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Technology Timeline

For Hospitality Industry

1883- James Ritty, a saloonkeeper, invents the first cash register…The

Incorruptible Cashier

192X- National Cash Register produces the first cash register to print on a guest
check…NCR 1944 nicknamed the Silver Bullet

194X- The first front desk posting device for creating a guest folio is
manufactured by National Cash Register

195x- National Cash Register invents “prechecking” for restaurants creating the
first system of checks and balances between the dining room and kitchen….two
and three ply guest checks were also manufactured by the industry leader

1974- First electronic register is created that calculates tax and change

1980- First electronic posting device created by MICROS that automatically posts
room and tax and essentially eliminates the “night audit”
(450 ?)
1978- First electronic pre-checking POS terminal created that stores guest check
balances and prints order on remote printer in the kitchen.
1977- First networked terminals used in restaurants creating a “POS system.
MICROS is first company to connect restaurants guest checking automatically to
front desk system. Red and black printing introduced for kitchen printing.

1980-Inventory Control Software introduced for food service

(Ron Verni . TRS80)
198X- First Computer based Property Management System created by Not
sure.,,.Dave Burrows etc, Dave Marcus… 1978 / 79 ?______________

1981- (2160) NCR invents bar coded guest check….Remanco introduces first
“soft check” guest check stored by system eliminating the need to standard guest

1986- Micros introduces first PC Based POS System (4700) based on Microsoft
MS-DOS. PC Terminal wasn’t until 1992 (PCWS)

1986- First Handheld Device introduced (McArthur park on N.Ca..New Rowland

worked for them..Validec (?))

1986/7- First Touchscreen User Interface introduced for restaurants (Squirrel)

1990- Integrated POS Credit Card Processing Introduced

1991-Touchscreen handheld introduced

199X- Customer Activated Terminal for Fast Food

1993- First Window based POS introduced by Aloha???? Or Compris (.Abby

Brown would know)

1991- First Intel/Windows POS Device All-in-One Hardware Platform


1997/8- On Line Food Ordering..Can’t remember the name of the company, they
blew through lots of cash..colors were yellow an black..big trade show presence.

2003- Low Cost Windows CE terminal introduced for use as POS//probably

radiant..may be 1999-2001

2001-Web Based Reporting

200x-On Line Booking for Hotel Rooms…in the bubble .. 1997 ?

2001- On Line Reservations..(One instance of room inventory .. 2004 for all they can sell the last room)

1994 (?) CDK France- Portable Pay at the Table in Europe