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) in the story they do not happen in the world

sure you/ you he says.

can try to break it it/

will break

angels look on, laughing. (with wings; studying the ways of not firm/ feet. they have time. you know who you are he says a traitor. a blue cardinal drinks from the chicken trough. todays moon leans through the window, purses her lips. venetians thwack. out of nothing: at last there is

nothing I can do I can stop/

doing: he is

) thoughtless, a cocked revolver.

turn away. its almost spring. fish freeze to bits of stars. pinesmoke circles the cutback limbs, automobiles drive with fierce lights on, illuminating thin smoky heroines a coyote gallops across the second person & the indicative, inclining the two forms of life to the one end, through the bare trees flying naked/ that breaking as a ghost. turn/ on

as the sound of the stiff bud trees holding/ ourselves to/

& if from/

) gravity & skin make mannequins

a dogor is it a telephone? punctuates butler buildings, some white crosses, the churchcoloured tendony hum. a meteor screams: point-of-leaf, a seethrough skeleton, wrist & thighs, tendons. shiny taillights make sky haloes over feedcorn & flesh. singing. like fireflies. all the vowels are upside down or inside out. deer shiver into fist, a womans shouts drown/ the shiny chorus,

lick the sex of the trees

) not beyond or beyond as after

little psalms make the long song of a steel blade now he joins the woman in the kitchen. the soft places of their fruit touch. her heart makes a wooden sound, pumping. now the light is hyacinth, jellied the ceiling spills memories, all her anguish is in her skin. the telephone stipulates edge, gains it, skeletal notes rise in the kitchen like an empty trapeze

the wind makes a sound like pearly revolvers

) in the black blossom of jaguar

the ordinary gorgeous oriole. the sheep of snow lay down among the curbs, magnolias choir. the sky eats clouds, tries to fit inside a tunnel inside a tree. peeling saints argue over toast. in a glass of water, treebones come apart what to do how to do what/ to do.

a word like a flat sword, a nail or hairpin

) on the far right side of the beautiful left

a coffin is lowered. the earth goes on caressing its ribs. tusktorn because too slow to learn (tongues blade, eyes ribbon, crouching like a saintly semicolon, a blade of violet sings brimming with inner light; and, sometimes invisible. that belonged to me or him or what wrecked us a sparrow panhandles, the weeds crouch. spring snow falls shyly from a red sky. he wont

(sign his name.) there are too many bones

) a calculus in heaven adjusts,

we were three complete & then we ended. god shines horribly, drinks/ like people or flowers. tiny, furious, a bit of time hangs from his wrist. the sky pours like music on the cars & leaves. a flag flaps. a pronoun begins to bleed... who really he says was the victim here. try/ to understand: he stands back, to wait for the flames. each foot makes in the dark,

beautiful excuses, & a mechanical cow

) being such as it is

like everyone else: sidebyside two wilted flags (like eyebrows. a diamond garnished with bright pieces of rubbery meat. ceramic birds mate on mewing cemetery stones, appaloosas gallop with giddyup carousel horses. weather poodles sing idiot radio songs about love. the sky is tattooed with birds in flight. shadowslashed a couple of beauty marks, the edge, a colon. ribs inside out

where they mutate into I Love

) sideways,

hoping for backward: golden fishtails sashay like clarinet glissandos. in thigh ivory sycamore: cloud bellies warble. little glass frogs transparentize. a snake uncoils his brightly shed (sin is different: a season, a motion, a loss, a state of unredeemed, not listening when in the garden going to gown, the fruit leaves weeping

two people walking together begin to end

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