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Purpose Background Project Detail Risk Management Project Teams and Roles Contingency Plan Inclusions and Exclusions Project Goals Project Objectives Project Communication Strategy Conflict Resolution SOP’s Organisational Chart Project Approval Pg6 Pg6 Pg6 Pg7 Pg8-Pg11 Pg12 Pg13 Pg2 Pg2 Pg2 Pg3 Pg3 Pg4 Pg5 -Pg6


The diploma of sport development and diploma of fitness will be organising it. According to the Australian bureau of statistics physical inactivity cost the Australian health care system around 1. Unfortunately sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a rise in overweight and obesity. Pg2 . The games will cater for the interests of both genders and all ages. We will be targeting years 3 and 4 for primary school and 7 and 8 for high school. Since the development of computers. Rotations will expose children to a range of different games and skills which they may not have participated in before. Background: Exercise and being active is just as important as a good diet and adequate sleep when maintaining a healthy life style.Purpose: The purpose for this gala day is to expand and encourage a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing to children in primary school and high school through fitness activities.5 billion dollars between 2007 and 2008. colon and breast cancers and diabetes. This GALA day event is aimed at encouraging young people to integrate a healthy balance of physical activity within their lifestyle through education and exposure to a variety of fun activities. It is not only important to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day as per the Australian health recommendations but to also minimize prolonged inactivity such as TV and computer. TV’s and port able communication/entertainment devices and modern transport lifestyles have become more sedentary. which in turn increases the risk of conditions such as cardiovascular disease. The aim for this is to provide the children with the most exposure to different exercises that they may not have had otherwise. Each activity will have a group of children for about 30 minutes. physical activities that should be a regular part of a healthy lifestyle. The activities that will be being run that day will be fun by the cert IV fitness students. This event will expose young people to examples of fun. Project Detail: The Gala Day will be set up as an event for the CIT Certificate Four Fitness students to promote physical activity.

Admin: Ian (TL). Greg. Eddie. rock and sharps Equipment is adequate for safe and full use Heavily enforce the no contact rule Ensure the is a up to date first aid kit available Project Teams and Roles: The project teams are: Comms: Zac (TL).Risk management: Potential results of lack of risk prevention:      Slips Trips Falls Collisions Environmental Factors Potential results:      Cuts Bruises Bone Fractures Sprains and strains Bites Prevention of injuries:     Check courts and ovals for potential hazard including glass. The role of the facilities team is to organise the equipment for the activities that the Cert IV students are running. Ross. The Roles for the comms team are find contacts. Rachael. Pg3 . The admin team roles are to contact schools and organise the ones that we will be going to. Facilities: Damien (TL). a mad map of the facilities that we will be using. send out e-mails to the schools. Adam. Aaron.

advise school supervisors of any negative or destructive behaviour Failure or unavailability of equipment 1) Prepare. 2) evaluate playing ground prior to gala day Double bookings of venue. 2)Ensure authorisation is received by the relevant parties Injury or illness prevent involvement with 1) provide modifications or alternative gala day sports and events exercises to include and not [prohibit involvement in sports and activities Participation numbers exceed maximum 1) Maximum capacity is not exceeded. incident report cards. effectively communicate all details with cit students and supervisors as well as with school representatives School or venues cancel or change dates of 1)confirm all dates with necessary parties gala day Non attendance or late arrivals 1) prepare all gala day coordinators and instructors with alternative roles and responsibilities to fill positions of team members who don’t arrive or arrive late Non compliance of instructions between CIT 1) allocate roles and responsibilities.Contingency Plan: Contingency plan for sports Gala day Potential challenges Solutions (contingency plan) Wet weather in outdoor venue 1) Prepare to change playing grounds in a sheltered area. playing grounds 1)prepare to change venue in the case of or sports area double booking 2) Ensure booking of playing ground is verified and confirmed before gala day event and sports carnival. book and access all necessary equipment required for gala day. and finalise dates and times prior to the Schools) events date 2)provide all relevant parties with the correct time. supervisors or participants all facilitators are aware of the there responsibilities according to their job description 2) deal with negative responses i.e. dates and information of gala day. Risk assessment declares playing ground is 1)commence risk assessment of playing unsafe grounds the day before events 2)prepare alternative venue if hazards prevent safe exercise participation in accordance with CIT policy and legislation 3)where able minimize or remedy risks or hazards effecting safe participation Miss communication between Gala day 1)ensure communication members confirm coordinators and participant managers (I.e. ensure students. 2) select all necessary equipment Authorisation for gala day is not approved 1) Prepare and submit project definition. capacity Pg4 .

