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Strictly Motivational


Uche Onyekwelu CCE

It is most pertinent to know that the most efficient body that functions correctly
often is at your command. Do you know who this body is? It is you. You have
what it takes to move steps higher. Just take a look at this: humans are made up
of over 12 billion brain cells marvellously working. They were naturally
endowed by God, and have been rated the highest precision organ in existence.
Scientists have noted that the brain is capable of several trillion associations of
thoughts, but yet they cannot conclusively arrive at the amazing way by which
thoughts move to and fro the human cells. Therefore, one does not need dual
brains before he can accomplish. Even the use of about one-tenth of one’s brain
triggers actions of improvements. So the ball is in your court; why not hit the
target and shake the net. You have the ability. It’s in you.

Yes, you may have some modes of determinisms, but they are mere ephemerals
than intricate. I put these questions to you- Do you have psychological
determinism, physical determinism, speech determinism? Do you always have
the feelings of inferiority? Do you always have the sense of having been
sidetracked or unrecognised or unimportant, or not qualified for this outing?
The solution is at your beck and call. You have what it takes. The fact that you
sometimes feel so inadequate and inferior is a proof that you are a superior
human being; for fools and imbeciles cannot feel the way you do.

We have the qualities but the problem is that we allow them to be latent. Heat-
up your qualities just like the Bunsen burner heats up solutions in a chemical
reaction. How actually? By taking up self-challenges in particular spheres you
lag; though peacemilly. With this formula, Success is assured. Yes, I tell you
that you have enough atomic energy in your body to destroy the whole of the
State where you live. That is to say that you have enough challenge energy to
destroy the whole of your determinisms. True or false? I think true. So move it

You see, sometimes you can be a very poor judge of yourself, probably rating
yourself incorrectly, either too high (thereby moving into self-extollement) or
too low (thereby moving into lack of self-confidence). Which is better?
On the one hand, those who rate themselves too high are likely to be less
brilliant or less than average. On the other hand, those who rate themselves too
low are those who possess almost every great quality you can think of except
self-confidence. On which party are you? I suggest you take a middle party that
neither rate themselves too high or too low, but believe in their abilities, and in
confidence will improve in some necessary angles. Remember that it takes real
intelligence to think you are not as smart as you should be. Even when Socrates
was asked why he was considered the wisest man in Greece, he replied-“it is
because I know that I know nothing”. You may have known something, but
there is a “thing” you have not known- that is the “nothing”. From this
“nothing”, you can strive to know “something” so that your effort of knowing
“something” will reduce the number of “nothing” in you. Don’t you think so?
It’s up to you. But what I know is that you are abled, and that sense of
alienation and inferiority complex is like a fungus that absorbs healthy living
matter. Don’t allow it to steal away your fabulous dynamic personality. You are
a special made of God, furnished with gifts. Thus Shakespeare said- “what a
piece of work is man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, in form and
moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in
apprehension how like a gold”.

I know that it takes courage to build up self-confidence that the years and the
odds of the past have crippled. But the courage lies right there in you. Push it
hard and move it up.

Uche Onyekwelu CCE

9 January, 2009.

…Moving Unto Success.