The Curse - Character : Write on a character that show responsibility in her or his actions

Based on the Novel “The Curse” by Lee Sue Ann, a character that shows responsibility is Mohd Asraf because he is being shown as a filial grandson and cares about her grandmother. Firstly, he takes care of Nek, especially when she is sick. Mohd Asraf is concerned about his grandmother deteriorating health. He is willing to take leave from work to take car of his grandmother. In addition, Mohd Asraf’s effort to look for cure for his grandmother further exemplify that he is a responsible person. Secondly, Mohd Asraf wants to take Nek to the mainland which she will get better medical care and when is offered teaching course in Kuala Lumpur, he plans to take Nek with him as she will get better medical care then if she stays in Langkawi. As a conclusion, based on the evidence given above I would say Mohd Asraf is truly a responsible person. He is willing to do anything for her grandmother.

The Curse - Character : Write on a character that show responsibility in her or his actions
Based on the Novel “The Curse” by Lee Sue Ann, the character that shows responsibility in her actions is Azreen Saleh. Azreen is not only a responsible sister and daughter but also a responsible student and friend . Firstly, Azreen as a responsible sister comes back immediately when she hears of her sister’s death although at that time she is about to sit for an examination that is important for her. She postpones her examination in order of giving her sister her last respect. Secondly, as a daughter she shows her responsibility firstly, when she spends the whole night repairing her mother’s favourite rattan basket that was broken by the heavy durians that she and Madhuri has brought in. Subsequently, with Madhuri’s help she makes a new rattan basket that looks like the one that she and Madhuri have broken. In addition to that, Azreen accepts the offer to further her studies in London for the sake of upbringing her family social status and thus could then save a lot of money to get a better treatment for her mother that is paralyzed by the bull escape incidents that she . Thirdly, as a friend and a student, Azreen shows her responsibility when she accepts to join the school hockey team as a substitution to Hock Seng that is injured. She does that even though she knows that she will be the only girl in the team and this will tarnish her image as a girl. In fact she plays very well and almost scores a goal. In addition to that, Azreen shows that she is a responsible friend, when she brings a full basket of fresh vegetables and tomatoes to The Old Lady of the forest to replace the one that she tramples earlier when she comes to The Old Lady’s house for the first time. In conclusion, throughout the story, Azreen shows that she is a very responsible towards her actions. In fact, I would like to have her as a friend as a friend as such is hard to come by.

The Curse - Character : Write on a character that is exemplary.
In the Curse by Lee Sue Ann, the character whom I think is exemplary is The Old Lady of the forest. Throughout the novel, she shows strength of character and wisdom.

the villagers treat her like an outcast. This can be seen as she befriends Asraf and joins the boys’ hockey team and similarly makes The Old Lady her best friend. She is forced to move out of the village and makes an abandoned house her home. we must stand for our own right and fight for what we believe in. she dares to face Puan Normala’s horde to protect Nek’s house from them. It is a dog-eat-dog world out there and we must be brave and courageous to overcome our daily obstacles and stand for our own rights. as she believes that women have their own rights. She shows resilience and she always fight for what she believes in. When she is trapped in the burning house. . Azreen who does not believe the villagers tales about The Old Lady is being brave by accepting her friend’s challenge to firstly knocking on the door of The Old lady and then meet her in person. In her village. Everything changes as her husband who becomes an alcoholic starts to abuse her and finally she retaliates and kills him. The Curse . From then on. a woman should be conservative and well mannered but Azreen is a contrast to that and thus she is hated but she ignores the villagers’ perception of her.When she first moves to the village as a newlywed. This can be seen when Azreen does not give up and is determine and resilience to seek the truth of Madhuri’s death even though others do not want to tell her the truth. wise and honourable. She asks Asraf and The Old Lady about Madhuri’s death and slowly gather evidences and finally she knows the truth about Madhuri’s killing. she confronts a group of men led by Asraf who goes to the Old lady’s house to seek revenge after Nek dies as they believe the Old lady has poisoned Nek.Value:Write on the value of ‘Mother’s Love’ . Yet she agrees and doing so. The second exemplary qualities of Azreen is that she portrays resilience throughout the story and she constantly fights for what she believes in. In this cruel world. We must follow Azreen’s resilience to make this world a better place. she puts her life at risk. We should not be intimidated by our fear and we must be like Azreen in order to survive the world. The Old Lady is therefore an exemplary character as she is strong. She lives alone for years until she befriends Azreen and becomes her mentor and will console her whenever she has a fight with her parents. Even at death’s door. In addition. she befriends The Old Lady and makes her. she reminds Azreen about the importance of forgiveness and tells her to heed all the advice she has given her. she is popular among the villagers and she enjoys a blissful marital life with her husband. she is hesitant about going back to the village. Based on the novel The Curse by Lee Sue Ann.Character : Write on a character that is exemplary. When Asraf approaches The Old Lady for help. Although she is outnumbered. The Curse . she tells Azreen to save herself and she perishes in the fire. Moreover. her precious confidante and counselor. the character that I consider exemplary is Azreen because she is courageous and brave. Subsequently. Firstly. Azreen is courageous by confronting Puan Normala’s mob outside Mohd Asraf’s house when Nek once again has fallen ill and died in order to stop her from entering Nek’s house.

