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EXT: LEXCORP SECURITY GATE Two black SUVs pull up. Security guard walks up to the driver window.

Driver holds up clearance pass. Security Guard: Go ahead. EXT: LEXCORP MAIN BUILDING (CONTINUOUS) The SUVs pull up to the entrance. Agent Faraday along with eight agents exit the SUVs entering the building. INT: LEXCORP LOBBY (CONTINUOUS) The unit splits into two teams. Faraday: Team 2 south elevator to floor 12. Team one on me. INT: SECURE ROOM AT LEXCORP (CONTINUOUS) Lex Luthor and Slade Wilson view a holographic version of the Orion Star. Wilson: Thirty years under the ocean. Its amazing how the structure is perfectly intact. Luthor: Kryptonian technology is far more advanced than what we can fathom. Its truly a marvel. The thought to be secured door slides open as Faraday and his team enters with firearms aimed. Luthor: I see you tactfulness is a quality S.H.A.D.E does not adhere to. Faraday: And I see secrets are LexCorps specialty. Luthor: Secrets are necessary Mr. Faraday. They make the world a safer place. Faraday: Not from my point of view. You can give up now Lex your little secrets are out. We know you and Wilson are responsible for the Cell Six attacks and the power plant. It goes without saying, with that hologram, you plan to use the Orion Star. Luthor shaking his head with disgust: "You underground government organizations really don't get it."

Faraday: "Secrets out Lex. Cell Six, nuclear plant, Deathstroke, Metallo it's all in the open. Make this easy for all of us and step down." Luthor: "Did that work for Cobblepot? Come through his door barrels pointed with a speech you rehearsed in the mirror? Expecting everyone to play by your new rules?" Faraday: "This is your only opportunity Luthor. Come now or we bring it all down on you." Luthor smirks: "On me?" Lex stands from behind his desk adjusting his tie. He walks to the front of his desk propping on its front.

Luthor: "Back at our meeting in Washington I told a little white lie. I know exactly who and what you are. I know all about your charade in Gotham, but let me give you something to think about. This is nothing like Gotham, and whatever you think you know is only the tip of the ice. All that is about to happen is out of your pay grade. So I recommend you walk out of here, do some creative accounting, and dismantle S.H.A.D.E before it cost you something big." Faraday: "You're being quite Slade." Wilson: "You have no quarry with me." Faraday: "I think you need to see the homework we've done." A sharp dressed man walks into the room maneuvering around the armed agents. The man has swagger, confidence, and sense of style. Wilson catches a glimpse of the man's face. His face turns white.

Wilson: "Coval?" Coval: "I will say these are more inviting circumstances from our last meeting." Wilson: "I watched you die." Coval: "Kryptonite has a way of affecting mans mortality." Luthor: "Or shadowing ones true identity. Oliver Queen." Queen: Its good to be recognized. Luthor: Didnt think it would take this long for you to become involved. I imagined it would be from the Queen Industries side versus Green Arrow. Queen: Predictable men are dead men. Isnt that what they say Lex. Luthor: Indeed. Now that all cards are on the table is it time we see whos bluffing? Faraday: No one heres bluffing. Time to go. Luthor: Yes I believe you are right. Wilson slings ninja stars toward the three armed men killing them. Wilson leaps from his chair talking the armed Faraday to the ground. Queen takes a swing at Luthor but is blocked by Lexs forearm. Queen prepares a second strike. Luthor again grabs his arm, but this time electrocuting Queens body dropping him to the floor with painful convulsions. Luthor pulls back his sleeve revealing thin silver bracelet increasing its intensity. Luthor: You should no by now Oliver. I never go into a fight empty handed. That was only mild voltage. Lets see how you do with 500 volts. Luthor squats down to kill Queen and hears gun fire in the hall. Luthor stops. Wilson also seizes his assault on Faraday.

