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Bob Fritz is an acknowledged pioneer in human and animal nutrition. Fascinated by wildlife and nutrition since childhood, he began experimenting with re-creating primitive diets for humans and animals in the early 1960s. Later, while working at NASA, he had access to studies that helped him launch modern-day sports nutrition with landmark innovations like milk peptide amino acids, MCTs, BCAAs, creatine and some best-selling milkprotein products, among others. Hes also worked on home-diagnostic and mail-order hormone tests and created dozens of successful animal foods and supplements. Bob recently returned to his original passion, the Caveman Diet, and today creates food products that support this back-to-ourroots style of healthful eating. Bob is happily married and lives in Martinez, California, still obsessed with developing nutritional products. Chris Running has held CEO roles in consumer products and professional services companies for the past 25 years. A serial entrepreneur, he has launched six startups and completed three turnarounds. Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Chris held senior-level finance positions with Sony Corporation and Container Corporation of America. In 1999, he founded Wirestone, one of the largest interactive-marketing agencies in the United States, and from 2004 to 2007 he was CEO of the Cytosport Beverage Company, with its flagship products Muscle Milk and Cytomax. In 2008, Chris became President of Eternal Beverages, a New Zealandbased bottled-water company that recently launched the worlds first patented, clinically proven anti-aging beverage, FIX. Chris, who has a B.A. in accounting and finance from San Francisco State University, founded Caveman Foods in 2010. He lives with his wife, Rebecca, in Incline Village, Nevada.

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Introduction THE ROAD TO THE CAVEMAN DIET Chapter 1 THE CASE FOR EATING LIKE A CAVEMAN Caveman, PaleoWhats the Difference? Why We Need to Return to This Way of Living 5 Myths About the Caveman-Paleo Diet Proven Benefits From Eating More Like a Caveman Chapter 2 SAY HELLO TO YOUR INNER CAVEMAN (OR CAVEWOMAN) Cracking the Caveman Code 5 Ways Our Bodies Changed to Grow Bigger Brains 3 Ways to Tap Into Caveman Power Chapter 3 ITS A MISMATCHED WORLD A Mixed Blessing Breaking Down the Mismatch 3 Mismatched Cravings 6 Ways the Caveman Lifestyle Promotes Natural Weight Loss Chapter 4 SOLVING THE MISMATCH Foods That Are In Foods to Avoid 9 Easy Ways to Solve the Mismatch Chapter 5 HEALTHY FORAGING IN AN UNHEALTHY WORLD Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Cafeterias The Journey From Healthy Food to Junk and Back Again: Rethinking Jerky for the Modern-Day Caveman 21 22 25 26 13 14 15 18 19 1

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Chapter 6 CAVEMAN SUPPLEMENTS: THE PERFECT COMPLEMENT 15 Caveman Supplements That Make Sense Today Chapter 7 PERSONALIZED CAVEMAN PROGRAMS One Size Does Not Fit All Hunters Gatherers More on Why Plants Are So Good for You (in Case Youre Not Convinced) As We Said in the Beginning Caveman Kitchen Chapter 8 CAVEMAN TRAINING Exercise Is in Our Genes Caveman WorkoutsCross-Training and Circuit Training 3 Big Pluses for Caveman Training The Caveman Workout Caveman Exercises Caveman Rock LiftingIts a Natural Customize Your Caveman Circuit Chapter 9 CAVEMAN CIRCUIT-TRAINING PROGRAMS Appendix THE CAVEMAN DIET AND WORKOUT GLOSSARY 69 65 49 50 51 52 53 54 59 61

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The Road to the Caveman Diet
Thirty years ago I introduced the Caveman Dietto laughter. People joked that my baggies of meats, nuts and berries were meant for Fred Flintstone. Back in the 80s, people thought that bagels were diet food and 20 minutes on the treadmill was exercise. The world was decades away from accepting the concept that we are still cavemen deep down and so it makes sense to eat and exercise the way they did. Stung by rejection, I threw myself into other projects, some of which became popular products or ingredients. Even so, caveman foods were always on my mind. After a brief stint at NASA, I moved into the world of sports nutrition. My education and scientific background helped launch Carboplex, Cytomax and some best-selling milk-protein products, as well as many other innovations. My associates in these projects included John Williams and Mike Zumpano, as well as renowned sports scientists George Thomas Brooks, Ph.D., and Thomas Fahey, Ph.D. Through the product launches and nutrition studies, my original passion, the Caveman Diet, was always on my mind. Ironically, caveman cuisine is no longer a joke today. Its a 50,000-year-old new way to eat. Medical studies confirm what was obvious to me three decades agoeating like a caveman helps us live healthier, longer lives. So what better time to make the case for this still-revolutionary approach and provide a blueprint for adopting it in a modern setting? And that includes a comprehensive caveman training program, focusing on the tasks and skills that honed our ancestors bodies into instruments of survival. Diet is a word that conjures up thoughts of being hungry, lethargic, in a bad moodsomething we usually give up on in about two weeks. This is not just a diet, however; its a total plan for a better and more healthful way to live. The concept dawned on me when I was thinking about livestock. Most ranchers increase the value of their animals by feeding them massive quantities of grains (not to mention a few hormones) and giving them sedentary lives in fenced-off pastures, a process that helps to marble the meat. The way we eat today and often dont exerciseis causing our modern bodies to marble as well. So we are no different from our livestock: We are fattening ourselves with grains.


