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Detector Spacing

Smoke Detectors
• Approximately 30’-0” O.C.
• Not more than 15’-0” from the ends of corridors or rooms

Heat Detectors
• 625 sqft per unit

• Photo-electric type smoke detectors shall be used in rooms and corridors.
• Use rate of rise type heat detectors in janitor’s closets, small storage rooms
and kitchens
• Use fixed temperature heat detectors in mechanical equipment rooms at 135F
o Use 190F fixed temperature type in boiler rooms
• Provide a smoke detector in each elevator equipment room and the main
telephone equipment room on all projects which have a fire alarm system.
• Use ionization detectors for duct mounted type.
• Perform all fan shutdown relaying from the fire alarm control panel. Make
sure you specify enough auxiliary relays.
• Provide auxiliary contacts for detectors in elevator lobbies for elevator recall.
• On state work, provide remote indications for all duct detectors. Locate at
entrance to mechanical equipment room.
• Provide separate trouble zones for all sprinkler OS&Y tamper switches. Do
not wire OS&Y tamper switches to flow switch zones.
• All fire alarm control panels shall be specified with battery backup.
• Provide provision to add municipal ties in all fire alarm control panels.
• Provide smoke detectors in each elevator lobby. Provide (2) control modules
in the elevator machine room next to the elevator controller.