Wilson: Back up? Luthor: Time to go. Wilson: We can take them. Its time to end the threat. Luthor: In time. Leave these here. Right now its about sending a message. The second team of S.H.A.D.E agents, led by Cole and Eric, enter the room guns drawn. Looking around they find the three dead agents with Faraday and Queen beaten but alive on the ground. Cole: Get a med team in here! INT: CADMUS SATELLITE ROOM Technicians man a room built among the most advanced recon equipment made. The LexCorp logo can be found on nearly every machine. A technician begins to receive a tracking signal. Technician: Major Canfield Ive got something. Canfield looks over the technicians shoulder at the signal. Canfield: Where is he going? Technician studies the signal: The signal is headed West at three hundred knots. Canfield: Potential targets? Technician runs through several cross reference manifests. Technician: Major cities Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle. Currently no air traffic to intercept. Wait sir hes changing course now headed south. Sir hes coming here. Canfield: Here? How soon? Technician: Hes outside Major. Canfield: Ready a team and get Dr. Waller. EXT: CADMUS SITE-DAY

Superman touches down with an army of military personnel and gun torrents aimed at him. Superman smirks at the ceremony. A gang of nervous troops come forward to secure him. INT: TRANSPORT ELEVATOR (CONTINUOUS) Superman surrounded by a dozen armed men make their way underground. INT: VIEWING SUITE OF BARRICADE ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Dr. Amanda Weller enters to find Major Canfield with armed men looking out the viewing window as Supermans arms and legs are secured to a vertical table. Weller: Do you really think that is necessary Major? Canfield: Protocol Doctor. He voluntarily came to us. I dont believe he would go to this trouble just for a fight. Weller: Dangerous work trying to think as a Kryptonian. Canfield: I presume youve been briefed on all terms. Weller: I understand what my purpose is. May I proceed? Canfield turns toward one of his officers. Canfield: Show the Doctor to her patient. INT: BARRICADE ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Weller sits in a chair facing the bound Superman. Weller: My name is Doctor Amanda Weller Xenologist Director of S.T.A.R. Labs. I have been assigned on behalf of the President of the United States to express our terms. Superman: I want to talk to Lois Lane. Weller: So does everyone. Apparently you dont read the news. Miss Lane has been missing two days now. Superman: Missing?

Weller: Missing most likely kidnapped. People in her line of work develop enemies. The kind that want you dead and video tape it. Superman swallows hard fighting back emotions of fear and panic for the one he loves. Superman: Are there any leads? Weller: Commissioner Henderson and his force are working the case thoroughly. Now back to why Im here. What is the motive for your attacks? Superman regains his composure. Superman: It was a staged. The people behind this are trying to make me your enemy. I can assure you I am not your enemy. Weller: Then who is? Superman: Lex Luthor Weller laughs: Lex Luthor? What makes him the enemy? Superman: He is responsible for the Cell Six attacks and the nuclear explosion. He has also taken something from me and has no idea what hes dealing with. Weller: What has he taken? Superman: Its called the Orion Star. It is a transport device that will create a direct link with Krypton. Using it will put everyone on Earth in danger. Not even I know what will happen if he turns it on. Weller: So what would you have us do? Superman: Allow me to intervene. Weller: You want to walk out the front door? Superman: Yes Weller: Then why bother even coming here?

Superman: To be an example. To share my story that I am here to help the world. Not destroy it. Weller: Listen I know this cement cage might as well be razor thin card house for you. No matter what we would like to believe Kryptonite is the only defense we have against any hostility. The government is finished playing games. Superman: What do your people want of me? Weller: Exile, an infinite exodus from our planet. Superman: And blatantly ignore the threat Luthor posses to everyone? Weller: Lex Luthor is the single most influential man on Earth. No credible threats have ever been reported with his name attached, and if he does we have countermeasures in place. Whatever your intentions are or were are irrelevant. I have my orders. Its over Kal. EXT: HAGER CANYON-10 MILES OUTSIDE METROPOLIS-DAY Two large transport trucks drive off road over the aggressive surface of the canyon. They come to a stop on a ridge overlooking miles of rocky oblivion. Luthor and Slade Wilson exit the first truck. Two dozen workers including Dr. Michaels follow. Luthor: Unload the transport. The workers unlock the second trucks cargo hold revealing the Orions Star. Luthor: How long before we can be up and running? Dr. Michaels: Give me one hour. Luthor turns to Wilson. Luthor: Alert Corben. Wilson: Yes sir. INT: SHADE HEADQUARTERS INTEL ROOM

