First Federated Church Sunday, June 21, 2009

Please see page two
for important information
about today’s service and
how to get the most out of
your visit with us.
Volume 11 Number 3
Good Sense for Economic Survival
Pray for the team heading to
New Mexico today!
'¡'+| °+'m:.
'+|: °+.||
¹.|+| °:.|:.
!+':|·.: °:.|:.
|'¡· °..m.||'+m
'¡+| °..m.||'+m
!+|| ¯..
´..||:¡ ¯.':.
':m+..: ¯.:¡m+.'
°.+||| .+'':
'++ .+.||:.
|'':¡ ...| |
'+|.:'': '+m.'||
¹| '+m.'||
'+|'¡ '+m.'||
¹:| '+..:.
'+.|: '+..:.
'..|:| ':.|·m+|
':.:' ''|
!.'+:' '.'+||
¹:.+ ¹:|:|
°'+': ¹'||
'+|: '+m:..'
'':''¡ '+m:..'
´+':' '.:.+
¹+' '.:.+
¹.|.|: ':.|:|
'.' !+..:.
'+||¡ !+..:.
|'':¡ !..:|.
¯'.·+':|' '|
¯|| '.:.:
/+' ':
'.+| '.'.||
¹.|.| '|.T :'::m
!:|+| '|.T :'::m
°:| ¯'m+
'.m ¯'m+
'.+': '+|':':'
´|¡ ''.|:
¹:||+ ''.|:
Noted Christian author Patrick Morley
was involved in the real estate field prior
to founding a national men’s ministry. His
experiences can serve to help you face our
current economic challenges.
For Morley, the crisis came in the
form of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. He
states, “Every day for the next seven years
I woke up fighting a multi-million dollar
bankruptcy.” By the grace of God he did
survive—financially, and grew spiritually
as well.
So when the stock market collapsed in September, 2008,
he wrote How to Survive the Economic Meltdown. And he is on
a mission to help you during these challenging times. In his
book, Morley chronicles the spiritual, practical, and financial
lessons he learned. You can download a FREE copy at:
In addition to this resource, the Good Sense financial budget-
ing course begins on Sunday, July 12 in Room 108 at 10:45AM.
This class will give you the practical tools to take care of the
financial resources God has given you. You can register for the 6
week Sunday morning class on the Care & Communication Card
June 21–28, 2009
Glorieta, New Mexico
First Federated Church Sunday, June 21, 2009
SW Entrance
South Parking Lot
North Parking Lot
W Women Restroom
Men Restroom
Have Questions?
If you have any questions, simply ask someone wearing a
name tag with “Here to Help” on it or visit the Welcome Center
in the foyer.
Guest Reception
If you are visiting with us for the first time or have just
recently started attending First Federated Church, we cordially
invite you to a reception immediately following the service (see
map for locations). We would love to have the opportunity to
meet you, get to know you better, and answer any questions you
may have.
Fill Out the Care & Communication Card
If you have never completed a Care and Communication Card,
please take a moment to do so. This allows us, as a church family,
to better know your needs and how we can serve you. The Care
and Communication Card is located inside this newspaper. Just fill
out the card completely and leave at the end of your pew, give to an
usher, or hand it in at the Guest Reception.
Thank you for taking the time to visit First Federated Church.
If you are not presently a member of a Bible teaching church, we
invite you to join our church family.
If You Have Children, Visit the Children’s
Ministry Registration Station
Trust your children to the care of our dedicated, loving
Children’s Ministry staff. Our children’s programs provide qual-
ity care and learning for kids of all ages.
If your child has not already been enrolled in our Children’s
Ministry, a quick visit to the Children’s Ministry Registration
Station will provide you with temporary security tags and give us
the information we need to effectively minister to your child.
