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2solve - Adding Value to Network Data

1 The 2solve Solution

2solve is an OSS solution that enables more members of network operator staff to make use of network data compared to traditional OSS tools. In April 2013, 2solve received the New Product Innovation Award by major industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan. 2solve monitors realtime data collected from the network as illustrated in Figure 1. 2solve makes data available through a number of user interfaces, ranging from network map to individual cell dashboards and emailed Performance Reports.

Figure 1: 2solve is deployed on top of OSS data

2solve is unique because: 1. The solution is extremely user friendly, and it aggregates data such that non-technical personnel can use it (where traditional OSS tools are useful only to engineers). 2. The solution comes with auto-diagnostics capabilities. Such auto-diagnostics makes use of on knowledge bases specific to technology (GSM, UMTS, LTE) and vendor (incl. Ericsson, NSN, and Huawei) which are included in the delivery of the solution. Advanced reasoning algorithms are utilized to achieve true auto-diagnostics. Some traditional OSS tools claim to provide similar capabilities, but they typically rely on much simpler, heuristic algorithms (e.g. rule-based methods) as well as configuration by members of technical staff.

2solve - Adding Value to Network Data

3. Speed: Data is presented faster than most other OSS tools due to a well-designed database. Figure 2 illustrates how more personnel in the organisation may utilize data and thereby improve organisational productivity. Staff members talking directly with customers will be able to provide accurate response to the customer and at the same time raise technical incidents to backoffice with detailed documentation. 2solve collects and presents the following types of data: Performance Management (PM) data, Fault Management/Alarms (FM) data, and to some extent Configuration Management (CM) data.

2solve supports more functions than traditional OSS tools

Incident handling closer to customer

Figure 2: 2solve enables more personnel to utilize data available in the OSS The following are statements by current 2solve customers: 2operate provides a unique tool which enables our staff members close to the customer to work more efficiently on network incidents. Moreover, our technical experts are shielded from incident management and can focus on their ongoing projects. - Saulius Grudzinskas, Senior Manager of RAN Operations at TeliaSonera We evaluated 2solve over a three month period, and the solution met expectations on our measured parameters. In particular, 2solve makes service and network data available to more staff members, what makes 2solve a common working tool between divisions. During the evaluation period, 2operate also proved to be very effective in reacting to our demands and requests. - Gunars Danbergs, Technical Director of LMT At Faroese Telecom we have a strong focus on placing the customer at the centre of everything we do, and the way that 2operate makes network data more available to staff members in customer support is just perfect for us. - Kristian R. Davidsen, CEO of Faroese Telecom