A technicians screen begins flashing. Technician: Agent Faraday I picking up a signature. A bruised up Faraday and Cole rush to the techs console. Technician: Frequency and wave patterns are faint but growing rapidly. Faraday: The Star? Technician: Id say so sir. Cole: Location? Technician: Latitude 44.71 North Longitude 78.02 West. Hager Canyon, ten miles southeast Metropolis. Faraday: Its Luthor. Have Eric prep Echo team and contact Oliver Queen. I want everybody in Bay Axel 7 in ten. Cole: On it. Faraday turns his attention back to the Technician. Faraday: Make sure these readings get to Cadmus. Technician: Yes sir. INT: SALTELLITE ROOM CADMUS (CONTINUOUS) A Cadmus Technician begins closely analyzing his view screen. Cadmus Technician: Major, Im getting an unusual energy surge outside Metropolis. Canfield runs over the console. Cadmus Technician: Its range is expanding into some sort of regenerating flux. Ive never seen anything like this before. Canfield: Can the system run a diagnostic for origin? Cadmus Technician: Already tried sir. No match. Canfield: What are you trying to say?

Cadmus Technician: What youre already thinking. Like our Superman, its not of this Earth. Canfield stands up from his flexed position. Canfield: Someone tell Dr. Weller to meet me in barricade room. INT: VIEWING SUITE BARRICADE ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Elevator door opens with a focused Canfield stepping off. Dr. Weller annoyed stands from her seat. Weller: Major I have responsibilities outside Cadmus, and its time you start taking care of your own business here. Canfield ignores her outburst going directly to a computer pulling up the energy signature. Canfield: Doctor, twelve minutes ago we picked up a growing energy anomaly outside Metropolis. In your report Superman spoke of an Orions Star transport device that Lex Luthor now owns. Weller: Theres no confirmation of any such device. Major you of all people should know better than to jump so easy to rumors. Canfield: The owner of the device is irrelevant but the owner of this energy signature is toying with a catastrophe. The source is regenerating and will become unstable in Canfield looks at his watch. Canfield: ---Forty one minutes. Wellers annoyed expression turns to that of fear and concern. Canfield: I know it goes against every protocol in the book, and I know your presidential orders. But hes our best and only hope. Weller and Canfield look toward the restrained Superman who is looking back.

EXT: HAGER CANYON-DAY The Orions Star is mounted upon a platform with Dr. Michaels and workers quickly building up the area. Five Blackhawk choppers appear over the canyons peak carrying Metallo armored battle tanks attached to their underneath. The tanks are lowered to the canyon surface and detached. The choppers land a hundred yards away where a Metallo weapons army has been constructed. Cargo doors, from a Blackhawk, slide open revealing John Corben and a fifteen man squad of Metallo soldiers in full gear. Escorted by the soldiers Lois Lane is taken up to Luthor. Luthor: This must be a milestone in your career Miss Lane. The first sanctioned gathering of a Metallo army and you have full media rights. Lois: Sanctioned by who? Luthor: Myself of course. Earth has no jurisdictive claim on Krypton therefore allowing myself to be an independent explorer and founder. Lois: To what do you expect to found? Luthor: Technological advancements beyond our incomprehensive minds. We will travel to that desolet world and take what is no longer possessed. Kryptonians allowed their world to consume itself in destruction. The potential and possibilities of their technology lost forever, but I will use their greatest weapon to reclaim it. Lois: Youve truly gone made Lex. No matter what power or army you possess theres no way of knowing if any of that will matter in another world. Luthor: For your sake Miss Lane it needs to matter. Luthor takes his gaze from Lois to one of the soldiers. Luthor: Take her to the platform. Lois is escorted away leaving Corben. Corben: Your armor is ready.

