Excel shipping instructions, Word documents with hand drawn layout instructions, JPEGs for image awareness.., etc.


PriorityPlus by Geiger Print a Quote - Customer


Selecting Print Quote will prompt an additional window to open displaying the Geiger Quote. This Quote is a PDF file that is easily saved in your My Documents file folder. The quote is based off the products and pricing that you just input into PriorityPlus. If you wish to alter the quote, simply close the new window that opened, and use the edit button on the rolled up screen accordingly. *As shown on page 18

Customer Quote Form


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Return to Review
When you are on the Review & Submit screen you have the edit buttons on the Customer, Products and Payment screens. If you do choose to Edit a section of the order, click Return to Review screen to get back to the Submit page.

Selecting the Cancel Button

If you have to cancel the order at anytime during processing, select the Cancel button, located at the bottom right corner of each screen. It will prompt you to confirm your request to cancel the order. Canceling the order during the order entry in PriorityPlus will prevent the order from transmitting to our database so there is no reason to notify us.

Cancel Button

Low Margin Warning

If the order falls below the Geiger 35% margin requirement the system will calculate the estimated commission. *Note if you have special arrangements, list them in the Instructions to Total Care field located on the Payment screen.

Low Margin Warning


PriorityPlus by Geiger


While your order is waiting for quote approval from the customer, it is pending submission. You have the Tab at the top of the webpage and you will have the opportunity to create a New Order.

The Tabs will stay at the top of your PriorityPlus home page for you to create multiple orders. When you are ready to work with an order in a tab, simply click on the tab and the order history will load for you to continue working. *NOTE: You might have to select Next to move from the Customer screen into the Product Screen to pickup where you left off. Once you have quote confirmation/approval from the customer choose the tab for the customer you wish to work with and select Continue until you arrive to the Review & Submit screen and then select the Submit button.


PriorityPlus by Geiger Order Submitted


Order submitted confirmation page. Print a Summary paper copy or save the PDF to your My Documents file folder. You can select New Order, blank or same customer to immediately begin entering the next order.

Print Summary or Start a New blank order or for the Same Customer

Once you submit your order an email is sent to you with your Sales Order Number.

This order is pending verification by Total Care.

There is a Summary/Confirmation of your order attached to this email. Where are my art or layout attachments? All attachments that you added during order entry are now pending submission to the appropriate Production Partners by your CRS (Customer Relations Specialist). Once your order is verified and approved through Total Care, your CRS will send the attachments via email.


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Print Summary/Confirmation
Now that your order has been submitted it is no longer editable. You may choose Print Summary to save a copy for yourself. This is a PDF file. Contact your CRS to add or update the customers order.
For Your Records


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Duplicating an Order from Access1

Repeat or Duplicate orders will occur starting from Access1. Use search options on Main Menu of Access1. Once you have searched and located the sales order number for the repeat order, open the order by clicking the Sales Order number. The view displayed is the previous order. On the red bar shown is Duplicate select this to proceed.

As soon as you click Duplicate a new Browser window will open as shown below

As this page loads, PriorityPlus will launch the order in a New Order Tab. Review all the information for accuracy.

Use Edit to update contact information as needed & Remove OLD Customer PO Update ship to address as needed.


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Duplicating an Order from Access1 Continued

Your duplicated order will display all Customer contact information and all Product Item numbers as previously ordered. When you are maneuvering through each of the sections, ensure that all of your Specifications are added/updated, they may not transfer over from the previous order.

Important! You will need to update ALL dates for ALL Duplicated orders & ensure that you
check ALL the screens just like processing a New Order.

After you have used PrioirtyPlus to create orders and then you choose to Duplicate them, ALL the Specifications will transfer into the New Order.

Choose Modify and then Edit.

Use Modify button on the Line item, then choose Edit to find Specifications for your Duplicated line items. Select Edit, Duplicate, Request a Proof or Delete buttons using the Modify button as needed. As you add/remove information to the Duplicated order you will have less key strokes and the ability to process a repeat order faster than recreating the order from scratch. Be aware of updating the dates and methods of transportation. When you update each of the line items, you will see that your previous PO# will automatically populate with the previous date of the order. Please add the Region letter (N, W, S, F). You DO NOT have to fill in the colors and imprint instructions unless you want too or they have changed. Remove ALL proof lines from a duplicated order & add a new proof by using the Modify button, select Request a Proof if needed. Select Next to move to the Review & Submit screen. You may add new items to the order starting at Find a Supplier and complete as you would a New Order. 4/2/2013

PriorityPlus by Geiger


Duplicate Order Review & Submit screen

Your previous PO# and Date of that order have populated for you.


