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As directed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Newark field office, it
is only necessary to post the amendment, to the substantial amendment that was submitted to HUD on
May 4, 2009, on the Township’s website for seven days prior to submission to allow for public
comments on the changes.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ("Recovery Act") was signed into law by
President Obama on February 17, 2009. The Recovery Act awards $1 billion in CDBG Recovery
(CDBG-R) funds to be distributed to cities, counties, insular areas and states, of which $10 million has
been reserved by HUD for its administrative costs and $10 million of which will be awarded to Indian
tribes. Recipients of the remaining $980 million of CDBG-R funds will be the approximately 1,200
jurisdictions that received CDBG funding in Fiscal Year 2008. The completed submission will contain
the information below, including:

(1) The CDBG-R Substantial Amendment

(2) Spreadsheet for Reporting Proposed CDBG-R Activities
(3) Signed and Dated Certifications
(4) Signed and Dated SF-424.
(5) CDBG-R Substantial Amendment Checklist

Jurisdiction(s): Ewing Township CDBG-R Contact Person: Ted Forst

Address: 999 Lower Ferry Road
Jurisdiction Web Address: Ewing, NJ 08628
 (URL where CDBG-R Substantial Telephone: 609-883-1776
Amendment materials are posted) Fax: 609-883-5023


Funding available under the Recovery Act has clear purposes – to stimulate the economy through
measures that modernize the Nation’s infrastructure, improve energy efficiency, and expand educational
opportunities and access to health care. HUD strongly urges grantees to use CDBG-R funds for hard
development costs associated with infrastructure activities that provide basic services to residents or
activities that promote energy efficiency and conservation through rehabilitation or retrofitting of
existing buildings. While the full range of CDBG activities is available to grantees, the Department
strongly suggests that grantees incorporate consideration of the public perception of the intent of the
Recovery Act in identifying and selecting projects for CDBG-R funding.


Grantees must provide information concerning CDBG-R assisted activities in an electronic spreadsheet
provided by HUD. The information that must be reported in the spreadsheet includes activity name,
activity description, CDBG-R dollar amount budgeted, eligibility category, national objective citation,
additional Recovery Act funds for the activity received from other programs, and total activity budget.
C:\temp\2008 CDBG-R Substantial Amended Amendment.doc

Jurisdiction/Grantee Name: Ewing
CDBG-R Formula Grant Amount: $55,697 Date: 6/22/09

Activity Name Activity Description Eligibility National CDBG-R Additional Other Total
(Regulatory Objective Project Recovery Leveraged Activity
or HCDA Citation Budget ($) Funds ($) Funding Budget
Citation) ($)
Retrofit Boiler Retrofit original 1961 570.201(c) LMC 50,128.00 0.00 45,192.00 $95,320.00
at ESCC with gas fired steam boiler
Energy Efficient and hot water heat
Unit exchanger at the Ewing
Senior and Community
Center with new energy
efficient unit to promote
energy efficiency and
reduce energy costs
and reduce emissions

Administration Preparation of 570.206 NA 5,569.00 0.00 9,038.00 14,607.00

amendment and project

TOTAL $55,697.00 $0.00 $54,230.00 $109,927.00

C:\temp\2008 CDBG-R Substantial Amended Amendment.doc


(1) Activity Name as listed in the Spreadsheet for Reporting Proposed CDBG-R Activities:
 Retrofit Boiler at ESCC with a separate Energy Efficient Unit for the Senior Center portion of
the facility.

(2) Activity Narrative:

The use of Ewing Township’s CDBG-R funds for the above-mentioned activity meet the requirements of
Title XII of Division A and Section 1602 of ARRA.

Ewing Township, in cooperation with Mercer County, has recently acquired a community facility formerly
known as the Jewish Community Center, built in 1961, that is now known as the Ewing Senior and
Community Center (ESCC). The ESCC houses the Township’s Senior Center, which is in the process of
being rehabilitated; this facility will also house the Township’s Health Department in the near future. The
Township has applied HUD CDBG funds and Mercer County grant funds towards this rehabilitation project.

 The EECG funds will be used towards retrofitting the original boiler with a separate Energy Efficient
Unit for the Senior Center portion of the facility. The original oil fired sectional steam boiler has
outlived its expectant life and shows critical need for replacement. The efficiency of this boiler has
dropped significantly from the original efficiency. The proposed new boiler will consist of a high
efficient gas fired modular steam boilers to serve the existing piping system.

Ewing Township spent $48,500 for oil to heat the ESCC during the winter of 2007-8. Prior to the boiler
functioning for the 2008-9 season a temporary repair was required to keep the system up and running. The
tank interior required extensive welding to repair cracks at a cost of approximately $8,000. With a milder
2008-9 winter, the Township spent $27,000 to heat the facility. The aging inefficient boiler required
approximately 900 gallons of oil per week to provide a heated environment for the seniors of Ewing. It is
questionable whether the current system will function at all when it is turned on at the onset of cold weather,
and whether it can survive the entire winter of 2009-10. The installation of the energy efficient boiler and
converting to gas will provide an enormous savings in fuel costs and a reduction in energy usage.

The creation and rehabilitation of this center provides a long-term solution of increasing the municipality’s
capacity to provide programs and services for senior citizens, a growing population in the Township.

The proposed activity will stimulate the economy through the modernization of the ESCC heating
system, improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and reduce emissions.
 Preserving jobs and promoting economic recovery

C:\temp\2008 CDBG-R Substantial Amended Amendment.doc

 This project assists in promoting economic recovery by providing approximately 10-12 jobs to:
 Engineers
 Welders
 Electricians
 Pipe fitters
 Skilled tradesmen
 Manufactures
 Administrators
 Clerical/Accounting
 Assisting those most impacted by the recession:
 This project will assist the senior citizens of Ewing Township a low/mod-income benefit
 Providing investment needed to increase economic efficiency:
 This project provides investment in the Ewing Senior and Community Center, a public
facility that provides services to the Township’s senior citizens.
 Investing in environmental protection, or other infrastructure that will provide long-term
economic benefits:
 This project supports environmental protection with a new energy efficient boiler
that will reduce energy costs to fostering energy independence

The bid specs for this activity have been prepared; this activity can be under contract within 120 of the
grant award.


NATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Low/Moderate Income Limited Clientele (LMC)


 No more than 10% of the grant amount will be spent on administration and planning.

 No grant funds will be spent on public services.

 The grant funds will benefit senior citizens, low moderate-income persons.
(3) Jobs Retained: approximately 10-12
 This project will assist in retaining jobs by providing work to:
o Engineers
o Welders
o Electricians
o Pipe fitters
C:\temp\2008 CDBG-R Substantial Amended Amendment.doc

o Skilled tradesmen
o Manufactures
o Administrators
o Clerical/Accounting

(4) Additional Activity Information:

 This project will promote energy conservation and reduce pollution by retrofitting the old boiler
with a new energy efficient unit.

(5) Responsible Organization:

 The CDBG-R activity is being implemented by:

The Township of Ewing: Grant Administrator:

Ted Forst, Director of Rukenstein & Associates, LLC
Community Affairs Sandra Stark
999 Lower Ferry Road PO Box 1
Ewing, NJ 08628 Titusville, NJ 08560
609-883-1776 609-730-8138


The proposed amendment to the CDBG-R Substantial Amendment is posted on the Township’s website
from June 17, 2009 through June 24, 2009 for public comment.

Response/Summary of public comments received to the proposed Amendment to the CDBG-R

Substantial Amendment will be included in the submitted amendment.

C:\temp\2008 CDBG-R Substantial Amended Amendment.doc