Luthor: Very well. Prepare your thoughts John. Our moment draws near. From the other four Blackhawks that have landed, dozens of Metallo soldiers file from the cargo doors. The Metallo army is assembling. INT: SHADE HEADQUARTERS-AXEL BAY 7 Agent Faraday, Eric, and Cole suited up in a futuristic SWAT combat gear with S.H.A.D.E printed on the chest stand at the center of a dozen other agents. The group stands between two stealth black choppers. Faraday: This is why S.H.A.D.E was created gentlemen. No Air Force, Marines, or Navy only us. Luthor has a Metallo army with unknown capabilities. Primary objective is to shutdown the Orions Star any means possible. An agent speaks up: What about Superman sir? Can we count on him for support? Faraday: No guarantee men. Queen: You can count on the Arrow. The men look on as Oliver Queen walks up as the Green Arrow. Green combat uniform, bow in hand, quiver full of arrows. His presence lifts the teams spirits. Faraday: Well take what we can get. Queen: Not running the show gentlemen, but its time to load up. The team begins piling into the two choppers. INT: CADMUS BARRICADE ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Dr. Weller and Major Canfield stand in front of the bound Superman. Canfield: How sure are you its Luthor causing the anomaly?

Superman: It could only be him. If he opens the portal and passes through to Krypton everyone will be in danger. Krypton will be at a point of high tension and defend itself potentially bringing a war here. Weller: And youre sure you can stop him? Superman: I will do whatever it takes. Weller: Ok Major, release him. Superman: That wont be necessary. Superman explodes from the restraints, through the miles of earth, souring into the sky. EXT: HAGER CANYON Lex walks into the cargo hold of a Blackhawk. INT: BLACKHAWK CARGO HOLD (CONTINUOUS) Lex steps into an open armor vault. Holding his arms out to his side and closing his eyes the vault comes alive assembling the powerful battle suite around Luthors body. Once assembled Luthor steps out of the vault. His suite stands three meters high, large reinforced limbs, gun mounts above each shoulder. Luthors head visible atop the dark green tented armor. Lex steps off the Blackhawk taking in the view of gun and missile torrents coming online. The workers and soldiers stop to take notice of the power Lex Luthor now wields. Deathstroke: Torrents and tanks online and prepped for deployment. Luthor: Is Lois Lane in place? Deathstroke: She is. Luthor: Maintain stand by status. Luthor walks over to Dr. Michaels. His suit crushing the rock beneath, shaking the earth. Luthor: It has been one hour Doctor.

Michaels: We are ready. Luthor: Turn on the machine. The Doctor manipulates a control panel and Orions Star begins to power up. The two S.H.A.D.E choppers suddenly rise from the canyon in front of the platform. INT: S.H.A.D.E CHOPPER ONE Faraday: Orions Star confirmed. Lay down cover fire. EXT: HAGER CANYON Gunman open fire on device and armed soldiers. Luthor: Activate the protective shield! Michaels manipulates the panel with a force field forming over the platform preventing gunfire to penetrate. Luthor: Man the torrents and open fire! Luthor opens fire on the choppers with his mounted shoulder guns. INT: S.H.A.D.E. CHOPPER ONE Pilot: We cant take much more of this. Were gonna have to drop and begin attack patterns. Faraday: Copy that. Lets make an entrance.

EXT: HAGER CANYON The two choppers fire off flash bangs and smoke bombs. SHADE teams repel from the choppers to the ground. Luthor recovers from the flash bang disorientation and fires a missile at the choppers taking down one. The SHADE agents open fire among the Metallo soldiers aiming for power generators. Bullets repeal off the Metallo armor momentarily slowing them down.

Faraday: Their armor is too strong for bullets. Switch to frags! The agents adjust their guns and begin shooting fragmentation grenades amongst the Metallo army with improved results. Deathstroke sprints through the explosions picking off agents with precision shooting. He leaps from large bolder into the SHADEs front line. Using two swords he wields his way through their defense with bloodshed. Several Metallo soldiers man gun torrents and aim them toward SHADE agents. As they prepare to fire the torrent arrows penetrate into the torrent. The soldier pulls the arrow from the torrent to find it beeping and then explodes. Green Arrow fires a second arrow at one of the Blackhawks blowing it to pieces. Faraday and Cole see Deathstroke coming toward them. They aim their barrels in his direction. Before Deathstroke gets in range Green Arrow tackles him to the ground. Arrow: You and me have unfinished business. Deathstroke gets back to his feet. Deathstroke: I watched you die once. This time I will make sure you die. With swords in hand he wields them toward his opponent who blocks them with is steel bow. The two combat trained warriors engage in a battle that a normal soldier could not survive. Arrow breaks Deathstrokes grip from his swords landing a blow to his head. As Green Arrow goes in for the finish he is blasted from his feet by a shot for Lex Luthor. Deathstroke gets back to his feet. Luthors arm extends a large blade. Luthor: Time to end this pointless battle. The second S.H.A.D.E. chopper opens fire among the tanks. John Corben, running, along a ridge leaps in the air landing on the chopper. Punching through the cockpit he jerks the two pilots out of the chopper. Out of control, the chopper crashes to the ground.

