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au PO Box 1640 Buddina Q 4575 President - John Holmes tel 5437 9016

KIRA Mirror - Issue No 4 of 2013. This issue will be in your letter box just prior to the Federal Election on 7 September 2013 and no doubt will be competing with lots of election material in the letter boxes of Kawana Island. We do hope you read this as we hope it contains some information of value and use and also stimulate readers to reflect on the role of KIRA in this local community. This KIRA Mirror is distributed by a number of volunteers and some are not members of the KIRA Committee. This ensures it reaches every letter box on the island. We also would encourage support of our advertisers as their support of KIRA greatly assists the continuing functioning of the organisation. KIRA Annual General Meeting. The AGM of KIRA will be held on Sunday 15th September 2013 commencing at 10am at Kawana Island Meeting Place KIMP located at the northern end in the Double Bay building complex. The purpose of the AGM is to receive the Annual Report and the Annual Financial Statements and to elect the office bearers for the 2013-2014 period. Office bearers to be elected are (1) President (2) Honorary Treasurer (3) Honorary Secretary & (4) members of the Management Committee - usually 2 - 4. At the recent KIRA Management Committee meeting, both the Hon Secretary & Hon Treasurer resigned from the committee due to their individual personal circumstances. Both had rendered sterling service during their time on the committee and this will definitely be acknowledged in the Presidents Report at the AGM. Another member has foreshadowed their departure from the committee so it is vital that replacements come forward at the AGM. Service on KIRA is interesting, at times more so than others, and is certainly not overly onerous of time or effort. Should you have an interest and questions, please feel free to telephone President John Holmes on 5437 9016.An essential for KIRA is local resident input. KIRA exists to protect and advance the interests of residents of Kawana Island and those who have served on the Management Committee considers it serves a very valuable role. It is vital that those in political power, Local Council or Government, State or Federal, hear clearly the concerns of local residents. Promoting these interests also serves to protect the financial value of your residential property. Vandalism on Kawana Island. Since the last issue of KIRA Mirror there have been several reports of vandalism to property on Kawana Island. In late June the bus shelter on southern side of Jamaica Way was covered in graffiti. The Council were quick to respond and the graffiti was painted over the very next day after residents reported the incident to the SCC Response Centre. It was a job well done. Another report was of removal and disposal in the surrounding waterway of some Real Estate signs and last weekend vandals entered some of the larger residential complexes and let off fire extinguishers inappropriately and some of these were also deposited in the waterway. Should you note such behaviour please advise PoliceLink on 13 1444. KIRA AGM - 10am SUNDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2013 at KIMP