Notes on Myers, D. (2012); Exploring g social psych hology (6th ed d.

) New York k: McGraw- H Hill; Module 18 8 (Pages 203-208)

Social loafing Many hands make light wo ork
In wh hich situation ns people wo ork the most. When work king alone or r in groups? Socia al facilitation occurs whe en people wo ork toward in ndividual goa als and have individual evalu uation Lab Experiments E Wh hen you pull less l hard because you th hink that peo ople behind y you are also pulling Als so, when you u clap or shout in a lower r volume bec cause you ca an hear that a all the others s aro ound you are shouting as s hard as the ey can Oth her experime ent: Subjects s pumped exe ercise less e energetically y if they thought that thei ir effo orts were me easured in a pool p with oth hers

Decreases evalu uation apprehension: you think k that nobo ody will no otice you Social l loafing In n everyday life
QA workers w in a pickle p factory y won't do th heir job beca ause it was n not identifiab ble Comm munists in Hungary would work more e in their littl le private go overnment-gi iven lands th han in the co ommunal lan nds This phenomenon p n leads to a community c called c a "par radise of par rasites" wher re everyone enjoy ys a free ride e

Social loafing is avoided a wh hen the tas sk is challe enging, app pealing or involving Examp ple: Olymp pic team members m gi ive their gr reatest effo ort becaus se a gold medal l is at stake es People e loaf less if they are e working with w friend ds or can id dentify with their coworke ers Motiva ation tool: make individual perf formance identifiable e

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