Corben lands on the ground and Faraday hits him with a frag that singes the back of his shirt. Corben turns toward Faraday and begins walking toward him. Faraday and the other agents begin backing up but are stopped by Luthor, Deathstroke, and the Metallo army. Luthor: You have will Faraday. No one can judge your passion for whatever cause you live by. But I think we can all agree its time to end this nonsense. Luthor along with the entire army aim their guns toward the small squad of agents. A thunderous roar is heard from the sky as Superman violently crashes to the earth. The shockwave of his landing blasts the men several feet backwards on their backs. From a small crater Superman stands from his crouch. Faraday wipes the dirt from his face. Faraday: Now were talking. Luthor: So the world has given you a second chance. Thats the weakness with this country. Opportunity given to the undeserving. Superman: Shutdown the machine Lex. You cant control it. Luthor: On the contrary Kal. Lets see how well your body controls the pain of Kryptonite. John Corben and Deathstroke emerge from the crowd. EXT: PLATFORM Dr. Michaels lowers the fore field turning on Orions Star. A protrusion of energy begins opening a portal. Metallo soldiers and tanks begin lining up for entrance. INT: SCIENCE COUNCIL ON KRYPTON Inside Jor-Els sanctuary, a Red Shard soldier comes into his presence. Red Shard: Sir there is something you need to see.

Jor-El follows the Red Shard out of his sanctuary onto the Science Councils balcony. In the front plaza an energy portal begins to form. Red Shard: The portal spontaneously formed moments ago. Any idea what we are dealing with? Jor-Els expression turns to one of hope. Jor-El: Kal EXT: HAGER CANYON Superman stairs down Corben and Deathstroke as they size up their opponent. Corben: Youve healed up well from our last encounter. Luthor would not let us kill you then, but things have changed. Superman: Im counting on it. Corben sprints toward Superman and prepares to land a punch. Superman catches Corbens fist bringing it down to his side. Corben head butts Superman knocking him back. He prepares to land punch to which is caught followed by kick to Corben knocking him back onto a bolder. Superman turns to Deathstroke who unloads a clip of Kryptonite bullets that fall harmlessly to the ground. Superman picks up one of the bullets from the ground crushing it to dust. Deathstroke: You have changed. Superman: Sure you want to do this? Deathstroke holsters his gun pulling his Kryptonite sword from his back holster. Deathstroke: Positive He sprints toward Superman swinging his sword violently, but is easily dodged. Superman catches the blade is his hands breaking it. Then lands a knockout punch to Deathstroke rendering him defenseless. EXT: PLATFORM

Luthor: Fire missiles into the portal. From the missile torrent five sidewinders are fired that breach into the portal. Luthor: That will be a productive warning shot. Looking back toward the lined up army Luthor proceeds into the portal. EXT: HAGER CANYON Corben tags Superman with laser shots from his eyes. He then attacks Superman from behind attempting to break his neck. Superman flips Corben over his back punching directly into his chest crushing the Metallo center piece. Superman looks up to see the final tank going through the portal. Superman: Luthor! Superman sees that Faraday and his men have control of the portal. He quickly flies over to them. EXT: PLATFORM Superman: How many went in? Faraday: All of them. According to the Doctor here Lois Lane is with them inside one of the tanks. Superman: He knows I wont attack with her in there. Faraday: Youve gotta consider the risk. If allowed Luthor could bring back anything. Michaels: The Orions Star energy cells were damaged and that portal has a limited use time. Once closed whatever is in or out will stay. Superman: How much time? Michaels: Fifteen minutes, maybe. Superman looks at Faraday intently. Superman: Keep the platform secure. Im going in.