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Screen Shots of Menus within PriorityPlus Edit a Customer New Customer

Change/One Time or See Below Address

Edit Order Item


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Screen Shots of Menus within PriorityPlus..continued Working with Multiple Ship to locations

The best way to indicate the order is being dropped shipped to more than one location is to click on See Below and add an attachment. A valid city, state, and zip will and must stay populated.

Request a Proof


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Using the Calendar

Cancel Order, are you sure?

Unexpected Error

Although we dont anticipate you having trouble with PriorityPlus, you may see an Unexpected Error message. If you do, click OK and try to proceed. You may also try to refresh/reload the webpage. If the error continues to occur, Contact the PriorityPlus Support Team (888.544.2800) for additional assistance.


PriorityPlus by Geiger


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome? Yes! How about using Safari thru a MAC? Yes! How do I sign into PriorityPlus? You will enter PriorityPlus through the Access1 link log into, then select the link for Access1 enter your user name & password. Once you arrive at the home screen you will see the link for PriorityPlus select this link and you will be shown a new window launching PriorityPlus I lost my Access1 password, who do I call for this information? The toll free number for PriorityPlus Support is (888)544-2800 or email What is the Verification Department? Our Verification Department will review your orders as they are submitted for special handling, Total Care Instructions, Low Margin, New Customer setup and accuracy on the order. Your CRS is notified immediately if there is a question on your order. What is a CRS? A CRS, Customer Relations Specialist, was formally known as SSS. Why do I have tabs on my screen? The tabs represent orders that you created but have not yet submitted for verifying. These are saved orders. If you have already submitted the order and you have the sales order and it still shows, you can clear it out by opening the Tab and choosing cancel. Why do I have so many choices for one customer? If there are multiple account numbers corresponding to the same customer, choose any of them. If you see the same customer with the same customer name, these are just duplicate set-ups. We are working on simplifying the customer database. What is a CAG? Customer Account Group. Your CAG indicates to Geiger the division and region for which your sales are booked; this is a finance function. Why did I get an Unexpected Error? If you receive an unexpected error, choose okay, if it allows you to continue with your order, check the review and submit screen carefully to be sure all of the information you inputted was saved. If you receive the error and it does not let you continue with the order call 888.544.2800 for assistance. Specifications are not showing an Art Method selection, why? Ensure that you have selected the Decorated goods bubble on the Add Order Item page before selecting the Specifications Button. Why are my notes moved around? There are TWO reasons your notes are moved around, they are listed in the wrong location and we are trying to prevent the customer from seeing your supplier details or the supplier wont see your details because you listed them in the Total Care Instructions field. Why do I have to choose Request a Proof? Geiger can properly add the order to a proof follow-up list to ensure the order is produced according to the time line necessary. Why cant I just type that in the Factory Notes? Plus our suppliers will expect the request of a proof to be listed as a line item. Can I choose multiple shipping addresses? No, you can only choose one ship to address; see below for how to indicate a drop ship for multiple ship addresses.


PriorityPlus by Geiger


How do I indicate a drop ship? The best way to indicate the order is being dropped shipped to two or more locations is to click on MODIFY in the shipping address selection screen. On the first address line where the street number and street name would typically appear type Drop Shipments, See Below or To Follow. You will need to include a valid city, state, and zip. You can then use the attachment feature to add your drop ship list from the Review and Submit screen. How do I add additional charges, like a Set-Up or Hot Stamp Charge? You will add these additional charges on the Product Screen using the Find a Product field, enter the first few characters of the charge name and select it from the displayed list. Then click Add to Order, fill in the quantity, pricing ensure that your ship method & date are displayed and select OK to secure this new line item to the order. Why do I have to have a Ship Method and Ship Date on every line item? Our database program requires those fields to have information for processing. The information should match unless the items will ship on different days using different methods. Whose 3rd Party Account Number should I use? Geiger has provided our UPS Account number with most of our suppliers. If you leave the field blank, we will print on the Purchase Order a tagline that asks the supplier to use our Geiger UPS Account number. If the customer requires their Shipping Account number to be used then fill in the account number only on each line item on the order. Do not list any words or sentences in this field. Why does the 3rd Party Account number have to appear on each line? Our database program requires those fields on each line item to have information for processing. If the information is missing, the verification department must add this manually and it may delay the processing time. How do I save the order if I am not ready to submit? PriorityPlus auto-saves each time you click on Next to move through the screens. You can leave an order by closing the window using the X in the upper right hand corner or you can click on the New Order tab and start another order. Your saved orders will appear as tabs at the top of the screen. How do I enter a new production partner? If the ASI number nor supplier name appears in the drop down list, type NEW in supplier number then type the name of the supplier in Supplier Name box. Once I submit an order, can I go back in and make a change? Once the order is submitted changes need to be communicated through your CRS. My order is low margin and my sales manager approved a special split; how do I indicate that? Enter the special split arrangements and the name of your sales manager in the Instructions to Total Care text field on the Payments screen.


