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Kaplan Educational Centers Simulated USMLE Step 1 Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kaplans' Simulated USMLE Step 1 features one Full-Length Simulated

Exam module with 350 USMLE type questions organized in blocks of 50. Students may use the module (1) for practice or (2) for a Simulated USMLE exam. This file contains: - System Requirements - Installation procedures - License Agreement

System Requirements: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Windows Pentium processor Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 20 MB available on the hard drive 16 MB RAM 2x or higher CD-ROM drive SVGA, 800 x 600 resolution 256 - color display or greater Sound card and mouse Macintosh Power PC Mac OS 7.5 or higher 20 MB available on the hard drive 16 MB RAM 2x or higher CD-ROM drive SVGA, 800 x 600 resolution 256 - color display or greater Sound card and mouse

Installation: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Windows 1) Exit out of all applications (make sure you have no applications running). 2) Insert the Kaplan's Simlulated USMLE Step 1 Disc into your CD-ROM drive 3) Choose Run from the Start menu and type (or choose from the Browse button)

d:\Kaplan USMLE Step 1\setup.exe (where d: is your CD-ROM drive.) Press OK and f ollow the prompts. To run the program, choose Kaplan_Kaplan's USMLE Step 1 from the Start menu. Macintosh 1) Quit out of all applications (make sure you have no applications running). 2) Simply copy the Kaplan Step 1 Exam folder to your hard drive. To run the pr ogram, double-click "Kaplan's Simulated USMLE Step 1" located in the Kaplan Step 1 Exam folder.

LICENSE AGREEMENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Software License Agreement SOFTWARE LICENSE/DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES 1. ACCEPTANCE. By using any or all of these compact discs you hereby accept th e terms and provisions of this license and agree to be bound hereby. 2. OWNERSHIP. The software contained on these compact discs, all content, rela ted documentation and fonts (collectively, the "Software") are all proprietary c opyrighted materials owned by Kaplan Educational Centers ("Kaplan") or its licen sors. 3. LICENSE. You are granted a limited license to use the Software. This Licen se allows you to use the Software on a single computer only. You may not copy, distribute, modify, network, rent, lease, loan or create derivative works based upon the Software in whole or in part. The Software is intended for personal us age only. Your rights to use the Software and this License shall terminate imme diately without notice upon your failure to comply with any of the terms hereof. 4. ADDITIONAL RESTRICTIONS. The Software contains copyrighted material, trade s ecrets and other proprietary material. In order to protect them, and except as permitted by applicable legislation, you may not decompile, reverse engineer, di sassemble or otherwise reduce the Software to human-perceivable form. 5. LIMITED WARRANTY; DISCLAIMER. Kaplan warrants the compact discs on which th e Software is recorded to be free from defects in materials and workmanship unde r normal use for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase as evide nced by a copy of the receipt. Kaplan's entire liability and your exclusive reme dy will be replacement of the compact discs not meeting this warranty. The Soft ware is provided "AS IS" and without warranty of any kind and Kaplan and Kaplan' s licensors EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. FURT HERMORE, KAPLAN DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE FUNCTIONS CONTAINED IN THE SOFTWARE WI LL MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS, OR THAT THE OPERATION OF THE SOFTWARE WILL BE UNINTER RUPTED OR ERROR-FREE, OR THAT DEFECTS IN THE SOFTWARE WILL BE CORRECTED. KAPLAN DOES NOT WARRANT OR MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS REGARDING THE USE OR THE RESULTS O F THE USE OF THE SOFTWARE IN TERMS OF THEIR CORRECTNESS, ACCURACY, RELIABILITY O R OTHERWISE. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, SHALL KAPLAN BE LIABL E FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAG ES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, LOST PROFITS OR WAGES, IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE EVEN IF KAPLAN HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. CE RTAIN OF THE LIMITATIONS HEREIN PROVIDED MAY BE PRECLUDED BY LAW. 6. EXPORT LAW ASSURANCES. You agree and certify that you will not export the S

oftware outside of the United States except as authorized and as permitted by th e laws and regulations of the United States. If the Software has been rightfull y obtained by you outside of the United States, you agree that you will not re-e xport the Software except as permitted by the laws and regulations of the United States and the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which you obtained t he Software. 7. MISCELLANEOUS. This license represents the entire understanding of the par ties, may only be modified in writing and shall be governed by the laws of the S tate of New York. USMLE is a joint program of the Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States and National Board Medical Examiners which is not affiliated with this p roduct. 2001 Kaplan Education Centers AUTHORWARE COPYRIGHT 1993, 1996 Macromedia, Inc.