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FADE IN: EXT. TAYLOR HOUSE - EVENING Several cop cars are outside of the house, lights flashing from the roofs. The house has caution tape around the perimeter. An ambulance rolls up in front of the house, the two EMTs jumping out and rushing a gurney into the house. In the street, recording live is local news reporter AYLIN MICHAELS, early 40s, brown haired, a bitch unless the camera's rolling. AYLIN Hello, I'm Aylin Michaels with breaking news. It was reported to the police around one hour ago that someone was murdered in the Taylor residence. At the time, two people were known to be home, the children of Jeanine Taylor. The identity of the victim has yet to be disclosed. This report will continue as more details are released. Back to you, Rob. Her cameraman stops rolling, and Aylin sighs heavily. AYLIN (cont'd) Don't just fucking stand there, get my fucking iced latte while I try to get some damned details! The cameraman rushes off to get her drink as she turns around and heads towards the crime scene. CUT TO BLACK. SUBTITLE: EARLIER INT. TAYLOR RESIDENCE WOMAN (o.s.) No, I can't come in right now! My kids will be home alone! Or what, you'll fire me? (beat) (continued) Fine, I'll be there as soon as I can.

The camera pans to reveal JEANINE TAYLOR, angrily hanging up the phone on her boss. Her eighteen year old daughter LILY TAYLOR walks into the room. LILY Who was that? JEANINE That was my boss, I have to go back in because one of my coworkers didn't show up for their shift. LILY That sucks. JEANINE You be good, and keep an eye on your brother. Jeanine gets up to grab her coat and keys. LILY We'll be fine. JEANINE Stay out of trouble and don't open the door for strangers! LILY Mom, we'll be fine. JEANINE Okay, I'll be back later tonight. LILY Bye, mom. Jeanine opens the front door and leaves, Lily waving goodbye before shutting the door. Lily stands there for a moment, staring at the door beforeSOMEONE GRABS HER SHOULDER. Startled, she screams. Her sixteen year old brother BRANDON TAYLOR stands behind her. LILY Jesus, Brandon! BRANDON Where's mom?

LILY She got called in for another shift. Brandon is silent for a minute, then grins madly. BRANDON A night without the witch! LILY Brandon, she's our mother, not a witch. BRANDON Who the hell cares, a night alone for once without her to get on my case for anything I do. LILY Not even a drop of respect, what nice family I have. BRANDON Well, while you sit around and gossip on your latest crush with your plastic friends, I'll be having fun for once. Lily waves him off, letting him do whatever the hell he feels like. She enters the kitchen, grabbing her cell phone off the counter. CUT TO: SUBTITLE: 30 Minutes Later INT. LIVING ROOM Brandon sits on the couch, holding a bowl of popcorn. He's a few minutes into a slasher flick, a random girl on screen about to be senselessly butchered. KNOCKS on the front door sound. BRANDON Lily, go get that. A pause as he continues to watch the movie. The knocks sound again.

BRANDON (cont'd) Lily, someone's at the door! LILY (o.s.) I can hear that, I'm on the phone. BRANDON My movie's more important, answer the damn door! INT. KITCHEN Lily sighs. GIRL'S VOICE (v.o.) Lily, what's happening? LILY My brother's being a total douche. Again. GIRL'S VOICE (v.o.) I don't know how you stand living with him. LILY Well, I have the few months till summer, then I'm gone. GIRL'S VOICE (v.o.) A silver lining in the dense fog. LILY Yeah, in a few months, we graduate. Mom's already got me a place, ready to move in. GIRL'S VOICE (v.o.) (continued) Damn, I wish my mom had me a place ready. LILY (sarcastic) Why yes, one of the simple joys of having some wealth. GIRL'S VOICE (v.o.) Oh, shut up Lily. LILY (laughing) How rude of you, madame!

