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From: "Cohen, David L.

Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 13:33:19 -0400

On behalf of Senator Specter, Governor Rendell, and Mayor Nutter, I am pleased to

invite you to the kick off meeting of the �new� Citizens for Arlen Specter Finance
Committee. This meeting will be held on Monday, June 22, 2009, at noon, at the
Comcast Center in Philadelphia. We will also supply a call in number for those of
you who wish to attend, but cannot participate in person.

Once again, we are calling on this outstanding group of Pennsylvania political

fundraisers to step up and make a loud statement. As I have said before � as we
have raised money for Mayor and Governor Rendell, for Senator Casey, for Mayor
Nutter, for the DNC and the DSCC, and of course for President Obama -- I do not
believe there is a more effective political fundraising force in the nation. At
this point, in this election cycle, the Governor and the Mayor have one major
political priority � ensuring the re-election of Arlen Specter to the U.S. Senate,
this time as a Democrat. That goal is supported 100 percent by President Obama
and Vice President Biden, as well as the DSCC and the DNC.

The first step down this path will be a �wow� fundraising event for Senator
Specter in Philadelphia this summer. As a sign of the national Democratic unity
behind Senator Specter, President Obama has agreed to attend this event as our
special guest. As is frequently the case with Presidential scheduling, all we
have been told is that the President will attend the event, that it will be
scheduled for sometime this summer, probably in July, and that we will be the
first people to know precisely when it will occur once the President�s schedule is
sorted out closer to the event.

While the details are still being worked out, we will probably have a multi-tiered
event with a goal of attracting $500 contributions from young professionals,
double max contributions from everyone we know ($4,800 a person this cycle), and
possibly additional �party committee� contributions. The event will probably take
place in Center City Philadelphia, although we are also still working on possible
locations. We hope to have more details on the structure of the event and
possibly the location at our meeting next Monday.

One request for this week. As you know, federal campaign filing deadlines fall
quarterly, with the next deadline being June 30. As you know, this will be
Senator Specter�s first-ever federal campaign finance filing as a Democrat. And
one of our first priorities is to make it a memorable filing. Specifically, we
would like to generate a literal outpouring of financial support for Senator
Specter in the week following our inaugural Finance Committee meeting and the June
30 filing. All these contributions will be credited to the signature event with
the President this summer, but we need to put a special priority on fundraising
from June 22 to June 30. So our collective homework is to each think about a
minimum of $5,000 we can collect in Citizens for Arlen Specter contributions
before June 30 � some of us should be able to do better than that and some may not
be able to generate a full $5,000. But if, on average, we can meet this goal, we
will raise a half million dollars for Senator Specter in the last week of the
filing period, and that will make the kind of statement this group is used to

The Senator, the Governor, and the Mayor hope to see you next Monday. Please let
me know if you are interested in this effort and if you can attend the Citizens
for Arlen Specter Finance Committee meeting at Comcast at noon on June 22nd.
Thanks for considering the ask.