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Master program

Water Technology
the Netherlands
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The Master program in Water Technology has started in September 2008. This program is a joint responsibility of the Wageningen University, the University of Twente and the University of Groningen. These 3 renowned Dutch universities have combined their state-of-the-art expertise in a single master program that is offered in the city of Leeuwarden at Wetsus Academy. The program focuses on the development and design of all kind of water processes. The main added value of the program lies in the multidisciplinary use of biotechnology, chemical engineering and separation technology. The aim of the program is to integrate knowledge of several disciplines, based on physical, (micro) biological, chemical and electrochemical principles. Students are challenged with examples and cause studies of real (research) problems that they might encounter as water professionals. They also operate in an inspiring environment of a major Water technology research program at the Technological Top Institute for Water technology, Wetsus. Being a student at one of the involved universities, you are going to develop yourself into specialists in water technology with relevant knowledge from the field of chemical engineering and biotechnology. The multidisciplinary approach of the program challenges to develop new technologies. Students apply for the master program Water Technology at one of the involved universities and after finishing the program success-fully they receive a Master degree in Water Technology.

Target group Postgraduate students with completed Bachelor degree (from either university or college) in Environmental engineering, Chemical engineering and Biotechnology or in related fields with a strong knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and/or biology. Objective Graduated students in Water Technology are challenged either to participate in the Wetsus or University research programs as PhD. students or they can apply for a job in one of the companies participating in Wetsus. Program summary The program in Water Technology is a two year program. Each academic year is divided in two semesters (four periods). The first year consists of 9 courses

(each 5 EC) and an internship in a company (15 EC). In the second year students have to carry on design project (10 EC), they can chose two elective courses at the involved universities (each 5 EC or 6 EC) and get acquainted with water technology in the field and complete the specialization with a graduation project (master assignment with a minimum of 38 EC).

I am glad and thankful that I had great possibilities to enrich my own personal and academic development during all two years of studying. Moreover, I met people from all over the world during my life in Leeuwarden and Dovile Vegelyte I am happy that they left a Lithuania big influence in my life and became a part of it.

Master Water Technology (MWT) - first year

Understanding Mathematical principles (5EC) Transport phenomena (5EC) Global Water Cycle (5EC) Engineering for chemical and Physical water processes Colloid chemistry (5EC) Chemical reactor design (5EC) Multicomponent mass transfer in membrane processes (5EC) Internship Internship (15EC)

Engineering for biological water processes Water microbiology (5EC) Bioreactor design (5EC) Biological water treatment and recovery technology (5EC) Period 3 Period 4

Period 1

Period 2

Master Water Technology (MWT) - second year

Design Project (10EC) MSc Thesis (40EC) Elective Courses I (5EC) Elective Courses II (5EC)

Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Special features Unique personal approach, with much attention being given to both the group and individual students. Regular meetings for evaluation, coordination and counseling. Easy access to teaching material and program management. Involvement in Wetsus research program in an early stage.
Studying at the Wetsus Academy is in my opinion in more than one way more than an ordinary master study in the Netherlands.

Contact with companies involved in Wetsus Research program. Possibility to choose additional courses from all three involved universities (Wageningen University with strong focus on environmental sciences, University Twente with strong focus on science and technology l and University of Groningen with strong focus on fundamental sciences.

....The connection to Wetsus will make it easy for you to get an internship with an excellent company working in the water sector.

Oane Galama the Netherlands

Ina Bckenhser Germany

the studies are self-driven and focused on problem solving. The teachers were coming just for the lectures and if we had any questions we could have written an email to ask. Third, I had a possibility to see how the new technologies are impleInga mented to the reality and to Grigaliunaite be a part of investigation of Lithuania new technologies.

.Wetsus Academy and Leeuwarden became my second home and I cannot imagine a better place to study. Professors, tutors and staff are so friendly and very willing to help international students. Rungnapha Khiewwijit Thailand

General information Course duration is 2 years on full-time bases. Study load is 120 credits. Admission requirements Have a relevant bachelor degree. A grade point average (GPA) of Bachelor study 70% of the maximum scale. Sufficient proficiency in English by means of minimum score of 6.5 on the Academic IELTS test. Internet based TOEFL-iBT score minimum of 90. Tuition fee and living expenses The tuition fee for EU students is the same as for Dutch students (2012-2013: 1771 euros) and for non EU students around 12,000 euros. It does not include study material, living expenses such as rent for housing, insurance and food and the cost for visa (if applicable). It is the students own responsibility to raise these funds.

Visa, insurance and accommodation The involved universities will make necessary arrangements for non EU students to get their Visa and insurance. Accommodation for international students will be organized by Wetsus Academy. Organizers and venue This master program is offered by Wetsus Academy and it takes place in Leeuwarden, in the northern part of the Netherlands. Information and application For more information, alumni information, frequently asked questions, application forms, accommodation, living in Leeuwarden and more, please visit our website: Applications and information requests can be emailed to

Wetsus is financed in part by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs ( IOP-TTI), the European Community (European Fund for Regional Development), the Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (EZ/Pieken in de Delta), the city of Leeuwarden and the Province of Friesland.