PriorityPlus by Geiger


Using multiple vendors to process orders will take focus and attention to detail. Enter one line item at a time, use the duplicate line button when applicable and always list the Ship to Decorator if the goods will have a logo or text copy on them. (pages 29-45) Be consistent with your Ship Method selection and Ship Date information. If you are working with Multiple Vendors they will be shipping on different days and possibly different methods. Use See Below in Shipping address (line 1) if you have more than one location for shipment or if you dont have the information yet. (page 27) When you are ordering blank goods, be sure that the bubble marked is BLANK GOODS, not Decorated Goods. The order will not process correctly until all details are sorted out, causing your order to be on hold. When you are ordering blank goods, (SanMar, Alpha, Cutter & Buck) those suppliers DO NOT need to know about the Imprint color or Imprint Instructions. Save those details for the Decorator, (Screen Art, N.E. Colors, Embroidery Masters..) this will save time in the Verification Department. Does the field turn RED when you enter in a large number? This happens as a precaution, if your intent is to sell 1,000 pieces and you accidentally typed an extra zero, then you are ordering 10,000! Please note that you can proceed without any additional steps. NOTES! Please list all the factory information in the Factory Instructions. This should include everything that you DO NOT want the customer to see, pricing specials, flyer references, blind shipments, Sales Service contact information and additional order handling instructions. Shipping Instructions, be cautious here these notes currently print on the Client Order Confirmationuse this section for Ship method clarification, 3 rd party shipper number handling instructionsdo not reference anything that you DO NOT want the customer to see . Total Care Instructions, this note field should NOT include pricing, quotes or credit card information it should include instructions to the Geiger corporate office, invoice handling, updated client contact information, special split for low margin and special factory faxing or email instructions for the purchase orders. Duplicating an order from Access1 requires a little clean up! When you choose duplicate from Access1, your order will populate in PriorityPlus for you to verify items and charges. Because this is a duplicated order, your previous PO will be referenced for the supplier. It is your choice to list additional product colors or imprint information. You will want to be sure that the decorated goods bubble is selected. You want to delete the existing Proof line from the order screen & click Request a Proof if needed. Choose new ship dates and ship methods as needed. Did you know? That you can Cut, Copy & Paste into and out of PriorityPlus? If you have an email or word document you can use your keyboard shortcut keys to accomplish this task. Use the Ctlr (Control) button on your keyboard at the same time as x for cut, c for copy or v for 4/2/2013

PriorityPlus by Geiger 33 paste. For example: Ctlr c will copy the text from one area and Ctlr v will paste it in the area desired.

Using the Request a Proof button when entering orders into PriorityPlus is required for every order that has a Paper Proof, Product Proof, Virtual or Email Proof. This includes a Duplicated/Repeat order from Access1. Dont forget to select your Shipping Method using the drop down menu use caution when selecting expedited methods, example: Fed Ex Priority PR means you want a shipment to go to Puerto Rico use Fed Ex Priority for Priority shipments. Duplicating an order from Norwood factories ( except Triumph Line) should reflect ASI# 74400. You may need to add the new line item using 74400 and the product number and then delete the old line. Adding a Customer 3rd Party Shipping number doesnt auto fill to the next line item unless you Duplicate the line item ~ adding the Customer 3 rd Party Shipper to each line item is required. When you have 2 or more vendors on an order, it is a Multi-Vendor order. Listing Instructions, Factory notes or Color information is required for each Vendor independently. The orders will have separate PO#s and will be produced at separate factories therefore they need their own instructions. When you use PriorityPlus your orders are processed in 60 minutes or less. However, if your information listed isnt placed in the correct fields in the system, our verifying team will have to re-type those instructions. It is our goal not to re-type any of your information. If you place Factory Notes in the Factory Notes section all information will print on the PO with no issue ~ If you place all your Factory Notes in Total Care Instructions this is a slow down spot to re type the information.