Infants & Preschool Children
´'.'|+.: +|| |:+'.|| +.: +.+.'+'': |...|| |': °`| +|| `|+' '.. .| |': '..:.¡
+|| '.:'' ':.+.|m:||
Kindergarten–4th Grade
'...|| |': °`| '... K–4th graders |+|':. .| |': |¡m +|| |':| | | |.+|:|
'+.m |... |. °.'': ':+.|.|| +|| |.|
K–4th graders +||:|| |':.. .| +|:-+......+|: '.'|.:|’ '..'. +'':| '/
´'..'. .| .m `'. +| `|+'
Xtreme AM (5th & 6th Grade)
.. ..:|::| m::| .| |':.. .| /|.:m: .|. 'm .|'. +| °`| |. + |.m: | /|.:m:
':+.|.||. /|.:m: ..+¡:. +|| /|.:m: .:'+|.|'..-'..'|.||
Youth (Grade 7–12) & Adults
Groups for ADULTS ':|.| +| °`|AM +|| `|+'AM '|. '¡ |': ':'m:
´:||:. .. :: .|.|: ||+¡’ |:..+.:.: | ||| .| +'.| :+' | |': |... +||
'. | |:| |':.:
Our YOUTH (Grade 7–12) m::| +| °`|AM .| |': °+'|. .`+°:
Thank you for choosing to worship with us this morning!
KZ Church
The River
First Federated Church Sunday, June 21, 2009
Other Groups
Experience, investigate, build and grow in your faith. We have
opportunities available during the week that include:
Beauty by THE BOOK
7 week Summer Study by Laurie Cole
Facilitated by Beth Bush
Thursdays | 7:45PM | Room 244 (Hub)
Sunday Mornings Adult Bible Fellowship (ABFs)
Once you’ve joined us in worship, our Adult Bible Fellowships are
a great next step to connect with others and grow in your faith. We
have a variety of opportunities available that include:
Sundays | 9:10–10:25AM
The HUB (ages 18-24) | Room 244
The Channel/Connections (ages 25–35) | Room 215
Homebuilders (all ages) | Room 1250–1251
Prayer (all ages) | Room 100
Women (all ages) | Room 208
Sundays | 10:45AM–Noon
Cornerstone (born in the 1950s) | Room 1240–1241
Galilean (born in the 1930s) | Room 1244–1247
Immanuel (born in the 1930s) | Room 1105
Friendly Fellowship (born in the 1920s) | Room 1254–1255
Koinonia (all ages) | Room 1252–1253
Ezra (all ages) | Room 1118
Homebuilders (all ages) | Room 1250–1251
Prayer (all ages) | Room 100
Ecclesiastes (all ages) | Room 1238–1239
Worship | Room 1125
Women (all ages) | Room 208
Join us in prayer, fellowship and fun as we connect with others
and grow in our faith. We have a variety of opportunities avail-
able that include:
For All—Prayer Community
||.|| | .`|–.`|PM | ¯.+|''.| '+'' .|'' .mm:.: | ¯+.'.|+|. '+|. !.': ':
The End Is in Sight!
Thanks to the dedication of so many of you, the final payment
on the note First Federated Church holds with Fidelity Bank will
be made this summer. For many years, it felt like we would never
get there and it’s been exciting to watch the debt shrink to below
$1 million, then below a half-million, then below $100,000, and
now go away entirely.
Reaching this point hasn’t come without sacrifice and we
never know for sure what the future will hold. That’s why it’s
so important to celebrate this milestone but continue faithful
stewardship of the resources entrusted to us, as individuals and
as a church body. We haven’t been able to set aside money for
contingencies, unexpected opportunities, or emergencies and we
know that a property as large as ours practically inhales money.
We ask for your continued generosity so that the General Fund
can be built up to handle whatever comes along and that all
areas of ministry can be funded to an adequate level. After all,
God does His work through people using the time, talents and
treasures He’s provided.
Thanks to some recent sizable gifts, the final payment should
be made later this month, so it’s possible that gifts earmarked for
Debt Reduction will continue to come in for a short time after the
debt is paid off. These gifts will go to the General Fund which
supports all areas of ministry. As always though, you continue
to have the opportunity to designate your financial gifts on your
offering envelopes.
Thank you for helping FFC reach this goal.