4 students Exclusions       Running Activities on the day Selecting the activities Managing the school students Administering First Aid Providing catering Provide alternate venue in case of wet weather Cert.Diploma Students Inclusions         Coordinating project Preparing Project definition doc. 4 Students Inclusions       Running Activities on the day Selecting the activities Managing the school students Set up and pack up equipment Booking Sports Equipment for event through Glenn Maximising student participation Exclusions    Administering First Aid Duty of care for students Providing catering Schools/Teachers Inclusions   Providing Playing area/venue Supervision of students Pg5 . Risk Management Plan SOPs Contacting schools in relation to project Communicating information with Cert. 4 Students Managing meetings Supervise and coordinate Cert.

Build and maintain good rapport with schools. Gala Day Objectives:            Assign teams. Confirm access to facilities. Organise equipment. e-mails. Contact schools. Provide an opportunity for certificate four students to plan and deliver a physical education class to children. Schedule regular project meetings. phone calls and Facebook Critical . Create project documents. Project Communications Strategy: Stakeholder Name CERTIV Students Roles Run a fitness session for the children Provide Facilities Communication Method Weekly meetings with CERT IV students E-mails and phone calls Level of influence Critical ACT Schools Critical CIT Project owners Help facilitate and mentor CIT students Organise a gala day to promote health and fitness Meeting and e-mails Critical CIT Students Weekly meeting. Outline activity to certificate four teams. Orchestrate a single 3 to 4 hour sports session at two schools on Gala day. Confirm time and number of students with schools.    Providing First Aid Conflict resolution between students Ensuring students are hydrated Providing alternate venue in case of wet weather Exclusions   Providing sports equipment Provide catering to CIT Staff and Students Gala Day Goals:   Expose and educate young people to sport and fun physical activities that may otherwise not experience. Confirm certificate four team plans.

go to human resources (HR) Pg7 . Between members of Administration Team: Go to the Admin Team Leader to resolve Between members of Communications Team: Go to the Communications Team Leader Between members of Facilities Team: Go to the Facilities Team Leader Between team member/s and their leader: See Project Manager Between any Members of the Gala Day Project not on the same team: See Project Manager Between Team Leaders: See Project Manager If conflict is with the Project Manager. this document outlines who to see (the next level of hierarchy up) for conflicts between people in this project.CIT Health Promotion Gala Day – Conflict Resolution Document In case of conflict between members of the Health Promotion Gala Day project (that can’t be sorted out between themselves). see Project Supervisor If a conflict can’t be resolved by the Project Supervisor.

materials/equipment) Required for the Task   Lifting equipment if required Correct lifting procedures (in accordance with CIT OHS/WHS) Warnings and Precautions       Stretch prior to lifting Evaluate the object you are lifting Identify weight and of object and the practicality of lifting it Ensure path is free from hazards. especially lower back Spread feet should width apart ensure grip is secured before lifting Back straight.Standard Operating Procedure SOP Reference number: SOP Title Scope and Limitations No: 1 Manual Handling  Can’t lift over 20 kilograms Risk Assessment References  Make sure the object isn’t over 20 kilograms Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Clothing Required   Where protective footwear if required Where Protective gloves where required Resources (eg. head up. if required work in pairs Ask for assistance when lifting heavy objects Task Instructions and Safety Considerations         Bend at knee’s not your back. risks or obstacles Don’t attempt to lift extremely heavy objects without assistance. use strength not momentum to lift Avoid lifting if injured or recovering from injuries. elbows close to body Don’t twist at waist Object close to body Take your time Signature SOP Authorization Name: Richard Burgess Date Of Authorisation: Position: Centre Director Health Community and Wellbeing Review Date: .

