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Preflight Inspection Before Start Yes

Cessna 150M Checklist Engine Failure Spin Recovery

Cockpit Belts/Harnesses Secure Glide Establish (60 KIAS)
Altitude Sufficient For Restart? Throttle Idle
Keys Mags Off / Keys On Dashboard
Prime As Required Landing Site Select
Hobbs / Tach Record No Ailerons Neutral
Master Switch On After Takeoff Carb Heat Hot
Control Lock(s) Remove Rudder Opposite dir of
Radios/Electrical Equipt. Off Flaps Up Glide Establish (60 KIAS) Mixture Full Rich

This checklist was developed with a 1976 Cessna 150M Commuter in mind. Use at your own risk. Please DO NOT alter or obscure identification fromhis
Master Switch On rotation
Fuel Quantity Gauges Check Anti-Collision Lights On Cruise Landing Site Select Fuel Shutoff Valve On (down)
Alternator OFF Verify Hi Voltage Lt
Yoke Full Forward
Nav Lights As Required Mixture Cut-Off Master Switch On
Exterior Lights Check Throttle _____ RPM Rudder and Yoke Neutral
Electrical Equipment Off Fuel Shutoff Valve On (down) Battery/Alternator Off Throttle Set
Mixture Leaned when rotation stops.
Flaps Down Engine Start Magnetos Off Primer In + Locked
Landing Light _____ Pitch Level
Master Switch Off Fuel Shutoff Valve Off (up) Magnetos Check
Pilot In Command Establish

