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Mia Galioto MD

5237 Highway KK

 Cuba, mo. 65453

. TELEPHONE#(573)-259-0602

February, 23 2005

Mr. Wingert wrote this

For review by Mia Galioto & for
her approval
Mr. Wingert Has the original
which was signed
And dated by Mrs. Galioto

Mr. Jay Nixon

Attorney General
State Capitol
Jefferson City MO.

Re: Richard Wingert.

Dear Mr.Nixon.

Exploitation, Embezzlement, bribery

I had the chance too meet Richard, Several Months ago for the first
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time. From that point till present, we have had Nemours opportunities to
speak about his past experiences, At length on many topics. He made me
aware of his somewhat complete medical history, before & after the wreck,
0n* October 17, * 1981. *---------

Richard made me, aware of, the “fatal car wreck” or what it was thought
to be at first!

I have met with Richard on ----6/9/04 8/11/04----11/10/04- -12


*Richard was working for the Kansas highway department, where his
father had worked for 32 year before his stroke. And his father before him
until he turned 65.When he. retired, he being William Lauren’s father,
Lauren being Richard’s father. He continued to do work for the highway
department cleaning state parks. He continued to do work around the farm
for years. In 1976 Lillie, Richards mother contracted pancreatic cancer. She
was brought home from the hospital so she could ”DIE”! In peace. Richard’s
sister became the primary care giver for her at that time. She suffering from
it’s effects until she Died on “{Sept.8}”, 1976.

At that time Richard was working for the state highway department
where his father and his father had worked before him. His grandmother
sister and father still lived on the farm.

** All Richard life as far back as he can remember his grand father and his
father were very instrumental in the way his value system came to bee. His
mother was a workaholic, Sa that is where he gets his persistence. Richard
was made to pick up and put things away BECAUSE! He was told all his life,
take care of things! I.E. the tools, shovels, pick tractors and everything in
general. They will ‘last forever’! One day this will all be “YOURS & YOUR
SISTERS” When your grandmother & GRANDFATHER die, it goes to me and
your mom, Then when we die it goes to you and your sister!

Richard moved away for a period of time. Then he moved back to the
“farm” with His father. And his grandmother.

When his sister moved to Missouri with a friend, whose husband had just
finished medical school and become a Doctor. The “new” Doctor
opened his practice in Eldon, where Richards’s sister was to have a position
at this new clinic. Working in the office and answering phones. For she had
no formal tranig.

Mrs.Wingert. Moved away to pursue her newfound interests. Richard and

his father Lauren was left to live on the family farm with Lauren’s aging
mother, she was bored in 1900.

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Richard’s grandmother got convinced to move to Elton to live with

Richard’s sister. Soon after she had moved to MO, Richard’s father was
pruswaded in to moving to live with his daughter, because it seemed as if

*Mr. Wingert, Richards’s father, had lived with his daughter for a short
time. When he accommodated his persistent daughter and underwent his
second operation for his clogged arteries Against Mr.Wingert first instincts
and concerns. He had relayed to Richard his concerns, that Ruthann had
become over controlling and somewhat preditolrial in her feelings toward
these new found surroundings. This seemed to be a good time to undergo
this operation, for Mr.Wingert. Was in good health at this time. 12 hours or
so after the operation he suffered a stroke! The operation was done at, what
was at that time, still Hospital. I think, at this time it is Capital Regional.
The operation was in September of 1981

*Richard’s father had a will drawn up before he moved to Eldon. Which he

gave a copy to Richard! He also gave a copy to Mrs. Wingert. Which
conveniently got misplaced at one time soon after Lauren had moved to mo.
As soon as he realized he was to undergo an operation, which might be a life
altering experience, he apparently had made one last trip to see Richard
before he had this operation. He had another document drawn up and he
left this document with Mrs. Wingert.

*Richard had a c.v.a. In October on the 17 Th.1981, Less than one month
after his father had his stroke.

**The importance in this is that Richard had a will, and was living on the
farm when Richard’s father had his stroke. * Richard was living on the
family farm with, At this time, was his live in girl friend.

*He Had MADE, what seemed to be turning into a flourishing business. He

was doing welding, and repairs on farm equipment for some of the local

His next-door neighbor had a salvage business, he also had worked for
fisher body of general Motors Company for many years. Richard learned an
enormous amount of hands on experience that he could not have been
received at any school. Having worked in this field, summers and after
school for several years before he even got out of highschool.

*He was doing great on the farm by himself; everything seemed to be

looking promising for Richard. This opportunity was long overdue! Mrs.
Wingert had a copy before he had his surgery.

*Mr.Wingert apparently never recovered from his operation, where he

could not do anything of any signefince for himself.

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Richard had a one-car accident, where he had his oxygen supply

restricted, this caused hypoxia, or the same outcome as a stroke.

*Richards accident occurred on October, 17,1981.

When they found Richard after the wreck he was thought to be dead but
at closer examination, he had questionable breathing. At that time he was
taken to the emergency room at ST.MARIES HOSPITAL. In Leavenworth Ks

He was in a coma for almost a month. His stay,atSt.maries hospital was

for about two months.

At the time he left the hospital he could not even feed himself.

If it were not for the determination of a close family friend Lynda Corey
“(THE LADY”), Richard-Married “. Richard would have not made as much
progress in his long road to recovery.

Richard had to learn how to do every thing over, even controlling his
bowels, bladder and even the simple things that everyone takes for granted.
Especially speech. He had to learn how to make vole sounds, how they’re
used. The simplest of things have suddenly become new and foreign to him,
While in this hospital he suffered broken nerves in his feet or ankles from
the incompetence of one of the staff. From there he went to The University
of Missouri. When he got there, they changed all of his meds, and he started
making rapid progress in his recovery. They were treating Richard as if he
had a hart attack but in actuality when he was knocked out, he had on a
pair of tight coverall’s, so when he was unconscious his oxygen supply was
restricted. He was in this car fore several hours before they found him. He
was in the University for almost two months, then he went back to Kansas
and lives

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back on the farm.

Richard lived on the family farm for some time after he had gotten out of
the hospital. He was having minor troubles, nothing you would expect, after
a head injury. Richard had some creative ideas on ways to compensate for
his new limitations.

His sister convinced him that it would bee nice if he would move off the
farm and move down to the ozarks. She made it look attractive, she also
expressed to Richard, if he did, the farm would get sold. The money would
be spent on a down payment, to purchase a small house or something!

So Richard and his new wife moved to eldon.