The so-called experts have proclaimed the need for whole grains and multigrain products as part of a balanced diet, but is a serving of grains better for you than an extra serving of vegetables? The preponderance of gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance and their effects on our health are sending us a message. There has never been a better time to tap into your inner caveman or cavewomanand reap the health and fitness benefits for life. You can do it and enjoy it. Bob Fritz


The Case for Eating Like a Cavemen


Humans have not changed for 50,000 years, with our makeup being rooted in the Stone Age. Back then our environment was unspoiled, but life was brutally hard. During our evolution, our hunter-gatherer genes adapted to the foods that were available: animals and fruits, vegetables, nuts and other plant matter. That simple Caveman Diet, so effective it fueled the improbable survival of our species, works equally well today. By reintroducing foods and a way of eating that are missing from our modern lives, we can help fix our broken food chain. The Caveman Diet has been proven by millions of years of evolution and reinforced by hundreds of recent medical studies. Eating more like a caveman works in sync with our ancient genes. Simple.


In terms of eating plans, Caveman and Paleo are different names for the same idea. Both stand for re-creating our ancestors primal diets from the Upper Paleolithic period, about 50,000 years ago. The Caveman Diet is Paleo done funa lifestyle approach to better eating and more interesting workouts that bridges the gap between 21st-century life and our nutritional blueprint. You gain proven health benefits without oppressive limitations. The diet fits easily into your lifestyle and the way you eat. You dont have to give up your high-def TV to live in a jungle and carry a spear. You choose the degree to which you go primitive. The Caveman Diet is about choices, not limits.


While humans have remained essentially unchanged from our cave ancestors, the world we inhabit has changed far beyond the bodys ability to keep up. Formerly rare diseases grow increasingly common. The Centers for Disease Control reports alarming rises in heart attack, stroke, skin and other cancers, Alzheimers disease and obesity. Clearly, the diseases of civilizationDOCSsare on the rise.
The Caveman Diet is Paleo done funa lifestyle approach to better eating and more interesting workouts that bridges the gap between 21st-century life and our nutritional blueprint.

Why the increase, and why now? Its not that our bodies have changed suddenly. We have remained cavemen and cavewomen, unaltered for at least 50,000 years. Whats changed is our civilizationour foods, lifestyle and environment. We have become square pegs in round holes, mismatched for civilization, and its increasingly clear that this serious mismatch is the genesis of many emerging health problems.



Caveman life was grueling and short. Physical danger and starvation were everyday threats. Our bodies and immune systems stopped evolving at that point, as they were perfectly adapted for prehistoric hazards and famine. While dangerous and tough, life in the unspoiled wilderness was devoid of the kinds of stresses we know today. Todays attacks come from many directionsfrom the foods we eat that are laden with sodium, fats and sugar, among other unhealthful substances; from the man-made toxins that surround us, in plastics, cleaning solutions and various kinds of pollution; from the stresses caused by our ever-speedier technology, with its demands that we work faster and faster and produce more than ever. Our caveman genes are simply unprepared for the 21st-century onslaught.

You dont have to give up your high-def TV to live in a jungle and carry a spear. The Caveman Diet is about choices, not limits.

The sugar and fat that we crave are now the enemynot Saber-toothed tigers. The body cant tell the difference. Modern miracles we take for granted come with a tax, and the bill is due. Increasingly, the experts are acknowledging that our immune and hormone systems have become disrupted by all the toxins, along with bad food choices, allowing opportunistic diseases of civilization to take hold. The recognition that the foods that helped primitive man survive work equally well today ranks among the most important nutrition discoveries in history.


Eating more like a caveman is not a one-size-fits-all program. Instead, the spectrum includes two basic approaches: Hardcore Caveman: As with religion, there are strict Caveman-Paleo fundamentalists. Their beliefs are based on the holy scripture of Paleo nutrition books. They hold every word sacred and will argue ad infinitum with nonbelievers. Hardcore belief systems come complete with angels (caveman foods) and demons (anything modern). Their followers begin highly motivated, but dropout rates are high. Real World Caveman: These folks realize theres no going back 50,000 years to a past that was brutal and short. Cars, cell phones and plastics are here to stay, and moving into a jungle with your spear is not an option. A real-world approach involves integrating the Caveman Diet into your busy lifestyle and reaping its proven benefits. The key is to make it doable in the real world. The bottom line: its a lot easier to stick with.

The Case for Eating Like a Caveman