Even though Madhuri was raised by Encik Saleh and his wife from a baby. Both mothers in this novel are not normal in certain ways but their love for their children did not fade but they loved their daughters very much in their own different ways. She was not given a name in this novel but always referred to as ‘Mak’. She has a father and his name is Encik Saleh. She used to watch Madhuri and Azreen when they come back from school. He worked all the time on the farm to earn a living and his daughters always know him as a very hot-tempered man.Character .Based on the novel. her parents met with an accident when her father’s motorcycle hit the bull. Encik Saleh is a strong man as he had hard physique. the mad lady who strolled in the village and always watched over her daughter. As a poor farmer in a remote village in Pulau Langkawi. we know that Azreen admitted leaving the gate of the farm open but actually she was only helping Mohd Asraf from being blamed. Actually. Even though. He loves Madhuri as his eldest daughter because she is full of good qualities whereas he is always stern and angry towards Azreen. This is what we call mother’s love. She knew she could not raise Madhuri in a proper way so she just kept quite when Encik Saleh took the baby and decided to raise the child. I would strongly say that Encik Saleh portrayed the negative quality to the readers. Azreen felt guilty because she was the one who was responsible for her mother to loose one of her leg. Even if the child is not with the real mother but she always pray for her child to lead a happy life and that is why she took revenge against Encik Saleh who killed Madhuri. I am touched with the value of mother’s love in this novel. This shows that she still loved her daughter even though she gave in when her baby was lost. She even told Azreen that it was not her fault that she lost her leg in the accident. As for me. Secondly. Due to her act. she still loved Madhuri and always sees how her daughter is living with her foster parents from far. the mad lady always kept herself close to Madhuri. This shows the true love that a mother has for her child even though she is in pain. throughout the novel. Encik Saleh is very hot-tempered. do you think Azreen’s father portrayed good/positive character traits ? In the novel ‘The Curse’. the main character is Azreen. Encik Saleh often misjudges . As for me. Here. But as a mother. huge fists and of course he is very hard-working man. Azreen’s mother is forever seen talking nonsense since her Alzheimer’s disease was becoming worse. Azreen’s mother never hated Azreen for what had happened and she always loved Azreen. the readers are shown the value of love that a mother has for a child. The Curse .The novel ‘The Curse’ by Lee Su Ann touches on many values that are useful in our daily lives. Encik Saleh portrayed negative traits even though the positive ones were hidden within him. From these two mothers. Firstly. Encik Saleh was very angry because Azreen took her sickly mother there I think he should have understood the situation and face the fact that both of the ladies came to pay respect to Madhuri. We can see this when he ordered Azreen to take her mother home when she took her mother to the cemetery to visit Madhuri’s graveyard. Another incident that showed how true a mother’s love is when Madhuri’s mother. This proves that ‘Mak’ was never angry towards Azreen and she accepts what happened to her as faith. He should not shout at them because they are also sad about Madhuri’s death even though his wife doesn’t know or realize the fact that Madhuri was dead. I see Encik Saleh as a very judgmental and biased person.