Short-Term Mission Opportunity
July 11–18, 2009 | Flagsta Mission to the Navajos
We will be working with
a Navajo church, doing
work projects at the church
(painting, cleaning, installing
cabinets) and conducting a Va-
cation Bible School for K-12th
graders. We have supported
Lenita Vetter for over 40 years
working with this mission
and look forward to being
involved with their ministry on
a personal basis. The cost will be $400. We will sleep and eat at
the church, and travel down in vans. This is a great opportunity
for families and individuals of all ages.
Please Pray for our Short-term Missionaries
We have several short-term mission trips serving this summer
around the world, and they all need YOUR prayers for safety,
health and opportunities to minister where God has led them:
Elyse & Cariann Claiborne .| .+.|:| ´.|¡. '´ .|.'.:| .| ':+' :.+||:'.m +||
|...':'... !+¡ .'–¹.'¡ .°
Dick Schulz: '| .:.m+|¡ ..|' ..:+|:. ¯...: !..|. ¹.|: `+–.°. ':'..|| |
|.:.| + '+.| .|| | : |. .¯!
A team of 5 ..'' ': |.|| | ':|¡+. .|.'.:| ..|' |. | |. :.+||:'.m. '.|. +||
|.+|+. ¹.|: `°–.°
Abbey Longstreet .| 'm.|.+| ':..''. |. |': .mm:.. ..'.|| +| +| ..'+|+|:
Gary Baugher .| '..+ |:+'.|| +| |': '..+| |m:..+| ´'..|.+| '|..:..|¡. ¹.|:
..–¹.'¡ `
M-Fuge. + |:+m | +` | .. ¡.|' +|| +|.'| +.: ':+|:| | .'..:||+. '!. |
:..:.'..'| .:'+|.|'.. +|| '+.: |': |.:' |'..|'.| |': mm.|.|¡ ¹.|: .`–.°
Donna Stanger | '..+ ..'.|| ..|' +| ¯||'.' +m. +|| ..|' '. °:'|:'' +||
||+.:. ¹.'¡ `+–|.|.| `
First Federated Church Sunday, June 21, 2009
The contents of this page have been removed to protect the
privacy of those in our congregation.
Printed copies of this page can be obtained at the church.
Items found on this page include:
Pray for Those Who Grieve
Happy Birthday!
(Birthdays are listed for Federated members & missionaries)
Pray for those with Physical Needs
(In the Hospital, Upcoming Surgery/Procedures, Partial List of the Ongoing Needs of Our Members &
Regular Attenders)
Pray for Those Who Serve our Church
Our Encouragement
“For to me, to live is
Christ, and to die is gain.”
Philippians 1:21
First Federated Church Sunday, June 21, 2009
Copyright © 2007 Sermons 4 Kids, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
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MISSION ONE Reaching others for Jesus Christ
Lee & Michelle Sonius
Mission Board: HCJB Global
Location: Accra, Ghana
What do they do? Lee is Region-
al Director for Sub-Saharan
Africa for HCJB Global.
HCJB works in partnership
with other ministries to
start Christian FM radio stations. Lee guides and nurtures
the team in the region; men and women whose ministries
touch the lives of thousands through media and health care.
Michelle’s role is equally important, both as Lee’s life part-
ner and as the person that many women in the region look to
for counsel, nurturing, and a role model.
• God has laid a solid foundation for HCJB Global in Ghana
following relocation from Cote d’Ivoire; for a great team; for
a family to stay in their home while they are on home assign-
ment; provision of a car and an apartment.
Prayer Requests:
• For their time in the US to be spiritually and physically
refreshing for their family.
• For their attendance at several couple retreats.
• For raising additional monthly support and ministry funds to
cover school tuition, etc., prior to returning to Ghana on Jan.
10, 2010.
Dave and Pam
US/Closed Country
What do they do? Dave is the country director for an area of
the world where the Gospel is not welcome. He seeks to
coordinate, train, partner and support the ministry overseas,
as well as provide leadership for their growing team. They
travel to participate in ministry projects, visit the team and
church leaders. Christians there face intense intimidation
and threats of death.
Prayer Requests:
• For elections held on June 12—that the Lord would over-rule
plans for evil and raise up men and women who will stand
for justice and freedom.
• For their meetings with local government, pastors and be-
lievers, team members.
• For finding where they should live when they return to the
country; plans for the future.
