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Assignment Details

Name_Thangaperumal Sridhar kumar_______________________ Emp ID___21907________________

Group__PrimeSourcing________________ Location ___Singapore_____________ Band ___B_____

Assignment Details Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3

Project/Assignment Client On Boarding

Period Jan-2008 to Dec


Senthil Kumaran

Senthil Nathan
To be filled in by the Appraisee and the Appraiser(s). Additional copies of this sheet are available.
The Appraisee is to be assessed as against the following Key Performance Indicators for ASSESSMENT OF KPI’s
each assignment. Key Performance Indicators are those important dimensions of Achievement of KPI’s to be assessed by the Appraisee and by the Appraiser at the end of every project/
performance, critical for delivering superior performance. KPI’s will be applicable for all assignment. On discussion with the Appriasee, each of the KPI’s is to be rated on the following scale:
Team Members in Delivery groups across the Organization. All the KPI’s have equal 1. Above Plan [AP] 2. On Plan [OP] 3. Below Plan [BP]

Results Achieved R a t i n g


1. Deliverables AP
• Delivers the mutually agreed results without Have been constantly providing Sridhar has ensured all the
constant monitoring; Consistent in discharging deliverables expected from my side
deliverables were met on time.
all the tasks in the assignment; Updates on the
progress; Escalates issues and delays to the I involved most of the work during the Has improved on this aspect
concerned. Starting of the Project Client on
Boarding like prototype, FRD, TSD

Before the schedule I completed

such a Critical Client on Boarding
which includes Development,
Testing. I put lot of efforts to make
this module as live. I took more tasks
in the module and I took some
additional Tasks which others have
not finished the tasks.

2. O
Quality P
• Delivers solutions of high quality – required Had delivered the code with Sridhar has e ensured the
minimum reworking ; Adheres to coding consistent good quality which
quality aspects are covered. He
standards ; Delivers functional specifications/ required very less rework. This
related documents of high quality ; Able to enabled us to accommodate the also documented the scenarios
make presentations to clients / PWT’s of high change in functionality whenever for validating the code written
standards ; Able to prepare comprehensive needed. by him.
test plans.
Had implemented the java coding
standard in server side, developed
few reusable components and during
request model implementation time I
have implemented the coding
standard and created few
components in client side also.

I wrote lot of test cases to test the

application thoroughly and test the
application on various scenarios and
no bugs arised after live of the

3. Job Knowledge AP
• Functional: Has good understanding of the Had good functional understanding of He has gained good
functional aspects of the product / project. the assignments given to me.
functional/technical knowledge
Utilizes the functional knowledge acquired/
existing, to add value to the assignments done Had good understanding of the on the projects
; Technical : Has a good understanding of the technical aspects used in the project.
h/w and s/w systems that are being used. I cleared IFP.
Displays a high level of comfort in using the
technical skills while working on assignments. I updated my Technical skills
to the latest technology like
spring etc.
I cleared OOAD Solution
Designer certificate which is
a Solution Architect
4. Process Orientation AP
 Awareness of SDLC and i-flex processes Aware of the process and used in the He has aware of the process
(Qubase) and the ability to apply the same on project as well.
the job ; Able to write structured and high
quality documents as per the company’s Had implemented the code review
documentation standards. comments properly where ever
required in the code.

Followed the CITIBANK process

and used in the project

I also upgraded by skills in RUP

5. Inter – personal skills AP
 Treats peers at workplace with respect and Had been a good team player. Sridhar is a team player and is
dignity ; able to work with all the team I guided my team members When
members effectively ; Perceived as ever they struck with Technical
approachable/ accessible by team members ; problem and they Also look
Understands and appreciates other’s views, forward to me.
ideas and perspectives.
6. Self – development AP
 Able to learn / grasp early and update one self Had quickly grasped the CRI Sridhar learnt the functional
on the needed technical and functional skills Framework
/technical aspects of the
for effective deliverables; receives and acts
constructively on feedback. Learned the Credit Risk functionality application well. Also he
in a very quick time. pursues the certifications which
are required to fulfil the
Learned the complete flow of the CRI
technical knowledge
Application and able to understand
the business.

I cleared OOAD Solution

Designer certificate which is
a Solution Architect

7. O
Personal Attributes P
 Escalates and discusses issues and concerns Had escalated any issue that I had He has developed well, though
in a mature and responsible manner; Exhibits come across well in advance so that
he needs to improve in the
commitment to work and organization and it does not affect the project plan.
volunteers to shoulder additional
business communication areas.
responsibilities. I helped the other team members
whenever they need help.