I learnt to be courageous in order to speak and act according to what I think is right. But. Here.Lesson . This scene opened my mind that I should be honest and bold to say what I think is right in my life. The value of ‘courage’ can be seen clearly in Azreen’s character. Azreen had portrayed the value of courage very clearly. There was even a situation where Azreen and Encik Saleh ate their dinner in complete silence. he ordered Azreen to go to the dining room and attend to her mother. I saw Azreen as a very courageous person in this situation and agree to what she had done. Mohan and his sons who were accusing Asraf for letting the bull out. Azreen also showed courage when she took the blame for the bull’s escape in order to save Mohd Asraf. Mr. This shows that Azreen is very courageous for accepting the Old Lady for what she is. I also find Azreen as a courageous person when she challenged her father to reveal the truth behind Madhuri’s death. She taught me to stand up for my believes in my life and this will really help me a lot in the future. From this. Azreen was a good friend with the Old Lady who became a precious confidante and counsellor despite ignoring the warnings and prejudices of the villagers. From all the evidences above. it is surely proven that Encik Saleh is all covered with negative values. Based on all the evidences above. Parents and children should discuss whatever problems that occur in their everyday lives. I always see that Encik Saleh punishes Azreen wrongly or too severely until he used to cane her even when she was small. He even raised his fist to punch Azreen when she argued with him. I also learnt not to judge others by listening to rumors and to think practically. But to her dismay. At first. she wanted to help Asraf out from the wicked farm owner. The incident where he grabbed Azreen and led her out of Madhuri’s room in anger proves how strict he was towards Azreen. Even though Azreen was only helping Asraf at first. This aspect will help me to be a better person in my life. to avoid punching her. we can see that Azreen was too bold and had the courage to speak the truth even to her father when she was sure that her sister was killed. As a student who will face many challenges in my life. in this novel. All these proves that Encik Saleh is too traditional and strict towards his children and I think this is not at all appropriate. I learnt to be courageous and bold like Azreen from this novel. The Curse . she had to accept the faith of her mother loosing a leg when her father hit into the bull and met with an accident..As a child. All these prove that Encik Saleh is a very judgmental and biased person and of course I would not be like him. she was not allowed to visit the Old Lady by her parents. Today. Finally. Azreen was very sure that Madhuri was killed by her father because she found the stain of the rubber tree sap on the ‘parang’. she came to a conclusion and told her father straight that he was the one who killed Madhuri. I also find Encik Saleh is too mean in his traditional ways by being strict to his children.. I do believe he has some love and cares for his children but he was not able to show them .Azreen because he sees himself in her. This is because Azreen reminds him of himself who also used to be outspoken and hot-tempered when he was young and he still is the same until now.Write about a life lesson that you learnt from the novel. Azreen was determined to friends with the Old Lady till the last minute of the Old Lady’s life. When she put all the details together. but she took the blame and had to carry it for the rest of her life. I am going to write on one lesson which really captured my attention in the novel that is ‘courage’. Last but not least. ‘The Curse’ is the novel written by Lee Su Ann which has many lessons that can be used in our lives. . Even the villagers warned Azreen that the Old Lady is a witch.

. repairs fencse and roofs and chops wood in order to earn a living for his family. Madhuri. When Azreen was recalling her old times with her sister. She had many sweet experiences in her life as a student. The Curse . There are two main physical settings in this novel. She realized her mother still does not know about the death of her sister. The readers are given more information that Azreen was going to sit for her exams soon but she had to fly back to Malaysia due to her sister. the readers are introduced to the university college where Azreen was pursuing an undergraduate course.. Azreen Saleh. Azreen cooked porridge for her mother like Madhuri used to do and fed her. Basically. Madhuri. In this beautiful. He loved his family very much and that is why he worked hard on the farm. Next. Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkifli who came to receive her at the airport. She also met many new friends of various races here and she was reluctant to go back to Malaysia even for a while. we are brought together with Azreen to Pulau Langkawi and a little village.theme: Write on the theme of love. There are many places or settings involved in this novel but today I am going to write about the physical setting of the novel. the readers are brought to Langkawi International Airport. Basically. Here. we can see this aspect between mother and child when we read how loving was Azreen towards her mother when she came back from London. The concept of ‘love’ can also be seen through Encik Saleh who loves his daughters very much but does not know how to show it.The Curse . The story started with the setting in London when we were introduced to the main character. Firstly. The second physical setting is when we are taken to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). small village. The novel that I learnt in Form Five is ‘The Curse’ written by Lee Su Ann. From my explanation above. the village itself was the place where all the drama takes place.. Madhuri’s death. her hometown. Here. From London to Pulau Langkawi is what the whole novel is about. ‘The Curse’ written by Lee Su Ann touches on many aspects of life. As a hard-working man. both in the past and present.setting: Describe the physical setting of the novel. it is proven that the physical setting of the novel varies and creates an enthusiastic feeling when we read the novel. Azreen’s thoughts flew back when she recalled her two years of student experiences..He also repairs chicken coop. all the aspects revolve around our own community and can be used as guidance in our life.. Azreen meets her foster parents. I am going to write about the theme of ‘love’ which is actually the main conflict in this whole novel. In this essay. Azreen had to wait for two hours before she could board a connecting flight to Pulau Langkawi. we are brought to experience the life of the university college when Azreen had to walk through the college’s residential hall. Last but not least. he wanted to give his family . Azreen took over the duty to take care of her mother who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease which was getting worse. He kept his love within him and was always looking fierce and angry towards his daughters and wife. Next. This shows that Azreen loves her mother very much and feels responsible to take care of her after her sister’s death. we are introduced to Azreen’s home where she had bitter sweet memories for Azreen when she remembers about her sister.

