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Personal High-Performance Programme

Executive Summary
The Personal High-Performance Programme is an effective motivational intervention that is scientifically designed to stimulate people into a long-term state of selfmotivation by: Making winning emotional, career and financial decisison Developing a high-performance attitude Keeping you self-incentivised, focused and accountable Acquiring Balance in your life Acquiring the self-drive to get things done Setting realistic goals and achieving them Identifying your personal driving force Re-energising yourself Getting things done through perseverance & discipline Focussing on results-orientated actions Encouraging courageous actions

The Programme is facilitated at your venue (or a venue agreed upon) and spans 4 weeks (2 sessions of 2 hours each week). It is run by a qualified life coach who has only one objective: To get you to take effective action in pursuing your own success. Each 2 hour session contains an assignment that you have to complete before you can move on to the next session.

I derive limitless joy witnessing my clients grow in all areas of their lives

Session (2 hours each) Week 1.1

Subjects Facilitated Finding your true dream in life: Finding your true talents Stages of finding your Dream Dreaming back from the future Converting some of your dreams into realistic goals Spaced Repetition Technology Acquiring Balance in your Life Acquiring good habits, getting rid of bad habits to strengthen your Attitude Setting up your Daily Action Diary Reconstruct your Belief Systems Develop your Value System Setting REALISTIC goals Acquire vibrant Health & Energy Positivity & Optimism Revision Setting up your Personal Mision Statement Construct your Master Life Plan Construct your Master Life Plan

Week 1.2

Week 2.1 Week 2.2 Week 3.1 Week 3.2 Week 4.1

Week 4.2

Cost & Structure: The sessions are facilitated in small groups (3-5 people) and includes an additional 1-on-1 session personal coaching where your unique requirements and circumstances are taken into account. The normal price of the Personal High-Performance Programme is R4 995 per person. However, a promotional discount of R3 000 per person is valid until 30 November 2013. Therefore you only pay R1 995 per person.

I derive limitless joy witnessing my clients grow in all areas of their lives

Benefits you can be looking forward too: Improved Productivity, high-performance Enhanced communication skills Balance between work life and other life areas Internalised Motivation Controlled attitude and way of thinking Goal orientated Action inclined The self-drive to get things done

Comments from some Clients who have completed the Programme:

Ive come to realise that I am responsible for my own life, goals, dreams and success For the first time I am looking forward to my merit appraisal. Without this Programme I would have struggled to achieve my goals Thanks to this Programme I have a new vision for my life. I have acquired an attitude to perform to the best of my abilities Great, now I have a written plan for my future The Spaced Repetition Technology used by this Programme really works! The sky is the limit, or is it? I am reaching for the Galaxy. This has injected renewed energy into my career life My self-esteem just got a huge boost. For the first time I now understand my values Very powerful Everything I do is geared towards achieving excellent results I can already see this working for me, I will use it continuously Thanks to my goals I have definite direction in my life. I am able to distinguish the important from the urgent Every component now works together to help me achieve real success.

Individual Testimonials are available for further viewing Who can benefit from this? People wanting to regain balance in their lives People who want to advance their career life People struggling to set and achieve goals Anyone who finds it hard to take action and sustain that action Housewives wanting to pursue a worthwhile hobby/part-time activity Anyone hungry for succes in life

I derive limitless joy witnessing my clients grow in all areas of their lives

If you are not serious about moving to the next level in your life: Dont waste your money on this!

I derive limitless joy witnessing my clients grow in all areas of their lives

Background Information
1. The Motivational Coaching Concept: The word coach means to transport a person from one place to another. In Motivational Coaching, the same principle applies. A coach is a person that will help another person change and move forward in their lives and business, - thus taking that person to the next, higher point in their life. Motivational Coaching is sometimes referred to as Success Coaching or Life Coaching. 2. Sustainable, Long-term Goals: Coaching helps to motivate you on a long-term basis. Coaching is no quick-fix, because quick-fixes dont work.. Motivational Coaching produces strategies for longterm Success. Lifelong learning is becoming increasingly well-recognised. Coaching is the ideal vehicle to support lifelong learning 3. Coaching is results-orientated: Coaching is very much outcome-driven - tracking for results continuously and setting up a tracking system and a life scorecard for each individual. A Tracking System (keeping a scorecard) is the basis of achieving goals. Motivational Coaching sets you up with a personal tracking system for life. This will help in keeping you: Focused Goal-directed Self-incentivised Accountable What gets measured, gets done! 4. High-Performance: The Programme is scientifically designed to stimulate the subconscious mind into a state of permanent Motivation, creating overall High-Performance by creating Balance and Performance Attitude. (What is missing in most people lives is the ATTITUDE to perform). The Programme utilises Spaced Repetition Technology to create the optimal attitude to perform. 5. What is my motto as a High-Performance Strategist & Success Coach? I will travel with you on your journey to Success. I will encourage you to rise to new challenges, overcome obstacles and MOVE into action. I will provide you with all the tools and techniques, with all the support and structure that will help you obtain Success. Success is your birthright claim it!

I derive limitless joy witnessing my clients grow in all areas of their lives