• For 2 sisters who have been in solitary confinement in prison
over 4 months. They have been beaten badly.
• Four others recently arrested—no one knows where police
have taken them.
• For strength for everyone there.
• For wisdom and boldness as they stand strong in the faith.
Peter & Marta Hocking
Mission Board: Segadores (Reapers)
Location: Lima, Peru
What do they do? Peter directs the
Segadores Missionary Associa-
tion: teaching, counseling and
training national missionaries
with the goal of sending them
to unreached tribes in Peru.
Segadores has planted several churches. Both are involved in
counseling ministry. Peter, one of the founders, grew up in
Peru as the son of missionaries. Marta, raised in Venezuela, is
the daughter of our first FFC missionary, the late Edna Dade.
Prayer Requests:
• For daughter Lydia’s health—improving, but still challeng-
ing. Pray as she plans to study nutrition in August.
• For Marta’s counseling ministry.
• For co-workers as they build a simple two-room schoolhouse
in the native community of Pampa Mercado, enabling chil-
dren to learn to read.
• For a chicken-raising project to enable a feeding program for
undernourished children to become self-supporting.
• For patience and perseverance as the challenge of reaching
the unreached requires time for learning language, under-
standing culture, and showing love in practical ways.
´.¡..|'| .||. ':.m| + '.|. '| |'' '.|'| '::..:| ...:.m|+'.|m
First Federated Church Sunday, June 21, 2009
June 21-- None Father’s Day
June 28-- No Hangtime
July 5--No Hangtime…4th of July weekend
July 12—Ice Age 3
July 19—Splash Party
July 26—Softball
Father’s Day!!!! Hang with your dads!
What’s Going On?
Dodge Ball Mondays | 6:30–8:00PM.
From this point forward-- dodgeball is for grades 7th and older…no
In June
M-FUGE Mission Trip June 21-28
A team of 43 are headed to Glorietta, NM, to serve, build
relationships and share the gospel throughout the community.
Please pray for our team as we go. (SH, JH)
In July
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs-July 12 | 2PM
Come enjoy the 3rd installment of the Ice Age movies. Tickets
are $6.25 for a 2:00ish showing of the movie at the Jordan Creek
Town Center. After worship services, get a bite to eat OR eat at
the food court and join us for this hilarious movie. Be sure to
arrange some carpooling options ahead of time! (JH, SH)
FFC Splash Party- July 19| 6:15-8:15PM
Join us at Clive Aquatic Center—BE THERE! It’s free and it
is easily one of the most fun church fellowships that we have. Be
there and ready to swim! Remember the one pieces!
Amazing Race: Season 3 July 24| 6PM
Start forming teams now! We need your team to consist of
1 parent, 1 visitor, 1 person you don’t normally hang out with,
YOU, and a friend of your choice. We will race Friday, July
24th starting at 6PM. Last year this was a tremendous outreach
and lots of first time visitors came. Let’s reach out once again
and have a blast doing it! (JH, SH)
Junior High Summer Camp
Check out opportunities to go to camp at any of our area
Christian camp groups. Great programs are available through
Hidden Acres, Wildwood, Twin Lakes, Camp Appanoose and
See Pastor Howie for more information and we will help you get
plugged in to the best camp opportunity for your age group. (JH)
Six Flags—Chicago
August 20–21
NEW! Join us for an awe-
some trip to CHICAGO! Cost:
$125 for 2 days at the park. This
includes a meal each day, break-
fast Saturday, parking costs, gas,
drinks, etc. NEW! We will park
hop both days! No extra charge!
We will stay overnight at a local
church. Meet at the church at
5:30AM to carpool! We need lots
of adult drivers!