She always goes and visits the Old Lady whenever she felt bored. But. I do not think that she would forgive her father for murdering Madhuri. But. All the while Azreen thought Asraf liked her but. She also resented Madhuri as Madhuri was able to captivate Asraf who eventually fell in love with her. the writer of the novel ‘The Curse’ had brought up many themes in her wri ting. the concept of love can be seen in the characters of the Old Lady and Azreen. Finally she forgives her sister. The Old Lady died in the fire while Azreen was saved by her father due to his love towards his daughter. I too learnt to forgive others in my life if they hurt my feelings. Even though she felt sad at first but she did not feel angry or resentment at him but she realized that she had lost her only father that she used to know as a very hottempered man. She was the favorite daughter. Azreen also forgave Asraf and wished him luck from the bottom of her heart when he left Langkawi to take a teaching course in KL. Each and every character in this novel has the desire to love and to be loved. Azreen was jealous of Madhuri’s beauty and genteel behavior. But if at all Azreen had not promised the Old Lady to forgive others. when Azreen discovers that Madhuri was adopted and the truth about Madhuri’s murder at the hands of her own father. She was very close to the Old Lady until she told her all her secrets. From Azreen’s character.theme: Write on the theme of forgiveness.. As we can see. angry or happy. Azreen was very much influenced by the Old Lady who begged Azreen to learn to forgive others at the time of her death. Madhuri. Azreen hid herself from Asraf by running away until she reached the cliff of the hills when Asraf confessed his love towards Madhuri. . Azreen’s love towards the Old Lady was very strong until she was willing to go into the burning house in order to save the Old Lady. Here. Lastly. This shows that Azreen really loves the Old Lady and does not give a single thought to what the villagers say about the Old Lady. the concept of ‘love’ is very strong throughout the novel. Azreen too forgave Madhuri for all the hurt and resentment she caused in Azreen’s life. she feels nothing but pity for poor Madhuri . Azreen too learnt to forgive her father who murdered Madhuri. she did not feel angry but she smiled after reading the note and also questioned herself whether she had learnt to forgive others. aggressive and stubborn character but towards the ending of the story she had learnt to forgive others. her anger melted away slowly and she forgave Asraf as the Old Lady had told to her just before she died. When she read a note from him. One of the themes that I liked very much in this novel is ‘forgiveness’ which was clearly portrayed in Azreen’s character. I admit that I admire Encik Saleh as a loving father towards his family but he should have shown his love in a more appropriate way. Last but not least. Slowly Azreen forgave her father but she could not see him eye to eye so she left him alone and that was the time when Encik Saleh had a heart attack and collapsed. she was speechless at first. We can see very much that Azreen kept her promise when she forgave Mohd Asraf who had deliberately played with her emotions. Asraf was actually falling for Madhuri and when he admitted that to Azreen. Azreen is a very outspoken. faith wins. As we know from the beginning.the best out of him due to his love towards them which he does not show openly. The Curse ... Being revengeful will not give us anything in life except the negative value. Azreen was very lucky to find a meaningful and comfortable relationship with the Old Lady of the forest. Lee Su Ann. But as time passed.

