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Dear Sir=C2=A0 & Madam=20

We are one of the Yemeni companies dealing in a several fields of business =

& of pharmacy is one of the very important fields which we concerning us, o=
ur clients & our partners too. We can insure that with our dealing we will =
guide your production to the right direction by get your esteemed company c=
ontact us as we are =C2=A0a real & capable company has a join ventures=C2=
=A0=C2=A0 with a several=C2=A0 specialized companies working on the pharmac=
y fields of business to be your agent in the Yemen territory & also =C2=A0a=
re a capable enough to distribute your product not only in the capital=C2=
=A0 state but even in a several states & we will do our best to introduce y=
our product in to =C2=A0many neighbor countries.
In fact to enable us do business together easier is to support us by very i=
mportant documents as under mentioned:

1- Prove of all license & certificates (from in =E2=80=93out) your country.

2- All registrations documents & certificates (from in =E2=80=93out) your c=
3- Catalogs of your list product with prices fob & CIF too.
4- Your respectful company agents abroad including your history of medicine=
s improvements & international approved tests certificates.
5- If your esteemed company having an agencies already registered in the Ar=
abian Land territories.
6- What is the minimum qty your agent suppose to import seasonally=20
7- Your respectful company list of product & prices CIF Aden , Hodeidah & A=
l Mukallah Sea Ports.=20
8- Your capability or wishes to build a factory in Yemen with a local inves=
tors as a partnership (if there are a proposals or plans where made before?=
).OPTION (1)=20
9- If your company has the concentration to participating with us in buildi=
ng a Syringe =C2=A0injection line of product plus a blood tube one line=E2=
=80=A6 option (2)=C2=A0=20

We are appreciating your cooperation in advance to provide us with any nece=

ssaries of documents prove that your esteemed company has already agents in=
a several countries so if you accept us as your agent in Yemen we will sta=
rt importing regularly your product as soon as we complete the registration=
of your product in the ministry of health in the rep of Yemen.=20
=C2=A0the first & last main point we are a seriously buyers it good to have=
your esteemed company's=C2=A0 products in Yemen because of your higher qua=
lity is indeed=C2=A0 =C2=A0required in our markets=20



TAREQ ADAM ABBAS 00967 700415600 or 00967 735672710=20
tareqalyas2003atyahooAL AHMAR TOWER
under the Finland Consular=20