Chicago Marathon | Team
World Vision Oct 9-11
IF you’d like to support the
“FFC 5” runners for the October
Chicago Marathon – each
person has set up an online
account. Team members include
Jason Griess, Jeff Harper, Mike
Howland (Howie), Blake Johnson, and John Schuster. We are
EACH trying to raise $1000 for TEAM WORLD VISION. World
Vision works to tackle the root causes of poverty by working
with children, families, and their communities to provide things
like clean water, health care, nutritious food, education, and
economic opportunities. You can support our efforts through
Team World Vision by making a one-time tax-deductible dona-
tion. Type in the weblinks below if you’d like to help support this
7th–12th Grades
Games &
M-FUGE Ministry Track
This ministry track is
designed to help students
use their athletic ability and
willing hearts to share the
gospel through sportsman-
ship and Christ –like
attitudes. These tracks are
located in children’s centers
or homes, apartment
complexes, and boys and
girls clubs.
Regular Submission Deadline: ¯.:|+¡ '¡ ||
We prefer that items be submitted electronically!
¯-!+.' '¯'''|'¯'·¯..|¯:|:.+|:|.|
|'' .'m.||:| .|:m +.: .'|:| | .'m..| |..|:'.|: +|| :|.|..+' .:..:. '¡
|': '..' |+| ¯¯´ .::..: |': ..|'| | :|.| .'m..| |. ':|||'
¯..| ¯:|:.+|:| ´'..' |: || '+.m | .| +|¡ .¡..|'| .....':|: | .|:m
...||:| .| |'. |:..+.:.. .|': |':...: |+|:| |'' .|:m ..''.':| +.:
|.|:| .| || |+.|' +|| ':'.:.:| | ': |.:: |. ...'+|.| . ..''. |m+.|
First Federated Church Sunday, June 21, 2009
KZ Church
It’s gonna be a buggy summer in KZ
Church, but there’s still no need to call
PrestoX for pest control! We LOVE these
bugs! They’re all a part of “Metamorpho-
sis—A God-directed, Life Change Produc-
tion.” Each week these friendly bugs will
help our kids understand how God can
change us into His beautiful creations, just as the caterpillar goes
through a transformation to become a butterfly.
This week in KZ Church, the kids met the Watch-What-You-
Utterfly, who helped them understand that the words they speak
are sooooooooo important. We can show we care about others by
speaking words of encouragement.
Proverbs 12:18 says, “Thoughtless words cut like a sword. But
the tongue of wise people brings healing.”
Lazer Sports Camp ’09
Lazer Sports Camp begins to-
morrow! Please pray with us for
a great week of sports instruc-
tion, fun and Bible teaching.
There’s still room for a few
more campers, so sign up today
or come to Tower Park at 8:30
tomorrow morning.
Thank you to the many
individuals who so generously provided snacks for our campers.
Welcome, Laura!
Laura Tilton has joined the Children’s
Ministry as a part-time assistant. Laura’s
duties will include KZ Church, special
events, outreach events and, of course, “other
duties as assigned!” Please welcome Mrs.
Tilton to the team and pray for her as she
begins to get acquainted with the Children’s
New Arrival
We are excited to welcome Sophia Selah
Nian Lukacs to our Federated family.
Sophia was born on January 7, 2008. Her
new parents, Aaron and Sherri Lukacs, greeted Sophia with
eager arms in China on June 1 and have now returned to Des
Moines with their daughter. Praise the Lord and pray with Aaron
and Sherri for this wonderful treasure they have received.
Sunday, June 21, 2009 | Father’s Day
9:10AM Celebration | 10:45AM The River
Pastor Mike Rose with Special Guest
Chris Creighton, Head Football Coach, Drake University
Title: Coaching the Home Team
First Federated Church Sunday, June 21, 2009
Our sympathy is extended to those in our church family who
have lost a loved one recently:
Helena Shaw at the death of her daughter-in-law, Patty Shaw,
on June 16
Keri Roland at the death of her grandfather, Robert De-
Doncker, on June 16
Cindy Bortell at the death of her brother-in-law, Pastor Don
Bowlin, on June 13
Thank You
Thank you for the cards, prayers, Gideon Bible and FFC
memorial gifts sent to our family in the recent death of Beverly
Kersey. Marabel Kersey
Donate Your Books for the Book Drive
Saturday, June 27 | First Assembly of God | Merle Hay Road
Iowa Right to Life is having a book drive Saturday, June 27,
9AM–4PM in the parking lot of First Assembly of God on Merle
Hay Road. A semi truck will sit close to the road to make it an
easy drop off for you. Please help IRLC prepare for the Fall Book
Sale by donating your books June 27. The efforts of the book sale
helps Iowa pregnancy centers who in turn help pregnant women
and their unborn.