GIRL'S VOICE (v.o.) Oh my god, I can't believe you sometimes. Lily JUMPS in fright as the knocks return, louder this time. LILY Jesus! GIRL'S VOICE (v.o.) What the hell was that? LILY Someone's at the door. GIRL'S VOICE (v.o.) Then answer it. LILY Strict orders not to. BRANDON (o.s.) Dammit Lily, just fucking answer it! LILY Mom told me not to open it for anyone! BRANDON (o.s.) I don't give a shit, just answer it! LILY (quietly) Sweet Christ, I want to kill him. GIRL'S VOICE(v.o.) Tell him to fuck off. LILY I live with him, I know what he does when someone says that to him and I don't feel like a headache tonight. (beat) You know what, I'm gonna just read for a bit then go to bed, talk to you later. GIRL'S VOICE (v.o.) See ya.

Lily presses the end button, before exiting the kitchen and trotting upstairs. INT. LIVING ROOM SUBTITLE: AN HOUR LATER The finale to the slasher flick isn't far off, Brandon's really into it now. He's currently during an intense build up to a death sequence. He's on the edge of the couch whenMore knocks resonate from the front door, startling him into spilling the rest of his popcorn. BRANDON Motherfuck-! He lets out a frustrated sigh, getting up. INT. HALLWAY Brandon walks down a hallway, dimly lit and eerie, to the front door. BRANDON (cont'd) For fucks sake, who the hell is it? He opens the door and a knife slashes his throat. Brandon tries to get a visual on his attacker but it's too dark to see. He grips his throat as he bleeds out, breaths coming in ragged gasps. He falls to his knees, managing one last croak before falling at the feet of his killer. The figure drags him into the house and stuffs him in the hall closet before calmly shutting the door and disappearing into the house. CUT TO: INT. LILY'S BEDROOM She is a good portion into her book when her stomach rumbles. She groans and sets her book down. INT. LIVING ROOM She jogs down the stairs and immediately notices that Brandon is missing and there is popcorn all over the couch and floor.

LILY Brandon, you got popcorn everywhere! There is no response, just a chilling silence. LILY (cont'd) Brandon? INT. HALLWAY Lily slowly walks down the hallway, the atmosphere even creepier than before. She continues her walk towards the front door. LILY Brandon, where are you? She nears the end of the hallway and sees the blood stains on the carpeting. She kneels down, wiping up a bit of it with her finger. She sniffs it. LILY (cont'd) I know this trick, corn syrup and food dye. Nice try, Brandon. She licks it from her finger and realizes that it's real blood quickly. LILY Brandon?! She freaks out, and then notices that the blood leads to the hall closet. She slowly walks towards the closet door, hand outstretched shakily to open it. She throws it open andBrandon's body falls onto her feet. She SCREAMS, and the door behind her flings open as the figure emerges, ready to strike. She ducks the swing, knife stabbing into the wall. She makes a break for it, running down the hall and opening the door into the kitchen. INT. KITCHEN She grabs a butcher knife from the holder and throws open

another door to the back room. INT. BACK ROOM She runs for the back door, the figure catching up. He grabs her, and she reaches back and stabs him in the side. Groaning in pain and anger, the figure lets go to rip the knife out. Lily nearly shatters the glass door as she throws it open. EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD Lily runs down the street away from her house, while dialing 911 on her iPhone. OPERATOR (v.o.) 911, what's your emergency? LILY My name is Lily Taylor, I live on 421 Trent Street, my brother was just murdered and I was attacked! I'm currently running to the house of one of my mother's friends who lives at 402 Trent. OPERATOR (continued) Okay miss, police are on their way. LILY Thank you so much. Lily hangs up the phone and runs up the driveway to 402 Trent Street. FADE TO: SUBTITLE: One Hour Later EXT. TAYLOR HOUSE AYLIN More details have just been released. The victim was Brandon Taylor, who police believe to have been killed upon opening the door to a stranger who his sister Lily reports had been knocking all night. A full story will be

given in the morning on this brutal murder that sounds like something right out of an urban legend. We CUT TO BLACK and credits roll.

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