Green Arrow grabs Supermans arm. Green Arrow: I can help you. Superman: Youve done enough. Stay here and make sure Corben and Deathstroke stay comfortable on the ground. Green Arrow nods in agreement: Next time. Superman takes flight through the portal and when he passes through is something only he can explain. EXT: KANDOR DAY For the first time Superman lays eyes on his home world. He stands in the street of Kandor. Capital of Krypton. He takes in the beautiful architecture of Science Council, the native people, the atmosphere on his skin. However quickly that blissful moment is taken by the echo of gunfire and explosions. Superman speeds toward their origin to find Red Shard and Black Zero soldiers fighting off Lex Luthor and his army at the Science Councils entrance.

EXT: SCIENCE COUNCIL ENTRANCE (CONTINUOUS) Luthor fires a missile among the Kryptonian soldiers blasting them from their post. Luthor: Direct all fire power toward the entrance. The tanks begin unloading on the Science Councils door. INT: SCIENCE COUNCIL SAFE ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Members of the council brace themselves with each blast. Kor-Te: Who is this enemy El? Jor-El: People of Earth. Kor-Te: Humans? How are they capable of getting here? Jor-El does not respond to question.

Kor-Te: The militia is traveling from the Baron Sector. I for one hope they are not too late. EXT: SCIENCE COUNCIL ENTRANCE Several more blast puncture through the massive entrance door. Luthor: The Oracle Chamber is in the west tower of the building. I want a team ready to go. As Luthor finishes that order Superman lands in front of him. Luthor: Couldnt miss the homecoming. So what do you think of the place? Superman lands a punch to Luthors chest sending him roaring into a building. Superman begins the assault on the nearby Metallo soldiers crushing through their armor beating them into submission. Superman then hears a female scream that he instantly recognizes. He locates its origin to find Lois in the grasp of Lex Luthor. Luthor: I can see youve overcome your weakness. No longer a physical slave to Kryptonite. Superman: Which means its over Lex. Your end game is over. Luthor: Oh no Kal. My game is far from over. Luthor tightens his grip around Lois causing her to grimace in more pain. Superman: This isnt her fight. Let her go and walk away. Luthor: Its not directly hers, but she made herself fair game befriending you. Superman: If you harm her. Luthor: What Kal? Slaughter me like you did your own kind? You want to be branded a hero, but are you able to make the necessary sacrifice?

INT: SCIENCE COUNCIL SAFE ROOM (CONTINUOUS) A Red Shard enters. Red Shard: The attack as stopped but there is something you need to see. EXT: SCIENCE COUNCIL BALCONY Jor-El looks out to see, for the first time, his own son. EXT: SCIENCE COUNCIL ENTRANCE Supermans eyes begin to water. His throat tightening. Superman: Just hold on Lois. Everything is going to be ok. Luthor: Do you really believe that Kal? That in all your strength you can save those you care for from dying? You may have overcome physical weakness but lets introduce heartbreak. Lois fear increases as she closes her tearful eyes. Superman: Dont! Luthor stabs Lois through the heart with his sword. Her body becomes limp falling to the ground. Superman: No! EXT: SCIENCE COUNCIL BALCONY Jor-El looks on at his sons agony. He turns to enter the Science Council. Kor-Te: Where are you going? Jor-El: The Oracle Chamber. EXT: SCIENCE COUNCIL ENTRANCE (CONTINUOUS) Loiss lifeless body falls limp as Lex tosses her to Supermans feet. Luthor wipes the blood from his sword. Superman drops to his knees caressing Loiss blank face. Luthor: Does it burn Kal? Is your soul disintegrating into nothing?