please monitor our website for modifications and updates to this checklist as well as for other neat aviation stuff.
Fuel Shutoff Valve On (down) Pre-Maneuver Check Engine Restarted? Yes
Acft Documents (AROW) On Board Brakes Set / Held
Mixture Full Rich
Left Wing Carb Heat Cold Loss of Fuel Pressure No Leave fuel selector on
Min Safe Altitude Verify
Fuel Sump Sample - no H20 or debris Mixture Full Rich Mixture Full Rich present tank. Land as soon
Area Clear Mayday Transmit as possible.
Landing Gear / Tire / Brake Throttle 1/4" Open Fuel Shutoff Valve On (down)
Prop Area
Magnetos Engage
Fuel Cap Secure
1000 RPM Post-Maneuver Check Flooded Engine Start Battery/Alternator Off Loss of Oil Pressure /
Secure Throttle
Carb Heat Cold Throttle Full Forward Magnetos Off High Oil Temperature
Leading Edge Clean Engine Instruments Check
Mixture Lean as Required Battery/Alternator On Fuel Shutoff Valve Off (up) Land as soon as practical.
Pitot Tube Check, 2 holes After Start Engine Instruments Check
Fuel Vent Check Clear Carburetor Heat Cold Prepare for imminent
Avionics On Approach Engine Fire During Start engine failure.
Stall Warning Opening Check Clear Mixture Cut-Off
Tie Down Remove Radios Set
Seat Belts Fastened Starter Engage Starter Engage Electrical Failure
Wingtip and Lights Inspect Transponder Standby Mixture (when
Flight Instruments Ckd & Set Mixture Cut-Off
Aileron Hinges, Rod, Movement Circuit Breakers In engine fires) Full Rich Load Meter Verify Inop
Flap Security, Rod,Track Radios Set Throttle Open If load meter indicates zero
Fuel Shutoff Valve On (down) Throttle 1000 RPM Fuel Shutoff Valve Off (up)
Fuselage and Empenage Landing Light On Alternator Off
Headsets On Oil Pressure Check Reduce electrical load to min
Overall Condition Check
Before Taxi Carb Heat Hot Evacuate if fire continues
Brakes Slow Speed Check Mixture Full Rich Hot Engine Start Alternator Fld Check
Tie-Down Remove Engine Fire During Taxi Circuit Breaker & Reset
Elevators / Trim Tab Hinges, etc Run Up Fuel Shutoff Valve On (down) Throttle 1/2" Open
Go-Around Prepared For Airplane Stop Alternator On
Rudder Check Brakes Set / Held Battery/Alternator On
Cut-Off If power is not restored
Beacon and Position Lights Check Approach Briefing Complete Carburetor Heat Cold Mixture
Mixture Full Rich Alternator Off
Right Wing
Mixture Full Rich Fuel Shutoff Valve Off (up)
Same as Left Wing (in reverse). No Throttle 1700 RPM After Each Landing Reduce electrical loads to a
Starter Engage Battery/Alternator Off minimum, land as soon as practical.
pitot tube / stall warning horn. Engine Instruments In Limits Transponder Standby
Nose Magnetos Check Throttle 1000 RPM Evacuate Aircraft Electrical Overload
Carb Heat Cold
Carb Heat Check Landing Light Off (day) Oil Pressure Check Off
Engine Fire In Flight Alternator
Engine Sump 2 Second Purge / Sample
Gyro Suction In Limits Flaps Up Engine Roughness Battery On
Oil Inspection Door Secure 2 Screws Mixture Cut-Off
Nose Gear / Tire Check (4" min strut) Throttle Idle Shut-Down Fuel Shutoff Valve On (down) Fuel Shutoff Valve Off (up) If alternator loads are reduced, reduce
electrical loads to a minimum, land as
Carburetor Inlet Check / No Debris Carb Heat Check Again Avionics Off Carb Heat Hot Glide Establish soon as pracical. Otherwise:
Carburetor Check Engine Instruments In Limits Mixture Cut-Off If roughness continues after two Landing Site Select Alternator Off
Engine Air Inlets Check Throttle 1000 RPM minutes:
Electrical Equipment Off Mayday Transmit Battery As Required
Prop and Spinner Check / Secure
Before Each Takeoff Master Switch Off Carb Heat Cold Leave battery on only if needed to
Exhaust Stack Secure Magnetos Off
Flight Controls Check Magnetos Off, Key Out Mixture Adjust power essential electrical equipment.
Static Port Unobstructed Battery/Alternator Off Land as soon as practical.
Flight Instruments Set Engine Instruments Check
Securing the Aircraft
V-Speeds (in KIAS) Radios Set Magnetos Check Cabin Fire In Flight Carburetor Icing
Master Switch Verify OFF
Vr 50-55 Va 88-97 Flaps Up for normal takeoff Hobbs / Tach Record If operation on either magneto is Battery/Alternator Off Carb Heat On
t document.

satisfactory, continue on that magneto

Vx 56 Vfe 85 Trim Set Flight Controls Secure (lock or belt)
at reduced power with mixture full rich.
Electrical Equipment Off Mixture Adjust
Windows Closed Land as soon as practical. Vents / Windows Open
Vy 68 Vno 107 Takeoff Briefing Complete
Seat Belts Secured / Not Dangling Always use Carburetor Heat Below 2100
Doors & Windows Secure Light Gun On Ground In Flight
Climb 72 Vne 141 Doors Locked with Key Frequencies RPM when OAT < 70 deg Farenheit
Steady Green Clr Takeoff Clr Land Maximum Sea
Vs 47 Best Glide 60 Emergency 121.5
Key Known Location Flashing Green Clr Taxi Return/Land Level
Carburetor Heat Cold Flight Watch 122.0 Cessna 150M Checklist
Vso 42 Max dem XW 13 Tie Downs Secured Steady Red Stop Yield/Circle Endurance
Landing Light On Cowl Plugs Install
FSS 122.2 - Full Tanks -
Vref Flaps 20+: 59 +1/2 Gust Flashing Red Taxi off Rwy Do not land
Transponder NOT Leaned:
Transponder Altitude Aircraft Cover Install Flashing White Return -- 3.4 Hours
Vref Flaps 0-10: 64 +1/2 Gust Emergency Lost Comm
Time Off / Fuel Noted Fuel Topped Off Alt. Red/Green Use Caution Use Caution 7700 7600