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Notes on Zarathustra 54. the Afterworldsmen p.

59* Focus too much on > just escapist; Otherworld we lose sight of the earth; P60-61* EGO = measure and value of things Emphasizes the BODY: earthly, head > creates meaning for the earth Heaven = invented by the sick to escape Their suffering > But they should overcome themselves, make themselves a HIGHER BODY; Afterworldsmen also believe in the BODY, but it is sickly to them 61-62, 63 ** BODY does not say I but performs I ; * the SELF Sense and spirit = just toys Self is the EGOs ruler, reason in the body; If you despise the body, the self wants to die ** to create beyond itself is the selfs deepest wish// * P63-65: Of Joys and Passions *Let your virtue be nameless, dont just follow the HERD! **64 [Beautiful quote) Once you had passions and called them evil. But now you have only your virtues: they grew from out your passions. *lucky to have just one virtue **love your virtues, lest you perish by them **p65 Of the Pale Criminal pp 65-67 65* 67* On Reading 68** be courageous! Laugh t suffering; bear lifes burden P68***bear lifes burden; enemy = spirit of Gravity; **** (beautiful quote) 69-71: Of the Tree on the Mountainside (you may read the whole again) ** Young man feels alone, wants freedom, *** DO NOT LOSE HOPE! Noble men who lost hope resorted to sensual pleasures On the Preachers of Death pp 71-73 **72: lured by eternal life out of life They are as good as dead **those for whom life is just unrestrained labor and anxiety = also weary of life 73-75: Of War and Warriors Lots of soldiers but not many warriors; hope

Uniforms do not exist beneath uniforms; *; *work = battle Peace = vicotry; *good war *to be brave is GOOD; saves the unfortunate *love towards life = highest hope = highest idea of life =Man is something to be overcome; Nietzsche does not want to spare warriors Pp75-78 Of the New Idol Not herds/peoples > but states (death of peoples) States = coldest monster **Lie: state = the people; Creators vs. destroyers; Faith and love vs sword + a 100 desires; **universal vs. specific ideas of good and evil; STATE: lies, is FALSE. Confusion of language of good and evil; lie of the state: I am the regulating finger of God Calls LIFE = UNIVERSAL SLOW SUICIDE Steal inventions and treasures of the wise; devour one another and cant digest themselves **acquire lotsa money >>> make themselves poorer Strive towards the throne AVOID THIS BAD ODOUR! The earth, a free life still remains for great souls *** Moderate poverty is praiseworthy, where the state does not exist not superfluous, the necessary man (is desirable) 78-81 Of the Flies of the Market-place Flee into your solitude! *Where solitude does not exist >> the marketplace exists The presenters = have little idea of greatness, i.e. creativeness Actor has spirit but lacks conscience of spirit >> produces belief only for himself Blood= best of all arguments, only believe in goods (?) who make great noise in the world ** Truth that is heard by sensitive ears = a lie for the actor Yes/no??? in page 79 **All great things occur away from glory and the market place p.79 Inventors of new values live away from glory and market You feel stung by these pitiable men; caution: dont bear their poisonous injustice *they flatter you The cowardly are prudent (?) These men/poisonous flies HATE you (p80); the good man/great soul is hated, flee into your solitude! Of Chastity: pp81-82 Kill senses > innocence of senses; chastity = virtue/vice?** the bitch sensuality...envious, restless; Lasciviousness disguised as pity; Those to whom chastity is difficult should be dissuaded from it, lest it become way to HELL (filth and list of the soul) There are those who are chaste from the very heart

Offered it love and shelter, like a guest Of the Friend pp82-84 In your friend you should possess your best energy **you cannot adorn yourself too well for your friend, for you should be to him an arrow and longing for superman Be an enemy, wage war with your friend, Slave/tyrant cannot be friend Of the 1001 goals P84-86 No universal notion of good and evil; **, table of values = voice a peoples will to power, table of its overcomings? These values (good and evil) = invented by man, NOT heaven. **Evaluation = caution?? Change in the creators of values >> change in values Creator always destroys Individual = the latest creation; Before: people = creators Table of values = a monster 1001 goals = a fetter ?? ??? this monsters head. HUMANITY itself is still lacking Of Love of Ones Neighbor (86-88) ***Your love of neighbor = your bad love of yourselves You flee from yourself to your neighbor You have been consecrated but not yet the I =***Zarathustra: flight from your neighbor to love of the most distant! Higher than love of neighbor; Love of the most distant man and man of future less than the love of causes and phantoms Fear of phantom causes you to flee to your neighbor; You cant endure being alone with yourself You dont love yourself enough Create your friend and his overflowing heart out of yourselves; you are hungry for others approval; only when others are misled by you to think well of you only do you think well of yourselves Liar = one who speaks contrary to what he does not know his own self. Deceives neighbors with yourself; in others we try to find ourselves, in others we want to lose ourselves Bad love of self makes solitude look like a prison; the distant man pays for your love of neighbor; I do not teach you the neighbor but the friend = festival of the earth, a foretaste of the superman; must be a sponge if you want to be loved by overflowing hearts; love the most distant Of the Way of the Creator (88-91) Seeking the way to yourself **; HERD will prevent you from doing so *** ***p 89 NOT free from but free for what; be your own lawgiver/own judge; A very difficult task >> beautiful Quote; Free from what? Zarathustra does not care about that! But your eye should clearly tell me: free for what? Can you furnish yourself with your own good and evil and hang up your own will above yourself

as a law? Can you be judge of yourself and avenger of your law? It is terrible to be alone with the judge and avenger of ones own law. It is to be like a star thrown forth in to empty space and into the icy breath of solitude (TSZ, 89). ***hard to be a creator he is hated, feels alone, but still he must shine brightly; be on guard against the good, just, holy simplicity, love give not your hand but your paw; (?) ****you=your worst enemy; must become ashes before you become new, p.90??? lover loves what he despises? Creates coz he despises? P91 **** beautiful quote// Go apart and be alone with your love and your creating, my brother; and justice will be slow to limp after you. Go apart and be alone with my tears, my brother. I love him who wants to create beyond himself, and thus perishes (TSZ, 91). Of Old and Young women 91-93 92*** Do not forget whip? Of the Adders Bite pp 93-94 *prove to your enemy he has done something good for you; return injustice with injustice (?????) Of marriage and children p95-96 Are you a man who ought to desire a child? Build beyond yourself, create a creator Marriage = will of 2 to create 1 who is > 2, reverence for one another; marriage is NOT partnership!!*** Saint and a goose cant marry *** p.96, marriage = one long stupidity; love a brief follow???? Best love is just a torch that should light your way to higher paths First learn to love that you may love beyond yourself >>will to marriage Of Voluntary Death: Die at the right time! Must live at the right time; a consummating death; one should learn to die; Zarathustras sort of death = VOLUNTARY DEATH; a DEATH you wish at the most favorable time; Growing too old = undesirable, like rotten apples Those who are young late stay young long If life is a failure, there is a chance to make death a success; NO to SLOW DEATH and patience with earthly things when it is earthly thing that have too much patience with us. The Hebrew who died too early = Jesus = still immature; shouldve remained in the desert? He hates man and earth; Free for death and free in death That your death may not be blasphemy against man and earth, my friends ****Beautiful quote. Throw the golden ball Read the whole section: Of the Bestowing Virtue P101, and 102 ****