Routine Classroom Practices Script

Note: you will find below words and phrases that most teachers use on a routine basis. In the beginning, it might be helpful to put some of these on 3 x 5 cards and either tape them in strategic places (podium, computer, next to the whiteboard, etc), or to have them in your pocket for handy reference. Basic Classroom Instructions • • • Roll call: Discipuli, nomina vestra voco (vocabo). Respondete “adsum”. (if a student is absent, teacher: ubi est Matthew? Abestne? Student: abest.) Open, close door: _________, claude (aperi) ianuam, quaeso. Books, paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, turning to pages, etc. 1. Discipuli, extrahite libros (chartas, graphides, calamos, pennas, libellos). 2. Aperite libros ad paginam ________. (page numbers are given in ordinal numbers, so, e.g. ad paginam ducentessimam tricessimam secundam— page 232). 3. Vertite paginam et legite versum primum per decimum (turn the page and read lines 1-10. Again, line numbers are ordinal.) 4. Post legendum, scribite breviarium de fabula in libello (after reading, write a summary in your notebook). 5. Claudite libros. 6. Vertite libros in mensa. (Turn your books over on the desk—for when you want them to refer back to the page momentarily.) 7. Deponite libros (calamos, pennas, graphides, libellos, chartas) in mensa (sarcina/sacello). Test Instruction These are going to vary with each teacher’s testing format, but here are some possibilities, examples taken from what I do. Adapt as you see fit. At the bottom are oral instructions. Otherwise, these are all written on the test. If a student doesn’t understand, they have the safety net words to help. I only use Latin instructions if the work is to be done in Latin. If, however, the work is to be done in English (derivatives, for example) then the instructions are in English. The only exception I make is for translation. I give that instruction in Latin. All of my comprehension questions are in Latin with Latin answers. • • Lege fabulam et responde (vel, scribe responsa). Scribe sententias perfectas (complete sentences).

Scribe breviarium fabulae. Mittite chartas/probationes ad caput ordinis. .• • • Elige responsum optimum. Oral admonitions during a test: • • • • • • • Discipuli. deponite in mensa mea. nolite loqui (susurrare). Fer(te) mihi probationem. Post probationem scripsistis. scribite probationem (begin/write the test). vertite in mensa. Discipuli. Quis perfectus est? Quis non perfectus est? Post probationem scripsistis. Redde sententias Latinas Anglice.

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