Supermans grief turns to anger. Luthor aims both shoulder guns at Superman while drawing blades from both wrist. Superman rises to his feet. Superman: I will not kill you, but I will make you long for death. Superman speeds toward Luthor repealing a plethora of on coming bullets. Luthor swings at Superman who doges the large blades. He readies another swing but Superman snaps the blades like tooth picks. Using boosters Lex propels to the sky. Superman follows and rips the repulsors from Lexs suit throwing him back toward the ground. The heavy suit crashes to Kryptons surface. Superman pulls the dazed Luthor back to his feet. Lex sprays torch flames, from his arms, at Superman. Able to endure the heat Superman turns the flames on Luthors bear head. Luthor screams in pain. Superman crushes the suites arms followed by ripping the entire suite from Luthors body. Stepping back Supermans rage tappers off. Lex groans in pain chard skin patches cover his face. Luthor turns to face Superman regaining his composure. He spits blood forming a bloodied smile Luthor: Well done Kal. You have overcome your demons, but in doing so given me my ultimate triumph. Superman: No Lex I have beaten you. Luthor: Have you? I failed to mention the addition made to the Orion Star. By passing through that portal you activated a self destruct mechanism. That mechanism has a radius that will easily lay waste to Metropolis. So finish what your heart desires because there will be no one left to call you hero. Superman: No I will stop you. Superman takes Luthors head smashing it against a tank knocking him out. Superman regains his composure looking down at Lois. He picks up her dead body. Jor-El: Son

Superman stops in his tracks turning around to see his father standing behind him. Superman: I am sorry to bring this here. Jor-El: You have done right Kal. It was never my intention to put Earth in jeopardy with the Orion Star. Superman: Im not going to be able to save everyone. Jor-El looks down at Lois. Jor-El: Our fate has already been set. I do not wish to place that burden on another world or your heart. It has already cost you so much. Superman looks down at Lois. Superman: She did not deserve this. Jor-El: You cared for her. Superman: Very much. She was hope to me. Hope of what humans could become. Jor-El: Leave her. Superman looks back at his father. Superman: I cant. Her family deserves to know. Jor-El: They deserve their daughter. You deserve her Kal. Save Earth and hope will be returned to you as it has been returned to me on this day. Superman: But what will happen to you. I came here to bring my people back. Jor-El: In time Kal. In time. Superman nods, picks up Luthors body, and speeds back through the portal. EXT: HAGER CANYON Superman re-enters landing upon the platform.

EXT: PLATFORM He lowers Luthor to the floor. He looks toward Faraday. Superman: Keep your eye on this Doctor. He hasnt told you everything. Faraday: About what? Superman rips the Orions Star from the platform closing the portal. Superman: Youre about to find out. Before Faraday can speak Superman explodes to the sky. He makes it through Earths atmosphere into space. From the platform Faraday is able to see the bright flash of an explosion. EXT: METROPOLIS SKYLINE-DAY (CONTINUOUS) Panning across the beautiful skyline news broadcasts are transmitted across the media circuit. The Daily Planets Jimmy Olsen has brought condemning evidence of Lex Luthors involvement in the terrorist cell known as Cell Six. Mr. Luthors attorney is declining to comment on the issue, but several sources are confirming Lex Luthor has already been taken into custody. Along with his Cell Six involvement, Lex Luthor is being investigated for his illegal ownership of Kryptonite that was used to develop his Metallo army. INT: DAILY PLANET-MEDIA FLOOR Perry, Clark, Jimmy, Ron Troupe, and Steve Lombard crowd around the TV broadcast. News Reports: The whereabouts of The Daily Planets Lois Lane still remain heavy on Americas heart. Metropolis Police Commissioner Henderson, states the investigation remains open with minimal evidence on any legitimate leads. Clark lowers his head with depression. Perry: Hanging in there kid. If Metropolis PD cant find here Im sure Superman will. When he does God be with whoever took her.

Clark smirks: Right EXT: KENT FARM Clark stands in his parents yard gazing out on a corn field watching the sun set. Jor-El V.O.: A man once looked upon the stars carrying a dream in his heart. In that dream a child was born into a vessel of hope. That hope grew into a man, transforming dream to reality. In time all men rely on hope to become something more. Something the ones around them can only dream. A woman walks up behind Clark. Sensing someone, Clark slowly turns around to see Lois.

AFTER CREDITS EXT: HAGER CANYON S.H.A.D.E personnel work around the quarantined area the recent battle of Orions Star took place. From a distant ridge a bearded man wearing a hooded cloak looks out upon the landscape. He removes his hood revealing to be JorEl.