Book donations are also always welcome at the Iowa Right
to Life office location, 1500 Illinois St. in Des Moines, open
9AM–5PM, Monday through Friday. For more information call
Book Sale, Sept. 9–14, 2009, at Vets Auditorium
Urbana 09
College Students or High School Seniors
“The Word Became
Flesh” is Intervarsity’s 22nd
Student Missions Conference,
December 27–31, 2009, in St.
Louis, MO.
More information is available at Best
rate by June 30: $345. FFC Missions will help with costs and
transportation planning. If interested, contact John Porter in the
Missions office.
New Mexico Missions Trip ..............................................................................21–28
Father’s Day Service .'.:.+' ..:| ´'.. ´.:.|'||. '.+': '|..:..|¡: ............................21
Sports Camp .¯.:. '+.': .................................................................................... 22–26
O ces closed ..............................................................................................................3
Splash Party ................................................................................................................19
Arts Camp ............................................................................................................27–31
AAU Jr. Olympics at Drake Stadium ....................................................................3
Oakridge Back to School .........................................................................................8
Church Picnic at FFC ............................................................................................... 30
Meals for the Heartland ....................................................................................... 3-7
Deacon of the Month
Brian Balmer, 255.2122 ext 139
.. ':+| |+|| .:+|¡ | ':'. ..|' |': .'¡.+' |::| | |':
m:m':. +|| +||:||:. | |'. |:''.'.. ''.'| ¡. '+.: +
'.|-|:.m. :m:.|:|¡ |::|. | || ':.|+|: | +'' |': '..'
| : +|| ':+.: + m:+|: |. |': “':+| | |': !||'” ¯'.
m.|.|.¡ . m+|: ..'': '¡ ¡.. |.|| | |': ':+|’ ¯.||
Deaconess of the Month
Cyndi Murphy | 277.2040
.. ':+|:: +.: +.+.'+'': | |': .m:| | |': '..' .|
+.:+ | :|..+|:m:|| +|| ....|.+' ....| '| ¡. |::| +
'.|:|.|| :+. +|| m:|: | ..+¡ ..|' ¡.. .':+: +'' ´¡||.
Baby Bottle Blessing Project
As of today, the BBB 2009 project ends. We
would like to thank those who participated in sup-
porting two Des Moines crisis pregnancy centers,
AGAPE and Birthright.
Look forward to learning the total amount given
shortly as we tally the contents of the bottles. Also,
don’t forget to return any unused bottles so we can
get them back to where they belong.
Did You Know?
• At 11-12 weeks the unborn child is more than 2 inches long
• Baby’s heart has been beating since 25 days
• Brain waves can be read since 43 days
• All body organs are present and working
• The developing child is becoming extremely sensitive to
sound, pressure, heat, light and pain.
The above information is documented by scientific research.
• Iowa’s worker shortage is expected to reach over 150,000 by
• 175,000 potential workers in Iowa have been aborted since
Roe vs. Wade 36 years ago
Taken from Iowa Right to Life June 2009 news letter.
Although BBB project is over, we can continue to pray,
volunteer and support the wonderful agencies in Des Moines that
encourage women and their babies.
Financial Report
Attendance 6/14/09
´:':'.+|.| °`|AM +`.
¯': '..:. `|+'AM `''
¯+.'¡ ´'.'|'| +°
´'.'|.:|’ ´'..' ..
Budgeted Missions:
·:+. | '+|: °/`/|°–..::||
'::| ....`+.
|:..|| `°..`°|
''.|+|:… . .°.°..:
´...:|| °+'+|: .`.`.°
':·| '+¡m:|| ¹.|: .'
General Fund Oering
'+| '::'
'::''¡ '::| `+.+`°
|:..|| '|.°..
.:.+|: …`..'|.
·:+. | '+|: °/`/|°–..::||
'::| `.+``.`.°
|:..|| `.``°.|°'
''.|+|:… . °..|°`:

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