From all the evidences above. Madhuri falls to the ground and her head knocks over the latex cup which stains her clothes. Azreen puts the pieces of facts here and there together and begins to understand the reasons behind the cover-up of Madhuri’s murder by her husband. Azreen. the ‘ghostly figure’ is also the “vengeful spirit” that has killed Azreen’s chicken. causing the town to be flooded.. From this event. confronts Madhuri and during the struggle. In fact. Under the instigation of Puan Normala. through this event too that we see the purity of the Old Lady’s heart. At the same time. Madhuri and his grandmother. the theme of ‘forgiveness’ had been portrayed very well in this novel through the protagonist. she reminds Azreen to forgive all the villagers who have wronged her. the Old Lady is blamed to have put the curse on the village. She does not seem to care about the destruction she causes. He apologises and admits that he had been too grief-stricken to be rational when he has lost two important people in his life – his secret lover. The fire enrages Azreen and ‘like a wildcat’. Nek. the fire at the Old Lady’s house is the climax of the novel. it is an important event because after this event.. Puan Normala. the Old Lady bears no grudges and is still willing to help people like Asraf’s Nek. an important event is the outbreak of the fire which results in the Old Lady’s death. After the fire which kills the Old Lady who is trapped in the fire. Haji Ghani. commits an adultery when she secretly sees another man. According to Awang. it is an important event because we are finally shown the reason for Madhuri’s murder and the culprit. The secret about Madhuri’s identity is finally disclosed by Azreen’s father who reveals that Madhuri is actually an abandoned baby whom Saleh pick up from the paddy field. When Azreen confronts her father. It is probably out of shame. With this. Secondly. . the angry father who is embarrassed of Madhuri’s unethical behaviour which he thinks has brought shame to the family. From that point onwards. the Old Lady at the point of her death before the burning house collapses on her. when the rain continues to pour for more than four days. The Curse . Awang. Most importantly. Thirdly. a married woman. Her irrational behaviour thus destroys the reputations of victims such as the Old Lady even in the eyes of children. the village Pontianak is actually Madhuri’s biological mother who returns to the village to seek revenge over her daughter’s death. A distraught Azreen flees after hearing the shocking news while Encik Saleh comes face-to-face with the shadowy woman – Madhuri’s mother who nears him with a parang in her hand.event: Write on an important event. the villagers are convinced to believe that the Old Lady possesses a special power to turn people into rats and squirrels. so the latter is accused to be an evil witch who brings all the misfortunes and bad omen to the village. Encik Saleh defiantly confesses that he had accidentally murdered Madhuri after learning that Madhuri. Firstly. More importantly. she confronts Mohd Asraf. Despite being ostracised by the villagers. the bomoh informs Azreen that Madhuri is not her biological sister. In the novel ‘The Curse’ by Lee Su Ann. events dramatically unfold and Azreen gets to the bottom of the mystery. we are also exposed to the crime of the villagers who are willing to do anything including planning an attack on the innocent and harmless Old Lady just because of superstition. Moreover. we can see how gullible the villagers are to believe the vicious rumours spread by the village gossiper. peace is restored in the village when the spirit of Madhuri’s mother disappears after bidding farewell to Azreen who leaves Langkawi to return to London. Saleh collapses and dies of a heart attack. I hope each and every human will learn to forgive others in their life. it creates a domino effect on a number of other events which in turn helps Azreen to finally solve the mystery behind her sister’s murder.