terminology and strategies when encountering difficult situations Know the limitations of your role and qualifications when dealing with destructive behavior Be assertive not aggressive or overbearing when dealing with children or adolescents Task Instructions and Safety Considerations       Be assertive. clear. assist one another in dealing with negative clients or behavior Use appropriate language. teachers Risk Assessment References   Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Clothing Required    Work in teams when dealing with venerable peoples Use a whistle when leading or directing group clients to maintain the clients attention Act in professional and ethical manner especially when dealing with challenging behavior Resources (eg. materials/equipment) Required for the Task  Incident report cards Warnings and Precautions       Isolate aggressive clients/participants and separate from the group and activities Refer all aggressive or destructive clients to school/venue provided supervisors/teachers Work in pairs. concise and to the point. ensure the safety of all clients/participants Don’t attempt to punish children demonstrating challenging behaviours Seek advice by the attending CIT supervisor/teacher if required Allow school/venue representatives to confront and deal with challenging behaviour Work in pairs so as to verify that correct procedures were implemented when dealing with challenging behaviours Deal with destructive behaviour in accordance with CIT policies and procedures Pg9 .Standard Operating Procedure SOP Reference number: SOP Title Scope and Limitations No: 2 Incident reports   Follow CIT policies when dealing with aggressive or destructive behavior Complete incident report cards where destructive behavior occurs Complete incident report cards when dealing with aggressive behaviour Advise CIT supervisors and inform school/venue representatives eg.

materials/equipment) Required for the Task  Designated exit and access points and parking areas in accordance with venue/school Warnings and Precautions       Park only in designated parking areas Where overflow occurs park in an area not restricting emergency access Ensure emergency access point are clear and not obstructed Ensure no obstacles or hazards interfere with the exit and access points Ensure parking in close proximity to the playing fields or venue is provided for certificate IV students delivering equipment for the gala day sports carnival ensure CIT students vehicles do not interfere with the flow of traffic Task Instructions and Safety Considerations      Minimize the distance between vehicles and venue or playing fields Reserve parking for disabled or injured persons Ensure emergency access points are not obstructed especially by CIT students or staff vehicles Where overflow occurs prevent crossing main roads or high traffic areas where able When entering or exiting the parking area minimize traffic congestion Signature SOP Authorization Name: Richard Burgess Date Of Authorisation: Position: Centre Director Health Community and Wellbeing Review Date: Pg10 .Standard Operating Procedure SOP Reference number: SOP Title Scope and Limitations No: 3 Access. exits and parking areas   Ensure all cit students and supervisors are able to access and park in the allocated spaces Prepare and identify allocated car parks prior to gala day sports carnival Ensure that access and exit points are not obstructed by vehicles. especially students or supervisors of CIT Ensure access from emergency vehicles is not obstructed Risk Assessment References   Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Clothing Required   Designated exit and access points prevent congestion when arriving or leaving the event or venue Resources (eg.

hired. materials/equipment) Required for the Task    Equipment clearly defining playing fields to clients/participants Adequate equipment required for the day Ensure all necessary equipment is booked. playing fields. provided safe and in good working Warnings and Precautions   Identify and exclude any hazards affecting the safety of CIT students or clients/participants If playing fields are hazardous or dangerous after reassessment on the day utilize alternative playing fields or venue Eliminate any hazards or risks effecting the safe involvement of CIT students and clients/participants  Ensure clients/participants play within the designated playing fields  Ensure the rules of the games and events are clearly explained Task Instructions and Safety Considerations      Conduct a current risk assessment of the venue or playing fields on the day of the events Ensure playing fields are accessible to emergency vehicles Ensure adequate space is available so games do not interfere with other games or events Ensure rules of games are clearly described and explained to maintain safe execution of activities and exercises Contact and confirm the availability of and access to desired venue and playing fields Signature SOP Authorization Name: Richard Burgess Date Of Authorisation: Position: Centre Director Health Community and Wellbeing Review Date: . also adequate equipment Resources (eg.Standard Operating Procedure SOP Reference number: SOP Title Scope and Limitations No: 4 Environment (Hot or cold weather.)       Prepare alternative playing fields or venue if able If accessible use shaded areas if extremely hot weather Checklist all required equipment Asses the condition of the venue or playing fields on the day of event before the arrival of clients/participants If on a grassed area ensure the playing fields impose little or no hazards with the potential to result in injury Ensure no obstacles or hazards place clients/participants at risk Risk Assessment References Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Clothing Required  Adequate and practical clothing of all CIT students and where possible clients. equipment etc.

CIT Gala Day Organisational chart Project Owners Sue Sinclair and Jerome Villegas Project Manager Michael Ryan Facilities Team Damien (TL) Greg Eddie Admin Team Comms Team Zac (TL) Adam Ross Ian (TL) Rachael Aaron Pg12 .

Project Approval: Date: Approved by: Richard Burgess Title: Education Manager CIT Approver signature: Project Manager Name: Michael Ryan Project Manager Signature: Pg13 .

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