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Requiring Time Between Assessment Attempts –

The Locking Version

In order for these instructions to work, you must place the assessment in a folder.
If you want the assessment to automatically unlock for the first attempt (instead of having someone
type in the password to unlock it) include the lines with the Taken variable. For manually unlocked
items, do not include the line with the Taken variable and do not begin the password with a ‘!’.
1. Go to the assessment settings
2. Click the Automate tab
3. In the Current Actions box enter the following (substituting your own variables and password
for the ones highlighted in yellow):
If you only have one assessment per course that you will be using this method on, you can leave
these variables rather generic. But if you will have multiple assessments using this method, I
suggest making these variables assessment specific (i.e. instead of Taken use Quiz1Taken or
Exam3Taken) just be sure to write down the exact variable names you are assigning because
you will need to use them in other areas.
Also note, the ‘!’ infront of the password makes the assessment invisible when locked. Use a
different password for each assessment or they will all be locked and unlocked when the first
assessment is locked and unlocked.
4. Click the Save button
5. Go to the settings of the folder the assessment is in
6. Click the Automate tab
7. In the Current Actions box enter the following (substituting your own variables and password
for the ones highlighted in yellow):
?[VIEW]($Taken$ = 0)UNLOCK:[!12345]
?[VIEW]($Timer$ > 12)UNLOCK:[!12345]
Use the same variables and password as you did in the assessment actions. Substitute the
number of hours you want between attempts for the 12 in the above statements. The Timer
statement here is requiring more than 12 hours to have passed before it unlocks the

8. Click the Save button

9. Click the Automate tab (next to the Manage tab at the top of the screen)
10. Click the Add New Agent link
11. Name the agent something along the lines of <Assessment Name> Timer to help you remember
what the agent is for
12. Ensure Scheduled Agent is selected
13. For Choose Schedule, select Daily
14. Enter 1 in the day(s) box
15. Choose the Every 1 hour(s)… option
16. Change the ending at time to 10:55pm
This will actually make the agent run from 12:00 am to 11:55 pm but due to the difference in
server time we have to list it as running from 11:00 pm to 10:55 pm.
17. Click the Next button
18. Leave the User Selection Properties on the default settings
19. On the Select User Conditions drop-down select Item Completetion
20. Make the sentence below the drop-down read:
List users that have completed <Assessment Name>.
21. Uncheck the Include data for deleted submissions box
22. Click the Next button
23. In the Choose Action Type drop-down menu select Add Variable
24. Select All Filtered Users from the box
25. Click the Add button
26. In the Variable Name field type your Timer variable
27. In the Amount to Add field type 1
28. Click the Next button
29. Verify all the information on the review page is correct

30. Click the Save button