She has actually succeeded in deceiving everyone in the village and even Madhuri herself. Madhuri. this is an unforgettable event because it makes me sympathise Puan Fatihah. I would not forget this incident as it has taught me not to believe in superstitions nor resort to solving problems by using supernatural methods. I can understand her pain of insecurity as she looks at the mirror each day and sees her aging face. Prior to the encounter with the Pontianak. Thirdly. Secondly. an unforgettable event is when Puan Fatihah fainted out of shock when she sees a silhouette of a Pontianak that looks like Madhuri appearing from behind a pile of tree trunks. Her declining beauty has caused her to feel envy towards Madhuri and to be angry at her husband. she has gone to seek out the bomoh to get a charm to win back her husband’s affections. What is so ironic is that she has thrown away the first charm which is a small piece of paper with written incantation into the river. I find it sad that Puan Fatihah is a victim of her own belief in the supernatural. the sagging skin and double chin. The Curse . Madhuri as his second wife and she has only herself to blame. She is haunted by “the deepening lines. Poo r Fatihah! She has suppressed her emotions and has to endure the fights she and her husband have been having lately over trivial matters. in her last letter to Azreen has told her sister that Puan Fatihah is such a kind and understanding lady whom she looks up to as an elder sister. she must win back her husband’s affections with the help of Awang..Character : Which character do you like the most? .. Puan Fatihah has tried to be strong and put up a great pretence of liking the second wife.event: Write on an unforgettable event. The result is her husband has taken the younger woman. I feel sorry for Puan Fatihah because she is so pathetic. Firstly. the crow's feet. I find this incident memorable / unforgettable because it reminds me of how fragile a woman can be. This is really pathetic.” Which man can still stay in love with a face like that? Her insensitive husband has spurned her and laughs at her insecurities. She was so emotionally fragile that it was not surprising she fainted when she came face to face with a ‘ghostly figure’ who has reached out her hands to touch her. In the novel ‘The Curse’ by Lee Su Ann. She is superstitious enough to resort to such a desperate act. Madhuri sees her as “such a dear sweet woman” and is not sure whether she can emulate her goodness as a person and a wife. All of us have problems and we must not let them overwhelm us.The Curse . the bomoh. It is her superstition that makes her believe what she sees as a ‘ghost’ and that is why she faints from utter shock. Now that his younger wife is dead. Madhuri. She cannot bear her husband a child and always feels insecure as she has no power to keep him all to herself. She cannot get his attention when Madhuri was alive and she still cannot get his attention after she was dead.

Upon her return. she is brave enough to accept the blame for the bull's escape instead of blaming someone else. she plays hockey and football with the boys. She also hates her father's treatment of her foster parents and Madhuri's burial ceremony that is conducted without her presence. She is short. she hears a lot of gossip surrounding her sister's death such as as Madhuri having white blood and her death signals a curse to the villagers. she feels no anger but regrets that it has to happen. She is vocal and says her opinions although sometimes she says the wrong things at the wrong time. In another instance. In handling the village gossip. When she returns to her village. Azreen also has strength of character. As a child. rather bookish and outspoken. Azreen also shows a lot of strength because after all that has happened to her family. who returns from England after she finds out about her sister's death. Azreen is told that her sister is murdered. Azreen also shows her courage by taking up the dare to knock on the Old Lady's door when none wants to do it. Azreen. She discovers the circumstances of Madhuri's death later in the story. bespectacled.The novel I have studied is 'The Curse' by Lee Su Ann. Later. she stays composed and strong and returns to England for her examinations. when she finds out that her father is the culprit who kills Madhuri. In another instance. In the bull's incident. Pn Normala. Azreen tells her off that the rain has started even before the Old Lady comes into town. there are many qualities in Azreen that I admire and she is the character that I like most in the story. she cannot stop the villagers from gossiping about her family. She should have been very upset about this news but she takes it calmly and does not become hysterical. Azreen confronts her father about Madhuri's murder despite her young age. The character I like most is Azreen Salleh. Clearly/In conclusion. She is a 20-year-old student who is studying in a university college in London on an exchange programme. She understands her father's anger and shame because Madhuri has been having an illicit affair with Ashraf although she is already married to Hj Ghani. she is surrounded by many secrets. At the end of the story she finds out the truth and leaves for London an orphan but more resilient and wise. The novel is about the main character. Azreen feels upset but she never retaliates. The second quality she has is she is courageous. Sheshows patience and strengh because she knows that whatever she does. . I like Azreen because she is outspoken and she is not afraid to spoke her mind.