Had actively taken responsibilities

during the development phase and
kept the deliverables done as per


Date _25-03-2009___ Name of Appraisee _Sridhar kumar.T___Signature _________

Date ______ Name of Appraiser __ Senthik kumaran ___Signature _________


To be filled by the Appraiser of Assignments greater than three months at the end of that Rating
Competency ASS IG NM E NT
assignment and by the Appraiser of the last assignment at the end of every assessment 1 2 3
period. Additional copies of this sheet are available.
Customer Orientation AO
The objective of this section is to assess the competencies displayed by the appraisee in his/ her Follows up promptly on customer needs, requests and problems.
current role and discuss developmental inputs to shoulder higher roles / discharge greater Keeps the customer updated on progress on resolution of issues.
responsibilities. Please indicate the appropriate competency ratings in the boxes provided below for
each assignment.

Competencies to be assessed on the following scale : Interpersonal Understanding and Sensitivity AO

1. Always Observed [AO] 2. Frequently Observed [FO] 3.Rarely Observed Understands emotions and cues relating to underlying feelings.
[ RO] 4. Never Observed [ NO]

Rating Personal growth and Attention to Learning and Development AO

Competency ASS IG NM E NT Takes initiative to acquire expertise in areas directly related to the
current assignments; and not directly related by seeking guidance
1 2 3 from others in the organizations. Easily learns and uses knowledge pf
new systems, processes, practices and technologies.

Achievement Orientation AO Planning & Organizing FO

Establishes new standards for excellence for his/ her performance. Monitors progress of project against milestones/deadlines.

Adaptability and Flexibility AO Self-control and Maturity AO

Willing and open to change in work content and at work place. Controls expressions of emotions under conditions of stress or when
Does not hesitate to complete additional responsibilities in crisis faced with hostility / opposition; Avoids negative actions.

Analytical Thinking AO Teamwork and Cooperation AO

Able to establish causal links and positive and negative aspects of Willingness to work in a team; Cooperates as a good team player,
decisions. Prioritizes tasks in order of importance. Analyses Within the team and outside.
problems with others and his understanding of the same. Analyses
relationships among several aspects of a problem. Recognizes
several likely causes of events and consequences of actions.

Conceptual Thinking AO
Uses commonly followed thumb rules, common sense and
previous experiences to identify and solve problems.

Continuous Improvement AO
Constantly looks for improvements in key work processes and
To be filled in by the Appraiser at the end of the assessment period

Areas of strength:
Sridhar will work hard to ensure the deliverables are met on time and also takes care of the quality aspect of the products/assignments
Given to him. He has gained good knowledge in functional/technical aspects of the project.

Areas of development: For the current role

He needs to improve on the business communications on the interactions though he has coming up the curve on this area.

For higher roles

Can be considered

Overall Comments:-



To be filled in by the Appraisee at the end of the assessment period
Additional copies of this sheet are available.

The objective of this section is to seek feedback on your overall performance and your suggestions/ views.
Please enter the details and give the same to your Reviewer for review discussions.

1. Give your views on your overall performance during the assessment year.
I put maximum effort to bring the Client on boarding as live. During this period, I have involved in lot of activities like developed server side
coding and Testing. Had been actively participating in the development and testing phases. Interact with testing team during SIT and fix the more
bugs SIT and UAT Time. I worked complete life cycle from starting kickoff meeting to the end live, production support
I put more effort in the Client on Boarding project asks like Prototype, FRD, TSD, coding, testing, production, support on time.

I completed all the task assigned in the core-cadd project.

With thorough understanding of the functionality and maintain the good quality code, I have avoided rework and it resulted in less number of bugs.

2. What are your views / suggestions with respect to your career, supervisor(s) and organization?
Keen knowledge in functional and technical aspects as well as have an eligible experience to move to the further position in my career. I have
More confident that I will perform my job well if the promotion will be given to me.

Our team is organized functionally and technically well by supervisor all the essential guidance are given to us immediately when ever we are in

As a family man I am finding very difficult to adjust to the Singapore Cost of living and it is growing day by day. So please consider my salary Hike
so that I can survive in Singapore.

Really I am very much pleasured to work with our supervisor.


To be filled in by the Reviewer at the end of the assessment period

Additional copies of this sheet are available.

Please review sections A, B and C of impact and discuss it with the Appraisee. Summarize the discussions and give your comments on the
Appraisee’s overall performance and potential in this section.

Summary of discussions (To include concerns of the appraisee and discussions on the same)

Date Name of Reviewer Signature

Date Name of Appraisee Signature


To be filled in by the Appraisee and the Appraiser(s)
Additional copies of this sheet are available.

The Appraisee and the Appraiser to discuss the training needs and document the same in this section.




Date Name of Appraisee Signature

Date Name of Appraiser Signature