The second reason why I admire Madhuri is because she was very pretty and charming. . All these prove Madhuri as a very beautiful and elegant daughter and I too admire her for that. Madhuri was very graceful and elegant in her costume during the concert. Based on the novel “The Curse” by Lee Su Ann the character that I like and admire is Azreen because of a few reasons.Character : Which character do you like the most? ‘The Curse’ is a novel with many mysterious events. Encik Saleh scolded or caned Azreen. She even praised Fatihah and took her as ‘Kak’ because she looked up to her as an elder sister. As a good and obedient daughter. she ignores the warnings and prejudices of the Villagers by befriending the out casted Old lady. In fact. positive and always fights for what she believes in. She was introduced to the readers when Azreen recalled about her sister’s beauty during her journey back to Malaysia from London. she helped her parents in household chores. Each time when her father. Madhuri used to cook chicken porridge for her mother and feed her. I feel that Madhuri is always thinking positive to each and every incident that happens around her. Haji Ghani’s first wife when she wrote about her to Azreen. The sense of obedience in Madhuri’s character really attracted me and I learnt to love my parents more after reading this novel. Madhuri is liked by everyone in the village and also by her parents because she was very filial and obedient. Even though she knew that Haji Ghani was married but just to obey her father’s wishes. Even the characters in this novel portray many kinds of traits in order to capture the attention of the readers. This is shown right from the time she dares to accept the challenge from her friends to approach the old lady to finally knocking on the door of the Old lady. Madhuri was featured in many photos and in school concerts when she took the role of the beautiful Puteri Gunung Ledang. This is what inspires me that is to think positively in my life in order to achieve success. She was very kind to Fatihah.The Curse . The third and final reason why I admire Madhuri’s character is because she was a kind and thoughtful person. Firstly. She was married to Haji Ghani who was the village headman and he took her as his second wife. Mentioned above are all the character traits why I admire Madhuri. As for me. I wish I could be like her and be an obedient daughter to my parents. the pretty and charming Madhuri. the most beautiful lady in this novel. Madhuri took it in a positive way that is. her precious confidante and counsellor. Azreen herself admired her sister’s beaut y when she took part in the concert. The first reason is because Azreen is such a strong character that has great courage as she is open. she was ready to be the headman’s second wife. her father trying to educate her younger sister. the character that I admire most is of course. she had never gone against her father’s wish when she married the man that her father chose for her. she makes her. Besides. Madhuri is Azreen’s elder sister and she is about 24 years old.

She added the last sentence with a trace of jealousy which escaped her husband’s eas. Azreen is jealous of Madhuri.Secondly. The second reason is because Azreen is such a good and loyal friend …………. and in addition always fights for what we believe in is important to us as we certainly help to make right what are wrong in the society. her husband and her life – her sanity!” Pg. in defence of the Old lady she dares to confront Puan Normala’s mob outside Mohd Asraf’s house when Nek once again has fallen ill and died. “She could not stand it when her parents and friends compared her to her sister. Madhuri that. 80 . she confronts Asraf and physically attacks him as she believes Asraf is to be blamed.” Pg. and it seems like her parents favour her sister more. She was different. 8 “It was that particular sentence that her mother had uttered in her frustration…She was not Madhuri. when the Old lady died. courageous to speak and act accordingly. she confronts a group of men led by Asraf who goes to the Old lady’s house to seek revenge after Nek dies as they believe the Old lady has poisoned Nek. Her silk. Even after her death. She is always being compared to her. “She’s very pretty. 107 Puan Fatihah is jealous of Madhuri’s existence in her marriage with Haji Ghani. And very young. especially for the things that she is not. (complete the task) The Curse Themes: More Notes JEALOUSY The jealousy that occurs when one is favoured than the other. Subsequently. what more his care. positive. No matter what she did. she still cannot get her husband’s attention. or does not have.” Pg. Finally. no matter how hard she tried.” Pg. she could never match up to Madhuri. Why couldn’t they accept that? It was always Madhuri this. and very sweet-tempered and respectful to her elders. She doesn’t have her sister’s grace and beauty. trapped in the burning house. 79 “She had lost everything to Madhuri. bring healing to wounded hearts and make the world a better place. Being open.

Then that Haji Ghani came and took her away. Azreen behaves like none of what is expected of her. being friends with the Old Lady. She does things that make people think negatively of her. For example. Madhuri. or when they made past mistakes. enraged with the Old Lady for thinking she had poisoned his grandmother to death.” Pg.” Pg. Because of that. Azreen tried to stop him. and even think she is witch. But it was too late. But you refuse to let that rest.” Pg. Saleh pulled away the parang.Asraf is jealous of Haji Ghani as he married his love. “I’m sure your witch friend has never told you that she stabbed her husband to death. Do you wished to be murdered along with the rest of us in our beds?” Pg. but eventually the house was caught in fire and the Old Lady was trapped in the burning house. Instead you have brought her here and now the curse is spreading all over the village. “I’ve loved her ever since I met her. the villagers deemed her evil. She is outspoken. He saw red. 187 IRRATIONALITY Irrationality due to rage can cause people to take extreme actions that can endanger the lives of others. upon seeing her in a private place with a man who is not her husband. 186 The Old Lady had killed her husband years ago. The blade flashed in a flurry before his eyes. He couldn’t do anything though because he had nothing at that time. ungrateful child. aggressive and daring. A cry escaped Madhuri as she fell. led a mob of people with torches to kill her. knocking over the latex-filled container. Saleh Abdullah murdered Madhuri out of rage. 204 PREJUDICE People are prejudiced when they are different from what others expect of them. You’re cursed. . 225 Asraf. You’ve been affected ever since you made friends with the witch. “Don’t touch me. “Insolent.

“He. Almost all the villagers believe in the supernatural. 148 SOCIAL OUTCASTING People tend to be cast out when they don’t follow certain norms of a society. They do not dare to enter her compound in fear of being cast a spell. It was white. “He was holding her by the shoulder. He kneed her in the stomach. He was much nearer to the house than the other men… And most importantly. Superstition and fear of the supernatural prevented them from physically hurting the Old Lady. “Was it a bad thing to want to win back her husband’s affections? What was a little char m from the bomoh to push things in the right direction?” Pg.” Pg.” Pg.. he held a hoe. 13 Most of the villagers believed that the Old Lady is a witch. 198 People of the village seek help from bomohs or witchdoctors to cure sickness or for charms to get what they want.” Her grip tightened. He called her all sorts of names. As he started to force herself on her. We have all been cursed!” Pg. her hands reached for the knife and she struck. 198 The Old Lady murdered her husband as she could not tolerate any longer his abusive ways. In the other. Puan Normala especially. His eyes burned wild ly like the fire of his torch. too. “Did you hear me?” She had white blood. shaking her hard and yelling curses at her. loss and anguish fuelled his action. “Azreen realised they had not dared to move closer to the house. . 103 SUPERSTITIONS Belief in the supernatural is still prevalent in small villages. held a torch in his hand. and kicked her when she went down. believed that Madhuri bled white blood and thought that the whole village is cursed.” Pg.. “I saw it.

38 The Old Lady was casted out from the village after they found out that she killed her husband. That’s why I’m here.101 Bomoh Awang would have been cast out from the village if Azreen didn’t pretend to be responsible for the incident that caused her mother’s accident.211 UNCONDITIONAL LOVE A person’s background.Due to Azreen’s outspoken. and you’re finally free. the people in the village tend to dislike. Because the villagers cast me out after they found out what happened. Look at me. I mean. as she is not the type of girl who is supposed to act like one. Socially accepted. 224 FORGIVENESS Forgiving is an act that can free a person from burden and achieve peace. Everyone hates me. “All they cared was to keep the baby as their own. “Once you’ve forgiven – sincerely forgiven – the weight is lifted from your chest. or what people think of them does not matter when it comes to unconditional love.” (pg. unlady-like behaviour. “But Cik Adik.” Pg. “It’s not easy to be like that. they treated the girl very much like their own daughter. she forgave him. Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zul treats Azreen like their own daughter. 161 . which drove her to kill his husband. not caring what the other villagers think about her.”Pg. 27) Saleh Abdullah and his wife loved Madhuri like she was their own child the moment they found her crying alone in paddy field.” Pg. the villagers would have cast me out long ago. if it hadn’t been for you. The Old Lady was abused and badly treated in her marriage.” Pg. “It’s true. But in the end.”Pg. And they had loved her like their own. “In fact.

Azreen had always feelings for Asraf. but Asraf loved Madhuri instead. Had she learnt to forgive? The Old Lady would be so proud if she knew. 231 .”Pg. The Old Lady’s last words to Azreen were that she learns to forgive. Asraf has also caused the death of her dear friend. she did. the Old Lady. She smiled. “From her heart. Azreen wished him all the best. Eventually.

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